Simple hairstyles for parties: Easy Party Hairstyles To Try (With Pictures)| Hair Advice


Easy Party Hairstyles To Try (With Pictures)| Hair Advice

The halls are decked, mistletoe hung, and the first snow of the season is covering the front yard. The holidays are a time of warmth and joy, however, in the midst of Christmas gift shopping, party planning, and gift wrapping, it’s easy to leave getting ready for the big night until the last minute! This year, don’t let your hair fall flat in the midst of the Christmas chaos. We’ve rounded up our favorite holiday hairstyles and party hairstyles that will keep you in the festive spirit well into the new year.

1. Big curls and sexy waves

Ditch the bobby pins and hair ties and bring your whole look together with sleek, voluminous curls or sexy waves. If you feel like you want an extra edge, try pinning a small section of hair back with a sparkling pin or hair accessory.

All you need to achieve this look is a wide-barrel curling iron, between 1 ½ to 2 inches and some Luxy Hair extensions for gorgeous length and volume. Still lacking inspiration? Watch this video for three different ways to get soft, head-turning curls. 

2. Holiday Glam Waves

Take your big curls up a notch with holiday-inspired glam waves. Perfect for your office Christmas party, a holiday date night, or your annual family celebration, these waves strike the perfect balance between Old Hollywood glamour and modern style.

This style gets its signature vintage glamour vibe from its inward-facing curls, as opposed to the more modern Victoria’s Secret waves that curl away from the face. Add in some sparkling hair pins and your holiday look is set. 

Psst: want to know our secret for long-lasting curls? Find out here. 

3. Side-swept double braid 

Would you believe Marta started out with short hair for this party hairstyle? Start off by clipping in your Luxy Hair extensions and curling your hair. Then, take a large section from one side of your head and French braid it toward the back, all the way until the nape of your neck. Secure this side with bobby pins, then create a smaller three-strand braid on the other side of your face, tucking the ends behind your ear.

4. Sleek High Pony

A sleek, high ponytail can immediately elevate any outfit and show off your sculpted cheekbones or that perfect contour. Consider this hairstyle for the holiday season when you’re going for a sharp but minimal overall look, or when you need the perfect complement to a show-stopping outfit. Add a drop of hair oil to smooth flyaways, and you’re good to go. 

5. Fishtail Ponytail

A more refined take on the classic high ponytail is the fishtail ponytail, perfect for dressing up or down as the holiday season approaches. If you’re the type who loves keeping her hair out of her face, this is perfect for you. Have short hair or medium hair? Consider treating yourself to some Luxy Hair extensions to achieve this look. 

6. Fishtail Braid Half Updo

For a more intricate style, turn to the holiday half updo with fishtail braids. Gorgeous waves and feathery, pinned-back pieces make this style as magical as the holidays themselves. If you want to give your hair some extra dimensions, length,  and volume, add in some Luxy Hair extensions for extra glam with minimal effort.

7. Twisted Bun

Have a fabulous formal event on the calendar and just can’t decide what to do with your hair? This updo hairstyle is so simple to recreate at home, and takes almost no time at all! The chic spiral element is the focus of this updo, perfectly complemented by a few loose strands around the face and volume at the crown of the head. 

8. Headband Updo

The holidays are a perfect time to put those hair accessories to good use, like the gold leaf headband used in this party hairstyle. This high-pony-turned-elegant-updo is perfect for ringing in the new year or spending the evening out with friends. Feel free to accent with whatever headband or hair accessory you choose! In the case of New Year’s Eve, the more sparkle, the better. 

9. Knotted Updo

So pretty, and yet so simple. Crisscrossing strands in the back of this updo give this look some extra detail that really elevates the whole style. Luxy Hair extensions are perfect for giving you volume at the crown and length to create this spiraled beauty. Accessorize with a pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace to keep all eyes on you.

10. Top Knot

Keep your holiday look simple-yet-styled with the classic but modern half-top knot. Some gorgeous waves make for an unforgettable holiday look when paired with your glam New Year’s Eve outfit. All you need is a hair tie, bobby pins, and some texturizing spray to give your half up half down hair that perfect messy bun look and piecey waves. Glam up this look with your killer holiday outfit and accessories. 

11. Hollywood Waves For Short Hair

Have shorter hair? No problem. Hit the holiday glam mark this year with classic Hollywood waves for short hair. The holidays are a great time to bring out these waves, especially if your prom days are behind you and dressing up is a rare occasion. All you need to achieve this look is a wide-barrel curling wand, some hairspray, and a side part. Start by curling the side of your head with less hair away from your face. As you work around your head, begin curling inward for that classic Old Hollywood look.

12. Faux fishtail half updo

This cute and easy holiday hairstyle is so simple to create, your Christmas cookies won’t even be done baking by the time you’re finished! Start by creating a half ponytail at the back of your head, then flip the ponytail inside out and thread the ends through. Next, take a strand of hair and twist it around the elastic to cover it, securing it underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin. Then, take small sections of hair from each side of your face, twisting them toward the back, and creating another topsy tail. Again, take a strand of hair, twist it around the elastic to hide it, and your party hairstyle is complete.

13. Relaxed Waves

Sometimes the holidays call for understated glamour, and that’s exactly what this look, inspired by Gigi Hadid, will give you.

The outfit, accessories, and makeup options are endless with this style! Try a bold red lip and a winged cat eye or put the focus on your accessories with drop earrings and a statement necklace.  

14. Elegant Bun

Rushing to get ready but still want to look put together? Try out this elegant bun that only takes two minutes to recreate! While it looks complicated, this look is all yours with a few twists, turns, and bobby pins.  

15. Twist Back Hairstyle

Looking like a princess doesn’t have to be difficult this holiday season, especially with this half up half down hairstyle. Use your Luxy Hair extensions for that mermaid length, or keep your hair natural for an equally pretty vibe. All you need to achieve this look is a clear elastic hair tie and a large-barrel curling wand. You’ll be holiday party ready in no time!  

16. Princess-inspired half updo

This party hairstyles is a bit more intricate, however, if you’re off to an exquisite formal function, it’s worth the time to create. Start with a loose three-strand braid down the middle of your head, then, take sections of hair from the front of your face and twist them toward the back, pulling the ends through the knots on the braid. Continue this process until halfway down the braid, using bobby pins to secure all the strands.  

17. Ballerina Bun

At a loss for how to style your hair when the holiday season throws a formal affair your way? A ballerina bun is an easy way to bring your whole look together. The key to this style is to keep the edges sleek, but the bun just a little loose. That way, your finished look will still have that natural and effortless flair. 

18. Met gala inspired tight curls

Inspired by Amanda Seyfried’s soft yet regal hairstyle at the 2018 Met Gala, this party hairstyle with tight curls and a glitzy tiara is an elegant complimentary hairstyle to a strapless, formal gown. The key to this hairstyle is to use a smaller barrel curling wand (about 1 inch) and to curl all the hair strands the same way to achieve those princess curls. Finish off with an embellished headpiece and let your prince whisk you away to the ball.  

19. Braided Wreath Updo

There is something magical about the holiday season, and this time of year just welcomes romantic hairstyles. This braided wreath or “halo” party hairstyle is the perfect option. This hairstyle uses strategically placed Luxy Hair extensions wefts in order to create that full and thick twisted halo, while fishtail braids accentuate the entire updo.

20. Fishtail Updo

The holiday season calls for statement-making dresses and formal shirts. If your holiday ensemble has details in the back that you’d like to showcase, this fishtail updo is for you.  

21. Topsy tail half updo for short hair

This party hairstyle may look difficult, however, only takes a few twists and turns to achieve. Twist two sections of hair on either side of your head and join them in middle. Then, add another small ponytail underneath the hair elastic already there. Split the section into two, and flip the remaining bottom of your hair into the small hole you just created, and you’re done.

22. Double Rope Braid Bun

Put a twist on your classic twisted bun with this double strand version. Start by sectioning your hair into two low ponytails on each side, then split each section into two. Twist each side tightly, then begin to twist these sections around one another and secure at the end with an elastic. Finally, twist each section into a bun and pin them up. Feel free to skip on the hairspray if you want a looser look, or go in with a few spritzes if you’re getting ready for a long night.

23. Mermaid Braid

If you’re wearing a strapless or one-shoulder dress, this ultra volume mermaid side braid is the ideal complementary party hairstyle.  Combining topsy tails with a fishtail braid, this side braid is chic, feminine, and most importantly, super easy to create once you’ve mastered the basic hair techniques. Clip in a few wefts from your Luxy Hair extensions to add mega volume and thickness to the braid. 

24. Side Dutch Braid

Ladies, grab your Luxy Hair extensions for this one! The holiday season just isn’t complete without a bit of drama and flair, is it? This side Dutch braid does just that with its cascading waterfall look and forehead-sweeping style. 

25. Twisted messy bun for short hair

Guests are arriving, the food is still in the oven, and you haven’t even gotten dressed yet! Rock this twisted updo party hairstyle when you need to get glam in a flash. If you’re on a time crunch, feel free to skip the hair extensions this time, or, if you have a spare minute, add in a few wefts for some extra volume in your bun without the fuss of teasing and hairspray-ing. Throw in a few curls to frame your face you’re good to go!

Show us your holiday looks on Instagram and be sure to hashtag #myluxyhair! We’re so excited to see what you come up with. Happy holidays from the Luxy Hair team. 

10 Party-ready Hairstyles for a Night Out

It’s summer time and the living should be easy—especially when it comes to your hair! No matter your texture, colour or cut, these ten going out hairstyles will hold up on the hottest and most humid summer days and make you feel like the belle of ball or barbecue. 

Prep Your Hair Before Styling

Before styling, it’s essential that you don’t scrimp on the pampering – as this is the building block of any great style. Explore products that will boost your colour or look for words like ‘de-frizz’ or ‘hydration’ for products that will help repair the look and feel of hair damage. These are especially good if you use many heat styling tools or have naturally frizzy texture. The Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner is a great option. It fixes lifeless, dull hair and infuses it with new energy. 

Party Hairstyles That Last All Night

1. Sleek Ponytail

This is a perennial style go-to for celebrities, and there’s a reason for that. It looks pulled-together and groomed come rain, shine or humidity. Secure down low, right at the nape of the neck, and cover the band with a piece of your own hair. Use Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Blow Dry Styling Spray, as it’s excellent at erasing flyaways and keeping those flyaways smoothed for up to 24-hours.

2. Tucked-Under Pony

The great thing about these tucked under ponies is that they appear complicated, but with practice are easy to pull off. Gather your tresses into a low, loose pony; create a gap in the middle of your hair — just above the band — and flip your ponytail through the gap. Extra points for a few plaits too. 

3. Double Dutch Braids

These are brilliant if you’re at a summer soiree and need to keep hair fuss-free in the sweltering temperatures. Plus, you can always pull the braids out later for perfectly symmetrical beach waves. To make plaiting easier, use a deep conditioner and Frizz Ease Original Serum to instantly eliminate frizz, hydrate and tame hair and provide heat protection.

4. Slicked-back Hair

This style was all over the spring and summer catwalks, and it oozes sophistication and confidence. It works on all hair types – from super short bobs to waist-length locks — but requires a little prep. Blow dry with the Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion to give root lift, then straighten out any kinks with an iron. Create some drama and elevation around the top of the hairline with a little teasing, then use a glossing product to create a glass-like, wet-look shine all over.

5. Messy Top Knot

For a fresh party look that’s still laid-back, the top knot is for you. Thick hair types only need an elastic and some pins to pull it off. However, thinner types might benefit from using our Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray on towel-dried hair before blow-drying and then using a hair donut once dry.

6. Double Buns

There is plenty of style inspo for the double bun — think low, boho goddess shape or high on the crown neo-punk-meets-nineties grunge. It’s worn best when slightly messy, so follow our tips for the top knot above, but split into two.

