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7 Of The Best Mechanical Pencils — Archisoup

Lead advancement quality

Push button – Mechanical pencils have different mechanisms that they use to advance the lead. The most common type of lead advancement technique is the push button mechanism. This type of lead advancement mechanism have a push button that when clicked pushes a fixed amount of lead through the nib.

Most commonly the push button is located at the top of the pencil, but some have a button built into its clip or on the side.

Shaker – Another lead advancement mechanism is the shaker technique. The shaker technique works in a way such that when the pencil is shaken, there is an internal click mechanism that is activated by a sliding internal weight, which then advances the lead.

This technique has caught on since you are able to advance the lead without changing your grip.

Twist – Thirdly, a twist mechanism. This technique allows you to make continuous adjustments to the advancement of lead through twisting and turning of an adjustment located at the top of the pencil to advance and retract the lead. This mechanism allows you to choose your preferred length of lead.

Bend/body knock – The bend or body knock mechanism is another lead advancement technique that advances the lead when a specific joint in the grip section is squeezed.

Automatic – Lastly, this method advances more lead when a ratchet mechanism is activated by the pressure of lead on paper.

Lead size

Leads come in a large variety of widths and levels of hardness that generally speaking define the purpose they are used for.

Mechanical pencils with different lead sizes are used for different purposes. The thinnest leads (0.2mm – 0.4mm) are ideal for the most compact equations requiring small spaces and for adding the finest of fine details to artwork. They are also best suited for people with small handwriting.

All-purpose leads are the most common lead size (0.5mm – 0.7mm) since they provide a wide range of styles and features. All-purpose leads are suitable for writing at most sizes and drawing details at most sketching sizes. 

Thick leads (0.9mm – 1.3mm) are uncommon and are best suited for people who make bold sketches, have extra large handwriting, or press with a very heavy hand. Thick leads feel smoother compared to smaller lead sizes and they do not dig into the paper.

Top 7 Best Mechanical Pencil for Architects [Reviews+Buyer’s Guide]

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

For an architect, a regular wooden pencil isn’t suitable when they’re drawing and designing since these pencils lose their edge very easily. This leads to thick and rough lines, which aren’t uniform. They also make for inaccurate designs. That’s why architects prefer to go for mechanical pencils.

But there’s another problem. There’s a difference between quality mechanical pencils, and the ones you’ll find for $5 at Walmart. The trick lies in finding which pencils are good, and what qualities make them that good.

If you’re an architect, here are some of the best mechanical pencils that you can look into.

Best Mechanical Pencil 

1. Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil

Rotring is widely known to make some of the best drawing instruments in the market, and the 600 drafting pencil is no different. This is one of the best tools in their product lineup.

The metal body is not just sturdy and able to take the wear and tear of daily use, but it’s also shafted to ensure that it doesn’t roll off the drafting table when you put it down.

Rotring’s unique brass mechanism for lead advancement means that you’ll get a precise amount of lead every time. You won’t have to worry about pushing the lead in and out to get the perfect length. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have the retractable mechanism of its older brother, the 800.

Another thing to note is that it uses 0.35mm lead, which can be a bit more difficult to find. But in this age of online shopping, that shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

At $28, it’s not that expensive, and easily affordable for any serious architect.


  • Hexagonal body provides a stress-free writing experience
  • Lead hardness grade indicator allows you to quickly find out what lead you’re using
  • Great lead advancement mechanism


  • No retractable lead mechanism

2. Rotring 800 Drafting Pencil

The elder brother of the rOtring 600 drafting pencil, this one is more expensive than its predecessor, but it’s also worth the $45 asking price.

One of the most striking things to note is that this pencil comes in two variants, one that accepts 0.5mm lead and another that accepts 0.7mm lead. If you’re personally inclined to one of those two, you can pick up this pencil without worry.

The ergonomic metal barrel is designed to provide a fatigue-free experience, especially when your sessions are long.

The writing end has a knurled grip, making it very comfortable to write with. The brass lead advancement mechanism provides exactly the amount of lead that you need, without needing to push it inside.

One standout feature of this pencil is the twist and click feature, which retracts the tip and lead into the pencil when you’re carrying it. This way, there’s no chance of damage.

If you’re serious about your drafting, drawing, and writing, then this is a must-have in your arsenal.


