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The Best Online Business Card Printing Services

DIY Business Cards

You can now easily meet business contacts online through LinkedIn or Twitter, or just by plain old email, and that’s all well and good. But when you actually meet a potential client, customer, or colleague in person, you’ll want to be able to hand them a business card. That card will be a tangible and lasting representation of you once the meeting is over, so you’ll want to carefully consider how it looks and feels. The online business card printers here let you create good-looking business cards yourself. They can even help you design your cards and choose the cardstock quality the fits your needs.

How to Get Started

The services included here all offer design templates for a multitude of card types and uses. If you run an auto mechanic shop, you probably want a different card style from a restaurateur or lawyer. The better services here organize their templates by both industry and style. The latter choice often includes options like classic, modern, and bold.

You usually start designing your card with a template and customize what it includes based on the information you need to convey. Maybe you don’t need to show a street address, or maybe you need to include social accounts. Most services let you add or remove text boxes to taste. I especially appreciate it when the web interface includes guidelines to help with lining up text boxes or images, as EliteFlyers’ designer does.

All the designers let you upload your own images for printing, and some let you upload the whole card design as an image file, usually as a PDF. Many businesses will want a logo on their cards, and services may let you design one, choose one from available clipart, or offer professional designers for the purpose. As we found while testing photo printing services, color reproduction varies among the vendors, but Vistaprint and MOO are particularly excellent in this regard. We like when the service offers QR code generation to take your contacts right to your email or webpage. MOO offers an expensive NFC option which does basically the same thing.

The Best Online Business Card Printing Service Deals This Week*

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Options and Pricing

Several factors affect the price of your business card order. Of course, the amount you order plays a role, but even more important is your choice of paper or cardstock. For example, if you buy the most basic level cards from GotPrint or PSPrint, you could pay less than $9. For this, you can get barebones cards with mediocre printing on thin, low-end cardstock. While such cards may be passable under some circumstances, if your image is important, you may want to pay more for better paper.

As you move up to heaver card stock, expect to pay significantly more. Two measures determine the density and thickness of paper. You may see indications in units of lb. or pt. The first, of course, stands for pounds, but the way it’s calculated is a bit tricky. This number is different for what’s called text and what’s called cover. The latter is what we’re concerned with for business cards, and it’s a measure of how many pounds 500 sheets of 20 inches by 26 inches weighs. Points, or Pts. is more straightforward, it’s just the thickness in .001 inch units.

Card quality, however, is about more than just weight and thickness. You also pay for textures. Linen, gloss, matte, and soft-touch are common choices. Some services also offer natural, recycled paper, which has a character all its own.

Another option is color and two-sided printing. Of course, you’ll pay more if you add either. MOO offers an interesting choice with regard to card-back printing. The company can alternate among five different designs or images on the back for a single order. MOO is also more expensive than the other services.

We tested each service with both an entry-level and premium card order. In general, the old saw that you get what you pay for holds true. All of our premium test orders were of fine quality, though there were definitely differences among the services in terms of paper, printing, color reproduction, and so on.

Shipping and Packaging

How fast you want your cards affects the price as well. In some cases, you pay over $40 for next day shipping. If speed is important to you, then Staples may be your best option: If you submit your order before 2 p.m., you can pick it up at your local branch and save any shipping fee.

If you do choose to have the cards shipped, the services’ packaging options vary in quality. MOO gets the prize for the best packaging. A high-end order came as what looked like a special gift, complete with a box with a magnetic closure. Even the lower-end order came in an attractive reusable slipcase box. The other card printers all sent orders in reasonably protected packaging, with the higher-end card orders from each coming with better packaging.

Print Quality

All the services we tested delivered acceptable print quality. If you just need something to convey your contact information, the entry-level cards from most of these services will do the trick. The exception was GotPrint’s lowest-price cards, which seemed flimsy with not quite high enough print quality. But even GotPrint offers higher-priced options that looked good. Moving up to higher-quality paper stock, two-sided printing, special textures and shapes can really make you (and your card) stand out.

All the services in this roundup can get at the very least a decent card; if you’re willing to pay more, all can deliver something impressive. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, however, so make sure to click through to the full reviews to get the details so that you can get the business cards that suit your image and your budget.

Note, too, that there are many more online business card printing services out there, and we’ll be adding to the roundup over time. Don’t hesitate to weigh in in the comment section below to tout your favorite business card website or detail a bad experience you had with one of the companies.

Best online business card printing service in 2021

The best online business card printing services make it simple and easy to order new business cards, offering top design and print quality and competitive pricing.

This is important, as even in our inter-connected world business cards remain a vital addition to any marketing strategy and a must for networkers looking to find new leads when mixing at events.

There are many questions to consider when looking for a company to design, print and ship your cards. How much of the design do you have to come up with yourself – can you start from a template? How many cards can be shipped at once, and how long will they take to get to you? What quality of paper will they print on, how thick are they, and what coating can be applied?  And, of course, there’s the cost.

Whether you’re looking for a standard business card that just does the job, or you want one that uniquely conveys your business, continue reading our list of the best online business card printing services to find out which ones will meet your needs.

Elite Flyers specializes in top-quality custom print projects and the service is well-known for its custom printing specialties including Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Full Color Foil, 3D Lenticular Printing, Plastic Business Cards and more. New customers can take advantage of this promotion to get 10 percent off by using the promo code EF10OFF.View Deal

(Image credit: Vistaprint)

1. Vistaprint

Reasonably priced high-quality business cards

Reasons to buy

+Excellent print quality+Great online design tools+QR code generator on cards

Vistaprint offers a wide range of business card printing services to accommodate most needs. A range of existing business card templates are provided for you to use, but you can also upload your own designs as required.  

