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75+ Free Baby Knitting Patterns for 2021

There are currently no images from other crafters.


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How a ban on pro-Trump patterns unraveled the online knitting world

And it’s no longer just about the knitting patterns: sites like Ravelry offer a “safe space” for discussing politics. Deplorable Knitter and Medora Van Denburgh, who leads a 239-member Bernie Sanders group on Ravelry, both said that they live in regions that typically lean in the opposite political direction from their own, and Ravelry allowed them to feel less alone.

It’s something we will see more of, Literat predicts. Other niche groups she’s studied, such as Fortnite players and fan fiction sites, have created active subgroups around political conversation in much the same way. Typically, people feel safe engaging around the core interest first (in Ravelry’s case, knitting or crocheting), but increasingly delve into political discussions over time.

Online communities that are hyperspecific to certain hobbies also help engender dialogue across the political divide—a key point in a polarized political environment where people spend much of their time in ideological bubbles, says Literat.

“You get a much wider spectrum of opinions in these spaces,” she says. “You see people who are already politically engaged, but also people who aren’t coming to these places, at least at first, because of politics.”

Censorship vs free speech

Or they weren’t. Ravelry’s equation of Trump support with white supremacy is a controversial move, even for supporters of the ban. (Ravelry declined to comment for this story, and cofounder Cassidy Forbes told me in an email that the company “[doesn’t] really do press that isn’t part of the yarn industry—it’s not a new policy or anything, just something we’ve done for the last 13 years.”)

Pam Mauser, the founder of Freedom Knits, says she founded the site because she was insulted by Ravelry’s stance. “I knit a Trump 2020 hat, and they took it down with no notice,” says Mauser, an Indiana native. “They just sent me a message that it’s no longer acceptable. But what’s acceptable on the site is stuff that says ‘F— Trump.’ It’s political.”

Mauser says her site welcomes both liberals and conservatives. “If you want to post about Obama, that’s perfectly fine,” she says. “It’s not political. It’s Freedom Knits. I don’t believe in censoring people who don’t believe the way you believe.” 

On the other side of the aisle, Van Denburgh says the ban on Trump support wasn’t something that sat comfortably with her either. “I truly was stymied by the conflict between my principles [of free speech] and my grudging admission of the fact that Ravelry had done the right thing in enacting the ban,” she says.

The controversy shines a light on the future of political organizing: ultra-niche, small-but-vocal online communities built around an otherwise nonpolitical hobby or interest. For Literat, Ravelry’s ban presents a litmus test for the future of niche-site censorship and whether it’s best to forge a single, politically homogenous community or to splinter fringe users off. 

It is also giving women a new way to become politicized online. For Amy Singer, the founder of another knitting site, Knitty, that’s good news.

“The one thing that crafts have always done is bring solace,” she says. “It gives us a way to express what’s upsetting us, hope for change, and bring comfort. Knitting’s not for grannies. We’re not scared any more.”

It’s Sew Emma Spotlight + Tiny Tidbits: Jamie Wood

Hi everyone! I’m Jamie Wood, and I’m the designer behind the new Zero Calorie Donuts It’s Sew Emma quilt pattern and the Farm Friends fabric collection. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this new adventure with Fat Quarter Shop and It’s Sew Emma!

Zero Calorie Donuts is a fun, easy, colorful quilt for young and old alike! The blocks come together super quickly and the result is a happy burst of bright colors and cute farm animals that will make you smile. The colors are perfect for your little one’s room.

The pattern uses very simple applique to attach the large and small ‘donuts’ to the blocks. The circles are large enough to easily sew around and with the use of Heat ‘n Bond adhesive, there are no worries of slipping or puckering. This is a great quilt to make if you are new to applique.

This quilt features my very first fabric collection with Clothworks Textiles, Farm Friends. I am a country girl, living in rural Texas with my Hubby and two little boys ages 6 and (almost) 3. We also have a few four and two legged farm animals roaming around our place. There are cows and chickens (and a rooster named King Puffy Cheeks!) and, recently, the addition of four stray kittens around our home. Farm Friends was inspired by my love of the country life and the two little boys that we are blessed with.

My goal as a textile designer is to focus on boy-friendly designs. I am a mom to two boys and I love to sew. I want to bring more selection to the marketplace for those like me, who want to make things for the little rugrats in their lives who like dirt and trucks and slimy things!

You can find me online at to keep up with my fabric collections, pattern designs and occasionally my dirt loving, truck racing, slime covered little stinkers. And if you want to know a few fun facts about me, just read some Tiny Tidbits below–I love them, they’re so fun!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure food?
A: The more chocolate, the better!

Q: Your biggest pet peeve?
A: When someone says “I can’t do it.” We are all capable of doing things we never thought we could.

Q: What color are you thinking about today?
A: Turquoise

Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? 
A: The bread. I am addicted to carbs!

Q: What is your favorite fabric print ever (excluding your own)?.
A: Amy Butler’s entire Belle collection. That’s the collection that started my sewing and fabric journey.


Spotlight News – The home of The Spot 518

The library is once again requiring masks for all indoor visitors ages 2 and up regardless of vaccination status. This decision is based on current CDC recommendations and rising COVID-19 transmission rates in the Capital Region. Visit to view a copy of the library’s phased reopening plan.

