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At PBS SoCal and KCET, viewers matter, and perhaps more importantly, they motivate our work. That’s why we find innovative ways to create impactful media, and strive daily to educate, inform and inspire. Here are just some of the ways we’re doing that.



PBS SoCal and KCET understand the power of arts to unify and heal, and we’re committed to maintaining SoCal’s vibrancy and creativity.

We created Southland Sessions, an innovative way for artists to find their audience during the pandemic—so you can reconnect with SoCal creators and the local arts scene.

We dedicate two days a week to groundbreaking arts programming to provide you with a continuous way to enjoy arts experiences.

We produced In Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, which celebrates iconic Bowl concerts and appearances, so you have the chance to delight in live performances, during a time when those opportunities are prohibited.

Performance happens here.

Inspiration happens here.



PBS SoCal and KCET believe that all children should have opportunities to learn and grow to their full potential. 

That’s why we provide early learning support, bilingual activities, STEM workshops, parents’ resources, and local events, so the 40% of SoCal children who don’t attend preschool have access to other methods of learning.

We created At-Home Learning, providing education for over 700,000 Southern California students, online and over-the-air during the pandemic, so all kids could have access to education.

We offer acclaimed award-winning educational programming, so your children and all Southern California early learners have opportunities to learn and grow to their fullest potential.

Growth happens here.

Knowledge happens here.



PBS SoCal and KCET are committed to fostering a love of learning, culture and community, and being a powerful voice for those who live in the region.

We are dedicated to the social good, so you can feel good about watching and supporting our programming.

We leverage the power of public media so you can connect to your community, state and the rest of the world.

We deliver vital free services—including high quality programming, educational opportunities and chances to engage with the community—so you can explore the place where you live.

Deeper connections happen here.

Your life happens here.



PBS SoCal and KCET are a trusted source of news, and believe news should be about the facts.

We created Reporter Roundup to bring you the latest stories from trusted partners in public media and in-depth reporting on COVID-19 and how the pandemic impacts our region.

We provide unbiased coverage of the 2020 election—including NewsHour’s nightly headlines, FRONTLINE’s in-depth look at the presidential race and Washington Week’s analysis—so you can stay informed without being told what and how to think.

We produced one-minute explainer videos that break down this year’s statewide ballot measures, so you can make an informed decision on the propositions that impact our lives.

Democracy happens here.

Trust happens here.

When Life Happens | Pathway Church

“Suffering is not an elective but a core course in the school of life.” Anonymous

How true that it is! When life happens, when bad news comes and people let us down, how do we go from knowing the Word to living the Word? How do we go from wanting to claim and live into the promises of God to actually growing into that reality? How do we remain true and strong even in the midst of suffering?

How do we go from the instruction of Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding,” to the personal affirmation of the writer of Psalms 56:3–4, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid”? How do we go from head knowledge to heart application when life happens?

1. Have realistic expectations for the presence of suffering in the Christian life.

The genuine application of God’s promises does not preclude the genuine experience of pain, fear, and sadness. There is no doubt that the gospel provides relief and rest from this fallen world (Romans 8), but there is also little doubt that suffering exists in our sin saturated world (Romans 5:3–5). Too often we try to use the promises of God like a magic wand that can alleviate every hurt with a cursory read. When this approach fails, we blame ourselves “I do not deserve God’s goodness” or “God isn’t really good” or both.

But Paul is clear in both Romans 5 and 1 Thessalonians 4, belief in God’s promises doesn’t shield us from pain but rather redeems it. The gospel of Jesus infuses our pain with hope and thereby makes it more manageable, more purposeful not nonexistent.

2. Even if it feels half-hearted at first, commit to daily prayer, Bible reading and weekly participation in gathered worship.

The less we are in God’s word, the less the Bible will seem applicable to us. This reality seems like a no-brainer but like most appetites (food, sleep, recreation) our spiritual appetite can be dramatically affected by crisis. In the midst of pain, we’re tempted to ask the “Where is God in this?” question. A better to question to ask is, “Where is my worship in this?” If we lose our appetite for the things of God, it should come as no surprise when we do not feel God’s presence in our lives. Regular scriptural intake, prayer and worship are every bit as vital as sleep, exercise, and diet (Matthew 4:4).

