About The Shop City

The Shop City is an online platform for handcrafters, designers and artists to open their own e-shop to sell handmade products and works with minimal capital involved. Our goal is to connect the community and also offers shoppers the opportunity to shop for unique, customized or personalized handmade products

The Shop City is free for new sign-ups but there is a stringent application process as we want to feature handcrafters, designers and artists who create their own merchandise and not mass produced items.

After more than a year of interacting with the handmade community, we realized the goodness of handmade. Here are at least 3 good reasons that resonates with us.
  • We reduce wastage hence saving the environment. We learned a new term call "Upcycle".
  • Every purchase is a motivation for them to create something new and beautiful for us.
  • By supporting handmade, we help to boost the economy.

Meet Katherine

Back in the early 2000s, Katherine set up web design & development company and during those years, she had many potential clients who approached her to help them design their website. Some of them are stay-at-home mothers, entrepreneurs, career switchers who always wanted to do something different. But when they realised that the cost of developing an ecommerce website is a couple of thousand dollars. They immediately drop the idea of setting up their own ecommerce website as they cannot afford to pay the development fee. She felt it is a real pity as many of these potential clients have very beautiful designs and products which she thought are unique and very marketable. Her husband then encouraged her to develop an online shopping mall for these clients who can't afford their own blogsites. She thought: why not? It has always been her desire to create a social community of like-minded people; somewhat like an online social enterprise. Research, planning, designing was done and finally The Shop City was launched in 2012.

When she isn't doing programming on her macbook, Katherine will be serving actively in The Girls' Brigade, a Christian youth ministry. A coffee lover, she will spend all her time (+ energy) catching up with her little boy and while the boy takes a nap she'll be reading a good motivational book or in the kitchen cooking and baking.


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