We know that everyone is eager to have this pandemic behind us, but until that time, we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread. Thank you for doing your part to protect the health and safety of our community.

Your library outside

When the weather’s nice, please check out one of our many outdoor spaces for reading and relaxing. At this time, masks are not required outside on library grounds.

Enjoy a picnic at one of our shaded accessible tables, or tap into our Free Library WiFi while working or studying al fresco. Kids will love an interactive stroll around the grounds while enjoying our latest Storywalk featuring “Fox and the Bike Ride” by Corey R. Tabor. Or just chill out on our Ian Boegel Memorial Patio, a welcoming outdoor nook just off the Children’s Place filled with fun-sized furniture and whimsical decorations.

In the right light

Borrow a ring light from the library for your next video conference or remote interview and you’ll be more than ready for your close up. Ring lights are designed to cast an even light on the subject, minimizing shadows and blemishes for a picture perfect image. They are ideal for portraits, selfies, live streaming, virtual meetings, and social media videos.

The library’s ring light setup includes everything you need to get started: light, stand, filter and accessories. Search for it in the library catalog.

More fun at the park

Catch the one-and-only Jester Jim at our rescheduled park program Tuesday, Aug. 24, at 7 p.m. This is not your ordinary juggling show! With a trunk full of props and a looping machine, you will be glued to every sight and sound.

The performance takes place at Elm Avenue Park on the special events lawn. It is presented in partnership with Bethlehem Town Parks and Recreation and co-sponsored by the Friends of Bethlehem Public Library. Space is available on a first-come basis.

Time to get crafty

Creativebug, a new online resource just for Bethlehem cardholders, provides thousands of high-quality, on-trend arts and crafts instructional videos. At Creativebug, you’ll find fun and engaging classes for artists and makers of all skill levels. In addition to instructional videos on drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting, baking and more – all taught by experts – you’ll have access to downloadable patterns and supply lists.

— Kristen Roberts

Face Mask Pattern – DIY Mask in 2 Styles (FREE)

Learn how to make a DIY mask with this easy tutorial that includes a face mask pattern printable. You can use your sewing machine or a hand stitch. Here you will learn to make 2 styles of face mask pattern so you can choose which suits your needs and sewing skill level.

DIY Mask, Face Mask Pattern Printable

DIY Mask – Face Mask Pattern

UPDATED – I have now added some filter options and more alternatives as it seems elastic in particular is becoming short in supply.

DISCLAIMER – DIY Masks and Coronavirus COVID-19

I am not a health professional and am providing these patterns free as a lot of people are asking. Even when wearing mine to the supermarket yesterday I got stopped a couple of times and asked where it was from. Perhaps I just stood out in my bright floral mask.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, surgical masks for the general public are in short supply in many countries. Currently, in Australia, there are few or no face masks available for sale unless you are a health professional. A fabric DIY mask will not stop a virus. Only viral surgical masks can possibly protect you from COVID-19. Some governments are currently recommending fabric and DIY mask patterns as an alternative that they consider to be better than no mask while other governments say you are better with no mask of any kind. A fabric DIY mask or face mask pattern will not protect you from the COVID-19 virus

Why I Wear a DIY Mask

My daughter and I wear this fabric face mask pattern if we need to go out during the current coronavirus quarantine period just to reduce us accidentally touching our mouth or nose with dirty hands since we cannot access surgical masks of any kind.

Depending on the source, it is commonly accepted that the average person touches their face 16-23 times per hour. That’s a lot. No wonder my makeup always slides off!

When wearing the fabric DIY mask my face touching went down to zero as I would know the second I did it and stop myself. I know that my mask will not stop airborne virus particles but feel more comfortable with it than wearing nothing. You may have a different opinion and that’s ok. As more information becomes available I may change my opinion too.

Make an Informed Decision

In order to make an informed decision on wearing a DIY face mask go to the following sites –

There is a lot of contradictory information on the internet. Read everything you can about the face mask pattern and DIY masks from reputable health and government sources and then make your own informed decision for yourself and your family. Also keep up to date with any changes as new information comes to light.

DIY Mask – Face Mask Pattern Styles

This tutorial has 2 styles of face mask pattern and now has extra alternatives for filter pockets and people who cannot get elastic and interfacing.

DIY Mask, Face Mask Pattern
  • Style #1 is a single-layered pleated style of face mask pattern.
  • Style #2 is a double layer shaped style of face mask pattern.

Face Mask Pattern – Supplies

Style #1 – Pleated Face Mask Pattern

  • Cotton Fabric
  • 1/4 inch (6mm) wide elastic. Alternatives include ribbon, bias tape or string

Style #2 – Shaped and Lined Face Mask Pattern

  • Cotton Fabric
  • One-sided fusible interfacing. Alternatives include using an extra later of fabric
  • 1/4 inch (6mm) wide elastic. Alternatives include ribbon, bias tape or string
  • Pattern (this is the printable piece) or paper to make your own pattern
DIY Mask, Face Mask Pattern – SUPPLIES

Fabric for Face Mask Pattern

The reason that cotton fabric is best is that it can withstand hotter washes. Choose a cotton fabric that is tightly woven. Quilting cotton is popular as it is medium weight and has a tight weave. If you can’t get to a fabric store, think about recycling some shirts, pillowcases or old sheets. Many of the items in your cupboard that you don’t wear anymore will be cotton. Some fabric shops have currently closed but there are still lots of sellers on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.