3. Find a short passage of Scripture, memorize it, and meditate on it. When it feels like you’ve squeezed everything you can out of that one, find another and do it again.

Scripture memorization is vital! It is a forgotten art in the age of “Google. ” When life happens, being able to recite one or more of God’s actual promises from his Word rather than just some general Christian truth is crucial. The ability to instantaneously apply God’s truth helps us to conform our emotions to the shape of the cross rather than allowing them to bend us to the shape of the world.

4. Find a Christian song or hymn that resonates with both your soul and mind. Play it over and over until you can sing it unaccompanied in your own head.

Music is incredibly powerful and helps us to regulate our emotions. Research reveals when we begin to play a song in our own minds, we are using the area of our brain called the “moral reasoning center.” That doesn’t mean if we listen to “secular” music we are doomed to imitate the recorded story or lyrics. We are not slaves to the music to which we listen, but singing memorized Christian music in our everyday lives can shape our hearts and minds to be more like the heart and mind of Jesus and thus raise our level of obedience even in the midst of suffering.

When we listen to music and are able to sing songs which reinforce the truths of Scripture. When life happens we will find ourselves much more resilient because God’s promises will already be embedded in our hurting hearts. There is a reason that the largest book in the Bible, Psalms, is a book of songs. God didn’t need an MRI machine to know how our mind works.

5. Find some place in your Church to connect and serve others.

C.S. Lewis once said “We Christians are not called to think less of ourselves but to think of ourselves less.” Christ speaks similarly in Matthew 20. When we prioritize other people above ourselves it can help us to get out of the quicksand of our own self-pity and help us realize that we are not alone in our suffering. When we try to lift up others by applying God’s promises to their lives and serving them, we often find ourselves being lifted up and sustained ourselves. When we purposefully serve others, we are actually served ourselves by the Holy Spirit of God himself. When we minister to others, God ministers to us!

Life happens! When it does, apply God’s promises of grace and comfort to your hurting, fearful, angry heart, stay connected into the Body of Christ and serve others. These practices may not change you overnight from grieving to giddy, but they will help you to more acutely feel the safety of God’s promises and the tenderness of his care even when life happens.

I am praying for you. Please pray for me.


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Dogs help. Life happens

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Life Happens at the Table – Christian Medical & Dental Associations

“Anything worth doing sucks you in. If I have an important meeting or a big deadline, I wake up thinking about it, and all I want to do is get to the office to focus on it. Breakfast easily gets sacrificed on the altar of either my nervousness or my hunger for productivity….” — Justin Whitmel Earley, The Common Rule: Creating Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction




As explored in Habits Always Frame Our Day, the trellis provides a helpful image for framing one’s daily habits and engaging in the practice of kneeling prayer three times a day. I pray that this week’s challenge to identify one’s center of gravity compels one to add eating at least one meal a day with others to “the trellis.”





  • What is the center of gravity of your daily routine?
  • How does your relationship to food affect your relationship to community for better or for worse?




In The Common Rule: Creating Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction, Justin Whitmel Earley boldly states, “Our need for food says something profound about us. It says we need God, we need others, and we need the created world. ” Ever consider how stubborn our bodies are? No matter how hard we may try to ignore eating, created beings must eat. Furthermore, despite our amazing skill set, we cannot snap our fingers to satisfy our hunger. Upon reflection, a long complex process lies behind the food in the garden, grocery store, kitchen, cafeteria and dishes on the table.


Over dinner my family shares stories of thankfulness for the good gifts of the Lord. With my twin daughters in college and no longer at the evening table, I pass along our household’s praises via texting. What a joy when my twin daughters send back brief reports on their day and an even greater joy when we all assemble over break to share dinner together.


If you are married and/or have children, I pray your household will be a school of Christ’s love with the table being a vital part of the community. Whatever your current life situation, I encourage you to invite “the neighbor” to a meal. At Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, CMDA offers meals to


  • Returning students at the beginning of new academic year,
  • First year students before their first exam,
  • Participants in the weekly Monday night Bible study,
  • Attendees of the monthly Lunch Lecture, and
  • Those who engage in special times of celebration throughout the year.


