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Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses, Mothers Dresses

Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dresses at Unique Vintage

You have your vintage inspired wedding dress, so now you need some amazing bridesmaid dresses and mothers of the bride and groom dresses to go with it. Finding bridesmaid dresses for a 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s retro vintage themed wedding is no easy task. We scoured the web for the best selection of vintage-inspired formal and semi-formal dresses and gowns that are also ideal vintage bridesmaid dresses and mothers’ dresses. These elegant long dresses, short retro dresses, and vintage tea length bridesmaid dresses in lace, tulle, chiffon and satin can be found online.

Many vintage brides want to be as authentic to their vintage inspired theme as possible. Vintage bridesmaids and mothers did not usually have matching dresses, giving the bridal party more freedom in choosing a dress. Modern vintage brides usually prefer a matching bridal party in the wedding colors.

The later will be trickier to find but not impossible. Here are our favorite brands/websites:

  • We like Dessy for finding classic dresses in almost every color possible.
  • Wardrobe Shop has romantic vintage long dresses with sleeves and plus sizes
  • Unique Vintage has timeless long or tea length tulle, lace & chiffon dresses in many colors & plus sizes
  • Chi Chi London (UK) has lace dresses in long or tea lengths. Also found in the USA shop Modcloth.
  • Ghost London (UK) is well known for slinky art deco style 30s bridesmaid dresses

Knowing your vintage wedding decade will narrow down choices. Choose a decade or browse all dresses below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view our vintage inspired bridesmaid dress image gallery (click here to jump).

Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

New vintage bridesmaid dresses in short, tea length or long gown styles. Retro bridesmaid dresses inspired by the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dresses from Beloved Vintage Bridal : Chic Vintage Brides

Wedding Dresses

A Collection of Beautifully Unique Vintage Wedding Dresses from Beloved Vintage Bridal

Much as I can’t wait to see the new wedding dress collections for 2015 (NY Bridal Fashion Week isn’t far off and the glimpses of the latest designs never fail to make my knees a little weak!) there is nothing quite like the glamour, elegance and history of a vintage wedding dress. I don’t think there is anything that will create more of an impact, on your groom or your guests, than a wedding dress that is as unique as you are. And so it is always with more than a hint of envy that I see brides glide down the aisle in a precious family heirloom or treasured vintage find. In fact, if you follow Chic Vintage Brides on Facebook you are probably well aware of my obsession with vintage gowns and dresses, as I regularly share whichever one has had me swooning over my lunch hour.

 And so it is with great delight today that I would like to introduce you to my latest find and love Beloved Vintage Bridal…..

If you too are a lover of vintage style and fashion, then you may have stumbled across online vintage clothing store Dalena Vintage on your wanderings around the web. Founded in 2008 by Leslie Torbett, the boutique was born of an ongoing love affair between one girl and her adoration of all things vintage (honestly, we are two peas from the same pod!). With Leslie ensuring each incredible piece is hand-selected for it’s beauty, purity and quality, the result is a collection of heavenly vintage clothing in which a girl can absolutely lose herself (I often do!) Well, this year recognising the need for a separate bridal boutique, to offer the special care and assistance required by brides; and to cater for the current wave of adoration and demand for vintage bridal attire, Leslie and her mum Judy established sister site Beloved Vintage Bridal. 9 months in the making, the boutique offers an unmatched selection of lovingly curated wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, jewelry and vintage-inspired headpieces, ranging from romantic Edwardian gowns to bohemian 1970s maxi dresses – and covering every decade in between!

It truly is a collection worth swooning over! What I have always thought is most special about a vintage wedding dress, besides its unique style and grace, is the incredible history and love story that accompanies it. Whilst some can only be imagined – where might it have been worn? adorning what bride? designed and created with love by whom? Some Beloved Vintage Bridal are able to tell…..

Their timeless style and Leslie’s love and care, means these dresses are ready and waiting to start a new chapter of their story with a new bride.

The Beloved Vintage Bridal website is just as fabulous as the dresses it displays. A chic online boutique it offers views of each dress being worn from every angle, as well as close ups of exquisite details. The beautifully detailed descriptions and comprehensive measurements means you can shop with confidence, and the whole shopping experience is a joy from start to finish. Leslie says “At Beloved Vintage Bridal, we believe happiness is the best policy. We want you to love shopping online as much as we do!” 

Aren’t you just in love? You can see more of Leslie’s wonderful vintage wedding dresses on the Beloved Vintage Bridal website www., and be the first to see their latest arrivals by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+

Oh and here of course, because this certainly isn’t the last you have seen of Leslie and Beloved Vintage Bridal on Chic Vintage Brides!



8 Vintage Wedding Dress Styles Any Girl Can Wear

Vintage wedding dresses have become a recent bridal trend because not only is the market for them larger thanks to great places to shop vintage online, but because going vintage is the most economical way to wear something 100 percent unique for your wedding day.

Whether you want to shop a vintage wedding dress by era or wear some vintage wedding accessories for a retro touch,  incorporating vintage style into your Big Day is the perfect chance to express the personal creativity that your partner-to-be loves most about you!

Keep reading after the jump to learn which style of vintage wedding dress suits your tastes best and how you can buy them online now, including Victorian, Art Deco, Hollywood Glam, Wartime, Classic, Princess, Mod and Rustic.

Your wedding dress is more than just something pretty to wear while posing for pictures. (although admittedly, the pictures are a big deal!)

What you wear represents the creativity you’ve developed as an independent woman that now — as you stand before the person who will be your lifelong partner — you’re investing and blessing into the co-dependent relationship that is marriage.

Your significant other loves you for exactly who you are, and that’s exactly what your dress should represent: Who you truly are!

Let me know which style of vintage wedding girl you truly are by leaving a comment below the post.

Or, talk all-things-vintage wedding with me by saying hello on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by sending me an email!

xx, SD



Source: Olivia Joel of Adornme / Her Grandmother  

 YOU’RE A VICTORIAN BRIDE IF … you want a dress that’s both romantic and ravishing. It’s a true showstopper that marks your big day with a capital “S” in Style.

The Victorian era (1850-1890) was named after the English ruler of the time, Queen Victoria. And truly, what better era to seek inspiration from for a wedding dress than the Victorian one, since it was Queen Victoria herself who first wore a white wedding dress when she married Prince Albert (also her first cousin!) in 1840.

Like Coco Chanel invented the Little Black Dress and Mary Quaint the mini skirt, we have Queen Victoria to thank for popularizing the White Wedding Dress.

THE DRESS: Victorian-inspired wedding dresses are generally an hourglass shape with a fitted waist and tight bodice. While Victorian brides wore corsets for the most dramatic hourglass shape, modern day brides shouldn’t worry about breaking a rib for sake of authenticity. Focus instead on finding  a dress that flatters your shape and feels comfortable.

The markings of a Victorian inspired vintage wedding dress are a high neckline with a sheer lace bodice and sleeves. The high neck stops with a ruffle, which matches the ruffles at the wrists on your dresses’ sleeves. For modern flavor, look for fitted lace sleeves rather than the loose bell shape style.

The skirt is lined with tulle to create the allusion of wearing an authentic Victorian era hoop skirt. Also a must for a Victorian wedding dress is at least a  medium-length train. Not only is a train great for dramatic effect when walking the aisle, but a great prop for photos when used to gather and sweep into a circle of white at your feet.

BUY: Victorian-inspired wedding dress by Om Again Vintage on Etsy, $225

Find More on ETSY: 70s Victorian wedding dresses, Victorian style wedding dresses


Source: Kristen Foht of / Her Grandmother Irene’s Wedding Portrait, February 5th, 1929 

YOU’RE AN ART DECO BRIDE IF … you want a creatively inspired wedding dress that’s sexy and sheer enough to wear to the wedding’s after party (the one that follows the reception, that is!).

Like the roaring ’20s themselves, the Art Deco bride wants her big day to go down with the biggest celebratory bang possible — dress included!

THE DRESS: When on the hunt for an Art Deco dress, think lots of lace, crystals, pearls, ruffles and a matching headpiece of similar embellishment.

Channeling the era of Art Deco (the ’20s-’40s) means that you can alternate between a floor length or knee length dress of choice.

I love the idea of adopting the rebellious fashion choices of this era a la the shorter dress and no-waist style, but you can opt for a longer style or something with an empire waist that’s more tailored to your bod, too.

A drop-waisted lace dress is perfect to serve as the “base” for Art Deco-inspired DIY embellishment. Find a seamstress who can decorate your dress with sequins, crystals and pearls. Or for the more daring, embellish your white dress with colors, like feathers or faux gems and other decorative stones. Perhaps the colors you choose can complement or match your bridesmaid dresses.

Re-imagine and re-create the traditional wedding veil into a clouche-style hairpiece that rests on your head with lace spilling out from behind. Or, go totally DIY and create something more ornate with feathers attached to the side of a veiled headband.

BUY: ’20s wedding dress by Dorothea’s Closet, $825

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Source: (left)  El Vocke Ozimek / Her Parent’s September 12th, 1942 — (right) Miss Match China / Her Grandmother during WWII

YOU’RE A WARTIME WEDDING BRIDE IF … the thought of wearing a traditional white dress makes you uncomfortable. Heck, you were uncomfortable wearing a dress to prom!

To have your big day your way, you’d prefer a demure, quiet wedding that’s cost-efficient so you can use that money you saved on a superb honeymoon … or down deposit on a mortgage.

THE DRESS: The key point to make with the wartime wedding look is that rather than wear a wedding dress, you’ll wear a wedding suit. 

The wedding suit was what the patriotic bride wore during the war-ravished ’40s, when rations were set on everything in the US and Europe from gas to food to fashion. Rather than waste material to make a lavish gown, women were turning to the skirt and jacket suits already in their closets to wear on their big day.

Since the wedding suit was a trend of the times in the ’40s, wearing a ’40s-’50s skirt suit is most appropriate to capture this style’s vintage essence. However, depending on what you’re looking for (a white suit, for example) you can find a wedding outfit from any vintage era to suit your “suit” needs!

To break it down a la the ’40s: The wedding suit jacket should have a single row of buttons down the front, with two side pockets and a V opening at the bottom of the jacket. The skirt is high waisted and flares to the knee.

Rather than wear a veil, wear a wedding day hat that sits perched on your head. Here’s where you can be more creative and add some creativity and color to your wedding ensemble. Add a light veil to pull over your eyes for a “tip of the hat” to tradition.

BUY: Wedding Suit by Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy, $225

Find More on ETSY: 1940s skirt suit, 1950s skirt suit, wedding suit. For a wartime wedding hat: 40s pillbox hat


Source: Alena Tompkins of Vintage Twists / Her mother Angela Manho 1966

YOU’RE A CLASSIC BRIDE IF … you dream of a crisp, white dress that stands on its own with simple, stunning beauty. You can’t wait for your father to walk you down the aisle, and to read your handcrafted vows to your husband-to-be.

