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Cute! Pencil Boxes, Cases, Pouches | Back-to-School Supplies | Girls Edition

We love to get new school supplies for the new school year. We wish to update our school outfits, get a new pair of shoes, change a school bag and more. Do you start to feel excited about the back to school shopping trips you are going to make? Girls, don’t forget to add a pencil pouch to your back-to-school shopping list. It really does help to make organizing the school bag a lot easier. You can use it to keep your pencils, cute pens, makeup, hair accessories, and other school supplies.

Let’s scroll down to see our list of stylish pencil cases for college and high school.


Adorable Pen & Pencil Pouches, Boxes, and Cases You Will Love

This cheeky pouch is great for keeping your writing utensils. Sewn with a gold zipper, featured in blue and white seersucker with navy “Get to the Point” print.

Kate Spade Statement Pencil Case

2. Take You to a Tropical Beach

With the pineapples, coconuts and hibiscus flowers, this pencil case will add some tropical vibes to your school supplies collection.

Leaper Pineapple Pencil Case

3. It is as Good as a Milk

A fun way to store your pencils and pens. Use these milk cartons as your pencil bags. They are made of waterproof PU material. You will definitely love them!

Milk Carton Pencil CaseThey look kawaii!

4. Cat Plush Pencil Case

The famous Pusheen cat is coming to carry your pencil and stationeries. It is soft and plushy. It feels so nice to touch and looks really cute.

Pusheen Stuffed Plush Accessory Pencil Case

5. A Modern Marble Pattern

A chic storage bag for girls to keep their stationery and school survival kit. This pouch is made of half PU with grey lining and smooth gold zipper. Suitable for college and high school students.

Joyful Marble Pattern Small Pouch

6. Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Case

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Best school supplies for the hangry people. Durable fabric pencil case featuring multiple hot dogs. Awesome graphic, rich colors. Looking delicious!

Herschel Hot Dog Case

7. Kitty Stand Pencil Holder

A large capacity pouch with smart design. This pencil pouch is made of durable canvas. it is washable and sturdy to stand. Simply open the zipper, slide it down and make it stand for you to reach your writing tools easily.

Kitty Standing Pencil Case

8. Nautical Theme

If you like the clean and simple design. You will like this nautical themed bag. It is made of canvas, comes with a convenient hanging.

Also available in black and navy.

Red Nautical Stripes Pencil Pouch

9. A Clear Pencil Bag

A clear type is great. You can easily see what you keep inside.

Clear Star Pencil Bag

10. Two Cats at Your Service

A useful case that fits pencils, makeup, hair accessories and more. Made of PU leather with two compartments.

Cat Duo Pencil Case

Floral Pencil Pouches

11. Women’s Lady Of Leisure Pencil Pouch

A leatherette pouch with feminine flair. It has beautiful flowers and lovely colors loved by the ladies. This pouch looks classy with the gold zipper and metallic gold lining. Floral Leisure Pencil Pouch

12. Vera Bradley Fabric Case

If you love flowers, you cannot miss this popular case by Vera Bradley. It is a brilliantly designed bag to store the school supplies and makeup essentials safe while you roll right along. Unroll it and you can find a spacious zipper compartment, a clear PVC zip pocket, and a flap cover over the main compartment.

Vera Bradley Iconic On a Roll Case

13. Woodland Creatures

A washable, extra large capacity pencil bag for school essentials. Features lively woodland creatures like foxes, deer, and birds on a colorful floral background.

Red Fox Zipper Pouch

14. School Organizer Pencil Case

Soft pink and roses. This is the classic floral pattern loved by the girlie girls.

Rose Flowers Pencil Case

15. Flowers and Birds Garden Design 

A nice-sized case to carry in your school bag. Features a single zip that opens wide to give you easy access to your pencils, lipsticks, and other school survival kit.

Primrose Hill Nautical Birds Collection Pencil Case

That concludes our list of 15 cute pencil cases for school. Thanks for reading.

See more pretty back to school supplies on Pinterest!

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Top 5 Stylish Pencil Box for Kids

Pencil Box for kids: Know what are the Latest Pencil Boxes for Kids. Kids love to write when they get changes in their bags. So, if you think your child is not interested in study or you want to gift your child then these top 5 stylish pencil boxes for kids will be best. Know which is the Latest Kids Pencil Box and get those for your loving kids.

Which is the Best Pencil Box?

Before going to buy a pencil box for kids you must check the following kids’ pencil box guidelines:-

  1. What material is good for a kid’s pencil box?
  2. How hard is your kid’s pencil pouch?
  3. How big is your kid’s pencil pouch?
  4. What is the best color for kids’ pencil boxes?
  5. The best price for kids pencil pouch.

What You Need in Your Pencil Case?

Yes, if you want to check its size then this is a perfect question that what do you need in your pencil case? For kids they may keep 2-4 pencils, 1-2 erasers, 1-2 sharpeners, a rulers and etc. Thus these are the general writing tools for pencil boxes for kids but you can think more.

Because of Corona Virus, a safe Kids Pencil pouch needs to wash properly. So, it should be made of washable material and free from kids’ hygiene.

How Much Does a Pencil Box Cost? | How Much is a Pencil Box in Dollars?

A Corona free pencil box cost depend upon its material, brand and size. So, how much does a pencil box cost is listed below? In the list of 5 Stylish Pencil Boxes for Kids, you’ll get how much is a pencil box in dollars. As you know today tablets are a basic need in kids’ studies so, get an idea about the top

best tablets under $200.


5 Stylish Pencil Box for Kids | Check Which is Latest Kids Pencil Box?

Let’s check which are the latest kids’ pencil boxes with their price. All are best for both boy and Girl only needs to choose the color you like.


The Avengers Pencil Boxes are made from Tin but you can sanitize them daily. It’s not heavy but solid. Kids can easily open and shut it. The basic problem of Tin pencil boxes is – It can harm your kids if broken. So, buy it if you can care.

We suggest you buy a washable Avengers Pencil Box for safety and easy to wash.


ZIPIT Beast is a durable Pencil Pouch for kids. It’s made of easy-to-wash material and long lasting. ZIPIT beast is available in 7 colors. The price is also under budget. So, it’s best to buy if you like ZIPIT.

