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How Does Click and Collect work?

If you wish to collect your parcel from one of the 2,500 DPD Pickup points please select Click and Collect at the checkout. You will then be prompted to enter your location or postcode and be provided the DPD Pickup points nearest to you.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email/text when the parcel is despatched. Simply click through the link to track your parcel.

When will my parcel arrive?

Your parcel will be delivered to your specified DPD Pickup shop the next day by 12 noon.

How will I know when my order is ready to collect?

You will receive an email or text message with your Pickup pass and details of your chosen Pickup points address and opening times.

What do i need to take when I collect my parcel?

You will need to take your Pickup pass and photo ID (this is either a photo driving licence or passport).

The following types of ID are not accepted:

  • Student ID
  • UK citizens’s ID
  • Bus pass
  • Work pass

What should I do if I lose my Pickup pass?

Your parcel number will be in the email/text that your received when the parcel was despatched. Visit and enter your parcel number and your home postcode. From here you can click to download your Pickup pass.

How long will my parcel be held for at my chosen DPD Pickup point?

Your parcel will stay in the store for up to 7 days, so you can collect at a time to suits you.

How much is Gift Stores Click and Collect service?

Our Click and Collect service costs £6.99, this if for mainland UK only. Unfortunately there are currently no DPD Pickup points in Ireland, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man.

Shopping | Hampton Court Palace

Shopping | Hampton Court Palace | Historic Royal Palaces

Every purchase is an investment in Hampton Court Palace’s future

Every purchase is an investment in Hampton Court Palace’s future

Shop at Hampton Court Palace

We have a wide range of gifts and souvenirs available for you to purchase from our shops onsite.

In line with government guidelines, we politely ask that all visitors to our shops wear a face covering.

Shop online

Browse the full Hampton Court Palace collection online. Every purchase is helping to support the charity in the face of serious financial challenges resulting from the Coronavirus. 

Undercroft Shop

This shop is located in the Undercroft, selling a wide range of souvenirs, jewellery, gifts, toys and books. 

Opening times 

Open every day that the palace is open but closes 15 minutes before the palace closing time each day.

Palace Shop

This shop is located opposite the Ticket Office, selling a wide range of souvenirs, jewellery, gifts, toys and books.

Why not pick up a guidebook for your tour of Hampton Court Palace.

Opening times 

Opens every day that the palace is open and closes at the same time as the palace each day (typically stays open 15 minutes longer to allow visitors to finish shopping before leaving the palace).

Level access is available to this shop.


Save when you spend

  1. Online

Discover more when you shop online with us with exclusive online products & offers. 

London Pass

Save 10% in all shops when you show your London Pass. 

Members discounts

Save 10% in all shops when you show a valid Historic Royal Palaces membership card. 

Shop Anne Boleyn gifts

Discover our unique collection of Anne Boleyn books, jewellery and gifts, including her ‘B’ necklace which you can personalise with your chosen initial.

Shop Henry VIII gifts

Explore the range of products inspired by this larger than life monarch and Hampton Court Palace where all his six wives lived.

Shop Christmas collection

Make the festive season one to cherish and remember with our selection of wonderful history-inspired gifts, tree decorations and delicious food and drink.

How to start a gift shop

When starting a gift shop, things to think about are:

What is a gift shop business?

We all like getting presents. Admit it. Even if you’re someone who tells their friends not to bother with a birthday present, you still feel a tinge of excitement when that gift-wrapped package inevitably finds its way into your hands.

Giving gifts is a tradition that spans all sections of society, no matter what age group, income group or region of the UK, helping celebrate almost every major occasion of the year.

And on top of the domestic market, the gift industry in this country is also boosted by the tourist trade. Planeloads of foreign visitors come to Britain each year to visit our seaside resorts, stately homes and historic cities, and most of them will want a souvenir to take home.

So if you’re someone who adheres to the adage that it’s better to give than to receive, you will have undoubtedly spent many hours in gift shops searching for the ideal present. But have you ever thought what it would be like on the other side of the counter?

It is extremely difficult to define the gift retail sector for the simple reason that it is almost impossible to restrict the definition of a gift. From CDs to theatre tickets, plants to cuddly toys, anything can be bought and given as a present.

In fact, as more high-street retail outlets set up gift services and add gift products to their core range, the market is becoming increasingly fragmented.


Nevertheless, three distinct breeds of pure gift shop still survive:

  • Traditional gift shop: Stocking a range of local products, often drawing on the reputation of the area. Also may stock traditional gifts such as candles and soaps.
  • Design-led gift shop: Stocking well-designed gifts and accessories, often at the higher end of the price bracket.
  • Card gift shop: Placing a much greater emphasis on cards with a smaller selection of gifts. High-street chains dominate this sector.

The market for gift giving in the UK is so popular that an entire industry sector has developed to serve it. Manufacturers and specialist suppliers serve thousands of gift retailers scattered throughout Britain, selling gifts of every description.

According to the Giftware Association (GA), the national trade body for the UK gift industry, the sector is worth an estimated £10bn per year. The gift market is large and there is potential for considerable profit.

Who is a gift shop owner?

“It’s a very broad range of people who come into the sector. Basically, people from all backgrounds and any career. But there is also quite a high turnover gift shop owners, since many people start but then realise it is not for them,” says Isabel Martinson, chief executive of the GA.

Your basic role as a gift shop owner will be that of a shopkeeper. Running the shop you will be responsible for sourcing and negotiating the buying of stock from suppliers, displaying and promoting the stock in your shop and selling it to customers.

This sounds simple enough, but how well you manage the varying areas of your shop will be the difference between success and failure.

Firstly, you will be responsible for stocking your shop. You will be sourcing products from a range of different suppliers and even different countries, but you will need to make sure that everything you buy is in keeping with the scheme of the shop.

Customers will expect to find certain types of gifts depending on your shop’s image – whether it is high quality accessories or tacky toys and joke items. This requires a keen eye for detail and being very disciplined about the items you buy in.