You chose a high-ceiling cathedral for your wedding ceremony and a country club for the reception. Champagne and an orchestra will be served for the celebrations to follow.

And we can’t forget the table settings — everyone’s names are laid out for the seating arrangements, and guests can take home their monogrammed wine glasses as souvenirs!

THE DRESS:  The classic vintage dress is stunning simply because … it is simple. The dress is designed with limited embellishments, the color is a stark white and the material flows and drapes into a short train.

A simple neckline, limited design and and a modest fit are the key aspects to the classic vintage wedding dress. It contains no interesting waist lines, no ruffled collars or sleeves, no tulle or other interesting materials incorporated into the dress structure.

The classic white wedding dress was embraced most for a ’50s wedding. The dress is pretty and practical for any woman looking to declare her elegance without feeling like her dress is the microphone.

BUY: Classic vintage wedding dress (with train) by SL Vintage on Etsy, $899

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Source: Savannah Marie of Everybody’s Buying Vintage online store & blog / Her Grandmother 1961

YOU’RE A PRINCESS BRIDE IF … you spent the formative years of your youth playing with the wedding version of Barbie, never failing to find entertainment in staging her marriage to Ken.

Your dresser was decorated with costume jewelry, kid-friendly makeup (think Bonne Belle!) and of course, lots of crystal tiaras for dress-up time.

When it comes to your “adult” big day, you want to feel like royalty, imagining your dress should look like Cinderella’s when she meets her prince at the ball.

You don’t call it a wedding dress but rather a wedding gown. You want your dress to remind your future little girl that she too can grow up to be a princess!

THE DRESS: The epitome of a princess dress is all in the skirt. Like a proper Victorian gown, the dress has a dramatic hoop skirt that swooshes as you walk. The hoop skirt and dress’s fitted waist together transforms your bod into a goddess hourglass silhouette.

Much like Grace Kelly’s wedding dress when she married the Prince of Monaco in 1956, the princess wedding dress has a decorative and tightly fitted lace bodice. When wearing a princess dress, a bride-to-be may want to invest in a modern version of a corset, like a Sphanx half body suit.

The neckline of the Princess dress is lined with the lace, but the dress itself is a sweetheart neckline exposed below the sheer lace.

A true Princess wedding dress skirt is made from tulle, which rather than rest below a silky satin overlay fabric is exposed to the world in full frilly glory. If you wanted, while wearing the tulle of your wedding dress skirt you could switch out your lace bodice for a leotard and dance the Nutcracker like a ballerina!

BUY: Princess-inspired vintage wedding dress by The Vintage Studio on Etsy, $224

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Source: Dawn Nelson Steckmesser of Timeless Treasures Vintage Boutique / Her Mother 1940s

YOU’RE A HOLLYWOOD GLAM BRIDE IF … there’s no question that a limo will be your wedding day chauffeur, and that your train must be long enough that a bridesmaid is absolutely needed to hold it as you waltz down the aisle to meet your husband-to-be.

Wedding Planning is probably the biggest thing to happen in your life since your Sweet 16. You don’t mind taking on diva airs because after all, it’s your big day, and you deserve the spotlight!

THE DRESS: To best achieve the Hollywood bride-to-be glam, your dress absolutely must be of the shiniest satin material there is. Look for dresses made with top quality silk with that luxurious sheen. Try to avoid lace, since lace resonates with more “girl” than “glam.”

Another key characteristic of a glam dress is that its “seamless.” This means it has no extra crinoline like tulle below and most likely a bias cut silk dress. Rather than puff, the dress grazes your butt, hips and then flares out slightly and drapes elegantly to the floor.

Want to up the glam? Add a white fur (or faux!) cropped coat to wear over your dress during that awesome wedding photoshoot you have planned. Or, look for a white fur stole and pin it around your neck with a gold vintage broach. Accessorize the rest of your dress with gold touches, like gold stud earrings or a gold jeweled tiara and dramatic veil.

And we can’t forget the most important part: Your train! The longer the train, the more dramatic the effect. You’ll want to decide how long your train can be based on transportation (will it fit in your limo, in other words?) and who can hold it as you walk down the aisle.

BUY: Hollywood-glam inspired wedding dress by Mel’s Vanity on Etsy, $248

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Source: Carla Rey Carla & Carla on Etsy / Her Mother 1964

YOU’RE A MOD BRIDE IF … you wake up everyday feeling bold, bright and beautiful. The catchphrase “dance like nobody’s watching” might as well be tattooed on your body.

You’ve never owned a maxi skirt. Heck, you don’t even know what maxi means!! And that last time you bought a dress for a big event (Sweet 16, prom, college graduation) you took it right to a seamstress to hack off a few inches.

Mod brides are unconventionally creative. They want to wear white, but don’t want to feel like they’re completely “whited out.” Your big day is more like a big party, and you want a look that’s flattering, fun and functional.

THE DRESS: First, the dress has gotta show some skin. It stops at the knee or if you dare, shorter!

The sleeve style is short or none at all. The fit is a shift dress style (slight A-line flare) or completely waistless and free, like a ’60s tent dress.

Mod girls dig their white dresses, but they have more playful detail, like a scalloped hem, textured design or faint stripes.

Bows, ribbon and other sweet accents can give your dress a more playful, girlie feel. It’s all about finding a dress that’s just not so serious. And the best part? You won’t need anyone helping you into and out of your dress on your big day!

BUY: Mod-inspired wedding dress by Deoma’s Vintage Boutique on Etsy, $82

Find More on ETSY: Mod wedding dress, wedding shift dress, 60s mini wedding dress


Source: (left) Flickr commons / Flickr commons (right) 

YOU’RE A RUSTIC BRIDE IF … your kind-of-wedding is the backyard kind. You want the sun setting behind you and all of your friends and family dressed comfortably and cool for a warm summer’s day.

Nature and living your life outdoors is an important part of your life. You don’t enjoy the formality of reception halls and churches, which means you don’t enjoy the formality of dressing to “fit” the fashion expectations of your Big Day.

You want to look like an effortless bride with an angelic, peaceful glow. Rather than wear a veil, you want your best accessory to be the natural kind: Your beaming smile!

THE DRESS: The ideal dress of the rustic bride is the boho kind. It’s a little big country, a little bit gypsy and a whole lot of homespun. Lace dresses in ivory or cream are preferred — white is too traditional and obviously, more easy to dirty when getting hitched outside!

A deep v-neck, an empire waist and loose lace sleeves are ideal details for a rustic vintage wedding dress. The dress skirt flares and can end with a ruffle for a slight Victorian touch.

The dress probably doesn’t hit the floor but rather stops right around your ankles. Wear your dress with nude, slightly elevated heels or even a pair of vintage espadrilles. Don’t dig shoes? Paint your toenails and go barefoot!

Add a crown of flowers to your hair, and you’ve got yourself a happy, healthy look.

BUY: Rustic-inspired vintage wedding dress by Daughters of Simone on Etsy, $550

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The Vintage Mistress: VINTAGE BRIDAL COLLECTION on Etsy
Vixen Vintage: WEDDING WEAR made easy!
Designer Bridal: Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Adolfo and more on THEFROCK. com 
Etsy: Everything You Wanted to Buy for a VINTAGE WEDDING

How to snag amazing vintage bridesmaid dresses

I outfitted my three bridesmaids in vintage dresses. My motivation was twofold: I love vintage styling, and I try to live by a reduce-reuse-recycle ethos. I loved how it all worked out. If you are thinking of going with vintage dresses, or are in the throes of things already, here are some tips for you:

1. Have a heart-to-head with yourself. Dealing with vintage dresses is not for everyone. You have to have a flexible vision for your bridal party’s look. You cannot be obsessed with matchy-matchy. You have to invest time in shopping, mending, and alterations.

2. Sizing can be a bust. Vintage dresses tend to be small. I’m not sure if girls back in the day tended to be more petite, but they did wear corsets. It can be difficult to find a vintage dress in a modern-day size 8, and plus-sized women can find it almost impossible. So, be realistic — if you are outfitting a couple girls who wear size 2, no problem. If you expect to outfit five girls who all wear size 16 and up, think again. Also, be creative — take a tiny, long dress and make it into a bigger, shorter dress. Add a gusset.

When unable to have your bridesmaid try on her dress ahead of time, double check measurements. And remember, if a person’s waist measures 28″, a dress that has a 28″ waist will be uncomfortably snug. There needs to be an inch leeway, a little less than that if the fabric is stretchy.

3. Shop early, often, and everywhere. Get your bridesmaids’ measurements upfront, and carry them and a measuring tape everywhere you go. Look online — eBay and Etsy, of course, and many online retailers have curated vintage collections — but don’t ignore vintage and second-hand stores in your area. Be systematic. Find out when local stores get new items, and go that day. Check online retailers daily for new listings.

I searched every night for “orange dress” in the Vintage > Clothing > Women category on Etsy, and similarly on eBay, until I found dresses for all my girls. In the end, I bought one dress from eBay, one from Etsy, and one from Posh Girl Vintage.

4. Don’t ruminate for too long. If you find a dress that will work, buy it promptly. When dealing with vintage dresses, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

5. Anticipate the need for mending and alterations. Expect that mending and alterations will take 2-3 times as long as you first suspect, and get started on these without delay. Vintage fabrics can be delicate, and that can make the process more challenging and time-consuming. Figure out who should be responsible — you, a friend, family member, or a hired seamstress — and get them involved promptly.

One of my dresses required no alterations. A lacy number required minor alterations — my bridesmaid added pleated detailing to the straps, and added a bustle for when she changed from her heels into her flats — but no serious repairs. My mom spent two whole days mending holes in the lace and seam splits. The third dress I bought very large, and my mom spent another two days on it resizing the bodice and shortening the dress.

6. Have fun, and let your imagination run wild. I think that limiting yourself to vintage finds actually spawns creativity.

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Guest Post By: knitswift

I don’t have a lot of spare time… but what I do have is spent knitting things from yarn I salvaged from my Grandma’s basement, riding my bike, ranting about the oil sands, looking at upcycled clothing on Etsy, and going out for breakfast. I also consider myself a mac & cheese connoisseur.

How To Buy Preloved Wedding Dresses

Whether it’s a book with curled pages and a previous-owner’s notes scribbled in its margins, or a car with 20,000 miles on the dial, most people wouldn’t think twice about borrowing, renting, or buying pre-owned almost anything.

Often cheaper, always greener, and providing a little glimpse into history, we are more than accustomed to a rented holiday home, or hand-me-down ring, particularly in recent years when platforms like BorrowMyDoggy, Vestiaire and Airbnb have made it easier than ever to share.

