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The Best Pencil Cases | JetPens
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In the wonderful world of pens and pencils, pencil cases don’t get the attention they deserve. They are the ones who bring order to your stationery collection while keeping them safe and out-of-the box new. Whether you’re a student, artist, working professional, or just need an all-around stellar pencil case, watch our videos or keep reading to see our recommendations.

Top Recommendations

This pen case is incredibly versatile—it has five main compartments of various sizes and the ability to carry 17-24 pens. It’s shaped like a medium-sized book and fits nicely into any backpack or bag. The nylon fabric is easy to clean, and there are compartments for erasers, calculators, and pocket notebooks. If you love office supplies but hate sorting through clutter, we highly recommend this pencil case.

This pencil case can accommodate a large capacity of pens.

Our other top choice is the lightweight and durable PE-09 Pencil Case. This pen case known for having a spacious main compartment that can hold a lot of writing utensils. Additionally, there is a small mesh pocket for items that tend to get buried, such as erasers or small sticky notes. The case also has a velcro flap with an outer zippered pocket to store frequently-used items. It also includes five mesh pockets underneath the flap for even more storage! If you’re looking for something similar, the PE-07 and PE-17 have a comparable layout. The main compartment is divided into two sections by a zippered mesh pocket, providing better organization and accessibility while still being able to hold a large amount of pens.

Top Recommendations By Application

The Best Artist Pencil Cases

This roll-up case protects your tools and allows for easy access to your items.

Global Art Pencil Roll Up Case

Artists usually carry their tools with them wherever they go—who knows when inspiration may strike after all? This pencil roll-up case holds up to 36 pencils, giving artists ample space for their colorful tools. The sturdy canvas material protects the contents inside and the roll-up design is conveniently compact, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Global Art also makes a flat canvas case that holds up to 120 pencils, if you need something for your whole collection!

The Best Craft Cases

Kokuyo Shellbro Pen Case

Crafters often have a variety of tools in their arsenal, so we recommend pencil cases with wide openings that stay open on their own like the Shellbro. This pen case has a spacious interior that can hold everything from scissors to washi tape. It’s compact when zipped, so crafters can take their favorite supplies with them wherever they go.

Raymay Clam Pen Case

The Raymay Clam Pen Case also has a roomy interior with a large opening. Unlike the zippered Shellbro, it has a magnetic closure. This makes it even easier to access all of your craft supplies. It’s available in four pleasant colors that will blend seamlessly into any craft room.

The Best Minimalist Pencil Cases

This pen case attaches to a notebook using a magnetic flap.

King Jim Pensam Pen Case No. 2000

For those who don’t like lugging around a ton of pens, we recommend these convenient pen cases. They feature a magnetic flap that attaches to a notebook, binder, or planner so that your pens will always be on hand. You can swap the cases between notebooks with ease as their minimalist and sleek design fits in seamlessly with any style.

Point Pen Holder

The Point Pen Holder is handy for carrying your three everyday essential writing tools in a convenient and hassle-free way: just place them in the three slots of this portable pen case and you’re ready to go! It can be stored in a bag, a bag organizer, and even a shirt pocket. The case is made from PVC, which is easy to clean and is highly durable. This makes your biggest challenge deciding which writing utensils you want to have on hand!

The Best Office Pencil Cases


The sophisticated look of the TRAVELER’S COMPANY BRASS Pen Case is excellent for working professionals. The pen case has a nice weight, and the brass material has a lovely sheen. The lid comes off completely and snaps securely closed. It gives a luxurious touch to your office desk while storing and protecting your pens. It’s also convenient to carry around as its slim shape fits into any laptop or business case comfortably.

This case features a pen roll as well as a pocket for storage.

Pilot Ballistic Zest Pen Case

Keep it classy with the Pilot Ballistic Zest Pen Case, which features a pen roll that can store five writing instruments. The pen roll is secured with a snap fastener, and a protective flap keeps the pens from scratching each other when they are rolled up. The outer zippered pocket provides additional space for other pens or items such as USB flash drives, erasers, or small sticky notes. It is available in black and navy, which are appropriate in any office setting.

The Best Pencil Cases for School

The compartments in this pen case keep items organized for students.