“The good design-led gift stores are run by people who are thoroughly interested in the product – how it works, what it does, what it looks like and how it fits into the shop as a whole,” explains Guy Thompson, managing director of Obsessions, an independent chain of three gift shops in London.

He adds that it takes are degree of self-assuredness to maintain the character of your shop, “You have to be very strong, because lots of agents will come to sell their products to you. You often have to say, “Thanks, it’s a nice product but it’s not what I’m looking for.” Too often people make a £300 order just to get rid of the agent.”

Like all retail outlets, you will have to display items in an attractive way that compliments the style of the shop with an appealing atmosphere that encourages shoppers to browse.

Anybody working in retail should be sociable and enjoy meeting members of the public. Running a gift shop may involve more interaction than other businesses, however, since customers browsing for gifts often need ideas or encouragement about what to buy.

Neil Anderton converted a redundant barn into a gift shop on his farm in Scorton near Preston. He believes that a warm atmosphere is key. “The ladies who work here are very good at welcoming people as they come in, chatting to them and asking them where they come from. This is very important. People come back every week because we make them feel welcome.”

Finally you will have to learn the commercial skills that are essential when running any business. A basic understanding of marketing, accounting and management for example, will be crucial.

Compare Website Design Quotes With Startups

Finding stock for your gift shop

The single most important aspect of a gift shop is its goods. The quality and range of your products will be the rock on which your shop’s reputation, and therefore its client base, is founded, so you must get it right from the start.

There are a number of trade fairs throughout the country which you can visit when looking for stock, the largest of which is the Spring Fair in Birmingham (for full listing of trade fairs visit the GA website).

Your stock composition will depend greatly on the location of your business and the profile of your customers. Tourists will want local specialities and may not be as adverse to tacky designs than local customers looking for quality gifts.

However, finding products isn’t generally the problem, as Thompson explains. “There are lots of suppliers out there. The problem is turning the different products into a coherent range – being selective and rigorous with products, knowing what you want and sticking to your guns. The successful shops are the ones with a strong vision.”

Catering – and marketing – to your customers

It is important to stock products that can’t be found anywhere else. Cameron Donnelly, who co-owns with his wife the Imray Gift Shop in Fort Augustus, explains, “If you’re starting off a gift shop, you’ve really got to have something different. We decided to have a large part of the shop full of cross-stitching kits (a needlework hobby). One of the most important aspects of this is that we have virtually no competition.”

Isabel Martinson agrees, “It’s a lot to do with being professional and staying ahead of the market to ensure that you have something special that shoppers won’t find in the high street.”

Also remember that business in a tourist area will be very seasonal. To ensure that your business doesn’t fail in the off-season, you may need to give local residents a reason to visit your shop as well.

Anderton’s gift shop, for example, has a coffee bar, and he also offers tours of the farm and surrounding gardens. “It’s all part of the experience,” he explains, “They do the tour and then they are back in the coffee shop, having a coffee and scones and buying gifts.”

If you target the tourist market, your location will be crucial in catching as many visitors to the area as possible. A gift shop with a domestic market, however, will rely less on its position.

“Location is secondary to having a good mix of product,” says Thompson. “You don’t need a prominent high-street location. People are quite happy to go down an alley to find a wonderful gift shop with a good reputation.”

Whichever type of gift shop you decide to set up, knowing your customer is crucial. “The main thing is to have a thorough understanding if your customer base. This involves thorough research in your initial business plan, then constantly monitoring it to see how it is changing and adjust your stock accordingly,” explains Donnelly.

Training and regulations involved in running a gift shop

Although you don’t need any qualifications to start a gift shop, many people who come to it from a non-business background find it useful to complete some basic commercial training.

Donnelly, for example, completed a law degree and also studied entrepreneurship. “These compensated for my lack of business experience and got me into a business way of thinking. When running a business, you have to do a lot of different tasks and make quick decisions. You also need to have a knowledge base in things like accountancy or marketing for example with which to make those decisions.”

Since you will be buying stock from different sources quality control is important, especially in key areas.

“Owners need to be aware of product safety, particularly when selling candles and things with batteries,” says Martinson of the GA. “Also food imitation regulations are becoming more important these days. For example, candles or fridge magnets that are made to look like food. We keep a close relationship with the trading standards body to help retailers keep abreast of the legislation.”

If you decide that adding a coffee shop is a good idea, you will need to get clued up on food hygiene regulations and be prepared for frequent visits from the local environmental health department.

How much does it cost to start-up a gift shop?

It is impossible to quote an exact figure for start-up costs since they will depend greatly on your location, the size of your shop, the products you sell and whether you rent your premises or buy a freehold.

The cost of buying freehold premises varies in much the same way as house prices vary throughout the country. Small premises in a less expensive region may cost £60,000 rising to over £300,000 for a large property. Yearly rental costs on leasehold sites, meanwhile, could cost from £8,000 upwards.

Once you have the premises you will need to fit out the shop. This means installing display shelves and cabinets for the gifts and cards, some of which may need to be lockable if you are selling expensive items. You will also need a counter, a cashtill, and a credit card swipe machine.

And, of course, you need something to sell. As a new business, suppliers will rarely give you credit, so initially all stock will have to be paid for up front. This could cost between £20,000 to £35,000 depending on the size of your shop and the type of items you sell. Finally you will need some working capital to keep you and your business going until sales start to take off.

When you add it all up, therefore, you are looking at a starting figure of at least £50,000, which could rise to over £300,000 if you are buying a freehold business in an expensive area.

How much can I earn as a gift shop owner?

This is a difficult question to answer, since there are many different types of shops and people go into the sector for different reasons. For some it is seen as a commercial venture, for others it can be a lifestyle choice.

Nevertheless, there is clearly money to be made in gift retailing if you are successful. One owner suggested that a market town gift shop, for example, should be turning over £200,000 to £250,000, from which you would get a gross profit margin of around £100,000, with rent, rates, staff costs and other overheads still to pay.

Therefore, an owner-manager with a reasonable size gift shop in a market town should be able to take £50-60,000 per year out of the business, assuming it’s doing reasonably well.

Ways to increase your business’ turnover and therefore how much you earn

There are a number of bows and ribbons that will add value to your business once you have established the core retail operation:

  • Credit cards: The use of credit cards is a key area. If you don’t accept them, customers will go to your competitors who do. Research has also shown that people buying on credit cards tend to buy more.
  • Tax free shopping: If you have a lot of customers who are from outside the EU, you can offer them tax-free shopping. For example, the GA runs a VAT exemption scheme in association with Global Refund.
  • Corporate gifts: Companies may be interested in buying a certain item in bulk with their company name engraved on it.
  • Wholesale: If you find a particularly good product that no one is supplying, you might be able to set up a wholesale operation.
  • Expand your gift shop business: Once you have perfected a look and feel for your shop, it shouldn’t be difficult to copy it at another location.
  • Diversification: This may be critical for survival if you are in a tourist area, since it will support out-of-season sales. Add-ons include accommodation, coffee bars, delis and newsagents.
  • A business website: Many gift shops have a website, although often purely for marketing purposes since gift shoppers still like to see and pick up products.

43 of the Best Online Gift Stores (Comprehensive List)

Let this list of the best online gift stores find the perfect gift for you with their wide array of unique and cool present ideas for any occasion.

The culture of giving has never ceased. The gift industry in itself is worth billions of dollars with room for potential growth. It’s also been keeping up with the times. Online gift stores are slowly replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar gift shop. Physical stores have much to gain when they have an alternative online shop.

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Aside from keeping operational costs down, it’s now easy to ship products to anywhere in the world. Through mobile apps, customers from all parts of the world can choose a variety of options online and get it delivered to the desired address. All these within just a few minutes and hassle-free.

List of Online Gift Stores

Cadbury Gifts Direct is the best option you’ll find out there for gifting chocolates. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, they have boxes, individual options, bulk options and much more. If you are getting a gift for someone you don’t know so well, we suggest you get them one of their gift card. Gift cards are an amazing option, specially when gifting food such as chocolate because some people may be allergic.

Gifts for you now is the perfect option for anyone looking for personalized product and accessories. Finding personal and unique gifts can be an arduous job, this store gets all the hassle out of the way. You can get any type of product engraved, you can also buy tons of different gifts from them directly and personalize them.

This store has ma wide selection of boxes and goodies. Letter box gifts is a boutique that sells boxes with candles, drinks, sweets and  crafts. The best thing about this amazing store is that they only sell products provided by ethical companies, it is also a good place to find vegan gifts, their vegan collection is amazing.

If you are looking for gifts for your loved one’s, then this is the perfect place for you! They have everything from clothing, home goods, souvenirs, apparel, health and beauty products. Harriet Carter is the perfect online store to visit if you are looking for a great gift for mothers day for example, there are tons of treasures for you to find.

This is the perfect store for those looking for the most unique and personal gifts you’ll find. Everything you buy in this store is made with a laser, they carve award winning crystals and create any type of artwork that you want. You will not find art prints like these anywhere else, take a look at their site and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

Shopping for the perfect gift at Prezzybox has many perks. First, this online store stands out for its 100% satisfaction guarantee, where you get to return any goods that you feel do not measure up to your standards. The store has also invested in the latest cybersecurity technology to ensure you have a safe online shopping experience.

Wayfair is the go-to online store for gifts in the form of furniture and décor. The store also offers free shipping for orders exceeding $49.

At All Modern, prices are regularly slashed sometimes by 65% making it an online store to check out when shopping for a gift item. Additionally, All Modern offers free shipping for purchases over $49.

The name might sound confusing, but it is actually the acronym for “I Want One Of Those”. Talk of a compelling catchphrase. This online store has thousands of gift items to choose from, all of which are categorized according to their ideal recipient.

The lovely thing about Vivaterra is that all the available commodities are all handmade. The store is driven by green living, with many of its items being made from recycled or reclaimed materials while wooden objects are made from responsibly harvested wood.

If you are looking for a gift for use in the great outdoors, then Terrain is the online store for you. Shopping at Terrain exposes you to items found nowhere else. I mean, where else can you find citronella flyaway sticks and gardening pots.

Clothes and shoes are popular gift item especially targeted to ladies. When searching for a memorable wearable gift you should definitely consider sampling the amazing clothes at FarFetch. This online store has clothes of the latest trends and only from all the reputable brands in the fashion industry.

You can agree that coming up with a truly unique gift can be a daunting task. However, there is a store that offers just that; creative and rare items that are found nowhere else. At Uncommon Goods, you get to choose from thousands of commodities but you rest assured that every single one is one-of-a-kind.

If you are seeking for a diamond ring or pearl necklace as the ideal gift item then your first stop should be CatBird. Everything about CatBird exudes elegance, glamour, and sophistication. Based in New York, this online store takes pride in being among the very few with fine jewelry. While shopping, make sure to sign up for their mailing list so as to get a 10% discount on your first order.

There are tons of amazing items to choose from at AHA Life including electric toothbrushes, clothes, utensils, and wallets. The website has a cool interface that is easy to use and has high-resolution images of the goods on offer. Filters come in handy in helping buyers narrow down to the right gift item to purchase.

Vinebox is the online gift store for all wine lovers of the world as this is the one online store that only deals with wines. And these are not ordinary wines but the best wines in the world. The popularity of this online store can be seen through its mentions on some of the leading media outlets including Glamour Magazine, Business Insider, Wine Spectator, and the Fashion Times.

While many other online stores boast of offering free shipping around the United States, Gifts and Ideas goes a step further and provides free shipping to over 12,000 cities around the globe. Another awesome thing about this gift store is that you get to choose the delivery date on the website. How cool is that? The company clearly has the interests of its customers at heart as seen by its friendly and on-time customer service.

Another popular attire gift store is Garmentory. The company was founded in 2014 making it the new kid in the block and giving the attire business a breath of fresh air. It is therefore obvious that this online store has an in-depth knowledge of the latest fashion trends, and is the go-to gift store for the hottest clothes.