But, opinion appears to be divided when it comes to second hand wedding dresses. Our research shows that 48 per cent of people would be open to wearing a pre-loved wedding dress, while 52 per cent wouldn’t (oh no, it’s giving us Brexit flashbacks).

However, interest in opting for second hand wedding dresses is definitely increasing.

At Vestiaire – a resale site specialising in pre-loved designer clothing and accessories – there has been ‘a 56% increase in searches for wedding dresses’ since last year.

While ‘online searches for wedding dresses that include the words “vintage”, “second hand” or “pre-owned” are collectively up 38% year-on-year, averaging close to 19,000 searches a month,’ Global fashion search platform Lyst told ELLE UK.

So, for the 48 per cent (and growing), here is a guide for where and how to rent or buy your second hand wedding dress (plus, how to get it altered), and for the 52 per cent, let us try and sway you.

This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Why you should consider wearing a second hand wedding dress

For the planet

Eco-friendly weddings, as predicted by Bernadette Chapman, founder of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP), were set to be one of 2020’s biggest wedding ‘trends’: ‘Couples marrying now are very conscious of the damage we have done to the planet and they can actively ensure they are as environmentally friendly as they can be.’ Despite plenty of 2020 weddings being postponed, spouses-to-be in 2021 are set to keep the planet at the forefront of their minds.

And so it should be, seeing as the typical British nuptials create a whopping 18kg of single-use plastic waste, according to Sky Ocean Rescue’s research, not to mention the food waste from catering (a reported 10 per cent of wedding food ends up in the bin), the carbon footprint of guests’ travel (that accounts for a huge 73 per cent of the big day’s carbon footprint), and a wedding dress most likely never to be worn again.

Heartfelt Vintage

Evoke Pictures

While some wasteful elements are impossible to avoid (unless you want to un-invite those Australian cousins), giving a pre-owned dress another moment in the limelight is a great and green solution.

For your savings

Plus, there’s the fiscal cost too. With the average British wedding costing a scary £30,355 – a number not to be sniffed at, particularly with a predicted recession on the horizon – your wallet may thank you for choosing a second hand dress.

Almost without fail, a pre-loved dress will set buyers back a lot less than a new counterpart.

‘Prices are influenced of course by the designer and age of the gown, but are generally up to 70 per cent off the original retail price (RRP), with prices ranging from £300 – £2,500, and designers including Pronovias, Ellie Saab, Charlie Brear, Sassi Holford, Suzanne Neville and more.’ Jen Palmer, Brides Do Good’s Business and Commercial Director, told ELLE UK.

Brides Do Good


‘Earlier this year we sold a gorgeous handmade Phillipa Lepley gown, which had an original price of £9,000, but sold by us for just over £2,000. The dress had never been worn and was flawless, but was in theory a ‘pre-loved’ dress.’

Vintage dresses (ones that are 20 or more years old) are also more often than not made with incredible quality material, and constructed to perfection, so much so that if they were made new today, they would set you back a whole lot more.

‘The quality and the craftsmanship you find in vintage dresses (particularly pre-1960s) is extraordinary.’ Heartfelt Vintage’s owner Kate Ashwell told ELLE UK. ‘[For example], many of our dresses are made from British made lace that would cost thousands of pounds if made today. You get a lot of quality for your money when you choose vintage.’

You get a lot of quality for your money when you choose vintage.

For the story

There is also the individuality and emotional history that comes with second hand, pre-loved, and particularly vintage and antique wedding dresses.

Molly Whitehall, Director of WDW Entertainment, married in February 2020 in a breathtaking William Vintage silk gown from 1935, which she found after searching fruitlessly for her ideal gown in bridal shops.

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‘I tried on dresses I liked in bridal shops but none that I loved. I started to become surprised by the cost and aware of the sustainability factor, but ultimately my decision was based on it being the perfect dress for me.’ Whitehall told ELLE UK

‘Luckily for me, my perfect dress was in [William Vintage’s] brochure: as soon as I saw the picture I just knew.

‘I arranged to go and try it on with my mum a few days later. As soon as I put it on I just knew, and finally felt so happy to have had that moment that everyone talks about. It fitted perfectly and I just loved it.

‘I’m aware that mine is a real vintage love story, and it’s not always that easy and sometimes some more hunting is required, but it really is worth it.’

Now, Whitehall is considering the journey of her magical dress after her, and is contemplating renting or selling it on, so its story continues: ‘I feel strongly that it needs to continue its life as a wedding dress.’

I feel strongly that it needs to continue its life as a wedding dress.

The sentimental pleasure of seeing a dress reborn in this way is only heightened when it belongs to a family member, something that is made possible by tailors such as Nanna Sandom of Splendid Stitches, who specialises in altering vintage and heirloom dresses.

‘Being let into these families and trusted with a wedding dress which may now be worn by a third generation is a huge privilege and a responsibility I do not take lightly.

‘It is a fine balance being respectful to the history of the dress yet making it something which reflects the bride-to-be and her tastes and preferences. More than once I have found myself becoming very close with both mother and bride-to-be during the fittings… and there are frequently tears of joy at the final fitting when all comes together.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

‘This is probably my favourite part of my job – playing a discreet, but crucial role in the narrative of a wedding and following through the history of the female bloodline – as a feminist this means a lot to me.’

There are frequently tears of joy at the final fitting when all comes together.

Whether it’s the planet, savings account, or sentimentality that does it for you, second hand, pre-loved, and vintage wedding dresses are a fantastic option.

However, there are actual and perceived challenges when it comes to second, pre-loved, or vintage dresses, with first being: ‘where to find them?’. Let us help you out…

Brides Do Good


How to buy or rent a second hand, pre-loved, or vintage wedding dress

Much like buying brand new bridalwear, a pre-loved item can be found through scouring the internet for a bargain, finding an artisanal piece, or opting for the luxe bridal experience.

Only you – looking at your own budget, being realistic with your expectations, and honest about your taste – will know which of the below is the right option for you.

Buy second hand wedding dresses online

At online marketplaces like eBay and Vestiaire, you have the opportunity to get the greatest steal and see the largest selection. Case-in-point, eBay UK currently hosts a colossal 14,000+ pre-loved wedding dresses and some even sell for as little as £36 and with coveted Vera Wang pre-loved wedding dresses selling for a much-reduced price of around £650.

But as all that choice can feel overwhelming, we asked Head of Preloved at eBay, Emma Grant, to give us her top tips for wedding dress sleuthing:

  1. Commit some time: You’ll need to have a good scroll before that one-of-a-kind gown catches your eye.
  2. Be specific with your search terms: Naming brands or eras that are associated with the style you’re looking to emulate will help you narrow down the search to the most relevant items.
  3. Be flexible with sizes: The fits and cuts of vintage and pre-owned wedding dresses can differ hugely from what we’re used to seeing on the high street or in boutiques, so don’t expect your usual size to fit you perfectly. Additionally, as its pre-loved, it might have also been altered to fit the previous owner, so always get in touch with the seller to check the specific measurements and compare them to measurements of your own body, using a measuring tape.
  4. The tailor is your friend: Shortening hem lines and streamlining waistlines are all possible, meaning you can achieve the perfect fit and modernise your vintage gown if you want. Most brides need to have their wedding dress altered upon purchase anyway, so don’t be daunted by the idea of having to get it altered to fit you.
  5. Consider its condition: While a few buttons or sequins missing shouldn’t put you off investing in a great quality, pre-owned wedding dress, more significant signs of wear and tear and damage require further thought. Don’t risk your money on items that are fraying, holed and stained – as chances are, trying to repair a gown and colour match will be trickier to get away with. And, if the dress hasn’t been professionally cleaned by the seller, consider getting this done yourself.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Not sure how a particular dress will look on you? No need to panic. The beauty of shopping through a platform means you have a direct line to the seller where you can ask all the question under the sun – from an item’s ‘real’ sizing to the best description of its colour, condition and material feel.
  7. If you like it, buy it: Vintage and pre-loved fashion can often be one-of-a-kind pieces. Don’t let it be the one that got away that keeps you up at night.
    1. Similarly, you can rent former brides’ dresses on peer-to-peer rental platforms like By Rotation, where you can make the ultimate eco statement and penny pinching move by not buying your dress at all, and simply borrowing it for the day.

      Brides Do Good

      Brides Do Good

      Buy second hand wedding dresses in store

      For some, the bridal boutique experience is a crucial part of ‘big day’ planning, and something that no cut-price dress can make up for missing out on.

      Thankfully, for those people, there are curated boutiques out there, giving you the opportunity to try on and show off your potential dress.

      ‘When considering a pre-loved wedding dress, remember that the term doesn’t necessarily mean you will be sacrificing on style or quality. There are lots of boutiques like Brides do Good that specialise in pre-loved gowns, and with staff who will handpick only the best pieces to offer,’ Jen Palmer from Brides Do Good told ELLE UK

      ‘By visiting a boutique like ours, you can have the same bridal experience that you would have elsewhere, with all the bubbles to enjoy and designer brands to pick from.’

      Heartfelt Vintage

      Chris Daw Photography

      Though, simply because you are buying in-store, doesn’t mean you should blindly purchase, no questions asked: ‘Regardless of where you buy from, make sure you ask where the dress has come from – reputable boutiques will be able to tell you the provenance of the gown – and check it over carefully for any imperfections before you purchase.

      ‘Samples and pre-loved dresses may have some wear and tear, and it’s important you’re completely happy with your choice as most boutiques do not accept refunds,’ Palmer sagely warned.

      Below, we have created a select list of some of the best places to start looking for your second hand wedding dress (or outfit), whether you want bubbles and try-ons with your friends and family, or fancy bargain hunting for your hidden treasure.

      Wedding dress alterations

      Whether purchasing new or not, getting your wedding outfit altered to fit your taste and figure flawlessly is a must. A perfectly-tailored item of clothing will not only make it look more expensive, but you’ll be more comfortable in it, though you should be wary of who you let tinker with your gown.

      Tailors working in-house with your pre-loved bridal boutique is a rare, but useful option.

      The previously mentioned Heartfelt Vintage in Bristol gladly offers this service: ‘Alterations are my favourite part of the process,’ owner Ashwell told ELLE UK.

      ‘First of all, it’s a collaborative endeavour and it’s great to see a bride’s vision come to life. Secondly, it’s the part of the process that takes the dress from being ‘something old’ to being ‘something new’.

      ‘Aside from re-sizing the dresses, we can also make other adaptations and alterations too. For example backless gowns have been popular in contemporary wedding dress design recently…We can also open out necklines, change sleeves, shorten dresses and so on.’

      If, however, your boutique doesn’t offer this, you’re buying from an online marketplace, or you’re hoping a family heirloom can be rejuvenated, then a speciality tailor such as Sandom from Splendid Stitches is undoubtedly your best course of action.

