Cargo pants big pockets: Boulder Creek by Kingsize Men’s Big & Tall Renegade Side-Elastic Waist Single Pocket Cargo Pants at Amazon Men’s Clothing store


Pockets Are Absolutely Enormous Now

In the last few years, something strange has happened: pockets, those humble, hand-sized pouches tucked into pants and pinned onto shirts, have grown to gigantic proportions. I’m not talking about standard-issue pockets, here, but rather billowing cargo pants with pockets large enough to fit a MacBook Air. Slouchy overshirts, with pockets that can easily carry a classic Moleskine notebook, a packet of pens, and maybe one or two editions of pocket-sized Shakespeare. T-shirts with a pouch up front you could carry a small melon in. The utilitarian look has been bouncing around more the esoteric pockets of the menswear world for quite some time. Now, though, it has suddenly popped up with newfound zest at fast-fashion retailers and on Instagram curation accounts. The gigantic pocket is coming for you.

And not just you. Big Pocket has high-profile celebrity loyalists in the likes of Kanye West and Justin Bieber. If you think of the steady stream of paparazzi photos of West leaving his Calabasas office, a few motifs come to mind. His uniform usually consists of heavily pocketed cargo pants or a chore coat with some sort of sizable chest pocket. Just this week, Bieber posted a casual photo on his Instagram of himself wearing a button-up shirt with two prominent pockets…and cargo pants with, yes, two mega pockets. 

The celebs have plenty to choose from: boxy overshirts with larger-than-usual pockets have become a staple of designer Christopher Lemaire at both his eponymous label and his ongoing collaboration with Uniqlo. Errolson Hugh has built a devoted following based on his futuristic and pocket-heavy work at Acronym and his stint at Nike ACG. Rick Owens’ legendary gothleisure, along with Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo’s high-end athleisure, both feature their fair share of statement pockets, too.

Those designers didn’t spring up with huge pockets out of nowhere. The past few seasons and trend cycles have been dominated by a relatively consistent stripe of utilitarian workwear, cross-body bags, performance sneakers, and other high-tech accessories—all of which have made room for pockets that make serious room. Standouts include Alyx’s “Chest Rig” bag, designed by recently-appointed Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams, while predecessors include the bulletproof-esque vest that Kanye West sent down the runway for his inaugural Yeezy collection. (Not to mention: this pair of Yeezy pants that West released in 2018.) It feels accurate to ascribe this hyper-functional look to the lasting influence of Helmut Lang, the virtuoso designer who ushered in a wave of bold utilitarian minimalism in the late 1990s.

31 Best Cargo Pants for Women in 2020

There are few fashion trends that evoke as much suspicion as cargo pants for women. Ask someone—anyone—how they feel about them, and they’ll probably raise their brows, having been reminded of suburban dads on vacation or regrettable outfits from the late ’90s. It’s easy to understand why people aren’t usually sold on them: They’re baggy and intentionally crumpled, and they often come in that divisive low-rise—but much like matching sweatsuits and “ugly” sandals, cargo pants are part of the new frontier of WFH fashion, with the coronavirus bringing a whole new lens to the comfortable “dad wardrobe. ” (That, and the fact that our collective angst is making the Avril Lavigne leap out in all of us.)

This season’s cargo pants aren’t sacrificing function for form, and fall’s most popular styles are backed by celebs and street-style stars alike. From Bella Hadid’s informal Canadian tuxedo to Camila Coelho’s color-blocked pants, Jennifer Aniston’s classic khaki, and Hailey Baldwin Beiber’s paratrooper-inspired ensemble (we get it—you have to be ready for anything in 2020), there’s a style of cargo pants for everyone. 

Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week in March

Getty/Marc Piasecki

Camila Coelho leaving the Prabal Gurung show in February

Getty/Gilbert Carrasquillo

Jennifer Aniston leaves Balayage by Nancy Braun Salon in Beverly Hills.


Hailey Baldwin Beiber makes her way to Café Mogador in New York.

Backgrid/TYJA, AGNY

Though Hadid, Coelho, and Baldwin Beiber all wore their cargo pants with crop tops, many a runway has presented alternative ways to style the trend.

You could go the route of comfort and pair them with an equally baggy oversized sweater, or make like Rihanna and reach for a sultry blouse you haven’t worn since IRL dates were a thing. Slouchy bottoms are the perfect antidote to fitted tops, so offsetting a structured blouse with cargo pants may finally tempt you out of your comfiest black leggings. 

Rihanna is seen walking in Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea.

Getty/Han Myung-Gu

If the thought of revisiting cargo pants has crossed your mind recently, now’s the time to indulge. The baggy staple is officially back, and it’s ideal for when your most exciting outings of the moment include corner store runs and dog walks. Plus, who couldn’t use some extra pockets for mask storage and ballot cheat sheets this fall? Check out 31 of the best cargo pants for women, ahead. 

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13 best women’s cargo pants in 2021

Cargo pants are back! And no, we’re not kidding. According to global fashion platform Lyst, demand for cargo pants has increased by 19% in the past three weeks. The wildly popular ’90s trend is getting a second life as Lyst’s data shows that people are still searching for the classic baggy and utility styles from three decades ago alongside more modern, slim-fit styles.

Ready to see what the new and improved style looks like? Here are 13 pairs of cargo pants we’re currently digging.

Stylish women’s cargo pants

Libin Cargo Joggers

These five-pocket joggers are perfect for everything from hiking to running errands and staying hands-free. They are bestsellers in the women’s outdoor recreation pants category on Amazon and even come in eight different colors.

Banana Republic Cargo Jogger

Cargo pants have evolved over the years and the closet staple now comes in a variety of styles. Take these modern cargo joggers, for instance. The relaxed fit is equally perfect for workouts and a day of running errands, and is made with a soft, moisture-wicking material that helps you feel fresh all day long.

Venus Belted Cargo Pants

Just call them the perfect mix of practicality and panache. This belted pair of cargo pants with a tapered ankle definitely caught our eyes since it blends utility and style in the most seamless way possible. The $37 price tag is also right up our alley!

Spanx Stretch Twill Ankle Cargo Pant

Looking for a more sleek cargo style? This adjustable pair is polished enough to wear to the office, yet relaxed enough for the weekend. The style comes in three colors (we’re crushing on the soft sage shade) and is available in sizes up to 3X.

Madewell Classic Straight Cargo Pants

Not sold on the revived cargo pants trend just yet? Combine it with another tried-and-true style like classic straight jeans to ease into things. This pair is perfect for wearing to the office with your favorite pair of flats or booties.

Banana Republic Factory Tencel Soft Cargo Pant

The high-waisted design and fitted ankles lend the pants a dressy touch and they’re made of 100% tencel material, making them super soft and comfortable.

Breezeshooter Slim Leg Convertible Pants

Stay cool and look chic with this pair of breathable cargo pants that have microscopic vents to improve airflow. The stretchy fabric lets you move easily and convertible legs make it a versatile piece you can wear in multiple ways. The pants have plenty of pockets (five total) so you can store everything you need close to you while you’re on-the-go.

Mocoly Cargo Hiking Pants

Hoping to switch up your workout wardrobe? Cargo pants are both convenient (hello pockets!) and comfy, and this pair has two features we’re totally digging: UPF 50+ protection and an adjustable cord lock around the cuffs that keeps bugs at bay while you’re out enjoying nature.

Denim Co. Regular Comfy Knit Denim Cargo Jogger

Denim cargo pants? Yep, they exist! This pull-on style combines casual and cool in the best possible way and features several sleek pockets. The pants are made of a comfy knit material and come in six colors ranging from pink and blue to green.

River Rock Cargo Pants

We’re getting a nice blast from the ’90s past just looking at these ankle-length cargo pants! Between their stretchy cotton fabric, the weathered finish, the multiple color options and the ample storage, there’s plenty to love!

Laurie Felt Regular Lyocell Cargo Pants

Cargo pants don’t have to be baggy and bulky! This style looks more like jeans, but it’s still got all the appeal of the cargo pants you once knew and loved, including roomy pockets and a comfy fit. The plum color is also pretty rad!

Wknd Satin Jogger Pants

There are few materials more comfy than satin and this pair of cargo joggers comes in two sleek colors. The multitasking style can easily be dressed up or down and is ultra comfy thanks to its pull-on fit.

Vince Camuto Cargo Pants

Fitted green cargo pants help you achieve that military look in a dressy way and we’re totally ready to salute this stylish pair. The silky lyocell material means you’ll feel comfy while you’re looking fabulous and the ample pockets are an added bonus.

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7 Different Types of Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are not only useful for storage with its many pockets but also stylish. As proof, here are the seven different types of cargo pants.

Cargo pants are so ingrained into daily fashion, you probably don’t think twice about them. You probably have at least one pair of them in your closet right now and you’ve probably worn a bunch of different pairs of cargo pants in your life.