If you’re not sure what design you would like to use and would prefer something more unique than the templates, and can’t design your own, then Vistaprint can also offer you the chance to work with one of their designers on the business card design and format to give you what you want.

Vistaprint also offers a range of different paper thicknesses, from 14pt to 32pt paper stock, with a number of different finishes available.  Finishes include foil, embossed gloss, plastic, and pearl, on top of the traditional matte or gloss finishes. There are also different shapes available, too, from rounded corners to square business card designs.

If you’re not sure which type you prefer, you can request a free sample kit, which allows you to check our the print quality and designs available.

(Image credit: Moo)

2. Moo

Offers some interesting unique features

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Excellent templates+NFC option

Moo is one of the easiest printing services to use – you don’t even have to register an account as you can log in through Facebook.  

Moo also offers some of the most stylish templates of any of the printing card services we tested. They also offer an NFC business card option, which allows your contacts to tap your business card against their smartphone (or other NFC-enabled device) to bring up your website or LinkedIn Profile.

As with Vistaprint, Moo allows you to use their existing templates, upload your own design, or get help designing your own business card online. Once you have a design set there are a range of different formats and finishes available to you.

In terms of size, as well as the standard business card size Moo also offer a larger version for increased impact, as well as cards with rounded corners, square-shaped business cards, or even mini-business cards.

The range of finishes includes some impressive gold and silver foil options, as well as embossed, and embossed glass. Another plus for Moo is that for a lot of customers Moo can promise next day delivery, so it’s worth checking your ZIP code to see if you qualify.

(Image credit: Staples)

3. Staples

Get cards sent to you the same day


Reasons to buy

+Fastest delivery service+Great print quality+Easy-to-use design interface

Reasons to avoid

-Fewer card material options than rivals

If you don’t want to wait long for your cards to be delivered, Staples is the best option. It gives you the option to have cards sent the same day to pick up from your nearest Staples store. 

The company’s online card creator is incredibly straightforward to use, allowing you to upload a card design from cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox and in a range of file formats – from JPG to PNG. 

However, if you would rather use an existing template there are plenty of options to choose from, with a number of suggestions provided by profession – though these tend to be more functional than stylistic than some of the other providers in this list. However, don’t let that put you off as some of the designs are great, they just don’t have the extra flourish than some others, such as Zazzle, put into theirs.

There are also a number of different formats to choose from, such as standard, raised print, executive (with linen effect), and ultra-thick business cards. All in all, this means you should be able to get a good and eye-catching design printed out and picked up from your local Staples within a day.

(Image credit: Jukebox)

4. Jukebox

Excellent for complex designs

Reasons to buy

+High-end business cards+Wide range of card materials+Price competitive

Jukebox provides a number of premium business card templates, with the focus on high-end designs for maximum impact. One way they do this is by offering business cards made from different materials than are commonly provided by other business card printing services.

For example, you can have business cards printed on bamboo, hemp, cork, cotton, or even wood.  Additionally, there are a range of gold foil designs available, as well as exclusive and very effective premium black business cards available for really making an impression.

This means that a number of the business card designs offered by Jukebox Print are a lot more expensive than standard business card printing from other providers – but that’s part of the point of offering stunning card designs.

However, it’s not all aimed at the exclusive end of the market, and there are design options available that are reasonably price-competitive compared to other providers, especially when you factor in that Jukebox Print can offer a range of different print runs, from anywhere between 50-500 cards at a time.

Overall, Jukebox Print offers high-end business cards that aim to be attention-grabbing, so if this is something you think may help with your business, introductions, and sales, it’s a service well worth considering.

(Image credit: Zazzle)

5. Zazzle

Extensive range of business card design

Reasons to buy

+Huge range of templates+Stylish designs+Search by keyword or filter

Zazzle offer an impressive range of different business card templates, which you can explore by profession of style. While you also have the option to upload your own design, you’re really going to get the most out of Zazzle if you use one of their own templates.

The range of options look very professional, and in terms of size and shape you can choose standard business card size, large, square, mini, as well as Euro and Oceania which are also bigger than the standard size.

Zazzle also makes it easy to pick your business card by profession, with a number of design templates suggested specifically for areas such as make-up artists, photographer, real estate agent, hair stylist, bakery, DJ, dentist, and personal trainer, among others.

You can also do a keyword search through the design templates to help drill down to something more to your tastes according to the keywords you use. There are also a number of search filters such as by size, format, orientation, material, and price.

Also consider these online business card services:

When it comes to professional business card printing there is a competitive market, with various companies offering anything from free to cheap business card designs and printing, while others focus on a printing service that can deliver the same day.

Business cards have also changed, and nowadays don’t be surprised if you find yourself offered digital business cards as well as the traditional paper form, or even plastic business cards – or even have yours scanned by a business card scanner.

Either way, if you do need business cards printing, there are a lot of businesses out there offering modern and professional cards, that allow you to be creative and customize your design, to ensure you get the personal business card look that you want.

Here then are a few additional companies worth looking out for, according to the type of business cards you need:

Instantprint could be an option worth considering if you live in the UK. A number of design templates are provided for you to use if you don’t have your own design. What probably makes instantprint stand out more is the fact that the pricing is really competitive.

Clubcard Printing is a Canadian company that offers a wide variety of card options, types and finishing options – from coated to uncoated, kraft (cards that have speckles or grains, lending them a homemade feel), foil-coated, laminated, die-cut and plastic. They’re competitively priced, and you can work with Clubcard’s design team on designing custom business cards to meet your needs.

