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Simple Downloads Folder Organiser Written In Ruby

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We will create a simple script that organises the files in our Downloads (or any folder) into various subfolders (ie Audio, Documents, Video, and Images). This approach is fairly straight forward and can easily be extended to add more extensive features.
Our script would carry out the following functions:

  1. Checks the current folder to see if our desired subfolders are created. If they are not available, they are then created.
  2. Move different files to different folders based on the files extensions.
  3. Before a file is moved to a subfolder, it checks to see if there is a file with a similar name in the subfolder.
  4. Renames the file that is about to be moved to a subfolder if there already is a file with the same name. We begin by creating a class name called Arranger and requiring the FileUtils module. The FileUtils module would be used to move files around.
class Arranger
  require "fileutils"
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We then create a constant Array of the subfolders we want to create.

class Arranger
  require 'fileutils'
  FOLDERS = %w[Video Audio Document Images].freeze
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Our first method would check if the subfolders exist in the directory. If they do not exist, we would create them. We go over each element in the FOLDERS array and user “Dir.exist?” to check the subfolders already exist or not. “Dir.mkdir” is then used to create the folders that do not exist.

class Arranger
  require 'fileutils'
  FOLDERS = %w[Video Audio Document Images].freeze
  def create_folders_not_existing
    FOLDERS.each do |folder|
      if Dir.exist?(folder)
        puts "#{folder} already exists"
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Our next step would be to check if the file we want to move already exists in the subdirectory.

Our method would take two parameters; file (ie the file we are moving) and path (the subdirectory’s path) It returns true if the file exists and false if it does not exist.

class Arranger
  require 'fileutils'
  FOLDERS = %w[Video Audio Document Images].freeze
  def create_folders_not_existing
    FOLDERS.each do |folder|
      if Dir.exist?(folder)
        puts "#{folder} already exists"

  def check_if_file_exist_in_path?(file, path)
    if File.exist?(file)'../')
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If a file already exists in the subdirectory, we must rename the file that we want to move. We define a method that does this for us. This method takes a file and assigns its extension to “file_extension”. It then takes the file name without the extension and assigns it to “file_name”. Finally, we rename this file by splicing the file name with the current time.

class Arranger
  require 'fileutils'
  FOLDERS = %w[Video Audio Document Images].freeze
  def create_folders_not_existing
    FOLDERS.each do |folder|
      if Dir.exist?(folder)
        puts "#{folder} already exists"

  def check_if_file_exist_in_path?(file, path)
    if File.exist?(file)'../')

  def rename_file(file)
    puts file_extension = File.extname(file)
    puts file_name = File.basename(file, file_extension)
    File.rename(file, file_name + + file_extension)
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We now define methods that would move our desired files into their respective subdirectories. This is first done by looking at each files extension and determining where it should go.

We can assume that files ending with “docx”, “csv” or “pdf| should go to the Documents folder. Likewise, we would carry out similar procedures for images, audio and videos. We then check if the file already exists in the subdirectory. If it does not exist, we move the file using “”. If it does exist, we rename the file and then move it. I defined a method to do this for each folder, but this could be written in one simple method as there is a lot of repetition going on.

# frozen_string_literal: true

# class Arranger
class Arranger
  require 'fileutils'
  FOLDERS = %w[Video Audio Document Images].freeze
  def create_folders_not_existing
    FOLDERS.each do |folder|
      if Dir.exist?(folder)
        puts "#{folder} already exists"

  def move_images
    images = Dir.glob('*.{jpg,jpeg,png}')
    images.each do |image|
      if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(image, './Images')
mv(image, './Images') end puts "Moved #{image} to Images" end end def move_video videos = Dir.glob('*.{mp4,avi,mkv}') videos.each do |video| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(video, './Video') rename_file(video) move_video break else, './Video') end puts "Moved #{video} to Video" end end def move_document documents = Dir.glob('*.{docx,csv,pdf,PDF,epub,gif,pptx,xlsx}') documents.each do |document| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(document, './Document') rename_file(document) move_document break else, './Document') end puts "Moved #{document} to Document" end end def move_audio audios = Dir.glob('*.{mp3}') audios.each do |audio| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(audio, './Audio') rename_file(audio) move_audio break else, '.
/Audio') end puts "Moved #{audio} to Audio" end end def check_if_file_exist_in_path?(file, path) if File.exist?(file)'../') true else'../') false end end def rename_file(file) puts file_extension = File.extname(file) puts file_name = File.basename(file, file_extension) File.rename(file, file_name + + file_extension) end end
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Finally, we define a method that calls all the move functions. The final source code for the script is presented below.

# frozen_string_literal: true

# class Arranger
class Arranger
  require 'fileutils'
  FOLDERS = %w[Video Audio Document Images].freeze
  def create_folders_not_existing
    FOLDERS.each do |folder|
      if Dir.exist?(folder)
        puts "#{folder} already exists"

  def move_images
    images = Dir.
glob('*.{jpg,jpeg,png}') images.each do |image| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(image, './Images') rename_file(image) move_images break else, './Images') end puts "Moved #{image} to Images" end end def move_video videos = Dir.glob('*.{mp4,avi,mkv}') videos.each do |video| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(video, './Video') rename_file(video) move_video break else, './Video') end puts "Moved #{video} to Video" end end def move_document documents = Dir.glob('*.{docx,csv,pdf,PDF,epub,gif,pptx,xlsx}') documents.each do |document| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(document, './Document') rename_file(document) move_document break else, './Document') end puts "Moved #{document} to Document" end end def move_audio audios = Dir.
glob('*.{mp3}') audios.each do |audio| if check_if_file_exist_in_path?(audio, './Audio') rename_file(audio) move_audio break else, './Audio') end puts "Moved #{audio} to Audio" end end def check_if_file_exist_in_path?(file, path) if File.exist?(file)'../') true else'../') false end end def rename_file(file) puts file_extension = File.extname(file) puts file_name = File.basename(file, file_extension) File.rename(file, file_name + + file_extension) end def call_all_move_methods move_audio move_document move_images move_video end end arranger = arranger.create_folders_not_existing loop do arranger.call_all_move_methods end
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The source code for this is available at

The 6 Best Windows File Organization Apps and File Organizer Software

Organizing files on Windows is a tiring job. The only way to overcome it is by putting everything in its place on arrival. Instead of spending valuable time, why not take a smart and lazy approach to file organization.

