Nice pencil case: 8 top-rated pen and pencil cases in 2021


8 top-rated pen and pencil cases in 2021

Between schools switching back to in-person learning and offices starting to open up again, many individuals are gearing up to return to normal in some capacity. And though back-to-school shopping lists might look a little bit different this year — with recommendations for things like KN95 masks and at-home Covid tests — kids will still need essentials like backpacks and lunch boxes. Another important item on that back-to-school list is a pencil case — though it can sometimes feel like an afterthought, a pencil case can help your child keep their smaller writing utensils and stationary items in one safe place. College students — especially art students and those who prefer to take notes by hand — can also benefit from using a pencil case instead of haphazardly throwing their pens and pencils into their bags. Below, we rounded up some top-rated pen and pencil cases for students and professionals of all ages.


Top-rated pen and pencil cases

A good option for those who like to have options, this case from EASTHILL can hold up to 50 pens or 90 pencils, according to the brand. Additionally, it has a zippered mesh pocket where you can store small items like tape and erasers, and the canvas bag is big enough to hold most scissors, rulers and basic calculators. It comes in nine colors and has a 4.7-star average rating from nearly 17,000 reviews on Amazon.

With a shiny mermaid scale print and a name personalization option that makes it easy to keep track of, this pencil case will please both parent and child. If your little one might prefer a different print, the Etsy shop offers several other options, including rainbows and trains. The mermaid scale case has a 4.9-star average rating from more than 2,500 reviews on Etsy.

If you’re looking to save space in your bag, consider investing in a pencil holder that sits inside your binder. This one from Staples is punched with three metal-enforced holes to fit in most binders, and it has both a larger pocket for pencils and pens and a smaller mesh pocket for quick access to erasers, highlighters and more. The pencil pouch boasts a 4. 5-star average rating from more than 150 reviews at Staples.

This adorable bubble tea-shaped pencil case comes with two small handles that you can use to move the top of the bag up and down and easily access your pens, highlighter and erasers. It’s designed to stand on its own, so when you sit down for class, you can prop it up on your desk just like you would at home. It has a 4.7-star average rating from more than 200 reviews on Amazon.

Equipped with a carrying handle to make transportation easier, this sleek pencil case from Herschel is a good option for students and professionals returning to the office. Not only does it come in 25 colors, but Herschel also offers a discount if you create a bundle with the Heritage Youth Backpack and Pop Quiz Lunch Box. The Settlement Case has a 4.7-star average rating from more than 100 reviews at Herschel.

Though this pencil case is a bit bulkier than the other options on the list, it also offers more security thanks to its built-in key lock. It’s reinforced with aluminum and has steel corners, which makes it hard to break and hard to break into. It’s available in several patterns, including Embossed Sharks and 3D Butterflies, and has a 4.6-star average rating from more than 4,400 reviews on Amazon.

If you’re looking for something that’s simple but stylish, consider this leather pencil case from GratitudeNotebook. Available in six colors, the compact case can hold up to 15 pens, according to the brand. The case has a 5-star rating from more than 1,800 reviews on Etsy.

With the ability to hold up to 60 pens and pencils, this machine-washable pencil box from ZIPIT is both fun and functional. Each box features a fun monster-like “wildling” design, and if you register the product on the ZIPIT website, any manufacturer defects will be covered with a lifetime warranty. The kids pencil box has a 4.8-star average rating from more than 1,300 reviews on Amazon.


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15 Cute Pencil Pouches to Store Your Drawing Supplies

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Whether you’re a drawing aficionado or a beginner, a cute pencil pouch is a perfect way to make sure that you’ll always have your favorite supplies handy. Plus, it’s always fun to have another outlet to express your personal style. So while a pencil case might remind you of your grade school days, they’re actually must-have for anyone who loves to draw.

Just think about it, you may have taken a lot of time to pick out the perfect drawing pencil. So now that you have it, why not keep it inside something beautiful? With so many types of pencils or pens used in drawing, you’ll most likely need several while you’re working on a project. By using a pencil pouch, you can keep everything on hand, not to mention nice and tidy. This way you can spend less time searching for your drawing supplies and more time thinking about what you’re going to draw next.

But even if you aren’t an artist, these cool cases can double as carry-alls for your makeup, clips, cords, or anything else small that you might need on the go. Time to spruce up your accessories with one of these cute pencil pouches!

Here are 15 pencil pouches to hold all of your drawing supplies.


Celestial Moon and Stars Pencil Pouch

Fawn and Thistle | $9.64


Otter Triangular Pencil Case

Seven Color Daisy | $10.93


Frida Kahlo Pouch

Paper Source | $19.95


Rainbow Pencil Case

Kate Spade | $24


Blue Whale Pencil Pouch

Elena Illustration | $15.43


Mondrian Pencil Case

MoMA | $18


Star Wars Pencil Cases

Scheaffer | $9. 27


Hand Painted Pencil Pouches

Reas of Sunshine Co. | $14


Avocado Pencil Case

Scribblet | $9


Whale Pencil Pouch

ambaZamba | $38.25


Floral Pencil Pouch

Zwergenhexe | $22.44


Woven Ombre Pouch

Paper Source | $39.95


Tiger Canvas Pouch

Amy Civetti | $15.99


Triangular Fox Pencil Pouch

Seven Color Daisy | $10.93+


Wood Pencil Pod

Art Alternatives | $9.41


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10 Cute Pencil Cases for College

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here.

We’re back again with the latest installment of cute college school supplies! By now, most of y’all will be settled in, back on campus, and ready to tackle the new school year. Here’s the obvious question: is it time to refresh your pencil case?

If you’ve already got one that does the job, we totally respect that. But if you’re looking for a cute replacement, well, have we got the treat for you. Read on for the 10 cutest pencil cases we could find and have your pick!

1. Poppin Blush + Light Gray Pencil Pouch


The perfect pop of peachy pink, this sturdy cotton canvas bag will store pens, pencils, keys, and lipsticks galore!

2. Urban Outfitters Skinnydip Dazzle Makeup Bag

Urban Outfitters

Honestly, this is meant to be for makeup storage, but the holographic-to-the-max design completely sold us! Add to cart if you need more glitzy glam in your life.

3. Kawaii Pen Shop Large Capacity Baby Unicorn Pencil Case

Kawaii Pen Shop

Want the most adorable baby unicorn gallivanting across your school supplies storage? There’s only one answer, and it’s yes. Available in three charming pastels!

4. Jet Pens Nomadic PE-09 Flat Type Pencil Case

Jet Pens

This lovely sky blue (with a bold tangerine lining!), multiple mesh pockets, velcro adhesion, and nylon body will offer you just the right combination of function and fashion.

5. Jet Pens Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch

Jet Pens

Back at it again with the classic Jet Pens – need a pencil case that doubles as a stand-up pencil holder? We love the polka-dot teal and delightful shape.

6. Baggu 3D Zip Set


These pouches are such a beaut – together as a set or standalone, the boxy composition and bright, artfully chosen colors are almost too much to behold.

7. Lemon See Thru Clutch

We literally could not resist this citrus-y splendor. Walk into class with this fanciful fruit wedge and you’ll be showered with compliments. It also comes in a funky watermelon if you are so inclined.

8. Peekaboo Circle Clutch

Ban. do has curated a lot of fun things – here’s another peek

into their selection! The see-through half is both a cute surprise and a practical feature. Who says you can’t double a fun clutch as an equally fun pencil case?

9. Ella’s Treasure Box Pastel Plastic Pencil Case

Ella’s Treasure Box

These highkey look like soap bars, but upon closer inspection, they’re revealed to be the pencil case of your dreams. 

10. Kate Spade Stack of Classics Pencil Pouch

Kate Spade

The ultimate reflection of your own stack o’ books. Dwell among the creative muses with this stylish choice.

What do you think?

Ready to rock these styles out in the classroom? They’re guaranteed to be cute enough to stand out… even a 400 person lecture hall! Let us know your thoughts, and if you bought any of the above.

Also, who else is super-excited to be back in school again? Share the cheer in our comments section!

