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31 Gorgeous Free Sewing Patterns for Tops (Women)

Every week I scour the web for free sewing patterns to share with my email subscribers. In the process, I’ve come across a LOT of incredible free sewing patterns for tops.

I’m going to share the best patterns for women’s tops, including blouses, tunics, crop tops, summer tops, t-shirts, cami’s, and more.

All of the patterns/templates are printable pdf files.

*Update: I now have a list of 11 easy sewing patterns for tops. I chose patterns that are simple enough for beginners to make. So if you’ve never made clothes before, definitely check it out. 6 of the patterns are free!

And here are 49 sewing patterns for pants.

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Free t-shirt & knit top sewing patterns

Boat neck t-shirt with drop shoulders

Download now from Tessuti Fabrics.

  • Sizes: XXS – XXXL.
  • Design: this loose-fitting t-shirt has a boat neckline, drop shoulders, and long or 3/4 length sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? stretch. Use your sewing machines zig-zag or stretch stitches to make it, or a serger.
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes. The at-home files use 30 pages.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Turtleneck top

Download now from Tessuti Fabrics.

  • Sizes: XXS – XXL.
  • Design: this boxy top features drop shoulders, a turtleneck collar and 3/4 or full length fitted sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? stretch. Use your sewing machines zig-zag or stretch stitches to make it, or a serger.
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

T-shirt (scoop, crew & high neck)

Download now from DIBY.

  • Sizes: 00 – 36.
  • Design: this classic t-shirt design includes 3 necklines (scoop, crew, and high neck), and 4 sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, elbow, and long).
  • Stretch/woven fabric? stretch. Use your sewing machines zig-zag or stretch stitches to make it, or a serger.
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Long sleeve knit top with 3 sleeve options

Download now from Forget Me Not Patterns.

  • Sizes: 28 – 48. Bust measurement: 28.5″ – 48.5″ (73cm – 123cm).
  • Design: this knit top has a v-neck. The round scoop neck is a paid add-on. There are 2 bishop sleeve designs with gathering and a small or long cuff. There’s also a flared sleeve option. The hem is a high-low design. The fit is relaxed and quite loose.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? stretch. Specifically light-to-medium weight fabrics with some drape. For example, viscose jersey. Use your sewing machine’s zig-zag or stretch stitches to make it, or a serger.
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes, a printable booklet with illustrations.

Scoop neck t-shirt

Download now from Peppermint Magazine.

  • Sizes: XS – XL.
  • Design: this is a crew-neck t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and a relaxed fit.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? stretch. Use your sewing machines zig-zag or stretch stitches to make it, or a serger.
  • File format: A4 paper only.
  • Instructions included? yes, written instructions only. There are no pictures or videos included.

Short sleeve t-shirt with wrap overlay

Download now from Mood Fabrics.

  • Sizes: US 2 – 30.
  • Design: this pattern is a basic short-sleeved t-shirt. Mood Fabrics has a tutorial on how to add the unique wrap detail. The tutorial on how to create the basic t-shirt base is here.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? stretch.
  • File format: print-at-home size only (I assume it’s US letter size because the company is US-based).
  • Instructions included? yes, in blog post form (here’s how to make the base t-shirt, and here’s how to add the wrap detail).

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Free simple woven tops (non-stretch)

3/4 sleeve top with cuffs

Download now from Seamwork.

Note: the page doesn’t explicitly say it’s free, but it is (I downloaded it to check). You have to create an account first, and then the files will be available.

  • Sizes: 0 – 26. The Misses patterns are drafted for a C cup and the Curvy patterns are drafted for DD. Both are drafted for a height of 5’8″ (172 cm).
  • Design: This is a light top with cuffs, 3/4 length sleeves, and a keyhole center back.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: print-at-home files (I assume US letter size) and A0 copy shop sizes. The print-at-home files use 23 – 27 pages.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Ruffle sleeve top

Download now from Peppermint Magazine.

  • Sizes: 10 sizes (bust: 76 – 131cm / 30″ – 51.5″).
  • Design: this top has a high v-neck and ruffled 3/4 length sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Short sleeve lounge top

Download now from Peppermint Magazine.

  • Sizes: 10 sizes (bust: 78 – 123cm / 30″ – 48″).
  • Design: this short-sleeve, drop-shoulder top is part of a loungewear set.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: A4 print-at-home and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Boxy top with short cuff sleeves

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this is a boxy top that’s slightly cropped. It has a round neckline and short cuff sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in a separate blog post.

Long sleeve shirt with big patch pockets

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this simple, loose-fitting top has full-length sleeves and big patch pockets.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

Gathered front seam top

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this loose-fitting, long-sleeve top has a seam above the bust with gathers.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper size.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in a separate blog post here.

Top with peplum hem & buttons

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this loose-fitting top has a peplum hem, 3/4 length sleeves, and buttons on the back.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper size.
  • Instructions included? yes. The full tutorial is in this blog post.

Raglan sleeve top

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this is a linen top made in the style of a raglan t-shirt. It has pleats on the front and back neckline.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in a separate blog post here.

Top with button-up back

Download now from Peppermint Magazine.

  • Sizes: 5 sizes (bust: 84 – 100cm / 33″ – 39.5″).
  • Design: this top has a slight drop shoulder and buttons on the back. It’s a slightly loose fit.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper size.
  • Instructions included? yes.

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Free tunic sewing patterns

Long sleeve tunic

Download now from Tessuti Fabrics.

  • Sizes: XS – XL.
  • Design: this boxy top has drop shoulders and long sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric?  woven fabric (in other words, non-stretch).
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Floaty tunic with easy “magyar” sleeves

Download now from Tessuti Fabrics.

  • Sizes: S – XL.
  • Design: this loose-fitting top features 3/4 length “magyar” sleeves and a wide neckline. It’s designed for lightweight fabrics like georgette and chiffon. The raw edges are finished with french seams, a double rolled hem, and binding for the neckline. The pattern designer recommends it for advanced beginners. Materials like chiffon can be tricky to sew.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven fabric (in other words, non-stretch).
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Free blouse sewing patterns

Peasant blouse with gathers

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this blouse has raglan sleeves, a gathered neckline, and ties.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

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Free shirt sewing patterns

Relaxed button-up shirt with mandarin collar

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this relaxed linen shirt has a classic button placket, cuffs, mandarin collar, and a back yoke.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

Tailored button-up shirt with mandarin collar

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this tailored shirt has a button placket, mandarin collar, and sleeve cuffs.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

Button-up shirt with pleats

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this is a menswear-inspired tailored shirt. It has a hidden button placket, front tucks, a mandarin collar, and cuffs.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

Button-up shirt with point collar

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this classic button-up shirt has a point collar, sleeve cuffs, and a back yoke.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

High-low hem button-up shirt

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this button-up shirt has a high-low hem, big patch pockets, and there’s no collar.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

Long button-up shirt with oversized cuffs

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this minimalist, avant-garde shirt has dramatic cuffs that flare out and 4 big patch pockets. It has a mandarin collar and button placket.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

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Free crop top sewing patterns

Crop top with knot back

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this crop top has a cute knot back. It’s fully lined, so the finish inside is nice and neat.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes. The tutorial is in this blog post.

Free sleeveless tank top

Note: you can also shorten this to make it a simple crop top.

Download now from Fabrics Store.

  • Sizes: 0/2 – 28/30.
  • Design: this simple linen tank top has bias binding on the neckline and armholes.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter / A4 paper sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes, in this blog post.
  • Versions made by other sewists: find reviews of this pattern and more photos here.

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Free wrap top sewing patterns

Summer wrap top with peplum hem

Download now from Wardrobe By Me.

  • Sizes: US 0-20 & EU 30-50.
  • Design: this lightweight top has a wrap front, elastic waist, peplum hem, and flutter cap sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric.
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Linen wrap top with long sleeves

Download now from Peppermint Magazine.

  • Sizes: 10 sizes (bust: 29″ – 51″).
  • Design: this linen wrap top has a high neckline, long ties, and long sleeves.
  • Stretch/woven fabric? woven (in other words, non-stretch fabric).
  • File format: letter, A4, and A0 copy shop sizes.
  • Instructions included? yes.

Create your own top patterns for free!

Tailornova is a software that lets you input your body measurements, create a top design, and it will create the pdf sewing pattern for you. Their basic account is free.

I’ve been using it for nearly a year now. The drag-and-drop design is so cool. You can choose lots of different styles, but it doesn’t have everything.

The website can be a bit glitchy sometimes, but overall the user experience is good.

I only recommend this software if you have some experience sewing clothes.

The autogenerated sewing instructions aren’t amazing at the moment. I use my own garment sewing experience to figure out the best construction method.

Sometimes I also have to draft my own facings because the software doesn’t choose the best finishing method. This isn’t a big deal for me, but it might be frustrating for new sewists.

Here’s a good review by Youtuber Annika:

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33 Different Types of Tops for Women (Great List)

Think your wardrobe’s complete? Check out this list of the different types of tops for ladies and see if you’ve got the essential ones every woman should have in their closet.

Women in Ancient Egypt had to adapt to its hot climate and so they wore shoulder-strapped dresses made of light clothing such as linen and cotton. Women in Ancient Greece wore a rectangle piece of cloth folded and pinned together called the peplos. Then at a later time, they wore a long tunic called a chiton. Greek women wore their long hair in many different styles.

Women in Ancient Rome were already fashionable as they wore a palla or a long shawl together with their colorful long dresses called a stola. They held their clothes together with pins and brooches. Some wore wigs and even false teeth.

Scroll through the list below and discover how women’s tops changed drastically from ancient times.

Batwing Tops

Click image for more info

These tops are so named because of the design of the sleeves, which resembles the wings of a bat. The top section is looser than the bottom section, with the latter being a little tighter and commonly found in a creased design. They fit snugly on the waist and hips, and they look great whether you’re wearing shorts, jeans, or capris. The sleeves, because of the design, are usually either long or three-quarters in length.

Button-Up Blouses

Button-up blouses can be made in dozens of materials, with sleeves of all lengths, and in hundreds of colors and designs. They usually have collars and are, therefore, a bit dressier than other tops, and you can choose everything from a sleeveless cotton blouse to a long-sleeved silk blouse, depending on the look you want.

Button-up blouses are appropriate for almost any occasion and they are worn by people of all ages. They can be plain or fancy, solid-colored, or in prints, and they are also a great go-to whether you’re going to the mall or to the office.

Cropped Mini Tops

Cropped mini tops are almost always worn exclusively by young people because they show a lot of the midriff area. In fact, some of these tops are also off-the-shoulder tops, which makes them especially revealing and sensual.

Perfect to wear with miniskirts and shorts, they can be worn to the beach, your next get together with friends and any event that requires you to be out in the sun for a bit. Cropped mini tops also come in a variety of prints, sleeve lengths, and colors, so if you are looking for something particular, you are likely to find it.

Curvy Jeans Tops

Named so because they are usually worn with jeans, they have a layered look throughout the entire top, and they are often found in soft materials that “gather” easily, such as a silk-polyester blend.

The tops do have a somewhat dressy look and therefore, they can also be worn with skirts, and they are always made with a stretchable material that allows for both a layered look and top-notch comfort and fit. They fit a tad bit tighter at the waist, giving them a very fashionable look, and they are also a perfect match for a pair of shorts.

Designer Back Pattern Tops

Source: eBay

These tops are very popular among teenagers and young people, and they have a unique backside that includes a pattern that is both unique and eye-catching. Perfect for girls’ nights out, dates, and even parties, tops that have patterns on the back can include zippers, lace, or numerous other characteristics, and with many of them, part of the wearer’s back is showing for a sensual and sexy look.

The front and back always look different from one another, and the patterns on the backside of the top are always something attractive.

Designer Scoop Neck Tops

Click image for more info

Scoop neck tops are particularly popular with teenagers and young people, and they are often made with materials such as polyester or polyester blends. The scoop neck makes the top very comfortable because the shirt doesn’t fit tightly at the neck area, and since both comfort and style are important to young people, in particular, they tend to be, in every young person’s closet. They come in dozens of designs and colors and they are mostly worn with jeans or shorts for a more casual look.

Fashion Layered Tops

Source: eBay

These tops are distinct because they have numerous layers on the front and sometimes on the back of the shirt. Often made with spaghetti straps, the layered look calls attention to itself, and the top is usually made with very casual and comfortable materials such as cotton.

You can wear layered tops with jeans or shorts to make them a little dressier, and they are lightweight, fit loosely, and make the perfect top for casual outings such as going to the beach or heading out to the mall. Layered tops are more popular with younger people, but their sleek style is appropriate for others as well.

Frock Tops

Source: eBay

Frock tops are somewhat traditional and have a western look that is extremely popular. They usually have a set of pleats at the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt itself, and they are often made of a cotton-polyester blend for the ultimate in comfort. Usually worn in the summer months, frock tops can even have fancy lace collars and bright, colorful designs.

High Neck

A shirt with a high neckline is perfect for winters. Along with covering your neck from the cold, it is also uniquely trendy. However, wearing a high neck t-shirt over a short dress or simple pants would look just as classy and stylish.

In fact, a high neck line top with intricate lace designs or even a crochet can look extremely flattering. Try it out for formal parties or even casual days to get lots of compliments.

Now that you know just about every single type of shirt there is for women, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe, and add in the trendiest tops of the season.


If you’re going for casual or athletic wear, hoodies are great because they look better than regular sweatshirts and offer your head something to stay warm. I’m a big hoodie fan.

See all the different types of hoodies here.

Lace Tops

Lace tops are tops that are made of 100% lace, but since lace comes in dozens of designs, styles, and colors, this doesn’t mean that all lace tops look alike. Mostly made from materials such as cotton and sheer, lace tops are loose fitting and look great on women who are a bit heavy in stature because they can make you look a little thinner.

They also provide an elegant and classy look, and they are perfect for dressier occasions such as parties and dances. More often than not, there are two layers to these tops, including an inner layer that is usually a nude or neutral color and an outer layer that is usually white or off-white in color.

They come in many different designs and patterns, and they go great with everything from skirts to jeans, and even capris and shorts.

Loose Straight Tops

Source: eBay

Often resembling tank tops at the top of the garment, loose straight tops flow out a little at the bottom and are usually a little longer than regular tops. Women with larger statures often choose loose straight tops because they make them look a little slimmer.

Although they are fluffy at the bottom, they have a length that is narrower and a little shorter in the center than at the sides and back, giving it its “straight” look. Comfortable yet a tad dressy, loose straight tops go best with jeans.

Loose Tops

Click image for more info

Made mostly of comfortable materials such as cotton, these tops usually have short sleeves and consist of a loose-fitting style that goes with everything from skirts to jeans. Not only are they loose-fitting all the way around, but they are also even loose at the top, having a cut that is fairly low and flowing.

Women who have medium or hefty builds often prefer loose tops because they do not fit as snugly across the body, and they are also very comfortable when it’s hot outside and you don’t feel like wearing anything too tight.