After all, the better organized your files, the faster you can draw information from them. But how do you get started? We’ll take a look at file organization apps and show how you can use them to organize different types of files in Windows automatically.

1. File Juggler

If you’re having trouble organizing the files, consider using an automation utility app. File Juggler monitors changes to folders and takes action based on the set of rules. It uses conditional if-and-then statements, just like IFTTT. At first, create a plan on what you want to do with files.

To add a rule, click the Add button and type in a brief description. Add a folder for which you want to take action in the Monitor section. In the If section, add a condition. Check out the conditions page for more information.

Last, choose an action you wish to take on your files in the Then box. You can rename, move, copy, extract, and more.

Unique Features:

  • Move and rename files based on the content of a searchable PDF. It works great to organize invoices, credit card bills, and snippets of information.
  • You can add variables to organize different types of content with precision. They include file name, path, date, file properties, and more.
  • Once your file gets organized, you can tell File juggler to upload a file to Evernote. Select the notebook you want and add tags to the notes.
  • A rule can monitor either one or several folders. For each rule, you can check to monitor or exclude the sub-folder as well.
  • The Log tab helps you keep track of what your rules have done and whether it’s working correctly or not.

Download: FileJuggler (30 days free trial, $40)



Apps like Adobe Lightroom make it easy to organize images by their EXIF data. If you don’t use these kinds of apps, then cataloging and sorting your photos into a folder is a headache. With limited support of metadata, organizing photos in Windows 10 is a manual and tedious task.

PhotoMove uses EXIF data to automatically move (or copy) and sort the photos or videos into folders based on the actual date. Choose the source folder containing your images and the destination folder. Click Find Photos to start a search.

After searching all your photos, click either Move or Copy button to process your files. You can choose to display the summary report if the need arises. The preferences section lets you decide the folder structure, handling duplicate files, file types, and camera models.

Unique Features:

  • If you have a vast photo collection, PhotoMove lets you move and sort photos in the Network Attached Storage (NAS). Check the manufacturer updates and SMB version.
  • Select different types of folder structure to organize pictures. By default, you can organize photos by Year-Month-Date. The Pro version lets you customize them.
  • PhotoMove supports command line syntax. You can use the command prompt or batch file to organize your photo collection.
  • If your photos don’t have EXIF data, use the file date or sort photos with no EXIF data to a different folder.

Download: PhotoMove (Free, Pro Version: $9)

Anyone with a massive collection of music knows the pain of managing a poorly tagged library. While file name is essential, it’s the metadata that holds information like artist, album, year of release, cover art, and more. Editing the metadata is a time-consuming and challenging task.

TagScanner is an app that lets you organize and manage music collections. It includes an array of built-in configuration settings for editing tags of audio formats like ID3v1, v2, Vorbis, APEv2, WMA, and iTunes.

Click the Browse for folder button to load the audio files. Within a few moments, the app will read the metadata and display them according to the sorting mode.

Unique Features:

  • It supports text replacement and transformation functions. The options include case change, transliteration, FTP compatible names, discog cleanup, and more.
  • The built-in scripting engine can do advanced things on the text output. You can append a string function to beautify tags and filenames.
  • Rename and organize audio files in bulk. If your music folder is cluttered, you can create a folder structure based on the tag structure.
  • Preview tags and cover art from online databases like Freedb, Discogs, Musicbrainz, and Amazon before embedding it into mp3 files.
  • You can create playlists and export information as CSV, HTML, M3U, and more.

Download: TagScanner (Free)

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Poorly named files, missing subtitles, episode names, and incomplete information are common problems for people while watching a movie or TV show. FileBot is a utility app that can automate the task of organizing and renaming media files. The app has two panels.

To get started, drag-and-drop the media folder into Original Files panel. Under the New Names panel, click the Fetch Data button.

The app will try to match your files with data from various online databases automatically. They include The TVDB, AnDB, TheMovieDB, and TVmaze. Once you verify the information, click Rename.

Unique Features:

  • It can scan the file names to figure out which show, season, and episodes the videos contain. How you choose to name the media files and organize them is up to you.
  • It shows you the complete list of every episode a TV series has broadcast. Just search for your show, pick a source, and sorting order.
  • Fetching subtitles is a click away. You can manually search and download subtitles, preview, and fix encoding problems.
  • Fetch cover art, poster images, and create NFO files for your media library. If you use Kodi, FileBot can fix various metadata-related issues.
  • Built-in scripting engine for complex automated processing. With few lines of scripts, you can fetch artwork and details of multiple files.

Download: FileBot (Paid, $6/year)


Easy File Organizer

If your desktop and download folder always get cluttered, this utility app will help you end the chaos of unorganized files with a simple click. The app organizes large file collections by re-arranging items according to kind, extension, size, or date.

To get started, add a folder you want to sort out and click Organize. For example, if you select Extension, the app will group files by file extension folders, like pdf, mp3, and more. Similarly, if you choose Date, the app will group files by day, month, or year.

Unique Features:

  • You can organize files in folders and their subfolders. Check recursive under the circle graph to get started. Click Undo to revert the changes if you made a mistake.
  • Set up custom rules (Settings > Rules) to organize files as per your needs. It is useful when you wish to sort files by other criteria, even if they don’t belong to a specific group.
  • With templates, you can organize files generated from file names. Go to Settings > Rules and create a template with a number or alphabets.

Download: Easy File Organizer (Free trial up to 30 items, $25)



At some point, you must have tried to copy and paste a bunch of files that were in different folders. Having to open multiple windows, then copying your stuff can be confusing and tedious. Copywhiz is a utility app that enhances the file copy experience with the benefits of filtering.

Go to the folder containing your files, right-click and choose Copywhiz > Copy (Add to Queue). Navigate to the destination folder, right-click anywhere and select Copywhiz > Paste Special to decide what you want to do with the files.

Unique Features:

  • You can either copy only new or modified files. It saves your time while doing a backup, sharing files with others, or follow a specific workflow every day.
  • Copy files based on specific file name, type, extension, and size. This way, you selectively sort out files and organize them.
  • Configure the app to copy your files at a particular time. For example, you can save new files grouped date-wise per week on a schedule.
  • Pick files from multiple folders and paste them into a folder or zip them all at once. In this way, you’ll avoid repeated copy-and-paste operations.

