Pen and pencil bag: 10 Best Pencil Pouches: Keeping It Organized (2021)

10 Best Pencil Pouches: Keeping It Organized (2021)

Dealing with clutter, be it stationary or paperwork as an artist, student, or working professional, can be frustrating. You often have to search for your markers, pens, pencils, and other writing tools. 

Fortunately, a pencil pouch can save you the hassle of having a disorganized space, and you can quickly find your tools when you need them.

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Here are some of the best pencil pouches to consider when shopping. 

The ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case is the best pencil case on this list.  Featuring a soft and durable material, the case can fit anywhere you place it, be it in your purse or your kid’s book bag.

Although its small size may fool you into thinking that it can’t fit most items, you’ll be surprised to learn that it can hold a protractor, pair of scissors, or any other small tool you may need together with your pencils.


You can use the zipper on top to open and close. Put up to 25 pens or pencils in this case. What’s more, the case comes in a two-pack, which gives you extra storage at an affordable cost. 

2. Derwent 700434 Pencil Case

Regarded as one of the best pencil pouch for artists, the Derwent 700434 Pencil Case works well for anyone who loves collecting pencils, someone taking a beginner’s art class, or a professional who is into drawing portraits. 

Its design allows you to store all your pens cleanly and separately, such that the pens won’t turn the inside of your case into another color.  You’ll find that the compartments differ in width as this helps to accommodate different-sized pencils, snuggery, erasers, and sharpeners.

The pouch can hold up to 30 pieces of stationery at a go.  Its faux leather and canvas material add a unique touch to this case. 

3. Homecube Pencil Case

The Homecube Pencil Case is one of the functional yet stylish cases in the market.

Featuring a zipper-style design, the pouch comes with organizational pockets that enable you to store all your pens and pencils without any struggle. 

You can choose from green, blue, grey, or black colors depending on your preferences.  Moreover, you can add four extra pens in the detachable center pocket that has loops.  Its high-quality Oxford fabric is long-lasting and gives you value for money. 

4. Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Pouch

The Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Case boasts of a sophisticated design compared to the other pouches on the market. There is a large storage pocket that has two access zippers. You can place extra pens in the small zipper pocket that comes with its sleeve.

You’ll love the strong canvas material and the durable zippers on this pouch. Furthermore, you get to choose from a variety of colors. The company provides a 365-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.  

5. iSuperb Stand Up Pencil Case

Although at first, you may mistake the iSuperb Stand Up Pencil Case for an ordinary case, you’ll be surprised to learn what it has to offer.  The pouch can be placed in a standing position, something that allows you to use it as a phone stand when taking notes or when you need to practice your drawing skills. 

The pencil pouch is available in seven colors and can fit up to 20 pens and one pair of scissors.  Measuring 7.5 x 4.9 x 3 inches, the stand-up case has excellent reviews, and previous buyers thought it was a fantastic gift for artists, students, and stationery lovers.  You can choose from pink, gray, blue, and khaki colors. 

 6. Puroma Pencil Case

The Puroma Pencil Pouch comes with two zippered compartments that make organization a simple task for you. It also has a variety of interior pockets that you can store all your pencils and pens without struggling. 

You can fit up to 50 pens and pencils, in this case, its compact design and elastic straps make this an excellent option for both adults and kids.   You’ll also love the high-quality canvas that makes it durable. 

7.  ZIPIT Monster Pencil Pouch

Ideal for both adults and kids, the ZIPIT Monster Pencil Case is not your ordinary type of pencil pouch. Apart from adding a fun element, the case comes in three sizes, a jumbo one, a standard case, ad one that you can attach keyrings or secure it in your bag. 

What’s more, you have the option of choosing from 18 colors, which means you get to pick your favorite color.  Apart from its unique style, the case is well constructed, something that makes it perfect since it’s unbreakable.  You can also wash it in the machine to move any stickiness or dirt that accumulates over time. 

8. AmazonBasics Pencil Box

Sometimes all you need is something simple, but effective and the AmazonBasics Pencil Case gives you that. Available in a pack of four, the pencil box allows you to store anything that fits inside.

You can share the rest of the cases with your kids or friends, which is a plus. 

These cases are available in purple, blue, yellow, and pink. They also have durable plastic, which means they work well for kids who drop their items on the floor. 