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Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten (for Boys & Girls) in 2021

Kindergarten and elementary school students usually write with pencils. So, they need to carry pencils in their class as well. That’s why a pencil box is a very important supply for kindergarten students.

However, just a mere pencil case won’t be enough for them. Because kids love to have colorful, good-looking, comical school supplies in their school bag. The best pencil box for kindergarten has to be in a special shape and design that the kids love.

This is a pretty common scene in every home where kids go to kindergarten. Let the stress fade away, and we show you some of the best pencil box for kindergarten.

Plus, you get a complete buying guide on this to know what will be a better choice than others and why. Should we jump right into it?

5 Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten Boy’s & Girl’s


In this article, we will feature some of the top pencil boxes and cases that are popular among kindergarten and preschool students and we hope this will help you. Our mission is to provide valuable reviews and recommendations on pens and school supplies to our readers on quality pens, pencils, papers, and art supplies.

Reviews of the Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten

We have picked some of the most popular pencil boxes available and check them out from different perspectives.

See for yourself.

1. ZIPIT Beast Pencil Box for Kids

The Beast pencil case has a special feature to keep your items safe. Unlike traditional containers, this one will always stay closed once zipped up! So you can take it with confidence anywhere without worrying about accidental spills inside or on the outside of your bag.

Lightweight and Durable

The beastly storage box is the perfect thing for all your crafting needs. Not only will it keep everything safe and sound, but this durable container can also double as an emergency first aid kit or school/office supply bag!

Perfect Size

This cute pencil case holds just about anything! It measures 8.27″ x 2.95″ x 5.32″, and is the perfect size for any desk or craft area – not too big, but still spacious enough to store all your supplies in style (and keep them organized).

Versatile Use

If you are looking for a unique gift, this is it! Perfect for storing and organizing your pens, pencils, or anything else you want to keep in one place!

This best pencil case for kindergarten features an easy-access design with enough space inside to store up to 60 items at once without any problems whatsoever – making it great as a craft storage container too!

Easy Wash

Keep your pencil case safe and sound with the beast box. The durable fabric will keep its shape, even after many washes! Just machine-wash it on a gentle cycle in cold water (around 30°C) to prevent the deformation of zippers or other materials that may not withstand hot temperatures well.


  • Multipurpose use
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal size for a pencil box
  • Lightweight and durable material


  • Quite short if you have a big pencil


BTSKY Cute Unicorn Hard Shell Pencil Case

The versatile bag can hold seventy-two pencils and has those handy elasticated holders so you never miss a beat. The BTSKY carrying pencil case is an excellent way to keep your items safe while traveling.

Made of durable and stylish EVA material, this best kindergarten pencil case will protect your item from any shocks incurred during transport!

High Capacity Box

The BTSKY Big Capacity Pencil Box is a neat little box that’ll hold your essentials in one place. It has 5 elastic slots to accommodate pens and pencils, as well as mesh pockets inside for things like loose change or rubber bands!

Eye Watering Look

The perfect gift idea or just something fun for yourself. The sleek design will make any desk stand out with its colorful flair while keeping belongings neat at home or school. In terms of outlook, this is the best pencil box for elementary school kids.

Compact and Ideal Size

The BTSKY Pencil case is portable, lightweight, and compact. With a zipper on one side, you can zip up the pencil wrap when in use to protect it from breakage or damage. The best quality about this pencil case is that it’s super compact. It will fit in your bag or purse, and you can just zip it up when not using it!

Ideal Present

You’re looking for a gift that will be perfect this graduation, birthday, or back-to-school season? The BTSKY pencil case is among the best pencil cases for kindergarten. This stylish pink container holds all your pens and crayons in one place while adding some much-needed color to any desk!


      • High-quality material
      • Easy fit in the bag
      • Size is very compacted
      • Perfect gift for anyone
      • Eva shell protects your items


      • Very long-chain to close and open


GirlZone Fruit Scented Markers and Pencil Case for Girls

This set is perfect for any creative girl. It’s got 38 different colored pens of every size-from tiny to huge! And the carrying case keeps them all neat so you never lose track of which one you need when doing arts and crafts. All the features make it an excellent present for little artists who want to explore their artistic talent with some fun tools!

Fruity Fragrances!

You’ll find yourself drooling over these pens from the moment you open them up! From fruity scents to vibrant colors and fun shapes- there’s a pen perfect for every occasion.

Fun Craft

Girlzone’s range of pretty pink and green carry cases is the perfect gift for any girl. Whether you’re going on holiday, traveling to see friends or family – pop it in a GirlZone backpack!

The fun, bright purple carrying case unfolds from within itself when opened up, revealing various colorful writing instruments at your fingertips.

Multi Size Pen

Imagine the perfect way to keep your kid’s art supplies in order. With this pencil box, they have everything they need and more than just markers! The included options include three different-sized marker pens so that coloring or drawing can be a blast for kids of all ages.

Ideal Gift

You can even send this kindergarten pencil pouch as a birthday gift from the vendor. All you need to do is order and provide instruction, then the company team will wrap it up with your beloved ones’ birthdays in tow!


      • Versatile use
      • Quite a spacious pencil box
      • Specially made for girls
      • Easy to carry with comfortable handle


4. Unicorn Gifts for Girls Hardtop Pencil Case

If you’re looking for a way to keep your stationery sorted, organized, and secure, then this is the perfect pencil case. It has two mesh pockets where kids can store their pens or markers plus 5 slots in between each side flaps that are just right for storing pencils without getting smashed up against one another!

Cool Design

Clever design ensures stationery stays organized while teaching kids about storage habits at an early age too; it’ll help get them used to keep things themselves in the future as they grow up!

Light Weight and Sturdy

This pencil box is designed to be tough and durable. It’s made with hardtop EVA, which means you can keep your items safe in the shockproof container without worrying about them getting damaged! The 8 1/2 x 5 7/8 inch size also makes it easy for storage at home or on-the-go situations.

High Capacity Box

When it comes to storage, the unicorn has you covered! This pencil box not only offers a large capacity for all your stationery needs but also features two wide-open mesh pockets that can fit everything from erasers and pens.


      • Very spacious pencil box
      • Multipurpose use
      • Easy to carry with handy and compact size
      • Eye-watering design
      • Ideal gift for any occasion


      • Not suitable for your boy

5. Vaultz Pencil Box with Key Lock

Locking Pencil Boxes lets you lock your private and reserved stuff up in style. They are the seamless dimension for throwing into a backpack, holding school goods, or minor pickings like cash headsets, medication, etc. The variation of designs confirms that one of these boxes will be available just right for any need!

Secure and Safe

Vaultz Locking Pencil Boxes is a great way to keep your little one’s belongings safe. The lock system can be tricky for them at first but once they get used to it, they will enjoy this feature very much!

Eye Watering Look and Design

Locking pencil boxes are a great way to help your loved ones keep their items safe and sound. Vaultz offers them in many different designs, so you can find one with the design that’s perfect for who it belongs to!

Versatile Use with Mesh Pocket

The Vaultz Locking Pencil Boxes are a convenient and smart way to organize your pencils! It comes with an elastic band, which you can use for storage purposes. The mesh pocket on the front side of each box makes it easy access when needed- no digging around in those messy drawers anymore!


      • Safe and secure
      • Available in different designs
      • Multipurpose use
      • Ultra-durable with chrome steel corners


      • Security lock system can be a little tricky for a small child

Pencil Box for Kindergarten Buying Guide

When we adults buy something for ourselves, we think of every little detail before buying the product. But our kids who go to kindergarten won’t be able to consider these things. We must make sure we are buying the right product for them.

This buying guide is going to be different from most other buying guides you will find on the internet as we will focus more on the product’s usability. Let’s get into it.

Visually Appealing

Kids don’t understand the material or build quality or durability. They look at the pencil box, and if they don’t like it, at first sight, they are done. They’d rather cry for an hour than taking the pencil case to school.

So, it’s crucial to know about their choice. Before you choose something on your own, ask your kids whether they have any certain preferences. It can be something with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes.

