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Stay organised with a stylish new planner that helps you stay on top of important dates and events at work and at home. Combining the best parts of our calendars, notebooks and functional Swedish stationery design, you’ll have a dependable, great-looking planner that keeps up with your busy schedule.


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Kikki K Grid Journal Review (Pros, Cons, Pen Test and Video Walkthrough)

Kikki K is basically the only ‘pretty’ stationery shop we have here in Australia so obviously it’s a place I frequent too often! I recently found this grid journal and, intrigued by the different paper inside, decided to test it out.

Quick facts

  • Size: approx 5. 25″ wide x 8.5″ high
  • Hardcover
  • Grid inside pages (plus signs not dot grid)
  • Bright white paper
  • Contents page
  • Bullet journal page layout templates for tracing included

Let’s take a closer look!

To enlarge the screen of the video, click the square icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video (it will say ‘full screen’ when you hover your mouse over the icon).

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The Cover

The cover is very plain… Although since it’s a hardbound notebook I shouldn’t be surprised by their boring covers anymore.


Approx 1.5cm thick

Unlike dot grid notebooks this one has plus signs / crosses instead.

Am I a fan of this? I thought I would be…. but no. It’s quite busy to look at and spreads look busy too (I tried one – see the end of this post).

The only page with anything pre-printed is the contents page:

There’s a built in ribbon bookmark

Something different about this notebook are the templates:

I tried doing a spread.. and wasn’t that big of a fan of the plus signs

It looks too busy and the templates don’t maximise the page (see the huge margin  / wasted space at the top and bottom of the weekly spread). I’d ditch the templates and rule up my own layouts.

The plus signs could be handy for line graphs if you want a visual way of tracking savings, weight loss or another goal.

Related: 20 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas (One Page Layouts)

Pen Testing

The paper quality was…. not that great.

Almost every pen and highlighter had ghosting.

Pros of the notebook

  • Portable size
  • Lightweight
  • Page layout templates for tracing
  • White paper

Cons of the notebook

  • The plus signs instead of dot grid is annoying (in my opinion)
  • Boring cover
  • Expensive for a very simple notebook
  • Paper isn’t very good quality
  • Only 1 ribbon bookmark

No, the plus signs are too busy – I prefer dot grid paper for bullet journaling.

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Review: Kikki K Grid Notebook/ Journal

It’s been much anticipated and many a videos have been shared on YouTube, facebook and instagram! But how does the physical product stack up? Lets get straight into our Kikki K Grid Note Book review!

I went in and got one today, and it was met with mixed emotions. One one hand I was excited Kikki K had finally upped the ante and brought out something for us alternative journalists, or alternative planners. I still have piles of planners and honestly, I think that’s the market they need to stay in until they nail bullet journals and notebooks. So lets get straight into it:

Cost: $24.90 and purchasable instore or online

The cover is a hard cover and comes with a single ribbon bookmark. The cover has gold writing. When you open it up, it has a brief explanation of what they are calling Grid Journaling. It doesn’t really explain the purpose, only merely to “own your story” and “write your story down” It would have been nice to give some reference to the movement that fuelled it.

We then move straight into a contents page. I’d say this is one of the small areas this journal fails, is there is a counts section but no page numbers.


When we open the journal up, we find that the “dots” are in fact tiny crosses, and this makes it sort of like a grid and sort of like a dot journal. The stats for the stars (The wee dots) are 0.5cm squared. There are 26 stars across and 44 stars down. It is an A5 Journal.


It has a small pocket in the back, which when it arrives, contains some templates for the journal, we’ll go into those later in the post.

From here I went straight into a pen test. There is no visible “announcement” of the gsm of the paper – but I’m going to say its sitting at around 80/90gsm. If feels more like copy paper than the buttery softness of STM’s for example.

The pen test faired will, barely any bleed or ghosting which is great, however….. when I popped Watercolor on it, the paper pilled and tore. Not great for a journal.

Ok lets talk about the templates they have created. The templates are printed on card stock, the template with a blank back (as in white blank with no crosses) It looks badly printed, the crosses aren’t clear, and it’s definitely not as stylised as the other Kikki K products we have come to love.

There is a monthly calendar template, daily notes template, weekly layout, Bucket list, tv show and movies, favourite quotes, places to eat, Weekly expenses, birthdays and anniversaries.

Lets talk pros and cons


It’s great as a starter, has the basics, and they have a nice twist on the dots and grids by making them crosses.

The hard cover is a nice feature.

The paper with stood multiple pens and fairs well, with no ghosting and no bleeds.


I feel like I’m being overly critical however, there are somethings that just aren’t gelling for me on this.

There is no back envelope for those important bits. No Page numbers, pilling with water, and the cheap feel to the paper.

No pen hook, no band to keep it closed.