9. LIHIT LAB Zipper Pen Case

If you’re looking for a durable pen case that can store all your school or work supplies, you should check out the LIHIT LAB zipper pencil pouch. Made from polyester, the case has zips that open on three out of the four sides.

The case lies flat while open and features several compartments with sleeves, straps, and pouches that you can use to store your writing tools.  Apart from holding pens and pencils, the case can store erasers, calculators, and other stationaries. 

The LIHIT lab pen case works for artists, students, and those at the workplace. It’s a case that gives you value for your money. 

10. Cosmos EVA Hard Shell Stylus Pen/Pencil Case Holder

The Cosmos Black Color EVA Hard Shell Pen/Pencil Pouch is a durable, yet firm case that protects your items from dust and damage. It features an inbuilt mesh pocket and elastic strap that enables you to store different items and keep your pens placed securely. 

You can place your stylus touch pen, pencil, and small accessories.  The best part is that you can put the case in your back pocket easily and carry your pens around.  Measuring 8x 2 x1 inches, the case helps you organize your items in one convenient place. 

Pen & Pencil Cases – Jon Hart Design

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best EDC Pencil Cases I CARRY BETTER

Pencil cases. On the surface, a seemingly simple concept. But like any carry method, dig down and you’ll discover styles upon styles to choose from. So what one’s right for you? That depends … let’s dive in!


Maybe you have a minimalist setup and simply want a carry solution to keep everything together. Alternatively you might need to carry a large stationery setup every day. Luckily, pencil cases come in a range of sizes. So lay out all of the intended stationery on the table to get a good feel for what you’ll need.

Style & Materials

The great thing about stationery carry solutions is that they’re varied. Horizontal rounded cases with zipper openings, rolls and wraps with snap or cord closures, self-standing cases, and more. All in a variety of materials as well, from leather and waxed canvas to metal and nylon. So make sure to think about what you’re carrying inside… and if it might leak and soak into the fabric of your case. If that’s a possibility, avoid things made of straight canvas, without linings or in lighter colors.


If you like to quickly swap out stationery items or easily see everything at a glance, consider picking a carry solution that offers good access and visibility of the contents. Some cases open wide or allow you to lay the contents flat (i.e. wraps and rolls) to quickly access individual items. Self-standing designs can also help you quickly pick out particular items from your setup as required.

Protection and organization

Want to protect fragile pencil leads against breakage or maintain your freshly sharpened tips? Consider carry options that provide some added protection, such as hardened exteriors for bump protection or flaps to cover and protect tips. Elastic loops and pockets will also help you securely carry items without the contents bumping together on the go, not to mention keeping your gear tidy and accessible on a quick-grab.

So with the above considerations in mind, check out some of the best EDC pencil cases below that cater to a range of budgets, style preferences and carry loads…

Yasutomo Niji Roll (US$5.45)

Like to see all your supplies at a glance? The Niji Roll lets you do just that. You can easily store a variety of pens, pencils, brushes or other items in the elastic loops, keeping your gear secure but readily accessible when you need it. It’s made with water-resistant nylon canvas and features a snap closure to keep things nice and tight.

Caran d’Ache Empty Metal Tin (from US$5.55)

If you’re after sleek, simple and budget-friendly, this hinged metal case is a solid stationery storage option. The tray lets you pick out the contents easily and the design comes in standard and deep sizes to suit a range of items too. Note, it will scratch and take on bumps, but that’s all part of the character, right?

Jackson’s Pencil Roll With Clear Window (around US$8.50)

One for the sketchers and artists, the Jackson’s Pencil Roll provides a mix of easy access and flexible carry options. The nylon canvas roll features a clear window to quickly discern the contents, and holds up to 24 pencils. And includes a detachable pencil case for additional storage options.

Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Pencil Case (US$9.81)

Kokuyo offers a vertical take on stationery storage with this self-standing pencil case. The design enables straightforward access to the contents, with pockets to organize your gear. Simple. Smart. And super affordable.

Muji Canvas Pen Case Square (around US$10.40)

Fuss-free in design and understated in aesthetics, this pencil case from Muji suits office, school, home and out-and-about use equally well. It’s made from cotton and features a pull tab for easy zipper opening.