The visual appearance of the pencil box should be charming and interesting to kids so that they love to carry it with them to school.

Bright Colored

The more we grow up, the more we learn to admire grayscale. But it doesn’t happen at such a young age. Kids are always after colors. The more colorful a pencil box, the more it will be attractive to kids.

Now, kids have different preferences for colors. So, it is better to ask them for their favorite colors. Then you can try to choose something of that color. Bright colored pencil cases will also help to find them easily inside a mess. So, there will be less chance of losing the case.

Soft and Durable Material

It would be best not to buy pencil cases made of hard plastic or other hard materials for kids. As kids often play with pencil cases, a hard case can hurt your kid. So, it is better to find something soft to the touch so that kids don’t get hurt.

At the same time, the case should be very durable. Your kid will probably play a pencil case fight or tug of war with the pencil case. If the case isn’t durable enough to withstand that torture, you will need to buy cases frequently, which isn’t a pocket-friendly idea.

Rounded Edges

Some pencil cases come with squared corners and pointy edges. These are not suitable for kindergarten-going kids. Even a small pointy corner of a plastic pencil case can be hazardous.

So, please avoid these cases and try to choose something that has rounded corners. These cases will be much softer on kids even if they throw one at each other.

Easy and Secure Closer

If your kids can’t open the pencil case at one go, they will most probably not like it and get irritated at it soon. The same goes with closing the case. If the case isn’t closed properly, nice pencils or erasers you buy your kids can get lost at any moment.

So, find something that has an easy zipper closure with a good quality zipper. It will keep all the belongings inside the case safe.


Kids are sure to make the pencil case dirty at least once a week. If you don’t want to spend money on pencil boxes over and over again, choose a case of such a fabric that is washable.

No matter how dirty it gets, you can easily wash the pencil case and air dry it to make it look new.

Multiple Compartments

If the pencil case you choose has only one compartment, it is okay. But if it has more compartments, it will be better. You can teach your kids to arrange different accessories into different compartments to find them easily when necessary.

This will also teach them to become organized in future life. Take that extra time to choose such a case, even if it costs some extra.

Why Is A Pencil Box Important for Kindergarteners?

As you all might know, pencil cases come in handy to keep everything organized for kids. At this age, it is pretty common to lose things if they aren’t organized properly. Also, carrying different small stationaries can sometimes be problematic.

Pencil cases ease the struggle of carrying such items. They hold everything together so that kids find the necessary thing easily. But this is only one aspect of this thing.

You can think in the other way where kids get to learn discipline through this box. If they get familiar with organizing things from such a little age, they will have this thing set up in their brains.

As a result, they will try to follow discipline in every aspect of life when they grow up. So, pencil cases aren’t just pencil cases. They are the way to guide your children to the path of discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us show you the FAQ section to know answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.

1. What should be in a pencil box for kindergarten?

There can be many different things depending on what your kid needs or likes. But commonly, there should be pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons, etc., in a pencil box for kindergarten.

2. Is a pencil case necessary for kindergarten?

Though this item isn’t compulsory for education, it helps kids keep all their stationaries in one place. Carrying those things becomes much easier with such a case.

3. What is the ideal size of a pencil case?

There is no hard and fast rule. It can vary depending on the design. But don’t take an oversized or undersized pencil case. Choose something up to 10 inches in length and 3-4 inches in width.

4. Can I make a pencil case at home?

Yes. If you have a little sewing knowledge, you can turn simple denim into a nice pencil case.

5. How do I organize a pencil box for kindergarten?

Make sure all necessary items are in the box. Try to separate different types of items in different compartments.

Final Thoughts

Amid recalling the sweet memories of our childhood, let’s not forget how the best pencil box for kindergarten can change your kid’s attitude towards being sincere about education.

To emphasize the topic, we urge you to invest a bit of your time in checking the right thing for your kid and money to buy it so that they grow with sweet memories too. This will give them a positive vibe to learn with fun.


      12 Best Pencil Cases for 2021


      THE best pencil cases are not only great for holding pens, pencils and other school essentials, but look extremely stylish too.

      Gathering all the new term school essentials is no mean feat — different children at different ages will require a variation of supplies, but the pencil case never goes out of style.


      Pencil cases come in a variety of great styles and coloursCredit: Getty

      They’re great for storing all your child’s favourite bits and bobs in one handy place, and you can choose from a plethora of products on the market.

      A classic pencil case is made of soft material and zips up, meaning it can be easily cleaned either by wiping or washing. Some pencil cases even have matching pens or notebooks, so if you need other stationery items, purchase these too for the ultimate matchy-matchy look!

      A lot of pencil cases have a label inside where you can write your child’s name, but a personalised pencil case might be just the thing if you want something really unique that can be tracked down easily if lost.

      We’ve rounded up the best pencil cases so that you don’t have to. Back to school never looked so good!

      This article and featured products have been independently chosen by Sun journalists. It contains links which are ads, and if you click a link and buy a product we will earn revenue.

      1. Maomaoyu Large Capacity Pencil Case


      The Maomaoyu is an Amazon bestsellerCredit: Maomaoyu
      1. (AD) Maomaoyu Pencil case, £7.49 from Amazon – buy here

      An Amazon bestseller, the Maomaoyu pencil case means serious business. With its triple zipped compartments, it’s big enough to easily fit a selection of pens and pencils, a calculator, glue stick, geometry set, highlighters, and even a 22cm ruler.

      Its lightweight but durable and is made out of waterproof material, meaning it is a perfect case that will last for the whole school year. Win-win!

      2. Easthill Pencil Case


      The Easthill holds up to 50 pens. Credit: Easthill
      1. (AD) Easthill pencil case, £11.99 from Amazon – buy here

      The Marie Kondo of pencil cases, the Easthill is the perfect case for those that like to be super organised.

      With individual elasticated spaces to place your pens (colour coordinated, naturally), this pencil case can accommodate a whopping 50 pens.

      It has a carry handle on one side making it easy to travel around with and even has a small easy-to-view compartment perfect for small notes, cards and tickets.

      We also love the design of this case, with its pretty checked style and pink piping — it would look great on any child’s desk.

      3. Smiggle Pencil Case


      Smiggle is a big name in children’s pencil cases
      • Khaki utility pencil case, £8, from Smiggle – buy here

      If you haven’t heard of Smiggle, you will be pleasantly surprised. Its bestselling pencil cases are not only functional but VERY stylish.

      This utility pencil case, which comes from the Beyond collection, will keep your stationery in order all day long. We love that it opens to reveal side panels with multiple elastic pen and pencil holders.

      Reviewers love this item, with one writing: “Got it as a gift for my niece and found it very hard to part with. Might have to treat myself next!”

      4. Ted Baker Pencil Case


      This Ted Bakers pencil case is ultra-cute.Credit: Ted Baker
      • Bow pencil case, £25, from Ted Baker – buy here

      Think pink! Perfect for the little one in your life that is growing up oh-so fast, this super sweet Ted Baker case is great for those with a penchant for designer garb.

      Simple, but stylish, this dusty pink pencil case with bow detail is an ultra-cute back to school addition.

      5. Fortnite


      Perfect for any gaming enthusiast…
      • Fornite pencil case, £10.49 from Amazon – buy here

      This is the best pencil case for any gaming fan — with its durable waterproof material, this Fortnite-branded pencil case can withstand the test of time, with a sturdy zip for longevity.

      There’s a selection of Fortnite pencil cases available in myriad bright colours, patterns and motifs, but this one is from the Battle Royale collection. If you’re looking for a pencil case that is designed to store an abundance of pens and school equipment whilst also being made of high-quality material, then look no further.

      6. Metallic Pencil Case


      A very stylish bargain from WH SmithCredit: WH SMith
      • Oil slick metallic case, £2.49 from WH Smith – buy here

      Want a bargain that still looks good? Then why not try the WH Smith oil sick metallic case, a steal at just £2.49.

      Since 1792 WH Smith has been known for its quality stationery accessories, and was first stationery retail chain to serve the nation with its abundance of pens, paper, cases, books and newspapers.