      This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

      Sandom takes brides through a three or four fittings journey, that will see not only their dress transform, but in Sandom’s eyes, the bride too: ‘The biggest transformation is a well-fitted and comfortable wedding dress and what that does for a bride’s posture and confidence; a well-fitted dress makes you stand taller, accentuates your good bits and tones down anything you may be less happy about.

      ‘I am all about body confidence and seeing the woman in the dress rather than having the dress wear the woman, and during the fitting process it is my job to get the dress to show the woman the best it can.’

      And that’s what finding a wedding dress is truly about: finding an outfit to enhance and reflect the person wearing it, no matter if it’s fresh-from-the rail new, or something with a little more of a story.

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      Where to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

      Congratulations are in order if you’ve already found your wedding dress, but the hard part — and the dress shopping — is far from over.

      Searching for bridesmaid dresses can be equally (if not more) exhausting, because this time around you’re shopping for a number of different people, all with different body types and budgets. Of course you want something that fits your taste and vision, but you also want the members of your bridal party to feel good about, and, most importantly, be comfortable in what they’ll be wearing.

      It’s your day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids should be forced into one-time-only (read: ugly) dresses for the occasion. So whether you’re a bride just starting the search or a bridesmaid looking to “suggest” some better options, we’ve rounded up some of the very best places to find bridesmaid dresses ahead.

      Photo: Topshop


      The UK retailer launched its bridal shop earlier this year, and as you’d imagine, it’s got everything covered — from wedding dresses to bridal lingerie, accessories, and of course, bridesmaid dresses. The options include silk maxi dresses, asymmetric slip dresses, and ruffled florals in soft pastel colors, so you can expect them to get a lot of use after the big day, too.


      In addition to the always-reliable e-comm site’s bridal category, you’ll also find a curated bridesmaid selection with dresses in all of the sizing categories — petite, tall, curve, and maternity — that ASOS is known for. As always, the site is a great stop for those on a budget, too, since most of its selection is under $200.


      It’s not a surprise that this brand is an extension of Anthropologie, considering most of the selection is majorly romantic, vintage-inspired, and covered in tulle, lace, or beaded embellishments. Pick from mix-and-match separates or the hundred or so gowns and cocktail-length options that are priced between $80 and $350.


      This online platform pairs a team of consultants with each wedding party to help with everything from inspiration to sizing, as well as navigating more than 800 dress styles and accessories from global designers.

      Brideside also offers an at-home try-on service for those who can’t visit the Chicago-based showroom. For $15 (and free shipping both ways), you can select up to three styles to be sent to your home à la Warby Parker; it’s a super convenient service if you have bridesmaids who live all over the country and can’t all shop together in person.


      Unsurprisingly, go-to brand Missguided doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its cleverly titled bridal shop, Missbrided. The online shop is stocked with on-trend, wildly affordable (we’re talking certain styles under $40) dresses in as many different color, silhouette, and length options as you could need.

      Jenny Yoo

      The gowns from Jenny Yoo are so widely liked that you’ll be able to find them at mass retailers like Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. The selection is traditional but far from boring: think tons of draping, chiffon, and floor-sweeping silhouettes. On the site, gowns are split up by category, including limited-edition metallics, maternity options, and novelty prints.


      The retailer known for its vintage-inspired offerings only began carrying bridal last year, but it’s really hit the nail on the head. You’ll find a mix of unique tea-length options, classic gowns, and some more offbeat looks as well, with prices ranging between just $20 (!!) and $175. Another huge highlight here is the extensive size offerings: Pieces are available in sizes 2 through 24, with stylish options across the board.

      Revolve Wedding Shop

      The great thing about Revolve’s wedding shop, and specifically its bridesmaid selection, is that most of what you’ll find wouldn’t normally be considered bridal, meaning these dresses can (and will) be worn after the wedding is over. Think sleek and silky slip dresses, dramatic sleeves, and close-to-body silhouettes from brands like Fame and Partners, House of Harlow, and Lovers + Friends.

      Fame & Partners

      Over the last couple of years, Fame & Partners has really made a name for itself with its made-to-order production model and its totally customizable (and relatively affordable!) occasion wear. The brand’s wedding shop definitely offers trendier options and many alternatives — think bell sleeves and asymmetric ruffles — and it won’t set you back too much, with dresses starting at $214. The customization factor is huge here, too, considering one of the biggest struggles with bridesmaids dresses is that everyone in your party has a different body type to work with.


      The eco-conscious LA-based brand has been a go-to for a certain type of bride since the label launched wedding-specific dresses a few years ago. The easy silhouettes in beach-y prints and tonal, bold colors you’re used to from Reformation are what you’ll find in its bridesmaids options — just at floor-sweeping lengths. There’s pretty much a dress for every style, whether you’re a fan of an off-the-shoulder look, totally open back, plunging necklines, or something a bit more classic. Prices start around $260 and peak at $500.

      Union Station

      One of the first of its kind, Union Station — formerly known as Little Borrowed Dress — is an online service that rents exclusive styles of bridesmaid dresses, effectively ending the wasted money of the dreaded one-time-wear situation. The site offers 18 different styles in 18 colors, all leaning toward more classic silhouettes and traditional styles. Rentals run for either $50 or $75 depending on the style, an easy bargain either way. If you really love the dress, you can opt to purchase for $100 more.

      The process is pretty simple, too. Once you’ve registered your wedding party, each bridesmaid will be emailed separately by a Union Station representative to talk fit, color, style, and so on.

      Joanna August

      This brand is big on making sure bridesmaid dresses can translate into your real life, too, so think more fashion-forward, bohemian-leaning styles, jumpsuits and rompers included.

      Everything is made-to-order, so groups ordering together can create a simple bridal profile to guarantee every garment is cut from the same dye lot, as well as make sure everyone in the bridal party is ordering on time. You can even request up to five complimentary swatches shipped to your door, so you can see and decide on just the right color IRL.


      The idea behind Twobirds is that whatever piece you buy, be it a floor-length gown, a tea-length dress, or a jumpsuit, you’ll be able to wear it up to 15 ways depending on how you wrap the versatile straps. Don’t love a knotted cap sleeve? Make it strapless. (Or one-shoulder, or full coverage, it’s totally up to you.)

      Gowns start at $340 for classic styles and peak at $595 for the more involved rosette styles made of tulle. As far as color scheme, most of the selection is available in a range of pastels, like baby pinks and dusty blues, as well as bolder, darker colors like plum and midnight blue.

      Shopbop Wedding Boutique

      Yup! This e-comm giant has a designated wedding boutique, too, because why wouldn’t it? As expected, there’s a huge range here for price and brands: You’ll find gowns from the likes of Self Portrait and Monique Lhuillier to indie names including Nili Lotan and Amanda Uprichard. So whether you’re looking to spend $70 or $700, there are bound to be some contenders in this mix.

      9 of the Best Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress for Cash

      Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners’ links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here.

      When I was planning my wedding, I wanted to find the perfect dress.

      Going from bridal boutique to bridal boutique, I tried on countless options until I finally found it.

      But since the wedding, my dress has been sitting in my closet gathering dust. One day, I realized that I could probably try to sell it and recoup some of the cost.

      Where exactly can you sell a wedding dress? At first, I thought I was limited to Craigslist or Facebook. But as I looked into it, I learned that there are several different options — both online and locally — for selling wedding dresses.

      Your best bet is to go with a niche-specific site that focuses on selling and reselling wedding-related items, including wedding dresses. These sites are targeted at brides who are specifically looking for a secondhand wedding dress.

      Listing your items on those websites will get it in front of an audience that is primed and ready to buy your dress.

      The Top Sites to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

      If you’re looking to make some money by selling your wedding dress, check out the websites below. Many of them are specifically targeted toward brides looking to buy secondhand wedding-related items and save cash.

      Some of these websites also offer wedding dress consignment options if that’s something you’re considering.

      1. Stillwhite

      Source: Stillwhite
      • Listing Fee: $20 fee per dress that includes four photos and is listed until sold, or $30 for a premium listing that includes eight photos and a homepage gallery. 
      • Commission: No commission
      • Shipping Cost: Variable (buyers pay for postage)

      Stillwhite bills itself as the world’s largest pre-owned wedding dress marketplace with an easy-to-use website for both sellers and buyers.

      According to its site, it has 52,000 dresses for sale. Use the Stillwhite valuator to see how much you can sell your dress for.

      Under the standard option, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $20 to list your dress. You’ll pay no commission on the sale, your dress will be listed until it’s sold, and you can upload up to four photos.

      The premium listing option comes with a $30 one-time fee, a homepage gallery feature, larger photo in search, and up to eight photos.

      You can sell your dress online or meet with the buyer in person so they can try it on.  

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      2. Tradesy

      Source: Tradesy
      • Listing Fee: No listing fee
      • Commission: 19.8% on sales over $50
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      Tradesy is an online marketplace for designer clothing and accessories, including wedding dresses. Creating a listing is simple, and you can set your own price. If you want to sell your wedding dress on the site, it needs to be in excellent condition.

      You can also sell veils, bridal jewelry, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding decorations through Tradesy. 

      Tradesy guides you through every step of the listing process. You’ll also get suggestions to improve your listings so you can sell your dress quickly. As an added bonus, all uploaded photos will be automatically enhanced by Tradesy to make your listing stand out.

      For wedding dresses, once your item sells, you can print a prepaid label and ship using your own materials. If the buyer returns your item due to something that’s not your fault, Tradesy will handle it, and you get to keep your earnings.

      There are no upfront selling fees, but you will owe a 19.8% commission fee on items sold for more than $50.

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      3. Poshmark

      Source: Poshmark
      • Listing Fee: No listing fee
      • Commission: 20% flat commission fee
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      Poshmark is another app and website where you can sell your used clothes. It mostly focuses on mall and designer brands but isn’t as picky as Tradesy.

      It’s easy to create a listing with the app. Just take a few photos with your phone, and upload them in less than a minute.

      The app makes it easy to share your listings for shoppers to discover. It offers custom filters and has a large selection of bridesmaid and wedding dresses. You can communicate with potential buyers within the app, making it easier to keep everything in one place.

      Once your dress sells, print the prepaid and pre-addressed label and either drop it in a mailbox or schedule a free pick-up. You’ll have to pay a 20% commission fee when you sell your wedding dress on Poshmark.

      4. Nearly Newlywed

      Source: Nearly Newlywed
      • Listing Fee: $25 
      • Commission: 40%
      • Shipping Cost: Variable (pre-paid label provided for dresses sold above $500, but shipping is seller’s responsibility when dresses are sold for less than $500)

      If you’re looking for an option that will make the selling process hassle-free and don’t mind paying a higher commission rate, check out Nearly Newlywed. The listing process is quick and easy. Simply submit some information and photos of your wedding dress.

