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15 Best Cheap China Clothing Wholesale Suppliers – Wholesale7 Blog

Do you wish to buy wholesale clothing from different countries? And especially from China? Then you are going through the perfect article.

Here, you will get the knowledge of the best China clothing wholesale suppliers, from whom you can fill up your boutiques and we will also explain to you why you should buy from China.

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Clothing from China?

China is one of the topmost countries in the world in the field of e-commerce trade. Specifically, in the apparel industry, China has a revenue of  88.9 billion yuan in July 2020. These data show China is one of the biggest apparel markets in the world. While comparing different countries of the world, Chinese clothing’s are a bit cheaper because of the multiple manufacturers in China.

Everyone who wishes to set up their boutique will always look for wholesalers with cheap prices and quality products.

China is the place where you can buy clothing at affordable prices and top quality.

Most of the Chinese websites have no restriction on minimum order quantity (MOQ) and they also offer drop shipping free of cost.

So as a buyer, you don’t need to plan your purchase to avoid shipping costs or to meet the minimum order quantity.

By these features, you can avoid having your investment paralyzed in unwanted materials.

Having seen the benefits of buying clothes from China. Let us see the best Chinese wholesalers in the apparel industry.

List of the Best Clothing Wholesalers from China

1. Wholesale7

Wholesale7 is one of the most popular online suppliers of women apparel and accessories. It charging for shipping based on the size, weight, and destination of delivery.

Normally it takes 5 to 20 days to deliver the product based on the destination. However, Wholesale7 guarantees a 14 days return policy. Also, they provide excellent customer service, you can drop them a message using email or Facebook if you face any question.

They will get back to you sooner as long as during their working time.

Read more information about Wholesale7: Is Wholesale7 A Scam?

2. Chinabrands

As one of the best and largest dropshipping companies in China, Chinabrands has a network of more than 300,000 store keeping units and supplying varieties of products.

Chinabrands offer all types of products and delivers free of cost at your doorstep.

It offers multiples of flash sales and deep discounts up to 80% over the year. And also, Chinabrands offers multiple premium membership such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships with that you can get an additional discount of 1% or 2% or 3% respectively from the normal price.

There are many other reasons to buy clothes from Chinabrands.

a) Wide Variety of Products

Chinabrands offers a variety of products in all categories and has tied up with more than 300,000 stock keeping units and offers multiple.

So, you’ll get whatever the product you want.

b) Affordable

As the products are directly acquired from wholesalers across the world, Chinabrands able to supply the product at a cheap cost than the other wholesale suppliers.

c) Quality of Products

Over the years the quality of materials is increasing similar to the top brands. Even the local manufacturers of China ensures the quality of the material to compete enough with worldwide brands. So, there is no question of the quality issue from the products of China.

d) Cheap Shipping Facility and Fast Delivery

Unlike other online suppliers, Chinabrands charges only a smaller amount as shipping fees based on the weight and size of the material. And it has DHL and EMS as a delivery partner to ensure 24 hour delivery all over the world.

e) Dropshipping Facility

Chinabrands is one of the largest drop shipping company in China. So a retailer you don’t need to dump your money in material and require a huge warehouse to store your material.

You can simply place an order with the Chinabrands and mention the delivery address. They will take care of the delivery. You can simply book the profits.

f) Customer Care Service

Chinabrands has excellent customer service and it’s available for 24 x 7.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is a China-based online retail service offering products in various categories and supplying all over the world.

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba Group, and previously it was started as a business to business (B2B) supplier, then it is expanded to business to consumers (B2C) and consumers to consumers’ services (C2C).

Unlike other online retailers, it is not only acting as an intermediary between the buyer and seller, but it also buys products in its name and selling it.

AliExpress is mainly focused on International customers only. It doesn’t supply materials mainland in China.

The most awesome part of AliExpress is that it supplies top brand clothing at cheap rates and ensures delivery within 1 to 7 days.

4. Zaful

The online wholesale supplier Zaful is familiar with its cheap and trendy clothes. It offers a free shipping facility for an order value of more than $59.

They are delivering products for more than 260 countries using their self-operated shipping lines.

So, the shipping costs are very nominal. For new members, they are offering a 15% discount on their first purchase and for students a standard 8% discount is available.


This one of the online wholesale websites for clothing is most popular and loved by the customers.

Lovely Wholesale has gained its reputation and love by offering quality, cheap, and trendy garments to customers.

It offers free delivery for orders above $99. And has three different types of shipping facilities for its customers.

They are named flat, standard, and expedite. The cost of shipping and the delivery time is based on the selection of the shipping model.

And this website doesn’t have a predetermined return policy. If you receive any damaged product, you have to contact the customer service and can request a replacement.

They only can take the ultimate decision. So, there is no such guaranteed return policy in

6. Sammydress

Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier of special occasion dresses, wedding dresses, and accessories. It’s mainly focused on women’s apparel and offering a large number of varieties.

It doesn’t have any free shipping facility and charging based on the distance. Whereas they are offering a 30-day return policy.

7. DHgate

DHgate is an e-commerce website that facilitates the supply of manufactured products from suppliers to retailers.

DHgate engaged in the business of supplying multiple products like cell phones, electronics, jewelry, men and women apparel, and accessories and auto spares.

Most of the suppliers of DHgate offers free shipping facility even on the single unit purchase.

And it has a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 30-days return policy varying upon the seller’s decision. So you have to act immediately if you have received any faulty products.

8. Shein

Shein is an affordable online shopping platform focusing on women’s fashion. Shine offers a wide range of women’s apparel and accessories.

It has a returns policy of 15 days and has a free shipping facility on orders above $49 and ships the product within 6-8 business days.

9. Tomtop

Tomtop was established in 2004 and supplies different types of products. It offers a 1-year warranty on electronic products and assures to deliver the product within 3 days and has a return policy of 14 days.

10. LightIn the Box

LightIn the Box is a professional and reliable online supplier of apparel. It’s also engaged in supplying small accessories and gadgets.

It supplies products to over 200 different countries and territories.

It takes normally 2-5 business days to process the orders and has EMS, DHL, and FedEx as delivery partners to ensure the fast and safe delivery of products on time.

It agrees to the return of products if it’s initiated within 7 days of the receipt of the products.

And it offers a warranty of 1 year on faucets, lights & lighting category products.

11. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel was found in 2007 and focused on supplying cheap and trendy clothes especially for women.

It has a free shipping policy for orders above $300 and it takes 4-7 days to deliver.

To return the products you must have to send them a mail requesting a return of products within 5 days of receipt of products, once the request is approved you can then return the product.

12. Maxuce

Maxuce is an online store that is established in 2004 and familiar with its cheap and quality clothes.

Normally they wish to make the shipping cost low as possible and tied up with EMS and DHL for faster delivery within 4 – 9 business days.

For orders less than 2kg, they are using China-registered mail service and charging $2.2 for the first 100g and $1.9 for every additional 100g and takes a delivery time of 15 – 30 days. It guarantees a 14-day return policy.

13. Yaaku Wholesale

Yaaku wholesale has a wide range of customers across the world and a variety of apparel, shoes, and bags.

The shipping cost is charged based on the weight of the product and destination. It ships through DHL, EMS, FedEx, and Aramex. It offers a 7-day return policy.

14. Banggood

Banggood is a Chinese e-commerce company that offers retail goods established in 2006. It has multiple products at different categories at a wholesale price.

It also provides dropshipping services and has headquarters in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States. Banggood has a 30-day return policy.

15. Emmacloth

It was established in 2008 and supplying fashionable women apparels at affordable prices. They always use air shipping that ensures the faster delivery of products.

They ship most of the products at free of cost and it takes normally 3-10 days in case of express shipping and 7-20 days in case of express shipping.

They are offering a 30-day return policy from the date of receipt of products.

How to Find Other Chinese Clothing Wholesalers?

a) Search at Google

Google is one of the best search engines in the world. You can find whatever details you want within a fraction of seconds.

b) Visit the fashion exhibitions of China

Visiting multiple fashion exhibitions gives you knowledge about the manufactures and their variety of products and prices. Let us see some of the upcoming fashion exhibitions in China.

  • Name of the event: Shanghai International Lifestyle Fashion Exhibition
    Location: Shanghai
    Timings: 26-28th Aug 2020
  • Name of the event: Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo
    Location: Shanghai
    Timings: 26-28th Aug 2020
  • Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
    Location: Shanghai
    Timings: 23-25th Sep 2020
  • China International Fashion Fair
    Location: Shanghai
    Timings: 23-25th Sep 2020
  • Global Source Fashion Trade
    Location: Hong Kong
    Timings: 27-30th Oct 2020

You can find more fashion exhibitions on this site.

c) Try B2B companies in China

There are some B2B online suppliers like Alibaba, Chinabrands, and Global Source. You can try them and find the best suitable manufacturer for you and your expectations.

How to Source Cheap Clothing from China?

Importing is not a big deal if you have gathered knowledge regarding it. Let us look at some of the matters to look into while importing materials.

Government restriction: Some times your home country might have imposed restrictions on importing clothing from China. So, kindly go through the government notifications relating to their restriction.

Genuine supplier: Find a genuine and responsible supplier to supply the products. Learn more about how to choose a clothing supplier for a boutique.

Payment mode: Always prefer the government approved and authorized payment modes and dealers to make such payment on international trades.

Make research: Compare different types of products and their prices with the Chinese supplier and other local suppliers. Because there may be another wholesale seller who might have imported from China with huge capital than yours. So, those things will help in reducing shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

Now, we have explored all the tiny factors and nuances of buying clothes from the Chinese market.

So, before buying wholesale clothes from China, identify what are all your requirements and the available price of that product at other market places.

Then compare the quality and price of your requirements. And also ensure that the shipping cost is affordable and how to return the products if that doesn’t meet your requirements.

As of now, you have read our complete guide on buying clothes in bulk, it’ll help acquire apparel from China.


1. What Are Some China Fashion Wholesale Marketplaces To Visit?

China International Fashion Fair is one of the top fashion exhibitions in Asia. You’ll have a variety of products to choose from.

2. What Are Some Best Wholesale Suppliers in India?

  • India Mart
  • WholesaleDuniya. com
  • Wholesale Box

3. What Are The Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the UK?

  • The Wholesaler UK
  • Parisian
  • E Source

4. What Are The Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the US?

  • Tasha Apparel Wholesale
  • Bloom Wholesale Clothing
  • Wholesale Fashion Couture Inc

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6 Main Chinese Wholesale Websites. Which One is Right for You?(Legit)

1. Type of suppliers: Alibaba boasts a wide range of products and suppliers. But for someone with little to no prior experience, it would be difficult to distinguish among the type of suppliers available.

For starters, there is no need to get too hung up on the type of vendor you’re dealing with. Your focus is on your product, and as you get more experience with a variety of vendors, it will be a natural measure of whom you’re buying from.

2. MOQ: In general, consumer goods will have a minimum order quantity, except for the large machine and some electrical products, MOQ is not required.

If you want to know more about MOQ for some daily good, you can read our another article:

What’s MOQ? How to Get Lower MOQ? (5 Tactics).

In Alibaba, there are large professional suppliers as well as trade companies looking to earn money quickly. The overall MOQ range is from 500 to 5000 dollars. Instead of looking for the cheapest price, you must know the balance between price and quantity.

3. Ways of Communication: There is an online chat on Alibaba called TradeManager where you can communicate with the vendors at any time. You can also connect with them via email, phone, WeChat, etc. All of these are very convenient means of communication.

Many buyers ask me how to use Alibaba RFQ, I wrote a guide to help you learn more, How to Get Best-match Supplier on Alibaba RFQ Effectively? Case Study.