      We think this eye-catching case, which features a black zip pull with black inner lining material, is the perfect size for popping in your bag and keeping all your essentials safe throughout the day.

      7. Space Case


      A fun space case with star motifs throughoutCredit: Tesco

      No mission (double physics, for example) is impossible with this bright space case from Tesco. Featuring space, stars and moon motifs all over, it is big enough to fit all class essentials in.

      It’s also easy to wipe clean, making it a practical on- the-go case that looks pretty stylish, too.

      8. Unicorn Pencil Case


      This unicorn case will stand out on any desk!Credit: Paperchase
      • Unicorn pencil case, £10 from Paperchase – buy here

      Make lessons that little bit more magical with this pink unicorn motif pencil case from Paperchase.

      With its sparkle details and stitched stars, this sweet case is perfect to stand out from the crowd when going back to school.

      9. Personalised Pencil Case


      Personalise with up to 12 characters for the ultimate unique caseCredit: Peronsalised
      • Personalised pencil case, £9. 99 from Brown Paper Packages – buy here

      A special pencil case for those that love to draw, this case is also great to personalise with up to 12 characters.

      It features a digger picture on the front and is roomy enough to fit pens, pencils, sharpeners and rubbers.

      It is ideal as a back to school case or even as a gift for your little one, and we think its handy personalised name means it will be seriously easy to find should it get lost.

      10. Tinc Fur Barrel Pencil Case


      This pencil case is bright, eye-catching and EXTREMELY fluffyCredit: Tinc
      • Tinc Fur Barrel Pencil Case, £10 from WH Smith – buy here

      This pencil case couldn’t get any more flufftastic! Made by leading stationery and gadgets company Tinc, it features a faux fur pink barrel with a fluffy bobble on the end.

      The zip-up case has ample room for all the school essentials, making it the perfect snuggly companion to start the new term with.

      11. Monster Pencil Case


      Stand out from the crowd with this monster caseCredit: John Lewis
      • Monster pencil case, £8 from John Lewis – buy here

      Perfect for the little monster in your life! This blue pencil case is durable and waterproof, as well as stylish and bright.

      Featuring monster feet and teeth and measuring over 20 cm in length, there is plenty of room for all the essentials and more. One fan said: “Not only is it really useful but my son enjoyed it too.”

      12. Clear Pencil Case


      A clear pencil case is so easy to useCredit: Rymans
      • Clear pencil case, £1.99 from Rymans – buy here

      A product that does what it says on the tin. This Rymans is a clear, cheap and cheerful item but is a must-have if you like to see your pens with easy access. With a durable zip in three colours, these are great to bulk buy to last through the school year and beyond.

      What do you need in a pencil case?

      From the moment your little one starts school, right up to their university years, they will need a pencil case to store all their essentials.

      Pencil cases are home to many different items including pens, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, and rulers. In secondary school, they may keep correction fluid, a Pritt Stick, scissors, calculator and highlighters.

      How to organise a Smiggle pencil case

      Smiggle pencil cases are perfect for those that want to keep super organised with a place for everything. It is an easy way to keep pens, pencils, markers and crayons all together in one spot.

      Most Smiggles come with compartments to keep pens in. Some like to organise them in colour coordination, but if you don’t fancy that it is best to keep the ones you use most at the front.

      In the smaller pockets, you can keep little accessories such as rubbers or pencil sharpeners. In the large pockets, you can store notes like post-its or even glue or protractors. The beauty of a Smiggle case is that it will keep all your best school items together in one safe secure place.

      Where to buy nice pencil cases

      To buy a great pencil case there are many stores and websites to browse.

      If you are someone who likes to look at your items before buying then stores such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Selfridges, Rymans, John Lewis, Paperchase and WH smith all have a great selection in store.

      Alternatively, Amazon and eBay do a great selection that can be delivered straight to your door.

      How much do pencil cases cost?

      As with most school essentials, you can get basics that start at just £1.49, like a clear pencil case from Rymans.

      For more designer names expect to pay higher around the £20 mark for a more luxe item, particularly if they come with pens or a calculator. It seems the average price of a pencil case is between £8 – £10.

      How to clean a pencil case

      Always check the label of the pencil case before cleaning. While some may be safe to put in the washing machine to give a quick spin, most are wipe clean. Always leave to dry before putting pencils and pens back inside.

      If you’re heading off to university, read our Amazon Prime Student UK explainer.

      Enjoyed the best pencil cases? We’ve got a whole parenting section for you to browse.

      Looking for a school bag too? Check out our round-up of the best kids school bags around.


      21 DIY Pencil Case Tutorials That Are Perfect For School

      Place your pens and pencils in a custom DIY pencil case when you’re back to school. Making your own pencil case allows you to add your own style all while keeping organized.

      It doesn’t have to be a bag either, there are plenty of different shapes and sizes for pencil cases. Once you’ve chose the shape, have fun with the design and materials. Some are no-sew and some are easy-sew. Get inspired to craft some amazing containers with the ideas below.

      Here are 21 DIY Pencil Case Tutorials That Are Perfect For School

      Mail Tube Pencil Case | Damask Love

      This pencil case is no-sew and yet so modern!

      Starbucks Slime Pencil Case | Kimspired DIY

      Make a basic slime recipe and follow the DIY pencil case tutorial to have a homemade Starbucks slime pencil pouch – so cool!

      Pretty Lace Pencil Case Tutorial | Torie Jayne

      Adding a touch of lace to this pencil case is the perfect feminine touch.

      Cardboard Pencil Tube | Moms and Crafters

      Make a sturdy DIY pencil pouch that’s perfect for on-the-go – and you won’t believe what it’s made of.

      Minecraft Pencil Pouches | Atta Girl Says

      These cool DIY pencil cases, which you make using cardstock and double-stick tape, are perfect for all Minecraft lovers.

      DIY Fringe Pencil Case | Craftaholics Anonymous

      This is a fabulous no-sew pencil case with the addition of fringe.

      Heat Transfer Vinyl Pencil Pouches | Dawn Nicole Designs

      Make your own fun pencil pouches with Heat Transfer Vinyl and this free hand-lettered cut file!

      Harry Potter Pencil Pouches | Polka Dot Chair

      With back to school just around the corner, these would make a fun end of summer project. They would also be great to use as party favors for a Harry Potter themed party.

      Apple Stamped Pencil Pouches | Yesterday on Tuesday

      The kids will love making their own Apple Stamped Pencil Pouches for back to school! It’s nice to have a craft the young ones can do and get a great result.

      DIY Monogrammed Pencil Bag | Damask Love

      Personalize your pencil case with a custom monogram.

      Unicorns Are Awesome Pencil Pouch | Hello Creative Family

      Unicorns are awesome, and so is this fun pencil pouch for unicorn lovers.

      DIY Pencil Pouch | Mama Miss

      Use the items in your pencil bag to decorate your pencil bag. This design was made with sharpies.

      Glittery Arrow Pencil Pouch | Happiness is Homemade

      This customized pencil pouch is a quick and easy beginner project, and would also make a fantastic DIY gift idea!

      Crochet Pencil Pouch | Persia Lou

      This Simple Crochet Pencil Pouch Pattern is a great pattern for beginning crocheters. Make a cute little pouch to hold pencils or whatever you want!

      New Sew Colored Pencil Roll Up | Make It Love It

      You can DIY your own pencil roll-up to help keep your colored pencils (or regular pencils) organized and prevent them from damage.

      Notebook Paper Pencil Pouch | The Scrap Shoppe Blog

      Send your student back in style with a custom pencil pouch that will never get mistaken for someone else’s. It’s a lot easier to make than you might think!

      DIY Leather Pouch | Crafting in the Rain

      Make a pouch with no zipper that looks far fancier than it really is!

      Easy Zipper Pouches | Kim Six Fix

      Two easy zipper pouches that will help you get over your fear of sewing zippers. 

      Like A Boss Pencil Pouch | Hello Little Home

      School or no school – organizing pens, markers, and colored pencils can be a challenge. One of the best (and cutest) ways to corral these supplies is with a cute pouch.

