How do you twirl a pencil: How to Spin a Pencil Around Your Finger : 5 Steps

7 Pen Spinning Tricks: How to Spin a Pen

The 23-Charge is usually one beginners start out with. First, place the pen between your ring and middle fingers and hold the end of it with your thumb. Then, push your
middle finger backwards and your ring finger forward simultaneously. After that, lift your thumb and let the pen do a 360 degree spin.


Do this one correctly, and your pen will spin completely around your thumb. Hold the pen between your middle finger and your thumb while getting your index finger out of the way. Next, push your middle finger forward and let the pen spin completely. Make sure to catch it between your middle finger and thumb after it’s done a rotation! Simple, right?

Tip time! Don’t move your hand. The work being done to spin the pen is in your fingers, or sometimes in your wrist. Your hand should remain steadfast and strong while the pen is spun. Moving your hand can cause you to lose coordination and it will ruin the trick. That being said, let’s get back to the tricks.


Interesting name. This trick builds on your knowledge from doing Thumb Around earlier, so make sure you’re confident with that before attempting this one. First, hold the pen between your middle and index fingers. Keep it steady, and make sure the tip is pointing outward (i.e., away from your hand). Second – and maybe most important – is pushing your ring and pinky fingers down into your palm, so they don’t intercept the pen as you try to spin it. Third, push forward with your middle finger and push back with your index finger. This will move the pen to a position where you can catch it in between your middle and ring fingers. Fourth, push your index finger down so it doesn’t block the next flip. Simultaneously, bend your ring and middle fingers down (make sure they’re still holding the pen!) to avoid interference. Now finally, bend your pen around your ring finger by applying pressure from both your ring and middle fingers. After that happens, extend your middle and index fingers and catch the pen between them! Voila – a completed trick.


Spinning a pen around your middle finger is a pretty complex process. Luckily, we’ve got the steps for you. Now, to start this one off you’re gonna want to rest the pencil on top of your index and middle fingers, and hold it down with the fingernail of your ring finger. Next, move the pen in between your middle and ring fingers and push back on it with your index finger so that it moves in between your index and middle fingers. Now, flip the pen upwards so it’s between your thumb and middle finger, and get your index finger out of the way! Next, push your middle finger up, and let the pen move around it, using your thumb and ring fingers. Finally, catch the pen with your thumb, index, and middle fingers as it comes full circle. Simple, eh?


This is another fundamental trick. If you learn this one, you’re on your way to learning others as well. First, position your pen. In this case, hold it at a slant between your middle and ring fingers, and push the back of the pen behind your thumb. Lightly press your middle finger down, and push the pen off with your thumb. While doing that, move your index finger inward –

towards your ring finger. (It’ll be good for catching the pen at the end of the trick.) Let the pen rotate between the index and ring, and as it’s rotating, bring up your middle finger. Using your middle and index fingers, catch the pen as it finishes it’s rotation. Easy!



Another basic fundamental that every pen spinner should know. Position the pen like you would in a sonic – between the middle and ring, with the back behind your thumb. Now, stretch out your fingers while bending the ring finger backwards ever so slightly. Let the pen slowly rotate 180 degrees (upside down). When it does that, push the ring finger forward, and push your middle finger backwards. As the pen flips, catch it between your thumb and index finger!


Now that’s a badass name! The Twisted Sonic builds on the knowledge you’ve already acquired from the Sonic and Charge tricks, and thus is very similar. First, get the pen in the same position as those two tricks (between middle and ring fingers, back of pen behind your thumb). Next, like Charge, bend your middle finger back and stretch out all of your fingers. Let the pen rotate itself into being stuck between your index and ring fingers and your middle one. The pen will keep rotating now, and as it does, pull back your index finger so the pen’s full rotation ends between your index and middle fingers. In text, this trick sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.


The Sonic Rise is one of the most extreme pen spin tricks out there. It’s very complex, and maybe not for beginners, but we’d be remiss if it weren’t included here somehow. Now, due to it’s complexity, it’s quite hard for us to actually list it out step by step, so instead we’ll link you to this:

So, what do you think? Pretty good pen spinning tricks, and not all that complicated to learn, really. Maybe you won’t get it the first time around. That’s fine. The old phrase is “practice makes perfect” and it really is true. Keep working at the trade and your skill level will gradually increase. With the information provided here, and the videos we’ve linked to, you’re on your way to becoming a pen spinning master!

If you feel confident enough already, or if maybe you just want to be entertained, here’s 100 pen tricks to try out on your own, though we did cover some of them here.

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Alright, so I know how to do this pretty decently. Spinning pens is an awesome hobby and pastime, and I really enjoy it. It’s a great conversation starter, it’s rewarding to learn and master a new trick, and it’s a good way to pass time at the office or during meetings.

Now, it’s gonna be awhile before you can do stuff like this (stolen from /r/penspinning). This takes weeks and weeks of practice. I’ve been doing this for almost a year, mostly absentmindedly, but I’m nowhere near there yet.

Now, onto teaching. First and foremost, you’ll need some equipment. Any pen will work, but for a good experience you’re looking for a mildly heavy pen with weight distributed toward the ends. A well balanced pen is your best friend. If you want a casual pen that you can also write with, I recommend the Bic PaperMate 1.4b. There’s probably better out there, but it’s what we have lying around my office, and they work well in my experience. If you want something that’s more dedicated to spinning, I suggest you learn to make your own BICtory. It’s a little on the light side, but it’s well balanced and you can do some good tricks with it. If you’re looking to break the bank a little and get a truly excellent spinning pen, you’ll want to pick up a Waterfall Mod. The Waterfall is a great pen, and it’s my favorite I’ve ever used. Any of the mods listed will do you well.

Okay, you’re geared, you’re eager, and you’re ready to go. I’m gonna post some introductory techniques and tricks to get you started, and then a few advanced techniques you can learn when you’re ready.

First, you need to become familiar with your pen. Try to balance it on one finger held horizontally and find the center of mass. Roll it around a little, just so you can get a vague impression of how it moves.

I’ll come back to this tonight and upload some pictures of hand positions, but for now I’ll just describe them as best I can. I’m at work right now so I can’t exactly take pictures of myself doing these tricks.

The first technique you’re going to learn is called the Thumbaround. As you might guess, it makes the pen go around your thumb. Lay the pen horizontally across your middle and pointer finger, and place your thumb on the opposite side of the pen between them. Space your fingers comfortably, as you’ll use them to get the pen moving. Your thumb should be slightly less than two thirds of the way down the body of the pen. If the pen has a heavier side, make sure it’s the end further away from your thumb.

To get the pen spinning, push with your middle finger and release with your pointer finger. If you’re right handed, this will make the pen start moving counter-clockwise around your thumb. Push gently, but firmly and constantly. Try to take your pointer finger away from the pen simultaneously. Once it’s going, the pen’s momentum should carry it around your thumb. Then comes the catch.

To catch it, most people let the pen fall on the outside of their middle finger and trap it with their pointer finger. This puts it in an almost writing-style grip, and makes this trick a nice flourish for signing paperwork, or writing down your phone number. Keep practicing this trick until you can do it many times without fail.

The second trick you’ll learn is called the Charge. It’s named this because you apply force to the pen before you release it, thus “charging” it. To start, hold your hand so your thumb faces the ceiling, and insert the pen between your middle and ring finger, with the heavier end on the same side as your finger nail. Next, curl your fingers in until you can rest the end of the pen on the skin between your thumb and forefinger. Extend your fingers until you feel some pressure on that place.

Now, here’s the hard part. The Charge is a trick you can maintain as long as you keep the pen balanced. To keep it going, release it from between your thumb and forefinger. Move your ring finger back and your middle finger forward, then switch. Essentially, you’re trying to drum your fingers using your middle and ring finger. Try to switch directions when the pen reaches the top or bottom of it’s rotation. The pen should spin in circles.

To catch it, try to have the end of the pen strike the space between your thumb and forefinger as it comes around. This trick is great for appearing thoughtful, or just as a quick flourish if you just let it go around once. Before moving on, make sure you’ve got this one down pretty well. The next trick depends on it.

The last trick is called the Sonic, and it’s a variation on the Charge. It’s extremely cool to pull off, and looks impressive too.

Prepare for the trick the same way you would the Charge. When you release the pen, pull your middle finger back so it forms a 90 degree angle with your hand, pinch your pointer and ring fingers together, and move your ring finger out slightly. The pen should spin up around your middle finger and come to rest on top of your middle finger, with the end between your thumb and forefinger. I really need pictures for this one.

In any case, congrats! You’ve learned your first few pen spinning tricks. If you want to continue, I suggest learning to FingerPass very well, as it’s impressive and very flashy done quickly. Beyond that, you can look into some other techniques here. I highly recommend the Infinity and the Shadow. Both are pretty difficult tricks, but look very cool to do.

Happy spinning!

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Science Activity: DIY Cartoon Animation Kit!


Print-out the “Flipstick Cartoons”.Click Here to go to the Cartoon page, then carefully cut along the dotted lines.


Choose one set of cartoons–picture Aand picture B. You can color them if you want.


Tape each picture to a file card.





Turn the first file card over, so the picture is facedown. Put the pencil, straw, or chopstick in the center of the card, about 1 inch from the top, and tape it down.