ZIPIT Wildlings

Cute storage ZIPIT Wildlings is a stylish box to hold up to 60 pens together. Not only kids but younger can also buy this long lasting Zipper box. Easy to wash and handy soft, the deign of this box is very interesting. You will select ZIPIT wildlings on the first look.


FINPAC is a foldable and sturdy Pencil Case. Not only kids but Teen boys or girls can also get it for school. It has large capacity to keep pencils, pens and etc. A black strap is also given to hold it on the way. It comes in 6 colors but FINPAC funny heading “Don’t Touch Me” tract students too.


Unicorn pouch is specially for girls.

It comes with 3D EVA printing and Double Zippers. The colors are too pretty and durable. There’re 5 colors of Unicorn Pencil Box and each are eye loveable.

You can also check more about Unicorn check here.

I hope you got the best Stylish Pencil Box for your Kid.

8 Cool and Unusual Pencil/Pen Cases

When I was a little, the most thing I wanted during the “back-to-school” preparation is get a new pencil case. I was quite stubborn and believed, nice pencil case and a lot of pretty pens/pencils can improve my learning skills. You might laught at my childish theory but it did work for me. Hence, I started my journey to collect all kinds of stationary.

However, it just becomes harder and harder these days. Maybe I just spend too many time on the digital products instead of normal pens and pencils any more. So I stop paying attention to these things anymore. But thanks to my school age boy, now I can pick up my passion again – pilling some cool pencils, erasers and accessories in his pencil case and hope these things can excite his imagination and ignite his creative and linguistic passions like it did for me in good old days.

Here are some really cool pencil cases I found during my research. They either have super cool looking, large capacity or some special functionality. Personally, I like the Shoe Shaped Pen Case mostly and will order that for my kid. How about you?

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Design Swan may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info.

1. Bendin Pen Case [buy here]

Made of strips of finely processed and highly durable stainless steel, and in three color finishes (red, silver or black), this simple yet elegant pen or pencil case displays the craftsmanship found in top-quality industrial products like scientific instruments. Even in a day and age when most office work is done on computers, the Bendin Pen Case allows you to carry 2-3 pens and pencils in a convenient and classy way, reminding you that craftsmanship can be found even in the most mundane of objects.

2. Pencil Case Shoe Shaped Pen Case [buy here]

A human-centric interface, design and new material provide great protection and durability against dust, scratches, bumps and crushed. Cute and familiar shoe shaped build up an active, open-minded and delightful atmosphere in school, home, and even in your office. It fits up max to 20 pens and pencils as well as small items and gadgets, great for use and looks unique in 7.87 X 3.46 X 2.1 inches rounded rectangle

3. Pacali Pen Case [buy here]

From innovative office items brand King Jim, the Pacali is a compact pen case that opens up into two halves for better, smarter storage. The versatile and attractive Pacali features integrated magnets that keep the two halves locked together and standing upright. Available in two sizes and five colors, the Pascali can store pens, pencils, and more.

4. EASTHILL Medium Capacity Pencil Pen Case [buy here]

Easy to carry around after folding, easy to store 2.

Expand to get more pens. 100% unbleached canvas on the front, 100% cotton on the bottom, yellow in color closer to orange. It can store up to 30-40 pens, and can store small stationery in the mesh bag, such as Post-it notes, Rubber, Sticker, etc. In the middle of the small mezzanine, can put a few shorter pens that are often used.

5. EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case [buy here]

Easy to carry,hand-held band, Velcro pockets for your favorite pencils, pens, markers and more.
1. Opens sideways or from the top
2. Keep important small notes, cards, and tickets in an easy-to-view compartment.

3. It is not only a pencil case, but also can be used for other purposes such as travel case or makeup bag.

6. Aineeba Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case [buy here]

Large storage high capacity allowing notebooks,pens,pencils,scissors,calculator,washi tape and other gadgets. It can be used not only as a pencil case, but also for many other uses such as travel wallet, organizers as pictures showed. Size 6.5*9*1.2 in, large capacity but easy to carry at the same time for your favorite pencils, pens, markers and more.

7. Leather Triangle Pencil Case [buy here]

The full grain leather wrap-pencil case is the perfect case for creatives. Use it to store art supplies, makeup brushes, glasses… you name it! The finest, most durable leather is used. The case is available in thick Dakota, with a Saddle strap. The Dakota is a beautiful leather.

8. Cute Pencil Pen Case Holder [buy here]

It’s not only a pencil case, but also can be used for other purposes such as travel wallet, makeup bag.
1. Fold it as a pencil holder.
2. Unfold it as a pencil case.

Great for storing a variety of art, pens, pencils and other small things and an ideal gift to writer friends and students.

15 Cute DIY Pencil Cases Ideas & Tutorials

Even though it’s still technically summertime are you already thinking about the things you or your kids will need to go back to school? We are too, but we’ve been feeling pretty convinced that we might be able to make some of what we need rather than buying it. We decided that DIY pencil cases sound totally doable for us, for example, so we’ve been scouring the Internet for awesome DIY pencil case tutorials in place of heading to the store to buy one.

Are you quite intrigued by the idea of making your very own DIY pencil case too? Check out this list of awesome designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Flat zipping pencil cases


Have you always found that fitting a pencil case into your bag on top of everything else you’re already carrying is inconvenient sometimes because they tend to be bulky? Then we think you might find these awesome flattened style pencil cases outlined step by step Sea Lemon a little more useful! They’re also quite simple to make, even if you’re a beginner.

2. DIY pencil box from a cereal box


Are you actually quite interested in having a more structured pencil case because you don’t need to carry it anywhere? Well, if you like the idea of upcycling things while you’re crafting, then we have a feeling you’ll get a kick out of the way Vikal Pah made these awesome flapped pencil boxes out of scrap fabric and a cereal box. They’re even easier to make than they look.

3. No-sew roll up pencil case


Maybe you’re an artist and you’re looking to make a case for your best pencils that will actually help keep them organized too, rather than just keeping them together? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this art roll style pencil case that’s basically a DIY version of what professionals use! Get the details for making one for yourself on Innova Crafts.