Net Fashion Tops

Sometimes, when you simply want to wear something a little different and unique, a beautiful top made of a netted material works perfectly. Often long-sleeved and worn over a camisole or short-sleeved shirt, they are usually sheer and see-through, which means they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Net tops can be worn at work or for a trip to the mall, and they come in both fancy and casual designs, not to mention a host of colors and patterns. Some of them even have a slightly shiny look to them, lending them a little class and style, regardless of where you are going.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Both trendy and a little sexy, off-the-shoulder top can include one or both shoulders, and they are almost always short-sleeved, although other sleeve lengths are possible. Off-the-shoulder tops can be barely off the shoulders or slink way down, and they can sometimes include one shoulder that looks a little different than the other one.

One of the best things about choosing one of these tops is that not only are they extremely comfortable – thanks to the fact that they are usually quite loose – but you can also wear them with almost everything. This is due in part to the various designs and colors that the tops come in, which means they truly offer something for everyone.

Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are tops with a strip sewn onto the waist so that the bottom part of the top flows outward and has a slight flare to it. The great thing about peplum tops is that the style itself is great for both casual and formal occasions.

It also accentuates the bosom, which is something many women love about these tops. They can be short-sleeved or sleeveless, and they come in dozens of materials and colors. Wear these tops with dressy jeans and flats, and you have the perfect outfit for a party or other type of getting together.

Plain Poncho Tops

Click image for more info

Poncho tops are normally plain in design and they get their name because they look like a regular rain poncho. Usually made with long sleeves and in materials such as polyester, poncho tops are designed more for the cooler or colder months.

They often come with a turtleneck type of collar and they come in dozens of patterns and colors. With creasy lines and a flowing look, they can be worn by women of all sizes and body shapes, and best of all, they do a great job of keeping you comfortable during the fall or winter months.

Plain Short Tops

Source: eBay

These tops can go with everything from capris to skirts, they are usually in a solid color because the companies that make them are shooting for a more basic and standard look. They are usually not very long at the bottom, sleeveless or short-sleeved, and come in very comfortable materials.

Short tops with plain designs are a great go-to whenever you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to wear because they are comfortable enough and trendy enough to wear anywhere and with any other article of clothing.

Plain Simple Tops

This is a type of top that every female should have in her closet, because it is a basic top that is usually a neutral color, and therefore, it can match many of the outfits that you wear. If you buy these tops in colors such as white or off-white, and it is the right design, you can wear them with everything from jeans to skirts, and if they have vee necks and a loose fit, they’ll be comfortable as well as fashionable every time.

All women should have a basic white top in the closet because it makes deciding what to wear a lot easier to do each day.

Ruffled Shirts

Ruffles are beautiful fabric designs that entail multiple folds and frills. A ruffled shirt or pants will have various frills on its sides or on the sleeves. Ruffled shirts are usually made of soft, folding fabrics so they really give off that beautiful, feminine look.

Wearing an off-shoulder ruffled shirt will not only enhance your neckline, but gives a soft glamorous touch to your look. A ruffled top has that girlish child-like vibe to it that is perfect for summer parties, or when you’re heading to the beach.

Although, they can be worn for formal occasions, they should ideally have fewer frills to suit the tone of the event.

Sheer Tops

These tops are not made of a netted material, but the design itself is sheer in nature. Often, only certain parts of the shirt are sheer, such as the top part directly below the neck, the sleeves, and possibly even the very bottom of the shirt.

The sheer characteristic often is due to a design that shows part of your skin or the clothes underneath, and they can come in designs such as geometric shapes and even flower designs. Perfect for jeans and leggings, sheer tops are usually made in materials such as cotton and polyester, and they are also a lot of fun to wear.

Short Frock Tops

Source: eBay

Very popular among college coeds, short frock tops are often sleeveless and look like mini-dresses. They are often made in designs such as stripes and polka dots, and if you pair them with a belt your sense of fashion will really shine through.

Best of all, short frock tops can be worn alone or with capris, and they are great for any occasion, both casual and semi-formal. Most of them are meant for the younger crowd, and short frock tops are sexy, fun, and comfortable to wear.

Short Jacket-Style Tops

Usually made in denim, these tops show a little tummy and are usually sleeveless. Looking a bit like a jacket, they are perfect to wear with your denim jeans, and like those jeans, these tops can come in various shades of blue, including the very-popular faded look that many denim items have.

If you’re leaving the house for a casual outing, these tops look great with denim skirts, shorts, or jeans, so you can look fashionable wherever you go.

Shrug-Like Belt Tops

Source: eBay

These tops look a lot like a regular blouse, but most are made to wear slightly open at the top and with a belt so that its look is a little dressier. They usually have buttons down the front and a slightly “gathered”, or shrug look, and they are usually long-sleeved.

Loose-fitting and available in numerous colors and designs, shrug-like belt tops look great with skirts and jeans, and they are always fashionable and trendy. In addition, you can wear these tops all year long because of their design and the materials used to make them.

Sleeveless Shirt Tops

Slightly casual, but also appropriate for office wear, these shirts have collars and buttons down the front, and they can be a little looser in fit than other types of shirts. They can also be made out of any type of material imaginable, so whether you want this type of shirt in cotton, silk, or anything in between, you are all but guaranteed to find it.

Perfect to wear with everything from skirts to jeans, shirt tops can also come in short sleeves, and they are commonly found in offices and even on college campuses.


For super casual, there’s the sweatshirt. Loose, comfortable, casual.  Every wardrobe needs at least one. I have a handful and wear them regularly.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are known by their straight, often tight-fitting design and the fact that they are without sleeves, and because you can wear them underneath blouses and other types of shirts, tank tops can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

Tank tops are usually made of cotton, polyester, various blends, and even silk or satin, and they can be short or long in length. Tank tops can also come with extra-thin spaghetti straps and in numerous patterns and colors, so whether you choose to wear them plain or underneath another type of top, they will look and feel great every time.

Tee-Shirt Tops

Tee-shirts are undoubtedly the most popular type of shirt worn today, in part because this is a society that is becoming more casual with each passing year. Tee-shirts can be plain or in fancy patterns, and hundreds of retail outlets and other businesses offer tee-shirts with their name or logo on them.

Because they are designed mostly for casual occasions, they are usually made with materials such as cotton or cotton blends, but you can still make them dressier by wearing a fashionable blazer or sweater over the shirt itself.

Trendy Strips Tops

These are a type of tank top, but instead of a top section that looks like other tank tops, they have narrow or string-like straps to show even more skin. They are often made in silky or satin materials because thanks to the straps, they are usually made to help the wearer feel sexy and attractive.

In addition, since they are often a bit longer at the bottom, they look good with high-waisted jeans and skirts, and the variety of colors and designs offers something for everyone to love.

Tube Tops

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Tube tops are usually made of tight-fitting, elastic-like material and have no sleeves or straps. Tube tops also show the midriff area, so they are quite skimpy. In addition, because of the way they cling to your body, they are usually worn only by women with very slim figures.

Tube tops can be worn alone or underneath a sheer blouse, and they come in a wide variety of colors and prints. You can wear them with shorts, capris, or blue jeans, and if you want to dress up the look, simply add a pair of flats or dressy sandals.

If you’re headed out to a picnic or a trip to the mall, putting on shorts and a tube top allows you to enjoy your outing in a very comfortable way.

Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are a little larger than regular tops, almost resembling dresses. Some are shorter in the front than on the sides and back, while others are the same length all the way around. Popular especially among women over the age of 40, tunic tops are most often worn as a single dress or with leggings, and they can be quite fashionable.

They can be long or short-sleeved and come in hundreds of designs, fits, and colors, so everyone can find something they’ll love while shopping for tunics.

Very Long Fitted Tops

Source: eBay

Just as the name suggests, these tops are very long and resemble a dress in many ways. In fact, they can actually look a lot like saris because they often have a very ethnic look, with many of them even made in materials such as chiffon or silk.

The tops look great with capri pants or even jeans, and they are perfect when you’re headed out to a special occasion. Tops that are fitted and very long sometimes are fluffy at the top and can have an uneven bottom, lending them a little extra class and elegance.

Winter Tops

Made specifically for the cold winter months, these tops are usually made out of thermal, wool-and-cotton blends, or even polyester. They are thick and usually have long sleeves, and they are soft against the skin and comfortable.

They often have a turtleneck design and can also be extra long for additional coverage against the cold and wind. Best of all, winter tops always look great with jeans, skirts, and dresses, especially if you pair them with fashionable boots and hats.

21 Better Than Basic Summer Tops

This week is Better Than Basics week! Today we’re talking all about Better Than Basic summer tops. Here are twenty one really great ones.

Do you own a few better than basic summer tops?

We probably ALL have basics in our closet (if you don’t, read this post right here). But it’s those BETTER THAN BASIC pieces that really make your basics shine, and help you put together BETTER THAN BASIC outfits.

So many of you tell me you struggle to put together great outfits – they feel boring and too simple.

Adding a couple of BETTER THAN BASIC summer tops to your closet will help you put together some amazing outfits this summer.

What makes a summer top better than basic?

These are the kinds of tops that are a step above your basic t-shirts. We all have t-shirts, and they’re essential in a closet but they can be boring!

Here are some things to look for in a Better Than Basic top.

  • Fabric – the quality or type of the fabric makes a big difference in how nice a top looks and feels. Linen, lace, eyelet, ponte knit, crisp cotton…all are great choices.
  • Color – bright or saturated colors are fun and not so basic!
  • Print – stripes, polka dots, floral, gingham,
  • Shape – peplum, wrap style, button up, flowy, cropped, boxy, fitted – lots of options here!
  • Sleeve and neckline details  – puffed sleeves, square or v-shaped necklines, ruffle neck, ruffle sleeves, tie sleeves…so many more options here too.

How to wear a better than basic top

This is where your basics come in. You can pair Better Than Basic tops with basic jeans or shorts during the summer. You could tuck or half tuck them into a skirt. Wear them with wide leg pants, or linen pants, or even jogger pants!

Of course, you can also wear them with not so basic pieces too.

Here are a few examples.

10 Types of Tops Every Woman Needs (And Where To Get Them)

Have your ever not understood why your closet filled to the brim but, miraculously, on multiple occasions, it feels as if you still have nothing to wear? Why do we wear the same few outfits time-and-time again despite all of the garments hanging in our wardrobes? Like all other areas of our lives, our dressing habits follow Pareto’s principle – colloquially known as the 80/20 rule. Indeed, we wear only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

Science shows that the three main reasons that we primarily wear a fifth of the items that we own: justifying a purchase because the item is on sale, the garment fits the persona of who we would like to be rather than who we authentically are, or we overlook a major flaw in the product in the midst of our shoppers’ euphoria.

According to the Guardian, a Weight Watchers survey revealed that, collectively, in the United Kingdom, women hoard £10 billion worth of unworn clothing. From the evidence, it seems that we pack our wardrobes with way too many items out of emotional need. Whether we keep garments and accessories that we do not wear for nostalgic, motivational (such as future weight loss), or aspirational (saving an item in hopes of wearing it for a future special occasion or to fit the image of our future self) reasons, it seems that it is nearly impossible to not separate our thoughts from the things that we buy.

Have you ever heard the someone say that “Our thoughts turn into things?” Consequently, what we wear is directly linked to our emotional well-being – as shown by studies a growing discipline of thought, enclothed cognition. A study was done by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky at Northwestern University shows that “[a]lthough the saying goes that clothes do not make the man, [the] results suggest they do hold a strange power over their wearers.”

Our self-perceptions, daily mindsets, habits, and ways of interacting with those around us truly are dictated by how we present ourselves to the rest of the world – and the mirror in front of us each morning. Therefore, a decluttered closet filled with reliable, stylish pieces is essential to our success.

Building a capsule wardrobe easily can seem daunting, especially given how saturated apparel and accessories retailers are, and leads to the continuous, sartorial paradox of choice. Of all fashion product categories, finding the right top to wear on a given day usually seems to be the most overwhelming. Unlike your favorite pair of jeans and leather jacket, it is unlikely that you would want to wear the same shirt or two every day (unless you are in Silicon Valley, of course).

To cut through the seemingly endless clutter, here are 10 types of tops that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Matches Fashion

Silk Cami

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a night out, a silk cami is an easy way to dress up your typical tank top and jeans ensemble. For the office or a cooler evening, throw on a tried-and-true jacket and look effortlessly put together.

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Scoop Neck Tee

Everyone knows that a basic white tee shirt is a staple in one’s wardrobe. For both the sake of fashion and function, scoop neck tee shirts are essential to have on hand. While crewneck and v-neck options work for many individuals, it seems that this style is the most universally-flattering and goes with any outfit.

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Structured Peplum Top

For a more formal goes-with-everything top, try out a peplum-style blouse. With their nipped-in waists and flared hemlines, this style is very form-flattering (especially after a big meal).

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Button-Down Shirt

Of course, a button-down shirt is a workwear staple, but this garment works equally as well as an addition to your weekend wardrobe. With denim shorts, jeans, or a skirt, these collared shirts add a touch of sophistication to even the most casual of outfits. Pair with a statement necklace and arm full of bracelets for a smart, stylish look.

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Neiman Marcus

Tie-Waist Top

To best accentuate your shape, wear one of these blouses to streamline your silhouette. By tying at the waist, the shirt’s cut highlights the smallest part of your waist make you look slimmer and taller. Pair with skinny jeans and heeled shoes with an even more elongated look.

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Statement Top

While, often, we tend to rely on our accessories to personalize our outfits, bolder tops are an easy way to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality. Of course, shirts such as this one from LPA, are not necessarily appropriate for all occasions. However, there are a plethora of simpler or bolder statement tops to choose from when creating the perfect outfit for any time and day of the week.

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Wrap Blouse

This style of shirt highlights your best features while simultaneously hiding any evidence of bloat. Perfect for the office or happy hour, these blouses pair well with slacks or jeans and delicate jewelry for any time of the day.

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Patterned Shirt

To add some depth and intrigue to your look, add a fun patterned shirt to brighten up your mood when looking in the mirror. These shirts easily allow you to wear a simply-cut and comfortable shirt while turning heads with your attention-grabbing look.

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Turtleneck Top

While halter tops can be very flattering, they are not appropriate for all occasions. To achieve a similar look, making your arms look slimmer and your torso elongated, stock up on some turtleneck tops in both sleeveless styles for summer and long-sleeve ones for the colder months. These shirts pair well with almost any pant or skirt style and are a slightly more sophisticated alternative to your typical basic top.

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Statement Sleeves

While bracelets and intricate arm candy look great, these accessory options are not always the most practical. To simplify your look without sacrificing your style, try wearing a statement-sleeved shirt to add interest to your outfit with next-to-no effort. With so many styles, patterns, and embellishment options to choose from, you are bound to find at least one of these types of shirts that compliments the rest of your capsule wardrobe.

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To stay calm and chic, always remember that maintaining a clean closet keeps your mind clear.

20+ Best Free Sewing Patterns For Women’s Tops

Check out these 20+ best free sewing patterns for women’s tops and learn how to make tops that fit your body and budget. Following the popular Top 15 Free Summer Dress Patterns, this is a carefully curated collection of free women’s top patterns you can sew for any time of the year. Check them out and download the free patterns!

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. Last update in June 2020.