Use plenty of tape. (If you’re using a straw, you may want to flatten it a little before you tape it down.)



Now tape the two cards back to back. Lay the second card over the first, picture side up. Tape the top and sides of both cards together.

Tape the bottom of each card to the pencil. You’re going to twirl the pencil, so use plenty of tape–otherwise the cards might fly off.


Hold the pencil between the palms of your hands and twirl it. The picture changes! (You may need to play around with your twirling to find the best speed. Keep your thumbs flat against your fingers so they don’t hit the card when you twirl.)

If a light is flashing on and off more than thirty times a second, you see it as a steady light–you don’t notice the flickering. When you watch a movie, the screen is dark about half the time. But because the bright picture is flickering seventy-two times a second, you don’t even notice the moments of darkeness between the pictures.


Why does your Flipstick work?

When you look at a picture, then quickly flip to another picture, your eye and brain remember the first picture for a fraction of a second, and blend it with the second picture. This visual ability, known as persistence of vision ,makes the pictures in movies appear to move.

When you watch a movie, the light from the projector is flickering 72 times a second. Your eye and brain blend the flickering frames of the movie to make a single moving picture.

in-hand manipulation

  • Pick up a small object with fingers (bead, coin, M&M candy, popcorn, etc. ) and “hide” it in your hand.  Then pick up another and another.  
  • Move one item from your palm to your fingertips and place it down on the table (or put it in your mouth if it’s food)
  • Practice removing small objects from a change purse, baggie or container one at a time and hiding each within the palm.  Then placing
    them back, one at a time.
  • Connect 4 game:  hold several chips at a time within the palm while placing chips in the slots
  • Place coins in a Piggy Bank starting with several coins in the palm.
  • Place items in Hungry Guy’s mouth (see instructions) while palming several items in your palm
  • Place items in slots (Bingo chips, coins, pegs) while holding several within the palm
  • String beads holding 2 or 3 beads within the palm
  • Pegboard games holding 2 or 3 pegs within the hand
  • Twist open or closed lids on small bottles or toothpaste tube held within the palm of the hand
  • Flip a coin from head to tail within the fingers of one hand
  • Cut with scissors and practice adjusting the grip on the paper with the helping hand
  • Practice buttoning, zipping and snapping snaps.
  • Turn dice within the fingertips to see different sides.
  • Hold a small cup filled with water.  Practice turning it with the fingertips without spilling
  • Play with construction toys such as Duplos, Legos and K’nex
  • Pop beads: large size for preschool, small (play jewelry type) for older children
  • connect linking chains
  • Place clothespins around an index card or paper plate: encourage using only one hand to position/reposition the card or plate
  • craft activities that require using bottles to squeeze: glue, glitter glue, puffy paint, fabric paint, etc.
  • Lacing boards, sewing cards

Pencil Games
  • Hold the pencil in the fingertips, ready for writing, then “walk” the fingers to the eraser end of the pencil, then back to the tip
  • Turn the pencil between the thumb and fingertips: try turning it like a windmill in one direction, then the other
  • Practice flipping the pencil from eraser end to tip end
  • Use a hand held pencil sharpener to sharpen your pencils

In a high-tech world, lowly pencil often still the write tool

When Hymen L. Lipman patented the world’s first pencil with an attached eraser 150 years ago, he certainly didn’t anticipate its having to compete one day with BlackBerrys and online crossword puzzles.

But the eraser pencil has exhibited remarkable staying power amid the rise of the typewriter, the ballpoint pen, the personal computer and all manner of modern hand-held messaging devices over its century-and-a-half existence. In fact, the U.S. is the single largest market for wood-encased pencils today, most of which now come from China. Even the more expensive mechanical pencil has not replaced what is for many writers and note-takers a tried and true basic. It has seen a steady increase in production over the last decade, according to figures from the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association.

“There’s a historic preference for the pencil in the U.S.,” said Charles Berolzheimer, 47-year-old heir to the Berol pencil brand. “Maybe partly because there’s a tactile sensation to making a mark on paper with it.” His family has manufactured pencils or their raw materials for six generations, and today he is the president of California Cedar Products Co., which exports the state’s high quality incense cedar to manufacturers abroad.

Easy to use

Pencils have also remained popular because of their reliability and ease of use. “It becomes a part of you, an extension of your hand,” said Henry Petroski, professor of civil engineering and history at Duke University. His book, “The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance,” is widely seen as the definitive work on the subject.

“People also twirl the pencil as something to do with their hands while thinking or listening,” he said.

Pencils are still widely used in a number of professions, including drafting, architecture and news reporting. Among the most important things in a journalist’s tool kit is a pencil, New York Times correspondent Hassan Fatah told a class of Columbia journalism students last year, as a pen might leak or freeze in cold weather when out reporting.

Petroski agrees. “With a pen, you never know if it’s going to write properly or leave a blob of ink at its first contact with paper,” he said. “The first mark you make with a pencil, however, will be the same as the last.”

Pencils also don’t run out of batteries or ink, and they can be replaced with mere pocket change.

But Lipman’s stroke of genius was not always so universally applauded. At first, “a lot of school teachers opposed them and wanted them outlawed,” said Petroski. “They felt that ‘erasered’ pencils encouraged students to be careless because they didn’t have to get it right the first time.”

Prototypical design

The prototypical design involved a 2- to 3-inch slot cut into the end of the pencil’s shaft, filled with a flat piece of prepared India rubber and held in place with glue.

The design allowed for the eraser to be sharpened as well, to accommodate mathematicians, architects and other artists who might need to carefully clear away a mark here or there.

Today, eraser pencils are the writing implement of choice for solving crossword puzzles and Sudoku, according to famed New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz. Though a pen user himself, he described pencils as “more tactilely satisfying” for many people.

Most of his solvers opt for puzzling with paper and pencil, despite the availability of the crossword online. “It’s easier to look at an entire puzzle on one page,” he said, which the online version doesn’t allow. And of those paper puzzlers, “Most people don’t have enough confidence to use pen,” he said.

The Independent of London reported a 700 percent increase in pencil sales two years ago due to the Sudoku craze.

Curiously, most Europeans still buy their erasers separately from their pencils, said Petroski. “A pencil’s eraser tends to dry out and get dirty long before its lead runs down, and Europeans are more sensitive to issues like that.”

The pencil’s history, of course, stretches back much further than 19th Century America. Ancient Greeks and Romans used a flat piece of lead called a stylus to draw faint lines on papyrus or waxed slates.

When a large graphite deposit was discovered in 16th Century England, the sooty mineral became widely used as a writing tool, often wrapped in string or sheepskin, and soon after was inserted into sticks of wood hollowed out by hand. “Dry pencils,” so called to distinguish them from the fine paintbrushes from which they derived their name, were first mass-produced in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1662.

Lipman’s addition to the implement’s history certainly has a devoted following. “The pencil will never become obsolete,” said Doug Martin, who works as a design engineer in Bowling Green State University’s department of chemistry and, ironically, spends his days designing computer interface models. “They’re just too handy, too convenient.”

As a collector with over 10,000 pencils displayed or otherwise scattered around his house, he is drawn to their history and to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and do not take up a lot of space, he said.

On the production side, Berolzheimer values today’s pencil industry for its truly global presence. The raw cedar his company exports is used for making slats in China, which are then shipped to Europe to be made into pencils, often with imported Malaysian rubber, finally making their way back to the U.S. market.

Nevertheless, he admitted his initial career plans didn’t include carrying on the family business.

“I had originally planned on going into computer programming,” he said.

Fine Motor Gymnastics: Fine Motor Coordination

These fun and simple fine motor coordination activities are the perfect warm-ups for handwriting and other fine motor tasks, whether in the classroom, at home, or in a therapy session!

Kids use their hands and fingers all day long as they play and complete functional tasks.  They grasp small objects, they fasten zippers and buttons, they play with games that have small pieces, they open snack packages, and they have to pick up those snacks to eat them!

Whew!  Those little fingers are working hard!  Kids who struggle with in-hand manipulation skills have difficulty moving and manipulating objects within their hands.  There are three in-hand manipulation skills: shift, rotation, and translation.

Kids need to be strong with all of these skills to be successful with school-based, play-based, and self-care tasks.  As a warm-up to other activities like handwriting during OT sessions, I like to lead kids through a quick round of Finger Gymnastics to target the in-hand manipulation skills.

Finger Gymnastics

Twirl the Baton (Rotation)

Pick a fun and sparkly pencil for this one!  Show kids how to twirl the pencil like a baton between their fingers!

Inch Worm (Shift)

Have the child grasp a pencil toward the tip like he is going to write with it.  Then, using those tripod fingers see if he can inch his way up to the eraser without using his other hand!

Hide and Seek (Translation)

Choose a set of 3-6 small objects (depending on the size of the child’s hands) – you can use marbles, pennies, or craft pompoms.  Place the objects on the table and challenge the child to pick up the objects one at a time using only one hand – picking them up with their fingertips and “hiding” them inside their palm.

Then, challenge the child to bring the objects one at a time from the palm of the hand to the fingertips, again – using only one hand!

Why Finger Gymnastics for Fine Motor Coordination?

These activities only take a few minutes (or seconds even), but if they’re practiced consistently they can make a big difference in a child’s in-hand manipulation skills!  These activities would be appropriate to try with younger preschoolers and I continue to use them with kindergarteners who continue to struggle with in-hand manipulation skills.