4. Boxy pencil case


Do you quite like the concept of making a box shaped pencil case because you think that shape fits everything you need to have with you the best, but you’d prefer it to be soft sided in its material because you’re worried you’ll crush the cardboard idea? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Go The Red Threads made these boxy cases that will still squish if you need it to.

5. Slim flapped pencil cases


Are you actually looking for something a little smaller than what you’ve seen so far on our list? Perhaps you just need something a little easier to make because you’re quite new to this whole DIY game. In either case, we’d totally suggest checking out how Martha Stewart made this slim, flapped pencil case that will hold a few essentials.

6. Contrasting patterned pencil pouch


Maybe you’re just looking for a classic styled pencil case that isn’t anything fancy in its construction but you really like the idea of making something colourful and fun? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest checking out this tutorial from Positively Splendid that teaches you to make a block coloured case with contrastingly patterned fabrics for a super fun look.

7. DIY neon painted pencil case


Do you like the idea of making a slightly boxier standing case and, while you have enough fabric to make the inside lining a different colour from the outside, you don’t have anything else you like to make a blocked contrast on the bottom of the outside? In that case, we’d suggest reaching for the paint and following in Dear Handmade Life‘s footsteps, where they painted a nice neon section.

8. No-sew cylinder pencil case


Have you been scrolling through our list wishing you had the stitching skills to make one of the pencil cases you’ve seen so far but you’re just not sure you have the sewing skills to make it happen? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like this cylindrical no-sew pencil case tutorial outlined step by careful step on Michele Baratta!

9. Patterned pencil case with piping


Maybe you really like the idea of adding a bit of contrast to your pencil case in some way but you’re not sure the colour blocking idea is quite the style you’re going for? Then perhaps you’d prefer to try your hand at piping instead! We love the way A Little Craft in Your Day used piping as an opportunity to put a colour pop against something a little more neutral.

10. Ziploc pencil pouch


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find more designs that have alternatives to zippers because you’ve just never liked sewing zippers into just about anything? Then maybe you’d rather make a pencil case that has a sliding Ziploc bag style closing along the top instead! What’s Up Moms teaches you how to get it done nice and simply.

11. Custom fabric applique pencil cases


Whether you’ve already bought a series of pencil cases that you just find too plain or whether you want to make your own from scratch and embellish them a little, this cute DIY applique project from My Bluprint might be appealing to you if you’re looking for something simple! Their tutorial shows you how to make little erasers and line paper pages using felt and embroidery techniques.

12. DIY mail tube pencil case


Are you actually still thinking about how much you liked the idea of making a hard shell pencil case but you’re still not sure that a box shape is the best idea for you? Then perhaps you’ve get along a little better with this cylindrical idea made from a mail tube that has been decorated! Get the full details for making one of your own on Damask Love.

13. Angled box pencil case


Just in case you’re still interested in making a hard, box shaped case but you’ve been trying to find one that has some kind of cute, unique feature that will really impress those around you? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Craft Nook Studio made this cute pencil box that opens diagonally along one edge, rather than along one side like most of its kind.

14. Cute cat pencil case


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make a DIY pencil case of your own, would you rather make something cute and with character? In that case we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Makezine made this adorable anime cat case that looks like it’s opening and closing its mouth when you zip or unzip it to get the pencils in and out, like the cat is eating them!

15. Shark pencil case


Have we really caught your eye with this whole concept of sewing yourself a character pencil case that looks like it’s eating all of your writing utensils but you can’t help thinking you’d prefer to make something other than a cat? Well, if you or one of your kids have ever been a fan of sea creatures, then we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Handmadiya outlines this funny shark pencil case in fewer steps than you might expect.

Have you made other kinds of awesome DIY pencil cases before that you or your kids got a lot of use out of but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

Cool pens storage to carry them in style + get organized

Check some cute pencil cases for all your lettering and calligraphy pens and tools, from small and portable to boxes and high capacity pencil pouches.

I am pretty obsessed with storage for my lettering and calligraphy tools, and pencil cases are a big part of my obsession. So today I am covering some options that might work for you!

I am also adding a special section for horizontal storage since that is the best way to store brush pens.

So get ready for some eye candy in the shape of pencil cases!

In this post, I will cover

Pencil pouch

For this first section, I wanted to cover options that are big enough to store a variety of pens for when you are on the go. I like having a small sample for brush pens, pencils, and also erasers along with a small ruler. The pouches below are perfect for that.

1 –
Pencil Pouch with 3 separations

This canvas pencil case measures 4.7×7.9 inch (12X20cm). With three pockets separated with zippers, you can organize your pens, and easily find what you want.

– Plaid white cute pencil case

With two zippers and a large middle pocket, this pencil case can accommodate up to 50 pens/pencils The front window design allows you to clearly see and organize your pens and tools. The front handle makes it easy to carry and hold.

– Pen Pouch Bag with Multiple Compartment

This pencil case provides large capacity storage with a well-made inner structure. It has elastic loops and multiple compartment to store your pens and writing tools. The main compartment can fit up to 50-80 pens and pencils; the interior mesh design provides roomy space for keeping smaller items like a ruler, erasers, washi tape, etc.

– Pencil case pouch with 3 compartments

This is a high storage pencil case measures 8.7 x 3.1x 3.9 inches. Allowing up to 50 slim pencils and other small items. The rectangular design can hold 8-inches extra-long pencils. With three compartments you can separate and organize multiple writing items.

5 –
Pencil Case with extended center

The pencil case is made of high-quality canvas fabric with a smooth zipper that opens an extendable center that allows you to store and find pens easily. (It pairs so well with my DIY laptop bag).

6 –
Small hard shell apple pencil case

This small hard shell allows you to carry and protect your apple pencil and also carry a small selection of pens or tools.It has a lightweight protective cover, stylish and user-friendly. The incorporated mesh pocket and elastic band allow you to stow small accessories while keeping your Apple Pencil safe.

Cute pencil cases for larger storage

I of course had to make a special category for all of us that are obsessed with pens and like to have LOTS of them! All the pencil cases below allow you to store big quantities of either color pencils or just a lot for different brush pens or writing tools.