Yes, even in academic and professional life, the table is where life happens. It takes intentionality not only to be at and interact with others at the table, but also for the table to be a place of Christ’s love. When the table we set at PSU-Hershey has extra chairs for those “outside” to “come in,” we embody the gospel. The bridges that are built enable people to take next steps toward Jesus through Christ-centered lives, hospitality, conversation and relationships. “In our modern moment, the table is going to be the frontier for evangelism.”


Let us share Christ’s love around the table by…


  • Finding a meal with one’s family, roommate(s), small group or peer(s) to anchor your daily schedule.
  • Creating a standing lunch in your department, school or workplace.
  • Participating in and/or hosting a regular meal in your community.
  • Partnering with CMDA in their local ministry.
    • If you desire to assist CMDA in providing meals for the next generation of healthcare professionals through our regular ministry, please use the contact form on the CMDA South Central Pennsylvania homepage. Thank you.



May our “house” incarnate and extend Christ’s love. Forgive us for when we have not extended Christ’s love to our neighbor. Grant us the grace to set aside our busyness not only regularly to join others at the table, but also to invite “the outsider” to the table. Stir within us the longing to be hospitable, to serve, to listen patiently and to choose our words wisely. May all that we say and do around the table point to you.



Point Of Purchase Life Insurance: Selling Where Life Happens

Everyday bears opportunities

by Denise Garth

Ms. Garth is senior vice-president of marketing for Majesco, industry consultants with over two decades of experience in providing technology solutions, products and services for the insurance industry across lines of business – Property & Casualty (General Insurance), Life, Annuity, Health, Pensions, and Group & Worksite Benefits insurance. She shares here new market research from that identifies the ’new digital retail mindset’ as a game changer. Read the full report here. Reprinted with permission.

August 20, 2020 — Every moment of every day, retail operations are under scrutiny. Executives and management teams for grocery stores, gas stations, big box home goods, home repair and department stores are obsessed with merchandising. Product placement is always in flux. Endcaps are changed for a season or a weekend. Special displays are constructed as demand is anticipated.

And now they are equally obsessed with their digital storefronts – the digital version of the physical store – highlighting new products, sales, and suggesting items to customers based on their behaviors and engagement.

A great deal of thought goes into both the digital and in-store experience – the same questions, but just addressed differently. What is the flow like? Can we drive the flow of our store offerings to add more impulse purchases? How can we construct our check out process to make it quick and easy? Can we accommodate for visual space for products at the point of purchase? May we suggest something else that may go with the purchases?

In some cases, this results in a mini-maze just prior to the checkout, where by chance some last glimpse of something will trigger an additional sale at the point of purchase. Do I add a warranty? Should I get a Starbucks gift card for my neighbor who took care of watering my plants? At the point of sale – whether in person or digitally – the retailer buys the space that’s in our heads. We advertise to ourselves. We make the decision.

And the process works and creates growth opportunities for retailers who are rapidly transitioning to offer both in-person and digital, like Walmart, to meet customer needs and expectations. Just this week, Walmart announced their second quarter results – crushing the numbers![i] Walmart’s e-commerce sales in the U.S. shot up by 97% and same-store sales grew by 9.3% as customers had packages shipped to their homes and used curbside pickup. This was the biggest earnings surprise in 31 years for Walmart! A company who disrupted retail 30 years ago and were in the crosshairs of disruption by Amazon, but are reinventing themselves once again.

Walmart is leveraging their massive store base – which is accessible by nearly every person in the US – with their investments in their e-commerce platform to expand reach, engage customers and grow the business. If you go on their platform, you will see brands that you don’t see in the store — partners selling through Walmart. And with this platform they are now looking to expand by adding a membership service. This traditional retailer has reinvented themselves to meet the expectations and needs of customers and create an experience – like Amazon – that creates loyalty and deepens the relationship with the customer as the place to buy and manage different aspects of their life.

Reinventing The Life Insurance Sale

Which makes us wonder, what if life insurers reinvented themselves to be obsessed with the point of purchase – digitally and in-person?

In 2020, life insurers, annuity providers and voluntary benefits providers should remind themselves that when it comes to point of purchase, this new retail mindset can be a game-changer. This is the very first step in establishing the need for a flexible, ecosystem approach that will fit as comfortably at any digital checkout queue as it will at the advisor’s office. If we can establish the points of life where purchase can be seamless, easy and almost transactionless, then we’ll drive growth – something that has been elusive the last few decades.

The Point of Purchase — Where It Is, Is Where It’s At

In Majesco’s latest thought-leadership report, Rethinking Life Insurance: From a Transaction to a Life, Health, Wealth and Wellness Customer Experience, we take a closer look at what is driving buyers of life insurance and other related products to cross the line and make the purchase. In our analysis, we identified some indicators regarding product location and the easiest ways to construct simplified purchase experiences. Digging deeper, we looked at how we can help customers sell to themselves through new digitally-enabled opportunities, which may still be connected to in-person engagement.

To better understand just how people’s life experiences relate to their potential life insurance transactions, we surveyed consumers asking them a range of questions related to health, wealth, wellness, life insurance and purchasing habits. The details of the survey results highlight a rapid shift, particularly by Millennials and Gen Z, to wanting a lifestyle experience rather than just a transaction.

This blending of the purchase experience into the life experience is the key to unlocking the point of purchase in insurance.

Trends in Life Insurance Ownership

Ownership of life insurance has seen significant declines over the last 50 years. In our survey, the older generation segment, Gen X and Boomers, has overall lower ownership than the younger generations, Gen Z and Millennials. Across the 3 categories of traditional, UL/VL and Annuity, the younger generation’s total ownership level is 35% more than the older generation, reflecting a potential upswing in the life insurance market as the younger generation matures and expands their need for insurance. Most interesting is that both generations clearly gravitate to traditional insurance – term and whole life – as compared to investment-backed products such as UL, VL and annuities by a factor of 3 to 9 times, depending on the product.

If customers are interested and willing to purchase insurance from so many different sources and in so many different ways, then we can begin to innovate around what it will take for insurers to place their products in any place at any time – including their own digital platform…

Interestingly, this strong interest in traditional products aligns with the growth of non-traditional, fluidless, rapid issue life insurance from companies like Haven Life, Ladder Life, and other insurers. The two are increasingly compatible. Even more interesting and encouraging, is that the younger generation believes more strongly than the older generation in the importance of life insurance, at 79% versus 69% (Figure 2). The key will be to meet their expectations in the risk product, customer experience and value-added services areas.

Interestingly, 70% of the younger generation who do not have life insurance still believe it is important – indicating a strong market opportunity for insurers who can meet their needs, demands and expectations. In contrast, only half (49%) of the older generation who do not have life insurance believe it is important. With the value and importance of life insurance established, what will prompt each of the generations to purchase life insurance? Our research has shown that the younger segment has more life event needs on the horizon that would motivate them toward a life insurance purchase. They are interested. They find it to be important. So…

Common ‘Moments of Impulse’

Why aren’t many of them acting upon their need at common moments of impulse?

Something is standing in the way of the insurance purchase. There is an understood need. There are relevant life events. So, something within current product offerings or the sales and engagement process does not align with their expectations. A hint emerges when you compare preferences for coverage periods. For typical term insurance, everyone still favors monthly payments. However, coverage for a specific event or short period – on demand insurance – is of higher interest to the younger generation and on par with the other payment options.

What this indicates is the need for different options to meet different needs at any point in time for life insurance, whether planning for a long-term coverage for death, or meeting the need for short-term insurance for an activity like a vacation. It is all about need and placement. The younger generation is poised to purchase at the point of need – and likely digitally.

Validating these assertions, we found that the younger generation is significantly more engaged in activities that would cause them to buy insurance. Nearly a third of the younger generation participated in a sport or activity that could result in injury or death as compared to 8% of the older generation. Millennial and Gen Z generations participate more in extreme sports, they travel more, they do more shopping online. They are the generations that value experiences over ownership, which makes them highly likely to want to protect themselves and their experiences. This sheds new light on ways to capture and grow new customer relationships.

With the Gen Z/Millennials valuing and showing interest in buying life insurance, where and how will they buy?