      No Sew Unicorn Pouch | Dear Creatives

      This fun, and easy Unicorn Craft No Sew Unicorn Pouch DIY is one project that you will enjoy making. 

      Exposed Zipper Pouch | Lemon Thistle

      This DIY involves a bit of sewing but is SO worth it. This little pouch is made for under $5 and would make a great gift… but once you make it you won’t want to give it away,

      What is your DIY pencil case going to look like?


      17 Gorgeous DIY Notebook Covers for School

      17 Awesome First Day Of School Signs

      15 Gorgeous DIY Gifts for Your Best Friend That Anyone Can Do

      Open Wide Pencil Case – WeAllSew

      Hello Makers,

      It’s officially back-to-school season and it can be both exciting and nerve racking. With another new school year of challenges and successes ahead we want to send you off to school with a great back-to-school project! Which is why we created the Open Wide Pencil Case made with Joyful Fusions fabric made by AGF. This collection has fun fabric perfect for making trendy cute pencil bags. We love the appliqué in the front of the bag, it makes going to school more fun when you have the right accessories to store all your supplies.

      Don’t think you need to be going back to school to make one for yourself! Everyone needs a nice pencil case to store all their goodies. This project makes a super sweet and thoughtful gift as well.

      Materials to Make an Open Wide Pencil Case





      Cutting Directions

      Two (2) 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles from Fabric A (Zipper Tabs)
      Two (2) 5 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ rectangles from Fabric A, B, medium weight and lightweight woven fusible (Exterior and Interior)
      Two (2) 1 1/2″ x 20″ strips from Fabric A, B and medium weight and lightweight woven fusible (Zipper sides)
      Two (2) 1 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ strips from Fabric A, B and medium weight and lightweight woven fusible (bottom)

      One (1) 5 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ rectangle from Fabric C

      Fabrics D through H use scrap pieces of fabric that fit the pencil bag templates.

      How to Make an Open Wide Pencil Case

      Make sure to Download the TEMPLATES!

      Step 1: Fusible
      Take your exterior pieces from Fabric A and attach the lightweight fusible. Next, take your interior pieces from Fabric B and attach your medium weight fusible. Take your 1 1/2″ x 20″ strips from Fabric A and attach your light weight fusible. Attach your medium weight fusible to the 1 1/2″ x 20″ strips from Fabric B. Repeat this same process with your 1 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ bottom pieces.

      Step 2: Appliqué and Quilting

      Apply Steam-A-Seam to the back of the fabrics you will be using to cut out your templates. Trace your template onto your fabric with a fabric marking pen and cut out design. Arrange your pieces on your front pencil bag and press into place.

      Stitch your appliqué down and quilt as desired. We did some diagonal straight line stitching for some fun detail. We stitched lines in the pencil to make it come to life and added letters on the notebook using BERNINA’s letters and numbers feature. Make sure to quilt the back piece as well.

      Tip: Test out your letters on a scrap piece of fabric to measure how long the word will be and to help with placement on your project.

      Step 3: Applying the Zipper

      Take your 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles and press raw edges to the center and then fold in half and press. Encase your zipper ends and stitch as close to the edge using Zipper foot #4 to secure zipper ends.

      Place 1 1/2″ x 20″ strip from Fabric B with the right side of the fabric facing you. Place the right side of the zipper up on top of Fabric B and then place a 1 1/2″ x 20″ strip from Fabric A with right side of the fabric facing down. Sandwich the zipper between the fabrics and pin in place.

      With your zipper foot attached to your machine sew from one zipper end to the other. Open zipper half way. When you get to the zipper pull, stop sewing
      with needle in the down position and lift presser foot. Pull zipper shut and out of the way and keep sewing to the end of your zipper.

      Repeat this same process to sew the other side of your zipper. Topstitch the lining of your zipper down to make sure that the lining will not get in the way of your zipper when opening and closing your bag.

      Step 4: Sewing the Bottom Bag to the Zipper

      Pick open a few stitches to separate the ends of Fabric A and B on each side of your zipper enough to be able to sew your bottom strips at 1/4″ seam allowance. Start by attaching your bottom piece from Fabric A, making sure your sewing with fabrics right side together.

      Now that your exterior bottom piece is attached sew the ends of your interior piece to the your zipper piece using the same method you
      did to sew the exterior.

      You should get a complete circle side panel piece that is perfectly finished with the seams hiding on the inside of the piece.

      Step 5: Pencil Divider

      Fold your 5 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ rectangle from Fabric C in half  and sew 1/4″ topstitch on the folded edge. Place on one of your 5 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ interior pieces from Fabric B.

      Pin into place and draw lines 3/4″ apart with a fabric marking pen. Stitch on the lines you drew to create your pencil dividers.

      Step 6: Attaching your Exterior and Interior Pieces

      Pin your front bag to the outer zipper fabric (Fabric A) and sew all the way around. Next sew your interior in the same manner.

      Repeat this process with the other exterior piece making sure zipper is unzipped. The last piece to sew is the last interior piece.

      Make sure to leave a small unsewn portion to flip project through. Flip project through and hand stitch opening shut!

      Have fun filling  your pencil bag with all your favorite pencils and supplies.

      Happy Sewing,


      Pencil case-book with ErichKrause® filling 110x205x25mm Cool Cat

      Pencil case is not just a beautiful accessory, but also a very necessary and convenient little thing. Therefore, when it was time to choose her first pencil case for my daughter, I decided that it would be most convenient to take it right away with the filling, so that at first I didn’t even think about which pens and felt-tip pens to put there. The choice fell on a pink pencil case with the image of a white fluffy cat – ErichKrause® Cool Cat.

      Pink pencil case on one side and polka dots on the other. The pencil case was originally opened and packed in a transparent bag.There was a sticker on it containing all the necessary information. You can immediately see what is inside the pencil case. In my opinion, the manufacturer perfectly filled the pencil case: here are felt-tip pens and pens, a pencil, a sharpener and a ruler. In general, all the essentials. And there is no doubt about the quality of Erich Krause’s office.

      The pencil case is bright and beautiful. The image of the cat is clear. When folded, the pencil case takes up very little space. Therefore, you can always put it in a children’s backpack and take it with you if necessary.

      Pencil case has an extended zipper with a soft move. Therefore, it will not be difficult to close and open the pencil case. The runner is large, it is very convenient for a child.

      Pencil case made of durable 100% polyester. The pencil case is neatly executed. There was not a single thread sticking out. The seams are straight. It is tough and will not lose shape. For a gift, such a pencil case is just perfect.

      Filling 11 items:
      + Ballpoint pens, blue ink: 2 pcs .;
      + Ballpoint pen, black ink: 1 pc.;
      + HB lead pencil: 1 piece;
      + Markers: 4 colors;
      + Eraser: 1 piece;
      + Sharpener: 1 piece;
      + Plastic ruler 17 cm: 1 pc.

      The markers that were in the pencil case are thin and bright. You can use them to draw or paint pictures. Three pens, two blue and one black. My daughter draws with their help and learns to write letters. The sharpener is made of high quality plastic. We tried to sharpen different pencils, she copes perfectly well. Black lead pencil, eraser and ruler. This is something that is useful for both a younger child and a schoolchild.

      In general, we were satisfied with the pencil case and its filling. I recommend to buy.

      Author: Anastasia
      Source: IRecommend

      floor-standing and wall-mounted narrow cabinet for the room, 20, 30 and 40 cm wide, standard depth

      The rational arrangement of furniture helps to properly equip the space of any room.The bathroom usually does not have large dimensions, therefore it is important to select all the accessories as accurately as possible and place only the furniture that is really needed there. A pencil case in such a room will act as the main container of all things and objects, which will make it possible to unload the space as much as possible, having only one piece of furniture. To make this possible, it is important to be able to choose the right pencil case so that, with all its functionality, it is also a decoration for the shower room.


      Pencil cases have appeared quite a long time ago, but only now the bathroom has also become a zone of their placement. Initially, there was practically no furniture in the shower room, but only a bathtub and a washbasin. Due to the fact that the abundance of things grew from day to day, especially if many people live in the apartment, then it became necessary to equip a place to store all the contents.