1 –
Arteza Artist Pencil Case Organizer

Each case has 64 elastic slots that can hold up to 205 pencils and also works for storing pens, markers, erasers and other artist supplies. This pencil case features compartments that keep your tools separated, plus a front pocket to store additional supplies and accessories.

– Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Holder

This folder-style pencil case with multi-layer compartments makes it easy to organized pencils by color family, or kind. Once you unzip it, you have access to ALL the pages and colors. It has 170 individual slots (167 pencil slots and 3 larger slots for eraser or sharpener), each pencil has its own place in this case.

– Multi-level cactus pencil case

This pencil case has a multi-layer compartment that can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers. The cover is made of polyester Oxford fabric, the storage bag has 64 slots with elastic bands to make it easy to fit and remove your pencil and organize your writing and coloring tools.

– Extra Large Capacity Floral pencil case

The bag is made from durable and waterproof easy to clean material. The sturdy double zippered design ensures a safe transit. There are 140 elastic slots total. Each slot is 1 inch long and can hold up to 3 pencils or 2 brush pens or markers.

Pencil box

Box storage is a great way to protect your pens when you carry them from one place to another. Or just to take advantage of how most of them are clear so that you can organize, and access them easily.

1 –
ArtBin 2 Art Supply Box

The ArtBin box is designed to store all of your arts and crafts supplies such as paint brushes, markers, paints, stamps, glues and more all in one place. The quick access in-lid storage can be used to store smaller items, and it’s perfect to organize your pens and other writing tools, while the large open area in the bottom of the box allows for storage of bulkier supplies such as paint bottles, large stamp pads, scissors, glues, vinyl rolls and more.

1 –
Large Capacity Pencil Box Pack of 6

Durable large storage box for organizing your pens and writing tools. Translucent clear design with snap-tight lid and handles to keep contents secure. Holds 100+ pencils, 50+ pens, 30+ markers, or 152 crayons. The exterior Dimensions are 8.46″ L x 3.94″ W x 1.77″ H and the interior Dimensions are 7.48″ L x 3.35″ W x 1.38″ H.

– Arteza Art Markers & Pens Organizer

Designed to make organizing your markers a breeze, each slot holds your supplies upright and securely in interior panels. With an adjustable strap with shoulder padding, it’s lightweight and comfortable enough to carry.

– Clear Light Blue Plastic Multipurpose Box

I really like the selection of colors and different pens and other tools that Tomow added to this pack, you have pretty much everything you need to further your practice and experiment with color without having to buy the full 12 pack of dual brushes, and since it’s a bundle you get a better deal.

– Large Capacity Pencil Case

This clear pencil case measures 8.07 x 5.9 x 3.15 inches. And with a clear front and back, its easy to see your pencils and avoid the endless searching when looking for a specific pencil or color.

5 –
Clear Pencil Case with Zipper

This clear pencil case pack of 10 cases are about 7.87 x 3.15 x 1.38 inch (L x H x W), the pencil bags are made of high quality PVC plastic, with an easy to open and close smooth zipper.

Rolled pencil case

One thing that I love about rolled pencil cases is that you have a full view of all the pencils at once. If you want to maybe try and make your own, I have a tutorial right here.

1 –
Pens rolled case for up to 72 pens

This grey canvas rolled pencil case has elastic dividers for 72 thin pencils, or a few less brush pens. It measures 7.65 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches.

– Roll UP Washable Canvas Pencil Bag

Made from canvas fabric secured with faux leather ties. It looks nice and it allows you to have full view of all your pecils at once. It has space for 72 pencils or other drawing or writing tools.

– Canvas Pencil Case Roll up

This rolled pencil case is made out of 100% Canvas fabric, making it durable & washable. It measures 22.6 x 7.6 inches and has 72 elastic slots. It also has a flap on the edge of the roll to protect the tip of pencils and prevent them from sliding out.

– Art Color Pencils Set of 48 pcs with rolled pencilcase

This set includes a wide variety of 48 different colouring pencils, in a super convenient roll up washable black canvas case to keep it nicely stored. The case has elastic loops that keep everything neatly organized.

Horizontal pen storage

I had to add a special category for the horizontal options since they are so important when it comes to brush pens. We want to keep pens horizontally so that the ink won’t be only on one end of the pen and clog. I have the last option I am sharing here, but I really like the other options as well.

1 –
Horizontal Marker Storage Trays

These are perfect to store markers horizontally to prevent them from drying. Each of the 6 trays will hold 12 pens for a total of 72 pens, the trays can be customized and build either horizontally, vertically or angled. Made from 100% recycled plastic they will accommodate most pens and pen systems.

– Stackable Cube Pen Organizer

This cube measures 6 x 6 x 6 inches to allow you to organize your craft supplies or office tools, and store everything from pens, and crayons to highlighters and tape for a clutter-free creative space or work area. The dividers are removable to fit your individual needs. You can easily store office supplies using the dividers or remove one of them to make room for larger items thanks to the modular system.

– Marker Storage Pack

Each rack can be stacked vertically or connected horizontally for unlimited storage flexibility. They can be stacked straight up and down or on a slight angle. This pack contains six racks that will accommodate up to seventy-two markers; pens or other items with a diameter of up to 5/8 inch.

– Plastic 3-Drawer Desk Organizer

This cube measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches. With three pull-out drawers that allow you to store pens and office supplies while still being accessible, thanks to the clear design. Organiz and grab your pens easily and fast. The knobs make opening and closing the drawers quick and easy.

– Stackable clear boxes

These are the exact ones that I use to store most of my brush pens, I made some separators so I can have 3 sections per box and I have 4 boxes that allow me to store a big part of my brush pens while still being able to see them and pick what I need easily.

My Amazon list for pen storage

If you are looking for more ideas for pens, calligraphy and lettering tool storage, I have an Amazon list that has not only all the containers and cases I have and use, but also most of the most recommended and popular ones too.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay warm =]

The top 10 adult pencil cases | theradar

In the last few decades, which have seen us enter the world of the quickfire email and digital RSVP, workplace communication has taken a turn away from the analogue, and we think that’s a shame, especially if you were one of those kids who got more excited about back-to-school stationery shopping than catching up with your friends after summer (clearly speaking from experience ourselves). If so, then why not recapture a little bit of that magic with a thoroughly grown-up pencil case for work or lectures?