I really loved the available options at this online store particularly those aimed at wellness. Finding an online gift that helps in relieving stress, detox, or even spirituality is extremely rare. But wellness gifts are not the only type of gifts available at Goop. You can also find some cool clothes, food, and fragrances.

Etsy remains one of the most popular gift stores in the world. A wide range of gifts to choose from is characteristic to this online store, with millions of different gifts available.

The world’s largest online store wraps up our list of online gift stores. What makes Amazon stand out from all other online stores is their immense number of options to choose from, with thousands of new gift items being added daily on the website. The prices are competitive and buyers are provided with free shipping.

You might be surprised to learn that The Museum of Modern Art also has an online shop, the MoMA Store. One segment that you should check out on the website is what they call their “Social Superstars”. Here is where you find the items that are most popular on the company’s Instagram page. You also get to impact the community by purchasing at MoMA Store, with part of the proceeds going to the Museum of Modern Art.

This online store has all sorts of gifts, varying in color and size. Most of the gifts are also affordable. The website has an easy-to-use design for a flawless shopping experience.

Poketo is the online store for you who is all about art and style. This online store has a wide variety of amazing commodities which are fashioned from everyday items. While stationery and décor are the main gift items available at the store, Poketo also offers fashionable clothes for people of all ages. Poketo offers free shipping for orders above $100.

Shopping at Spring not only exposes you to the best gifts but also provides you with free shipping for all purchases. The online store also has a mobile app that brings all the amazing gift items closer to the users.

What if you are looking for the gift to present to an art enthusiast? Look no further; Buy Olympia is an online shop that is the perfect fit for people interested in art. This online store brings together renowned independent artists from around the United States. Many of the items available at Buy Olympia are not pricey, and you can get an amazing gift for under $5. Shoppers from the United States get to enjoy the $5 shipping flat rate for most goods available at Buy Olympia.

I loved the variety of gifts found at the Old Faithful Shop. This is the online store for all who are driven by minimalism. The store offers special gifts items not found in other regular online stores.

Are you looking for a fun and colorful attire as a gift item? Then Fred Flare is the online store for you. The store focuses on producing the best designs for clothes, shoes, and stationery. The payment options accepted at the store are PayPal, Discover, Visa, and PrimaryCard.

Design Boom is known for its pop ular magazine that is read by millions of people around the globe. However, the company also has an e-commerce platform that is used by reliable sellers to showcase collector’s items and exclusive products. The items available at the online store are classified into seven groups; art, toys, office, outdoor, technology, fashion, and leisure. The gift items at the online shop are of different prices to suit the financial preferences of everybody.

30. Net-a-Porter

One notable thing about Net-a-Porter besides their exquisite garments is that this online store offers free returns within the US. The store also features glamorous pictures with models wearing the pieces on offer, enabling you to have an idea of how an item can look when worn.

The prominence of Apartment 48 in the interior décor business is seen in its media mentions, with this online store being featured in Elle Décor, InStyle, Vogue, and the Architectural Digest. This is a dead giveaway that this store should be your choice for décor-styled gifts.

Also known as 3P4, this online store focuses on spicing up vintage housewares and making them ideal gift items. The store offers free shipping around the United States for orders over $20.

Love charts and infographics? Then Pop Chart Lab is the online store for you. The store has a professional team of designers who come up with witty, informative, and cool charts and graphs which are sold as gift items.

Need Supply is an online store based in Richmond, Virginia that deals with gift items. The website classifies the available goods into three groups; men, women, and life. The store has a strong social media presence and showcases its wares on its Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.

Pirasta is the number-one online store with regards to drawing and coloring. The online gift store offers posters of different sizes on which kids can practice their art skills. This should be the go-to store if you want the ideal gift for the kid who has had to use the walls at home as a canvas.

Boarding Pass is a New-York-based online store that purely sells bags. And these are not ordinary bags but unique bags that can make for an ideal gift item. Here you can get backpacks, duffle bags, and briefs all with one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to make a statement. You can get free shipping anywhere in the United States after buying orders exceeding $49.

Bold Faced Goods is the online store for gifts that draw attention. Previously known as Fair Goods, the store is packed with eye-catching balloons, shirts, and bomber jackets that can make excellent gift items.

Another online store worth checking out is Present and Correct which is based in the United Kingdom. This online store deals with rare crafts and designs which are collected from all over the world. Some popular gift items that you can find at Present and Correct include stationery, cards, notes, and diaries.

Of a Kind is the ideal one-stop-shop store where you can buy all sorts of gift items; ranging from beautiful ornaments to modern home décor items. Domestic orders that exceed $75 are granted free shipping. The online store also regularly announces sales with as much as 30% reduced prices.

Like its name suggests, Sugarfina is an online store purely dealing with sweet and tasty gifts. You should, therefore, look nowhere else when looking for candy gifts.

This is the online store when looking to surprise a Harry Porter fan. Mina Lima has a long history of working with the Harry Potter franchise and now this design company has moved into the e-commerce space. There are literally thousands of different gift items at Mina Lima, all available at pocket-friendly prices.

The commodities available at Kikkerland are not the usual gift items you find in other online shops. You definitely need to check out this online store as they have some hilarious gift items. One example that caught my eye was a set of cat butt magnets. Funny, right? Another plus for this online store is that they have developed an iOS app that brings the shopping experience to smartphones enabling you to purchase gift items on the go.

According to their website, Leif Shop believes that even small things can make everyday living more pleasant. That statement should be enough inspiration for you to check out the awesome gifts available at Leif Shop. Also make sure to subscribe for their newsletters to receive alerts on any attractive offers and new arrivals. The company offers a flat rate shipping of $7 on all orders.

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Enter to Win Small Appliances

Top small appliances include a Vitamix blender, Instant Pot, Juicer, Food Processor, Stand Mixer and a Keurig Coffee Maker.

Free Coloring Pages & Books for Kids

Free to download and print.

Download thousands of custom coloring pages and puzzles for your kids.