But there are many different types of cargo pants that put a special twist on this standard style. Which type of cargo pants should you be wearing? Cargo pants aren’t just for working or rugged situations anymore. It’s time to find out how cargo pants have changed and how they’re still evolving on the fashion scene.


Anyone can wear cargo pants now, and pretty much everyone has worn a pair at least once. But when they were first invented, cargo pants were only worn by soldiers. These pants were designed for soldiers in the British Armed Forces. The deep, easily accessible pockets on the legs of the pants were used to store extra ammo, wound dressings, and other battlefield items.

That may be a bit of a grim start for cargo pants, but this style has now become a standard in apparel for both men and women.

What Are Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants are characterized by cargo pockets. These are large pockets on the upper legs of the pants. They’re placed on the outer thighs, above the knees. Cargo pockets are typically made to be expandable, so they get bigger as more items are put inside them, and have flap closures. The flaps may be secured with Velcro, buttons, even magnets sewn into the cloth.

The large cargo pockets are rarely the only pockets in cargo pant styles. Usually, cargo pants have a minimum of six pockets. That includes standard back pockets and hip pockets that are found in many pant styles. Standard cargo pant designs are made to be somewhat loose-fitting and comfortable. Traditional cargo pants are made in khaki or camouflage designs, an homage to their military roots. However, cargo pants have evolved and changed a great deal since those early military days.

Who Wears Cargo Pants?

Because they are great for storage, cargo pants are still used in uniforms and they’re still worn widely by professionals who need to keep items readily available. Cargo pant styles are also still worn by military personnel and police officers.

You’ll see them being worn by first responders and many other working professionals. They’re popular with construction workers, plumbers, electricians, and others who work with their hands.

However, cargo pants can be worn by anyone and often are. This is a popular look and it’s practical whether you’re working or just having a day of relaxation. After all, everyone’s got things to carry.

Types of Cargo Pants

Pants that have cargo pockets are cargo pants. However, there are many different designs and different types of cargo pants.

EMT pants are cargo pants that are specifically designed for first responders. These pants are usually made with a blend of polyester and cotton fabrics that creates a durable material that’s easy to machine wash. Often, these pants are reinforced in heavy-wear areas like the knees. EMT cargo pants are made with lots of pockets. The big pockets often have dividers to make it easy to store medical supplies. EMT cargo pants are often made in dark blues, grays, and blacks, common uniform colors.

Tactical cargo pants are worn by SWAT team members and other police officers. Tactical cargo pants are made to be exceptionally durable. These cargo pants are made with concealed pockets, smaller pockets that are hidden inside the large cargo pockets. Tactical pants are usually reinforced and made with double stitching techniques to make them wear-resistant. Tactical cargo pants are frequently made in shades of gray, black, green, khaki, and blue.

Hiking cargo pants are made to withstand the elements and provide lots of pocket space. Made for toughness, water-resistance, and storage capacity, hiking cargo pants are designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. These pants are perfect for fishing, camping, and any sort of outdoor leisure. You can often find hiking cargo pants in camouflage patterns and other natural Earth colors, like brown and khaki.

Source: H&M

Slim fit cargo pants are one of the newer types of cargo pants out there. This design is different from traditional cargo pant styles because it’s made to be form-fitting, rather than loose. Otherwise, slim fit cargo pants are like any other type of cargo pants, with plenty of pocket space and durable fabric.

Cargo jogger pants are designed as athletic wear that has the traditional cargo pant style. These cargo pants are generally made in soft, breathable cloth with a drawstring or elastic waistbands that are contouring and comfortable. These cargo pants still have the leg pockets but unlike traditional cargo pant styles, they’re made to be lightweight and they aren’t designed with heavy fabric types.

Source: SSENSE

High-end cargo pants are now totally a thing, too. Now, cargo pants are made from a huge variety of materials, from silk to leather, and made in straight-leg, flare, and skinny styles. High-end fashion designers have offered their own expensive versions of cargo pants that have been worn by celebrities all across the entertainment industry.

High-end cargo pants are made in a dizzying array of colors and patterns.

Source: SSENSE

Denim cargo pants are another relatively new development when it comes to cargo pant styles. Cargo pant styles have now made the leap to denim to become a legitimate blue jeans style. Denim cargo pants have the classic big leg pockets and typically, several more pockets everywhere to emphasize the cargo pant design.

Wearing Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are highly adaptable and the design can be made in any fabric. Tactical and camping cargo pants are often made with cotton ripstop material. This is a fabric that is designed to prevent tears. The fabric is woven so that tears literally stop. Hence, ripstop.

Cargo pants can be worn in any season. Some styles are made to be heavier and more insulating for colder temperatures, while others are made to be lightweight and breathable for hot weather. Cargo pants can be worn with almost anything, but it’s common to pair these pants with casual shirts, like T-shirts, and casual shoes like boots and sneakers.

You don’t need a battlefield to have a need for cargo pants anymore. These pants have made it into every aspect of fashion. They can be worn as rugged outdoor wear, as part of a work uniform, as a casual style choice, or even as something totally expensive and high-end.

Cargo pants can be worn by anyone, even the ultra A-list celebs, and they can look good on anyone. Find the type of cargo pants you like best and start putting things in those super useful pockets. Because after all, storing items is what cargo pants are all about.

Best 19 Travel Pants for Men in 2021


Our list of the best cargo pants for men is in no particular order but we’re sure you’d agree that the Match Men’s Athletic Fit Cargo Pants are a good choice to kick it off. Made from 100% cotton, these comfortable and stylish camo cargo pants are more than ideal for any outdoor activities, work, or for comfy casual wear.

Match Men provides a wide range of colors and styles but we’re going to concentrate on the camo colored variant. Why? Because why not? What man doesn’t like to be able to blend in with their surroundings like a commando? Besides, when you’re shooting your buddies in their behinds when paintballing, it just feels so much better when wearing camo.

All jokes aside, these cargo pants are well-priced, well-liked judging from reviews, durable, have deep pockets, and sit comfortably on the waist. In order to allow you to get the perfect fit, there are drawstrings for both the waist and the leg opening.


  • checkDeep pockets
  • checkRugged & durable
  • checkComfortable fit


  • cross-altLeg pockets a little low

When wearing pants at home, the number one priority is comfort and this is why sweatpants are usually right at the top of our considerations. However, cheap cargo pants are proving to be a more stylish alternative as at least you’ll look more presentable should somebody turn up at your home.

Additionally, cargo pants such as Banana Bucket Men’s Elastic Waist Loose Fit Cargo Pants are fit for many other purposes as well. They are tougher, more durable, and are therefore great if you do have to actually get up from the couch and do something.

Among the cheaper cargo pants on our list, these pants have a zipper fly, and elastic waistband, and can be tightened to fit using an interior drawstring. There are three colors to choose from, you have the two side pockets accompanying two normal pockets and back pockets, and they are primarily made of 95% cotton which is a big reason for their comfort levels.


  • checkLightweight & comfortable
  • checkIdeal as casual pants
  • checkGreat price


  • cross-altOnly three colors to choose from

You can always count on Goodthreads for your men’s clothing needs and we were incredibly impressed with their moderately-priced Men’s Slim Fit Vintage Cargo Pants. Offering a bit more in terms of styling compared to your average pair of cargo pants, these will be ideal whether you’re lying around the home or getting a sweat on with some outdoor activities.

Made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane, these cargo pants have been designed to offer a tailored slim cut that is both comfortable and pleasing on the eye. There are four colors to choose from but it’s the deep depth olive that we liked the most.

What we also liked was that the thigh pockets are at a nice height compared to some others on our list. This makes them far easier to access and they’re also pretty deep which is obviously a bonus. You then have your two hip pockets and rear pockets to give you even more storage options.


  • checkVariety of sizes available
  • checkMachine washable
  • checkStylish slim fit design


  • cross-altNot as durable as others

Ok, so technically, tactical pants are not cargo pants but who really cares? They are extremely closely matched with tactical pants such as these from the M-Tec Aggressor Flex range being designed more for professional use rather than just at home. Worn by police, EMT’s, swat teams, and other active professionals, these are designed to be even more durable and functional when compared to cargo pants.

When we talk about functionality, we’re talking 7-different pockets. When we’re talking durability, we’re talking a strong rip-stop flex fabric construction. When you throw in reinforced knees, an adjustable waistband, and the fact that these look fantastic, you’re getting yourself some high-class tactical/cargo pants for your money.

They are quite expensive compared to others on this list but in terms of the quality, ruggedness, functionality, and everything else, you’re not going to be able to find many pants that are better. Probably not ideal if you’re just going to wear them for show but certainly something to consider if you enjoy outdoor activities.