There are some not-so-grown-up designs too, of course. If your workplace is less corporate and more kooky, stand out with quirky choices from cult brands like Happy Jackson and Kate Spade, all bright colours and cheeky slogans. For more serious settings, a luxury leather pencil case with a decadently tactile finish and subtle details scores top marks in the boardroom (extra points if you add your own initials).

Of course, it’s not quite that black-and-white. There are elegant ladylike cases for neatly storing workplace essentials, art supplies, and everything else you can think of; on-trend metallic finishes and fine florals; touchable velvet and perfectly-worn leather; compact pen holders for guarding your Parker with your life; and rugged cases that thrive in the field as well as the great indoors.

1. Ted Baker Pencil Case Rose Gold

Everything’s coming up roses with this luxurious-looking cool-girl pencil case

Best for: Trend-setters | Material: Polyester | Size: h22 x W10 x D2.3 cm | Colours: Rose gold

Standout style

Included accessories

Specially sized elastic bands are a bit restricting

There was always going to be a place for bang-on-trend rose gold on our list, and here it is, in the form of this elegant Ted Baker pencil case. The metallic finish looks luxe, and the soft-touch pink interior is glamorous and girly, with slim pocket that’s perfect for business card. As an added bonus, it comes with a kitsch bow-shaped rubber, metal pencil sharpener, ruler, and two pencils. The only problem is that everyone will want to borrow them.

2. Smythson Panama Pencil Case

Make it personal with this monogrammable pencil case in luxury leather

Best for: Business | Material: Calf leather | Size: H5 x W20.5 x D5 cm | Colours: Light blue, red, pink, black, navy

Beautiful leather construction

Luxurious stamped logo and optional monogramming

Very pricey

This leather pencil case from Smythson is the ultimate bit of grown-up stationery, providing the finishing touch to any polished workwear look. The cross-grain calf leather in a choice of bold or subtle shades is luxurious and durable at once, and the gold-stamped logo feels extra special — you can even add your initials for an added decadent touch. Truly something to keep and treasure, and it makes a very thoughtful gift for the stationery nut in your life.

3. Eastpak Benchmark Pencil Case

This Eastpak pencil case is the benchmark for robustness usability

Best for: Practicality | Material: Polyester | Size: W20.5 x H7.5 x D6 cm | Colours: Dark blue, red, grey, brown


Large capacity

Not the pretty option

If you frequently need to take your pens and pencils on the road or out into the field, this hard-wearing pencil case from Eastpak is the one to take with you. Made from the same material as the brand’s famous backpacks, it’s incredibly robust and can take a bashing. And, because it’s bigger and more pliable than our previous picks, you can squeeze more in. The perfect option for stationery hoarders, and those who travel a lot or work outdoors.

4. Happy Jackson Lovely Pencil Case

Forget your troubles, c’mon, let Happy take all your cares away on grey mornings

Best for: Quirky design | Material: PU | Size: H7 x W21 cm | Colours: Red/yellow

Quirky slogan design and bright colours

Easy-clean nylon lining

Not the best for formal workplaces

For casual offices, home offices, and well-meaning students still bothering to pack a pen, this offbeat pencil case is just the thing to brighten up those grey mornings and 9am lectures. The shiny red eco-friendly PU construction and yellow accents are cheerful, as is the “lovely pencils, fancy pens” slogan on the side, and the nylon inner superbly easy to clean in case of fountain pen-related accidents.

5. Polaroid Pencil Case

For nostalgic design-lovers, this is a great inexpensive choice — but don’t shake it!

Best for: Hardshell | Material: Plastic | Size: h36 x W22.2 x D7 cm | Colours: Blue, white, pink

Great minimal design

Inexpensive and durable hard-shell

Doesn’t fit much in it

Affordable, durable, and well-designed, this hardshell pencil case is a great inexpensive option for popping in your desk drawer or corralling pens and pencils in a larger bag. Whether you want to give a shout-out to your love for outdated forms, or just appreciate the brand aesthetic, this easy-clean is one for design buffs who pack light: it looks great, but you can’t squeeze much in.

6. Ted Baker Elbert Neon Poppy Pencil Case

For a pop of colour in your next meeting, look no further than these fancy florals

Best for: Elegance | Material: PVC | Size: H5.5 x W20 x D6 cm | Colours: Pink print

Classy design

High-quality details

Like all Ted pencil cases, quite small and narrow

With its oversized floral print, trendy rose gold hardware and pops of colour, this Ted Baker pencil case is the last word in ladylike stationery. It looks incredibly chic, with faux leather trim and subtle Ted branding, standing out on your desk or in your bag without looking ostentatious, and it has enough room for a curated selection of bits and bobs: use it at work to stash pens, at home for art supplies, or on the go as a streamlined sewing or makeup kit.

7. PAUL MARIUS Vintage leather pencil case

An affordable designer option in luxe leather, with clean lines and cool hardware

Best for: Affordable leather | Material: Buffalo leather | Size: h30 x W10 x D3 cm | Colours: Brown

Good-looking leather option

Very budget friendly

Only comes in one colour

If you like the look of a leather pencil case, but certainly can’t stretch to the triple-figure Smythson Panama, take a look at this affordable option from Paul Marius. This unisex pencil case is minimal and elegant, with a simple flap-over top fastened by hardy popper clasps. Its soft, full grain buffalo leather finish feels luxurious, but is perfectly durable for travelling or bumping around in a big bag on your commute. If none of the girlier options on this list take your fancy, try this on for size.

8. Kate Spade New York Same Mistakes Pencil Pouch

Fun, funky, and admittedly relatable, this slogan pencil case ticks all the boxes

Best for: Kooky designer choice | Material: PVC | Size: h31.6 x W14 cm | Colours: Coral and gold

Bright, funky design

Generous capacity

Won’t fit in smaller handbags

We love a slogan here at TheRadar, can’t you tell? This offbeat bag from cult designer Kate Spade is no exception, with its bold gold lettering, delightful pink shade and glossy finish. It’s much bigger than your average pencil case, good for arty types travelling to and from classes, or everything-but-the-kitchen-sink packers who definitely need that scientific calculator even though they haven’t done physics for at least a decade.