7. Single Braided Bun

Buns with plaits give off a polished look and is a stylish alternative to a messy top knot. Finish with a little glossing mist, so your style really shines.

8. Pompadour

This glam hairstyle originates back to the 17th century, but can look very modern when given a mohawk upgrade. You’ll need to provide hair with endurance to keep the quiff high, so lock it down with Forever Full Hairspray once you have the required shape. It will give hair more body while holding your style in place.

9. Glitter-Do

From mermaid hues to Grecian spun gold, there’s a whole host of glitter styles to get inspo from. To be utterly mess-free, invest in glitter extensions or sparkle-infused gel (so you don’t sprinkle it all over your floors and walls). Be sure to stockpile a Detox shampoo to remove the dazzle dust the next day.

10. Flowers and Accessories

As far as hair accessory trends go, it’s about owning your look and celebrating you. So, try braiding a scarf into your plait or adding a tiara or flower crown for a bit of boho style. For the most budget-friendly option, opt for hair littered with Kirby grips – either haphazardly or in neat little rows.

30 Party Hairstyles to Look Fabulous No Matter the Occasion! Hair Motive

Winter, summer, spring or fall, no matter the season, you will want to know what the coolest party hairstyles are so that you will always be on top of the style game!

To help you with this, we’ve put together lists of hairstyles for short to long hair that will have you party-ready in no time! Also, these styles are just as practical as they are pretty and varied as they can just as easily fit a wedding or Thanksgiving dinner as they can a birthday bash or night out in town!

So without further ado, let’s check out these cool party styles and cuts and pick a shortlist of favorites!


Short Party Hairstyles

1. Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

We are advocates of the beauty of short hair and it’s versatility, but even we have to admit that it can sometimes be harder to style, depending on its length. So take the easiest way out and go for a short bob hairstyle styled to be curly or wavy. You can also add hair accessories to complete the look.

2. Half Up Bun Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

Another way to style short hair is to gather it in a half-up hairstyle such as this messy bun. The one above looks close to unraveling, but a messy half-up ponytail can look just as good. Leave some face-framing strands for a cool touch.

3. Wavy Hair with Crown Braid Style

The first of many crowns to come, consider braiding a crown around the head either out with the help of the classic 3-strand technique or through a more complex braiding style. Either way, leave the rest of the hair messy, curly or even straight – all will look just as good!


Short Double Braids Ending in Ponytail

There’s also the option of parting your hair down the middle in two equal parts and braiding each in your style and technique of choice. Then, connect the two resulting braids in a small ponytail at the back of the head.

5. Half Up Ponytail with Hair Bow

Put a bow on those party hairstyles, literally. Even a wavy, messy half-up ponytail on short hair can look that much more elegant simply by adding a fancy bow to it – the look can be either edgier or classier depending on the width and material of the bow.

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6. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Keep things short and stylish by going for a pixie haircut with long bangs. Also, add a touch of glam to it by adding in some highlights or lowlight or even an ombre on the long bangs. Add statement earrings and be all party-ready!

7. Wavy Mohawk with Shaved Sides

This might not be a Thanksgiving with family look, but it is definitely a very cool New Year’s Eve bash or night in the club-style. The short hair was styled in a wavy mohawk whose different layers are all the brought out by the lavender highlights. Also, the sides are shaved in true mohawk style.

8. Half Braided Fade Haircut

This can easily be the next growth stage of the haircut we presented above or a self-standing look. The long bangs are left to drape over one side of the head while the hair on the other is braided to all the better show off the undercut and faded sides.

9. Pixie Haircut with Faded Sides

You can also go for a less extreme version of the hairstyle above by combining the faded and shaved side only with a pixie cut and without the undercut or secondary side shave. The light hair color also helps sweeten the look.

10. Short Tight Curls on Natural Hair

Make the most of your natural hair and showcase it by letting the short and tight curls on top grow up in a sort of afro-way. Make them pop by dyeing or highlighting the hair on top in another, contrasting color.

II. Medium & Shoulder-Length Party Hairstyles

11. Messy Layered Bob Hairstyle

Once your hair grows longer, you can style it in a variety of ways but one of the prettiest and easiest party hairstyles will still be letting it all run loose. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a perfect example of this especially as her hair is layered and textured for additional volume.

12. Relaxed Waves in Longer Hair with Bangs

While the hairstyle above showcases long hair, the idea still stands: one of the best ways to style mid-length hair is to add in some waves or curls and also cut the bangs that best fit your face shape and style.

13. Wavy Bob with Twisted Half Up Style

There will be many bob and half-up styles in this article but first, check out this wavy long bob. The twist braid crown adds a boho touch to the whole look and also helps bring to attention the various highlights and lowlights in the hair and their different shades of blonde and brown.

14. The Ballerina Bun

We love the messy bun but first, there was the bun, the ballerina bun. This is still to this day considered one of the most elegant updos for all hair lengths and we can only say that we agree and would recommend it any day and for any occasion.

15. Old Hollywood Glam Bob

There’s a certain fascination with old Hollywood and that’s reflected in the many and varied glamorous modern adaptation of their Red Carpet and party hairstyles. In this photo, admire the way in which Brittany Snow styled her mid locks to glam bob perfection by going for Hollywood waves.


Sleek Pompadour-Style Mid-Length Hair

La belle Marion Cotillard has wowed us with many hairstyles and cuts over the years, but this one is so easily adaptable and can become your go-to party look. The hair is styled in a sort of faux pompadour as the hair on top is sleek and voluminous while the locks on the sides are gathered at the back of the head and under the upper part to ‘hide them away’.

17. Straight Asymmetrical Bob Cut

The asymmetrical bob was one of the trendiest cuts you could go for some years back and is still going strong to this day. Make yours as long and asymmetrical as you desire and then have fun styling it in a variety of ways.

18. Relaxed Mid-Level Ponytail and Bangs

This medium-length hair was gathered in a very pouffy and voluminous ponytail made about half-way up the head. When coupled with the frontal arched bangs and face-framing ones, it makes for a very doll-like and sweet effect.


The Wavy Curly Shoulder-Length Bob

Be wild and curly and rebellious looking with a wavy to curly shoulder-length bob left to run as it wants! Pick a side so that the locks won’t lie on the center of the head and consider bringing some hair ties if you’re planning on going to a dance party.

20. Old Glam Side Swept Waves

As we’ve said, old Hollywood glam will likely never go out of style, and this photo of Cara Delevingne goes to show another way to wear it – one fit for mid to long hair alike. Simply sweep all of the hair over a chosen shoulder and then curls the tips of the hair and the face-framing strands for a retro touch.

III. Long Party Hairstyles

21. Sleek Straight High Ponytail

Another belle of the ball, Bella Hadid is here with straight hair perfection as goes to show that sometimes, less is more. For this Red Carpet event, she simply gathered all her hair up in a very sleek and high straight ponytail.

22. Twisted Updo for Long Hair

Alternatively, twist your hair to perfection with a long hair updo such as the one in this photo. This hairstyle involves creating three tiers of twists that are gathered to form a sort of rose-like shape.

23. Three Fishtail Braids Party Hairstyles

This is one of those party hairstyles for which you will likely need some help. Although some women can self-braid a fishtail, this look uses not one but three. The hair must be separated into three sections: the first fishtail acts as a sort of crown braid while the second one goes to offer a transition between it and the third layer. Intricate, tricky, but so worth it!

24. Messy Updo Party Hairstyles

This hairstyle used to be a big hit among women back in the 90s and is slowly become just as popular nowadays (partially thanks to the 1990s revival). The hair is caught in a messy updo that adds height to the wearer thanks to its pouffed up frontal strand. Several face-framing strands are left free here, but can also be caught and tied, depending on your tastes.

25. Glam Waves for Very Long Hair

Very long hair will be both harder to maintain and to style as the hair itself will be heavier. If your hair is as long, consider going for some old glam waves but styling them central-parted and bringing each part over a shoulder.

26. Simple Elegant Twisted Updo for Long Hair

Complicated in appearance, this hairstyle is actually easier to make than some of the ones we’ve presented above. The locks are twisted-braided over one another before ending in a tucked back pony or bun at the nape of the neck.

27. Double Braids in Ponytail with Hair Accessories

Be as sweet as pie and go for a double set of braids in your technique of choice. You can easily opt for either French or Dutch braids, for example, and then unite and end them in an oversized ribbon bow.

28. Braided Mohawk Party Hairstyles

There are several ways to rock a braided mohawk (as we actually discuss in a separate article on the matter) but this is one that can easily be worn no matter the occasion. Besides being significantly less rebellious, this style can also help showcase that wonderful hair color of yours – be it natural or with highlights, ombre, or balayage in it.

29. Messy Updo with Headband

Because of the embellished headband, this looks more like a wedding hairstyle. However, don’t be fooled by this – keep the messy curly updo but accessorize it with a hippier or more rock glam band depending on your tastes and the occasion.

30. Retro Long Hair Party Hairstyles

Go full retro with your hair and replicate this hairstyle that was commonly worn by long-haired ladies in the Roaring 20s. Many associates that period with short hairdos, style and expectations that might be further strengthened by the shorter aspect given even to longer locks.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

This list of party hairstyles has hopefully proven helpful in finding the best style for your next big bash, no matter the occasion. We picked something for every type and length of hair, and there are styles for both wavy, curly, and straight-haired ladies.

So what’s it gonna be, a short hair left to run wild or some vintage glam waves? Or perhaps you’ll leave you locks free and styled Whichever the case, drop a comment to inspire us and others as well and have fun!

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10 Easy Braided Hairstyles for a Party

When you already bored with a simple updo then these easy braided hairstyles for a party is what you need. They are easy and quick to make even if you don’t have a lot of time.

The key point is no need to make it super clean and leave it a little bit messy for a romantic look.

I love braided hairstyles because it does not look dull and always compliment whatever clothing I wear. It is perfect for all seasons such as Spring, Summertime or Fall.

It’s a perfect hairstyle on Winter occasion too such as Christmas.  You can pair it with a simple yet stunning dress which will get along together.

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So, let’s see what type of braid hairstyle you can do!

#1 Side-swept Waterfall Braid

This braided hairstyle feels on the fancier side but you could dress it down for every day. You can wear it to date night, school dance, a work party, summer barbecue!

Found from Missy Sue.

#2 Double Dutch Single Bun

I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty lazy with my hair and just put it into a messy bun. This is a great alternative that I will definitely try out!

Found From Barefoot Blonde.

#3 Half Up Pull-Through Braid

Flirty, fun, and carefree. I love how the pull through looks on this braided hairstyle. Super unique!

Found from Kassinka

#4 Half Up Lace Rose

Be your girliest best by sporting this floral hairstyle that will make everyone fall in love with your hair. It creates a unique illusion that makes them look like twists and the braided rose flower at the back.

Found from Design Every Day Blog.

#5 Braided Headband Side Ponytail

You can definitely kick back and relax for the weekend with this pretty yet functional braided hairstyle.

It pulls in your hair while you’re busy strolling out or just chilling at your home.

I would love to try this look for traveling because it’s easy to make and I don’t have to bring a lot of accessories to make this look.

Found from Hair Romance.

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#6 Stacked Fishtail + Mini Braid

Who thought that you can make a headband with your own hair?

This Headband braided hairstyle is such a great way to add a little something extra to your favorite curls or waves.

Simple and easy to do!

Full tutorial from Missy Sue.

#7 Romantic Braid

This easy braid hairstyle for a party is seriously so romantic looking which is perfect for any occasion such as Christmas or to be added on your Fall style!

You can definitely pair it with a simple cute dress.

Found From Kassinka.

#8 Under Braid

You are busy and you only have 5 minutes. Try this simple yet beautiful braided hairstyle.

Found on Pinterest.

#9 Braided Half Do

Create a goddess look with this style which is perfect for any occasion.

It will be a great pair with an off-shoulder dress or off-shoulder top for a casual yet romantic look.

Found on Stylowi.

#10 Twisted Crown Braid

Make a crown with your own hair!

This braided hairstyle can be enhanced when you added some flower hairpin in between the braid to create a flower crown look which is a perfect look for your wedding day!

Found from Twist Me Pretty.

All of these braided hairstyles for a party are simple and easy to make.

You can also add some accessories to enhance the style.

It is perfect for any occasion you want it to be or you just wanna be pretty while chilling at your home.

Try some of these hairstyles and let me know what do you think!

Stay around for a while to check out some of my beauty and style posts:

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See ya!



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7 Indian Party Hairstyles To Try This 2019

Tired of the same, everyday hairstyle? Here are 20 best Indian hairstyles you can try right now! These hair looks are for those who want to try something stylish, yet easy and simple to recreate. I’ve listed 7 hair ideas that are great for those with medium or long length hair. So if you want to know how to rock different hairstyles, keep scrolling!

There are times when you’re just running late and need a quick hairstyle. This hairdo by Parineeti Chopra shows us how simple side twists can make a difference to your look and add detail to your style. You can rock this hairstyle both with straight or curled hair.

What You’ll Need:

  • A few bobby pins
  • A comb
  • A hair curler or straightener

How To Style:
I have a quick video tutorial that shows you step by step on how to achieve this look.

6. Braided Head band 

This headband look is a great hairstyle to keep your hair away from your face but shows off your beautiful long locks. You can style this for parties by teasing your hair a bit for volume or you could wear this on a normal day whenever you want to look extra special.

What You’ll Need:

  • A few bobby pins
  • A comb
  • Tiny hair elastics
  • A hairspray

How To Style:
This is a simple hairstyle that you can rock with either straight or curled hair. Watch my short video to learn how to recreate this look.

5. Heatless Messy Low Updo

Love a messy updo? Here’s a romantic one that will make you look elegant and super stylish. This low updo is perfect to wear for dinner/night outs or for when the weather is just so warm!

What You’ll Need:

  • A few bobby pins
  • A hair elastic
  • A comb

How To Style:

You won’t need any braiding for this one, so it’s super quick and only requires a few knots to make the messy bun. Watch this Instagram video to see how I created this look.

4. Mehndi Wedding Faux Braid

There’s nothing better than a big braid for wedding occasions. This hairstyle is a 3-strand pull through braid that’s so easy to do, and it does not require any heat or teasing! This braid will look super big and gorgeous if you have really long hair. I wrapped yellow yarn around the braid for a playful festive detail.

What You’ll Need:

  • A hair bump sponge
  • A few tiny hair elastics
  • Some colorful yarn
  • A comb
  • A hair clip to section the hair away

How To Style:

This traditional hairstyle is great for special wedding occasions, you can choose any yarn colour, so it matches your dress. Check out my video to learn how to recreate this look. 

3. Braided High Ponytail

Does this hairstyle remind you of something? That’s right, it’s a recreation of Aishwarya Rai’s hair look that she wore for her popular song Crazy Kiya Re. When the song came out everyone was obsessed with it, and I fell in love with her style. Hence the reason why this hairstyle made it to this list.

What You’ll Need:

  • A few hair elastics
  • A comb
  • A pony hair extension (for extra volume or if you have medium length hair)

How To Style:

You shouldn’t have any problem recreating this look if you’ve masted how to create a dutch braid. Watch my short video to learn how to get this look.

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2. Side gold bobby pin details

If you have golden bobby pins laying around somewhere and never knew what to do with them, this is the right time to take them out and make a creative hair look!

What You’ll Need:

  • A handful of golden bobby pins
  • A comb

How To Style:
This is pretty simple to do. Just make a side parting and start crossing the bobby pins. Check out my video tutorial to learn how to create this Sonam Kapoor inspired hairstyle!

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1. Statement braided ponytail

I know this is not an Indian look, but you will be surprised to see how you can recreate this hairstyle but make it more desi. I actually wore this look when I attended my cousin’s dholki. This hairstyle may look funky and edgy, but trust me when I say that you can make it a festive fun hairstyle by using colorful yarn instead of black.

What You’ll Need:

  • A bobby pins
  • A comb/brush
  • Some colourful yarn
  • Hair elastics
  • A ponytail hair extension (for volume or if you have medium length hair)

How To Style:
Just follow the steps as shown in my short video and you can achieve this look! 

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101 Easy DIY Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair to snatch attention

Hola people! Thank your lucky stars for you just saved yourself from being blocked by surfing through innumerable messy sites to know awesome and Easy DIY Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair.

Literally, it is damn irritating when one has to attend a party with that forever-same hairstyle as they find no other easy DIY hairstyles. It’s time to smile as a bunch of hot and Easy DIY Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair is right there just a few taps away.

Bouffant Hairstyle

Simply do the partition of your unevenly and get the hair layered up as to enhance the beautiful face cut. Why don’t you get the curls if you wish to? Though, straight and sleeky hair will do wonders as well. Highlight a few pieces of hair to be a trendy one.


A damn huge range consisting of different sexy updos which suit all kinds of face cuts, occasions and outfits. You could go for side buns, braided buns or headband buns and so forth. Fishtail braids are another variety which is highly in trend nowadays.


You may get a swag log with asymmetrical wispy bangs and an young, innocent look with simple bangs which go symmetrical throughout. How about coloring the hair and getting blue lenses for eyes? Oh my gosh! Hotness is going to get overloaded with these tips, isn’t it?


Waterfall braid, French braid, fishtail braid, lacy braids, half crown braid and what not! You will get tired of listening about the never ending list regarding the varieties of braids that do exist on earth. You don’t need any headband if you are of easy DIY hairstyles for medium and long hair and so the braids. Braids are always a there to support you with ultimate styling despite of the busy schedule.

The Top Knots

You won’t need any artificial bow for your hair if you ever understood about how to make one using your hair itself. A kind of knot which is the way too easy to make and that too in time lesser than five minutes. May it be your big wedding day or prom night or a regular professional meeting with colleagues; this hairstyle rules every fashion hairstyle.


Your curling iron and you! That’s all you are going to need to snatch this chic hairstyle for yourself. This hairstyle has an advantage that it could make you feel like you have shorter hair thereby changing up your look miraculously. Moreover, if you don’t want messy curls you may get your hair stay wavy, that is, lighter curls.


Another versatile hairstyle to enhance your attitude and grab attention of the planets revolving around the earth. Woah! The complete universe will seem to be staring at you wildly. Get on your heels and move to get this forever yours hairstyle. Layering up hair brings life and audacity to several other easy DIY hairstyles including buns and braids.

Some Simple DIY Hairstyles to adopt an amazing look in less than five minutes.

Tired of straight and sleeky hair? Why not have funs with sexy wavy hair at the party tonight? Divide your hair in two parts right from the mid of your head and start rolling your hair on curling iron thereby getting this amazing DIY hairstyles for long hair.

Dress your hair like a princess with this easy side lower bun. Bang down a part of hair towards right thereby fastening up the rest of hair as a ponytail. Further twist the ponytail and put a knot thereby pinning it up. Loosely pin up the long bangs that were left earlier by winding it up on the bun.

Layering up the hair is yet other simple DIY hairstyles for medium hair. Part your hair making an updo with upper hair leaving the bottom ones untied. Straighten up those untied hair using hair straightening iron. Untie the updo and start curling up hair of upper portion. And here you go!

Get a deeper section of hair from right side of head tilting it on to the left thereby making a normal French braid in the beginning. Pull out pieces of hair strands and continue braiding up the hair securing it with a rubber band. Braid the hair of other side of your head in the same way. Pull these two braids at the back of your head and pin it. Done!

Oh, this is so damn easy; yet sexy hairstyle! Part your hair centrally thereby making two braids with temple hair. Pin up the two braids on opposite sides of head thereby making a ponytail and loosening it up. Carefully insert the end of ponytail behind the braided bridge to get these easy DIY hairstyles.

Lower buns are the hairstyle that suits any outfit and occasion. Here’s one more for you. Symmetrically divide your hair in upper and lower portion putting an elastic band on upper hair temporarily. Create a pony with lower hair and insert the free hair by parting it into two as shown creating a bun. Pull the hair from left temple to the right thereby putting a messy knot at the back and inserting the rest of hair in the bun neatly.

Create this mesmerizing braided headband and bridge, both together. Part your hair centrally and create four simple French braids, two using temple hair and other two using rest of the hair. Cross the two braids at the back taking it up the head to make a bridge and pin up the ends. Similarly, pin the two temple braids pulling it at the back of head.

Shh! Let this sexy messy bun be a secret. Comb your hair to get a high ponytail securing it with a rubber band. Create a fishtail braid and put another elastic band at the end. Twist the fishtail braid to reach its end and get it pinned properly. Girl, you are half ready for your prom night.

DIY hairstyles for medium hair include this classy styling, especially for busy women who couldn’t spend much time for such stuff. Section your hair from over the left temple and move all the hair on right shoulder. Pin the hair behind your left ear thereby straightening the hair from left temple tilted towards right. Pin it pulling it at the back and DONE!

This chic updo will leave everybody else completely unaware of what you did with your thin hair that turned it into a voluminous one. Hold the hair pretending to make a ponytail. Twist and twist and twist upwards thereby slightly loosening it as to allow hair to spread a bit. Tilting the remaining twisted hair and pining it up with a bow clip or beads.

But what if you don’t find a bow for your hair? Why not make a charming by yourself and that too with your hair. Fun fact! Ponytail and high bun and bow and pin! That’s it. Try out a chic floor length one piece with this sophisticated DIY hairstyles for medium hair.

If you love dressing up your hair with cute headbands then you may love this easy DIY hairstyles for medium and long hair. Get the hair from left temple to the right shoulder and hold a ribbon over the strands thereby rolling it up to put a knot. Repeating the procedure to get a bun behind right ear thereby fastening up the ribbon pulling it from behind the neck and over the head making a bow.

The Bow Bun for the beautiful princess of father! Twist the tail of your pony and insert it’s end in the elastic band of the pony making it half of its length. Divide it into two and make out a bow by wrapping up its center with the hair itself. Pin it up to complete this glamorous look.

Pull out a part of hair from left temple to the right side creating a normal French braid. Continue braiding up the hair with the pieces of hair along the scalp. You may make put certain unique patterns of scalp which could enhance the look.

Fed up of your long hair? Let’s make them short and that too without cutting them! Yeah, this pseudo short hairstyle will turn your straight hair into sexy messy curls as well. You may love these DIY hairstyles for medium hair with casual clothing and elegant make up.

Oh! So charismatic twisted sexy bun just a minute away from you. Hold! Twist! Wrap! Pin! And done! This hairstyle is easy to carry throughout a tiring day when you won’t be getting time to care for your look.

Create three simple French braids; one at the back and two at the either side of temple. Twist the back braid round and round thereby wrapping it up with the two temple braids and hence, pinning it up. Another chic hairstyle right below your thumb!

It would be exclusively amazing of you could give your head a designer look with uniquely classy braids and bun. Indeed, you can design your head! See this amazing hairstyle for your big day. What a perfect combination of this hairstyle with your amazing sweetheart neckline one piece!

What else could be simpler than combing the hair, rolling and pinning it up all together to get a messy wedding updo? Flaunt this hairstyle along with your authentic silk maxi dress and an awesome accessory including bracelet.

Out for a trip and you forgot to put a rubber band in your bag? Don’t worry! This hairstyle won’t need any rubber bands and pins. Simply create a two plait braid and tie a knot. Oh so beautiful it looks!