Overall it feels rushed, and not a well styled as some of the other products they have, it feels as though they have strayed from their core business, stationery, to keep up with a booming market, which is great, but I think they should have done some more research with those of us that use them daily, as these aren’t traditional planners or journals, they are made for use and organisation. They could have easily upped the game with some great planner stickers, better quote pages, or quote cards.

I think its a 2.5/5 for me.

2014 Kikki. K Time Planner Lineup

February 28,2014

I’ve really enjoyed following fellow Planner Enthusiasts (or #PlannerAddicts as they call themselves) on Instagram for the past month or so (I shared a few of my favorite in this WIR post if you’re interested).  There is so much space for creativity when it comes to planners and I absolutely love seeing what other’s like to do with their own.  The planner community I follow not only inspires me, but also introduces me to fun brands and products I’d never heard of before.  After seeing a certain mint beauty time and time again I decided to investigate the brand kikki. K, stumbled across their lovely website, and very quickly fell down the cute planner supply rabbit hole!  I thought it was fitting to share a Show & Tell showcasing the kikki K. Time Planners as well as some of the accessories I picked up during my shopping spree in Wonderland since we’ve been talking planners this month.  Prepare yourself for the cuteness of it all…

kikki. K is an Australian-based home and office accessories supply brand that offers an array of products in their signature simple yet whimsical design themes.  In founder Kristina Karlsson’s words, “At kikki.K we embrace the Swedish design principles of form and function to bring you seasonal collections of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organisation solutions. ”  Shops can be found in Australia as well as New Zealand and Singapore.  They offer most of their products on their website as well, which I found easy to navigate.  There is a flat rate shipping of $19.95 on all international orders and they offer free worldwide shipping on orders totaling over $150.  It didn’t take much persuasion for me to add enough cuteness to my shopping cart to reach the free shipping threshold!

The main draw for me to the kikki. K website initially was to learn more about their Time Planners that I had been ogling on Instagram.  When I made my purchase (about three weeks ago now) they still had the 2014 Time Planners in stock and I quickly snatched up one in each of the three sizes so I could have them in hand to review.  I love that the planners are comparable to the most popular Filofax sizes and are compatible with other inserts thanks to the binder design.  The beautiful mint-colored leather with dainty gold polka dots is smooth and has a slight sheen, although the grain is noticeable.  There is an elastic band closure, an elastic pen loop, an included notepad that slips into the back inside cover, and built-in slip pockets on the front inside cover on all three sizes (the large size also has a zip pocket here).  Each Time Planner comes stocked with a 2014 Monthly and Weekly view calendar as well as dividers.  The small planner includes an address section.  Both the medium and large planners also include sections for Birthdays & Anniversaries, Shops & Restaurants, To Do, and Expenses.  The rings line up nicely in all three planners and seem well-made.  I managed to grab these beauties during their new year sale and saved 30% on each of them.  Even without the discount they are competitively priced, with the largest planner costing about $80 at full price, the medium $65, and the small $40.  These planners are different from any others I’ve seen on the market and I think that’s what I like most about them and the kikki. K brand in general.  Sadly, you can no longer purchase the 2014 selections online anymore, but I was able to communicate with kikki. K’s customer service who informed me that the 2015 range will be out in August or September.  They release an entirely new design every year and I look forward to seeing what next year’s will be!  Additionally, I was told that kikki. K is releasing a new line of Personal Planners in grey and berry colors which will be available online at the end of March.  They are slightly larger than A5 in size but fit A5 inserts.

I also purchased a few journals that were on sale.  As many of you know, I am not only a Planner Enthusiast, but a Journal Enthusiast as well and have kept journals since I was about eight years old.  Journals are often a good test for me on how I feel about a brand in general since I have used and loved them since I was just a kid.  I picked out the Leather A5 Notebook in Fuchsia (no longer available, but the same one in that beautiful mint color is!).  I love how the leather cover is refillable and that you can buy the journal inserts separately.  The leather cover follows a similar design to the Time Planner with the dainty gold polka dots gracing the spine, which compliments the gold snap hardware of the enclosure nicely.  I also bought the A5 Feature Notebook in Dreaming (still available!).  The pages include whimsical designs in beautiful colors!

As a lover of cute office supplies, I couldn’t resist adding a few of these sweet goodies to my shopping cart.  The Sweet Pencil Case with the polka dots in my favorite spring colors with the little cat?  Absolutely precious!  It is a very dainty, slim size, which is great for those who like to only keep a few supplies with them on the go.  I like how the exterior fabric has a coating to give it more durability.  The  Bulldog Clips with the animal designs add a sweet touch to planner pages or other papers you’d like to keep together.  I absolutely love the bright stripe design of the iPhone case and ballpoint pen from the Celebrate Today collection.  Altogether my little extra goodies haul makes for a cute and colorful stash!

Check out my coordinating video if you’d like a closer look and to hear my thoughts on each product I purchased: