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Written By Frankie E.

Want to design a room? Try an online room planner like the RoomSketcher App to bring your room design ideas to life!

If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of Pinterest boards and magazine pictures saved of your room design ideas… but how do you turn those into an actual room design?

There are a lot of great room design ideas out there. The trick is to know what will work in your actual room. One of the best ways to figure that out is with a room planner. With a room planner, you can visualize your room design ideas in 3D and see what works!

Room Design Made Easy

The RoomSketcher App is an easy-to-use floor plan and home design tool that you can use to design a room online. Create a floor plan, furnish and decorate it, and visualize your room in 3D. With the RoomSketcher App, you can design a room right down to the color palette and the accessories. Try different furniture layouts and decor options to find solutions that work – all online.

In no time,  create a floor plan and snapshots of your new room design to show to your family and friends, or your contractor, decorator, or salesperson. Integrated sharing features make it easy for you to share and collaborate on your design online.

Start with a Floor Plan

The best way to design a room is with a floor plan. Creating a floor plan with a room planner like the RoomSketcher App is easy. Simply download the RoomSketcher App and then you are ready to get started.

You can draw your room from scratch or select one of the basic room shapes to start with. Our easy, drag-and-drop tool makes drawing walls, adjusting room size, and adding windows and doors a snap. This quick video tutorial will show you how to get your floor plan started:

Top RoomSketcher Tip!

When you design a room it is always a good idea to create two floor plans – one of your existing room and one of your new design. Having both will help salespeople, suppliers and/or contractors to see more accurately what you need to create your design. This will save you both time and money when planning a room.

Create Furniture Layouts

Once your floor plan is ready, click on the Furniture button, to add furniture. The RoomSketcher Product Library has over 7,000 brand-name and generic products to choose from. All the furniture sizes are adjustable, so you match the measurements of the furniture you already have or that you are considering buying. This will help you determine the perfect size of the furniture you need.

Top RoomSketcher Tip!

When planning a furniture layout, always start by adding the largest furniture items first. Use these to determine your arrangement options. Then, add in smaller furniture pieces after. This will save you time and effort when creating your furniture layout.

Add Room Finishes

Once your furniture layout is complete, add your room finishes. Just click the Materials button and select a material, such as wood, tile, or wallpaper, and drag it into the room. Choose to apply it to the floor, walls, or both. You can try out all sorts of different finish options for the floor, walls, and ceiling. You can also find and match paint colors. Learn all about how to paint and decorate your walls in this Help article.

An accent wall is a great way to create a focal point in a room. Add wallpaper or a different paint color on a single wall to create an accent wall.

Decorate Your Room

Now it’s time to decorate your room. Experiment with furniture styles. Try out different color schemes. Then accessorize with artwork, lighting, and home decor to create that perfect look.

Visualize Your Design in 3D

The best part of this room planner is that you can visualize your interior design ideas instantly in 3D. While you draw your floor plan, a 3D model of your room is being generated at the same time. View any part of your room in 3D with the integrated virtual camera, and create snapshots of your design ideas as you go.

You can adjust the camera height and aperture to get a wide-angle view of your room or zoom in to see details close-up. Save your favorite snapshots to the Image Gallery to compare design options and to choose the ones that will work best for your room.

Get Started on Your Room Design

Get started on your room design today with this fantastic and easy-to-use floor plan and home design software. Simply create a free account, draw your floor plan, furnish and decorate it, and see your design in 3D – it’s that easy!

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12 Best Room Design Apps & Home Planner Tools

Designing rooms can be tricky, and it’s often hard to visualize what the end result will be but you don’t have to be a professional room designer to create. In fact, wouldn’t it be great if there was a room decorator app to see what your design ideas actually look like before you implement them? There is — and it’s free! The following list of the best free online virtual programs for planning and designing your home is all you need.

We found the programs below to be easy to use for room designing, even if you’ve never used a online room planner before. You can accomplish most of your room design tasks, such as crafting the perfect layout for your space and choosing the right décor.

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12 Best free home design apps

These are our favorite online room decorator tools and apps:

  1. Planner 5D
  2. Roomstyler
  3. Ikea Home Planner Tools
  4. Design a Room
  5. Homestyler
  6. The Home Renovator
  7. Sweet Home 3D
  8. SmartDraw
  9. HomeByMe
  10. MagicPlan
  11. Amikasa
  12. DecorMatters

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D bills itself as the most extensive free room design app on the market. Easily design rooms down to the smallest architectural details, including windows, stairs, and partitions. Don’t stop at interiors; this room designing app also lets you do landscaping and pools — all with stunning 3D graphics.

You can also get inspiration from their gallery. Explore new and trendy designs created by other virtual room designers.

Rating: 4.3 stars on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Download Planner 5D on the App Store or on Google Play.

2. Roomstyler

Use this outstanding room design app to upload your own floor plan or play around with preloaded room layouts. The Roomstyler 3D Home Planner allows you to insert walls, doors, and windows and select from a gallery of interior finishes.

The interface is relatively simple to use and allows you to view your plan and 3D image at the same time. You can move the camera around the plan to see different views and choose from more than 120,000 brand-name items to insert into your model, which includes anything from small kitchen appliances to garden tools.

If you love the decor you put into your rendered model, click the “Available for purchase” button to find out the price and purchasing options. You can use the software for free without joining. But if you join, you can upload your model to Facebook for your friends to see.

Rating: 2.0 stars on the App Store.

Download Roomstyler on the App Store.

3. Ikea Home Planner Tools

When you flip through the Ikea catalog, do you ever wish you could see how a certain bookshelf and desk would look in your space? You can Ikea now has a room designing software! With the free, easy-to-use Ikea home planner tool online, you can configure your floor plan, choose from the store’s gallery of furniture and decor, calculate the cost, and print out your wishlist for in-store browsing.

Room-specific tools include a virtual kitchen planner, a bedroom planner, a bathroom planner, and storage planning solutions.

Rating: N/A

Download the Ikea Home Planner Tools. Note they are not available on the App Store or on Google Play.

4. Design a Room

Stop taking home dozens of material samples to try out all the combinations in your space. Instead, try the Armstrong 3D room decorator app that allows you to see different color combinations of flooring, cabinetry, ceilings, walls, and countertops from the comfort of your home.