Unsurprisingly, members of the younger generations are open to buying life insurance from a wide array of options, as highlighted in Figure 3. Agents and insurer websites are at the top, but of the 16 options we included in our survey, 7 of them exceed the 50% level of interest (a rating of 3 on the 5-point scale), with the balance of them within just a few tenths of a point of this level – and a majority of these are digital, point of sale focused. In contrast, the older generation has only 3 of the 16 options at 50% interest or greater.

The acceptance of a wider range of purchase options highlights the need for insurers to consider how and where they interact with the younger generation, and to be there with timely purchase prompts. This is where having partnerships and an ecosystem becomes very strategic in helping insurers expand their reach and presence to where their customers will be.

The Case for Point of Purchase Preparedness

If customers are interested and willing to purchase insurance from so many different sources and in so many different ways, then we can begin to innovate around what it will take for insurers to place their products in any place at any time – including their own digital platform. Walmart and Amazon are proving that product sales are most effective when they are multi-channel, multi-delivery-type, and easily accessible. They are placing related products, such as warranties and accessories in front of buyers at precisely the right times. Each of them is successful because they understand their market’s purchase patterns, customer behaviors and they customize the purchase process to fit – with a digital platform that also uses sophisticated data and analytics.

When the process conforms to the person, retailers and insurers alike will be able to relax and know that they are not just capturing the up-and-coming generations, but like Walmart and Amazon, they are giving the best service possible to every generation.

Innovate for the Future

Will your products one day sell on auto screens? Will they sell through smart homes? Will they be as easy as a tap on an Apple Watch? Will they be part of another purchase – like buying a home and getting a mortgage. Your best life ideas will come from watching lives and lifestyles and thinking, “We could place ourselves right there.” It all begins with insights and the initiative to transform the insurance model from a transaction to an experience. For more insights be sure to download, Rethinking Life Insurance: From a Transaction to a Life, Health, Wealth and Wellness Customer Experience.




[i] Repko, Melissa, Walmart second-quarter results crush estimates, as e-commerce sales jump 97%, CNBC, August 18, 2020




Life Happens at 3am – Child Neurology Foundation

As soon as you become a mom life is no longer lived before bedtime. Pregnancy is the preparation for sleepless nights. That growing baby and belly keeps you from getting comfortable so sleep is elusive, it’s practice for the nights ahead. Waking up with your infant for months waiting for the first night in their own crib and room. The tears of both mom and baby, through the adjustment of separating and growing out of the 3am feeding. Finally, sleep will return except during times of childhood illness.


Then there is life as a special needs mom……I never even truly slept anymore. Years later hope fades that you will ever sleep a complete 8 hours at a time again! You have the same focus as any mom, the daily care of raising a family including all household chores, work and school, and other family members who need your time, love and attention.


Bedtime just simply didn’t exist. I would lay in the dimly lit bedroom watching, thinking, worrying and listening for sounds on the baby monitor, knowing seizures happen at 3am. Sleep would have to wait since I needed to be ready. Not having a diagnosis, many nights were spent searching for answers to my questions, hoping I would find someone who understood and could offer a hand of help. I researched online, it’s open at 3am! Google was always awake when I was.


Looking back, I had found a better solution. My son now slept in my bed, right next to me, my hand touching him and my ears open listening to him breathe. I rested easier knowing I could feel my boy and respond immediately to those seizures that were unrelenting on my beautiful boy. Around 15 years in to my perfect routine, I had to admit I needed help. Nurses would cover nights allowing me a few hours of sleep which I was unaccustomed to. With this help in place, I gave in to my body needing to sleep. It wasn’t long before my pattern of being awake set back in. It was not just about sleep. This was about being able to trust another person to respond the same way I would to the next emergency that was guaranteed to come. I took those nights when I could sleep and let my body rest, knowing the nurse would call for me when a seizure happened. Some nights when I just didn’t want to fight with myself, my son would be by my side, my hand on him and once again me listening to his breathing. Now the nurse stood guard over both of us.