4. Payment methods: Alibaba owns a goods channel for buyers and vendors called Trade Assurance. It is very easy to operate, and because Alibaba endorsed it, many buyers trust it. You and your suppliers can initiate Mode of payment is also flexible. You can choose to pay through credit cards, bank transfers, e-checking, Western Union, PayPal, and other similar services.

5. Shipping methodsAlibaba comes with international logistics services and you can communicate with them online. They will send your goods to Alibaba’s cooperative warehouse (air, sea, and express) at a discounted price. Learn more here about Alibaba shipping.

Generally, when you make an inquiry for a product, the supplier will also provide you with a shipping plan (including shipping methods, price, and shipping time). If you have your own forwarder, at this point, you can make a comparison.

For example, if you only have one item that is not very big in size, you will most likely choose express delivery and air freight. In such cases, although you can get a discounted price on Ali, your supplier may be able to find an even cheaper alternative through third-party channels.

As a reminder, when working with a supplier for the first time, you should remain cautious even if they provide you with a cheap freight forwarder. There are too many goods that get held up in customs due to unprofessional freight forwarding.

6. Considerations on Alibaba

On Alibaba, if the quality of the bulk goods you received is different from the sample sent by your supplier, you can ask for a refund in the trade assurance order.

But first, the buyer and the seller must negotiate about the matter. Should the negotiations fail, don’t worry; Alibaba’s customer service will intervene. Both parties should provide evidence including:

A. Sales contract.

B. Both sides of the emails.

C. Other information that can prove the supplier’s dishonest behaviors.

Therefore, it is necessary to remind you that when communicating with suppliers, it would be best to use Alibaba’s online chat, emails, etc., to keep records that can be used as evidence should a problem arise. Trivial matters, though, can just be discussed over the phone or through voice calls.

Brief Summary,

SuppliersFactories & Trading companies
MOQ$500 – $5,000
CommunicationOnline message, but mainly by email communication. You can also ask for Skype or Wechat for better communication.
Payment methodsWire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card
Shipping methodsSupplier will arrange shipment via sea freight, air freight, and express.

In addition, many buyers are concerned about Alibaba’s safety. I’m telling you not to worry about Alibaba’s overall environment. You just pay more attention to some problems and risks with suppliers.

It took me two weeks to put them together for your reference, don’t miss the following two blogs,

Best 10 China Wholesale Websites

Best 10 Chinese Wholesale Websites

Are you planning to launch an Ecommerce store and are therefore on the lookout for a reliable wholesaler to buy chinese products in bulk from?

If yes, we have got you covered!

It’s a known fact that China has been the largest manufacturer as well as exporter of products for quite some time now.

There exists a wide variety of Chinese wholesale websites that people can do business with.

However, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration while dealing with a wholesaler.

For starters, the fear of getting scammed or receiving poor quality goods can be a discouraging factor.

Delivery time, minimum order quantity, pricing etc. are other important aspects that can affect your relationship with the wholesalers.

To help you find the best and most convenient Chinese Wholesale Websites for you to do business with, we have prepared a list of 10 of the most trusted and credible platforms.

Stay with us as we explain you why the websites listed below can be perfect for your venture.

Best 10 China wholesale websites list

This world-famous wholesale platform is the brainchild of Jack Ma.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba has gone on to become a leading portal that helps credible suppliers in selling their goods, and buyers in finding the right products for their business.

The website boasts an endless variety of products from Electronics and Apparels to Furniture items and Vehicles!

One of the main reasons why Alibaba is many buyers’ go-to wholesale platform is because of the effective Buyer Safety policies it practices.

Before finalizing any deal, buyers can ensure the credibility of the suppliers by checking company profile metrics and availing the quality inspection service.

Also, buyers can opt for dealing only with “Gold Suppliers”, authorized by Alibaba’s own 3rd Party Inspectors. To make things even better, Alibaba’s Trade Assurance service is an absolute winner.

By utilizing this service, buyers are assured of receiving timely delivery of premium quality goods or else, they will be refunded their money.

Courtesy of remarkable Trade Assurance and Inspection services, buyers can be assured that the quality of products they receive will be as per their expectations.

The Secure Payment feature also helps in this case.

From this video you can know more about what is

Over the last 20 years, Alibaba has been endorsed by countless suppliers and buyers.

Because of this, a number of suppliers dealing in the same kind of products can be found on the platform and to ensure that they get chosen by the buyers, they tend to offer optimal rates.

Also, seasonal and other discounts remain available throughout the year.

A buyer should be ready to purchase at least 200 units of a product from any manufacturer, since it is the minimum order quantity acceptable on

There exists a Secure Payment feature on that should be availed while purchasing goods from a supplier.

This feature lets buyer make the payment only after they provide the confirmation that the products have been received in great condition.

As for payment, multiple modes are supported such as Credit Card, Western Union, e-Checking and more!

Alibaba has a vast variety of shipping methods available.

Buyers are recommended to negotiate with the supplier and choose the shipping channel that best suits both the parties.

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While Alibaba boasts several perks for buyers such as offering a wide variety of good quality products at convenient rates and presenting them with several services to ensure quality, there are some areas that can be improved.

For starters, the user interface can be polished in order to give people a smooth shopping experience.

Also, a mechanism for updating prices in a timely fashion should be introduced.

Out of nearly 12,000 reviews, 86% have rated Alibaba as “Excellent” on “Trustpilot”.

Therefore, Alibaba is the perfect as well as one of the safest platforms for conducting wholesale business.

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Alibaba Shipping Costs From China to US : Super Guide

How To Buy From Alibaba

 Buying From Alibaba Now is perhaps one of the biggest ventures of Alibaba group.

Not only does this site offer an endless variety of good quality products at convenient rates, it is also the go-to shopping destination for other wholesale websites.

This platform provides a safe and smooth buying experience to the shoppers.

All suppliers on the platform should first get their business license from the government and only then can they start selling on Moreover, buyers can easily check the supplier’s information on the website.

Thus, buyers can be assured that they are dealing with a credible seller.

Buyers can enlist the help of experienced buying “agents” from China, who can inspect the quality of products before they get shipped.

The products listed on are priced quite fairly.

This is one of the many reasons why not only buyers but also other wholesale websites get their products from

Buyers interested in buying from suppliers via should at least make a purchase of 1,000 CNY, since it is the minimum amount required by the wholesale website in question.

There are a number of payment methods that buyers can use to purchase goods.

However, it should be noted that majority of the sellers on the platform sell only to Chinese clients and many of the payment methods are only supported locally, so buyers are recommended to hire Chinese buying agents to make the purchase for them. The most effective payment methods are:

A variety of shipping methods can be used by a buying agent to deliver the goods to buyers, provided that the former has been issued an export license.

While boasts an endless variety of products that buyers can purchase for everyday uses or special occasions and is the home to trusted suppliers who sell goods at convenient prices, the site mainly caters to the Chinese audience for now.

Many of the suppliers on the platform do not understand English and this language barrier makes conducting the business quite difficult.

Moreover, finding the right buying agents can be a chore.

With an overall score of 4.5/5 on “sitejabber”, it isn’t hard to figure out that customers are very high on

Suggested reading: Best 1688 Agent Help You Bulk Buy From China

1688 Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide

Buy From 1688 Now

This website doesn’t need any introduction at all.

At a time when other wholesale giants are striving to achieve perfection in regards to high-end wholesale orders, AliExpress is perfecting its craft in small wholesale orders and customer satisfaction.

Buyers can choose from an extensive variety of goods that are rich in terms of quality.

A fast and secure delivery of the goods is also guaranteed by AliExpress, making it the most ideal destination for shopping.

Buyer Safety is guaranteed while shopping from

In case the products aren’t delivered or their quality is not up to the promised standards, buyers can pursue a full refund.

Moreover, a dispute can also be opened in case the delivery is late. In short, the buyer safety and satisfaction are AliExpress’ topmost priorities.

Before finalizing any deal with a supplier, buyers should do a thorough research about their quality of operations.

This process is made easier, thanks to AliExpress.

All buyers have to do is look up relevant details on top of the product page and retrieve important information about the suppliers.

AliExpress’ prices can’t be beat, especially when small wholesale orders are in the discussion.

Moreover, the price per unit of a product goes down as the buyer increases its quantity.

Icing on the cake is the fact that mouth-watering sales and deals constantly pop up.

The reason why many people prefer for small wholesale orders is that the platform saves buyers from the struggle of fulfilling the minimum order quantity requirement.

A minimum order quantity can be negotiated between buyers and sellers and an agreement benefiting both parties can be reached.

From this video you can know more about how to use aliexpress.

Multiple payment methods can be utilized while shopping from AliExpress such as Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash Payment etc.

The payment process is quite straightforward and barely causes any inconvenience to the buyers. Additionally, the “3D Secure” feature can be used for further safeguarding card payments.

AliExpress is known for its rapid delivery services.

It has been made possible only because of the effective shipping methods, mainly ePacket Delivery and AliExpress Standard Shipping.

AliExpress boasts over 100 million products of varying categories.

Moreover, the shopping process is as easy and smooth as it can get. Additionally, customer support service is available round the clock to assist users with any queries and complaints.

The one downside of shopping at AliExpress is that the pricing for large wholesale orders can be a turnoff.

Out of nearly 95K reviews on “Trustpilot”, 87% have rated AliExpress as “Excellent”.

So, what’s stopping you from doing business with this highly regarded china wholesale website?


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Aliexpress vs Dhgate: Which is better?

Is AliExpress Safe? How to Safely Buy From AliExpress

AliExpress Scams: How To Avoid Getting Scammed?

AliExpress data scraper 

Buy From Aliexpress Now

It is, without a doubt, the go-to website for buyers who are new to the world of china wholesale online.

It offers a fast, easy and reliable shopping experience and is well-capable of supporting small and large wholesale orders. Users can choose from over 30 million products.

In order to assure Buyer Safety, DHgate releases the payout to supplier only when the buyer confirms that they have received the ordered products.

Buyers can also check beforehand if the sellers deal in authentic Chinese products and whether they have the reputation of delivering goods on-time.

Buyers can also request for a full refund if they don’t receive the products or the goods are poor in quality.

A partial refund can also be sought if buyers decide to keep products of unsatisfactory quality.

DHgate has several effective techniques in place for assuring quality of goods.

Various badges are allocated to sellers based on their performances.

Apart from that, buyers can check the ratings and reviews of both china suppliers as well as the products they are selling.

Product cost is decided by the supplier.

However, in case a product is selected for purchase in bulk quantity, its unit price goes down.

Additionally, buyers can keep an eye out for discounts and coupons to help them buy in bulk from china.

Buyers can negotiate the minimum order quantity with the suppliers.

It can even go down to 1 unit per product, but it depends on what’s in it for the supplier to agree on such a low moq.

Buyers can pay via credit card, debit card, Skrill as well as Bank Transfer.

DHgate is known for having a smooth payment structure that buyers can easily get a hold of.

ePacket, FedEx and DHL are among the most trusted international shipping associates of DHgate.

Moreover, there is another method called “DH Storage” that guarantees fast shipping for buyers and customers residing in US.

The method can only be applied for products that have a DH Storage badge on their page.

The availability of ePacket and DH Storage are surely the strong points of DHgate.

Moreover, it is a go-to wholesale website for beginners where they can choose from millions of products.

The one thing that needs to be fixed is the search algorithm. Countless users have complained that they face difficulties in finding the right products.

Out of more than 21K reviews, 72% have rated DHgate as “Excellent” on “Trustpilot”.

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Top DHgate Alternatives: Websites Like Dhgate

Wholesale From Dhgate Now


Unlike other online wholesalers, Global Sources also promotes the forthcoming trade shows in addition to being a highly trusted china wholesale website.