Feel free to check out more apparel sewing projects and free clothes sewing patterns like these:

Learn how to sew your own clothes with these free sewing patterns for tops. This roundup includes free womens tops patterns with the tutorials, some come in a wide range of sizes, and some with limited sizes.  From simple tank tops to fancy ruffles to trendy off-the-shoulder tops, wrap tops, some with a boat neckline (oh I love those!), there’s even a peplum top how-to, and one with fringes – I’m sure you’ll find a sewing project and a pattern that fits you. Enjoy!

Free Sewing Patterns For Women’s Tops

Summer Wrap Top

Hera Summer Wrap Top Pattern by Wardrobe By Me

A super stylish and elegant top, with a free sewing pattern in sizes US 0-20 (EU 30-50). This top is great for a warm summer day, but can also be worn under a jacket in cooler weather.

Peasant Top (Size 8)

Modern Peasant Top – Free Pattern in Size 8 by Sew Different

A trendy, figure-flattering peasant top pattern I have just found on the net and absolutely need to try out – as soon as I get that new fabric order! Love the three quarter length bell sleeves. The free pattern comes in size 8 (UK 12 EU 40)

Sorbetto Top With Sleeves

The Free Sorbetto Top – sleeved version by La Inglesita 

The free Sorbetto pattern by Colette, as sewn by La Inglesita. The free pattern in sizes 0-26 is available here.

While browsing, join AppleGreen Cottage newsletter for even more free patterns:

PLUS, get a 100% off code for 14 MORE.

Summer Tee (Size M)

Fun Summer Tee Free Pattern in size M by iCandy Handmade

A lovely summer tee pattern in size M, with a contrast back and a forward shoulder.  

Athina Womens Top Pattern in 2 Lengths

Athina womens’ top pattern by Tessuti fabrics

This womens’ top pattern is designed for wovens. With two lengths, this boxy style is comfortable and casual. I love the extended shoulder and dropped sleeve that look great with jeans too! 

Hemlock Tee – Updated

The Hemlock Tee has recently been redrafted to include sizes 0-30 and a lot of options.  It is free for all Grainline Studio newsletter subscribers. Head to the bottom of any page on their website to sign up to the newsletter and get the pattern straight to your inbox!

Classic Tee Pattern

Classic Tee by It’s Always Autumn

This free classic tee pattern comes in size Large, and is an easy pattern to sew. I’m making tons of these!

Off-The-Shoulder Top

Olivia Off-The-Shoulder Top tutorial by On The Cutting Floor.

This easy and super trendy summer top is available in sizes 4 up to 22. An ideal summer sew! This one has a multi-size digital pattern to download. For the pattern, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the tutorial on the On The Cutting Floor Site. Check out the next one, too!

Easy Peplum Top

Free Peplum Top Tutorial with pattern in Size L by It’s Always Autumn

This is how you can turn any T-shirt into a peplum top! I love the curved-up sides and beginner-friendly instructions. The peplum top is based on an L-size T-shirt pattern.

The Wrap Top

The Wrap Front Top – Free Pattern by So Sew Easy

This wrap top with a cross-over front bodice is very popular, and I bet it will become your wardrobe staple. The free pattern comes in bust sizes ranging from 32 to 44 inches.

Deep Back Top Pattern

Hermann Deep-Back Top, at Makerist

This is an oversized ‘Hermann’ shirt pattern, featuring a slightly deep and deep back and two different sleeve lengths (short and long). Pair it up with high-waisted jeans or skirts. Light, flowy knit fabrics are the perfect choice for this shirt. 5 sizes, get the pattern at Makerist

Free Kimono Top Pattern

Free Kimono Top by So Sew Easy

This kimono top is an easy-sew and a great alternative for casual Friday at the office. The free pattern comes in sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large (bust sizes 34 to 52)

Slouchy Batwing Top Pattern (Size L)

Slouchy Batwing Pattern in Size L by It’s always Autumn

Easy to sew, and it is comfortable. I love how nicely it hides a few extra pounds around my belly 🙂 A flattering pattern! Though it only comes in size L, it’s one of the easiest patterns to adjust to your size: grab a T-shirt that fits you and use it as a reference to adjust the pattern.

Toronto TEE shirt pattern

Toronto Tee pattern by Rebecca Page

Get the Toronto Tee as free pattern on Rebecca Page site, as wel as many other patterns.

Bell-Sleeved Top Tutorial

Bell Sleeve Top by Merrick’s Art

And here’s a different version of the bell-sleeve top. This is a tutorial with instructions on how to make your own pattern.

Cold Shoulder Knit Top (Size 4 only)

Cold Shoulder Knit Top in size 4, by On The Cutting Floor

An easy fitted knit top with a high hip length and cold shoulder sleeve style. The pattern is in size 4 only.

Flutter Sleeve Top pattern

Off-The-Shoulder Flutter-Sleeve Top – Free Pattern by The Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

With the pretty little flutter sleeves, the top is perfect for the summer. You can wear it on or off the shoulder. The free pattern is available in sizes S-XL.

Cold Shoulder Fringe Top

Cold Shoulder Fringe Top Tutorial by Ivy Wild Designs

Apart from the time-consuming fringing – this top is so easy! But it’s worth it because it turns out so cute! Use the drafted template and follow the instructions to adjust it to your own body measurements.

Free Summer Boatneck Top

Free Size 8 Boatneck Top tutorial by The Bears Four

This cute floral sleeveless boat neck top pattern comes in size 8 (AUT 12, EU 40). Would you ever guess this is an Ikea cotton print? 
UPDATE: Unfortunately, the pattern link on the designer’s page is currently not working. Tutorial is still available, though.

DIY Shirred Summer Top

DIY Shirred Summer Top by Trash To Couture

An easy DIY tutorial to make your own summer shirred top. You don’t need a special pattern, just use the template provided in the tutorial!

Off-Shoulder Ruffle Top

Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Top by Trash To Couture

This is an off-the-shoulder ruffle top with a bit shorter ruffle, and what I particularly loved in this tutorial is the template that gives you the formula how to create ANY size top like this one.

Wrap Crop Top Pattern (Size 2-4)

Wrap Crop Top by The Felted Fox

This cute wrap crop top pattern will fit a U.S. size 2-4. (This is the smallest size pattern of all here in this collection.) It is perfect for a summer party and it can be worn in three ways.

A Modern Wrap Top Pattern

Modern wrap top pattern by Peppermint

This contemporary style wrap top by Peppermint looks stunning! I’ve put this one on my sewing list, and I hope I’ll be soon able to sew it and maybe even take a snapshot of what I make (fingers crossed I find time before the summer!)

Tank Top Patterns to Sew

Here are a few of the tank top patterns for sewing for the summer – for hiking trips, for a city stroll, or for the gym!

Lago Tank Top – Free Pattern by Itch To Stitch

This classic free tank top pattern could become your next summer favorite tank top! It comes in a size range from 00 to 20.

Tank Top Pattern For Sewing a Wide Neckline Top

A modern and trendy slouchy tee with a wide neckline in women’s sizes S/M/L, the Elise tee is a perfect sew for hot summer days.

Tank top Pattern with Gathered Back

This free gathered back tank top pattern is available at Life Sew Savory

This is a free tank top pattern featuring a gathered back, and the designer has put a lot of effort into showing how the difference in the fabric can affect the final look of your tank top sewn with this pattern. I find this so useful, as knits tend to be tough to choose from when you are just starting out sewing knits.

Racerback Tank top Sewing Pattern

Racerback free tank top pattern by Life Sew Savory

This is another free pattern designed by Emily at Life Sew Savory, and it features neat side panels on the back, allowing you to add different fabrics to your cute tank top. This free tank top sewing pattern comes in sizes xs-xxl. 

I keep adding more free sewing patterns for tops to this collection, so make sure to save this post and come back later for more free top patterns. Or sign up for the free newsletter (and get access to my entire Freebies Library – plus a pattern from my own shop, for free)!

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Outfits With Simple Tops 2021

It’s no secret, that getting dressed well can be sometimes a very difficult task. Clothes are everywhere in our lives, that’s why we all need something versatile, easy to style and wear. In today’s article I want to share with you awesome outfit ideas completed with simple tops. I think every girl has at least one beloved top in her closet. A basic top is a perfect way to make a statement about yourself. That’s why I am here to show you best ways how to create stunning outfits with just a little help of our beloved simple tops. Believe me, you gonna look stylish, even when you have nothing to wear. If you think styling a simple top is a hard task, then I think you need just an appropriate street style inspiration.

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Two young ladies appear in simple jumpers (the one in black and the other in white color) styled with printed pajama pants. You can complete these looks by adding simple sandals, basic slip-ons and casual jackets for cozying up during chilly nights.

That’s a cute wide neck black jumper paired with skinny blue jeans. Complete this outfit by adding ankle boots, golden watches and aviator sunglasses:

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Another wide-neck 1/2 sleeve navy-black top is tucked in Paisley printed high-waisted full midi skirt:

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Spaghetti strap halter top in burgundy is tucked in high-waisted floral lightweight shorts:

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Grey long-sleeve A-line loose-fit top is teamed with black skinnies and classic trainers:

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Keep it cool and urban chic! Go for a cream-grey sweatshirt and pair it with ripped denim skirt. Complete this look by adding bright orange shoulder clutch and high-heeled cuffed pointed-toe pumps:

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A basic khaki-green loose-fit jumper is styled with leopard print leggings tucked in slouchy black leather boots:

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Maroon scoop neck long-sleeve top is tucked in high-waisted black jeans. Complete this simple outfit by adding wide-brim hat and chunky necklace:

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Black knitted top looks pretty sweet and warm tucked in quilted high-waisted A-line mini skirt. Complete this outfit by adding black tights, pointed-toe black pumps and chunky chain necklace:

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Leopard print coat with black leather sleeves is worn atop white shirt embellished with studs and tucked in black leather slim pants. I am so in love with navy-black peep-toe ankle-boots:

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White cami top with spaghetti straps is tucked in high-waisted multi-striped pencil cut skirt. Complete this look by adding cream-white pointed toe pumps, wide-brim white sunhat and oversized black sunglasses:

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Burgundy high-low long-sleeve top is paired with cuffed black slim pants, black leather ankle-boots and snakeskin printed shoulder bag:

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V-neck white T-shirt looks simple, yet functional. Try it on with sexy black leather slim trousers:

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Black A-line tunic top will definitely match your favorite knee-ripped slim jeans in blue color. Complete this outfit by adding golden heeled sandals:

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Printed loose-fit kimono-cardigan is worn atop V-neck white oversized top paired with slim blue jeans and thong sandals:

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What to Wear to Work, From Women Who Have It Figured Out

Whether you’re just starting out or having been doing the daily grind for a while, getting dressed for work can be a struggle. You want to wear something that shows people how awesome you are at your job without actually taking the focus off your work. You also desperately need to find a pair of cool black pants that don’t look like they came from The Limited circa 1995.

Those sound like tall orders, but building (or rebuilding) a functional work wardrobe that you love is completely within the realm of possibility. In fact, it might actually be easier than you think. We asked six women about the pieces they reach for again and again, and how they put it all together to build cool, comfortable outfits that let their bosses, coworkers, and clients know I’ve got this. Here’s how you can do the same. (Hint: All the links will take you directly to the pages you’ll want to hit first on each brand’s website.)

If Your Dress Code Is Conservative

In high-powered fields like law, business, and finance, professionalism is obviously still the name of the game. “You have to be well-dressed and well-groomed to impress corporate clients from big companies and funds. They expect you to look conservative and traditional,” says Shannon Raimondi, a lawyer in New York.

Usually, that means suits and separates in classic colors and shapes. “I try to pick things that won’t become a conversation point. If my boss comments on my outfit, I feel like I’ve failed for the day,” says New York lawyer Ilana Wolk. Here’s what works:

Invest in these pieces

A great suit in a neutral color. Skirt and pant suits are both acceptable, just make sure the fit is impeccable. (Read: If it’s not quite right off the rack, get it tailored. The jacket’s shoulder seams should end at your shoulders, and the lapels should lay flat when the jacket is buttoned.)

Buy one that you can tell is built well instead of making money the deciding factor — especially if you also wear the pieces separately. Look for heavier fabrics like wool (or tropical wool, if you live somewhere warm), and try bunching it in your hand to see if it wrinkles easily (it shouldn’t). Try Hugo Boss, Elie Tahari, Calvin Klein, Argent, or Theory.

Ann Taylor jacket ($169) and pants ($98)

Neutral dresses in simple shapes. Black, navy, or wine-colored sheath dresses are easy, one-and-done outfits that you can wear year-round. Find them, along with blazers, pencil skirts, and dress pants, at places like J.Crew, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Talbots, and White House/Black Market.

Blazers. Start with one or two blazers in traditional shapes and colors (like black or tweed). You can add more to your collection over time. “Blazers are my one way to show my personal style,” Raimondi says. “I have ones in white, light pink, seersucker, and a black one with a black lace back.”

Knee-length pencil skirts. Approach these like blazers: Start with one or two in basic colors that you can mix and match with your blazers, and expand from there. Try Ann Taylor first — you’ll be surprised at how good some of them are.

Black or gray dress pants. If full-length ones feel stuffy, opt for a chic pair of ankle pants instead. “They’re more stylish, so they’re the only dress pants I wear,” Raimondi says. Don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune on fancy separates, though. “It’s not as important to wear expensive brands as it is to find quality clothes that fit well,” says Raimondi, who gets a lot of her separates at Zara.

Shirts and blouses. Simple button-down shirts always work. But blouses in different colors or with interesting details (like ruffles or bows) can be an easy way to make your outfit feel less cookie-cutter. Non-iron materials like washable cotton or poly blends are your friend here.

Classic pumps. Think two to three inches max in simple colors like black, navy, or maroon. They don’t need to be high-end, but they do need to be comfortable and sturdy (try brands like Cole Haan, Loeffler Randall, or M. Gemi). That way, they won’t wear out within a couple of months.

Then, add these

Sweaters. Crew necks, V-necks, and cardigans in neutral colors all work, and they can be paired with dresses, skirts, or pants. Find understated options in modern shapes at Vince, Everlane, and Aritzia.

Sheer stockings. They’re a must in conservative work environments, so stock up. “You should wear black stockings with black dresses and suits, navy with navy, and nude if you’re mixing colors. I always match my shoes to my stockings,” Wolk says. Often, pricier brands like Wolford are worth it — the fabric is higher quality, so with proper care, they’ll last longer. For less expensive options, try Hue or Talbots.

Comfortable loafers or flats. A dedicated commuting flat extends the life of your heels, and it looks better than sneakers. “Most female lawyers in New York, including myself, have a collection of shoes under our desk that we slip on when we get to the office,” says Raimondi. A great pair from Margaux, Newbark, or Tod’s will last you for years.

If Your Dress Code Is Business Casual

If your employee handbook tells you to dress business casual, congratulations! That means you don’t have to wear a suit, pumps, and stockings every day. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything goes. So think about how you want to be perceived by the people around you, and dress accordingly. “I work in tech. So when I walk into a room full of CMOs who are usually men aged 40 to 60, I need to look and seem older than I am,” says Alexa Driscoll, an account executive at Pan Communications.