Design a Room allows you to choose a room in your home, pick a style (like contemporary, traditional, global fusion) and virtually play around with colors, textures, and finishes. You can even coordinate Sherwin Williams, PPG, and Benjamin Moore paint colors to go with your design.

One of the best things about this free tool is the ability to learn about the products before you buy them. For example, when designing a bathroom, you might see a note saying hardwood flooring isn’t recommended. This ensures that your room designs will be functional and stylish.

Rating: N/A

No download needed. Try the Armstrong Design a Room tool online.

5. Homestyler

Autodesk, the creator of AutoCAD, REVIT, and 3ds Studio Max, is well-known for its professional design programs. It also created the Homestyler room design app, which they sold to Easyhome in 2017.

This user-friendly program doesn’t require formal training like the other professional programs the company offers. Simple drag-and-drop functions allow you to create your own designs and dream up floor plans. Homestyler’s 3D floor planner and 3D room designer tools are perfect for an amateur virtual room designer.

The furnish and decorate tool allows you to choose cabinetry, appliances, furniture, and nearly every decor item you can think of. Then personalize your space with area rugs and finish items by several manufacturers. Once your design is complete, you can print it out.

Rating: 4.5 stars on the App Store and 3.9 stars on the Google Play Store.

Download Homestyler on the App Store or on Google Play.

6. The Home Renovator

Room decorator apps are all well and good, but The Home Renovator lets you plan for and budget the materials you’ll need for your renovation project. The Home Renovator lets you choose from insulation, drywall, paint, ceramic tile, ceiling tile, and deck projects. You can use the site’s free worksheets to measure your space, enter your measurements, and review your tool requirements. This room designing software will then get a report telling you how much material is required for your project, a budget price that can be used to negotiate with local dealers, and illustrated instructions that show cutting and placement of materials.

Rating: N/A

No download required. Use the tool online at The Home Renovator.

7. Sweet Home 3D

This 3D room design app is for those who want more customization options for their room layout. The online software is free, though login information is required. You can also download a more advanced version of Sweet Home 3D (at an extra price) that allows you to save, export, and manipulate your home plans. The interface has four sections:

  • The furniture catalog allows you to choose components by name, then drag and drop components directly into the floor plan.
  • The home furniture list displays the dimensions of each piece by name and size.
  • The home plan shows you in a 2D format where the walls, windows, doors, and furniture are placed (as viewed from above).
  • The home 3D view shows your plan in three dimensions so you can visualize the plan as you design.

To bring in your floor plan, import it into Sweet Home 3D, scale it, and trace over your plan to remove the guesswork. This program can be simple, but it has advanced features for those who want more from their 3D virtual planning experience.

Cost: Free to download or use online here. $13.99 on App Store.

Rating: 3. 5 stars on the App Store.

Download Sweet Home 3D on the App Store. No version available for Google Play.

8. SmartDraw

Smartdraw is a suite of programs for visual graphics and presentations, including project charts, timelines, marketing charts, and flowcharts. Under the flowchart application is a feature to design floor plans and individual room plans. You can use SmartDraw to plan office spaces, apartments, individual rooms, and even building elevations.

SmartDraw works well for individuals and businesses that don’t want to spend a lot on design software. This room designing software has a free trial period and if you’re satisfied, you can purchase the full program. With an almost infinite selection of furniture, cars, building materials, and preloaded plans, SmartDraw offers a lot of bang for the buck.

Cost: Free to try. $9.95/mo. or $297 for a single license.

Rating: N/A

Download SmartDraw or try the online version on the SmartDraw website.

9. HomeByMe

HomeByMe is a web-based room design app. Start in 2D and build your room from the ground up, finishing with furniture and accessories. Once you’re ready, convert it to 3D, where the walls fall away and you can look inside the interior design plan you created.

Cost: Free to try. $14.99 for the full version.

Rating: N/A

HomeByMe is fully web-enabled.

10. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is a room design app for iOS and Android that creates floor plans from user-scanned photos. This makes creating a room design a snap, with “No need to measure or draw.” It’s the perfect app for those new to designing floor plans. As you might expect, it isn’t as detailed in its creations as more advanced apps, but it’s useful for quickly creating interior layouts for a novice room designer.

Cost: Free (first two projects), then $9.99/mo.

Rating: 4.7 stars on the App Store and 4. 4 stars on the Google Play Store

Download MagicPlan on the App Store or on Google Play.

11. Amikasa

Amikasa is a room design app that’s won a Webby award thanks to its aesthetically pleasing interface. Users also praise the ability to create their room layouts using real brand products.

Once you’ve finished your design, there’s a 3D walkthrough feature that allows you to take a virtual tour of your new space. Plus, you can share designs on social media to get feedback. The iOS version recently had a $0.99 price-tag added, and there’s no Android version available. There’s a beta Windows version that can be downloaded for free.

Cost: $0.99 for iOS version; free Windows version.

Rating: 2.9 stars on the App Store. No Android version.

Download Amikasa on the App Store or from the Amikasa website.

12. DecorMatters

If you want to gamify the process of room design, then DecorMatters is for you. This iOS app brings augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to the process of room design. And users are loving it.

There are leaderboards, virtual coins, and levels, plus special rewards for participating in design challenges. Users can create new virtual rooms based on templates, or they can tweak their real-life room with augmented reality. Rooms can be posted online and you can browse through other’s creations to get inspiration. Eventually, the team says content creators can be compensated through profits received from product recommendations and copyright authorizations.

Rating: 4.7 stars on the App Store.

Download DecorMatters on the App Store. No Android version available.

Ratings and pricing as of Jan. 7, 2021.

The bottom line

There are plenty of free online 3D virtual programs and room design apps that will allow you to plan, design, draw and view your space. You too can be a room designer with these room designing apps and software. Choosing the right one depends on your skill level, objective, and how you want to present your final drawings.

Whether you want to play around or start building a home to your personal specifications, this list of top 10 best free online virtual programs and tools will help you get started.

Frequently asked questions


What is the best app for interior design?


That depends on what type of interior design you need to do, along with your knowledge and skill level in using these types of 3D software tools. Try several and see which one meets your needs the best.


How do I use a room design app?


Use one of the room design apps above to plan your next design project, or to have a little fun with design inspiration. Interfaces vary based on the specific app but play around with whatever free solution you choose. You’ll be inspired to tackle your next project in no time!


Where can I find inspiration for interior design?