Consider fat quarters which are 18″ x22″ instead of buying larger fabric pieces.

Ties and Elastic Alternatives

While elastic is the easiest for a face mask pattern, some customers have left messages saying that they prefer bias tape or fabric ties rather than elastic as it also can take hotter washes.

I’m also starting to see messages and comments that elastic is getting harder to get and selling out in many stores. Some resourceful commenters on my YouTube video have suggested elastic from old sheets and one commenter said she used old bra elastic. Use what you have access to.

Elastic on Amazon

If you want to make your own bias tape read – How to Make Bias Tape

Fabric Ties instead of Elastic

If you have no string, elastic or bias, use strips of fabric for your face mask pattern. These can be raw or you could fold them in quarters and sew along the edge.

Here are some instructions if you wish to make your own ties for the face mask pattern.

  • Cut fabric four straps 18 inch long (46cm) x 1 inch (2.5cm). If your fabric is stiff cut it a little longer as it can be harder to tie up. You can always trim it at the end. If you are a beginner sewer you may find it a bit easier to make the ties a little wider. Try 1.5 -2 inches (3.5 – 5 cm)
  • Press the raw edges towards the center
  • Fold in half again
  • Stitch along edge
Face Mask Pattern Strap Alternative

Sewing Machines

Most of you will already have a sewing machine and if you don’t you can make this face mask pattern with hand sewing using a simple needle and thread.

Just in case you are looking at buying a sewing machine to keep you busy during this period we are all home, here are a few suggestions.

When looking at Amazon I was amazed that many of the cheaper brands were currently sold out. Singer and Janome make great machines that will handle lots of sewing. If you can get a Brother machine, they can be a bit cheaper but aren’t quite as good for daily sewing. Most of the Brother machines seem to be sold out currently. I use a Janome.

Sewing Machines on Amazon


DIY Mask – Face Mask Pattern Stitching

Because face shapes and especially noses and chins vary immensely between us all, I recommend making a test mask first and then making adjustments before sewing your final mask.

A fabric face mask can be stitched with a sewing machine or by hand. Style #1 has a little less sewing but both are fairly easy to hand stitch.

Face Mask Pattern – Sewing by Machine

If you have a sewing machine you will be able to whip this face mask pattern up in no time. For the straight stitching choose a small length stitch.

Face Mask Pattern – Sewing by Hand

I now have a detailed video showing you how to sew Style #1 by hand. See the video a little further down.

Threading a needle

Thread the needle with double thread and a knot at the end. This will give you the strongest results. You would only use a single thread if you have a really thick thread. For my hand-stitched sample in the video, I used upholstery thread doubled. This meant I could pull the thread really tight and make the sewing strong so the elastic wouldn’t pull out.

Threading Needle for Face Mask Pattern


The strongest hand stitch for a face mask pattern is a backstitch. Try to get the stitches as small as possible. The smaller the stitches the stronger your seam will be.

Full Article – How to Backstitch

BACKSTITCH for Face Mask Pattern

The other stitch you can use if you think a backstitch looks too tricky is a running stitch. This is simply an up and down stitch. Once again make the stitches as small as possible.

Full Article – How to do Running Stitch

RUNNING STITCH for Face Mask Pattern

DIY Face Mask Pattern – The Video

Watch this Youtube video I made for you showing you how to use this face mask pattern. I post weekly sewing and craft videos so please subscribe.

This is the main video and below I have just filmed a hand-stitched version of Style#1

DIY Face Mask Pattern Video – With Sewing Machine

Face Mask Pattern VIDEO (DIY Mask)

DIY Face Mask Pattern – No Sewing Machine

Here I have used a running stitch for Style #1. This simple up and down stitch is suitable for even first sewers.

Face Mask Pattern VIDEO (Hand Sewing)

Face Mask Pattern – PDF Printable

This DIY mask pattern tutorial is now available as a PDF download in my sewing pattern shop. It is free to download but the site will ask you for an email (no credit details will be asked for this pattern) DOWNLOAD ENTIRE TUTORIAL AS A PDF or download SHAPED PATTERN PIECE ONLY (no instructions)

If you are new to PDF printing, read my article How to Print PDF Patterns

DOWNLOADS – DOWNLOAD ENTIRE TUTORIAL AS A PDF (all instructions and mask #2 pattern) OR SHAPED PATTERN PIECE ONLY (mask #2 pattern with NO instructions – view instructions on your computer here)


Style #1 – Pleated Face Mask Pattern

This is a single-layered DIY face mask pattern and is easiest if you are hand sewing since there are fewer seams. If you wanted it double fabric, just cut 2 layers and put them together.

Step 1 – Cut a Square

Cut a square of fabric in one of the following sizes.