It has millions of products for buyers to choose from and it provides great business opportunities to suppliers and buyers.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Global Sources sellers are allotted different badges that speak for their authenticity.

From verification badge to verified product and company badge, buyers can learn about the suppliers in a number of ways before finalizing a business deal with them.

So, buyer safety is a sure shot priority of the wholesaler in question. Dealing with O2O suppliers (reputable suppliers with regular participation in trade shows) and gauging the products and suppliers with the help of above-mentioned badges and certificates will ensure that buyers receive proper quality goods.

Buyers are guaranteed to come across the best rates for products they are interested in purchasing as the website houses some of the most trusted Chinese wholesalers, manufacturers as well as retailers.

The minimum order quantity is set by the suppliers and in many cases, can be negotiated to reach a number that is suitable for both buying and selling parties.

Like minimum order quantity, payment method is also determined by the supplier. However, the most recommended and safe channel is PayPal.

Once again, GlobalSources doesn’t have a well-defined shipping channel. Buyers have to reach out to the suppliers and decide on a shipping method.

This video briefly explains the similarities and differences between Alibaba and Global Sources, two online selling platforms for different goods.

This video aims to shed light to sellers on how to choose the best supplier for their needs and preferences.

Global Sources’ user-friendly website and its focus on trade shows and exhibitions are surely some of the factors that have contributed to its success. Moreover, the platform makes it seem quite easy to get a hold of credible suppliers.

However, the website mainly caters to the experienced and doesn’t have payment and shipping channels of its own (many buyers can consider these to be turn-off factors).

Global Sources maintains a 4-star rating on “Webretailer”. If you somehow take care of the shipping mode and payment, then it is surely the right site for you to get products for your Ecommerce store.


Import From GlobalSources Now


Introduced in 1998, Made in China has aced the test of time and has managed to become a trusted online wholesale website for linking international buyers with Chinese suppliers.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

To assure buyer safety, Made in China has several methods in effect. For starters, most of the suppliers registered on the platform are verified (have a verification symbol next to their name) by the website itself.

Moreover, the payment is only provided to the seller after the buyer confirms that the goods have been received in the promised quality.

Buyers can also view Supplier Audit Report (prepared by Made in China itself). Additionally, online and offline meetings with the suppliers can be arranged.

Made in China can also issue business information reports of the suppliers from which the buyer is interested in buying products. Buyers are also recommended to keep an eye out for Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation award winning products.

Made in China has been operational since 1998, so it’s almost a guarantee that buyers will be able to purchase the required china products at convenient prices.

The website lists several trusted and experienced suppliers. Therefore, buyers can easily look up the sellers whose minimum order quantity requirement is in accordance with their demands.

Buyers can use Credit Cards to make payments for their orders.

The shipping method can either be recommended by the supplier or the buyer can pick the most suitable method from Made in China’s logistics marketplace including DHL, UPS or FedEx.

Made in China is the home to a variety of good quality products. The heavy emphasis on buyer safety is surely a plus.

However, the weird enforcement of buyer safety elements and the inconvenient buying process can cause people to choose other chinese wholesale suppliers over Made in China.

Up to 51 people have reviewed Made in China so far on “Trustpilot” and only 16% have rated its services as “Excellent”.

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Wholesale From Made In China Now

Honk Kong Trade Development Council or HKTDC is a credible chinese wholesale website that possesses over 50 years of experience in linking sellers and buyers from around the world.

HKTDC strives on improving Honk Kong’s trade structure to boost the overall economy of the said country. Also, it holds conferences and expos to educate both aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

HKTDC has managed to stay relevant after all these years simply because of the exceptional quality and buyer safety assurance it provides.

Verified suppliers are referred as “Premium Advertisers” and buyers should try to buy from such sellers. Moreover, a credible independent third party verification agency “Dun & Bradstreet” verifies the sellers every 2 years.

HKTDC also verifies the business licenses of suppliers itself and labels the verified parties as “Compliance Verified”.

These and other verification metrics make it easy for buyers to trust the suppliers they are dealing with.

Since 1966, HKTDC has been featuring China’s most trusted sellers, so buyers can expect to receive fair quotes.

For small orders, buyers don’t have to worry about any sort of minimum order quantity.

The minimum order quantity for large orders can be negotiated between buyer and supplier.

Like minimum order quantity, the payment method should be discussed with the supplier. For small orders however, PayPal can be used.

Once again, small orders are at an advantage here. For small orders, HKTDC has a facility called “small order zone”, courtesy of which buyers can get their products shipped with DHL, FedEx and other reliable channels.

For large orders, on the other hand, the buyer needs to reach out to the supplier to discuss the shipping options.

HKTDC is a one-stop platform for online trading and sourcing. It boasts a wide variety of products and lists over 130K quality sellers.

This wholesale website is perfect for buyers who rely on small yet frequent orders. For buyers ordering products in large quantities, there are no well-defined payment and shipping channels.

HKTDC holds a 2.9/5 rating on “Glassdoor”. The score is based on 32 reviews.

 Wholesale From HKTDC Now


Chinabrands is a leading dropshipping wholesale website. Countless products can be looked up by buyers.

Unlike other similar platforms; the descriptions of most of the products are exceptionally well-written in order to give the buyers clarity regarding the chinese goods they are interested in.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Chinabrands has effective warranty and return policies in place to ensure that the buyers have no complaints with the quality of products they receive.

For chinese electronics products such as computers, phones, tablets, watches, hosts and consumer electronics or simply 3C products, if they are found damaged or unusable upon arrival, buyers can submit a return request within 30 days.

For other products, a return or replacement request needs to be placed within 15 days after delivery.

Chinabrands features trusted and experienced Chinese wholesalers, so buyers can be assured of receiving the best deals.

Chinabrands doesn’t impose a minimum order quantity requirement on buyers. All they have to do is indulge in negotiation with the sellers and close a deal that benefits both parties.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and CB Wallet.

Chinabrands is known globally for its exceptional international shipping service.

For starters, it ships worldwide and also allows the buyers to purchase shipping insurance to ensure protection of their goods.

Last but not the least, buyers can choose from 3 different shipping methods (Flat Rate, Standard and Expedite) and 27 carriers.

Chinabrands features over 10,000 suppliers and half a million Stock Keeping Units.

Moreover, this platform caters to a worldwide audience with product descriptions written in various languages.

Buyers can also expect a fast and secure delivery of their products by shopping from Chinabrands.

Despite of facilitating the customers in many ways, there are also a few disadvantages of using Chinabrands to buy china products online.

For starters, their customer service department can be improved. Also, the refund and return time can be shortened.

65 people so far have reviewed Chinabrands on “Trustpilot” and only 31% of those reviews fall in the “Excellent” Category.

Wholesale From ChinaBrands Now


Chinavasion, for the last 15 years, has been connecting credible suppliers with the right buyers.

This online wholesale store is packed with premium quality products of different prices to ensure that buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

In addition, Chinavasion also has a helpful customer support service team. Buyers should consider this wholesale website if they are planning to purchase China’s best electronics and gadgets.

  • Buyer Safety and Quality Assurance:

Chinavasion hasn’t amassed the recognition it has by not putting in the required work. It is successful because users feel comfortable while shopping at Chinavasion.

It has a strict customer safety policy in place and guarantees buyers the successful delivery of their products. That’s not all however, since there is also an in-house quality control department.

The department in question inspects the quality of every batch of products received from the local factories. Several factors are taken into account during the quality inspection process so buyers can be assured of receiving faultless goods along with a full-year warranty.

Chinavasion has been going strong since 2004 and part of the reason behind it is that the products listed on the platform can be bought at highly reasonable rates.

There is no minimum order requirement while ordering chinese goods from Chinavision.

A buyer knows best about how many units of something they need so this reliable wholesale website respects that and leaves the buyer to decide the quantity of the deliverables.

Goods can be purchased via Chinavasion easily and buyers can make the payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

For small and medium sized orders, shipping service can be availed and the available channels include FedEx and DHL. For large orders, buyers should discuss about the shipping method with the supplier.

Chinavasion has an excellent customer service department and supports a secure payment structure. Moreover, the presence of an in-house quality control team is a relief as online shopping creates doubts in the minds of people.

The wholesaler in question doesn’t have well-defined shipping plans for large orders and this is something that needs to be improved if it wants established buyers on its platform.

Over 260 people have reviewed Chinavasion so far on “Trustpilot” and majority of them (59%) have rated it as “Excellent”. So, you can turn to this website without any hesitation if you are planning to make a bulk purchase of electronics and gadgets manufactured by China’s finest.

Wholesale From Chinavasion Now


Banggood is an online shopping store that offers a huge variety of Chinese products at very competitive prices. Started in 2006, now the website has its warehouses even in the USA.

It provides a platform for multiple sellers to create their own online shops and sell their products while giving buyers a varied list of options to choose from. provides a 3-day guarantee for all buyers.

If it’s confirmed that the received product is faulty, buyer can immediately request a full refund within 3 days of the purchase once they submit the faulty product’s image or video to the customer service manager.

The online marketplace, has strict policies regarding the quality of the products. Sellers are not provided with their funds unless the client is completely satisfied with the quality as advertised.

There are different suppliers and manufacturers, offering diverse prices starting from as low as $0.3.

Buyers interested in the acquisition of goods from are required to order products worth at least $39.99 since they don’t allow anything less than that.

There are various methods that customers can use to pay for their products. These include Credit Cards, Paypal and Boleto.

A buyer can also create an account on BGpay and deposit the money directly into the BGpay account to purchase an item directly from

The best part about using BGpay to make online payments is that customers get as much as 200 points every time they get a refund on their BGpay account. These points can later be utilized to purchase other products on the website. offers multiple shipping methods for the convenience of buyers all over the world. The common shipping methods include Standard Shipping, Air Parcel, Railway Direct Mail, Expedited Shipping Service, EMS Express Mail Service.

It even offers cash on delivery service. While Standard Shipping does not provide a tracking service, Air Parcel provides prompt delivery and a specified tracking number for every parcel.

One of the biggest pros when it comes to banggood is that it provides a quick 7-day delivery within the USA while also offering secure payment gateways.

It also offers a 3 day guarantee period for buyer protection and has a complete variety of products available.

When it comes to cons, banggood doesn’t have any except that some Chinese products come out to be of poor quality, but then again buyer can simply file for a refund in case that happens. was rated “Excellent” by 13513 reviewers online on “Resellerratings”, which makes it one of the finest choices for online shopping and merchandising.

 Wholesale From Banggood Now



All in all, it should be understood that just because it has become easier to find a china wholesale website, that doesn’t mean retailers shouldn’t conduct their research.

Products should only be bought once it is proved that the seller in question is reliable and has a proven track record of selling goods to different buyers.

This article aims to help you identify the most reliable Chinese wholesale websites, based on different factors.

Of course, if you plan to visit China wholesale markets, We strongly recommend you read this article:The Complete Guide to Sourcing Products From Yiwu Market.In this article, you can learn more about Yiwu wholesale market.

And please feel free to contact our free sourcing agent if you have any questions.

China Wholesale Ultimate Guide

If you have reached this article, that clearly would mean one of the two things;

If either of the two is true, you are exactly where you should be, the right place. So please, read on!

For a few last decades, the export industry of China has been elevated by levels. That is due to the unsurpassed quality and price ranges of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Undoubtedly, the industries of China have given tough competition to all the fellow wholesale trade markets.

If you are thinking of importing wholesale products for your resale business and are thinking of opting for China as the main market, get on with it. The benefit of importing from China is that you get a wide variety of designs to pick from. And secondly, you get the best possible rates for the products that you are trying to source.

Here are a few FAQs that might help you make your mind and clear the doubts that you still might have to linger somewhere in the subconsciousness of your mind about importing China wholesale products.

