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I first came into contact with Chinese knots in my teens, and have been fascinated by the art for the past 30 odd years. Some knots are seemingly simple looking, but may be very complex and difficult to tie, taking many hours or even days to complete. From home deco to personal embellishments, good things are meant to be shared, right ?

In our world of factory-mass-produced goods, I savor the looks of admiration for my unique creations and my skills. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

You can choose to customise my designs, tailored to your preferences. Spare a bit more time and attention, and you'll be rewarded with a one of a kind accessory.

Don't like my designs? Then come to my workshops and learn to make your own!

Payment Mode

We accept the following payment mode

Cash on Delivery

For Singapore customers only, please private message us.

Internet/ATM/Bank Transfer

For Singapore customers only, please private message us.

Credit Card & Debit Card via Paypal

Shop Policies

1. Payment
• Proof of full payment must be received by us before shipping or handover of goods.
• All prices quoted are in SGD, unless otherwise stated.
• A confirmation of your order will be sent to you via email, stating details of order, costs, shipping, special instructions, etc.

2. Shipping and delivery
• Pickup within Singapore only.
• Proof of shipping will be sent via email within time frame stated in the confirmation of order.
• In the event that there are problems with your options, we will contact you for clarifications. If so, please allow for delays in shipping to ensure that you get the correct product.
• Charged shipping is via Singpost registered mail, at prevailing rates.
• Free local shipping is via Singpost standard mail.
• Alternative modes of shipping may be arranged, but inherent or extra charges and risks are the sole responsibility of customer.
• For overseas delivery, customer is responsible for any local custom, import duties or taxes at destination country.
• Where possible, we support the Green movement by using less and choosing recycled packing materials.
• Where possible, shipping of multiple goods to the same address will be combined to save on your shipping charges. If so, customer will be refunded on unused shipping charges within 5 days of shipping. Such goodwill refund will be at our sole discretion.
• Shipping is initiated upon confirmation or completion of order, according to the time frame stated in the confirmation order email.
• Timing for receipt of goods will be according to Singpost shipping and delivery schedules.

3. Return-Exchange-Cancel-Refunds
• Not applicable to SALE items.
• Any request for RETURN or EXCHANGE of goods must be made via private message within three days of receipt of goods and confirmed with an acknowledgement email from us. Otherwise, the customer is deemed to be satisfied with the goods received.
• RETURN or EXCHANGE goods must be in original sealed packaging and return-to-sender shipping must be made within three working days of acknowledgement email, accompanied by a hardcopy of that email.
• As our goods are fabric-based, and meant to be worn in contact with the skin, we regret that we are unable to accept Return-Exchange of used, stained or soiled goods due to hygiene reasons.
• Request for CANCELLATION of order must be made via private message within six hours of confirmation of order and confirmed with an acknowledgement email from us. Otherwise the RETURN policies apply.
• All shipping charges and Return-Exchange-Cancel surcharge of 20% of value of item will be borne by customer. With the following exceptions.
• For the following circumstances, all shipping charges will be borne by us and no surcharge will be imposed.
a. Goods sent are not in accordance with order, as backed by the confirmation order email.
b. Goods are sent to the wrong location due to our error
c. Defective goods (please see below for details)
• Shipping charges and surcharges are not applicable for accepted CANCELLATIONS.
• Monies will be REFUNDED according to payment mode within three working days after returned goods are received in stipulated condition.

4. Repair
• On case-by-case basis, private message us
• REPAIR charges may apply.
• All shipping charges will be borne by customer.

5. Workshops
• Full payment is needed if you would like to reserve your seat. You should receive a verification email within one week, stating payment information. Please email me otherwise.
• Re-scheduling.
a. One-off
b. Written notice via email
c. Notice to be given 5 days prior to class
d. Subject to availability of class(es) and seat(s)
• Cancellation
a. One-off
b. Written notice via email
c. 100% refund if notice given 5 days prior to class
d. No refund if notice given less than 5 days prior to class
• No-show
a. No refund given
• My promise
a. 100% refund if I have to cancel a workshop

6. Disclaimer
• Correspondences from private message regarding product details, dates, costs, etc supersede the same information from www.theshopcity.com in the event of a dispute.
• We reserve the right not to accept any order that we deem unsuitable in any way.
• Colour and dimensions are photographically featured as accurately as technically possible, but we are unable to predict the depiction of our photographs on customer's devices.
• Props are used in photographs to better showcase product usage and are not included.
• Slight variations in colour, slight misalignment with size & length differences of less than 1cm,, loose threads, small glue spots, etc, does not constitute a defect.
• Any optional specifications are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• While all due care will be taken to ensure safe delivery of goods, we will not be responsible for en-route circumstances beyond our control.
• Customer is deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions when an order is placed.
• All photographs taken will remain our property and will include any rights for reproduction.
• We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions without prior notice.

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