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60 Best Movies Based On True Stories

Christine Giordano

There’s something powerful about watching a movie based on a true story. Reality can be more mind-boggling, serendipitous, inspiring, or infuriating than anything you can think up in your head—and movies based on true stories prove it. After all, the only thing that makes a crazy plot point or character even more unbelievable (but yet also believable?) is knowing you could actually meet them in your everyday life. I mean, it would be kinda cool to cross paths with the real-life version of J.Lo’s Ramona character from Hustlers, Samantha Barbash, on the streets of New York City, right? Or…you could just *think* about how cool it would be to pal around with one of these people from the comfort of your couch–that works, too.

Some stories get even better once you know they’re true. For example, my mom couldn’t stand to watch The Wolf of Wall Street until she knew it was a real story–and then she was just absolutely shocked. When you know a movie was inspired by true events, it becomes even more relevant and compelling.

Grab your popcorn, because from movies that restore your faith in humanity, like A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, to “Uhh, what did I just watch?” films like Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, movies based on real events often give you a good history lesson and can even impact how you view (and tell) your own stories. Just remember to buckle up, because the truth gets wild—and, as they say, it’s often stranger than fiction.

Check out these 60 best movies based on true stories that will make you laugh, cry, and even go WTF:

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Judas And The Black Messiah

Earning six Oscar nominations, Judas and the Black Messiah became a critically-acclaimed classic as soon as it hit the film scene in early 2021. Daniel Kaluuya plays Fred Hampton, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, who is turned in by an FBI informant.

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Nomadland absolutely swept the 2021 Oscars and, honestly, it deserved it. (Side note: Chloé Zhao and Frances McDormand deserve the world.) Based on the eponymous nonfiction book about people who left their homes for a life on the road after the 2008 recession, Nomadland is an eye-opening and reflective story about what it means to be alive and why “home” isn’t a place.

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Dark Waters

Based on the 2016 New York Times Magazine article “The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare” by Nathaniel Rich, Dark Waters is about the fight for public health in a small town in West Virginia. Residents of the town notice a series of strange animal deaths and tie them to the chemical manufacturing corporation, Dupont. Robert Bilott, a corporate defense lawyer from Cincinnati, comes to the community to fight for the people.

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The Two Popes

Yes, big surprise, this is about two popes, but specifically the period of time when the conservative Pope Benedict XVI met with the future liberal Pope Francis. Starring two-time Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins and two-time Tony Award winner Jonathan Pryce, the Netflix film shows the religious leaders challenging each other’s views behind Vatican walls.

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Saving Mr. Banks

If you’ve ever wanted to know the story behind Mary Poppins, this movie is for you. Walt Disney tried many times to ask P.L. Travers, the author of the book behind the classic film, for the rights so he could make it into a movie. Eventually, she gave in, but that doesn’t mean she left it all up to the Disney folks. Travers was very involved in creating the on-screen Mary Poppins families still know and love today.

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The Farewell

The Farewell is (as you can see on the poster) “based on an actual lie.”Awkwafina stars as Billi, the granddaughter of a woman, Nai-Nai, whose family knows she only has weeks to live due to cancer. They try to protect Nai-Nai from the extent of her illness by not telling her about it. In a last effort to spend time with Nai-Nai and ensure her happiness, the whole family gets together for an impromptu wedding celebration.

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Hacksaw Ridge

World War II American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, played by Andrew Garfield (a personal favorite of mine), refused to carry or fire a gun as a seventh-day Adventist Christian. But, during the Battle of Okinawa, he showed just how much he could do by focusing on saving lives rather than taking them. He is the first American to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

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Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Based on an August Wilson play as well as real life events, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom focuses on the power dynamic between the white record label owners and Black musicians, most notably “Mother of the Blues” Ma Rainey (played by Viola Davis), over the course of a recording session in 1920s Chicago. The late Chadwick Boseman stars alongside Viola as Levee Green, a member of Ma Rainey’s band who dreams of striking out on his own.

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The King’s Speech

King George VI, played by Colin Firth, has to overcome a stutter before becoming king. He works with an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who ends up turning into a friend and mentor during this very important time. It’s a lovely—and Academy Award-winning—movie about overcoming personal obstacles.

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The United States Vs. Billie Holiday

Andra Day stars as Billie Holiday, the brilliant jazz musician adored by fans. In the 1940s, the Federal Department of Narcotics targeted the singer with an undercover sting operation, aiming to silence her.

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Taking place thirty years after Judy Garland’s breakout role in The Wizard of Oz, this award-winning film chronicles the actress and singer’s performances at multiple sold-out shows in London. Starring Renée Zellweger, whose performance as Judy won her the Academy Award for Best Actress, the film explores all the elements in Judy’s young life that impacted her development into adulthood and, ultimately, led to her sudden death.

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Led by the incomparable Cynthia Erivo, Harriet tells the story of Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad, and the hundreds of enslaved people the abolitionist led to freedom.

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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Based on a 1998 Esquire article, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood tells the story of a skeptical, investigative journalist assigned to interview Fred Rogers who learns that people in life really can be that good.

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Cadillac Records

Blues music, rock and roll, and Beyoncé as Etta James—it can’t get better than Cadillac Records. The biographical drama depicts the early careers of some of music’s best, including Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Etta James, Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry, and record producer, Leonard Chess of Chess Records.

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The Post

The Post details the work of Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham (Meryl Streep) and editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) as they work together to expose decades-long government secrets.

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Just Mercy

Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx) is a young man wrongfully convicted of murder, and Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) is the defense attorney determined to find justice—despite a system built to work against them.

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On The Basis of Sex

Ruth Bader Ginsburg lovers will enjoy the biographical legal drama about everyone’s favorite Supreme Court justice and her unwavering fight for equality.

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Miss Virginia

Virginia Walden Ford (Uzo Aduba) is a single mother in Washington D.C., struggling to make ends meet. When she can’t afford to send her son to private school, Miss Virginia takes up a fight with the education system that has been mistreating minority children for decades.

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Lost Girls

In Lost Girls, an unrelenting mother named Mari Gilbert launches an investigation to determine what really happened to her missing daughter following minimal effort on the case by the police force. Mari’s efforts lead to the discovery of a host of unsolved murder cases involving sex workers and, finally, some answers.

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Bad Education

Bad Education tells the wild true story of the largest public school embezzlement scandal in American history, which brought down a superstar superintendent, played by Hugh Jackman, and his complicit assistant, played by Allison Janney.

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In this movie based on a true story, a mime named Marcel Marceau, played by Jesse Eisenberg, becomes an unlikely hero when he aids the French Resistance in helping to smuggle orphaned Jewish children threatened by the Nazis across the border to Switzerland. While Marceau’s legacy has always revolved heavily around his mime art, this film shines a light on his humanitarian work.

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I Still Believe

The only thing more tear-jerking than the plot of this movie is that it’s based on a true love story. A Christian singer-songwriter is forced to accept the cruel reality that his wife is dying from cancer, causing him to question his faith and accept a new reality without the love of his life.

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The Last Full Measure

Vietnam War hero William H. Pitsenbarger (also known as PJ to his friends) saved the lives of more than 60 men, ultimately sacrificing his own in his rescue efforts. Years later, Pentagon staffer Scott Huffman is asked to investigate a Medal of Honor request made for PJ, but what he uncovers is a high-level conspiracy involved in the denial of this request. The movie took 20 years to make, so that might be an indication that it’s worth a watch.

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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile



Appointed the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Iraq in 2003, Brazilian United Nations diplomat Sérgio Vieira de Mello traveled to Iraq the same year to help negotiate the withdrawal of American troops from the country. The film follows the tragic events surrounding the real-life bombing of the hotel where Sergio was staying in Baghdad.

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Ready to cry over a movie that heavily involves Google Maps? Sounds weird at first, but makes total sense. The story follows Saroo Brierley (Dev Patel) as he uses the app to find his family 25 years after being separated from them. Have tissues at the ready.

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The evacuation of thousands of surrounded Allied troops on the beach of Dunkirk during World War II was kind of a miracle. Everything had to go just right to avoid total disaster. Oh, and if you’ve ever dreamed of Harry Styles in uniform, you’re welcome. The former boy band member/teen heartthrob makes his acting debut as a soldier with a bit of a mean streak.

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Hidden Figures

This film features the power trifecta of Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe playing Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson—three black female mathematicians (and complete rockstars) who broke racial and gender barriers to help NASA send astronauts to space in the 1960s.

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A newsroom drama with a suspenseful punch, Spotlight follows the Pulitzer Prize-winning team of Boston Globe journalists who broke a landmark story about pedophile priests and a Catholic Church cover-up.

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The Theory of Everything

The life of Stephen Hawking was nothing short of extraordinary. This biopic based on his ex-wife’s memoir describes Hawking’s relationship, diagnosis with ALS, and the inspiring work that blew the universe wide open.

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Some of us work through a major life change with a new haircut, but Cheryl Strayed literally went off the beaten path. Played by Reese Witherspoon, the film follows Strayed’s hike across the 1,000 mile Pacific Crest Trail. An Eat, Pray, Love of sorts set in the wilderness, it’ll make you wonder what you can discover wandering alone.

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In 1965, demonstrators marched three times from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery to exercise their right to vote, led in part by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The movie is a powerful and strong testament to the protests against racial injustice.

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The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing, a mathematician (can’t relate) who was enough of a genius to break the German intelligence code during WWII. The inspiring line? “Sometimes, it is the people whom no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”

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The Wolf of Wall Street

Sex, drugs, and corruption (not much rock ‘n’ roll here)… Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a stockbroker who goes off the rails and commits fraud after drug-soaked fraud. Also, it was the movie that broke the world record for cursing in a film.

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12 Years A Slave

This film is an intense retelling of Soloman Northrup’s 1853 memoir. Born a free man in New York, Northrup was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the pre-Civil War era. It’s another film that’s so much more than just a movie.

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American Hustle

If you love scammer stories (and tbh, who doesn’t?), this is your next Friday night watch. Based on the FBI Abscam operation, two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) take down corrupt politicians (like Jeremy Renner). The all-star cast also includes Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, so yeah, the hustle is life.

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Is it possible that Daniel Day-Lewis brought Abraham Lincoln back to life? Okay, obvs not, but his acting is so perfect it’ll give you serious pause. Here’s your history lesson: The year is 1865, and Lincoln is trying to bring the Civil War to an end but wants to make sure the 13th Amendment passes first.

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In the early aughts, the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) teams up with Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) to make a great baseball team. They don’t have money or talent, but they have data. And, uh, it actually worked? Turns out they were onto something, since sports analytics are totally a thing now.

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Julie and Julia

Before Instagram foodies, there was Julie Powell, a blogger who sought to cook every single recipe in Julia Child’s first cookbook (major props, since it’s hard enough to get myself to make dinner on a lazy Sunday). The film jumps between Julia’s (Meryl Streep) start as a chef and Julie’s (Amy Adams) tumultuous New York life.

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127 Hours

Hiking through Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, Aron Ralston (James Franco) gets trapped under a boulder (ouch). He has to amputate his arm and escape, or die. Tbh, this is what nightmares are made of. If you’re queasy, watch with a trustworthy friend who’ll tell you when **that** scene is.

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The Blind Side

In spite of a tough upbringing, Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) found new life in football—one that took him to the NFL. The flick shows Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) and Sean (Tim McGraw) take Oher under their wing and onto the football field. One thing’s for sure: It’d be a win to have Leigh Anne (well, Sandra Bullock, tbh) in your corner.

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This biopic takes on the political campaigns, romantic relationships, and **spoiler alert** eventual assassination of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected politician in California in the 1970s.

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True crime lovers, listen up. From the late 1960s to the ‘70s, the still-a-mystery Zodiac Killer murdered victims across Northern California and delivered way too many creepy letters. The search for the serial killer inspired this flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr.

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Into The Wild

Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) says goodbye to family, society, and material objects (like, burns his car-level commitment) and hitchhikes to Alaska. Was solitary life in the Alaskan wilderness really what dreams were made of? You’ll just have to see to find out.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Truman Capote, a writer who reports on the murders of a family in small town Kansas. He can’t get enough of the story—or the murderers responsible—and begins writing about it. Maybe you’ve heard of a little book called In Cold Blood?

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Who can resist an underdog story? Not me. And you probs can’t either. Seabiscuit is the underrated horse that exceeds all odds and steals hearts, a glimmering good story in the midst of the Great Depression. He’s a legend.

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Gotta Kick It Up!

A feel-good flick through and through, Gotta Kick It Up! follows a middle school teacher who coaches a Latina cheerleading squad (including America Ferrera) that’s just trying really hard to find its rhythm (I get that, I really do). It was inspired by the co-producer’s own experience and hooked fans with the awesome mantra: “¡Si se puede!”

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The Pianist

World-class Jewish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman (Adrien Brody) lives in Poland and is forced into the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. It’s a story of resilience and human will, and doesn’t shy away from the violent, horrifying details.

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Catch Me If You Can

Scammer alert, scammer alert! Is it a pilot? A doctor? No, it’s a con man! Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an expert forger, a talent that catches the attention of an FBI agent (Tom Hanks) and puts him hot on Frank’s tail. You can’t help but have fun with this wild tale.

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Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts stars as the titular character, a legal clerk who notices something’s not quite right with the water in a small California town. She takes matters into her own hands and takes on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, spitting fire the whole way through. Talk about badass.

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Remember The Titans

In 1971, coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) integrates a high school football team in Virginia. Though it gets off to a rough start (bit of an understatement), the movie shows how teamwork can literally make the dream work. It also convinced me a singalong to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is the only way to break the ice.

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Almost Famous

Wearing your best Penny Lane shearling coat? Perfect. Cameron Crowe directs this semi-autobiographical film about a teenager Rolling Stone writer who goes on tour with a (fictionalized) rock ‘n’ roll band.

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Apollo 13

Houston, we have a problem. During a 1970 mission to the moon, an oxygen tank explodes in the aircraft, forcing the three astronauts on board (Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton) to try to get back to Earth safely. Uh, no problem. Strap in, because things get tense—even if you already know how the story ends.

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Girl, Interrupted

Based on the memoir of the same name, Winona Ryder stars as Susanna Kaysen, a young girl who lives in a mental institution in the late 1960s. There, she befriends Lisa (Angelina Jolie), a long-term resident and diagnosed sociopath.

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Schindler’s List

During the Holocaust, a Nazi party member named Oskar Schindler lets Jewish refugees work at his factories to save their lives. It’s not for the faint of heart, but a must-watch.

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A League Of Their Own

Is this the best sports movie of all time? I’d go up to bat for it. A story based on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League of 1943 to 1954, sisters Dottie (Geena Davis) and Kit (Lori Petty) are coached by no-crying-in-baseball Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks).

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All The President’s Men

Is there anything the ever-dreamy Robert Redford can’t do? Doesn’t seem like it. This film follows two Washington Post reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, respectively) as they investigate the great Watergate scandal. Political dramas can sometimes be a snooze, but this one will keep you on your toes.

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This quintessential gangster flick is adapted from Wiseguy, penned by crime reporter Nicholas Pileggi. Mobster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) sees mob life as glamorous, but he’s got another thing coming once he’s actually in “the family.” Between cocaine binges and a big sting operation, there’s juicy drama, betrayals, and uh, mob violence galore. (Not to mention the ’70s fashion is to die for.)

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Out Of Africa

In a love story for the ages, Meryl Streep plays Karen Blixen, a woman who moves to Kenya to marry and become an aristocrat (not a bad life plan, tbh). When the marriage goes awry, and he turns out to be a scrub, she falls in love with a hunter (Robert Redford). What could go wrong?

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Here’s everywhere you can re-watch BTS perform their song “Dynamite” – Film Daily

“Dynamite” is still lighting up the world almost two months after its release. But BTS fans will have to wait a while before getting a chance to see their favorite K-pop sensation perform the song live. 

BTS is still finding ways to give fans the “Dynamite” goodness by performing the song on television or online. There are several performances all over the internet BTS fans can watch to satisfy their BTS needs. Here’s exactly where you can watch BTS light it up with performances of “Dynamite.”


YouTube has a large library of BTS performances from past & present alike, including many of their recent performances of “Dynamite.” This includes the official music video for “Dynamite”, which currently holds the record for most viewed music video on YouTube in a twenty-four hour span. 

BTS performances at awards shows are included as well, featuring their performance at the 2020 MTV VMA’s (Video Music Awards) and the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. BTS performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and The Music Day in Japan; both videos can be found on YouTube. 

The group’s performances at NPR’s Tiny Desk From Home, Grammy Museum: Programs At Home, Bangtan Bomb: Chuseok Special, and’s Press Play Series are also all available for free on YouTube. 

For those with a yen for BTS behind-the-scenes footage, a video of the group’s dance practice for “Dynamite” is on YouTube, as well as a choreography version of the song which initially debuted on the massively popular video game Fortnite.


BTS performed “Dynamite” on several programs across NBC. Recently, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon held its “BTS week”, during which the K-pop group appeared late at night for a full week, delivering great performances and participating in hilarious games with host Fallon. 

While on the show, BTS not only performed “Dynamite” live, they also performed a unique version of the track with The Tonight Show house band The Roots. Other NBC programs BTS performed on included Today & America’s Got Talent. These performances can be viewed on YouTube,, or Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service. 


BTS’s performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards can also be found at The group performed “Dynamite” remotely from an airport in Seoul, South Korea. BTS won the Top Social Artist award and was also nominated for Top Duo/Group. 

“Dynamite” success

The numerous BTS appearances on TV and the internet performing “Dynamite” come off the tremendous success the song is experiencing. “Dynamite” is the first fully English track from BTS, and became the first track by a Korean artist to hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, “Dynamite” is sitting at number 5 in its eighth week on the Hot 100. 

“Dynamite” is an undeniably catchy song, giving off lots of good vibes during a pandemic that has many down in the dumps. Its popularity is surely due in part to the song’s overwhelmingly upbeat, positive tone.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, BTS member Jin described how “we’re going through difficult times so we tried to have more fun working on this song. We made this song in hopes of giving energy to the listeners. We’re glad this song turned out great and hope a lot of our fans can listen to it to receive positive energy we tried to incorporate in the song.”

“Dynamite” is the first single from upcoming BTS album BE, debuting on Nov. 20. BTS is leading a busy 2020: the group only released their fourth studio album, Map of the soul:7, in February. 

Whether you’re a huge fan of BTS, or are just looking for some positive vibes, check out some of their “Dynamite” performances all over the web. Hopefully, fans can watch BTS perform their hit track as well as the group’s other hits in person sometime soon.

You can watch the Northern Lights and go dog sledding from your sofa with new virtual tours online – The US Sun

YOU can now experience a virtual Northern Lights tour online from the comfort of your sofa.

Arctic experts have created three travel experiences, including reindeer riding and husky trips, for people to enjoy without leaving the house during self-isolation.


You can enjoy a virtual experience tour of the Northern Lights, dog-sledding and even a visit to the Ice HotelCredit: Getty – Contributor

Specialist photography company Lights over Lapland created the Northern Lights adventure tours around the Abisko National Park in Sweden.

The region is within the Arctic Circle and is a great place to see the Aurora Borealis.

The company asked some of the best photographers and videographers in the world to create the experiences for people to access online

The tours don’t just include a view of the Northern Lights – you can also ‘visit’ the famous Icehotel as well as meet huskies and reindeers.

A dog-sled or reindeer-sled will take you through some of the tours too.


The free online tours explore Sweden, all available through specialist photography website Lights Over Lapland


The tours make a stop at the iconic Ice Hotel along the wayCredit: TripAdvisor


Huskies and reindeer will guide the way in the virtual tour

Lights over Lapland founder Chad Blakely spoke about parts of the tour to Forbes: “After strolling through the birch trees, we lead you to the shore of Lake Torneträsk where you can take in all its scenic views before visiting a friend of mine who is a reindeer herder and riding in a sleigh behind one of his reindeer – just like he and his family have done for centuries.”

If you can’t commit to a tour, then they also have a live Northern Lights cam, with 360 degree views.

The project began last year, to open up the experience to people who couldn’t experience in person for themselves.

Chad said: “I had the realisation about how incredible virtual reality is earlier this winter.

“Little did we know how relevant and necessary this would be.”

The Northern Lights are caused by electrically charged particles from the sun, smashing into gaseous particles in our planet’s atmosphere.

This causes bright, colourful dancing lights in white, green, pink and purple that illuminate the sky and are considered an incredible sight to behold.

Colour variations occur when different types of gas particles collide with the charged particles.

New type of Northern Lights caused by geomagnetic storm discovered by Nasa intern

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Prehistoric Worlds

Earth’s conditions are so perfect for life that it would seem to be a planet that exists for that one reason. A place to create life and nurture it, and yet of all the organisms that have ever lived on Earth 98.5% have gone extinct because our splendid sanctuary has been visited by the apocalypse five times in all.Everything we see alive on Earth today is the …


Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

In 2012, the filesharing site MegaUpload is taken offline, its owners accused of massive internet piracy. In 2016 the independent filmmakers of this documentary finally managed to secure an interview with the site’s founder, Kim Dotcom. After some negotiation Dotcom also agrees to give them unprece


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With more than 1 in 4 pieces of raw chicken carrying salmonella, it is responsible for sickening and killing more of us than any other foodborne pathogen. The strains of salmonella that show up on these chickens seem to be getting tougher, stronger and many are resistant to antibiotics.In this

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Prehistoric Worlds

Earth’s conditions are so perfect for life that it would seem to be a planet that exists for that one reason. A place to create life and nurture it, and yet of all the organisms that have ever lived on Earth 98.5% have gone extinct because our splendid sanctuary has been visited by the apocalypse f

The Trouble with Chicken

With more than 1 in 4 pieces of raw chicken carrying salmonella, it is responsible for sickening and killing more of us than any other foodborne pathogen. The strains of salmonella that show up on these chickens seem to be getting tougher, stronger and many are resistant to antibiotics.In this

Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

In 2012, the filesharing site MegaUpload is taken offline, its owners accused of massive internet piracy. In 2016 the independent filmmakers of this documentary finally managed to secure an interview with the site’s founder, Kim Dotcom. After some negotiation Dotcom also agrees to give them unprece

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It is important to remember that our collection of films have been cultivated in a non-bias fashion, so there may very well be films featured that express opinions you disagree with or perhaps don’t necessarily condone. This is okay, and the very reason we have a comments section available, so please know you can express your opinions here freely without the worry of censorship. DH encourages civilized debate, after all just because there is a documentary on something doesn’t necessarily make it a fact. There can indeed be an ulterior motive or agenda lurking behind any polished documentary so stay vigilant and encourage growth within our community.

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The movie about Stephen Hawking’s ideas from his book titled the same and abut his life. A Brief History of Time attempts to explain a range of subjects in cosmology, including the Big Bang, black holes, light cones and superstring theory, to the nonspecialist reader. Its main goal is to give an ove

WATCH: BTS ‘light it up like dynamite’ in new all-English song, music video

Image: Screengrab from BTS ‘Dynamite’ Official Music Video/YouTube

The long wait is over for all Army fans as the global K-pop superstar BTS has finally released its all-English digital single “Dynamite,” along with its explosive performance in a disco-infused music video.

On Friday, Aug. 21, BTS showcased a vibrant and refreshing vibe in its music video, which also features each of the group’s members grooving in diverse scenes and highlighting his distinct personality in every move, followed by the group’s all-out choreography over a disco-pop beat and polychromatic backdrop.

It premiered on Big Hit Labels’ YouTube channel at exactly 12 p.m. PHT (1 p.m. KST), and as of this writing, it has now garnered over 30.5 million views and 3.6 million in three hours after release. The song is also available now on Korean and international music streaming sites.

Earlier this month, the group teased fans with its upcoming single through individual and group photo releases, and a clip that unleashed a disco nostalgia vibe.

In an online global press conference, the seven BTS members shared that their inspiration in the making of this new song was their desire to spread a message of happiness and confidence to everyone and to “help lift people’s spirits” amid the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic. So to give “reassurance and healing” to fans, they dedicate this song to share positive energy and “light it up like dynamite” around the world.

More surprises from BTS are coming this month as the K-pop stars will also be performing live for the first time their new single, “Dynamite,” in this year’s MTV Music Video Awards.  /ra


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How to Create the Perfect Backyard Movie Night on the Cheap

(Image: Shutterstock)

As the weather turns from winter chill to spring and summer warmth, the thought of watching a movie in your backyard gets more and more appealing. For some that means setting up something akin to an outdoor movie theater complete with an 80-inch (or larger) screen, a scenario we covered in our roundup of the best outdoor projectors. But the cost and effort of that approach isn’t for everyone. You might prefer a faster, easier, more spontaneous setup, preferably with a lighter-weight, less-expensive projector.

The good news is that you can still have a perfect backyard movie night while minimizing cost and hassle. Here’s how. 

Go Lower-Res 

If you’ve heard the hype over new 4K projectors and TVs, you may be hesitant to buy an inexpensive projector that offers a native resolution of 720p or even lower. Don’t be! Your visual acuity has limits. Use a small enough screen, or step back far enough from a big screen, and you literally won’t see any difference between 480p and 4K.

Once you’ve acclimated to a 4K TV, you might be a little bothered by the soft-focus look of lower resolutions, but you don’t need to worry much about that for these projectors. Most aren’t bright enough to throw a large enough image to see much difference, if any, from where you’ll likely be sitting. 

RFV Milano

Our most budget-friendly pick for a sub-1080p projector is the RFV Milano, which lists for $119.99 and has recurring deals that often drop the price to under $70. It comes with a one-year warranty if you don’t bother to activate it and two additional years if you do. Connection options are minimal but include an HDMI port, which is all you really need. The image is highly watchable and appropriately crisp for the native 720p resolution, and the onboard mono 4W chamber speaker delivers quite usable volume and sound quality.

If you plan to sit close enough to the image for 1080p to make a difference, and you find a soft-focus look bothersome, look for a projector with native 1080p resolution. Don’t be fooled by ads that shout 1080p support; in many cases, that means the projector will accept 1080p input and downconvert to a lower native resolution. 

Vankyo Leisure 530W 1080p

Among 1080p options, the Vankyo 1080p Mini Wireless Leisure 530W Projector stands out for how much it offers for the price. Officially $229.99, its Amazon page includes a $30 coupon, which Vankyo says will remain for the foreseeable future. So for $199.99, you get the native 1080p projector and remote, an HDMI cable, and a 100-inch diagonal screen. There’s no frame or stand, so you have to hang the screen much the same way you would a bedsheet; metal grommets along the reinforced edges make this easier. (Make sure to take it indoors when the movie’s done.)

