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We love working with people where we use our expertise to help the organizations, corporate and people who are around us.

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA)

In 2013, The Shop City worked closely with SANA and designed The First-Ever Online Entrepreneurship Programme in Singapore. In this 12 weeks program, we aim to equip their clients with skills to create and design their own products and to empower and show them how to manage their own online business – with the world as a market.  

The Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation set up in 1972 to work with the community and grassroots organisations to rein in the spread of drug and inhalant abuse and to work towards the vision of keeping Singapore drug-free.Visit their website - www.sana.org.sg

Our Affiliate Network

[email protected] Singapore

[email protected] is a social enterprise that strives to help women find the perfect balance between being a mum and working. Our aim is to make known the flexible work solutions available for mothers, provide a portal for Mumpreneurs to list their services, list volunteer opportunities and also to provide workshops and events needed for such roles. We recognize the desire of many mothers to marry their professional experience with their shift in priorities upon the inclusion of new family members. Therefore, our main mission is to be a point of information source for mothers who want to work flexi-time or run their own Mumpreneur business so as to have sufficient time for family as well. Visit their website - www.mumsatwork.net


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