Primoprint offers competitive pricing on its cards, fast turnaround time and (according to its customers) excellent customer service. Print quality is also excellent, wit3h bright and vivid images printed onto cards. The company offers real-time order tracking, business cards with painted edges that come in a wide variety of specialty card stock options (and in a range of thicknesses and weights), and 15 default designs to choose from. 

Printrunner offers several tools for design cards making it one the most convenient platforms for printing business cards on our list. It lets you work with a number of file formats, allowing users to create new card designs or modify a number of default template options. The company can cover 90% of the US with 1-2 business day shipping.

Fedex is known for it s delivery professionalism, and it’s not a bad option for business cards either. The company lets you upload your own designs and customize them with images and text. Its Premium Business Cards service is one of the best value options on our list. Just be aware that Fedex can’t mail your cards directly to your property and requires you to travel to a store to pick up your cards.

Uprinting offers high-quality business cards in a snip. The company also offers a selection of due-cut cards that can be printed in full color on one side, or on both sides using duplex printing. Uprinting offers its users an online service for designing cards, and a ‘Free proof’ option ensures that all cards will be individually checked before being printed, which adds a delay but ensures peace of mind. 

48HourPrint is one of the fastest ways to get business cards delivered to your door. It offers a wide selection of business cards – from classic styles to brochures and even full magazines. Its features include a free online design tool, a free sample kit, custom printing and a number of template designs to get you going. Handily for designers, offers integrations with Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign tools.

Round up of today’s best deals

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Can I Print Business Cards at, Staples, Or Any Other Online Printer? – Print Peppermint

Can I Print Business Cards From Canva.Com At Staples Or Any Other Online Printer?

Have you designed your business card at one of the online designing sites like or others? Congrats! Yes, we agree; it is a tedious task to pick up a design and print. What we need to remember is that we have to get the cards with that level of professional touch in it. 

How Technology Steps in to Help?

Today, quite a few sites offer the assistance of free business card designing and downloading options. There are also ways to print these cards too. All that these sites will ask you to do is to sign up on their free plans and begin designing. Is there a catch? The free plans have limited access to their design database and will not allow you to customize on the chic and professional looking cards for one. It means that on paying and upgrading to a paid membership only, you will be able to get the proper designs you seek. 

Likewise, you might find it challenging to get the markings right. That means the cards might have overlapping designs or fonts on printing. It will also be coming in the way of cutting line perforations. In short, each card might end up being different than the other. 

Graphic Designers vs. Online Free Sites- Which is Better?

You can download and print the cards from online sites. However, if you want exclusive designs, consulting with a real designer for customization is always better. Consider a designer when you are in dearth of ideas and clarity on the information to give on these visiting cards. 

Many others might negate this aspect and state that you will be able to pick the necessary paper quality in the online sites as well. However, that said, unless the design is worth it, the paper quality will not be able to do much.  

It is really up to you to pick between the online sites and the real professional graphic designers. If you just need a simple design for a single event, with no long-term use in mind, these online sites will do. Nevertheless, if you are aiming to go for a full-blown business proposition, the professional designers will be ideal. 

At Print Peppermint, you will come across the best designers offering you a vast portfolio of impressive designs. You can check these out for your brand as per the industry. Call us now and see how the designers can help you in getting the most impressive business cards! 

Staples Business Credit Card: Review For 2021

*As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.
Business-oriented store-specific credit cards are few and far between, but the Staples® Business More Account™ Credit Card falls right into that category. This Staples business credit card (co-offered through Citibank) is a glorified store card that dishes out rewards on store purchases and is only usable at Staples.

A lack of purchasing options isn’t necessarily bad, however. To start, Staples bundles this card with a tantalizing rewards rate. On top of that, you’ll be able to defer interest on big-ticket items. Beyond those benefits, eligible online orders may qualify for free next-day delivery.

These features are definitely great for businesses that frequent Staples for office supply purchases. Of course, if you’re looking for a card that goes beyond helping you save at Staples, you may want to look elsewhere for your business’s next credit card. It’s also worth noting that a couple of the features mentioned above are available by signing up for Staples’ free rewards program — no special credit card needed.

We’ve broken down the Staples Business More Account Credit Card below. Read on through for the full details.

Staples Business Credit Card At A Glance


You’ll need a fair credit score or higher to qualify for this card. In most cases, this means your credit score should be at least 580.

Don’t know your credit score? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite (and free!) credit-checking sites.

You’ll also need to be a US-based business that shops at US-located Staples stores. The rewards program does not work for non-domestic Staples locations, so you may want to keep that in mind if you frequently shop at Staples while traveling abroad.

Rewards For Spending

When you spend at Staples using a More Account Credit Card, you receive some hefty rewards. However, be warned — this card won’t pick up rewards at merchants beyond Staples.

Get $50 Off First Staples Purchase Above $150

This credit card comes with what is effectively a minimalist welcome offer. You’ll collect $50 off your first Staples purchase of $150 or more made within 45 days of opening your account. This reward will appear as a credit on your Staples account statement.

Currently, this offer is eligible through March 31, 2020.

5% Cash Back On Staples Purchases

The base rewards scheme for the Staples Business More Account Credit Card is straightforward: You get 5% cash back on every eligible Staples purchase, both in-store and online. However, there are no additional bonuses for purchases made elsewhere. In fact, because this is not a Visa or Mastercard, you can’t even make universal purchases; instead, you can only use the card when buying from Staples.

