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    Bralette Singapore Shopping Guide – 10 Lingerie Shops To Check Out

    On behalf of all the women… bras are oppressive! These wired contraptions are super uncomfortable, expensive and in the case of most petite Asians, totally unnecessary. The modern woman’s solution? Comfy, wire-free bralettes.

    We’re not going to overthrow the patriarchy overnight, so I’ll save you the speech on feminism and cut straight to the chase. Here are 10 affordable lingerie shops for cheap bralettes in Singapore.


    10 Lingerie Shops in Singapore For Bralettes $30 & Under

    Brand Bralette price range
    Cotton On Body $10 to  $24.99
    Our Bralette Club $11 to $40.80
    Zalora $11.90 to $157.90
    6ixty8ight $13.90 to $26.90
    The Bralette Shop $16.90 to $44.80
    Uniqlo $19.90 to $29.90
    La Senza $20. 65 to $48.26
    Avec Amour $32.78 to $238.06 ($21.74 & up during sale)
    Iminxx $29.90 to $43.90
    Naked and Unbound $30 to $79


    Cotton On Body

    Cotton On Body is the sleep- and loungewear arm under Australian fast-fashion chain, Cotton On. Cotton On is known for being super affordable, especially when sale season hits.

    Most bralettes are in the $20 to $25 range, but those on sale can be as cheap as $10. That’s dirt cheap – you won’t find cheaper ones elsewhere. The sale designs may be quite gaudy – think leopard prints, for instance – but if you only care about comfort, then it shouldn’t be a problem.


    Our Bralette Club

    Our Bralette Club is a local label started by a team of 20-somethings in Singapore. They started out as a Shopee store, but has since grown to have their own e-commerce site.

    Their prices start at an affordable $11 for a basic bralette, and goes up to $40.80 for customised ones. Most pieces are in the $20+ range, which is relatively affordable.

    They also sell bralette paddings ($10.80) and disposable nipple stickers ($0.88).



    Zalora may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of lingerie, but a search on their marketplace might surprise you. They actually carry many lingerie brands, and often have sales for them.

    Most of the cheaper pieces are from Cotton On Body and 6ixty8ight (~$10 to $35), but if you want to splurge, you’ll also find premium designers like Calvin Klein and Triumph ($50 to $100+).


    6ixty8ight (pronounced “sixty eight”)

    6ixty8ight was founded by a Swedish entrepreneur who opened his first stores in Hong Kong and Beijing in 2003. The lingerie brand is young and fun, so don’t expect anything to risqué here.

    Today, there are 3 physical stores in Singapore (Bugis Junction, Tampines 1 and Vivocity). Don’t be fooled by the bright lights and huge stores though, their lingerie are actually very affordable. For bralettes, prices start at $13.90, and only go up to $26.90.


    The Bralette Shop

    Not to be confused with The Bralette Club, The Bralette Shop is yet another local startup. It was founded in 2017.

    Prices range from $16. 90 to $44.80, which is quite reasonable. Most pieces are under $30, the few above are from the premium collection. As icing on the cake, their sales are also quite generous – you can get bralette sets (with matching undies) for $20+.



    Like Zalora, Uniqlo isn’t exactly a lingerie brand. And instead of the lacy styles carried by the other brands on this list, Uniqlo sells plain, wireless bras.

    They have 3 designs: the regular one, a strapless one (Multi-way) and a sports bra design (Relax). All bras are $29.90, but usually go for $19.90 during sales.

    Unlike the basic bralettes that are just triangular pieces of cloth sewn together, the Uniqlo bras have soft cups that offer more support, which may be more suitable for bustier ladies. Oh, and they’re seamless to boot.


    La Senza

    Thanks to its bright pink logo, La Senza is often compared to the famous Victoria’s Secret. The two sell a pretty similar range, but La Senza is quite a bit more affordable.

    Most bralettes are in the $40+ range, but when on sale, they can be as cheap as $20+, which is comparable to brands like Cotton On. 

    If you’re looking to invest in a slightly more expensive bralette, consider La Senza: since it is a specialty store, their pieces are likely to fit better and last longer.

    Don’t forget to bring your girlfriends to shop too – La Senza often holds huge sales (up to 50%!), but they typically require you buy in “bulk” (say, 5 pieces or something).


    Avec Amour

    Avec Amour is a full out sexy lingerie store, so if you’re shopping for something special to wear on date night… This one’s for you.

    According to their site, Avec Amour carries international lingerie brands like Bordelle, Bluebella, Stella McCartney Lingerie,  Heidi Klum Intimates, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and Eberjey… most of which I’ve never heard of before, but sound kind of sexy anyway. (Come on, “Agent Provocateur”, really?)

    Depending on what brands you shop for, usual bralette prices are $32.78 to $238.06. However, while browsing I found many pieces on sale at $21.74, which is very competitive.


    I’M IN (iminxx)

    I’M IN is another homegrown lingerie brand that sells cheeky bralettes and undies. They have quite the social media presence – their pieces are modelled by popular Singaporean influencers, including Leanne Low, Kate Yong and more.

    Although the general aesthetic of the brand has a young, teenybopper vibe, their bralettes are not all that cheap. You can get a few basics under $30 though – prices start at $29.90, and go up to $43.90.


    Naked and Unbound

    Naked and Unbound is founded by Heng Si Hui, who is also the creative behind Studio155, a content creation studio in Singapore.

    With this one, we’re kind of pushing it a little. At regular price, the cheapest bralette is $32… which exceeds our budget. However, several designs are currently on sale at $30, so give chance lah.

    While most  of the sale items are at 10% to 15% off, some go for as much as 50% off, which is really worth it.


    Other bralette shops in Singapore (if you’re willing to pay!)

    If you are rollin’ in dough and can afford to not “sort by price – low to high”, then here are some other popular lingerie stores and the prices of their bralettes.

    Brand Bralette price range  
    Victoria’s Secret $35.91 to $89.91
    Susy + Bae $39 to $69
    Terie (The Wyld Shop) $39.90 to $44.90
    Perk by Kate $49 to $69
    Ashley Summer $69 ($65 on sale)


    Where do you go to shop for chic yet affordable lingerie? Let us know in the comments below.  



    10 Best Lingerie Stores in Singapore to Check Out [2021]

    Finding a store that stocks your ideal lingerie is essential. It doesn’t matter whether your cup size is small or large; there’s that satisfaction that comes with finding the right bra that fits. In addition, finding lingerie stores that offer matching bras and pants is heavenly. We all know the good feeling of having pieces that match. Besides boosting your confidence, you feel sexy and sensual.

    Getting a store that meets your style in Singapore is not difficult. We have many stores offering lace lingerie, comfortable push-up bras, and matching pieces. Here are our top lingerie stores in Singapore.

    Image credit: Ashley Summer

    Ashley Summer is a leading lingerie store in Singapore. It’s celebrated by the best posh living with its carefully crafted collection. All their collections are locally sourced, chic, and stylish. You get to choose from a vast array of styles, such as the dainty padded bralettes, lace, mesh, and silk locally designed by local artisans. If you are particular about the fabric used, then rest assured that the store uses high-quality material. 

    Ashley Summer’s undergarments are renowned for being comfortable and soft to the skin. You can wear them while lazing around the house. One of the house specials is the Noir Underwire bra which is a best seller. It features a removable pad for customers who prefer a transparent and delicate look. You don’t need to worry about support since most bras come with great underwire, supporting your breasts and giving you the feminine appeal. If you are on a budget, Ashley Summer has you covered; it runs discounts and promotions from time to time.


    • It offers high-quality bras
    • It runs promotions and discounts.
    • The store has a variety of bras.
    • It offers free local shipping.

    Image credit: Perk

    Perk by Kate provides irresistibly chic coloured bras with lovely laces. That’s not all that the store has to offer. You’ll enjoy high-quality bras from quality materials with keen attention to detail. It’s well cut and fits perfectly; you, therefore, don’t need to worry about constant wear and tear. If you love brands, then this is one of your must-visit lingerie stores.

    It stocks brands such as Timpa, Eberjey, Commando, and Addiction Lingerie. Do you have a total bust, and you are constantly worried about getting your size? Kindly leave this to Perk by Kate to offer you different sizes? You also have a variety of bralettes, maternity bras, and lace slips. Besides, the store offers comfortable and affordable lace sets. With measurements and fitting studios, you have every reason to visit the store and pick the perfect bra.


    • It offers affordable bras.
    • It has a variety of bras.
    • The store offers high-quality pieces.
    • Maternity bras are available.
    Address 134A Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068600
    Contact Details +65 8601 3919 | [email protected]
    Operating Hours Mon Fri, 11. 00AM – 7.00PM | Sat, 11.00AM – 6.00PM | Sun, Closed
    Social Media Facebook | Instagram

    Image credit: SUSY + BAE

    Founded by Sheryl Lim, Susy+ Bae is a brand that takes pride in providing high-quality hand-crafted lace lingerie. Its products are simple yet stylish. The neat straps and lace trimmings give the underwear that soft, feminine, and pretty image. One thing you will love about this store is how they can customize your ideal bra. You need to book an appointment and have your measurements and lingerie tailored to suit your taste. If you are not sure about your size, you can visit the store to sort out your size issue.

    Additionally, most of the bras are made from light fabrics. You can wear them for more extended periods without any discomfort. Bras are also affordable at the store, especially when purchased as a pair with a panty. To sum it up, the store packages its orders attractively. Your order arrives gift-wrapped, and you get a complimentary satin travel mini-bag.  


    • It offers a variety of bras
    • The fabrics are high quality
    • Customization is available.

    Image credit: Our Bralette Club

    Our Bralette Club offers various bralettes that are less intimidating and more comfortable than regular bras. It stocks all sizes and provides a variety of bralettes to plus-size women. If you are an expert in designing bralettes, the store offers you a chance to have a customized bra. Our Bralette Club has worked with local artists to provide beautiful bralettes prints. Also, the brand provides discreet packing if you need the service.

    This lingerie store also stocks lace, panties, bra hook extenders, nipple covers, and linen robes. If you need a more comfortable and soft fabric bra, Our Bralette Club is the go-to store. It partners with recycling companies to run recycling campaigns for old bras and bralettes. Are you on a budget and weary of going shopping? Worry not; this store offers you affordable bralettes. Nursing bras to get you in shape while nursing are also available. If you need to try out different designs from different materials, the store has affordable pieces.


    • It offers a variety of bras.
    • The store has affordable rates.
    • Nursing bras are available
    • All sizes are obtainable.

    Image credit: Chalone

    Chalone is one of the leading lingerie stores in Singapore, with various branches across the county, and currently sells in Thailand’s market. At the store, you will get many kinds of nightwear and lingerie. It has a seduction line that stocks sexy designs. In addition, the store has a variety of styles and different fabrics to select your perfect bra.

    You’ll also enjoy affordable prices for most of the bras. You can, therefore, have that elegant, stylish, and luxurious look for less. If you are crazy about brands, this is your perfect store. It stocks Jolidon, Jezebel and Aubade, and a variety of European-style lingerie. If you are unsure of the correct size, you don’t need to freak out. Chalone offers in-store fitting with friendly and professional staff. If you need personalized consultation, you can book a complimentary private appointment.


    • It stocks a variety of sizes.
    • The store offers in-house fitting.
    • Personalization services are available.
    Address 435 Orchard Road, #01-33, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
    Contact Details +65 6836 9769 | [email protected]
    Operating Hours Mon-Sun, 10.30 AM – 9.30 PM
    Social Media Facebook | Instagram

    Image credit: The Bralette Shop

    Founded by Chow Liying, the bralette shop boasts of being a size-inclusive brand. It offers affordable and comfortable lingeries to different bodied women. If you are nursing, the store has sexy and chic coloured lingerie for you. With various designs made from other materials, you are sure to have high-quality and long-lasting lingeries. Also, the fabrics are soft and comfortable to the skin. It’s also easy to wash, and you will not strain in case of any stains on the material.

    Additionally, you will find pieces that meet your taste. If you are picky about colours, the store has different colours in stock. You will enjoy the customization of your ideal style if you are nursing. With affordable price tags, promos, and discounts from time to time, the store is among the must-visit lingerie stores.


    • The store is an all-inclusive size store.
    • It offers affordable pricing
    • Nursing bras are available.
    • Customization is available.

    Image credit: Carrislabelle

    Carrislabelle Lingerie has a mission of offering the best lingerie that matches the individual style of Singapore women. It has unique bralettes with straps that are chic in designs and woven to give you that delicate style. One of the house signature styles is the floral web bra which has cute body straps woven with flowers at the back. Its designs are minimalist and speak nothing but classy fashion statements. It also stocks cross-front as well as webbed back criss-cross cut-outs. If you wish to have a fantastic collection in your wardrobe, this store is a perfect place to visit.

    Other classy collections include the Carrislabelle teases, plunge neck bra, borderline risqué, and equal parts sexy bras. But if the group doesn’t have what you need, you can go a notch higher with the push-ups and lace sets available in cool colours such as pink, blue and red. You also get stick-on to attach to your low-cut tops.


    • It offers a variety of lingerie.
    • Stocks unique lingerie.
    • Their prices are affordable.
    • It offers brallets with cool straps.
    Address 35 Kallang Pudding Road #08-05C Tong Lee Building Block A Singapore 349314
    Contact Details [email protected]
    Operating Hours Mon-Sun, 11. 00AM – 6.00PM
    Social Media Facebook | Instagram

    Image credit: Naked and Unbound

    Naked and Unbound is your perfect store for the girls who love an edgy persona for their bra collection. It lives by its name of naked and unbound. It would be best if you had a bold sense of fashion to rock their collection. Naked and Bound has designs made from lace trimmings, detachable bondage straps, and the usual sensual supplies. If you are not sure of your size, you don’t need to worry since the store has professionals who are more than ready to help. Also, you can use their in-house fitting studio.

    Naked and Unbound focuses on freedom and lightness, which leaves you free to breathe. It has a unique, delicate beauty that has an interplay of showing off skin and covering part of your body. You can show off the straps, laces, and roses to feel sexy and cool. With affordable pricing, discounts and promos, you have every reason to visit the store.


    • It offers a variety of quality straps.
    • Their prices are affordable
    • It provides a variety of straps

    Image credit: I’m In

    I’m In is another leading lingerie store in Singapore worth your time. Its designs are specifically crafted with the Asian type of body in mind. Locally created, the plans are updated seasonally to ensure you are not stuck with the same old designs. As if that is not enough, the store uses everyday women to market their lingerie. You can therefore identify with most of their products. Additionally, the store has the following pieces; non-slip strapless, t-shirt bras, ultra-comfy wireless, and push-up bras.

    For women with fuller busts, the store has you covered. It stocks all sizes from small to XL. You also don’t need to freak if you do not know your size. You can have a size check before you decide to buy. With multiple locations in Singapore, you have every reason to pop at the store and check out their beautiful collections.


    • They stock all sizes.
    • Different designs are available.
    • Its designs are specifically designed for Asian frames.
    • It uses local women in its campaigns.
    Address 512 Chai Chee Lane, Mapletree Industrial, #07-15, Singapore 469029
    Contact Details [email protected]
    Operating Hours Mon – Fri, 12.00PM – 9.00PM
    Social Media Facebook | Instagram

    Image credit: Sorella

    Sorella offers you wireless bras for maximum comfort. Forget the pain of having suffocating underwire bras or cases where underwire bras poke and cause you significant discomfort. At Sorella, you enjoy locally designed lingerie with fancy straps that leave you sexy and worry-free from underwire bras.

    Besides, the fabrics used are comfortable and soft to your skin. Comfy materials absorb moisture on a hot day, giving you the anti-odour and breathability you need to enjoy your day. Even on a cold day, the pieces will still offer you the perfect warmth you need. What’s more, the designs are perfect for different body sizes. With stretchy bands under the bra, it provides maximum comfort for your bust.


    • It offers a high-quality wireless bra.
    • The store stocks a variety of bras.
    • Its designs are specifically designed for any body type.
    Address 315 Outram Road #02-08 Tan Boon Liat Building Singapore 169074
    Contact Details [email protected]
    Operating Hours Mon – Fri, 11.30AM – 8.00PM | Sat & Sun, 11.30AM – 9.00PM
    Social Media Facebook | Instagram

    The above lingerie stores in Singapore offer you the best lingerie for a wardrobe overhaul or your regular stocks. To get the best deals from online clothing shops, check out lingerie stores with promotions, discounts, or big sales from time to time. If you need your designs bespoke, check out a store that offers customization services. Not to mention your frame and the specific style you need.

    It’s essential to clean your lingerie as recommended by the manufacturers. To avoid wear and tear, ensure you get the right size so that it fits easily without any damages; or opt for bras with elastic. As seen above, the lingerie stores have all that you need when selecting your lingerie pieces.

    Lingerie in Singapore | Travelshopa Guides


    Barely two decades ago, luxury lingerie was virtually a myth here in Singapore. Fortunately, things have turned around drastically since then. As modern women became more independent and confident in themselves and their bodies, the shopping scene in Singapore began to see more and more lingerie shops around – which is great for us, ladies, but perhaps even better for our men *wink*.

    Even though Singapore still lacks in local lingerie designers, there are some great local boutiques and retailers around that offer wonderful lingerie brands hailing from all corners of the globe. From European-sized designs from Denmark, to sugar sweet brands from Taiwan and Japan, we’ve got them all covered in this list of where to buy lingerie in Singapore.



    Quality imported lingerie

    For some luxurious lingerie imported from Europe, Amaya Lingerie is the shop – or website – to visit. Geared towards the attractive, self-assured woman, Amaya Lingerie offers lingerie made in Latvia, which have been made with high quality materials from France, Italy, Austria and Germany. They also recently opened their showroom at Orchard Towers, so those feeling iffy about ordering lingerie online can head down for a fitting! Plus, they also hold events at their showroom, offering bubbly, tapas and a free showing of their wonderful products.



    Danish designed lingerie

    We’ve talked about Scandinavian homewares, but did you know that there’s a local store that offers Scandinavian-designed lingerie too? More specifically, lingerie designed in Denmark, which means European-sized lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear that flatters women of all shapes and sizes. Change Lingerie stocks eight different bra models that come in sizes up to K cup. Dedicated to helping women find their perfect bra fit, Change Lingerie is open to free bra fittings and professional services that make sure you look and feel great in all their products.



    Comfortable, breathable bamboo intimates

    Specialising in womenswear basics made with soft, sustainable bamboo fabric, Cosset offers basicwear for women whether in the form of shorts, tanks, basic tees, pullovers, wrap skirts, leggings or dresses. Oh, and intimates too, of course. Cosset’s lingerie selection is simple but functional – and oh-so-comfortable, ranging from bralettes, boyshorts and thongs, all of which also come in sets that offer great value for money. You’ll especially love how comfortable, soft, breathable and absorbent their luxurious bamboo fabrics are.



    Bespoke luxury lingerie

    Inverted Edge stocks Hong Kong-based lingerie label, Exquisite Intimates, which specialises in bespoke luxury lingerie for the modern-day woman. With a love of fashion and years of technical design experience working with the industry’s best (think: Victoria’s Secret, Bendon and Calvin Klein), lingerie designer Priscilla Kwok combines an intricate understanding of lingerie design and technology with impeccable style. The collection is sold online at Inverted Edge, however Priscilla also offers her couture inspired designs to be specifically tailored in order to provide the perfect fit. For a bespoke bra consultation with Priscilla, send an email to [email protected]



    Girly, glamourous gifts

    The go-to place for bridal gifts and other feminine lifestyle and travel items, GlamourpussLife has everything from beauty accessories to boudoir gifts, which include pink slip dresses, bra bags, lingerie storage boxes, and other sexy items for the bedroom such as garters, blindfolds and bowties. If you’re in the mood for something fun, flirty and a little glamorous, GlamourpussLife is the spot to visit. As a store specialising in gifts, whether for new brides, family, the home or even pets, the online boutique also offers gift-wrapping services and free shipping with a minimum expenditure of $40.



    Thoughtfully selected pieces and brands

    You would never expect to see the words “high-tech” and “panties” to be used in the same sentence, but you will at Perk by Kate. Possibly the only lingerie boutique in Singapore that specialises in bralettes and “high tech panties” (which basically helps deal with feminine issues such as odour and wetness), Perk by Kate brings in popular international brands from the US and UK such as like Honeydew Intimates, Eberjey, Zinke Intimates, Samantha Chang, Claudette, Mimi Holliday, Amulette Lingerie, Addiction Lingerie, Knock out! Panties! Dear Kates, SKIN Organic and MaybeBlu. And since they understand the risks of buying lingerie online, Perk by Kate also offers home fittings as well as free returns and exchanges – and is willing to go the extra mile to source a hard-to-find brand for you if you wish.



    Designer intimates for men and women

    Designed to look like a sugar sweet princess room imbued with a touch of luxury, Sweet Dessert is one of the many gems of Haji Lane. Presenting intimate innerwear for men and women, Sweet Dessert is all about romance and sensuality. The local boutique imports lingerie designed by an independent Thai designer as well as various brands from Taiwan and Japan. Expect lingerie, nightwear, corsets, bikinis, on top of a limited selection of womenswear (for work and play), shoes, bags and beauty products.