Another key feature is Wi-Fi with support for screen mirroring from your phone or tablet—see below for more on using your phone as a video source. And an onboard 3W speaker delivers impressively high volume and sound quality for the price, so you may not need to shell out for a separate speaker. 

Project a Smaller Image

For any projector setup, image size depends on the brightness of the projector and the ambient light level. A backyard will have a fair amount of ambient light, and inexpensive projectors aren’t very bright. But that’s fine; a 40- or 50-inch image will still feel cinematic.

If you don’t already know how bright your backyard can be at night, check it out with a full moon overhead and your backyard lights on. At its brightest, a suburban backyard is likely equivalent to a family room with dim to moderately bright ambient light. An urban setting may be even brighter; a rural backyard far from other houses or streetlights will be darker.

Once you know the light level you need to plan for, finding a projector with the right brightness can be as simple as reading some reviews. PCMag’s projector reviews discuss the usable image sizes we found during testing in different lighting conditions. If a projector is bright enough for the image size you want in a family room with a given level of ambient light, it will be bright enough for the same image size in a backyard with the same light level.

If you can’t find reviews for the projector you’re considering, one simple spec can help predict whether it will be bright enough: a brightness rating in ANSI lumens. (The ISO/IEC 21118 rating is equivalent, but rarely used for this class of projectors.) Broadly speaking, the projector brightness you need for movies in dim to moderate ambient light is 300 ANSI lumens for a 50-inch diagonal image, 200 ANSI lumens for a 40-inch image, and 110 ANSI lumens for a 30-inch image. To be safe, the rating should be about twice as high as the level you need; individual units often don’t measure up to their ratings, and the brightest picture mode rarely has the best picture quality.

Miroir Synq M189

A good choice for a backyard with a fair amount of ambient light is the Miroir Synq M189. Rated at 200 LED lumens, or 150 ANSI lumens, in its brightest mode, it’s easily bright enough for a 40-inch diagonal picture in dim to moderate ambient light, and it delivers accurate, nicely saturated color. The M189 has a single HDMI port that’s particularly well suited for adding a streaming stick. All ports are hidden in a compartment that’s big enough to hold your choice of stick, and there’s also a USB-A port for power. The only other port is a 3.5mm audio out—and you may not need it, thanks to the onboard 5W mono speaker’s robust audio.

A projector without a published ANSI lumen rating may still be worth considering. Try asking the manufacturer for the rating, or purchase the projector from an outlet that allows no-cost returns and test it for yourself.

Ignore any claim stating how large an image a projector can give you. These are almost always based on how large an image the lens can throw without distortion. They tell you nothing about how washed out or watchable the image will be at the maximum size. Also ignore brightness claims in lux, LED lumens, or just lumens by itself. A lux reading doesn’t tell you anything about the projector brightness, LED lumens are subjective, and “lumens” by itself is often used for LED lumens or a measurement based only on the brightest spot of the image. 

Make Your Own Screen

Almost any white or near-white flat surface can serve as a screen, and plenty of garage doors, walls, and bedsheets have served that purpose. But to get the best-looking, brightest image, you need either a screen designed for that purpose or something truly smooth, flat, and white. 

Unfortunately, screens would make good sails. Most portable screens aren’t designed for outside use and can topple over with even mild breezes. Screen frames designed for the outdoors have large feet or bases, wires, and stakes to keep them upright, but they take more work to set up than you’ll want to invest in an impromptu movie night. Almost all are larger than you need, and many cost hundreds of dollars. But there are creative, inexpensive alternatives that will work almost as well as a traditional screen.

Seamless Photography Paper

Photographer’s seamless paper is one of the simplest options. It’s best purchased at a local photo supply store. Paper is heavy, and having a roll shipped to your house can cost more than the roll itself. You’ll want something similar to Adorama’s Seamless Background paper, BD Super White. 

Look for a smooth surface, any variation of white for color, heavy enough paper weight so it won’t tear or winkle easily, and an appropriate width for the largest image you want to project. For the projectors we’re discussing here, that would be a 53-inch wide by 12-yard roll, which is $21.95 for the Adorama paper. One advantage of a roll is that you’ll have plenty of extra paper; whenever the screen gets rained on or otherwise damaged, just make a new one.

To set the screen up for a movie, use double-sided, trace-free removable tape to mount it temporarily on a wall or garage door. You can also staple the top and bottom of the paper to a couple of two-by-fours, add screw-in eyelets to the top, and run a wire between the eyelets to hang from a hook. If needed, add some fishing weights to the bottom strip to keep the paper from curling up.

Another good, inexpensive alternative to an actual screen is white foam board laminated with smooth white paper. It’s easy to find in various sizes. A 40-by-60-inch piece of Office Depot’s store-brand board is just $12.99.

Avoid buying foam board online. Corners are often mashed in shipping. If you can’t find the size you need locally, specify that you’ll pick it up at a local store so you can check its condition before taking it home.

Like seamless paper, foam board is light enough to mount with double-sided, trace-free removable tape. Don’t bother cutting it to size; once the movie gets good, you won’t notice the white space around your projected image.

For inexpensive, low-brightness projectors, the appropriate screen size in most cases will be between 30 and 60 inches. The aspect ratio (width to height) should ideally be 16:9 for watching movies, but more square options (4:3 and 16:10 being the most common) will work too. Just set the projector so the image fills the width of the screen (assuming it delivers a bright enough image at that size), and ignore the unused area above and below the picture. 

Some outdoor screens are designed to let you set them up once and leave them outside for weeks at a time; others are not. If you decide to get one, make sure the material is designed to survive the weather and UV light, and is safe to clean with soap and water. 

Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Screen POP84H

The 16:9 Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Screen POP84H is larger than you’re likely to need for the projectors we’re covering here, but at 84 inches diagonally, it’s smaller than most outdoor screens and therefore less expensive. It’s also much lighter than many, at 6.9 pounds complete with its carrying case. Setup takes only a few minutes, thanks to a spring-loaded wire frame that unfolds the screen and holds it taut. Packing it up is also quick and easy. 

With its 1.1 gain, the POP84H boosts projector brightness by 10 percent over its 160-degree viewing angle. And if you upgrade to a brighter projector later, you’ll be able take advantage of its full size, getting a bigger image without needing to buy another screen.

Seamless Photography Paper

Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Screen POP84H

Stream From Your Phone

Any projector you get will have an HDMI port, which will let you connect a streaming HDMI stick, a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver for connecting to your phone or laptop, or any cable box or media player. Many projectors, even inexpensive ones, offer additional options, such as built-in Wi-Fi or support for memory cards and USB drives. All of these possibilities are covered in more detail in our list of the best outdoor projectors.

There is one video source you can easily connect to without buying anything or lugging anything extra outside with the projector: your smartphone or tablet. If you choose a projector with Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi support includes screen mirroring that works with your mobile device (a detail you’ll need to check), you can stream a movie on your phone while mirroring the display to the projector. 

For projectors that don’t support Wi-Fi or wireless screen mirroring, most phones will still let you set up screen mirroring with a wired connection. The details vary depending on the phone, and setup tends to be easier with more recent models. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, for example, all you need to do is buy a USB-C–to-HDMI cable and connect it.

Recommended by Our Editors

You probably want to stream that movie over Wi-Fi rather than max out your data plan. A Wi-Fi range extender can help the signal from your house reach your backyard. You can also get an HDMI transmitter and receiver set specifically designed for wirelessly linking the Blu-ray player or cable box in your living room with the projector outside.

Orei WHD-PRO330-K

For connecting a projector in your backyard to an HDMI video source in your family room, take a look at the Orei WHD-PRO330-K. It’s one of the few HDMI 1080p transmitter and receiver combinations that has a range of up to 300 feet and also sends a signal through walls over shorter distances. 

You can connect the WHD-PRO330-K to a source in your family room by HDMI cable and leave it set up, using it for backyard movies as needed without having to plug and unplug cables. It also supports full-band IR transmission, which lets the remote for your video source control the source from the backyard.

Boost Sound With an Inexpensive Speaker

Almost any projector you pick will have an onboard speaker, but few deliver sufficient volume or sound quality to be useful, even for a small group. Make sure that the projector has a 3.5mm audio out port, which is likely but not guaranteed, and invest in a waterproof speaker for greatly improved audio. Kindly keep your neighbors’ comfort in mind when you set the sound level.

You can also use a Bluetooth speaker, but the nature of video and audio processing often leads to a loss of sync between the image and the sound, and audio-delay adjustments to compensate for a lag are rare for this class of projectors. If you go with a Bluetooth speaker, get one with an audio jack, just in case you need it.

Anker Soundcore Rave Neo

Whether your projector supports Bluetooth audio or just has an audio out port, the Anker Soundcore Rave Neo is a great companion speaker. What makes it particularly attractive for outside use, in addition to its suitably high volume and sound quality, is IPX7 water resistance. It can weather a sudden cloudburst or handle being dropped into the shallow end of a pool (up to one meter or three feet deep) without damage. The fancy lights on the front can be disabled so they won’t distract from your movie.

Don’t Rely on Batteries

The easiest way to ruin an otherwise perfect movie night is to have your projector, speaker, or video source run out of power mid-movie. Even if each device has enough battery life for most movies, you don’t want one to die toward the end of a double feature–or in the final dramatic scene of the four-hour Snyder cut of Justice League. 

Image brightness is often lower with battery power, particularly in Eco power modes that offer the longest battery life. And there’s also the hassle of making sure every piece of equipment has fresh batteries or is fully charged before you set them up. For all these reasons, AC power is the best choice for all or most of your equipment. The one exception is if you’re streaming from your phone or tablet; plugging it into a power bank will work just as well as plugging it into the wall.

For safety’s sake, any outlet you plug into should include ground fault protection to guard against electrical hazards. If you don’t already have a grounded outdoor outlet near the setup location, have one professionally installed. (No DIY electrical work, please.)

Anker Nebula Mars II Pro

If you really don’t have anywhere to plug things in, you’ll need a portable projector like the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro. Its name mixes two distinctly different types of astronomical objects, but that may be because it’s a fusion of two types of products. In addition to being a 500-lumen, 720p projector with preloaded streaming apps, including Netflix, and a link to download more, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. The dual-purpose design gives it an unusually robust sound system for a 3.9-pound projector. Part of that weight is for the onboard, rechargeable battery, rated at 3 hours for video or 30 hours in Bluetooth speaker mode.

Add Some Fun!

For just a few dollars, supply your movie night with popcorn and candy. You could even make paper tickets. A little atmosphere goes a long way.

You probably won’t buy a microwave oven just for movie popcorn, but the next time you’re in the market for one, consider the Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven (SMC1449FS). Not only does it have a Popcorn button optimized for popping Orville Redenbacher’s Classic (3.3-ounce) and Mini (1.2-ounce) bags of popcorn to perfection, it includes Wi-Fi and Alexa support. Tell Alexa to pop some popcorn, wait for the microwave to do its thing, and then go get it with minimum time missed from the movie. It’s far more convenient than running out to a theater’s concession stand.

Great Northern Little Bambino Table Top Retro Machine Popcorn Popper

Or go the extra mile and get an actual popcorn machine for movie nights, like the Great Northern Little Bambino Table Top Retro Machine Popcorn Popper. Available in black or red, it makes up to a gallon of popcorn per batch, has a built-in stirring system, and includes a warming light to keep the popped kernels warm until you get to them—just like the popcorn makers in movie theaters. Great Northern also sells popcorn scoops to go with the machine and even bags to put the popcorn in. There’s no better way to get in the mood.

Great Northern Little Bambino Table Top Retro Machine Popcorn Popper, 2.5oz

Just Press Play

Now you’re prepared with some of the best and most budget-friendly outdoor projectors on the market, a screen, a video source, and all the accessories you could want. The last thing you need is a favorite movie and some fine folks to share it with. Kick back and enjoy your outdoor movie night all the more because you know it didn’t break the bank.

For more projector reviews, check out our picks for the best outdoor projectors and the best projectors we’ve tested. Not sure what to watch? Here’s what’s hot on streaming services right now.

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Film The Midnight Man watch online

Night. An old mansion. 1953 year. In the attic, three children sit in the dark on the floor inside a circle outlined with salt. The clock is 3:30. Anna tries to light an extinguished candle. Max and Mary rush her. Max says: time is up, he’s in the house. Mary is scared: he will kill us like the rest. Anna says it’s safe to stay in the circle. Suddenly, a heavy object falls from the side with a crash. Max and Mary don’t want to play anymore. An ominous voice speaks: the game is not over yet.Mary crawls out of the circle in fear. Someone grabs her by the legs and drags her into the darkness. Heart-rending screams are heard. A huge pool of blood spreads across the floor. It’s almost 3:33, the kids think they’ve won, their opponent should leave. The mysterious monster disagrees. He holds the head of dying Mary in his clawed paw. Max grabs Anna by the arm and they run down the stairs. The monster is following them. Children are hiding, they are scared. Max offers to flee. Anna says that according to the rules of the game, you cannot leave the house.Max does not listen to her, runs out. The boy is covered by something that looks like a giant hairy spider, in an instant devours him, splattering everything around with blood.