UPDATED – For people wanting to make this mask double layered – Cut 2 squares, put them on top of each other with wrong sides together and then treat them as one for the rest of the tutorial. I recommend using different colored fabrics so you can tell the front from the back.

If you wish to make this Style #1 with a double layer and filter pocket see step 2 A for cutting.

ADULT9.5″ X 9.5″24CM X 24CM
9″X9″22.5CM X 22.5CM
CHILD 3-78″X8″20CM X 20CM
Cut Fabric

Step 2 – Hem the Top and Bottom

On the WRONG side of the fabric, press over the raw edges by 3/8 inch (1cm) and then 3/8 inch (1cm) again to form a double hem.

Stitch the hems along the inside fold.

SKIP TO STEP 3 (Step 2A is an alternative for a filter pocket)

Hem Edges

Step 2A – Filter Pocket Alternative

If you wish to add a filter pocket to the Style #1 face mask pattern here is a modification you can make.

  • Cut your fabric
    • ADULT – 9.5 x 18.5 inches (24 x 47cm)
    • CHILD 8-TEEN/SMALL ADULT – 9 X 17.5 inches (23x445cm)
    • CHILD 3-7 – 8 X 15.5 inches (20x39cm)
  • Hem the shorter edges by pressing it over by 3/8 inch (1cm) then 3/8 inch (1cm) again.
  • Stitch the hems
  • Fold the hemmed edges in to meet in the center and overlap them by 1/2 inch (12mm) and press. Baste the edges of the overlap.
  • Now continue with the rest of the steps.
DIY Mask with Filter Pocket

Step 3 – Pleat

Fold 3 pleats into the fabric with the hems still being top and bottom. The finished height at the sides should be the following –

ADULT3.5″ X 3.5″9CM X 9CM
3″ X 3″7.5CM X 7.5CM
CHILD 3-72.5″X2.5″6.5CM X 6.5CM

It is easiest just to lightly fold, measure and then press last. Don’t obsess over them all being perfectly even. I did that for the first mask I sampled and it took forever and really didn’t look that different in the end.

If you made the style of face mask pattern with the filter pocket it is a little harder to get the pleats right due to the thickness in the middle but just persevere. Don’t forget to check the side measurements.

Baste the edges to hold the pleats in place.


Step 4 – Fold the Ends

Finish the ends with a serger or zig-zag.

If you are hand stitching then just neaten the ends with a pair of scissors. Pinking shears if you have them can stop fraying as they cut in a little zig-zag pattern.

On the wrong side, fold the ends over by 3/8 inch (1cm and stitch.

Fold Ends

Step 5 – Add String or Elastic

All face shapes and elastics are different so you may need to make some alterations but here are some cutting guides. Elastic especially varies enormously so I suggest you sew one side, test and adjust and then sew the next side.

ELASTIC BEHIND EARS – Cut 2 pieces. Sew the elastic at the sides.

  • ADULT – 7 inches (17.5cm)
  • CHILD 8-TEEN/SMALL ADULT – 6 inches (15cm)
  • CHILD 3-7 – 5-6 inches (13-15cm)

STRING OR RIBBON – Cut 4 pieces. Sew at each corner.

  • ADULT – 18 inches (46cm)
  • CHILD 8-TEEN/SMALL ADULT – 17 inches (43cm)
  • CHILD 3-7 -15-17 inches (38-43cm)

ELASTIC TO GO AROUND HEAD – Cut 2 pieces. Sew the elastic at the top and bottom.

  • ADULT – 14 inches (35.5cm)
  • CHILD 8-TEEN/SMALL ADULT – 13 inches (33cm)
  • CHILD 3-7 – 11-13 inches (28-3cm)

For a neat finish, you can stitch the elastic over the side seam so it blends in.

DIY Mask, Face Mask Pattern

Sewing Machines on Amazon

Style #2 – Lined and Shaped Face Mask Pattern Printable

For my DIY mask, I purposely used a different fabric for the front and back. That way if I accidentally pulled it off I could put it back on the same way.

Face Mask Pattern

Face Mask Pattern

You can print my pattern if you don’t have access to a printer you can draw up your own using the dimensions in my photo below.

Here is a printable pattern >>> DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN (pattern piece only) or DOWNLOAD ENTIRE TUTORIAL AS A PDF (free PDF from my pattern shop)

The link will open in a new window. If you are new to printing a PDF read my article on how to print PDF patterns. Make sure you measure the test square to make sure your pattern has printed to scale. The best way to print the PDF is to download it to your computer and then open in Adobe Reader. Some internet PDF readers are not great and can cause issues. Adobe Reader is a free program that most of you will have already.

Updated – PRINT ISSUES for face mask pattern – Most print issues can be solved by downloading the pattern and opening in Adobe Reader rather than your internet PDF reader.

Here are the measurements if you want to draw your own pattern. There is a bit of rounding so I could give you imperial and metric measurements.

DIY Face Mask Pattern Printable

Step 1 – Cut the Fabric

FABRIC – Cut around the solid line of the template. Make sure you have the following pieces cut. See how they are all mirror images. The easiest way to cut mirror images is to fold your fabric in half and cut through 2 layers at once.