Can I buy wholesale from China?

Yes, You can. China is counted as one of the leading trade markets of the world. Wholesale products are the most prominent feature of the Chinese market. You can easily connect to some of the verified Chinese companies online, have your desired product selected.

These Chinese wholesale companies have an enormous archive of designs and products. They can let you have an insight and let you decide what you want to import from them.

This is to be noted that all the traders and manufacturers of China hold great deals for anyone that want to sign trade for wholesale products.

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

Alibaba and AliExpress have almost all the websites enlisted that deal in wholesale products from China for manufacturing and trading.

They have the world’s renowned inspection companies like Intertek, SGS groups, and TUV Rheinland inspect the companies registered on these sites to get verified. After their verification by the inspection companies, the registered wholesale companies are verified on the website. Further, they are allowed to sign off any trade anywhere in the world.

What items should I import from China in bulk?

You can import any everyday use item in bulk from China and have them resold at your desired price. It is always beneficial for any resale business to have those imported items with a huge targeted market.

Some of the most in-demand products that can be sourced from China includes,

  • Electronics – Many people tend to turn towards made-in-China electronic products due to their affordable prices and unique designs.
  • Clothes – Clothes never go out of need. People keep searching for chic and trendy clothes. So if you plan on importing anything for reselling, opt for uniquely designed clothes.
  • Jewelry – Any person in this world in today’s era does have any piece of statement jewelry worn daily.
  • Sunglasses – People tend to get more attracted towards unique colors and frames of imported sunglasses if they are also affordable.
  • Household supplies – You can also import cute and handy household supplies at wholesale prices and sell them here in the process that can attract customers.
  • Shoes – You can import shoes from China wholesale. They have the ideal variety of trendy, fashionable shoes.
  • Toys – China wholesale has some uniquely shaped and themed toys that can attract children and their parents. It would also let you stand out from your conventional traders.

All the daily use items can be best-selling items if imported at the right values and rightfully advertised.

What is the cheapest way to import from China?

Depending upon how large your shipment is, it is better if you opt for sea freights. They are the most inexpensive way of importing anything from China.

You can also opt for rail freights. This way will let you have the shipment dropped to the nearest goods railway drop station from you.

How can I buy goods from China?

You can search for verified suppliers on Alibaba and search for your desired products. Once you find the product you demand, you can chat with the manufacturers and sign down a deal.

If you are unsure of dealing with the China Wholesale manufacturers first hand, you can always opt for a sourcing company that has expert agents that can help you with choosing the right manufacturers, audit the company on your behalf, and have them shipped to you and still remain in contact till you are satisfied. Leeline can make the best possible option under these scenarios.

Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Alibaba is a platform that connects suppliers and manufacturers with their targeted resellers. All the companies associated with Alibaba have their own warehouses and productions in millions monthly. It costs them comparatively less to produce in bulk than to produce a smaller batch.

That is why they produce in bulk batches of million pieces and sell them to resellers at prices that benefit both parties, enabling them to profit margin even if they sell it a slightly lower/higher prices. This is the essence of China’s wholesale products.

Is it safe to buy off Alibaba?

Since the companies registered on Alibaba are first hand, on-site verified by the inspection companies, and later allowed to have transactions. It is always better to choose a verified supplier that has good ratings and good positive reviews. It would save you from any sour event.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale from China

For the longest time of about three to four decades, China has surprisingly evolved into this giant that it is now in the trade markets. There is no single item in the world that is not as well manufactured by the manufacturers and suppliers in China’s markets. You name the product, and the Chinese market has it.

If you are trying to invest in a business that can quickly elevate to unbelievable levels and become a solid source of income for you, better invest your money into purchasing China wholesale products.

Opt for a china sourcing company to avoid any incident and for a smooth trade experience. You can then have the products shipped to yourself. Once received, you can have them photographed and sold through shops, both physically and online. People will be attracted to your product designs that too on unbelievably low prices.

Reselling if imported China wholesale product is one of the fastest-growing businesses to have.

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers

If you’ve ever been trying to source products from China, you’ve almost certainly used Alibaba. Truth be told, Alibaba is the Amazon of Chinese suppliers. But much like you use Amazon for almost everything but not everything, the same is true for Alibaba. It works most of the time, but not all of the time.

In this post, we’ll reveal some of the places to look for products to import from China outside of Alibaba.

The Pros and Cons of Alibaba

I don’t intend for this post to be a dogging of Alibaba as it is going to be a critical tool for almost any importer. However, there are advantages, and disadvantages, to using Alibaba.

  • Selection
  • Relatively safe
  • Organized and relatively up to date supplier information
  • Everyone uses Alibaba (including your competitors)
  • Abundance of low value-add trading companies
  • Not necessarily great for smaller niches

The biggest advantage of Alibaba is the sheer selection of suppliers. If Chinese suppliers are actively looking for foreign clients then there’s a very good chance they’re on Alibaba. Chinese suppliers themselves even use Alibaba to find other suppliers. Alibaba is also probably the most organized of all platforms, although that isn’t necessarily saying a lot. Their information is also the most up-to-date of all platforms, which isn’t, again, necessarily saying a lot.

Alibaba is the place to find suppliers, but not the only.

The big disadvantage of Alibaba is that everyone uses Alibaba, including your competitors. If you find a home run product on Alibaba and get some sales traction on Amazon or elsewhere, as soon as anyone gets a sniff of this they’ll seek out your exact supplier for your exact product. The goldmine of importing from China is finding a supplier with quality products that don’t advertise on Alibaba. I call such suppliers Golden Suppliers (a deliberate play on Alibaba’s Gold Suppliers).

Related Reading: 2021 Buying on Alibaba Guide

While Alibaba does have depth of all types of suppliers, there’s an abundance of trading companies that don’t have any significant value-add. Trading companies are not bad; trading companies that don’t offer any additional value are bad.

“The goldmine of importing from China is finding a supplier with quality products who doesn’t advertise on Alibaba.”

Finally, there’s one sad irony when looking for Chinese suppliers–the best ones normally aren’t actively recruiting new clients and thus aren’t on Alibaba. They’re so overwhelmed with their current demand they don’t have time to mess with smaller buyers (which Alibaba attracts a lot of).

1. Trade Shows

Trade shows are by far my favorite way to find new suppliers for a few reasons:

  • You can find suppliers not advertising on Alibaba
  • You can find higher quality suppliers who don’t necessarily want lower quality Alibaba buyers
  • You can build immediate rapport and relationship
  • You can brainstorm for new products

The biggest advantage to trade shows is that you can find Golden Suppliers–suppliers not advertising on Alibaba. The easiest way to find these suppliers is by visiting trade shows. When you visit trade shows you also get the added benefit that you can immediately build a relationship, rapport, and trust with suppliers. Many suppliers who you meet at trade shows have either small minimum order quantities or no minimum order quantities because they believe that buyers here are more serious and committed.

The twice yearly Canton Fair is the Mecca of trade shows in China.

Pro Tip: If you can’t visit China, browse the Exhibitor List of a trade show through their website. Email any prospective suppliers and tell them that you found them through XYZ Trade Show. The suppliers will think that you attended the trade show and will be much more open to working with you. You can also find suppliers not advertising on Alibaba this way. Warning, many Chinese suppliers have terrible websites and their websites may not be indicative of their actual product selection or quality.

Most importers know of the Canton Fair that happens twice a year. The Canton Fair is an excellent way to get your feet wet into the world of importing but it has one major drawback: it’s a one size fits all show for every niche. If you’re in a narrow niche, which most importers should be for ultimate success, the Canton Fair will often have a limited selection for your niche. This is why I highly recommend trying to find an industry specific trade show using a website like

The big downside to visiting trade shows is that you actually have to visit China. China is an increasingly easier place to visit for Westerners and all serious importers should try to make a regular visit to China (ideally make it an annual visit). Many trade shows in China will actually pay for your hotel when you visit and some will even give you cold hard cash (part of pumping their attendee numbers which helps them sell booths).

2. Using Import Records

You may know that you can see exactly what nearly any company in the United States is importing and from whom. If you don’t already know this, then this will probably blow your mind. If you find a product on Amazon or other sales channels and wonder where that company buys their products from, you can easily find out. You can see our complete guide to using Import Records but here is a brief synopsis.

In America, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, imports from companies are public information. This information is limited to what’s available on the bills of lading such as product descriptions, importer name, supplier name, etc. but this is an abundance of information to seriously snoop on your competitors. There are a number of free services, with Port Examiner being the most popular, but they have incomplete information and clunky interfaces. To really harness the power of import records you will need to use a paid service like Panjiva or Import Genius.

Using Import Records To Find Suppliers

Scouring import records is a useful tool for doing competitor and supplier research and for finding suppliers yourself. These records are public information in the United States and there are multiple tools that allow you to simply search for a company name and see which suppliers they are working with.

Research tools which lean on public U.S. customs records can be extremely valuable for finding and verifying Suppliers.

My go-to tool for this is Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database, which costs less than $50 a month (other more expensive options include Import Genius and Panjiva). These tools neatly summarize all of the information included on a particular company’s Bill of Lading information such as product type, quantity, and supplier name/address.

The best part about using Import Records to find suppliers is that you can often find Golden suppliers this way. The downside to using Import Records is that it is mostly restricted to the United States and sophisticated importers can hide their import records in a variety of ways.

3. Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the first Chinese supplier directories and has been around since 1970 when China was much more closed. Think of Global Sources as the Western-friendly, sweet and sour pork version of Alibaba (Alibaba, through and through, is a very Chinese-centric company). Over the last couple of years, we’ve built close relationships with several people at Global Sources including Meghla Bhardwaj and Cameron Walker who have been frequent guests on the podcast (their podcasts offer incredible insight into sourcing from China). You don’t get that closeness and intimacy behind Jack Ma’s Alibaba.

Global Sources’ electronics show in April and October is great for buyers in the electronics space.

Global Sources is much more focused than Alibaba in a few different categories, most important electronics. The selection on Global Sources tends to be much more curated. There is such a wide spectrum of quality when it comes to electronics and Global Sources tends to be much more consistent and predictable in terms of the quality of electronics provided by suppliers.

If you’re sourcing nichier items like boating products or tactical products you can probably start your online searches on Alibaba. If you’re looking at electronics or electronics accessories though, Global Sources should definitely be part of your search.

Where Global Sources really shines though is their integration of trade shows, conferences, and supplier directory. The Global Sources Electronics show, held twice a year around Canton Fair, is the CES of China and the Global Sources Summit (held concurrently with their trade shows) is now the ecommerce conference in Asia. Whenever I’m visiting the Canton Fair, I now make a visit to the Global Sources trade shows/summit at the start of my trip.

4. Yiwu Wholesale Market

The Yiwu Wholesale market is a giant wholesale market with thousands of shops located in Yiwu, a city a couple of hours south of Shanghai by bullet train. I did a complete guide to the Yiwu Market that you can access here.

Yiwu is a fascinating place–it’s literally like a 24/7 Canton Fair. It is catered for foreign buyers and has nearly every single commodity-type product imaginable from Christmas supplies to office stationery.

Yiwu is the largest wholesale market in the world and is open year-round.

The biggest problem with Yiwu is that it consists largely of very cheap, low-quality items and it does not have many products for smaller niches. As limited as the Canton Fair is for smaller niches, Yiwu is even more limited. I jokingly sometimes refer to Yiwu as the largest Dollar Store in the world as that epitomizes the range and quality of products you will find there.

If you are in the Shanghai area I definitely recommend visiting Yiwu for one night to check it out but it does probably not warrant being the basis of a sourcing trip.

5. DHgate

For the most part, DHgate is a logical next step if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Alibaba. It works a lot like Alibaba in terms of interface.