Our days. Teenage girl Alex Luster arrives at her grandmother Anna’s home to care for an elderly woman suffering from senile dementia. To do this, Alex interrupted her college studies. Anna has no other relatives; her daughter Annie (Alex’s mother) died several years ago. The granddaughter is trying to put her grandmother to bed early, the doctor recommended that Anna sleep more.Anna asks Alex to take care of the roses in the garden, which after the death of her husband, grandfather Alex, no one cares for, and at night it is imperative to lock all doors and windows in the house. Alex calls her friend Miles, he offers to keep the girl company this Friday evening, promises to come in about ten o’clock. Alex informs his grandmother about the upcoming visit of Miles, she does not mind. From time to time Anna starts talking, now she demands that her granddaughter find her favorite silver mirror. It lies in the attic in Grandpa’s old traveling chest.Alex promises to fulfill all the requests of his grandmother.

First, the girl goes to the winter garden. She is saddened that the old house is collapsing. The roof of the conservatory is leaking. The library Alex passes through contains a collection of antique clocks. The girl brings the hands of those who show an inaccurate time, and then goes up to the attic, where she begins to disassemble the things that have been folded into the traveling chest. She discovers a revolver, cartridges for it, some kind of box wrapped with twine, a silver mirror.When Alex looks at him, someone sneaks up on her from behind. She is frightened by surprise. It was Miles who came, Alex left the front door open for him, he saw a light in the attic and came up here. The young man is interested in the revolver. Alex won’t let you take it. She says that as a child, her grandmother did not allow her to go up here, there was a restricted area here. Miles offers to invite their mutual friend, Kelly, to visit. Alex doesn’t mind. The girl becomes curious: what could be inside the box? She asks Miles to open it.They take out a salt shaker, candles, a pencil and a piece of paper with a list of names and blood stains: Anna, Max and others. Max was the name of my grandmother’s brother, who died in childhood, the harm would be from polio. What is this item set for? Alex also finds a stack of old photographs. On their reverse side there are inscriptions: Max, fear – fear of spiders; Mary, fear is fear of the dark; George, fear is the fear of drowning. Suddenly Alex and Miles hear Anna scream: no! Why did you open the game? In an incomprehensible way, the feeble old woman managed to climb into the attic.She falls unconscious.

The doctor called by Alex, old Dr. Harding, says that Anna will be well in the morning. He instructs his young colleague Alena to give the patient an injection of vitamins. Dr. Harding says old age is not very fun, but Anna’s heart is still strong. Alex says she’s never seen her this scared. Harding advises the girl to lock the door in her grandmother’s bedroom, and they themselves do not need to walk around the old house – it can be dangerous. He leaves Alex with his phone number, asks to call him on Monday, he has a serious conversation with the girl.Exit Dr. Harding and Alain. On the way, Alain shares his observations: this granny is still strong as a horse. Why did Dr. Harding never tell him about his patient? He says that the Luster family is an ancient family. There is a great legacy in their history, but they have suffered a lot of grief.

Alex decides to find out what game Grandma had in mind, which made her horrified. He and Miles examine the contents of the box again, finding the needle and the rules of the game. It’s called The Midnight Man.To call it, you need to perform several steps step by step. Following the instructions they found, Alex and Miles write their names on a piece of paper, prick their fingers with a needle, drip nearby blood, light candles, turn off the lights throughout the house, attach a piece of paper with names to the front door. The time is just approaching midnight. While the clock strikes, you need to have time to knock on the door 22 times, open it, blow out the candle and light it again. Alex and Miles do it all. The rules state: and here is the Midnight Man in your house, avoid him at all costs until 3 hours 33 minutes.And then after the word “no” is missing a whole piece of rules. Miles goes to look for the missing piece in the box. Alex goes to check on grandma.

In the attic, Miles finds a torn piece, from which he learns that the player cannot stay in one place for long. If the candle goes out, you need to light it again within 10 seconds. Do not have time – immediately stand in the circle drawn with salt. If even one rule is broken, Midnight Man will make your worst nightmares come true.

Alex lights a candle in front of Grandma’s bedroom. The girl listens to the sounds of the night in the old house. At this time, Anna (she, it turns out, is not sleeping) blows out the flame and counts to ten. Alex enters the bathroom, the door slams shut behind her. The ominous voice of the Midnight Man sounds: I’ve been waiting for you! What is your fear? Blood? The monster drowns the girl in a bathtub filled with blood. Alex barely gets out of there, crawls to the door, vomiting blood. Mad old Anna is raging. Miles bursts into the bathroom with a lit candle, the nightmare dissipates.What was it? Everything is for real. Miles paints a circle of salt on the floor. He regrets that they got involved in this game, opened Pandora’s box. Miles says they need to move from place to place. Alex is worried about her grandmother. Miles claims that she is safe because she is not playing. He hands Alex a salt shaker, which she must use if her candle goes out. The young man conducted an experiment in the attic and made sure that the Midnight Man embodies the nightmares of each of the players. Miles is afraid of pain, the monster tried to inflict it on him.This madness will continue until 3:33, they need to be prepared for this.

Kelly arrives. Miles and Alex advise her to leave. She learns that her friends have summoned the Midnight Man. Kelly is aware of such horror stories. She finds this game amusing, its meaning is in fears from the subconscious. Kelly wants to participate in it. She also comes into play. Young people begin to wander around the house with candles and enter the winter garden. Alex admits that he often thinks about how her mother died. Annie committed suicide, she hanged herself in front of her ten-year-old daughter.Now Alex believes that Mom lost to the Midnight Man, and Grandma knew about it. When this happened, Anna did not shed a tear and forbade Alex to say that her mother had committed suicide, because this is a shame for the family. At the moment of her daughter’s death, Anna seemed to be happy. Alex at times considered her grandmother to be narcissistic, she often looked in her favorite mirror. But perhaps Anna did not see herself there, but something else? Alex takes out a mirror, looks into it. In the reflection behind her, she sees the Midnight Man.She screams in horror. Kelly says there’s no one here. The candles go out. Miles hurries to light them up again. He believes that you need to go to the attic, draw a circle of salt and wait for the game to end. Water drips onto Kelly’s candle from the leaky roof of the conservatory. The candle is damp and needs to be replaced. Draw a circle of salt for Kelly. Miles and Alex leave their friend alone and promise to return as soon as possible.

Miles and Alex conclude that the game must be destroyed. Meanwhile, the Midnight Man approaches Kelly.He punches a hole in a bucket of water to break the boundaries of the protective salt circle. Kelly grabs a flowerpot, dumps dirt out of it to stop the trickle of water.

Miles and Alex are looking for candles. They are awaited by Dr. Harding, who has returned to the house to talk to Alex. He is saddened that young people have entered a dangerous game.

The Midnight Man sets out to punish Kelly. He splashes water from a bucket, the boundaries of the circle are blurred. The monster sees the girl’s fear. He begins to embody her nightmare.The Midnight Man has a rabbit head. As a child, Kelly killed her furry pet by cutting his throat with a knife. Now it was her turn. Kelly has a knife in her hand, it is pressed to her neck. The girl is unable to resist the glamor, she cuts her throat, blood gushes from the wound.

Dr. Harding explains how he knows about the game. He was in the attic when Anna played it for the first time. He, as the youngest, was not allowed to take part in it. The only player who survived that night was Anna.The rest of the children died. Anna still continues to play, she cannot stop. Anna fell into the clutches of the Midnight Monster and supplies him with all the new players. The midnight man is a pagan entity like an executioner, he knows no mercy and does not like to lose. Sometimes he doesn’t even hesitate to break the rules. Alex wants to help Kelly. Dr. Harding is sure the Midnight Man has dealt with her already.

Dr. Harding, Alex and Miles discover Kelly’s bloody body in the conservatory, dead.They rush to the attic to destroy the game. The midnight man drags his victim away, Anna watches. In the attic, Alex is looking for a picture of his mother. The girl finds out that Annie was afraid of heights. The midnight man made her jump from the second-floor gallery with a noose around her neck. Before her death, Annie begged the monster to spare her daughter. Alex comes to the conclusion that her mother did not kill herself, she was killed by her grandmother, luring her into her game. And now Anna is doing the same with her granddaughter, she specially sent Alex to the attic for a mirror.Dr. Harding says the only thing that matters right now is that Alex and Miles stay alive. Anna appears in the attic, she claims that this is easier said than done. Alex demands an explanation: how could you kill your own daughter? Annie was a thief, a liar and a whore, she deserved to be punished. Dr. Harding tells Alex: don’t listen to her, this is not your grandmother anymore. The old man does not want to enter the circle of young people, he does not play a game, the Midnight Man will not touch him. Anna attacks Harding and brutally kills him with her bare hands.Alex pulls out a revolver, shoots Anna. The old woman is dead. Everything is over? The Midnight Man’s voice is heard: not yet! The clock strikes, half past three. Miles is relieved that it will be over in three minutes. The Midnight Man carries off Anna’s body. Miles and Alex wait inside the circle until four o’clock. Then they approach the body of Dr. Harding, who sacrificed himself to save them. His watch shows half past three. The Midnight Man Cheated! He turned the hands of the clock, which Miles and Alex were looking at.The monster grabs Miles by the hair and pierces his skull with its clawed paw. Alex is terrified. The midnight man says: no one can get out of here, your game is over.

Epilogue. Father and son are visiting the old mansion. The boy asks: who were his previous owners, and what happened here? The father answers: great grief. The boy discovers a box tied with twine. Can I take it? Certainly. Hopefully there is some interesting game inside.

Movie Abigail (2019) watch online for free in good HD 1080/720 quality

Summer 95 after the establishment of the Border.

Little Abigail Foster walks through the evening forest with her father Jonathan. She asks how they can get home. Jonathan advises his daughter to raise her head to the sky and pay attention to the stars. The North Star indicates the direction to the north. The Foster House is in the south. Everything is very simple, the main thing is to raise your eyes to the sky.

Winter in ’96 after the establishment of the Border.

Abigail and her parents Margaret and Jonathan approach their house. There is a car. Next to him is a man in uniform.This is Garrett’s chief of security. Jonathan: what are you doing here? Garrett: don’t you realize that your department is completely under arrest? Jonathan: you don’t know what you are doing. I am not infected and will return from there, I have done so much for you. Let me just put my daughter to bed, it will take half an hour.

Jonathan enters his apartment, burns some papers, hides something in a safe, which is disguised in the wall. He walks over to Abigail, who is in bed. Jonathan gives his daughter a small sphere on a chain.This is my gift. Here are all my thoughts about you. Never take it off your neck. Abigail hangs the sphere around her neck. Father turns off the night light.

Margaret runs after the car in which her husband is being taken away: he is not infected, what are you doing, you have not even checked him! Abigail runs out of the house after her mother, she runs after the car.

Winter 109 after the establishment of the Border.

Abigail is sleeping. She flies over her bed, wakes up, falls into bed, checks to see if the sphere, given to her by her father, hangs around her neck.

Loudspeakers, which are hung on the streets of the city, transmit a message from the authorities: an epidemic has begun again in the city, inspectors will conduct continuous checks of the population. Signs of the disease at the initial stage can be detected only with the help of special devices. At the last stage, the patient’s temperature rises, convulsions begin, death is inevitable. Therefore, such patients are given a lethal injection in order to prevent unnecessary suffering. The disease is contagious. The one who shelters the sick from the inspectors is declared a traitor.In the evening, a curfew is declared.

Abigail receives a message from friends: Jan’s gang has taken a hostage from ours. We need to meet them.

In the evening, Abigail and her friends meet in a vacant lot with a rival youth gang led by Ian Hope. Abigail offers to let their friend go. Jan calls her the daughter of a sick person. Abigail offers a bet: you need to climb to the roof of the nearest building and light the fire abandoned there. If she wins, Jan releases the hostage. If Abigail loses, Ian can turn her over to the inspectors.The competition begins as Abigail and Ian race up the stairs. Masked inspectors appear. They detain members of both groups, start checking. Jan runs downstairs, the inspectors grab him and inform him that he is infected and is subject to detention.

Abigail climbs onto the roof and lights the fire. An inspector runs up to her, a fight begins. Abigail rips off the mask from the inspector’s face and recognizes one of her father’s laboratory staff, Roy. Taking advantage of Roy’s confusion, Abigail flees.

The next morning Abigail’s mother wakes up: go to the market for flour, I will bake a pie, because today is a holiday, Border Day. Abigail says there is nothing to celebrate: go to the market yourself. Margaret: You know I have to sew all day. Margaret opens the window and asks passers-by to go to the market for her flour. My daughter doesn’t want to do this! Abigail jumps out of bed, gets dressed and goes to the market.

On the street, the inspector links up for Abigail, Abigail returns home, the inspector enters after her.Margaret hits him in the back of the head with the bottle. The mask flies from the inspector. This is Roy. Margaret is in a panic: I attacked the inspector, we urgently need to flee. Abigail says: Roy was arrested at the same time as his father. And he is still alive. This means that there is a possibility that the father did not die either. Roy needs to be interrogated. And let him tell you why the inspectors wear masks. Why would he answer your questions? Because I can tell someone that he secretly goes to his wife, and she even gave birth to a child from him.