Business casual means different things in different workplaces, though. “Working for a menswear company, the office is pretty laid-back when it comes to attire. I like to call it fashionably casual,” says Erin Grant, who handles PR for Bonobos. “But if I’m at a meeting out of the office, I dress depending on who I’m meeting and where.” Here’s what you need to cover all your bases:

Invest in these pieces

A great black or navy blazer. Wear it with black pants, a dress, or a skirt when you need to look dressy, or throw it over nice jeans and a blouse on more casual days. J.Crew, Club Monaco, and Margaux Lonnberg all offer modern, high-quality options that won’t eat your entire paycheck.

Button-down shirts and blouses. Nice tops are essential, but you don’t need to drop tons of cash on them. “You wear them every day, so they get beat up quickly. There’s no reason to spend more than $50 on a shirt that’ll be gone in six months,” Driscoll says. Try the men’s department for simple, slightly oversized button-downs, too, recommends Grant. Find cool, inexpensive blouses at Mango, and men’s shirts at Gant.

Everlane The GoWeave Crop Trouser ($115)

Dressy pants. Wide-leg, pleated, skinny, and cropped all work, as long as the lines are clean and the material doesn’t look like it belongs at the beach or gym. (So, no linen or lycra.) “Interesting pants have a great flair without being too crazy. And they’re easy to style with simple tops,” says Grant. Just remember the seam rule: If your pants don’t have real seams, you’re dealing with a pair of leggings, says Driscoll. Find trousers at Everlane, Aritzia, and Topshop. Find grown-up slim cut or wide-leg pants at Eileen Fisher.

A pair of grown-up jeans. If it’s a dark wash, mid-rise, and a skinny or boot cut leg, it’ll work with a blazer and ankle boots, loafers, or heels. Find inexpensive options at Levi’s, and mid-price ones from AYR, Industry Standard, and J Brand.

Clean, simple dresses. Unlike in the corporate world, colors and patterns are usually fine. Just stick to clean shapes — like sheaths, shifts, or A-lines — that don’t hit higher than an inch or two above the knee. COS and & Other Stories offer cool, modern ones that are office-appropriate.

Industry Standard Simone Mid-Rise Jeans ($115)

Cool flats or ankle boots. They’re more comfortable than heels for running around, and you can have fun with them. “I have a great pair of white oxfords — they brighten up any look and make it feel more me,” says Driscoll. Black ankle boots from Sam Edelman, Sigerson Morrison, and Loeffler Randall always work, too.

Then, add these

Knit shirts and tank tops. Don’t spend a fortune on layering pieces like these. “I try to bulk up at J.Crew or Gap when they have sales,” says Driscoll.

A pair of heels. You might not need them every day, but they’re essential for times when you need something dressier. Pumps are appropriate, but they’re not your only option. “I wear block heels or mules for days that I need something more formal, but also need comfort,” says Grant. Try Jeffrey Campbell, Marais, or Intentionally Blank.

If Your Dress Code Is Creative

Working in a creative space often means having work clothes and weekend clothes that blend together. “I don’t have a strict work look. I’ve been fortunate to always work in environments with unique personalities, and there’s not really a dress code,” says Rebecca Lysen, creative director at Phear Creative.

That doesn’t necessarily mean ripped jeans or a paint-splattered jumpsuit, though. “The women that I work with are put together, and they look good. I want to feel like I’m not falling short of what a woman who works at a magazine should look like, in terms of polish and creativity,” says Redbook senior editor Andra Chantim.

Veda Grand Leather Jacket in Red ($498)

One way to do that is by starting with a foundation of business-casual pieces, and then finding ways to loosen them up a little bit. Like this:

Find fun third pieces. Think long vests that can be belted over pants or a dress, or blazers that go beyond the basic navy or black. “I have a green Marc Jacobs blazer and a boxy, buttonless J.Crew blazer that I wear over sleeveless dresses. It looks so much different than a cardigan,” Chantim says.

Or, swap your blazer for a cropped leather jacket. Whether you pair it with a feminine dress or high-waisted jeans, it’ll always make you look like you have your shit together. “It’s what I’d wear to a meeting. It’s like a power jacket,” Lysen says. Try Veda or Ganni.

Add interesting denim. You don’t need to save those amazing vintage 501s for Saturday if you pair them with a dressier top and great shoes — like heels or ankle boots. Try AMO, 3×1, or Re/Done.

Go crazy with your accessories. Chantim wears belts with fun details and whimsical jewelry, like a bedazzled pretzel necklace. Lysen favors a wide-brimmed black hat, and pulls out a furry purple muff to keep her hands warm in the winter. “I’ll wear it instead of gloves. It was probably $10 from ASOS, and I get so many comments,” she says.

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90,000 The best TV shows in history.Top-100 according to “Film Pro” version


Undoubtedly, this series changed the attitude towards the fantasy genre on television: after it became clear that the project was successful, many tried to launch something similar, but until now the niche has been occupied. HBO understands that if anyone removes a Game of Thrones replacement, the channel will lose money – hence the idea of ​​spin-offs. The final eighth season was criticized by viewers for its confusion, but it has already become part of the story.If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet because you were waiting for all the episodes to be released, then the time has come.


Another cult series, though slightly less successful than Game of Thrones. For the AMC channel, The Walking Dead is a priority project, and therefore they are extending it for new seasons, even though the ratings are falling from episode to episode. The series, coined by Frank Darabont, has shown that zombie stories are popular with audiences.


The plot branch of “The Walking Dead” is liked by fans of the genre of series about survival much more – it turned out to be more dynamic, and its characters do not chew snot, but are engaged in business.


This series marked the beginning of the modern “Golden Age” of American television – the production project turned JJ Abrams’ view of TV shows, finally getting rid of the common “soap” prefix and showing that the series can be of high quality.Yes, there have been successful series up to this point, but after Lost came out on the screens, huge, even by Hollywood standards, budgets began to be pumped into the series.


If you are a fan of science fiction, you must have seen this series on the Russian TV-6 channel. The space saga from producer and screenwriter Michael Strazhinski has enjoyed well-deserved popularity all over the world for many years along with Star Trek.After the series was closed, in the following years several more spin-offs, as well as full-length television films, were released on the screens in this universe.


A mystical series aimed at a teenage audience. Although, probably, to someone it may seem rather scary. A powerful plot component, charismatic, unknown young actors who hold the lion’s share of the story, and intriguing script decisions.


Comedy detective, some of whose episodes are breathtaking. The series cannot be called easy to watch, but the way of presenting information really assumes that it can be watched in the background (which is its main advantage). As a result, “Castle” will attract the attention of both male and female audiences. Bright, funny, with a silly but brave main character and a charming heroine.

The series is filmed at a real fire station in Chicago: its main characters are firefighters who save lives of those in trouble every day.By the way, firefighters in the USA are like the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, that is, they leave not only when something is on fire. The drama lurks here both in the frightening moments of disasters and in the personal relationships between team members.

A subplot of Chicago on Fire, which takes place in the same city, next to the same fire station. This time, the narrative focuses on the life of the police station, or rather, the criminal intelligence department.From time to time, the heroes of the series even meet in the frame. The scriptwriters escalate the tension with action, respectively, the heroes often shoot, run and catch criminals.


Another plot branch of “Chicago on Fire” is about doctors. When there are firefighters and the police, there should definitely be a hospital where victims of various emergencies will be brought. A powerful medical drama filmed in the best traditions of the genre.


The record holder for the number of seasons among medical dramas – in 2019 the ABC channel ordered the filming of the 16th and 17th seasons, which will premiere in the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons, respectively. Previously, the longest medical series was “Ambulance”.

The first medical drama to go beyond the TV slot, given away under the so-called “day soap”.The series aired in prime time, 15 seasons were filmed, which, by the way, were shown in Russia. The Ambulance also introduced George Clooney to the world.


American version of a Korean drama series about an autistic doctor. Tune in to a not entirely familiar style of storytelling. The main character is a little Sherlock Holmes (as in the British TV series “Sherlock”): sometimes different tablets and diagrams appear on the screen, demonstrating his thought process.The doctor, as a detective, finds a solution to the problem that arises, makes mistakes, tries again. There is no doubt that you will be imbued with sympathy for the main characters.

Yes, the medical drama genre became very popular on American television in the late 2010s. “Resident” is just such a project, which was born due to the increased demand. The events unfold in a high-tech hospital where a resident doctor works – he has to think outside the box, because otherwise there would be no way to save some patients.Unlike its other genre cousins, this series is more action-packed and less soapy.


A comedy series in which David Duchovny from The X-Files is reincarnated as a loser writer, swearing and turned on sex. Very funny, touching and kind (in the latter, of course, some of you may doubt, but just look at how the main character Hank Moody treats his ex-wife and daughter).


The vampire saga, in which vampires drink synthetic blood, arrange orgies and, like the hero of “Californication,” they use foul language. The spectacle, I must say, is not for the faint of heart.


A teenage vampire series based on a series of books, the rights to film were bought after the highly acclaimed Twilight was released.The girls will definitely like it.


An intense thriller that clearly demonstrates how the modern political system works. Naturally, everything is exaggerated here, but murders for political reasons, “undercover” intrigues and people who do not reckon with anyone are in every country. Therefore, Congressman Frank Underwood can be called collectively.


The problem of suicide in modern America has reached a new level – the statistics are relentless: teenagers are taking their own lives because of the difficulties in school more and more often. The series “13 Reasons Why” calls for attention to what is happening. What is told and shown in it will shock you.


The series is based on the story of a character in a Marvel comic strip. It is interesting that, in contrast to the “Agents of Shch.I.T. ” (another MCU series), this project is aimed at an older audience. Therefore, there is blood and profanity here.

What would you do if you saw the “mushroom” of a nuclear explosion on the horizon? The heroes of this series faced this problem, and then the struggle for survival began. While not realistic, Jericho is asking the right questions about an emergency. Less talk, more action – that’s why this show is fun to watch.


The life of a small American town was monotonous and even boring, until one day an unknown force covered everyone with an impenetrable dome. The local sheriff is trying to cope with the growing panic, and in the meantime, strange murders begin to occur in the city. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.


The post-apocalyptic genre has always been popular with viewers, so the demand for such products is very high, but for the public you need to prepare a story that will surprise them.The Last Ship tells the story of the only US Army ship left afloat after the outbreak of a fatal disease. Of course, it was not without the usual “cranberry”: the Russians are bad here, and the Americans act exclusively for the benefit of the world’s population. Funny, unusual, and also produced by Michael Bay.


A nuclear catastrophe occurred on Earth, the entire surviving population went into space, to the space stations built there.As the years passed, the population of the stations grew. In order to somehow control the number of people, strict rules were invented, for violation of which they killed or imprisoned. A hundred teenagers who once did not obey these rules were sent to Earth to check whether it is possible to live there. A true representative of the survival genre. Intriguing, moderately soapy, and, most importantly, it looks easy.


The Winchester brothers, who faced demons in childhood, continue to fight evil spirits many years later.The cult mystical series has won many awards over the 15 years of its existence. But it is worth paying attention to him for a different reason: he became one of the first representatives of the genre on modern American television. From the first to the sixth seasons, they chased Lucifer, and then a war began in heaven.


In a feminine way about painful things. The main characters of this cult series are best friends, every day faced with certain situations familiar to every woman.Of course, it will not do without a romantic line.

A pseudo-historical series, the events of which unfold at the beginning of the 20th century, which became popular all over the world. By the way, popularity is also the advertisement that sounded in “Iron Man 3” (in the scene where Tony Stark’s security guard and driver, Happy Hogan, is in the hospital). Designed for a wide audience – it will attract both the younger generation and the older. Just like Santa Barbara.

Another historical British TV series. In the center of the plot is the history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The most expensive historical series on modern television. Service Netflix, which shows “Crown”, only spent more than $ 100 million on the production of the first season. It turned out to be expensive and beautiful.


Thanks to this series, everyone got to know Benedict Cumberbatch, now playing the role of Doctor Strange in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.A clever and elegant reimagining of Conan Doyle’s classics – the series has been moved to the present day. A separate plus: the timing of each episode (and there are three in the season) is 90 minutes, like a standard feature film.


Another cult British TV series and, perhaps, the most famous and long-lasting (its first episodes were released in the 60s of the XX century). A beautiful tale about an alien from the planet Gallifrey, traveling in the Tardis spaceship, which can travel in time.


A family series in which its authors have collected a huge number of various famous children’s fairy tales. Very dynamic, with a beautiful picture – it will attract those who want to spend their free time interesting. Easy to look in the background.


What happens if you put geeks obsessed with physics and other sciences next to a blonde beauty? At least one geek will definitely be interested in it.But since the beauty in the sciences understands absolutely nothing, she, of course, will have a difficult time. “The Big Bang Theory” is the second comedy series, the name of which is known to almost everyone. In our opinion, this is the best recommendation for viewing.


Straight from the 90s, a series with Natalia Oreiro, which became very popular in our country after its premiere. A melodrama about the love of a poor girl and a rich heir. As usually happens in such series – the main character, in order to become happy, will have to go through many trials.It sounds pretentious, but it’s actually very cute.

In Russia, this series was also shown in the 90s. The main character, a physicist, in an attempt to create a time machine, ended up in the past in the body of another person. Now he moves from one time point to another, correcting the mistakes of people he does not know. Despite the fantastic component, “Quantum Leap” can be attributed more to dramas. Be prepared to cry too.


A teenage series about the life of high school students studying at a private school in Manhattan. A modern version of Beverly Hills

for those who are not familiar with the classics. If it was possible to call serials with the term “easy reading”, “Gossip Girl” would fall under this definition.

A light and slightly feminine series that tells the story of the life of four housewife friends living in a wealthy American suburb.It all starts at the moment when their fifth girlfriend, in her own house, commits suicide. Further – more: skeletons from the cabinets begin to fall out with such a crash that it is simply impossible not to notice them. The captivating show, the brilliantly written storyline and dynamic storytelling make Desperate Housewives a must-see.

Dana Delaney from Desperate Housewives starred in this series.Her heroine, a former surgeon and now a forensic scientist Megan Hunt, helps solve various crimes. For her, the body is evidence: it not only shows what exactly happened, but also makes it possible to find out exactly who did it. Light, funny, but at times intense, the series will appeal to fans of the detective genre. If you start watching it on Friday night, then by the end of the weekend you will see all three seasons – so much attention is it attracted.

A spy thriller and an action movie in one bottle – this series is interesting, first of all, because the lion’s share of it was filmed in Europe.In the center of the plot is a story about the work of the Berlin division of the US CIA. Ordinary people do not know where the headquarters of such structures are located, but representatives of local authorities, of course, are aware. Moreover, they know the real identities of the CIA officers who hide the place of their real work. “Berlin residency” delays, and even more captivates the bright cast.


American version of the Israeli TV series.True, only the first seasons of this “Motherland” are at least somewhat reminiscent of the original – the rest was invented by the Showtime channel scriptwriters. The main character was rescued from captivity, in which he spent many years. And so, when he again finds himself in the United States, the CIA officer in charge of the case of the former prisoner receives information that he allegedly plans to stage a terrorist attack on the territory of the country.