Regardless, 5% back is a very solid rate when it comes to credit card rewards. With that in mind, this card could be enticing for businesses that make frequent office supply purchases through Staples.

Rewards will be issued to your account in $5 increments every month. If you fail to meet the $5 threshold, the unissued rewards will roll over to the next calendar quarter. If you fail to make an eligible purchase during that next calendar quarter, the unissued rewards will expire.

Earn Staples Rewards Without A Credit Card

Cash back is also a part of Staples Rewards, the company’s free rewards programs that you can sign up for online. The only advantage to the More Account Credit Card when it comes to cash back is that you will automatically be entered into the Staples Rewards Premier bracket. It automatically gives you 5% cash back instead of the reward program’s base rate of 2%. If you don’t have the credit card, you’ll need to spend $1,000 or more at Staples over a 12-month period to reach Premier status.

Redeeming Rewards

There’s nothing exciting when it comes to redeeming rewards earned with the Staples Business More Account Credit Card. Because this credit card can only be used for Staples purchases, you can only redeem your rewards when buying from Staples.

Apply Rewards Towards Staples Purchases

Rewards are redeemable on eligible Staples purchases in-store, online at (with a minimum purchase of $100 or more), and over the phone. Unused rewards expire at the end of the month after they were issued, so plan to keep tabs on when you should use them.

Ignoring the fact that you can only use this card (and its rewards) at Staples, it is especially egregious that the card’s rewards expire. Many cash back credit cards on the market today offer rewards that don’t expire or that have a long expiration period. Of course, if you are consistently using this card and redeeming your rewards, you won’t have to worry much about expiration dates.

Card Benefits

Don’t expect many in-depth benefits with the More Account Credit Card. That said, there are a couple of perks bundled in that can help save you money when shopping at Staples.

Free Next-Day Delivery

You can take advantage of free next-day delivery when you make eligible online purchases. Your order will need to be over $35 and made before 5 PM local time to qualify. It’s worth a mention that this feature excludes weekends and holidays.

Note that this feature is also part of Staples’ free rewards program, so you don’t expressly need the credit card to take advantage of free next-day delivery.

Staples Savings

With your More Account Credit Card, you will be eligible to receive savings on a few select services:

  • $2 back for each ink cartridge recycled (up to $20 per month)
  • $25 off print and marketing services annually
  • $20 off tech diagnostic services annually

As with free next-day delivery, these savings are available through Staples’ free rewards program. However, all three savings categories listed above are limited to the Premier bracket of the rewards program. This means that if you want to take advantage of them with only a rewards account (and without the More Account Credit Card), you’ll need to spend $1,000 or more at Staples over a 12-month period.

Limited Other Benefits

Because this card isn’t a Visa or Mastercard, it lacks many standard credit card features. However, you’ll still be able to manage your account online, request additional cards, set user spending limits, and edit billing options. You can further choose to pay off your balance every month or opt to carry a balance. Otherwise, this card doesn’t include the usual range of credit card bonuses, such as extended warranty coverage or purchase protection.

Rates & Fees

The Staples Business More Account Credit Card features a solid APR range along with minimal fees.

Reasonable APR

For APR on purchases, you’ll be paying based on your creditworthiness. All things considered, this range isn’t bad for a credit card’s interest rate. Of course, as long as you pay off your balance each period, the APR won’t come into play. Plus, there’s a way to avoid paying interest for a set number of months — take a peek directly below.

Avoid Interest With Deferred Financing

With the More Account Credit Card, Staples offers a deferred financing plan that delays paying interest on large purchases. If you make a purchase of $299 or more, you’ll get six months before you start paying interest. Purchases of $499 or above get 12 months, and those of $799 or above get 18 months. Deferred financing can be an especially handy feature if you’re planning on making a large Staples purchase soon.

Do note that if you fail to pay the balance in full by the end of your qualifying deferred interest period, you will be charged interest from the date of purchase.

Deferred financing is the biggest reason to choose this card over simply using Staples’ free rewards program. Just having a rewards account with Staples won’t give you access to deferred financing (even if you’re eligible for the Premier bracket). That means you’ll need the card if you’re planning a large Staples purchase and require extra time to pay it off without interest.

No Annual Fee

It’s always a plus when a credit card doesn’t require an annual fee. The Staples Business More Account card manages to achieve just that — you don’t have to worry about spending enough to justify paying for the card annually.

Other Fees

For standard fees, there is a minimum financing charge of $2. Additionally, late fees are $15 on balances of up to $100, $29 on balances between $100 and $250, and $39 on balances of $250 and over. Because this card doesn’t allow purchases outside of US-located Staples stores, you won’t have to worry about balance transfer or foreign transaction fees — those activities aren’t possible with this card.

Is The Staples Business Credit Card Right For You?

Simply put, the Staples Business More Account Credit Card won’t be for everyone. Because the card can’t be used beyond the shadow of a Staples store, it won’t work for businesses that don’t frequent the office supply store. However, it could be a perfect option for businesses that do shop at Staples. Between 5% cash back on Staples purchases, deferred financing, and free next-day shipping, this card should make for an excellent addition to your wallet if your business gets most of its office supplies from the retailer.

