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20 cute pencil boxes and pencil pouches for back-to-school

It’s a whole new school year. Do your kids have the “write stuff” to make it a great one? It’s time to stock up on all of the back-to-school essentials, and a brand new pencil case is just what they need to start the school year off right. It keeps them organized, and keeps all of their writing supplies in tip top shape. Snap, zipper, or roll-up tidy, these cases will keep everything in place and easy to find. Say goodbye to dried up markers, busted pencil tips and exploding pens!

For more back-to-school essentials, we’ve got the best lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks and more to make sure your child is back-to-school ready.

1. A high-capacity case that shows some shimmer

Credit: Mibasies

Shimmery cases in over 15 styles give kids lots of fun options to choose from.

Boys and girls alike will enjoy the shimmery design options of these cool pouches that range in styles from unicorns to sharks. Parents will like that these cases can fit everything they need in one tidy place, with a special detachable section for pencils, a mesh pocket for storage and a wide enough space to hold a pretty sizable marker collection.

Get the Mibasies pencil case at Amazon for $17.99

2. An avoca-dorable pencil case

Credit: Claire’s

A sparkly, squeezy, avocado case!

This blushing avocado cutie will be the talk of the classroom, with its eye-catching sparkle and adorable design. It’s cute, it’s squeezable and the zipper closure keeps everything securely in place.

Get the glitter avocado pencil case at Claire’s for $10.19

3. A unicorn pencil pouch for a little magic

Credit: Claire’s

Tug the tail to reveal the magic.

Mythical, magical and ready for learning. This unicorn pencil pouch with sequins has a shimmery glitter horn and ears to match. Tug her tail to reveal your school day stash.

The unicorn pencil pouch at Claire’s for $10.19

4. A creeper case for the Minecraft-obsessed

Credit: Soocute

This creeper case is just right for the Minecraft-obsessed.

What kid isn’t into Minecraft? We know they’re dreaming of their favorite video game all day, but keep the creepers at home. This hardtop pencil case in an iconic pattern opens like a book, revealing mesh pockets, pencil slots and a hidden compartment for even more extra space.

Get the Minecraft creeper pencil case by Soocute at Amazon for $15.99

5. A cute pencil pouch that stands up to attention

Credit: Easthill

Pick just one? Speak for yourself.

Here, kitty, kitty! This stand-up, zip-top pencil pouch converts into a cute desktop caddy that’s certain to inspire lots of smiles. These feline friends, with friendly faces, come in four different colors.

Get the Easthill standup kitty case at Amazon for $9.99

6. A straightforward and classic case

Credit: Easthill

This understated satchel is for the super organized.

For the classic kid. This is an understated case that looks pretty on the outside, and works hard on the inside. With three roomy compartments, this case is just the right size for everything that needs carrying to and from school, and it keeps things super organized.

Get the Easthill 3-compartment pencil case at Amazon for $10.99

7. A custom case, to express their personal style

Credit: Compact Design Store

With so many cute options, you’re sure to find a perfect match for your child’s individual style.

If you have a little iconoclast on your hand, a one-of-a-kind case is just what you need. These customized cases not only store all of their school supplies, they are a perfect shout-out to their individual style.

Get the custom pencil case by Compact Design Store at Etsy for $12.99

8. A pencil sharpener and pencil case hybrid

Credit: Zavota

This little case looks sharp and comes with a built-in pencil sharpener.

Learning will stay on point with this smart little case that’s as cute as it is genius. Hidden in the top is a pencil sharpener to keep things sharp.

Get the Zovota pencil case with pencil sharpener at Amazon for $10.99

9. A towering case with princess power

Credit: Disney Store

Your kiddo will live happily ever after with this cute case.

This tiny tower will rule the kiddo kingdom. This enchanting case features princesses Snow White, Mulan, Cinderella and Belle perched in their windows, ready to accompany your child to school. One thing is for certain, any kid who has this pencil case will live happily ever after.

Get the Disney princess pencil case at Shop Disney for $12.99

10. A pencil box with puppy power

Credit: The Tin Box Company

First day jitters will be banished when they have the puppy patrol on their side.

Who couldn’t use a little puppy power to get through the day? A perfect case for your little one’s very first day; this cute case is sure to quell any first day jitters. This retro-style tin case with a handle is reminiscent of an ‘80s lunchbox, and just as durable.

Get the Paw Patrol pencil box by the Tin Box Company Store at Amazon for $6.99

11. A case that’s wild—and washable

Credit: Zipit

Cute enough to be a pet, but practical enough to keep your kids organized.

These hilarious and colorful cases bring a little bit of wild style to your kids’ days. Our family has these and can vouch that these cases are spacious and can fit an impressive amount of pens, pencils, crayons and more—they even fit a fairly sizable pencil sharpener. A wonderful bonus is these are, surprisingly, machine washable.

Shop Zipit Wildlings pencil cases at Amazon starting at $9.99

12. A monster case that’s a smart pencil stash

Credit: Zipit

Pen thieves don’t stand a chance against this toothy monster.

This ferocious face will keep pen thieves on their toes. These wacky monsters zip up their sharp “teeth” to hold everything in safely, but when you unzip their lips they’re ready to roar. These styles are super colorful, funky, funny and quirky—and they are also machine washable.