      A distinctive feature of the pencil case is its shape, thanks to which it is so popular. The width of this furniture is small, so it can be easily installed even in the smallest rooms. The depth also does not differ in large dimensions, which makes it possible to quickly and with maximum convenience take everything you need from the shelf.

      Thanks to the large number of shelves in the pencil case, you can place a lot of items, clothes and much more.Its height can be very diverse, which is also convenient.

      In the bathroom, you only need to install a certain model of this product, which is made of moisture-resistant materials, otherwise, over time, the wood will begin to exfoliate and the pencil case will turn from a beautiful piece of furniture into an element of old furniture. Color solutions in this case can be very diverse, which makes it possible to create the most daring interior designs.So that the view of the room is complete and the pencil case does not stand out against the background of the rest of the furniture or the general concept of repair, it is important to choose it based on the specific characteristics.

      Appearance, design features, presence or absence of mirrors, additional pull-out shelves, metal grates – all this expands the possibilities of the bath case. Some models may even be equipped with a container for collecting dirty things, in order to avoid the need to install additional baskets for this.When choosing a pencil case, it is important to clearly understand what tasks it will perform, for what purposes it will serve and how many items will need to be placed in it, which will give an understanding of some of the external characteristics, dimensions of furniture and help with the choice of design.


      Based on the fact that the purpose of the pencil case in the bathroom is not limited to just storing clothes, manufacturers have created a variety of models that can satisfy any needs of consumers.Based on the characteristics of this type of furniture, such types of furniture are distinguished as:

      • Floor – its second name is “column”. It is used in showers with sufficiently large dimensions, but if desired and the appropriate arrangement of all interior items, it can be entered into any bathroom. The design feature consists in the presence of a large number of shelves, the contents of which are not in contact with each other, which makes it possible to place various kinds of items in a single cabinet.This type allows you to install a laundry basket, which will be sufficiently ventilated. To make the column convenient to use in a bath of any size and layout, you can vary the possibility of opening the door and the direction of its movement. For the bathroom, pencil cases with a height of more than two meters are usually not used, because it will be problematic to reach the upper shelves without additional elevation. When choosing a complete set, it is better to choose a product that will be installed on small legs, which will help to fully ventilate the space around it.
      • Wall-mounted – the shape of such a pencil case is rectangular, and the arrangement is floor-standing. Due to its small size, it takes up a very modest space in the room. Such pencil cases usually have a fairly large width and the maximum possible and convenient height in use. The standard size of the depth of such a product is a mark of 32 cm. You can choose the most diverse width – from very small to one meter, which makes a whole wardrobe out of a pencil case.
      • Corner – located in the corner of the room, not completely adjoining the walls, which allows you to ventilate the space, preventing the occurrence of mold or mildew. The triangular or trapezoidal design makes it possible to efficiently use the space in the bathroom.
      • Semi-tall cabinet is a small piece of furniture. Not every bathroom has the ability to place a full-fledged pencil case due to the presence of household appliances or pipes, but it gives a chance to install a semi-tall cabinet that will perfectly fit under a heated towel rail. You can place towels, bathrobes, things, necessary accessories in it, and the upper part of the furniture can become a place for improvised items that are necessary at the time of using the bath.
      • Hanging – used recently, but has already become an important and necessary option for bathroom furniture. Such a pencil case is attached to the wall and does not touch the floor. This hinged version makes the room visually spacious and does not interfere with full cleaning. The size of such structures rarely exceeds one and a half meters, which allows you to put everything you need in it.Hanging pencil cases will perfectly fit into the interior of both large and small bathtubs.
      • Rotating structures are variants of products in which a special mechanism is installed in the middle, with which you can rotate it around its axis, which makes it possible to use either side. In this case, the furniture is completed with different systems – on the one hand there are shelves, on the other – hooks.It is convenient to use such a pencil case in the bathroom, which has non-standard dimensions. This type of furniture will become a real highlight of any shower room.
      • Cabinet is a small floor product that can have a wide variety of appearance, which helps to create an interesting interior in the bathroom. A variety of dimensions allows you to choose a cabinet for a specific room. It can be angular and occupy one of the corners without cluttering up the space and allowing you to place a sufficiently large number of objects inside.

      Thanks to the variety of pencil cases for each room, you can choose the option that fits perfectly into existing conditions, becomes a functional addition and adds zest to the style and interior of the room.


      Due to the fact that bathroom and toilet furniture is constantly exposed to the humidity of the environment, suitable materials are needed for its manufacture. Most bathroom furniture is made of MDF and chipboard, which are additionally coated on top with waterproof varnish or paint. It is this kind of processing that helps ordinary furniture to remain beautiful in any conditions, not to crack, not to dry out and not to swell.

      Moisture-resistant panels from which the furniture is made prevent moisture from getting inside , and the doors protect the contents from water drops that may splash during bathing. If we are talking about more expensive furniture, then in this case wood is used that is resistant to moisture – teak and larch. To achieve a more attractive appearance, such products are also varnished. Cases made of natural wood are many times more expensive than those made of MDF and chipboard.

      For hinged cabinets, the front façade is often glass, which makes it impervious to moisture and aesthetically pleasing.In addition to ordinary glass, you can also use a mirror, which will make all hygiene procedures faster and more comfortable.

      In addition to the basis for the manufacture of the pencil case, it is worth paying attention to the fittings – if it is made of metal, it must be covered with an anti-corrosion material, which will ensure its long-term operation. Alternatively, you can use plastic handles and legs, although they are less attractive. The most favorable will be products made of chrome, which are both externally beautiful and are not inferior in characteristics, and in many respects even surpassing all other options.


      It is important to choose a wardrobe in a bathroom so that it can fit as many things as possible, but at the same time it takes up the minimum space. It should be quite narrow, but if necessary, all dimensions could be adjusted to the type of room. Depending on the appearance of the pencil case, whether it is low or high, and the type of its location – wall or floor, the width and depth of the product will differ.

      For the floor version, the minimum width will be up to 30 cm. This type of pencil case can fit even in the smallest space, allowing you to put everything in the room, making it stylish and functional.The smallest width is considered to be 20 cm. Most often, such pencil cases are installed in the toilet, because there is very little space there. Corner cabinets can be 25 cm wide, especially if they are hinged.

      For such structures, it is important to have small dimensions in order to avoid falling from the wall due to heavy weight.

      If the bathtub has considerable dimensions, then you can safely install a cabinet with a width of 40 cm in it, which in this case will not hide the space, but will make it possible to place additional shelves and baskets in the pencil case. If we talk about large-sized pencil cases, then the width of such products can vary from 40 cm to 60, and in some cases even up to a meter.

      The second important parameter is depth, it also plays an important role for a pencil case and determines the functionality of this furniture. The smallest indicator is considered to be 45 cm – this is the necessary space for convenient use and optimal placement of all things in the bathroom. If the area of ​​the room allows you to arrange more overall furniture in it, then a depth of 50 cm will be the most successful.Do not forget about corner floor cases, for which indicators of 45 and 50 cm will be the most successful. It is no longer advisable to do a great depth.

      If the bathroom is shared or if a large number of people live in the house and a lot of things are collected in the bathroom, then it is necessary to use the most spacious furniture, the depth of which will be 60 cm. A deep cabinet will take up a lot of space in the room, so it needs to be positioned correctly. By installing such a pencil case near household appliances of about the same size, you can hide its true size and visually expand the space. A pencil case also looks beautiful with a set of the same furniture, which can have a wide variety of configuration options in the form of a chest of drawers, a hanging shelf, a hanging sink with a cabinet and other things.

      If the bathroom is very small, the low cabinets will come in handy, the depth of which is usually minimal, but the width can be large enough to create a rectangular furniture structure.For owners of huge shower apartments, the most convenient will be a double-folding pencil case, which is almost like a wardrobe with shelves; it can be equipped with a pipe for hangers, it is possible to place the laundry basket and place everything in it in the shower room. A beautiful pencil case will become a real decoration of the bathroom, an excellent helper for any housewife and will allow you to find a place for each item in the room.