90,000 Britain in isolation: how a mutant virus staged a rehearsal of the New Year’s Brexit apocalypse
  • Alexey Kalmykov
  • BBC

Photo author, Reuters

Photo caption,

Ferry crossing in Dover – the English gateway to Europe

The UK was preparing for food disruptions due to Brexit, but the trouble crept up unnoticed and ahead of time. The coronavirus mutation cut the island off from mainland Europe two weeks before the return of the barriers at the EU border on New Year’s Eve.

The pre-Christmas crisis turned into chaos on the roads and raids on shops. It is the dress rehearsal for the perfect New Year storm that threatens to undermine Britain’s prosperity and rob it of its place in the world’s five largest economies.

In a week, the mutant virus, canceled Christmas, disrupted vacations, isolation from 40 countries, lockdown in several regions and disruptions in some ports are in danger of adding new problems: a general lockdown, a lack of tests and medical equipment, disruptions in all trade and supplies fresh products due to the restoration of the customs border with the European Union – the closest and largest trading partner.

How the UK found itself in such a deplorable situation and what would end earlier – a crisis or food in stores, the BBC Russian Service figured out.


Last Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ridiculed the opposition leader in parliament for calling to cancel Christmas and confirmed that the British for the first time in the entire pandemic would be allowed to gather in large companies for five whole days, come from everywhere to visit, to have fun and celebrate.

And on Saturday, when everyone had already bought tickets, food and gifts, Johnson stunned the nation: Christmas is still canceled, because the virus mutated and spreads at a tremendous speed. Immediately, strict quarantines are imposed in London and the surrounding area.

Photo author, Reuters

Photo caption,

Along with the quarantine, giant queues returned to supermarkets

The world responded to the news from the island with a blockade of flights, and France closed the main trade route to the continent – across the English Channel in Calais for 48 hours.Thousands of trucks immediately blocked the English roads at the entrances to the gateway to Europe – the ferry crossing from Dover and the tunnel from neighboring Folkestone.

The population, already upset by the cancellation of Christmas and the new lockdown, lined up in supermarkets. And that’s why.

In winter, the dependence is much higher, since almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are brought by trucks from the continent. The ones that got stuck on the M20. And in imports of meat and dairy products to the UK, almost 100% falls on the EU.

“Stores have enough stocks for Christmas, which will avoid problems now,” reassured compatriots director of the British Retail Association Andrew Opie.

“However, the problem may arise immediately after Christmas, and it concerns primarily fresh produce – salad, vegetables and fruits,” – he told the BBC.

To view this content, you need to enable JavaScript or use another browser

Signature to audio,

Britain is practically cut off from the rest of the world on Christmas Eve

Up to 10 thousand trucks are moving across the English Channel every day; it is a key trade route for the UK.And even though France closed only the entry from England, and in the opposite direction the movement continued, there were not so many people who wanted to carry goods from the mainland to the plague island, both among transport companies and among truckers.

They are afraid of getting stuck in a giant traffic jam on their way back, losing valuable time and money, and not getting home in time for Christmas. Even after the border opens on Wednesday, drivers will have to take a coronavirus test and pray for it to be negative.

The thousands of vehicles that have accumulated during the downtime will not make it to the southern coast at once, it will take several days.

Therefore, the current crisis is unlikely to dissipate before the New Year, which means it will smoothly flow into the next one, already associated with Brexit.

Brexit rehearsal

There is a week left before the UK’s final break with the EU, and no one knows on what conditions it will live and trade with the main partner after 40 years of marriage. And even if he finds out before the twelfth blow of Big Ben on New Year’s Eve, there is no longer time to digest the new rules and prepare.

Therefore, companies, shops and citizens began to prepare for the worst and buy for future use. Which only exacerbated the problem, since the pre-Christmas season is already the hottest time for trading. And then there is the quarantine, the sea of ​​online shopping, parcel delivery.

As a result, the logistics began to burst at the seams even before the mutation of the virus slammed the borders. Interruptions in ports continued throughout December, and businessmen have repeatedly warned that it will not end well.

Photo author, PA Media

Photo caption,

Thousands of truckers are stuck in the “garden of England,” as Kent is called.No toilets, no showers, no cafes

“We are extremely concerned about delays in ports,” retailers and food and beverage manufacturers addressed parliamentarians three days before the announcement of the mutation and blockade.

Industry has already suffered from the interruptions. Japanese auto giants Toyota and Honda assemble cars on the island and some of the components are imported from the continent. They sent the factories on vacation ahead of schedule as they were unable to ensure continuity of supply due to problems in the ports.

All this is very unfortunate for the British government. It spends huge amounts of money to fight the pandemic and gets into record debt, but the results leave much to be desired, and the population is dissatisfied. An additional blow to the economy from trade disruptions following the return of customs to the EU border will only increase the pressure on the budget.

Prior to the 2016 referendum, the UK was the fifth largest economy in the world after the US, China, Japan and Germany. Next year, according to the IMF, it will skip ahead of France and share 6-7 places with India.

Brexit helmsman Boris Johnson promises that everything will not only work out, but turn into a triumph, albeit not immediately.

“Yes, perhaps in the beginning we will face difficulties, but our country is doomed to prosperity in any scenario, no matter what happens. Just look at the great opportunities that will open before us in 2021,” he said last week.

Photo author, PA Media

Photo caption,

Johnson at Saturday’s press conference. The jovial prime minister doesn’t like bad news

He said on Monday that there are only 174 trucks in traffic, that Dover accounts for some 20% of the trade in goods, and that he had a great phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, so the border will be opened in the next hours.

A day later, France announced that it would open the border, as previously planned, only on Wednesday night. And if here Johnson exaggerated a little, then in another he slightly underestimated.

Indeed, 20% of the trade passes through Dover – by ferries, but almost 30% more is moved by the same trucks through a tunnel 10 km from Dover, which the prime minister kept silent about. As for the traffic jam, the Kent police at the time of Johnson’s speech reported not 170, but 500 trucks. By morning, the armada of trucks had tripled to 1,500.

Will food disappear from the stores

As soon as footage of the cargo apocalypse appeared in the news, the British rushed to the stores, fearing a shortage.

Supermarkets and food vendors have promised that the nation will not go hungry.