Do you feel jealous of those having longer hair? This hairstyle will bring about a revolutionary twist in the story for sure. Gets your hair divided into two parts thereby creating a high pony and a low one too. Such an incredible fun with easy DIY hairstyles!

You will definitely regret encountering a hot guy while your hair were looking creepy and unattractive. Better do this simple and comfortable hairstyle before coming across such heart aching situations! Put on a headband and wrap it with hair to get a sexy updo.

All the boho outfit lovers out there, pay attention for this is another superb and easy DIY hairstyles for medium and long hair. This hairstyle will suit even the formals and casuals along with hot party attire.

Fishtail braid might look great in this way also. Braid two fishtails using temple hair by sectioning hair centrally. Further, pull those braids till the back of the head and make up a braided bridge by crossing and pinning the style.

Deep neck pleated gowns will look fabulous with this royal hairstyle. What will make you feel proud is the fact that you dressed up your hair by yourself! Make sure that you go for this hairstyle only if you of your hair are curly or wavy.

Do try these elegant DIY hairstyles for medium hair at your sister’s wedding. Your sexy metallic heels with awesome floor length cape dress and this gorgeous braided side updo hairstyle gives a royal look. Winged eyeliner is something that is a must with this style.

A rose updo with the glittering glory of your sexy beauty and wonderful outfit. Pull all your hair to the left shoulder and pin the extreme back lower hair thereby twisting and rolling the hair to get this classy hairstyle.

Who says that a bun cannot suit a casual outfit? Try this messy bun along with your adorable denim shirt and trouser. Pull in classy ballerinas for the complete trendy look of a swag girl. You may create a bow using ribbon on the bun.

Buns have the ability to look voluminous and thicker ever if your hair are thin. You may try this hairstyle with your sexy trumpet dress with sweetheart neckline. Let a few hair fall loose over your lusty neck in a midst of admirable necklace.

Sing a song for this hairstyle. Twist twist pin! Twist twist pin! And then roll to get a bun! So damn easy, isn’t it? You may try it before leaving for tomorrow. Try out crop top and skinny denim for a hot look.

Short strapless top to show off you sexy neckline and a flat belly over a mini skirt! Plus, this unique updo means a complete unique combination of newest vogue in fashion. Preferably, this hairstyle doesn’t suit round faced people.

Oh pretty girl with chubby cheeks! Don’t feel low since here’s another sexy updo hairstyle only for you. Wear it with tank top or prom dress, completely your choice. Don’t forget to put on hair beads with rhinestones for greater attractive look.

One side twisted ponytail is waiting for all girls right there having a wider forehead. Start tilting and twisting your left sides hair towards the right and finally tie a bow. A heavy makeup will not look good but a simple and elegant will do wonders.

This could be the confusing situation for some women who are being unable to decide DIY hairstyles for medium hair. Simply braid you hair and twist the braid inside out pinning it up at the end. Get this hairstyle for today!

Divide your ponytail into three twisting each one of them thereby simply braiding it up. Wear collared shirts for a professional look. You may also try this hairstyle with certain traditional Kurtis.

Lace braided updo looks like it is a tougher one but no other hairstyle could be simpler than it. Simply create two braids right from the temple to the bottom of the head thereby tilting them towards each other. That’s all!

Centrally part your hair. Take pieces of hair from behind both the ears and then pin those two together at the back leaving the rest untied. Let your hair fly with the flowing air, girl.

Don’t want your hairstyle to be as simple as above? Let’s make the same hairstyle an elaborate one by creating a sexy bow. Backless Maxi dress with detailed bows in the front will match in a superb way.

Let your prince charming catch this glorifying look of his princess’s sophisticated braided one sided hairstyle along with your favorite mini halter dress in silk fabric. Try out heeled cowboy boots with this fabulous hairstyle.

Simply braid your hair and put a rubber band leave a portion unbraided and put another rubber band at some distance. A clean chic look to pair up with your work outfit is all you need for the day. Don’t forget to put a dark sexy lipstick to enhance the charm of the face.

Though the fashion never ends and so as the easy DIY hairstyles for medium and long hair; we just made you aware of distinct and glamorous hairstyle just for you. Try out these infinitely prepossessing and appealing hairstyles flaunting off the charm and share your views regarding the post.

8 Easy Party Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it the festivities and gatherings we love so much. Though many of us spend the year trying and perfecting wash and go’s and all forms of twists and braids, come this time and we all like to glam it up with some party hairstyles for natural hair.


Let’s be honest you’ll shine no matter what, you can perfectly make a statement with a knock-out wash and go or braid out, but why not showcase the versatility of curly hair?


One of my favourite places to go to delight on natural hairstyles and get inspiration from is Instagram. However, despite the video functionality, if you truly wanna follow a step by step guide then YouTube is still the place to go. So I handpicked a few party hairstyles tutorials that you may wanna try this season.


Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated they are simple and easy, I get that we’re all busy and ain’t nobody got time for elaborate. There are a few different options you can choose even if you’re the lazy type, just choose the one you think you’ll get better results. Don’t forget to make sure your hair is moisturised as some of the styles are set on dry or second-day hair.




UPDOS By TheALGLifestyle

Updos are probably the main choice of hairstyle in this festive season and it’s no surprise as they flatter everyone. From the most simple to the most elaborate, you can’t go wrong. TheALGLifestyle brings you 3 different updos, all simple and easy to achieve. For these styles, the main technique you’ll need to know is how to do twists, which is pretty simple, right?

Side Swept by Chime

Although this is a is a back to school hair tutorial, this side-swept is also perfect for a party or any event you have going on. It’s amazing how a side-swept created with a few braids raises the level of this twist out. It definitely merits your consideration, and Chime’s suggestion to add a Bohemian feel to the look makes it even more unique. (the original video for this description was deleted by the author, however, I replaced it with another one that has a hairstyle that is as beautiful as the one featured on ths post, hope you like to too.)

Protective Style by MahoganyCurls

If you ever thought simple protective hairstyles are not appropriate for the season festivities, MahoganyCurls’s tutorial will prove you wrong. With simple twists, you can create two elegant hairstyles which are perfect for those of you who really don’t wanna waste time with updos, however easy they are.

Twisted UpDo by Naptural85

This style is all about twists and may require some agility, but nothing unachievable. The great thing about it is that it can take you from day to night, so you can wear it even in the workplace.

Halo Updo by SunKissAlba

This is perhaps the easiest version of a halo braid. It looks just as gorgeous and is way easier to do which is makes it the perfect choice if you’ve always wanted to try the halo braid but your flat braid technique needed to be perfected. Well, this halo updo you will be majoring this technique in no time and have a feel of a halo hairstyle.



With these party hairstyles, you have one less thing to worry about, you only need to choose. If you’de like a few more choices you can have a look at 5 Holiday Updos For Natural Hair and watch the tutorials or you can get some inspirations from Instagram and have a look at the blog post Holiday Season Hairstyle Delight From Instagram.


What is your go-to holiday hairstyle? 

Featured Image Credit: @ChimeEdwards (Instagram)

90,000 37 best hairstyles for a corporate party

Are you planning a corporate party? Then you will definitely need ideas for holiday hairstyles! What should be the hairstyle for a corporate party? Firstly, it is not always possible to drop in home to put your head in order, which means that you yourself have to be able to build something suitable with your hair. Secondly, the styling should decorate you. And thirdly, it should be festive! So let’s go!

Romantic styling in 6 easy steps

A few hand movements and you’re ready to rock the party!

A bundle of braids

Simple styling, but how impressive it looks!

Easy hairstyle with a bow

No one will guess that you did not waste time styling at all.

Hair bow

Do you have a little more time and opportunities? Then do this hairstyle, a great option for a corporate party!

Hairstyles for a corporate party: mini-bow vs loose hair

You can handle this styling yourself, but if you want, call a colleague for help!

Hairstyle a la Brigitte Bordeaux

This styling suits any outfit and… mood!

Hairstyles for corporate parties: low bun on one side

Don’t you like smooth buns? Then you will definitely love this option!

Hairstyles for a corporate party in the style of the 40s

Show your boss that you are a real lady, maybe she will react and increase your salary.

Corporate Hairstyles: Waves

If you have time to get ready, you can work on your head by making a wonderful and delicate styling.

Princess hairstyle in 5 minutes

Do your colleagues know you as a career woman? Prove to them that you are a gentle person!

High beam with a scythe

And this option, on the contrary, will show everyone that you are a serious worker, not devoid of the ability to dream.

Hairstyle for a corporate party with a light fleece

The combination of fleece and weaving is truly great!

Smooth Tail

Did you distinguish yourself during the last corporate party? Make amends with this hairstyle.

Hairstyle for a corporate party from braids

A few elastic bands, 5 minutes, and you are the queen of the party!

Careless braid

Yes, carelessness is in fashion, therefore, having done this hairstyle, you will not go wrong!

Tail on one side

So easy styling, but how beautiful it is!

Braid on one side

Corporate Hairstyles: Ideas

To become the star of the party, you don’t have to spend a lot of time styling.Arm yourself with our ideas and go ahead, light it up!

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 The author of the article: Tatiana Ebel

Especially for the site

Updates step by step – Simple hairstyles for parties

Do you have an event or party you can’t miss? If so, and you are already thinking about everything that you will wear on this momentous day, you cannot forget your hairstyle.There are tons of ideas out there, but if you want to surprise with the style you can create at home, don’t miss the step-by-step build that we show you.

Collected step by step – one of the best ways to learn how to do those hairstyles that we usually see, but cannot decipher when we see them ready. By following the instructions and letting the images get carried away, you will achieve modern hairstyle, simple and in minutes. Are we trying them?

Collected step by step from nodes

series hairstyles with knot This is one of the great options to make your hairstyle original.This is not about tying your hair tightly, but about trying to tie different strands together without a hair tie. Let’s enjoy this first hairstyle step by step!

  • Brush your hair back. If you have a little rebellion, spray some water to make it easier for us to do our hair.
  • We started out as if we were going to make semi-assembled and take two strands, one on each side. We tie them as if they were ties, and we want to tie a knot on them.
  • We will continue along the entire length of the hair, taking new strands from both sides, until all the hair is finished.
  • Finally, we tie the lower end with a thin elastic band and, so that it is not visible, insert it inside and fix it with a hairpin.

Matched with twisted strands

In much the same way as in the previous case, we come to a hairstyle with curled strands. It also offers us a romantic and very festive touch that we can decorate for the moment however we want.

  • Let’s start with a semi-pickup truck. In the collection that we left, we screw it to ourselves, and when we have it, we squeeze it to make a kind of socket. We fix it well with hairpins.
  • When we have the first one, we continue through all the hair, holding a strand on each side, twisting it over ourselves and shaping it into a flower.
  • You can always help yourself Fine-spiked comb Lightly cut each curled strand.
  • Finally, you will have a pillar with small romantic-style rosettes where they exist.

Very simple bun

This hairstyle can be said to be is the perfect way to give a new look to your classic bun. If you want to reinvent this style, don’t miss the opportunity to see what comes next. In just four steps, you’re done!

  • Comb the hair well back and make two partitions in it.To do this, we will make a detail in the middle, as we can see in the image.
  • With these two distributions, we have to link them on our own and without the need for additional add-ons.
  • Now we need to take one of those strands that we left the distribution and put it aside, bordering on the one that will be our monkey end.
  • Place the second strand on the opposite side and that’s it. We will already have a low and romantic hairstyle.

Originality in the form of a hairstyle

Besides being original hairstyle It also has that relaxed vibe perfect for the most elegant.A new bun-style hairstyle with strategically placed strands. To figure out!