      When choosing a pencil case for a bathroom, it is important to have an idea of ​​how the room will look after renovation.The stylistic features of this furniture can be fundamental and fit into the prepared room or get out of it, without becoming a single whole. It is important to pay attention to the color of the furniture, on the surface from which it is made, to the fittings.

      A mirrored pencil case is most suitable as a wall product , which will increase the space through the presence of a facade with a mirror, at the same time hiding communications behind it. The color scheme can be very diverse.

      If the room is small, then a white glossy pencil case will look best, which will create the feeling of a large space, not cluttered with unnecessary furniture.

      If there is a desire to use colored furniture, then the design of the bathroom should be subordinated to this idea. So, if the pencil case is black or brown, then the plumbing can be done in the same color, which will create a certain harmony. The use of curtains or other decorative elements of the same color will complete the overall picture. In the case of choosing dark colors, it is important to make the rest of the interior as light as possible, add a lot of light to it, including from electric lamps.

      The color of the pencil case can be red, but it is better to complement it with accents in the color of the tile or drawing with paint on drywall.In this case, decorative elements can be curtains, a rug in the bathroom, a stand for toothbrushes and other small elements, which together create a beautiful finished image of the room. A pencil case of this color can be matte, although the gloss looks much juicier and brighter. The choice of option depends on the preferences of the owners of the premises.

      When it comes to fittings, it is important to pay attention to handles and hinges. If this is a simple metal without finishing, then it will not last long and will soon become very unattractive in appearance. It is best to use chrome parts. About awnings, it should be said that this is exactly the element on which the service life and ease of use of the product directly depend. It is best to purchase German, Swedish or Italian fittings.

      As for the legs, they can also have different designs. Chrome models will look very nice. For greater convenience, they can also have the ability to adjust the height.

      If the pencil case is made of natural wood, then the legs will be carved and made of the same type of wood.


      For the bathroom to be beautiful, it is important to correctly plan the amount of furniture and its location in the room.The convenience of using any item will depend on this. If the presence of household appliances is assumed, then the place for it must be chosen first of all in order to build the rest of the furniture plan on the basis of this. The washing machine is usually placed near pipes to minimize communications.

      Around the machine, you can place all sorts of sets of furniture or some individual elements that are needed.If only a pencil case is located in the bathroom, then its tone is selected according to the size of the room: for a small room – to match the walls, for a large one, you can choose any interesting color.

      When choosing bathroom furniture, you should only look for moisture-resistant options. It is advisable to check the quality certificates so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. If there are no documents, it is worth carefully examining the product and the quality of its staining, and if everything is done without drips, then the furniture can be taken, if there are various kinds of flaws, it is worth continuing the search.Be sure to pay attention to the fittings, the material of its manufacture and reliability.

      If the pencil case contains built-in elements, such as a laundry basket or drawers, then you need to find out what they are made of and check the smooth running of these elements. The inner content depends on what will be stored in it. If these are household chemicals and similar things, then it is better to be able to move the shelves relative to their height.If you intend to store robes in a pencil case, then it can be equipped with a bar for a hanger.

      When choosing a pencil case, it is important to buy a high-quality product that will fit in size, will not stand out from the overall concept and will allow you to use the entire volume of this furniture in a small room.

      Beautiful examples

      The combined type of pencil case allows placing both regular shelves and a tube under the robe hangers in the upper part.At the bottom there is a niche for linen, which opens very conveniently without taking up a lot of space, and between the two zones there are drawers that can easily fit the little things you need in everyday life. The room itself is made in calm colors, so the choice of a white pencil case is quite appropriate.

      A set of bathroom furniture always looks great in a given room, especially if it is successfully combined with the color of the room itself.White and pink tiled walls are complemented by the same combination of glossy furniture panels that together create a complete composition. The pencil case has an upper part with shelves, two pull-out shelves for small items and a place for linen. Nearby there is a washstand with a cabinet under it, and on top there is a mirror and a side shelf for little things like toothbrushes, razors and other little things.

      The version with a hanging shelf with a built-in sink looks very interesting. Such a piece of furniture becomes invisible in the interior with all the convenience of its use. The color of the products exactly repeats the color scheme of the walls and seems to dissolve them in space.

      With a large bathroom, you can afford a more free arrangement of furniture, especially with a non-standard room layout. The washbasin area has a common vanity unit with a washbasin, above which there is a mirror with a side shelf. This makes it possible to carry out morning and evening procedures with maximum comfort.Above the washing machine there is a hinged pencil case in which you can conveniently place everything you need for washing. The narrow space between the windows is occupied by a pencil case, which fits exactly into the space allotted for it. White furniture serves as a decoration of this interior, shading the pastel colors of the walls.

      When choosing a furniture option for your bathroom, you need to soberly assess its size and capacity, think over a design option, and only then start repair work.

      How to make a pencil case for a bathroom with your own hands, see the next video.

      90,000 14 beautiful pencil cases and pencil cases with your own hands :: Infoniak Helpful Hints

      Using various materials at hand and new ideas, you can create a large number of different cases for pencils, markers, pens and other stationery.

      Here you will find the most interesting pencil cases that you can take with you to school, on the road or use at home, where pencils will be neatly folded in one place.

      Pencil case, plastic container

      You will need:

      – a suitable container with a lid (it can be either a food container, or a container for juice / water or liquid soap)

      – PVA glue

      – brush

      – decorative paper (or heavy colored / wrapping paper).

      1. Cut the required piece of colored paper.

      2. Apply PVA glue to the container with a brush.

      3. Glue a piece of colored paper and, until the glue dries, straighten it so that everything is level.

      The pencil case is ready, but you can decorate it with glitter, stickers and other details.

      See also: How to make a pencil case with your own hands

      How to make felt pencil case for school

      You will need:

      – a piece of felt of the desired size (its width should be greater than the length of the pencil)

      – stationery knife

      – pen or marker

      – ruler

      – lace.

      Photo instruction:

      Video instruction:

      Beautiful DIY pencil case

      You will need:

      – colored tape or several washi tapes

      – scissors or clerical knife

      – any case or container in which pencils are placed (a bag with a zipper, a case for swimming goggles or glasses).

      You can decorate any container or bag with a variety of rolls of colored tape and scissors.

      Use your imagination to create a beautiful pattern.

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      How to make a leather pencil case with your own hands

      You will need:

      – a piece of genuine leather large enough to fit a few pencils or pens

      * If you do not have natural leather, you can use artificial leather, heavy felt, or any other suitable material.

      – awl or hole punch

      – lace

      – scissors

      – ruler

      – marker.

      1. Make the necessary markings and cut the desired piece out of the leather.

      2. Make holes with a hole punch or awl as shown in the image.

      3. Insert a string into the holes and tie a knot.

      Read also: DIY phone and laptop case

      DIY fabric pencil case: pocket

      You will need:

      – a notebook with a dense cover

      – pocket from an old shirt or T-shirt

      – thread and needle

      – button

      – PVA glue

      – scissors.

      1. Cut a pocket from an old shirt or T-shirt. You only need the top of the pocket.

      2. Trim the corners as shown in the image.

      3. You can use red thread to decorate the pocket.

      4. Sew a button to your pocket.

      5. Fold the pocket – the left and right sides need to be bent, as shown in the image – and connect the bent parts with a thread and a needle.However, if you want to keep the width of the pocket, then this step can be skipped.

      6. Sew the pocket to the notebook. You can use PVA glue to keep the pocket in place.

      How to make a pencil case with your own hands, which does not need to be sewn and sewn on

      You will need:

      – sheet foam (porous elastic) – in this example, 2 sheets of 12 x 17 cm and 7 x 17 cm were used, respectively

      – colored tape (colored adhesive tape)

      – Velcro

      – hole punch or clerical knife

      – tape (braid).

      1. Spread several sheets of foam rubber (foam sheet) on the table. The large sheet will fold over the top of the small sheet.