Download: Copywhiz (7-day free trial, $40)

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Ideas for Managing Your Files

Organizing files on Windows is a tedious job. If you can spend some time on how to automate it, then it’ll save time, and your files won’t pile up in the long run.

With the file organizer apps discussed above, you can control the entire file management without putting in much effort.

9 Key Tips for Managing and Organizing Your Computer Files

There’s no perfect way when it comes to computer file management, but these tips will help you create order from chaos.

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25 Best Desk Organizers and Desk Organization Ideas 2020 | The Strategist

25 items in this article 9 items on sale!

Photo: NBC

It’s one thing to have a cluttered desk at an office that you get to leave at the end of every day. But when your desk is in your home — like many of ours are right now — clutter becomes inescapable. No matter where you’re working, Brooklyn-based professional organizer Allison Dunn, the founder of Neat Rules, says, “You want to get rid of clutter so that you can really focus on the things you need to use on a day-to-day basis. ” The best way to do that, she says, is to “create a system where you only keep what you need, and everything you need is accessible, so you can be more productive.” Once you’ve cleared out the junk and zeroed in on your essentials, the next step, of course, is to keep them in order.

To find the best things for organizing desks or other workspaces, we talked to Dunn and four more professional organizers about what they use to provide a place for everything (allowing them, as the saying goes, to keep everything in its place). While our experts generally agreed on the types of tools you’ll need, each had slightly different preferences when it came to specific products, so we’ve organized their recommendations based on category, from desktop trays to filing systems to drawer organizers, and more.

If you don’t need a three-tiered system to organize paperwork (or just don’t have as much littering your desk), Lokey says you can always get by with a single tray, like this one that she also recommends. The gold finish makes it look a little more distinguished, and it has that open design she likes for visibility and minimal dust-collecting.

If you like the metallic look of the above tray but want something with a little more heft, consider this tray that Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk recommended to us. It’s made of solid brass (which explains its higher price tag) and looks “beautiful,” according to Berk, who says that it’s more than just a pretty object sitting on a desk. “Having a tray is better than just using a desk drawer,” he says, “because I find that when you use drawers, the stuff that goes in it is never seen again, which just adds a lot of clutter to your life.” Trays, on the other hand, are a visual reminder “of the stuff that needs to get thrown out or dealt with.”

Editor’s note: This product is available to purchase now but will not ship until October, according to the retailer.

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you want a desktop tray on steroids that is capable of holding not just your paper files but also pens and more. For that, Lokey suggests either of these organizers. Both are mesh and come with attached compartments for pens, pencils, or other small supplies, with the slightly pricier Designa organizer also including additional spaces for file folders and even business cards.

Photo: retailer

For those who have more paperwork than can fit in a desktop tray, our experts recommend using some sort of filing system, whether that’s one you hang on a wall near your desk or one that can be placed on top of it. Brennan Reid, the owner of Aristotle Organizing, prefers wall-mounted file organizers like this one from Tru Red, because they “clear a desk to allow more space, not only giving it a cleaner look, but giving you more space to work with.” (Though he notes that you can just as easily place this on or under a desk. ) Another thing he likes about this organizer is its small size, which “forces you to keep your current work files limited.” Reid says visible filing systems — whether hung or on a desktop — are better than filing cabinets, not only because they make your paperwork that much easier to grab, but also because they force you to look at it (and therefore make sure it looks organized).

For those without wall space (or who’d prefer to keep office supplies confined to their workspace), here’s another compact mesh file holder that stands on a desk and comes recommended by Beth Penn, a professional organizer and the founder of Bneato Bar. She says a file holder like this, when used with your standard hanging folders, eliminates “piles” of paper on a desk.

Slightly more handsome is this magazine holder, which Dunn says adds a “nicer, cleaner” touch to a workspace. (She particularly likes Bigso Linen Marten’s line of organization products, because things like this magazine holder can be matched with its letter trays and desktop organizers for knickknacks.) Both Dunn and Penn say magazine holders are great alternatives for organizing paper files because they can either stay on your desk or go on a nearby bookshelf. Penn, who uses her kitchen as a home office, stores paperwork in two magazine holders she keeps in a kitchen cabinet, “so they’re not out and annoying to everybody else that lives there.”

Once you’ve got your paperwork organized, you’ll want to make sure your pens and other smaller supplies are also in order. Echoing Dunn, professional organizer Daniel Loya, the owner of Spaces Transformed, says it’s just as important to make sure office supplies are not only organized but easily accessible. “You don’t want any kind of super-complicated system that makes it difficult to retrieve things,” he says, which is why something like this streamlined bamboo shelf organizer appeals to him. “This organizing tool has four compartments in three tiers to maximize function and storage capacity,” explains Loya. He also likes its bamboo material, which he notes is environmentally friendly and can help bring a bit of “nature into any sterile office area.” With a shelf and three drawers, it will help “store a variety of items in an orderly way,” he assures.

For something smaller and more minimalist, Loya suggests this sleek organizer from Yamazaki, which he says “offers simple organization balanced with clean lines that make it a work of art. ” The steel-and-wood-veneer stand can neatly hold “anything from writing utensils to glasses and smartphones,” he notes.

Berk’s choice of desktop organizer is also simple, but covered in a light gray fabric that he says makes it look elegant and a bit softer. “I like how this has a dedicated space for everything: You can fit your notepads, Post-its, pencils,” he says. “I don’t think anyone needs a bigger organizer because do you really have that much stuff? That’ll just end up being annoying.”

Berk is also a fan of this acrylic system from Russel and Hazel. “If you’d prefer to build your own organizer, instead of buying one that already has set compartments, I really like these,” he says. (The line includes everything from a tray to a pencil holder to an easel for notecards.) He also thinks that they’re a better option for people who have limited desk space, “because you can stack the containers, so you get the same function without taking up a lot of surface area.” Plus, he adds, the clear acrylic material makes it a little more interesting because it allows you to see what’s inside, “which gives you the opportunity to use more unique-looking office supplies, like square or brass paperclips.”