Derwent Pocket Wrap (US$11.24)

Slim and compact, the Derwent Pocket Wrap features a fold-over design for space-saving storage on the go. Open it up and you’ll find two pockets for organization. The wrap is made from durable canvas and can be laid flat for convenient access to items.

Muji Nylon Mesh Pen Case Square (US$12.98)

Looking to shed grams in your setup and quickly locate stuff? This lightweight Muji pen case helps keep carry weight down on the go, while the mesh construction lets you easily discern the contents at a glance.

LIHIT LAB Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case – Oval Type (around US$14.30)

Fancy a pen case and pen stand in one? Look to the LIHIT LAB Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case. Press down on the base to create a flat stand that also pops the contents up for convenient access.

Sma Sta Pen Case (US$16.40)

The Sma Sta Pen Case also offers two-in-one functionality, serving as both a pen case and pen stand. The top folds down and secures in place with a magnet, creating a stand for wide-open, ready access to the contents.

Tran Deluxe Pencil Case (from US$17.28)

If you want access with a little added protection, consider the Tran Deluxe Pencil Case. This hardshell case features a zipper closure to secure items on the go and is made with weatherproof 600D nylon. Interior elastic loops store items neatly in place, while the clamshell opening lets you easily access particular items as needed. The case also comes in a choice of options that store 24 up to 120 pencils.

The Brown Buffalo Porterpen Case (from US$28)

The Porterpen Case is a tough, multifunctional pouch for storing stationery or other small essentials as you go about your day. Crafted in California, it comes in a choice of durable and weatherproof materials and can be wiped clean in the event of spills or leaked pen ink.

Bellroy Pencil Case (US$39)

Stylish for any setting and thoughtfully designed for quality access, Bellroy’s Pencil Case opens up wide to form a tray for rummage-free item retrieval. And pull loops on either end also enable easy opening and closing. A fine choice if you’re looking for something with smarts and elegance.

Nock Co. Brasstown – Zip Roll Pen Case (US$40)

Nock Co. provides a playful take on stationery cases with the Brasstown. Inside the case you’ll find a six-slot tongue to store pens and pencils, while additional items can be securely stored in the main compartment too. Made by hand in the USA, it comes in a variety of colorways and features a durable DWR-coated 1000D Nylon construction.

Midori Brass Pen Case (US$42.50)

If you want to elevate your stationery carry style, Midori have you covered. Their sleek Brass Pen Case brings a touch of elegance to your work or study desk. Made in Japan, this case will take on a unique patina with use and is a fine choice for minimalist stationery setups.

Blackwing Pencil Roll (US$60)

A collaboration between Blackwing and Bradley Mountain, this pencil roll is made to last and brings rugged charm to your daily setup. It’s made by hand in San Diego using Martexin waxed canvas and oiled black leather. Added bonus? It comes with five Blackwing 602 pencils and offers additional pockets for storing other items such as a notebook and eraser.

hardgraft Fat Stick Pencil Case (around US$80)

If you’re after premium pencil carry, look to hardgraft to deliver their signature understated luxury.

Janka K.

Really nice and useful stuff

Talia B.

I love this pencil case! I got it as a gift from my mom and it’s perfect the perfect case to keep all my pens and pencils, I highly recommend this if your looking for something cute and compact!

Camille B.

Super trousse arrivé en 2 semaines donc tout à fait raisonnable, j’ai pu mettre 10surligneurs, 10 feutres fins, 5 stylos, souris, crayon de papier, ciseaux et gomme ! C’est la taille qu’il me fallait ! A voir dans le temps mais a l’air de bonne qualité

Susan P.

For the price,not the quality I would have expected. The vegan leather is marked and has lots of creases and small impression marks in it. Wouldn’t buy again.

Célia A.

Très satisfaite de tous mes achats, j’ai reçu ma commande en 3 fois dans un délai totalement raisonnable. La qualité est impeccable pour un bon prix, j’aime beaucoup ce site! ( j’ai vu qu’il y avait des problèmes en France mais pour ma part tout s’est très bien passé ! ) Je recommande

Selena W.

I love this pencil so much! It’s really large and allows even my brush pens to fit. The quality is really good and the colour is also very pretty. High recommend y’all to buy this product. The price might be steep but rest assured, it’s very worth it.