9. ICE London Velvet Pencil Case

A deceptively high-end looking pencil case for under £15? N-ice.

Best for: Sleek and inexpensive | Material: Velvet | Colours: Bright blue

Looks more expensive than it is

Tactile velvet finish

Colour isn’t the most subtle

For a sleek modern pencil case that’ll look at home in any smart office, but without the not-inconsiderable price tag of some of our other picks, give this ICE London offering a go. At just under £13, it’s much more affordable than its plush velvet finish and gold-look hardware would suggest, so it’s a great budget business option. Use it as a desk tidy, for working on the go, or just to stand out around the boardroom table.

10. J by Jasper Conran – Brown pen and pencil set with leather case

A handsome gift-worthy set for the pen-obsessed

Best for: Best pen holder | Material: Leather | Colours: Brown

Luxury-feel leather

Great for gifting

Only fits two pens

If you’re the person who likes to always have a proper, grown-up pen on them, but you don’t want to risk loose lids letting ink out all over your pocket or bag, this leather pen holder is a great halfway house. Slip it into a bag for extra organisation, or carry it alone. Even if you don’t have your own go-to, this luxury set comes with two smart-looking chrome-finish pens of its own, making it perfect as a gift set or generous stocking filler.

Round up of today’s best deals

Best Pencil Cases in 2021

Source: TedBaker

Best Pencil Cases TechnoBuffalo 2021

There is nothing more relaxing than pulling out a fresh sheet of paper and your favorite B-pencils while unleashing your inner artist. Perhaps you’ve assembled your finest felt-tip pens and are ready to start your daily journaling. Whatever your writing or drawing needs may be, one thing is certain: organization is key. The biggest buzz-kill when it comes to relaxation and productivity is a messy environment. That’s why we recommend the ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case.

Best Overall:

ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case

Source: ProCase

The ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case is a great pencil pouch to store all kinds of stationery. This simple, yet functional, bag can actually fit approximately 20 to 25 pens or pencils inside at one time. This is excellent for teachers or students who are constantly using different pencils for note-taking or pens for marking papers. This pencil case is also great for storing multiple colored felt-tips for bullet journalling.

The material used to design this bag is made from premium quality felt environmentally friendly fabrics. This wear-resistant material protects against dust, bumps, and scratches. Feel free to store your expensive pens in the ProCase safely. It also features a smooth zipper that is easy to open and close. You don’t have to worry about struggling to open or shut this pencil case because of a jammed zipper.

The ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case measures at 8.2-by-4.5 inches, so it can fit larger than standard-sized pens and pencils. A standard pencil measures around 7.5-inches long. This bundle comes in a pack of two, so you can separate your business stationery from your pleasure stationery. Some customers mention that they would prefer if there was some more space inside each case as it can be hard to find a particular item when the case is full.


  • Pack of two
  • Made from wear-resistant felt
  • Can fit approximately 20 to 25 pens or pencils


  • Can be hard to find a particular item when the case is too full

Best Overall

ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case

Simple and functional pencil case

This wear-resistant felt fabric pencil case is simple, yet functional, and can fit approximately 20 to 25 pens or pencils inside.

Best Value:

Mr. Pen Black Pencil Pouch

Source: Mr.Pen

If you’re looking for an affordable pencil case that provides value, then the Mr. Pen Black Pencil Pouch may be precisely what you need. Designed by teachers with students in mind, these pencil cases were created to help serve schools in high-risk communities with a portion of the proceeds being given back to these schools.

Each pencil case comes in a pack of two and is equipped with three rings that ensure your pencil pouch fits perfectly inside your binder. You won’t have to worry about losing it or forgetting it as this pencil case can be securely stored in your binder. The Mr. Pen Black Pencil Pouch also comes prepared with an efficient, clear view window. This allows you to quickly glance at your case and decide what you need.

The case itself is made from canvas material. However, some customers note that the pencil cases aren’t as durable as expected as they tend to come apart with consistent use. Each unit measures at 10-by-7.4-by-0.5 inches, so it can easily fit all of the basic stationery you need for your school day.


  • Pack of two
  • Features three binder rings for easy storage
  • Made from canvas material
  • Portion of proceeds go to high-risk communities and schools


  • Not as durable as expected

Best Value

Mr. Pen Black Pencil Pouch

Pack of two canvas pencil pouches

This canvas pencil pouch comes in a pack of two. A portion of the proceeds goes to helping high-risk communities.

Best For Kids:

ZIPIT Talking Monstar Pencil Case

If you’re looking for a creative way to get your children excited about stationery, then the ZIPIT Talking Monstar Pencil Case is definitely one to watch for. This interactive pencil case resembles the appearance of a monster and can even be given a personality through the ZIPIT free mobile app.

Measuring at 8.6-by-3.54 inches, this pencil case can fit approximately 25 to 30 pens or pencils inside of its monster mouth. Your kids will love pretending to feed stationery to their monster pal when cleaning up. Some customers note that the zipper mouth can be a little awkward to open, however. If your child is particularly imaginative, the entire case can be unzipped to create a more monster-like appearance.

When your child isn’t drawing or coloring, they can log into the free ZIPIT app and watch their monster pencil case come to life. Through the app, your kids can play games, take photos, create videos, and even talk and joke with their pencil case. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The ZIPIT Talking Monstar Pencil Case is made from machine-washable polyester materials. If you do decide to wash this durable pencil case, ensure that you zip it up entirely before throwing it into the machine. Do not put it in the dryer. Instead, lay it flat to dry.


  • Resembles the appearance of a monster
  • Compatible with ZIPIT free app
  • Interactive pencil case for kids


  • Mouth zipper can be awkward to open

Best For Kids

ZIPIT Talking Monstar Pencil Case

Interactive monster pencil case

This interactive pencil case looks like a monster and is compatible with the free ZIPIT iOS and Android app for extra fun.