  • The first step is to make a low ponytail with all the hair that we pre-combed back.
  • We twist the “tail” so that there is a kind of hole in its center, and at the end – on the side.
  • Now you need to give it a slight shape by covering it with the right side of the hair so that the strand is visible at both the base and the end. If you follow the pictures, everything will be as simple as possible.

A total of four collected step by step, with which you can vary in each event you attend. Of course, if you get to work, none of them will resist you. Where would you start?


we make light and beautiful hairstyles for the holiday with our own hands, the best styling for the evening

Every girl will certainly dream of looking like a queen, regardless of the reason for going out: a visit to the theater, a themed party or a costume ball.To shine and conquer, you need to think over your image to the smallest detail, including the design features of the gel coating of nails. However, without a suitable evening hairstyle, all efforts will be in vain. No wonder they say that a woman without styling looks like a beautiful painting without a frame.

If you do not have time to visit the salon before the event, do not despair. The article will consider options for the simplest and most spectacular evening hairstyles that can be easily performed with minimal hairdressing skills.


Evening hairstyles should be selected taking into account the length of the hair, the shape of the face, the general image and the event you are going to. Accessories deserve no less attention, since a spectacular decoration on the simplest smooth beam can create a stunning effect.

Evening hairstyle differs from the usual styling primarily in its more complex and artistic execution, it requires certain skills from the performer.

Depending on the nature of the event, your main decoration can be curls with an abundance of glitter or a laconic smooth hairstyle with a stylish accessory.Official events require restraint, parties – extravagance and creativity.

Hair length is also one of the key points in choosing a hairstyle. For owners of short hair, it is a little more difficult to make a choice, because it is limited: the hair either fits perfectly hair to hair, emphasizing the natural beauty and stylish haircut, or creates a creative mess with the emphasis of individual strands.In this case, more attention is paid to the choice of accessories: tiaras, headbands, hairpins, fresh flowers, bows.

Ladies with long hair are practically unlimited in their choice of hairstyle. Curls, bunches (preferably low), various options with weaving are suitable for them. For happy owners of healthy and beautiful hair, it is enough to give perfect smoothness or emphasize the naturalness of curly curls.

If the hair is thick and heavy, what should not be done is to lift it up.Since it will be difficult to hold the entire mass of hair, and the neck will get tired very quickly.

Best position for girls with medium length hair, as there are many hairstyles for them. High beams and openwork braids look especially impressive.

There are several general recommendations for choosing a hairstyle for a dress:

  • long curls are not suitable for an outfit with an open back, since they will cover the main spicy detail – a beautiful bend;
  • Dresses with a high neck are perfectly combined with a high hairstyle and a smooth bun;
  • V-neckline looks harmonious with loose hair, curls;
  • Off-the-shoulder dresses look equally good with tucked up and loose hair.

Once again, we note that an evening hairstyle takes skill and time to look really smart. Among the styling offered below, you can definitely choose one that you can easily do at home in a matter of minutes.

Plaited laying

Festive braided hairstyles always look advantageous, while there are completely uncomplicated options for the evening that require a minimum of time, effort and accessories.

Important: for the braided hairstyle to fit perfectly, it is better to wash your hair the day before, then the hair will not be too fluffy.

    Let’s start with a simple yet very effective hairstyle that will suit long to medium hair – a bun with French braids.

    1. Curl the curls and fix them with mousse.
    2. Divide the hair into three unequal parts: the side is smaller, in the center is the bulk.
    3. Assemble the central part into a tail, which is turned into a bundle and fixed with hairpins.
    4. Braid one side strand and fasten it into a bun.Carry out a similar procedure on the second side.
    5. To complete the romantic look, pull a few strands out of the bunch and sprinkle with varnish.

      Side braid looks great on long hair:

      1. Comb your hair to one side;
      2. start weaving from the long part of the parting, adding to each strand along the adjacent part, continuing to the ear;
      3. from the auricle to the back of the head, weave in a French way, adding the upper strands;
      4. collect the tail, then finish the braid in the classic way;
      5. Add a delicacy to the hairstyle by slightly stretching all the strands of the braid and securing them with varnish.

      Another variant of the side braid is shown in the photo. It is woven easier, but it looks no less attractive due to the combination of a thin braid and a more voluminous one.

      A very simple weaving – a waterfall – looks amazing. Thin strands are evenly “released” into the side braid.

      Simple yet eye-catching hairstyle that will make the owners of blonde hair look like the famous Mother of Dragons – Daenerys. We are talking about loose hair framed by two braids:

      1. small strands are separated from both sides, which are braided;
      2. if you have more time and experience – one braid is woven diagonally from one ear to the other;
      3. fasten the pigtails at the back;
      4. The remaining hair can be twisted, braided or left unchanged.

      A braid woven into a braid is an original solution for an unofficial holiday. For this hairstyle, the hair is divided into classic 3 strands, while the middle one is braided into a thin braid. Then a regular braid is woven. For decoration, you can use unusual hairpins, hairpins with pebbles or fresh flowers.

        When choosing an evening hairstyle with braiding, remember that the regrown hair roots should not be visible.This will give an untidy look and nullify all efforts. The only exception may be a youth costume party, where non-standard is only welcomed.

        There are a lot of ideas with weaving. Guided by the advice of stylists and your own imagination, you can create a real masterpiece at home.

        Hairstyles with ponytail

          Everyone’s favorite ponytail from a housewife’s hairstyle can quickly turn into an elegant styling.Pay attention to the simplest and easiest ways to make a memorable hairstyle for a holiday.

          Curled ponytail:

          1. straighten hair;
          2. comb part of the hair on the right side to the left and fix with hairpins, as shown in the photo;
          3. twist the hair roller on the parietal part, secure;
          4. gather hair at the bottom in a ponytail, leaving a thin strand;
          5. wrap the base of the tail with this strand, fix with a hairpin.

          The Greek knot looks beautiful and is incredibly easy to make:

          1. separate thin strands on both sides and fasten with an elastic band;
          2. Divide the remaining mass of hair in half;
          3. turn each part one by one onto the resulting rim of thin strands;
          4. Gently tighten and straighten the resulting roller, fasten the tail with an elastic band from thin strands.

          The Greek knot can be made even easier and faster, if it is not tight to collect the low tail, pull the elastic from the head. Divide the strands into two parts with your hands, and drag the tail into the resulting hole. Straighten the formed rollers, straighten the tail. Continuing to stretch the ponytail until you have a solid roller will give you a cocktail party hairstyle. Light carelessness and disheveledness will add style and completeness to the image.

            Based on the Greek knot, you can make another version of the evening hairstyle with gathered hair. A distinctive feature of such a double Greek knot is the twofold repetition of the twisted tail, after which the remaining hair is braided into a pigtail, secured with hairpins at the base.

            The ponytail looks impeccable. This hairstyle is suitable for any event:

            1. wind the hair along the entire length in soft waves;
            2. divide the whole mass into 4 parts – 2 side, upper and lower;
            3. collect the lower part in the tail;
            4. top – comb, twist into a plait, fix with hairpins;
            5. the side parts are alternately combed and twisted into bundles, securing them next to the upper strand;
            6. collect all parts in one tail, sprinkle with varnish.

            A simplified version of such a voluminous tail is made without side strands: first, the hair is collected at the top, then the remaining hair is at the bottom. The upper strands are fixed with mousse or wax so that the elastic from the lower tail is not visible.

            On the basis of the tails, hairstyles with various buns are made.Depending on the type of hair and dress, you can make a high, low or side version.

            Elegant smooth bun:

            1. Divide hair into 2 parts – upper and lower;
            2. collect the lower part in the side tail and make a bundle using a foam roller;
            3. fasten the hair from the bundle with hairpins above it – shown in the photo;
            4. comb the upper part and cover with this hair those that are fixed above the bun;
            5. roll up the strand with a tourniquet, which to wrap the bundle and secure;
            6. Accentuate the perfect smoothness of your hairstyle with a glitter polish.

            The side bundle can be wrapped obliquely, instead of a bundle, or the strands that remained after the formation of the bundle can be released outside, combed and laid around.

              An airy bun with loose curls looks gentle and romantic – a great option for a prom or going to the theater:

              1. gather a low ponytail, separating two side strands;
              2. roll the tail into a bun;
              3. wind the strands in waves;
              4. bring the longest wavy strands back and fasten to the bundle.

                A braided bun will take some skill from you, but the chic result will be worth it. Practice, if possible, a few days before the celebration.

                Choose the type of weaving at your discretion: it can be an openwork lateral French braid or complex weaves coming from the forehead.

                Unusual Ideas

                There are a great many unusual hairstyle ideas for long, medium or short hair. However, they are often complex and require professional skills and experience.Here are some original hairstyle ideas for a celebration that you can really do with your own hands.

                Undoubtedly, the talented and very non-standard singer Lady Gaga raised a whole wave of imitation with her hair bow:

                1. start collecting your hair in a ponytail, without extending the tip to the end, pointing it towards the forehead;
                2. divide the resulting loop into two parts and intercept it in the middle with the tip of the tail, which is stabbed with an invisible elastic band;
                3. Fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

                  An incredibly spectacular ponytail can be created in 5 minutes.

                  1. Separate the strand on the right, pull it to the left and tuck it under the rest of the hair. Secure with a transparent rubber band.
                  2. In the assembled tail, select the strand on the right again, wrap the tail with it, fix with an elastic band.Repeat the procedure one more time.

                    Another non-standard version with a tail:

                    1. separate a small strand of hair from above, tighten with an elastic band;
                    2. make a hole above the elastic with your finger, and twist the resulting loop to the left;
                    3. Pull the bulk of the hair into the resulting hole.

                    Beautiful examples

                    For your inspiration, we offer examples of beautiful and effective hairstyles.Enjoy and come up with your impressive options!

                    Braids and buns – a combination that will never go out of style.

                    You can create an incredible number of stunning hairstyles from a regular ponytail.

                    A perfect shell for any occasion.

                    The hairstyle with two side bolsters looks unusual and stylish.

                    Long, healthy hair is in itself a wonderful decoration for any look. But with a well-chosen evening hairstyle, they are guaranteed to attract the attention of everyone present.

                    We hope that after reading this article, you will test in practice how simple evening hairstyle can be.A little patience, imagination, and most importantly – the desire to look your best, and the result will exceed your expectations!

                    For an easy version of the evening hairstyle, see the next video.

                    90,000 10 Easy Party Hairstyles | Stars

                    Festive hairstyles that take several hours to style are bad form for a 21st century girl.Beauty preparation for the New Year’s party will not take much time and effort with any of the styling from our selection – choose the one you like to be in the spotlight!

                    Sleeky hair with glitter . Straightened or naturally smooth hair can be styled without hairpins, elastic bands and buns, simply by decorating the loose strands with large glitter. This is usually used for manicure or makeup, so it can only be fixed on the hair with hair wax. It needs to be applied to the hair before you decorate it with glitter, and the final result will have to be fixed with a strong hold varnish.

                    Elsa’s Spit . The Frozen heroine wore a braid that can be turned into a festive hairstyle with a tiara. If you bought yourself one for a long time, but decided to wear it for a corporate party, do not forget to decorate your styling with it for the main night of the year!

                    Hairpin with pearls. Invisibles with artificial or natural pearls can be combined with an outfit of any color scheme and can decorate any hairstyle with short hair.

                    Braid with tape . Velvet or silk ribbons have become one of the most popular accessories at the past Fashion Weeks. Comb your hair back and gather 1/4 of it into a braid at the back of your head. Secure the end with a thin elastic band, and tie a bow at the base of the braid.

                    Tail with tape . Continuing the theme of fabric hair accessories, one cannot fail to mention low ponytails gathered with the help of ribbons, which many stylists preferred at the backstage of shows in Europe and the USA.The ribbon is used instead of a hair tie: it can be contrasting or black.