I just got it and I love the color and the fact that it fits everything I need! I really love it and can’t wait to start school with it. It arrived after 21 days with some cute stickers aswell. Thank you!

Florian J.

I love it, it works great and it doesn’t need to be completely filled to stand on its own.


I had a good experience! Maybe I would appreciate that the site sent to me a way to track my order. But everything arrived quickly and safely !

Kizzy P.

Love the idea of this case and really is very high quality. Love it !


Recently started my first bullet journal and this pencil case seemed perfect for all my new pens. It arrived within two weeks with some cute stickers. I couldn’t be happier, thank you so much!


Completely satisfied! Exactly as it seen on the pictures. It’s so comfortable and spacious. Love it! 🙂


It’s amazing! I really love it, it’s very spacious and it fits all my highlighters and markers. So beautiful!!


This case is brilliant! Love it!

Laurence G.

What a wonderful pencil-case! I bought one for a friend and she loved it. Took some time to arrive but it was worth the wait. Will definitely order more stuff!


It took a while for the package to arrive but when it did I was so excited! It fits all my mildliners and my micron fineliners. I will definitely be buying from notebooktherapy again 🙂

cheryl B.

Ordered this for my friend in the U.K. she loves it! great quality and good delivery time considering the distance it had to make!


So adorable! Super spacious with little pockets to fit bits and bobs in. Looks just like it does on the website. Would definitely recommend!!! <3 <3 <3


Beautifully made and such good quality! I really love this pencil case.


I liked the pencil case. Huge.

Amari A.

I got this honeybutter pencil case and I love everything about it! It’s so beautiful and really handy. It’s a pop up case, meaning you can either extend or shorten is depending on use. I love how spacious it is! It. can hold 35 pens -amazing! Also I found out my make up brushes fits in them perfectly – so many uses! Looking to get the next colour in pink hehe Def a great buy!


Cutest pencil case ever! It saves more space because of its pop up feature – very practical! Love the pastel color I got! Thanks Notebooktherapy

Dianne D.

I am so in love with these cute pencil cases. I got the pink sakura + honey butter colors but already ordered another in mint matcha for a friend after seeing the amazing quality. So handy for on the go use + fit so many pens I was shocked. So happy with the tsuki products so far (I also have the hard cover bujo)!

Sydney S.

I love this so much! It’s so functional and the style is minimal and simple, I love the fabric and it’s big enough to hold all the essentials!

Margot E.

So soft and convenient ! Thank you for the stickers include

Ale G.

I really love this pencil case, the design is really cute and it can hold a lot of pens! The cord is really nice and feels pretty strong!! I love it

Ash T.

I love mine so much! The cord feels really nice quality and it actually fits a surprising amount of pens!


The son is satisfied, voluminous, bright, well made.


Product compatible with description, fast shipment


Pencil supper, grandson is very pleased.


as described, thanks!


i really love it, its so soft


Pencil Case super quality 🙂


Awesome! Shipping and quality.


Adorable! Just what I wanted.


Great product. I have received a lot of compliments about it and it is of great quality. Could not be happier with this order!


It’s really cute and good quality.

10 Best Pencil Cases For Artists Who Want Perfect Organization [2020]

A quality pencil case will not only keep all your graphite and colored pencils well organized, but will also feature smart design aesthetics in order to prevent any of the lead from chipping or cracking while being tossed around in a purse or backpack.

Today we wanted to highlight 10 of the very best pencil cases that were designed for artists of all skill levels to carry with them when heading to and from class or even going outdoors for a plein air sketch or gesture drawing.

Before we jump immediately into the reviews, we first wanted to go over a quick comparison of the cases we looked at when writing this guide:

Comparing The Best Pencil Cases

Whether you are looking for a roll-up case or one that is a pouch, here’s a table of all the pencil cases we reviewed:

The 10 Best Pencil Cases For Artists Reviewed


ArtBin Pencil Box

ArtBin has been a fixture in the art supply world for years.

With a variety of art boxes, super satchels, specialty storage containers, and so many more options, it’s no wonder why their products are found on so many college campuses across the US.

Taking a look at the ArtBin Pencil Box you can see why they have earned the respect from many.

In this simple 3 compartment plastic storage container, you can easily stash away about 30 pencils in total.