Shop the Zipit monster cases as Amazon starting at $8.99

13. A cute panda case that gives back

Credit: Yoobi

This pencil case looks adorable and does good!

This sweet purple panda is made of silicone and stands up for super-easy supply access. Its slim shape belies its space: It holds up to 15 pens while still managing to fit perfectly in a backpack. This is a cute case with a conscious: It’s PVC-free, made with FSC certified packaging and for every Yoobi item you purchase, another Yoobi item will be donated to a child in need, right here in the U.S. through their Yoobi Gives program.

Get the Yoobi purple panda pencil case at Amazon for $9.99

14. A case to settle all disputes

Credit: Herschel

A lifetime warranty guarantee that this pencil case will last.

It’s settled. This is one of the cutest pencil pouches around. Made by Herschel, this pencil case is made with the highest quality materials that are built to last. A limited lifetime warranty let’s you know that when they say this pouch is durable they mean it.

Get the Settlement Case at Herschel for $21.99

15. A tween-friendly case that’s to dye for

Credit: PB Teen

This tie-dye case is totally on trend.

The tie-dye trend shows no signs of quitting, and this cute case will keep your kid’s style quotient on point. This sustainably made zip-up case is from recycled water bottles and can be monogrammed to add a little bit of personal flair.

Get the Gear Up rainbow tie-dye pencil case from PB Teen for $12.50

16. A cute case with cuddly monsters that like to give back

Credit: State

Who could be scared of monsters this cute case.

This little case is so adorable it may be just the thing to cure your child’s monster fears. The backpack-like design has a cute carry loop and the case itself is made from a sturdy poly-canvas blend. Every bag purchased helps support State’s giving initiatives, including donating fully-packed backpacks at bag drop rallies.

Get the State Clinton case at Maisonette for $25

17. A sweet bag with a handmade look

Credit: My Little Shop UK

A little UK style for back-to-school.

For the kid (or parent) with a cottagecore aesthetic, this adorable bag sports a handmade style that is just as at home holding art supplies in a meadow as it is taking pencils to and from school.

Get the Liberty of London personalize pencil case at The Tot for $28

18. An Avengers-themed case to marvel over

Credit: Marvel

This pencil case has super hero style.

Bring some super power to their school day. Spiderman, Thor, the Hulk and friends are there to make their day a little bit more powerful and a whole lot more organized.

Get the Marvel Avengers pencil case at Amazon for $12.99

19. A high-capacity case that they’ll roar over

Credit: Wepop

They’ll be ready to roar with this cool case.

T-Rex was the king of the dinosaurs and this hard pencil case is the king of kids’ pencil boxes. A double mesh pocket for storage and a six-pencil slip-holder make this case not only cool, but incredibly practical.

Get the dinosaur pencil case by Wepop at Amazon for $15.99

20. A straightforward case with serious style

Credit: Aiphamy

The dabbing unicorn is our favorite.

True, it’s hard to look at other styles when one of the prints is a unicorn dabbing, but these straightforward, zip-up pencil cases come in an array of super-cute designs that will keep kids smiling. These bags have a sturdy zipper and are lightweight—so they look good without weighing you down.

Get the Aiphamy pencil case at Amazon starting at $7.99

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Pencil Drawings: History, Development of Lead-Pencils

Types of Lead Pencil

Pencils are available in traditional form,
enclosed in a wooden shaft, or as graphite sticks. These sticks are made
from high-grade compressed graphite, formed into thick chunky sticks.
The draftsman can vary the marks made by using the point, the flattened
edge of the point or the length of the stick. The graphite stick is the
preferred medium of many artists, for its variable density of tone.

History of the Lead Pencil

In Greek art,
draftsmen and painters used a metal stylus (often made of lead) to draw
on papyrus. During the era of Renaissance
art, the stylus was used in conjunction with a variety of different
metallic alloys to create exquisite Renaissance
drawings in Italy and Germany. Apprentice artists actually used an
empty stylus to practice drawing by making easily removable indentations
on tablets. These fine stylus-type instruments may be considered the forerunners
of today’s graphite pencil.

The first mention of a writing implement
with a graphite core inserted into a wooden holder was made by the Swiss-German
scientist and naturalist Conrad Gesner in 1565, but the modern lead-pencil
only emerged much later after an unusually pure lode of graphite was discovered
at Borrowdale in the English Lake District. Despite success by both German
and American pencil makers, it is the Frenchman Nicolas-Jacques Conde
who is credited with inventing the modern pencil in the 18th century,
when a method was found of combining graphite with clay. Current leaders
in pencil making and production include the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil and
art supplies company, Faber-Castell, Sanford. See also: Graphic


Today, the majority of pencils are graded or classified according to the
European system using a spectrum from ‘H’ (hardness) to ‘B’ (blackness).
The regular writing pencil is graded HB, while the hardest is 9H and the
softest is 9B. In simple terms, the differing grades are achieved by varying
the ratio of graphite to clay, during manufacture. The more clay used,
the harder the pencil.