Inspiration for interior design is all around you. Take note of your surroundings wherever you go, or pick up some design magazines and books. You can also play with the tools in our guide to get more inspiration.

Steven Walters contributed to this post.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Floor Plan

September 25, 2020 | 4 min read

westend61/ Getty Images

The layout of your home is probably one of the most significant choices you will ever make regarding your home. Regardless if you live in an apartment, a condominium or a house, the layout of the rooms and how they flow will largely depend on your lifestyle.  Whether you prefer a single story or multiple stories, and all the bedrooms on the top floor – choosing a perfect plan can be stressful.  Here are 5 tips to help you decide on a plan right for your family.

1.) Choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle.

Klaus Vedfelt/ Getty Images

In a previous post, we discussed the pros and cons of having an open floor plan.  There are factors you should consider regardless of openness. Factors such as layout of rooms with consideration of family size and ages of children is essential. Most families who have young children like to have the private spaces of the house – bedrooms, and bathrooms grouped in one area of the home.  While families with teenagers and young adults prefer to have bedrooms separated from each other.  If you’re house hunting, these factors will be important when choosing a home to move into. Assess your current floor plan and what the pros and cons are.  You may like it or would prefer to try a different one.

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2.) Do you entertain often or rarely?

Andreas von Einsiedel/ Getty Images

Many home floor plans are centered on entertaining and welcoming guests the minute they step through the front door. A wide foyer opening into an open floor plan living and dining room and meandering to the outdoors would be perfect for guests visiting. Although, if you and your family are more private and don’t like your full home on display every time the front door is opened, you may opt for a formal living room adjacent to the front door. This will allow guests a place to immediately sit and feel comfortable while leaving the rest of your house private.


Single story or multistory?

Klaus Vedfelt/ Getty Images

Many families enjoy single-story homes for the quietness of no overhead foot traffic noise.  Some single-story homes or ‘Ranch’ style homes tend to group public rooms in the center and bedrooms and baths are located on the “wings” of the floor plan.  Multistory homes give the added benefit of views to the outside instead of looking directly into a neighbor’s window. Multistory homes also give each family member their own space and room to have privacy over single-story floor plans.


Do certain functions of your home need special accessibility?

onurdongel/ Getty Images

Whether you have a live-in family member that needs extra space to maneuver or children who need extra-wide hallways to run around, consider this factor when choosing a floor plan.  Older homes tend to have narrower hallways, doorways, and often door head heights. Remember renovating or altering non-load-bearing wall locations in the future is an option.   Consider this if you fall in love with a floor plan but your family needs change over the years.


How much outdoor living do you wish to have?

PC Photography/Getty Images

Your floor plan will most likely include an outdoor leisure area. Whether that is a porch, lanai, swimming pool, or other amenities.  When choosing a floor plan, assess how much your family will use these outdoor leisure amenities. Similar to a large yard, it looks beautiful when you keep up with it, but can look terrible if you don’t.  Ensure you want the added responsibility of keeping up with the outdoor plan AND the indoors at the same time. Deciding on a floor plan can be fun and frustrating at the same time.  Assess your family’s lifestyle and your preferences to how you enjoy living.  With patience, your dream home floor plan will be easier to find than you think! Freshome reader’s how did you choose the floor plan of your current home? Do you like it, or would you change it? Share with us your thoughts.

10 of the best free online room layout planner tools

If you’re thinking about redesigning a room and altering the layout, then it’s sometimes hard to work out whether your ideas will really work and if everything will fit in well. This is particularly so with rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, when you’re considering totally re-arranging the existing layout.

One of the best ways of seeing whether or not your ideas are actually viable, and to get an idea of how they might look, is to put together a proposed layout of your room. If you don’t fancy drawing this all out on paper, then there are a wide variety of very useful free room planning tools online, many of which are simple and easy to use.

Some of the tools are useful for an initial play, to see how you could move key items around in a room. But if you want to get a more accurate idea of how things could work in your particular room, you will need to take measurements and input these into the room planners. Don’t forget to also take into consideration where windows or doors are located and which way they open!

There are online room planning tools run by individual brands, which use examples of their own products to help you plan a room, plus generic tools that guide you as to what size bath or sink you’ll require to meet your plans.

We successfully used one of the generic room planners to re-design our bathroom, completely altering the original layout. Using our measurements, it was very useful to see the maximum size of bath and shower unit that could fit in, whilst still giving enough space in the rest of the room.

Once you’ve produced your perfect room plan, you can usually save it, download it or print it out. If you’re employing a builder or contractor to do the work, then the room plan will be useful for them to get a better idea of what you’re looking for and find products that match the required sizes.

Online room planning design tools are ideal for those who have smaller spaces, or perhaps too much space, and need help bringing it all together. Using the dimensions of your home can help you to plan everything from the position of the chairs to the shutters for your windows. It is also a great way to work out if you can really fit that beautiful refurbed fireplace or not. Remember to save your creations, though! 

10 free online room planning design tools

Update: There’s a few more than 10 now, as we’ve found more and added to our list!

RoomSketcher – The free floor planner and home design tool from RoomSketcher makes it easy to draw out and plan your room layouts, as well as get a more visual idea of how things could fit.

Floor Planner – Floor Planner offers a useful tool (the basic option is free) to create new floor plans and room layouts.

Plan Your Room – An easy-to-use online tool that will help you plan out the space you have available.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner – A free online room design tool that helps plan out different rooms in your home.

Sweet Home 3D – Free online interior design tool that allows you to create 2D plans and see previews in 3D. It’s available in a range of languages.

Autodesk Homestyle – Useful free drag and drop room planner tool that allows you to easily create floor plans, plus add decorating ideas too.

3Dream – A useful 3D room planner for all aspects of interior design.

BHG Arrange a Room – A useful tool that allows you to arrange a room and see how different configurations work.

Bathstore – Free online 2D bathroom planning tool.

Ikea – Room planning tools from Ikea, including a kitchen planner.

Villeroy & Boch – A useful online 3d room planner, plus professional templates that you can use to inspire you.

B&Q – B&Q have several free room planning tools on their website, including a bathroom planner, kitchen planner and room designer tool.

Homebase– Homebase have a selection of useful online tools and calculators, including a free room planner.

Magnet – Online kitchen planner tool that helps you create a 3D model of a kitchen.

Useful room planning apps

If you’d prefer to have a go at planning using an app on your phone or tablet, then here are some tools to try.