“Cargo is brought in and out of the country in a variety of ways, and therefore we hasten to assure everyone that there is no reason for raiding stores,” said Alex Veitich of the British Logistics Association. “The shelves will not be empty, we are sure of that.”

Mild panic led to a sharp increase in demand for essential goods, which added problems to supermarkets and other stores. Because their Christmas stocks in overcrowded warehouses were designed for a family feast and an exchange of gifts. And there was isolation and a viral blockade on the part of European countries supplying tomatoes, oranges, olives and prosecco, as well as fish and potatoes for fish-n-chips.

Photo author, EPA

Photo caption,

London supermarket December 22.There are still turkeys, no fish anymore

Several chains have announced that they are looking for alternative supply routes. Difficulties will arise with this.

Warehouses are overflowing before Christmas and Brexit, slots in other ports further from European shores are booked until mid-January. Container transportation by sea has risen in price by a quarter. It is possible by plane, but the power reserve of cargo aviation is also not infinite, since it has already lost the ability to carry cargo in passenger liners due to the cancellation of most flights.

All this inevitably leads to increased costs, which will result either in higher prices and a decrease in household income, or in tougher competition and loss of stores. Neither one nor the other contributes to the creation of national wealth and the rapid recovery of the country from the crisis.

Especially considering that the British economy is not alive by bread alone: ​​the supply and sale of food and drinks in shops, cafes and restaurants accounts for about a tenth of the added value created.

All the main engines of the British economy – consumption, financial services, capital inflows from around the world, tourism, industry – are junk because of the pandemic and in anticipation of Brexit.On New Year’s Eve, borders, checks and restrictions on trade with the EU will return in any case, even if there are no duties and a free trade agreement is formed at the last moment

But if in the first, sanitary, case, Britain was left alone with a problem only on 48 hours, but in general can count on international cooperation and assistance in the fight against the virus, then in the second, trade, she deliberately chose to rely on her own forces.

Therefore, her wealth and well-being in 2021 will depend more on how she copes with the competition from the economic super-giant in the person of the EU.An independent life is just beginning, Britain is taking its first steps into a harsh world, in which it used to be part and one of the leaders of the largest political and economic union on the planet, and now – a medium-sized island state on the periphery of Europe.

The pre-Christmas crisis with the mutation of the virus and the closure of borders allowed Britain to taste life in isolation, and it will now be easier for it to make informed choices in the next stages of its main historical project – a divorce from the European Union.90,011 90,000 in the UK, face masks have become a fashionable gift for Christmas – InoTV

More than 20% of Britons plan to buy face masks this Christmas as a gift for friends and family, according to polls. And if in the spring, at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the assortment was rather limited, then by the end of the year thousands of designers are already offering on the windows of London stores many options for fashionable masks for every taste and wallet, NTD reports.

Christmas is coming.But it’s not just the holiday decorations that sparkle here in London: one of the shops has sparkling face masks that have become not only the main remedy, but also a fashion accessory in 2020.

More than a thousand independent designers have presented their variations here. The price ranges from € 20 to almost € 135. Unsurprisingly, masks are now being bought as Christmas gifts too.

NATALIYA KHUDZYAK, supermarket employee: I think this is the easiest way to fill a Christmas sock.It is also a good addition to a great gift. We inspire people to buy products from small manufacturers to support their business.

Some of the masks are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Some with sequins and embroidery.

NATALIYA KHUDZYAK: At the beginning of the pandemic, the supply was very limited, everyone wore the same masks. Now there are a lot of offers, there are very stylish masks.

Some designers have started to make masks from scrap, reducing production waste. And some, like London-based designer Amanda Riley, are encouraging more personalized gifts – that is, making masks yourself. In her opinion, this accessory can be made from old things and jewelry. She even posted a video tutorial on YouTube.

AMANDA RILEY, designer: It’s so great to cut old clothes and create something new! But seriously, we need to think about our consumer habits.

According to polls, more than a fifth of Britons plan to buy masks as gifts for friends and family.

Air date Dec 21, 2020.

RUSSIAN BOUQUET – Flowers delivery in Great Britain from 3 380 rubles


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Photo on the site Photo before delivery 90,000 How expensive gifts (real estate, etc. ) are taxed in the UK

The British tax system is complex and often unpredictable from a layman’s point of view.Gifts are especially questionable, since, contrary to logic, tax liability often arises from the donor, and not from the donee. Consider a number of tax situations that arise when making gifts. Since giving is most often associated with family relationships, this is reflected in the selection of the examples given.

Readers will learn that the obligation to pay taxes primarily depends on whether the parties to the transaction are UK tax residents and UK domiciled.Accordingly, one should start by defining these concepts.

Who is a tax resident and what is a domicile

UK tax residency is established depending on the period of residence of an individual in the country during the tax year, which lasts from April 6 to April 5 of the following year. In this case, such factors as the availability of housing, family and work in the UK, as well as the length of stay in the country in previous periods, play a role. Contrary to popular belief, you can become a resident after spending substantially less than six months in the UK.

Domicile defines a closer relationship of a person with the country and is perhaps the closest to the concept of “homeland”. British domicile is usually acquired at birth, follows the paternal domicile, and is usually independent of nationality. It is safe to say that most readers of ZIMA Magazine do not have a British domicile at birth. At the same time, with a long-term stay in the UK, a domicile can be acquired, but also subsequently lost when leaving its territory.

What can be considered a gift

The discussion should begin with the donees, who in most cases are completely exempt from any tax liability. In this case, it does not matter from whom the gift was received – from a relative, a third party or from a company. However, this is true only on the condition that the donation is precisely a bona fide gratuitous transaction, and not a veiled form of transferring to the donee his income. Accordingly, a British resident who receives as a gift, say, an apartment from his parents or from someone else’s well-wisher, does not bear any tax liability and is not obliged to reflect it in his tax return.At the same time, if the same person transfers to another, permanently residing abroad, his foreign company, at the expense of which the latter regularly donates money to the first, the British tax authorities may have questions to the recipient.