Other Types of Pencil

There are several other types of fine
art pencils for artists and draftsmen. They include: coloured pencils,
made not from graphite but from a mixture of clay, pigment and wax; charcoal
pencils, made from compressed charcoal; crayon pencils, made from pigment,
graphite, gum and grease; as well as watercolour pencils and a range of
modern implements like col-erase and other markers.

22 best online shops for stationery addicts in 2020

And the good thing is, you don’t have to trek into town to fulfil your craving. There are many great sources of stunning stationery online, and we select the best ones here, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Inchiostro and Paper prides itself on being “inspirational, ethical, minimal”, and who wouldn’t want all of that from your stationery? Its notebooks, journals and planners are also rather beautiful, not to mention efficient and organised. Founded in 2017, this boutique store is based in Italy (the name is Italian for ‘ink’) but ships its gorgeous products worldwide.

This store, founded in 2012 and based in Covent Garden, sells a fabulous array of stationery products, as well as decorative paper, art materials and office supplies. You’ll find an astonishing selection of rare and exquisite stationery here; items chosen with love for both their utility and beauty. Choosing Keeping will ship worldwide for orders of £10 and over.

Named by Tatler as one of the best stationery shops in the UK, Oh Squirrel was founded in London by product designer Katie Wagstaff in 2012. It’s filled with unique, handmade stationery, homeware and party supplies inspired by vintage photos, typography, botanical imagery and retro fabrics. Bear in mind your order will take between one and five days to be made, with shipping time on top of that.

Image courtesy of Oh Squirrel

Based in Covent Garden, London Graphic Centre has been serving the UK’s design and arts communities since 1973. They are dedicated to making exploring, discovering and buying the best creative supplies and design-led stationery easy for graphic designers, architects, artists, fashionistas, enthusiasts and students. The online store mirrors the retail space and can deliver same-day to London, next-day across the UK and to most overseas locations.

Founded in 2002, Hay is primarily a furniture company but does a lovely range of stationery and office supplies. We’re particularly struck by their gorgeous yet professional-looking notebooks, and even their £3 wooden pencil sharpeners are a design delight.

Established in 2000 in East London’s market district, Labour and Wait now has four locations in London and one in Tokyo. Both its stores and its website offer an evolving range of timeless, functional products for everyday life, including stationery, books and homeware. These are sourced from specialist makers from around the world, many of whom manufacture their goods in the traditional way and to their original designs.

Based in Cheshire, The Green Gables has been on a mission since 2010 to provide “green and gorgeous gifts and stationery to spread a little joy”. From affirmation, intention and mantra cards to the year-long daily gratitude journal, these products are all carefully designed to encourage positive thoughts and deeds, as well as being environmentally friendly in their production.

Sparrow + Wolf is a Birmingham-based stationery and home furnishing studio that designs its own quirky, colourful and fun, yet high-quality products including notebooks, cards and gift wrap. We particularly love its weather-themed notebooks, which take a design approach we’ve not seen before (and that we’d love to see more of).

First launched online in 2014 by pencil collector Caroline Weaver, the success of CW Pencil was quickly followed by the launch of a physical store in New York. Today, the brand sells everything a pencil enthusiast might want or need, from sharpeners and erasers to refills and replacements.

Image courtesy of CW Pencil

Based in Florida and founded in 2009, Rifle Paper Co. is an international stationery and lifestyle brand founded by husband-wife team Anna and Nathan Bond. Its notepads, address books, pencils and pens are to die for and check out their selection of art prints too.

Image courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Present & Correct was founded online in 2008 by two graphic designers as, in their own words: “A place for our designs, things we love by other designers from around the world & vintage items which we discover on trips and foraging expeditions.” They go on sourcing trips four times a year, and their evident passion for stationery shines through their collections of unique and quirky products, from 18 different countries.

Image courtesy of Present & Correct

Another store founded by graphic designers, Papersmiths sells beautifully curated stationery, books and magazines, greetings and gifts, online and from its physical stores in Brighton, Bristol and London (Chelsea, King’s Cross and Shoreditch). Expect brands such as Hay, Ola and Midori.

Founded in 2008 by Céline Leterme and Jon Dowling, Counter-Print started life as a seller of vintage design books but has since extended its products to include some fabulous stationery, from notebooks and organisers to erasers and staplers.

Founded in 2015 by designer Amy Cooper-Wright in London, Mark+Fold designs and makes stationery products that are minimal, understated, and excellent quality. Here you’ll find all manner of modern notebooks and cards, notable for their special papers and bindings.

Founded in 2004, UK site The Journal Shop was born out of “a personal passion for cool stationery and good living” and describes itself as “a veritable garden of stationery delights if you will”. A glance at their site, and it’s clear they have a passion for curating the most eye-catching and alluring paper, pens and desk accessories around, including a lot of cool Japanese stuff, from notebooks to tape dispensers.

Nook Nook is a “design & life store” in London and online that carefully curates items across the UK, Europe and beyond, including some very moreish stationery. Founded in 2012 by friends Gemma, Jack and Kate, their shared passion for design shines through every single product on show here, from notebooks to pencil cases.