                    Bulk stacks . The fashion for natural volume is back: lush hair looks healthy and shiny with a minimum of effort and styling products. Apply volume mousse to roots and lengths and blow dry, lifting the strands with a round brush. Secure the result with a light hold spray.

                    Natural curls . Owners of curls can breathe calmly – curls do not have to be washed with straightening shampoos or keratin straightening.Try using only the texturizing salt spray for styling; it will highlight individual strands and tighten the curl.

                    Color block . Hair stencils and tinting spray are all you need for a trendy color block hairstyle. Do not be afraid to experiment: the pigment will be completely washed out of the hair during the first contact with the shampoo.

                    Two-piece bundle . Divide your hair into two sections and braid each section. Wrap them around each other and secure them with invisible ones – an unusual version of the beam is ready!

                    Hair Hoop .Better yet, two, as in the show Dolce & Gabbana . To make the image festive, it is advisable to take hoops decorated with stones or sequins.

                    10 simple hairstyles for a festive party was last modified: December 20th, 2018 by Nastasya Garina

                    9 elegant hairstyles for a New Year’s party – HEROINE

                    You have one last weekend left to determine your outfit for the New Year’s party, which means you should also consider a hairstyle that will suit the image.We have selected some elegant ideas that can be repeated at home without asking for help from a stylist.

                    1. Boho style

                    Boho hairstyles are ideal for those who have spent most of the day taking care of the cosiness of the house and preparing for the party: it is easy to repeat on your own on any hair length, and does not require an iron or curling iron. Even if a few strands are knocked out of the hair clip, it’s okay, they can be easily woven back or left free, and your image will remain until the very end of the party.

                    2. Cascade

                    If you know how to braid braids, you should definitely master the technique of weaving in a waterfall. This hairstyle is perfect for any evening outfit, does not harm the hair and does not create a feeling of heaviness.

                    3. Braids for short hair

                    While you are thinking about whether to grow your hair, you can master the braiding technique for short hair. With the help of ordinary invisibility, you can create incredible looks that fit both a glam rock outfit and an innocent romantic outfit.

                    4. Hollywood Rise

                    If you have been walking with short hair for a long time, you should master several methods of high styling, which are used by stars like Ruby Rose or Miley Cyrus. This will require special styling products, but the result is well worth the effort.

                    5. Retro Glam

                    Ever dreamed of being a Golden Hollywood star? The New Year’s party is the best reason for such experiments.Use this tutorial to create light waves in a retro look with this simple curling iron.

                    6.Vintage curls

                    If you are trying to avoid heat damage to your hair, choose a hairstyle that does not require curling or ironing, such as this styling method for vintage curls. You can prepare your hairstyle even in the morning before the party, and just before the guests arrive, it will be enough to remove the paper papillotes and strengthen your hair with varnish.

                    7. Elegant beam

                    When there is very little time left before the arrival of guests, and the hair has not even dried out after a shower, it is worthwhile to limit yourself to a simple bun. You won’t need to worry about this hairstyle during the evening, and if you want variety, you can use bright hairpins.


                    For those who want to show their image more vividly, the braided hair crown is perfect: it looks great on long hair and underlines your flawless make-up.

                    9. Glitter Brades

                    If you can’t wait to use the new glitter sets, you can use them not only in your makeup, but also in your hair. Bright sequins perfectly diversify any simple hairstyle, and will also attract attention due to their color overflows. It is important to remember that you should not go to bed in this look if you do not want to shake the glitter out of bed linen for the next weeks.

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                    90,000 cool looks for all occasions!

                    1.Get started with the right shampoo and conditioner! Proper shampooing is the key to hair care before experimenting with hair. Everything is important here: how you wash your hair, what products you use, how you dry it, how it looks after washing. All these points determine the degree of health of your curls. Therefore, when choosing a shampoo, give preference not to the mass market, but to more professional products that wash better and protect your hair from damage.

                    • Choose sulfate-free shampoos and products that do not contain silicone.They foam worse, but they have much more useful components that your hair needs so much.
                    • Don’t forget to use a conditioner after shampoo that fights dry hair. Give preference to conditioners with herbal ingredients, as well as those that include keratin.
                    • Also, make moisturizing, revitalizing and nourishing masks that are great for looking after hair and preventing it from turning into straw after experimenting with hairstyles.

                    To consolidate the effect, use moisturizing hair oils that will not only enrich your hair with nourishing ingredients, but also make it soft, smooth, and most importantly, give it a divine scent.

                    2. Dry your hair without using a hair dryer!

                    Using a hair dryer greatly simplifies the process of drying hair. However, there is a downside – a hairdryer dries out our hair, turning it into straw. Therefore, it is better to let your hair dry on its own or slightly help it dry properly:

                    • Gently dry your hair after washing with a terry towel.
                    • Apply a conditioning hair oil.
                    • After the hair is slightly dry, apply a special product that will protect the hair from external influences.
                    • Use a terry towel to gently dry your hair from time to time.
                    • When your hair is practically dry, comb it with your favorite comb, which is perfect for your hair.

                    If you cannot give up a hairdryer for one reason or another, then you can use the following tips for proper drying with a hairdryer, which will help you maintain your luxurious mane:

                    • Apply special protective agents before drying with a hairdryer that protect your hair from mechanical stress.
                    • Use cold air instead of warm air for drying.
                    • Dry hair at the lowest speed.
                    • Start drying your hair when it is slightly dry, this way the risk of overheating and damage to wet hair will be significantly reduced.
                    • When drying your hair, keep the hair dryer at arm’s length.
                    • Use an attachment that directs air to specific areas of the head. However, do not dry the same area for more than five seconds, as it will overheat and damage your hair.
                    • Start brushing your hair when it is almost dry.

                    Do not use a straightening iron or curling iron to create curls on damp hair. Dry your hair with a hairdryer before using these tools, and only then start to do your intended hairstyle. Otherwise, your hair will become brittle and dry.

                    3. Use only proven hair styling products!

                    When styling your hair, try to use only proven and professional products.Most of the hairsprays, gels, mousses, and other styling products available in stores contain chemicals that damage the hair. Look for styling products with ingredients such as blue agave nectar or tamanu oil to perfectly protect hair from heat. Also, follow these guidelines:

                    • Apply mousse or styling gel directly to the hair roots. For extra volume, sush your head upside down so you naturally create extra volume.
                    • If you forgot to apply the gel or mousse to wet hair, do not worry, it can be used on dry hair too. However, remember that overuse will make your hair stiff and lumpy. Therefore, it is better to apply products to damp hair.
                    • Apply a special product to the ends of the hair to prevent drying out.
                    • Choose only high quality ceramic hair styling tools. They are much softer than their metal counterparts and provide smooth and soft curling without damaging hair.

                    4. Don’t do evening hairstyles often!

                    Give your hair a break from experimentation and all kinds of hairstyles. On such days, give preference to uncomplicated hairstyles, or completely let your hair down so that they can rest and be saturated with vital energy.

                    On such days, you do not need to excessively comb and correct them. Give them the opportunity to lie the way they want. Better to do some extra care, such as a mask for a couple of hours, or a nourishing oil overnight.This is especially necessary before going to the master who will turn your hair into a real masterpiece. Therefore, in order not to be left without hair the next day, take care of this in advance!

                    We hope that these tips will help you keep your hair even after the most extravagant hairstyles. So don’t be afraid to experiment. However, remember that it is better to entrust your hair to real professionals who will surround them with warmth and care. There are only such in KOZA Studio! Our girls will be able to create a real masterpiece for you, which will be appreciated by all guests of the holiday without a doubt!

                    Well, if you want to learn how to make cool hairstyles yourself and also properly care for your hair, then we are waiting for you at hairstyle courses at KOZA .We will help you become not just an amateur, but also a real professional in this matter. Only trendy hair techniques are waiting for you, which will turn your world of hairstyles upside down in just a few sessions!

                    Fashion Ideas Party Hairstyles Long

                    Owners of not very long hair have a unique opportunity to choose various options for going out, because evening hairstyles for medium hair are done very quickly and easily.

                    Evening hairstyle with a spikelet and a bun

                    1. Comb the hair back and (spikelet).
                    2. We reach the back of the head and collect the hair in a ponytail.
                    3. We wind the tail with an iron or curling iron.
                    4. We lay the curls in the form of a free bundle, fixing each strand with a hairpin.
                    5. We fix the installation with varnish.

                    Formal hairstyle for going out

                    1. Wash my head and blow-dry my hair, pulling it out with a round brush.
                    2. Smooth the strands with an iron along the entire length – this will allow you to achieve perfect smoothness. Remember to apply thermal protection first.
                    3. At the very forehead we separate a fairly wide strand and for now forget about it.
                    4. Tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail.
                    5. Lay the loose strand along the ear and wrap it around the elastic. We fix the tip with a hairpin.
                    6. Divide the tail into four equal parts.
                    7. Twist each section into a tight bundle, wrap it around the base of the tail and fix it with a hairpin – you get a neat bun.
                    8. Spray the styling with varnish.

                    Hairstyle for the evening in 5 minutes

                    1. Wash my head, apply volume mousse to the root zone and dry the strands with a hairdryer.

                    2. Divide the hair with a side parting.

                    3. On the one hand, at the very forehead, we separate a not very thin strand and wrap it in a tight bundle, securing it with hairpins along the entire length. To make the tourniquet look natural, lightly beat it with your hands.

                    4. Make the same harness on the other side, also securing it with pins.

                    5. Hide the ends of both braids inside the hairstyle and hide it under a beautiful hairpin.

                    An elegant bun with a heart made of hair

                    Evening hairstyles with your own hands look no worse than professional styling. You can check this truth for yourself.

                    Step 1. Comb and tie the hair with an elastic band in the back of the head.

                    Step 2. Form the twisted tail.

                    Step 3. Raise the hair up and fasten it with hairpins just in the middle.It turns out a bundle, the ends of which hang freely.

                    Step 4. From them we will form a heart or the number “8” – whoever likes it better. So, we divide the remaining tip into two parts. We make a loop first from one part, simultaneously securing everything with a hairpin, and then from the other.

                    Some more interesting hairstyle options in 5 minutes:

                    Feminine ponytail on the side

                    1. We wash my head, apply thermal protection and dry the strands with a hairdryer.
                    2. Divide the hair into separate strands and curl each with a curling iron.
                    3. Comb the hair in the side part.
                    4. In the area of ​​the crown we make a light bouffant.
                    5. We collect the strands in the side tail, leaving a thin strand at the forehead.
                    6. We wrap the elastic band with it, and fix the tip with a hairpin.
                    7. Spray the styling with varnish.

                    Romantic spikelet

                    • 1. Carefully comb the hair back.
                    • 2. At the very forehead, separate a thin strand, divide it into three parts and begin to weave a three-row braid.
                    • 3. Gradually add side strands to the weaving, switching to a French spikelet.
                    • 4. We braid it to the very end of the hair.
                    • 5. Clamp the spikelet with a special hair clip.
                    • 6. Beautifully lay the braid around it, if necessary, stretch the sections to give an openwork look.
                    • 7. Tuck the tip of the braid down and secure with a hairpin or hairpin.

                    Not sure how to make an elegant hairstyle?

                    Evening hairstyle in the Greek style

                    1. We collect carefully combed hair in a ponytail, leaving two loose strands on the sides.
                    2. It is desirable if they do not curl by themselves.
                    3. Raise the ponytail up and lay it in a loose order, helping with hairpins and strong hair spray.
                    4. Raise the front strands from the forehead and also attach them to the bulk.
                    5. Wrap the head with a ribbon or decorative braid. We do this twice, making a small indent between the turns.

                    Lush side braid

                    1. Comb the hair on the side parting and throw all the hair to one side.

                    2. Select three thin strands and begin to weave a French braid, gradually moving towards the ear. Additional strands must be placed strictly horizontally – see the photo.