Here’s a quick video so you can see each of the 3 activities in action!

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Claire Heffron is co-author at The Inspired Treehouse and a pediatric occupational therapist in a preschool/primary school setting. She began her career with a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism but quickly changed course to pursue graduate studies in occupational therapy. She has been practicing therapy for 10 years in public and specialized preschool/primary school settings. She is a mom to three funny, noisy boys and relies on yoga, good food, and time outside to bring her back to center.

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Lyrics What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

Pencil. My rap is cut into discs, and I get into memory,

Brevity is my sister, but few people know that.

You can see everything, but fate is blind,

You pick up today, tomorrow is not catchy,

Today you’re wearing shoes, tomorrow you’re under a Shoe,

But the winner in the ring, the winner behind the ring,

So the place doesn’t change your essence,

Do you wind up the term or do you twist the nuts on the service,

I’m not a star, stars don’t go to work in the office

I’m not a star, but there are a lot of hypotheses on the forums

Who I am and what I am, but I will not talk about sad things,

After all, not a hundred bucks to like everyone well, and a fool with him.

It’s not for nothing that I dropped out of University in my 5th year,

Moscow is such a school, it will give any University a head start!

And now I’m more and more engaged in family, not rap,

After all what will remain after me if not this

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

Negative. Rumors, gossip, nonsense and nonsense,

Pustotsvet me, these torments,

Come on, if, then weigh everything,

There is not a drop of truth in the depths,

But it is discussed with passion,

The saw, then the this and need to iterate all,

He considered my word a punt on Vkontakte,

And then hundreds of emails and spam in ICQ,

I am what I am, sometimes harsh as a tin,

On turnover I can sometimes get into tenderness,

And it’s not my fault that I can’t stand wine and the plan

How strangely alive and conscience!

My friend books, girlfriend, wife, love for daughter,

My hobby is work and my mother

And when the Atlas sheet is burned to the ground, disassemble the ashes (?)

And on Affairs judge was dark or light

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs end the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

Dino. I was not told as a child that everything would be like this,

They didn’t say that winter is hot,

And everyone can choose to become Doni stark,

To write poetry, to fly, or sweeping parks,

The usual fart drops of excitement plus a slice of bread for Breakfast.

Smiles without costs, life is a game, your stale world or motley parade,

Learn the truth that the effort is worth it,

Fake even dashing pick up and I erase,

Its forever and sdei Notepad,

I try to make the years remain not only in the photo!

A day by the hour work is not that,

I am sincerely ready for changes!

Not to leave the stage or extinguish the last wick,

Just have a family and a home everything else is dust.

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,

If these songs break off the realm of shadows?

A couple of lines, words, phrases, cases,

And all the things you wanted to do and did.

Artist: Pencil, Title of the work: What will remain in the memory of people

Amazingly accurate text of the song A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds from the ingenious author Pencil.

Entertaining physics | Educational social network

Sparrow on a branch

This is another interesting toy with a stable balance. Sculpt the body and head of a sparrow from plasticine. A beautiful beak will come from a sunflower seed. Press it in with the blunt end. The eyes of the sparrow are match heads, the tail is a few feathers, the legs are made of matches.

At the lower end of the wire stuck into the body of the sparrow, fix a ball of plasticine. The wire should enter the sparrow’s body behind the legs.

With a fairly heavy load, the sparrow will sit perfectly on the toe. And if you plant it on a branch in the garden, it will sway as if it were alive. You can also plant it on a Christmas tree.

Well, what if the load is lighter than a sparrow? Will our bird sit or fall down? When we put the pencil on the point, we found out that the balance will be stable if the main weight is below the fulcrum. Now the main weight – the body of the sparrow – is above the fulcrum. So the poor fellow will fall?

Take your time with the answer.Let’s check it out by experience. Move the plasticine ball up and down the wire. Trying to balance the sparrow in different positions of the light weight, you will see that the bird sits steadily when the weight is moved far down. And if the load is high, under the very finger, then the sparrow will overturn.

It turns out that the stability of equilibrium depends not only on the mass, but also on the position of the load.

To check, do one more experiment with a plasticine sparrow. Try to balance it by propping up the wire with the edge of a ruler.You will see that the higher the counterweight is raised, the closer to the sparrow is the place of the wire on which it is balanced. This place is called the center of mass.

Sparing no time for testing, you will see that the sparrow sits on the finger as long as the center of mass remains below the fulcrum. And as soon as it gets higher, the sparrow will fall.

This means that it is not necessary that the main mass is at the bottom. It is important that the center of mass is below the fulcrum. Then, if the balance is disturbed, it will go up, and balance will be restored.

I twist and twirl, I want to cheat – Diorshow 360 ink and pencil 2in1 Guerlain khol me brown | Customer Reviews

Today I will show and tell you about sweet couple 2 eye products for creating a quick make-up.

The post has been planned for a month now, but for the last two weeks the sun hasn’t looked into our land, and I wanted to tell you about the 2 controversial inhabitants of my cosmetic bag, so if you please admire the swatches made in cloudy daylight.
So, the first tenant is Diorshow 360 noir mascara from Dior. I did not plan to buy this mascara, the reviews on it are motley, but, as a child, I wanted this transforming toy (in the literal sense), and when it was given at a special price, of course, I could not resist.
Composition and instructions of this achievement of nanotechnology From me: A beautiful silvery volumetric box, inside a “Lego set”, from the spare parts of which it is proposed to assemble mascara. The texture of the mascara is thick, a lot sticks to the spiral-shaped brush, you have to clean up the excess.When you turn the silver ring (you can twist it in both directions), the brush begins to rotate lazily clockwise and counterclockwise 360 ​​degrees with a slight buzz, making about 30 revolutions per minute.
– remarkably paints over even the roots of eyelashes
– you need to do less hand movements – just substitute the mascara to the eyelashes and slowly move from the roots to the ends
– gives the cilia a rich black color, lengthens … BUT! apply no more than 2 layers
Now about the cons
– blinds eyelashes if you have not removed excess mascara from the brush
– crumbles.It doesn’t even crumble so badly during the day
– it washes off hard, unloading (I save myself only with milk from the decleor)
My rating: 3
The price is 1760 rubles, I took it for 900 rubles
I’ve been testing for over a month.
We are looking at it:
Bare eyelashes 2 layers – so far not bad 4 layers – Hello dear spider! Conclusion, I will finish painting and will not buy any more.

The second hero of the post – Eyeliner Guerlain Crayon yeux Khol me in shade 03 Brown
In the box there is a pencil and a sharpener, by the way, the sharpener is very decent – it sharpens well, evenly and the pencil does not break. From me: I took a regular brown pencil for daytime make-up, but it turned out that it was not just a brown pencil, but a bronze brown one, and even with golden sparkles. I’m probably blind, I didn’t see these sparkles in the store. But yes, and this is for the best. The shade is very rich. The texture of the pencil is very soft, plastic. It can be used both for the classic arrow, and as shadows or a base under the shadows. Shaded wonderfully. Put it on with a brush or finger and the smoky smoky is ready.Of course, it creeps into the folds, as it is fat, and my eyelids are not dry. But I forgive him for the color. Not suitable for mucous membranes, as it contains glitter. I somehow smeared myself with a fool, then for an hour I scooped these sparkles out of my eyes. I didn’t check my makeup down the drain under water, so I won’t say about water resistance, but I’m not going to dive with it. It is easily washed off with a regular wash.
Estimate 5-
Price 1240 rubles
I have been using it for 4 months.
Now Swatch:
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“What will remain in the memory” Pencil


Pencil, Triad
Poor laugh too, yes


What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

Pencil. Verse 1:

My rap is cut into discs, but it breaks into my memory,
Brevity is my sister, but few know it.
You can see everything, but fate is blind,
Today you cling, tomorrow you do not cling,
Today you are in boots, tomorrow under a boot,
But the winner in the ring, the winner and outside the ring,
So after all, the place does not change your essence,
Are you shaking the deadline or twisting the nuts at the service,
I’m not a star, the stars don’t go to work in the office
I’m not a star, but there are many hypotheses on the forums
Who am I and what I am, but I won’t talk about sad things,
After all, not a hundred bucks , so that everyone likes well and a joke with him
No wonder I dropped out of university in my 5th year,
Moscow is such a school, it will give odds to any university!
And now I am more and more engaged in family, and not in rap,
After all, what will remain after me if not this …


What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs will cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

Nigative. Verse 2:

Rumors, gossip, stupidity and nonsense,
Wasteland to me, these torments,
Come on, if we weigh everything here,
There is no truth in the depths,
But it is discussed with passion,
He saw, then this is and I have to go over everything,
He considered my word to be a ponte Vkontakte,
And then hundreds of letters and spam in ICQ,
I am what I am, sometimes harsh as tin,
On the other hand, I can get into tenderness in places,
And it’s not my fault that I hate wine and the plan
How strangely alive is the conscience!
My book friend, girlfriend, wife, love for my daughter,
My hobby is work and mom…
And when the atlas sheet burns to ashes, disassemble the ashes (???)
And judge by business whether it was dark or bright …


What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs break the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

Dino. Verse 3:

I was not told as a child that everything would be like this,
Loud and bright,
They did not say that winter is hot,
And everyone can choose to be Donny Stark,
Write poetry, fly, or sweep parks,
This my gifts,
The usual luck of a drop of excitement plus a hunk of bread for breakfast to see
Happy brother,
Smiles at no cost, life is a game, your stale world or a motley parade,
To learn the truth that it is worth trying,
Fake, even dashing, pick up and I wash,
Her forever and remove the notebook,
I try to keep the years not only in the photo!
A day by the hour work is not that,
I am sincerely ready for changes!
Not that leaving the stage or extinguishing the last wick,
It’s just that there is a family and a house, everything else is dust….