It’s been three years since my son left this world around 4 am and I am still awake each night at 3 am. Now this special needs mom has different reasons for being awake. I’m awake thinking, ”how I can make a difference for others living this life”. I still talk with Google when I look for answers for a child I’ve heard about whose parents are tired and need sleep. As I visit the support pages where I vented so often in Facebook groups, undoubtedly, I will find a mom posting, desperately seeking answers, reaching out in the dark, hoping that someone has a new idea or a better solution. Just like me. Now, I respond listening mostly, share my experiences and hopefully am able to offer some encouragement. I remember many conversations that ended with no better answers and I found myself in the exact place I started on this 3 am search, but I knew I wasn’t alone, another had been there before me and completely understood. Sometimes all we need is to be there for each other.


Special needs mom’s live a life different than what you would expect. Super human, we effectively function on little sleep and are pros at self-sacrifice. Is 3am where questions are asked or answers found? For as active as my nights are, my hope is that researchers are finding cures at 3am. Maybe the reason we seek answers at 3am is to touch the life of someone else seeking answers as well, learn that we are survivors together and realize the we are not alone.

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Telecast LIVE on the TV channel Russia 1. Watch live broadcast with Andrey Malakhov today.

Russian TV show on Russia 1 in the studio we are talking about important things. Malakhov watch live today’s issue online.

Live broadcast with Andrey Malakhov is a chronicle of what is happening in the life of an ordinary person. Each new and yesterday’s release of the program today we talk about what is important and what is not strong.It is known that on our broadcasts we do not talk about politics, we talk about what worries every person. And we are discussing various situations that in one way or another may affect what is happening. What the whole country is discussing. It is you who can become a member and give advice to our guests of the studio on the air today. Sometimes, we conduct our own investigations, and this is how good triumphs over evil. Everything that is important and interesting is on our air with Andrey Malakhov.

If you are carried away by today’s broadcast with Malakhov, then here you can find all the latest episodes and yesterday’s if necessary.Everything is posted in the order of airing absolutely free and can be viewed online.

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If it seems to you that somewhere life is boiling and playing with colors, but everything is boring and ordinary with you.If you are tired of this and want a thrill to get a feel for what happens when so much spice comes into your life. It is enough to watch a talk show with Andrey Malakhov on Russia-1, which is called a live broadcast. The heroes who come to Andrey Malakhov live in each new episode, they really do not live bored. Very often, they have some kind of events in their life and, sometimes, these events are very shocking. Sometimes people who participate in live broadcasts are driven to despair and do not see any more opportunity who could help with the problem.On our website you can watch all the episodes of the live broadcast with Andrey Malakhov. Everything is presented in our archives in order, there are both today’s latest issues and yesterday’s. All this can be found on the page of the project, which is called a live broadcast with Andrey Malakhov. It is enough to watch the last few episodes of the live broadcast and you will understand that it is better to live even if it is boring, but it only seems to you. And what could be, if the same number of events begin to happen in your life as the heroes in the studio of Andrei Malakhov.

Life after life watch online in good quality on 1 + 1 video

Forgive me my love

For women, Projects of the TV channel Curlers

Between us girls

Studio projects 95 quarter, For women


Mystica, Projects of the TV channel Curlers


Ukrainian films and TV series, Films

Make a comedian laugh.Children

Humor, Studio Projects 95 quarter

Otherworldly Ukraine

Mystic, 1 + 1 video

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Tanya and Volodka

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Girl with peaches

For women, TV Series

Concert of Irina Fedishin “Bily Troyandi”

Concerts, 1 + 1

90,000 what to watch online May 19


Today, May 19, we publish a selection of great online broadcasts.


From 2:30 (May 19) to 1:30 (May 20) at Play, which broadcasts performances of the Metropolitan Opera, a recording of 2017 is available “Idomeneo” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Production by Jean-Pierre Ponnel, conductor James Levine. Cast: Nadine Sierra, Elsa van den Hever, Alice Coot, Matthew Polenzani, Alan Opier.

At 12:00 the Tretyakov Gallery invites curator Elena Gerasimova on a tour of the sculpture exhibition “The Book of Nature” .The exhibits were provided by the Paleontological Museum and Moscow sculptors for the project “The Language of Sculpture in Braille”.

At 12:00 , the second chapter of Timur Kibirov’s novel “Lada, or Joy” about happy love in the Russian outback, on which in 2013 Marina Brusnikin staged a play, will appear on the RAMT’s YouTube channel. Actors Nelly Uvarova, Tatyana Matyukhova, Alexey Blokhin, Natalya Chernyavskaya, Alexandra Akintieva, Anna Kovaleva, Vladislav Pogiba and Alexander Grishin will read the novel with the author’s comments and personal remarks.The first chapter can be viewed in the same place.