    European luxury lingerie

    You’ve heard of La Perla, the lingerie boutique headquartered in New York. But way before it opened shop in the US, La Perla was launched here right here in Singapore by Liza Hariman. Although she has nothing to do with the international brand now, Liza’s personal business, The Lingerie Shop continues to live on, offering luxury lingerie imported from Europe to an exclusive, discerning crowd. At one time, her products were so well sought after that she had customers flying in from all over the world to purchase The Lingerie Shop’s wares. If you truly love and appreciate sophisticated, luxury lingerie – well, you’d probably already have heard of The Lingerie Shop!

    Lingerie in Singapore

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    Sensualle, Speedo, SugarShape, Sunsets, Sunflair

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    Polish Samanta Underwear. Buy Polish underwear in the online store. The assortment of Samanta underwear Poland, Polish bras Samanta. On the Samanta website you can buy a poland bra complete with panties. This brand has taken a leading position in the sale of lingerie in Europe.

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    Sariana underwear. The Sariana underwear company was founded in Austria (Hainersdorf). Today Sariana group has production centers in Slovakia and Romania, as well as sales centers in Germany and the Czech Republic. Sariana is an online lingerie store for women.

    Swimwear and beachwear Sauvage. Beachwear, Bikini Sauvage Swimwear. Men’s swimming trunks shorts and women’s swimwear, glamorous beachwear, bikinis. Made in San Diego, California, USA. Sauvage Swimwear offers a wide range of stylish body styles including designer two-piece bikini sets and high-end swimwear.

    Ahead of the swimwear curve since 1985, Sauvage is proud to offer our take on high quality + high design fashion swimwear, The collections are sold at better swim stores in the USA and world wide, with the Sauvage flagship store located in sunny South Beach, Miami

    Sassa Mode Lingerie. Sassa Mode is one of the largest lingerie manufacturers in Germany. Saz underwear has an attractive price. The product can be exchanged within 14 days or returned. High waisted skinny shorts from Sassa Mode.A stunning diamond-print Sassa Mode T-shirt bra with foam-lined thermoplastic cups with soft lace inserts on the bra straps and wing straps. Women’s Lace High Cut Bikini Briefs from Sassa Mode Lingerie. These bikini-style panties are perfect for your daily wardrobe to lengthen your leg and accentuate your curves.

    Entdecken Sie die zauberhaften Wäsche- und Dessous-Kollektionen von Sassa. Anspruchsvolle und modische Designs in edlen und angesagten Farben.Egal ob klassisch, modisch, schlicht oder feminin, sassa angebotene Ihnen für jeden Anlass das Passende. Erleben Sie ein tolles Tragegefühl und eine optimale Passform – Wohlfühlen garantiert! Im sassa Online Shop finden Sie eine große Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Kollektionen und Styles. Neben zahlreichen BHs wie beispielsweise Bügel-BHs, Push up BHs, Soft-BHs oder Sport-BHs angebotene sassa auch eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Unterteilen wie Slips, Strings oder Pants an. Mit der sassa Loungewear-Collection finden Sie auch das richtige Outfit zum Chillen und Relaxen.Softe und angenehme Materialien sorgen für ein tolles Tragegefühl.

    Name Sassa Mode
    Created by Rudolf Rà¶hrer
    Company Sassa Mode SARL
    Nationality Allemande
    Address 53 rue Cuvelle
    City Roubaix
    Postcode 59100
    Country France

    Sassybax Lingerie

    Sassybax underwear.Sassybax Bralettes are comfortable, supportive and truly hide the back fat that other bras have never hidden. Sassybax Shapewear. Popular Sassybax Bralette, Sassybax Bottoms-Up Leggings, Sassybax Torso Trim and many more Sassybax stores. big sizes available! All prices are in US dollars.

    Sassybax Torso Trim Shapewear Shaper Nude Camisole
    Sassybax Torso Trim Shapewear Shaper Nude Camisole
    Sassybax Mid Thigh Shaper
    Sassybax Mid Thigh Shaper
    Sassybax Leg Control Panty
    Sassybax Leg Control Panty
    Name Sassybax
    Company Sassybax LLC
    Nationality Américaine
    Address 8928 Ellis Avenue
    City Los Angeles, CA

    Country U.S.A.

    Sally Jones Underwear

    Sally Jones Underwear. Sally Jones is an Australian designer lingerie brand for women. Sally Jones was founded in Paris and Australia in 2004. Sally has been in the lingerie industry in Australia for 20 years. Using the finest French lace and silks, Sally-Jones designs combine luxury, comfort and versatility. The Sally Jones philosophy is to make every woman feel charming and underwear and silk pajamas from the world’s leading designers.

    Luxury Silk & Lace by Sally Jones Dressing Gown Robe Agent Provocateur Styling
    Luxury Silk & Lace by Sally Jones Dressing Gown Robe Agent Provocateur Styling
    Sally Jones Poppy Red Knicker
    Sally Jones Poppy Red Knicker S 13P533
    Babydoll & Brief Set Sally Jones
    Babydoll & Brief Set Sally Jones Size M 12 Silk Velvet Pink Black Tie Up Chemise

    Sally Jones luxury lingerie and sleepwear

    Australian luxury lingerie and sleepwear brand Sally Jones founded in 2005 has relaunched with a new collection ‘Bold Romance’, a select premium range full of must-have creative pieces for the Daring Romantic.

    Name Sally Jones
    Nationality Australienne
    Address 89-99 West Burleigh Road
    City Burleigh Heads
    Postcode QLD 4220
    Country Australia

    Second Base

    Second Base Shop underwear. Second Base was designed with a simple concept: smart, stylish wardrobe solutions for your favorite outfits that lack a little extra for your daily life.This low cut top is suitable for the office.
    Second Base was created with a simple concept in mind: smart, stylish wardrobe solutions for your favorite outfits that are missing a little extra coverage for your everyday lifestyle routine. That amazing low cut top that reveals a tad too much cleavage to be office appropriate (we have a demi for that!) …. that beautiful LBD that is just a tad too sheer for weekend brunch (we have a cami for that!). Second Base started out with the plan to create functional wardrobe foundation pieces so you can always express your style while keeping it within your comfort level.Mix and match lengths, colors and trim options for the ultimate outfit transformation.

    Sawren Lingerie

    Sawren underwear.

    • Zmysłowy biustonosz w odcieniu ciepłego karmelu, zdobiony kwiatowym, wiosennym haftem. Plecy z siateczkowej dzianiny, ramiączka odpinane. Miseczki z efektem push up, z możliwością wyjęcia poduszeczek. Zjawiskowa kokardka przykuwa wzrok.
    Sheer Mesh Demi Bra New Sawren Lingerie Twist
    Sheer Mesh Demi Bra New Sawren Lingerie Twist
    Sheer Hipster Panty Plus Size New Sawren Lingerie Twist
    Sheer Hipster Panty Plus Size New Sawren Lingerie Twist
    Sheer Demi Cup Bra Delightful Sawren Intimates Mint
    Sheer Demi Cup Bra Delightful Sawren Intimates Mint

    SCHIESSER Underwear

    Schiesser – Underwear.The German underwear brand SCHIESSER dates back to 1875. SCHIESSER lingerie – quality you can feel! Large selection, Free shipping, Fast delivery in Germany. bras, tops, shirts, briefs and pants online. SCHIESSER underwear, SCHIESSER nightwear, leisure wear and much more in the official SCHIESSER online store.

    Schiesser Unterwäsche

    In jeder Situation gut aussehen – das ist Ihnen wie vielen anderen Frauen besonders wichtig? Dann liegen Sie mit der Damenmode der Marke SCHIESSER hierbei immer goldrichtig.Hochwertige Stoffe, passformgerechte Schnitte und feinste Verarbeitung lassen Sie im richtigen Licht erstrahlen. Kaufen Sie unsere Bekleidung für Damen und komplettieren Sie Ihre Looks mit unserem hochwertigen Sortiment. Egal zu welcher Tages- oder Nachtzeit – mit SCHIESSER sehen Sie immer gut aus.

    Schiesser women pajama
    Schiesser women pajamas 38 40 42 44 46 48 pyjamaset m-4xl lingerie night
    Schiesser Men’s Super Mini Rio Brief
    Schiesser Men’s Super Mini Rio Brief Size 5-14 M-6XL Briefs Lingerie
    Schiesser ladies mix & relax shirt
    Schiesser ladies mix & relax shirt 36-44 s m l xl nightgown lingerie xxl

    Underwear Seafolly

    Seafolly Shop Lingerie & Swimwear.summer dresses from Seafolly. Nightgowns, Lingerie, Wedding Underwear Seafolly

    Name Seafolly
    Company Seafolly Fashion Group
    Nationality Australienne
    Address 247, King Street
    City Mascot
    Postcode NSW 2020
    Country Australie

    Lingerie Sergio Tacchini

    SergioTacchini clothes.The popularity of the brand was promoted by eminent tennis players. So in the late 1970s, Jimmy Connors and Vitas Gerulaitis put on Sergio Tacini’s clothes. Sergio Tacchini produces clothing lines for a wide variety of sports and not only: for fitness and golf, skiing, basketball, as well as for beach recreation and tourism. Sergio Tacchini lingerie and clothing store in Italy.

    swimwear of all shapes and sizes Seaspray

    Seaspray – Underwear. Seaspray is a luxury British brand that specializes in creating and designing beautiful swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes.Seaspray swimwear exudes style and sophistication to support and maintain your natural figure, so women all over the world can feel carefree while relaxing by the pool, beach or spa. Seaspray is one of the few renowned swimwear designers who specialize in making women’s swimwear for tall ladies.

    Seaspray Swimwear

    • Seaspray Swimwear – Tummy Control Flattering Swimwear & Shape Enhancing Swimsuits.

    Seven’til Midnight lingerie

    Erotic lingerie Seven til Midnight. Seven’til Midnight makes a name for itself with bold colors, wild prints, high-quality fabrics and flirty details. Seven Till Midnight – Revealing the wild woman inside, offers seductive, sensual styles with beautiful embellishments in lingerie. Seven’til Midnight from USA For women of all sizes, there is always something perfect for you.

    Seven til Midnight Underwear

    Name Seven til Midnight
    Company Seven ’til Midnight
    Nationality Américaine
    Address 9401 Whitmore St.
    City El Monte, CA

    Country USA

    Selmark lingerie

    Selmark lingerie Underwear. Discover the designs of Selmark bras, panties, Selmark bridal lingerie, Selmark swimwear and homewear. Buy Selmark online with secure payment. The choice of the best material, the creation and production of the collection always meet the highest requirements of the corsetry business. Selmark Lingerie official website! Here you will find our latest collections and all the latest lingerie and swimwear.

    Selmark Underwear

    Name Selmark
    Nationality Espagnol
    Country Espagne

    Lingerie Shirley Of Hollywood

    Shirley Of Hollywood underwear. Shirleys from Hollywood – collections of lingerie, bras, corsets, shirts, babydolls, Christmas lingerie, lingerie and sexy Halloween costumes.Feel daring and dangerous with our selection of Shirley Of Hollywood sexy lingerie. Shirley Of Hollywood negligee is both sexy and feminine. Shirley’s babydoll has a swirling, swirl shape that flatter your figure, while its sheer wrap features gathered sleeves with bows for romance.