      2. Use colored duct tape to secure the ends of the sheets. Cut off the excess.

      3. With a hole punch or utility knife, punch a few holes in the top of the large sheet (which you folded) and thread the tape through the holes.

      4. Attach Velcro – you can use PVA glue, superglue or double-sided tape.

      DVD pencil case

      You will need:

      – DVD case

      – cardboard (thicker or regular)

      – scissors or clerical knife

      – PVA glue

      – Super glue

      – the cloth

      – a special rug or board on which you can cut without damaging the table or other surface.

      1. First you need to cut off the part of the case that holds the disc. To do this, you need to open the case and put it on a special rug or board. Use a utility knife to cut out the circle.

      2. Cut a rectangle out of thick cardboard that will fit inside the case.

      3. Take the fabric, cut the desired piece to wrap the cardboard with it. Use glue to secure the fabric to a piece of cardboard.

      4. Cut another piece of fabric (preferably thick) to make a pocket for your pencils. Measure so that the fabric can be folded in half and is at least as high as the cardboard.

      You can iron the fabric folded for a pocket.

      5. Place the wrapped cardboard on the table, pattern side up, place some pencils on top of it, and put the fabric for the pocket on top.

      Wrap a pocket cloth around the pencils and secure the ends behind the cardboard with glue. You can also use duct tape.

      6. Glue the cardboard with the pocket to the case as shown in the image.

      7. You can print a colored case cover so that you can insert it to cover the hole in the case.

      You can also create multiple compartments in the pencil case by sewing the pocket fabric.

      Case for pens and pencils made of zippers (photo instruction)

      How to sew a durable DIY pencil case

      You will need:

      – durable material (in this example it is Tyvek – the trade name of a material that was developed by DuPont (DuPont)

      – wide elastic band

      – ribbon

      – scissors

      – adhesive tape

      – a sewing machine or a needle and thread.

      1. Cut the fabric to obtain the following dimensions 80 cm x 60 cm. Fold the resulting piece in half. Mark the middle (lengthwise) and use a few pins to attach the elastic to the fabric. In this case, you do not need to touch the other half of the material with pins.

      2. Fold back the second (folded) half. Sew the elastic to the fabric. The width between the lines is about 1.5 cm. Place the pencils / markers in the case.

      3.Sew on the ribbon so you can tie the cover (see image).

      Now you can wrap the compact case and take it with you wherever you go.

      DIY pencil case, patterns (video)

      DIY pencil case (video)

      Cases and covers for pencils, markers and pens (photo)

      How to sew a pencil case for school with your own hands: a pattern for a pencil case

      It is impossible for a modern schoolchild to do without a pencil case. In it, the stationery will always be in order. And to a student of elementary grades, a pencil case made by the mother’s hands will always remind of her when he is in class. There is a large selection of school supplies in stationery stores, but they are not cheap and are not always made with high quality. This article will look at how to sew a pencil case for school with your own hands and what a pencil case pattern for sewing on your own looks like.

      Ideas for school pencil cases

      Sewing such a product does not have to start with complex models.It will be quite enough to make a simple bag – a case with a drawstring. Doing such work will not take much time, but the pencil case will be quite high quality and convenient to use. Also, it can be decorated with braid, rhinestones and beads, with the help of which the organizer will become more colorful and attractive.

      Flat products made of felt

      Another uncomplicated model – a cover with one division with a zipper. In the course of work, the product can be divided into several sections, one of which will be closed with a zipper.

      The process of making a pencil case from a bottle

      To make and add jewelry you will need:

      • Decorative tape;
      • Scissors;
      • Container for the office.

      Important! With the help of decorative tape of various colors and patterns, you can quickly and differently decorate the organizer, using only your imagination, so that the child will happily carry it to school.

      Minimalist products from a bottle

      Pencil case from a cardboard cylinder and fabric

      To make a homemade product from a cardboard cylinder and fabric you will need:

      • A small piece of fabric;
      • Zipper lock;
      • Scissors;
      • Plain pencil;
      • Sewing thread and needle;
      • Stationery knife;
      • Cardboard cylinder.
      Product in the shape of a cat

      How to sew a pencil case made of fabric in the shape of a cat?

      Bright and interesting stationery is very pleasing and motivates schoolchildren to study. Children will be happy and interested in doing cool and extra-curricular work, using the product for pens and pencils in the form of a cat. Such a product can be built following the scheme:

      1. Before starting work, make blanks from paper;
      2. Next, according to the finished blanks, cut out patterns from the fabric, leaving a small distance on the sides on them and sew them together;
      3. Sew a zipper between the parts – and you can consider that the work is completed.
      School pencil case pattern

      DIY felt school pencil case for boys

      Convenient and soft organizer for boys can be made of felt. To make such a product with your own hands, you need:

      1. Cut out a rectangular blank from a piece of material, lay out the markers and apply glue between them at a distance of three centimeters from each other;
      2. Next, the lower part of the fabric should be tucked, thereby gluing it between the markers, after which they must be taken out and applied with strips of glue for the ribbons;
      3. After gluing the tape, cut off the remaining fabric;
      4. Then you need to turn the pencil case over and apply glue for the tape, which will wrap the product and glue it;
      5. All that remains is to wrap the product in a tube along with markers and complete the decoration that the boy will like.
      Pencil case-organizer for artist’s brushes

      From old jeans

      The denim organizer can be sewn with your own hands without spending a dime on the material. Jeans or a skirt, ruined by time, are perfect for making a school product. The denim should be washed and ironed beforehand. After these steps, it will be much easier to cut and sew the product.

      Homemade colorful product for school

      Important! For the product to keep its shape well, it can be filled with padding polyester or holofiber.

      Leather pencil case “Funny face”

      Children who study in primary school will find it interesting to put pencils and pens in the organizer, which is made in the form of a funny face. The base consists of two ovals, one of which below the middle has a long and narrow opening in the form of a mouth, which is fastened with a zipper. After that, it remains only to sew on the eyes, ears, as well as the cheeks and the product can be considered ready.

      Homemade cover from old denim pants

      Bulky pencil case made of fabric and felt without sewing

      Felt is a soft and fluffy fabric that will look nice on a pencil case.It is quite simple to make a pencil case from such a fabric without stitching anything. You will need a piece of fabric 25 by 30 centimeters and a zipper no shorter than 25 centimeters. You can glue all this with an ordinary glue gun.

      The assembly of the pencil case is as follows:

      1. Position the zipper with the dog facing up and the fabric with the wrong side facing you;
      2. Apply adhesive closer to the far edge of the zipper;
      3. Place the fabric with the side of 25 centimeters on the glue and press down;
      4. Wait until the glue is dry;
      5. Apply glue to the area of ​​the glued fabric on top and turn it over, pressing;
      6. Wait until the glue dries;
      7. Glue the other edge to the free area of ​​the zipper, forming a cylinder;
      8. Select the style of the pencil case, since further actions depend on it (flat square, cylindrical, etc. )etc .;
      9. Cut off unnecessary pieces of the zipper;
      10. Unscrew the workpiece and glue the sides. Wait until the glue hardens;
      11. Unscrew the workpiece again. The pencil case is ready.
      Beautiful product in the shape of a fish

      Important! This method is remarkable in that it does not require any additional tools other than glue and scissors to cut a piece of fabric.

      How to crochet and knit a pencil case for school

      It’s easy enough to tie a school pencil case.Even a novice needlewoman, who has never had experience with such products, but has already practiced sewing and knitting, can cope with this. For this you need:

      1. Cast on the chain of loops, which are enough for the length of the desired pencil case;
      2. Next, you need to tie the rectangle with single crochet columns to double the height of the pencil case;
      3. Then you should fold it in half and sew the side sections, forming a cylindrical shape;
      4. A zipper should be sewn into the upper open part.
      5. You can decorate the pencil case with various animals cut from fabric or any other elements such as beads, buttons or beads.
      The process of creating a cylinder using threads or glue

      It was considered how to make a pencil case with your own hands, patterning a product from different types of materials. If you wish, you can find many master classes on the Internet from various artists, designers and just amateurs. One of them will definitely like it and will be a great gift for your child.


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