At 14.00 Children’s Musical Theater “Zazerkalye” will show the musical “Old Man Hottabych” based on the book of Lazar Lagin at the online festival # bezantrakta. Production by Alexander Petrov, musical director Artur Eranosov.

At 16.00 on the YouTube channel of the Natalia Sats Children’s Musical Theater the fairy tale “Morozko” by Mikhail Krasev will begin. Directed by Vladimir Akulov.

At 17:00 the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater will present a film-concert in the series “ Legends of the Perm Theater” about the soloists Vladimir Elina (bass) and Olga Zakharova (lyric-coloratura soprano).At 17.00 Perm Academic Theater-Theater for a day opens access to the play based on the story by Lyudmila Ulitskaya “Merry Funeral” . Directed by Andrzej Buben.

At 18:00 the Vladimir Puppet Theater invites to “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” Pushkin. Directed by Anton Balabaev.


At 19.00 Vakhtangov Theater will show “ Inspector ” based on the play by Gogol. Cast: Sergei Makovetskiy, Lyudmila Maksakova, Yuri Chursin, Leonid Bichevin.The play became the first work of Rimas Tuminas at the Vakhtangov Theater. The premiere took place in 2002.

At 19.00 Maly Theater will open access to the play “ Mad Money” based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky. Staged by Vitaly Ivanov.

At 19:00 in the project “Big Tours” they propose to watch the musical of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater “Cyrano de Bergerac”, composer Vladimir Baskin. Stage director Alexander Lebedev.At 19.00 Lenkom will show “ Marriage ” by Gogol. Production by Mark Zakharov. The premiere took place in 2007. Cast Leonid Bronevoy, Alexander Zbruev, Alexandra Zakharova, Inna Churikova, Tatiana Kravchenko, Viktor Rakov, Dmitry Pevtsov, Ivan Agapov.

At 19:00 the Moscow Conservatory will present the 2018 recording of the concert of the Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra conducted by Anatoly Levin. The soloist is Sergei Girshenko.In the program “Scottish Fantasy” by Max Christian Friedrich Bruch .

At 19:00 “Helikon-Opera” will start broadcasting “ Coffee Cantata “. The creators define the genre as music sessions with coffee tasting. Libretto by Pikander and an unknown author (possibly J.S.Bach). Stage director Oleg Ilyin. Directed by Alexander Borodovsky.

At 19:30 Theater “Schaubune” opens access to the production of its artistic director Thomas Ostermeier at the Moscow Theater of Nations “Miss Julie” by A.Strindberg as adapted by Mikhail Durnenkov. Starring: Evgeny Mironov, Chulpan Khamatova, Yulia Peresild.

At 21.00 Vienna Opera invites you to watch the play “Free Shooter” Weber. Staged by Christian Rath, conductor Tomasz Netopil. Cast: Adrian Ered, Camilla Nylund, Daniela Falli and others.


Thanks to RIA Novosti for the selection

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    The price of a successful career for a woman was health problems, namely nervous exhaustion. In this regard, she turned to a psychotherapist for help. The doctor carefully studied her condition and the reasons for her dissatisfaction with life and recommended that she get rid of her with the help of love.After all, it is love that is the best medicine for all diseases. The patient is advised to surround herself with the closest people who love and appreciate her, protecting herself from negative influences.

    She noticed that the deputy husband stopped feeling feelings for her, Anna’s classmate, a talented musician, she became almost indifferent, even her lover did not care about her. Later, the doctor advises the patient to see those people for whom she experiences such negative emotions as resentment, anger, or even hatred.On this journey, the main character will face many adventures, but the most important thing is to find the long-awaited female happiness.

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    It would seem that in the life of the main character of the television series Life is just beginning Anna, everything is fine.She is the owner of a lucrative business, she has a wonderful husband and everything one can dream of. But still, with all these benefits, a woman does not feel happiness. Anna Dronova feels disappointed and dissatisfied with her life.
    The price for a successful career of a woman was health problems, namely

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