You might want to apply if…

  • You make frequent purchases at Staples
  • You can use this as a secondary credit card solely for office supply purchases
  • You’re planning to make a large Staples purchase and want deferred financing

You might want to look for a different card if…

  • You rarely or never shop at Staples
  • You can get by with the free Staples Rewards program
  • You don’t need deferred financing
  • You want a credit card that can make purchases at other retailers besides Staples
  • You’d prefer a card that incorporates such features as an extended warranty or travel protection


Staples – “Instant Business Cards” NOT a Lean experience


I just signed up for a networking event at Tech Town here in Detroit and didn’t realize that I was in need of business cards (which I will fix with a root cause analysis later). I decided to find a quick place to get some made.  Low and behold, Staples has a program called Instant Business Cards where I could craft business cards online or at their store and have them printed and cut immediately.

Instant Business Cards does work, however, only the printing and cutting portion of are instant.

Right First Time – Not even close…tons of rework: 

Short version – At home, I spent almost an hour putting the business card together, why:  when I zoomed in and out of the design screen the font size, spacing and alignment kept re-adjusting, the online software kept crashing also.

I called Staples for some tech support to ask what I should do.   Response:  “Just submit it and if something looks off we will call you .  Oh and the system doesn’t always display the “proof” properly.”

More rework:

I decided to go to Staples and use their business card kiosk for some live support.  While at the kiosk I was able to type in my information very quickly and put all the font and character sizes in – sufficiently memorized from the 6 plus attempts to do it online.  I zoomed in, zoomed out and the font sizes again changed.  I now have a live person named Patrick to help me. 


Passing the buck: 

I asked him for some help. He tried to do it…same error… His response: “It’s a third party application so we don’t have any control over it.  Let me know if I can do anything else to help.”  “You might want to try a different font, but if you really need that one I can re-do it for you. However,  there will be a custom charge/fee and a fee to expedite the cards.”

I told him “Not to worry.   I want to finish this process and see what the end result is.  At the very least I’ll have fodder for my Lean blog.”

Cross your fingers job processing: 

So I hit enter to see the proof and nothing happened.  The Adobe Acrobat program doesn’t launch, it just gave me a big red “X”.  Hence no proof.  Patrick’s response “Just submit it and I’ll print it and we’ll see what happens.”  So although I couldn’t see what it would look like, I had to type in my initials to approve the image.

We printed and cut 10 and they looked good, so I gave him the OK to do the other 90.  This part really is instant, it only took about 3 minutes total.

Circled in red are the areas where the proof displayed the card incorrectly.

             Proof from home printer                             Final Product

Out of the total 73min. spent on this, approximately 65 min. (89%) was rework

BTW: I don’t blame Patrick:  A bad process will beat good people any day of the week!

15 Staples Design Business Cards Tips You Need To Learn Now | staples design business cards | by Vista Card

15 Staples Design Business Cards Tips You Need To Learn Now | staples design business cards — staples design business cards
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Printing of business cards leaflets calendars – offset digital

Making business cards

A business card is an irreplaceable accessory for business communication. It is your emblem and with its help you can briefly and succinctly describe yourself and what you do. Business cards have their own history, style of design, rules and etiquette of its presentation. It is also a kind of symbol of the owner’s success, which reflects his position and social status.

Business card history

About 5 thousand years ago, merchants used clay tablets and leather pieces, on which their names and coordinates of their place of residence were written. Business cards have appeared in China. The word “business card” comes from the French “visit”, which means a visit. The first printed copies of business cards appeared in Germany in the 18th century and the most famous collector of cards of that time was the famous Johann Goethe. As printing became more widespread, middle-class people began to use business cards.

Types of business cards

• Personal business cards – contain information about the owner: name, surname, contacts.

• Corporate business cards – in addition to information about the person, as a rule, they contain additional contacts of the company in which the owner of the business card works

• Advertising and presentation business cards – designed to advertise goods, services or to represent the company at various events: exhibitions, presentations, business forums and so on.

Today, among the residents of Russia and the CIS countries, is popular, the standard size of a business card is 90×50 mm . Depending on the orientation of the inscription, the landscape format (90×50) is more often used, the book version (50×90) is less common. In the printing house Novoye Vremya you can order the printing of business cards of any edition according to your personal layout or prepare a project using the services of our designer. You can always find prices for the production of business cards of any size, color and circulation with the possibility of online ordering in the “Business Cards” section.

Can I print business cards on, on paper clips or any other online printer?

Can I Print Business Cards From Canva.Com on paper clips or any other online printer?

Have you designed your business card on one of the online design sites like or others? Congrats! Yes, we are agree; it’s a tedious task to design and print. What we need to remember is that we need to receive cards with this level of training.touch in it.

How does technology come into Help?

Today, quite a few sites offer help in developing and downloading free business cards. There are also ways to print these cards. All these sites will ask you to do is sign up for their free plans and start developing. Is there a catch? The free plans have limited access to their design database and won’t let you customize for chic and professional looking cards for one. This means that by paying and upgrading to a paid membership only, you will be able to get the design you want.

Likewise, it can be difficult for you to correctly mark up the markings. This means that cards can have overlapping designs or print fonts. This will also interfere with the perforation of the cutting line. In short, each card may end up being different from the other.

Graphic Designers vs. Free Sites on the Internet – Which is Better?

You can download and print cards from internet sites. However, if you want an exclusive design, consult a real designer for customization is always best.Consider a designer when you are short on ideas and clarity in the information to give on these business cards.

Many others may deny this aspect and claim that you will be able to select the paper quality you want on internet sites. However, despite this, if the design isn’t worth it, the quality of the paper won’t do much.

You really have to choose between online sites and real professional graphic designers. If you just need a simple design for a single event, without thinking about long-term use, these online sites are the way to go. However, if you are looking to make a complete business proposal, professional designers will be the perfect option.