                    3. Having reached the level of the neck, we pass to the usual braid of three parts. We tie its end with an elastic band to match the hair color.

                    4. Weaken the strands in the lower part of the braid and fix everything with varnish.

                    Party styling with comb

                    Step 1.I wash my head and dry my hair with a hairdryer, lifting the root zone with a brush.

                    Step 2. With a side parting, divide the hair into two sections. Sprinkle each one with varnish.

                    Step 3. We wind the strands on wide hot rollers.

                    Step 4. In the area of ​​the back of the head, we form three rows – this will make the styling volumetric. Make sure that the strands are not very wide.

                    Step 5. Remove the curlers after 10-20 minutes, treating each curl with varnish.

                    Step 6.Once the curls have cooled, comb through them with a rare comb.

                    Step 7. From the side where there is less hair, select a thin strand and twist it into a bundle. We attach it to the rest of the hair using the invisibility. We decorate the beginning of the rope with a beautiful comb.

                    Evening styling with tail

                    • 1. Comb the hair in a side parting.
                    • 2. Curl them with an iron.
                    • 3. Form the twisted tail and transfer it to the side.
                    • 4. Separate a thin strand from the tail and wrap the base of the elastic with it.
                    • 5. Beautifully adjusting the bangs.

                    We are sure that now each of you will be able to make an evening hairstyle for medium hair with your own hands.

                    A festive look would not be complete without a beautiful hairstyle. Girls who have long and healthy hair can come up with many different options. And even if there is no time to visit beauty salons, then many hairstyles for long hair for the New Year can be done with your own hands without much effort.

                    Photos of festive styling, which are abundantly placed in fashion magazines, can be used to get ideas. But the hairstyle always needs to be selected individually. It is important that the styling not only fits the face, but also completely harmonizes with the clothes and other details of the image.

                    The simplest hairstyles for the New Year are loose hair.
                    If the strands are well-groomed, then they themselves are a great decoration. Styling is done very quickly, you need to:

                    • apply a styling agent to the hair, best of all a light mousse;
                    • dry the strands using a diffuser, lifting from the roots;
                    • sprinkle with varnish.

                    To make this simple styling look festive, you can use sequins or invisibility, decorated with rhinestones or small pearls.


                    Romantic curls are perfect for most evening dresses and look natural and graceful. You can wind your hair in any way, using curlers (with Velcro, papillotes, hot curlers) or curling irons. When choosing an option, it is worth considering that:

                    • Velcro curlers
                      allow you to add more volume to hair that is too thin;
                    • papillotes
                      give an elastic curl;
                    • heat rollers
                      practically does not harm the strands, but allows you to save time;
                    • curling iron
                      is good in cases where curls need to be created as quickly as possible.

                    Curled hair can be styled in any way
                    , they can be parted or combed on one side, or they can be formed into romantic waves. Here’s how to do styling with strands laid on one side:

                    • curl your hair in any convenient way;
                    • with your fingers, gently “disassemble” the hairstyle, giving the curls a more natural look;
                    • we select strands on one side and take them to the opposite side, securing them with invisible ones;
                    • On the opposite side, the top strands at the crown can be brushed slightly to add volume.

                    Hair can be decorated with a large flower.
                    Long earrings should be worn with your hairstyle. And if your own curls do not allow you to create a spectacular volume, use artificial strands that are attached to hairpins. With their help, you can increase the overall length of your hair.

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                    It’s easy to get a sixties-style curl hairstyle. For this:

                    • we curl the hair, only we do the curling not from the roots, but stepping back a little lower;
                    • At the crown of the head, we strongly comb the strands and put them back, creating volume.You can use special pads that are attached to the back of the head and give the hairstyle more volume;
                    • fix the assembled strands with invisible ones (you can decorate the junction of the strands with a beautiful hairpin) and spray with varnish.


                    When choosing light hairstyles for long hair, you should pay attention to the tails. This hairstyle is perceived by many as everyday, but you can also create a festive version.

                    For example, to collect hair high on the crown and curl it into curls, this hairstyle resembles a “fountain”.

                    A low-set tail, decorated with a flower of hair, looks spectacular
                    , consider how to create such a hairstyle, describing the actions in stages:

                    • comb the hair;
                    • we separate three thin strands, we take two of them from the left and right temporal regions, the middle one from the crown;
                    • the selected strands are connected and secured with an elastic band in the tail;
                    • once again comb the strands gathered in a ponytail, and we will braid them into a regular pigtail.Pull thin strands out of the pigtail to form loops. We lay the pigtail at the base, forming a bud, fix it with invisible ones;
                    • leave loose strands straight or curl.


                    Beams look very elegant. They can be low, high, located on the side. Bundles can be combined with braids or curls. To give more volume to the hairstyle, it is worth using special pads in the form of a donut.

                    For example, you can do this on straight hair
                    (if the hair is naturally wavy, then it is better to pre-treat it with an iron).The order of execution:

                    • we separate two temporal strands, we braid two pigtails of them, picking up the strands. We fasten the braids at the ends of the weaving with elastic bands. To make the braids seem more voluminous, you need to gently stretch the strands;
                    • we take both braids back and together with loose hair we collect in a ponytail, the height of the tail – at our discretion;
                    • thread the tail through the hole of the donut pad;
                    • evenly distributing the hair, wrap it around the donut, securing it with hairpins;
                    • fix the result with varnish.

                    A careless low bun of curled hair looks very stylish, it is done like this:

                    • parting the hair, we should get two temporal regions, one crown and two (lower and upper) occipital. Temporarily twist the collected hair into buns and fix them with hairpins so as not to interfere;
                    • start work from the upper occipital region (do not touch the lower bun, this part will be the basis of the hairstyle). We dissolve the strands and curl them into curls using a curling iron.Important: you need to curl all curls strictly in one direction – clockwise. You should get six curls;
                    • we take the two extreme right curls, twist them in the direction from the face, collecting them into a tourniquet. We pin it with an invisible one in the place of twisting;
                    • we do the same with the remaining curls, wrapping the two left ones to the right, and the two central ones to the right;
                    • comb the curls with a rare comb (or just fingers), process with varnish.We begin to form a bundle, first fixing the middle part of the curls at the base made earlier, and then the ends;
                    • then we begin to work with the crown part, dividing it horizontally into two parts. First we curl the lower part into curls and put them in a bun. Then we work in the same way with the upper part. We use varnish every time;
                    • We do the same with the temporal areas, only we form from each part of the hair not six, but only two curls.We fasten the strands to the bundle with invisible ones, securing with varnish. We lay the strands with our fingers, creating a picturesque mess. Our sloppy bun is ready.

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                    If the dress requires an open neck, then you need to do high styling.
                    You can make a classic shell, it is always fashionable and relevant. To create a retro look, Babette is ideal; for a more effective hairstyle, it is recommended to use overlays.

                    And here’s how you can make high styling with an oblique

                    • parting along a horizontal line, approximately at the level of the middle of the auricles. We collect the upper part of the strands and temporarily stab;
                    • we comb the bottom well and, tilting our head down, we begin to weave a spikelet. We start with the lowest strand located at the neck and weave up to the crown. You do not need to braid the braid to the end, you should leave the strands free;
                    • divide the upper part of the hair into three parts, do not touch the two side ones yet, and collect the middle part in a ponytail using a thin elastic band;
                    • now we take a curling iron and curl all loose hair – strands at the temples, strands gathered in a tail and a free part of the braid;
                    • we begin to form a bundle on the top of the head: raise the pigtail, lay it down.Then we beautifully lay curled strands around it. Thin strands on the sides can be left free. Everything is fixed with pins and varnish.


                    The classic hairstyle for long hair is a braid.
                    There are a variety of weaving techniques, so braids are different. One of the more romantic hairstyles is the French Falls. It can be done in different ways, but first, let’s look at how classic weaving is performed.

                    On the eve of a Valentine’s Day party, you need to think carefully about your appearance – hair and makeup. We invite you to take inspiration from the stars who showcase the latest hair styling trends and the best examples of evening hairstyles.

                    Super Smooth Side Curls

                    If you want to look super glamorous and glossy at the same time, take a closer look at the hairstyle shown by Jamie King. It only takes a few stilettos and plenty of gel to create these stylish side curls to create a super smooth and wet effect on the crown.This styling perfectly reveals the facial features, so this hairstyle can be complemented with a pair of long earrings or a deep neckline.

                    Jamie King

                    Flattened ponytail

                    Rosie Huntington’s hairstyle demonstrates how attractive the familiar ponytail looks when combined with a middle parting and perfectly smoothed hair. This hairstyle perfectly focuses attention on facial features and sophisticated makeup. The gel will keep your hair in place throughout the party.This elegant hairstyle is perfect for a sophisticated event.

                    Rosie Huntington

                    Elegant short curls

                    If you have medium length hair, there is no need to wait for it to grow back for an elegant hairstyle. What’s more, the mid-length is ideal for most evening styles. Try a delicate short curl like Lea Seydoux that takes you back to your glamorous 20s.

                    Lea Seydoux

                    Casual perm with center parting

                    In contrast to the sophisticated 20s, Sienna Miller shows off a hippie look from the seventies with slightly curled hair and a parting in the middle.Such curls can be done independently with a curling iron or iron. Complete your hairstyle with natural makeup and a romantic hippie outfit for a complete Sienna look.

                    Sienna Miller

                    High side ponytail

                    If you’re in love with 80s style, try to recreate the look of Beyoncé, who paired a high ponytail tied to the side with perfectly smoothed hair at the crown. This hairstyle, diligently executed, is perfect for a party, although it will do for every day, if you are in a hurry and do not have time to wash your hair.For a party, complement this styling with large rings or dangling chandelier earrings, as Beyoncé did. If you have fuchsia or hot pink lipstick, it’s time to show it!


                    Loose knot with decoration

                    Alexa Chung has always been known for her classic style that is extremely casual and trendy. If you like hairstyles, not tied to time, try this one. This romantic, tied at the side, Alexa complemented the shiny brooch to make her evening look extra glossy.

                    Alexa Chung

                    Retro Babette

                    Sex and the City star and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker always inspires with her fashion looks. The actress pinned the classic volumetric babette with a curved ornament. In makeup, this look can be complemented with either dramatic smoky ice or dark lipstick (with natural eye makeup).

                    Sarah Jessica Parker

                    Voluminous curls

                    When it comes to party style, it is impossible not to mention the one and only girl in the whole world – Riana.The singer came to the Dior show with super-voluminous and feminine curls fixed high on the crown. She complemented this hairstyle with lavender matte lipstick and delicate makeup using the smokey ice technique. This is one of Riana’s most romantic looks and inspires us for an unforgettable weekend.


                    French Seashell

                    If you are looking to create a romantic look, actress Kara Santana might come up with a good idea. At the gala event, she appeared with a cute French shell, an even parting in the middle and romantic loose strands on both sides of her face.This image of her nostalgically reminded us of the 90s parties.

                    Kara Santana

                    Hollywood Wave

                    Former Miss USA Olivia Culpo once again proved that stylish hairstyles look very beautiful on medium length hair. Her longer, curly version of Sienna Miller’s hairstyle reminds us of the glitter and glam of old Hollywood and looks absolutely gorgeous with voluminous long earrings and dark red lipstick.

                    Olivia Culpo

                    Get inspiration from the stars!

                    Any celebration requires girls to look smart, so you need to take care not only of clothes, jewelry and makeup, but also of your hair.It does not have to be complicated and pretentious, because the main requirement for it is neatness and femininity. Another important requirement for evening hairstyles for medium hair is that they should look good during the entire time of the event, and not fall apart after a couple of hours.

                    What do you need to create a hairstyle?