  • checkGreat looking pants
  • checkExtremely durable
  • checkSo many pockets

Do you really think we can have a list about any kind of pants without including an offering from Levi’s? Their men’s Military Branded Cargo Pants are not here just because of who made them either, as these are well worth a spot on their own merits.

Affordable with a stylish military camouflage design and with the quality workmanship that you’d expect from such a brand, these are an excellent option if you’re looking for some comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing cargo pants.

We found these to fit very well while they give off a good bit of stretch. Furthermore, the pockets are large, well-placed, and very deep which makes them highly functional if you have many items or tools that you need to keep on you at all times. The belt that comes with these cargo pants is a nice little touch but you may want to swap it out and use the belt loops for a belt of your own choosing instead.


  • checkMachine washable
  • checkImpressive build-quality
  • checkTrusted brand


  • cross-altIncluded belt is a bit meh

If you’re more of an active guy and want some pants that are going to fit well, be light but durable, and have numerous pockets, then you wouldn’t be going by checking out the LA Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Caro Pants.

These are made of a 65% polyester and 35% cotton rip-stop fabric, have an elastic waistband and are designed to be functional as well as pleasing to the eye. With many different colors to choose from, a high-quality YKK locking zipper, and articulating knees, these are ideal when enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or even for working.

Another plus is that instead of the six standard pockets that you get with most cargo pants, you actually get seven. That extra pocket is a single front-slip pocket that is the perfect size to place a cellphone or an assault rifle magazine – whichever you find more important to carry. Great pants at a very good price and thus, you won’t find us regretting the fact that we’re recommending them to you.


  • checkReasonably priced
  • checkLightweight & durable
  • check7 pockets in total


  • cross-altSome claim sizing is too small

If you wanted to look great in some lightweight cargo pants without breaking the bank, then you might want to consider the Company 81 Men’s Twill Cargo Pants. Among the lower priced recommendations on our list but with a sturdy and attractive design, these would make the ideal pants for working or socializing.

These may not be as durable as some of the others but they are certainly up there when it comes to comfort due to their 100% construction. We found them to fit really well too and the coordinating belt that comes with them is a nice little touch. While they could offer a greater variety when it comes to colors, we do have to admit liking both the Fatigue and Charcoal Heather options that they currently have.

At the end of the day, when you consider the price of these cargo pants for men, you’re getting some of the best value for money that you’ll find on our list of recommendations.


  • checkBudget cargo pants
  • checkMachine washable
  • checkLightweight & comfortable


  • cross-altOnly two-color options

Dockers is another of the big-name brands on our list and we found their Men’s D3 Comfort Cargo Pants to be smarter looking compared to most. While they would be ideal for most purposes or occasions, we think they are more suited to working environments than anything else.

Made from 100% soft cotton, comfort is the priority with these cargo pants and we scored them high in this regard. The expandable waistband that gives a couple of inches certainly adds to those comfort levels while the classic fit will ensure that you’re given plenty of flexibility whilst looking good at the same time.

As for pockets, you get two slanted side pockets, button-flapped rear pockets, and a handy zippered leg pocket. This offers a more secure location for anything important such as keys, cellphones, or wallets. Other cargo pants will give you a buttoned leg pocket at best.


  • checkSmart & casual look
  • checkQuality made
  • checkExpandable waistband


  • cross-altSizes can run big

Buying cargo pants doesn’t have to be expensive and when it comes to the cheaper options, you’re not going to find many that give you as good value for money as the AKARMY Must Way Men’s 8-Pocket Cargo Pants. Not only are they priced extremely affordable but they actually provide a bit more functionality compared to others through having a generous eight pockets for you to utilize.

Those eight pockets include four on the legs, two side hip pockets, and two back pockets. You might even think that there are nine pockets in total but the zippered pocket on the front left leg is there purely for show and unzips into nothing. Still, you have plenty of options when it comes to storing any items that you’re carrying. Just try to remember which pocket they’re in as it can get a little testing after a while of always finding what you’re looking for in the eighth pocket that you check.

Made from 100% cotton, these men’s cargo pants are also comfortable while you’ll have a choice between 25 different designs and color schemes to choose from.


  • checkVariety of colors to choose from
  • checkFantastic budget cargo pants
  • checkMany pockets


  • cross-altThe front zipper pocket is just for show

If you’d rather pay a little more for a bigger name and a bit more in terms of quality, then the Carhartt Men’s Washed Duck Work Dungaree Pants might well be a more suitable choice for you. Featuring reinforced pockets and belt loops, a hammer loop, and wide leg openings that are ideal to fit over work boots, these pants are designed for the hard workers among you.

100% cotton is the fabric used to make these pants and this will give you the comfort and durability needed while they are designed to fit naturally on your waist to give you plenty of flexibility when working.

Carhartt is renowned for manufacturing top-quality affordable clothing for those that work in the construction industry and these once again showcase their expertise at doing just that. Not only are they designed to be durable and functional but they also look the part too.



  • checkReinforced pockets
  • checkHighly durable
  • checkIdeal for working in construction


  • cross-altPockets could be bigger

Another fantastic pair of men’s cargo pants for those of you that are looking for something to wear at work is that of the Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men’s Ranger Pants. Wrangler as a brand, of course, requires no introduction as most of you will already know that this is a brand that provides affordable yet top-quality workwear that won’t let you down.

Made from a heavyweight and durable ripstop cotton fabric, these pants bring features such as reinforced knees, spacious cargo pockets, and a hammer loop. We also found them to look very stylish as well as obviously offering up plenty of functionality via the seven pockets that have been implemented.

You have a choice of about six colors and they all look great although we really liked the Loden color. The little leather patch on the right pocket really adds to the style as well which makes them a good option even when you’re not working.


  • checkSpacious pockets
  • checkHammer loop
  • checkHeavy duty


  • cross-altQuite heavy to wear

Whether you want a pair of cargo pants that look stylish, that you do work around the home in, enjoy some outdoor activities, or work in, these straight cut twill cargo pants from Dickie’s might be what you’re looking for.

Firstly, Dickie’s is a name that you can trust while secondly, you can be confident of being given a comfortable fit, high-quality workmanship, and a highly durable pair of cargo pants. Regular fit, these pants provide additional benefits such as moisture wicking, wrinkle-resistance, being easy-to-clean, and a flexible fabric that really aids both movement and comfort.

There are seven pockets in total, two each on the legs, thighs, back, and a small multi-purpose pocket on the right leg. The latter is perfect for putting something small like a cellphone or wallet while all of the other pockets are of a very good size and strength.


  • checkQuality workmanship
  • checkImpressive features
  • checkStrong & comfortable


  • cross-altShort length zipper

You know we’re talking about a top brand when they feature twice on our list and Wrangler is certainly that. As well as their previous cargo pants that we recommend you check out, their Authentics Men’s Classic Twill Cargo Pants are another that is well worth a look.

These look and feel fantastic but don’t let that you think that these are not highly durable. They’re made from a 100% cotton rip-stop fabric and have been designed to fit seamlessly so that you don’t have to make any adjustments when kneeling, crouching, or bending. The pockets are of a decent size too while the zip fly with button closure is also of top quality.

These are actually very competitively priced as well but then again, that’s always been the case with Wrangler. These are definitely worth checking out if you’re on the lookout for some good quality cargo pants.


  • checkMade in the USA
  • checkRip-stop fabric
  • checkLarge pockets


  • cross-altOnly four color options

As our premium choice, the 5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro Tactical Cargo Pants are certainly our favorites in terms of full-blown quality, durability, and functionality. These are the pants that you’re going to work if you really want the very best when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities or working outside.

Double-layered reinforced knees, Teflon stain and soil resistance, and the ability to insert kneepads are just some of the additional features that make these some of the best cargo pants around. That’s without even mentioning their very durable Taclite ripstop construction, eight functional pockets, and a stylish design that will have you earning admiring glances.

Just to top everything off, these popular and well-received cargo pants are also available in ten different colors. Seriously, if you’re able to stump a little more for your cargo pants, these are certainly the ones to go for.


  • checkException quality
  • checkHighly functional
  • checkTeflon stain and soil resistance


  • cross-altNot ideal in high temperatures

If you wanted to go all out-action man by taking part in outdoor activities such as paintballing, hiking, rock-climbing hunting, or fishing, what better way to do it than in some military cargo pants? Well, with the Ochenta Men’s Cotton Military Cargo Pants, you can do just that and look just as tough as you already think you are.

Style wise these really do look the part and with close to 20-different colors to choose from, you’ll have no issues finding the one that suits you the most. Furthermore, these offer far more than just looks as they’re also extremely durable and functional.

There are eight pockets in total, the 100 percent cotton material used is super comfy, and you have a handy drawstring to adjust the cuff if it’s on the long side. In short, these are a perfect companion whether lazing around at home, doing a bit of gardening, or out earning your living on the construction site.