Though it claims to cater to both businesses and consumers, emphasis is on the former, particularly to medium retailers.

This platform offers a relatively wide variety of products, and even some highly niche ones, i.e. electronics that you won’t find on other platforms. It’s also big on health and beauty products, sports, and fashion.

Some sellers sourcing from DHgate point out the relatively lower minimum order quantities, but the tradeoff is that the pricing here can sometimes not compete with what you will find on Alibaba.

6. AliExpress

As you may have guessed from its name, AliExpress is owned by the Alibaba Group.

The best way to tell them apart is that while Alibaba is a B2B platform tailored to wholesale and bulk orders, AliExpress is more of a B2C site that lets individual consumers buy from Chinese wholesale suppliers directly. That being said, that hasn’t stopped a lot of sellers from sourcing their products from this marketplace. Matter of fact, you can take advantage of AliExpress if you’re a startup or are currently in the product research phase, as there are no (or at least very low) minimum order quantities.

AliExpress is an Alibaba-owned platform tailored to individual consumers.

Another way of looking at it is that AliExpress lets you check out products from suppliers listed on Alibaba in lower quantities (albeit at retail prices), making it ideal if you want to sample a variety of products without going all in on a large inventory right out of the gate.

7. 1688

Another platform owned by Alibaba, 1688 is a directory of Chinese suppliers, wholesalers, and trading companies. What sets it apart is that the suppliers here cater more to the local Chinese market. The entire site is in Chinese, but with the help of Google Translate, you can often find some suppliers and products you couldn’t find on Alibaba.

This means that you’ll find low-priced, but also generally low-quality products. This website is mostly focused on beauty products, fashion, and on smaller parts and accessories (i.e. components of larger parts).

Watch out for product quality when looking for suppliers outside of Alibaba.

A big thing to keep in mind is that many of the suppliers here aren’t as sophisticated as the ones you’ll find on Alibaba. This makes it tough if you’re looking to private label. They are also not attuned to exporting and to the quality standards of Western markets like the US and the UK.

8. JD

JD (Jingdong Mall) is the Alibaba competitor insofar as the Chinese scene goes, but it’s actually more like Amazon in that it’s tailored to consumers first.

That said, they have a wholesale zone for business where you can buy in bulk and at better prices.

It is one of the largest Chinese companies by revenue and is one of the most trusted places to buy Chinese products online. Quality, rather than quantity, is the name of the game on this platform.

9. Referrals

One little-known trick to finding suppliers is direct referrals from your professional connections. Sometimes, the easiest option is often to ask your current suppliers. Suppliers in China are much better connected with other factories than we ever can be and they can often be invaluable in sourcing hard to find products. They’ll take a commission on the products, but normally it’s negligible.

This can be a way to find Golden Suppliers that you can consider to have already been vetted by people you know and trust. In any case, like we said when we talked about the best countries to source private label products from, always do your own due diligence.

10. Sourcing Agencies

Another option if you’re having trouble finding the right supplier (assuming you already have a product in mind) is to work with sourcing agencies. There are countless sourcing agents in America, Canada, and other countries that can help you source products from China.

My very first supplier was a Chinese businessman in Vancouver for some boat anchors. There are larger sourcing agents (who normally specialize in particular goods) and smaller ones like the one I dealt with. The big advantage with them is that you reduce all the risk and uncertainty of what happens to your products in between China and the destination as you often pay cash on delivery.

Another thing sourcing agencies can help you do is communicate more seamlessly with your supplier and ensure product quality.


Alibaba is still the place to source products but it is not the only place and often not the best place. The things that make Alibaba so successful, specifically it’s ease of use and convenience, are also it’s the biggest downside as it’s nearly impossible to keep competitors from poaching your products very quickly.

Do you have any other places you source products from? Do you have any questions about the places mentioned here? If so, post your questions and comments below.

Top 4 Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers You Need to Know

Working with reliable suppliers that can provide high-quality service is a critical step to the success of your dropshipping business. It can be frustrating to find a product that you like and think will sell well, only to find that suppliers aren’t able to work with you. Because of this, you feel you might lose the chance to your success that may never come back. To solve this problem, I’ve gathered a list of the top Chinese dropshipping suppliers for you to consider.


List of the Top China Dropshipping Suppliers

1. AliExpress

Most beginners start dropshipping with AliExpress. As the biggest dropshipping supplier in China, AliExpress provides all types of products with low cost. From electronics to fashion, you can find almost anything you’d want to sell here. AliExpress is a beginner-friendly platform that can be beneficial to new online business owners. You can buy great products for the best price.

Features of AliExpress
  • All types of products with reasonable prices and more than 20 million products for dropshipping
  • Global Shopping with local warehouse around the world
  • Multiple language support including Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Polish
  • AliExpress dropshipping program, which works with automated dropshipping tools like ShopMaster
AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress works with many affiliate platforms. Go to these platforms, get the affiliate link and purchase orders to AliExpress through the affiliate link. Usually, you can get 5% cashback savings, which is a great way to reduce your dropshipping costs. If you dropship from AliExpress with ShopMaster, thing becomes much easier! ShopMaster works with Admitad, a global affiliate network, to offer an AliExpress affiliate service. By placing orders to AliExpress through the ShopMaster extension, you get cashback automatically.

Dropship with VIP Price

Sellers on AliExpress will offer some products with a VIP price. Compared to the typical price for the same product, a VIP price will be lower. When placing orders to a seller, try to negotiate with them to get the VIP price to reduce your costs.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

At the Dropshipping Center, there are some special sections called “Hot DS Items,” “Suppliers Rank” and “Product Analysis” that you should make good use of.

What you can find from these sections?

  • Hot DS Items: AliExpress will recommend some trending dropshipping items based on its database.
  • Suppliers Rank: These are the best-selling suppliers in AliExpress. Here you can find some top sellers for different categories. If you don’t know where to find reliable suppliers to import products, you may consider these.
  • Product Analysis: This is place for you to evaluate product competitiveness. Input AliExpress’ product link here, and you will see the recent sales volume and trend of this product. Normally, products with upward trends are better to dropship.


2. Banggood

After getting steady sales with dropshipping from AliExpress, improving product quality and optimizing shipment are key factors to take your business to the next level. That’s the reason why you should dropship from Banggood, which many would consider to be an upgrade from AliExpress. It works directly with manufacturers from China with strictly selected quality products with fast delivery. What’s more, it provides discounts especially for dropshipping.

Features of Banggood
  • Large Product Selection: Covers 20+ categories and with more than 200,000 products
  • Fast Delivery: Local warehouses in the US, UK, AU and FR; deliver the packages in 2-8 business days
  • Customer Support: Professionals available 24/7 for customer service
  • Unique Discount for Dropshipping: Up to 20% off for some categories
  • Dropshipping certification provided

Join the Banggood Dropshipping Program

Initially, when joining the Banggood dropshipping program, your account level will be Pre-VIP. 

Banggood Dropship Center

At the Dropship Center, you can find a section called “Top Selling Report”. In this place, you can find:

  • Dispatch Fast: Products with quick delivery and enough stocks.
  • Hot-sale: Hot selling items in Banggood.
  • Big Discount: A list of highly discounted items.

Banggood Affiliate Program

Just like AliExpress, Banggood also has an affiliate program. It works with many affiliate platforms such as Befrugal. You can get up to 9% additional cashback if you join the affiliate program.


3. CJDropshipping

With the growth of your business, you will want to sell something that other suppliers don’t have and put your own brand on the items or put some cards on the package to increase the repurchase rate. Also, to decrease the purchase cost, you may even want to purchase in bulk and get the hot sale items in stock. Your requirements can’t be met by only dropshipping from AliExpress and Banggood. That’s where CJDropshipping comes in. CJDropshipping is a popular supplier which services sourcing, fulfilment, and Print-on-Demand.

Features of CJDropshipping
  • Source Product at Your Request for Free: Get a quotation within 24 business hours after putting forward your requests
  • Print-on-Demand Available: Thousands of print-on-demand products are supported.
  • Free USA Warehouse Inventory: US Warehouse and ship via USPS in 2-5 days. You just need to pay the shipping cost
  • Professional Products Video and Images Supported: No need to pay extra charge to create elegant video any more
  • Dropshipping certification provided
Sourcing from and Taobao

CJDropshipping is one of the best sourcing solutions for dropshippers, especially since it supports sourcing from and Taobao (the biggest China wholesale and ecommerce site). This support allows you to enjoy the cheaper price for goods directly supplied from the factory. They can source any products for you without any charges; just send your request to the CJ team and wait about 24 hours for a response. They also provide free USA warehouses for those who are looking for a fast, secure, and stable method of getting items to their customers.


4. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a Chinese supplier that’s built for dropshipping. They offer hundreds of thousands of popular products with professional images and descriptions. Chinabrands is dropship-friendly with worldwide delivery to make selling and fulfilment easy.

 Features of Chinabrands
  • Massive Product Selection: Over 300 thousand of dropshipping products with stable supply
  • Dispatched within 24 Hours: Local warehouses in the US, UK, AU and ES. Chinabrands dispatches packages within 12-24 business hours
  • High Quality Descriptions: Professional products’ images and descriptions
  • Discount Price for Dropshipping: Open a dropship account first for free and then update your account to VIP to enjoy more discounts
  • Dropshipping certification provided.

How to Dropship Efficiently with ShopMaster

Now that you’ve gone through a quick run-down of the top Chinese dropshipping suppliers, all you need to do is find some good products, copy the products’ texts, download the images and upload them to your store. You can do it manually, of course. But there is a much smarter and time-saving solution: ShopMaster.

What is ShopMaster?

ShopMaster, official dropshipping partner of AliExpress, Banggood, and CJDropshipping, is one of the most powerful dropshipping tools that is popular with 100 thousand users all over the world. It simplifies the workflow of dropshipping businesses and saves hours of time for merchants. It’s beginner-friendly, so merchants without any experience in dropshipping and software can master it in an hour.

How does ShopMaster Work?

ShopMaster helps you to one-click import to store from 30+ suppliers after you connect your store to ShopMaster. Once there is an order, it helps automatically syncs the orders to ShopMaster every 30 minutes, allowing you to purchase it from the suppliers by just one-click. All you need to do is to make a payment. When the suppliers fulfill the orders, it automatically syncs and upload the tracking information to your store to mark that the order has shipped.

If your store is on Shift4Shop, then great news: ShopMaster and Shift4Shop are integrated to provide this solution to merchants. It provides everything you need for dropshipping:

  • Bulk Import Products to Stores: Easily import product’s title, description, images and specifics etc to your online store from 30+ sites in seconds. You don’t need to copy manually one by one anymore.
  • Auto Bulk Orders: Once you get orders from your customers, you can auto-place 300 orders in minutes. Just need to click “Purchase” button on ShopMaster, then ShopMaster will automatically purchase orders from suppliers.
  • Product Monitor: Product monitoring is critical to stay on top of your supplier’s price and inventory changes. It saves you from the risk of losing money due to increased cost or out-of-stock orders.
  • Order Tracking: Track your orders’ shipment details and know where they are at any time you want.
  • Multiple Channels and Stores: In addition to Shift4Shop, ShopMaster supports importing to many mainstream platforms and multiple stores. You can manage all your stores in one ShopMaster account.


Wrapping Up

Dropshipping can be an extremely profitable business model for online merchants starting their own eCommerce businesses; especially if you’re working with suppliers from China. But, at the end of the day, your supplier and dropshipping solution can make or break your online store. By utilizing a dropshipping tool like ShopMaster, you can streamline the process. Check out the ShopMaster app on the Shift4Shop app store.

The Top 20 China Sourcing Websites

by Matt Slater 13 September 2017

Ask someone to name some China sourcing websites and there is one name guaranteed to be mentioned – “Alibaba”.