Consideration should also be given to receiving property as a gift from a legal entity. For example, a non-UK tax resident parent may instruct the directors of a solely owned offshore company to purchase an apartment in London in the name of their child studying at a British university.If the offspring does not have the shares of the company and the position of its director, the gift received will not entail tax consequences for him. Meanwhile, if the donee actually controls the company, the funds received will be considered either as a payment of dividends or as a payment of wages with appropriate taxation of the income received.

When do I have to declare and how much do I have to pay?

As stated above, since gifts in good faith are not income, there is no obligation to declare them.Meanwhile, if the amount of the gift is significant and clearly does not correspond to the amount of the donee’s income, sometimes it makes sense to notify the tax authorities about its receipt in the field for notes provided in the tax return (the so-called “white space”). It is also advisable to prepare a donation agreement, which can be presented to banks or lawyers if questions arise about the source of the origin of funds.

The situation with the tax liability of the person making the gift is much more complicated.The location of the donated item, the donor’s tax residence and domicile should be taken into account. That said, the UK capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT) should be considered. These circumstances can develop in a variety of ways, and for practical reasons, the examples given are made with a number of assumptions.

The most common donation is between parents and children. Non-UK parents can, in most cases, safely transfer a gift of money to their resident child, provided that the funds are transferred from a bank account outside the UK without consequences.However, if money is debited from their UK account, donors should be aware of the potential inheritance tax liability of 40% of the gift amount that could arise if they die within the next seven years. In this case, as a rule, the donation is preceded by the transfer of funds to an offshore account, from which they are subsequently sent to the donee.

The transfer of other property is subject to additional capital gains tax liability of the donor.This is due to the fact that a gift entails the same consequences as a sale, and when assets are alienated between affiliated persons (for example, family members), the sale is considered to be carried out at the current market value. The difference between the indicated implied value and the acquisition value of the property forms the tax base and is subject to taxation. At the same time, non-resident donors are usually only liable for donating real estate located in the UK and are exempt from taxes in relation to other assets.

At the same time, resident donors should consider capital gains tax liability for donations of all types of property, regardless of its location. However, when donating foreign assets, foreign domiciled persons can benefit from the remittance basis of taxation , also known as “remittance”. When used correctly, the implied income derived from the alienation of foreign assets is not taxable.

Don’t forget inheritance tax

Finally, as with gift giving, inheritance tax implications must be considered. First of all, this applies to real estate located in the UK, which for obvious reasons cannot change its location, as well as, say, to shares of British companies. The corresponding tax liability may arise for both resident and non-resident donors in the UK upon their death.Meanwhile, foreign real estate and other assets located outside the UK, including movable property moved overseas before donation, are unlikely to be taxed on the death of non-UK domiciled donors.

There are a number of benefits, such as no tax on gifts between spouses, but there are also measures to counter tax evasion. Others include the inability to avoid liability for inheritance tax if, after the donation, the donor continues to use the gift, for example, continues to live in the apartment he donated.

The above can be summarized in the form of a table indicating the possible tax liability for the donation of certain assets.

Some examples

Non-resident parents can generally donate their foreign apartment to a UK resident child without any consequences. At the same time, when donating an apartment located in the UK, they should consider the potential capital gains tax liability as well as inheritance tax on their death over the next seven years.In the meantime, if, after the gift is made, the parents continue to use the London apartment in the same way as before it was donated, the seven-year period will not begin to expire until the moment of termination of use.

A resident child can most likely donate his foreign privatized apartment to non-resident parents without inheritance tax consequences. However, if the value of the property has increased over the years of ownership, he may have liability for capital gains tax, which can only be avoided through the use of the non-house regime.At the same time, if in the near future the parents sell the apartment they received and give the money to the child from their foreign account, most likely they will not have responsibility, however, when receiving money in the UK, the donee may need to pay capital gains tax if he cannot prove that the gift is a royalty-free transaction.

The author of the article is Dmitry Zapol,

Counsel, IFS Consultants, London

+44 20 7291 5633

90,000 Boxing Day is … What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day (eng. Boxing Day ) is a holiday celebrated in Great Britain and in a number of countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, as well as in Kiribati [1] , Samoa, etc. ” Boxing Day ”is celebrated in these countries annually on December 26.

History and Celebration

The English phrase “Boxing day” is usually translated into Russian as “Boxing Day”, but the literal meaning is “Boxing Day”.There is no big contradiction here, because what is meant here are exactly those boxes in which, traditionally, before giving, these gifts are actually put.

There are several versions of how the name of the holiday came about:

  1. On December 25, Catholics around the world celebrate one of the main Christian holidays, the Nativity of Christ. According to Christmas traditions, on the night of December 25-26, Santa Claus (a fabulous grandfather who gives gifts to children on Christmas) puts gifts under the New Year tree.In the morning, when everyone wakes up, they begin to open boxes which contain holiday gifts . If the family is large and with many children, then the house is filled with empty boxes, which the children are not always in a hurry to clean up, because their attention is riveted to the contents . .. Apparently that is why this day began to be called in English-speaking countries “the day of boxes”, but when translated into a number of languages ​​they considered it, that the title Boxing Day is more euphonic.
  2. There is another version that the name of the holiday was given by boxes with which the recipients of gifts rush to the store in order to exchange a gift if they did not like it (outlets, as a rule, provide for such an opportunity).
  3. There are people who believe that the literal translation of “Boxing Day” and its name came from the fact that people gathered to celebrate Christmas indulged in the English folk fun – boxing.
  4. In the old days, among the representatives of the aristocracy, it was customary on December 26 to present gifts to vassals and servants, who received a day off on that day, for on Christmas they served at a holiday with the owners.
  5. On December 26, merchants gave out to everyone who worked for them (sellers, servants, clerks . ..) a kind of Christmas bonuses – boxes with delicious food and delicacies.Some believe that this gave the name to the holiday [2] .

There are several more versions of the origin of the name of this holiday and it is hardly possible to single out the only correct one now. Actually, in countries where Boxing Day is celebrated, they do not dwell on this especially. It is enough that it is a day off and one of the good Catholic Christmas traditions.