  • checkTrendy design
  • check8-Pockets
  • checkComfortable fit


  • cross-altSome report zipper issues

Another popular pair of cargo pants that we equally liked as much as those that have reviewed them is that of the CQR Men’s Tactical Cargo Pants. These are perfect for numerous purposes whether you’re planning to hit the paintballing scene, dig up your garden, or get to work on the construction site.

Where these pants standout is the Duratex fabric which is effective at eliminating many liquids, dirt, and other types of contaminants while it’s also resistant to fading, shrinking and wrinkling. Well, that and its excellent durability due to being made from rip-stop fabric which is known for its strength and ruggedness.

It doesn’t hurt that these impressive cargo pants come with eight handy pockets, a durable zipper and that they’re designed to look as equally as good as they are functional. We definitely suggest you take a look at these as they are certainly among our favorites.



  • checkStain-resistant
  • checkWeatherproof
  • checkLightweight


  • cross-altLegs a little baggy

if you have the sort of money to be able to splash out on premium priced cargo pants such as the M-TAC Conquistador Flex Tactical Pants, you should know that you’re going to be getting yourself some of the best available right now.

These are actually designed to be worn by those that are on active duty whether that’s the police, firefighters, soldiers, or anyone else that would be able to benefit the most from such a top-quality pair of cargo pants.

These are made of a flexible but strong polycotton rip-stop fabric which is especially resistant to tears and damage. You’ll also enjoy features such as 8-large pockets, two valves that allow you to adjust the fit, reinforced knees, d-rings attached to the belt loops that allow you to clip keys, gloves or cuffs with ease.

Expensive, yes but more than worth the money if you’re in a field that needs the very best in tactical cargo pants.


  • checkWater-repellent
  • checkTons of pockets
  • checkReinforced knees


  • cross-altA little expensive

Coming in at least four times cheaper than the tactical cargo pants above is the Match Men’s Athletic-Fit Cargo Pants. These are more suitable to those of you that want something that has decent durability, serves their purpose and will not cost you an arm and a leg. They’re also suitable for all kinds of uses whether it’s just hanging out at home, going hiking, or even for a bit of socializing out on the town.

The first thing you’ll notice with these cargo pants is that you have around 40 different designs and colors to choose from. That’s more than anything else on our list and great for those of you that are really picky about what you’re wearing.

As for the specs of these things, they’re made from 100% cotton, are regular fit, and have the standard six-pockets that most cargo pants do. You’ll also be pleased to hear that they’re machine-washable, have a waist drawstring to adjust the fit, and are comfortable, light, and also more durable than their price might suggest.


  • checkLoads of colors/designs
  • checkComfortable & lightweight
  • checkGood budget cargo pants


  • cross-altNot as durable as top brands

If you didn’t want to gamble with a budget pair of cargo pants but instead would rather pay a little more for a tried and trusted brand, then you’re not going to be going wrong by trying out these Levi’s Men’s Military Banded Carrier Cargo Pants.

You just know that you’re going to get quality workmanship from Levi and this is certainly prevalent in this cargo pants. A durable, flexible, and stretchable polycotton material is what these are made from and that ensures a comfortable fit that starts just below the waist.

The pockets on these are also worth mentioning and not just because there are six of them but because they are big, spacious, and are double-layered. You can tell that a great focus has been put into delivering a sturdy and secure level of storage options for anyone that decides to purchase these cargo pants.


  • checkA Name you can trust
  • checkComes with belt
  • checkDouble-layered pockets


  • cross-altNot too many designs available

Not all cargo pants have been designed in a way that totally ignores a smart dress sense as the Performance Series Extreme Comfort Cargo Pants go to show. These have been designed to look great, feel comfortable, and also provide their main purpose of functionality at the same time.

Seriously, there are not many cargo pants on this list that you could get away with wearing a shirt and jacket with but you can with these. As for the already mentioned comfort levels, you’re not going to find many others that can compete with what Lee has produced here.

Straight fit with an extremely flexible waistband, these cargo pants are made from a stretchable polycotton fabric that is soft, comfy and fits perfectly. You should discount their durability either and while there might be better options if you want to use them for some rough and tumble activity or job, these will more than hold up to most of what can be thrown at them.


  • checkStylish design
  • checkSupremely comfortable
  • checkMachine washable


  • cross-altOnly four colors to select from

Finishing up our extensive list of the best cargo pants for men is that of the stylish but functional Plaid & Plain Men’s Slim Fit Cargo Pants. Ideal to be worn as casual wear or for work, these slim fit cargo pants will have you looking at your very best.

Made from cotton and lycra spandex, these cargo pants will give you high levels of comfort and plenty of flexibility due to the stretchability of the fabric no matter the activity you’re currently doing. You’ll also be able to make use of seven well-seized pockets that’ll allow you to store items of multiple sizes. One of those pockets is a thigh-high pocket that is perfect for your cellphone, wallet, or magazine.

Summing up, if you want to look good in your cargo pants as well as being able to take advantage of their functional purpose, you would not be going wrong by taking a closer look at these from Plaid & Plain.


  • checkComfortable & stretchable material
  • check7-Pockets
  • checkStylish slim fit design


  • cross-altNot ideal for work boots

What are Cargo Pants and What to Wear with Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants which are sometimes also called combat pants are designed to be functional pants which are ideal for use in outdoor activities or for primarily outdoor occupations. They were originally used in professions such as the military, police force, and special forces but have since become popular in everyday life and activities as well due to their tough, durable, and comfortable construction.

In terms of clothing that can be worn with cargo pants, pretty much anything goes depending on how brave you are. Some cargo shorts actually look quite smart and would work in a smart casual way but generally, these are more suited to a casual or workwear type of look.

As for footwear, cargo pants actually work well with a broad range. You can go for the sporty look with sneakers, a smart casual look with shoes, or if you’re wearing them for practical reasons when hiking or fishing, you might want to consider some of the best winter boots for men.

Summing up, cargo pants really can work with anything and besides, you’re not meant to be wearing them to be at the forefront of fashion. They’re functional pants, which if they happen to look good, is just a bonus.

What are the Best Brands for Cargo Pants?

You’ll find most of them in our list below but if you wanted a bit of a hint, the likes of Wrangler, Levi, Lee, Carhartt, and 5.11 are probably the most well-known and most reputable. That said, we’ve also included some lesser-known brands and their products in our list as well as we feel that they’re well worth a spot.

The bigger brands are generally more expensive but you know what you’re going to get in terms of of quality. That said, some of the cheaper budget brands have produced some excellent value cargo pants that we have no problem with recommending to you. Being cheaper, you can obviously afford to buy them in bulk so that in some cases you could three pairs compared to one pair of a more notable brand.

What Activities Cargo Pants are Best Suited for?

The great thing about cargo pants is that they’re great for practically anything. Well, apart from swimming, sword fighting, weddings, or any occasion where you’re likely to be searched and asked to empty your pockets.

Obviously, there is a reason people on active duty in the police force, army, EMT, or boy scouts like to wear cargo pants as they’re durable and functional. The same can be said by anyone that enjoys outdoor activities or that works outdoors in landscaping, construction, or any other job that requires tough clothing that has plenty of storage options.

Many jokes about how bad in terms of fashionability that cargo pants are but you’ll also see that there’s plenty on our recommended list that actually look good. This makes them ideal for chilling out at home, hitting the bars, or generally just going about daily life.


Look, cargo pants are never going to win any fashion awards but that’s not what they’re for. If you want to look fashionable you’re going to want to be looking at the latest and greatest pairs of distressed jeans. What cargo pants do offer us, however, is practicality, functionality, and the ability to store dozens of our favorite bits and pieces in the pockets of our choosing. Think of them like handbags but for men instead.

Joking aside, we’re sure that you all know the benefits of a good pair of cargo pants. They are a great option for outdoor activities such as hiking, paintballing, hunting, and climbing while they make the ideal type of pants if you work outdoors as well. Essentially, when you want functional clothing that is durable and comfortable, cargo shorts are going to be right up there with your options.

So, did you find some that you liked on the list above? Of course, you did and we’re sure that you picked the perfect match for your chicken legs.

It’s Time to Bring Back Cargo Pants

Plus, and I’m sorry to have to say this, but—you already look stupid. Do you think James Dean would have seemed like such a badass if he had a Samsung Galaxy S10 bulging in his pocket, its blocky outline faded permanently onto the front of his jeans? No, he wouldn’t have. Guess what: neither do you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not arguing for a return to cargoes in the bulky, baggy form they took in 2002. They certainly should not hang below the knee; that helps no one. In fact, I’m not very interested in cargo shorts at all, because existing non-cargo shorts tend to have decent pocket space. My concern is with pants—the thing most grown-ups wear most days, at least when we’re working in person. Happily, a quiet renaissance in cargo design is well underway. Turns out you can buy much slimmer, classier cargoes all over the place, from Target to Louis Vuitton. (OK, the Louis Vuitton ones, whose side pockets are massive and removable, are actually insane; maybe don’t buy those.)