For so many people looking for products from China, their sourcing journey both starts with, and finishes with, Alibaba, but there are actually plenty of very good alternatives.

Our advice to clients is to cast their net wider and try searching for information on many China sourcing websites before settling on their supplier of choice.

Even if the same Chinese suppliers appear in different results, you can usually gleam more relevant information such as contact details, factory photos, product types, certifications etc. All very useful to the sourcing process.

We want our readers to get the very best outcomes when sourcing in China, so here is China Checkup’s list of the Top 20 China Sourcing Websites:

Top 20 China Sourcing Websites

In order, starting with the most useful, here are our top 20 China sourcing websites:

1. Alibaba

As the world’s largest b2b sourcing portal, the name “Alibaba” has become synonymous with sourcing from China. Usually it is the first website people turn to when searching for products, and not without good reason, the range of suppliers and products it lists is very comprehensive.

The website has however developed a reputation as a hotbed of counterfeits, a situation which CEO Jack Ma has called “a cancer”. Other issues faced by the website include dodgy supplier verifications and scams.

From starting out as a sourcing website, Alibaba Group has now grown to be China’s largest tech company and it’s interests include a portfolio of ecommerce platforms.  

2. DHgate

  • website:
  • headquarters: Beijing, China
  • slogan: buy globally, sell globally

DHgate is an online wholesale marketplace where buyers can find competitively priced quality made in China products, usually at lower MOQs than other platforms.

One standout feature is their payment handling system, which only passes payments to the seller when the buyer confirms receipt of goods. 

3. Global Sources

Global Sources has helped more than 1.4 million international buyers in more than 240 countries to source from overseas, with China making up the majority of deals.

Their regular Hong Kong trade shows are very popular and help facilitate international companies to do sourcing in China face to face with trusted Chinese suppliers.

4. Made-in-China

This website is a third-party platform for connecting buyers with Chinese suppliers and features a clean layout which is easy to navigate.

Similar to, Chinese suppliers can create their own homepage on Made-in-China which includes their company profile, introduction and product listings.

5. China Suppliers

  • website:
  • headquarters: Beijing, China
  • slogan: connecting global buyers and China suppliers

China Suppliers claims to be the “Exclusive Government Authorized B2B E-Marketplace in China” and our research found they are owned by the China Internet News Center (中国互联网新闻中心) which is under the State Council Information Office.

Despite a slightly cumbersome interface it is a useful website featuring many Chinese suppliers and products. Plus, it has a very easy to remember URL!

6. OFweek

Specializing in high-tech and electronics, Shenzhen-based OFweek is a well designed website featuring many Chinese suppliers.

If you are looking for Chinese tech products make sure you check it out.

7. AliExpress

  • website:
  • headquarters: Hangzhou, China
  • slogan: smarter shopping, better living!

AliExpress was launched by Alibaba Group in 2010 as a platform for Chinese companies to sell to foreign consumers.

Although not a sourcing site as such, it is nevertheless widely used for this purpose, especially for companies looking to buy with low MOQs.

Unlike on, sellers on AliExpress can be either companies or individuals making supplier verification difficult and leading to some scams.


  • website:
  • headquarters: Hong Kong
  • slogan: your business – our mission

Operated by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, this website plays an important role in helping Hong Kong companies to establish relationships with buyers from around the world.

These days, there isn’t much manufacturing in Hong Kong, but many Hong Kong companies operate factories in Mainland China and this is a good gateway to sourcing their products.

9. DIYTrade

  • website:
  • headquarters: Hong Kong
  • slogan: global b2b trading platform

A clean and easy to use website, DIYTrade features over 5 million products across a wide range of industries from underwear to ball bearings.

10. ECVV

  • website:
  • headquarters: Shenzhen, China
  • slogan: challenge your trading

A bridge-builder that empowers merchants to easily connect and do business. Recommended by the Shenzhen Government and American International Business Council.

11. EC21

  • website:
  • headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • slogan: global b2b marketplace

One of the leading global b2b marketplaces, Korea-based EC21 is very popular with Chinese manufacturers looking for international buyers.

12. ECPlaza

  • website:
  • headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • slogan: more trade chances for you

South Korea-based ECPlaza features a large number of Chinese suppliers on their easy to navigate website.

13. Global Market

GlobalMarket has established solid cooperation with reputable Chinese suppliers and heavily promotes their GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate) certifications which claim to only include genuine manufacturers. Definitely worth a look.

14. Tradekey

  • website:
  • headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • slogan: your key to global trade

Although a global sourcing website, with offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, Tradekey certainly has a strong Chinese presence.

Claims to be the first b2b platform with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Although their website can feel cluttered, it contains a hive of China sourcing information.

15. Asian Products

  • website:
  • headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
  • slogan: bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers
  • Chinese name: 亚洲产品 (yà zhōu chǎn pǐn) “Asia Products”

Focusing on suppliers from Taiwan and China, Asian Products is a slightly old-fashioned but nevertheless useful source of information with plenty of companies listed.

16. B2B Manufacturers

B2B Manufactures is another listings website specializing in Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers. Although their listings covers a wide range of products, the results for industrial equipment seem to be strongest.

17. Yiwugo

As the official website of the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market – Yiwu International Trade Market, Yiwugo offers their physical stores an online presence. Especially worth a look if you are planning a visit to Yiwu’s enormous market. Previously called

18. Banggood

  • website:
  • headquarters: Guangzhou, China
  • slogan: shopping with fun, best bang for your buck

Specialized in electronics, robots, mobile phones and accessories, Banggood is a B2C platform operated from Mainland China, Hong Kong together with overseas warehouse to help global buyers.

19. Taiwan Trade

Many factories in China are operated by Taiwanese companies and using Taiwan Trade can be a great way of locating them. Also useful for finding made-in-taiwan products too.

20. LightInTheBox

Founded in 2007, New York Stock Exchange-listed LightInTheBox offers products in the core categories of apparel, small accessories/gadgets and home & garden.

See Also: Chinese Language China Sourcing Websites

Just as companies worldwide look to China for product sourcing, Chinese companies are also looking for Chinese suppliers to manufacture their products.

If you can read the Chinese language here are a number of very powerful domestic websites which cater to product sourcing:


  • website:
  • headquarters: Hangzhou, China

1688 is the Chinese language version of


  • website:
  • headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Chinese name: 慧聪网 (huì cōng wǎng) “Wisdom Clever Site”

HC360 is one of China’s leading b2b websites for domestic trade.


  • website:
  • headquarters: Zhengzhou, China
  • Chinese name: 世界工厂 (shì jiè gōng chǎng) “World Factory”

This online sourcing platform specializes in large-size machinery and equipment.


  • website:
  • headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Chinese name: 马可波罗 (mǎ kě bō luó) “Marco Polo”

MakePolo used to have an English language website and appear in our top 20, but now it’s a Chinese-only service.

Matt Slater


Hi there, I’m Matt, the Founder & CEO of China Checkup. Originally from the UK, I am now based in Brisbane, Australia.

Frustrated by the scarcity of concise, high-quality and timely information about Chinese companies, I setup China Checkup whilst living in Shanghai in 2013.

My team are proud that China Checkup’s company verification reports have now helped thousands of clients from all corners of the world to do business in China more safely.


7 Tips to find the best suppliers in china


Manufacturers are the source of products for all types of sellers. Thus, they represent the suppliers who will provide you with the lowest prices for your products.

There are two sorts of manufacturers in China. The ones who do not have their own English speaking salespeople. They usually cooperate with domestic trading companies and sourcing agents, which means that these factories sell their products to foreigners through third parties. The prices of such factories are the best.

The second type of manufacturer is the one that has its own English speaking salespeople. They usually participate in exhibitions in China and abroad and also have their own store on Alibaba. Some of these manufacturers also have their own independent online sites and even they are engaged in online marketing.

You can find them on Google. The prices you get from these factories are relatively higher than the first category of manufacturers who trade through trading companies. But at the same time, their rates are lower than those offered by a trading company. In addition, their MOQ is usually very high. So if you find such factory on Alibaba, you can expect their MOQ to be over $ 4000- $ 5000.

If you want to develop your own product, the manufacturers are perfect for you. They will usually give you a lot of product design advice and help you develop the product for the lowest possible price as well.

Trading companies

Trading companies are also called intermediaries, who also help importers to purchase from China. There are many trading companies listed on Alibaba, and you may also come across factories from Alibaba that are actually trading companies.

The trading companies are committed to providing trading services and have their own English sellers. Therefore, communication with them is also more comfortable.

In addition, you can get a relatively small MOQ (usually $ 1000-2000 at first), because trading companies and factories have long-term relationships.

sourcing agent for market suppliers

These companies do not sell their own products; they are more focused on procurement services. You can benefit from import services including sourcing, production monitoring, quality control, and shipping arrangements. Therefore, many Amazon sellers prefer the services of a sourcing agent.

Compared to trading companies, sourcing agents are more flexible. They can help you find the product you want in China. Honestly, a sourcing agent acts as your representative in China. You just have to explain to them your needs.

Dealing with a sourcing agent is the best option for those who need multiple products from China. For example, if you need to buy three different products from China, you need to find suppliers for each product. On top of that, you will need to compare at least five different sellers for each product in order to find the best option. If you only deal with three different products, you will need to find 15 or more suppliers. Now imagine how many suppliers you will have to find and process if you sell dozens or hundreds of products?

Just like finding a reliable supplier, a reliable agent can help your business grow profitably and sustainably.

Local wholesalers

Do you want to visit China and explore the wholesale market on your own? Well, there is a good chance that you will find products at a better price than the prices offered by the online suppliers. In China, the main wholesale markets are Yiwu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Many large and small factories are also concentrated around these three cities.

  1. Yiwu, for small products and everyday consumer goods
  2. Shenzhen, for electronic products
  3. Guangzhou, for Clothing, Bags & Suitcases, Beauty, Adult Products
How to find Market suppliers in Yiwu, Shenzhen and Guangzhou cities

Yiwu: Has the world’s largest wholesale market, with over 70,000 kiosks. Yiwu’s wholesale market has five main districts, each with 3-4 floors. All areas are connected and the layout of all stores is fairly standard.


For example, if you want to buy toys, all the toy suppliers are grouped together in one space. It is easy for you to compare the price and quality of products from multiple suppliers.

Shenzhen: Is a magical place where you can find a wide range of electronic products. Many trendy and cheap electronic products come from Shenzhen and its surrounding cities. For example, after the release of the new Apple product iWatch, many smartwatches with functions similar to this iWatch were immediately available in Shenzhen.

However, the structure of the wholesale market in Shenzhen is not similar to Yiwu market. Stores for the same product are not grouped together, so you may find it difficult and time-consuming to research different suppliers and compare their products.

Pay attention to the common trick in Shenzhen. For example, you may buy 1,000 Bluetooth headsets and may find out later that 100 of them were defective after the sale. Therefore, you can consider it a common situation in Shenzhen wholesale markets.


Guangzhou: If you are looking for clothes, bags or luggage, come to Guangzhou. Guangzhou has the largest clothing and luggage wholesale market in China, similar to the Shenzhen wholesale market. The wholesale market in Guangzhou is also spread throughout Guangzhou.

Things to watch out for when visiting Chinese wholesale markets:

  • Most sellers in markets don’t accept foreign currencies, they only deal with RMB (Chinese currency), and you can’t pay by wire transfer.
  • Find in advance a competent language translator to help you communicate clearly with suppliers.
  • Find the freight forwarder ahead of time to help you organize the shipment on time. You can also consult them on import matters.
  • Or to make it easier for you, find yourself a local agent that will help you in all of the above such as Docshipper.