      It may take between 24 and 48 hours for Nearly Newlywed to approve the listing. Once it’s listed, the site will answer buyer questions and handle payments, shipping, and insurance.

      When your dress sells, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label to send the gown to Nearly Newlywed for inspection and to verify its condition.

      Unlike other sites, Nearly Newlywed charges both a $25 listing fee and a 40% commission. It says most wedding gown sales finalize within 60 to 120 days. 

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      5. Once Wed

      Source: Once Wed
      • Listing Fee: $19.95 per dress
      • Commission: No commission
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      Once Wed is an online wedding resource that helps future brides find inspiration and tools to plan their dream wedding. It’s also an online marketplace for secondhand wedding dresses.

      With more than ten years in the business, this site is a great option for selling your wedding dress. There’s a listing fee of $19.95 per dress but no commission fees. Your listing is valid for one year.

      The site offers seller privacy and protection along with customer service with email support to help you resolve any problems.

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      Source: PreOwnedWeddingDresses
      • Listing Fee: $25
      • Commission: No commission
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      PreOwned Wedding Dresses has been in business since 2004. This site connects buyers and sellers of new, sample, and used wedding dresses and bridal party gowns.

      There’s a one-time listing fee of $25, but no commission fees. The site also claims that the average dress sells within 70 days, higher than what other sites claim. It also has a handy wedding dress value calculator that will help you determine the best listing price.

      7. Wore It Once

      Source: Wore It Once
      • Listing Fee: $20
      • Commission: No commission
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      Wore It Once is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of used wedding dresses, gowns, jewelry, shoes, and other clothing items. You can sell your wedding dress by setting up your own custom shop where you can list other wedding-related items as well.

      When listing your dress, you’ll need to fill out a form with details including size, color, and style. Then you’ll write a custom description for your dress and decide on a listing price.

      There’s a one-time setup fee of $20, and there’s currently no commission on the sale of any of your items. Your listings never expire and you set your own prices. There is also no limit on the number of products in your shop, so you can list and sell all of your used wedding items at once.

      8. Wedding Bee

      Source: Wedding Bee
      • Listing Fee: No listing fee
      • Commission: No commission
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      Wedding Bee is a website and an online community focused on providing advice, tips, and tricks to real couples planning their weddings. You can find information on topics such as DIY wedding projects, day-of tips, as well as dream wedding inspiration.

      But most importantly, the site also features a classifieds section where you can sell your wedding dress.

      It’s free to list your wedding dress on Wedding Bee, but you can purchase a featured ad. You set your own price, communicate with interested buyers, and are responsible for shipping the dress. You can also list other wedding-related items such as shoes, accessories, decorations, and more.

      9. Sell My Wedding Dress

      Source: Sell My Wedding Dress
      • Listing Fee: $19.99 for a basic listing; $29.99 for premium listing
      • Commission: No commission
      • Shipping Cost: Variable

      Another option to sell your wedding dress is the aptly-named website Sell My Wedding Dress. There are two options for listing your dress: a basic listing, which costs $19.99, and a premium one that starts at $29.99, which includes a featured listing and better placement for your ad.

      The site does not charge any commission fees, and there are no hidden costs. Your listing will stay up until your dress sells.

      To list your dress, you’ll need to fill out some standard information such as the size, color, and style of your dress. You’ll also need to write a description and decide on a listing price.

      Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress Locally

      If you’re looking to sell your wedding dress locally, there are a few options. Your best bet if you’re looking to stay close to home are local wedding dress consignment shops. 


      Craigslist lets you sell anything from furniture to children’s toys. It also has a section for selling wedding-related items such as wedding gowns.

      While this may not be the best place to sell your wedding dress, it also means you don’t have to ship the dress or pay a listing fee. Selling a wedding dress through Craigslist may take longer, and it may be harder to find qualified buyers.

      Creating a listing is free, but you should take time to write a great listing for your dress and decide on a fair price.

      Many Craigslist buyers try to haggle, so set your price with a little wiggle room. Take the time to add detailed photos, especially if there are any problems with the dress.

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      Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

      Another local option to sell your wedding dress is on Facebook Buy and Sell groups or through the Facebook Marketplace.

      These groups will sell almost anything, so you won’t be marketing to brides only. The upside is that the buyers are local, so you don’t have to worry about shipping your dress.

      Include lots of photos, a good description, and a competitive price when listing your dress. You may have to negotiate on the final price, so leave some bargaining room.

      It’ll probably take you longer to sell your dress via Facebook, but there are no fees to create a listing.

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      Local Wedding Consignment Shops

      If you want to sell your wedding dress locally, the best option is a wedding dress consignment shop.

      Since these shops specifically focus on selling wedding-related items like wedding gowns, accessories, and shoes, this is your best chance for getting your dress in front of local buyers looking specifically for a wedding dress.

      One of the big downsides of local wedding dress consignment shops is that they charge fairly steep fees for helping you sell your wedding dress, similar to some sites on this list.

      Many shops charge a commission rate in the range of 40% to 60% of the final sale price of the dress. 

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      Tips for Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online

      When looking to sell your wedding dress, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, make sure your dress is in good condition without any tears, stains, or other damage. Since you’ve likely only worn the dress once, it’s probably still in good condition.

      Also, keep in mind that photos sell. The more photos you can include from all different angles, the better.

      You can include both photos of you in the dress and the dress on a hanger, but make sure to show any important details such as beadwork or a special lace design up close.

      Provide all relevant information such as size, exact color (ivory, off-white, etc.), petticoats, and so on. If the dress was altered in any way, try to describe the alterations with as much detail as possible.

      How Much Can I Sell My Used Wedding Dress For?

      How much you can sell your used wedding dress for depends on a number of factors.

      As a general rule of thumb, a used wedding dress in great condition and under two years old can usually sell for 50% of the retail price. If your dress is a designer brand such as Vera Wang, you can get closer to 60% of the retail value.

      There are calculators that can estimate how much you can get for your wedding dress. Enter some general information such as your dress’s brand, condition, size, etc. and you can get an estimate for the value of your gown.

      Here are a few calculators to help you determine the best price to sell your wedding dress:

      How Long Will It Take to Sell My Wedding Dress?

      The time it will take to sell your wedding dress depends on various factors including the brand, style, size, and condition. Also, keep in mind that the popularity of the marketplace or store you select to use for your listing will play a role in how much traffic your dress gets and how quickly it sells.

      On average, expect your dress to sell within 60 to 90 days of listing provided it’s a popular brand and style, in excellent condition, and no more than a couple of years old. Dresses that are an older style, not in good condition, or are a lower-demand size may take longer to sell.

      90,000 lavender and purple bridesmaids

      Bridesmaid is not just words, it is a responsible mission that includes a lot of responsibilities.

      These responsibilities include choosing the right gowns to complement the bride’s look. Dresses are chosen for a reason. They should be consistent with the general style of the wedding, the figure and preferences of each of the girls.

      Since there is a clear tendency in the world of wedding fashion – the use of purple shades, let’s take a closer look at purple bridesmaid dresses: when they are appropriate, how to choose a style, color and much more.

      Wedding Style & Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

      When the word “Provence” sounds, it is impossible not to imagine the exquisite French vineyards and endless fields of blooming lavender. The same thing happens during a wedding, the main one of which this color was chosen.

      Read more about Provence style wedding dresses in the article.

      Delicate purple goes well in tandem with lavender sprigs and exquisite French wine.

      No worse will this fabulous color be in harmony with a rustic-style wedding dress, which is similar in spirit to the Provencal one.

      The dress can correspond to the general color scheme of the celebration, shades of flowers in the bridal bouquet and other decorative elements.

      Purple shades – a great choice for rustic and Provence weddings

      Shades of purple harmoniously fit into literally any wedding style: Provence, vintage, shabby chic and even boho!

      If the wedding is conceived in a vintage style, then purple will come in handy here too.Vintage in shades is a range of colors from pale yellow to deep purple.

      Refined lace bridesmaid dresses, forged decorative elements, antique furniture … all this certainly forms the perfect tandem, thanks to which the wedding becomes especially rich and sophisticated.

      The same goes for the shabby chic style, which literally translates as “aged”. This style is often confused with vintage, but there are some differences that give these directions their unique features.

      So, shabby chic is, first of all, a delicate range of colors. If just such a design is planned for the wedding, then you can not be afraid for your image by choosing the soft purple color of the bridesmaid’s dress.

      Short dresses in pale purple tones just what you need for a shabby chic wedding

      A small string of natural pearls will be an excellent addition in this case.

      One of the most extraordinary wedding styles is the boho style. He combined all the best from many directions: negligence from ethno-style, airiness and lightness from eco-style and taste with sophistication from vintage.

      Purple dresses will look great in this case, especially if the bride has chosen a bouquet with appropriate shades.

      Dark purple – a universal color for different color types of appearance

      Ideal shade for dress

      There are a huge number of shades of purple, which means there is certainly plenty to choose from. However, a problem immediately arises here: some girls suit a certain shade of color, while others, on the contrary, are more suitable for the opposite.

      So, bright dresses, close in tone to blueberry and even ink, look harmoniously on brunettes. For blondes and brown-haired women, less flashy shades are suitable: lilac, lavender, violet.

      Brunettes are “shown” dark purple

      Naturally, every bride wants to have a flawless wedding, during which everyone will be perfect, including the bridesmaids. And this can be easily solved by resorting to a trick: to use several shades at once.

      If it so happens that girlfriends have different hair, skin type and eye color, then it is best to stop at several shades at the same time, complementing them with interesting, possibly identical accessories.

      In addition, purple should be harmoniously combined with other colors used in wedding decoration. If among the “wedding” colors there are green, orange and brown, then you can safely choose the purple version as the bridesmaid’s dress. It will perfectly fit into the holiday.

      A bouquet of wildflowers a great pair of blue-lilac outfits of friends (photo)

      Violet is in harmony with orange and even red

      Correct cut solves all problems

      As mentioned above, the choice of color should depend on the individual characteristics of each girl. The same goes for the style. Especially the style. After all, it often happens that a seemingly ideal figure becomes completely sloppy due to an incorrectly selected style.

      It’s good when all the girlfriends are the owners of similar figures. But, as a rule, this is only possible in Hollywood films. In real life, you have to choose not only the color, but also try to choose the style of the dress that suits everyone.

      There are several universal options that look charming on any girl :

        1. Straight cut dress. Thanks to this cut, the dress can both emphasize its advantages and hide possible flaws.It is perfect for curvy ladies, for women with a thin physique, and fit athletic beauties.
        2. V-neck. A dress with such a cut can visually remove imperfections and draw attention to the chest. In addition, it makes the lady’s silhouette more graceful and even.

      Women who have a fairly voluminous form should be careful about such an outfit, as it may look vulgar.

      1. “A” silhouette. Dresses in the shape of the letter “A” look elegant and festive at the same time. This style will visually reduce the full figure and decorate the slim one.