  • Ergonomic metal barrel is great to use and doesn’t fall off the drafting table when not in use
  • Knurled metal grip makes it easy and comfortable to hold when writing
  • Twist and click retract feature makes it durable


  • At $45, it’s a hard asking price for a pencil

3. Pilot Drafting Pencil

Pilot is another name that’s famous in the world of stationery, and for good reason. The Pilot Drafting Pencil has a big reputation to live up to, and it does a stellar job of that.

One of the things that make this pencil stand out is the birch wood construction. This truly brings a luxurious appearance to the pencil and takes your eye towards it, even with the plethora of other tools on your drafting table. This wood is available in two variants, a dark brown and dark red stained finish.

It uses 0.5mm lead, so it can draw clean and sharp lines without dulling or thickening the line. But if you’re someone that prefers a thinner 0.3mm lead, then this pencil is available in that variant as well.

It’s got a solid and luxurious feel, and it does get the job done fairly well. If you’re in the market for a mechanical pencil that is about the style as well as the function, then this is worth taking a look at.


  • Luxurious birch wood design
  • Available in 0.3mm and 0.5mm variants
  • Also available in a ballpoint pen format


  • Doesn’t have any tip protection features

4. Alvin Draft-Matic Pencil

The Alvin Draft-Matic Pencil is one that most professionals will already have, or want to have. It’s a great pencil. It’s also rather inexpensive, at $10.

The stainless steel construction makes it one of the better choices if you’re worried about it being able to take a few knocks during daily use.

The 4mm tip is solid and supports the lead solidly, so there’s very little chance of breakage during use.

If you’re a person that likes having an eraser under the rear cap, then this is perfect for you.

It comes packaged with B grade lead, making your drawing lines a bit darker and thicker than usual. But if that’s not your style; you can always switch it out for harder lead.

The Alvin-Draft Matic is one of the more affordable pencils on this list, but at the same time, also one of the most desirable and popular. Architects often study with this pencil and carry it forward into the field with them. And with the quality and features it has, it’s not hard to see why.


  • Comes with 0.5mm B grade lead for dark and bold lines
  • Inexpensive, coming in at $10
  • Comfortable grip and sturdy construction


  • Not as flashy as some other offerings

5. Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil

The Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil is a dream to own since even when you’re choosing, you’re getting a metric ton of options when it comes to lead sizes, bundles, leads, erasers, and whatever else you could think of.

It starts at the lower end at $4 for a 0.3mm pencil but moves onto $25 for a pack of 2 pencils that use 0.9mm.

But the Pentel GraphGear 500 offers more than just variety. The 4mm tip makes it easy to draw technical drawings and templates without the pencil tip breaking.

The metallic grip is knurled, making it easy to grip and use.

Among the many options, there are multiple erasers, the slot for which is built into the clicking back tip. You won’t find any annoying side clickers to get the lead out. If you’re in the market for a pencil that accepts most varieties of lead and is good for technical work, then the Pentel is one mechanical pencil that you should be taking a very close look at.


  • Knurled grip is easy to hold onto and makes work effortless
  • Available in a wide variety of bundles and lead sizes


  • Tends to roll off the drafting table at times

6. Hexomatic 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil

You’d be forgiven if you mistook this for a rOtring pencil. It’s certainly got the same design and hallmarks as one. But this is a brand called Hexomatic.

It’s built solidly, with durable metal construction, letting you take it anywhere without worrying about breaking the pencil or the lead. One of the best parts about this is that the pencil doesn’t feel overly heavy. That’s something that a lot of metal mechanical pencils suffer from, but this one is a welcome exception.

It accepts 0.7mm lead, letting you draw precise lines and thick borders with ease. The hexagonal construction isn’t just another rOtring trait for show. It also prevents your pencil from rolling off the drafting table when you put it down.

The knurled finish on the writing end makes it easy to use without fatigue or a slippery grip.

At $45, it’s not cheap. But, what you are getting is impeccable build quality, easy and tireless writing and drawing experience, and a lot of precise and beautiful work.


  • rOtring inspired design makes it beautiful and aesthetic
  • Hexagonal design makes it easy to grip and hold
  • Knurled finish makes writing easy

7. Carand’Ache 844 Mechanical Pencil

Don’t pass this up at first glance. Arguably, the bright yellow color does make this look somewhat like a kids’ mechanical pencil. But that’s where you’d be wrong. Made by Carand’Ache, this is one of the more expensive mechanical pencils on offer, coming in at $43.