What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

What will remain in the memory of people,
If these songs cut off the kingdom of shadows?
A couple of lines, words, phrases, deeds,
And everything that you wanted to do and did.

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Colored pencils – Arguments of the Week

Viktor Trifonovich Slipenchuk, a famous Soviet and Russian writer, has long and fruitfully collaborated with the weekly Argumenty Nedeli.Stories, poems and excerpts from his stories and novels are regularly published on our pages. The waves of the published works of the writer reached Western Europe, China, Japan, Mongolia and other countries, where interest in his work is constantly growing.

Today there is a new story by Viktor Slipenchuk on the pages of the weekly. An amazingly bright, kind and life-affirming story about post-war kids. The difficulties of the country did not make their first years of life less bright and dazzlingly beautiful than those of today’s adolescents and first-graders.

At the end of October, at the Central House of Writers in Moscow, Viktor Trifonovich will meet with readers. There we will discuss the story published below and all the work of our permanent author.


In kindergarten I was transferred to a preparatory group, and I often stayed at home. I came up with all sorts of new works that would convince my older brothers that I am already big and there is no need to run away from me as from a small one. But they ran away.I noticed long ago that for everyone who is considered small, it is very difficult to get into the big ones, and this added strength.

I already counted up to a hundred, and I already had undeniable successes with the ABC book, which I got from Edka. He moved to second grade. Vovka, the oldest brother, gave me a new notebook on arithmetic. It was a very valuable gift, even Edka did not have such checkered notebooks. But the main thing is that there was a multiplication table on the back of the cover, and I remembered it in such a way that when Vovka forgot a little how many seven eight would be, I suggested that it would be fifty-six.Vovka praised me, but Edka intervened.

– Let no one think that our Valerka is very smart, – he takes it as a keepsake. And in fact, he does not know why it turns out fifty-six.

– Do you know? – asked Vovka.

“I have known for a long time,” said Edka. – If eight sticks are on the low, and seven are low, and you put them in a pile, and then you count the sticks – one, two, three, four … you get exactly fifty-six.

Edka was right, I didn’t know why it turns out fifty-six.And now, when I found out, I felt hurt for myself, because last year, when he cut sticks from a broom and strung them on a line from a fishing line, I told him:

– Edik, why are you stringing sticks – they are not minnows that we catch with a pillowcase?

– For my understanding, – Edka answered very displeased, because he distracted him.

And I immediately forgot about his chopsticks, and now I remembered and, not knowing what to answer, I was silent. And then Vovka, as very clever, asked Edka, not me:

– You probably know why our Valerka is like that?

It was very disappointing to listen to their conversation.They talked as if I was very young and did not understand that they were talking about me.

– Yes, I know, – said Edka. – And I know about it even before Valerka learned the multiplication table.

Edka looked at me, and Vovka also looked. They looked at me not as usual, but with such a meaning, as if I were not me, but someone big who had peeped in from the street. I tensed. The fists clenched themselves. I straightened up, ready to hear anything.

– He’s because he planned to get into the big ones in this way, – Edka said.

I was stunned. I expected everything, but did not expect Edka to expose me.

– Why do you know that this is so?

– Because I know – look how pale he is, this is because he was bitten, and he himself would never admit it.

– Well, okay, – said Vovka conciliatory, but did not look at me. Because Vovka is smarter than Edka and me, even if we are taken together.

Vovka moved to the sixth grade, he had two years left to finish the seven-year, and then he could go to study at any vocational school.But he will not go to vocational school. He will go to the city of Vladivostok and enroll in a school for young men. And then remember the name! – so he himself says. Vovka is one hundred percent big.

– Well, if you know everything about Valerka for a long time – why don’t you stop him when he does your work? He drives out and drives the sheep for you, and sometimes you even ask him to run off to the gardens and drive our pregnant Rose closer to home.

Now Vovka and I looked at Edka. It was red, as if it had run over and burned out from the sun.

I immediately averted my eyes, because now I knew as well as Edka: when I do his work, he intercepts Vovkina at that time – cleans cattle stalls in the barn or carries water into a cow barrel.

Last year Edka only reached with his fingers to the iron handle of the drum on the well, and even then when he stood up on tiptoe. At that time Edka did not calculate his strength, he took a full bucket of water, and the handle tore out of his hands. He did not have time to jump back, and the twisting handle with its end knocked Edka just above his forehead.Like a bird of prey, she pulled out a clump of hair with meat, but did not hit the bone itself, slipped through. Otherwise he would have fainted and probably died of blood loss. Vovka and I were very worried about Edka at that time. Vovka even shouted in hearts:

– Edka! Why did you climb to do someone else’s work ?!

The work was Vovkina. I also did not understand why he climbed. And now I understood and began to look away.

– I am not stopping him, because he must understand for himself that nothing depends on me.On the contrary, I concede my job to him, as to a big one, but none of the adults will reckon with this.

– You take yourself as an example. Due to the fact that you were born in October and you were not enrolled in school according to your metric.

– Yes, they did not take it, and I went later. And let me read worse than Valerka by syllables, but I counted not up to a hundred, but up to a thousand.

– But Valerka has a gap between the first of September and his birthday is ten days less than yours.

– The more offensive it will be, – said Edka.

They talked about me without my participation, but now the conversation did not offend me.Vovka said that after all, there are times when they look not at metrics, but at skill and ingenuity. And you have to be ready for this. Maybe our Valerka will have a chance, but for now, as it gets dark, we will take him with us to the summer club.

I fled to the hayloft and with all my might plunged my head into the hay. Joy overwhelmed me. She just seethed in me. Today, as a big man, they will take me to the summer club! There the soldiers have a movie every day. And they will take me, they will take me as big! And they will not run away from me, and the three of us, as it gets dark, we will run, as if on wings, to the summer club!

Gratitude to the brothers made it difficult to concentrate.Thoughts jumped into my head and mixed with others, even sweeter. What a smart Edka we are! .. It turns out that he has long considered me big, and therefore sends me to look after the cow. And I thought that the main thing was that she was pregnant and could go to the airfield, where the grass was good. And Vovka is ours! .. There are no brothers smarter than him!

Gradually I began to calm down and ponder the conversation. Vovka said that there are times and you need to be ready when he turns up. Vovka has every right to say so.He was ready and showed his accuracy to the military pilots. When playing chiku, he always hits a column of coins with his bat. And the pilots called him Asom. But how to recognize the case that it is yours, that the time has come to apply all your skill and ingenuity? We need to find out from Edka somehow.

It was an awfully long day. Several times I ran around the gardens – looking after Rozka. To pass the time, he brought her a whole bunch of grass – he hit the border with a sickle. And she came up, sniffed – and how she fucks her face back and forth, and how she snorts.She scattered all the grass and, as if nothing had happened, went to graze. Showed her character. And when they show character, one must take it into account, and not swear. I ran to the border, brought the remnants of the grass, a rip along with the one that she swept away, and seemed to have gone home. And he lay down in the corn and watched. The rose grazed, grazed in the direction of the grass, and when a heap of grass began to obstruct the garden, it raised its head. He sees – I’m not there. And instinct, of course, understands that I am somewhere nearby. She shook her head, they say, was not, I will try.And the grass on our border is juicy – wheatgrass with milkweed interspersed with clover. Tried and forgot about me.

I opened the primer, closed it again – I know it by heart. I opened the multiplication table, checked myself – I never got lost.

I ran to Edka, he was just carrying a bucket of water. He told me about the cow. Edka praised and suggested that at the fence of the collective farm garden, if you use a sickle, you can press a whole cart of grass, it’s a pity to drag it far from there. I asked about Vovka, and Edka said that Vovka was opening a piggy bank in the annex.

– Tomorrow Raika is coming for the holidays, and we want to buy her favorite sweets.

This was news, I almost asked – are there any other sweets? Sweets are everyone’s favorite because they are sweet. But then I remembered that I was big, – said nothing. And Edka himself said that her favorite sweets are chocolate. And they will buy them for their sister, not because there is a lot of honor for her, but because she promised Vovka to find out everything about the Jung school in the city.

– Probably, Vovka wants to appease her with sweets, – I said.- But she still won’t find out anything. Raika will not even remember about the Jung school, because she is not interested in the Jung school.

– This is why we will buy her the chocolates she loves.

I was puzzled. It was some kind of new understanding for me of everything that I have known for a long time and well. Of course, this is Vovka’s understanding, but Edka has already got close to him. Says – we are! Maybe Edka will somehow let it out, and I will understand Vovka’s understanding. But I won’t ask, I decided, let me stay big for Edka, at least.

“You see, Valera, here you have to look further, like in chess,” Edka said to me as a little one, but I was not offended, the new understanding turned me into an ear. – The fact is that if Raika has forgotten about the boy’s school, then another time, when she remembers her favorite sweets, she will immediately remember about the school – and find out everything. Candy is a knot for memory.