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Double Pen Case

This pen case can hold pretty much everything a student needs. With two types of storage in one case, you can store larger items in the open pouch and use the organizer side for pens and pencils. The pen organizer side also lies flat when open—this makes the pencil case easy to use and navigate.

Raymay Topliner Pen Case

This Raymay pen case is another option for students who need a storage solution that can fit Blackwing pencils, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, or other extra-long writing instruments. It lies flat so you have easy access to all of your items. The case includes a mesh pocket for holding smaller items such as pencil leads or erasers. It also includes a Velcro flap that has elastic loops for holding pens or pencils. The flap can be removed or flipped to reveal storage underneath for more items. The case also has a handle, making it easy for students to pull it out of a backpack or carry on its own. The Topliner also comes in a BIG size which can carry twice as many pens!

The Best Tech Pencil Cases

This pen case doubles as a pen and phone stand when unzipped.

Sonic Sma Sta Standing Pen Case

This innovative pen case transforms into both a pen and phone stand! Once you unzip it and fold back the top, magnets keep it folded back to create a sturdy base. The front part of the case is a nice space to vertically place your smartphone for easy access, and you’re still able to see the contents of your pen case.

Sun-Star SmaPop Phone Holder Pen Case

The SmaPop is another pen case that doubles as a phone holder! The built-in groove on the case allows your phone to rest horizontally. It can hold phones vertically as well, but it’s not as secure when oriented that way. We’re smitten with the fun, pastel colors and the tray style is great for easy access to your headphones, flash drives and other accessories.

The Best Travel Pencil Cases

Velcro patches allow this pen case to transform into a pouch.

Penco CarryTite Case

Our pick for travelers is this basic-looking case that is actually not that basic. Its design features a “dual action flap” with Velcro patches, which allows it to transform into a larger pouch when needing more storage. When you don’t need the extra space you can fold the flap over and the case becomes the size of a typical pencil case. The placement of the Velcro patches keeps your items secure either in its pencil case or pouch form. We love the versatility of this case to go from compact to large, depending on what a traveler needs, and that it’s made of water-resistant tarpaulin to protect your supplies from the elements.

Kokuyo NeoCritz Worxus Pencil Case

The Kokuyo NeoCritz Worxus Pencil Case is a combination pen stand, pouch, and tray. In addition to its spacious main compartment, it includes a pen loop, a zippered pocket for holding smaller items such as paper clips or pencil leads, and three open pockets for other supplies such as sticky notes or correction tape. When unzipped, the top section can be folded over for easier access to your supplies. This case is a great companion for travelers, providing the convenience of a pen stand and tray whether you’re out and about or at home.

Top Recommendations By Type

The Best Cute Pencil Cases

The Sun-Star Delde pouch transforms from cute pen pouch to cute pen stand.

Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch

This charming standing pen pouch comes in a variety of adorable patterns and colors. Not only does it look cute, it has plenty of space for your writing instruments, cosmetics, or other trinkets. To transform it to a pen holder, simply open the zipper and pull down on the two side tabs—now you have an equally stylish pen “cup” to put on your desk!

Blue Q Pencil Case

Known for their fun, offbeat sense of humor, Blue Q pencil cases add a dose of cheekiness to your everyday carry. Their simple, one-pocket design is great for carrying items like cosmetics or tech accessories in addition to your writing utensils. These plastic pencil cases are made of 95% post-consumer recycled material. They’re easy to clean and quite durable as well. Blue Q’s product line includes other sizes with similar designs, so you can mix and match these quirky pouches!

The Best Extra Long Pencil Cases

Sun-Star Guardian Pen Case

If you need a pencil case that can not only fit Tombow Dual Brush Pens but also can withstand drops from up to two meters in height, the Sun-Star Guardian Pen Case has you covered! Its durable shell is made from the same material that is often used in travel suitcases, so you can be sure your pens and pencils are protected. The case is double-zippered, lays flat when open, and also features a mesh pocket which can hold small items such as erasers, slim rolls of washi tape, and 15 cm rulers.

Dedicated slots in this case will safeguard pencil points.

Sun-Star Arm Pencil Case

This plastic pencil case isn’t just a ‘90s throwback—it also fits extra long pencils and pens. Made of polycarbonate plastic, the case is incredibly durable and made to last a long time. The top tray contains five pencil slots and lifts to reveal an additional space for storing other accessories.