It’s built with solid aluminum, making a hexagonal metal body. But that metal body isn’t just for show. It’s made to help architects write and draw well, ensuring that they can grip the pencil easily.

Another thing to note is that this pencil only accepts 0.7mm lead. But considering that’s the favorite for a lot of architects when they’re looking to do some precise work, that’s not even a problem.

The color that first strikes you is another technical marvel since it’s an electrostatic powder coating. This makes it a lot more durable and less prone to scratching than traditional liquid paints.

Also, it’s also got an eraser at the clicking end, making it useful if you find yourself missing your eraser somewhere.


  • Beautiful electrostatic powder coat makes this a beautiful pencil
  • Aluminum build quality is solid, durable
  • Hexagonal body is easy to hold

More often than not, we leave pencil choice to personal preference, but there is a level of deliberation that you should take into when you’re deciding your work instruments. These best mechanical pencils posses the power to change how you do your designs. So, go ahead and give them a try!

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11 Best Drafting Pencils Right Now Reviewed

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

From the time we first learned to write to the experts that we’ve grown to become, the pencil remains one of our favorite stationery. And it’s the go-to-tool for giving shape to an artist’s brilliant ideas!

The art of drafting schematics and blueprints by hand has gradually fallen out of trend, but drafting pencils have somehow managed to hold a firm position for many decades.

After all, it helps in the very first stage of creating any great piece of work. For every designer, doodler, or artist, owning a set of quality drafting pencils is pretty crucial.

The growing dependence on drafting pencils is not just for its quality and experience but also for the textured grip that ensures better control and comfort.

Now, with the range of available options, it can get challenging to navigate through the pencil aisle to find one that perfectly suits your needs. So, to simplify things, we’ve compiled some of the best drafting pencils to help you make an informed decision.

Best Drafting Pencils

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil

The Rotring 600 is one of the most well-designed drafting pencils. It makes for an ideal professional tool for drawing, sketching, and technical writing. It also features the rotrings original design with its complete body and non-slip metal grip. It’s available in three different lead sizes – 0.35mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm.


We wanted to add a fine grip drafting pencil to our collection, and this was our first purchase from Rotring. Our colleagues suggested the 600 series, and after using it a few times, we could find a difference in the quality of our drawings.

This is an iconic mechanical pencil; it comes with a knurled grip and brass mechanism that ensures precise lead advancement. Moreover, the fixed lead guidance sleeve helps to prevent lead breakage, and it also offers a clear view of the page.

We can’t stop marveling at the ergonomic built of this drafting pencil that helps to balance out the weight of its metal construction. When it comes to comfort, it has a hexagonal barrel so we can work for extended periods without any fatigue or discomfort.

It doesn’t slide when we set the pencil down on angled drafting tables; therefore, it stays where it was earlier placed without any disturbance. And the sliding sleeve offers an incredibly high level of break resistance.

This design makes it easier for us to carry out precise drawings, especially when using a ruler. Overall, the manufacturing quality of this pencil is pretty good, and it’s great for making accurate designs.


  • Perfect weight distribution for better performance
  • Metal barrel that ensures lifetime usage
  • Offers a comfortable stellar grip


  • It comes with an inner plastic tube that is prone to breakage if not handled carefully

2. Rotring 800 Drafting Pencil

You’ll find a variety of mechanical pencils in the market, but rOtring is known for its quality products and rich history. The 800 series is a popular upgrade from the earlier iconic model. This version offers higher precision and quality with its unique ‘twist and clicks’ mechanism.


We have used a wide range of mechanical pencils, and we wanted to try out something new, so we opted for this Rotring 800 after reading a lot of reviews. The first thing we noticed about this innovative drafting pencil is the brilliant design, and the fact that it feels pretty hefty in our hands. But, the heavy barrel and cylindrical knurled grip give a remarkable tactile experience.

The features of this drafting pencil is very innovative, which we didn’t find in many other brands. Even when we place this pencil on a tilted surface, it doesn’t roll down because of its hexagonal shape.

Plus, the retractable tip is one of the key features of this model that makes the pencil more durable and safe for usage. To extend the tip for drawing or writing, we have to twist the end. And to retract the tip, we need to twist it in reverse.