As you may have noticed in the picture above, one side of the container has foam inserts that protect the tips of the pencils from chipping and cracking – it’s a nice little feature that will save both money and frustration by preserving the soft lead found in many colored pencil brands.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a perfect no-frills and affordable storage box that gets the job done.  The rigid plastic and snap-shut design will protect your pencils.


2. Derwent Pencil Case

Serving artists for over 100 years, this pencil case by Derwent is the only offering on our list where you will find a company that makes both quality cases and pencils!

Similar to the Yasutomo Niji Roll, the Derwent Pencil case is another roll-up case that is lightweight and easy to carry.

However, unlike the Yasutomo Niji Roll, this Derwent case is available in different storage capacities including 30, 68, and 132 pencils – making it one of the largest offerings on our list.

Now if the rollup case isn’t for you but you still like the Derwent brand, they do make a carry-all that’s also worth checking out.

Lastly, this case is made from a lightweight canvas and should last you for years.

Bottom Line

Overall, for a rollup the Derwent pencil case is the best available on the market.  The ample storage options and button clasp will keep all your pencils well organized.


3. Tran Deluxe Pencil Cases

Very similar to the Global Art pencil case we also reviewed, the Tran Deluxe pencil case is another great way to travel with a set of colored or graphite pencils.

Crafted from waterproof nylon, this case comes in 5 different set sizes:

Allowing you to buy the one that fits all the pencils in your set.

But what makes this case really cool is that it has a zipper on 3 sides so it sets flat on any surface while also having a layered design (pictured above), so you don’t have to carry an enormous case with you should you decide on the larger option.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is one of the nicest and well-organized pencil cases on our list.  Both the interior and exterior components of this case have been designed with the traveling artist in mind.


4. Yasutomo Niji Roll

For those who don’t want a zip closure yet evoke some old school aesthetics that artists of yesteryear relied on, then the Yasutomo Niji Roll is worth checking out.

Crafted from water resistant nylon, this 25-slot pencil case is a great little compact way to travel with your pencils in an organized manner.

Able to roll out completely flat, you will have access to all your pencils.

With a price tag less than $5 bucks – it’s a steal.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a great way to travel with pencils and doesn’t require a ton of space.  The button closure will always keep closed and won’t wear down like Velcro.


5. Global Art Canvas Pencil Cases

This environmentally friendly travel case by Global Art is great pick for those artists who love to keep their supplies organized.

Available in a variety of sizes that can accommodate sets of 24, 48, or 120 pencils – this pencil case is great for those who may have started with a cardboard set of colored pencils and want a more permanent storage container.

With a zipper on 3 sides, it can lay flat on a table for easy access.

Secondly, for the fashionistas out there, Global Art does make this case in 5 different colors:

  • Black
  • Denim
  • Rose
  • Steel Blue
  • Wheat

So, you can get one that matches your own personal taste as well.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is great for both organization and travel.   The canvas body will protect your pencils and wear incredibly well.  Expect to pay a slight premium for this case compared to others on our list.


6. LIHIT LAB Pen Case

The reason why we had to include the LIHIT Lab pen case into this article was simply due to its flexibility.

With a 9.4″ x 1.8″ x 3″ footprint, it should have no problem fitting in virtually any sized colored or graphite pencil.

But what really made it standout was its interior Velcro wall.

Able to become compartmentalized to carry your pencil sharpener, whiteout, eraser, etc. it’s a great and easy way to stay somewhat organized.

While it does lack any individual pencil slots – most artists will be happy that it can accommodate around 25 pencils with ease.

The side zipper on this pencil case is also a great place to store any thinner supplies (i.e. ruler, protractor, etc.).

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a no-frills bag that offers some light organization properties.   The small size limits you to about 25 pencils at a time.


7. Leather Pencil Pouch

Evoking some similar qualities to both the LIHIT Lab and Homecube pencil cases, this leather pencil pouch is perfect for those seasoned artists who want a pencil case that can withstand years of abuse and never falter.

Crafted from 100% Buffalo Leather, this slim case is a great pick for those artists who want to carry their graphite pencils, eraser or two, and a small sharpener with them out in the field.

With a quality YKK zipper that won’t get jammed, it’s a great little rustic case.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great case for those artists who like minimalist yet old school design qualities.  It will wear incredibly well throughout the years.