Roomle 3D and AR room planner app

Bathroom planner app

Harvey’s room planner app 


Planner 5D

Harvey’s room planner app

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(Top image credit: Shutterstock)


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2022 year planner now available online

BSAC annually produces a year-view wall planner with the spring and neap tides which is free to download in a variety of sizes.

With the tides for next year, the planner can be used to map out both individual member and club dives for the new diving year.

Many thanks to Mike Rowley and Mark Gosling who have provided assistance with creating the neaps and springs chart this year.

The PDF can be printed off in either A4 or A3, perfect for the dive club noticeboard, or the planner can be downloaded in larger sizes – A2 and A1 – which can be sent to your local printers or copy shop if you need a large size.

Download the 2022 year planner

Please click below to download the PDFs.

If you want to use an editable PDF but don’t have the software then you can use free websites like this to personalise your year planner.

Add the tides to your digital calendar too!

Download the ICS file to add the tides to your digital calendar on Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar (iCal). These will be able to sync across all your electronic devices including your smartphone and tablet, as well as your computer.

You can download the file and find instructions on how to import it onto your calendar system below.

Download ICS file

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Download the ICS file
  2. Right-click and select ‘Open with…’ > ‘Microsoft Outlook’
  3. This should open a calendar window, click ‘Save and close’

Google Calendar

  1. In your browser, open Google Calendar and go to the Settings menu
  2. Click ‘Import & Export’ on the left-hand sidebar
  3. Select file from your computer, click import!

Apple Calendar

  1. On your desktop, open Calendar
  2. Click ‘File’ > ‘Import. ..’
  3.  Select file from your computer, click import!

Please note, this is for Mac which will automatically import to your iPhone or iPad. To upload directly to your Apple product without using a desktop Mac you will need to follow different instructions (below).

iPhone/iPad Calendar
  1. Email the ICS to your device
  2. Open the message in the Mail app
  3. Tap the ICS file name in the email message window – the list of events should appear
  4. Tap ‘Add All’, and then tap the calendar to which you want to add the ICS calendar file events, and then tap ‘Done’ 


Join the BSAC community

The BSAC network is working together to keep people connected to the sport. With online training, special interest webinars, competitions, support to clubs and the trade, and much more…we’d love you to join us.

Wall Organization Center | Erin Condren



Free Personalization: Option to add names, photos, quotes & more.

Free Personalization: Add names, photos+

Free Customization: Choose frame finish, board layouts, colors, font & design.

Free Customization: Choose colors, layouts+

Interchangeable Boards + Accessories: Slide in & swap out calendars, checklists, boards & more!

Interchangeable: Slide in & out boards, accessories+

Magnetic: Conveniently attach notes, photos, documents & more with magnets.

Magnetic: Post notes, photos+ with magnets

Dry & Wet Erase: Easily write with erasable markers & wipe clean.

Dry & Wet Erase: Easily write & wipe clean

Easy to Install: Install the lightweight frame with a single Z-bar. Slide in your insert board & enjoy!

Easy to Install: Lightweight with single Z-bar

Flexible & Ergonomic: Write standing up or slide board insert out & write sitting down.

Flexible & Ergonomic: Write standing up or slide out & write sitting down

All-In-One Organizer: Simple & streamlined single unit with modular, expandable features.

All-In-One Organizer: One unit with modular features

High-Quality: Well-crafted, streamlined & stylish organization that lasts.

High-Quality: Well-crafted, stylish & durable

90,000 9 online planners for creating an interior and apartment plan

Are you planning a renovation in your apartment? You can create the interior of a house or a separate room using an ordinary pen and a blank sheet of paper. But is it possible in this simple way to convey all the ideas, every little thing, especially if you are not a very good artist? Let’s be frank: it is unlikely that in this case it will be possible to draw a layout of even one room.

But we have good news! There are special services that make it possible to provide for any little thing – from the size of windows to the location of the sockets.You can, for example, place different types of windows to see which one works best. Make several interior options and print them to show to the master later. This will help him better understand what you want to get in the end.


With the online planner Remplanner, you can create your own technical drawings for repairs. The service helps to create your own apartment design project without involving a professional designer.

The most important difference of this planner from others is the design and presentation of the project in the form of working drawings, as in a classic design project. This is a full-fledged set of working drawings, consisting of 12 planning sheets (original dimensional plan, wall dismantling plan, heated floor plan, furniture arrangement plan, etc.) , calculation of estimates and scope of work for brigades, approximate calculation of rough materials for repairs, the ability to work simultaneously with several layouts.


The way Autodesk Homestyler works is pretty simple: you drag and drop everything you need onto the dimension grid. This is how any elements are placed – from furniture to holes in the wall. Once you have installed the item, click on its image to set the exact size and shape. When you click on the “Room plan”, a control panel appears, where various data are adjusted: the type of room, its dimensions and other information.

For a detailed drawing of the interior of your dream home, the service developers have provided a large selection of furniture.Interior items cannot be changed. But thanks to the selection of different elements, you are sure to find something suitable. The finished project can be saved or printed. It is even possible to export it to a DWG file in 2D or 3D.

There is an interesting option that allows you to use a real photo: you photograph your own room and place furniture in the picture. This is the simplest yet powerful online planner we’ve tested. Its feature is preset room plans, including various design options in city and country houses.

An indisputable plus of the service is the ability to easily move furniture, changing its size. At the same time, there are no restrictions: all elements in the program are free. Why? The catalog contains furniture that can be purchased in reality – a great way to embed ads, making the tool more convenient.

Do you want to immediately determine the approximate cost of the project? Take a look at the Shopping section, where you will find finishing materials and their prices. Please note that prices here are approximate and the list of materials is incomplete.As a nice bonus, Autodesk Homestyler offers tools for creating landscaping of the local area: gravel, grass, water, and much more. The program supports the Russian language.


Floorplanner uses the Snap tool to draw even corners and raised walls. After the latter are drawn, they can be moved, increasing the space or, conversely, decreasing. Floorplanner has a large selection of windows and doors that you can place and then modify as you wish.Furniture can be detailed to fit the desired dimensions.

Floorplanner allows you to create projects in three dimensions, not only with a top view. However, all changes are made first in two-dimensional mode, and then, if necessary, are transformed into three-dimensional. You can quickly switch between modes to see how the changes look like in “reality”.

Users can also print ready-made interiors and share them on social networks.You can publish the project to Facebook, send it by email, or post it on the site pages. Ideal for designers!