It also has a refillable eraser that works perfectly well for both polymer and graphite pencil lines. This pencil comes with a lead indicator, which is an exciting feature because we get to know what type of lead is being used before we start with our work. All in all, the flawless design of this pencil provides the professional drafting experience that we were on the lookout for.


  • Convenient to use during long-term drafting sessions
  • Has a stylish yet classic look
  • Accurate lead advancement system that prevents lead breakage
  • Features a retractable tip


  • It’s one of the most expensive drafting pencils

3. Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Drafting Pencil

This drafting pencil is commonly used by architects and other designers for technical drawings. The classic design of the Staedtler Mars 780 is suitable for those who like using lead holders. However, the trend of lead holders has hit rock bottom with its limited users, even though it boasts of exceptional German engineering. To find out why we have included this pencil in our list, let’s move to the following section.


We have been using Staedtler drafting pencils for quite some time now, and this brand stands out for its excellent quality products. When we wanted to purchase a new lead holder, we came across this product, and we ordered 3 pieces in total. It uses a 2mm lead, and to make things easier while working, we have loaded them with HB, 2B, and 4B leads accordingly.

As far as the mechanical process is concerned, it holds up pretty well, and it doesn’t clog up like the other thin lead drafting pencils. We love that these new models have rotary sharpeners for the leads, so we can use it to make the tip sharper when required.

We also prefer the top-clutch mechanism that secures the lead and holds it together for a smooth workflow. With less moving parts and sturdy metal construction, we believe that the Staedtler Mars 780 is a great drafting pencil for everyday use.


  • Placed within a reasonable price range
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Has a quality construction
  • Multifunctional use


  • It doesn’t have an eraser

4. Pilot S20 Drafting Pencil

Pilot is a common name in the world of stationery. Known for their exquisite designs that help to maximize comfort and stability. The birch body has been polished to give the exterior a silky, velvety feel. It lives up to the expectations of the user, as it continues to deliver a stellar performance.


We have used a variety of drafting pencils, but they all had a metal casing. The birch wood construction makes this drafting pencil stand out amongst the other stationeries that we’ve got on the table. This pencil features a lead grade indicator, soft metal accents, and a capped eraser.

It produces very fine markings, and we haven’t faced any issues with the paper tearing, scoring, or puncturing due to pressure. Moreover, the lead size is 0.5mm, which is a little small, but it writes pretty smoothly. The lead sleeve is not retractable so, we prefer not to carry it around.

Best of all, the wood feels great in hand, and it’s not top-heavy. Also, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable after prolonged use. It’s a lightweight drafting pencil with an ergonomic design which makes for a great tool for our drawing and writing work.


  • Luxurious birch wood design
  • Lightweight drafting pencil
  • Comes with an eraser
  • Available in the ballpoint pen format


  • Could be a pretty expensive buy

5. Pentel Arts Graph Gear 1000 Drafting Pencil Set

Pentel has a rich history of designing unique writing instruments that come within an affordable price range. The Gear 1000 is equipped with more features and upgrades than the earlier models.This is a superior drafting pencil that comes in a set of 4, which includes a 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm lead size.


We read a lot of reviews about Pentel and the quality of its products, which helped us opt for this set. For drafting purpose, we generally need a good pencil; therefore, we were ready to stretch our budget for purchasing this set. When we opened the box, we found the pencils looking more like some fancy equipment. The four different lead sizes are of great support for our everyday use.

The pencils have a stain silver finish, and they are color-coded as per the lead size, which makes it more convenient. When it comes to the grip, we can say that the soft textured rubber parts help to increase comfort when we use the pencil for long hours.

It has a well-balanced weight distribution, and it gets easy to work with it without having to put in any additional effort. The unique dual-action retractor is a great feature that prevents the lead from breaking, and we can safely carry it with us. Overall, the design, advanced features, and smooth usage make it a value-added product.


  • High-polymer leads are pretty easy to refill
  • Retractable mechanism
  • Rubber grip helps to ensure comfortable writing
  • Durable


  • Comes with a very small eraser

6. Alvin Draft-Matic Drafting Pencil

If you’re a professional looking for a pencil that will help you perform efficiently, you should check out this model. The stainless steel construction ensures long term usage. It features a cushion point that helps to control your writing and reduces lead breakage. The 4mm stainless steel sleeve provides accurate drawing even when you are working with thick edges.