Abigail takes the map from Roy, which shows the tunnels that lead to the government’s residence.Roy tells Abigail that Ethan Blake knows where your father is. Abigail demands that Roy tell her how to get to Ethan.

Residents of the city at a solemn meeting. The official speech in honor of the holiday is delivered by the head of the local administration Ethan Blake. Abigail secretly leaves the ceremony, walks to Ethan’s house, sneaks into his apartment. She examines the contents of the papers found in Ethan’s desk. There are personal files of those arrested. Abigail does not find her father’s data there.

Ethan returns.Abigail hides under the table. Ethan calls on the phone and says that he will take the arrested residents of the city to the residence today. Abigail leaves the apartment and hides in the trunk of Ethan’s car. He gets behind the wheel, drives. A van with the arrested follows.

Ethan’s path is blocked by a man who points his hand at the car, to which is attached a gadget that emits blue rays. Ethan is forced to seat the stranger next to him.

Cars drive up to the square near the residence.Abigail climbs out of the trunk, enters the residence building through a side door. There she sees how the inspectors drive the arrested into the tunnels and lock the gates behind them. Among the detainees is Ian Hope.

Abigail goes outside. There, a battle begins between the rebels and inspectors who came to the aid of their leader (the man who stopped Ethan’s car). Both sides use combat gadgets that emit black smoke or blue beams. Abigail is hit by a stray shot, falls, loses consciousness.A sphere given by her father flies from her neck. The rebel leader (Bale) takes Abigail in his arms and retreats along with his comrades-in-arms who manage to free the prisoners brought in the van.

Abigail wakes up at the rebel hideout. She meets Spencer (he loses his memory all the time), with the red-bearded owner of the shop of magic items Marcus and the dumb one-eyed master Norman, who knows how to fix magic gadgets.

The rebels tell Abigail that the epidemic is just a cover.In fact, the city is isolated because people with magical abilities live here. Abigail is one of them.

Marcus introduces Abigail to Bale. He argues with his friend Stella. Bale proposes to raise a general uprising tomorrow and attack the residence of the authorities. Stella believes this attack will be suicidal. Abigail asks to take her to the combat squad. Bale reluctantly agrees: I’ll do one workout with you. If you fail, you will help Markus in the shop.

Training is carried out on the simulator. Bale offers to take Abigail with any combat gadget (Anger) of his choice. But you didn’t teach me how to handle them! Bale counts down to 10 and shoots Abigail. She flies off the simulator. You are not fit for war! Go to Marcus. Offended, Abigail, before leaving home, asks Spencer to train her in handling different types of Angers.

At home, Abigail opens her father’s safe, takes out plans, blueprints and an enger. Abigail talks to her mother.From her story, she concludes: her father made a special medallion for her that suppressed her magical power, so the inspectors could not find her.

Abigail meets with Roy, shows him his father’s blueprints. He says that an aerial fort is depicted here – a special prison for the most gifted owners of magical powers. You can get to the fort by aircraft, which can be reached through the tunnels under the residence building.

Abigail returns to the rebel hideout and invites Bale to abandon the storming of the residence and go with her to the air fort.Bale says Jonathan Foster worked for the government, he doesn’t want to save him. Bale chases Abigail away.

Abigail meets with Roy, who is to guide her through the tunnels to the aircraft. But Roy betrays Abigail, she is captured by the inspectors. They are led by Garrett, accompanied by Stella. She left Bale because she does not believe that his plan will bring success to the uprising. Garrett orders Abigail to be killed. Bale comes to her rescue, a shootout begins. Bale is injured, but he is carried off the battlefield by Abigail and taken to the rebels’ hideout.

Bale wakes up. Abigail shows him the Anger found in her father’s safe. Bale says: there is a fairy inside, she cannot be released outside, she will oppose us.

The rebels are preparing an attack on the residence building. Abigail sneaks into the building through a small door, which is not guarded by any of the huge number of inspectors who fill the residence building. Abigail sees that the inspectors are preparing an ambush for the rebels. Bale’s team blows up the gates of the residence and rushes in.Abigail runs out to meet them and warns of an ambush. A firefight begins, the rebels run away from the residence building, the inspectors chase them. Bale is taken prisoner.

At the shelter, the rebels are preparing to retreat. Abigail encourages them to attack the air fort: the fairy from my father’s Anger will show us the way. The rebels agree.

Abigail’s squad enters the aircraft, neutralizes the guards, frees the prisoners held there, whom the inspectors were going to deliver to the air fort, including Bale.

The fairy shows the way to the rebels, they arrive at the air fort and find that there is no magic power: it is prevented by a special device hanging from the ceiling of the air prison. Air ships with inspectors on board are approaching the fort.

Abigail recalls her childhood conversations with her father, trying to solve the problem: how to disable the device that blocks magic power. It turns out that Jonathan at one time left his daughter a lot of clues that she must solve.Finally, Abigail manages to do it. To disable the blocker, you need to connect three types of angers. Norman is trying to do this. At this time, inspectors arrive at the fort, armed with swords and crossbows. They are led by Garrett and Stella. A battle begins between the rebels and the inspectors.

Victory is on the side of the inspectors. Bale is injured. Garrett aims at him with a crossbow, but Stella obscures Bale with his body, an arrow hits her, she dies.

Abigail disengages the locking device.The Rebels, armed with the Angers, easily overpower the inspectors with their crossbows and swords. Bale kills Garrett.

The wall surrounding the city is crumbling.

Voiceover Abigail: from this moment a new history of our city begins.

Bale and Abigail kiss against the backdrop of picturesque clouds.

Why do many people host webinars for free?

Nowadays, absolutely any user of the worldwide network can visit webinars for free. Software and technical equipment opens up prospects for holding events of any format and subject.However, for many it remains a mystery: why are there those who conduct webinars completely free of charge and invite everyone to participate? There are several reasons for this.

  1. Savings

    As a rule, hosting webinars practically does not require any expenses from the organizers. After all, they do not need to pay for the premises in which the event is held, buy or rent special equipment – all the necessary functions are already provided in the system.

  2. Interest from a wide audience

    “For free and sweet vinegar” – this saying accurately describes human psychology. We happily buy 2 dishwashing detergents for the price of one, order the 3rd pizza for free … Why not take part in a free webinar, especially if the topic is interesting and relevant?

  3. All equal

    Webinar attendees who don’t charge for it are less focused on what they get.And this allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of the webinar, “revive” it (after all, people will not only expect something from the organizers, but also actively participate in the discussion, ask questions, etc.).

Thus, holding free online seminars does not hit the organizers’ pockets, but allows the participants to become more interested in the very idea of ​​the event, and turn them from ordinary contemplators into active figures!

Should you host free webinars?

Free webinars are held by those who are used to working for the future.An elementary example: you need to “promote to the masses” a certain product. You are organizing two webinars in parallel: one is paid and the other is free.

People who paid for the online seminar will sit and wait for action from you, they will not show any initiative. They have already paid the money, so they will initially be somewhat skeptical. And when it comes to the fact that they will be offered to buy something else, more than 70% of the participants will have a surge of aggression (“How is that ?! STILL pay for something?).You need to be a very talented speaker in order to show people in a short time that they did not attend a paid webinar in vain.

In turn, those who did not pay a penny for participation will be more inclined to communicate with the organizers and other participants, and will show much more interest in the topic of discussion. Communication will turn out to be informative, lively, useful for everyone. And with the right approach, you can get at least a few new customers.

Summing up all of the above, we can say that free webinars are a real godsend for all those who strive for rapid sales growth and know how to “light the fire”.

Film Gupeshka (2018) watch online for free in good HD 1080/720 quality

At the beginning of the film, Tamara is shown going down the stairs with a man. And her husband Lenya is trying hard to persuade her to stay for the sake of their daughter.

A couple of hours earlier, Tamara went out into the street to take out the trash. There, a stranger named Pasha approached her. Pasha has a bottle of wine with him. He offers to go up to Tamara, have a drink and talk. Tamara graciously agrees to let the man in.The man is very nervous. He accidentally falls. Tamara thinks he has an epileptic seizure. She persistently tries to put him on the sofa. Pasha says that everything is all right with him. He threatens to leave, but Tamara asks him not to leave. Pasha remains.

Tamara is very ashamed in front of her husband Lenya, who went to work. She tells Pasha not to think about her like that. She only let him in to talk. Tamara is a seamstress at home. Lenya finds clients, and she sews at home. Tamara does not know what a corkscrew looks like.She brings Pasha a screwdriver. She puts the cups on the table. They have normal wine glasses in the house, but Lenya forbids her to touch them, says that they are expensive.

Can’t open wine with screwdriver. Pasha asks to bring a hammer. Tamara brings a sledgehammer. She says that she is uneducated. Lenya brought her from the village. Lenya went to the village for potatoes when he studied at the institute. Lenya met Tamara and began to look after her. Tamara got pregnant from him, but he did not know it. Tamara’s dad went to the city, found Lenya and told him about Tamara’s pregnancy.Then Lenya with a black eye came to Tamara to propose. Their daughter Lisa died at the age of three due to a tick bite.

Tamara offers tea, since they can’t open the wine. Tamara does not want to sit next to Pasha, as her husband says that her breath smells strongly. Pasha convinces her that there is no smell. As a result, she sits down next to him. The kettle is boiling. Tamara suggests drinking tea from wine glasses, pretending that it is wine. Tamara puts a hot kettle on the linoleum.It sticks. Only together they manage to tear off the kettle. There is a trace on the floor. Tamara worries that Lena will not like it. Then she pours boiling water into the wine glasses and they crack. Pasha pours boiling water into mugs and suggests drinking from them. Tamara puts the kettle on the linoleum again. That sticks. They open the kettle together again. One more trace remains on the linoleum.

Tamara recalls that they don’t even have tea leaves, since Lenya always takes all the tea leaves to work. She only has sugar, and she offers it to Pasha.Tamara is squatting because she is used to it. They always don’t have enough chairs in their house when Leni’s friends come, and she squatted all the time. Pasha persuades her to sit next to him. Tamara offers to light candles, as she has dreamed of sitting by candlelight all her life. She doesn’t find candles. She takes out a flashlight and suggests that it is a candle.

Tamara suddenly starts to fuss, invites the guest to make blinks. Pasha refuses and begs her not to cook anything. Tamara says that her husband calls her Gupeshka.This is a breed of fish. Tamara thinks that he calls her that because she is unpretentious, like these fish. Tamara likes that Pasha treats her kindly. From the conversation it becomes clear that the husband does not appreciate Tamara at all. Lena likes Sofia Rotaru, and he went to her concert alone. Lenya gave the singer flowers. He does not show such signs of attention to Tamara. Tamara is convinced that she gets what she deserves. The singer is beautiful, and therefore Lenya gave her flowers. Tamara thinks that if she herself were beautiful, Lenya would definitely give flowers to her.Pasha tells her that she is beautiful, and her husband is a fool.

Pasha tears down a poster with the singer from the wall. Tamara says that it became somehow empty without this poster. Pasha offers to hang photographs there. They go to pick photos. Tamara offers to hang Leni’s photographs, but Pasha goes through a stack of photographs and finds a photograph of young Tamara. Tamara is afraid to hang her photo on the wall. Pasha insists. But Tamara goes into hysterics, and she tears the picture to pieces. Pasha sees that Tamara does everything just the way Lena wants, and considers herself an absolute insignificance.

Tamara cannot believe that Pasha actually considers her beautiful. Pasha convinces her that this is true. He says that she only needs to be dressed like a woman. Tamara recalls that she has a nice dress. She changes clothes, does her hair and returns to Pasha. At this time, he collects a torn photograph on the floor. Pasha notes that the dress suits Tamara very well. Tamara thanks Pasha for everything and hints that he has to go. Pasha does not understand why he cannot stay. Tamara says it is a sin.Tamara wants to go to heaven, where, in her opinion, her father and daughter are. Therefore, she should not do anything wrong.

Tamara is sure that Pasha will definitely go to heaven. She asks him to find her father there and tell him that she lived a happy life, but did not get to heaven, because she did not deserve it. And she did not deserve it because at the funeral of her daughter she was only angry, and did not cry, and also because she invited a stranger to the house and wanted him to kiss her. Pasha confesses to Tamara that he also wants to kiss her.They begin to reach out to each other, but then Lenya appears from the closet.

Lenya makes a scene. He dramatizes the situation, accusing his wife of treason. Lenya lights up a cigarette. Then he notices that there is no ashtray. Tamara gives him a hand so that he shakes off the ash there. Pasha tries to stop her, as she may burn herself. Lenya in an orderly tone sends Tamara for an ashtray. Pasha asks Lenya to stop playing the comedy. He wants to open Tamara’s eyes to how Lenya really is a bastard.Tamara naively believes in the empty speeches of Leni. She crawls on her knees to him, humiliates herself and begs him to forgive her and calm down. Lenya insists that they will no longer be able to live after the betrayal. Pasha understands his plan – he wants to use this situation to leave Tamara, whom he does not love. Pasha does not want to participate in these matters. He leaves and closes the door behind him.

Lenya tells Tamara that he is humiliated and insulted, and it will be unfair if he leaves. Therefore, she must leave. Lenya begins to pack Tamara’s things in a suitcase in order to get her out of the house as quickly as possible.Lenya even gives her a train ticket. Tamara tells Lena that she will probably throw herself under the train today. Lenya convinces her that she does not even love him, and that there is no point in throwing herself under the train. Tamara goes into hysterics. She does not want to go anywhere and wants to leave everything as it was before. Lenya pours insults at Tamara and says that he never loved her.