Image courtesy of Nook

Playfully sophisticated stationery and with a focus on quality, Scurry Home & Paper are all about “finding that perfect card you just have to send to your friend or the journal so gorgeous you can’t throw it out – leaving it for your grown kids to find someday”. Founded by Sarah Curry.

Launched in 2006, Milligram is a physical store based in Melbourne that also claims to be Australia’s “largest online store for boutique and designer stationery”. It does a fine range of notebooks, pens and pencil, fine paper and diaries, with brands including Moleskine, Rhodia, LAMY, Kaweco, and O-Check Design.

Both a physical store and an online shop, Smug is the brainchild of Islington designer Lizzie Evans, who is a big fan of “cluttered minimalism”. You’ll find her bespoke designs for prints, cards, accessories, homeware and stationery here, the latter including pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, staplers and more.

Founded in 2014, Tom Pigeon is a creative studio by Pete and Kirsty Thomas, where they design and sells their own prints, jewellery, homeware and stationery. Head here for a stylish, distinctive and playful range of pocketbooks, greeting cards, notepads and play cards.

Image courtesy of Tom Pigeon

i-you-all is a design brand and retail concept from London-based practice iya studio. It offers an inspired collection of homeware, accessories, stationery and curios, all beautifully packaged with simplicity, quality and functionality running through their core. Products come from both local and international designers and makers, with an eye for design.

Based in Manchester, UK, and helping people make things since 1886, Fred Aldous sells a huge range of arts and crafts products, both in its physical store and online. This includes pens, pencils, sketchpads, sticky notes and clips… but too many to mention here, as they stock more than 25,000 items in total!

REVIEW: An empowering hero for seedy times in AMBER BLAKE: OPERATION DRAGONFLY

Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly, available now at your local comic shop.

Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly

Written by: Jade Lagardère
Pencils by: Butch Guice
Inks by: Guice and Rick Magyar
Colors by: Dan Brown
Letters by: Gilberto Lazcano
Published by: Magma Comix 

In Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly from Heavy Metal creator-owned imprint Magma Comix, readers enter the seedy world of international human trafficking… however, in this self-contained comic story, there is a team of operatives who are ready to stand against this all-too realistic villainy!

Operation Dragonfly

Over the course of this volume, which tells an essentially self-contained story, readers follow the eponymous Blake as she closes in on the human traffickers who are her quarry. From her training to the travel to the arrival at the traffickers’ doorsteps, this story is engaging at every turn.

One of my favorite aspects of Operation Dragonfly is that throughout the story, Blake encounters children: there are encounters at the airport and in a hotel elevator that give Blake a chance to interact with young girls who are hand-in-hand with their mothers.

I especially appreciated these story beats because, in a comic that is filled with brutally realistic depictions of human trafficking, these moments help remind the reader that in our world, beauty and innocence exist alongside such horrible elements… and it’s worth standing up to those awful elements in order to protect the innocent.

This is definitely a comic that will afford catharsis for some readers, as Blake is an empowering figure who has recovered from abuse in her own past in order to become a heroic figure for other individuals who are suffering in similar situations. While she faces many realistic (and frightening) opponents, she is a capable warrior who will not succumb to their machinations.

Excellent aesthetics

I also especially enjoyed the large-format in which the story was presented. As with Heavy Metal, the magazine-sized pages give the art an opportunity to spread out, which this volume uses to great effect.

Not only are the individual panels afforded enough space to breathe on each page, but the format is ideal for the stylish outfits worn by our heroes (hey, if you’re going to be involved in international intrigue, you may as well look good doing it). Furthermore, the large pages are well suited to the story’s style of coloring, an aesthetic I found instantly welcoming and engaging.

Amber Blake

Although Amber Blake is a pre-existing character, I had no problem picking up this volume and enjoying it without having read the previous entries.

That being said, I enjoyed this comic so much that I am motivated to find the previous volumes after reading Operation Dragonfly, and I suspect I missed some nice character work because of my unfamiliarity (if nothing else, I’ll be picking up the collection when it is released in November 2021).

Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly is available now at your local comic shop.


Artistic and aesthetic development / ConsultantPlus

In the field of artistic and aesthetic development, the main objectives of educational activities are to create conditions for:

– the development of children’s aesthetic attitude to the world around them;

– introduction to visual activities;

– introduction to musical culture;

– introduction to theatrical activities.

In the development of children’s aesthetic attitude to the world around them

Adults draw children’s attention to beautiful things, the beauty of nature, works of art, involve them in the process of empathy for the perceived, support the expression of the child’s aesthetic experiences.

In the sphere of familiarization with visual activities

Adults provide children with ample opportunities for experimenting with materials – paints, pencils, crayons, plasticine, clay, paper, etc .; introduce you to a variety of simple techniques of visual activity; encourage the imagination and creativity of children.

In the sphere of familiarization with musical culture

Adults create a musical environment in the Organization and in group rooms, organically integrating music into everyday life.Provide children with the opportunity to listen to fragments of musical works, the sound of various, including children’s musical instruments, to experiment with instruments and sounding objects. They sing songs with the children, encourage them to move rhythmically to the music; Encourage the child to respond emotionally to music.