“The cargo silhouette has gotten slimmer, more fashionable—it comes in stretch—so you’re starting to see cargo morph itself,” says Joseph Hancock, a professor of fashion design and merchandising at Drexel University, who wrote his PhD thesis on cargo pants. “Just like how jeans went skinny, then straight leg, and now they’re going back to bigger cuts.”

In fact, Hancock points out, cargoes never really went away. They of course remain a fixture on construction sites. They’re a favorite among outdoorsy types who like to keep a pocket knife and energy gel packs within reach on the hiking trail. And then there are the millions of people, mostly men, who simply don’t care that they’re out of fashion, to hell with what their wives think. The headline of a viral Wall Street Journal article in 2016 captured that dynamic: “Nice Cargo Shorts! You’re Sleeping on the Sofa.”

Cargoes, or something like them, should become the new jeans. It should be perfectly acceptable to wear them to the office or dinner at a nice restaurant.

Five years later, there are signs that tastemakers are ready to budge. Recent articles in places like Vogue, GQ, and Esquire have assured readers that cargoes are fashionable again. Hancock, whose enthusiasm for cargoes is aesthetic as well as academic, believes cargoes are poised to have a moment, buoyed by a pandemic-inspired turn away from style toward comfort and function.

“It’s coming back,” he says, pointing to women’s fashion in particular. “It’s in every type of silhouette you can think of, from full to thin to capri. Gap, during the spring, had three styles of cargo pants. Now they have five. When I see they have five styles, I go, well, they’re investing in this for the fall. Banana Republic, they had one style last year in a dress pant; this season they have three. Levi’s, who I always look at as a global retailer because they’re so popular worldwide, they actually now have four styles of cargoes.”

But Hancock says he expects that trend to peak in the fall and fade over the next year. I’m arguing for something much more radical: Cargoes, or something like them, should become the new jeans. It should be perfectly acceptable to wear them to the office or dinner at a nice restaurant. There is just no reason to keep stuffing these giant phones, AirPods charging cases, and EDC multitools into front pockets where they don’t fit.

Big & Tall Cargo Pants


Our big and tall cargo pants are synonymous with comfort. A great casual weekend and workday staple, every guy can use a pair of cargo pants in his closet. We put our focus on fashion as much as we do on fit and function, which is why our cargo pants are available in sizes L–9XL, many of which offer extended and customizable lengths.


Similar to chinos or khakis but with distinct exterior pockets that lend a more laid-back look, big and tall cargo pants are best worn in job settings that have a casual dress code. Trade, labor, retail, and creative office positions often allow for casual pants, but it’s always best to read the employee handbook or check with HR to make sure.

If you’re looking for a pair of big and tall cargo pants that pair well with a polo shirt, then try our Flex Knit Cargo Pants. They have the look of a classic chino but feature the comfort of your favorite pair of sweatpants.

If you’re looking for a rugged pair of cargo pants that will withstand tough conditions, then try our 5-Pocket Duck Carpenter Pants. The utility loop and dual pockets provide functionality, while the flex waistband and fabric are designed for comfort. Plus, the performance-focused Lycra Tough Max material provides the added durability you need to get the job done.


Cargo pants are cool, stylish, and fun to wear, which is why we also offer ultra-casual big and tall cargo pants you can enjoy during your downtime. Our Fleece Cargo Pants will be your new go-to choice for weekends when you want to take it easy in your favorite T-shirt and sneakers.

If you like your casual clothes to have a fashionable edge, then look to our trendy Moto Jogger cargo pants. These jogger-style cargos have details like corrugated ribbing at the knees and a black acid-wash pattern to enhance their appeal. Pair these with a hoodie from our shirts and sweaters shop, a soft tee, and a pair of athletic shoes.


For those in-between times when you’re not working and not lounging, you’re going to need pants that can adapt to a range of activities. From hanging with the guys to family outings, big and tall cargo pants are the answer.

Our Flex Knit Cargo Pants will take you everywhere you need to go in your off time. From fishing and camping trips to a day full of errands, these will become your new go-to pants. Complete this look with one of our sport shirts and a pair of comfy hiking boots from our shoes and accessories shop.

90,000 Cargo pants: what is it?

The history of the origin of the “cargo” style has two most probable theories. First, this style began with the dockworker’s robe, which featured a wide cut and deep pockets. The second theory is the origin of military things. The first option is stylized workwear, which conquered people with its simplicity more and more, modernizing from generation to generation, gradually gaining its place in the casual style ( casual, eng.casual) – casual wear. The main feature of the “cargo” style are pockets ( cargo , English cargo).

Due to the fact that the twentieth century was full of wars, military clothing acquired an increasing number of different pockets for various needs. After the end of World War II, when the economies of almost all countries were in crisis, many began to wear military or stylized military clothing. At the same time, quite obvious features of work clothes were also traced in it.The symbiosis of working and military clothing most likely occurred in 1938, when the British army began to receive trousers of a new design, which differed in the presence of additional pockets: one on the side, the second in the front in the thigh area. After 4 years, the American army received a set of M-42 uniforms, which was intended for paratroopers. In trousers of this form, the beginnings of the cargo style are clearly traced.

There is an opinion that the “cargo” style was born from of the military style.This is partly true. Cargo style as a separate branch of the military style has been developing very dynamically in recent years. Pockets no longer carry a functional load, and exist mainly only as a design element. Moreover, the military and cargo style has long excited the imagination of designers working in casual style. These clothes can be worn for a picnic, and for meetings without ties, and on many other occasions. Even the first persons of the state are not alien to this style: V.V.Putin

The cargo style is characterized by a wide loose fit and mostly natural materials. Very little synthetics are used only to give the material more strength and elasticity.

It is also very common in the cargo style to artificially age the material, which gives the overall look of the product a vintage mood and a certain zest.”Do you know how old this thing is?” Almost the entire assortment of military clothing for everyday wear can be safely attributed to the cargo style. The line between military style and cargo is so thin that sometimes it is not visible at all. If earlier light tones and camouflage colors were unacceptable for the cargo style, exclusively fabrics of dark shades from olive to dark yellow were used, now stylized camouflage in clothes is gaining momentum. Especially worth noting is the female direction of the cargo style.Here you can see a riot of colors, decorations and pockets. The cargo style also tends to have a low waistline.

The cargo style can also be seen in children’s clothing lines.

In our store you can buy cargo pants of various types. Among them are regular fit trousers:

Trousers Kohler Rifelman oliv

The trousers have a free straight cut, pintucks on the knees of dual purpose: for the convenience when squatting and excluding the knee “sagging” during prolonged wear.The material is dense artificially aged 100% cotton (ideal for winter). Artificial aging does not affect the strength of the material, but gives it only softness and light “hairiness”, very pleasant to the touch. At the bottom, like most cargo pants, there are ties to tie these pants over your boots. Tucking trousers into high boots in the “Soviet” manner, firstly, is inconvenient because of the dense fabric of the trousers, and secondly, it is not beautiful: all the charm of the style is lost … And of course, the pockets: two cut-in pockets at the waist, two buttoned back slit pockets and most basic large roomy patch side pockets with buttons.Each large hip pocket has a small patch pocket with and without a flap for useful little things. The cut of the side pockets is such that the trousers start to look really cool if the pockets are “loaded” with something (the same packing of paper handkerchiefs).

Pants KORPS Airborne wood

The trousers are made in a traditional free style, differ in the number of pockets there are as many as 8 of them: two cut-in at the waist, two patch pockets at the back, two large hip pockets and two small hip patch pockets. The large left hip pocket has hand pockets. I would also like to note that the four hip pockets are well thought out and do not hinder movement at all. The location of the large and small pockets is very convenient in relation to each other.
Fabric: 100% aged cotton (season: spring, summer, very). A distinctive feature of these trousers is a stylized camouflage pattern of the fabric (also available in a monochromatic version).

There are also models that can be attributed to both cargo and military style, while there will be no mistake.A striking example of such trousers can be considered Patton Fostex brown and KORPS Paratroopers oliv.

Flight trousers Patton Fostex brown

The prototype of the trousers was the trousers of the Bundeswehr helicopter pilots. This model is made according to original templates. But already made of thinner 100% cotton with artificial aging. The difference from the usual type of cargo trousers is that all hip pockets are set-in and with zippers – patch only pocket for a sling cutter located on the inside of the thigh of the left leg (convenient for a small mobile phone) and a pocket on the back of the right leg (ideal for a pack of cigarettes). Lower set-in pockets are at mid-calf height, closed with a zipper. Waist pockets have flaps on the button, patch pockets on the back and also with a flap on the button. There is a zipper at the bottom of the leg and you can optionally leave a straight silhouette, and when the zipper is unbuttoned, slightly widened downward. There are many variations on the theme of these trousers, for example the KORPS Paratroopers oliv (pictured below). Both models are designed for the spring, summer and autumn seasons.