8. Blick Mesh Zipper Bags

Mesh bags are great because they can carry a ton of supplies and cost only a couple of bucks at most.

As is the case with most art supplies from Blick, these mesh bags are a perfect addition to your travelling art studio.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 5″ x 10″
  • 5″ x 7.5″
  • 10″ x 13″
  • 12″ x 16″

You should have no problem finding the perfect one to fit your needs.

Expect to pay anywhere between $2 and $5 bucks for the bag of your choice.

Bottom Line

Overall, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this.  Mesh totes are great for storing large sets of colored pencils and can withstand plenty of wear.


9. Caran d’Ache Empty Metal Tin

When it comes to the world of graphite and colored pencils, Caran d’Ache is one of those few super-premium brands on the market that is beloved by professionals everywhere.

At 7″ x 2.25″ x 1″ – this rigid metal tin is the perfect addon supply if you are a fan of this brand.

Made specifically for their graphite line, this tin has a foam insert that helps to protect your pencils from chipping or cracking while traveling.

Of course, you can use some other brands pencils in this tin too (we won’t tell)!

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a no-frills tin that gets the job done.   Not as expansive as most, it is a great pick if you are looking to stick discretely in a purse or backpack.


10. Homecube Big Capacity Pencil Case

The Homecube pencil case is perfect for both kids and adults alike.  Able to fit up to 45 pencils and featuring internal organization compartments for small sharpeners or pocket knives, you can take all your essentials with you wherever you go.

If green isn’t your color, don’t worry, Homecube does offer up this pencil case in 4 additional colors:

Making it easy to find the perfect one to fit your personal preference.

With a sub $10 price tag (at time of publication), it’s an affordable pick that should be able to fulfill most artist’s needs.

Bottom Line

Overall, the compartments are a welcomed addition not found in many pencil cases.  The canvas shell should also feel better with time.


6 Incredible Pencil Cases for College Students

At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. 

There’s no symbol that personifies learning and school quite like the humble pencil. It’s a staple of back to school shopping lists everywhere. Even with laptops being so popular with note-taking, it’s always ideal to carry around some pens and pencils with you to class. And if you want to keep things organized, you’re going to need a pencil case. Here are 6 handy (and unique) pencil cases to keep all your school supplies at the ready. 

It’s cute enough to be a purse, but practical enough to hold your entire school life. The EASTHILL pencil case has several smaller inside pockets and larger outside pockets to help you keep it all together. There’s plenty of place for pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, highlighters, and more. Heck, you could fit a whole stapler in there.

The material is made of a sturdy cotton and canvas, meaning it’ll hold up in your backpack through all bumps and shakes. It comes in three colors / patterns: light blue, white plaid, and purple. It holds up to 50 pencils, so you’ll have the room to carry extras for fellow students who forget their own. Be prepared with this big case.

This lovely little rectangular bag can help keep all your supplies handy and safe with its deep dimensions and zippered compartment. The center flap keeps your favorite pens and pencils handy so you never have to dig around to find them. The mesh pocket is convenient for slipping in erasers, small notes, and cards.

The Homecube Pencil Pouch comes in five great colors—black, blue, coffee, green, and pink. The double-zipper keeps everything safe and secure. Its slim design will save space in your backpack, while still storing a significant amount of supplies. 

Time to bring a little bit of fun into the mix. Who doesn’t love googly-eyes? The ZIPIT Monster Pencil case is basically one big zippered compartment—the more you unzip, the bigger it gets. There are thirteen color, style, and size options to pick from—each with its own unique expression.  

Get a bunch of ink or pencil marks on it? Don’t worry, it’s machine-washable on gentle cycle. Made of strong polyester fabric, it’ll last you a long, long time. No one will steal your pencils with this guy around.

For a more professional look, consider this option from ProCase. This two-pack pencil bag is refined and understated, but can store up to fifty pencils or pens. You can even use it for a small calculator, pair of scissors, or other supplies you may need. It’s a high-quality option to keep your supplies safe.

It is available in four nice colors—black, grey, navy, and pink—and is constructed to withstand travel. It’s lightweight, yet incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about tears or holes. The two-pack means you can keep one in the dorm and one in your backpack or purse.

Cat lovers, this one’s for you. This cute little kitten wants to make sure all your pens and pencils are in one convenient location. Fill this kitty with your school supplies for when you need to go to class or the library. Then fold down from the lower part of his face so you have a convenient pencil cup.