Best For Artists:

Derwent 700434 Pencil Case

Source: Derwent

Whether you’re a seasoned professional when it comes to drawing portraits, or simply taking a beginner’s art class, chances are you have a collection of your favorite pencils, sharpeners, smudgers, coal, and more. Rather than storing them in a generic pencil case where they can move around and turn the entire interior of your case black, you may want to opt for a more suitable option. The Derwent 700434 Pencil case is designed in a way that will store your materials while keeping them separate and clean.

This lightweight and stylish pencil case is made from canvas and faux leather materials. It is strategically designed to roll up when not in use. Inside this Derwent pencil case are individual compartments and slots that are intended to store and protect your drawing stationery. The compartments range in width to accommodate erasers, smudgers, sharpeners, and different-sized pencils. This pencil case can hold up to 30 pieces of stationery at a time.

When this pencil case is rolled open, it measures at 17.75 inches long. When it is rolled closed, it measures approximately 7.5 inches in diameter. This makes it easy to carry and small enough to fit in your backpack or purse. Although this pencil case is manufactured to be sturdy, some customers mention that the stitching does come loose with consistent use.


  • Keeps drawing stationery protected
  • Comes with individual compartments
  • Made from canvas and faux leather


  • Stitching comes loose over time

Best For Artists

Derwent 700434 Pencil Case

Stylish roll-up pencil case for artists

This stylish roll-up pencil case features individual compartments to store and protect your stationery.

Best Multipurpose:

Homecube Pencil Case

Source: Homecube

The Homecube Pencil Case is an excellent multipurpose pencil case. This pencil case acts as an organizer for more than just your stationery. Opening like a book, the Homecube Pencil Case features two large compartments that feature smaller compartments inside to store larger items such as erasers, sharpeners, and small notebooks.

Featuring double-sturdy zippers, this pencil case is made for holding an abundance of stationery. It’s rectangular shape measures at 7.8-by-5.8 inches, which makes it perfect for holding all standard-sized pens or pencils. In fact, the entire Homecube Pencil Case can fit up to 80 pens and pencils as well as other bigger items at one time.

Also included in the design of this pencil pouch is a triangular plate. This plate can stand on a flat surface and can be used to rest your smartphone or small notebooks against in an upright position. This is great for when you are note-taking or using an image on your smartphone as a reference while drawing. The case is made from canvas materials; however, some customers note that when this pencil case is filled to its maximum potential for an extended time, it does tend to break apart.


  • Can fit up to 80 pens or pencils as well as other items
  • Large case that opens like a book
  • Features a ton of pockets

Best Multipurpose

Homecube Pencil Case

Large pencil case with lots of storage

This large pencil case comes prepared with a lot of storage space. It can fit up to 80 pens or pencils at one time.

Bottom line

Finding a pencil case that can store all of the stationery that you’ve accumulated over time is essential. Forget about deciding between only a few of your favorite pens or pencils to work with, and store them all inside the perfect pencil case. Have the ability to draw pictures, journal, mark papers, take notes, or doodle without needing to sift through multiple random drawers in your house or office while searching for the right stationery.

That’s why we recommend the ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case. This pencil case comes in a pack of two, which is great for organizing and separating your favorite pens from your not-so-favorite pens. The ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case is also wear-resistant and can store up to 25 pens and pencils inside at one time. It’s an excellent choice for you or your children.

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Fashionable school pencil case (100+ photos) for girls and boys

A school pencil case is a schoolchild’s “pantry” where he stores the items most necessary for the educational process. Parents of future first-graders are provided with a list of recommended school pencil cases before the start of the school year. Indeed, in the classroom, children can use not only the usual blue pens and simple pencils, but also green, black ink.

How to find a compromise between a perfect pencil case and a set with an excessive set of items? In our review, we will look at the topic of what a school pencil case should be and what should be in it.

Convenient school pencil case: defining selection criteria

A set of school supplies for a student includes up to a dozen compulsory subjects. Children have to carry bulky textbooks, notebooks, a pencil case with all the accessories, removable shoes, a bottle of water to school, if necessary.

Despite the fact that backpack manufacturers are trying to make them as light as possible, the backpack still turns out to be quite weighty. If you can’t put out a couple of textbooks, then it is quite possible to lighten the weight of the pencil case by taking out completely unnecessary items from there.

Parents need to know 4 main criteria by which a pencil case is selected for a student of any age:

  • Form
  • material
  • color
  • complete set

School pencil cases can be divided into 5 main groups:

  • tubes
  • cosmetic bags
  • folding beds
  • books
  • transformers

Cosmetic cases are usually made of soft fabric and equipped with a zipper.Such a pencil case is more suitable for a teenage schoolchild, since it will be difficult for a first grader to find the necessary pencil in the “bowels” of such a cosmetic bag. The advantage of such a pencil case is its small size and spaciousness.

Pencil case tube is a round model that attracts students only with an interesting and unusual look. This model has no more advantages. Pencils and pens clatter against the walls of the case and, if dropped accidentally, can travel a considerable distance before a child can catch it.For home creativity, a pencil case-tube will come in handy, but in a school environment it will be inconvenient.

Folding cases are the best choice for primary and high school students who prefer order and structure. The model is thought out and verified as much as possible, the student just needs to unfasten the zipper and a full set of school supplies will appear in front of him. The folding case has compartments for pencils, rulers, eraser, etc.

On sale you can find pencil cases with 1-2-3 compartments.The principle “the more the better” is completely inappropriate for the student. A pencil case with 3 compartments will take up a lot of space in a backpack, given that half of this “storage” will be empty. Experienced mothers recommend purchasing a pencil case with 1 compartment for a child, if necessary, then with additional plates, as in the photo. Two- and three-section pencil cases can be purchased for home creation. In such sets, the child will be able to put all the pencils and felt-tip pens at his disposal.

Pencil cases-transformers are serious competition for clamshells.In terms of their functionality and convenience, they are in no way inferior to them. In addition, elementary school students really like transforming pencil cases. In addition to their main task – the safety of school supplies – they include a compartment with a sharpener, a ruler, a magnifying glass, a compass, and various compartments for small things. If you think that such additional functions are completely unnecessary for the child and will distract him from the educational process, then you are mistaken. The student will gradually begin to show interest in the readings of the compass, remember the table of measures, and get used to order and accuracy.A transforming pencil case is the best purchase for a student who appreciates not beauty, but the functionality of school supplies.