In the sphere of involving children in theatrical activities

Adults acquaint children with theatrical actions in the course of various games, stage fairy tales and poems familiar to children, organize views of theatrical performances.Encourage children to take part in the performances as much as possible, talk with them about what they saw.

Open the full text of the document

Abstract GCD Artistic and aesthetic development (drawing): “In a box with pencils.”

Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution

Child Development Center – Kindergarten No. 21

143988, Moscow Region, Balashikha, md.Pavlino, 20

E-mail: [email protected] Website: http : // zddou 21. edumsko . ru

tel. 8 (495) 522-05-13

Summary of the lesson on artistic and aesthetic development (drawing) in the early age group:

“In a box with pencils”

Educator of group No. 13 “The Sun”

Ryzhova Natalia Igorevna




Map number 1, landscape foxes, a box of large colored pencils, colored pencils for each child (wax crayons), an easel for the teacher.


Creation of conditions for proper holding of the pencil in hand .


Determine the level of pencil proficiency for each child; teach the correct way of working with a pencil – how to hold a pencil and leave a mark on paper; learn to draw a line on paper without pressing hard on the pencil; arouse interest in creative activity; cultivate the desire to create an image.

Course of the lesson

1. Creation of game motivation.

Children with a teacher are at the window and admire the sunny day.

Educator. What a sunny day today! So it seems that the sun stretches out its rays to warm us, and it always gives us a good mood. How to make sure that the sun is always with us, even in rainy weather? For this we need helpers. Which? Let’s get to know them.

The teacher shows the children a large box of crayons (wax crayons), shakes it slightly and listens.Invites the children to see what is in the box: who is knocking there and asking to go out. The teacher takes out colored pencils, examines them with the children, specifies the name of these objects. Reading a poem:

Ustabekov S.
I love pencils
And I draw from the heart
Sun, mountains and houses,
Mom with a rose at the window,
A bright red dump truck,
On another sheet – the station
And a smoking steam locomotive,
Who brought a whole load of
Fruits, books and toys,
Chocolates and crackers,
And more pencils
For cheerful kids

The teacher distributes regular sized pencils to children

Children are invited to sit at the tables.The teacher distributes pencils of the usual size to the children, shows and explains with the help of cards that the pencil should be held with three fingers near the sharpened end, slightly stepping back from it. Draws the attention of children how a pencil slides on paper, leaving a color trail.

Finger gymnastics “We roll a pencil”

Purpose: development of fine motor skills of fingers

We roll a pencil,

We knead our fingers.

The pencil is spinning –

We will succeed!

(Children perform the movements corresponding to the text 2 times with different rhythms)

The teacher draws his image on an easel, children on paper.The teacher controls the drawing process, guiding the children in case of difficulty, holding the child’s hand with his hand, monitors the correct position of the child’s fingers on the pencil.

The teacher lays out the works of the children and together they consider how they turned out to be multi-colored and not at all similar. The teacher puts pencils in a box. And he says:

Remember, they cannot be broken.

Fold them neatly

And put them in the box.

The teacher promises the children that now pencils will often come to visit and draw with the children.

March 8. International Women’s Day, GBOUDO TsEVD, Moscow


All day

“Postcard for beloved mother”

Master class on making cards using Scrapbooking technique

Shepeleva Yu.A.



Materials: watercolor paper, scrapbooking paper, glue, volumetric tape, rhinestones, ruler, pencil, scissors.


All day

Orange topiary as a gift

Master class on making topiary

Shepeleva Yulia Alexandrovna



Materials: glass jar, branch or stick for sushi, dried oranges (lemon, tangerine), felt or colored paper, glue moment, decorative ornaments (beads, buttons, ribbons…)

06.03. 13:00

For the sweetest and most beloved

Fine arts master class. We draw a portrait of mom, grandmother.

Mishchenko Elena Aleksandrovna



Password: 833396

Materials: gouache, paper, brush, palette, water cup, pencil, eraser



Happy mimosa holiday!

Fine art workshop

Mishchenko Elena Aleksandrovna



Password: 833396

06.03. 9:45

Festive makeup

Make-up master class for girls from make-up artist

Belyaeva Elena Aleksandrovna



Password: EdHb0X

07.03. All day

Spring Beauty

Festive concert from the choreographic ensemble of folk dance “Pokrovochka”

Inga Bobrova






05.03 14:00

Spring day – March 8!


Dementyeva Irina Valerievna


Gospitalny Val, 5, office 18

05.03. 19:00

Postcard “Since March 8!” Adobe Photoshop

Master class on creating a postcard in Adobe Photoshop.

You must have Adobe Photoshop on your computer.

Shishkina Yulia Aleksandrovna


05.03. 14:00

Mother’s day card

Master class for children 6-8 years old on making postcards in English.language

Volchenkova Elena Vladimirovna


Materials: A4 sheet, colored pencils, a piece of double-sided tape, colored paper napkin, glue
07.08. 12:00

Mother’s Day in England

Online presentation and discussion of a short film on Mother’s Day

Volchenkova Elena Vladimirovna



Pencils, markers, crayons.Involvement of children in artistic and aesthetic activities. Games and activities with children 1-3 years old

Pencils, markers, crayons

In the course of the games-activities presented below, kids learn to draw with pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens: draw, draw various lines (straight, wavy, zigzag), draw rounded objects.