For design students from all backgrounds, be it engineering, architecture, fashion, or other fields, there is an immense need for a quality drafting pencil. So, we are always in search of a quality pencil. We found this piece to be one of the most affordable products and a popular one amongst the rest.

It has a 4mm tip that holds the lead solidly, and we haven’t had any issues with the lead breaking during our drawing sessions. The lightweight construction makes it simple to work with it for many hours without any feeling of fatigue.

The comfortable grip and sturdy construction make it ideal for accurate drawing. We have also been using it for writing purposes and its pretty smooth to work with. Overall, this a pretty versatile product, and it perfectly suits our needs.


  • Comes with a 0.5 mm lead for bold and dark lines
  • Has an excellent design
  • Comfortable grip and well-balanced weight distribution


  • Can get damaged when dropped from a height

7. Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil

This is the perfect automatic drafting pencil, as it’s designed to deliver precision and control with great ease. It features a classy, metallic mesh grip, that surrounds the slim, beveled barrel. You can get this pencil in four different lead sizes ranging from 0.3mm to 0.9mm. The pencil comes with a 4mm lead sleeve which is ideal for technical drawings and template work.


We wanted a pencil that would give us the cold, solid, heavy metal feel of the traditional mechanical drafting pencils. After reading a ton of reviews, we decided to order this model because it fits in our budget without any compromise on its performance. It has the seamless clicking and clipping mechanism, and the metal grip gives it a high-end look.

The 4mm tip makes it simple for us to use this pencil when working with templates and rulers. Also, it has a small eraser that is attached to the end, and it’s pretty easy to refill. The Hi-polymer lead is not prone to breakage, and we don’t need to refill it often.

It doesn’t need to be sharpened, and it effortlessly produces crystal clear dark lines. This outstanding pencil is a steal for its superior quality as well as sturdy construction that makes it perfect for using it daily.


  • 4mm tip which is best for working with templates, rulers, etc
  • Hi-polymer lead
  • Modern design that comes with a traditional twist
  • Value-added product


  • Metal grip might not be comfortable for all

8. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Gun Metallic Drafting Pencil

This pencil is made with resin polymer, and it uses the lead rotating technology. To take out the lead, you need to follow the twist and turn mechanism. It has a sleek, premium-quality metal body that looks clean and luxurious. Plus, it has a metal tip of 0.5mm, and it uses the regular HB type lead, which makes it easy to get clear, dark lines.


We placed an order for this pencil after we saw a massive demand for this product among our classmates. It’s evident that in the field of designing, a quality pencil makes a significant difference in the output.

This pencil has a retractable tip, so we can easily carry it around with us without worrying about any form of accidental injury. It’s slightly heavier than the other drafting pencils, but we love its cold, heavy metal feel, especially when we are working for long hours.

It comes with an integrated ratchet mechanism that rotates the lead whenever we lift the pencil from the page. With such brilliant technology, we always have a consistent and sharp lead point. The grip section is made using metal, which is comfortable to hold. Overall, we enjoy completing our projects using this pencil that comes with a bunch of innovative features.


  • Suitable for prolonged writing and designing tasks
  • Features a revolutionary lead technology
  • Uses 0.5mm diamond-infused lead


  • The lead is unique, so you can’t find them easily

9. Koh-i-Noor Drafting Pencil

This stunning drafting pencil uses 5.6mm lead that produces thick and dark lines. It has a sleek design. And the classy metal black body with silver accents makes it stand out amongst the rest. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you in your writing, sketching or technical drawing work, this model makes for an ideal choice.


We were looking out for a pencil that we could use for sketching as well as writing, and we already had plenty of thin tip drafting pencils. This is the first time that we are trying out a pencil that has a lead size of 5.6 mm. To our surprise, this pencil looks and feels incredible. The size is unobtrusive and comfortable, in terms of usage and aesthetics.

It comes filled with an excellent quality lead that helps in producing solid, dark strokes with a fine texture. We can also sharpen the tips easily because the sharpener is the cap of the pencil. Moreover, the tension of the clip can be adjusted, and it’s heavy-duty, so it stays in place when we are carrying it around.

We have dropped this pencil a couple of times, and there hasn’t been any damage till now. The sturdy construction and durability of this product is perfect for its price, making it suitable for outdoor use.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Slightly heavy but has a well-balanced weight distribution
  • Uses a 5.6mm lead that produces precise and consistent values

10. Uni Kuru- Toga Pipe Slide Drafting Pencil

The design and innovative features of this drafting pencil are brilliant. It’s equipped with a pipe slide system and cross rotation mechanism. This pencil works in a way that the lead inside rotates each time you lift the tip from the page. As a result of which you’ll be getting a sharp tip that helps you write evenly instead of a wedge-shaped tip.


We were quite excited when we saw this new version of the Kuru Toga pencil and ordered it immediately. This model has a consistent mechanism that functions efficiently without breaking the lead. It uses 0.5 mm HB lead, and whatever we draw, it ends up looking precise and crystal clear. We have also used this pencil for writing notes; the overall work looked crisp and consistent.

This pencil helps us produce some real quality work, and our shadings have improved drastically. The consistency of our drawings and writings has a smooth flow to it. Moreover, it has a retractable tip and unique pipe slide mechanism that makes it safe for our pockets.

Also, the lead rotates after every 20 strokes that prevent lead breakage. In terms of ergonomics, it has a lightweight design, and the clear-plastic grip makes it comfortable to work for long hours.


  • Made of quality materials
  • Uses an innovative rotating lead mechanism
  • Diamond-infused lead produces clear, sharp lines


  • You need to click it several times to advance the lead

11. Pilot Dr. Grip Drafting Pencil

The Pilot Dr. Grip pencil has a metallic barrel that gives it a luxurious and sophisticated feel. It comes with an ergonomic design grip which is specially designed for people who work for long hours or have arthritis. There is an even weight distribution that creates very light pressure on the hands. What makes this product more unique is the shaker mechanism.


We are usually quite selective about the pencil that we purchase because comfort plays a vital role in helping us produce quality work. One of our friends recommended the pilot Dr. Grip Model for its well-crafted design. We must say that it’s not just the aesthetics that stands out in this product, but the 0.5mm lead sizes make it suitable for different tasks.

The pencil has a double-layered grip that ensures soft handling, we often use this pencil for long hours, but we never faced any issues with its weight. For the best part, we don’t have to adjust our grip for pressing the button to advance the lead. We need to shake the pencil once or twice to push the lead gently.

Moreover, we find the usage of this model to be relatively simple when compared to the other drafting pencils. It’s the most comfortable pencil that we have used in a long time.


  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Well-designed grip that reduces fatigue on hands
  • Requires a gentle shaking action to advance the lead


  • It doesn’t have a retractable tip

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Drafting Pencil

1. Build quality

The way the product feels in your hand depends on its weight and ergonomics. Therefore, you should check whether the drafting pencil has a balanced weight distribution or not. This not only keeps you from fatigue after using the pencil for long durations, but it also helps you work more smoothly.

For a durable drafting pencil, you should check out the ones that are made with stainless steel or quality wood.

2. Lead quality

This is an essential factor that you need to consider when choosing a drafting pencil. Using the right lead makes a significant difference in the quality of your work. The hardness of the lead helps to determine how dark or light the pencil writes.

3. Lead size

The leads of drafting pencils come in a variety of sizes which is used for different purposes. For instance, the pencils that come with thin leads (0.2mm to 0. 4mm) are most suitable for adding small details to your work.

Plus, the all-purpose drafting pencil has a standard lead size of 0.5mm to 0.7mm, which is best for writing and sketching. Whereas, for making bold sketches or for extra-large handwriting the thick leads of about 0.9mm to 0.13mm would work ideally.

4. Balanced grip

Drafting pencils that come with a rubber cover help to provide a better grip and comfort when working for long hours. You can also find pencil grips that are designed for diverting heat away from your hand. This feature allows you to hold the pencil without your hands getting slippery with sweat.

Lead advancement quality

You can find drafting pencils with many types of lead advancement mechanisms, but the most common ones are:

  • Shaker mechanism- Pencils that use this mechanism are the easiest to use. You need to give the pencil a firm shake a few times to advance the lead. There is some weight installed inside the casing that clicks the button for you, and a quick flick does the job.
  • Twist-Click Mechanism- When you’re using these pencils, you’ll have to twist the top of the barrel to adjust the lead to the desired level. For pushing the lead back inside, you need to twist and hold the button.