At Print Peppermint, you’ll meet the best designers offering you an extensive portfolio of impressive designs. You can check it out for your brand by industry. Request a call back and find out how designers can help you create the most impressive business cards!

SUMMIT staples with company logo, tel: +7 (985) 696-99-31

SUMMIT staples with company logo, tel: +7 (985) 696-99-31

Unique paper clips with your company logo

To order

First order gift box with logo
for 60 staples

Free shipping for orders over 100 staples

Manufacturing – up to 15 working days

Circulation of 35 pieces – 119. 90 rubles / piece.
from 100 pieces – 109.90 rubles / piece.
from 200 pieces – 99.90 rubles / piece.
from 300 pieces – 89.90 rubles / piece.
from 400 pieces and more – 79.90 rubles / piece.

Engraving on the reverse side + 30% to the price

Especially for those who value their prestige and reputation

Draws special attention to any type of document being bound

Staples up to 13 sheets

The most effective advertising medium

Laser engraving on the back provides complete informational content

Shapes and sizes

Leaders in effective application

Mini-business card

for all types of paper documents


to a manager of any level


Binding of advertising materials of the company

“SUMMIT” staples are made with an inimitable emphasis on your NAME! Never repeated! It’s always
increases their value in the broadcast of each individual brand.

Fastening correctly

Send a request for visualization and calculation

Payment methods:

1Cashless payment.

Payment for legal entities by bank transfer to the Seller’s bank account.

2Payment on-line by bank card.

VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, MIR, JCB

3Electronic wallet.

Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet

Shipping methods:

1Courier service of CDEK.

More details

Delivery cost is calculated by the manager and added individually, when placing an order,
based on the weight of the shipment at the established rates of the transport company.

You can pick up the parcel yourself at the CDEK pick-up point, or order delivery “to
doors “.

The order is transferred to the delivery service after full payment has been received.

2Delivery by the 1st class “Russian Post”.

More details

Delivery cost is calculated by the manager and added individually, when placing an order,
based on the weight of the shipment according to the established tariffs of the Russian Post.

The parcel will be assigned a tracking number for tracking.

Delivery is carried out to the nearest branch of the Russian Post.

The order is transferred to the delivery service after full payment has been received.

3International delivery by courier service EMS.

More details

Delivery cost is calculated by the manager and added individually, when placing an order,
based on the weight of the shipment according to the established EMS rates.

The order is transferred to the delivery service after full payment has been received.

Signature and business card |

It is desirable to insert the sender’s signature into the message, i.e. standard text, which can contain the sender’s name, mailing address, or some kind of farewell phrase. The user can create any number of signatures, and specify the one that will be inserted automatically by default.

Creation of a signature for messages is carried out according to the algorithm:

  1. Execute the SERVICE / PARAMETERS command and open the “Message” tab
  2. In the “Send in format” list, select the message format in which the signature will be used
  3. Click on the “Select signature” button, and then on the “Create” button
  4. In the field “Enter a name for the new signature template” enter a name for the signature
  5. In the “Select a way to create a signature” group, select the radio button corresponding to the appropriate way of creating a signature – from scratch or based on an existing signature
  6. If a file will be used to create a signature, then you must click on the “Use file as a template” button and enter the path and file name in the field, or click the “Browse” button and select a file from the list
  7. Click on the “Next” button
  8. In the large field “Signature text” enter the text that will be used as the signature.This field can contain text from another document
  9. The caption text can be formatted using the Font and Paragraph buttons. Formatting is not possible if plain text is used as the message format. Stationery is used to change the background or the fonts used in the message (you can create new stationery in Outlook)
  10. Click on the “Finish” button

If you are using Microsoft Word as your message editor, you can create signatures in Word.

One of the created signatures can be used as the default signature. To define the default signature, you need to run the Service / Options / Message command. The Select Signature button allows you to create, modify and delete signatures.

To set a standard signature, select the one that will be used in this capacity in the “Default signature” list. Selecting the Do not apply when replying and forwarding check box allows you to exclude the signature when replies to received messages, as well as when forwarding messages.

Instead of a signature, an electronic version of the vCard can be used, which contains the information contained in the user’s address book entries. The difference between a business card and a simple signature is that the recipient of the message can read all of the information in the sender’s address book and add it to their address book.

The business card can be attached to the sent letter at the request of the user. Attaching vCard to the signature is carried out according to the algorithm:

  2. Select the signature to which the business card will be added and click on the “Edit” button
  3. In the “Change Signature” dialog box, to create a signature, you must click on the “Create Business Card from Contact List” button.If the business card was created earlier, then you should select it from the “Attach business card” list
  4. In the Select addresses to export as vCard dialog box, find an entry about yourself and click the Add button
  5. Click on the OK button

Information from a business card received in a message from another addressee can be forwarded to a third party. For this you need:

  1. Open Contacts folder
  2. Highlight the name of the person whose information should be forwarded
  3. Execute command ACTION / FORWARD AS VCARD
  4. Add message to be sent with vCard

You can add information from the received business card to the list of your contacts using the following algorithm:

  1. Highlight the paperclip icon indicating an attachment and click on the file name (or right-click on the vCard icon)
  2. In the context menu, select the OPEN command
  3. In the “Open Attachment” dialog box, turn on the “Open” radio button and click on the OK button
  4. In the opened form “Contacts” with data from the business card, you can add your notes and click on the button “Save and close”



Scientists say that the universe is constantly expanding, although it is difficult to imagine how infinity can grow.