If you’re looking for something that’s multifunctional, both Lokey and Dunn recommend getting a monitor stand that doubles as an office-supply (or paperwork) organizer. “In terms of innovation, this is actually kind of new,” Lokey says of the products that elevate monitors (or laptops) and include drawers for storage. “It sounds completely weird, but this is actually a new offering in desk accessories.” Her favorite, of course, is the mesh option, while Dunn prefers the acrylic. Either one will let you see everything stored within, which, as our experts have noted, is a plus for ensuring optimal organization.

If your desk has drawers, they will need some tidying up, too, even if the contents are mostly out of sight. A drawer organizer will help with that, because “you can easily see where everything is and things don’t get too cluttered because they’re compartmentalized,” according to Lokey. Reid agrees, saying drawer organizers are great for “separating small products — like pens, pencils, sticky notes, or tacks — from each other. ” He prefers these nice-looking stackable ones made from ash wood because you can use them to “create a physical barrier between each office supply,” allowing you to “to find what you need quickly.” The fact that they’re stackable means you can also tailor them to the drawer space you have. “They’re great for someone with a lot of office supplies or with a deeper-set drawer that has less room to slide out,” Reid says. “It’s all about taking advantage of the entire space.”

Slightly shallower and a lot more colorful, these metal drawer organizers come recommended by Loya, who calls them “functional and fun,” noting that “adding color to your drawers can have a cheerful effect on you each time you open them.” The modular organizers are also stackable, which makes it easy to “store almost any small groups of items in them,” he adds. Plus, “there are endless ways you can arrange the compartments; they can be rearranged based on the contents being stored.”

One downside to the above drawer organizers is that buying each component can quickly add up. Those looking to organize a drawer on a budget should consider this eight-piece set that Lokey recommends. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and includes a variety of different-sized components, so you can easily stash your pens along with smaller items like paper clips, note pads, and other irregularly shaped office supplies. Each piece also interlocks with the others, which keeps them from sliding around and makes it easy to configure them to fit most any drawer.

For those who prefer the acrylic look, Lokey suggests this two-pack of drawer organizers that each have four compartments, each of which is lined with grippy rubber. The organizers also have rubber feet to prevent them from moving around every time you open a drawer. And at roughly $8 a piece, they’re also super affordable.

Photo: retailer

It’s not just papers and writing utensils that can clutter a desk. Computer cables and chargers can also quickly make a space look messy. For “unruly” cords that are always “slipping off your desk and out of reach,” Loya recommends these little adhesive cable clips. “They firmly hold cords in place,” he promises. Plus, “the self-adhesive backing can be easily removed” should you ever want to move them.

While some of our experts advise against using filing cabinets, others, including Dunn, say they can be helpful if you don’t have a ton of desk storage space and need a place for important documents that you may not need right away, but still need to keep on hand. Still, to those who do need a filing cabinet, she recommends keeping them slim, like this three-drawer one from Poppin that she likes for its “sleek design.” It’s short enough to fit under most desks (but has a bottom drawer deep enough for hanging file folders) and, at just over a foot wide, won’t take up too much floor space.

A filing-cabinet alternative of sorts, this more affordable wheeled cart recommended by Dunn can also be used to store less immediate, but still necessary, files or supplies. The wheels make it easy to “roll around” (and out of sight, if need be), and the cart’s top section allows for hanging file folders, while its bottom mesh drawers can accommodate pretty much anything else.

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Configure the Content Organizer to route documents

  • Navigate to the site for which you want to configure the Content Organizer to automatically route documents to specified locations.

  • Click Settings and then choose Site settings from the drop down menu.

    For SharePoint, click Settings , click Site content, and then click Site settings.

  • In the Site Administration group, choose Content Organizer Settings.

    Note: The Content Organizer settings link appears only if the feature is activated for this site.

  • In the Redirect Users to the Drop Off Library section, select the check box to enforce the Content Organizer. This automatically redirects users to the Drop Off Library when they try to upload a document.

  • In the Sending to Another Site section, select the check box if you want to allow rules to route documents to a different site.

  • In the Folder Partitioning section, select the Create subfolders after a target location has too many items check box to automatically create subfolders after a location has exceeded a specified number of items.

    • In the Number of items in a single folder box, type the number of documents that can be stored in a folder before a new one is created.

    • In the Format of folder name box, specify the naming convention for any new folders that are created.

  • In the Duplicate Submissions section, select whether you want duplicates to use the versioning feature, or whether duplicates should always have unique characters appended to the item’s file name.

  • In the Preserving Context section, select the check box if you want to save audit logs or metadata as an audit entry on the submitted item or document

  • In the Rule Managers section, enter user names that are rules managers in your organization. Rule managers must have Manage Web Site permissions to access the Content Organizer rules setting page. For more info, see Create Content Organizer rules to route documents.

  • Select the appropriate check boxes to have email messages automatically sent to the rules managers. Content Organizer can send an email message when a submission does not match a rule, or when any content is submitted to the Content Organizer.

    Note: Email must be configured by your SharePoint or network administrator for the server or service for these checkboxes to be enabled.

  • In the Submission Points section, enter information about other sites or e-mail messaging software that can send content to the current site.

    Tip: This section gives you the URL of the web service to submit content to the site in case that you want to create a workflow or custom solution to submit documents from an email system.

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    “My wife and I were in the process of buying our first home and needed to increase our credit score to qualify for a better mortgage. We had not made many of the classic financial mistakes such as late payments, high credit card balances, and bankruptcy and were uncertain how we could raise our scores quickly. After working for just a few months with Brooke Paxton, my score increased by 58 points!! We couldn’t recommend TruPath Credit more highly. Brooke was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to our questions, and was able to raise our scores with simple and easy-to-do strategies. Thanks, TruPath!”

    “TruPath is genuinely there to help. They actually know how to boost the client’s credit. As long as the client follows their action plan, their credit scores rise.” Click for the video.

    “I am a BIG believer in TruPath! They have literally changed my business. It’s really nice to have a partner in the business that I can trust. I’m a fan!” Click to see the video testimonial.

    “TPC has been the single biggest influence in getting my credit back into shape. I got into debt, and credit woes after my time in the military. Transitioning to civilian life wasn’t easy for me. I turned to TruPath Credit because I had heard good things, and knew that I would need good credit to progress some of the more important things in my life.