– And if she deliberately doesn’t find out anything – will she be afraid that Vovka will run away from home?

– Then the candy will be given out, and we will understand that she does not recognize anything on purpose, and we will find some other way to find out everything.

– Edik, – I said. – Tell me, just honestly, how to recognize that your case has turned up?

– Ah, this is what you are talking about, – Edka said reluctantly, he wanted to talk about Vovka, Raik, about sweets. He even put the bucket of water aside, and now he lifted it, stood on the block and in one fell swoop toppled it into the barrel.

– You know, brother … – said Edka, jumping off the block of wood.

I felt that now he will tell the whole truth that he knows. It will splash out to the very bottom.

– Last year, when I was admitted to the first grade, the school principal’s son came with a test report, however, he has a gap of three months – they did not accept it.Only this autumn will go. The year before last I thought that this was my case, and if my father went and asked the headmaster, I would be accepted. And now I know for sure: not seven years old – the conversation is over. Nobody will ask for you, remember – and don’t count.

– But what about the case … for example, some other – how to recognize it?

– You are interested in school, through school you want to catch up with everyone. Once – and you are already big for everyone.

Edka again jumped on the block and drowned the empty bucket in the barrel.But not to the end, but so that it floats.

– Don’t worry about another case. If you think about one thing, like our Vovka, then you always recognize your incident, because all your readiness will push you towards it.

Vovka came out with a bundle of small change. Edka ran up, tried it on weight – it will be five kilograms! No, said Vovka, he weighed the cantor – somewhere around three. The brothers went to the military department store, but I still could not get away from the conversation with Edka. Because Edka was right – I don’t need any other case.I will go to school and immediately become great for everyone, for everyone.

It was noon. I was sitting on the porch in the shade. The sun did not move. Brothers were not and never were. Probably hitting lunch break. Rozka came. She picked up the lagging gate with her horn and, pushing it back, entered the courtyard, going straight to the barrel. I hesitated. While he opened the gate near the barn, while he dealt with Jack, who got out of the kennel, Rose, with a displeased snort, whipped her dirty tail right in the face. I jumped back, figuring out how to help her – the bucket in the barrel interfered, did not give me a drink.But Rozka did not wait, went into the barn.

Pulling out the bucket, he involuntarily squinted his eyes. The swaying sun, breaking into pieces, blinded the eyes. Edka did not fill the barrel to the brim, and, although it stood with an inclination, three more buckets were not enough for the water to spill.

I was suddenly thrown up from the thought that these three buckets are mine – I can collect them myself in the well, since it is behind our fence. I looked at the sun, which was at a dead center, – I’ll have time, bleeding from my nose, but I must be in time before the brothers arrive.And as soon as I washed, ready to start work, all Edkin’s tricks around the well suddenly opened to me, as if I had invented them myself and had already tried them out.

I didn’t throw six logs over the fence straight to the well, but ten. Through the gate, which Rozka pushed aside, he dragged the construction ladder and set it on the logs. He brought all the buckets from the summer kitchen, except for the milk pan – my mother took care of it for Rozka.

And when I took a well bucket with a chain, I distinctly heard Ed’kin’s voice, as distinctly as if he was standing nearby:

“Twenty revolutions of the drum are twisted with the left hand with an empty bucket down, the cable is wound up to an iron chain welded to the drum.You wait a bit. At this time, you change your hand and immediately turn the drum handle with your right hand, wind the cable up to another chain, on which a carbine hangs and holds a bucket of water by the bow. If you do everything right, there will be exactly half a bucket. And even you, Valerka, will pull half a bucket to the frame of the well. The main thing is to keep yours in mind. Your name is, and you do not respond. The earth is shaking – an earthquake, and you go on doing your job. Otherwise – head into the well, and no one will find it. And never rush, everything happens on the last bucket.

Suggesting how to cheat the last bucket. You have calculated and you know for sure – you need eight buckets in the barrel. But you tell yourself firmly – no, I need ten buckets. Two buckets of water will go to the trough for geese and sheep. Although the trough is full for a long time. It’s just that you’re preparing strength in yourself for ten buckets, because this is a different arithmetic. And you can’t argue with her. I almost didn’t have enough strength – and you know where with your head. Here “a little bit of Russian does not count.” But when you add from above, there is simple, ordinary arithmetic again. “

Ten times I took half a bucket of water. And everything worked out, and I was in no hurry to go anywhere. A little joy was undermining that everything was fine with me, and for the eleventh time he lowered the bucket a little faster than usual. I didn’t even need these half a bucket, I just decided to scoop up some water for some additive. I was cheerfully twirling the handle with my left hand and probably miscalculated.

The bucket thumped, the chain clanged, this had not happened before. I even screamed out of surprise: “Oh!” And from there, from the well, someone answered not in my own, but in a strange voice: “Stop!” I was not scared.But I felt how the skin on my head was separating, as if someone was picking it with cold tentacles and pulling it together.

I stood there. He ran his hand over his head and calmed down. It’s easy to stand when the bucket is in the well and you haven’t pulled it out of the water yet. But then – will there be enough strength to lift a full bucket ?! Edka said that if you adapt and twist the handle of the drum with both hands and help with your chest, then even a five-year-old will cope. The most difficult thing will then be to pull the full bucket onto the log house and not fly away after it.

“And then there will be soup with a cat!” – so often said our Vovka, so that no one would be scared beforehand before a new job.And the father has a suitable proverb – “The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing.”

I took hold of the handle with both hands and began to turn the drum. The cable wound up evenly and with each revolution of the drum it more and more pushed the bucket towards me. I would have got it and pulled it out somehow. But the chain ruined everything – as if on bumps, it was skidded onto the cable, and the bucket went down the center, away from me. Here it is, next to it – it has arrived. I arrived full of water, but I can’t take it – I can’t reach it, I can’t hold the drum with one hand.

And again someone began to search me with cold tentacles.If earlier I was glad that at noon the street was empty and there were still no brothers, now I would be glad if someone would finally appear and help me. But there were no brothers, and the neighbors come to the well only early in the morning or in the evening, when the heat subsides.

I loosened my arms and transferred the weight of the handle to my chest. I wanted to know if I had enough strength until the evening. The handle immediately became so heavy that it stifled my breathing – no, I won’t have enough strength until evening. I began to call my brothers in my mind.

“Edik, what would you do in my place?” I asked Edka because I was doing his job.And I never did Vovkina and I knew for sure that I would never do any job as well as Vovka. Edka understood me, stood behind my back so that I would not see him and not be distracted. And, sighing, he said: “Eh, Valera, I told you – here is another arithmetic!” Edka said nothing more. But I myself realized that Edka would not have allowed such a case and now cannot be in my place.

Again, cold tentacles ran through my hair.

“Vova,” I said. “I know that I cannot do as you do, but what would you do in your place?”

“Don’t panic! Look at the sun. “I looked, it didn’t move. “The sun stands still, because it helps you to be in time – it is for you.” I felt that Edka and Vovka were standing behind their backs and would never give me over to the well. My strength increased. “Do not rush. Let the drum handle rest on your chest. Use your wit. ”

Although I had known for a long time that skill and ingenuity were near, now nothing came to mind. Vovka chuckled: “There is strength – no mind! – And he asked not me, but Edka: – If it were not for pulling out the bucket, then how strong would Valera be able to keep spinning the drum? I intervened, said that I could spin the drum all the way to the sun.“Then turn it over,” said Vovka, and I felt such a great strength in myself that I was already at ease. Because I already knew: now the bucket will rest against the drum and, twisting on it, will tip over and empty.

I with all my strength, pushing with my chest, twisted the handle up, and below with both hands and with my whole body I held it. I didn’t look at the bucket, but from the noise that filled the well, I realized: I succeeded – I emptied the bucket to the bottom. Then, without haste, he wound the chain up to the cable and, pulling it towards him, rewound it onto the drum.The empty bucket came very close to me, and I easily pulled it out and put it on the blockhouse, where it stood.

And the ladder, and the logs, and the buckets – everything was returned to its place. And, just having cleaned up, he looked at the sun, because the brothers were still not there. The sun has noticeably moved away from the dead center, and I knew that, helping me, it was delayed, and now it returned to its place.

Jack got out of the kennel, his ears corroded by flies, shook himself off and, standing up on the sheep trough, began greedily lapping water.Not even lapping, but sipping noisily, spraying it in all directions. Because the water was clean, fresh, and in order to get his fill of drink, he sipped it not only with his tongue, but also with his ears, and with his whole body.

“Jack,” I said. – You sat in the kennel and worried that I would not be able, but I did. To become big, you need to understand everything that you see, understanding the big. – But Jack was not distracted, he was gaining strength for his night work: when everyone fell asleep, he would be on the alert.

Thinking about his work, I immediately remembered the sheep.I found them in a ravine, they stood in a circle, with their heads buried in their heads, and I had to go down into the ravine to determine by the tags whether they were ours or strangers. He did not drive him out of the ravine. The sun was still high, but somehow I immediately felt that it was time to go home – the brothers were already at home.

They were standing near the barrel. Vovka was holding a bundle in his hands, almost the same as before, but not with a trifle – sweets appeared through the fabric.