    Shirley Of Hollywood


    Name Shirley Of Hollywood
    Company Shirley of Hollywood
    Nationality Américaine
    Address 3240 East, 26th Street
    City Vernon
    Country USA

    Shan Swimwear Underwear

    Shan Canada SHAN Swimwear Underwear.Shan swimwear ensures you look your best when in the water. Sporty unique necklines and prints such as floral and camouflage, Shan swimwear reflects superior craftsmanship and creativity. The collection combines a mix of vibrant and muted colors with subtle craft. With its precise fit, Shang flatters the feminine form and offers comfort. SHAN – Swimwear and clothing for resorts.

    SHAN Swimwear Canada

    SHAN Swimwear, Ready-to-wear and Resort wear.Shan swimwear ensures that you look your best when you hit the water. Sporting unique necklines and prints such as floral and camo, Shan swimsuits reflect superior craftsmanship and creativity.

    Name Shan
    Nationality Canadienne
    Address 3265, avenue Jean Béraud
    City Laval, qc
    Postcode H7T 2L2
    Country Canada

    Sensualle Lingerie Brazil

    Sensualle Shop – Sensualle Lingerie from Brazil

    Sensualle sexy lingerie in the state of Rio de Janeiro

    Sensualle is a factory of sexy lingerie in the state of Rio de Janeiro.The company started in the 90s creating products inspired by the sensuality of Brazilian women. It was a great success! Since then we have developed unique and exclusive products with raw materials of high quality devoted to amaze men and women throughout the world. The models are unique, creative and are always in fashion. Our products can be found in more than 1,200 outlets in 26 states of Brazil. The Sensualle also exports to over 30 countries, spanning five continents. More than ten years of continued success Lingerie Sensualle makes a quality product of international standard.Sensualle – Sexy Lingerie like never equal. Sensualle is a sexy lingerie manufacturer from Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

    Name Sensualle
    Nationality Brésilienne
    Address rua Cel. Zamith, 150 Perissa
    City Nova Friburgo
    Postcode RJ
    Country Brasil

    Underwear Simone Pérèle

    Simone Pérèle underwear.Simone Perele presents her latest bra collection lovingly crafted in Paris. Free shipping and free returns. Precisely because silk underwear and outerwear make women feel special, Simone Pérèle lingerie has remained so beloved for over 70 years. Ever since Simone Perel first opened the doors of her Parisian boutique in 1948, her eponymous lingerie line has been dedicated to creating lingerie that makes women feel their best.Discover all Simone Pérèle lingerie and new lingerie models on the official Simone Pérèle


    Simone Perele Underwear

    Name Simone Pérèle
    Created by Simone Pérèle
    Company Simone Pérèle Sa
    Nationality Française
    Address 7-9, rue Ybry
    City Neuilly-sur-Seine
    Postcode 92522
    Country France

    Sielei Underwear

    Sielei Shop Underwear.SIELEI – Simple but well-made lingerie, very comfortable to wear and designed to accentuate the feminine shape. SìèLei is a brand of Intimamoda SpA. The first collection of the company, which was founded as Falck SpA in 1976 and based in Cognento, Modena. Bras, panties, panties, bridal lingerie, thongs, bodysuits and much more from the brand SièLei

    Online SièLei underwear

    Online SièLei underwear. Get the SièLei item you most love among our wide range. Bras, panties, brasilians brief, wedding lingerie, thongs, bodys and much more of the loved SièLei brand

    Name Sielei
    Company Intima Moda SpA
    Nationality Italienne
    Address Via G.Campagna, 60
    City Cognento
    Postcode 41010
    Country Italie

    Sigry Underwear

    Sigry – Underwear, Argentina. Sigry lingerie catalog – New collection. ART. Fantasy microfiber set. Soft bodice without push-up with pearl charm and back design. Sigri – Production and marketing of women’s underwear. Sigry lace sets. Thick padded Sigry bodice.There are Sigry lingerie with rhinestones.

    Sigry Underwear Argentina

    Catálogo de Lencería Sigry – Nueva colección. Conjunto de microfibra fantasía. Corpiño soft sin push up con dije perla y espalda diseño de tiras. Sigry – Fabricación y comercializacion de ropa interior femenina. Conjunto de encaje. Corpiño push up soft. Colaless con detalle strass. LINGERIE CATALOG Sexy Hot SIGRY Argentina

    Name Sigry
    Company Sigry Underwear
    Nationality Argentine
    Address Naca 754/58
    City Capital Federal
    Country Argentina

    Underwear Sisi

    Sisi underwear, tights, Italy.Sisi strives to complete a variety of lines, from outerwear to leggings, from underwear to beachwear – all alongside tights at Sisi stores. Sisi collections have many styles that combine quality with originality. Great design boxing shorts for men and panties for women

    Sisi Underwear

    Sisi aims to give a complete look with different lines from outwear to leggings, underwear to beachwear are all sitting next to tights in the stores Sisi.Sisi collections have plenty of styles that match quality with originality.

    Skye Underwear

    Skye – Underwear. The core philosophy of Skye ™ swimwear is to provide the modern woman with elegant, contemporary swimwear that matches her individual style and body type. Skye believes that with a comfortable swimsuit fit, a woman can find her perfect swimsuit. Sky specializes in matching every shape and size, including women’s D-cups and up.Browse the Skye Swimwear Collection for Women at Skye

    Skye Underwear

    At Skye, we celebrate the female form in all of its diverse glory. Our varied collection of swimsuit styles and broad spectrum of coverage means that you can join the body positivity movement in a way that makes you feel comfortable – and above all, beautiful! With the power of sisterhood behind us, we want to be an unstoppable force of radical confidence, unapologetic self-love, and strength in diversity.Because every body is a celebration of life. Skye ™ swimwear’s core philosophy is to provide the modern woman with elegant, contemporary swimwear that appeals to her personal style and body type. Skye believes that with a comfortable fit, a woman can find her ideal suit. Skye specializes in conforming to every shape and size, including women’s D-cup and up.

    Lingerie Skin

    Skin creates luxury homewear, lingerie, underwear, swimwear and apparel made from natural cotton and other super soft natural materials.Designed by Susan Beychel to turn simplicity into a must. Whether you prefer boxers or underpants, the best men’s underwear will be comfortable and affordable. Skin – Underwear and Swimwear, Tankinis, Rashguards, Covers, Dresses, Kimonos, Pants.

    Skin Underwear

    Skin creates luxurious loungewear, intimates, lingerie, swimwear and clothing in organic cotton and other super soft natural materials. Designed by Susan Beischel to spin simplicity into necessity.Men should be comfortable in their own skin, and even more comfortable in their underwear.

    Swimwear Self Poland

    Self underwear and swimwear. Self is a company with 25 years of experience, specializing in swimwear. Bathing suits, which are designed, meet the expectations and requirements of women, so that every woman finds among them a model that suits her individual tastes and body type. Self offers beautiful and unique swimwear created for lovers of both classics and modern trends.In the Self group of companies, all collections are produced using the highest quality raw materials, Self implements both production orders and wholesales and retail sales. Self Shop Collection Polen

    Self Underwear

    Self offer you beautiful and unique swimwear created for lovers of both classics and modern trends.

    Underwear Sonata London

    Sonata London underwear. Sonata London pushes the boundaries with every lingerie design and uses luxurious silk chiffon, satin and lace.Sonata Lingerie is designed for women all over the world. Stunning bras, bodysuits, panties, pajamas and more. Designer lingerie brand Sonata London

    Sonata London Underwear

    Sonata London Underwear – Stunning bras, bodysuits, knickers, nightwear and more. Sonata London Lingerie fuses beautiful and technically unique design forms with hyper luxurious silk chiffons, satins, linens and laces, creating garments that contour and deify the female form.

    Underwear sloggi

    Sloggi underwear Lingerie.Sloggi microfiber underwear is designed as a classic everyday base and can be playfully paired with other underwear. The breathable and soft touch material used to make the sloggi panty ensures a perfect fit. Does not use scratch labels or tags, sloggi briefs are very comfortable to wear.

    Sloggi Underwear

    Launched in 1979, Sloggi® has long been the best-selling brief brand in Europe and today delivers unrivaled comfort for both women and men.Following a “comfort first” approach when it comes to all their designs, sloggi’s selection of bras, camisoles and knickers have been created to make women feel powerful and comfortable in their own skin.

    Name Sloggi
    Company Triumph international SA
    Nationality Allemande
    Address 69, boulevard de l’Europe B.P. 49
    City Obernai
    Postcode 67217
    Country France

    Snelly Underwear

    Snelly Shop Italy – Underwear SNELLY (Italy)

    Snelly Underwear


    Lingerie SOL

    SOL underwear – Underwear.SOL Lingerie offers a large selection of European bras, panties, pajamas and more. SOL Lingerie – girls can visit the store or shop online at any time. Sol Cool’s jade fiber heat release and cooling technology adapts to your body, so when you warm up, this underwear cools you.

    SOL Underwear

    Panties for women. Thong, Bikini, Full Brief, Boyshorts, Garter and Sexy panties. SOL Lingerie beautiful panties for women.The heat-releasing and cooling technology of Sol Cool with jade-treated fibers adapts to your body, so when you warm up, this underwear cools you off.

    Soyelle Underwear

    Soyelle Underwear. Discover the Soyelle Lingerie collection: bras, tangas, thongs, panties. SOYELLE for you, stockings, leggings, tights, underwear and lingerie accessories. Fast delivery, large selection of goods for women. Soyelle’s Laundry Cloth is specially designed for lingerie in single doses to easily wash bra, panties, bathing suit Soyelle

    every day

    Soyelle underwear and lingerie

    SOYELLE for you, stockings, leggings, tights, underwear and lingerie accessories.Fast shipping, large selection of products for women. SOYELLE Soyelle to sklep internetowy z bielizną damską jak rajstopy i pończochy dostepne w dużym asortymencie.

    Swimwear, underwear splendid

    splendid Lingerie, Discover the great womenswear created by Splendid. Feel instant comfort and lightness every time you wear women’s clothing designed for a superior fit. You can browse Splendid blouses for casual or more formal occasions, Splendid shoes suitable for walking to work, and Splendid printed tops that complete a fantastic dressy look.Splendid offers premium women’s and kids’ casual wear that effortlessly blends ultra-soft, comfortable fabrics with trendy styles.

    Splendid Underwear

    Discover scene-stealing women’s clothing crafted with unparalleled quality at Splendid. Splendid offers premium casual clothes for Women and kids that effortlessly combine super-soft, comfortable fabrics with on-trend styles. Feel instant comfort and ease each time you wear our ladies’ clothing Splendid designed for a superior fit.Browse blouses Splendid for casual or more formal occasions, shoes suitable for work-to-play outings, and printed tops that complete a fantastic dressed-down look.