So the space of the Skrepka Expo exhibition is increasing every year. The number of exhibitors is constantly growing.We present a new five players:

Stationery Trend

Kants Trend LLC has been operating in the stationery market since 1994. since 2004 the company has been the exclusive distributor in Russia of the Japanese marker manufacturer MARVY UCHIDA. The widest assortment of the manufacturer includes markers for all market segments: school and office, handicrafts and hobbies, art, industry and construction. The highest quality, affordable prices, support and promotion of our clients are the hallmark of Kants Trend.


Booth: J702




Instagram 2


The Aqua-Color company, founded in 1997, is engaged in the production of artistic paints, materials for children’s creativity and hobbies, paints and varnishes for decorative and design and special purposes.

We sincerely love what we do and strive to make each product in the range as convenient to use and as safe as possible.Our products give life bright colors, contribute to the creation of home comfort, excite the joy of transformation and the pleasure of creativity and development.

High quality and variety of our products will satisfy the needs of both professionals and novice artists and designers.


Booth: J207


The JNA company has been producing and selling covers for textbooks, notebooks, diaries for over 20 years.We have been on the school stationery market since 1996. We specialize in the production of dense high-density polyethylene covers up to 200 microns, which sets us apart from other manufacturers. We try to fully meet the needs and expectations of consumers of our products and offer products from environmentally friendly materials that are safe for the health of children, the maximum size range and a wide range of colors. At all stages of production, high quality control of products is ensured.We have established ourselves as a reliable supplier among our regular customers. We sell goods only of our own production under the JNA trademark.


Booth: K501

Resurrection Pencil Factory

Voskresensk Pencil Factory (VKF) was founded in 2018 with the aim of becoming the leader of the Russian market in the production of pencils.

By the end of 2018, it is planned to bring to the market up to 150 articles – this is a wide range for children, pencils for the office, for professional artists.Today the factory produces more than 50 items under the brands VKF, KANZY, VISTA-ARTISTA. They are represented in the well-known retail chains Leonardo (89 stores in Russia) and Igolochka (56 stores in the country). The company develops and introduces new product lines into the assortment, flexibly responding to demand.

VKF has high competence in the production of pencils of all types and specializations and offers a wide range of products and the latest developments in the stationery segment.The pencil factory uses only first-class raw materials, strictly performs all technological operations and constantly tests finished products. All products are quality tested before they go on sale.

Every year the assortment will be replenished with new collections. Large-scale advertising support and participation in specialized exhibitions will make VKF well recognizable in the market, which will ensure an increased consumer demand for its products.


Booth: B705

Noble People

Noble People – Russian manufacturer of school supplies and stylish children’s clothing.

Any model that came off the assembly line of our production, be it a knapsack, a backpack, a down jacket, or a school sundress, is made exclusively from high quality fabrics and materials. All products comply with Roskachestvo standards. This factor allows us to declare with complete confidence not only the high final quality of our products, but also their safety for your child.Any of our products are hygienic and sanitary certified, and are hypoallergenic. Such products give the child a comfortable wear, softness and protect his health.


Booth: A302

90,000 Create and share contacts as electronic business cards

Create an electronic business card

First select the card layout and background.Then add pictures or graphics. Finally, add the contact fields that you want to display on your electronic business card.

  1. On the navigation bar , select People. Depending on the version of Outlook, only the icon may appear in the navigation bar.

  2. In the upper left corner of the Outlook window, click New Contact .

  3. In the contact form, double-click the vCard to open the dialog box Modify vCard .

  4. Under Card layout , click the arrow next to the Layout list and select the option you want. Layout Text only is used for cards without photographs, logos, or other images.

  5. If you want to set a background color for the card, click Background and select the desired color.

  6. If you want to add an image, such as a picture or a company logo, use the Image Settings to find, add, and place an image.

    Note. To delete a standard or other image on the card, select text only in in the Layout list. To delete all added data and start creating a card from scratch, press the button Reset card .

  7. Under Fields , double-click the contact field you want to add.

    • To remove a field from the card, select it and press the button Delete .

    • To add blank lines, click the field below which you want to add blank space, click Add , and select Blank Line .

      Tip: By default, blank lines in the card are displayed as fields of type Blank line .New information can be added by inserting fields between fields Blank line . For example, click field Blank Line , click the Add button, and select the field. The new field will appear below a blank line.

    • To change the position of the text on the card, click the field and move it to the desired location using the arrow buttons Up and Down located below the list Fields .You can move blank lines in the same way.

    • To format the text, use the formatting and style buttons in the group Modify .

  8. After formatting the electronic business card, press the OK button.

Note: If you click the Reset Card button, the card will be applied by default and will contain the information entered in the default fields in the contact form.

Save Electronic Business Card

When you receive contact information as an electronic business card (VCF file) in an email message, you can add this electronic business card to your contacts’ Outlook.If you already have a contact with the same name in your contact list, you can update the existing contact or create a new one.

  1. In an open message, double-click an electronic business card to open it. it will open as an Outlook Contacts contact.

  2. Press the & close button, to save the electronic business card to the Contacts folder.

  3. If a duplicate contact name is found, select option Add new contact or Update selected contact details .

Sending an electronic business card to other users

Electronic business cards can be sent in e-mail messages.This allows for a consistent corporate or personal identity just like traditional business cards.

Including an electronic business card in an email message
  1. In the new message, click Attach > Business Card , and then click the name in the list….

  2. If the name you want is missing, select Other Business Cards , click the name in the list Store as , and then click OK .

Include an electronic business card in an email signature

If you add an electronic business card to your email signature, contact information is added to every message you send.For more information, see the article Include an Electronic Business Card in an Email Signature.