Pencil cases-books – a classic version for children of senior school age. If such models cannot boast of special functionality, then they easily compensate for this shortcoming with a wide variety of colors and designs. The color and decor of the pencil case-book is chosen depending on the gender and age of the student, since the choice of models is so diverse that it will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding children.

School pencil case with filling: a bargain for the student

What should be in a student’s pencil case? This question is of particular interest to the still inexperienced parents of first graders who want their child not to need anything at the school desk. Usually, it is the pencil cases of first graders that are filled with items that are completely unnecessary for the school, which only make the backpack heavier.

School pencil case with filling is a ready-made and very profitable solution for pupils of any age.It contains everything that a student needs during his studies. A slender row of pencils, pens, rulers, erasers and sharpeners – all this has already been selected in accordance with the recommendations of the teachers.

Most often on sale there are pencil cases with filling, where you can see everything that is presented in the set. If you do not want to puzzle over what to fill a school pencil case with and trust the choice of manufacturers, then a pencil case with a ready-made set of school supplies will be the best purchase for the school year.

School pencil cases for teenagers: stylish and comfortable models

Almost any pencil case model is suitable for high school students. By the end of the school, the priority in choosing a pencil case is the functionality rather than the spaciousness, so a compact accessory that will accommodate a couple of pens, pencils and other accessories will be the best solution for them.

Small cosmetic cases in soothing colors are suitable for teenage girls. Such models can be easily confused with a regular handbag for ladies’ accessories.High school boys prefer round fabric tubes, plastic models.

Metal cases deserve special attention. They have gained popularity due to their strength and durability. In addition, metal models look very stylish, restrained and rich.

Let your child choose a pencil case for school on their own, because it will be constantly used during study and it is very important how it will look.Only this approach will make it possible to make a correct and practical purchase that will delight the child throughout the school year.

90,000 Stylish and roomy pencil case for every day with Aliexpress Price: $ 1.91
Go to the store
For about a year, I dreamed of a pencil case from a well-known European brand, but its price to this day is sky-high for me: around $ 20.Of course, I did not allow myself to buy it, since my conscience would simply torture me, because you can find a more useful application for such an amount of money, which, although not large for modern society, is still.

And then one fine day, flipping through the tape on Aliexpress, I saw a pencil case, exactly like an expensive one from a stationery store, and since it was indicated that the discount on it was about 50%, I did not hesitate placed an order. I honestly admit that when I revisited the product page before writing the topic, the price remained the same, although the big sale was left behind.However, the fact remains: for a little less than $ 2, you get a pencil case, the appearance and functionality of which can be estimated 5 times more expensive. For such a democratic pricing policy, I simply adore Chinese goods and websites.

Many colors and shapes

In this lot, there are two types of pencil cases: large (namely pencil cases) and small (more like cosmetic bags-clutches). Since I need to carry more stationery with me to study, I chose the larger option.I liked the gray pencil case with the emblem of Captain America. All designs are perfect for children and young people, as they are made in bright colors with images of characters from films and cartoons.


The order went by the standard time for Aliexpress: 25-35 days. The track was constantly monitored. A pencil case came in an acid pink package, and I was a little surprised, as I had never encountered such an eccentric color before. The goods arrived in excellent condition: no scuffs, holes or protruding threads.I did not manage to communicate with the seller, but you can judge about him by the quality of the things he sells.
Product quality

Most of all, I was afraid of this particular item, since the extremely low price is already suspicious. However, the quality surprised me pleasantly. As I already wrote above, there are no protruding threads or abrasions. The main material is dense, somewhat reminiscent of jeans. I was surprised by the presence of an inner lining, thanks to which the pencil case keeps its shape even when empty. All seams are overlocked and covered with decorative tape.The zipper slider runs smoothly and easily. There is a side handle with which you can carry the pencil case like a bag.

As soon as I freed the pencil case from the extra packaging, I was very disappointed: it turned out to be much smaller than in the photo. But, despite its small size, the pencil case itself is very roomy. I manage to carry 3 pens, 2 pencils, scissors, scotch tape, a ruler, a proofreader, a couple of paper clips and a highlighter with me. At the same time, there is no feeling that it is about to crack.If you wish, you can also add a couple of brushes and colored pencils.

Summing up

I won’t be lying if I say that I am very happy with this purchase. I was pleased with everything: the delivery time, packaging, the quality of the product itself, the attitude of the seller to customers.

Wardrobe cabinet wall mounted universal Aquaton Rico 154.2×30 cm MDF white

Detailed description

Article No. 4137980

Narrow tall tall cabinet – the optimal solution for the bathroom.The spacious column does not clutter up the room, but allows you to effectively use every centimeter.

Wall tall cabinet AKVATON Rico is a stylish and functional cabinet with two compartments and adjustable shelves. The combination of a snow-white glossy façade with a factory ash-colored body gives the bathroom a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.


  • – The facade is made of MDF.
  • – Side walls are made of moisture resistant laminated chipboard.
  • – Doors with hinged door closers close smoothly and silently.
  • – Holes are provided in the housing to allow you to select the required height for placing the shelves.
  • – Depending on the interior, the cabinet can be assembled both in the left and in the right version.


The column cabinet from Rico’s collection is wall-mounted, so it fits even into a small bathroom or a combined bathroom. It is convenient to store towels, personal hygiene products and household chemicals in the pencil case.

The Russian company AQUATON produces bathroom furniture and sinks from cast marble.The enterprise has a design base, an automated production complex, a painting and pressing line. The company guarantees high quality, since it carries out a full production cycle from design development to assembly. Most of the products are protected by patents.


Surface area MDF
General parameters
View: Tall cabinet
Width: 30 cm
Height: 155171 White
Construction: Self-assembly
Soft-close system: Soft-close
Depth: 27.3 cm
Body color: Ash

901 9080176 Type :
Type: Cabinet
Placement: Suspended
Pencil case
Front type : Closed
Front surface: Glossy
Front material: MDF
Body material: Chipboard
Profile handle
Number of shelves to move: 4 pieces
Design features: Soft closing hinges
Height: 154.

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