    Speedo Underwear & Swimwear

    Speedo underwear and swimwear. Enjoy great deals on swimwear and apparel from the world’s leading swimwear brand at Speedo. Shop of classic and new Speedo swimwear for men, women and children.

    Speedo Underwear swimwear

    Enjoy great deals on swimsuits and apparel from the world’s leading swimwear brand at Speedo.Shop classic and new Speedo swimwear for men, women and kids. Free Shipping!

    Name Speedo
    Created by Alexander MacRae
    Nationality Australienne
    Address Speedo France 25 A, rue Alexis de Tocqueville Z.I. CE 31
    City Antony
    Postcode 92 182 cedex
    Country France

    Spanx Underwear | Spunks

    Spanx Underwear.Large selection of products from the Spanx catalog in the official online store. Spanx is a well-known American brand of corrective lingerie: tights Spanks products are original and affordable textile solutions.

    Spanx Underwear USA

    Best-selling Bra-llelujah! ® bras offer fireside-level comfort. Shapewear, Bras & Bra Sets, Panties, Camisoles & Camisole Sets.

    Name Spanx
    Created by Sara Blakely
    Nationality Americaine
    Address 3391 Peachtree Road Suite 300
    City Atlanta
    Postcode Georgia 30326
    Country USA

    spiman underwear

    spiman Underwear and Seamless.Intimate lingerie brand Spiman creates high quality lingerie and is renowned for its transparency at work. Unique technologies. SPIMAN, Corsetry (Classic and Fashion). Cups: B, C, D, E. Spiman – you are spoiled for choice with convenient options for creating your own sets of bras and panties.


    INTIMATE LINGERIE SS20 La nuova collezione SS20 è l’unione di corpo e mente che riscopre un senso di equilibrio. Un nuovo femminismo per affermare audacemente la femminilità e il suo potenziale seduttivo.… La seconda new entry creata per la capsule collection The New Casual è nata per dettare un codice nel settore di intimo. Le capsule collection Spiman presentano diversi modelli adatti ad un corpo … E ‘con grande piacere che presentiamo la prima delle tre linee di Capsule Collection Spiman, creata appositamente per dare una ventata di novità al continuativo che produciamo. Per capsule collection intendiamo una …

    Name Spiman
    Company Spiman
    Nationality Italiennne
    Address Viale del Commercio 19
    City Carpi, modena
    Country Italia

    Saha Lingerie / Saha Swimwear

    Saha Swimwear underwear.SAHA Swimwear is designed for women who are tasteful, graceful, with unique details that fit the needs of their body. The distinctive design is the result of Sakha Swimwear’s absolute attention to detail and commitment to maintaining high quality standards for women seeking exclusive swimwear. The SAHA collection was born in Colombia and has since become popular for its unique patterns and styles.

    SAHA Colombian Swimwear

    Saha answers its higher calling by unveiling social projects which supports Colombian artisans, local techniques, fauna and flora.SAHA is designed for women who want to have a unique swimwear outfit but always with the condition of feeling comfortable and relaxed. As most of the SAHA swimsuits are seamless constructed, women will not have to suffer for the marks in the body and feel the fit like a second skin.

    Underwear Storm in a D cup

    Storm in a D cup Lingerie. Storm in a D cup is the official retailer of the world’s leading sports bras. The online range of sports bras includes Enell sports bras, Panache sports bras, Shock Absorber sports bras, the new Primadonna sports bras and Freya sports bras.Storm in a D cup also has a large assortment of D Cup and lingerie online. Storm in a D cup swimwear for women with big bust. With the new collection of large cup swimwear, they offer a variety of swim forms that boast different levels of coverage.

    Storm in a D Cup Underwear UK

    Beautiful lingerie for women from D cup size to K cup size. Storm in a D Cup is all about making women with bigger busts feel supported and comfortable. Being authorized stockists and retailers of big cup bras since 2006, we understand the needs and requirements of larger women.Our collection of everyday large cup bras includes plunge bras, push up bras, t-shirt bras, strapless bras, wire-free bras and a lot more. We also stock Australia’s largest range of sports bras, maternity bras and swimwear for curvy women. We offer fast shipping from our store in Bondi, Sydney, and also offer free and easy returns.

    Name Storm in a D cup
    Nationality britannique
    Address 4 evelyn Gardens
    City London
    Postcode SW7 3BG
    Country UK

    Lingerie Steffy

    Steffy lingerie Underwear.Based in Northern France, Steffi works with his own designers and fashion designers to create and complete collections of lingerie for women. Their team also develops customized solutions in line with the latest trends and fashions. 700,000 units of lingerie made in France from the Steffy brand. All models with bra and drawstring or waistband, there is a choice between all models and sizes.

    Steffy lingerie in France

    700 000 piece of lingerie made in France from the Brand Steffy.All model is with a bra and string or stanga, it is possible to choice between all models and sizes. Based in Northern France, Steffy works with their own designers and model makers to create and finalize collections of feminine lingerie. Their 50-person team also develops tailor-made solutions, at the cutting edge of trends and fashion.

    • Fabricant et distributeur de string, soutiens-gorge, armatures et slips. Wattrelos, France.
    Name Steffy
    Address 1 rue des Lainiers BP 50 022
    Postcode 59392
    Country France

    SugarShape Underwear

    SugarShape German Underwear.SugarShape manufactures and sells bespoke lingerie. Hamburg, Germany. SugarShape is your brand for perfectly fitting bras. Order your new dream bra now online at SugarShape. SugarShape is the first big cup lingerie brand. Their cups go in 2.5 cm intervals, from 80 to 120.

    SugarShape Sportswear, Homewear

    BHs, Große Cups, Höschen, Bademode, Sportswear, Homewear, Bra Charms & Zubehör, Geschenk-Gutscheine, Maßband. Mit dem eigenen SugarShape-Größensystem ohne verwirrende Buchstaben findest Du Deine richtige BH-Größe sowie passende BH-Formen und Modelle.Gib einfach Deinen Unterbrustumfang, Brustumfang und Hüftumfang an und unser Größenrechner berechnet Deine richtige Größe.

    swimwear SHOSHANNA

    Shoshanna underwear. Women’s dresses, evening wear and swimwear. Whether it’s a bikini or a sporty one-piece swimsuit, Shoshanna has a design that will flatter you. Shoshanna uses bold colors and whimsical play in their designs, bringing clothing to life.


    SHOSHANNA SWIMWEAR. Dip your toes in the water confidently with Shoshanna swimwear.Whether you are in the market for an itsy-bitsy bikini or a sporty one-piece, Shoshanna has a design that will flatter you. The label uses bold colors and quirky plays in its designs, making their apparel come alive.

    Lingerie and swimwear She Beachwear / SHE

    SHE underwear and swimwear. SHE swimwear is the pride of women. She is a popular Polish manufacturer of elegant and stylish women’s beachwear. She has been in the swimwear market for over 10 years.Combine comfort with elegance, unique and unrepeatable. Come and see the latest SHE swimwear collection. SHE – swimwear that follows global trends, with you since 1999. Each swimsuit, like a work of art, is different from the swimwear of other brands.

    SHE / She Beachwear Made in Poland

    Swimwear SHE are the pride of women. Combine comfort with elegance, are unique and unrepeatable. Come and see the newest swimwear collection 2020. SHE fallows the latest fashion trends and takes part in many trade fairs.She is a very popular polish producer of elegant and stylish women’s beachwear. The She company is on the swimwear market for over 10 years. Made in Poland

    • SHE sklep – stroje kąpielowe i kostiumy kąpielowe 2019.SHE ul. Stefana Batorego 34 b, 34-120 Andrychów, +48 (33) 875 94 90 wew. 21, +48 (33) 875 94 90 wew. 34, [email protected]
    Name She
    Company She Beachwear
    Nationality Polonaise
    Address Ul.Stefana Batorego 34b
    City Andrychow
    Postcode 34-120
    Country Poland

    Sultryain Underwear Malaysia / Singapore

    Sultryain Singapore Underwear. Sultryain is the best wholesale lingerie supplier. Sultryain’s lingerie collection includes sexy dolls, dresses, suits, corsets, garter sets, plush toys, thongs and more. All Sultryain sexy lingerie at very low prices.Singapore lingerie manufacturers. Sultryain specializes in the distribution of intimate clothing in bridal shops

    Sultryain Singapore lingerie

    Sultryain is the best wholesale lingerie supplier. Sultryain lingerie collection includes sexy babydolls, gowns, costumes, corsets, garter sets, teddies, thongs and many more. All Sultryain sexy lingerie are at very low prices. Sultryain specializes in distributing high quality lingerie to resellers located in Singapore, Malaysia and abroad.

    Swimwear Sunsets

    Sunsets underwear, swimwear. Sunsets are bold prints and flattering silhouettes. If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect swimsuit, chances are it came from Sunsets Separates. The Wrap Front Bra from Sunsets has been a hit with customers time and time again. Sunsets Swimwear for women. Designed to support and seduce bust sizes of all sizes, Sunsets swimwear specializes in D, DD and H cups. A wide range of designs – sunny and sophisticated, plus built-in underwire and a 3-line, 3-row closure – to match your suit even further.

    Sunsets swimwear Etats-Unis

    Sunsets swimwear is dramatic – bold prints and flattering silhouettes. If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect swimsuit, it likely came from Sunsets Separates. The bra sized twist front tankini by Sunsets is our customers’ favorite over and over again.

    Name Sunsets
    Company Sunsets inc.
    Nationality Américaine
    Address 24511 Frampton Avenue
    City Harbor City, CA

    Country Etats-Unis

    Swimwear beach fashion SABZ | Sabz Swimwear from Peru

    SABZ – Underwear, beachwear, beachwear.Discover the power of nature in each of the SABZ swimwear designs, take the energy of summer and the cool of the sea with you in a new summer collection designed especially for you. Inspired by life in coastal cities where summer is endless and life is slower. Sabz Swimwear

    SABZ swimwear Peru

    Sabz Swimwear _ Tienda Online – Sabz Swimwear. Luxury Swimwear for women is about fine fabrics, stylish and trendy cuts, and of course amazing fit. The Luxury Swimwear line by SABZ offers a great collection of swimsuits with underwire cups, colorful fabrics, chic silhouettes, and sexy designs.

    Name SABZ
    Company Ardimo SRL
    Nationality Péruvienne
    Address Républica de Panama 5883
    City Miraflores Lima
    Country Peru

    Swimwear Sunflair

    Sunflair – Lingerie, Beachwear, Beachwear. SUNFLAIR, you can wear 81 different bikinis every day during the summer. Colors, sexuality, functionality and personality are the main points of SUNFLAIR.Sunflair understands the problem and offers the styles you need to simplify and improve your body according to D, DD, E, F and G Cup bra sizes.