– Valerka! – Edka immediately pounced on me. – What, you wanted to get it too ?! He pointed to a scar just above his forehead.

After everything that happened on the last bucket, I had nothing to say.

– Eh, Valerka, how can I take you to summer after that ?!

I was scared that they would not take it. And I was so offended that the tears themselves ran from my eyes. And so that no one noticed this, I bowed my head.

– Okay, Edik, remember what the military pilots say, and they are fighting in Korea for real: rights are not right, and winners are not judged!

– Maybe you can give him some candy for that ?! – Edka was already quite angry.

– You can give it, – said Vovka.

Edka was offended because they themselves haven’t tasted a single candy yet. He walked over to the barrel, rinsed his face and quickly walked behind the summer kitchen. I also rinsed and ran after him. Vovka called out to us. Edka and I stopped at once, and I said that since you hadn’t tried it, I won’t either.

– Go at least look at them, and I’ll tell you why you didn’t try.

“Let Edka look first,” I said.

Edka set a condition that I no longer go to the well.I promised that without permission – never.

– Well, while you are dressing up there, who, what, and why, I’ll see enough myself, but I won’t let you.

Vovka put his face in a pillowcase and began to admire the sweets:

– How beautiful they are – “Swallows”! Double wrapped. And how delicious they smell! Now I’ll take and eat them right with candy wrappers.

Shaking the candies, Vovka began to pretend that he was already eating them.

– I will not leave one – I will eat all sixteen!

Edka and I made it laugh, we ran up to Vovka, began to pull at the shirt, begged to see, he promised.But Vovka so funny turned his face away from us in a pillowcase and jerked his leg so comically so that we fell behind, as if he was really going to eat them.

– Understand, these are not sweets, but real birds-swallows, if I open the pillowcase a little, they will fly out and fly away.

– We will jump and catch them! ..

Rolling around and almost falling down with laughter, they promised Vovka, but he refused us and demanded that we take him to the annex, there, having closed the door, he might give us a look. And we led, bumping our heads against his back, and it was so much fun that Jack climbed out of the kennel and began to whine, asking to be taken as well.

Edka was the first to dip his head in the annex. He immediately announced that all the swallow birds were in place, and when he raised his face, he surprised him, saying that he knew for sure – all the chocolates smelled like our Raika.

– This is because she is kind, – explained Vovka. – You will see, tomorrow she will not take a single candy for herself, but will divide it equally.

“And everyone will get exactly four birds,” Edka intervened.

That is why he and Vovka did not try, so that they would not decrease, because when there is too little of something, they say: there is nothing to share! And you can’t buy a lot for copper, nobody buys chocolates for copper.

– Come on, Valerka, dive, – said Vovka. – Then we will talk conversations.

I dived. Foil wrappers gilded through the transparency of mica with swallows. They blazed like heat. It was a real treasure, and it was for Raike.

– What a happy Raika is! These are not swallows when they are all together – this is one big firebird! I said enthusiastically.

“And no one would have seen this firebird today, because in the military store nothing is sold to the children of collective farmers, but only to the children of the military,” Edka said.

– Edik, – Vovka called. – Help, hold the candy, I’ll hang it under the rafter so that the mice don’t eat it.

Vovka could have done it himself, but he deliberately called Edka so that he would not tell how they managed to catch the firebird. But I found out anyway.

In the evening, when my mother came home from work and saw that all the housework had been done, and let all of us go to the soldiers’ summer club, we decided to go there right away, because now the brothers did not have to wait for me to fall asleep and sneak away from me, as from a small one.

The Soldier’s Summer Club is a large, large and high fence: both in front, and behind, and on the sides. A gate near the screen. If Edka had stood on Vovka’s shoulders, then, probably, he would not have reached the very top. And what is bad – the boards are so tightly knit one to one that there are almost no cracks between them. The screen peeks out from behind the fence, but not much: some shadows are running around – you can’t understand. The movie booth, like a hut on chicken legs, stands on poles, hanging over the fence opposite the screen. But what is good – the entrance to it from the street, on a stepped staircase.Most of the screen is visible from these top steps. The foreman-projectionist (all the guys call him Uncle Borya) allows only those who help him to drag cans of films to watch from the stairs. The rest are not allowed, the staircase may not hold up

We arrived just in time. An open-bodied “Dodge” drove up, brought iron cans with films from the Officers’ House. Uncle Borya went out to the site and saw us.

– Come on, Ace, quickly – to the car! There are already several applicants for your window in the booth … Well, they gave sweets in the military shop ?!

Vovka nodded in agreement, and Edka said that the pilots stood up.

– And you refused.

– We did not refuse, we stood in line with our money, – corrected Vovka.

And Edka with Vovkin’s understanding of what happened in the military department explained:

– Because although we are collective farmers, we are not beggars and we do not need someone else’s.

“Okay, okay, literate,” Uncle Borya interrupted good-naturedly. – Hurry to the car, today – “The exploit of the scout.”

He shouted to a horde of big boys who were ready to carry cans to the movie booth so that they could step aside.Today Ace skips the line, today in the House of Officers they set his accuracy and endurance as an example.

It turns out that one young pilot who played chica with Vovka, when asked by a war correspondent where he got such accuracy and endurance in battle, said that he was following the example of Asa, keeping his actions in mind. Everyone thought that the ace was a pilot, a real ace of the aces, Ivan Kozhedub, who also fought in Korea, and this is our Vovka. It turned out funny and very happy for me and Edka. Now Vovka has the glory of an ace for the entire garrison.When we were carrying cans, I could hear with my own ears how the garrison boys admired Vovka – with closed eyes, he gets into a chick from the summer. And this little one, his brother, look, little, and how cleverly he is nimble on the stairs. They are all small, but remote.

Uncle Borya allowed Vovka to watch “The Exploit of the Scout” through the window in the movie booth. We could also look from the stairs, but Edka did not want to.

– Today is Vovkin’s case, let him get the whole firebird. You and I will look through the crack.If Sanya does not come from the Ukrainian street, then you will take his crack, she is nearby.

Sanya came with a block of wood. He said that at the entrance to the cinema club, a whole company of soldiers and armed patrols would probably drive. Edka said about me – brother! And Sanya, like a big man, gave me his hand. Then Edka and I ran to the former anti-aircraft trenches and found his block of wood in the weeds.

When they returned, there were many blocks of wood near the fence, but the boys stood in flocks in the distance, some of them smoked. Vovka came out to the site, saw us, said that it would start now, and went back to the booth.Several boys ran up – what did Ace say? Edka installed the block, and I said nothing, so as not to meddle in my own business. And Sanka took advantage of, immediately appropriated our Vovka:

– He told me that it will start now!

I knew exactly what Vovka told me and Edka, but I was not offended. Someone shouted: “The horses!” – and a wave of boys rushed to the fence, and everyone began to jump on the block, as if on their own horses. The light bulb above the movie booth went out. The radio played loudly overhead.Edka handed me a twig, which he used to cover the gap in the fence so that he could hide it under the elastic of his panties, and warned me that we would look from the block of wood alternately. Sanka said that he would give to watch too, but I refused. Because the movie began for me as soon as we went outside the gate of the house and all three of us ran to the soldiers’ summer club.

Three steps away from Sanka there was a guy like me. He came up and gave me his hand – Kolka. I answered – Valerka. He asked: “First time here?” It turned out that we are both newbies.Then he asked if I had ever drunk birch sap. “Many times, I drank.” Then he said that everyone stuck to the cracks, as if they were drinking birch sap.

– How are the May beetles ?!

– Like May beetles, – Kolka agreed, and it became so funny and funny for us that they shouted at us.

– You, Kolka, will probably go to school soon? I asked.

– This year. I turned seven at the end of June. And you?

– I will knock at the end of September.

– You, Valerka, may not be taken.

“Nothing, there are times,” I said.

Kolka did not answer, his older brother called him, who demanded that he not go far.

That night I slept like a dead man. When I woke up, there were no brothers. I rushed to the outbuilding – and it was empty. I ran into the house.

The brothers were sitting on a bench with their backs to the door – I sat down next to them. On the table lay a pile of sweets, the door to the room was open.

Raika came out with an orange reticule and a black hat with a mesh hanging over her face, which she wore for her beauty, that she was a city woman.

“Oh, everything is assembled,” Raika said when she saw me. – And what’s that?!

She looked at the sweets, and Edka nudged me in the side with his elbow. He always did this when I had to answer for everyone. I jumped off the bench.

– Raya, we give you this chocolate firebird just like that.

I also wanted to tell her not to think that we want to appease her. But Edka hit me on the leg, and I sat down on the bench again.

Raika chuckled – “just like that!” And, putting the reticule on the table, she bent over the sweets and divided them equally into four piles.We laughed because we knew in advance that our Raika was kind.

– You laugh in vain, – pushing the reticule, she stood up to her full height. – Volodya, I found out about the boy’s school, but I won’t say anything – it’s too early for you to know everything.

Vovka raised his head and, looking through the opening into the kitchen, said:

– You speak as if you are our mother. But you’re not a mom.

“Our mother has never been in the city,” Edka said.

– What do you say ?!