      Long dresses are more preferable if the figures of the girlfriends are completely different

      A well-chosen style and shade of purple will put the bridesmaids in a favorable light, and at the same time the bride herself.

      When purple is out of place

      Purple shades are quite versatile , but they have their limitations.For example, if there are no purple elements in the wedding decor, then it is better to refrain from choosing a dress in lilac shades.

      If the presence of red or blue is provided, then one more bright color will be an unnecessary heap, not to mention the fact that the colors are categorized as incongruous.

      Besides the general style of wedding, purple can also be completely inappropriate if it looks ridiculous on girls. And if dark-skinned brunettes do not have to worry about this, then fair-haired girls with aristocratic pale skin cannot boast of the same.

      This style is best left for the prom

      Very often violet color visually gives the skin a “lifeless” tint. But even in this case, you can get out: go to the beach (of course, if the time and season permits) or to the solarium. Such maneuvers will allow the skin to acquire a healthy complexion, and the purple color will look much better.

      Don’t mix purple with other bright colors. The exception is orange.

      It is also important not to overdo it with deep purple hues.It is better to refuse dresses with different prints. Even if the holiday atmosphere allows you to take such a step, it should be remembered that purple is a finicky color and does not tolerate unnecessary combinations.

      Here it is better to give preference to plain dresses or dresses with a geometric pattern, if the latter suits the mood of the celebration.

      One-color dresses in pale lilac tones

      What else is important to pay attention to when choosing a dress

      It should be understood that a bridesmaid dress has more than just the function of a one-time dress. There is hardly a woman who wants a dress that she cannot wear to another party. And here it is important not to miscalculate.

      You need to focus on the future – choose a dress to the taste of each of the girls. The problem of the style has already been solved, it remains to be a matter of length.

      The point is that the dress must be comfortable, stylish and not overshadow the main heroine of the celebration – the bride. If the bride has a classic long dress and she is not averse to being supported by her bridesmaids, a floor-length dress is ideal for everyone.

      Otherwise, the neutral length (2 cm above the knee) saves the day.

      It is also important to pay attention to the material from which the dress is made. Most importantly, fabric can work wonders.

      The main thing for a dress is not to forget a great mood

      So, in the course of one experiment, Julia McComb revealed an interesting fact: dresses of the same style and color, but made of different fabrics, looked completely different on the model. In one case, the dress emphasized her dignity, and in the other, on the contrary, it made her look sloppy, or even plump.

      Correctly selected fabric for a dress can highlight the dignity of a woman’s figure and hide flaws.

      Purple dresses for bridesmaids, matched to each of the girls, matching the colors and style of the wedding – a great way to bring freshness and bright colors to a festive event.

      90,000 The funniest, horrible and ridiculous wedding dresses

      Luminous with LEDs

      If you want to shine at the moment of your wedding, a dress with super-technologies and extraordinaryness – with LEDs, is suitable for this occasion.

      Several batteries are hidden in an unusual wedding dress for wireless connection.

      They look impressive, but as if such a dress would not overshadow the bride herself. The hall in which the celebration takes place is usually decorated in the same way.

      There are different LED arrangements:

      • only for showy accents,
      • all over the dress;
      • around the hem of the dress.

      And this dress resembles a luminous spider web.The headpiece matches the overall look.

      As a rule, designers create such dresses to attract attention, these collections are not in demand. But if you want to stand out and look different, why not? See below for a real photo from the wedding ceremony. And, of course, we cannot ignore Polina Gagarina with her luminous dress with LEDs at Eurovision 2015

      And, of course, we cannot ignore Polina Gagarina with her luminous dress with LEDs at Eurovision 2015.

      She represented Russia in a very dignified manner and looked simply amazing. You can take an example from it

      It was very beautiful and spectacular. But it’s up to you to decide whether it’s appropriate at the wedding.

      The old legend of the peacock

      In world culture, this bird with an extraordinary tail embodies the sun and stars, is a symbol of dignity, beauty and immortality. Thanks to the many “eyes” on the peacock’s tail, Indians see in his image not only beauty, but also wisdom.Buddhist monks had a custom to carry peacock tail feathers with them, because they personified compassion.

      There is an ancient Chinese legend about the peacock.

      One day a Chinese sage saw a beautiful bird standing near the water. Her feathers shimmered with amazing colors, shone in the sun in hundreds of different shades. The sage came closer to the bird and wanted to talk to it. However, she did not even turn to look at the steps, as she studied her reflection on the surface of the water.

      The old man was surprised at such unfriendliness, raised his hand and blocked the sun with it. Darkness fell to the ground. The bird, tearing itself away from its form, turned to the sage. He asked her who she was. The noble creature replied that his name was Peacock, and sadness settled in his heart, because he dreams of bringing joy, happiness and love to the people around him, but still did not understand how to do it.

      The sage was surprised at the generosity and nobility of the bird. He took his hand away from the sun, and the Peacock’s tail played with wonderful colors again.However, as soon as the world became light again, the bird immediately turned away and again continued to admire its reflection, forgetting about the old man and talking with him.

      In the teachings of Feng Shui, the peacock as a symbol of good luck is widespread.

      Peignoirs, capes and dressing gowns

      It is difficult to imagine the morning of the bride without a beautiful robe or silk cape. At the very least, it is convenient during wedding make-up and hairstyling – you do not threaten to ruin your image by taking off your T-shirt. And of course, the photographer will take beautiful shots at a time when the stylists will make beauty.Gathering the bride is already an integral part of the wedding photo session.

      Short models

      Let’s look at the benefits of short robes and negligee! Obviously, they are more comfortable to wear and create a light, playful look. If you dream of spending your bride’s morning as in American films, in the company of your family and beloved friends, sisters, mothers, nieces, why not arrange a mini-photoset in dressing gowns? Choose a special color for yourself and different shades of your wedding color for your company.

      Brides prefer white, cream or pale pink, but nothing stops you from being less traditional. The cape can be completely lace or only with lace trim, or with a lace bodice and smooth back and sleeves. Three-quarter sleeves are more comfortable to wear, and choosing bells adds a touch of romance to your morning look.

      Long bridal gowns

      Long bridal gowns are even more popular than short ones – they are amazing! Just try on a luxurious robe with a train or a satin with lace trim and you will see how great this piece of clothing looks.

      This is the easiest way to add drama to your morning photo session, and your grace and sophistication. Available in a variety of sleeves – short, three-quarters, long, puff and bell sleeves – match your personal style! Do you want something unusual? Consider a hooded bridal gown. If you’re planning a bride’s morning without the other girls, why not choose a floral print or a fancy print? Be brave!


      Silk linen decorated with openwork lace looks incredibly elegant.You have to understand that the choice of linen must be approached very responsibly, because you will have to spend the whole day in it. It should be as comfortable as possible and not stand out under the fabric of the dress. The newlywed must create an aura of mystery and magic, lacy silk underwear excites a man’s fantasy more than a naked body.

      Separate underwear is considered ideal

      … (bra and panties separately), this set is suitable for any wedding dress. An intimate evening begins immediately after the wedding banquet, when the young are left alone.The shape of the lingerie is not as important as the state of the girl’s confidence in her charm.

      Most brides complement their wedding look with a corset with garters for stockings. This detail adds mystery and sexuality to the newlywed wedding look

      The corset focuses on the thin, graceful waist and emphasizes its slimness. Do not fix it too tightly, it should not cause discomfort when moving and make breathing difficult – it is better to let the waist be a couple of centimeters larger, but you will feel a sufficient flow of oxygen without the risk of losing consciousness

      Stockings should be either flesh-colored or solid white.

      The trimmings of the negligee can be very varied to your taste. With the help of the adjusters on the straps of the shirt, you can choose the most suitable position of the chest. The panties and shirt must be the same color. Often, a set of such underwear is complemented by a romantic-style dressing gown made of the same material as the set itself.

      Many brides prefer a translucent bodysuit

      which emphasizes all curves of the female figure and makes the image of the girl more sexy.Adjustable straps for perfect positioning of the chest. An important property of the body is body correction. Each bride, choosing such lingerie, will determine for herself a style that will emphasize her beauty and grace. For example, openwork lace will make the look more elegant, and satin ribbons on the girl’s belt will add romance.

      This wardrobe item makes a woman’s figure perfect, emphasizing her gracefulness. The bustier is the perfect choice for girls who want to look more sexy and seductive.Its rather rigid seams contribute to the fact that the girl does not slouch, but perfectly keeps her posture. At the same time, the chest is raised and, accordingly, the waist looks thinner. However, this element of the women’s toilet must be chosen correctly, avoiding very narrow models that restrict movement, as well as make breathing difficult.

      As a rule, newlyweds choose snow-white underwear

      However, you should pay attention to the huge selection of options in various shades.First of all, you need to consider the color of the wedding dress.

      If the bride has chosen an ivory wedding dress, then beige, pink or ivory models will be an excellent solution for choosing underwear. Peach shades also go well with ivory. For a wedding dress in bright colors, linen made in the same color palette is suitable.

      A huge selection of products ensures that every bride can choose the perfect option for herself. After all, not only slender girls want to be sexy, there are styles that are suitable, for example, only for fat ladies.

      Let’s name several reasons that speak in favor of buying this kit:

      – for sure, the bride will want to take a shower and change the linen in which she spent the whole day;

      – if under the dress you needed a set consisting of a bra and panties, then for the first night of love you can choose a completely different model you like;

      – if you intend to surprise your spouse with a striptease, then you need to do this in a beautiful set of erotic lingerie.

      Ideas for shocking wedding dresses

      Courageous and confident ladies, extremely extraordinary and bright personalities, natural-born actresses can afford to wear a shocking bride dress. There are several gradations of the degree of strangeness of the bride’s costumes. For some girls, bright scarlet decorative elements on a snow-white dress already seem to be a sign of vulgarity, for others, dressing in a shocking paper dress is quite normal.

      A black wedding dress can cause a real shock for someone, but for ardent individualists, such decoration will become a symbol of the protest of routine and triviality.The desire to dress for her own wedding in an outrageous suit or adorn herself with unimaginable accessories may be associated with internal rebellion or lack of attention, which the bride is trying to fill in in such an extraordinary way.

      If you consider yourself a person with a bold and extravagant approach to the choice of clothes, and also like to make an indelible impression on the public that surrounds you, feel free to put on a shocking bride dress for your wedding. Do not forget to take into account some of the nuances.For example, be sure to check with your spouse-to-be, whose support you desperately need. If the groom is categorically against the shocking shocking, it is better to abandon the idea. You don’t want to quarrel with your future husband on the eve of the celebration.

      Toilet paper dress

      Fashion couturiers Katherine Chalifox and Anne Kagawa Lee presented a shocking wedding dress that will surely please an extraordinary bride. The shocking model of wedding decoration, which took a lot of toilet paper to create, looks not only original, but even super creative.In such an outfit, it is better not to get caught in the rain, and you should also stay away from open fire.