    Sunflair Beach Fashion

    SUNFLAIR® Beach Fashion Impressions 2020_ Diving right into the summer with strong (individual) pieces – Adolf Riedl GmbH & Co. KG. Colors, sexiness, function and individuality are the SUNFLAIR® bullet points this season

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    Not for sale. The Russian Federation reacted to the arrest of “Sevastopol” in Singapore

    Singapore has arrested the Russian ship Sevastopol, which is under US sanctions, for debts, and intends to obtain permission to sell it. Senators and political scientists shared their views on the political implications of the scandal and talked about the benefits of Singapore.

    Russian lawmakers and political experts criticized the decision of the Singapore authorities in the situation with the detention of a Russian vessel and explained why the problem was created mostly artificially.

    Earlier on Friday, the management of the port of Singapore arrested the ship “Sevastopol” with 12 crew members on board for debts and intends to seek permission to sell it.

    According to Oleg Anikin, deputy general director of the Hudson shipowner for fleet management, in the Asian port the ship’s auxiliary engines broke down, local repairmen refused to service the ship that fell under US sanctions, but domestic specialists were not allowed to Sevastopol under various pretexts.

    As a result, a debt was formed for the parking and the arrest of the ship followed. The court decision on the case is expected on December 17.

    Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Singapore Sergei Novoseltsev rejected the political component of the issue. “In fact, what is happening … is a purely commercial dispute. … The ship was arrested because of debts, not because of sanctions, ”the diplomat emphasized and confirmed the embassy’s readiness to provide compatriots with the necessary assistance.

    The decision of the port authorities to detain the “Sevastopol” is not legal, since Russian specialists refused to allow the ship to be repaired, the head of the international committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev drew attention.

    “Of course, we do not recognize either the validity of the sanctions (in relation to Russian legal entities and their property, – ed.), Or the very right of the United States to issue certain verdicts and demand their execution from third parties outside its own territory, … to which Washington is persistently trying to teach all peace, ”added the senator.

    In his opinion, the US Treasury Department has long turned from a “financial at the same time a judicial and punitive body”, groundlessly bringing charges and introducing restrictions, which are “too zealously” executed by Singaporean companies and authorities.

    First Deputy Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the Higher School of Economics, Igor Kovalev, on Sputnik radio, explained why the authorities of the Asian state took such a step.

    “This is yet another proof that the Singapore authorities are trying to use these sanctions for their own benefit and get additional profit. The Americans do not hide the fact that they will punish those firms that violate the sanctions regime, so the companies refuse to repair the ship, fearing punishment for doing business with those who are under sanctions.There are those who took advantage of the situation, they were ready to provide assistance, but at a greatly inflated price. But the most interesting thing is that the Singapore authorities refused to let our repairmen, who could carry out repairs on their own. It is clear that the authorities want to sell the ship and get profit, ”Igor Kovalev said.

    Nikolai Sukhanov, chairman of the Far East regional branch of the Russian Trade Union of Seamen (RPSM), told RIA Novosti that the association is ready to get involved in the situation and help if requested.

    The United States added the vessel to its sanctions list in August 2018. According to the American Ministry of Finance, it participated in the supply of refined petroleum products to the DPRK. Representatives of the company refute these assumptions.




    In Singapore, the court decided to confiscate the sanctioned Russian vessel

    A court in Singapore ruled to confiscate the ship “Sevastopol”, which fell under US sanctions, for debts.The debt to the ship owner, the Hudson Company, arose due to an idle time in the Singapore port.

    Sevastopol’s auxiliary engines broke down. Local companies, under the pretext of sanctions, refused to fix them, and those that agreed asked for a lot of money. The port authorities did not allow Russian repairmen on board.

    The Hudson Company and the ship Sevastopol belonging to it came under sanctions for allegedly participating in the supply of petroleum products to the DPRK. There is a version that they were pumped from Russian ships to North Korean ones at sea.

    As the deputy general director of the company for fleet management Oleg Anikin told RIA Novosti, the owner turned to the Russian consulate in Singapore for help. The plans also include contacting the government committee that deals with sanctions issues.


    Cryptobank SEBA will cover nine more countries

    The Swiss crypto bank SEBA Bank AG will start operating in nine more countries in December: Great Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong.This was reported by his press service.

    As noted, in December the bank will begin providing services to “clients from certain foreign jurisdictions.” The organization plans to provide custody services for BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XLM and NEO, as well as provide trading services for BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC and XLM.

    SEBA seeks to unite the traditional banking sector and the cryptocurrency industry by providing custodian services, trade and liquidity management, asset management, transaction banking and tokenization.The bank’s main clients are professional investors, blockchain companies and asset managers.

    It should be noted that the Swiss bank SEBA opened in November.

    Prior to that, it became known that it will support cryptocurrencies.

    And last week it turned out that SEBA cryptobank is launching a new index.



    The Embassy is verifying the data on the indictment of a Russian citizen in Singapore

    The Russian Embassy in Singapore establishes the circumstances of the case, allegedly of a Russian who, according to media reports, is accused of financial fraud.

    The corresponding statement of the embassy was published in the Telegram channel of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    The report states that the Singaporean edition of The Straits Times published information about the indictment of financial fraud against Vadim Koryagin, who is called a Russian citizen in the article.

    “At present, the embassy, ​​in coordination with the law enforcement agencies of the city-state, is working to clarify the circumstances of the incident and the citizenship of Vadim Koryagin,” RIA Novosti is quoted as saying.

    The embassy added that Russian diplomats, if necessary, are ready to provide assistance to Koryagin.


    Russian in Singapore accused of bank fraud

    Russian Vadim Koryagin in Singapore was accused of 30 episodes of fraud with banks, according to the local newspaper The Straits Times. In Singapore, Vadim Koryagin is known as the founder of the first local wrestling federation and the first promoter of this sport in Russia

    In Singapore, Russian Vadim Koryagin was accused of 30 episodes of financial fraud with banks, according to the local newspaper The Straits Times.According to him, Koryagin is 51 years old, he entered into an agreement with four Singaporeans and from April 2014 to May 2016 helped them get funds from OCBC, DBS Bank and Maybank Singapore.

    What exactly Koryagin was doing, the newspaper did not specify. According to her, Singaporeans hid from banks that they are the ultimate beneficiaries of several companies. The court established a bail for Koryagin of almost $ 7,400, for the Singaporeans passing along with him in the case – two times less. Koryagin will return to court on January 24, 2020.For each of the episodes of fraud, he faces a fine and imprisonment for up to three years.

    The Russian Embassy in Singapore was not informed about the situation with the detention of the Russian citizen, and Koryagin himself did not apply, the diplomatic mission reported on Facebook. The embassy clarified that it is clarifying the circumstances and establishing Koryagin’s citizenship.

    Vadim Koryagin has a LinkedIn profile. It states that he lives in Singapore and is the managing partner of Intracorp Pte Ltd, a company that advises and assists in the registration of companies in Singapore.

    In addition, Vadim Koryagin mentioned Yahoo News Singapore: the publication called him a former Russian wrestler, who in 2002 founded Russia’s first Independent Wrestling Federation. Vadim Koryagin in the presentation of the Federation is indicated as one of the contacts (the document can be downloaded from the link). The Straits Times wrote that in 2012 he co-founded the professional wrestling organization Singapore Pro Wrestling.


    Pervert looked under a woman’s skirt and was put on trial

    In Singapore, a man looked under a woman’s skirt without permission and was put on trial.Reported by CNA.

    Leong Sau Chung, 31, followed a woman in a knee-length skirt who came to a bus station near the Singapore-Malaysian border. As she climbed the stairs, the man followed her and, using a mobile phone, filmed her legs and underwear. He then stood behind his victim on the escalator and discreetly made another entry.

    Border service officers drew attention to the man’s suspicious behavior.One of them made sure Chang didn’t go into hiding while the other told the police about him. The pervert was detained and found on his phone two videos that he made on the stairs and escalator.

    After being accused of defamation of womanhood, Chang faced a fine and imprisonment for up to one year. At the trial, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four weeks in prison. In addition, he will not be returned his phone, which was seized as material evidence.

    Source: https: //

    In Singapore, a Russian was accused of 30 episodes of fraud with banks

    According to the Strait Times, we are talking about 51-year-old Vadim Koryagin, who in 2014-2016 helped Singaporeans in fraud with obtaining money from local banks

    In Singapore, a Russian was accused of financial fraud associated with deceiving three local banks.Writes about this Strait Times with reference to the meeting of the district court.

    According to the newspaper, 51-year-old Vadim Koryagin is accused of helping four Singaporeans in 2014-2016 fraud with money from OCBC, DBS and Maybank Singapore. According to the investigation, the directors of the companies received funds from banks, hiding information about the ultimate beneficiaries. The exact amount of damage was not disclosed.

    In total, the article says, Koryagin is charged with 30 episodes, each of which provides for a fine and imprisonment for up to three years, and each of the Singaporeans – for a maximum of four episodes.The amount of the bail for the Russian was $ 10,000, for the Singaporeans – $ 5,000 each. The next court hearing in the Koryagin case will be held on January 24.

    “The Singapore authorities did not inform the Russian side about this situation. Koryagin also did not apply to the embassy for consular support. Currently, the embassy, ​​in coordination with the law enforcement agencies of the city-state, is working to clarify the circumstances of the incident and the citizenship of Koryagin, ”Sergei Novoseltsev, press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Singapore, told RBC.


    Singapore will not introduce fines for talking on mobile phones at pedestrian crossings

    Singapore police have denied rumors persistently circulated on the Internet that they are going to fine citizens for using gadgets on the go while crossing the street and put them in jail for up to three months. The amount of the fine for such a violation, as previously assured by unknown informants, will be 1 thousand rubles.Singapore dollars ($ 733).

    “Such messages circulating on the world wide web are a lie,” the Singapore police quoted Reuters as saying. “However, we still advise pedestrians to avoid using such devices when crossing streets, as it interferes with correctly assessing the traffic situation, [as a result of which you can] fall under the wheels of vehicles,” the police said.

    According to Reuters, such words of law enforcement officers can be very surprising.Singapore has harsh laws, and anyone can be fined here, for example, for feeding birds in the wrong place or for forgetting to flush water in a public toilet. Therefore, rumors about the likely introduction of fines for using smartphones when crossing the streets of Singaporeans were not very surprised. Another thing is that the police denied the impending introduction of such punishments, but this is already surprising for the local population.

    Meanwhile, many in Singapore would welcome the introduction of such fines.Some residents have long been outraged by the behavior of pedestrians buried in their phones, who are in no hurry and disturb other passers-by. Such people, while talking on the phone, often do not pay attention to traffic signals and pose a threat of accidents at pedestrian crossings. Such citizens make motorists very nervous and even infuriate.