The iSuperb Standing Telescopic Cat Pencil Holder is available in four cute kitten styles. Its a lightweight, but high-capacity design, that brings a little levity to studying. It even has inner pockets so you can keep your things organized further. 

These pencil bags have been designed with English majors in mind. Go ahead and look for one that features your favorite author or book. They’ve got over a dozen options—from the Great Gatsby to Where the Wild Things Are

When you’ve found your favorite, fill it with pens, pencils, bookmarks and highlighters for all your studying needs. You might have a hard time choosing just one, but that’s ok. With all the great designs available, this one makes a great splurge or gift item!

Just because you’re in college, doesn’t mean you have to use a boring pencil case. Get one of these fun pencil cases for yourself today.

Use College Raptor to discover personalized college matches, cost estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid for schools around the US—for FREE!

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Pencil Case, Paint Splatter Pattern – 64 Slots

64 Elastic Slots – These flexible slots can hold up to 205 pencils, making it perfect for storing your large sets and creating on-the-go Durable Design – Case features strong metal zippers and sturdy polyester fabric to prevent damage while traveling Holds More Than Pencils – This versatile case is perfect for storing and organizing your pens, markers and even makeup Additional Pocket – Hold your extra supplies and accessories in the front pocket   Transporting your art essentials just got a lot more convenient with this portable Pencil Case. Featuring a chic colorful design on the polyester fabric exterior, this case is both strong and stylish. The 64 elastic slots are flexible and wide enough to hold up to 205 pencils. You don’t need to limit this case to only pencils – store your pens, markers, makeup, and other supplies. Each case also includes a front pocket where you can hold additional supplies and accessories. This travel-friendly case is ideal for taking with you wherever you go, whether you’re in the studio or working outside. Pack this case in your backpack, messenger bag, carry-on, or tote – it has plenty of room on the inside while still being compact. The durable, polyester exterior and secure zipper will be able to withstand any adventure you choose to bring this case on. While the flexible slots will hold your art supplies safe and secure, you won’t have any trouble securing the pencil or pen you need.   Keep your writing utensils organized all in one portable place with our 64-slot, paint splatter pattern, Pencil Case. This colorful Pencil Case’s flip through design makes it ideal for any traveling or commuting artists. Create anywhere with the comfort of knowing you’ll never lose a pencil, pen, or marker, having this Pencil Case by your side. Pair this paint splatter patterned Pencil Case with any set of our pencils or pens to make a truly spectacular present any artist will treasure.

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Drawing a logo on pens, pencils in Nizhny Novgorod

Pens with a logo and pencils are an element of corporate identity and, at the same time, an effective advertising tool. Such a business souvenir can be presented to potential clients or customers as part of a company presentation, as well as to listeners of thematic seminars as promotional gifts.

You can choose plastic or metal handles. Different colors are available.

In addition to the image, a short inscription can be applied to the surface, for example, the name, email address or phone number of the organization.

Application methods

The image is applied to pens and pencils in 2 main ways:

  • pad printing;
  • “soft-touch” engraving.

The pad printing method involves transferring an image to a surface using a silicone roller. To make a printing plate, the required image (or inscription) is squeezed out on the plate. After that, a special resistant paint is applied to the resulting structure.Next, they proceed directly to printing: they touch the prepared form with a silicone swab, and then apply it to a pen or other product.

Advantages of the method: it is possible to recreate even the smallest details and letters, the durability of images and the ability to print on curved surfaces, a budget option for application.

Soft-touch engraving can be applied to virtually any surface. This is an unusual coating that resembles rubber when touched.When “soft touch” is applied to metal, an interesting effect is obtained – a shiny mirror surface. Pens with this engraving look expensive and sophisticated.

How to place an order?

In a special form on the site, you can leave a request for custom-made pens with a logo or for pencils with branded symbols. To discuss the features of the order and calculate the cost of products, you can call or order a call back from a specialist.

One of the corporate activities of the company “Fiirstyle” is branding of souvenirs.The company’s website has a catalog in which you can choose the appropriate option for applying your corporate identity.

Buy an elephant – Unusual gifts and souvenirs in bulk

  • 71₽

    In a warehouse in Moscow: 554 pcs.