Pasha climbs onto the balcony. He asks to stop all this disgrace, and then invites Tamara to become his wife. Pasha admits that he had seen Tamara in the store earlier and fell in love with her.Then he tracked down where she lives, and specifically asked for her home. Tamara doesn’t know what to say. No one in the house ever listened to her opinions. Lenya begins to persuade her to agree. Tamara worries that Lenya might be offended by this. He convinces her that he doesn’t mind.

Lenya urges Pasha and Tamara to leave faster. Pasha goes into the hallway to bring Tamara sandals. At this moment, Lenya attacks Tamara with accusations that he made a man out of her, and she left him and goes to the first person he meets.Pasha asks Tamara where her documents are. Lenya insists that the documents should lie with him for now, since Tamara still comes and checks out. But Pasha intends to teach Lenya a lesson, he wants to take away the documents, and to divide the property through the court. Lenya does not give the documents. Pasha threatens to contact the police.

Lenya is trying to denigrate Pasha. He says that he called him on purpose to help him get rid of his wife. In exchange, Lenya promised Pasha to keep his post. Pasha works as an electrician at Leni’s site, and they wanted to fire him.Pasha asks him not to lie, since Lenya asked him to check whether his wife was cheating on him or not. Pasha confesses to Tamara that Lenya really sent him, but he sincerely loves her and invites her to leave with him. Suddenly Lenya declares that he will not let Tamara go anywhere. Tamara agrees to leave with Pasha. They take things and leave the apartment. Lenya starts screaming that he loves Tamara and begs her to stay for the sake of their deceased daughter. Tamara cries and tries to return. Pasha holds her back and yells at Lenya to stop this whole circus.Then he pounces on Lenya, drags him into the apartment and begins to beat.

Tamara takes an empty bottle and hits Pasha on the head. Pasha gets up and leaves. Tamara cleans up the apartment, puts things in their places, puts her beautiful dress back in the box and sits down at the sewing machine. Lenya warns her that she cheated on him, so now he can cheat on her. He tells her to go for a walk around the city at night while he cheats on her at their home. Tamara obeys him implicitly.

“Big City Lights” (1931) – watch a movie free online in good quality 720 HD on the Kultura.RF portal

“To make a comedy, I only need a park, a policeman and a beautiful girl” world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. Moreover, he never specified the proportions of these three components, he simply took them as a basis and told another story: tender, slightly sad, romantic and infinitely funny, which the audience invariably accepted with a bang.The film “City Lights” was no exception.

The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) wanders aimlessly through the streets. In fact, he is satisfied with everything in this restless life. Wake up in the park in the arms of a statue, slightly tease the clumsy policeman, but most importantly, do not report anything to anyone, do not obey. What else can you dream of ?!

Fleeting hooliganism, clap of the closed door of a luxury car, absurd confusion. The tramp just wanted to help a poor flower girl (Virginia Cherrill) by buying a flower from her with her last money, but suddenly his life changed dramatically.And how else, because the girl, being completely blind, takes the Tramp for a millionaire. And now the careless bully has an important mission – to brighten up the life of his beloved.

Chaplin got the idea for the plot when he learned about a circus clown who was blinded by an accident. The circus performer had a little daughter, extremely painful and nervous, and before being discharged from the hospital, the doctor warned the patient that he must hide the ailment from his daughter for as long as possible. At home, the clown constantly stumbled, bumping into furniture, and the girl laughed merrily: it seemed to her that her father was playing with her.However, Chaplin decided that such a movie would be too sentimental for its format, so instead of a blind clown, a girl selling flowers appears in his film.

Sincerely believing that the beginning of filming on the eve of the New Year promises good luck, on December 31, 1927, Charles Spencer Chaplin, or simply Charlie Chaplin, sat down in the director’s chair and shouted: “Camera! Motor!” . Nevertheless, work on the film City Lights stretched out for three long years: the Great Depression began in America.The stock market crash paralyzed almost all spheres of life in American society, and cinema was no exception. However, Chaplin’s new work benefited from the delay: having started filming “Lights” in the era of silent films, the director finished the film when the sound had already appeared. So in “City Lights” Charlie Chaplin acted not only as a director, screenwriter, producer and, of course, an actor. He also wrote the music for the film.

The American Film Institute ranked City Lights as one of the Top 10 Romantic Comedies in Cinema History.But the most important thing is that even now, 80 years after the release of the film on the screens, the picture is always popular with the audience. The secret of Chaplin’s skill has not yet been revealed to anyone. He had hundreds of imitators, but the viewer invariably returns to Chaplin’s films and, watching them again, laughs, cries, empathizes with the heroes who face the injustice of this big and cruel world, who, in spite of everything, do not lose their ability to sympathize and love.

“USA – Cancer.”How did Beijing and Moscow respond to the boycott of the Games in China? | Olympics | Sports

US-China relations have deteriorated sharply after the White House accused China of “continuing genocide and crimes against humanity” and announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The Chinese authorities said that no one invited American officials to the Olympics, and also promised to retaliate.

“Atrocities by the PRC”

The decision of Washington to boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing was announced by the press secretary of Joe Biden Jennifer Psaki .“The US presidential administration will not send diplomatic or official delegations to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and the Paralympic Games due to the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity,” she said at a press briefing. – The athletes of the American team will receive our full support, we will root for them from home. American diplomats and officials would take these Games as usual, but aggressive human rights violations and atrocities on the part of the PRC do not allow us to do so. “Psaki added that “advocating for human rights is in American DNA.”

The difference between the current boycott and the one the Soviet Union faced in 1980 is that this time American athletes will go to the competition. But not a single American official will attend them.

The decision to boycott in Washington has been discussed for a long time. Thus, in February 2021, a coalition of 180 human rights organizations representing Tibetans, Uighurs, Inner Mongols, Hong Kong residents and others accused the Chinese authorities of oppressing the rights of these peoples.The Uyghur issue became the most acute. According to Western media reports, the number of Uyghurs (a Muslim people living in Xinjiang province) has halved over the past 70 years. Beijing is accused of destroying Uyghur shrines, building special camps where Uyghurs are “re-educated”: they are forced to learn Chinese and sing a hymn. The United States and other Western countries consider what is happening as genocide, China, of course, denies all accusations. In addition to Washington, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and other Western countries have discussed the possibility of a boycott.

“No invitations were sent anyway”

The Chinese authorities have promised a tough response to US actions.

“China expresses its strong discontent and strongly opposes it. We have already made a strict presentation to the United States and will also take drastic countermeasures, ”said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian to . According to him, the Americans must stop politicizing sports and stop statements and actions that interfere with and undermine the Winter Olympics in Beijing, “otherwise it will harm the dialogue and cooperation between the two countries in a number of important areas, as well as on international and regional issues.”

The Chinese Embassy in the United States reacted particularly sharply to Biden’s decision. They said that no one invited American officials to the Olympics. “Nobody cares whether these people come or not. This will not in any way affect the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics. This is just political manipulation. No invitations have been sent to American politicians anyway, ”said Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington , to . The boycott reflects the Cold War mentality of the United States, he said.“The US just wants to politicize sports, create discord and provoke confrontation,” the diplomat said.

Russia, unlike Western countries, will not boycott the Games. Moreover, President of Russia Vladimir Putin will personally attend the opening ceremony. This was especially noted in an interview with Russian and Chinese journalists , Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui . “I hope that President Putin’s visit to the Winter Olympics in China will be successful and contribute to the strengthening of friendship,” he said.”The embassy will spare no effort to provide all the necessary assistance to Russian athletes to visit and perform in China.”

Hanhui recalled that in 2014, the Americans planned to arrange a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. However, then the boycott idea failed. “In 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping also took part in the opening ceremony of the Winter Games in Sochi,” the diplomat said.

For the Chinese, the Olympics will be of particular importance as the opening date coincides with the Chinese New Year.“The Olympic Games will open on February 4, 2022. It is not only the opening day of the Beijing Olympic Games, but also coincides with the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival and the coming Year of the Tiger. We believe in the opportunity to light the torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics on such a special day. This will undoubtedly lead to unprecedented success, ”concluded Hanhui.

A Political Adviser to the Embassy Liu Mingche noted that the Americans continue the harmful practice of interfering in the affairs of other countries using democracy.“Polls around the world show that more and more people see the United States as a threat,” the diplomat said. – The Americans themselves believe that their country has ceased to be a role model. Nevertheless, Washington continues to impose its views on other countries. But the Winter Olympics are a great sporting event, not a stage for political performances. ”

What do they say in Russia?

In Russia, many athletes and other public figures supported China very emotionally. “The American diplomatic boycott of the Games is a celebration for the rest of the world,” said four-time Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov to .- The USA is the most painful place on the whole earth, its cancer. Look how much blood and troubles they have. It’s great that their officials won’t be at the Olympics. I hope that thanks to this, the Games will be held peacefully and without scandals. ”

“Less people – more oxygen,” said Russian sports TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev to . – If Biden drives around there, then everything will be closed. The main thing is that American athletes will come – Susan Dunkley, Claire Egan, – coaches.It will be with great pleasure that I watch the struggle of these wonderful athletes. ”

The Russian authorities commented on the possibility of a boycott earlier. “Who are they to, in principle, stutter about boycotts of the Olympic Games in peaceful states? – asked a rhetorical question by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova . “NATO’s democracies, which are more suited to the definition of a” regime “that for decades supported their own well-being on blood, a year ago demonstrated to the whole world their helplessness in protecting their citizens from the virus.”She recalled what dirty campaigns with the support of “journalists” Washington launched against the Winter Olympic Games and the World Cup in Russia. “It ended in a grandiose failure” end

boycotts “, but the nerves of people all over the world, they shook pretty much,” – said Zakharova.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov recalled that China approved strict coronavirus restrictions with the IOC during the Games. “Anti-epidemic measures also imply the absence of officials at the competition,” he said.That is, American officials were apparently not invited to the Chinese Olympics. “The 2022 Olympics will take place regardless of whether a delegation of diplomats and government officials from the United States will visit it or not,” Peskov added.

Read the online book Koldunov Island (SI)

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25.Leith Ilne

(Cold Season, Ard Ellar, Ulle)

Leith leaned out of the window almost to her waist, trying to make out the carriage that appeared at the other end of the street, and immediately hid back: it was quite cold to look out with such carelessness. Making sure that no one sees her, she hastily closed the windows.

Father was supposed to return for dinner, but for some reason he was delayed on the way. Three days ago, at dawn, she and Hort left for Katrice, a small town near the capital of Myra, famous for its rich fair, which once in a decade was filled with merchants from all the surrounding towns and villages.Inhabitants of the border hearths of Ard Ellara also brought their goods there, since the Mayra dwellers collected a very modest duty. Most recently, my father opened a small furniture store there. Hort said that the shop was quite tiny, not like the one in Ulla – half a house on the waterfront, but just what is needed for the successful expansion of the family business. According to him, trade has been going well so far; wealthy gentlemen from the capital have already visited them several times.

Rumors of riots in Karr, two days’ journey from the border, became more and more frightening every day.There was talk of a swamp epidemic, and Leith was afraid that some kind of disaster might happen in Kartis, in general, a quiet town. Hort may be a couple of years older than her, but he’s still a dunce, some girls on his mind, and his father is no longer young.

In the last year, Noyt Ilne tackled his youngest son, hoping to gradually transfer the family business to him. Three workshops where they made furniture for every taste, from the simplest and cheapest to the most exquisite, and two shops took away all his strength, and the eldest son, on whom he was counting, showed no interest in furniture business.Having married profitably, he settled in Menida, the capital of the northeastern province of Ard Ellara, and opened his own business there: having bought two large river boats and a small pleasure sailing boat, he carried cargo and passengers along Teurent.


The elder brother was doing more than well. Once a season, he came to his native Ulle with his wife and children, charming twin girls, to boast of wealth and prosperity. The mother rejoiced, looking at her son who was plump, well-groomed and contented with life, at his slightly arrogant, but well-bred wife.The father kept quiet, secretly proud of the elder’s success. However, from Hort, too, over time, promised to grow up a good manager, and even you look – the owner. Everything has its time.

The sound of wheels on the old pavement could be heard clearly, Leith recognized the characteristic skip of her father’s traveling van. It goes empty, but it seems not quite. No purchases seemed to be planned, except that the mother asked his father to look into the liquor store. Remembering the reason for such a request, Leith sighed, climbed down from the windowsill, straightened the crumpled collar of her dress and carefully removed the stray strands of hair under the scarf.There were no mirrors here in the living room to look at, but she already knew what she was going to see.

She was much more fortunate than her older sister, who was born an exact copy of her father – tall, thin, long-faced and colorless. Leith inherited the appearance of her mother: of medium height, at the age of sixteen she had a thin waist and round seductive forms, delicate, slightly dark skin, thick curly hair of a golden brown hue, gentle gray eyes. Her mouth was round and soft, slightly larger than she would have liked, her nose – small, chiseled, and soft, slightly pointed chin.