    Meanwhile, according to the consulting company Ernst & Young, Singaporeans spend more than 12 hours a day using mobile phones and other gadgets.Many people do not stop using them, even when they need to concentrate on the streets.



    Scientists have created a polymer that kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    Singaporean scientists have developed an antimicrobial polymer capable of destroying antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including biofilms. This is reported by the Eurekalert portal.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic-resistant bacteria are the cause of death of at least 700 thousand people a year. Therefore, the development of new antibacterial agents is extremely important.

    Alpha-peptides, used as a basis for the creation of a new polymer preparation, have already been used to treat resistant bacteria, however, they were extremely unstable and showed high toxicity.

    Created by researchers from the Singapore Alliance for Research and Technology, co-beta peptide has demonstrated good antimicrobial activity, low toxicity and high stability.It decomposes slowly in the body, so its action lasts a long time.


    A meeting with Singapore Drama educators association was held in Singapore

    A meeting of the representative of the Organizing Committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF ∙ 2020 Konstantin Lazarev with the Singapore Drama educators association took place in Singapore. This association is an association of Singaporean educators who apply elements of theatrical pedagogy in their practice, as well as uniting educators in the field of art.Members of the association, creators of best teaching methods, were invited to participate in the Global Forum. The Association Council will support the Forum Organizing Committee and propose the best teachers in Singapore to participate in the Forum free of charge. The Council looked forward to the strong support of the Singapore Ministry of Education …


    Robocop began patrolling the Singapore subway: tourists flock to a new attraction

    Tourists in Singapore have a new attraction: recently, passengers in one of the Singapore metro stations can witness the work of unusual patrol officers – two high-tech robotic police officers OB1FORC3 and K3NOBI, who are taking part in a joint exercise of the Ground Transportation Authority (LTA ) and the Singapore Metro (MRT) on emergency preparedness and safety in public spaces.

    The tasks of smart machines include patrolling the station to detect suspicious people and things left unattended. Equipped with a satellite navigation system, laser sensors, smart surveillance cameras and an interface for video analytics, the robots were created by local company Oneberry Technologies, which develops virtual security systems that reduce the workload and allow security personnel to remotely monitor areas entrusted to them with the “eyes” of robots.

    As of July 2019, there were about 1,500 virtual police officers from Oneberry Technologies in Singapore, in particular, K3NOBI were involved in ensuring security at the Interpol World Conference at the Marina Bay Sands Congress Center. The number of such machines will only grow as the company invested an additional $ 30 million in September to expand its range of high-tech products for surveillance and security systems.

    By the way, control over the observance of parking rules in the pick-up and drop-off area of ​​passengers at Singapore Changi International Airport is also carried out with the assistance of robots: as soon as the car stops in this area, a virtual “employee” of the road safety service drives up to it on the screen of which a bright the inscription “Parking is prohibited”.After a certain time has elapsed, a sound signal is turned on, which means that the license plate will be fixed and a fine will be issued for the violation.



    Minister of the EEC Sergey Glazyev: “The competitiveness of the EAEU depends to a greater extent on whether our countries can move to a new technological order”

    New requirements for assessing the level of competitiveness of countries in the context of the transition to the digital stage of development of the world economy, problem areas and potential growth points to increase the competitiveness of the countries participating in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) were discussed at the headquarters of the Eurasian Economic Commissions (EEC) – participants of the international seminar “Modern view of the competitiveness of the economy.Challenges and Prospects for the EAEU and CIS Countries ”.

    Member of the Board (Minister) for Integration and Macroeconomics of the EEC Sergey Glazyev noted that the change in technological structures observed today creates opportunities for a qualitative breakthrough in the national economies of the EAEU countries. In this context, the Commission assesses the competitiveness of the member states, taking into account the influence of the integration factor. In particular, in 2019, the report “Assessing the Impact of Integration on the Level of Competitiveness of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union” was prepared.

    Member of the Board (Minister) for Internal Markets, Informatization, Information and Communication Technologies of the EEC Karine Minasyan stressed that the inclusion of the Union countries in the digitalization processes will become an important condition for the growth of competitiveness …

    In conclusion, the participants of the seminar noted that it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to the issue of increasing national competitiveness in the context of an integration association …


    Uzbekistan became the country of the year according to The Economist

    Uzbekistan became the country of the year according to the British magazine The Economist. According to the editorial board, in 2019 the state of affairs in this country has become “noticeably less oppressive.” Positive changes began back in 2018, when President Shavkat Mirziyoyev initiated reforms “that have accelerated over the past year.”

    “Three years ago, Uzbekistan was an old-fashioned post-Soviet dictatorship, a closed society with exceptional cruelty and incompetence,” the article says.The authors note that the regime of the former president, Islam Karimov, forced men, women and children to work on plantations, which caused the country to be filled with dissidents who were actively fighting.

    After Karimov’s death in 2016, Mirziyoyev came to power, however, according to the publication, little has changed at first in Uzbekistan. The new president moved into action in 2018. His government has largely ended forced labor, allowed foreign journalists to work, opened more border crossings, and decided to close one of the harshest prisons, Zhaslyk.“Foreign technocrats are invited to help rebuild the state economy,” the magazine notes.

    According to The Economist, Uzbekistan still has a long way to go, but in 2019 “no other country has come that far.”

    This year the editors of the publication have considered several candidates for the title of the country for years. In addition to Uzbekistan, the list includes New Zealand, North Macedonia and Sudan.

    New Zealand was noted by the magazine for government actions after attacks on mosques in Christchurch, North Macedonia – for concessions to Greece and the change of its name, and Sudan – for overthrowing the dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir.

    Last year The Economist chose between Armenia, Malaysia and Ethiopia. As a result, the title of the country of the year was awarded to Armenia, which, according to the magazine, showed that it “has a chance for democracy and renewal”.



    Vietnam praised Russia’s position on the South China Sea

    Vietnam highly appreciates Russia’s position on the South China Sea, hopes that Russia will continue to advocate compliance with international laws, Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said at a meeting of the Federation Council on December 11.

    “Vietnam highly appreciates Russia’s position on the South China Sea, in accordance with which it stands for the peaceful resolution of all disputes on the basis of international law, primarily the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. This makes an important contribution to ensuring security and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. We very much hope that Russia will continue to advocate for the observance of the supremacy of international laws, for the observance of the UN convention, ”said the speaker.

    According to her, Vietnam believes that all work on exploration and development of oil by Russian companies on the Vietnamese continental shelf is entirely in those zones that belong to Vietnam, are included in its sovereign rights, jurisdiction and “nothing can interfere with this.”

    Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia welcomes the ASEAN-PRC dialogue on the creation of a code of conduct in the South China Sea and advocates that such territorial disputes be resolved on the basis of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and without the intervention of third parties. countries.

    For decades, China has been in disputes with several countries in the Asia-Pacific region over the territorial belonging of a number of islands in the South China Sea, on the shelf of which significant reserves of hydrocarbons have been discovered.We are talking primarily about the Xisha archipelago (Paracel Islands), the Nansha Islands (Spratly) and Huangyan (Scarborough Reef). Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines are involved in this dispute to one degree or another. The situation in the region is often complicated by the passage of US warships here, which, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, violate international law and undermine China’s sovereignty and security.




    The Business Times (Singapore) published an article “Hong Kong is, fortunately, not Crimea”, where, in particular, it was noted that “the crisis in Crimea began in November 2013, when the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with The European Union and made a choice in favor of strengthening ties with Russia.This triggered a series of protests, including those at Independence Square in the center of Kiev, and put Ukraine on the brink of civil war. ”

    Singapore: exports excluding refined products in November increased by 5.9% y / y, -5.9% y / y was expected, the previous change was revised from -12.3% y / y to -12.5% ​​y / y G.

    Singapore: Exports excluding oil products in November increased by 5.8% m / m, + 4.2% m / m was expected, the previous change was revised from -2.9% m / m to -3.1% m / m.

    90,000 The stupidest laws | Tax & Law

    The inhabitants of Switzerland are extremely strict about the peace of others.It was in this country that lawmakers came up with the idea of ​​banning noisily draining the toilet after ten o’clock in the evening, as this could interfere with neighbors. However, modern Swiss plumbing makes breaking this law almost impossible. The cisterns are produced with increased sound insulation, in addition, they are designed in such a way that the water flows silently through special tubes, instead of crashing down with a crash.

    The city-state of Singapore is known throughout the world for its cleanliness and huge fines for trying to violate this cleanliness.For example, rubbish thrown on the street is fined in an amount equivalent to $ 600. In addition, the sale of chewing gum has been banned here for 12 years – a radical way to combat hooligans who mold it anywhere. The ban was lifted only in 2004, when gum appeared on the shelves of Singaporean pharmacies.

    Swaziland, Africa, recently passed stupid law prohibiting women from wearing panties. The norm was sanctioned by the local monarch, who proclaimed a return to tradition, while the panties are unconventional underwear for Swaziland.The punishment for wearing underpants is quite humiliating: the soldiers rip them off the woman and tear them into small pieces. True, it remains unclear how the law enforcement officers will see women’s underwear, if, according to the law issued by the same monarch, Swazi residents over 10 years old must wear skirts no higher than the knee.

    The Times also reminds that in London any free citizen is allowed to carry a flock of sheep across London Bridge without paying a fee. In addition, a free citizen has the opportunity to drive geese around Chipside.But a person sick with plague is prohibited from stopping taxis on the streets.

    In Bahrain, a gynecologist has the right to examine a woman’s genitals, but cannot look directly at them, but only at their reflection in the mirror. In a number of Muslim countries, law allows sexual intercourse with animals, but only with females. In Lebanon, a person faces the death penalty for having an affair with a male animal. In Indonesia, they may have their head chopped off for masturbation.

    State and national legislators also display a somewhat misplaced jealousy in the defense of public morals.For example, in Italy, a man in a skirt can be arrested. It is clear, of course, what kind of men in skirts we are talking about, but what to do in Italy for the Scots who honor their traditions?

    In Ohio, women are prohibited from wearing patent leather shoes: it is believed that shoes can reflect underwear. In Iowa, kissing is prohibited for more than five minutes. And last in this category is a mysterious Florida law that prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sundays. This must also be related to public morality.

    In Vermont, a wife must obtain written consent from her husband to have dentures installed. In London, the head of any dead whale found on the shore belongs to the king. The tail of such a whale belongs to the queen if she needs a whalebone for a corset.