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  • 1,500₽

    In a warehouse in Moscow: 314 pcs.

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    Warehouse in Moscow: 20 pcs.

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    In a warehouse in Moscow: 743 pcs.

  • Sage Print | Souvenirs with logo – Sage Print

    Not so long ago, only firms that allocate a fairly large amount of funds for advertising could afford souvenir products.Today, business souvenirs can be afforded by firms with absolutely any income level. The wide distribution and variety of these products has led to the need for its classification.

    1. Promotional souvenirs – serve to increase sales, are used during promotions, various presentations and exhibitions. The circulation of these products is in the thousands, but the unit cost is literally a few hryvnias.

    2. Business souvenirs – used to attract the attention of potential business partners or strengthen relationships with existing ones.They are usually handed over during business meetings. This category includes corporate gifts for the employees of the company themselves.

    3. VIP-souvenirs – gifts made to order in a single copy for a specific person.

    Calendar products occupy a special place among gifts. Let not everyone be ready to order bright loose-leaf calendars, but quarterly, and even more so pocket calendars, everyone can afford without exception. This gift is very practical, it will constantly and persistently remind you of the donor company.

    Currently, economic instability is increasingly making itself felt. And it is not surprising that many companies are trying to cut their advertising budget as much as possible, including for souvenirs. There is nothing reprehensible in this, the main thing is to maintain a balance and not turn advertising into anti-advertising. Even simple printing of your logo on pencils will help maintain the company’s image at a high level.

    Another condition for a successful presentation is practical use and aesthetic appeal, which allow it not to merge with the gray mass of the same type of souvenirs.An example would be regular ballpoint pens with the customer’s logo engraved. Promotional souvenirs have entered our business culture and turned it into a vibrant, incomparable and effective brand advertising detail, which is the very nature of advertising. Therefore, even such a popular writing accessory as a pencil with a company logo is an integral part of the corporate image.

    Business partners will not remain indifferent if the present will somehow overlap with their line of business.The simplest option is themed packaging, for example, in the form of a soccer ball or a first aid kit.

    A variety of souvenir products also presupposes a large number of ways of making them. The most common ways to apply images are:

    – pad printing – used to apply images to products that have a non-absorbent surface, such as plastic pens, key rings, lighters, etc.

    – decal – a technology in which the image is first printed on paper and covered with a special varnish, after which the workpiece is soaked and transferred to the glass or ceramics, then the product is fired, during which the paint is baked into the surface layer;

    – laser engraving – using a laser beam to apply an image to wood or metal;

    – mechanical engraving – using a metal cutter instead of a laser;

    – embossing – for this, a short-term, but rather strong thermal effect is used, as a result, the surface relief changes; suitable for wood, paper, leather and leatherette;

    – screen printing (silk screen printing) – used for products with a large area: T-shirts, bags, etc. d.

    The world’s leading manufacturers of technology, clothing, cosmetics – everything that mankind needs today, cannot do without advertising their product. Brands of well-known companies and firms in their activities necessarily include cooperation with advertising operators who are engaged in the so-called “promotion” of a particular product.

    Most often, advertising appears on small, sometimes irreplaceable things in everyday life, such as dishes (in most cases, cups with a logo), key rings, ballpoint pens, notebooks of different sizes, business card holders, bags, pencils.Modern logos can be found on promotional clothing, scarves, silicone bracelets. Purses, flash drives, lighters, backpacks, umbrellas can be attractive in appearance.

    On souvenirs for tourists, logos of airlines that provided services to their clients are often found. Travel agency logos presented in the form of key rings, cups, T-shirts can be no less interesting. Due to souvenirs, the popularity of companies and firms grows, since a souvenir is the most convenient advertising distributor. This is precisely its main function.

    Currently, you can order a souvenir with your own company logo, which may take a certain amount of time to make. The cost of placing a logo on souvenir products depends on the size of the item on which the advertising information is to be applied, the circulation, and the method of application. Any souvenir product should be attractive in design, memorable in appearance and easy to use.

    Souvenirs with a logo are a convenient and original product for collecting.Many employees collect souvenirs bearing the brand of their company and, whenever possible, proudly display their collection of promotional items to colleagues, clients and business partners.

    Ocean business souvenirs – supplier of promotional products and business gifts

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