Her mother brought her up in severity, according to the most traditional Ard Ellar customs, fearing that the youngest beautiful daughter might learn something shameful for the honor of the family. She would have kept her locked up further, but her father did not like fools and, as soon as the girl grew up, he tore her away from her embroidery and put her in her studies on a par with Hort. Mathematics was easy for her, unlike her brother, and she absolutely adored the history of geography. Of course, she was not allowed to go to the school at the temple, but the local Elon teacher for a modest fee and a generous table regularly came to the house, giving the children of a wealthy city dweller additional lessons.

And he will come in a few days. The chests have already been collected, it remains only to try on the wedding dress for the last time. Here, at home, they will celebrate with their family, according to the customs of Ard Ellara, while the wedding itself will take place in Darnite, as is customary in Riallar. At first, Leith was glad that she would have to wear a wedding dress twice, but then joy gave way to fear. She will have to live in another country, on the other side of the sea, with a man fifteen years older than herself, and even according to completely different customs.She heard about Riallar … Men marry there twice, and you can have as many concubines as you feed. It’s good that her fiancé, a native Marets, who moved to the other side of the Strait for the sake of developing his own business, promised her that he would not have other wives.

His name was Gevr As-Warden. He was the eldest son of his father’s friend and companion. Leith had seen him several times before, and when her father announced that he had married her to the elder As-Warden, she silently agreed with his choice. The girls of Ard Ellar were rarely asked for consent when choosing a groom, especially in families strictly observing the old way, where everything was decided by the head of the family.In addition, in the veins of the As-Vadrens, judging by the prefix before the name, there was a drop of noble Mayr blood, and Leith was a little flattered by the future noble surname. Mother, seeing her tacit humility, consoled her as best she could, assuring her that love marriages, which are fashionable now in the southern and southeastern provinces of Ard Ellara, are not being brought to good, and that she will definitely fall in love with her husband. She herself fell in love with her father …

Leith didn’t believe. Two years ago, she was in love with the youngest son of the Hearth Sentinel akhr, and, still carrying this feeling that excites blood in her soul, she strongly doubted that she could once again experience such moments.The young man also remained not indifferent to her charms, they managed to meet at holidays, walks, in the sanctuary during the service, but then his father-akhr sent him to study in Menida, and since then Leith never saw him again. Memories, of course, faded, but secretly she hoped that when he returned home, he would send matchmakers. The father gave a good dowry for her, akhr could in no way consider such a game unsuccessful for the youngest son.


I must admit, she was madly afraid of marriage.Leith didn’t want to leave home for the sake of some unfamiliar man who would have to give his whole life. It is not yet known whether he will be kind to her. The brother over there often beat his wife, and even loved to boast to his parents and Leith of her obedience. The older sister, who was not too lucky with her appearance, married a widower with a brood of children, and even gave birth to her own. Now she had eight offspring in her arms and a drinking husband, and she could hardly make ends meet. Of course, my sister did not even think about happiness.

She heard the servants rushing down below, opening the gate. The van, clattering over the rocks, drove into the courtyard. Her father’s voice sounded unintelligible, harsh and demanding, and Leith hurried out of the living room, eager for the latest news.

She found her mother in the kitchen. Her father was there as well, who handed her several narrow-necked jugs of expensive Riallar sahdi.

– I brought you your silk, brought it, – smiling, he waved his hands when he saw his daughter. – With difficulty, by the way, I found it.What makes you think that you need exactly red … Okay, take it, I gave Hort …

Leith ran to find her brother. She was going to make herself a wedding gown out of red silk, according to Riallar’s custom, which an old acquaintance had told her about. Only now the necessary material was not found either in Ulla or in the nearby Charem. I had to tearfully beg my father to walk around the bazaars and shops in Katrice. Hort, laughing and teasing, handed her a small, lightweight package. Leith unwrapped it greedily. Thin, weightless, translucent matter flowed like a cobweb through his fingers.Delightful … Taking the fabric to her, overflowing with gratitude, she again rushed to look for her father. However, she and her mother were still talking in the kitchen.

“… The devil knows what,” she heard her father’s irritated remark and froze, not hurrying to enter. – Already in Katrice it is restless. Crowds of refugees, both on foot and on horseback, are being brought down from Karra, cart after cart. They say there is a plague in the capital. Swamp girl, that is, – he corrected himself. – In Katrice, every second sanctuary was closed – the Helds seemed to fall asleep. Queen Nella is pissed off! She ordered to kill all the illars, it is not clear how they hurt her.There was no fair this time. ”Leith heard him move chairs in the kitchen and sit down. The mother, judging by the sounds, herself set dinner for him, sending the servants home: the news set forth by the father was not joyful, there is nothing for ordinary people to listen to and be frightened in advance. They will spread gossip all over the town, raise a panic – and this is not far from the real disaster.

“They say it’s also restless in Nellim,” the father continued. – The ships are standing. The Illary all hid themselves. Meir is said to be very angry. Only the most desperate can walk across the strait.There are a lot of storms, and there are fewer and fewer illars of Meir to tame the storm or to walk around the Scarlet Cliffs. Royal warriors, on her orders, slaughtered everyone. And the riallarians, who, it seems, are quiet and smooth, fight crazy money for the flight, and even then, they say, only up to the Nelsky raid, and then, they say, in a boat and on oars to the pier, we, they say, want to live.

– What about Varden? – Anxiously asked the mother, as if overhearing Leith’s thoughts.

“Let’s hope he gets there,” the father replied. – I wanted to talk to him through the Window, but there are no living Windows in Katrice.Tomorrow I’ll come to our church, ask if they can help. All the same it will be necessary to look, I brought them a patient …

His mother asked him something, quietly and indistinctly, Leith did not hear the essence of the question.

– No, not plague, although who knows, – continued the father. – There were no ulcers on it. Picked up in the morning on the way back, somewhere between Kartis and the border outpost. I was lying in a ditch by the road unconscious, a corpse like a corpse. Well at least he wheezed, otherwise they would have passed by. Do not understand who … The clothes are urban, inexpensive, and the boots are of good quality.Something like a hilda. I drove into the temple, which is on the outskirts, so they looked at him and immediately took Healing to the held. I don’t know if I survived. Maybe it is really plague, – here he was silent for a long time, apparently, having paid tribute to the dinner. – You don’t tell our girl anything, she’ll be scared even foolishly. As-Warden will arrive, will not go anywhere. He’s not a boy, to be afraid of storms and sores.

The next morning, Leith asked her mother for leave at the sanctuary. Not to where my father was going – to another, at the opposite end of the city.They did not want to let her go alone. The mother pursed her lips dryly at her request. Where has it been seen that the daughter-bride walked the streets on the eve of the wedding alone, unaccompanied by relatives. Leith began to persuade Hort, but his father ordered him, together with the carpenter, to repair the van and replace the awning on it, but the matter was still in its infancy. The sun, in spite of the cold winter day, warmed up quite like spring, the clouds that had come in the morning sailed to the south, and even the city, cold and gloomy lately, seemed to thaw and come to life.The amount of work my brother was clearly not happy with, but his father had a heavy hand, and he refused, gritting his heart.

In the end, Otetsi intervened and let her go.

“Let Tarmil take a walk in the end, pray Tarmil, and say goodbye to his homeland,” he said, looking at his daughter from head to toe with a mixture of pride and sadness. “Believe me, there are completely different shores where she goes.

“All right,” the mother answered dryly. – Let him go. But not to long. And yet, – she sternly looked at her daughter, – if you talk to someone on the way – I’ll whip.

Leith nodded, hiding a smile. She often got from her mother for curiosity and too lively disposition, but now she will not do anything to her. Not before the wedding!

The town of Ulle was part of the Hearth Sentry located on the shores of the Sarsk Sea south of the Strait. In these places the border of Mayra and Ard Ellara passed. Tiny towns and harrans scattered along the rocky coastline were considered a single Hearth. The coast in this part was high and steep, the nearest port – Mayra Nellim – was located four days’ journey in the northwest direction.The streets and houses of Ulle stretch up and down the rocky coastline. The town grew up in time immemorial next to the ancient lighthouse, which guided ships sailing along the Strait from the northern ports of Hildair and eastern Riallar to the southern harbors of Ard Ellar and Akhtan.

Since childhood, she and her brothers and sisters ran to watch the ships sailing by. It was a majestic sight: huge and proud, with bright multicolored sails, or small and nimble, they reminded her of wonderful fairy birds.While the brothers wondered which port the ship belonged to, whole stories played out in her imagination, full of brave travelers and beautiful maidens, cruel sorcerers and fearless warriors. She really wanted one day to climb aboard such a huge sailing ship herself and see how the harrana and kichta float past the coast, how the land overboard slowly and steadily changes. To her great regret, she was only in the neighboring Katrice, at the fair, in the harrans that surrounded the town, and once – visiting her older brother in Menida.They got to Menida through the Held Door, located near the border outpost, and, as Leith did not want to travel along Torent, in fact, the whole journey took them a little less than a day.

Noisy, businesslike and festive Menida amazed her with its liveliness, the abundance of people, the size of the houses and palaces, the abundance of luxury and entertainment. It was a completely different world, on the one hand – alluring and attractive, on the other – dangerous and deceiving. For herself, she did not decide whether she would like to live here.At her persistent questions whether he missed home, the elder brother at first only joked, and only before leaving he confessed in secret that he really lacked space, silence and the salty north wind. “Wait a minute, I’ll make some money, I’ll move closer to Nellim. Your berth, your ships, warehouses … Your Gevre was very interested. He says it makes sense … “

Leith turned into a wide street, at the end of which was the sanctuary. I wonder if the man that my father was talking about is still alive? And is it true that he is a hild? I wish I could see a living Hilda … They say they are all tall and beautiful, white-skinned, fair-haired, green-eyed, and very strong and courageous.The teacher told her about the Hilds, and not only about customs, about wars too. They considered the Hilds to be savage barbarians, but Leith was interested in hearing the retellings of long, tangled and romantic sagas about the battles of gods and heroes, about the endless blood feud of ancient clans and about crazy exploits in the name of love.

The Sanctuary of the Nine Gods was located at the top of the slope – an ordinary round building with a dome and a modest extension in the form of a kykhta. Leith entered the semi-dark, cozy room, breathed in the tart-sweet aroma of incense and immediately relaxed.She felt good here. Here, no one will ever condemn her for a curious question, an excessively sonorous laugh, or her hair straying out from under the headscarf. And even for the fact that she came with a stranger.

An elderly illar whom Leith had known since childhood came out to meet her. In fact, she wanted to make sure that everything was in order with As-Warden, but she did not dare to talk to him through the Held Window. Confused about her fears, she asked Illar to show her the groom for at least a few moments.He, with difficulty restraining a sly smile, agreed.

From the Dome of Services, he led her into the depths of the sanctuary, to where the Held gallery was located. Leith anxiously approached the Held Window – a dull black piece of stone with a sky-blue oval – and closed her eyes, trying to remember in detail her betrothed. “Gevre, Gevre El-Warden, where are you? What’s the matter? Are you all right? ” She repeated mentally, until the illar, whispering long melodious incantations behind her, touched her on the shoulder. Opening her eyes, she saw a short, stout young man, dark blond and gray-eyed, accompanied by two solid, well-armed guards and two arrits with luggage.Judging by the terrain, they were already on this side of the Strait. The road meandered through the hills, the houses on the right, visible in the distance, were covered with brown tiles and painted gray-brown.

“The Suburbs of Nellim,” the illar explained. “You see, baby, it’s okay. Don’t worry anymore. He’ll be here in four or five days.

After thanking the illar from the bottom of her heart and throwing a few coins into the offering bowl, she hastily returned to the Dome of Services. At this hour, there were neither citizens nor children-pupils.Leith habitually glanced over the familiar deities. Ilbar, Feollon, Ilfein, Kelar … Thoughts came sad. Soon, soon everything will change, there is very little time left to wait. Her mother hastily instructed her about her future married life, telling her about its most secret sides. Leith tensed inwardly as she listened to confused and awkward explanations with a mixture of disgust and curiosity. Men get pleasure from this, and women can only reconcile and ask for the charmed herbs in the sanctuaries, so as not to die in childbirth, leaving children orphans … and not to give birth to a child every year.Moreover, not every sanctuary will look at it well.

She stopped in front of the statue of Tarmil. She was portrayed as a mature woman in simple home clothes of yellow and brown tones, always with one or two taffy, in her legs or on her shoulder, with ears of intara in her hands. Fertility, home, children, health and longevity – all these aspects of life were under her patronage. Looking into the calm, smiling face of the goddess, Leith put in the ritual bowl a twig of the viila, prudently taken with her from her home winter garden.Stepping back, she prayed, getting confused in words, and now and then losing in imagination the appearance of her future husband.

“May he be kind to me. Let everything work out for us. May I have children … Sons and daughters. Let us live happily ever after. Let us … “

26 Caves

(Cold Season. Ard Ellar. Jar Dahar.)

Waking up early in the morning, Thane was in no hurry to leave a thin stream flowing, as it turned out, from a small crevice in the wall of the Canyon between the stones and going into a crack under one of them.The ground here no longer resembled dry dust, there were more stones and green clay, here and there thickets of hard grass came across. The air remained dry and warm as before, reminding in nothing of the winter that reigned above.