Also in our stores you can find men’s cargo pants with a low waist and richer decor, for example, Alpha Industries EDGE and Alpha OCTANE oliv

Alpha Industries EDGE Pants

The cut of these trousers already fully meets the requirements of modern fashion and hargo style.A close-fitting fit on the hips, a loose fit of the legs, a low waist, stylized overlays and reinforcements, invariable large roomy pockets and very soft pleasant fabric – you can go through the whole winter in these. In them “both to the world and to the feast.”

Alpha Industries Trousers Oktane oliv

And this is a vivid example of trousers with trousers that have been tapered from the knee downward, which are relevant for the last two seasons. They have a very low waist and do not have the usual huge number of pockets.But this is fully compensated by the general style of the trousers. Cloth belt with a buckle styled as a transport sling. Slanting patch pocket, stitching on the inner sides of the calves, artificially aged dark olive cotton – everything speaks of their special purpose. The best option for the spring-summer season.

These are just a few of the very comfortable and beloved cargo pants that you can buy at Force’Age Camouflage & Gear stores.Our assortment regularly contains more than 20 models of such trousers in different colors and fabrics on DIFFERENT FIGURES. The last point is especially important when you choose trousers as a car or TV: carefully, taking into account all the technical parameters and your preferences.

Feel free to formulate your task for the selection and purchase of cargo pants for our sellers in any of the 3 stores in Moscow and we will help you make the right choice.

“We work throughout Russia: St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Voronezh, Volgograd, etc.

Fast delivery in the Moscow region: Balashikha, Podolsk, Khimki, Korolev, Mytishchi, Lyubertsy, Elektrostal, Krasnogorsk, Kolomna, Odintsovo, Serpukhov, Shchelkovo, Domodedovo, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Ramenskoe, Zhukovsky, Pushkino, Sergiev Posad, Dolgoprudny, etc.

Cargo trousers: what to wear and what you need to know

Brunello Cucinelli and his employees, for whom, it seems, cargo with a jacket or sweater has become a kind of uniform.

Brunello Cucinelli


If you want to wear cargo with decent clothes, make sure they fit well.Baggy trousers may go well with a T-shirt and a hoodie, but if you wear a shirt, and even more so a jacket, then the trousers must match.


Forget about camouflage cargo – you are not at war. Treat them like regular pants, just with extra and very useful pockets. Protective, beige, dark blue, gray – any colors that match the rest of the wardrobe will do.


Additional pockets visually load the silhouette, so it is better to do without frills like stripes, carabiners, rivets or, moreover, embroidery.


Being functional, cargo looks great with quilted jackets, flannel, denim and chambray shirts, knitted sweaters, work boots and other harsh paraphernalia. The main thing is not to overdo it and not dress up as a lumberjack.


The military style is a little more complicated. Since the cargo is already of military origin, add military boots or a military shirt and you will look like a soldier on leave.


As shown in photo reports from professional fashion exhibitions and shows, cargo can be successfully worn with jackets, ties and classic shoes. But you need to understand the difference: with a suit shirt, silk tie and black oxfords, cargo will look out of place, but with an Oxford shirt, brown brogues with thick soles and a soft jacket – that’s it. True, if you can tuck the trousers with casual clothes, then with a jacket it is better to shorten it at a tailor.


Remember to use your pockets. Keep matches, a flask, or a pocket knife in them. Otherwise, what was the point of starting a cargo?

Photo: Illustrations: Nikita Pavlov; Splash News

Check your mail often? Let there be something interesting from us.

Cargo Pants with Aliexpress | 10 best men’s pants

Cargo pants are popular baggy pants. Before they burst into street style, they were worn by hunters, builders, laborers, and other people who appreciated the convenience and functionality of their clothing. Today they have become an invariable attribute of everyday style and have found their place in the wardrobe of many men. Today we propose to consider a selection of the best cargo pants on Aliexpress.

Also check out a selection of 20+ cool tactical merchandise.

Acacia Person

These are quality trousers from a reliable manufacturer. They can be worn any season. The fabric is polyester and cotton. There are several colors to choose from. According to reviews, pleasant, durable to the touch and wide openings on the legs for boots. Looks pretty and the material is thick enough to keep out strong winds. They are not undersized.



These are camouflage pants that can be used almost anywhere.They are ideal for backpacking trips or for a variety of jobs where action cannot be constrained. The material is cotton, spandex and polyester. Available in 9 colors, supplied with pads (knee pads). Fully comply with the dimensional grid.



These are comfortable men’s cargo pants that have been purchased over 600 times. All reviews are positive. Customers note a large number of pockets, high-quality tailoring, and fast delivery.The seller is always ready to help with the choice, responds quickly.



Stylish cargo with large pockets. They are perfect for summer because they can be made into shorts if you want by simply unfastening the bottom of your trousers. Buyers write that the product is of high quality, the fabric is dense, there are no shortcomings. The only minor drawback is the lack of care instructions.


Drun Rocks

Excellent military-style trousers.Unlike the above models, there is only one color scheme. The fabric here is dense, so they can be worn in any weather except winter. The sewing is of high quality, there are no foreign smells. The reviews write that this is a great model for little money for those who love military-style things with a twist.



This is a real hit in Japan. Many young people wear these pants on the streets. There are pink and black, so not only men can wear them.The fabric is breathable, which is very important in summer when it’s hot outside.


Single Road

This pair of pants has become a true bestseller in Japan. They have a loose fit, large pockets and dense fabric (cotton with polyester added). Thus, they can be used not only in the city, but also outdoors. There are hoodies from the same manufacturer, so you can buy a set.



These are already classic cargo pants that can be used not only for walking on the street, but also at work, if there is no strict dress code.They look nice and stylish, there are additional pockets that are missing in traditional trousers. Buyers note that these pants are comfortable, lightweight and practical. The fabric is breathable, so this model will be perfect for summer.


ReFire Gear

Durable and comfortable trousers suitable for those who value comfort. They are made of breathable fabric (cotton with spandex addition). The seller offers several colors. Some buyers write in their reviews that they are not purchasing for the first time and are completely satisfied with the quality.



Classic cotton cargo for summer in various colors. The quality is good, but some people write that they are a little short. You have to decide: wear short ones or solve the problem with a wide belt.


These are the most popular cargo pants on Aliexpress. All of them are from reliable suppliers, so there is no doubt about the quality. Using the size table, you can choose the optimal model.Sellers are open to dialogue, so they are always ready to help with the choice. We hope you enjoyed our selection. Maybe you already bought yourself cargo pants that are not in this TOP list? Write about it in the comments.

The Story of One Thing: Cargo Pants | Vogue Ukraine

“Everything new is well forgotten old”, – this is what Rosa Bertin, the personal dressmaker of the French queen Marie Antoinette, said. This happened with the baggy and functional cargo trousers, which in the new season are again at the peak of decided to figure out how the history of the legendary trousers began and how they got into the women’s wardrobe.

Vanessa Wagner, 1999

The first mentions of cargo go back to the 1930s. It was then that loose and practical trousers with patch volumetric pockets began to be worn by British soldiers. Their distinctive feature was the military color and two additional functional pockets, fastened with a flap with a button: one on the side, the second in the front in the thigh area. Such uniforms greatly simplified the life of the military – they could use pockets instead of large backpacks, freeing their hands.Capacious pockets served as storage places for equipment and inventory.

Gradually this model gained more and more popularity. So, two years later, the advantages of cargo pants were appreciated by the American military and paratroopers, and then this functional model migrated to the arsenal of work uniforms. They were worn by builders, locksmiths, miners, hunters and representatives of other male professions, the specifics of which required carrying a lot of useful little things.

In the era of global emancipation, cargo pants have reached the women’s wardrobe.Fragile girls began to willingly put on trousers of a warlike nature. Fashionable cargo was a symbiosis of workwear and military style. Then Brunello Cucinelli began to produce them.

Vogue, 1999

But the real triumph of army trousers from Lara Croft’s wardrobe came in the late 1990s – early 2000s. Cargo pants were everywhere: in movies, on the covers of fashion magazines, in the collections of legendary designers and of course on the streets. So, Penelope Cruz in the adventure film “Sahara” showed stylish loose safari-style trousers, Alicia Vikander in cargo pants fought for the life of her father in the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went for a walk in the jungle.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Penelope Cruz in the movie “Sahara” Still from the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”

In the spring-summer 2019 season, cargo pants occupy a dominant position in women’s wardrobe. Designers inspired by the uniforms of British soldiers presented various modifications of army trousers: tapered at the bottom at Alberta Ferretti, with a khaki drawstring at Christain Dior, silk at Emporio Armani and Balmain, with all kinds of fasteners, straps and buckles at Fendi, with a high waist at Givenchy or low at Dolce & has collected the most stylish cargo pants from the spring-summer collections of designers.