      The choice of toilet paper for a shocking wedding dress is hardly rational. The invited guests can only guess what the bride wanted to say with such an extraordinary dress. Perhaps this is just a manifestation of the subtle sense of humor of a resourceful young lady who wished in this way to defuse the too solemn atmosphere of the holiday.

      From banknotes

      Cash dresses are especially popular among creative brides. In this case, both metal coins, which form a kind of wedding chain mail, and paper bills can act as a material. The million dollar bride is an original image that will be remembered for a long time by both invited guests and heroes of the occasion.

      Giving preference to a money dress, as in the case of toilet paper, one should not forget about the ease of inflammation of this material.There is a high risk that the dress, designed to become a kind of symbol of the financial well-being of further family life, will very quickly fall into disrepair if the bride actively moves or dances.

      Peacock feather

      An elegant version of the shocking bridesmaid dress, which was created using peacock feathers. An interesting model was presented by a fashion designer who took stunningly beautiful feathers as the basis for his 2009 masterpiece. This is a universal option for a bride who has an irresistible desire to excel, but does not want to overstep the bounds of reason.

      In such a crazy outfit, you will not only become the center of attention, but also insure your holiday against unforeseen incidents, such as a heart attack with an elderly relative. This is not to say that such an extravagant dress is comfortable to wear, however, comparing it with the rest of the shocking toilets, it is worth recognizing the leading position of this attire according to a number of criteria. However, in such a dress it is better not to appear in the eyes of animal defenders, unless it is made from artificial analogs of peacock feathers.

      Outfit with sewn-in LEDs

      Luminous wedding toilet, as if invented in the distant future, will turn the bride into a real princess. Progress and modern technologies allow you to create amazing models with built-in LEDs. A stunning and no less shocking dress, emitting a bright mysterious light, will surely become the center of attention of the invited guests.

      Bridal robe with sewn-in LEDs is the wedding dress of the future, which most likely will appeal to fans of the fantasy genre.To look stylish, modern and shocking at the same time, you should carefully consider the option of a glowing wedding dress. The main thing here is to provide for the features characteristic of such a dress. Having connected your imagination, try to complement the image with futuristic accessories.


      This cocoon dress, which caused a lot of noise, was knitted by hand. And not by someone there, but by the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. 44 years later, the dress was presented at an exhibition at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.And again everyone began to discuss what meaning the designer put into his creation.

      Either a dress resembling a sarcophagus symbolized the funeral of a woman in her new status as a “wife”. Either personified the virginity and innocence of the bride. One thing is clear – such an image will not work for a summer wedding

      With this dress, Yves Saint Laurent wanted to show how a woman from the 60s felt in marriage. Photo:

      Unusual dress styles: 4 tips for choosing

      Before choosing original wedding dresses, be sure to weigh the pros and cons.A well-thought-out decision in the future will save you from the most unexpected and unforeseen situations!

      Four tips before choosing a creative outfit:

      1. Discuss the idea with the groom. Of course, the image of the bride has always been a surprise for the chosen one. But if you want to come to a holiday, for example, in a black dress or a translucent outfit, the groom’s reaction to the most unusual options for the bride’s image can be unpredictable;
      2. Consider the style of the event. A seasoned classic celebration does not accept overly provocative and unusual wedding models;
      3. Don’t forget about the guests.It is one thing when only young friends and relatives will be present at the holiday, and quite another when the older generation is also invited. Grandparents simply will not understand your original approach to the wedding look, and an outfit that is too defiant can cause a wave of indignation and indignation;
      4. Consider the holiday program. If you want a celebration according to the standard scenario – redemption-registry office-walk-photo session-banquet, then you should take into account the “wear resistance” of the dress.For example, a dress made of flowers will quickly fade, and an outfit made of paper will not withstand the test of a strong wind and, God forbid, rain.
      • 90 093 48 photos

      Wedding fashion

      Celebrity wedding dresses: trousers instead of dresses!

      Choosing a wedding dress can be a real headache if the bride can’t figure out what she wants. But what if you take an example from celebrities and choose not a dress, but a pantsuit or overalls? They are a great alternative to the standard wedding dress.

      • 9 photo
      Out-of-wedding outfits of the stars, which they put on at the wedding

      Celebrity wedding dresses are not always the most luxurious, expensive and snow-white. Which of the stars gave up on the conventions on the day of the wedding and spent that day in non-standard outfits? Read about not very successful images in the article.

      • 11 photo

      Horrible Stars Wedding Dresses

      Despite their financial capabilities, even celebrities often make mistakes when preparing for a wedding, choosing strange wedding dresses that they think will help them show their creativity and personality.Portal for lovers,, will tell you about the most terrible wedding dresses of the stars, and also show in the photo how strange the choice of popular personalities can be.

      Celebrity Horror Wedding Outfits:

      • Princess Diana. One of the awful and weird wedding dresses of the stars can be considered the outfit of Princess Diana. The reason for this is the shapelessness of the outfit. Also, the fabric on the dress looked very sloppy and wrinkled, which spoiled the whole image of the princess.
      • Celine Dion. Pretty woman Celine made a mistake with the choice of a wedding dress, choosing an albeit luxurious, but slightly baggy dress.Even the beauty of the top, which emphasized the singer’s neckline, did not save the image. The bottom of the dress had a strange transition from the waist to the hips, which is why the dress did not have a very beautiful shape. However, the most ridiculous thing was the singer’s headdress!
      • Tina Turner. Another popular singer Tina Turner also shocked fans with her choice of a wedding dress. Instead of a classic white wedding dress, she opted for an outfit in a blue and green palette. The singer added sheer leggings to it, which made her look even stranger.
      • Evelina Bledans. Russian celebrities also amaze their fans with their choice of wedding dress. Bledans decided to celebrate the occasion in a gold dress with translucent inserts and stones. However, the abundance of decor, as well as the combination of fabrics of the wedding dress spoiled the look of the dress.

      Pamela Anderson can boast of the strangest wedding dress. Instead of a classic dress, she chose to celebrate the most important day in her life in a white bikini. Creative but ridiculous!

      90,000 20 ideas for dresses for bridesmaids – 200 photos of original images

      How to go to your best friend’s wedding in order to look dignified and not overshadow the main heroine of the holiday?

      The second most important girl at the wedding ceremony is the bridesmaid.A responsible mission is entrusted to her fragile shoulders: to accompany, support and follow the main heroine of the holiday with a shadow throughout the day. The image of the girlfriend will inevitably fall into the lens of the photographer and be reflected in the wedding photos.

      That is why brides devote so much time and effort to choosing an outfit for their best friend. Her appearance should become a worthy continuation of the images of a young couple and harmoniously fit into the theme of the celebration. The task becomes more difficult when more than 3 girlfriends participate in the wedding ceremony.What should each of them wear in order to look good in life and in photographs, but at the same time not overshadow the main beauty of the holiday ?!

      Get inspired by our new collection of 20 of the hottest and most wanted bridesmaid dress ideas. They will emphasize the charm of every girl and will not disappoint the soloist of the ball!

      01. Identical dresses

      In order for the idea to look as dignified in life as in your fantasies, it is necessary to take into account the wishes and individual characteristics of the figure of each participant.

      For many years now, the idea of ​​dressing up close persons in absolutely identical, from matter to the location of darts, has not left the bright minds of brides. Girls dressed in fashionable dresses will be a good decoration of the holiday and will highlight the touching look of the bride.

      The beauty and attractiveness of slender girls of approximately the same build and weight will be emphasized by tight dresses of medium or floor length. Models hiding flaws will look better on women of fashion of different builds, such as: Empire style, semi-fitted dress-gown, cut with a graceful emphasis on the waist and all styles that shape the figure.

      But where can you find, for example, 10 identical dresses of all sizes you need? The first option is to buy a bridesmaid dress from the Onlady online store. The second, a little more expensive in terms of time and money, is to sew products to order.


      • 100% hit in the style of the wedding ceremony.
      • The guests’ attention will be riveted on the bride as the main character of the celebration.
      • Matching dresses will allow you to make beautiful conceptual photos, serving as a chic monochrome background for the bride.
      • Girlfriends in the same outfits look spectacular, expensive, stylish.


      • Buying identical dresses is an additional cost for the bride.
      • If the selected dresses are not available in the required quantity and sizes in the store, they will have to be sewn in the atelier, which entails spending time and effort in finding fabric, taking measurements, etc.
      • It is rather difficult to choose a style of dress that would fit equally well on girls with different builds and features of the figure.

      02. Themed wedding

      Wedding in nature under a wild maple or in an endless lavender field has long been an unshakable wedding trend. Whether you decide to have a concept wedding in rustic, eco, retro, boho, vintage or glamor style, the bridesmaids’ clothing should match the idea. In this case, the clothes may differ in color, material, style or pattern, but at the same time, the main idea of ​​the celebration should be traced in each.


      • Girlfriends’ outfits that match a specific wedding concept are harmonious, elegant and modern.
      • A variety of styles, fabrics, design techniques used in sewing dresses, allow you to create a unique and inimitable image for each girl, without getting out of the general style of the event.


      • Not every girl will be comfortable buying an outfit of a special design and color if she does not wear similar dresses in everyday life.
      • Considering the guests’ subjective view of what a dress should look like at a themed wedding, a dissonance between the outfits is possible, especially noticeable in general photos and videos.

      03. Ceremony in white colors

      The most controversial, but undoubtedly very touching and delicate trend is a wedding in snow white colors. In this case, the dress code applies not only to the newlyweds, but also to those close to you.

      So that the bride does not get lost against the background of her friends in the same dazzling white dresses, you can play in contrast. If the bride is wearing a fitted long dress made of lace, then the girlfriends should wear midi dresses made of smooth silk, satin or crepe.

      The bridesmaid’s outfit will turn out to be original and with a sense of , if you supplement it with elements taken from the festive attire of the bride. Rhinestones from the decoration of the young, will become an interesting decoration of the belt or neck of the dresses of girl-friends.

      04. Uniform style

      To make the atmosphere of the celebration brighter, more colorful and more fun, girlfriends should wear multi-colored dresses in the same style. The concept looks dignified and on a grand scale. It is especially pleasing that all the accents, gaze and attention of the guests will be shifted to the beautiful bride.How many interesting ideas for pictures ?!

      05. General color scale

      If there are a lot of girls accompanying the bride, just like the types of figure, then you can not get hung up on one cut and focus on color. Sky blue, pale lilac, pink, burgundy, emerald, marshmallow or all shades of powder – there are plenty of ideas for creativity!

      The advantage of this concept is that girls are not limited in choosing a dress model. In addition, even if the given color palette is not among your favorites, you can find one that will suit you from hundreds of shades.