Another spy thriller – this time about KGB agents disguised as newlyweds-Americans in the very heart of an enemy state.In addition to work problems, the main characters will have to solve personal ones, because their fake marriage is becoming more and more emotional, acquiring the features of the present. In one of the episodes, the Russian actress Lyanka Gryu starred.

Suddenly, a man comes to one of the FBI offices, heading the list of the most wanted criminals. No, Raymond Reddington poses no direct danger to humans, but his connections are. Surprisingly, it is precisely in order to surrender some of his accomplices that Reddington decides to surrender to the authorities.With only one condition – he will communicate with only one specific agent. Each new episode is a new mystery, only some episodes are connected by a single plot. It is addictive, but it looks easy, especially if you want to relax while listening to the series.

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, which tells about time travel. The protagonist tries to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy, but for this he will have to live his whole life in a completely different world.The well-adapted story, starring James Franco, and the completeness of the story are just a few of the reasons why we advise you to pay attention to the series.


Naturally, we are talking about the original British version of the series. Police inspector John Simm has an accident, and when he comes to his senses, he finds himself in the 70s of the last century. He does not know what happened, but now he will have to somehow settle down here.The British made a very atmospheric multi-part film – it is impossible to call it a serial in full measure. There was an attempt to reshoot Life on Mars in the United States, but the audience did not like the adapted series.


This series marked the beginning of the DC television comics universe. He tells about Oliver Quinn, the son of one of the richest citizens of the United States, who disappeared several years ago. And then one day Oliver returns to his hometown, mired in crime and corruption.He dons the Green Arrow suit to wipe out those who have failed the city. If you’re used to Marvel comics, Arrow will probably pass by – the budgets are not the right ones. But if you, first of all, pay attention to history, then this series is for you. Especially his first seasons.


Despite the fact that the series flopped on American television, it still gained cult status. The failure was due to the fact that the FOX channel, on which “Firefly” aired, began to air episodes of the series in a chaotic manner.The viewers who tried to watch it did not understand what was happening, so they abandoned the case. But when the space western was released on DVD, the entire circulation was quickly sold out. Later, the full-length film “Mission Serenity” was released on the screens, which was shown even in Russian cinemas.

The first series in the universe “Stargate”, which is based on the events described in the feature film “Stargate” by Rolland Emmerich.It is focused, of course, on those who liked the original, because the authors of the series retained the spirit of the narrative and expanded the story of travelers who went to explore distant worlds through the Stargate.

This “Star Trek” became the starting point of the universe, within which several more series and feature films were filmed. Later, many attempts were made to repeat the success of “Star Trek”, some (for example, the TV series “Babylon 5”) even succeeded.But most of the series in this genre still flopped. No wonder Paramount Pictures relaunched the story in 2009 with a new feature film.


Detective series about Sherlock Holmes and his girlfriend Watson. Despite the fact that characters from the classic stories about the English detective were taken as a basis, “Elementary” is an ordinary procedural – that is, a series in which each new episode tells about a new case of the main characters.Events unfold in modern America and are in no way connected with the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. The authors of the series tried to make their story in no way inferior to the original – and, it should be noted, they did it.

Patrick Jane is an excellent psychologist. Previously, he worked as a medium: using his knowledge, he convinced people that he was a clairvoyant. Now he works with the California Bureau of Investigation, helping its staff solve the most intricate crimes.The Mentalist is the same Sherlock Holmes, only without Holmes and Watson. The main character notices details that others do not see, which allows him to go on the trail of criminals.

It is quite interesting to observe the work of criminal psychologists composing portraits of criminals. To understand who exactly committed the murder, robbed the bank, or did something else, profilers (as such psychologists are called) need to learn to think like criminals.

The cult series, which became the basis for several spin-offs (plot branches). In the center of the plot is a story about the work of the forensic department (specialists who study the crime scene). They collect and investigate evidence that can later help find the criminals. The series turned out to be atmospheric and even sometimes frightening, although, as the authors admit, they did not try to make the project realistic.

Cordell Walker is the hero of Chuck Norris – a local ranger famous for his unconventional working methods.In his search for bandits, he is helped by instincts inherited from his Indian ancestors. Thanks to this series, Chuck Norris was recognized in Russia – there are practically no people who have not seen a single episode of “Cool Walker”.

“Dr. Quinn” belongs to the same category of serials. The events unfold during the time of the Wild West in the town of Colorado Springs, located near Boston. The main character is the heiress of a wealthy family, who decided to leave her home in order to prove to herself that she can cope with any difficulties.Jane Seymour won a Golden Globe for her role in this series.


Gregory House is a genius diagnostician: that is why his boss, Dr. Cuddy, forgives him for many wrongdoings. House believes that everyone is lying and that the main troubles of patients who find themselves in his department are related to the fact that they do not want to tell the truth. The authors of the series have combined medical drama and “Sherlock Holmes” with each other, because House is none other than a detective trying to find the source of infection.The cult series that gave Hugh Laurie (the leading actor) a chance for a dizzying career continuation.


The series is about a man who, like Dr. House, believes that everyone is lying. Dr. Lightman is a lie specialist, a psychologist who can read a person’s emotions. It turns out that most people lie several times per minute of conversation. Lightman and his colleagues help people in trouble to get justice, and the FBI – to send the real criminals to jail.

A mystical series from producer and screenwriter Chris Carter with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the lead roles. He talks about aliens, various creatures living on our planet, mutants, and also touches on other mysteries of the universe. Until now, none of the series in this genre has succeeded in replicating the success of The X-Files.


When one brother is sent to prison on trumped-up charges, the second brother who designed the prison is sent to rescue him.An excellent show that clearly shows how a thoughtful plan (and a tattoo) can help you find a way out of a desperate situation.


Dr. Brennan is an ingenious anthropologist: by the bones of a person, she can determine not only the place of murder, but also give a tip to who could have killed him. Her partner is forced to become agent Scilly Booth from the FBI: together they will have to unravel many strange and sometimes mysterious cases.

A teenage series that has become a classic, the era of TV shows aimed at such an audience began with it. Over the course of several seasons, viewers will watch the characters’ maturation, how they cope with emerging difficulties and solve problems that have piled up. First love, first sex, all for the first time.


Aaron Sorkin, who directed The Social Network, invites viewers to see how he thinks an ideal news service should work.He comes up with a channel, a brilliant TV presenter and talks about this world from the inside. As is often the case with Sorkin’s works, the entire narrative is based solely on dialogues: they have action, drama, comedy, and whatever you want.

A political thriller about intrigue in the US government. Olivia Pope, once his mistress and girlfriend, is called on to help the incumbent. Olivia and her crisis management team specialize in solving the most difficult problems.Consulting both the president and ordinary people, she tries to achieve justice for everyone.


When Laura Palmer is killed, no one in Twin Peaks knows who the killer is. The FBI agent Dale Cooper must find the criminal, who every day reveals more and more unpleasant details of the life of the local population.


Dexter Morgan is a Miami police forensic expert.By the spatter of blood, he can determine exactly how the victim was killed. And Dexter is a serial killer maniac who experienced severe psychological trauma as a child. At the insistence of his adoptive father, he directs his thirst for a good purpose – he finds criminals who manage to escape justice.

The story of the life of the Gallagher family, who can barely make ends meet. Mom abandoned them, dad is an inveterate drunkard. The oldest in the family is Fiona: she takes patronage over negligent teenagers and one baby.They find themselves in the most incredible situations, from which, by the way, they manage to get out with honor.


Many critics believe that the role in this series is the best in Liv Schreiber’s career. His hero – Ray Donovan – solves the problems of crime bosses. He is a kind of crisis manager, but his methods of work are likely to scare you (or cause rejection). Despite the fact that Ray successfully deals with the complexities of other people, in his own life he still has not been able to figure it out.

A detective series centered on the story of the Baltimore Police Force specializing in wiretapping and covert filming. So they hunt down crime bosses and ordinary mercenaries, collect evidence on drug dealers, in order to then hide them behind bars.


Tony Soprano leads a mafia clan, but if he still has enough strength to cope with his subordinates, then he cannot solve problems in his own family.Serial version of “The Godfather”, the continuation of which many viewers would like to see. “The Sopranos” is tough, interesting, written in such a way that the time flies by while watching. Naturally, this is more of a male series than a female one, but it is still aimed at a wide audience.


An anthology series, each season of which tells a different story. In the first of these, two Louisiana police officers are investigating a mysterious murder, like two peas in a pod similar to what was committed several years before.In the second season, the plot is built around the investigation of another crime – an official of the city administration is killed, which calls into question the implementation of a large financial project. The best local police officers are thrown into action. The third season focuses on two police officers investigating a horrific crime involving the disappearance of children.


An anthology of horror, with each season of the series having its own storyline.To further confuse viewers, some roles are trusted to be played by actors who starred in previous seasons. The first seasons, according to viewers and critics, were quite frightening, and the last ones turned, rather, into an ironic thriller.


Built along the lines of True Detective and American Horror Story, this series is about high-profile crimes that have occurred in the past. In the first season, the details of the case of O.Jay Simpson, who allegedly killed his own wife and her lover, and in the second season, the authors investigate the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace.


This series has absorbed all the most topical: each of its episodes ridicules certain life situations, playing up the world agenda. Traditionally, each episode of “Black Mirror” has nothing to do with the previous one, but is a separate unique story (which, in fact, is interesting to the audience).

The series is based on Mark Wahlberg’s memories of his Hollywood career. By the way, Wahlberg was very surprised when he found out that in Russia the name of the series was translated as “Handsome”, because in the original it is called Entourage, which literally translates as “Environment” (that is, we are talking about the friends of the protagonist Winnie Chase).


The events of the series, based on the feature film of the same name, unfold in the near future, in which there are theme parks inhabited by androids.A person who has paid for access to this park can do anything with the robots: even beat, rape and kill. But one day the androids get out of hand.


America of the 20s of the last century. The “dry law” is in effect. Now, when the sale of alcohol is prohibited, it is possible to get a significant gain on its underground sale – the city treasurer and the boss of the local criminal group Nucky Thompson decides to take advantage of this …


A realistic series not for the faint of heart, telling about the development of medicine as a science. In 1900, when there were no antibiotics and modern technology, Dr. John Thackery, overcoming drug addiction, is simultaneously trying to save the lives of critically ill patients.


Original Danish version. On the border of two states, a murder takes place – the body is located on the bridge separating Denmark and Sweden, right in the middle.Both Danish police officers and Swedish police officers are summoned to the scene for an investigation. Only by approaching the corpse, they manage to establish that in fact one half of the body belongs to one person, and the other – to another …


The cult French TV series, shown in Russia in the mid-90s. They showed it closer to five o’clock in the evening, when students and schoolchildren were already returning home after a school day.As is often the case with TV shows aimed at such an audience, its plot told about the life of young people – a girl named Helene and several of her friends. The title song from the series is still one of the most memorable tunes of the 90s.


For this series, the HBO channel gathered several stars of the first magnitude at once: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Alexander Skarsgard play the main roles.It is based on Liana Moriarty’s world bestseller. Five strong women live measured and interesting lives in the town of Monterey. And everything seems to be fine, until a mysterious murder takes place here – a person is killed right at the school ball. It is thanks to this event that the lives of the main characters are closely intertwined …

A screen version of Bulgakov’s cycle of stories – in general, Russian writers are in great demand among the British – after all, the novel “War and Peace” was filmed later.The main role in “Notes of a Young Doctor” was played by Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the Harry Potter film series. It is better for the faint of heart not to look – everything is shown too realistically here.

The immortal work of Leo Tolstoy was filmed several times. After the Soviet film adaptation, this option is the best. And although it was not possible to achieve the same scale that Sergei Bondarchuk had in his two-part film, the BBC channel made the highest quality product aimed at a modern audience.If you don’t have a heart to read the classics, pay attention to this series.


People all over America are discovering superpowers: a high school cheerleader turns out to be immortal, a congressman can fly, an artist paints the future, and a simple Japanese man travels through time. They do not know yet, but their fates will intertwine in a strange way, so that together they can save the world from inevitable destruction. One of the brightest science fiction series of the era “before the Marvel comics”.


The cult comedy series that absolutely everyone has heard about. Even before The Big Bang Theory, Friends were the most popular representative of the genre for ten years. Of course, he quickly sold out among fans for quotes. The series presented Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer with a ticket to a big movie. And also big Hollywood stars appeared in “Friends” (Paul Rudd, the current performer of the role of Ant-Man, also, by the way, started with this series).

Another comedy – this time about an alien. Alf flew from the planet Melmak, he is moderately fluffy, moderately polite and loves cats (well-fried). Only four seasons were released on the screens, but in order to win the love of the audience, only one was enough for him. It is hardly worth explaining why you should watch “Alpha”, but if suddenly you did not see it, it is definitely worth a look – you will be conquered.


Viewers liked the American version of the British series more. The main role was played by the inimitable Steve Carell. The plot tells about the everyday life of a company that sells paper products. The main distinguishing feature of the series is that it was filmed in the format of a reality show – with chips like a camera installed in a cubbyhole, looking into which employees can complain about the boss.


It is possible that before the wedding of British Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle, you did not even hear about this series – and this is in vain.The legal drama, filmed in the best traditions of Aaron Sorkin (although he still has nothing to do with Force Majeure), is entirely built on perfectly written dialogues. The action here is conveyed through conversations. A very light series, not devoid of intrigue, is unlikely to leave you indifferent.


Another cult HBO series that won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series.A school chemistry teacher, played by Brian Cranston, has lung cancer. Trying to find money for his treatment, as well as for supporting his family, he decides to start making methamphetamine. As a partner, he attracts his former student, on whose expulsion from school he himself once insisted.


Neil Caffrey is a genius con artist who specializes in everything related to art. A few months ago, he was caught by FBI agent Peter Burke – so Neil ended up in jail.And so he flees from there to meet his girlfriend, but again finds himself behind bars. To be released, Neal offers the FBI assistance in catching the criminals, the so-called “white collars”: those who steal jewelry, forge bonds, paintings, stones and the like.

Sons of Anarchy – a gang of bikers from a small American town, which aims to keep drug dealers out of their possessions.True, at the same time, from the moment of its creation, the gang itself trades in the sale of weapons. When the Sons are led by a young guy, the son of the deceased head, he decides that the time has come to change something, since he is not sure that the correct path of development was initially chosen.

The History channel series does not follow the story word for word, but it is based on legends about the Viking raids of the early Middle Ages on the Anglo-Saxons and the West Frankish kingdom (now France).The main character is the king of the Scandinavian Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok, who rebelled against the established foundations. According to legend, Ragnar was a descendant of Odin. In one of the seasons of “Vikings” the Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky starred – he got the role of the Russian prince Prophetic Oleg.


John Luther is known for the fact that he is not afraid to use dirty, and, at times, even cruel methods to search for criminals and solve crimes.But he is by no means a dirty cop, as many might think. Thanks to his skills, he manages to catch the most dangerous criminals in London, so the authorities turn a blind eye to his sins.