Roomle allows you to export finished interior projects to JPG files. You can print the created interior, change every detail, and present any size in both English and metric measurement systems.

The application allows you to easily navigate between 2D and 3D. In a three-dimensional version, you can consider the created environment with a “overhead” or “first-person” view, which allows you to evaluate the finished project as accurately as possible.

The set of elements is small, but thanks to flexible settings, their sizes can be easily changed. The scheduler interface is convenient and easy to learn. Walls “build” very quickly, move / remove in one click. This is a very good tool with different options for creating the perfect home project, but without Russian language support.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D provides ready-made projects based on the selected room shape. The service has a large set of tools with which you can visualize any interior in the most detailed way.The program allows you to choose everything – from the type of switch to musical instruments.

You will be surprised by the convenient interface of the planner: here the tools are on the left panel, therefore, having selected a category, you see them all at once. Does the design feel overwhelmed? Just move unnecessary objects to another location. Another useful feature of the planner is adding new floors.

Although the service does not allow you to download a JPG / PNG image directly to your computer, you can take a snapshot of the project to save the process of changes.Planner 5D has paid options, so some design elements are blocked. However, you can rest assured that one item in each category is free.

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a free online tool that helps you create floor and room plans. It has a simple interface, so it won’t be difficult to figure it out. When choosing a floor plan, the style of the room is immediately selected.

There are no incomprehensible graphic symbols here.VP Online uses standard characters instead. At the same time, even if you are not well versed in architectural symbolism, just hover over the icon with the mouse – a hint will pop up, and you will immediately understand what this symbol means. If you plan to use the planner frequently, you can mark some of the icons as favorites – thereby saving the time required for searching.


HomeByMe is a free online room planning service. Start working on a project in 2D – build a room from scratch, add furniture, accessories.Then convert it to 3D, where there are no walls and where you can look inside the plan you created. No matter what skills you have, what goals you set, how you want to present your model, this program will suit you perfectly.

IKEA Home Planner

IKEA Home Planner offers a limited selection of objects for creating a kitchen / dining room interior. A certain set of elements can be supplemented with your own to get a more accurate design solution.Despite the fact that the choice of items is limited, it is allowed to change their size – this will allow taking into account the dimensions of the apartment.

The 3D visualization works great, so you can immediately see all the details from the inside. The control panel will allow you to “walk” around the created room, to evaluate the work done. The placement of furnishings is carried out in 3D, and the change and control of dimensions is carried out in 2D.

At the moment, the service has rather limited capabilities, but it is likely that over time, additional options will appear in it.Now this is more a marketing ploy of the company than a serious development. The conclusion suggests itself this: IKEA Home Planner is not the most convenient planner from the review, especially without the support of the Russian language.

Roomstyler 3D Planner

Looking to enhance your own home plan or other finished projects? Then this program is for you! The service can be used without registration. If you register, you will be able to post your projects on social networks so that your friends can watch them.

Roomstyler 3D Planner allows you to insert walls, doors, windows, select elements from the interior decoration gallery. Move the camera over the plan to get a more detailed picture of the interior, change the color of the walls, ceiling, if necessary, using an extensive palette.

Real things can be used to add to the project: kitchen appliances, garden tools in the garage. If you liked the selected item, click the Available for purchase button – you will see the cost of the specified item and the address where you can buy it.The interface is relatively easy to use and also allows you to view the diagram and 3D image at the same time.

free online service for interior design in 3D

Wanna make a cool affordable design for the house, but don’t have much knowledge about it? Try RoomToDo and you’ll see how easy it is.

What is RoomToDo

It’s a special software for your computer where you can fast and easily create the design of your house.
Making a house design should be easy and joyful and you can make it with RoomToDo. By using this program, you can create the design of your dream in a short time without any professional skills. We thought about everything, that’s why our program has all-powerful instruments, which go with an easy and intuitive interface. Here you can plan your own home remodel online, play around with some furniture arrangement and make all other stuff to make your project better.
RoomToDo is also a perfect software for designers.Using it, you can provide your projects for clients or contractors.

What you can make in RoomToDo

In our program you can:

1. Creating 2D plans. Here you’ll find all instruments which you need for creating complex planning projects which include putting a wall at different angles and making walls with uneven thickness. All these things will help you create a professional model and make it easy.

2. Draw your project on the top of your drafting.For making the process easier, you can download your plan and draw the contour of your rooms. This will save your time and when you’ll finish your project will be ready for design in 3D.

3. Doors and windows for everyone. Here you’ll find thousands of different door and window styles. Moreover, in our program, we also have different columns, arches, and other elements.

4. Make experiments with the wall, floor, and ceiling decorating materials. Create your walls? It’s time to decorate them.In RoomToDo you can find different materials for walls, floors, and ceiling. Here you can big variety of wallpaper, laminate, tile, mosaic, wood and stones.

5. Furniture and accessories. When the main part of your project is done, it’s time to play around with some furniture arrangement. In our program, you’ll find hundreds of different furniture models, which you also can customize. You can change sizes, materials, and colors, so it will be only your original style.

6.Different viewing options. In the program, you can change the view type for more comfort. You can use:

  • drafting – for creating your walls;
  • 2D and 3D – for decoration and furnishing;
  • first-person view – for the presentation of your work.

7. Save your project and share it. You can save as many variants of your project, as you want. You can share it on Facebook using a special link.
So if you ready for house remodeling, you can try it absolutely FREE! You’ll pay only if you’ll like it and want to extend facilities by using Pro Version.Use the contact form on our website if you have any questions!
Make your house perfect with RoomToDo!

House planner online constructor in Russian for free, create a project

To create a project of a low-rise house from a bar, taking into account the layout and arrangement of furniture, it is not necessary to pay the designers and designers. We offer a simpler, more interesting and absolutely free option – a constructor-planner in Russian for creating a project of a private house of your dreams.In order to start online design, you need to select the project you like and click the “Create and calculate the layout” button. The proposed constructor has been developed for a wide range of users, including those without construction and technical education.

Launch of the constructor-scheduler

1. Floor planning of a frame or timber house

Projects of houses proposed on our website provide for three main options for dividing by levels: 1) one-story cottage; 2) a house with an attic; 3) a house with a full second floor.When working with the planner, mansard log structures should be considered as two-story, while the choice of layout should be made taking into account the area of ​​the attic, and the arrangement of furniture – taking into account the sloping ceilings.