The Best Large Pencil Cases

This pencil case has several compartments for storing items of various sizes.

Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Pencil Case

What can’t you carry in the Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Multi Box? This pencil case, which is available in medium and large, has several compartments of varying sizes for you to store not only pens and pencils, but also sticky notes, pencil leads, chapstick, and other small items. When you lift up the velcroed flap on the front of the case, there’s an additional compartment with elastic loops to help keep items secure. The large size is wider and can accommodate items such as the Mini B6 Slim Kokuyo Jibun Techo. Both sizes include a handle, and the large size features D-rings on the sides to which you can attach a strap, such as the Lihit Lab Smart Fit Shoulder Belt, if you’d like to keep your hands free.

Two types of storage in this pen case provide lots of space for your supplies.

Cubix Round Zip Box Pen Cases

The Cubix Round Zip Box is another high-capacity pencil case with several different compartments and pockets for you to stash items away. With a capacity of 50 pens, this case combines two types of storage into one case—the first is a pen organizer with elastic straps and mesh pockets that lies flat when opened and the second is a large central pouch for storing larger items.

The Best Standing Pencil Cases

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case

This fun, telescoping case transforms into a pen cup for your desk—just don’t point it at your face while you do it. Simply press down on the pen case to pop up the bottom of the case. This lifts the inside contents for easier access to your pens and pencils. When it’s time to take the case with you, just pull out the bottom and zip the lid closed. Lihit Lab also makes the Smart Fit PuniLabo Stand Pen Case, which features the same design as the Actact pen cases but in cute animal designs!

This pen pouch becomes a stand when zippered inside out.

Lihit Lab Hinemo Stand Pen Pouch

The Lihit Lab Hinemo Stand Pen Pouch is a pencil case that transforms into a stand! It lies flat when open and becomes a pen stand when the two halves of the case are folded back and zippered inside out. This makes it perfect for those times when you’re out and about or if you just need a little more desk space at home. You can have all your tools in one place in an easy-to-see-and-grab format in either configuration as a flat case or pen stand. There are two large compartments, which can hold Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and three small compartments, which can hold pencil leads, erasers, and small sticky notes.

The Best Tray Pencil Cases

Kamio Japan Paco-Tray Pen Case

Our favorite tray style pen case at the moment has to be the Kamio Japan Paco-Tray. Unlike most other tray cases that only have one large compartment, this one opens up to reveal three! It’s perfect for organizing your pens, pencils, and accessories. Magnets keep it open so you don’t have to fuss with it as you work.

This pencil case becomes a compact, one-compartment tray.

Kokuyo C2 Tray Type Pencil Case

This two-tone nylon case has a box shape that, once unzipped, turns into a standard one-compartment tray. Not all of the items inside will be immediately visible, particularly if the case is full, but things are certainly much easier to find. In the absence of a bag, you can also dangle the case comfortably from the button strap.

Different Types of Pencil Cases

Different Pencil Case Materials

Hard cases carry pros and cons for storing writing tools.

Hard Cases

Hard cases made of metal or plastic are protective in some ways, and damaging in others. For an example, throwing a hard case in your backpack with a laptop could result in scratches not only to the laptop, but to the pen bodies inside (particularly if they’re nice fountain pens). At the same time, hard cases display their contents quite well when left on a table or bookshelf.

Protective Cases

Protective cases made from leather, canvas, silicone, polyneoprene, and nylon are relatively soft, and won’t scratch the pens and pencils within. They tend to be flexible, can stretch if needed, and are usually easy to clean. Students, artists, travelers, and anyone that puts their tools through a beating will probably want a protective case. Nylon is especially tough and portable.

Soft Cases

Soft cases of cloth are lightweight and comforting, with an appeal that some of the more utilitarian cases lack. However, cloth is more easily stained and torn than materials like nylon, so be prepared to take good care of your pencil case.

Wrapping Up

Portable, convenient, and even fun, a good pencil case is a must-have for any stationery junkie. What kind of pencil case do you prefer? Tell us what essentials you carry around with you in the comments below!