The three sisters, in which magical abilities are discovered, return to the old house that once belonged to their grandmother, in which they spent their childhood. In the attic, they discover the Book of Mysteries – so the sisters learn that they are the most powerful witches in the world, the Enchanted.The girls do not know yet, but after reading the prophecy and awakening the gift in themselves, they doomed each other to an eternal struggle with evil.

A screen adaptation of the cult novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Angel and Demon, accustomed to life on Earth, are trying to prevent the coming Apocalypse. Moreover, in order to win this war, they will have to go against their direct leadership: the angel is against Paradise, and the demon is against Hell. The adaptation turned out to be close to the text, which fans of the original will definitely like.

Buffy Summers learns that she is destined to fight ancient demons, vampires and other evil spirits, to protect our world from the forces of Evil. At the new school in Sunnydale, where she enters after moving from Los Angeles, Buffy meets a librarian – he tells her that the girl is the Chosen One. From this moment on, a quiet life comes to an end.


The series, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, takes place in the 1920s.Laurie plays the heir to the aristocratic family Bertie Wooster, and Fry plays the cunning butler Jeeves. If suddenly Worcester gets into another trouble, Jeeves always comes to the rescue – and this happens throughout the entire series. The series is in the best traditions of British comedy.


In addition to the tense stories of rescuing vacationers in trouble, viewers for ten years admired the half-naked bodies of models who played the role of rescuers.Thanks to this series, Pamela Anderson became famous.

Another adaptation of the novel by Neil Gaiman in our selection. The series tells about the confrontation between the so-called Old Gods and the New. The crusade is attended by a man named Shadow, who is imprisoned. On the way to the funeral of his wife who died in the accident, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday – he invites Shadow to take his side and warns that from this moment the world that he knew will not be the same as before.


Jack Bauer – the main character of the series – is the head of the Los Angeles counterterrorism unit. His every day is a struggle against a new threat. The events of the series unfold within one day, that is, each episode tells only one hour in the life of Jack and his colleagues (which, in fact, bribes him). There is enough action, shooting and chases too. If you like spy thrillers, then “24 Hours” will be to your taste.


The events of the series unfold in the 60s of the XX century. Employees of the fictional advertising agency Sterling-Cooper try to do everything for their clients, however, despite all the polish, they suffer from inner emptiness and inability to solve their own problems.

If the British TV series Doctor Who is aimed at a family audience, then Torchwood is its storyline offshoot for adults.Torchwood is the name of an organization dedicated to fighting aliens on Earth and protecting civilians. It is headed by Captain Harkness, who is personally acquainted with Doctor Who. When the series was shown in Russia, it was significantly reduced, removing from the narrative the very episodes due to which Torchwood received an adult age restriction in England.


Only two modern TV series are known to almost everyone who watches TV series.”How I Met Your Mother” is one of them, and we will tell about the second below. Events begin in the near future, when Ted Mosby decides to tell his children the story of meeting their mother. And since Ted dwells on various funny details, you will definitely not get bored.

90,000 38 options with diagrams, descriptions, video mk

As part of our training workshops, we have already learned how to crochet various types of loops and basic dense patterns. Today it’s time to consider and learn how to knit the simplest crochet patterns according to descriptions and patterns.Openwork and tough, basic and intricate – all of them are available even to novice craftswomen. At the same time, different knitting techniques, density and patterns of canvases allow you to knit almost any product!

Simple fluffy crochet pattern

This crochet is done using extra long crochet stitches. They fit in the same way as elongated. Art. with nak. (the initial chain from v. p., 1st sec. we knit in the 4th st. from the cr .; we perform the yarn, we introduce the cr. in the sec., we grab the slave.thread and pull it through p. = 3 p. per cr. We knit in. p. through the 1st st. on the cr., we knit a st. and yarn, we finish the column, knitting the remaining 2 sts. on the cr.). However, here after knitting it will add. in. etc. all three loops located on the hook are knitted at once. The finished canvas will be quite dense, even harsh. Therefore, it perfectly holds its shape and is ideal for knitting a variety of women’s handbags, slippers, purses …

In the process of work, we check the diagrams:

To tie a small sample, we collect a chain from to.p. (purely loops must be a multiple of 2 + 1 p. symmetry + 3 c. p. p.).

  • 1 p.: 3 c. p. p., * 2 lengthened. half-column with n. in the 5th c. n. from cr. for both walls of the loop, we skip 1 c. n. of the initial chain *, 1 is lengthened. half-column with n. in the last. n. chain.
  • 2 p.: 3 c. p. p., * 2 lengthened. half-column with n. in an arch between two s. previous p. *, 1 half-column with nak. in v. p.p. of the previous p.

To create a beautiful knitted fabric, repeat the second row.

Simple pattern for children’s products: video MK

Nice crochet pattern

This canvas is connected with lush columns, consisting of 2 s. with n. For the sample we need to type a chain from to p., the number of which is a multiple of 2 + 1 p. for symmetry.


  • 1 p .: 1st lush. with. we knit in the 3rd century. p. from cr., * 1 c. n., 1 pomp. with. with n. *, from * to * to the end of the river.
  • RUB 2: 2 c. p. n., 1 pomp. with. with n. in the eyelet of the 1st lush. with. previous p., * 1 century. n., 1 pomp. with. from 1 n. into the loop next. magnificent. with. previous p. *, from * to *.

To create the pattern, repeat the second row.

Simple crochet pattern: video master class

Simple openwork pattern

The mesh pattern is suitable for knitting summer clothes: T-shirts, dresses, scarves and skirts. To link the pattern, we need to type a chain from to.p., the number of which must be a multiple of 6 + 5 p.

The pattern is linked according to this scheme:

  • 1 p.: Knit 1 s. without n. in the 8th point of the chain from the cr., * skip 2 points of the chain, 1 s. with n., skip 2 p. chains, 1 s. without n. *, skip 2 p. chains, 1 s. with n.
  • 2 p.: 3 c. n., * 1 s. with n. in p. without n. previous p., 2 c. n., 1 p. without n. in p. with n. previous p. *, 1 s. with n. in p. without n. previous p. *, 1 s. with n. in p. without n. previous p., 2 c. n., 1 p.without n. in the 3rd c. p. of the previous p.
  • 3 p .: 5 c. n., * 1 s. without n. in p. with n. previous p., 2 c. n., 1 p. with n. in p. without n. previous p., 2 c. p. *, 1 s. without n. in p. with n. previous p., 2 c. n., 1 p. with n. in the 3rd c. p. of the previous p.

To create the canvas, we need to repeat the second row.

Crochet lace: video MK

Basic openwork knitting

To link a sample of such a canvas, we will need to link a chain from to.p., the number of which must be a multiple of 2 + 1 p. for symmetry + 2 v. p.p.


  • 1 p, 6 2 c. p., 1 p. with n., * skip 1 p. from the initial chain, 1 s. with n., 1 century. n., 1 p. with n. in the same p. as the first p. with n. *, from * to * to the end of the row.
  • 2 p .: 2 c. p., 1 p. with n., * 1 s. with n. in an arch between 2 pages. pr. r., 1 v. n., 1 p. with n. in the same arch as the 1st p. with n. *, from * to * to the end of the row.

The second row forms this simple pattern.We repeat it to create a knitted fabric.

Simple dense crochet pattern

This pattern is connected very simply – with the help of. without n. Due to its density, it perfectly keeps its shape.

We start, like any knitting, with a chain set from V. p. We knit the 1st column we knit in the 2nd p. from the cr. (thus, we get 1 c.p.p.).


  • 1 p .: 1 in. p. p., * 1 p. without n. for one loop of the loop *, from * to * to the end of the row.
  • 2 p.: 1 c. p. p., * 1 p. without n. for both loops *, from 8 to * to the end of the row.

To create the pattern, repeat the second row.

Simplest patterns: knit double crochet

Everything is extremely simple here: we knit with. with n. for both loops of the loop of the previous row. Do not forget to knit 2 c. p. p. at the beginning of a new row.

The diagram looks like this:

Crochet mesh pattern for beginners

Before knitting a full-fledged product with this pattern, we suggest you knit a small sample.So, we collect the chain from v. etc., their number must be a multiple of 4 + 5 points for the edge + 1 point of symmetry.


1 p.: We knit a bundle of 3 s. from 2 n. in the 6th c. n. chains, 1 c. p., skip 3 p. on the chain, * 3 p. from 2 n. in 1 p., 1 c. p., skip 3 p. on the chain *, 3 p. from 2 n. for both lobules of the loop.

2 p.: 3 c. p. to form the edge, * 3 p. from 2 n. in an arch under V. n., 1 c. p. *, 3 p. from 2 n. in the regional v. p.
Repeat the second row to create the pattern.

Simple openwork pattern “Shells”

The pattern with shells forms an openwork, but quite dense canvas.Such knitting will be relevant for sweaters and dresses. It looks great both solo and in combination with other patterns.

As usual, start knitting with a small sample. We collect a chain from v. p., the number of which must be a multiple of 8 + 6 p. symmetry + 3 c. p.p.



  • 1 p.: Skip 5 sts of the chain, * 7 p. with n. in 1 p., skip 2 p. chains, 1 s. without n., 3 c. p., skip 1 p. of the chain, 1 s. without n., skip 2 p. chains *, 7 s.with n. in 1 p., skip 2 p. chains, 1 s. with n. in the last item of the chain.
  • 2 p .: 2 c. p.p., 3 c. n., 1 p. without n. in p. central from 7 p. with n. pr. r., * 3 v. n., 1 p. with n. in an arch from 3 century. n. pr. r., 2 v. n., 1 p. with n. in the same arch, 3 c. n., 1 p. without n. in the central loop from 7 s. with n. pr. r. *, 2 v. n., 1 p. with n. into the lifting eyelet ave. r.
  • 3 p .: 2 c. p. p., 2 p. with n. in the eyelet of the extreme column pr. r., 1 s. without n. in an arch from 2 century. n. pr. r., * 3 v. n., 1 p. without n. in an arch from 3 century.p. pr., 7 p. from 1 n. in an arch from 2 century. n. between columns with 1 n. pr. r. *, 3 v. n., 1 p. without n. in an arch from 3 century. n., 3 p. from 1 n. into the lifting eyelet ave. r.
  • 4 p .: 2 c. p.p., 2 c. n., 1 p. from 1 n. in an arch from 3 century. n. previous. r., 2 c. n., 1 p. from 1 n. in the same arch, * 3 c. n., 1 p. without n. in the central loop. from 7 p. from 1 n. previous. r., 3 c. n., 1 p. with 1 nude in an arch from 3 century. n. previous. r., 2 c. n., 1 p. from 1 n. in the same arch *, 2 c. n., 1 p. from 1 n. in v. p. n. previous. R.
  • RUB 5: 2 c. p., * 7 p. from 1 n. in an arch from 2 century. n. between p. from 1 n. previous. R., 1 p. without n. in an arch from 3 century. n. previous. r., 3 c. n., 1 p. without n. in an arch from 3 century. n. previous. p. *, 7 p. from 1 n. in an arch from 2 century. n. between p. from 1 n. previous. R., 1 p. from 1 n. in v. p. n. previous. R.

To create a pattern, repeat 2-5 pp.

Simple Sea Foam Pattern

This dense and multi-colored canvas will decorate any product! It is knitted quite simply – with the help of double crochets and single crochets.Horizontal pattern repeat – 14 p., Vertical – 4 p.

By knitting the sample, we will alternate waves of pink and lilac (of course, if you wish, you can change the colors or use not 2, but 3 or 4 colors).

To link a sample, we type a chain from to. p., multiple of 14 + 10 p. symmetry. 1st column of the 1st p. we knit in the 3rd century. p. from cr., that is, we get 2 v. p.p.

Crochet patterns


  • 1 p.(pink thread): skip 2 c. n. chains, * 7 p. without n., skip 3 p., 7 p. from 1 n. in 1 p., skip 3 p. *, 8 p. without n.
  • RUB 2 (pink thread): c. without n. in each. p. before R.
  • RUB 3 (lilac thread): 1 c. p., 1 p. without n., * skip 2 p. before. R., 7 p. with n. in the 4th p., skip 3 p. before. R., 7 p. without n. *, skip 3 p. before. R., 7 p. from 1 n. in 1 p., skip 3 p. before. R., 1 p. without n.
  • RUB 4 (lilac thread): p. without n. in each. p. before R.
  • RUB 5(pink thread): 1 in. p., 1 p. without n., * 7 p. without n., skip 3 p. before. R., 7 p. from 1 n. in 1 p., skip 3 p. chains *, 8 s. without n.
  • 6 RUB (pink thread): p. without n. in each. p. before R.
  • 7 p. we knit as 3 r. etc.

Light drawings: multicolored waves

This pattern looks especially beautiful when several yarn colors are combined. The drawing is double-sided! It is ideal for knitting blankets, scarves, skirts and dresses. The width of the pattern rapport is 17 p., in height – 2 p.

To knit a sample, we crochet the number of loops, a multiple of 17 + 1 in. p.p.



  • 1 p .: 1 in. p. p., p. without n. in each. p. previous R.
  • 2 p .: 2 c. p. p., p. from 1 n. in the 1st p. previous. R., [2 p. from 1 n. in 1 p.] – repeat x 2, * [skip 1 p. previous. R., 1 p. with 1 n.] – repeat x 5, skip 1 p. previous. R., [2 p. from 1 n. in 1 p.] – repeat x 6 * skip 1 p. previous. R., [1 p.with 1 n.] – repeat x 5, skip 1 p. previous. R., [2 p. from 1 n. in 1 p.] – repeat x 3.

Change the color of the yarn and repeat 1-2 pp. to create a pattern.

Simple “Braid” crochet

This pattern resembles the weaving of threads in a canvas, hence its name. It is knitted with embossed (convex) columns. Vertically, the rapport of weaving is 6 p., And horizontally – 4 p.

To knit a sample of canvas, we collect a chain from to.p., the number of which must be a multiple of 6 p. + 2 p. of symmetry + 3 p. to form the edge (this is c. p.).



  • 1 p.: 1st p. from 1 n. we knit in the 4th p. from the cr., then 1 s. from 1 n. in each point to the end of the row.
  • 2 p.: 3 c. p., 2 relief with. from 1 n. before work, * 3 embossed. with. from 1 n. at work, 3 relief with. from 1 n. before work *, 3 embossed. with. from 1 n. at work, 2 relief with. from 1 n. before work, half a job. with v. p. previous R.
  • 3 p .: 3 c. p., 2 relief with. from 1 n. at work, 3 relief with. from 1 n. before work, * 3 embossed. with. from 1 n. at work, 3 relief with. from 1 n. before work *, 2 embossed. with. from 1 n. at work, half a job. with n. in v. p. previous R.
  • 4 p.: As 3rd p.
  • 5 p.: As 2nd p.

We repeat knitting, starting from the 2nd p.

Simple crochet waffle pattern

This embossed pattern is formed by convex (embossed) columns.To link a pattern, you need to type a chain from to p., the number of which must be a multiple of 3 + 2 p. for symmetry.