“St. Stephen’s Day”

“St. Stephen’s Day” – a Catholic holiday analogous to “Boxing Day”, celebrated on the same day, has similar traditions, so the day of veneration of Stephen the First Martyr and “Boxing Day” are often confused with each other [3] .

See also


90,000 Residents of the USA and Great Britain are forced to buy Christmas gifts on credit

The unexpected results of the US presidential election and the victory of Donald Trump did not shake American confidence in the economy of their country and did not reduce the planned cost of gifts for Christmas. But many residents of the US and UK prefer to take out a loan in order to afford the purchase of planned gifts.

According to 90,017 data from the November Gallup poll, Americans are going to spend an average of $ 752 on Christmas gifts this year.This is less than in 2015 (when the check was $ 830), but practically coincides with the average for the last seven years – $ 751 (measured since 2010).

Over the past six years, spending in 2015 was the highest, and Americans incurred the least expenses in 2013 – $ 704.

About 30% of American adults said they are going to spend $ 1000 or more on gifts. About 23% said they did not plan to spend more than $ 250. Another 9% of respondents answered that they do not celebrate Christmas at all and therefore do not buy gifts. If we exclude these answers from the calculation of the average, then the amount of spending on gifts becomes even more impressive – $ 831.

At the same time, polls conducted last year show that 22% of respondents intended to ask for money on a loan or take out a loan in order to be able to buy gifts for their loved ones, notes Bloomberg . Half of them were going to repay the loan within three months, the other half – in a period of 6 to 12 months. More often than others, families with children resort to loans.

Representatives of the poorest strata of the population are not planning to take out loans: they would rather refuse a purchase that they cannot afford at the moment.

The situation is similar in the UK. About a third of the citizens of the United Kingdom – 16.5 million people – will have to buy gifts on credit this year.

Read also

5 million reported that they would take a loan to purchase food for the Christmas table. As notes Joanna Elson, chief executive of the charity Money Advice Trust, most people “prefer not to think about future problems ahead of Christmas,” so borrowing money is easier than planning and sticking to a holiday budget.

The previous survey, conducted in October, indicated that $ 785 would be spent on gifts. The results of the November poll are also important because the last one was conducted almost immediately after the announcement of the results of the presidential elections, from November 9 to 13.In their responses, the residents of the United States emphasized their confidence in the stability of the country’s economy, although this did not result in an increase in planned spending.

Nonetheless, consumer intent is a good sign for retailers, with Gallup data suggesting that holiday spending will eventually increase by about 3%.

A similar poll by American Research Group looks even more optimistic: according to this forecast, this year Americans will spend on Christmas at a record $ 929 – $ 47 higher than in 2015. However, these are not the highest results for 32 years, during which the survey is being conducted.

In 2001, Americans spent a record $ 1,052. And at the height of the crisis in 2009, the average spending on gifts was only $ 417.

Read also

Compared to the past decades, Americans started shopping later and later. Part of American respondents (39%) by November 20, the date of the American Research Group poll, had not yet started purchasing gifts, notes Bustle portal. However, this data does not take into account Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, , which raised $ 90,018 3.44 billion and $ 3.45 billion, respectively: this would most likely affect the percentage.

It is also necessary to note the massive transition of American consumers to online shopping.

While in 2014 43% of the population planned to buy goods online, in 2016 their number increased to 55%.

According to the company RetailMeNot, towards the end of December the most profitable discounts on game consoles, goods for children and gift certificates appear in online stores. This largely explains the fact that Americans began to buy Christmas gifts closer to the end of December. In any case, the amount that Americans spend on holiday shopping will continue to grow steadily, unless there are surprises in the economy.

What and how to give to friends and colleagues from different countries

Caution: Avoid mourning attributes: green tea, lilies, lotus flowers, camellias and any white objects.A thing with a company logo will be perceived as cheap PR. Numbers 4 and 9 are a bad omen.

Suitable: You can find a “fruit” gift in your local shops in elegant packaging and at a reasonable price. If the owners have children, buy small toys (in Japan they love our Cheburashka very much) or sweets. When it comes to partner gifts, the Japanese are receptive to labels but don’t like to be seen. Expensive business gifts will not be perceived as a bribe, but keeping the balance is quite difficult – an expensive bottle of vodka, brandy or wine can be a way out.A well-known brand scarf for a woman and a tie for a man are also suitable.


General: gifts are usually presented modest, in a business environment they are not expected at all.

When to give: Grab a small gift if you are invited to visit, but not to your first business meeting.

Delivery: no black or white paper. Choose red, green or yellow for your packaging. Give a gift with both hands or with your right hand, never with your left.As a rule, gifts are not opened in the presence of the donor.

Caution: Never donate leather items and only bring alcohol if you are sure it will be appreciated. Avoid items with animal prints, especially pigs and dogs, which are considered unclean.

Suitable option: There are a lot of sweet tooth in India, so bringing a box of good chocolates or Kolomna pastila from Russia is a good idea. A bouquet of bright flowers, such as red or yellow roses, is also suitable as a presentation (do not buy frangipani – this is a funeral flower).For a colleague, prepare an inexpensive souvenir that represents your city or country.


General information: in a Buddhist country, gifts are traditionally modest – they can be flowers (but not carnations, marigolds or velvet, which are usually brought to funerals), an album with Russian landscapes or paintings by Russian painters. Three here is a lucky number, six is ​​an unlucky one.

When to give: for the New Year, partner companies send each other baskets with fruits and other products.If you’re invited to a wedding, put about $ 30 in an envelope.

Handing: Thais love bright colors – especially yellows and golds – and ribbons. Avoid green, black and blue.

Caution: Since Buddhists consider the foot to be a sacred part of the body, shoes or socks should not be bought as gifts.

Suitable option: bring fruits, flowers, sweets on a visit. It is customary for business partners and colleagues to give corporate T-shirts, calendars, pens and other writing materials.


What can you give to people who have everything? The best advice is to make inquiries beforehand. If you have no idea about the interests of the host, choose proven classics: albums with photos, music CDs, etc. And keep in mind that in Europe the tradition of exchanging business gifts is gradually dying out.

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