Functional mechanical pencil case In Attractive Designs

Whether for school, college or portability, find the perfect. mechanical pencil case for your needs on These items are great for storing all sorts of stationery and other essentials, especially art supplies. The. mechanical pencil case are available in various sizes and designs. These. mechanical pencil case are available in fabrics as well as plastic and metal depending on the desired look and functionality. 

mechanical pencil case on are available in a variety of designs that include box shapes that open up into tiers, pouches, and plastic rectangles. These. mechanical pencil case may be sealed with zips, buttons, or locks. The. mechanical pencil case on the site are available in various subtle as well as bright colors. These often have printed designs in geometrics or florals. The. mechanical pencil case may also have slogans or cartoon characters to appeal to the younger generation. 

mechanical pencil case on the site are offered with various functionalities. Some of these contain in-built divisions that help to organize one’s different supplies. Others come with built-in sharpeners and whiteboards for added efficiency. The. mechanical pencil case are also available in shapes of various animals, characters, and so on. These. mechanical pencil case are easy to maintain and clean periodically without much hassle. They are durable and do not break easily. 

Choose from the large collections of. mechanical pencil case on and select the most attractive ones. These are great for. mechanical pencil case suppliers looking to purchase in large quantities for future sale. These beautiful items are also incredibly functional and are likely to impress at their budget-friendly prices.

Pencil cases to keep your writing tools organized

Color-coded notes are more fun. Reading with a highlighter in hand makes the content easier to follow (even if what you choose to highlight is random). It’s easy to get carried away with writing utensils, metallic ink markers, sharpies, mechanical pencils, two-sided felt tip artist pens, and more. But if you don’t want them all over your desk—after all, their whole point is to help you stay organized—then a pencil case is a good idea. Here are some top choices that range from storing 10 pens to 50.

Organize them in a book. Amazon


This pencil case is ideal for artists, designers, and anyone who is hyper-organized. Every pencil has its own slot and the case comes in various sizes to fit 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 pencils. The Speedball pencil case is made from leather, and the three-sized zip closure allows it open like a book, so when you’re sketching or drawing you’ll clearly see each color side by size.

This felt pouch is soft, lightweight, and spacious enough to store a few more items besides pens and pencils—highlighters, a portable stapler, headphones, and even a very small A6 notebook. It contains one zipper opening with two different compartments, so you can keep your writing utensils on one side and a charger or toiletries on the other. It comes in two sizes and four color combinations.

It stores up to 50 utensils. Amazon


This triangle-shaped pen and pencil case is made for stationery lovers. It has multiple compartments for every type of marker, highlighter, and sharpie, and can hold up to 50 writing utensils. The three-sided zipper has a flap to store your favorite writing utensils so they are easily accessible. It also comes with a side pocket for papers and important documents, and despite the many compartments, it’s still compact and easy to carry.

UMSU | Pencil Case

Illustration by Tegan Iversen

This month will be dedicated to addressing a dispute which has long divided stationery enthusiasts; the traditional pencil versus the mechanical pencil. It may not seem like a big deal, but the choice between a wooden lead pencil or a plastic contraption with lead refills is a polarising one. Stationery enthusiasts are forced to peruse different aisles and there is an ocean of difference in between. So what are the pros and cons of each?

The traditional wooden pencil is an old classic and the chosen tool of artists, mathematicians and various notable figures. For instance, Michelangelo, Karl Marx, Virginia Woolf, Beyoncé and Glyn Davis have (probably) all used a traditional pencil at some point in their life. The sharp, 2B, yellow writing implement with a pink eraser is an academic cultural icon.

There is nothing prestigious about a tube of plastic.

Putting a wooden pencil into any bag or pencil case inevitably leaves everything you own coated in greyish graphite. Plus, sharpening is messy. The retractable lead of the mechanical pencil is a clear winner here.

The wooden pencil starts off deliciously sharp but the precise point only lasts a few strokes before the downward spiral into a blunt nub begins. Contrastingly, the point and precision of the mechanical pencil is maintained with a single click. But the danger here is running out of lead. Forget backup and you’ll literally be unable to write. While a blunt pencil may leave you with the stubby handwriting of a five year old, at least you’ll be able to finish that question on your exam.

Mechanical pencils can be refilled and reused. However, they are typically made of plastic and will exist far longer than any academic career. The wooden pencil doesn’t last long but shavings can be used in compost to reduce waste.