INTERFACING – For the interfacing cut the face mask pattern template on the dotted line. That way the interfacing is a bit smaller than the fabric pieces and it will reduce bulk in the seams. Like the fabric, make sure you fold the interfacing before cutting to produce mirror images. The glue will only be on one side so this is important.

UPDATED – For those of you using fabric as a substitution for the extra layer, cut it on the solid line the same size as the other fabric pieces. That way it will be caught up in the seam. The purpose of the interfacing is to add some stiffness to this style and has the benefit of a third layer. If you made your own pattern, this dotted line is 3/8 inch (1cm) smaller around the curved edges.

Face Mask Pattern – Fabric Pieces

Step 2 – Fuse the Interfacing

On the WRONG side of the backs, press the interfacing glue side down. The interfacing should be even at the short straight side of the backs and have a gap around the curved edges.

Face Mask Pattern – Fuse Interfacing

Step 3 – Stitch the Curve

Put the fronts and backs RIGHT sides together and stitch around the curved edge as shown. with a 3/8 inch (1cm) seam allowance.

If you used interfacing, you will be sewing along the edge of the interacting. This makes it easy to get a nice shaped seam allowance.

Face Mask Pattern – Stitch End

UPDATED – If you wish to add a filter pocket, leave a 2 inch (5cm) gap in the back lining (the blue check). Make sure you backstitch well so it won’t split. Depending what you are inserting this gap might need to be a bit larger.

Face Mask Pattern with Filter Pocket

Step 4 – Press

Press open the seams.

If you hand-stitched the center seam, press the seam to one side and then do another row of stitches over the seam. This will add strength and stop the seam splitting.

Press DIY Mask

Step 5 – Stitch the Top and Bottom

Put the front and back together with RIGHT sides together and stitch and top and bottom edges with a 3/8 inch (1cm) seam allowance. Once again you will just be sewing along the edge of the interfacing.

Make sure you leave the ends open.

Stitch Top and Bottom

UPDATE – I’ve had a few comments on my YouTube video that people have added some wire at this point by zig-zagging it to the top edge. If you do this make sure the ends are not sharp and won’t poke through. you don’t want to risk your eyes. The advantage of the wire is that you can make the top of the mask hug your nose better and it will stop your glasses fogging. Pipe cleaners with the ends bent over are a good option.

Step 6 – Turn

Turn the face mask pattern to the right side through one of the open ends. Press the edges well making sure they are fully poked out.

Face Mask Pattern – Press

Step 7 – Finish Ends

Finish the raw ends with a zig-zag or serger. If you are hand stitching and don’t have a machine, just neatly trim the ends. Pinking shears if you have them can also stop fraying.

Turn the ends over to the wrong side by 3/8 inch (1cm) and stitch them in place.

Face Mask Pattern – Fold Ends and Stitch

Step 8 – Add Elastic or String

Add elastic or string to the corners. Overlap underneath by 3/8 inch (1cm) and stitch well.

All face shapes and elastics are different so you may need to make some alterations but here are some cutting guides. Elastic can also vary a lot in quality and the amount they stretch so sew one side first, check the fit and then sew the second side.

ELASTIC BEHIND EARS – Cut 2 pieces. Sew the elastic at the sides.

  • ADULT – 7 inches (17.5cm)
  • CHILD – 5-6 inches (13-15cm)

STRING OR RIBBON – Cut 4 pieces. Sew at each corner.

  • ADULT – 18 inches (46cm)
  • CHILD -15-17 inches (38-43cm)

ELASTIC TO GO AROUND HEAD – Cut 2 pieces. Sew the elastic at the top and bottom.

  • ADULT – 14 inches (35.5cm)
  • CHILD – 11-13 inches (28-3cm)

For a neat finish, you can stitch the elastic over the side seam so it blends in.

Face Mask Pattern Printable

Face Mask Pattern – DIY Mask – In Conclusion

As I mentioned previously if your first mask needs a little more shaping for the nose or chin you can adjust your pattern and make another. We are all shaped differently and have different sized heads. The tighter the fit of the mask the better it is.

Good luck with your DIY mask. Stay safe and healthy and appreciate your family.


Face Mask Pattern PDF

This DIY mask and face mask pattern tutorial is now available as a PDF printable download in my pattern shop. It is free to download. You will be asked for an email for your link but no credit details. DOWNLOAD ENTIRE TUTORIAL AS A PDF

Sewing Machines on Amazon

Spotlight: Kate Colleran, Quilt Pattern Designer

Tell us about your blog and website. What do you hope people will gain by visiting?

The first thing I want them to get is inspiration. My job as a pattern designer is to inspire them. Whether that means to inspire them to try a new pattern, to try a new technique or maybe to try a new color palette, well that is up to the quilter. I hope they see beyond the colors I chose for each quilt and start to imagine how they would make the quilt.

On the blog, I try to mix up the posts. Sometimes they are more information/education, sometimes inspirational, and sometimes the post is designed to showcase a new pattern – which means a little “salesy” but still, I hope, inspirational.

What are your classes like? How can students/organizers get in touch with you to schedule a lecture or workshop?