How to wear cargo pants – FURFUR

Cargo pants are a thing with a difficult fate: born as a military uniform in the first half of the 20th century, fell in love with fishermen and builders, they became insanely popular among teenagers and idlers of the 1990s. After that, they were anathema for a long time, and in the fall of last year, they suddenly and triumphantly returned to the arena of men’s fashion, appearing in an updated form in the collections of both luxury brands like Brunello Cucinelli and mass market like GAP.For a while they were a hot trend, but now the hype around them has subsided a little, but the main question remains: can it be worn? If so, how? FURFUR editors decided to figure it out.

Let’s say right away: you can and should carry a cargo. Mark McNairy and Brunello Cucinelli are living examples of this, they constantly wear cargo with any clothes and look cool at the same time. But before buying the first available cargo, it is worth preparing.

Cargo – an element of a functional wardrobe, they were invented for convenience – additional pockets, as you might guess, allow you to carry more things with you without a bag.But a modern inhabitant of a metropolis is not a military man, not a tourist or a fisherman, he does not need a lot of big pockets. Think about how many things you can actually put in those extra pockets? Not so much if you are not a “survivalist” and do not carry a roll of rope, pliers, a folding knife, a flashlight and a mini first aid kit with you. But then, most likely, you are not reading this site, but another, where weapons and Ber Grilz are discussed.

On the other hand, if there are pockets, they should work. A men’s wardrobe should always strive for functionality and avoid decorativeness (with the exception, perhaps, of a pocket square). Therefore, it is strange to wear trousers with additional pockets in which you cannot put anything. Hence the conclusion: avoid huge baggy cargo with many pockets – in them you will look like a hunter at best, and at worst – like hello from the 1990s, and in the same way avoid ultra-fashionable skinny cargo: they will immediately give you a fashion victim … Cargo must be of normal length: they must not hang like an accordion on the boots.

1. As you can see, cargo fits perfectly into the outdoor style (Lifetime Collective brand lookbook). 2. Beard is a good addition to cargo trousers. 3. However, they are no worse combined with an iron mustache and a fur coat. 4 5. Cargo pants from the new Woolrich Woolen Mills collection. 6. This is how cargo pants can be cleverly combined with a jacket.

Once you’ve found a decent cut cargo, you might finally think about what to wear with it. Given the functional nature of cargo, work and outdoor styles of clothing suggest themselves.All kinds of popular nowadays puffy vests, work boots, hikers, flannel shirts, field jackets, chunky knit sweaters and other heritage will look appropriate with cargo. The main thing is not to overdo it: do not forget, you are not in the mountains after all.

But this is not the only thing with which you can carry cargo. Fashionable and somewhat rude at the same time, they go well with similar in spirit things like chambray shirts, denim, rough oxford, waxed canvas, thick leather. You can even wear a cargo with a sports jacket or blazer, but for this you need to reduce the overall formality of the image.A shimmery silk tie, a white slant-collar shirt, or polished black oxfords will be inappropriate for a cargo. But brown brogues with thick soles, a linen tie or denim shirt will help bring everything together.

But dress like this, remember that this is a very relevant trend now, and if you do not naturally perform the whole ensemble, then you can be mistaken for a fashionista who read Tumblr blogs. Therefore – although this rule applies in general to the entire men’s wardrobe – try not to emphasize the pants themselves, they should not be the center of attention in the image, but simply an integral part of it.

With this advice in mind, cargo can be worn with almost anything – with deserters and with waxed jackets, with sneakers and with cardigans, as long as there is no inappropriate contrast between functionality and elegance: for example, a cargo with a trench coat and a hat is clearly too much, but in exactly the same way it will be to dress in solid camouflage and black army boots.

Cargo looks like nowhere else in a military style. Twill blazers, camouflage accessories, olive green, military watches, shirts with shoulder straps – all this goes well with cargo, but only if you have an impressive enough appearance to wear military.The puny guys are better off looking for a different style.

Coming back to the question of folds, cargo pants can also be folded up. But since extra pockets already make their silhouette slightly loaded, this should be done only when it is really appropriate. In the case of “decent” clothes, for example, a blazer, it is better to wear not tucked up, but neatly hemmed along the length of the cargo.

Last but not least, since you are wearing trousers with additional pockets, use them.Put there a flask, a lighter, a Swiss knife, gloves, or, at worst, Schopenhauer’s aphorisms. Since there are pockets, it’s silly not to use them, isn’t it?

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with what to wear, summer, with pockets, with an elastic band at the bottom, stylish looks and bows 2021

Such brands as Isabel Marant, Zadig & Voltaire, A. F. Vandevorst, Alexander Wang, Balmain. They liked the adventurous and decisive natures who are not afraid to experiment with styles and are always in the center of events.

What is it?

Successfully tailored model with patch pockets is an essential attribute of business, casual, military and sporty style. Designers do not skimp on drawstrings, straps, buckles, placing such perforations in different places on the leg.Products with cuffs and an elastic band at the bottom remain an interesting style of trousers.

Cargo is always a straight fit and a wide strap, a huge number of pockets. The history of trousers is closely related to the Second World War. In those days, clothes simply replaced massive backpacks. Soldiers began to put ammunition, maps, and other military tools in their pockets. Another little thing appeared in the women’s wardrobe only thanks to men.

Previously, cargoes belonged exclusively to the military style, but the inexhaustible inspiration of fashion designers has composed a lot of variations, allowing the girls to transform into a successful business woman, a sports lover and the “queen” of the metropolis.

Suitable for?

Convenient and practical, the cargo was first of all appreciated by young mothers. Thanks to the functionality of the trousers, they literally freed their hands, because a baby scarf, a rattle and a bottle are always at hand! Unique cargoes are suitable for any type of figure.

First of all, this is the model preferred by lovers of sport-chic, military and men’s style.

Features of models

A wide range of cargo will make girls pretty nervous before choosing. First, you will have to find the optimal fabric for summer, autumn and cold winter. Trousers sew today:

  • fine cotton,
  • chintz or linen,
  • silk,
  • atlas,
  • denim.

Secondly, figuring out which color is suitable will also take some time. You can try on from oyster pink to electric (blue with a gray tint), from sandy silk fabric to “zinc”, bluish-white jeans.

Another feature of cargo styles is the leg width. Models narrowed to the ankle look more impressive, and wide ones are avant-garde. The length can vary from the mid-calf with a turn-up, cuffs and all the way to the heel. Cropped cargo can often be confused with capri pants.

With pockets

In order to create a strict, elegant look, it is enough to try on a cargo with an ankle-fitting cuff.For undersized ladies, it is better to pay attention to a narrow cut with large pockets. It works best for high heels, platform or Wedge heels.

Owners of curvaceous forms should abandon narrowed options, use a minimum of decorations and select models only with flat pockets.

With elastic at the bottom

Variants of cargo with elastic in the ankle area visually tightens the figure, making it slim. Whether you are going on a first date or to the club – a “duet” of skinny pants, a romantic blouse with ruffles or a floral tie dye print, as well as louboutins – will be a real “fatality”. You will not only win men’s hearts, you will even break a couple!

Lace T-shirts, tops, bodysuits and bustiers are the best for this style.A collar embroidered with rhinestones, an American armhole on a blouse, a bell sleeve, etc. will look stylish.


Sexy skinny cargo will become an element of casual and smart-casual wardrobe. This means that you can appear in such trousers in a fashionable boutique, at the presentation of a new project, important negotiations. In “tandem” with trousers, a white or milky blouse, a light cardigan to match the bottom, graceful Mary Jane, louboutins or modest “pumps” sit elegantly.

What material are they sewn from?

Models for each season are sewn from different materials. It can be cotton or linen, knitted or corduroy.Products with the addition of polyester, viscose look noble.

The denim version of the cargo is the best detail of the casual style.

A festive look can be achieved with trousers made of satin or silk, any other luxurious fabric. They are combined with chiffon blazers, original neckline tops, T-shirts and T-shirts. For a social event, grab a miniature clutch, a hat and any other sophisticated accessory.


Linen cargo is a great alternative to “bananas”, “pipes” and skinny in the summer.

Models can be executed in variegated shades, have funny prints with polka dots, stripes, check, ethnic ornament or floral pattern. Linen products are perfectly washed, instead of allergies, constraints cause comfort.


The most popular cargo models are made of jersey.They are comfortable to wear, practical, have a lot of pockets, cuffs, lapels and the rest of the decoration. The color palette of knitted items includes tens of thousands of shades. You can choose a cargo, both for a business office style, and for an adventurous casual.