      06. Outfits that create the “ombre effect”

      One of the perfectly thought-out variations on the theme of the “general palette of colors”, which consists in composing a composition of the outfits of the girlfriends from the darkest tone to the lightest one. The key role, as intended, is played by the beautiful bride in a dazzling white outfit.

      To implement this idea as accurately as possible, you should adhere to certain rules:

      1. At least 5-6 girls should participate in the action.
      2. It is important that all girlfriends’ outfits are sewn from the same material.
      3. Long dresses are best for creating a flawless color picture.

      Light version – individual outfits with a color gradient.

      07. From one fabric

      Matter can become the main storyline, which will trace and unite the outfits of all participants in the ceremonial action. The bridesmaids are wearing emerald velvet dresses, the bride is wearing a belt, and the groom is wearing a butterfly.Well-coordinated, fashionable and modern – guests will not remain indifferent!

      08. Printed dresses

      If your soul wants something fresh, original and something that you will not find in every wedding photo, then you can resort to using printed dresses. A flower, peas, stripes, fantasy or geometric patterns will look dignified in absolutely any style of the holiday. A wedding is a great opportunity to realize your full creative potential, so don’t limit yourself to one pattern.Correctly arranged 2-3 prints plus monochromatic outfits will look stylish against the general background.

      There are many advantages in this approach , but most importantly, a dress for a girlfriend, for example, in a flower, can be found in a regular store. And this is many times faster and cheaper than looking for clothes in a bridal salon or sewing to order!

      09. One color, but different cut

      If the idea with monotonous dresses seems too simple or even hackneyed to you, then you can experiment with the style of the dress – your friends will only say thank you for it! Because everyone will have the opportunity to choose the dress model that will hide flaws, but emphasize individuality and beauty.


      • The harmonious combination of bridesmaids’ outfits allows you to maintain the planned style of the celebration.
      • Each girl will be able to choose the style that best emphasizes the dignity of her figure, hiding the flaws.
      • Photos of the bride against the background of guests in dresses of the same color look spectacular and stylish.


      • The dress of the preferred style, taking into account the peculiarities of the complexion of each girl, may not be available in the required shade, so it will have to be sewn to order or look for another model.
      • Radically different styles of dresses, for example, fitted with a wide long skirt and short tight-fitting, bring disharmony into the perception of the bride’s suite as a whole.

      10. Black bridesmaid dress

      If you think that black and white classics are appropriate only in everyday life or in the office, then you are greatly mistaken. See how interesting and contrasting girlfriends look in little black dresses ?! So that girls do not look too gloomy, they often use combined models: a black skirt and a white top (and vice versa), a mix of outfits made of textured fabrics – lurex, silk and a durable suit, dresses with black and white patterns.Also, girls through one can wear dark and light outfits – it will turn out very elegant and stylish!


      • Charcoal black outfits give a woman a special chic.
      • The bride looks very contrasting and expressive against the background of her bridesmaids.
      • Every fashionista has black clothes in her bins for a special occasion.
      • Black outfits appeal to all fashionistas, without exception.
      • The figure in dark dresses looks slimmer and more attractive.


      • Not everyone will understand and appreciate your creativity, especially older guests and adherents of traditional weddings in noble light shades.
      • Monochrome black robes sometimes look a little somber.

      And yet, the elegance and sophistication of black dresses prevailed!

      11. Shiny dresses

      Shiny dresses will ideally fit into the atmosphere of luxury and celebration.In them, every beauty will look stylish, fashionable and, most importantly, very elegant. The fashion industry provides many interesting options on the theme of “chic and sparkle”, so it is not necessary for close bridesmaids to dress in the same outfit. A more interesting composition is obtained with the participation of diverse shiny models: a dress with shimmering embroidery on the bodice, on the belt or on the sleeves, embroidered with stones or sequins, made of lurex, llama or brocade, evening dresses with shiny threads interwoven or with dusting.

      12. Girlfriends in dresses of different lengths

      How many women, so many tastes and opinions. And not everyone will be ready to put on a dress, not just a mini, but even a midi length. Therefore, in this issue, you can give free rein, while adhering to the set topic. Girls in dresses of different lengths look original and not overused!


      • The optimal length of the dress is selected individually for each girl.
      • An opportunity to create a unique bow that allows you to highlight and emphasize the beauty of each.


      • Often long and short outfits in tandem look messy.
      • Images of some girls will stand out from the overall composition.

      13. Lace dresses

      Not a single solemn event, let alone a wedding, takes place without the participation of an exquisite lace dress. The attire emphasizes femininity and sophistication, looks interesting on all the fair sex, without exception.French lace, guipure, macrame, cutwork, micro-mesh with embroidery – any openwork fabric will successfully fit into the festive atmosphere.

      A worthy option – a dress with separate lace details that echo the bride’s outfit.

      14. Dresses that differ in style, fabric and pattern

      Finding 12 similar dresses is not an easy task, but you can go the other way, letting each girlfriend choose her own outfit.You will get a rather unexpected result if you combine dresses made from fabrics of different textures, such as guipure, silk, chiffon and tulle, in one company. A printed outfit will effectively complement the team.

      In order for the bridesmaids’ dresses to be in harmony with each other and not to stand out from the general picture, they must correspond to the style of the wedding or the color scheme.

      15. Wrap dress

      The grace and sophistication of a woman is ideally emphasized by a dress of dressing gown – simple, feminine and tasteful.This style has been among the leaders for several years. And all because the model allows you to form a flawless X-shaped silhouette, hiding everything unnecessary from prying eyes.

      You can rely on a laconic cut without frills, or choose an outfit with decorative elements: frills, ruffles, rhinestones, sequins, or decorated with neat small folds. Any option is green light!

      16. Refined silk outfits

      Thin silk fabric looks great on slim and fit female bodies and creates a very delicate and sophisticated look.The most popular model has become a graceful sundress with thin straps. The outfit allows you to emphasize the fragility and attractiveness of a woman. Ideal for the hot season.

      17. Transformer dress

      There are at least 20 ways to tie a transforming dress, so it suits everyone.

      An outfit that can transform to fit the characteristics and parameters of every woman has long become a classic in the genre of wedding fashion. If it is difficult to come to a common decision about the style, then the transforming dress will satisfy everyone’s needs.Often, such outfits are sewn from an elastic material – oil. It drapes perfectly and forms neat folds on the dress.

      17. Elegant top with a skirt

      Who said that the “skirt + top” duet cannot be elegant and solemn ?! We are ready to destroy this myth. In a festive bridesmaid dress, you can combine fabrics with different textures, achieving an interesting effect: lace + tulle (satin), silk + shiny fabrics, a combination of different colors in one set.It is especially interesting when everyday things are combined with evening ones – a blue shirt with white polka dots and an elegant fluffy tulle skirt. Girlfriends images will come out fresh and stylish!

      19. Dresses from chiffon

      Dresses from flying chiffon make the image light and airy. Particularly popular are dresses with a flared skirt of any length, a tight bandeau bodice or thin straps. Often, chiffon outfits become the main component of a ceremony in the Greek, romantic or classic style.

      Chiffon dress is another good option for hot weather.

      20. Identical accessories and shoes

      To distinguish bridesmaids from the crowd, it is not necessary to dress them in identical outfits. It is enough to combine the images with a characteristic detail. It can be a bright accessory: a boutonniere, a wreath, a bouquet of flowers, a hairpin or the same necklace.

      Shoes can also become an original link: red pumps, stylish ugg boots, bright sneakers, white converse or even festive shiny sneakers.

      In the cold season, it is worth using outerwear. Girls in black leather jackets look very modern and bold!

      Where to buy a bridesmaid dress?

      The ideologically inspirational part is completed, it’s time to move on to the next stage – bringing your plans to life. We are sure that among the huge variety you can easily find an option that will perfectly fit into the concept of your holiday.

      You can buy a dress for a bridesmaid, which will fully and completely correspond to all the specified parameters, in the Onlady online store of women’s clothing and lingerie.More than 200 models of evening and cocktail dresses of any length, color, material and cut to choose from.

      It is better to order dresses in advance, especially if you are looking for more than one outfit. The store is located in Kiev, so we can perform express delivery as quickly as possible if the dress is needed “for yesterday”.

      Go to the choice of a festive dress and let this day leave the best memories for everyone present at the wedding!

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      18 brides who turned ordinary wedding dresses into royal outfits / AdMe

      The word “wedding” has always been associated with an elegant, unique and unforgettable wedding dress.But those who have already celebrated this celebration know how difficult it is to find that very perfect dress. And then imagination and skillful hands come into play: fix it there, redo it, alter the sleeves and add pearls to the veil. And some even decide to sew a dress with their own hands. And as a result of all these efforts, a real masterpiece appears, just like in dreams.

      We are at Bright Side with both hands for bold experiments, even in such an area as altering or sewing a wedding dress on your own.The heroines of our today’s selection can show a real master class on this topic. And in the bonus – proof that, if desired, a wedding dress can be sewn even from old sweatpants.

      “It was – it is. Made huge changes to the dress. And cut off the sleeves “

      ” There was a dress from 1986 for $ 25, it became my dream dress “

      ” I removed the extra ruffles, added another skirt over the existing one and a belt at the waist. ”

      “My self-made wedding dress.I put lace from the sleeves on the neckline “

      ” I slightly modified my dress, including added pockets “

      “ I sewed my wedding dress from my mother’s, it’s 1958 ”

      “ Mom was gone for almost 4 years back, but I was determined to wear her dress to my wedding. The seamstress helped me remake it for myself. She did an amazing job! ”

      “My grandmother’s wedding dress. I was able to bleach it so that it shone! ”

      “Soon I will marry this wonderful woman.In the photo she shows our mothers a dress that she and her friend made from her mother’s wedding dress. “

      ” Added a little touch to her dress. It turned out to be a real magic. “

      ” I made a dress using the one ordered on the Internet as a basis. I added steel bones to the corset, sewed pockets to the skirt and embroidered the base with lace. “

      ” My beautiful wife altered her wedding dress. I’m pretty sure she was working with an empty base and added everything else to it. “

      ” I knew she was talented, but this dress just amazed me! ”

      “I added sleeves to this strapless dress”

      “I got married in my mother’s dress! I changed the sleeves, reinforced the zipper and the seams. ”

      “ My grandmother was also married in this dress.Words cannot convey what it was like to put it on! I asked to redo the sleeves, and the seamstress did the job. ”

      “ I added a lining to my wedding dress. Exactly 5 days before I say yes at the altar “

      ” I’m redoing my mom’s wedding dress … “

      ” I fixed something in my dress “

      my dream is my mother’s wedding dress! ”

      Bonus: “Turned old sweatpants into a wedding dress”

      Have you ever changed clothes like the girls from our selection? Was the experience successful?


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