My classes. Well what I hope they are like is a stress-free environment, without judgement where you can learn to make a block, a bag or try a new technique and decide if that technique works for you. When I first started quilting, I just jumped in and figured things out. Which is funny, because in other areas of my life, I am much less adventurous. I want a plan! Once I started learning more about quilting, there were rules to learn. And some quilters were very adamant about the rules. It made me want to be more flexible, to meet people where they are and to provide options as I teach because we all respond to different things and in a different way. When teaching a technique, I show different ways to get to the same place and explain why they might like each one.

Take Half Square Triangles – I have a couple of favorite methods but a quilter may like a different method. I never teach that ‘my way’ is the only way; I want to help them explore and find the way that works for them. And, as much as I love designing and making my quits, I LOVE going to quilt guilds and doing a lecture and teaching a class. It is so much fun to speak to quilters, hear their ideas and then to share my quilts.

Classes are a great way to really interact with quilters and share tips and encouragement. I have some online classes thru Bluprint and on The Quilting Company website. Now that is a different experience! Online classes are such a great way to learn for those that don’t have the means to take classes in person. But taping a class is so different from actually teaching a class. Scary, fun and sometimes awkward, but I found I like doing that!

If quilters would like me to come to their guild or local shop to teach, lecture or do a trunk show, they can email me at: [email protected] My patterns, blog and schedule can all be found on my website:

Interview posted August 2019

Browse through more quilt inspiration and projects on Create Whimsy.

90,000 Chapter 1583 – Spotlight | Supreme God

Chapter 1583 – Spotlight

In the city of Sanharbor, the beauty and talent of the two brilliant daughters of the Lu clan made the entire fate of the city change.

In the distance, five people and one cat were looking at the grandiose and majestic city. A young man with clear eyes and a wild smile on his lips walked in front of the group. On his shoulder sat a silver-black cat. This person was none other than Zhao Feng.

Two of the four people behind him were Huo Qingfeng and the Blood Spirit.The other two were servants that Zhao Feng took with him on his journey, and both of them were in the imperishable realm.

Zhao Feng did not even care that much for the imperishable experts of the kingdom.

The moment Zhao Feng’s group entered Songharbor City, it attracted a lot of attention.

– I wonder which clan this young master is from? He has four incorruptible realm experts to protect him! ”

“What does it matter? Young Master Wei, who came earlier, had an expert of the realm of the Chaos skies to protect him! ”

The conversation was just a conversation.Everyone immediately gave way upon meeting Zhao Feng’s squad.

Entering Songharbor City, Zhao Feng ordered his servants to gather information. Meanwhile, Huo Qingfeng was entrusted with the issue of the new branch of the auction house.

Zhao Feng also began to walk around. This was partly to look at the situation and partly to procure materials.

“I heard that over a hundred people came to make marriage proposals to the Lu clan. There isn’t even enough space in the main hall of the Lu Clan to seat them all! ”

“But this Liu Qin and Liu Fei are really too beautiful! Ah, if I could only marry one of them, I would live the rest of my life without regret! ”

“Don’t talk nonsense! You insult fairies! ”

All of the conversation around the city of Sanharbor revolved around the two brilliant daughters of the Lu clan.For this reason, these two women became known as the Qin Fairy and the Fairy Fairy.

These two women were twins, and not only were they so beautiful that the fish drowned and the swans fell from the sky when they saw them, they both had excellent talent. At just the age of fifteen, they reached the peak of stellar origin, just one step away from the Realm of Divine Transformation.

“Didn’t you hear? Because so many people came to propose, and since most of them are people that the Lu clan cannot reject, the Lu clan decided to hold a competition.Only the first place will become a son-in-law for the Lu clan! ”

Thus, a person who could marry one of the fairies would undoubtedly have an incomparable talent.

Although many of the applicants opposed this idea, the vast majority of people approved of it, especially members of the royal family. Thus, the issue was resolved.

“Looks like I’m going to have to defeat all the other challengers….” Zhao Feng sighed.

As soon as he entered the city of Sanharbor, he immediately felt a reaction from his dream.Zhao Feng was convinced that Lu Qin’er and Lu Feier were Liu Qinxing and Zhao Youfei.

The surrounding experts were stunned by these words, and they all looked to see who said them. “Hmm, a naughty child who doesn’t even suspect how big this world is!”

– An entry-level Simple Star Kingdom wants to marry a fairy? Truly a toad thirsty for Swan meat! ”

The crowd burst into ridicule in an instant.

Only the most talented and powerful experts have come up with this proposal.Those who were younger did not have any advantage in this competition.

Besides, you could only rely on your own culture and strength to win the fairies’ favor. This was one of the rules set for the competition.

“Haha, just because of these words of yours, if I run into you in a competition, I will kill you! Harsh laughter came from the back of the crowd.

The crowd parted to let the proud youth forward.

“This is Hua Tianfeng, the Heavenly Capital Peak Prodigy! At the age of twenty, he is already at the initial level of the sphere of Divine Transformation.Monster!”

– This is one of the geniuses with the highest chances of winning the competition, and has a vicious personality. Now that this child has caught his eye, things will not be so good for him! ”

The crowd retreated some distance.

Zhao Feng turned and walked away, ignoring the young man.

