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Amooo’s – an original . focuses on ceramic products centered on creating beautiful memories throughout motherhood/parenthood. Expecting mummies can make belly pots to make lasting impressions of their bumps, which can be passed down to generations and double up as salad bowls, etc. depending on how far into the pregnancy one is. Amooo’s – an original . also makes baby print decorated functional or aesthetic ware. These wares can be hung or used to serve food depending on how the client chooses to make them. We also facilitate fun-filled clay jamming sessions for families. Products created are food, microwave and dishwasher-safe and made of clay, glazes and other materials that are lead and toxins-free. Amooo’s – an original . also accepts commissions and corporate gifts projects. If you have a wacky idea that you would like created in a tangible form, I am happy to take on the challenge!

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