The simple user mechanism of drafting pencils is undoubtedly worth all the hype that surrounds this brilliant piece of stationery. It has gradually replaced the wooden pencils for its durability and higher comfort level that helps to reduce fatigue when you’re working for long hours.

Even though it has a higher price tag, this small investment will last for a lifetime if handled carefully.

Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find a quality drafting pencil. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy the creative process!

Until next time!

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  • With a pencil, an architect or artist is allowed to make mistakes from time to time. Erasersare an architect’s best friend. Sometimes your lines don’t come out the way you intended and you need to start over. Erasable pens leave indentions and don’t work very well for an architect’s needs.
  • With your average pencil, you’re stuck constantly sharpening it to keep it sharp and keep your line widths consistent. It becomes dull after so much use and breakages. Mechanical pencils, however, don’t require sharpening. If you’re concentrating and your ideas are flowing, you don’t want to interrupt that flow with the task of sharpening your pencil. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to refill your mechanical pencil.
  • You’ll always have consistent line widthswhen using a mechanical pencil. The width of a line depends on the width of the lead. A normal pencil’s width will change and depends on the sharpener being used. The duller it gets, the wider the line. With a mechanical pencil, you get to choose the width by the lead you use. The lines will always be consistent with each other, it will never be an issue.

Best 5 Mechanical Pencils for Architects

Modern Fuel’s mechanical pencil is an update from their original pencil, which started as a campaign on Kickstarter. This pencil is one of the most amazing pencils any architect could come into contact with. This pencil beats every other pencil in quality.

The dedication to heirloom quality and the perfect engineering is what makes this mechanical pencil so special. First, this pencil is made of metal, making it a much higher quality pencil than the cheap plastic models that are easy to break. Better yet, you get to choose what material you’d like your personal pencil to be made of. You get to choose between titanium, copper, or stainless steel.

Every pencil that’s made is tested for perfect balance to ensure a high quality and equal drafting experience. You get to choose the lead size to fit your project and you can even switch it up if you have two pencils. The retractable tip ensures there will never be damage to your pencil.

Modern Fuel makes a promise for a forever pencil, a mechanical pencil that will last you forever. If not, they promise to either replace or fix the pencil.

Staedtler makes high-quality pens and pencils right out of Germany. With 180 years of experience under their belt, they’ve been innovators in the writing and drawing utensil industry. They’re also dedicated to eco-friendly products.

Staedtler’s Mars 780 Technical mechanical pencil has been a favorite for architects and serious artists across the board. It uses 2mm lead and has a great grip for stability while drafting and drawing. It also has a push button as well as a built-in lead sharpener.

Retro 1951 was created in 1990 to design the best pens and pencils for everyone from the hobbyists to the professional. They are not only designed for convenience but they are also designed for fun and funky artists and drafters.

Retro 1951’s Hex-O-Matic mechanical pencil has a unique hexagonal metal design.

This brings comfort to your drafting experience. Between the metal barrel and the knuckled grip, it has a great balance of weight for stability.

Pilot has been a household pen brand in homes for decades. They’ve been designing high-quality pens and pencils with the customer’s needs and wants in the back of their mind. They’re also the 3rd largest instrument writing company in the United States.

Dr. Grip was created specifically for the comfort of the pencil user. It has an ergonomic cushion grip. This prevents your fingers from cramping up after spending a large amount of time on a project. It’s even been commended for Ease-of-Use

by the Arthritis Foundation.

Alvin has been a wholesaler company involved with high-quality drafting supplies since the 1950s. They supply numerous stores with supplies throughout the United States, Canada, and even a few other countries.

Alvin’s Draft Matic mechanical pencil is specifically designed for professionals like architects. It has stainless steel finger grips so it won’t slip from your fingers and it has cushion points to prevent blisters and callouses from pressure and constant use. It even has an eraser underneath the cap so it’s easy to access.


Architects are stacked with projects and have little time. You’re often under pressure and you want to put your best effort into every draft you create. The best architects have the best materials always at their fingertips.

From the right drafting paper to an old school ruler, every piece of material counts. This includes the pencil you use to work on your projects.

The Top 10 Best Sketching Pencils for Architects and Designers

No matter where technology lands in the 21st century, a creative mind can never stop longing for a good graphite pencil to start the masterpiece from scratch. A good sketching pencil is an essential tool for any artist but it is very important to add the right pencil to your collection which is not an easy task in today’s crowded and confusing stationery market.