– Stay at attention! Did I let you go? ”Hua Tianfeng stepped forward to block Zhao Feng’s path.

Zhao Feng actually said that he would defeat all other competitors, and that included him.How could Hua Tianfeng let Zhao Feng leave after being humiliated by someone so young?

Meow meow!

The little thieving cat looked at Hua Tianfeng with pity.

This only made Hua Tianfeng even more angry. Not only a child, but also a cat looked down at him!

“Get out of here!” Zhao Feng’s face hardened as he glanced at Hua Tianfeng.

The moment Hua Tianfeng’s eyes met Zhao Feng’s, he felt that his soul was crushed by a mountain range and he almost passed out on the spot.

Zhao Feng walked slowly past Hua Tianfeng and left.

– Just now … – After a long time, Hua Tianfeng regained consciousness, his whole body was covered with cold sweat.

He turned his head, but Zhao Feng had long since disappeared.

The audience looked at each other, not understanding what was happening. The vicious and domineering Hua Tianfeng actually just stood there like a fool and let Zhao Feng leave.

Get out of here! ”Filled with rage, Hua Tianfeng roared, scaring the crowd away before quickly leaving.- A curse! Don’t let me run into you again, or I’ll make you pray for death! ”

After collecting the information, Zhao Feng bought a large batch of high-level materials and went into seclusion.

As he emerged from his seclusion, four servants were respectfully awaiting him outside.

“This is to reward you.” With a wave of his sleeve, Zhao Feng sent out four dazzling balls of light that were full of energy.

Huo Qingfeng glanced at the crystal-veined sword in front of him.The wind energy that poured into him made his heart pound with fear.

– Heavenly level of the highest class !? – The blood spirit blurted out in surprise. Before him was a wild red hook. The devilish energy he radiated made the blood spirit almost go mad with longing.

The other two servants were also stunned, their faces frozen with indescribable joy. They were also gifted with a high-class Heavenly level divine weapon.

“Get out of here! I want to take part in the Lu clan competition.You better not lose face because of me while we are there. ” Zhao Feng walked out with wide strides.

He spent a whole month in seclusion, and today was the day of the contest.

– Yes, Master! All four took up their divine weapons and followed excitedly.

Soon the party reached the Lu clan’s estate in the southern part of the city.

During this time, countless martial artists filled the area around the Lu clan, and it was extremely difficult to squeeze through to see the spectacle.


Blood Spirit, Huo Qingfeng, and the other two servants unleashed their everlasting kingdom pressure, forcing the crowd to retreat in fear.

Zhao Feng led his group of four and one cat to the Lu clan.

At that moment, about one hundred and twenty young people gathered in the central square of the Lu clan, and they were all extraordinarily beautiful. Some of them were fierce and imposing, others were good-natured and sophisticated, and still others were cold and frightening.

In the distance were members of the upper echelon of the Lu clan, a few elite experts, and the targets of these many proposals — Lu Qin and Lu Fei.

Everyone present stared at the two women.

Lou Fejer had clear eyes and delicate white skin. Lu Qin had a black waterfall of hair and exuded a solemn and dignified appearance. Although she was only fifteen, she exuded an extraordinary elegance.

The moment Zhao Feng stepped out into the square and mingled with the crowd of geniuses, he received little attention. After all, he was only at the beginning level of the stellar world of origin, which was really too insignificant among all these wonders.

“This is it!” Hua Tianfeng noticed him, but did not strike.

Now that they were here, all of their actions would be seen by two fairies.

However, the two fairies from the Lu clan could not help but glance at Zhao Feng. They were already tired of seeing talented geniuses, but for some reason they felt an inexplicable closeness with this young man.

Half a day later:

“We can start right now!” The Lu Clan patriarch addressed a black-robed elder standing nearby.

This man belonged to the royal family of the Kingdom of the Azure Net.He came to propose on behalf of the tenth prince, and the tenth prince himself was the most popular choice among future suitors.

“Well, okay! The competition can now begin. Only number one has the right to offer the hand and heart of my beloved daughter! ”Announced the patriarch of the Lu clan.

Members of the upper echelon of the Lu Clan stood up and unleashed a surge of energy. A massive whirlpool-like passageway began to form over the plaza.

“Go!” The handsome young man in the crown rushed forward first.It was young Master Wei.

There were countless major cities in the Kingdom of the Azure Network, but the great Dragon City, in which young Master Wei lived, was one of the three most powerful.

A youth, dressed in a golden robe with a dragon pattern, soared into the air, leaving behind golden dragons. This man was the tenth prince of the Kingdom of the Azure Net.

Other wonders also began to fly into the maelstrom, among them Zhao Feng.

As soon as everyone entered, the whirlpool gradually closed and disappeared.

A huge screen appeared in the air, showing the events taking place on the competition site.

Zhao Feng was surrounded by a gray and swirling mist.

Is this an illusion? ”Zhao Feng instantly saw right through the test.

Even an entry-level Divine Transformation specialist would find that this illusion is getting in his way.

The Lu clan probably felt there were too many applicants, so they wanted the first trial to eliminate most of the contestants.This is why they made this illusion so difficult to grasp.

Those outside were not affected by the fog, so they could clearly see the participants in the illusion.