Popular Colors

Among the cargo models, the top positions are still occupied by the “military” color, but it will also turn out to change into milling (light crimson), olive, unusual trousers in a red-brown color with a green tint.For business girls, fashion designers prepare snow-white cargo with a minimum of decorations.


Black cargo suits the classic business style. A set of striped pants and raglan will create a look for every day. You can freely visit couples at the university in comfortable trousers, go shopping, travel to other countries and even a hiking trip.

Black goes well with white sneakers, pale pink T-shirts, sweaters and blazers.


At the peak of popularity – gray colors of women’s trousers. Such an unremarkable bottom looks perfect with a colorful and juicy top, printed T-shirts, patterned T-shirts. You can wear ankle boots, slip-ons or loafers on your feet. Gray is perfect for any style, from preppy to vintage chic.

A sporty look with such an outfit is ensured by the non-soiling of gray cargo. Their best “companion” is a white T-shirt with a simple cut.


It was camouflage cargo that first appeared on store shelves at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, their popularity does not fall at all, but on the contrary, is “fueled” by new design solutions.Gray-green, sandy-marsh, burgundy-beige, dark blue and a host of other protective colors create interesting looks for a woman’s wardrobe. Camouflage works best with rough boots, such as ankle boots, grinders.

Military Style

Cargo is an excellent base for creating military style kits. Choose dark brown, dusty green trousers, sandy or olive tones. In a pair, you can try on a fitted blouse or a military-style jacket, top khaki. Knitted sweaters, sweatshirts, striped sweaters, plain turtlenecks will make such an ensemble harmonious.

Military style allows the use of strict shirts and leather jackets, jumpers and “military” accessories (messenger bag, shawl around the neck, belt, cap, etc.).).

What to wear with?

If you have chosen the classic cargo colors, take a closer look at the neutral top (white, beige, ivory, smoky gray). An interesting combination is obtained from trousers and T-shirts, tops, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts.

Skinny cargo, almost skinny, combine with a wide top, crop top, T-shirt, T-shirt with a collar.The form-fitting top goes well with low-rise trousers, and all kinds of tucked-in blouses go well with high waists.

Choose from shoes a comfortable pair of sandals, sandals, ankle boots. Romance in the image can be achieved with the help of ballet flats, T-straps, heels on the Kitten Heel motif, charming Dorsay. Feel free to combine cargo with ankle boots, sports shoes. High boots are suitable exclusively for tapered styles, and coarse boots for a loose fit.

Looks and Bows

To achieve a grunge look, “arm yourself” with a leather jacket, cropped leather jacket, parka, bomber jacket. For a business meeting, pair a cute coat, cape or fur coat for a cargo.

Accessories for any look are selected depending on the overall ensemble.Leather belts, scarves, snoods, massive jewelry with ethnic patterns will be used. The abundance of different-sized pockets allows you to create incomparable images. For example, it is appropriate to emphasize business style with snow-white lace blouses, formal wedge shoes or heels.

Accompany your everyday outings with tight-fitting cargo with cute t-shirts, short tops, sweatshirts. The total look of the season is “transformers” cargo models.It can be cargo Afghani with a large armhole and patch pockets.

The baggy effect of the trousers and the tight-fitting T-shirt will make you stand out. Also dress up as a young beauty with a cargo skinny. Tight pants are decorated with several pockets, they can have slots on the bottom and sides, or a solid snake from the ankle to the waist.

Collecting trendy look’i, designers invite fashionistas to try on boho or country style. Linen trousers of light or pastel shades are successfully combined with a “peasant” top: blouses with fringes, T-shirts with embroidery, lacing, etc.

You can easily get a bully bow with hoodies and cargo T-shirts, and an elegant one with blouses and shirts. Take your pick!

90,000 with what to wear in 2021-2022? 100 photo examples

Cargo pants were a bright trend last season and are not going to give up their positions.Many fashionistas and streetstylers love this comfortable model of trousers. If you managed to get yourself such a pair – great! The trend for workwear and patch pockets can be seen in many collections in 2021.

In the new season, designers offer bold colors, choose original fabrics and styles. In addition to the classic military, safari and sport chic interpretations of the runway, more casual and feminine designs have appeared. This article will show you how, where and with what to wear cargo pants in 2021/2022.


What do the current cargo pants look like?

Cargo trousers came to our wardrobe from military uniform.

They are characterized by a loose fit and patch pockets. Classic shades – khaki, beige, sand. Historically, they were made from dense, heavy twill fabric.

For modern cargo pants:

  • High waist. The lowered fit will set you back about 20 years: it was so worn in the 2000s.
  • Straight or relaxed fit. Comfort and semi-fitted silhouettes are trending when there is air between the body and the clothes. Tight cargo does not look relevant.
  • Rich color palette. In addition to classic camouflage shades, black, white, red, blue, orange, lavender, yellow, blue and other pastel shades are relevant.
  • Various fabrics. Denim, cotton and linen, leather and leatherette, satin texture fabrics, nylon.

The choice is very wide, you can easily find your ideal option.

Where to wear cargo pants?

There are no restrictions in modern fashion.

We easily combine dresses with sneakers, we wear suits with Cossacks, and heels with sweatpants. The choice of clothing depends on your level of comfort and appropriateness in a particular circumstance.

In the case of cargo:

  • We can emphasize and exaggerate them with military, safari and sport chic items. Such images are suitable for everyday outings, meeting with friends, walking and traveling.

  • Wear cargo instead of regular jeans in casual outfits. In combination with a shirt, basic jumper or jacket, you can safely go to the office without a dress code.

  • Or play in contrast and pair your cargo pants with heels, feminine blouses and tops.Such combinations are perfect for parties, meeting with girlfriends or dating.

Matching shoes

In autumn and winter, all kinds of boots and ankle boots will become excellent companions for cargo trousers. Massive on a rough sole, with lacing, laconic basic and Cossacks – the choice is yours. The rougher the shoes, the closer your look will be to the military style.

If you follow the trends and are not afraid to wear them, tuck your cargo into high boots with a wide bootleg.This is a very fashionable trend!

For feminine outfits use boots and ankle boots with heels. Choose from concise basic options in smooth leather or suede, Cossacks or trendy models with lacing, square toe and animal print.

Do you like sport and want convenience? Choose sneakers.

With the onset of warm weather, we continue to wear cargo with sneakers, sneakers and loafers.This is the most comfortable everyday combination.

Sandals and animal print will elevate the safari style.

For feminine and evening combinations we wear ballet flats, pumps and sandals. The contrast of brutal trousers and elegant accessories will add brightness, emphasize fragility and femininity.


Cargo trousers can be combined with absolutely any outerwear, like jeans.

In winter, a combination with coarse boots and an aviator sheepskin coat or a pea coat will look organic, since all these clothes have the same style.

Short padded down jacket in combination with sneakers or high boots will add sport.

The combination with the increasingly popular Cheburashka fur coat, a down comforter and a straight or oversized coat looks more neutral.

In the spring and autumn, wear cargo with leather and denim jackets, light-season coats.

The bomber jacket, depending on the design, will take the set to military or sports. A trench coat or leather cloak can also add military polish. Shoes with heels will balance such combinations and will not allow you to completely go into the army.


In cold weather, use warm bulky knitwear, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, layered combinations as a pair for cargo trousers.You can wear a shirt over a turtleneck. It can be a regular cotton shirt or leather or leatherette that is topical this season.

We wear denim jackets and jackets as the top layer. Cropped jackets are especially relevant now. If you’re not afraid to add volume to your hips, tuck a regular jacket into loose pants for a super trendy set.

Vests are back in fashion.Variants with patch pockets accentuate the character of the trousers. A classic elongated vest will work more neutral.

In the summer we carry cargo with T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts. A white or beige shirt with beige pants is a classic combination for a summer safari style.

Choose blouses in sheer and flowing fabrics, lingerie and sequin tops for evening and feminine looks. Cropped crop tops, tops with interesting cuts and cuts and tops with voluminous sleeves are in trend.

Matching accessories

Wide leather and textile belts, belts with patch pockets and imitation holsters are perfect for cargo trousers. In the summer, a braided belt will fit perfectly.

If you combine trousers with a jacket or an oversized shirt, a belt or leather peplum can be worn around the waist.

When choosing a bag, stick to the general style of the kit.

  • For relaxed day-to-day outfits, find tote bags, large padded clutches, shoppers and shoulder bags.
  • A backpack or belt bag will add sport.
  • For an evening out, pick up a box bag or rigid clutch.
  • A rigid bag or briefcase is suitable for the office.
  • A wicker bag will look great in summer.

In the cold season, you cannot do without a headdress. Any basic hat, beret, cap or cap will suit you. A fedora hat will add elegance.

In summer, opt for a braided hat or headband to complete your safari look. And for more athletic sets, a baseball cap is suitable. And don’t forget jewelry and sunglasses.

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