Small wholesalers or


Smaller wholesalers can usually be found on DHgate, AliExpress and other distribution platforms. Usually the wholesale MOQ here is small, and a big variety of products are also available.

If your an importer and your customers have high product quality requirements, I do not recommend that you find small wholesalers or dropshippers as you cannot guarantee consistency in product quality. These small wholesalers do not buy much from the manufacturer and often they buy  from different factories. So, it is difficult to guarantee a consistent good quality.

For an advice from Docshipper, You can test the market this way as a start, but it’s definitely not a long-term solution.

Wholesalers with overstock

Over-stock products are products that manufacturers and wholesalers simply have too much in stock. Products with minor defects that can be used are also considered overstock products. Since wholesalers have to get rid of these products, they are usually sold at reduced prices.

However, you can buy a pair of jeans for less than a dollar.  Therefore, you can consider purchasing the products and reselling them in the local market in your country.  People from various countries come to the Chinese overstock markets for that.

China’s two largest overstock markets are in Guangzhou and Yiwu. For clothes, go to Guangzhou, for consumer goods, go to Yiwu, same is applicable for  Wuai and Jinfuyuan.

Reliable and cheap quality equivalent to rohacell 71 hf foam supplier – China Manufacturers and Factory

Reliable and cheap quality equivalent to rohacell 71 hf porcelain foam supplier


More main product

Packing and shipping

Our service

* Samples are accepted.

* OEM / ODM service is accepted.

* Custom specifications are accepted.

* Sample Express: UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, FedEx, etc.

* We can drill, grind and print logo.

* Sincere and honest service.

1. CNC cutting service according to customer drawings AutoCAD dwg./dxf. Format .

2. Material: 3K carbon fiber sheet and UD black carbon sheet

3.Thickness: 0.2mm-50mm

4. Surface: Regular Glossy, Regular Matte, Twill Glossy, Twill Matte, Dull Polish

5. Standard size 400 * 500mm and 500 * 500mm, 500 * 600mm, 500 * 1000 mm, 600 * 1000 mm and 1000 * 1000 mm, 1200 * 1000 mm and 5000 mm * 2000 mm

6. Customer design classified


Q: What do i need for a quote?

A: Please offer us 2D or 3D drawings (with materials, dimension, tolerance, surface treatment and other specifications, etc.)By quantity, application or samples. Then we will quote the best price within


Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: MOQ depends on our customer’s needs, besides, we welcome trial order before mass production.

Question: What is the production cycle?

A: It varies with product size, specifications and quantity.We always try to meet the requirements of clients by adjusting the schedule of our seminars.

Q: What payment terms do you accept?

A .: T / T, L / C, Escrow, paypal, western union, moneygram etc.

Q: Is it possible to find out how myproduct works without visiting your company?

A: We will offer a detailed schedule of products and send weekly reports with digital photos and videos that show the progress of processing.

Q: If you make poor quality goods, will you return our fund to us?

A: We manufacture products according to drawings or samples strictly until they reach 100% satisfaction. And in fact, we will not be able to make poor quality products. We pride ourselves on maintaining a spirit of good quality.


Dear friends,

It is a great honor that you have found our site!
For a quick response to your requirements, send us your AutoCAD drawings at rfq @
Please also state the part requirements such as thickness, surface, quantity and tolerance. You can get a response within 24 hours!

Best Regards,
Tasuns Composite Technology Ltd.

Tasuns Composite located in convenient China is one of the competitive reliable and cheap quality equivalent to rohacell 71 hf polyurethane foam manufacturers with professional factory.

China Prefabricated Wall Panel Suppliers, Fireproof Prefabricated Wall Panel Supplier

What is China Supplier of Cheap Fireproof Prefabricated Wall Panel?

China Supplier Fireproof Cheap Prefabricated Magnesium Oxide Wall Panels, inorganic raw materials make it got naturel fireproof performance and time insect prevention and mildew resistant.And because of its characters, fireproof, energy saving, fast installation, low cost, prefabricated wall panels are becoming the new ideal choice for building an architect.

Standard size: 2800 * 600 * 75/90/100/120/150/200 mm

Length: 2200 ~ 9000 mm

China Supplier Fireproof Cheap Precast Wall Panel Performance:

Cost Savings:

The prefabricated wall panel adopts hollow design, which makes it lighter than other building materials, in this case, you can save transportation costs and labor costs; Hollow core can make line pipes and electrical lines installation easier, save you from complex duct design.

Eco friendly:

It is 100% Non asbestos, no formaldehyde and environmental friendly building material. You can usie both indoor and outdoor wall panels, and there is no need to worry if it will cause any harm to the human body.

Fireproof and waterproof:

The semi-finished panel is waterproof and non-combustible which makes it more popular in the modern construction industry. High quality prefabricated wall panels does not produce any harmful gases and toxic fumes in the fire, can be used in all kinds of buildings requiring high fire safety coefficiency.Prefabricated panels after fire test are shown below.

China Supplier Fireproof Cheap Precast Wall Panels Project Ref:

Perfabricated wall panels can offer you many advantages in construction, such as shortening the construction period, saving costs: including costs, transportation costs, and labor installation costs. Many of our clients choose prefabricated wall panels in their construction projects.Low Cost Cheap prefabricated wall panels may be one of the reasons that make it so popular, at the same time that it can make the construction process easier and faster than traditional building materials. Shown below is one of the links of our project, if you want more information Prefabricated project You are welcome to contact our sales department.

Why choose Onekin?

As a professional prefabricated wall panel supplier, Onekin Group has focus on mgo products for many years, including mgo panel, mgo board, machinery, raw materials and production line.We also have our own factory, research team and engineer to make sure our customers can get technical servicce and quality assurance. Onekin cooperates with business friends from all over the world, such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Brazil, Qatar, Australia and so on. All of them have a high reputation for our company, and most of them have long-term cooperation with us over the years.

Services for all times

Galina Nazarova

Economy 30 May 2016

One of the key topics of the upcoming St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be the implementation of Russia’s export potential.Moreover, we will talk not so much about the raw material sector of the economy, but about information technology, agriculture and forestry and light industry. Our guest today, a specialist in the field of tableware production, spent a lot of effort to make Russian goods known all over the world. Alexander SHEREMETYEV, President of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Association of Tableware Manufacturers”, told our correspondent why clay for porcelain is brought to Bashkiria from Germany and why plastic has become the engine of import substitution.


– Alexander Paisovich, what is the state of the domestic tableware market?

– In the state sense, the tableware segment is absent in principle, we do not have uniform statistics: due to the fragmentation of the market, it is difficult to obtain real indicators. One of the reasons is the variety of dishes. Metallic, for example, is subdivided into aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel cookware.Glass – for crystal, plain and smooth glass, heat-resistant and tempered glass. Plastic is divided into disposable tableware and household plastic products. Disposable manufacturers don’t do anything else. Perhaps the most varieties of porcelain are household, restaurant, thin-walled, thick-walled, faience, and so on.

– If we talk about the export component of the tableware market, porcelain is undoubtedly the flagship here. The oldest enterprise, the Imperial Porcelain Factory, is operating in St. Petersburg, and foreign tourists enjoy its products…

– Porcelain dishes have always been in demand. Moreover, this industry is represented not only by classical works. Moreover: not all factories working with this material make giftware. For example, the Oktyabrsky Porcelain Factory (now “Bashkir Porcelain”) specializes in restaurant and home assortment, and also produces decorative figurines.

In difficult economic times, it was the manufacturers of porcelain tableware that suffered the most – this market was filled with cheap Chinese porcelain.It so happened that the porcelain industry in the tableware light industry in Russia turned out to be the most backward in technology and equipment. Many Soviet brands are gone altogether. But this is the law of the market. Such large companies as the Imperial Porcelain Factory, Dulevsky Porcelain and a number of others, nevertheless, survived. As soon as the enterprises acquired new equipment and technologies, they slowly got on their feet.

Now Russian brands are beginning to gradually displace imports from the shelves of domestic stores.Chinese and Czech porcelain is becoming more expensive every day, and our networkers are looking closely at Russian goods. It is gratifying that manufacturers have realized that now is the right time to expand and export. The quality of Russian porcelain is high, and the dollar and euro that have risen in price make our tableware attractive to foreign buyers.

– You mentioned “Bashkir Porcelain”, but a small detail remained behind the scenes: clay for dishes is brought to the city of Oktyabrsky (180 km from Ufa) from Germany.What will be the effect of playing on the exchange rates if the raw materials are bought for euros?

– Unfortunately, in Russia there are very few suppliers of high-quality clay for the production of porcelain. But higher requirements are imposed on the suppliers of tableware for the HoReCa segment: plates and cups must be durable, easy to stack, wash, etc. Here, of course, it is appropriate to say that import substitution must first of all start with suppliers of raw materials for the tableware industry …Without this, it is impossible to talk about entering the European and other markets.

– Do the Russians themselves know their dish brands?

– The concept of a brand in our dishes is just beginning to form. In plastics, people generally don’t pay attention to the brand. Accordingly, most people buy dishes based on the price / quality ratio. In general, the majority of Russian tableware manufacturers are not yet up to brands, because the buyer is more focused on the cost than on the brand.And how the manufacturers of Russian dishes are represented in the networks depends not on the quality and characteristics of the products, but on the policy of the networks. How can we stimulate the interest of compatriots in our products? Produce quality goods, actively pursue our own marketing policy.

– To what extent is the demand for domestic plastic dishes now?

– The demand for it is growing every year.This became clearly visible for the first time during the 2008-2009 crisis. At that time, the “plastic” segment of the market was the most modernized among the cookware colleagues. It is the plastic manufacturers who are now best prepared for import substitution, so today 70 – 80% of the plastic tableware presented on the shelves of Russian stores is of domestic production.

Russian plastic has become competitive in world markets as well. For example, the Bashkir factory “Alternative” has been exhibiting at the largest international exhibition of tableware Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main for the second year already.

Every year, the predominance of plastic in all things around us is growing. Until 2015, this was due to the expanding network of fast food and restaurant business. Even now, in many restaurants, it is customary to take food with you, and this requires disposable dishes.

– Where in Russia are more plastic dishes produced?

– The main concentration of large players in the “plastic” market is in the Moscow region (companies “Polymer”, “Bytplast”, “M-plastic”).Among the largest in the regions, we can mention the same plant “Alternative”, there is one large plastic plant in the Far East. At the same time, many small and medium-sized enterprises are represented on local markets.

– Are the tableware market players ready to unite in order to defend their interests at the state level?

– Certainly, otherwise our partnership would not exist. It also includes St. Petersburg companies (for example, the Neva Metal Pottery plant, which makes non-stick pans), and enterprises from other regions.The purpose of our association is to protect Russian consumer goods on the domestic market, exchange experience. We help each other on all issues, in particular, on certification and entering foreign markets. Our task is to broadcast civilized business conditions to the market.

Having united in a non-profit partnership, market players are more comfortable working with government agencies and not treating each other as competitors. Due to the diversity of the industry, the members of our partnership work with different departments of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and it is rather difficult to defend industry interests alone.