 Here’s a complete list to discover the best pencil for the best respective work to make your choice easier:

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The Top 10 Colored Pencils for Professional Designers

1. Prismacolor Premier Graphite Drawing Pencils with Erasers & Sharpeners, 18-Piece Set

  • This is a perfect kit for beginners which consists of different grade pencils for a different kind of work.
  • Woodless graphite pencils in the kit produce bold and crisp strokes, which is perfect for detailing work.
  • The best part of this kit is its water-soluble graphite pencils which indeed creates magic with a transparent water wash.
  • Top-quality graphite in the pencils creates the best high tones as well as low tones.

2. Palomino Blackwing Pencils – 12 Count

  • This brand has a rich heritage with many renowned animators who produced world-famous works such as looney tunes, Disney, etc
  • The graphite has wax added to it which makes it different from other pencils of the market.
  • Produce very clear, dark, bright and bold strokes.
  • The only drawback it holds is that this pencil needs to be sharpened very frequently.

3. Faber-Castell Castell 9000 Pencil Set – Pack of 12

  • These are perfectly built pencils with varnish coating and gold stamping on it.
  • Its graphite is break-resistant since it is made up of a secured bonding process, which is perfect for sketching on large scale areas.
  • These are easy to sharpen and create a perfect blending effect on the surface.
  • The hold of a pencil is firm and does not crumble while sketching.

4. Caran D’ache Graphite Line, assort. 6 pencils

  • Perfect for professionals who require a vivid range of black color for their artworks
  • Extra fine pencils allow uniform shading for large areas without any hindrances.
  • Not only is it best for sketching but works perfectly for hatching, detailing and various mixed technique works.
  • These are hexagonal graphite pencils with a comfortable optimal grip.

5. LYRA Rembrandt Art Specials Pencils, Set of 12, Assorted Colors

  • This set of 12 assorted pencils comes in a metallic tin.
  • It is a pocket-friendly product and has the finest graphite quality which is break-resistant and does not require frequent sharpening.
  • Made up from pure cedarwood.
  • Suitable for not only sketching but detail technical work too.

6. Derwent Graphic Medium Graphite Pencils, 6B-4H

  • The best part of these pencils is that they are available to buy even individually.
  • Ideally works better for freestyle sketching because of bold strokes it offers
  • It is affordable than other available professional pencils in the market.
  • These pencils are hexagonal barrel designs with a perfect grip to hold for long working hours.

7. Staedtler Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil for Design and Drafting – Pack of 12

  • One of the most versatile pencil which is perfect for sketching as well as detail work.
  • It has a super bonded lead which makes it break-resistant pencil.
  • It is capable enough to produce soft as well as hard strokes according to pressure applied to pencil.
  • Beautiful packing comes in a metallic tin box.

8. Mono Professional Drawing Pencil Set – 12pcs – Assorted Degrees

  • These are high-density pencil so it does not require frequent sharpening.
  • Premium refined pencils crafted with cedarwood.
  • Break-resistant lead core which makes it perfect to use for long working hours.
  • Shading effect and blending effect produced with these pencils is simply commendable.

9. Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Graphite Pencils Set of 11

  • These pencils have water-soluble graphite which creates a beautiful effect when used with the splash of water.
  • The price is definitely on the higher side but it is literally worth the quality.
  • The entire kit comes with all the essential tools required for graphite drawing.
  • Perfect for shading and large scale works are made easier with this kit.

10. General Pencil Semi-Hex Graphite Drawing Pencils 12/Pkg

  • One of the oldest pencil manufacturing company who never failed to amaze its consumers.
  • Semi hexagonal pencils provide a firm grip to the artist.
  • Consists of softer graphite which produces perfect strokes for detail workmanship.
  • This pencil is capable to produce deepest black colors by delivering thick and thin gradation lines.

All the above-explained pencils offer a different level of quality in shading, blending, freestyle which results in an infinite variety of dramatic outcomes. Amongst all of them, Palomino Blackwing Pencils are undoubtedly my favorite and I can never go wrong with these pencils which produce luminous light and dark shades in sketching.  The wax added to it makes the usage even smoother and that results in producing velvety dark strokes to the work.

Hope this list was helpful if you have any thoughts and ideas for the same or you would like to add to the list, feel free to put forward your suggestions.

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