  • 1 p.: P. with n., 1st p. with n. tied in the 5th century. n. from cr.
  • 2 p.: 3 c. p. n., 1 relief. with. from 1 n. before work, * 1 p. with n., 2 relief. with. from 1 n. before work *, 1 s. with n. in v. p. previous R.
  • 3 p .: 3 c. p. p., * 2 p. with n., 1 relief. with. from 1 n. before work *, 2 p. from 1 n.

We alternate 2 and 3 create a waffle cloth.

Unusual openwork crochet

Unfortunately, this unusual pattern is not suitable for every product in the form of a specific technique for its execution. Having linked a small sample, you will probably notice that it will not turn out to be the usual rectangular or square shape, but in the form of a rhombus. This pattern is suitable for knitting scarves, palatines or shawls, but we do not recommend using it for sweaters and sweaters.

To knit a pattern, you will need to dial a chain from to.n., the number of which is a multiple of 7 n. + 1 n. symmetry + 1 c. p.p.



  • 1 p .: 1 in. p., 1 p. without n., * 6 c. n., in the 2nd from the cr. we knit with. without n. and then consistently in the rest. in. p .: 1 half from 1 n., 1 s. from 1 n., 1 s. from 2 n., 1 s. from 3 n., then we knit 1 s. without n. in the 7th c. n. chains (in the last .. odd. pp. in the connection. with. previous. r.) *.
  • 2 p.: 5 c. p., * 1 connect. with. in v. p. previous R. (the apex of the triangle), then we knit successively in the loops of the previous air chain.p.: first with. without n., then 1 half-stat. from 1 n., 1 s. from 1 n., 1 s. from 2 n., 1 s. with 3 n. *, at the end of the row we knit 1 s. from 3 n. in the last with. without n. previous R.

To create a pattern, repeat everything from the 1st p.

Intricate openwork crochet

To knit a sample of this pattern, we need to type a chain from to. p., the number of which must be a multiple of 6 p. + 1 p. symmetry + 1 c. p. p. (included in the 1st p. in the description).



  • 1 p.: 1 c. p. p., * 1 p. without n., 1 p. from 1 n., in the next. p. knit a bunch of 3 s. from 1 item: 1 s. from 2 n., 1 s. from 3 n., 1 s. from 2 n., then 1 s. from 1 n., 1 s. without n., 1 half-letter *, from * to *.
  • 2 p.: 3 c. p. p., * 3 c. n., 1 p. with n. in the central section of the beam from 3 s. previous r. *, 3 c. n., 1 p. with n. in the last item of the previous R.
  • 3 p .: 3 c. p., 1 p. from 2 n. in the 1st of 3 c. p. previous r., then 1 s. from 1 n. in the next. in. n., 1 p. without n. in the 3rd c. p., 1 half THX. from 1 n. previous R., * 1 s. without n., 1 p.with 1 n., a bunch of 3 s. with 1 vertex we knit sequentially in 3 tracks. p.: 1 s. from 2 n., 1 s. from 3 n., 1 s. from 2 n., then 1 s. from 1 n., 1 s. without n., 1 half-st. in p. with n. previous R.*.
  • 4 p.: 3 c. p. p., * 1 half-st. at halfway. previous R., 5th century p. *, 1 half at halfway. previous r., 2 c. p., 1 half in the last with. from 2 n. prev. R.
  • 5 p .: 4 c. p., 1 p. from 2 n. at halfway. prev. R., 1 p. from 1 n., 1 s. without n., 1 semi., * 1 s. without n., 1 p. from 1 n., in the next. in. p. knit a bunch of 3 s. from 1 p.: 1 p. from 2 n., 1 s. from 3 n., 1 s. from 2 n., then 1 s. from 1 n., 1 s. without n., 1 half-position *, 1 s. without n., 1 p. from 1 n., in the extreme p. row: 1 s. from 2 n., 1 s. from 3 n.
  • 6 p.: As 2nd p.
  • 7 p .: 1 c. p. p., * 1 p. without n., 1 p. with 1 n., a bunch of 3 s. with 1 vertex we knit sequentially in 3 tracks. p.: 1 s. from 2 n., 1 s. from 3 n., 1 s. from 2 n., then 1 s. from 1 n., 1 s. without n., 1 half-st. in p. with n. prev. R.
  • 8 p.: As the 4th p.

We repeat knitting from 1 to 8 pp. to create a pattern.

Beautiful embossed crochet pattern for beginners

To knit a small sample of this pattern, we need to dial a chain from to. p., the number of which is a multiple of 16 p. + 10 p.

Under the “bunch of lush half-lengths.” we mean this knitting: in 1 p. we knit 3 lush half-lengths, dividing them in two. n. In other words, 1 lush semi-cant., 2 c. p., 1 lush half-height, 2 c. p., 1 lush half-est.



  • 1 p.: 1 p. without n. in the 2nd c. p. from cr., * 1 c. p., skip 3 p. chains, a bunch of lush. half-way., 1 century. p., skip 3 p. chains, 1 s. without n. *, from * to *.
  • 2 p .: 2 c. n., 1 p. from 1 n. in p. pos. with. without n. prev. r., 2 c. n., * 1 s. without n. in p. central. of 3 pomp. with. prev. r., 2 c. n., 3 p. from 1 n. in p. without n. prev. r., 2 c. p. *, 1 s. without n. in p. central. of 3 pomp. with. prev. r., 2 c. n., 2 p. from 1 n. in the last with. without n. prev. R.
  • 3 p .: 3 c. p., p. from 1 n. in p. extreme with. with n.pre-r., 2 century. n., 1 pomp. halfway in the same p., * 1 c. n., 1 p. without n. in p. without n. pre-r., 1 century. p., a bunch of lush. halfway in p. central. from 3 p. with n. pre-th p. *, 1 century. n., 1 p. without n. in p. without n. pre-r., 1 century. n., 1 pomp. halfway in the extreme century. n. of the pre-r., 2 c. n., 1 p. from 1 n. in the same paragraph
  • 4 p .: 1 c. n., 1 p. without n. in p. extreme with. with n. pre-th p., * 2 century. n., 3 p. from 1 n. in p. without n. pre-r., 2 century. n., 1 p. without n. in p. central. of 3 pomp. halfway pre-th p. *, 2 century.n., 3 p. from 1 n. in p. without n. pre-r., 2 century. n., 1 p. without n. in p. extreme with. with n. pre-th. R.
  • 5 p.: 1 c. n., * 1 s. without n. in p. without n. pre-r., 1 century. p., a bunch of lush. halfway in the central part of 3 s. with n. pre-r., 1 century. p. *, 1 s. without n. in p. extreme with. without n. pre-r.

We repeat the pattern, starting from the 2nd p.

We hope that today’s simple crochet patterns will suit your taste and complement your piggy bank.

Enjoy your knitting and straight loops!

Selection of diagrams

90,000 how to wear a crop top and a denim skirt

When composing images with a crop top, follow these rules:


1.Tight skirts, fitted jackets and skinny jeans are not the best companions for a crop top.

2. High heels, an aggressive make-up and a deep neckline will look vulgar with him.

3. Wide-leg trousers, oversized jackets, bombers and men’s jackets will help to reduce the degree of sexuality.

4. Crop top and high-waisted trousers / jeans – the perfect tandem.


5.An open crop top looks stylish with both a sporty and classic look.



Denim skirt has been an indispensable item in women’s wardrobe for several decades. We figure out how to wear it stylishly and relevant in this decade:
one.Choose the length of the skirt that is actual for today: midi or mini.
2. The best option for stylish and proportional combinations is a high waist.
3. Wear a ’70s midi skirt with boots and a jacket, or go for a mini and pair it with’ 90s sneakers.
4. Options for a denim maxi skirt look old-fashioned.
5. The decor – fringe, rhinestones or embroidery – will be left in zero. The same goes for the “glamorous” top.



What is the Jacquemus La Montagne collection: fashion experts argue

Any designer will envy such a career start like Simon Port Jacquemus.The admiration was absolutely deserved – the 21-year-old self-taught designer “threw” elegant tops made of shimmery fabric over basic T-shirts and dresses, crossed geometric shapes on the same dresses and coats, flirted with the cut, shape and our ideas about what should be clothes in general. “I want to create a strong brand with an expressive handwriting”, – such promising statements were made by Jacquemus at the very beginning of his journey. The expectations of the fashionable public are justified, and the goal has been achieved – the authorship of the models created by him is unmistakably guessed.

Jacquemus fall-winter 2016

© Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Jacquemus spring-summer 2015

© Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Starting with experiments with prints and witty color block, Jacquemus moved more and more towards laconic, simple and more understandable forms and finally finally chose Parisian minimalism without risks, very photogenic and feminine. It appeared as an alternative to everything formless, free and masculine, and this is exactly what everyone needed – sales and instant soldier-outs are a vivid confirmation of this.Everyone wanted to try on the image of “la bomb” at once – Jacquemus began to be worn by the Kardashian sisters, Emily Ratajkowski, Tina Kunaki, as well as other celebrities and street style stars, turning even a simple shirt with a Hawaiian print into the number one desire object among their fans.

A giant straw hat, a tied short shirt dress, a crop cardigan, an open top with spaghetti straps – each new Jacquemus collection carries potential hits that will surely not linger until the sale.While some complained about the imbalance in the price-quality ratio, others swept everything off the shelves and in online stores. Yes, this is not an intellectual fashion, but understandable and advertised by influencers. Today at Jacquemus they even get married (remember that same dress from the spring-summer 2021 collection), changing even on such a special day uniqueness with replication.

Jacquemus Spring-Summer 2021

© Filippo Fior /

Another proof of good sales is the see now – buy now scheme, which the brand switched to this year.Recent years have shown that Jacquemus knows his clients very well and has no doubts that the new and already completely sewn collection will have no less commercial success. Doing what is expected of you is a business scheme that can be clearly seen in the new Jacquemus fall-winter 2021 collection, or La Montagne, which is everything that we have seen more than once at Jacquemus in previous seasons. Opinions are divided – read below what fashion experts think about the long-awaited collection.

Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2021

© Alessandro Lucioni

Olga Dunina, Fashion Director, Vogue:

“I liked the collection, especially the color combinations, such as brown with orange and lime.A lot of khaki, and this is generally my favorite color! Separately, I will highlight the first bow with a suit and sunglasses, especially on the guys – I hope they are unisex. ”

Elizaveta Buinova, founder of the Telegram channel shoes & drinks :

“I was very surprised that after a year’s break, the Jacquemus team did not arrange an enchanting holiday, as they usually do – in the field, on the seashore, or at least by building a Marseille street inside. A show in an arena that a bit resembled mountain landscapes, without distracting details – not the wisest decision for a weak designer, but a cool storyteller.I am sure that Jacquemus wanted to focus our attention on clothes in this way and thus declare that he is also a designer of a good and high-quality product. Unfortunately, the attempt turned out to be premature – poorly designed things look great in a lavender field, but lose on a solid background. I still think Simon is very talented and cool, but you can’t get very far on a Chiquito – even if you attach a carabiner to it. By the way, this is the oldest trick in the book – in all brands where I worked, sooner or later we added a carbine to the most popular model to revive it.Jacquemus is an ideal creative director, he is very good at telling stories and making mood boards. But he urgently needs a team with strong designers and constructors who will be able to convey his ideas efficiently, beautifully and without repeating crop tops and midi skirts from season to season. ”

Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2021

© Alessandro Lucioni

Alena Isaeva, fashion critic:

“It’s all just ugly. But Prada also used to make ugly collections.But here, rather, the main problem is that it is deeply secondary. Ugly fashion in the ugly world “.

Alina Grigalashvili, editor of the fashion department

“Jacquemus has been preparing for the show for a year, and the feeling that everything was done in a week on my knees does not leave me. The silhouettes are still the same – there is absolutely nothing new. But – what is especially sad – even from the photographs you can see that all these things are not very well sewn. The fabric on a brown coat puffs up on poorly processed seams, a pink fluffy sweater does not seem fluffy at all, but tough and prickly, tight trousers do not sit on the hips of even the long-legged and slender girl, and rumpled down jackets look like they just got out of the closet. where they hung all year.It feels like Simon finally surrendered to Instagram and believes that the most important thing in clothes is how it looks in pictures on social networks. Only because of incorrectly placed priorities, the quality of things is getting worse and worse every time – and now they look ugly even in the photographs that the guests of the Jacquemus show posted all day yesterday. Unfortunately, this is not the first season with the brand – I myself fell victim to the designer’s aggressive Instagram marketing last year.I bought myself a Hawaiian Jacquemus shirt with bright blue flowers, but I only put it on a couple of times, because: a) it does not fit to the figure, b) the shirt feels like a cardboard one. And this is all very sad, because if tomorrow Instagram ceases to exist, Jacquemus may well sink into oblivion. ”

Mitya Astafiev, Vogue Fashion Market Director:

“It has long been known that tourists wear the most comfortable clothes. And Simon Port Jacquemus managed to make her sexy as well, passing through the prism of the 1990s and again the actual 2000s.The result is loose silhouettes on the one hand and a lot of open body on the other. The palette deserves special attention: despite the skepticism of buyers, the designer convincingly proves that brown shades can look cool. ”

Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2021

© Alessandro Lucioni

Olga Mikhailovskaya, fashion critic, founder of the Telegram channel Front Fashion :

“Quite weak – just a set of platitudes that hardly coexist within the same collection.Jacquemus has already flown in for Kendall Jenner and for popping in front of our eyes. This is true, although, frankly, he was never a high-browed intellectual from fashion, it’s just that this pop is also some kind of frail, timid.

The Bureau Betak Set Design Saves It All. Very clean, minimalistic, the color takes on a lot, and I sometimes caught myself thinking that I was looking not so much at things as at these color spots – fuchsia with red against the background of a marvelous combination of soft pistachio green with dazzling azure blue. “

Renata Kharkova, Tatler Fashion Director:

“It seems to me that Simon is gradually turning into a serious designer, slightly deviating from the image of a fashion influencer that everyone wears and wants. Minimalistic space and high-quality styling only contribute to this. It’s interesting to watch his transformation, a reminder of the iconic La Bomba collection is present, but he finally says goodbye to her. It’s always nice to see talented people move forward without parasitizing on previous success.There are some borrowings from other designers, but I think that the interpenetration of ideas in the fashion environment is a positive phenomenon. ”

Olga Gvozdeva, fashion editor of Vogue magazine:

“I really liked the collection. Immediately I will put on “naked” cardigans, held by one thread on the chest. Thanks to Piergiorgio Moro for such a diversity casting: even without the perfect press I will feel the most beautiful! ”

Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2021

© Alessandro Lucioni

Mikhail Baryshnikov, fashion critic, author of the Osd Telegram channel, founder of the jewelry brand Anima:

“I really like it.Simon has defined the fashion of the last five years, and, what is most interesting, for both sexes (here it is important to note the masculine even more). This collection is clearly no exception, I look forward to quotes from his self-quotes everywhere and everywhere. He works great with color and volume, creating clothes for completely different types of figures – plus-size models in the show confirm this. Fashion is always about the balance of lightness and categorical structure, everything is fine with that. However, there are so many Jacquemus today that it starts to tire – an overdose of immediacy is as bad as its complete absence. “

Anna Kinash, editor of the Vogue fashion department:

“I noticed this peculiarity behind me – if a thing, no matter how beautiful and luxurious it is, appears in everyone, I immediately lose the desire to possess it. For Jacquemus the same feelings – he is very talented, but today is too replicated. Everything that he created in the first years of his career is much closer to me, it was a fresh look without an obvious commercial background. Someone says that La Montagne is unfortunate. The question is: what is considered a failure today? The lack of new ideas in this case can be interpreted as helpfulness to regular customers who like to wear ultra-sexy dresses, open tops and cropped cardigans – they will just buy it all in new shades.Therefore, I cannot agree with this statement, just Jacquemus treats his work as a business – a business for which, by and large, there is nothing to be ashamed of. ”

Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2021

© Alessandro Lucioni

DIY fashion crop top, made without sewing from a white regular model

Sewing and decor of clothes

We all notice how bright and stylish an unusual thing looks in the image of a creative fashionista.Such an accent of the outfit attracts the eyes of others and makes the image unique. It turns out that often a shocking novelty is created independently, but it looks no worse than branded clothing. Take a regular T-shirt: it offers a ton of design possibilities and can turn into a stylish trend.