With the help of the planner, you can draw a plan-diagram of the future house, which will display windows, individual rooms, stairs, doors. The tools for transferring these objects to the plan are located in the “Planning” tab.

House planning tools

Functional diagram for frame and log houses can be made at your discretion.There are no specific standards and rules for planning premises in single-family houses and cottages. However, in order not to get a project of a house with an inconvenient layout, one should take into account the experience of design engineers and the recommendations developed on its basis.

Currently, zonal planning is widespread, in which the area of ​​the house is divided into three zones:

1) Day room – includes common areas that do not require isolation: living room, hall, dining room, kitchen, study, library.

2) Night – consists of premises requiring mandatory isolation: bedrooms, guest rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms.

3) Household – auxiliary premises: boiler room, storeroom, basement, garage, workshop.

On the ground floor, as a rule, the project of the house provides for the location of daytime and utility rooms. Designing must begin with determining the location of the entrance door and stairs to the 2nd floor. The size of the door and stairs can be set from below, after selecting the schematic image of the option “Door” or “Ladder”. There can be several entrance doors, for example, to exit to the backyard or terrace.

Placing and sizing doors and stairs

The requirements for stairs and the norms for their placement are regulated by SNiP 2.08.01-89. The standard establishes the basic requirements for staircase structures in private one-family houses: the minimum width of the flight of stairs is 0.9 meters, the number of feet in the flight is no more than 18, the recommended slope is 1: 1.25. It is best to place the stairs in the vestibule (hall) or corridor.However, this is not a generally accepted rule: stairs can be located in the living room, dining room. The most important criterion when choosing a location is accessibility. To climb to the second floor, it is inconvenient to walk through the whole house. In small cottages, it is customary to place stairs in the corner near the wall; in houses of large area, it is allowed to arrange stairs in the middle of the floor.

The next step is to divide the area of ​​the 1st floor into rooms. The layout will depend on the number of premises and their area. Interior partitions in the planner have an initial length of 2 meters.By pulling one of the endpoints of the line segment, the interior partition can be extended or expanded to a vertical position. The length of the baffle is indicated at the bottom of the page. Multiplying the length by the width of the interior partitions, you get the area of ​​the room. To remove an erroneously placed partition, you need to click “Remove”.

Installation of interior partitions

Recommendations of design engineers when choosing a layout, taking into account the purpose of the room:

1) Tambour – communication center of the house.The room connects all the zones and rooms on the ground floor. There may be a staircase to the 2nd floor or an exit to the terrace, veranda, garage, if such premises are provided for by the project. It is desirable that there are sources of natural light in the vestibule – windows.

2) Corridors – the width of the corridors should be at least 0. 85 meters, optimally 1.1-1.6 meters. If it is planned to place built-in wardrobes along the corridor, then its width should be increased by the width of the furniture. To organize the most comfortable space, narrow corridors should be avoided.The best option for the 2nd floor is a small hallway leading to all rooms located on the floor, which is accessed by a staircase.

3) The living room or common room is the largest square or rectangular room. The room can be combined with a kitchen, dining room, office. The minimum area is 18 m2, the maximum is not limited. The living room should have natural light, the number of windows is determined in proportion to the area: for every 12 m2, at least 1 window. A living room with a large glass area is ideal if the windows face the south side of the house.

4) Bedrooms – small individual rooms with 1-2 windows. The minimum area of ​​a bedroom is 8 m2, a children’s room is 12 m2. The master bedroom (of the owners of the house), as a rule, has a large area – from 12-15 m2. The optimal shape of the bedrooms is rectangular. Bedrooms with a work area or wardrobe located in a niche look original and ergonomic.

5) Kitchen – a room for cooking. In modern layouts, the kitchen is often combined with the living room. When designing a kitchen, one should take into account the possibility of supplying all communications at once: water supply, sewerage, gas supply, ventilation.Kitchen area – from 9 m2 or more. The premises must have windows that can be oriented to either side of the world. When planning an isolated kitchen, it is important that the entrance to the premises is convenient.

6) Bathroom – a room where plumbing is located. The number of bathrooms in a house depends on its area and the number of residents. Bathrooms can be combined or separate. In large houses, the layout may include a sauna, a mini-pool.

After dividing the floor area into rooms, the locations for the windows and interior doors are selected.

Arrangement of windows and doors

Windows are sources of sunlight necessary to create a healthy microclimate in the house. The minimum number of windows is determined by the glazing area, which in turn depends on the purpose of the room and is: for the day zone – at least 20% of the area, for the night zone – at least 10%, for the attic zone – at least 5%. If desired, the glazing area, and hence the number of windows, can be increased, but it should be understood that window structures are a source of heat loss and the frame house will require effective insulation.You can read more about the norms of natural light and the requirements for window structures in SNiP 23-05-95, GOST R 56926-2016.

The main condition when planning doors is to ensure fire safety standards and comfortable use. According to the norms of SNiP, the front door from the house must open outward. There is no single standard for interior doors, it is enough to follow a simple rule: an open door should not touch other structures and open completely.It is convenient when the doors to small rooms open outward, and to large ones – inward. But even with a sufficient area, it is necessary to proceed from safety considerations. For example, if children or elderly people will live in the house, then in order to help them, quick and unhindered access to the premises is required, that is, the doors must open outward. If it is impossible to comply with these conditions, it is recommended to consider the option of sliding structures.

The plan for the 2nd floor, where the rooms of the night zone are located, is carried out in a similar way.

Plan of the 2nd floor of the house

Bedrooms and guest rooms should be isolated. Some projects provide for a common balcony with an entrance through the corridor, others suggest placing a balcony in the bedroom.

2. Arrangement of furniture and interior items

Our planner allows you to visually demonstrate how each room in your home will look like. The tabs “Room”, “Kitchen”, “Toilet and bathroom” show the pieces of furniture and plumbing that are most often used in interior planning. For example, by clicking the “Room” tab, you can select furniture for the bedroom and living room: single and double beds, tables, armchairs, chairs, sofas, etc.

Option for arranging furniture in the bedrooms on the 2nd floor

The setting for other rooms is selected in the same way.

Kitchen furnishing tools

Using the designer allows you to consider various options for arranging furniture, taking into account the selected layout.The furniture shown in the tabs has a standard size indicated at the bottom of the page.