    The staff is very helpful, and professional. They took time to answer my questions, make suggestions, and they created a step-by-step action plan outlining what it would take to improve my score. Credit repair isn’t overnight, but their action plan worked surprisingly fast. Procrastination was a real struggle for me, but I sure am glad I took the time.

    TruPath Credit is the Rosetta Stone of learning the in’s and out’s of credit. Straightforward, effective, and efficient.”

    “TruPath has been a breath of fresh air for my team and I. We are seeing more positive results in less time and their communication and customer care is unmatched.”

    “Credit repair is always scary but Brooke was amazing and make everything so simple. I did an initial consultation a few days ago and i’m so excited to get started. She answered every single question I had and more. I highly recommend working with Brooke at TruPath Credit!”

    “We have worked with many credit companies and have never seen such amazing results before. TruPath keeps us involved throughout the entire process.”

    “TruPath provides more value than simply saving clients money or securing a lower interest rate. The TruPath process allows for a superior customer experience leading to long term value for real estate service providers that refer clients to TruPath.

    “These guys are awesome . Helped me so much from coming out of a BK. I started like Aug 2017 . My credit in 6 months went up like 130 points . It was good experience . They are helpful and know their stuff. I highly recommend these guys . They help with your action plan and follow up with you and make sure your on track and are doing what needs to be done to get your results.” 🙂

    “All of the clients we have sent to TruPath have been very pleased with their service. It’s great to have another tool for our clients to get them into a home.”

    “Extremely knowledgeable and very helpful and friendly! She let me know when she wasn’t able to help me further to inform me she wasn’t going to charge me anymore but was still willing to answer any questions I had to continue on a path to improve credit!”

    “I cannot say enough about the great process TruPath provides that has helped my business be successful.”

    “I have always wished someone would explain this process to me. I’m ever-grateful for TruPath Credit and their effort to not only fix negative items on my credit but also teach me how to capitalize on the strategy of a high Credit Score.”

    “When I started working with them 6 months ago i had just been denied a home loan, then I did exactly what Brooke told me to do and last week my credit score was about 100 points higher and i not only qualified for the home loan but I got an AMAZING interest rate! They are amazing!!!”

    “They are always trying to help our client maximize their credit to be able to get them into their dream home! They are always responsive, and communicative with us and our clients.”

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    How much is this going to cost me?

    We offer several solutions to help fit the cost of credit repair into your budget. We always recommend starting with an action plan for a one-time-fee of $99. As we review your action plan, we’ll help you determine your timeframe and help estimate the total cost before you get started. Visit our FAQ page for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    What types of results can I expect?

    Every credit report is unique which is why every action plan that we provide is different. Our aim is to help you gain points through the removal of negative items, but more importantly through any additional missed opportunities that we can find to help you earn more points, faster. Visit our FAQ page for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    What does Tru Path Credit have to offer me?

    While negative items can be part of the reason for a lower credit score, typically the most points are found in areas that consumers have no idea that they are missing out on. We’ll help clean up your report as much as possible while providing you with an exclusive, interactive action plan that will help you take advantage of points that you never knew were there.

    Visit our FAQ page for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    How is TruPath different from the last credit repair firm I hired?

    Most credit repair firms strictly focus on removing negative items and have business models that intentionally drag out this process in order to retain monthly paying customers for as long as they possibly can. Tru Path Credit was created in order to directly counteract this mentality. Rather than fewer clients for longer, we prefer more clients for less time. Our team’s knowledge, expertise and technology allow us to help you with more than just the negative at a much quicker pace. Our goal is to get you on track as quickly as possible so that you’ll refer friends and family that might need help as well.

    Visit our FAQ page for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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    • We always start with a free consult. We want you to feel comfortable about moving forward.

    • After enrolling, we’ll need to take a look at your credit report. We’ll show you how to do it so it doesn’t hurt your score.

    • Whether you’re enrolling in TruPath Optimize™ or TruPath Qualify™ you’ll receive an action plan that we build based on your unique credit file. The Action Plan Review call typically takes about 30 minutes.

    • Once we’ve reviewed your action plan with you, if you’re participating in TruPath Qualify™, we’ll need you to send us some documentation in order to dispute on your behalf.

    • Once we send disputes, the credit bureaus have 30 business days to conduct their investigation. Once you receive updates in the mail, TruPath Qualify™ clients will need to send us copies of their updates.

    • A4 Zipped Conference Folder Business PU Leather Document Organiser Portfolio Bag

      A4 Zipped Conference Folder Business PU Leather Document Organiser Portfolio Bag, Business & Industrial, Office, Office Supplies, Calendars & Planners, Planners & Organizers

      If you ever have questions or concerns, you can always schedule a time to chat on the phone with your Credit Specialist

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    Organising your data | Research Data Management

    Once you create, gather, or start manipulating data and files, they can quickly become disorganised. To save time and prevent errors later on, you and your colleagues should decide how you will name and structure files and folders. Including documentation (or ‘metadata’) will allow you to add context to your data so that you and others can understand it in the short, medium, and long-term.

    Below you can find some guidance on:

    Choosing a logical and consistent way to name and organise your files allows you and others to easily locate and use them. Ideally, the best time to think how to name and structure the documents and directories you create is at the start of a project.

    Agreeing on a naming convention will help to provide consistency, which will make it easier to find and correctly identify your files, prevent version control problems when working on files collaboratively. Organising your files carefully will save you time and frustration by helping you and your colleagues find what you need when you need it.


    How should I organise my files?

    Whether you are working on a stand alone computer, or on a networked drive, the need to establish a system that allows you to access your files, avoid duplication, and ensure that your data can be backed up, takes a little planning. A good place to start is to develop a logical folder structure. The following tips should help you develop such a system:

    • Use folders – group files within folders so information on a particular topic is located in one place
    • Adhere to existing procedures – check for established approaches in your team or department which you can adopt
    • Name folders appropriately – name folders after the areas of work to which they relate and not after individual researchers or students. This avoids confusion in shared workspaces if a member of staff leaves, and makes the file system easier to navigate for new people joining the workspace
    • Be consistent – when developing a naming scheme for your folders it is important that once you have decided on a method, you stick to it. If you can, try to agree on a naming scheme from the outset of your research project
    • Structure folders hierarchically – start with a limited number of folders for the broader topics, and then create more specific folders within these
    • Separate ongoing and completed work – as you start to create lots of folders and files, it is a good idea to start thinking about separating your older documents from those you are currently working on
    • Try to keep your ‘My Documents’ folder for files you are actively working on, and every month or so, move the files you are no longer working on to a different folder or location, such as a folder on your desktop, a special archive folder or an external hard drive
    • Backup – ensure that your files, whether they are on your local drive, or on a network drive, are backed up
    • Review records – assess materials regularly or at the end of a project to ensure files are not kept needlessly. Put a reminder in your calendar so you do not forget!


    What do I need to consider when creating a file name?

    Decide on a file naming convention at the start of your project.

    Useful file names are: 

    • consistent
    • meaningful to you and your colleagues
    • allow you to find the file easily.

    It is useful if your department/project agrees on the following elements of a file name:

    • Vocabulary – choose a standard vocabulary for file names, so that everyone uses a common language
    • Punctuation – decide on conventions for if and when to use punctuation symbols, capitals, hyphens and spaces
    • Dates – agree on a logical use of dates so that they display chronologically i.e. YYYY-MM-DD
    • Order – confirm which element should go first, so that files on the same theme are listed together and can therefore be found easily
    • Numbers – specify the amount of digits that will be used in numbering so that files are listed numerically e.g. 01, 002, etc.


    How should I name my files, so that I know which document is the most recent version?

    Very few documents are drafted by one person in one sitting. More often there will be several people involved in the process and it will occur over an extended period of time. Without proper controls this can quickly lead to confusion as to which version is the most recent. Here is a suggestion of one way to avoid this:

    • Use a ‘revision’ numbering system. Any major changes to a file can be indicated by whole numbers, for example, v01 would be the first version, v02 the second version. Minor changes can be indicated by increasing the decimal figure for example, v01_01 indicates a minor change has been made to the first version, and v03_01 a minor change has been made to the third version.
    • When draft documents are sent out for amendments, upon return they should carry additional information to identify the individual who has made the amendments. Example: a file with the name datav01_20130816_SJ indicates that a colleague (SJ) has made amendments to the first version on the 16th August 2013. The lead author would then add those amendments to version v01 and rename the file following the revision numbering system.
    • Include a ‘version control table‘ for each important document, noting changes and their dates alongside the appropriate version number of the document. If helpful, you can include the file names themselves along with (or instead of) the version number.
    • Agree who will finish finals and mark them as ‘final.’

    There are also numerous external resources that will offer you guidance on the best file naming conventions and you can find more information about them here.

    To ensure that you understand your own data and that others may find, use and properly cite your data, it helps to add documentation and metadata (data about data) to the documents and datasets you create.


    What are ‘documentation’ and ‘metadata’?

    The term ‘documentation’ encompasses all the information necessary to interpret, understand and use a given dataset or set of documents. On this website, we use ‘documentation’ and ‘metadata’ (data about data – usually embedded in the data files/documents themselves) interchangeably.


    When and how do I include documentation/metadata?

    It is a good practice to begin to document your data at the very beginning of your research project and continue to add information as the project progresses. Include procedures for documentation in your data planning.

    There are a number of ways you can add documentation to your data: 

    Embedded documentation

    Information about a file or dataset can be included within the data or document itself. For digital datasets, this means that the documentation can sit in separate files (for example text files) or be integrated into the data file(s), as a header or at specified locations in the file. Examples of embedded documentation include:

    • code, field and label descriptions
    • descriptive headers or summaries
    • recording information in the Document Properties function of a file (Microsoft)

    Supporting documentation;

    This is information in separate files that accompanies data in order to provide context, explanation, or instructions on confidentiality and data use or reuse. Examples of supporting documentation include:

    • Working papers or laboratory books
    • Questionnaires or interview guides
    • Final project reports and publications
    • Catalogue metadata

    Supporting documentation should be structured, so that it can be used to identify and locate the data via a web browser or web based catalogue. Catalogue metadata is usually structured according to an international standard and associated with the data by repositories or data centres when materials are deposited. Examples of catalogue data are:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Creator
    • Funder
    • Keywords
    • Affiliation

    Digital Curation Centre provides examples of disciplinary-specific metadata, which can be viewed here.


    Tools for metadata tracking and data standards

    ISA Tools – metadata tracking tools for life sciences

    The open source ISA metadata tracking tools help to manage an increasingly diverse set of life science, environmental and biomedical experiments that employing one or a combination of technologies.

    Built around the ‘Investigation’ (the project context), ‘Study’ (a unit of research) and ‘Assay’ (analytical measurement) general-purpose Tabular format, the ISA tools helps you to provide rich description of the experimental metadata (i.e. sample characteristics, technology and measurement types, sample-to-data relationships) so that the resulting data and discoveries are reproducible and reusable.

    FAIRsharing – searchable portal of inter-related data standards, databases, and policies for life sciences

    FAIRsharing is a curated, searchable portal of inter-related data standards, databases, and policies in the life, environmental, and biomedical sciences.

    Projects can last for months or years, and it is easy to lose track of which piece of information came from which source. It can be a challenge to have to reconstruct half of your citations in the scramble at the end of the project! Your future self may not remember everything that seems obvious in the present, so it is important to take clear notes about your sources.


    What is ‘reference management software’?

    Reference management software helps you keep track of your citations as you work, and partially automates the process of constructing bibliographies when it is time to publish. The University of Cambridge also offers support and training on several referencing systems.


    Who can help me with reference conventions and formats for my academic discipline or particular project?

    Your departmental librarian will be able to help you pick the right format for references and will probably know about some useful search and management tools that you have not used before. Feel free to ask him/her for advice.
    Additionally, your college librarian is also a very good resource and is there to help.
    Find your departmental and college librarian on the University’s Libraries Directory.

    Most people now routinely send and receive lots of messages every day and as a result, their inbox can get very quickly overloaded with hundreds of personal and work-related email. Setting aside some time to organise your emails will ensure information can be found quickly and easily, and is stored securely.


    Why should I organise my email?