You can discuss and comment on this and other articles in our VKontakte group

The material was published in the newspaper “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” No. 094 (5711) dated 05/30/2016.

long sleeve safety shirt china supplier, wholesale cheap safety reflective t shirt

long sleeve safety shirt china supplier, wholesale cheap safety reflective shirt

product name Hot sell mens polo shirts, cotton polo shirts, short sleeve polo shirts
fabric 100% shurnk cotton drill, 145-150gsm

1.Vertical mesh cotton back ventilation;

2.Underarm cotton mesh ventilation;

3.Lighter weight & amp; innovative pattern, stretch fabric from the garment to add more comfort for movement;

4.Comply per day / night AS / NZS 4602.1: 2011;

5. Conforms to AS / NZS 4602.1: 2011 and AS / NZS 1906.4: 2010 – Class D / N Day or night use,

color any color
Size S-3XL
MOQ 2000pcs
Lead time 55days after all confirmed,
bag 1pc / poly bag; 50pcs / box
box size 49 * 35 * 29


* V-neck

* Color combination

* 2 normal short cuffs

* long sleeves

* single-breasted buttons


Industry seats

Petroleum gas station, mining, offshore, road, factory, electrical, sanitation Worker, Logistics, Horticulture


Builder, builder, cleaner


driver, porter, courier, transport staff, supermarket

a, engineering flat knit collar

b, 3 buttons, skirt pocket with short sleeves

s, left chest with pocket

d, Mesh fabric at hand

e, comfortable feeling and easy to care


1pc / polybag, 60PCS / carton Solid color assorted size

0.0927CBM / Carton, G.W .: 17kg, N.W .: 16KG,

90,000 Christmas tree decorations and other products

How much do Christmas decorations weigh, how fragile are they?

Our toys are hollow inside, due to this they are not heavy, like a sculpture, on average a toy weighs 40 grams, compared to a glass toy, it is much stronger.

Where is the suspension of the toys? Is the suspension included in the price? How do you pack toys?

All toys have a hanger, a gold ribbon and a transport box.Each toy is carefully packed for shipping.

There is a desire to order a toy, but I’m afraid that it will crash on the way. Do you give any kind of guarantee?

We pack our products with care, we have extensive experience in packaging and the risk of a toy breaking on the way is minimal. If, nevertheless, such a nuisance occurs, send a photo of the broken toy on the day of receipt to our mail and we will send a replacement.

What transport companies do you send the parcels, how long does it take? How much does the delivery cost?

We work with CDEK and Boxberry delivery services, the cost of delivery for online stores is minimal.Delivery times and costs can be calculated when placing an order in the online store. Everything depends on the distance and the chosen delivery method – it is cheaper to pick-up points and the parcel arrives faster.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment is possible in several ways: prepayment by bank card – you place an order, we check the availability for you and send a payment link, when paying in the morning on the same day we send the order.It is also possible to pay upon receipt at the selected point of issue or to the courier in cash. (the exception may be for remote regions). If you are a legal entity or it is more convenient for you to pay by bank transfer account, write to us by mail.

I am in St. Petersburg, can I pick up my order at your production site?

Yes, there is such an opportunity, but we kindly ask you to take into account the fact that we do not have the ability to accept payment on the spot, so we can only issue prepaid orders.Arrival time needs to be negotiated with us by phone or by mail – so that we can have time to prepare an order and meet you.

What discounts for wholesale buyers do you have?

Our system of discounts is available on the website in the section “Wholesale buyers”, from 5,000 rubles a discount is 10%, from 50,000 rubles – 15% and from 300,000 rubles – 20%

We would like to order a toy with an individual design, how much does it cost and what are the terms for such work?

Products for individual orders (development of new products, modeling work) we take in the first half of the year.In terms of time, development takes 1.5 – 2 months, the cost is always calculated for each customer, depending on the complexity and circulation. Minimum lot of 500 pieces.

Do you make individual packaging, can you make a box with your own design?

Yes, we can offer you either an option to make your own inscription on the box, or change the top on the lid. We can also calculate the cost for any packaging you wish from our supplier.

If a product I like is out of stock now, can I order it and how long does it take?

You can always subscribe to notifications about the receipt of goods on the site. There are a number of products that are more difficult to manufacture and the waiting times increase. If you need a large number of toys, we need there will be an advance payment and production time (2-3 weeks). Any questions can be addressed by mail.

China cheap china manufacturer, high quality brake pads manufacturer and supplier – Factory price

No asbestos, No-noise, No dust, suitable hardness with excellent braking performance.High heat resistance with stable friction with long service life up to 1000,000 km of different formular for different road conditions as your request.

Shandong Alltour Automotive Co., Ltd

Our company Alltour

Alltour has completed equipment testing and top rated R&D team, adopting advanced formula and manufacturing process originated from Germany, strict quality control of raw materials, OEM quality materials.

modern production equipment, for example one-step press machine 30 pcs.

More than 200 items for commercial vehicles and 86 items are approved for ECE R90 certification.

Product feature

  1. Standard Backing Plate, OEM Raw Material Friction Material

  2. Less recession and excellent recovery in extremely high temperatures.

  3. Long service life, up to 1000.000 km

  4. No asbestos, No-noise, No dust

  5. Various formular for different driving conditions.

  6. New molds as sample supplier is available.

Product photos

PRODUCT NAME Brake pads China truck manufacturer for Iveco WVA 29122
MEASUREMENT 174.8 x 85.3 x 22 mm
WORKING LIFE Above 100,000 km
WVA No. 29093 29094, 29095, 29096, 29145


Day II – series rear

Production line

Production tests

Krauss friction material testing, test rate constant of friction test of coefficient of friction, wear test speed of shearing and more…

Product certification

ISO 9001: 2008

Our services

OEM & ODM acceptable.customized samples are available.

100% quality control before shipmeng

Delivery time

Quality guarantee 1 year 6-12 months.

Quality First, Customer First!

Any inquiry pls let us know, the best offers will be sent sooner.

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PIR Tableware Trends

All fashionable and current trends in the dishware industry on one platform – this is how you can describe the section “Utensils and equipment for HoReCa establishments” presented at the PIR-2008 exhibition.About 150 companies presented porcelain, ceramics, glass, cutlery, serving items and much more at their stands.

The time of the conservative style of serving is a thing of the past. Today, a lot is permissible: a mix of classic design products with fusion, porcelain with glass or wood, all kinds of combinations of products of various shapes (for example, round and square dishes), and so on. Plus, more and more multifunctional forms appear in the lines, which the chef can use exclusively at his own discretion to serve a variety of products and dishes.

Modern porcelain: the time of improvisation

Note that the offer of the exhibitors took into account a variety of categories of HoReCa establishments. For example, the “Complex Bar” company presented a new brand of economical porcelain, Prohotel. The series includes 24 items, including several options for cups and teapots. In the middle price category, the company offered porcelain KunstWerk (China), Weiye series. An important feature of tableware is the presence of alumin in clay, a chemical analogue of bone meal, which increases the strength of products.The presented line is distinguished by a variety of sizes and shapes: dishes in the form of a sheet, fish, oval, rectangular, rectangular with a wavy edge.

A new series of premium bone china made in China – Lequn – was brought to the exhibition by the Klen company. The products of the series have a noble ivory color and are distinguished by an unusual shape: for example, the dishes of the series are rectangular with curved edges. In addition, East Way porcelain, Cabare (China) and Thaiberry (Thailand) were presented at the company’s stand.

You could get acquainted with the porcelain of a new brand for Russia – RAK (Arab Emirates) at the stand of the Top Style company.

– The dishes of the new brand are favorably distinguished by a creamy shade, usually characteristic of bone china, – notes Natalya Yashkova , HoReCa manager. – A variety of forms will satisfy the requirements of owners of various establishments, including those with oriental cuisine. A special convenience lies in the fact that products of different series are interchangeable.It is also important that the manufacturer’s warranty for edge chipping is 5 years. As for the price category, RAK porcelain is more expensive than its Chinese counterparts, but cheaper than most European ones.

The latest series were presented by suppliers of all leading European dishware brands.

– The novelty of the exhibition is the Menu series porcelain from the Churchill company (England), says Yulia Artyukhova , brand manager of the RADIUS company. – Elegant, sophisticated porcelain demonstrates new serving options for establishments focused on inexpensive tableware.It should be noted the presence of unusual shapes in the series: a teapot and sugar bowl with beveled edges, plates with wide rim, allowing to accentuate the dish presented in the center. White porcelain can be easily combined with any other tableware in the establishment. For example, if finances do not allow you to immediately change the entire line, you can purchase individual items (kettle, sugar bowl, pasta plate) to diversify the serving.

The last “Silhouette” series of BAUSHER company (Germany), according to experts, is a revolution in the field of forms.An example is a shell-shaped dish that invites you to eat. Or a salad bowl projected in the form of a collar. It is a professional porcelain with a durable glaze, reinforced edges and stackability. Porcelain of the Ingredient series of the ROSENTHAL company (Germany) will also allow bringing a fresh stream to the serving. The line consists of unusual salad bowls and dishes, among which, for example, a multifunctional plate with crumpled edges, a pasta plate with a recess for a gravy boat.

In general, the specialists of many companies noted that the time of the conservative style in serving was in the past. Today, a lot is permissible: a mix of classic design products with fusion, porcelain with glass or wood, all kinds of combinations of products of various shapes (for example, round and square dishes), and so on. Plus, more and more multifunctional forms appear in the lines, which the chef can use exclusively at his own discretion to serve a variety of products and dishes.Another interesting trend is the series of cookware created with the participation of the world’s leading chefs. Today they are present in the assortment of several Russian suppliers – as a rule, in the highest price segment of bone china.


The exhibition also featured tableware made from alternative materials. Serving on the basis of Arcaroc glass-ceramic tableware of the “Brash” series was made at the stand of the Torgovy design company.The professional qualities of the dishes confirm impact resistance, heat resistance and readiness for machine washing. The products of the series are presented in several colors, and all of them are easy to combine.

Possibilities of combining porcelain with wooden dishes were demonstrated at the stand of the Delovaya Rus company.

– We present tableware from pink acacia Pacific Merchants (Philippines), – says Oksana Andrianova , manager of tableware and accessories department. – This is a solid wood, it does not exfoliate, does not chip.The dishes are highly durable, thanks to the special treatment with oil, traces of a knife do not remain on the surface of the products. The pink acacia dishes should be washed by hand, after which they are wiped dry. The ruler is distinguished by a variety of shapes: square, circle, triangle. Acacia crockery can be combined with porcelain and ceramics and can be used as a basic serving option or as a substitute.

Decorating the table with glass

The guests of the exposition were particularly attracted by the new series of colored glass, which will make it possible to play up the table setting in an interesting way.Thus, the Celebration series from Luigi Bormioli (Italy) was presented at the Top Style stand. Colored dishes have an interesting design: the relief is, as it were, hidden under a smooth surface. Handmade colored glass IVV (Italy) fits perfectly into the displayed table setting. The line of this manufacturer is distinguished by a variety of shapes and colors. And even real gold is used in the decoration. The novelty was also presented by the SPIEGELAU company (Germany). Glassware from the Light & Strong Diamonds series is as if trimmed with small diamonds.The line includes dishes, plates, glasses for various drinks and more.

Exhibition innovations

The exposition confirmed the fact that many manufacturers rely on innovation as an opportunity to surprise the client of the HoReCa establishment. For example, the Restline company showed decanter glasses Rona (Slovakia). Thanks to the special shape of the platform, the glass sways on a flat surface, and the poured wine is mixed, as in a decanter. For more active mixing, the glass can be nudged a little.

ARC International presented an interesting novelty Cubic.

– A plastic cube with a recess can be used as a leg for a glass of “Margarita” or wine, – says the specialist of ARK Distribution Russia Ekaterina Davydova . Thus, serving a popular cocktail turns into a fun and unusual event. The cube is available in 4 colors: transparent, black, blue and red. Cubes can be stacked to decorate the bar. The forms themselves are also very versatile and allow you to serve cocktails, fruit salads, ice cream.

Another find of the designers of the French company REVOL is the shape of a crumpled plastic glass “Froise”, embodied in porcelain. Fancy glasses are available in several colors. It should be noted that the product is very comfortable to hold in hand. It is interesting that a kind of anti-aesthetics turned this novelty in Europe into a hit of sales. Such a product can perfectly fit into the concept of a nightclub or a trendy bar.

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