3. Calculation of the estimated cost

After the layout is selected and the furniture is arranged, you need to send your project to qualified engineers to calculate the cost. You can do this completely free of charge by clicking the “Send for calculation” button.

Submitting a project for calculation

Engineers will carry out the calculation taking into account the peculiarities of the layout, the length of the interior partitions, the number of windows and doors. The plan you have created is a pre-design drawing of the house and will be the basis for the developed design documentation.

Important advice: when choosing a layout, do not be afraid to give free rein to your imagination. Each project is carefully checked by our engineers for compliance with SNiP. In addition, when considering a pre-project, specialists solve rational problems associated with effective insolation of premises and energy efficiency, take into account the specifics of building materials.

on the App Store: Planning & Interior Design

Whether you’ve just bought a house or apartment, or want to decorate your existing home, we can help you make it easier, with less fuss, and get better results in less time and with the lowest cost.

With the app you can:
– Visualize your dream and get a better idea of ​​what it will look like
– Furnish your home with furniture from world famous brands
– Change anything in the picture, from the color on the walls to the arrangement of the furniture
– Share your vision with your partner, flatmate or designer
– Publish your project to portfolio

With iCanDesign you can update your room interior or create a completely new design.

Here are some of the functions of the program:
– Moving furniture, setting floor and wall finishes, adding decor items with a simple touch of your finger.
– Thousands of pieces of furniture and interiors
– Everything is so simple that you can do the design yourself without hiring expensive specialists
– Simple and intuitive work in both 3D mode and 2D plan
– Ability to undo any action
– Gallery designs from other users to get inspiration
– Unique Suggest technology will automatically suggest layouts for your room

Designing with our application is like a game, and photorealistic shots will appeal to even sophisticated 3d professionals!

Share your designs with your friends on social networks or by email.
Let them suggest their interior options for your room. It is very exciting!

The application includes the most popular products from the range of MG + BW, OLY, Ashley and others.

Additional features such as finished designs, a complete furniture catalog (5000 products), export to 3ds Max, unlimited rooms and photorealistic HD renders are available with a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your plan will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can control or turn off auto-renewal by going to your Apple lD Account Settings at any time after purchase.
Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy: https: // / privacy /

Furniture constructor online, free 3d furniture constructor

Become a real designer with our 3D planner!
Plan any space, change wall décor, arrange furniture and accessories, save the project and choose the perfect furniture for your dream apartment.
Imagine, try, create your own unique designs and interiors!

With our 3D planner you can:

  • Build a 3D model of your room;
  • Choose the perfect decor for walls, floors, ceilings;
  • Choose suitable furniture from the catalog of the Angstrem company;
  • Arrange the necessary accessories and interior items;
  • Simulate required dimensions, location, etc. etc .;
  • Print the layout and contact the company’s consultants with the finished layout.

Download 3D interior planner:

      Instructions for installing and using the program:
  • The installation should be done complete (with all the checkmarks) from the rights of the Computer Administrator;
  • After installation, you need to make sure that Full rights are assigned to the installation folder;
  • In case of Win7 operating system, it is recommended to install programs directly to the root of the C: \ drive (and not to C: \ Program Files – as the installation suggests).
  • For the 3D program to work correctly, you must add the Angstrem.exe application and the entire installation folder to the Anti-Virus exclusions.
    (This must be done because the price update mechanism is designed in such a way that prices are uploaded to the server every night from our 1C database, and the application, when launched, checks if there are any changes, and pulls new files with prices to your computer. Any antivirus accepts this process as a “potential threat.” Therefore, you need to warn him that this is normal and nothing terrible is happening)

    If the directory is empty when starting the program, you must assign Full rights to the installation folder.
    To do this, go to C: \ Program Files, right-click on the installation folder and select the “Properties” menu (Fig. 1).

    On the “Security” tab, click the “Change” button and, having inserted into the “Users” line, check the box next to the “Full access” column – OK (Fig. 2).
    Then restart the 3D program.

The program already provides options for 3D projects that will inspire you to create your own masterpieces of design art.

After developing the design of your dreams, do not forget to print the project and take it to the Angstrem salon or send it by e-mail to the consultants of the online store. Our experts will check it (if necessary), help to correct and select your ideal furniture.

It’s time to make your dreams of an ideal apartment a reality!

Programs and online applications for interior design

Programs for interior design can significantly simplify the tasks of designers or develop a kitchen for an ordinary user without special skills.On the Internet, you can find and download many programs and online designers, whose work is carried out free of charge or on a commercial basis, offline or online. Some programs are quite simple and intuitive, while others, on the contrary, require certain skills and abilities from the user. Let’s try to understand the most popular and effective design programs, and also consider how the online kitchen design is carried out in more detail.

What will you learn

Online kitchen designer.Features of online design

Online applications for interior design greatly simplify the user’s task. Such programs do not require installation on a computer, and work with them is carried out via the Internet and a browser. Online kitchen designer, like most popular programs, has convenient functionality and makes it possible to get a full-fledged project at the output, which can be saved absolutely free of charge. Of course, there are always exceptions. In order not to waste time, consider the proven kitchen designers, as well as the specifics of working with each of them.

Kitchen planning software – IKEA Planner

Planner IKEA (IKEA) is one of the most solid programs for interior design. This application has wide functionality, intuitive interface and pleasant design. With its help, you can choose any size of the kitchen, arrange doors and windows as close as possible to the real project of the apartment.

The only limitation of the Ikea planner is the choice of furniture. The program makes it possible to use exclusively the furniture items presented in the catalogs, the design project of which belongs to the company itself.

The interface of the IKEA design program is Russified and contains a detailed description of each furniture element. It is also possible to view the project of the room from above and in 3D. Each user can choose accessories, color scheme, arrangement of household appliances independently. A beginner will be assisted by numerous tips and advice designed to make learning the designer as easy as possible.

Pros: An accessible interface, a wide selection of furniture elements, accessories, interior details.

Cons: It is impossible to create your own furniture elements. Large “weight” of the application, which can slow down the work of weak computers.

Stolline – interior design software

This application is suitable for users who want to design the interior of a kitchen or any other room. The Stolline catalog of furniture and interior elements is large enough and allows you to get a layout for every taste.

To create a kitchen design online using this application, the user still has to install some components.Nevertheless, the simple and intuitive interface, russification and wide functionality of the program cover this shortcoming.