    Apart from the obvious frustration and time wasted looking for that email you remember sending to someone last month, email is increasingly used to store important documents and data, often with information related to the attachments within the email itself. Without the proper controls in place they can often be deleted by mistake. It is also important to remember that your work email comes under The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, so your emails are potentially open to scrutiny.


    What are the first steps to organising my email?

    If your emails have got out of control there are a number of immediate steps you can take to control the problem:

    • Archive your old emails. If you have hundreds of emails hanging around from more than a month ago, move them into a new folder called something like “Archive”. You can always come back to these at a later date.
    • Now go through your remaining inbox email by email. If an email is useless, delete it. If not, ask yourself: is it “active” – is there a specific action you, or someone else, need to take, or do you just vaguely think it is worth keeping? If the latter, move it to the archive.


    How can I ensure my emails remain organised?

    Here are some general tips to ensure your email remains organised in the long term:

    • Delete emails you do not need. Remove any trivial or old messages from your inbox and sent items on a regular (ideally daily) basis.
    • Use folders to store messages. Establish a structured file directory by subject, activity or project.
    • Separate personal emails. Set up a separate folder for these. Ideally, you should not receive any personal emails to your work email account.
    • Limit the use of attachments. Use alternative and more secure methods to exchange data where possible (see ‘data sharing’ for options). If attachments are used, exercise version control and save important attachments to other places, such as a network drive.


    Folder organizer for documents

    Folder organizer for documents

    Important family documents should be kept in one place. You can put them in one pile in a regular folder, each time take out a whole set and go through it in search of the necessary paper, or use an organizer for documents with a file system and instantly find the necessary thing. Such a folder has transparent files pasted in. A large number of inserts of different sizes are hidden behind a beautiful cover, which allows you to keep in one place a health insurance policy, SNILS, a marriage registration document, a passport, a birth certificate, contracts and certificates for an apartment and other papers necessary to confirm identity or ownership.Folder organizer for documents can be an excellent purchase not only for household needs, but also a practical gift for relatives or friends.

    Appearance of the organizer folder
    The organizer folder for documents can be bought in the online store at the link Thanks to the variety of designs, it will be possible to choose a suitable option for any purpose, to choose a gift for people of different ages, views and specialties.Manufacturers offer organizers for the whole family, men and women, teenagers, cat and dog lovers, children and travelers. The folder is made in A4 format. Inside it are transparent files of different sizes. Large inserts are placed next to the dense cover made of flexible material, and small card covers are located closer to the center. Here you can save not only documents, but also credit cards, agreements with banks and other little things.

    Visually, the folder resembles an album that a child and a person will happily take in their hands, with a sense of beauty.The assortment includes organizers with different designs. It contains funny animated pictures and strict images, funny cartoons and themed inscriptions, realistic photographs, landscapes and much more. In order not to get confused in storing different documents, you can purchase several organizers of different topics with different pictures. This feature will not allow you to get confused in the abundance of papers and instantly determine where the required set is located. Cute images can be selected for work documents to distinguish personal files from business files.

    A large number of positive reviews, the frequency of purchases of the organizer indicate its relevance. All owners of the product confirm its benefits, are happy with the purchase after receiving the order. More than once, such a folder has become an assistant in an emergency when an important document must be found quickly. The organizer is large enough in size that will not allow you to lose it, but thin at the same time, so it fits even in men’s folders and wallets. With it, you can visit a doctor and cross the border, go to university or deal with real estate registration.The folder organizer for documents is useful for owners of any age category, for every family member, including pets.

    Using the organizer folder as a gift
    The organizer folder for documents is the best assistant in creating order at home and at work. With its help, it will be possible not only to organize competent, orderly storage of documents, but also to preserve their integrity. Transparent files keep moisture out and prevent paper from deteriorating in the sun.Despite the budgetary cost, the organizer will be a useful gift for a person of any age and income.
    It can be presented for one of the following reasons:
    – for a birthday to a friend or relative;
    – for the New Year and another holiday to colleagues;
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    – for graduation from school or institute to nephews;
    – for the birth of a child to a loved one;
    – for an anniversary or anniversary to a friend;
    – as a souvenir at the time of moving to new settlers;
    – for any other reason to people of all ages.
    You can select a set of several organizer folders at once and donate it to a family for address storage of documents separately for each person. Such an opportunity is provided by the availability of the product in different colors, with excellent drawings on the cover. The folder can store documents for the hospital, collect information about a pet, store foreign papers, passports or contracts with banks. The organizer has room for any size of paper with different lengths and widths. Here it will be possible to store passports, insert plastic cards or thin paper with watermarks, which easily break and deteriorate without special storage conditions.The organizer folder will not allow children to draw or cut documents. Compact storage in files eliminates any kind of damage to the contents due to water, wind and other natural factors.

    Advantages of the folder
    Folder organizer – solving problems with missing documents, mess with papers and lost cards. It contains such documents as: a health insurance policy of a new or old format, SNILS, TIN, birth certificate, military ID, work book, medical card, credit cards, marriage registration certificate.Having placed all the most important in it, you can find the necessary paper in a short period of time, ask for help from relatives when you need their help in delivering documents, for example, during hospitalization. Even without knowing where the values ​​of the house are, anyone will be able to determine which documents to take from the description of the folder.
    In addition, the organizer has the following advantages for each person:
    – retains the integrity and original appearance of documents after they are embedded in files;
    – has an unusual design, stylish cover design;
    – allows you to reduce the time to find the right paper, thanks to;
    – makes it possible to take everything you need with you on a trip, without fear of the influence of external factors on the safety of storage items;
    – has a beautiful cover that hides the content from prying eyes;
    – is a useful gift for people from small to old age.
    You can take the folder with you in the rain without fear that the edges of the papers will get wet. The folder is decorated with pictures, inscriptions and their combination. The organizer does not lose its shape during use, keeps the edges of documents from being erased. You can easily fit it into the glove compartment of a car, put it in a backpack, briefcase or women’s handbag. The sturdy cover has a flexible base that allows paper to be folded without affecting its shape without wrinkling or wrinkling. The organizer folder can be given to a child, a schoolboy or an athlete with him on a long journey.So he will have valuables at hand, and the accompanying adult will not have to collect papers inside the suitcase.
    Quality of materials
    It is worth highlighting the quality of the organizer folder. It is made from materials that are resistant to time and wear. The folder has no expiration date, so if handled carefully, it will serve the owner forever. Pictures are applied to the soft, flexible and at the same time dense cover using a unique proven technology. Over time, they will not fade or fade, and the owner will remember the donor with gratitude.Transparent files of different sizes are firmly held inside the cover, they cannot be torn out individually, so the documents will never be lost one by one, they will be stored in the created order.

    Folder organizer for documents – a solution for a gift to yourself and your loved ones. After purchasing it, you don’t have to think about where to put documents of different formats and where to look for them later. The organizer makes it possible to store securities of all formats in one place, take them with you on trips and quickly find them in emergency situations.A strong yet flexible cover protects documents from the external environment, so you don’t have to worry about their safety and the formation of creases when folding. Organizer folder is a useful gift for a loved one. Anyone who independently organizes the order in personal documents will appreciate such a sign of attention. The addition of such a gift is an original cover with a durable, wear-resistant design. You can choose the option with a picture, or with an original inscription. The manufacturer produces not only classic signatures, but also funny sayings and humorous expressions.The family will be happy with such an acquisition, the gift will be appreciated by a person of any age and position.

    Material prepared with the support of

    Desktop folder Snopake (organizer corner) for documents


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    Green Travel Leather Document Organizer Travel Pack Green

    Travel Pack is not just a folder, but our secret)

    In fact, we faced serious resistance when we began to prepare the production process for you. Our craftsmen stood up to protect our secrets.Yes Yes! And in our business they are) But we are not just a company or a brand – we are a team, so we agreed, bypassed the “sharp corners” and will reveal a few secrets.

    Other than our Continent convertible business bag, the Travel Pack folder is the most time-consuming to work with!

    Yes, the Travel Pack folder is smaller than, for example, the Family Matters folder, but the volume of work with it is greater. From what? Because there are many more small details and a greater number of repetitions of operations, which means the work is more painstaking.

    If the journey begins with a dreamy smile, work on the Travel Pack folder begins in the cutting room: we have to cut out 60 parts, and we need 45 cutters for this! That is, for almost every detail in a folder, a separate cutter is needed.

    We were thinking of making a layout of all the parts and cutters for you to reflect the entire scope of the upcoming work, but we simply cannot fit 97 objects (not counting tools!) In one photo.But we have prepared such layouts for the Tandem wallet – take a look.

    60 parts are cut out, prepared for further work and the assembly process is started. 29 processes must go through the details so that, in the end, you get a ready-made folder. Ahead of us is 18 hours of exciting work on the Travel Pack folder – she sets off on her first, still working, trip. Have you flown?)

    Let’s take a look at production and take a look at a few operations that our folder goes through.For example, the Travel Pack is being tested by fire! The master assembler will bend the edges, but not in all details it, in principle, can be done. And it is necessary to process the edges of the parts so that the cut looks neat and does not differ in color.

    There is a separate spread for documents in the Travel Pack folder – there the edges of the slices are open, that is, the edges are not folded. Therefore, the parts are transferred for firing and painting. All small parts with an open cut are fired and painted.

    Why firing? The inner, back part of the skin is called “bakhtorma”.It is on it, when processing the skin, that the pile is preserved. Some areas of the skin can be quite “shaggy”, and we cannot leave the edges in this shape. Therefore, firing is necessary. It is necessary for subsequent high-quality painting. Well, just for beauty) Firing is done on special equipment at the given temperature parameters.

    And only after firing can you proceed to painting the edges. Many skins are light cut, and staining is needed to harmonize the edges with our facial skin.We use a special Italian paint for coloring. We show you the painstaking dyeing process in detail in the story of working on the Smart Passport Case.

    Have you noticed the work with card holders?

    Our slit pockets inside the folder are hatched using a special hand tool. If you look at the card slots inside the folder, you will see that each pocket is hand-shaded.

    Hatching implies mechanical pressure at a specific temperature for the best bonding of the lining to the skin and, again, for beauty)

    The difficult and time-consuming first working journey of our Travel Pack folder has come to an end. Oh, and how many interesting journeys, far and near, she has ahead of her!

    “I had all sorts of envelopes, folders for documents with buttons and zippers, branded folders from tour operators … And here @werfstore saw a folder for travels at my beloved ones and of course, I could not pass by We took it, and even a friend – a traveler as a gift In general, I do not know who the guys have the main generator of ideas, but a deep bow to the one who invented IT! This folder holds passports for the whole family, headphones, tickets, insurances, vouchers, a notebook, a guidebook, a phone – a lot of everything ”(Thanks a lot to Oksana @SKAKALKAPREMUDRAYA for the Instagram review)

    Folder with arch mechanism Leitz 180 Active Wow 80 mm blue with delivery in Moscow and Russia


    Format: A4

    Size: 312 x 318 mm

    Spine thickness: 82 mm

    Capacity: 500 sheets

    Type: vertical

    Material: polyphom

    Material thickness: 2.8 mm



    Video 1. How the mechanism works with a 180 degree opening.

    Reviews and Tests:

    How to quickly select a folder recorder

    All about the folders of the recorders

    Codes and GOSTs:

    OKDP 2 –

    GOST 21479-87

    Intended use and use:

    Folder with arch mechanism is designed for work in the office and on the go.The folder has a zip fastener for secure transport, internal pockets for storing papers, CDs and business cards, and a pen holder. The appearance of the filing folder differs from the standard ones in its ergonomic design: rounded spine, stylish silver fastener, lightweight polyfill with polypropylene coating and embossed pattern in bright blue with a metallic effect.

    The folder is equipped with a unique patented arched mechanism with a 180 ° lever opening. The mechanism provides its opening 50% wider than similar binders and filling the folder 20% faster.The arch mechanism provides for storing documents with standard perforation and / or in insert files. When storing documents in insert files, the edges of the documents do not extend beyond the folder. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for the arch mechanism. Folder capacity is up to 500 sheets.

    The filler spine is 82 mm wide. The spine has a peel-off label for writing and a circular finger hole.

    Suitable for:

    The file recorder is used by accountants, lawyers and other specialists working with a large volume of documents, as well as by field workers.


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