“Rain drip-drip-drip”

Before asking children to draw rain, the teacher, together with the kids, watches how clouds gather in the sky, how it rains, recalls poems and songs about rain.For example, he sings the song “Kap-Kap” and depicts how the rain is dripping, tapping his finger on his palm:

Rain, rain. Drip-drip-drip …

Don’t drip like this for a long time.

Rain, rain is pouring,

Not given in hand,

Cap-cap …

Kids repeat the movements of an adult, sing along to him if possible.

The teacher shows the kids how to draw rain. Then he invites the children to choose pencils (simple, blue, blue), felt-tip pens or crayons and offers to depict the rain on their own (strokes, dots, streams).Drawings can be both individual and collective. You can make blanks in advance by depicting a cloud at the top of the sheet. Older children can draw and paint the cloud themselves.

At the end of the lesson, the teacher examines the resulting drawings, praises the children.

Next time you can invite kids to draw rain of different intensities. For example, at first the teacher says: “The rain is just beginning. Drops rarely fall, like this: drip … drip … drip … (the teacher makes long pauses and puts dots on the sheet of paper in time with the words).Let’s draw the droplets falling. ” Children imitate their teacher. Then he continues: “The rain gets stronger, the droplets fall faster: drip-drip.” Gradually, the pace accelerates, the points pass first into weak short strokes, then into intense long strokes and, finally, into bold lines (jets). The teacher comments: “Now it is raining heavily, heavily!”


The teacher prepares in advance for the lesson drawings or applications with the image of 2-3 Christmas trees (according to the number of children), a toy hare (fox, bear), pencils.

The teacher distributes the drawings to the children and says: “This is a forest clearing with fir trees growing on it. Who lives under the tree? That’s right, bunny (chanterelle, bear). That’s how he jumps merrily across the clearing. ” The teacher shows in his drawing how the bunny “jumps” around the trees. Then he draws a path and asks the kids to draw paths for the bunny. After the children draw the paths, the teacher takes turns giving them a bunny with the words: “Come on, bunny, jump along Sasha’s path! Jump Jump! Now jump along Vita’s path! ”

Multiple toys can be used in the game.In this case, the characters in turn “come” to the children and “walk” along their paths.

In the following lessons, you can invite the kids to draw their own path for each toy: red for the bunny, blue for the bear, green for the chanterelle, etc.


For the lesson you will need a colored skein of thread, a toy cat, drawing blanks on which a kitten is glued or drawn, colored pencils.

Before the start of the lesson, the teacher examines with the children a book or pictures with a picture of a kitten playing with a ball of thread, and says: “Kittens love to play with balls, that’s how they roll them! They play with a ball, like children with a ball.The ball is round, rolling, rolling. And now our kitty will play with a ball, like this! ” The teacher shows how the cat rolls a ball of thread. You can invite the children to roll the ball themselves.

Then the teacher distributes blanks to the kids and offers to draw colorful balls for the kittens: “Your kittens also want to play with the balls. Let’s draw the same balls for them. ” The teacher draws a ball in a circular motion and comments: “This is how the thread winds, winds …” The teacher helps the kids draw balls, praises them on behalf of the kitty: “Meow, this is what you have, Alyosha, a funny ball, green.And you, Ksyusha, have a beautiful, pink ball! ”

“Funny nesting dolls”

To play you will need multi-colored pencils or ballpoint pens, on the ends of which are put on figurines of nesting dolls (or some animals), a large sheet of paper for the teacher and small sheets for children.

The teacher shows the kids nesting dolls and says: “These are the funny nesting dolls that came to us. See how they love to run and dance. ” The teacher draws and comments: “This is how the matryoshka runs along the paths! (Draws straight, wavy, zigzag lines.) And here’s how she spins! ” (Draws circles.)

The teacher takes the rest of the pencils (pens) and says: “These nesting dolls also want to have fun. Let them run and circle. ” He distributes pencils and sheets of paper to the kids.

At the end of the lesson, the adult, together with the children, examines the resulting lines, guesses where the matryoshka was spinning and where it was running.

“Draw the sun”

The teacher suggests to the children: “Let’s draw the sun together. Who wants to paint with me? ” The teacher draws a large yellow circle with a pencil or felt-tip pen and draws a ray to it.Then he asks the children in turn (one stroke is done by a child, the next – by an adult or another child) to draw the rays.

You can draw the sun not only in the classroom, but also during free activities, on a walk (with a stick on the sand, in the snow, with crayons on the asphalt, etc.).

This text is an introductory fragment.

Continuation for liters

Brand Stockmar

Everyone has heard of Stockmar wax crayons and blocks.And this is not surprising! After all, they meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic requirements. We suggest you buy Stockmar wax pencils in our online store at the best price.

Based in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Stockmar has been producing quality products for art and drawing education for decades. In 1922, Hans Stockmar began the production of candles and other beeswax products. And more than 50 years ago, the classic Stockmar wax pencil was created.Later, watercolors and wax sheets appeared.