Create Electronic Business Cards

As shown in the screenshot of the electronic business card For Sergey Zueva, card creation starts with a form and then leads to a dialog box for editing.

  1. Contact form with the information of O.M. Sergei.

  2. Presentation of the dialog box “Modify Business Card” with corresponding fields for Vladimir’s electronic business card.

Create an electronic business card or modify an existing one

You can create an electronic business card based on new information or create a new card based on an existing one.If you want to create multiple electronic business cards with shared contacts, it may be easier to modify the existing card. For example, you may need three cards: for work, for home use, and for club members.

Before adding or changing contact information, select a card layout and background. Add pictures and other graphics. Each element helps position the text when adding contact information.

Layout and background selection

  1. In Outlook 2010, in the New Contacts group on the Home tab, select New Contact .

    In Outlook 2007, in the Contacts area, click the button> contact.

  2. On the contact form, click Business Card, to open the Edit Business Card window.

  3. In in the Card Layout area in in the Layout list, select a layout.Layout Text only is available for a card without a picture, logo, or other image.

    Note: When launched, the Outlook card layout is displayed in the preview box next to Card layout . This image and layout options can also be used for a new card.

  4. If you want a background color for the card, select Background and then select a color.

  5. If you want to add an image, such as a picture or a company logo, use the Image Settings to find, add, and place an image.

Note: To remove a standard or other image from the card, select Layout in the list Text only .To delete all added information and start over, select Reset Card .

Formatting contact data

  1. To remove a field from the card, select it and select remove .

  2. To add spaces to blank lines, select the box above where you want to add blank space, and then select Add> Blank Line .

    Tip: By default, blank lines on the card are sent as “Blank line ” fields. New information can be added by inserting fields between fields Blank line .For example, select option Blank > add , and then select the field. The field will appear below a blank line.

  3. To position the text on the card, select a field, and then in the Fields list, use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to move the fields. You can also move blank lines around to add more space between lines of text.

  4. To format the text, use the formatting and style buttons in the group Modify .

Note: If you select reset card, card will return to standard Outlook and the information entered in the default fields on the contact form.

Save contact or electronic business card

When sending contact information as an electronic business card or contact form (as a virtual contact file (VCF)) in an email message. You can right-click a card or attached VCF file and select the options you want. If you already have the same name in your contact list, you can update the existing contact or create a new one.

Save Electronic Business Card

  1. In an open message, right-click the card and select add contacts to Outlook.

  2. On the tab Contact in group Actions select Save & Close .

  3. If a duplicate contact name is found, do the following:

    • Select Add new contact, to create a new contact.

    • Select Refresh Selected Contact Information, to see a list of existing duplicate contacts.

      Tip: You can double-click a contact, update the information in the contact form, and save it.

New contact information is saved in contacts and includes an electronic business card. You can change your contact details at any time.

Save received VCF file

  1. Double-click the VCF file attachment in the header message to open the contact form card in the Contacts folder.

  2. On the tab Contacts in the group Actions select Save & Close .

    Note: If you already have a contact with the same name, by choosing & Close you can add a new contact or update an existing contact.

In group Actions you can choose to save & new .This action saves the contact and then opens a new blank contact form.

Sending an electronic business card to other users

Electronic business cards can be sent in e-mail messages. This allows for a consistent corporate or personal identity just like traditional business cards. The way the electronic business card is displayed depends on the mail application used by the recipients.

  • Recipients who use Microsoft Outlook In Outlook 2010 or Office Outlook 2007, the electronic business card appears in the message exactly as you see it. The recipient right-clicks the card to save the contact information in Outlook to contacts.

    Users of earlier versions of Outlook and other email applications that support HTML can also view electronic business cards in messages.However, these cards are only images and cannot be opened with a single click. There is a VCF file attached to the message that contains information from an electronic business card.

  • Recipients viewing plain text messages People whose email programs use plain text cannot see the electronic business card image.There is a VCF file attached to the message that contains information from an electronic business card.

In any mail application, the attached VCF file can be opened and saved in the contact list.

Include an electronic business card in an email message

  1. In a new message, on the Message tab, in the Include group, select Attach Item> Business Card , and then select a name from the list.

  2. If the name you want is not visible, in the Other business cards area, select it from the Filed in list, and then select OK.


    • In the Business Card menu the last 10 names of contacts inserted into messages as electronic business cards.

    • Multiple electronic business cards can be inserted into a message.

    • To distinguish between duplicate names in the Business Card menu , select Other Business Cards. Additional information, including a preview of the card, is displayed by in the Insert Business Card dialog box.

    • If you drag a business card from the Business Cards view to a new message, only the .vcf file is attached when you send it. This attached VCF file will open a contact form with all the information the recipient can save in the contact list.

Include an electronic business card in an email signature

If you add an electronic business card to your email signature, contact information is added to every message you send.An email signature can only contain an electronic business card. Recipients can right-click a card in the signature (or right-click a VCF file) to save it directly to their contacts.

  1. In a new message, on the Message tab, in the Enable group, select signature > signature .

  2. On the tab Email Signature in the list Select the signature to edit select the signature to which you want to add the business card.

    If you want to create a new signature, press button New, enter the name of the signature and press button OK. Then click the name of the new signature in the list Select the signature for the change.

  3. In the field Change signature enter the text that you want to include in the signature.

  4. To add an electronic business card, place the cursor where it will appear in the signature text, select Business Card , , and then select the contact name from the Filed in As list. Press the button OK .


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