Mechanical pencils are superior when it comes to variety of design. Ranging from the plain and conservative in primary colours to the ridiculously patterned and glittery with little charms dangling off the end, there is the perfect style for everyone. But the charm of a cup of yellow pencils, perfectly sharpened and at uniform height cannot be denied.

The contents of my Pencil Case…. – William Hannah Limited

Back when I was at school, pencil cases were for girls or swots, and boys made do with their blazer pockets. It was the early 80’s, and things were different back then…

Now, here we are *cough* years later, and I carry my pencil case everywhere with me now, because I never know when the urge to write will grab me, and when that happens, I would hate to have to use the wrong pen.

I know I’m not alone, especially in the stationery community, and in the interests of transparency, here’s my everyday pencil case carry.

Let’s start with my trusty TWSBIs – both are the Diamond 580 Clear model, one with a Fine nib, loaded with Diamine Onyx Black ink, and the other is a wider 1.1mm nib, loaded with my own mix of Diamine Red Dragon and Diamine Ox Blood inks. I love my TWSBIs, and I have written over 75,000 words with the Fine nib version.

Next are my pencils (and my eraser) – all of which are Stabilo Exam Grade. They are a relatively cheap pencil, but they are really hard working, and I find them great for drawing. I’m not sure if there is some mystery chemistry going on, but the Stabilo eraser is simply amazing at removing all trace of my pencil lines and drafts too.

I carry a Stainless Steel Parker Sonnet ballpoint. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of ballpoints or that particular pen, but sometimes you simply have to use a ballpoint, so that’s mine.

For some reason I carry a Rotring 600 mechanical pencil – although I rarely use it – it’s probably design related because I think it is a work of engineering excellence.

Because there are always times when we need to make a statement, I carry a couple of red fibre-tipped pens. The Staedler fineliner is mostly for financial stuff, and then the Sharpie gets used when I really want someone to notice what I have written.

The Maped compass isn’t used for poking people like they were back in my school days – I occasionally need it for circular drawing in my daily posts. It’s not brilliant, but it does the job, and can hold a variety of pens and pencils pretty firmly.

I’m not all analogue, so I always have a Kingston flash drive on hand, and the calculator-looking device is used for my on-line banking, although I increasingly use my phone for that stuff these days.

I bought the Hi Line ruler because it has a specially shaped edge that makes it useful for tearing paper, and which doubles as a great edge for drawing straight lines with ink.

Finally, I carry one of our notebook rings as a sort of good luck charm (and because I love the way they look and feel).

Of course, I should introduce the pencil case itself – it was a gift from my wife and and she found it on Etsy I believe – it is incredibly hard-working and I love it.

So there you go, that’s the contents of my pencil case; now if I could just fit it in my blazer pocket…..

The Best Mechanical Pencils For Everyday Writing in 2021

Whether you’re in school, working in an office, like to do DIY projects around the house, or create art in your spare time, having a mechanical pencil can make just about any job easier. Whether you splurge on one high-end mechanical pencil or purchase a box with multiple pencils, these writing tools can be useful in a ‘handful’ of situations. And depending on the cushioned grip of your pencil, that hand will be well-rested.

Often thought of only as a writing instrument that’s used in academic settings, mechanical pencils have a place beyond the classroom. Artists who sketch like to use mechanical pencils because they don’t require frequent sharpening like traditional pencils. Professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, draftsmen and more prefer using mechanical pencils because of their long-lasting ability. Even if your job only requires you to occasionally take notes, many people prefer the feel and look of writing with a mechanical pencil.

For those who are preparing to take on DIY jobs around the house, mechanical pencils are ideal for marking measurements, with amateur carpenters able to quickly make notes without having to worry about their traditional pencil breaking in their toolbox or requiring sharpening at an inopportune time, like when you’ve finally found the perfect spot to hang your new picture.

Of course, mechanical pencils are a great option for students as well, whether they need a writing instrument that can be erased while working on STEM subjects or want to be able to make notes in the margins of essays, textbooks and class notes with the ability to erase them at a later date.

So, which mechanical pencil is ‘write’ for you? We’ve got some great options to choose from.


1. Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Pencils


In addition to making inexpensive pens and pencils for everyday use, Pentel also offers some premium options for the professional or the dedicated amateur artist. The Graph Gear 1000 has a knurled metal grip with rubber inlays that make for a comfortable yet secure writing experience, and the attractive look of this metal pencil means it’s one you won’t want to lose. The tip is retractable for easier storage.

Image Courtesy of Pentel


2. rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil


If you’re looking for a premium writing or drawing experience and you know you won’t lose your pencil, then consider the rOtring 600. It’s more affordable than the 800, but it still has a high-quality metal build with a secure knurled grip. It’s available in black or silver and in 0.5 or 0.7 sizes.

Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga


The Uni Mechanical Pencil attracts the kind of technical admiration typically reserved for wristwatches. What sets this pencil apart is the rotating mechanism. As you lift the pencil, the lead rotates. This makes for more uniform wearing down of the tip and a sharper tip throughout. Plus, the guide pipe helps protect the lead, reducing breakages and messy results.

Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. Pentel Sharp Mechanical Drafting #2 Pencil


This model is Pentel’s best-selling mechanical pencil, and it’s not hard to see why it’s a crowd-pleaser. The pencil has a more substantial heft than some disposable-feeling mechanical pencils, without the high cost or weight of a metal mechanical pencil. The textured grip makes it more comfortable to hold, and it’s a good option to use with rulers and other guides for more detailed work. This is the 0.5mm option.

Image Courtesy of Target


5. Faber-Castell Tk 9400 Clutch Drawing Pencils


If you’re looking for an option for technical drawing or sketching, the Faber-Castell Tk 9400 not only works well, but looks good doing it. It accommodates 2mm leads, and it works with different hardness levels. The ribbed top makes it comfortable to hold.

Image Courtesy of Faber-Castell


6. Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil


Designed with a comfort, extra-soft latex free grip that makes writing all day easy on your hand, the Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil comes with a number of features, including an extra-large eraser (two bonus refills included), a well-balanced barrel and the option of selecting 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm lead sizes. The 12 pencils included in each box come preloaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead, which writes dark and doesn’t smudge.

Image Courtesy of Amazon


7. Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils


Each box of the Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils includes 36 #2 lead mechanical pencils. The pencils include a shock absorbing tip that reduces lead breakage and a smooth twist design that allows for more lead to be released. The pink eraser makes mistakes easy to forget and do-overs easy to make happen, and the sleek design makes them easy to pack in large quantities without taking up too much space in your backpack or satchel.

Image Courtesy of Amazon


8. Papermate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil


This mechanical pencil from Papermate creates clear, precise lines every time with a thick, ergonomic barrel and a side lead advance for easy dispensing. The soft grip adds to the comfort and ease of using this pencil, and it has a jumbo twist-up eraser that makes correcting mistakes easy. This pack comes with four pencils so you’ll have plenty to switch between, and the design is ideal for everyone from students to artists and designers.

Image Courtesy of Amazon


1. Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil

Designed with a comfort, extra-soft latex free grip that makes writing all day easy on your hand, the Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil comes with a number of features, including an extra-large eraser (two bonus refills included), a well-balanced barrel and the option of selecting 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm lead sizes. The 12 pencils included in each box come preloaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead, which writes dark and doesn’t smudge.

Pros: Well-balanced barrel, good weight, extra large eraser and comes pre-loaded with lead so it’s ready to use.

Cons: The cap occasionally comes loose and the lead may fall out.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils

Each box of the Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils includes 36 #2 lead mechanical pencils. The pencils include a shock absorbing tip that reduces lead breakage and a smooth twist design that allows for more lead to be released. The pink eraser makes mistakes easy to forget and do-overs easy to make happen, and the sleek design makes them easy to pack in large quantities without taking up too much space in your backpack or satchel.

Pros: Shock-absorbing tip, twistable tip makes it easy to release more lead, reliable eraser, perfect for standardized tests.

Cons: Occasionally the lead can get jammed in the protective tip.



3. MozArt Supplies Mechanical Pencil With Case

This mechanical pencil from MozArt Supplies has a compact, lightweight design that’s non-slip and ergonomic. It comes in an elegant, clear case so you can bring your supplies anywhere you go and the pencils are made to be comfortable during long writing and drawing sessions. The pencil is designed with consistent lead thickness so your drawing or writing will come out smoothly, and the refills fit into the case so you’ll never run out of the lead you need.