The Stockmar logo is a combination of a hexagonal honeycomb with Goethe’s color wheel. Beeswax and color: this is the foundation of the Stockmar brand.

Based on the principles of Waldorf education, Stockmar develops and manufactures paints, watercolors, crayons and modeling materials that appeal to the feelings of the child. Stockmar crayons and blocks are made for an authentic artistic experience that develops and enhances the senses.

Drawing with Stockmar crayons and crayons works on the child’s brain and has a positive effect on sensory and motor development. In today’s world, that kind of incentive is more important than ever before. And the packaging, color, smell, shape, properties, ease of handling and artistic possibilities of any Stockmar set of wax blocks, crayons and pencils contribute to a complete aesthetic, sensual experience. This is the kind of improved, holistic quality that Stockmar products strive for.

In addition to aesthetic principles and meeting the demands of art teaching, environmental and social considerations also play a central role in the design and manufacture of Stockmar products.

A remarkable quality of crayons is the translucency of the color, thanks to the translucency of the beeswax itself. The full brightness of the pigments is revealed when the colors are applied in thin layers – almost like working with watercolors. Stockmar wax crayons and blocks open the door to a myriad of artistic possibilities – from simple layers of color and the famous scraper design – Sgraffito – to an astounding melting technique.The elegant design in an attractive package with a pleasant scent awakens the senses of children. How colors glow and how versatile they are!

Whether you’re painting, sketching, lavishly smearing, layering, scraping or melting, Stockmar’s drawing wax crayons are a real creative delight for kids.

Excellent writing qualities (crayons do not crumble, do not stick, do not get dirty), safety and durability are what make Stockmar wax crayons the best of their kind.

Return to shop

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Department of early aesthetic development “World of childhood”


Department of early aesthetic development “World of childhood” – the youngest in the school, has existed since 2007.More than 40 children from three to six years old study at the department annually.

As you know, preschool age is the most important stage in the development and upbringing of the personality, the most favorable for the formation of artistic and aesthetic culture, since it is at this age that positive emotions prevail in the child, a special sensitivity to linguistic and cultural manifestations appears, personal activity, qualitative changes occur in creative activity. Therefore, classes at the department “World of Childhood” are different from those at an art school.This is, first of all, communication and play aimed at helping the child to open up, to express himself, to feel confident and a good atmosphere at school.

The training program of the department “World of childhood” helps to prepare children for admission to the 1st grade of the Children’s School. The curriculum of the department of early aesthetic development is built taking into account not only the artistic and aesthetic direction (music, dance, visual arts), but also taking into account the general preparation for school (entertaining grammar and mathematics, English).

The department employs bright and creative personalities – purposeful, child-loving teachers: Markova Irina Gennadievna – head of the department, Bireva Tatyana Viktorovna, Shlyakhova Ekaterina Valerievna and Gromyko Anastasia Arturovna. One of the challenges facing teachers is to identify gifted children.

So, on May 25, 2016 at the Kemerovo International Airport named after A.A. Leonov, the winners of the International Competition-Exhibition of Children’s Fine Arts “On the Wings of a Dream to Exploit”, dedicated to the celebration of the World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics on April 12, 55th anniversary of YuA. Gagarin into space. The title of laureate was awarded to a young artist, a student of the department of early aesthetic development “World of childhood” of the children’s art school № 50 Khudyakova Maria. Masha was also awarded a personal certificate for the prize established by the cosmonaut pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union A.A. Leonov “For the creative reflection of the subject in the competition work.”

Here are the names of the “little stars” striving to conquer the world of art: Temerova Taisiya, Roshchina Alisa, Gorbachev Konstantin, Sluzhaev Dmitry, Korsakova Alisa, Vologzhanina Alena, Zolotukhina Margarita, Darmel Daria.

In addition to competitive activities, the teachers of the department are actively involved in methodological work: they develop curricula for academic subjects, scenarios of festive events; conduct open lessons, including for students of advanced training courses, which are organized by the Kemerovo regional educational center of culture and art.

Children of this department live a bright and interesting life, every year they take an active part in the events that have already become traditional: “March 8”, “New Year’s carnival”, “Summer release”.And according to the results of their studies, the children arrange exhibition expositions of children’s creativity and give minutes of joy to their parents.

Memo for parents

  • Children should be brought in 5-10 minutes. before the start of classes and meet in 5-10 minutes. before the end of classes.
  • Before classes, it is advisable to take the child to the toilet (I floor).
  • Children should always have replacement shoes, Czech shoes on the day of the dance. Parents have shoe covers.
  • To hand over outerwear to the wardrobe, and to change the child’s clothes in a small concert hall or in the hall of the 1st floor.
  • Children 3-4 years old, in the first month of schooling, put on badges, where they indicate the name and surname of the child, as well as the group.
  • During recess, it is not necessary to take the child away, because children move to another room with the teacher.
  • Necessary school supplies should be carried in a knapsack or in a folder with a pen, use a pencil case.
  • Notify in advance that the child will not be in the classroom by phone. 25-33-22, 25-47-16 (school), 8-951-586-44-46 (head of the department – Irina Gennadievna).
  • Payment for tuition should be made before the 10th day of the current month in Sberbank branches according to the student’s personal account, present a receipt for payment to the head of the branch.
  • From the documents, you must fill out and submit: an application, an agreement (2 copies), parental consent to the processing of the student’s personal data.