I asked Raya to tell us everything she knows about the Jung school – if, of course, she was there and found out everything, everything? Raya was angry that we had strayed so far and not at all there.She opened a reticule that looked like the sun and her hair, and put on the table a real marine belt with an anchor on a badge. Twisted like a spring, he, as if alive, pushed aside all our sweets, he was all like a new understanding of a life that was not yet known to me.

– If you don’t want it as a mother, I’ll say as an older sister: I was at the head teacher of the school. He gave the belt and said: “On the reverse side of the badge the address of the school is stamped – Vladivostok, 1st River. If your brother comes with our belt, – Raika laughed, – we will thoroughly whip him, but we will immediately give out a working uniform and put him on contentment. “Their collective farmers have a lot of homeless people who have run away from home, because only excellent students are given certificates from the village council for admission.

Raika suddenly burst into tears, began to wipe her eyes with a net, the city hat slid to one side.

– Well, what have we done to them, everywhere they call us collective farmers, as if we are other people, no one considers us! .. If Vovka runs away from home, what will I tell my mother ?!

I almost cried too, I felt sorry for Raiku. She went into the room, and she was gone for a long, long time.

Vovka sat like a stone. Edka and I were afraid to touch him. Then he said:

– I’m not going anywhere. Only – with a seven-year certificate …

Raika left the room without her city hat and demanded that Vovka give his word of honor that he would not run away. And Vovka gave his word of honor, adding that he could not, like her, become an excellent student. He will still be given a three for his behavior, and then …

“And then there will be soup with a cat,” Raika interrupted him, and we laughed, because it was Vovka’s proverb.

Vovka also laughed and, taking the belt from the table, read aloud: “Vladivostok, 1st River – ShMO.”

– School of sailors, – prompted Raika.

These words sounded like music, we all immediately felt – what a great gift Vovka received! He put the belt on his trousers and, although the badge sagged, immediately became stern and a little alien.

“You’ll see,” Vovka said with such force that we felt that he was not speaking to us, but to those who call us collective farmers.- All the same, I will become a sea captain!

– Vov, will you stand up for us? – Edka asked.

“Let it be in the beginning,” Raika interrupted again. – Come here, – Edka called. – And there is a present for you, my mother ordered.

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Pencil and Samodelkin on a desert island

Chapter 22 Night Watch of Chizhik and Grandma

Meanwhile, our wizards continued their journey across the island. The donkeys walked in single file along an invisible path.Samodelkin, who rode in front of everyone, as if paved the way according to the compass.

Pencil, ahead of the others, rode up on his striped donkey to Samodelkin.

– Where are we going, Samodelkin? – he asked.

– We are driving towards the center of the island. It seems to me that somewhere there must be a river or a lake with fresh water. We can set up camp and get some rest. It’s safe there, – explained Samodelkin.

“Okay,” Pencil agreed. – The guys will be able to have a good rest after such a difficult sea trip.I will draw everything I need.

– And I, finally, will teach them to do at least something with their own hands, – said the master. – Only you will draw me, please, the necessary tools, – Samodelkin asked.

So, talking, they drove quietly. Imperceptibly hot sun went to the horizon. It was getting dark in the jungle.

– Whoa, – Samodelkin got down from his donkey. – It’s time to stay overnight.

“Look, what a pretty meadow,” Nastenka pointed out.- Let’s spend the night on it, it’s so good here!

Everyone got off the donkeys and ran to inspect the place. How many beautiful, fragrant flowers were there. Lianas hung from the trees, along which little monkeys jumped and made funny faces to the arriving travelers. And the kids, grabbing the hanging vines with their arms, began to swing on them, bursting into joyful, ringing laughter.

Seeing such an outrage, Samodelkin began to run from one to the other and, jingling with all the springs, jumped between the kids, trying to grab at least someone.But the guys, tired for the whole day from horseback riding, jumped and ran now, like clockwork.

– Let them run a little, – said Pencil with a smile, – they are very tired, they want to play pranks.

“They can hit, stumble, hurt their knees,” Samodelkin said. – Where can we find a doctor here? He worried.

– Prutya, Granny, Chizhik! – with a smile asked Pencil. – And which of you knows how to build a real forest hut?

The guys immediately stopped jumping and ran to Pencil.

– Are we going to build a hut ourselves? – Chizhik asked admiringly.

“We’ll have to do it ourselves,” said Pencil. – I have nothing to paint soft cribs on here. Therefore, go to Samodelkin – he will teach you everything.

Samodelkin has already taken out all the necessary tools from his traveling suitcase.

– Twig and Chizhik, go and bring big sticks for the hut, Samodelkin ordered. – And you, Babuchka, go and pick up dry branches for the fire. Nastenka, please get warm sleeping bags out of the bags.

Everyone was busy with preparations for the night. The guys gathered branches, palm leaves and brought them to Samodelkin. Babuchilo, along with Pencil, brought in a whole bunch of dry brushwood.

Samodelkin, with the help of the guys, built three small huts. After all, Samodelkin loved to work and do everything with his own hands. Sometimes, when he was making something, he used to hum a song, gaily knocking with a hammer in time to the melody:

I can fix everything,

Saw any board.

All screws are my friends,

As if we are one family.

And I’m not afraid of work.

Fixing is a joy for me.

I always twist screws

And knock with hammers.

Samodelkin taught the guys how to properly light a fire so that it does not go out right away and so as not to get burned. A bright flame burst out. Tongues of fire licked the black night sky, illuminating the guys with Pencil and Samodelkin. Thousands of small stars twinkled in the sky.A huge moon hovered over their camp.

Everyone took out of their bags the supplies, recently drawn with Pencil, and refreshed themselves a little.

“We’ll have to take turns on duty,” Samodelkin ordered. – It is necessary that the fire burns all night, then predators will be afraid to approach us. Chizhik and Babuchka will be the first to be on duty. They will wake up Prutik and Nastenka in two hours. And later me with Pencil.

Everyone went to their huts. Babuchka and Chizhik remained by the fire.From time to time they threw dry twigs into the fire.

“What do you think,” Chizhik asked Babuchka, “are there snakes here?

– Of course there is, but if you do not touch them, then they will not touch you either, – Granny answered confidently. – I read about it in a book about animals.

The fire burned and warmed the children with its warmth. Their eyes gradually began to stick together. Chizhik yawned sweetly.

– Do you know if our shift will end soon? He asked Babuchka. A sweet sniffling was heard in response.It was Babuchka who could not stand it and fell asleep. Chizhik held on for a few more minutes, but then some sweet mist enveloped him and he fell on his side, lost in deep sleep.

Meanwhile, someone’s attentive eyes were watching them from the forest. Seeing that Chizhik fell asleep, someone quietly left the black thickets and, stepping silently, went to the sleeping guys.

90,000 Notes from behind the wheel (when the pilot Sokolov’s hand was able to hold the pencil)

“You will die there, and they will jail me!”
Plump – blood with milk, the head physician of the sports dispensary was twirling my cardiogram in her hands and did not want to change it for a certificate of admission to motorsport.- Well, what is it, I ask you? …

I work a lot. I sleep a little. Sorry. Next time everything will be as it should be.

Be silent. I all know what you say. And I have a prosecutor’s check. You will die there, and they will put me in prison: do you understand?

Well, I’ll try not to die: I’m very smart.

Keep quiet …
Frowned. Writes help. Checking the cardiogram after 3 months.
Get out of sight!
rolled out.
Sveta Aleeva, the future navigator in the Gsi Rally team, walked into the office following me, picking up a train of heart graph paper, all kinds of information, and clamping the bloody traces of analyzes.The only candidate for this role, whom I was ready to trust in flying on forest dirt roads at a speed of 160. And rolled out of these doors much faster than me. But no help!
“Dima, they turned me up. And by the way, they didn’t say anything good about you either. ” The kind woman did not dare to take on her conscience two potential blind man’s buffs, reasonably judging that it would be better to put the Head of the department, at the door of which we stood, like two rams at the moment when an old but strong one passed by: past the war, perestroika and CSKA, therapist.
Are you hanging around like a baobab in the Congo Valley?
Yes we are ….
What the hell?
Is she completely crazy? Come on, march after me! And nose up!
For the first time in this race, we felt the direct breath of fortune behind our ears, when everything was decided by a passing by, “out of business”, a therapist. At that moment I was already desperately googling another sports dispensary nearby with my iPhone. It was 11-30 Tuesday morning. At 14-00 of this day, Sveta had to be at the airport to fly on a business trip. To return Wednesday night.So that at 8-00 am on Thursday to go as part of the Gsi Rally team to his first race – the rally “Strugi Krasnye”. The certificates settled in the hands of indulgence forms, and we scattered about our business.