The awakening was excruciatingly difficult. The pain of tired muscles returned, the stomach, cramped by a hungry spasm, demanded something more substantial than a few sips of water, and when the dream disappeared completely, a heavy hopelessness collapsed like blocks of earth. If only the islanders would intervene or something, Thane thought with irritation, if they really need these things, he patted himself on his pocket, where the artifacts he had obtained were still safely stored.- So Velg and Jerome got into something. What have they gotten themselves into … Although, if Velga were considered a sorcerer, we would have sat together in this pit. So he escaped my fate. I would have contacted, perhaps, through Held. To me, too, companion … “

Rivers lay nearby. Opening his eyes, he watched in disapproval as Roig got to his feet and looked around. The place around the stream seemed completely safe, I did not want to leave it for an incomprehensible purpose.

– Where, curiously, do the corpses go? He asked curiously.“We’re not the first here, are we?”

Thane shrugged.

– If they, like us, set off along this road, and somewhere there, further …

Roig was silent.

– Where do you think this damn Canyon leads? Let us rest against the wall at that end, sit side by side and stretch our legs.

“We need to be sure first,” Roig snapped angrily. – We will always have time to stretch our legs.

Rek reluctantly got up and trailed after him, indistinctly muttering under his breath every now and then the fears and objections that arose in him.

The canyon gradually narrowed until it became a corridor several steps wide. The familiar red mist loomed up ahead. Thane stopped and sharpened his vision – from previous experience he already knew that any dirty trick could be hidden behind the fog.

And the dirty trick did not take long to appear. The skulls of animals, from tiny to huge, flew out towards the merry swarm, snapping their jaws as they went. The sight would be funny if they didn’t bite. Whitish and yellow, they flickered before their eyes, striving to grab with the remnants of their teeth or beaks either nose or ear.When Thane tried to throw stones at them, they either dodged or threw the stone back as if offering to play. Roig tried throwing urd signs. This gave a more tangible result. Already the first skull, into which Thane launched the urd-sign “Bird”, at first stopped, as if absorbing the glow of the symbol, noticeable only to illar, and then suddenly exploded, scattering many small bones around. Inspired by his success, Thane got down to business in earnest, and soon the skulls were noticeably diminished, and those that remained out of his reach, huddled together, covered with torn remnants of red fog, and hastily retreated somewhere ahead.Thane hoped they hadn’t lurked around the bend to avenge their defeat — they would have had to have at least some intelligence to do that. Although …

– Hey, don’t you think that someone is controlling all these stupid jokes? – he asked the approaching River.

“Hardly,” he dismissed. – For what? For the sake of criminals, so that they do not die right away, but first shit the pants? No, they won’t come up with that in Carr. Too difficult.

“Carr’s can’t do it,” Thane said, and thought to himself that the Canyon somehow reminds him of the Illomine labyrinth: traps, only dynamic, and not tied to one place, like tasks for ingenuity, gave up at the first attempt. decide.

And they again reluctantly trudged on. The tufts of grass gradually disappeared, and the ground became dusty and dry again.

– Water is not expected, – Rek muttered. – We would have sat by that stream …

Thane did not answer.

The canyon began to expand again, and fortunately there were no more skulls. Although the surprises were not over yet, they were soon blocked by a wall of fire.

Tongues of flame blazed evenly, tightly blocking the passage. The curtain of fire seemed solid, irresistible, the heat emanating from her, scorched their already withered faces.Rek stepped back and turned to Thane with a triumphant grin.

– Well, have you come? Any ideas?

Roig approached her cautiously, wincing at the hot breath of the fiery curtain. It was not the first time to put out the fire with the help of the urd construction prepared yesterday. There were no Power Circles nearby, and there was little personal Fire of life left in him. Having drained as much as he could from his own exhausted body, he nevertheless extinguished a small section of the wall, forming a small passage.Jumping over it, he called for Rek.

– Well, boy, – he muttered, finding himself on the other side of the veil, – if something hit you in the head … then you will split it on something.

Thane staggered forward reluctantly, cursing himself for dragging this useless chatter along with him.

After some time, a wall of fire again stood in front of them. Rek patted him on the shoulder, Roig silently stared at her, gathering his strength. After a short struggle with the fire, he again managed to extinguish part of the veil through which they hurriedly slipped to the other side.

The curtains appeared now at almost every step, Thane patiently extinguished them, they went on, then stopped again. Only in the evening did the walls of fire stop flashing on their way, and when, finally, there was an opportunity to stop and rest, Rek noticed ahead, above the high walls of the Canyon, dark outlines that vaguely resembled the entrance to a cave. With difficulty, he shoved Royg, prostrate on the ground, aside.

– There is clearly something there!

Thane reluctantly got up. I had to move on.

The shadow became sharper and sharper, before our eyes acquiring the complete contours of a huge rock hanging over the Canyon. The canyon went deep into it, transforming into a tunnel. When they reached the entrance, they found another trickle.

This brook was much cleaner and cooler than the first. They drank their fill and fell to the ground again. It was a little colder here than in the Canyon, but the air no longer seemed so dusty and musty.

– Freeze, – muttered Rec. – Maybe build something like a fire?

– And the tree? Thane asked.

– Can’t you live without a tree? – he grinned.

“Only the Ghoul Barr can do without a tree,” Thane replied. – Do you have any idea where we got to?

– Not really. It’s good if this tunnel leads somewhere, ”said Rek.

Roig shrugged listlessly.

They woke up at the dawn of the daytime sun. Thane recalled the previous events step by step, trying to find the answer where this fun ride would lead them. He no longer doubted the rationality of its creators.Most of all, the Canyon reminded him of a training strip built on the outskirts of Rian Al Jara to train vigilantes. None of the Canyon surprises could seriously harm the victim. Surely there were other ways to overcome obstacles than those he found. Maybe food was nearby.

He got to his feet. The head was spinning great, the stomach was indignant and fell silent, offended by the careless attitude. With surprise Thane realized that he was quite capable of walking. Before falling asleep, he thought that he would not get up tomorrow.However, despite the general decline in spirit, the arms and legs worked properly, and a hitherto untested lightness appeared in the body. Well, we’ll meet with the organizers of the local entertainment again, he thought with a sneer. We will find something to talk about.

They wandered down the tunnel. At first he walked downhill, then evenly, then he went up gently. Roig managed to light the dim lamp, but after this paltry effort by his standards, he had to wait out the attack of dizziness, leaning against the cool, damp wall.He had exhausted the supply of the Fire of Life, and now, to restore it, either a long, full-fledged rest and abandonment of art, or the Circle of Power was required. He counted on the latter, since the rest in the near future was somehow not included in his plans.

They trudged in the viscous twilight, with difficulty overcoming their slumber; at first Rek tried to count the steps, then lost count and fell silent, occasionally swearing when he stumbled. Having come across another trickle, they eagerly drank themselves on water, then lay around exhausted, unable to get away from the precious source of moisture, then got up and walked again.The road sloped up all the time, then Thane suddenly found that the ground under his feet became level, without small bumps and potholes, chipped stones and large lumps of dried clay. He bent down and felt it with his hands – the stone was even, smooth, not polished, but artificially aligned; along the edges of the road, he found shallow lateral grooves for water drainage. The walls were also smooth, smooth, with rows of small finger-thick holes, from which the coolness was barely noticeable. Roig called Reck, announcing his findings.

– You mean somebody built this tunnel? – he asked with disbelief.

“Or adapted,” Thane nodded. – At least, there is definitely hope now. Let’s go somewhere.

“I wouldn’t go where the Canyon would seem like paradise,” Rek muttered.

But Thane no longer listened to his grumbling. They confidently moved forward until the road turned into wide sloping steps, the tunnel once again narrowed, turning into a corridor, the steps became more frequent and steep, turned into a staircase that led them into a spacious cool cave.The first thing they caught was the quiet murmur of the water. A wretched lump of light barely dispelled the darkness, Thane walked around the entire room from wall to wall with it, and finally discovered the source – a gyalli head elegantly carved from stone with eyes made of dark green jade, from the mouth of which water flowed in a thin stream, falling into a jade bowl that looked like for the cup. The jade bowl was polished so smoothly that the water droplets slid down the walls without leaving a trace. The bottom glowed with a chain of intricate loops of precious stones, making the water in the bowl so transparent that the bowl seemed empty.Rek, cautiously stepping closer, regarded this miracle with breathless admiration.

– I never thought that we can do this … – he muttered, hesitantly scooping up water and making sure that it tasted quite normal, moreover, clean and not very cold.

“They don’t know how,” Thane snapped. – This was not done in our time.

– Again witchcraft tricks, – he snorted.

The exit from the hall was not found right away: the opening in the wall was narrow and barely noticeable.In turn, they squeezed through it and got into a corridor hardly wider than the opening itself, walked a few steps and again found themselves in a spacious hall of irregular oval shape with columns along the walls and in the center of the hall. The central columns glowed dull. Rek looked around, not hiding his delight, Thane remained standing at the exit, trying to sort out his feelings: he again remembered the Illomine caves. It is as if the same architect built these submontane palaces.

However, if this is really so, there will be a way out, though not soon.There will be water, the main thing is not to die of hunger. However, there are small animals, if you catch any of them, you can eat them. Raw materials. If the stomach accepts, of course …

Finding a way out of the hall, he waved his hand to the River.

The halls replaced each other, becoming more luxurious and spacious each time, and now he no longer doubted that they were built by the same people as the Jar Il caves of the Celestial Ridge, their interior decoration was so similar. Rek stopped, looked around and gasped, Thane was more silent, wondering where to go next.Here he had no idea where exactly from the point of view of Mayr’s geography they were, and at what level the exit to the surface should be. Perhaps in the upper chambers, to which dark and narrow staircases led, perhaps somewhere below. Intuitively, he felt that he was doing everything correctly, especially since so far not a single trap had fallen in their path. There, in the Jar Il caves, there were no traps only in the central part of the caves, the one that had an open exit to the light of day.

And the halls came across even more luxurious than there, near Illomine.Bowls of bizarre shapes, many small but striking with their grace figures of unfamiliar creatures and animals, trees and flowers carved from solid pieces of precious stones, mysterious smoky mirrors covering the floor and ceiling, stone beds and armchairs, as if the people who lived here never needed in soft seats, and many items of unknown purpose. Rek rushed to pick the ones he liked best, but Roig, noticing this, forced him to put everything he had typed on one of the chairs and not even try again.Among the seemingly innocent trinkets, there could be a ka-el of the most unexpected purpose.

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    – Excuse me, who am I supposed to become? – asks in a whisper. – My wife, – I repeat, and watch how …

  • Views: 1129

    Mother for the bunny

    Ekaterina Mitrinyuk

    I work as a teacher in an elite kindergarten.He is a rich businessman, handsome and boorish. Father …

  • Views: 1096

    Rector’s pussy is not a toy!

    Eva Finova

    Moore! He managed to get me into the body of a werewolf, right? And my master is the all-powerful magician of the Dark One …

  • Views: 1006

    Selection in a harem, or Fifty shades of love

    Sonya Mishina

    Walked. Fell into the river. Well, I didn’t fall down on my own – they pushed me.I woke up in another world, in the arms of a swarthy …

  • Views: 988

    Don’t reject the boss, it’s dangerous!

    Margarita Svetlova

    Dangerous bosses cycle. Book two. The story of Julia and Marat. She survived the betrayal of her beloved, …

  • Views: 932

    Varyag. I’m a senior

    Alexander Mazin

    “What kind are you?” This is the first question asked to a stranger in the tenth century.Father, grandfather, great-grandfather … …

  • Views: 931

    Let’s Play Love (SI)


    I have two months to fall in love with Alexander Nielsen himself, and then trample him …

  • Views: 912

    Son from a business competitor (SI)

    Xenia Favi

    ❤️He is a threat to my small business and the father of my son. Influential and very disappointed in …

  • Views: 904

    Love without pink snot (SI)

    Alena Nefedova

    – I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you said? – I.You. He fell out of love, – he averts his eyes, but shaking his head …

  • Views: 894

    Chrysanthemum with thorns

    Delia Rossi

    What will happen to a single woman who has arrived in an unfamiliar small town on the outskirts of the kingdom? …

  • Views: 883

    A piece of you. Memory (SI)

    Gina Shaye

    This night was a mistake. His, mine, our … I confessed my love to him, and he jumped out of bed and just …

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    Best of my life

    Marina Raevskaya

    After the groom left Marina almost on the eve of the wedding, cheating on her best friend, …

  • Views: 849

    Don’t insult the boss, it’s dangerous!

    Margarita Svetlova

    Dangerous bosses cycle.Book one. The story of Lisa and Arthur. He is tough, narcissistic, counting, …

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    Captive of the Commander (LP)

    Miranda Bridges

    Aliens. Everything is correct. That’s what I said. I know it sounds silly to me too. I am a psychologist …

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    Of two evils

    Olga Greenwell

    “My boss Daria – a massive brunette – swept by, almost knocking him off her feet.Its always …

  • Views: 770

    Cruel 2. You Can’t Run

    Anastasia Sherr

    I want her. I want her blood, her tears and her groans. I want to play it until I break it, and after …

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    Chosen of the demon, or fall in love with the ice (SI)

    Alice Grant

    Before this threat, I could say that I was living a completely ordinary life.But who knew that all this could …

  • Views: 629

    Billionaire’s Stolen Night (SI)

    Mary Lin

    “You did it all on purpose,” Aksyonov smirks, and everything inside me is freezing from him .

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