Group I (3 years)


18.00 Entertaining grammar and mathematics

18.30 Music


18.00 ISO

18.30 Dance

Group II (4 years)


17.30 English


18.00 Music

18.30 Entertaining grammar and mathematics


18.00 Dance 9003

18.30 ISO

Group III (5 years)


18.00 English


19.00 Music

19.30 Entertaining grammar and mathematics


19.00 ISO

19.30 Dance

Group IV (6 years)


18.30 English


19.00 Entertaining grammar and mathematics

19.30 Music


19.00 Dance

19.30 ISO

Markova Irina Gennadievna

Teacher of the highest qualification category

Teaching disciplines: “Music”

650001, Russian Federation, Kemerovo region, g.Kemerovo, st. 40 years of October, 11a

[email protected]

+7 (3842) 25-47-16

Kemerovo State Institute of Arts and Culture
Specialty: conducting
Qualification: choirmaster, teacher of choral disciplines, teacher of solfeggio
BVS No. 0146915 dated 22.06.1999
Continuing education:

September 2018 – ANODPO “Center for Professional Development PROFI” Additional professional program “Teaching teachers the skills of first aid” (certificate of advanced training, 20 hours).
April 2017 – GU DPO “Kemerovo Regional Educational and Methodological Center of Culture and Art” Additional professional advanced training program: “Choral conducting” (certificate of advanced training, 72 hours).
Pedagogical experience as of 01.01.2020: 23 years 3 months 29 days
Total work experience as of 01.01.2020 : 23 years 3 months 29 days

Shlyakhova Ekaterina Valerievna


Teaching disciplines: “Dance”, “Subject of choice (dance)”

650001, Russian Federation, Kemerovo region, g.Kemerovo, st. 40 years of October, 11a

[email protected]

+7 (3842) 25-47-16

Higher education:
Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts
Specialty: folk art
Qualification: artistic director of the choreographic collective, teacher
VSV No. 0546417 dated April 22, 2005
Retraining: 20114195
G. – GOU DPO (PC) S “Kuzbass Regional Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Educational Workers”

February 2019 – Private educational institution DPO “Academy of advanced training and professional retraining”, Volgograd Additional professional advanced training program: “Modern pedagogical technologies in the professional activities of a teacher of children’s music schools, children’s schools in the class of choreographic disciplines in the implementation of FGT” (certificate of advanced training, 36 hours).
April 2019 – GOU DPO (PC) specialists “Institute of PC and retraining of educational workers” Kemerovo CPC “Topical issues of professional development of teachers of additional education, teacher-organizers” (certificate of advanced training, 120 hours).
Pedagogical experience as of 01.01.2020: 14 years 10 months 20 days
Total work experience as of 01.01.2020 : 14 years 10 months 20 days

Bireva Tatiana Viktorovna


Teaching disciplines: “Entertaining grammar and mathematics”, “English”

650001, Russian Federation, Kemerovo region, g.Kemerovo, st. 40 years of October, 11a

[email protected]

+7 (3842) 25-47-16

Kemerovo State University
Specialty: English language and literature
Qualification: philologist, teacher of English language and literature
Pedagogical experience as of 01.01.2020:
Total work experience as of 01.01.2020 :

Klimova Anastasia Vyacheslavovna


Teaching disciplines: “Fine Arts”

650001, Russian Federation, Kemerovo region, Kemerovo, st. 40 years of October, 11a

[email protected]

+7 (3842) 25-47-16

Kemerovo Regional Art College
Specialty: Painting (easel painting)
Qualification: Artist – painter, teacher
114205 No. 0015085 from 25.06.2020
Pedagogical experience as of 01.01.2020:
Total experience as of 01.01.2020:

Necessary school supplies for subjects at a self-sustaining department of general aesthetic development of children

MUSIC: Notebook in a cage (12 sheets), glue stick.

DANCE: Gym shoes or ballet shoes, white socks or nylon tights without a pattern, black breeches or knee-length shorts, knee-length skirt for girls, white T-shirt.For girls, hair should be tied or braided.

IMAGE: Drawer (A3), two squirrel brushes No. 2, 4, sippy glass, watercolor and gouache (12 colors), a simple pencil, eraser, moisturizing napkins, an apron for creativity.

FUNCTIONAL GRAMMAR AND MATHEMATICS: Colored pencils, a simple pencil, two squared notebooks (24 sheets), glue – pencil, eraser, ruler – for students of group IV.

ENGLISH: Checked notebook (24 sheets), colored pencils, pencil, glue stick, eraser.

Dear parents !!! Please pay more attention to your homework and complete it in the following subjects: entertaining grammar and mathematics, English.


A model of a contract for training in an educational program of a self-sustaining department of early general aesthetic development World of childhood for children from 3 to 6 years old (4 hours) go

A model of a contract for training in an educational program of a self-sustaining department of early general aesthetic development World of childhood for children from 3 to 6 years old (5 hours) go

Application download


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