Stolline interior designer allows you to choose not only furniture, but also appliances, windows, doors and even stairs. With its help, you can see the interior of the apartment in isometric view, from above or from the side. For serious projects, this application may not hold up, but an ordinary user who wants to develop a kitchen design project will be satisfied.

Pros: Simplicity, clear interface, Russification and the ability to choose any piece of furniture.

Cons: Object management takes some getting used to. Some components will need to be installed on your computer. The furniture presented in the catalog of the program promotes the products of the brand of the same name.

Haecker Interior Designer

Haecker is a corporate program that allows you to create kitchen projects, incl. and 3D, and other premises. The application interface is quite simple, but does not have Russification. The application is fast, allows you to choose textures, furniture and accessories for every taste.

Pros: High speed of work, a wide range of items in the catalog. The ability to create a 3D view.

Cons: Lack of Russification. The user must have a minimum understanding of the English language.

Planner 5D – effective home interior planner

Room planner Planner 5D is a new unique web-based application designed for the interior design of an apartment or house. The online planner allows you to move walls, choose finishing materials, arrange furniture quickly and effortlessly.

Planner 5d can be used from any device, including laptops, PCs, tablets or smartphones. 5D Room Planner is available to users absolutely free. His catalogs contain a large assortment of furniture and finishing materials that exist on the domestic market.

Planner 5D interface is as simple and accessible as possible. The quality of the images is quite high, close to real pictures. With the help of this online program, you can design the interior of any room, consider possible options for redevelopment of premises, select combinations of available finishing materials and furniture.

Pros: Accessible interface, wide range of materials and furniture. The ability to save finished projects. View the design in 2D or 3D.

Cons: It will take time to learn all the functionality of the application. 3D rendering can slow down computers with a weak processor.

Offline interior design software. Which kitchen design software to download?

So, we have dealt with popular online designers offering to create a kitchen interior for free .Now we want to tell you about some programs for room design that can be downloaded for free and installed on a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

There are quite a lot of such programs nowadays. We are going to take a look at two of the most popular planners that are suitable for novice users.

Download KitchenDraw and create a kitchen interior as easy as shelling pears!

The KitchenDraw application allows you to independently select room parameters and create elements of any configuration and shape. The catalogs of the program are distinguished by a rich selection of furniture, decorative elements and even lighting fixtures. The program library can be updated via an online download.

In KitchenDraw, you can view the room from above, from the side or in 3D. The 3D interior planner also allows you to complement the interior with elements such as, for example, cornice, skirting boards, flooring and more.

Pros: Extensive functionality.

Cons: The program requires study and skills.

3cad evolution: texture modeling

This program is suitable for beginners who do not want to delve into complex functionality and need a simple basic project. The English version of the application is characterized by a simple interface and will not cause problems even for people who do not speak the language.

You can download 3cad evolution for free on the official website of the company. On a non-commercial basis, manufacturers only offer the lite version for download without registration. More complete versions are paid. They are targeted at professional designers.

The advantage of 3cad evolution is the ability to change not only the shape and dimensions of furniture, but also to simulate textures. Also, this program has extended catalogs of household appliances of famous world brands.

Pros: A simple and regularly updated program that allows you to quickly create realistic interiors with a selection of furniture and equipment.

Cons: The 3cad evolution program has an English-language interface. Only the Lite version is provided free of charge, more functional versions are paid.

Sketchup – Google’s interior planning app

Sketchup is the brainchild of the well-known Google corporation. This application allows you to create various objects, as well as load existing modules. The disadvantage of Sketchup is the low accuracy of the arrangement of design elements, however, this program is in many ways superior to most online applications.

You can only use Sketchup as a 3D planner by downloading the Vray add-on application. Serious design projects are better created in other programs.

Pros: The most simple and intuitive interface. Suitable for one-time projects developed by beginners.

Cons: Limited functionality, insufficient for creating professional projects.

Roomtodo – Online Interior Design Planner

Free program with Russian interface, beautiful 3D graphics and easy navigation.Works directly in the browser and does not require download or installation. You can arrange furniture in an apartment in 2D and 3D, and then take a virtual walk in first person mode (as in modern computer games).

The fundamental difference between Roomtodo and other similar programs is the wall construction tool, with which you can quickly and accurately draw a room with a complex shape. You just need to download the floor plan and outline it from above, which will take 15-20 minutes for a standard 2-3 room apartment.

There is a fairly large catalog of furniture and household utensils, which is constantly updated with new items.

The created design can be sent by email, published on Facebook or embedded directly into your website or blog.

Pros: light “weight” of the application, Russian-language interface, a large selection of decorative materials, there are 2D, 3D and first-person modes.

Cons: is not specifically designed for the kitchen.

What program do you use to develop a kitchen project? Or do you use a piece of paper the old fashioned way? Please write in the comments below.

90,000 IKEA in the Russian Federation has created an online assistant for interior decoration

Now on the company’s website in our country, you can plan a wall decor from photographs, paintings, clocks and other accessories.

To inspire people to create wall design solutions, IKEA Russia has released an online wall collage planner. With it, you can come up with a composition from scratch or use one of the options offered in the gallery.

In the new collage planner, you can assemble frames, paintings, clocks, mirrors, whiteboards and shelves from the company’s assortment.Users of the app will be able to set the desired sizes and colors of the walls, add furniture and designate different objects in order to plan a solution that best suits the selected space.

Thanks to the various functions of the planner, you can accurately determine the required distance from the floor and ceiling to the composition, the optimal distance between objects, and make alignment on the desired side.

The project created in the planner can be saved, printed or sent by e-mail.Inside the application, you can also check the availability of selected products, add others to them and make a purchase. To do this, you need to send the goods to the shopping list on the IKEA website.

“We are confident that our customers need such a tool,” says Georg Sidorov, Commercial Programs Support Specialist, Sales Department . “We regularly watch people put together their future wall collage right on the floor of our stores to imagine how the decor items will look next to each other.That is why we at IKEA Russia decided to create an online planner that will allow us to do this as conveniently as possible, using the entire available range for wall decoration. ”

The online wall collage planner is already available from a personal computer on the IKEA Russia website in the Planning section and on the pages dedicated to interior design. The company also plans to develop a mobile version of the tool. Once stores open, the online planner will appear on touchscreens so shoppers can create a collage right in the store.

Read also: IKEA has released a limited summer collection for arranging a balcony or garden


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