Pros: Ergonomic barrel design, plenty of refills, clear case so transport is easy.

Cons: Pencils do not have a built-in eraser.

Courtesy of Amazon

4. Papermate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

This mechanical pencil from Papermate creates clear, precise lines every time with a thick, ergonomic barrel and a side lead advance for easy dispensing. The soft grip adds to the comfort and ease of using this pencil, and it has a jumbo twist-up eraser that makes correcting mistakes easy. This pack comes with four pencils so you’ll have plenty to switch between, and the design is ideal for everyone from students to artists and designers.

Pros: Thick barrel design that’s comfortable to hold, side lead advance makes dispensing easy, soft grip, jumbo eraser.

Cons: Takes 0.7mm lead, slightly larger than other pencils.



Mechanical lock pencil case cat pencil case school Kawaii pencil cases newmebox pencil case with calculator pencil case school for girls pencil case school pencil case for boys pencil cases for school pencil case with calculator pencil case school |

Product picture

The electronic clock on the card must be purchased separately

Different models need to be customized to contact customer service

Product Features:

one.ABS resin material, non-toxic and odorless.

2. The pencil case has a built-in mirror and a solar calculator. It can be used as a glasses case and a cosmetic case.

3. Multi-size is optional and different styles can be chosen to accommodate more handles in different lengths, very practical.

4. Strong magnetic buckle, strong adsorption, prevent items from falling and lost, so you can use it with reliability and peace of mind.

5. It is used for graffiti, notes, writing, etc., and can be wiped off at any time. Wipe dry with paper towel (no need to wet).

6. Note: the appearance of the product, the color as on the material, the picture is for reference only.

7. Buy genuine pens, please look for 【NBX】 or 【NewmeBox】

1cm = 0.39inch, 1inch = 2.54cm

Warm tip:

1. Please allow slight differences due to manual measurement, the above sizes are for reference only.

2. Please note that due lighting effects, monitor’s brightness / contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the website’s photo and the actual item.

Logistics and after-sales service

1. If you are satisfied with our products and services, please leave your positive feedback and 5 stars. And 5 stars for the detailed rating of your order. Once you show us the screenshot of both 5 stars, we will give you 5% DISCOUNT for your next order.

2. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us before leaving negative feedback or giving detailed ratings. We guarantee we will 100% Solve any problem for you.

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Functional mechanical pencil case in an attractive design

About product and suppliers:
 Whether it's school, college or mobile phone, find the perfect fit. mechanical pencil case  for your needs on These items are great for storing all kinds of office supplies and other essentials, especially art supplies. File.  mechanical pencil case  are available in various sizes and designs. These.  mechanical pencil case  are available in fabric, as well as in plastic and metal depending on the desired appearance and functionality. 

mechanical pencil case on are available in a variety of designs, including boxes that open into tiers, bags, and plastic rectangles. These. mechanical pencil case can be closed with zippers, buttons or locks. File. The mechanical pencil case online is available in a variety of subtle and vibrant colors. They often feature geometric or floral prints. File. mechanical pencil case can also contain slogans or cartoon characters to attract the attention of the younger generation.

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Mayak implements additive technologies

The instrument-mechanical plant of the Mayak production association, which is part of the state corporation Rosatom, uses an FDM 3D printer to print pencil cases ordered by the radioisotope plant, replacing the work of several specialists at once.

According to the press service of the Mayak PA, similar canisters have been manufactured for three decades, but previously they were made of organic glass. The production involved procurers, milling machines and locksmiths, and now the pencil cases are printed on an FDM 3D printer using a polymer supposedly resistant to ionizing radiation, which saves on manual labor and reduces time costs.

“The 3D printer copes with the work that was previously done by three specialists: the procurement, the milling machine and the locksmith.We have reduced the production cycle time by at least forty percent and reduced production costs. This equipment can work around the clock, while ensuring the high quality of the product. There is one more important point – this is the regulatory framework that is applied at the stage of delivery and acceptance of finished products, which are practically non-existent on the territory of the Russian Federation. Representatives of our plant and the customer’s plant created a commission to determine the conformity of products to the requirements.The result of the commission’s work was a decision on radiation resistance when working with sources of ionizing radiation, ”says Maksim Mylarshchikov, acting head of the production and technical department.