Our “combat” vehicle – “Shershavchik” – just a training or “capital” car. He is 18 years old, the last of which he spent in the role of a kid car: a car, which is first made a pink strut in a black body and a la racing neck of a gas tank, refueling through which is like writing through a zipped fly: the device is screwed on, of course through the ass.And only after that they care about whether the brakes or the transmission are working. We prepared Shershavchik (he is black matte) for the passage of the technical committee for safety – that is, we inserted a frame, seats and belts with carcasses, but no details for speed have been added since 1993, except for some lightening of the body, thanks to the beneficial effect of rust … Bilstein shock absorbers lost a few letters during the production process and turned into “Plaza”, assembled “inexpensively” inside standard Opel bodies.Springs are standard. Even standard brake pads – we didn’t have time to buy racing Ferodos. The box is standard. The non-standard thing about it is that the second and fourth gears fly out if you do not hold the lever with your hand: in technology this is called a “normally open system”.
We are driving on our own in buckets. I will have a million more opportunities to shake Sveta in the next couple of days, so friend Kostik takes a place in the right bucket. Ahead of 700 kilometers to Pskov through Pustoshka. A hundred kilometers after Rzhev, our technical support car with two Denis – a mechanic and a chief mechanic, for the first time in this race, gave up its ghost.The guys called back and promised to fix it, but we need to rush to Pskov for administrative checks: “… we already have losses. But life is a duel, what did you want. ” Then they called again to say that the car had been repaired, but it went so fast that the wheel jerked …
There was an opportunity to put Shershavchik in Moscow on an auto transporter to Pskov, but we just assembled the car, and I offered him this way, so that he had the opportunity to break even before the race – while there is time to fix it.

… Kostik started up in a bucket somewhere in the area of ​​the turn to the Pushkin Hills, looked around him with a wild look at a man who had slept well in four-point belts, and said:
Sokolov, you would at least clean your brains off the glass!
Summer is hot and horseflies are the size of a cow.All the glass is covered with their bodies, and in the middle there is a hefty blot of blood and bones of something gigantic.
The rally headquarters is an assembly hall of an abandoned club of a non-working factory, decorated in the spirit of the late Art Deco. The parquet is laid deliberately carelessly – so that one gets the impression that French aristocrats were stoking the stoves with fragments in the winter of 812. In the corners, the room is decorated with still lifes of artfully aged papyri and bottles covered with cobwebs and dust. Opposite the pediment with a copy of the organ of St. Peter’s Cathedral, there is an exit to an open terrace, from which a beautiful view of the best districts of Pskov opens.The shine of cocktail dresses is superbly set off by the roofing felt carpet, whimsically iridescent in the rays of the setting sun with myriads of mica inlay lights. The water supply of the architectural monument is solved in the same way as in the unique Warkwork castle on the border of England and Scotland. The moisture accumulated on the roof was fed into a large pool in the center of the battle tower – thus it was possible to withstand a prolonged siege without experiencing a shortage of water. Here is a similar solution – in the center of the building – inside the spiral of the spiral staircase, a pool is arranged, in which all moisture has accumulated during the entire operation of the facility.An unforgettable sight. A source of inimitable aromas of true freedom with a touch of decadence. In the toilets of the building, the so-called urimats are used (according to the latest German fashion) – toilets without water.

The organizers work incredibly well and kindly in all this. We received all the papers in 5 minutes, and Sveta sat down to write her first application: the technical inspection was scheduled for us at five tomorrow. We are writing a track on Shershavchik, familiarization up to five – and we will not have time on the technical committee.Rukogon Oleg Krylov – the best organizer I have ever traveled with, gives us a leave of absence until eight – we must be in time. From the highway to the headquarters – 130 km. It’s so compact: it could be rented under the headquarters and Tajmahal with such hauls.

We cross with Yarik – a frame builder and navigator from St. Petersburg, who gave us a sports registration certificate for the car, and the second crew of our team. “Azzki” by the fast Alexei: the famous Lucas-Lekhus-Lukyanuk and Arnautov on a real combat Astra – in a past life – a Vasya machine from Gazprom.They have our damn pretty jumpsuits. A basket of food and a bottle of Slava brandy for 244 rubles is the last thing in Pskov before rolling out to my dacha.

Yes: we live in my parents’ house. Mom and dad. Our whole camp is 9 people. Expensive, everyone except the drivers falls asleep. Somewhere in a roadside cafe there is a chronicler of the team Lesha Karin, who, so that he would not be bored of waiting for a technician who periodically fixes herself and does not drive fast, locked the keys to his car in the trunk.He has fun by practicing opening it with a rope loop and a stick. Every time, when at the first urge of some new hemorrhoids, Sveta looks at me inquiringly, I give her the mantra: “This is a rally.” Yes, it’s a rally.

We’re close to midnight at home. After 1000 kilometers. The mechanics caught up with us an hour later. Lunch in a close circle, and in bunks, which were enough for almost everyone. Denis, the chief mechanic, went to sleep in the car, and I threw the bones on the floor under the stove. My only concern is that no one stepped on my ear while going to the toilet.Everybody snores. The rise of the crew is half past seven and zip for familiarization. The mechanics need to cross the WMD negotiation room with Steelo’s bright helmet. There were simply no others available.
We start from Central Square Struga Red City on the Road Book. After a couple of kilometers, we fall onto a level grader and stop to batten down the windows. Very dusty. The stove is cold, the fan is full. From the engine compartment, the cold comes rather relative – 55 degrees Celsius. I remember the cardiograms, wait for a dubblinfarction from the mikarda, and open the window.A yellow cloud climbs inside and Light is lost somewhere in the road dust. But this is better than spending 8 hours in the sauna. We do not have an odometer or a speedometer, but Oleg Krylov’s team kindly set up signs at the bends, and we are not much mistaken.
Sveta takes out a navigator’s notebook and I feel uneasy – these are ten leaves of a tear-off notebook, glued together along the upper edge. Even a third of the transcripts will not fit here, it will be impossible to turn these pages on the go, and half of the sheets will be lost even before the end of the acquaintance.I’m chilly without air conditioning. OK! I try not to grumble. It turns out badly. Who’s guilty? I!
We will write the first supplement here, the rest – in a new notebook. We will buy in Strugi. This is a study trip. We learn everything.
By the end of the third check of SS1, a couple of hours had passed. The interior of the car is sand-colored. Light – sandy color. The skin is sandy. I bet that the wrong side of the lungs is sandy in color. I try to breathe on the asphalt – I have forgotten how to do it. It hurts to inhale. I cough like a smoker – with a smoke. Whether there will still be – this is only a third of the introduction, and we are already so beautiful.

We met Lesha Shmelev – a colleague from Kar magazine – he was traveling according to the journalistic program Logan Supa with the wise Safoniy Lotko, who traveled with everyone with whom he could only. They have a cabin filter. We are jealous and dusty. We bought the notebook and we are starting to record SS 2.4 with a length of 22 kilometers: one circle along the Nordschleife in dust and without a fence. The move will be the same: the road is interesting, three-dimensional and very fast. There will be fourth gear everywhere. We don’t have it. Fine. On the stage we get lost – there is an exit from the road to the quarry.Slammed in the dust with no odometer. 80 kilometers of run through the dust, one attempt out of three and an hour out of 6 trampled into dust. Dust. Infernal dust.
Write again. We are not lost. Closer to the end of the special stage, we write a springboard flight. It will be beautiful here – even on familiarization, the car is slightly unloaded. We check – another 80 km of soil has been run. Time – 3. No strength, no way to breathe, there is one more extra. At five o’clock maximum you have to be at the dacha – wash the car, stick on the obligatory stickers and side numbers, pick up all the snot, and rush to the technical checks in Pskov for 130 km.

We write SU 3.5 as professionals. We check – we fix it quickly. We are not going for the third time.

On the way to the dacha (50 km of run) we come across a sign 40. The traffic cop comes to the open window, I give him the documents, he inhales the cloud knocked out of my T-shirt, turns purple, coughs, retreats, writes out. We press. Sveta is asleep in a buzzing buzzing bug named Shershavchik, when I slide along a forest road at a speed of about 150. On her face – bliss and serenity.
17-40 – we are at home.

Mechanics begin to wash the inside of the car with rags and water, just as they scrub the deck of an aircraft carrier after the Desert Storm. There is a swamp on the floor. It will dry out. Worse, the meeting room in the process of violent attempts at interspecies sex has died. We don’t have a meeting room! Now is not the time. I run to take a cold shower – Sveta needs warm water more. She is a girl and she needs to put herself in order as a human being. The boiler will last for 15 minutes – no more.
Everything is slightly delayed – the names of the crew are not pasted according to the regulations, but Denis says that there is more.I rip off and crumple the oraklovy alphabet into a fist. I take out new letters. They are black, in the wrong font, and twice as large. We unbend the crumpled ones. Delirium tremens. The names came out as funny as in the credits to the cartoon “Just You Wait”. Pam-pam-pam-pam-pam-pam-pam …
We are in Strugi at half past seven. We won’t make it until eight. Let’s fly. I’m just stupid dumb – twisting the steering wheel, changing gears.
At some point Yarik calls from Pskov
Where are you?
B …
Take your time. Tomorrow you will pass the technical committee – here everyone has already gone to bed.
We stop on the floor of the road. I’m sending the mechanics to rest. Lesha Karin and I are driving 100 km to Pskov to resolve the issue with a negotiation. We have a rare case – not only the meeting room burned down, but the Peltor headset in my helmet also died. It took an hour to find out. We bought a cheap Terratrip set – a block plus headsets for helmets. Leaving Moscow for some reason I took a 12-volt battery from the same meeting room. What for? Did you know? Do not know! But now it will come in very handy.
At half past ten we are home.You have to be on a coma in Strugi at 8:30. We rip the helmets, attach the headsets. Behind another 1000 km of dust. Sveta sleeps right on the couch. Her traditional question is on her face. On mine – the traditional answer: Sveta, this is a rally. Denis in the dark and in horseflies in the yard make a control examination of the suspension and cling to the combat soil wheels.

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