How to make a top out of a T-shirt?

Which T-shirt will fit?

It’s worth starting with what’s in stock.A women’s T-shirt can be found in every wardrobe: it is a versatile item that is popular in various outfits of the modern fashionista. If you approach the creation of a fashionable new thing creatively, the result will be pleasing, and the product will become the pride of the wardrobe.

The style depends on the woman’s choice: some like freedom, others like tight-fitting models. If you have a white jersey T-shirt at home, it will be an ideal option for a creative experiment. This color can be combined with any shades of the color palette, so the finished product will be appropriate with different clothes.

However, if you want not just to practice, but to make a real masterpiece, it is better to buy a new T-shirt: the snow-white color of the new thing will win against the background of the product after repeated washings. It will give off freshness and a certain luxury, while a yellowish tone can look sloppy.

White is not the only color: If there are products in other shades at home, they will do too.Although here it is already necessary to select the details of the ensemble and the finishing of the top more carefully.

Don’t worry if there is a print on the T-shirt – it’s even better. This will allow you to add notes of eclecticism, grunge to the conceived image, and in some cases create an outfit of a romantic nature. With a skillful approach to the process, you can make a real masterpiece that will look stylish, fashionable and expensive.

What to look for?

Conventionally, all alterations can be divided into two categories: without sewing and with the participation of a sewing machine.The choice of decorative design is varied and depends on the imagination, style and the intended image.

To make the new thing look beautiful, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • a combination of simplicity, creativity and accent is welcome;
  • oversaturation of the image, its transformation into something formless is unacceptable;
  • fittings should not outweigh textiles: it looks ugly;
  • outright vulgarity is unacceptable, restrained sexuality is welcome;
  • there cannot be several accents in one product: it will lose creativity;
  • it is not necessary to decorate the model with an abundance of metal: textiles may not support the weight of the fittings or tear from the sharp edges of the decor.

Ideas for converting a regular T-shirt into a beautiful top

The whole process depends on the skills and interests of the woman. Skillful craftswomen often carefully think over the cut, add new design elements. For inexperienced people, a couple of scissors are enough: remove the sleeves, trim the bottom, experiment with cuts – all that is needed to turn a boring product into a fashionable novelty.

With the right approach, you can create a product that will be appropriate in a romantic, sporty, urban look, suitable not only for the beach, but also for the classic set.

Without top

Perhaps this is one of the easiest alteration methods with a sewing machine. Such a T-shirt will be indispensable in the summer: open shoulders are in the spotlight today.

To make the product look bright, it is worth diluting the model with an insert in a contrasting color (you can use another T-shirt or knitted patch).

The procedure for transforming the shirt itself is not so complicated:

  1. Having cut off the sleeves and the top, fold it so that the side seams of the product coincide.
  2. Attaching a contrasting insert to the fold in front of the fold, taking into account the allowance, cut off the excess fabric.
  3. It remains to assemble the parts on a typewriter, process the edges, wrap the top, stitch it and insert a lace or elastic band.

The fashionable new thing is ready!

Cropped T-shirt

Crop-top is very easy to perform:

  • having cut off the sleeves, neck and bottom, you need to process the edges, wrap the allowances on the wrong side and sew on their machine, connecting with the top of the product.
  • it remains only to diversify the novelty with a bright accent. It can be anything: beads, buttons, sequins, rhinestones, beads, braid, finished fringe. The lace sewn on the bottom will look interesting. You can decorate the front with stamping using a stamp and special fabric paints.

If you have a talent for drawing, this is a great opportunity to show it. You can use felt-tip pens on fabric or acrylic paints. To add zest, in addition to the pattern, you can make a voluminous applique by decorating the T-shirt with textile patches of chiffon or other airy fabric.

Beach style

This is the case when a loose T-shirt like a man’s with bright colors will come in handy. For this style, products with a boiled effect or faded colors are suitable.

Do as follows:

  1. The T-shirt is laid out on a flat surface, the sleeves are cut along the armholes and the top (just under the neckline).
  2. The bottom remains unchanged: due to its length, the top will appear as a beach dress with a factory finished hem.
  3. The upper part of the front and back is folded inward and overlaid, then a lace is threaded into each blank. So, the laces will be tied at the sides.
  4. If you want one tie, then after the neck is cut off, you need to make an incision at the back, processing the free edge.

Asymmetric top

A beautiful model, in which you can go anywhere, will turn out from a short women’s T-shirt (preferably a delicate shade).

For a perfect look, you need pins.


  • Having folded the item on a flat surface, you need to draw an asymmetric line from the shoulder on one side to the bottom of the armhole on the other, and then cut off the neckline and one sleeve from above.
  • Having picked up a narrow tape to match the T-shirt, it is applied with the faded side (wrong side) from the wrong side of the future top and stitched to the base.
  • The tape is then folded over the face and sewn on, leaving room for the lace.
  • Insert an elastic cord and secure it with a thread.

How to do without sewing?

If it seems impossible, it is not: an example of this is the excellent cutting technique with scissors.The main thing is to use a high-quality cotton T-shirt, which will not peel off the edges. This technique loves monochromatic things, since a pattern created with scissors will not be visible on a printed T-shirt.

In some cases, with a skillful approach, you can combine a discreet print and cuts. However, do not experiment with colors throughout the product area. In this case, it is better to slightly change the cut.

With slits

One of the most interesting and quickest techniques for turning a T-shirt into a top.The first sweep is the removal of the sleeves. This is what distinguishes a T-shirt from a T-shirt. After that, it remains to give free rein to fantasy.

To make a crop top, you need to cut the bottom to keep the shirt short. If a stylish design is conceived, it is better not to touch the bottom: the long length gives a lot of possibilities for decoration, and the finished edge looks neater.

In order not to be smart with a drawing, you need a sketch. You can take a ready-made pattern as a basis, but it is better to come up with your own: this way the product will be unique, made in a single copy.The drawn template is applied to the base laid out on a flat surface, outlined with a pencil and cut along the lines. On this basis, you can create an independent drawing (skull, angel wings, heart) or a decorative element (cut).

With bows

It is even easier to do this: cut off the sleeves, fold the product so that the side seams coincide, make transverse cuts along the back.Having unfolded the product, it remains only to pull off every two cuts in the middle, forming a bow. You can use tape, contrasting lace, or a knit flap.

If you want to add some addition to the design, you can decorate the cuts with a small amount of rhinestones by gluing them on hot melt glue.

Plain T-shirt

If the sleeves of the T-shirt are one-piece, they can be shortened to give the garment a T-shirt look.Then trim the hem to the desired length and cut into a fringe. To make it more interesting, weaving can be done from fringe, tying it together with knots or fixing it with fittings.

If there is not enough brightness, stickers, drawings and stripes are not excluded: modestly in the center, in front. It can be letters, lace inserts, appliques.

With asymmetry and knots

A T-shirt without a pattern with a regular neckline will do.The product is straightened on a flat plane, a cutting line is marked from the shoulder on one side, and to the bottom of the armhole on the other. The second sleeve is cut off. It turns out a T-shirt with one shoulder. From the side, where the armhole is, make several cuts, having previously cut the side seam itself. Another cut is needed from the shoulder along the topline. Now it remains only to tie the resulting tails in knots – and the fashionable top is ready!

DIY fashion crop top

Let’s try to make a shocking novelty in two ways: only by hand and using a sewing machine.

Using scissors

A T-shirt with a sports print or a simple inscription is well suited for this style.

In order not to rack your brains how to make a beautiful line of the neckline and armholes, you can use a ready-made T-shirt or a wrestler.

Make the top like this:

  • Having spread the T-shirt on a flat surface, put the T-shirt on it and draw the necessary lines.
  • First, cut the neckline (front and back at the same time), then the sleeves (along the outlined lines). The cut off sleeve is cut along the seam, then it must be laid out on a flat plane and several strips no more than 2.5 cm wide are cut off, starting from the bottom of the sleeve.
  • Taking the T-shirt and the first strip in your hands, you need to step back from the shoulder seams about 7 cm and connecting the two straps together, tie a knot. Then, starting from this point to the level of the armholes, the straps continue to braid, adding new strips cut off from the sleeve.

The new wardrobe hit is ready!

With a sewing machine

For those who have time and want to make an original topic, the following method is suitable. To create a new thing, you will need a T-shirt itself (preferably with a discreet accent in the front) and sewing accessories.

  • First peel off the sleeves and cut off the top just below the neckline. The hem of the bottom is cut off from the sleeves: these will be the straps of the top.
  • After the edges are finished and folded inward, are sewn on a sewing machine. The resulting straps are threaded into the channels made, which are connected to each other and hide the connection points under the fabric. Stylish, beautiful and gentle!

There is another option for reworking a T-shirt, see the next video for more information.

90,000 20 fashion rules that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t cheat

Jennifer Lopez

Today, July 24, Jennifer Lopez celebrates her birthday – she turns 52! For more than twenty years, she has been a top star in show business.Fans love her not only for her incendiary hits: Lopez inspires many with her excellent physical shape and her style. If you look at her archival photographs, one cannot fail to notice that the singer’s corporate images have radically changed. At the same time, it seems that there was not even a year when Jennifer would disappear from fashion chronicles – she always followed current trends.

And yet there are several fashionable rules that Lopez has not changed for decades – we talk about them in our material.

1. Always wear crop top

In the 2000s, it was impossible to imagine a fashionable image without a crop top – a naked belly was simply a must! But Jennifer proved that this piece is suitable not only for low-rise trousers, but also for styles with a classic waistline. Over time, things that are suitable for the off-season appeared in the wardrobe of the star, for example, cropped pullovers. Perhaps only Jennifer’s toned belly has not changed during this time!

Jennifer Lopez

2.Timeless hoop earrings

Jewelry trends often change, but Jennifer is sure – large hoop earrings are always in fashion. For many years, the singer most often prefers just such models: from decorated with rhinestones to sleek minimalistic ones. The latter, according to J. Lo, fit perfectly into everyday style.

3.Super-high cut – the key to the success of the evening look

There are several ways to create a bold evening look.Dresses for special occasions feature plunging necklines, puffy skirts, or lace and rhinestones. But for J. Lo, there is nothing better than a high cut.

4. In any unclear situation, choose a total bow

This trendy move has grown in popularity over the past few years, and Lopez has endorsed it as well. If you don’t want to rack your brains over combinations, then you can go the simple way, combining a plain top with a skirt or trousers of the same color, or, if you want a more expressive image, dress from head to toe in things with the same print, for example, in the form of snakeskin …

5. Appreciate the power of neutral shades

This season, the beige palette, which until recently was so loved by fashion bloggers, was finally replaced by bright colors. We also associate J. Lo with glitter and glamor rather than neutral shades. But in fact, the singer also knows that basic shades are irreplaceable and can make an impression – just here you need to pay attention to the finish and cut.

6.Wear ugg boots no matter what

This shoe has had its ups and downs. Now she was called the ugliest, then she was again raised on a pedestal. But the stars, who spend half their lives on stiletto heels, seem to appreciate comfort like no one, so many could often be seen in ugg boots while walking. Lopez also appreciates these shoes – she always takes soft boots to the set, and in everyday life she sometimes chooses them.

7.Be bold for a plunging neckline

Dresses with a deep neckline J. Lo also loves – one of the most iconic images of the star had just such a style. We are talking, of course, about the already legendary Versace dress, thanks to which the Google photo search service was once invented.

Usually the singer tries to strike a balance – if the dress has a deep neckline, the bottom should be closed (even if it is often a translucent fabric), but sometimes Jen is ready to take risks.

8.The hat is cool

While we usually think of hats as everyday accessories to keep us out of the sun or rain, Lopez has made a number of appearances in wide-brimmed hats on red carpets, paired with dresses and bikinis.

9.The glass is also an accessory

This is already a signature detail of any J.Lo look – in many photographs of the paparazzi she is captured with a glass covered with rhinestones.Whether she is in a hurry to the gym, to a rehearsal, or a recording of a TV show, he will almost always be in her hands. Moreover, it is far from the same – Jennifer has a whole collection to find the right one for any look.

10. Do not skimp on boots

Still can’t decide whether to buy over the knee boots and are these shoes beautiful? Jennifer Lopez has a definite answer – you should take such boots! The singer has been wearing them for many years, combining them with mini dresses.

11. Turtlenecks are not boring at all

The main thing is to find a cool style. And J. Lo recommends cropped models again. Otherwise, depending on the details, this thing is very versatile. The singer herself wore such turtlenecks even on the red carpet, trying both casual and evening styles.

12.Skinny midi skirt – an essential part of the wardrobe

It seems that there is simply no situation in which such a skirt could fail.For an office outfit, add a blouse or turtleneck; for an evening in the club, choose a bright top. Jennifer’s example alone clearly shows how versatile this thing is!

13.And nowhere without a tight-fitting dress with long sleeves

Among the long-term favorites of J.Lo are tight-fitting dresses. The singer especially loves models with long sleeves. She does not limit herself in the choice of styles – long, short, with a print, with a neckline.All of them are designed to create a sophisticated and sexy look.

14. Belt – the highlight of the image

A belt is a great way to add a spectacular detail even to a simple look. And Jay Lo did not neglect this opportunity – the star approached the use of this accessory very creatively. For example, she even emphasized her belly with a belt during pregnancy.

15.Don’t be shy about tracksuits

In the 2000s, velor suits were quite suitable clothing for going out. But then they again began to associate more with home clothes (especially during the quarantine period). But since 2000s fashion is back, Jennifer reminds us that with the right accessories like fashion glasses, these suits look pretty cool.

16. Wear shiny things

Lopez’s stage costumes have always been distinguished by an abundance of sequins and sparkling materials.But the singer willingly wears such outfits both to social events and to parties, preferring a silver scale.

17. Wear with one shoulder strap

Lopez often reminds us how beautiful a one-shoulder design can be, whether it’s a dress or a top. This is a great way to experiment a bit with style. Well, the good news for us is that one shoulder tops are in trend today.

18. Find Your Shape of Sunglasses

Lopez has long since decided on her choice: her favorites are large glasses with lenses with a slight gradient.


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