What kind of additive equipment and filament is used in the production of canisters is not reported. Judging by the illustrations, we are talking about a 3D printer authored by the Chinese company Raise 3D Technologies. Meanwhile, Rosatom is actively promoting its own line of industrial-grade 3D printers using selective laser sintering of metal powder compositions (SLM) technology, including the latest dual-laser, dual-powder machines (pictured above).In November last year, two such systems went to the Moscow additive center of Rosatom. The work of the enterprises of the state corporation for the development and production of industrial 3D printers, as well as the implementation and promotion of additive technologies on the market, is coordinated by a special unit – RusAT LLC, established in 2018.

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Compasses MAPED (France) “Study”, 120 mm, metal, mechanical pencil 0.Stationery

MAPED compasses (France) “Study”, 120 mm, metal, mechanical pencil 0. Stationery

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The MAPED “Study” compasses are ideal for schoolchildren and students for drawing work.Product type: compasses. Series: Study. Number of items: 2. Length of the compass: 120 mm. Rod type: unbendable. Stop system: yes. Main body color: metallic. Additional color: assorted. Material: metal. Packing: plastic pencil case with euro hanger. Packing 4 pieces

“Croc Croc Signal” frog-shaped sharpener with sharpening indicator.Patented signaling system …

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Wide ruler cheat sheet (multiplication table) with a smooth glossy surface.Has a clear …

STAFF mechanical pencil with black body and details in bright assorted colors. Lead diameter: 0.5 …

A4 folder with a zipper with handles, made of plastic, with fabric edging at the edges.One …

PIFAGOR glue stick is intended for gluing paper, cardboard and photographic paper. The perfect choice for …

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Plastic compass with a safety point. Supplied in several color options.


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Self-adhesive bookmark flags in bright neon colors. Suitable for mounting on any surface.

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29.99 RUB

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Volume: 8 g.

Volume: 8 g.

6.99 RUB

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90,000 Great Encyclopedia of Oil and Gas, article, page 1

Pencil case

Page 1

Cases come from the packaging machine or are loaded manually onto the loading conveyor (2), which brings them to the table of the machine. The first case is fed into the area of ​​the longitudinal pusher.At the same time, a tearing tape is glued to it in the node (5) with a solvent. During continuous unwinding of the cellophane tape, a tongue is cut out on it, and then a piece of cellophane is cut off to wrap the pencil case. A piece of cellophane is picked up by a pencil case, which is moved by means of a longitudinal pusher, and is inserted into fixed guides, which fold the cellophane on the case from above and below. Thereafter, the side flap folding mechanism folds the side flaps and the partially wrapped case is pushed into the fixed guides.Cellophane canisters go to the conveyor, which feeds them to the position of stacking in containers.

Pencil cases for petrol-resistant hoses are located on both sides along the tank and are closed with lids using latches. The box for inventory and spare parts on the AC-42-130 is located on the left along the way in the rear part of the tank, and on the TSV-6 – on the right, along the way in the front part of the tank. At the AC-42-130 and TSV-6, the electrical equipment of the ZIL-130 car was used.The wires are laid in metal pipes, which protects them from mechanical damage and improves the safety of tank cars.

Pencil case for storing blank cards 100x64X93 mm designed for storing bibliographic cards and sheets for notes.

Cases with test tubes are placed in a thermostat, where they are kept at a temperature of 34 – 35 C for 10 – 25 days.In the presence of processes of anaerobic decomposition of cellulose (development of c / r bacteria), the filter paper begins to deteriorate. The rate of development of c / r bacteria is assessed based on monitoring the rate and degree of decomposition of the filter paper strips.

Pencil cases PT10 fig. (5.104), TPU-150 (manufacturer Storm-ITS) are intended for storage of calcined welding electrons (used for manual arc welding) at the welder’s workplace.[7]

Case is designed for loading up to 10 kg of electrodes. It is produced in the following modifications: a thermos-thermos PT10, which is a hermetically insulated container, and a TPYu-150 thermal canister with connection to a welding transformer.

Pencil cases are divided into two subgroups – type A and type B, differing in diameter.

Pencil cases are placed in specially provided pockets on flexible cassettes made of opaque materials – plastics, leatherette, paper, etc.[12]

Carrying cases can also be used to deliver electrodes to the welder’s workplace.

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