Many geniuses had a variety of expressions: happiness, grief, fear. Some of the participants also tried to attack the fog. Only thirty-odd geniuses remained sober in this illusion, and they immediately used some of their hidden cards.

Hua Tianfeng took out a jade pendant. The golden light he radiated swirled around him and repelled the illusion.

Other geniuses had their own methods.

They were all confident they could pass the test. They all fought to be the first so they could show off to the fairies.

Outside, the audience watched excitedly as these geniuses vie with each other.

– Huh? Who is this? He’s much faster than everyone else! ”Someone screamed in surprise.

Others turned to look. A slender figure, dressed in white, completely invisible in the middle of the gray fog, moved through the fog as fast as the wind, and his eyes shone brightly, completely unaffected by the illusion!

“How can this be? He is only at the beginning level of the stellar realm of origin, but he is not influenced by the illusion !? ”

“And he also left far behind all the other geniuses!”

“Who is he? But how did he do it? ”

The crowd outside exploded with noise, and everyone turned away from their more popular rivals to focus on Zhao Feng.Even Lu Fei’er and Lu Qin-Er seemed shocked and incredulous.

Moments later, Zhao Feng came out of the illusion. Meanwhile, the most popular contestants were only half way through.

Zhao Feng was now in the spotlight. Members of the upper echelon of the Undying Realm and experts in the Chaos skies were taken by surprise.

Some time later, young Master Wei and the tenth prince jumped out of the fog in a tight race.

“I am the first such person!” They both screamed at the same time, exploding with all their might to be the first.But as soon as they emerged from the fog, they saw another man sitting on the ground with his legs crossed.

– So what? ”

“Who is this person?”

Both geniuses were stunned. They couldn’t believe that someone got here before them. They could accept it if it was some powerful enemy they already recognized, but whoever defeated them was some kind of star-origin expert that they completely ignored.

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Literary tea drinking will take place at the Slovo Center at VDNKh

From September 19, at the Center for Slavic Writing “Slovo” at VDNKh, his new course “School classics for adults: Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky” will be conducted by the philologist, famous popularizer of the Russian language and literature Yegor Sartakov. During the three meetings of the reading club, everyone will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at classical works, distancing themselves from school stereotypes, inert formulations and simplistic assessments.

Since September 19, the Slovo Center at VDNKh will host three meetings of the School Classics for Adults: Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky Reader’s Club. On autumn evenings over a cup of tea with a literary critic, Ph.D. in Philology, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University, author of professional articles and books, Yegor Sartakov, participants speculate on moral questions without unequivocal answers that are in the center of attention of Russian literature.

At the first meeting, using the example of the novel “The Captain’s Daughter”, the guests of the Slovo Center will learn how the Russian literary canon differs from the Western one and why Russian literature is valued in the world. Think about the famous Pushkin’s triad “duty, honor, mercy” and its meaning today.

The meetings will be held at monthly intervals to allow time for literary texts to be read and analyzed.

You can find out what Gogol saw in Bryullov’s painting “The Last Day of Pompeii” and how this acquaintance manifested itself in the comedy “The Inspector General” by visiting the second lesson of the readers’ club.

The final lesson will focus on the novel Crime and Punishment. Participants will discuss how Dostoevsky proposes to respond to social stratification and what he opposes to Raskolnikov’s fearful thoughts, which is probably still relevant today.

Participation in the first lesson is free, you must go through electronic registration. Then you can follow the schedule and prices on the website.

In Samara began to issue multifunctional resident cards

Issuance of a multifunctional “Card of a resident of the Samara region” on the basis of the “Mir” payment system has started.Konstantin Presnyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Samara Region, Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Communications of the region, said that the first holders of a resident’s card had already been able to appreciate all its advantages, for example, to receive services and discounts from project partners.

– Any resident of the Samara region can get a card that will become a single key to various services related to transport infrastructure, social security and medical care.The project, implemented on the initiative of Governor Dmitry Azarov, fully meets the principles of the Digital Economy national project, – said Konstantin Presnyakov.

In addition to paying for purchases and travel in public transport, using the card it will be possible to receive various social and electronic services. It also allows you to use the services of the Internet portal and the mobile application “Card of a resident of the Samara region”.

Maxim Papkov, Manager of VTB Bank in the Samara Region:

– We have received over a thousand applications for the card of a resident of the Samara region, and every day the number of those wishing to issue it is only growing.At the same time, not only ordinary customers want to use the card, large enterprises and organizations are interested in it. This product has many advantages – it is a convenient and free bank card that can be easily controlled from a mobile application, it is also connected to the loyalty program and has its own bonuses and discounts from partners. The transport application is embedded in it, and you do not need to carry additional “plastic” with you in the form of a separate transport card. The resident card has many other possibilities, in the future it will be able to replace the compulsory medical insurance policy when contacting the clinic.I am sure that the card of a resident of the Samara region is equally interesting to all clients – pensioners, employees of enterprises and organizations and active youth.

In order to receive the “Samara Region Resident Card”, you must contact any office of VTB Bank. Its maintenance and receipt is free. For registration, you will need the applicant’s passport, SNILS, TIN, medical insurance policy.

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