Online clothing stores in singapore: Best 20 Online Fashion Blogshops in Singapore [2020]


Best 20 Online Fashion Blogshops in Singapore [2020]

As the internet takes over our lives in numerous ways, many retail stores have moved online to sell their merchandise. Offering customers the opportunity to buy everything they need from the comfort of their beds, e-commerce sites have fast gained popularity. As a result, people who love clothes have zealously boarded the e-commerce bandwagon as well.

Online clothing shops have not only incorporated different prices and sizes but they also have colourful and detailed photos of the clothes they sell. What’s more? Well, there are so many online clothing shops to choose from. However, you may wonder, which is best? We are glad you asked. Without further ado, these are our top picks of the best Singapore online clothing shops:


Love, Bonito – Best for Stylist

Founded by Velda Tan, Viola Tan, and Rachel Lim, this is one of the oldest and most famous Singaporean online clothing shops. Love, Bonito features new items every week and is always on point with the latest trends. It is particularly known for its stylish and high-quality products. Moreover, Love, Bonito even has traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

What’s even more interesting about this online clothing shop is the fact that it offers stylist sessions and regularly holds fashion events. Its highly efficient customer service and refund policy are yet another reason shoppers love this store. Overall, Love Bonito hands down is deserving of topping our list of the best online clothing shops in Singapore.


  • Trendy clothes
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality products
  • Stylist sessions available


Love, Fioyo – Best for Unique Pieces Source:

Originally, Fion Tay started Love, Fioyo as a means to show women how to express themselves and their identity through their dressing. However, the website has now blossomed into a booming online clothing shop.

With a variety of unique skirts, dresses, and even jewelry, Love, Fioyo is where you go when you want something not so mainstream. 


  • Unique and versatile outfits
  • Allows you to register for an account to use a virtual stylist
  • One-stop-shopping destination for everyday fashion to couture gowns.


Pomelo – Best for Street Attire Source: Pomelo Fashion (YouTube)

Based in Bangkok, Pomelo is fast gaining popularity among Singaporeans. This online clothing shop is known for stocking affordable high street attire. Whether you are looking for casual wear, sportswear, or clothes for a grand event, they’ve got you covered.

Moreover, with their prices ranging from $24 to $44, they are quite affordable. Don’t let that fool you though; their products are durable and of high quality.

Additionally, if you live within Singapore, there are no shipping costs, and delivery is within 2 to 4 days.    


  • Affordable prices for high-quality products 
  • Free shipping within Singapore
  • 365-day refund policy (except for credit cards which is 28 days)


Reebonz – Best for Luxury Items Source:

If you love all things luxury, then Reebonz is the platform for you. As a store that stocks designer labels, their products are authentic and high-class.

Moreover, on this website, you can get the latest and trendiest handbags, watches, jewelry, and accessories. 

Another thing you will love about Reebonz is the fact that they allow you to pay for products in installments. You can use this option to make payments over a 6-month or 12-month period.

All in all, if you’re into luxury items, Reebonz is definitely one of the best online luxury clothing shops in Singapore that is perfect for you.


  • Sells a variety of luxury items
  • Has flexible payment methods


Fayth – Best for Statement PiecesSource:

Clothes from Fayth have been described as modern and chic by many of their customers. With in house sketching and an affinity for pastel hues, this online shop sells clothes that have a vintage classic feel to them. Their items are popular among young single women and moms.

Their cute Mommy & Me Collection is particularly to die for. Other collections include The Feisty Chic, Playsuits, and Oriental Beginnings.  Whether you are looking for a whole outfit or a few statement pieces, Fayth is the place for you.


  • Cute outfits
  • Affordable yet high-quality products
  • A variety of clothing items are available on the website


Ohvola – Best for Baby ClothesSource: ohvola website

In 2007, two sisters sat down and came up with Ohvola; an online clothing shop with a little bit of something for everyone. Thus, no matter what your style is, you can get what you need from this website.

Additionally, mainly full of minimalist designs, this website has dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, pants, and even blazers that will definitely suit your different needs.

However, the cutest clothes that this website sells are undeniably the baby clothes in the Ohvola Mini line. These items are adorable beyond words and make for cute mommy and me outfits.


  • Sell gift cards too
  • Have cute baby clothes
  • Have timeless classics under their Keepsake line 


The Closet Lover – Best for Everyday OutfitsSource: The Closet Lover Website

Meant for the everyday Singaporean woman, The Closet Lover provides self-manufactured products. Apart from clothes, this platform also sells shoes and accessories.

Additionally, some items that The Closet Lover stocks include dresses, tops, one-pieces, and bottoms.  

Furthermore, most of the clothes on this platform have a simple elegance to them and are of high quality. Also, if you enjoy gift giving, you will love the fact that The Closet Lover sells gift cards too. Overall, definitely one of the best online clothing shops in Singapore.


  • Good high-quality clothes
  • Also sells gift cards 


A for Arcade – Best for Clothes for Both GendersPhoto credit: A For Arcade

As one of the few Singaporean online clothing shops that stock both men and women’s clothes, A for Arcade doesn’t disappoint. While they have dapper suits, shirts, and shorts for the guys, they feature tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants for the ladies. 

Additionally, this online clothing shop even goes as far as stocking baby clothes. Thus, if you are looking for somewhere to shop for the whole family, A for Arcade is the website for you.


  • Has clothes for the whole family
  • Incorporates quirky and unique features into their designs
Credit: Young Hungry Free

As its name suggests, Young Hungry and Free is an online clothing store geared to not only those who are young but also those with youthful spirits. Moreover, this blog shop is a favourite among rebels; those unchained by the status quo. 

As expected, their clothes are hip and trendy. Some of the items they sell include boots, heels, platforms, rompers, lingerie, and accessories. Ultimately, they have proven to be the one-stop-shop for everything edgy.


  • Have a variety of clothing items 
  • