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New year (not just any new year, but a new decade!), new me! Forget your holiday self, who went overboard with binge eating. That was 2019’s you – 2020 is the time of new beginnings, and you’re finally going to stick to your new year resolution! What better way is there to kick the decade off than with a healthier and trimmer you?

When we talk about health-conscious eating and dieting, the first food item that comes to mind is salad. Especially for those carnivores among us, the thought of eating salads regularly can seem an overly daunting task. It doesn’t help that many might imagine salads as being plain tasting, monotonous to prepare, and more expensive than more substantial food options; it is no wonder that few manage to see this particular resolution through to the year’s end.

Rather than embark on an insurmountable task of breaking your bank (and spirit), join us on a hunt for good, affordable, wholesome foods.

We’ve compiled a list of salad bars that serve up fresh, palatable and affordable salads for under, or at, the S$12 mark. You can now have your green(back)s and eat them too!


Working in the heart of Singapore’s CBD can be tough — splurging on overpriced, mediocre lunches is something that every white-collared worker has gradually gotten used to. However, we have got you covered to save you from burning an unnecessary hole in your wallet! 

Nestled within Raffles Place is Republic Plaza, a flourishing office building that has introduced new eateries in their all-encompassing retail enclave serving affordable, delicious lunch fare. These lunch spots at Republic Plaza offer lunch deals under S$15! 

Now, you can dine with your kakis and feast on fantastic nosh as much as you want without fretting about needing to scrimp and save for lunch tomorrow. From healthy salads to traditional local delicacies and even nutritious herbal soups, there is something for everyone at Republic Plaza.


The bustling Central Business District (CBD) is home to many restaurants, pubs, bistros and eateries. There is always something to eat, but sometimes, everything seems expensive.

What you may not know is that there are many independent eateries that offer mains for S$10 and below in the vicinity of Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer – on top of what you might get at the usual food courts and food centres.

We bring you 10 Affordable Eats in Singapore’s Central Business District Under $10 that will not burn a hole in your wallet.


High ceilings and a spacious interior aside, walking into Grain Traders feels just like visiting an old friend. The aroma of fresh veggies and proteins is one so comforting and familiar; we knew we were in for some wholesome goodness.

A new addition to Capitagreen in Raffles Place, Grain Traders serves up healthy grains, together with proteins and vegetables that are far from haphazardly cooked and prepared. And yes, they are healthy AND tasty food.


New year; new resolutions. It’s time to get into the groove of eating clean (especially after all that Christmas and New Year’s indulging). So for those in the Central Business District, we’ve gathered serious intel on

five gourmet joints that offer healthy eats – that not only include salads, but also carbs and meats – to please the body and the palate.


20 Awesome Salad Places In The CBD Area

Staying healthy and eating clean is not exactly easy for most of us mere mortals. However, if you work in the Central Business District (CBD), the one thing that you can knock off your list of challenges right away is the lack of good salad options. Here’s a list of 20 places that offer the perfect salads for the pickiest of eaters and the tightest of budgets.

1. Grain Traders

Image credit: Grain Traders

Their Hero bowls may start at $16 but are worth every cent.

Pick a base of quinoa, brown rice, sushi rice, bulgur wheat, soba noodles or super greens, if you would, and choose from an equally wide range of proteins, vegetables, dressings and toppings to make your own customized bowl. The pink beetroot feta yoghurt looks especially pretty on Instagram.


  • #01-01/02/03 138 Market Street, CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946
  • #01-03/04, 100 Tras Street, 100 AM Mall, Singapore 079027

Price: $16 onwards

2. Salad Stop

Image credit: SaladStop! 

Choose from a variety of pre-mixed salads or make your own. On days when you are hungrier than usual, and a leafy salad just won’t do, check out the warm grain bowls or get your salad in a wrap.


  • 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower #01-05
  • Capita Link Mall, One Raffles Link, #B1-13
  • Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place, #01-36
  • Marina Bay Financial Centre, 8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-77 / #B2-78
  • The Sail, 4 Marina Boulevard, #01-32

Price: $9. 80 onwards

3. Daily Cut

Image credit: The Daily Cut

These protein packed salad meals will ensure that you stay true to your low-carb diet. Choose from the protein bowls on the menu or construct one of your own. Choose your red meat, poultry or seafood.


  • 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
  • Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, #B2-16 Singapore 078884

Price: $9 onwards

4. Sun Moon

One of the best places to get a salad under five dollars. Choose any of the fresh ingredients including fruits, veggies, grains and meats. Premium ingredients cost extra. Their fresh fruit juices and smoothies are worth a try.


  • 10 Anson Road #01-12 International Plaza Singapore 079903
  • 114 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068583
  • Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-24 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Singapore 082001
  • 100 Jalan Sultan #01-17A Sultan Plaza Singapore 199001

Price: $4. 90 onwards

5. Pimp My Salad

Image credit: Pimp My Salad

Brought to you by the good people at Sarnies, Pimp my Salad offers build-your-own salads with the option of picking as many ingredients as you would like from hot or cold ingredients, greens or meats, complete with dressings of your choice. You can also order online.


#01-455 North Wing, Suntec City3 Temasek Blvd Singapore 038983
Price: $12.90 onwards

6. Kitchen by Food Rebel

The Rebel Buddha bowls are made for big healthy appetites and promise to keep you full for the rest of the day. Creatively designed, the vegan sweet potato and chickpea bowl comes with tofu-avocado mix and beetroot hummus.

Where: 28 Stanley St, Telok Ayer, Singapore 068737
Price: $19

7. Do Si Rak

Image credit: Dosirak

Do Si Rak is a healthy modern Korean pick-and-mix restaurant. You can turn your bibimbap into a salad by swapping rice for cabbage, tofu, buckwheat noodles or cauliflower rice.

The meal is packed with vegetables, proteins and home-cured sauces. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. They pride themselves on their fresh ingredients.

Where: Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, #01-44
Price: $7.90 to S$12.90
Where: 9 Raffles Place, B1-08 Republic Plaza
Price: $9

8. The Salad Corner

Choose from 30 different options at The Salad Corner and create your own salad. A simple five ingredient meal will cost you $4.90 and you can add as many more toppings as you would like at an extra cost.


  • Amoy Street Food Centre #01-41,
  • Cecil Street, Golden Shoe Plaza #01-08, Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Price: $4.90 onwards

9. Green Bites Salad

Image credit: Green Bites Salad

Great salads on a budget! A basic salad with five toppings and one dressing starts at $4.90. You can swap your lettuce base for a baby spinach base for a dollar and add more premium toppings too.

Where: Blk 531 A Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Complex, Golden Shoe Car Park
Price: $4.90 onwards

10. Munch

Image credit: MunchSaladsmith

Go for two half-portions of the ready salads or get a larger plate with three salads. You can also create your very own grain bowl or salad bowl.

Where: 1 Raffles Place, #B1-16, Singapore 048616
Price: $8.30 onwards

11. Wheat

Quick pick-and-go Japanese inspired salads. Think green soba noodles, yuzu sauce, sesame dressing, grilled salmon and teriyaki chicken. You can order your salads online too.

Where: 1 Raffles Place, B1-32, Singapore 048616
Price: $7.80 onwards

12. The Salad Shop

Image credit: The Salad Shop

With 23 different homemade salad dressings to try, no two salads will ever be the same. Construct your own salad from a choice of 63 different toppings and 3 different leafy bases.

Where: 80 Raffles Place, #01-20 UOB Plaza 2, Singapore 048624
Price: Approximately $10

13. The Rabbit Hole

This is not a run-of-the mill menu. The salads are carefully constructed with interesting new combinations. The zesty smoked salmon and the protein punch come highly recommended. They even have an apple-pie salad for days when the sweet tooth just won’t settle for the lettuce!

Where: 1 Raffles Place, One Raffles Place, #04-30, Singapore 048616
Price: $12 onwards

14. Afterglow by Anglow

Image credit: Mad for Turmeric

Afterglow offers flavourful plant-based food. The high-quality ingredients do come at a price. Their drag-pom salad with dragon fruit, pomegranate, jicama and chopped macadamia nuts is definitely worth a try.

Where: 24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131
Price: $14 to $16

15. Ninja Bowl

Ninja Bowl specialises in Japanese inspired rice bowls. You can choose to go for brown rice or the Japanese pearl rice as your base. For $3 you can even switch it for quinoa.

Where: 15 Duxton Road Singapore 089481
Price: $14 onwards

16. The Green Bar

Image credit: The Green Bar

Fancy some strawberry topping on your chicken? Or perhaps some chilli crab with your pasta? This health café offers creative salads jazzed up with fresh ingredients flown from Australia and home-made dressings.

Where: Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039596
Price: $8.90 to $12.90

17. My Awesome Cafe

This café on the corner of Telok Ayer street offers wholesome meals made with high-quality ingredients. The special “My awesome salad” comes in both meat and vegetarian versions. The staff is happy to make any changes to the ingredients that you might want.

Where: 202 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore, 068639

Price: S$15 onwards


Happy Tummy

A happy tummy indeed, and may we add a happy wallet too! Create your own salad and eat it in a bowl or as a wrap. You can also make it a set meal by adding a soup or a cold drink.

Where: One Raffles Place, #B1-11 Singapore 048616

Price: S$5.80 onwards

19. Lean Bento

As the name suggests, here is a salad bar that is dedicated towards keeping you in shape. The bento salads are MSG free and every box gives you the calorie count of your meal. Think high protein and low carbs.

Where: 11 Collyer Quay #02-02, The Arcade, Singapore 049317
Price: $12.90 average

20. P.S. Cafe

The Superfood salad with blueberries, sunflower seeds and goji berries is any vegan’s delight while the Pad Thai salad with poached prawns and crushed peanuts will get you your local flavor fix. The portions and prices are both a bit indulgent.


  • 45 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069719
  • 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City #03-37, 179103

Price: $25 onwards

This article was originally published on bankbazaar. sg and re-published on with permission.

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10 best salad bars in Singapore’s CBD for your healthy lunch fix

You’ve stepped out of the gym after an adrenaline-pumping, sweat-dripping workout, so the last thing you’d want for lunch is something that would render all that pain useless. Now that wellness has finally become a priority again for Singaporeans, it’s no surprise that fresh-faced health freaks are getting their midday fix at salad bars in Singapore’s CBD area.

These salad bars offer more than a satisfying, feel-good meal. The convenience that comes with their food is a plus for busy working individuals, and the sheer number of permutations you can customise your bowls in means you’ll be hard pressed to run out of options and patience.

These healthy meals are also packed full of fibre, protein and nutrients, while being low on simple carbohydrates — making them perfect for optimum muscle recovery while keeping you satiated for the rest of the day, especially after a brutal lunch break gym session.

Now that both boutique and franchised gyms are on the rise within the bustling vicinity, we’re not surprised more and more salad bars in Singapore’s CBD are also popping up too, so we’ve picked the best ones to join the queue at. Here are 10 of our favourites to get you started.

The first is one that doesn’t need an introduction — you would’ve noticed the massive queue in the basement of One Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar Centre. Known for its protein-centric salads — think Jamaican jerk dory or shoyu marinated steak —with a massive selection of seasoned greens and toppings (our favourite is the furikake), The Daily Cut makes clean eating painless and actually enjoyable.

The Daily Cut, 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616, +65 6288 6264

The brainchild of the team who also brought you Kilo, GrainTraders is a heartier alternative that includes unusual base grains like bulgur wheat and quinoa. Protein choices are also unconventional — think sous-vide and chargrilled salmon and seared marinated tuna — paired with sauces such as beetroot feta yogurt or miso caramel to keep the salads interesting and frankly, more exciting. If you can’t decide, its Signature Bowls menu of fixed options will save you the unnecessary stress.

Grain Traders, 138 Market St, #01-01/02/03 CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946, +65 6384 6559

This isn’t your regular salad stop. The Green Bar switches things up with its focus on being a little more creative by adding strawberries to a roasted chicken salad, or chilli crab to farfalle pasta for a local kick. The modern hippie-esque space promises its greens are imported fresh from Australia every day and its dressings are made in-house for a homemade vibe not many other salad places can offer.

The Green Bar, Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039596, +65 6336 0780

The folks behind this aren’t strangers to Japanese food — they’re also the brains behind Tanuki Raw, Shinkansen and Standing Sushi Bar. Salmon Samurai is a new concept catered specifically to salmon lovers in Singapore, and while it offers a variety of bases like mixed grain rice and udon, salad is also an option. For an extra dose of nutrients to your poke bowl, Japanese-inspired add-ons such as an onsen egg or ebiko are available.

Salmon Samurai, Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, B1-08, Singapore 049315, +65 6634 8593

Like its name suggests, RawBar serves up a combination of raw and cooked food to keep your meals balanced. Its philosophy includes keeping the food in its most natural state as much as possible to keep all the ingredients’ nutrients intact, so you’re really getting more bang for your buck. Choose to fully customise your bowl, or hit up one of its fixed options such as the Fattoush — a combination of capsicums, lettuce and sesame with a pomegranate molasses dressing.

RawBar, 9 Raffles Place, B1-08 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619, +65 6535 3230

Situated within a cosy nook at UOB’s towering Plaza 2 is The Salad Shop, a creative concept that offers an array of gourmet options. For the adventurous, there’re options such as blue cheese, chicken tikka, and even crayfish to go with its 23 types of homemade salad dressing. Can’t say you’re out of choices then.

The Salad Shop, UOB Plaza 2, 1st Floor, 80 Raffles Place, Singapore 048624, +65 6536 3686

7 /10

The Kitchen by Food Rebel

Served within this casual lunch spot is a wide variety of salads incorporated with an unusual fusion of Asian and Western influences. One of its signatures, the Rebel Buddha-Bowl, is a nutrient-packed bowl full of hormone-free chicken, avocado, hummus, and pumpkin, though organic salads are also available alongside homemade dressings.

The Kitchen by Food Rebel, 28 Stanley Street, Telok Ayer, Singapore 068737, +65 6224 7088

If you have cravings for Japanese or Asian food sans the carbs, Wheat is your best bet. Although the green soba is largely popular, the salads offered are combined with Japanese favourites such as teriyaki chicken and grilled salmon. These are tossed in your choice of roasted sesame, yuzu or teriyaki sauce.

Wheat, 1 Raffles Place, B1-32, Singapore 048616, +65 6443 3391

Now a major fad on local shores, the Hawaiian staple has made waves for its hearty portions of lightly marinated fish over a bed of rice or salad. Aloha Poké offers generous amounts of tuna or salmon atop superfoods like chia, avocado or pomegranate to give your lunch a potent hit of nutrients. Every bowl is then topped off with scallions, pineapple and lime for a refreshing zest and even more flavour.

Aloha Poké, 92 Amoy Street, Singapore 069911, +65 6221 6165

10 /10

The Rabbit Hole Salad & Juice

With a vast selection of fresh produce and Asian-inspired options, The Rabbit Hole is well-versed in mixing up the saturated salad scene with the help of interesting combinations. If you fancy something sweeter at lunch without the guilt, the apple pie salad is a unique blend of crunchy apples, goji berries, cheddar and croutons, while the Taste of Thai includes mango and crushed peanuts for a (somewhat) believable experience. The wholesome establishment also offers a selection of cold-pressed juices to round off your meal.

The Rabbit Hole Salad & Juice, 1 Raffles Place, One Raffles Place, #04-30, Singapore 048616, +65 9476 1221

Top 7 Build-Your-Own-Salad Bars in Singapore | Order & Pay Faster

As a result of a hectic work schedule and stress-eating, salad bars have become one of the most profitable establishments in the F&B industry in Singapore, especially in and around the Central Business District. Among the varied salad shops, it is difficult to differentiate between the ones that have value-for-money, are in convenient locations, and provide the freshest ingredients.

Evidenced by research, Singapore could hit obesity rates of 15% in just 7 years. The introduction of salads bars is in a bid to contribute to solving the current challenges of obesity that has been associated with fast foods considered unhealthy. Despite an effort by some F&B establishments to introduce superfood salads, the quality of their food in terms of taste and attractiveness is still wanting.

Your long search for an affordable and scrumptious salad bar is over, with our list of the top 7 build-your-own salad bars in Singapore.

    1. The Daily Cut

During the lunch hour on a typical weekday, you are frequented by the sight of people carrying a pink bag, with the word ‘Sustenance’. The average white-collar worker in CBD is no stranger to this staple. A nutritious quick meal that is worth every last dollar.

You might want to get here early as the endless line forms long before the lunch hour. Got a one-hour lunch break and don’t want to spend half the time waiting in line? Download Waitrr and order your lunch in advance to pick it up as and when convenient for you.

2. Kipos

As a picky eater, DIY bowls are the go-to solution. Your lunch fix is satisfied with this delicious and healthy lunch option. Don’t miss out on this typical, casual, lunch-time joint. There is a bowl for every person with any diet. They serve heartily prepared food for the everyday worker, in a trendy Instagrammable spot at Tanjong Pagar Centre (beside Boost Juice).

Kipos believes in food that is ethically grown. They go to great lengths to ensure that they live out their motto: “Eat green. Live green.”

Quality is prioritized as ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh. Worry not about the concerns of any unhealthy cooking practices as they keep a majority of their food in a raw and natural state, without the use of any oil, sugar, salt, or preservatives. Enjoy your meal guilt-free!

3. Katto

Local DIY salad bowls with a Japanese twist. At a mere nearly thirteen dollars, Katto serves a

 Main Size Bowl with a choice of brown or white rice (brown with eighteen grains), two mains, and two sides. Katto is home to one of the many nutritious salad bars in the heart of Singapore.

Based on community favourites, we would strongly recommend the Miso Butter Corn and Chicken Rice Chili. Definitely, one of the freshest poke bowls you can get yourself in CBD, without paying through the nose.

4. Urban Mix

You call the shots on your nutritional journey. Urban Mix, yet another great salad bar in the Central Business District of Singapore. With a perfect proportion of all the components and a versatile salad base, you are guaranteed a generous portion of proteins, sufficient to fuel you for the rest of the day.

Urban Mix (sister company of Vatos Urban Tacos), promises a bowl packed with flavour and nutrients, and no regret.

5. Salad Shop

For a quick lunch with a promising well-seasoned

 bowl and a riverside view, visit Salad Shop at Raffles Place. If you’re looking for healthy food that is not tasteless, Salad Shop is the right way to get your fibres and proteins, keeping you full for the whole day.

You will be spoilt for choice with all the ingredients. As the office crowd that flocks here daily can testify, you can change your base to baby spinach at no additional cost, unlike many other salad bars in Singapore. The prices aren’t exorbitant for the generous amount of protein you get in your customizable bowls.

6. Omnivore

Through their huge portions, Omnivore promises ambrosial salad bowls. The F&B establishment is one of our favourite stops for a quick and healthy protein-filled meal.

Dulcet or piquant, you can customize your bowl to your own liking with their variety of dressings, ranging from Honey Mustard to Tangy Vinaigrette to Oriental Spicy Dressing.

7. Da Paolo

Committed to quality and authenticity, Da Paola is 

renowned for its dedication to its family traditions. If you’re looking to enjoy a hearty salad in a gorgeous setting during your lunch break, Da Paolo is the spot you need to hit. Their Greens & Grains bowls are a new addition to the menu that you cannot afford to miss.

Before you take off, don’t forget to reward yourself with their sinful and generous desserts menu. Our personal favourite – their N-Cake (made with Nutella)

The Salad Shop (Singapore), Singapore (+65 6536 3686)

Description: The breezy décor and funky outfit provides a convenient get-away from the hustle and bustle of work for a hearty and satisfying meal.

The Salad Shop director, David Cheung, first started having the idea of setting up a store specializing in salads with gourmet ingredients as early as 3 years ago. “People are becoming increasingly particular about what goes into their food, the gap between customers’ wants and what was available then was just waiting to be filled. We also want to make healthy-eating fun and lots tastier. That way it will truly become a lifestyle instead of a “guilt-induced meal of salad after a binge”, says David. The Salad Shop serves up good food pronto, with fast-moving express counters. “Our concept eliminates queuing time, therefore making way for you to spend more quality time enjoying your food with your meal companion(s). We also work with suppliers to bring in seasonal items so that customers get to enjoy their food and value for money. Salads are priced from $8.00 each.” says David.

The Salad Shop team takes pride in preparing the food with focus on creating taste and variety. The end result: Sweet oatmeal porridge with simple and nutritious toppings that are available during breakfast hours (8am to 10.30am), crowd-pleasing juices (aptly named “Nature’s Crushes”) and “Summer Blends” (smoothies made from yoghurt, milk, and fruit puree), and “Create Your Own Salad” ingredients that are big on taste and nutrition. There are leafy salad bases (baby spinach, mixed lettuce, deli leaves) and warm salad bases (potatoes, cous cous) to go with 63 different “Feeds” (toppings) and 23 Home-made Dressings. 2 soups are available daily. Time-starved individuals will be pleased to find “Ready-to-go” Pasta and Salads from the chillers. The Salad Shop maintains a “Ready-to-go” recipe bank that is constantly added on to. A selected few items in the recipe banks are rolled out from the kitchen every day, to satiate the need for variety.

Moving ahead, The Salad Shop will continue to work towards making healthy eating for everyone, one step at a time.

The Salad Shop Pte Ltd (Press Office)
65 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089759
t: + 65 6536 8486
f: + 65 6536 8487

Visit us at:
80 Raffles Place #01-20 UOB Plaza 2 Singapore 048624
t. + 65 6536 3686

79 Anson Road #01-03 Singapore 079906
t. + 65 6534 8068

The Salad Shop at UOB Plaza 2

Image from

A third shop selling salad in the Raffles Place area is The Salad Shop at UOB Plaza 2. Its location is not very obvious, as it is at the back of the building facing the river. But all you have to do is to take the road in-between Standard Chartered building and UOB Plaza 2, towards the river, then turn left, and you’re there.

If you like freedom of choice as to what goes into your salads, The Salad Shop is the place for you. As you can see from the order chit below, there are three sizes of salads you can opt for: Rabbit ($8), Zebra ($10) and Elephant ($12). I am not sure who could survive on Rabbit unless they are non-Paleo and select a “main feed” of pasta, potatoes, brown rice or cous cous. If you are Paleo, you will probably have to get, and will want to get, the elephant size, for added protein.

As compared to SaladStop!, a wider range of ingredients are available at The Salad Shop. However, the size of the plastic container (for takeaways) and the size of the salad is only around 3/5 of what you would get at SaladStop!, for the same price.

The salad I ordered below was Elephant size, and comprised mixed lettuce, beetroot, mixed peppers, onion, black olives, jalapenos, boiled egg, avocado, roasted tomato, chicken tikka and roasted chicken.

The ingredients were fresh, but frankly the salad tasted ordinary. Just looking at the picture of the salad again, I remember how unsubstantial it was – slightly more than what I received at The Green Bar, but still not enough to fill a hungry animal who does intermittent fasting. It would probably work as an appetizer, but to have felt satisfied I would have needed 3x that portion size.

Another matter to bear in mind are their closing hours. The Salad Shop closes at 6pm from Mondays to Thursdays, and at 5pm on Fridays. I am unable to remember the exact time, but they stop taking orders between 15 to 30 minutes before closing. So if you want some salad for dinner, do go at least 35 minutes before they close to place your order. (I enquired and they have no intention of extending their operating hours.)

The Salad Shop

Opening hours:   
Mon to Thurs : 8am – 6pm
Fri : 8am – 5pm

80 Raffles Place
#01-20, UOB Plaza 2
Singapore 048624

Three recipes for “Olivier”: classic, Soviet and modern

Three recipes for “Olivier”: classic, Soviet and modern

A New Year’s feast without the famous salad, which has as many names as cooking options, is unthinkable. The dish that has become a legend has been invented for more … RIA Novosti, 11.12.2019 2019 9000-29 : 20

RIA Novosti

internet-group @

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

New Year’s feast without the famous salad, which has as many names as cooking options , unthinkable. The dish that has become a legend was invented more than a century and a half ago. And although its author was a Frenchman, all over the world this hearty and very tasty salad is referred to as Russian. The famous Moscow chef Anatoly Seleznev told RIA Novosti how the Olivier recipe, which is considered one of the symbols of the New Year, has transformed over time.

And mix everything

“It is common knowledge that this world-famous salad was invented by the French culinary specialist Lucien Olivier. But at that time he lived and worked in Moscow, where he owned one of the most popular restaurants of French cuisine at that time.” Hermitage “, later in many countries of the world this dish became known as Russian salad.

It is believed that Olivier never revealed the secret of his culinary invention. More precisely, the recipe for the sauce used to dress the salad remained unsolved.Allegedly, the chef added some seasonings known only to him, which made the taste of the dish truly unforgettable.

However, the ingredients of the food itself are known to us, however, without calculation. In the classic version, fillets of hazel grouse, boiled veal tongue, crayfish tails, potatoes, capers, boiled eggs, fresh or pickles, lettuce and soy-kabul, that is, soybean paste, were added to the salad. The dish was dressed with sauce , made from olive oil, egg yolks, vinegar and mustard . It is now known as mayonnaise. Judging by the reviews of the guests of the Hermitage restaurant, the salad, which very quickly became a favorite dish of the visitors, was decorated with black caviar .

November 7, 2019, 13:33 Allegedly, the Frenchman originally conceived it as a dish consisting of individual ingredients served in combination with a sauce.But many guests of the establishment, before eating, mixed everything on the plate into one mass. Soon the chef himself followed their example, turning a complex delicacy into a salad.

Economical, but tasty

During the Soviet years “Olivier” not only did not lose, but, on the contrary, strengthened its position as a popular food among the population. True, over time, its components were replaced by more affordable and cheaper products. For example, hazel grouse meat gave way to Doctor’s sausage, crayfish tails – to boiled carrots, and capers – to green peas.The hostesses weren’t too zealous with the sauce either: the majority preferred to fill the salad with the purchased Provencal mayonnaise.

Surprisingly, the salad has not become less tasty. It just turned out differently. Of course, in this form, it only remotely resembled a dish invented by a French. But its variability continued to grow. Most of the housewives experimented with the meat added to the salad: it could be boiled chicken, or beef, or pork. Some have tried to diversify the taste of the famous dish with finely chopped apples.

Soviet recipe for “Olivier” salad:

  • 2-3 ​​boiled potatoes
  • 1 boiled carrot
  • 300 grams of Doctor’s sausage
  • 9000 2-3 ​​hard-boiled chicken eggs
  • 0.5 cans of canned green peas
  • 2-3 ​​pickled or pickled cucumbers
  • Green onions
  • Dill
  • 2-3 ​​tablespoons of mayonnaise

Cut all ingredients into cubes, stir, salt to taste and season with mayonnaise.Sprinkle with chopped herbs on top.

Depending on the ingredients used, the number of salad names also grew. In many menus, it became known as “Stolichny”, “Meat”, “Winter”. Abroad, the name “Russian” was firmly entrenched for him. For example, I met him under this name in many French, Spanish, Italian restaurants. It is called the same makar in Bulgaria, Turkey and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. And, for example, in Holland “Olivier” is called “Hussar”.

From meat to fish

Of course, now the most sophisticated public is fed up with the traditional “Olivier”, and the chefs are trying to diversify its taste.So, in our restaurant, we replaced the meat ingredients with lighter ones – fish. Popular is “Olivier” with slightly salted salmon and flying fish roe, but I like smoked eel and pike caviar the most.

We left the other ingredients almost unchanged: the same potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, however, I prefer fresh, not salted. But we replaced chicken eggs with quail eggs, blanched fresh-frozen peas replaced canned peas, and a more tender sibulet took the place of green onions.I prefer to decorate the salad instead of the usual dill with a bouquet of herbs – rosemary, basil, mint, thyme.

I know that some eminent Moscow restaurateurs are trying to combine in one two of the most popular New Year’s dishes – herring under a fur coat and “Olivier”. That is, the latter is served as the first – in layers. By the way, at home on the New Year’s table I have at least two types of “Olivier” flaunts: for my wife and me – with smoked eel, and for a child – a more familiar Soviet version with a doctor’s sausage.So what? It’s not difficult for me. New Year’s. And it happens once a year. “

Recipe” Olivier “with smoked eel from Anatoly Seleznev:

Peel and boil two medium potatoes and one carrot. Cool and chop them into cubes. Add to the cut vegetables. 200-300 grams of smoked eel , cut into thin slices Chop into strips one small fresh cucumber . Frozen green peas (3-4 tablespoons) Blanch for 2-3 minutes in salted water, put in a colander and add to the rest of the ingredients …Send there chopped onion sibulet or chives , and mix everything gently. Season the salad with mayonnaise . You can Japanese. Then boil 3-4 quail eggs , peel, cut in half and put on top. Decorate the prepared salad with pike caviar (2-3 teaspoons) and herbs with rosemary, mint, basil, thyme.

How “expensive” is it to serve a simple spring salad on a festive table (my mother taught me this order of layers) | Evgenia Polevskaya | It’s just

Mimosa salad – nutritious, satisfying and very beautiful.And since the salad is prepared quite simply, it can often be seen on the festive table. Today I will share my version of cooking everyone’s favorite and famous recipe (it’s all about the correct order of layers).


Boil potatoes and carrots to prepare the salad. We clean and rub on a coarse grater.

Photo can be flipped to the left

Photo can be flipped to the left

Separate the yolks from the whites and also rub on a coarse grater.

Photo can be flipped to the left

Photo can be flipped to the left

Also, to prepare “Mimosa” you need canned fish, I like to cook it with saury. We knead it with a fork so that the fish does not come across in large pieces in the salad. We remove the ridge at will.

Photos can be flipped to the left

Photos can be flipped to the left

Each layer must be coated with mayonnaise.

Earlier, for convenience, I cut off a corner and made a mayonnaise mesh in a thin stream. But recently one of my spectators suggested that there is a special attachment with an adapter that can be screwed onto any pack of mayonnaise.I found this miracle device and ordered several sets at once and decided to play them off. The conditions for the drawing are the simplest, I describe them in more detail in the video on my Youtube channel “It’s simple”. Good luck to everyone!

The ingredients have been prepared, and we are starting to assemble the salad. I use an 18 cm split ring. Put grated potatoes in the first layer. Spoon it evenly over the bottom of the plate. We coat with mayonnaise.

Next, lay out the pieces of fish, which will saturate the potatoes with their taste and aroma.Mayonnaise again, and at this stage, if you wish, you can put finely chopped pickled onions, but, in my opinion, the classic version of the salad should be as tender as possible, so I do not put it.

Place the grated proteins in the next layer. We level them well with a spoon.

Each layer can be salted if necessary and to taste.

Pour another layer of mayonnaise and spread the grated carrots. Using a spoon, make the carrot layer even, coat it with mayonnaise and lay out the grated yolks.This is our last layer.

Now cover the food dish with the salad and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Also, “Mimosa” can be prepared the night before and served on the festive table the next day. During this time, it will cool and soak well.

I also recommend making the Red Sea salad – it sounds beautiful, looks very bright and appetizing, and tastes amazing! And it is called so, because all the components of the salad have a red tint. And most importantly, it will take no more than 10 minutes to prepare the salad.

See the detailed recipe here: Red Sea salad

And then remove the ring and decorate the salad with fresh dill. Agree that the salad is very easy to prepare, simple, but it looks amazing – bright and juicy.

I am sure that the salad will take pride of place on your festive table. Try it yourself and put your finger up if you like the recipe. With love, Evgeniya and the culinary channel “It’s simple” ❤️.

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Ingredients (per form diameter 18 cm):
boiled potatoes – 400 g
boiled eggs – 6 pcs.
boiled carrots – 1 pc. (large)
Canned saury – 2 cans (250 g each)
fresh dill – for decoration

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ᐈ Mordhau – Combat System Guide

Mordhau is For Honor for pipe smokers who blow rings and boats. Chivalry for vapers. Mount & Blade for past ten world wars fans Call of Duty . And if without boring – this is just an excellent medieval semi-tactical multiplayer fighting game hyphen slasher. It has many strategic elements that are difficult to master, but necessary. For simply running into the crowd and cutting left and right will not work. Just put a block to reflect the blow – too. It is necessary, as in the game from Ubisoft , to outplay your opponent.But if there are not so many players in FH , then in the game from the Slovenian studio there are 32 vs 32 battles. There are many modes, including battle royale, there is a siege familiar to fans of Chivalry . But you can also just chop for fun. As well as a team for a team, a typical DeathMatch, and a “player against all”, that is, every man for himself. And it will take a long time to master in practice all the ripostes, feints and cunning techniques, but oral reinforcement is always useful. Let’s talk about this. How to get comfortable with classes, weapons and techniques.Here is a guide to Mordhau .

Since this game is quite meticulous, then, as a rule, the enemy with whom you will face in 90% of cases has already experienced a period when he was mixed with mud. And you have to go through it until you learn the main thing.

In Mordhau dirty play wins.

And those who memorize combinations. That is why we say right away – if you are one of those who, like a wild one, bursts into the crowd with squeals – we warn you (!!!), you will die first.And the most insignificant death, shameful and unpleasant. The game requires professionalism. Otherwise, rather hassle and hysteria awaits you. But with enough practice, this can be avoided, all the techniques are mastered, you get used to opponents. They are people after all. And mistakes happen, someone is predictable. It is unrealistic to become immortal – but we will try to give advice to make you an effective swordsman. Or an archer. Or maybe a bard.

Let’s talk again about professionalism. Why is it important? If you are familiar with the series Mortal Kombat – you understand what it is like to bump into an experienced player.It’s an endless series of tricks. This causes both admiration and the desire to break your fingers. The story is the same here. The game takes on new features when you establish rapport with it, like Tim Minchin does with the piano. Simple smearing develops into the art of swordsmanship and duel fighting. Experienced opponents use various techniques. Positioning, footwork, axels, dredges, chambers – all these are feints of real pros. And we’ll talk about the meaning of these strange words.

But first, let’s touch on more mundane things.A foundation to feel on a horse.

The beginning of your story

You probably prefer to skip school. It is usually inserted into shooters … in strategy … slashers … Everything is clear there and so. A habit is developed, we understand everything. Sometimes mechanically all laws are mastered in practice. But we strongly advise against skipping training in this game. The manual, firstly, is presented quite interestingly and with humor, and secondly, it will acquaint you with the basic initial techniques. The instructor, in addition to the basics of fencing, will touch upon construction, team interaction, your place on the map, teach horse riding and how to be effective on Tarakashka under the brand name Mordhau .Shows how to hold a bow and orient yourself to the wind when shooting. Well, he will teach you how to use the catapult. As you can see, the training is comprehensive. It takes 15 to 25 minutes, and upon completion you will be presented with a piece of gold. And this is very good and in the future it will allow you to create your character with your own equipment. But for now, play for the existing classes, get comfortable, mine gold. Then it will flow through your fingers like water. A good weapon costs a lot, and interrupting with a medium is not as profitable as it might seem. Especially for a beginner.Find your role. Reduce the list of characters and focus on them. There are many classes. Each fulfills his tactical role and pursues different goals on the field, not forgiving his ally’s selfishness. There is etiquette here, which we will touch upon later. In the meantime, let’s talk about ammunition.

Armor, weapons and how to navigate?

There are a lot of types of weapons in the game. Swords, spears, maces, crossbows, bows, halberds and blah blah. For different tastes. The entire medieval arsenal. And God forbid there will be more. If only without piracy, in which Chivalry once drowned.Of course, at first it is better to play as a shieldman or a simple knight-wagon. Get comfortable and understand if it is interesting for you to develop further in this role. And only then sharpen your irrepressible skill for a specific blade.

Initially, the player receives three slots for weapons. The first is for the main one, usually for swords or bows. The second is for additional – throwing axes, bombs. Classes such as the lute bard or archer use daggers or knives. And the third is for instruments. Arrows in boxes, treatment.But, despite the seeming simplicity in the first hours, customizing your own class requires in-depth knowledge. “Knives” are divided into 4 categories:

  1. From 1 to 3 points. A weapon of low efficiency, which can be attributed to the finalist. Low damage, short range and swing radius. Maces, throwing axes, etc.
  2. From 3 to 5 points. Dueling weapon. Long swords, rapiers. What is not so effective in team battles is useful one-on-one.
  3. 6 to 8 points. Here are just remote and command pieces of iron.Birdies, axes. Large and heavy swords that usually have a very effective reverse grip. You can keep them at a distance with them, and in team battles comes out the winner.
  4. Above 8 points. A weapon focused on range, reach, and gigantic damage. Of course, it is poorly suited for duels. But ideal for horse riding. Halberd, Zweichander, Evening Star.

And now a mini-excursion into the universe of damage and weapon properties.

Crushing and cutting

Everyone chooses his own, of course, but still we will tell you about the advantages.

Blunt works well with armored turtles. The armor crumples like paper under a barrage of blows from the mace. However, there is a mechanic here that sometimes works in a curious way. Such an accurate blow can be inflicted on the enemy only once. All strength and calculation will go into the body, endurance will end. That’s why. You have to be smart and be able to use the moment correctly. Otherwise, there will be no second chance. In a battle with several opponents, such warriors will surrender their positions. But the mechanics can break if you managed to kill the poor fellow.Lost stamina returns in the form of elation. You can also deceive the enemy and stop the strike in time. A good way to maintain stamina is by being squeezed in a corner.

Stabbing, cutting, slashing weapons are suitable for opponents in light armor. Even for a few. But in this case, one must be prepared for a premature loss of one’s own strength.

Best Weapon

The Halberd is the most effective polearm.A good hit has an 80% chance to destroy all health. If you hit unprotected parts of the body – 100%. And on a horse it is generally atas! Get used to the timing of the sweep, and you, as a giant from Skyrim, send your rivals into space to accompany Elon Musk’s satellites. The only negative is that it will not work to build a combo, a chain of blows. The halberd is not very diverse.

Zweichander is the scourge of God. Legendary German sword, created for landsknecht mercenaries. Big, slow, but damaging very well.Tactics as with the halberd. On a horse, it is all the more effective. But besides, people are like a chef’s apple to a salad for him.

Spear has a large swing. Headshot kills instantly if the opponent is not wearing a helmet. A blow to the body kills only knights in light armor, but you will have to suffer with armored rivals.

Evening Star is just a fast and balanced weapon. A heavily armed knight will not be able to cope with the speed, but someone will be easier with you on an equal footing.

Polex did not become famous at the start. The damage is small, the speed is low. But this is a versatile blade that is capable of both bludgeoning and chopping thanks to its alternate grip, which is definitely good for adaptation.

Greatsword almost like Polex. Suitable for every situation, the cost is inexpensive, the scope leaves great, significant damage to all opponents. The speed of the blows is also different depending on the grip and your personal timing.This is a newbie sword. Spends the first hours with him both in pleasure and useful. But keep in mind, there are hundreds of them.

Longsword is also very versatile. Fast strikes + good damage + length = wolverine efficiency. It is enough to deliver a couple of good and accurate punches to break the opponent. He will prostrate himself underestimating you. Longswords are often underestimated and try to silence, but these weapons are extremely useful for blocking. We would also say that it is for beginners. Even more so than Big.

Mace is a good crushing bit. And one of the most powerful primordially one-handed weapons. Breaks bones and turns to dust in a couple of blows. Armor crumples, horses jerk. Most often used in combination with a shield, but the effectiveness is reduced in this case.

Rapier An extremely nimble weapon in the right hands. Stick your opponent like a mosquito. But for you this … the shield is a fly swatter. Run away from everyone who can ignore your blows. Your rivals are archers, guys in chain mail and brigantines.

Romanesque Sword A good blade for the second slot if you don’t care about throwing.

Alternate grip

This is the moment when your hero takes the sword by the blade and hits the hilt or other place. It all depends on your weapon. The long sword and estok are struck with a thrusting sword, precisely and unpleasantly. Like a needle. Large swords and tsvai just have hilt strikes. The grip occurs at the blade, the blow is blunt and stunning. The ax has a dangerous cutting blow to the body. This technique has a long swing and bleeding.The halberd and the spear are pierced or split. The bastard sword uses both hands, sometimes one.

Here’s how it is done in real life:

Video taken from channel Skallagrim

But not every pick has a reverse grip. In this case, when you press the “R” button, you throw it. You can hit the ground … or you can hit the enemy. Next, you either take another, or pick up your own.

Throwing weapons and auxiliary weapons

And once we started … let’s touch on the topic of throwing weapons.Above we mentioned one option of how to make fuel from the soup. The rest of the elements are more standard. We have throwing axes, knives that are good both for finishing off and for those enemies that rush at you at full speed. You can pick them up quite well and approach the stump of the former warrior.

Incendiary bombs are more specific and annoying stuff. Especially it is an eyesore to the team that attacks a specific point. There is almost no chance of getting close, especially if the target is a tower.Burn to death. You can burn, like the whole team, or just keep the holy fools in a narrow space. There is one more plus – hitting with a combustible ball interrupts the enemy’s regeneration. You cannot block bombs. Only miraculously dodge, jump, survive, being in heavy armor.

Smoke bombs need no introduction. They interfere with archers and masters in oversized armor to navigate. Well … and your team too.

Traps are necessary for craftsmen.It is necessary to put them where they will not be visible, where no one will break them. Under a tree, in the bushes, around the corner, under the abyss. Breaks the legs of horses, people, and other enemies.

Tools are used to build barricades, gates. The “Alt” chooses the fortification and builds it up in a matter of seconds. From 7 to 15. A competent building is also necessary here. The stakes closing the gap will not allow the rider to break through, and those who run as fast will break off and rip their belly open.

Forge Hammer serves as a repair tool and repairs everything described above, except for bombs.

First aid kits and bandages, as you might guess, heal.


The approach to armor here, from the point of view of mechanics, is quite simple. We have three slots – legs, torso, head. Yes, and it is in the types we are familiar with – light, medium, heavy. There is also a separate cosmetic type of armor and smokes bamboo on the sidelines, but we will not disassemble it, since it does not affect defense and balance. It is logical that the higher the level, the stronger the defense, the slower the speed.If you played Siege , you roughly understand when, what happens to the operatives, when he has speed and armor at the top three. The system is identical here. For a start, the middle option will do.


At the beginning of the game you get sixteen points for pumping, buying weapons. Levels and successes give more of these points, but this is in the future, but for now, one question becomes an edge – what you need to have for effective play. Yes-ah-ah-ah, we talked about the need for skill and personal experience, right, but the game has skills that, although they do not touch the balance as such, do not outweigh it in a certain direction, but make life a little easier.

Similar implemented in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can read about it here. The systems are similar, you do not become a machine, but with the acquisition of skills, you save time and resources.

Now we will only touch on those perks that can be considered “best” and good. ” There are 19 of them in the game. In standard classes, they are configured for beginners and familiarity, all to a minimum of usefulness. All this makes sense to consider when creating your fighter.

So, the best perks (the number of points required will be written in parentheses):

  • Bloodthirst (5) – each enemy kill restores 50% HP. As is clear – the battle with several opponents reveals the skill to the maximum.
  • Second Wind (2) – each hit returns three points of stamina. So it is especially important to hit alternately. Do combos. So with dodging, this perk feels right at home. Lost stamina is restored, you no longer need to be such a curmudgeon.Often it is precisely such hardy and strong rivals, capable of cunningly acting to increase endurance, that win.
  • Friendliness (1) – anti friendly fire. Damage to and from allies is reduced by 50%. You have no idea how often you can die from an arrow of your allies or just substitute yourself under his blow, even if your goal is to help. A bad ally is worse than an opponent. We are silent about the catapults. And it is very important to protect your friends from yourself.
  • Perseverance (1) – simple and everyday health regeneration.At the same time, nothing is required for this, and the speed increases by 66%. This may not be that useful in Deathmatch, but it can come in handy in Frontline mode. You will always die often, but there is a chance to quickly hide, recover and return to the battlefield.
  • Pathfinder (2) – Required only for archers or crossbowmen. Your speed increases by 15% while firing. Helps to run away from tanks that look askance at you.
  • Evasion (4) – evasion appears to the side, forward, backward.Like Dark Souls. It is activated when jumping at a certain verified moment. Suitable for light or medium characters in one-on-one battles. In a battle with several opponents, you will only jump back under attack. It is also useful in this way to dodge archers, ax throwers. It won’t save you from catapults.

Customize the perks to suit your fighter and get ready for a bloody slaughter. You are generally ready. As you can see, all 16 points have been spent. However, if there is another point left, see the list of perks below.They are also useful, although they fade into the background, in our opinion.

  • Rage (2) – 60% of stamina will go to your piggy bank after killing an opponent. Coupled with bloodlust and second wind, just a luxury in regen. Recovery is due to its own effectiveness and opponents. So it’s worth taking all this already experienced.
  • Cat (1) – reduces damage, instead of giving 9 life. Keeps your fighter’s bones intact by 50%. A situational skill, but often comes in handy when retreating, especially in a castle, on walls or towers.
  • Fire resistance (1) – fire is not so effective against you. The damage they deal is reduced by 80%. You have no idea (or imagine, if you played) how many people are fan of fire bombs. Sometimes there are more of them than arrows. You die in a matter of seconds if you accidentally step on. But with this perk, you can relax, not your rivals.
  • Scavenger (1) – allows you to pick up enemy equipment. In general, there is no need to concentrate on loot. It only distracts, but sometimes, when the sword or bow is broken, it is very useful to pick up any weapon.Moreover, the most effective. This also applies to armor.
  • Dash (3) – useful for retreating. Killing an enemy awakens in you the unprecedented strength of a coward. Okay, kidding, but each opponent killed increases the speed to maximum. Useful for heavily armed warriors, fleeing archers. With the Friendliness perk, you can rush into the crowd with a team and are not afraid that you will be killed by your own. For on exactly the same thrust, you can carry your legs.

Attacks and Techniques

Now more about attacks and various feints.Sometimes we will use brainwashing, psychological attack on the opponent. In the game itself, there are two variations of the attack. They differ in the angles of impact. A regular strike – whether chopping, cutting, horizontal or vertical – is performed by pressing the LMB. The call sign is the second hit – Ukol. It is a thrusting attack that strikes point-wise and quickly.

Combinations in the game are called a series of attacks from different angles and different techniques, be it an alternative grip, thrust or hit with the hilt.

Morphs in the game are called the type of attack that has a deceiving stroke.I started at the top – finished at the bottom. Pressed on the left chopping and transferred smoothly to the piercing. This technique often forces the opponent to block ahead of time, and as we know, it takes a long time to recover. This will be enough for the final blow. In this case, the morph can be converted to drag. About him below. In the meantime, let’s say that it takes 7 endurance to carry out such a maneuver.

Active-peri – counter-attack. It allows you to block enemy riposte attacks. itself Ripost is an attack after a parry.Active Peri does not waste stamina and is useful in battles with multiple opponents.

DrakAxel serve as special attacks. Drag is a fairly long attack. Opponents often block ahead of time and do not have time to prevent your attack. Axel is the opposite. This is a quick attack.

Chamber is also a counterattack. The only difference is that the mechanics are based on blocking. You attack at the same moment as the enemy and meet his blade halfway, thereby piercing his blow.

Clash This is a clash of two hits, a form of parry.

Footwork These are impacts when moving. Serve to control the distance. In addition, thanks to the footwork, you can successfully control the enemy’s strikes, blocks, and think in advance ways of retreat or combinations for the attack. To provoke the enemy is also fine.

Defense and Blocks

Parrying is based on three elements – angles, timing and distance.It is possible to successfully repel the attack only with a competent sight in the direction of the strike being inflicted. If the timing fails, you can consider yourself a dead person. The difficulty of parrying also lies in the fact that some opponents come too close.

It is necessary to block attacks in the last seconds. Sometimes they can deceive. At first, it’s okay not to know what to expect from your opponent and how to fight them. Nervous tics are a normal process in the first stage. But one thing is important to remember – you need to react to blows, and not stop them.Too early parry happens as a result of the drag, sometimes in the heat of battles you can’t get away from it, but experience and practice will make you feel calmer. There is a good weapon against dredgers – this is a sitting block.

Now let’s touch on the feints. The best way to resist them is to ignore them. Don’t let the enemy win this moral struggle. Also pay attention to breathing and sounds made by your opponent. When the attack passes from the swing stage to the directional and irreversible one, a wheezing sound is emitted.

Ripost, as already touched upon, a retaliatory strike after the block. It allows you to change the initiative in your direction. Most conveniently, it turns into a stabbing riposte. An accurate blow will stun and crush the enemy, especially if they hit an unprotected part of the body.

There is also an interesting feature. Hyper Armor. The not very medieval term hides the salvation of one’s own life. At its core, this is a temporary boost. Your attack is not interrupted by taking damage. This feature requires no stamina and ends with your own riposte.


Or false swing. When you hit, press Q. This cancels the hit animation, which you can quickly turn into a new move. The enemy is intimidated, stupid, and dead. But the constant use of hit cancellation makes you predictable, so you need to be able to do something else.

There are two excellent moments for a feint: finishing and punching. In the first case, you leave your opponent no chance of a response and give yourself a guarantee of success. The second is suitable for those nasty opponents who constantly retreat and block.Feints of accelerated strikes are difficult to prevent. Especially when getting closer, many do this, you can too.

A couple of tactics

In order not to think about how opponents adapt and fight so sharply, we will give an answer right away. For this, all of the above is used. Let’s analyze Axeli and Draghi again. The purpose of the axels is to deal damage to the enemy faster than they react. The purpose of the dredge is to deliver a deliberately slow blow to the enemy who set the block ahead of time.Based on these techniques, you can balance between attacking fast and slow in the most unpleasant moments for your opponent. You can change the direction of the camera in different directions, this is to change the duration of the swing, or you can jerk the mouse sharply by inflicting a quick attack, and then down.

The best dredges have been found to be combined with footwork.

By combining attack types (Axels and Dredges) with reposts, you can translate ripos into something more. It is worth moving (with a footwork) to maximize the interaction with the impact speed.Axels and dredges are less effective when stationary.

More about dredges


There is such a rather complicated trick. To do this, you must combine correct positioning with footwork and special cursor guidance, as well as slow weapons. In fact, you need with all your appearance to make the enemy believe that the strike will take place now. But! At the end of the animation, your goal is to translate this deceptive maneuver into drag and chop from the shoulder.

This mechanic is especially effective against shield users, where the conventional “box” of the block is limited by the shield model. Similar actions will allow you to start a blow for the shield.

The waterfall can also be combined with ripostes, morphs and other techniques.

Z-shaped dredge

The essence of the dredge is reflected in the name, where you create a jab at the level of the opponent’s belly and lead the end of the swing animation and the strike itself along the Z trajectory. while your sword is still moving in the air.The main thing is to get the hang of it.

Bottom Drag

Not a bad and extremely effective drag that can fit well with any play style. During the swing of the bottom blow, show with all your appearance that you are going to do an axel, but right before the end of the swing of the blow, start to take your blow down and try to adjust the movement and trajectory of the cursor so that the end of the blow goes directly to the head of the opponent. The easiest way to do it is during a counterstrike.

Attacking Chambers

One of the best ways to use chambers is to force the enemy to block and seize the initiative.As mentioned above, it is preferable to put regular blocks than constantly chambered. But for the best results, repeat the movements of the enemy and use chambers as a means of defense and attack at the same time. When the opponent makes a blow, repeat all actions behind him. Sometimes even a feint in his feint. Wedge wedge. If you master the reading of the enemy’s attack as a whole and you predict or read the opponent’s swings, counterattack, then there is a chance to simply crush the enemy. This mechanic can also be combined with kicks.

Evasion, Matrix

The Matrix is ​​sometimes extremely effective and effective, but also very risky. In essence, this is the manipulation of the character’s body in combination with a footwork. Also, the “matrix” allows you to stretch a little time to react to a block or chamber. There are several methods of how to do this:

Crouching and lowering the camera down

Very effective when the enemy makes an aimed horizontal blow to your head.But if he was frightened by the enemy’s feint and sat down, then most likely he will hit, because he will react to your nervous tic faster than you will be able to change position.

Backward retreat with deviation

Similar to squatting, but the camera must be tilted up. In this way, you can dodge some lunges and horizontal punches aimed at your head.

The main thing is not to forget, a good player is always betrayed by his unpredictability. Become “irreversible” in the face of the enemy.One must be able to crush the enemy’s expectations. Therefore, you need to navigate well in the move lists inside the game and carefully strain your ears during training. You can start with one-on-one game duels before moving on to team ones. You will also learn that there are different types of players and styles in the game.

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Lunch for 15 euros, dinner for 30 Euros

Some restaurants are invited to participate in THR with only dinner menus, but you can, if you wish, dine at these restaurants based on their usual lunch menu.

7Ürti is located in Kadriorg, a short walk from the park. A charming house, where, upon entering, the first thing that meets the smell of warm bread taken out of the oven. Every morning the restaurant bakes its own bread and fruit drinks. Of course, the use of spices is important (as the name of the restaurant says). The quality of the ingredients is taken seriously, responsibly and with great respect.

Lunch 10 €
Homemade salad with beef tongue, mustard and crayfish

Grilled salmon fillet with pesto crust with vegetables

Beef carpaccio with parmesan and capers

Grilled salmon fillet with pesto

Pavlova with pomegranate and passionfruit sauce

HÜGGE Resto is a cozy restaurant in the Lasnamäe district.The restaurant’s menu was compiled by the talented chef Yegor Porulev. The restaurant seats 80-90 guests. The restaurant intends to surprise you with an unforgettable taste experience.

Dinner 30 €
SJØGAVE + Dignitat Cava Brut 14cl
Norwegian salmon fillet “mi cuit”, sea prawns, whitefish roe, egg yolk 65 ° C, pickled fennel, sour cream sauce with horseradish and sun-dried tomato oil

duck fillet, glazed pumpkin with honey, cranberries and sage, baked parsnip puree, duck juice

spicy plum puree, almond biscuit, praline cream, pear sorbet with ginger 9000 baTar 9000 in the very center of Tallinn, next to the Viru shopping center and the new Rotermann district, which has become a real center of attraction for both residents and guests of the capital.In the restaurant you will be delighted with tartars in an unusual reading, ceviche made from the freshest seafood and appetizers for wine and beer, which are ideally combined with these drinks. The choice of main dishes is also rich and varied, and the desserts are just your toes!

Dinner 20 €
Mimino tartare
beef, homemade adjika, capers, spicy herbs, pomegranate, sheep cheese

Peking duck and Korean carrots

cream with boiled condensed milk

black currant , where you can watch the well-coordinated work of the chefs while waiting for your meal.The path to quality food begins with carefully selected ingredients. Every delicacy served on the table exudes tremendous commitment and love for food. Loft & Ürdid was created based on the vision and experience of the chef Janek Villermann. Janek, who has traveled for decades, also drew inspiration from distant cultures and customs.

Lunch 10 €
Fried Camambert cheese with berry sauce

Veal liver steak with mashed potatoes and wine sauce
Dinner 20 €
Beef tartare with artichoke and mango peppers

Grilled octopus on grilled octopus and artichokes

Pistachio creme brulee with beetroot and raspberry snow

Parrot MiniBar is the place where world cuisine, the power of the Amazon rainforest and secret cocktails from the beginning of the last century meet.

Dinner 30 €
Fish biscuits
Smoked cheese, caviar

Hot potatoes
Caramelized potatoes, truffle, cream cheese, sweet potato

Cauliflower ceviche
Leche de tigre, avocado, coriander, onion, onion

with shrimps
Lobster and shrimp broth, chili, coconut milk, vegetables, rice

With chocolate sauce and berries

Restaurant Moos is a cozy family restaurant in Mustamäe that opened its doors in autumn 2020 and is distinguished by home warmth and bright emotions A restaurant.Moos resto is ideal both for private meetings and for celebrating big anniversaries, offering its guests delicious dinners, A La Carte and Sushi menus.

Dinner 30 €
Goat cheese ice cream with baked pumpkin and honey + Dignitat Cava Brut 14cl
goat cheese ice cream, pumpkin, spinach, spicy walnuts, honey

Duck fillet, duck configs
sweet potato cream, porto sauce with beets, cranberries

Homemade Napoleon cake with blackcurrant jam
Napoleon cake, fresh berries

The restaurant owners want to share Odessa flavor and Ukrainian hospitality, to introduce you to the whole variety of Ukrainian cuisine! So that even on a rainy day you can find here a corner of sunny Odessa, feel the aromas and tastes of real Odessa, warm up and say: yes, yes, Odessa!

Lunch 10 €
Ukrainian red borscht with donuts

Homemade potato pancakes
with tongue, with wild mushrooms stewed in cream

Dinner 20 €
Beetroot salad
with whipped cheese and goat 9000 Grilled squid
stuffed with Odessa beach pilaf with mussels

Esterhazy cake


Argentina – means love and passion for grilled meat.This is the world that the Argentine restaurant offers, serving on the plates tastes from the opposite side of the globe, from the South Tropic. Of course, it all starts with high-quality raw materials that go to restaurant cuisine from the best farms in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Australia. In front of customers, huge steaks that melt in their mouths, which are famous throughout the city, are cooked one after another on sparkling grills with live fire.

Dinner 30 €
Luxurious Argentinean salad of fresh vegetables duck fillet

Beef entrecote
Served with fries and mushroom sauce

Signature cake

A culinary journey through Latin America awaits you at La Tabla restaurant.The restaurant combines the latest trends in Latin American cuisine with a traditional touch, but most importantly, pure flavors and fresh ingredients are essential. Bienvenido a La Tabla!

Lunch 10 €
SALMON A LA PLANCHA – Juicy grilled salmon with orange-cream sauce
salmon, orange-cream sauce.

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