    Blindfolded driving is prohibited in Alabama. In Ohio, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol on fish. In Boulder City, Colorado, you cannot kill birds. In addition, it is illegal to own pets there.Thus, anyone who keeps a cat or dog is officially called “serving an animal”

    About the smaller brothers:

    • Donkey cannot sleep in the bathroom in Arizona
    • In Alaska, it is forbidden to wake up bears in order to photograph them, as well as to throw live moose out of the plane.
    • In Polling, a policeman has the right to bite a dog to calm it down.
    • In the city of Montgomery, Alabama, passers-by on the street should not open umbrellas so as not to frighten horses
    • In Hollywood, it is forbidden to bring more than 2,000 sheep at the same time on Hollywood Boulevard
    • In Texas, you cannot shoot a buffalo from the second floor of a hotel.
    • In Washington, it is illegal to ride an ugly horse (it is not clear how the beauty of a horse is determined)

    In Denmark: If a horse becomes frightened when a car passes by a horse-drawn carriage, the driver is required by law to pull over and stop. If the horse becomes very nervous and has to be reassured, the driver is required by law to cover the car with something.

    • Trying to escape from prison is not considered a crime, but if the fugitive is caught, he will have to serve his term in prison.
    • You cannot start the car if there is someone under it.
    • When driving, the headlights of a car must always be on so that it can be distinguished from standing cars.
    • When driving, a person must walk in front of the vehicle waving a flag to warn horse-drawn carriages of an approaching vehicle.

    In England: Members of Parliament are prohibited from entering the House of Commons wearing armor.

    • All English people who have reached the age of 14 are required to practice archery for 2 hours a week under the guidance of a local priest.
    • A man is allowed to urinate in a public place if it happens at the rear wheel of his car and his right hand is on the car.

    In China: It is against the law to save a drowning person as it interferes with their fate.

    • For a student to be allowed to attend college, he must be smart.

    In Canada: Every fifth song played on Canadian radio must be sung by a Canadian citizen, which is why Celine Dion and Brian Adams’ songs are often heard on the air.

    • It is illegal to pay for an item that costs 50 cents using only penny (1 cent) coins.
    • It is prohibited to launch missiles into an area not intended for this. Anyone violating this law may be fined $ 75.

    What will the color of the underwear tell about its wearer?

    The color that you love can tell a lot of interesting things about your mood and character traits.In addition, love or not love of a certain color almost always gives an idea of ​​sexual addiction and potency. In addition, color preferences show a lot more. This applies not only to clothing, but also to underwear. It was discovered quite a long time ago that the color you like can indicate your mood and character.

    So, if you are in a bad mood, you can choose clothes in shades of green, and if you are in a good mood, then shades of pink. In order to cope with depression, we, most often, put on something really fun and bright.If you look into your wardrobe, you will most likely see that it is dominated by clothes of two or one particular color. It is clear that this is not a coincidence.

    So, white is considered just perfect. Frosty white and water color. White has no definite meaning, it is able to attract the body of light and at the same time it is able to remain cold. This is exactly the color that can charge you with positive emotions for a long time. In the old days, white was associated with the world, it has always been the color of fidelity.Now this color is mainly associated with innocence and luxury, white linen creates a very unattractive look, special inaccessibility and respectability. You can choose for yourself the perfect women’s underwear from Poland of absolutely any color, and the quality will be at its best.

    Black color characterizes firmness and strength, determination and aspiration, as well as independence. In addition, this color symbolizes depression, anger, sadness and fear. Although some peoples associate black with fertility and sex appeal.It is worth noting that the black color visually slims, so many girls use this to hide certain flaws in their figure, they specifically choose black trousers and dresses.

    Red symbolizes power and desire. The color red is liked by courageous and strong-willed people. More often than not, people who prefer this color are adventurous and energetic, outgoing and active. Men who like this color are quite ardent and passionate. In personal relationships, they show enviable initiative and activity.

    Girls who prefer red are very temperamental. Their character is very flighty and capricious, in some cases hysterical. Such girls feel like queens, therefore they demand adoration and worship for themselves.

    90,000 Singapore. The city where you want to return … – TAKIFA

    We managed to celebrate the New Year 2013 in Singapore!

    Sunny, endlessly interesting, oriental hospitable, mysterious and highly developed city-state in Southeast Asia left only positive and for some reason very tender memories.

    Singapore, some kind of a mix of exotic and civilization. Contrast. What else can you call it? You understand that resisting (read: using logic) is useless! For example, on the one hand, the “Asian tiger”, the rapidly developing economy and the achievements of civilization, the best city for people – and then the strictest and illogical ban on chewing gum.

    Or another example, it is impossible to buy a swimsuit in shopping centers (they say it is forbidden), only in underground and specialized stores, but mannequins with sexy underwear are open.

    Mysterious and attractive!

    Ah, Singapore, Singapore you remained in my heart with a transparent, moist, slightly salty-sweet aftertaste of happiness!

    The name Singapore comes from Malay Singa (lion), borrowed from Sanskrit सिंह siMha (lion), and Sanskrit पुर pura (city).

    Singapore’s area is 714.3 km⊃2; the area is gradually increasing due to the land reclamation program in place since the 1960s.Currently, the state of Singapore consists of 63 islands. The largest of them are Singapore (main island), Ubin, Tekong Besar, Brani, Sentosa, Semakau and Sudong. The highest point is Bukit-Timakh hill (163.3 m).

    That is why Merlion is the eternal symbol of this city.

    Merlion is a statue with a lion’s head and a fish body sitting on a wave. The lion’s head symbolizes the discovery of Singapore, as described in the Malay historical record.Previously, Singapore was known as Temasek (translated from Javanese as “sea”). In the 11th century, Prince Sang Nila Utama of the Sri Vijava Empire discovered the island again. Finding himself for the first time on the shores of Singapore, he met a mysterious monster, which, as he later learned, turned out to be a tiger. After that, the prince gave the island the name “Singapore”, which means “Lion City”. The Merlion Fish Corps symbolizes the ancient city of Temasek and Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village.

    We did not prepare specifically for the trip and therefore arrived without a preliminary route.In this connection, we walked only through general tourist attractions and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to return and see not “ceremonial” Singapore.

    We flew to Seoul for a mandatory scheduled visit. Just in December, a regular flight to Beijing appeared. And suddenly it turned out that we would have to celebrate the New Year in Seoul or Beijing. To be honest, such a prospect was not encouraging. And we started looking for a “crooked” route. And then, by a magical coincidence, we were offered a visa-free entry to Singapore for transit passengers! We quickly buy a ticket to Seoul, with a very crooked route, through Singapore and voila! We will celebrate the New Year in Singapore !!

    In Singapore for 2 days we managed to visit only Marina Bay.Therefore, in almost all the photos there is a monumental structure of the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel with a swimming pool on the roof.

    The next photo is not ours 🙂 This is one of the popular photos of the rooftop pool:

    And in fact, all this is not so scary 🙂 Having visited the observation deck of Marina Bay Sands, we photographed the view of the pool. By the way, it turns out that if you go up to the observation deck at 21 o’clock, you can get to the territory of the pools, take pictures only, of course, do not swim 🙂

    Gardens by the Bay was created as part of the Marina Bay Development and New Center project.They are located on an area of ​​101 hectares – a public place with gardens, bridges, overpasses, parks and plants. Gardens by the Bay only opened in June 2012 and has already become very popular.

    View of the Gardens from Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck:

    We did not get into the huge domes, simply because of my fatigue, which is a pity, of course.

    In two huge bio-domes are located – Tropical forests and in the Flower Dome – flowers from all over the world.

    The domes are the size of four football fields, and about 220,000 plants from all continents of our planet will find a new home here.

    Interestingly, in the Flower Dome, garden waste will power a huge steam turbine, which in turn will generate the electricity needed to keep the domes climate controlled. All this is powered by solar panels.

    The garden is huge, you can’t walk 🙂

    What can you not see there 🙂

    I was amazed and simply delighted with the Super Trees!

    Super Trees and the entire garden were designed by the UK-based architectural firm Grant Associates.

    There are 18 super-trees in total in the gardens, ranging in height from 25 to 50 meters.

    Each tree has a concrete base, a steel trunk with plant panels and a canopy at the top.

    Bridges and overpasses (128 meters long and 22 meters high) connect the tallest trees.

    Walking across these bridges and crossings provides visitors with thrills and incredible views of Gardens by the Bay. It was a little scary because a thunderstorm began, but very funny 🙂

    Each super-tree grows tropical vegetation and a variety of ferns, all sorts of vines twining around the trunk on a steel frame.By our visit, since June, these plants have almost half overgrown the trunks of huge trees. I think that in a year they will be completely overgrown and then the steel rods will not even be visible. This will be a real Avatar !! My first thought was 🙂

    Huge trees have solar systems for converting solar energy into conventional energy, and this energy collected during the day is used to illuminate structures at night. And trees also serve as collectors of rainwater.Serve themselves 🙂

    Here are some photos of information about the work of these interesting super-trees:

    There are many more photos with views of Marina Bay in Singapore:

    What is forbidden on bridges and crossings between Super-trees 🙂

    We also took a ride on the Ferris wheel.

    The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel built in 2005-2008. It reaches the height of a 55-storey building with a total height of 165 m (541 ft), making it the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, 30 m (98 ft) taller than the London Eye

    We walk around the bush, waiting for darkness to take a photo for our collection “Night cities of the world” 🙂

    The design is impressive.This is visible from the booths, bottom view from the waiting room. And in order to get into the cockpit, you need to go up to the 3rd floor.

    These are just indoor views of the Singapore Ferris wheel

    By the way, what kind of entertainment is not offered on this wheel! There are romantic dinners, weddings, birthdays, VIP cabins with a variety of themes

    It’s getting dark, it’s time to get up 🙂

    Next is a photo from the booth window.No thrills were experienced 🙂 The cabin moves slowly, a full revolution for 30 minutes. A very comfortable cabin, completely glazed and therefore there is no adrenaline rush like on open wheels. You calmly walk around the cockpit, admire the views from behind the glass and, frankly, wait from 15 minutes – when will we arrive 🙂

    Some suspiciously Yakut-looking person is trying to join a happy Singaporean family 🙂

    Walk along the embankment and ride a river taxi along the canals before leaving

    The pose of the monument reminded me of a statue of Pushkin 🙂

    Winter weather spoiled us with daily rain and thunderstorms.Thunderstorms often start completely suddenly. In the morning it is a sunny, hot day, and in the evening the clouds come abruptly and we run to hide in the nearest cafe and warm ourselves with hot coffee, and outside the window at this time it pours …..

    This is Sentosa Amusement Park

    Another huge Merlion

    View of Sentosa from the cabin of the cable car

    Even such a day does not seem gloomy 🙂

    And, well, actually, the new 2013 itself!

    This huge pile of balls fell at 12 o’clock in the morning from above into the general hall and everyone began to run and clap these balls.The sound was like a real fireworks 🙂

    New Year’s Eve dinner 🙂 Oh, well, also coffee and tiny sandwiches, it’s not clear from what 🙂

    Marina Bay Sands Viewpoint Visit Day:

    Typical tourist pose – I was here! 🙂

    Meeting of two river taxis 🙂


    and in short, something like this 🙂

    We will return to you, you just wait for us Singapore!

    Happy travels and new discoveries to everyone!

    # Travel

    Mood: Bright memories


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