                    Before you start your hair, you need to get ready. Therefore, it is worth preparing in advance:

                    • various types of combs;
                    • hot appliances – hair straighteners, curling irons;
                    • invisible, hairpins, silicone rubber bands;
                    • styling, texture and fixing products;
                    • jewelry or accessories.

                    Evening hairstyles for medium hair

                    In terms of hairstyles at medium length, there is plenty to choose from, because it can be straightening or romantic curls, as well as complex weaving. And the option chosen will already depend on the outfit, your own preferences and the type of appearance.

                    Hairstyle in the style of Brigitte Bardot

                    This styling option is quite simple, but at the same time it looks quite dignified, and it also adds a certain charm to the image. Using evening hairstyles for medium hair from this film star, you simply cannot go unnoticed.

                    1. The first thing to start with is using mousse or foam. If your hair lacks volume, you can use a special powder or spray to add texture.
                    2. Curling the strands can be done with hot tongs or with a hot curler.
                    3. Then, in the upper part of the head, you need to make a high fleece.
                    4. At the end, the hair is divided into an even parting, and the front strands, together with the fleece, are gathered at the back of the head and fixed with invisible hairpins or a beautiful hairpin.

                    Braided hairstyle

                    Any look can be complemented by evening hairstyles for medium hair, in which there is a beautiful weaving. Such femininity and sophistication will beat any outfit, be it elegant or, conversely, daring.

                    1. Begin braiding by carefully combing the hair along the entire length.
                    2. Starting at the front of your head, start to weave a wide French braid. If desired, it can be braided in two directions.
                    3. The end of the weaving should be fixed with a thin or silicone rubber band, then loosen the strands to give them visual density.
                    4. The end of the weaving can be folded in the form of a roll, shell, or even in a chaotic manner at the back of the head.
                    5. The resulting hairstyle is fixed with invisibility, it can also be sprinkled with varnish.

                    Hollywood Waves

                    Currently, this is the most popular type of evening styling, which will suit any outfit and special occasion.These can be smooth, straight-polished waves or voluminous curls.

                    1. Heat protection is applied to the combed hair, after which it is divided into layers.
                    2. The bottom layer is divided into strands of equal width, which are wound from the roots with a curling iron. When curling curls in one direction, waves are obtained. And by winding the strands in a different order, you can get a more voluminous hairstyle.
                    3. Then you should proceed to the next layer of hair.
                    4. Nuance: the front strands are curled only from the face.
                    5. At the end, it is necessary to make a side parting and, if desired, toss all the resulting curls in one direction and stab them under the ear with invisibility.
                    6. Curls should be spread with hands or passed over with a wide-toothed comb. This will make the curls more natural and turn them into waves, and not leave them frizzy.


                    This tall hairstyle that comes from the 60s opens up the shoulders and neckline, showing off the collar of the dress and embellishments.With thin hair, if there is not enough volume, evening hairstyles for medium hair in the Babette style will require a special roller.

                    1. The first step is to split the hair in half from the left ear to the right.
                    2. Top hairs from the inside are well combed.
                    3. From the fleece it is necessary to form a semicircle, which is fixed at the bottom with pins. If there is not enough hair density, then you need to use a roller.
                    4. From the remaining strands, you need to braid two braids.
                    5. The braids are then rolled around the resulting hair roll.

                    Greek hairstyle

                    If there are no ideas and time, then evening hairstyles for medium hair in the style of Greek styling will be an excellent solution. In addition, they will fit into any formal evening look. In order to make the most traditional version, you need to prepare a bandage or a special elastic band.

                    1. Curling clean hair with a curling iron. The finer the curls are, the more magnificent the hairstyle will be.
                    2. Then the headband is put on over all the hair.
                    3. Starting with the front strands and working towards the center, you need to wrap them around the elastic so that they end up under it.
                    4. If necessary, invisibility and varnish will fix the hairstyle.
                    5. Front strands or bangs can be pulled out from under the bandage and shaped.

                    Retro hairstyle

                    The relevance of the retro style does not subside. And the matching hairstyle goes well with a vintage dress.One of them is a voluminous, brushed shell.

                    1. The upper part of the hair must be combed or with a roller.
                    2. Optionally, you can comb your hair back or part to the side.
                    3. From the free part, the hair must be formed into a tight bundle.
                    4. The tourniquet is folded so that the end can be hidden under the hair.
                    5. Finally, you can start fixing the hairstyle and adding embellishments.

                    Elegant braid

                    To make the braid look festive, it needs to be given volume and, if desired, add beautiful decorations.

                    1. You need to weave a braid, starting from the forehead or slightly below.
                    2. After dividing the top of your hair into three strands, you need to start braiding. The left strand goes under the central one, then the same is done with the right one.
                    3. With further braiding, it is necessary to add new hair to the strands.
                    4. The braided strands are then loosened to add lightness and puffiness to the hairstyle.
                    5. After the hairstyle has been set with varnish, it can be decorated with flowers.

                    Festive bundle

                    evening hairstyles for medium hair look good with an elegant bun that will be distinguished by its smoothness and simplicity.To create it, you need a special bagel.

                    1. Hair is carefully combed and gathered in the right place in a tight, smooth ponytail.
                    2. The bagel is worn over the elastic. If you wish, you can leave one strand, which in the future will be wrapped around the bundle.
                    3. Hair from the ponytail is evenly distributed around the donut and fixed on top with an elastic band.
                    4. Wrap the remaining hair length around the resulting bun.
                    5. A strand that was not involved in creating the bundle is braided with a plait or oblique and wrapped around it.
                    6. The bundle can be completed with an elegant hairpin or headband.

                    Even when it comes to evening style, the bun remains at the peak of popularity due to its simplicity and showiness.

                    In the video below, you will find a master class on creating a complex, but very effective styling, which is suitable for a celebration, graduation, or a wedding.

                    How to make an evening hairstyle?

                    Boho style is a trend of recent years. Bohemian evening hairstyles for medium hair look airy and romantic.

                    1. Any bohemian hairstyle starts with a curl. The curls should start right at the roots. Medium to large curls should be preferred.
                    2. Starting from the middle of the hair and moving along the hairline, it is necessary to braid a light braid – normal or reverse.
                    3. Near the ear, the braid must be secured with an invisibility.
                    4. The remaining hair is collected in the back in the form of a weak bun or ring. There is also an option to weave the braid to the end and collect it.
                    5. The hairstyle is fixed with varnish. If desired, you can release a few front strands to add even more romance to the image.

                    In the life of any woman, there are many reasons to create a solemn and festive image. A beautiful dress, elegant shoes, and delicate makeup are certainly essential attributes of an evening dress. However, one of the most important elements of a festive look can rightfully be considered a hairstyle.

                    Evening hairstyles can be the final finishing touch to a harmonious look. With their help, you can not only create a new solemn bow, but also update a little black dress, which perfectly copes with its mission for several years. To choose the right option, you need to start from several factors at once, such as hair length and type of event.

                    How to make beautiful curls with a curling iron, see.

                    Evening hairstyles for different hair lengths

                    While looking for an interesting option for a gala evening, you can see a lot of unusual, original, and sometimes even masterpiece hairstyles. Unfortunately, many of them cannot be built on the head on their own, and some will not work at all on medium-length hair. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, you should take into account the characteristics of your hair so as not to get into a mess.

                    For short hair

                    Many owners of short hair complain about the impossibility of creating an interesting festive look.It is believed that short hair can be styled with a maximum of two options, so girls with a bob and a bob haircut sigh enviously at the sight of long-haired beauties. This approach is fundamentally wrong.

                    With a skillful approach, you can create a real work of art even on short hair.
                    All you need is a little imagination and a desire to become the most beautiful this evening. Recently, retro style has been very popular, and it is the best fit for a festive event.It perfectly emphasizes the gracefulness and femininity of the look. Smooth Hollywood waves create incredible surroundings when paired with bright lipstick and black eyelashes. It is on short hair that such waves will look most appropriate and harmonious. It is advisable to decorate your hair with a veil or a scattering of small pearls. It is worth remembering, however, that the retro look must be carefully crafted, from hair to clothing.

                    For girls with miniature facial features, the side parting is ideal, which will emphasize clear and graceful lines.For a more festive look, you can comb your hair and pin it up with a bright shiny hair clip.

                    To create a more stylish and bright look, you can boldly comb your bangs or build a chaotic mess on your head, which will also add zest to the image, emphasizing your individuality and creativity.

                    For medium hair

                    Many simple evening hairstyles can be done by yourself. This should not be difficult with medium length hair. They lend themselves better to styling and are able to withstand any test with a hairdryer, tongs and curlers.High hairstyles that reveal the neck and shoulders are great for creating an elegant and aesthetic look. They look especially harmonious with floor-length evening dresses with bare shoulders and a neckline. Often, such hairstyles do not even need additional accessories – it is enough to complement the image with a hairpin with a small stone.

                    Lovers of naturalness and romance will like light waves combed to the side or slightly back.They will create a charming, light and harmonious look for you. For evening hairstyles, large curls or light waves are best suited. Small curls will look out of place with a festive dress.

                    If you turn to retro style, you can create a smooth bun, decorated with bangs laid in a graceful wave. This option looks amazing and very well-groomed. The neatness and restraint of this hairstyle will add a special charm to the whole look.

                    Do not give up their positions and hairstyles in the Greek style, as well as various variations of French weaving.They are suitable for creating a pretty and romantic look that gives freshness and youth to an evening look.

                    Long hair

                    In the case of long hair, the situation is both simpler and more complicated at the same time. The simplicity lies in the fact that for such a length you can create absolutely any variation of an evening hairstyle, be it a bouffant in the style of “grunge” or a classic bun at the back of the head. The difficulty lies in the complexity of the process itself, because long hair is not so easy to cope with.Nevertheless, the advantages of a variety of hairstyle choices for the holiday definitely outweigh. The simplest and most beautiful option is curls that gracefully fall over the shoulders. Here you don’t have to think too much about technique and jewelry, because long strands flowing in a charming wave are in themselves a wonderful decoration for any girl and woman. You can create both large curls, starting from the middle, and soft waves located along the entire length. Recently, one of the fashion trends is hairstyles on one side, which are perfectly combined with curls of different textures.

                    The “babette” hairstyle looks very elegant and elegant, both in the classic version and complemented by loose hair. A small accessory in the form of a tiara or hair clip will add even more charm and harmony to it.

                    Evening hairstyles for the event

                    When creating evening hairstyles, it is important to consider the type of event. What will look perfect at a corporate event does not always suit a visit to the opera.For prom, you can choose trendy brushed hairstyles that will indicate the girl’s youthful, slightly rebellious spirit. For romantic people, Greek weaving will be an ideal option.

                    For a wedding, romantic curls of different sizes are best suited. After all, this holiday is simply saturated with romance, which means that the image must fully correspond to it. Often, bridesmaids choose elegant high hairstyles, so as not to stand out with luxurious curls against the background of the bride, who should be the center of attention that day.For a themed birthday or corporate party, retro looks with Hollywood waves will be appropriate. In addition, hairstyles with curls gathered in a loose bun will also perfectly complement an evening look.

                    Create hairstyles

                    Often, ladies prefer to create evening hairstyles with their own hands, without wasting time and money on salons. In this case, you should be patient so that the image is beautiful and complete. Many evening hairstyles are quite realistic to create at home. However, with some particularly difficult options, outside help may be needed.

                    The technology of creating an evening hairstyle does not always require special skills, because sometimes you can get by with classic curls, which will always look elegant and harmoniously combined with an evening dress.

                    If there is an irresistible desire to create a complex retro image or build a grandiose bouffant, then it is better to practice at home in advance, before the onset of the cherished event. Otherwise, you risk losing valuable time and not getting the result you hoped for.


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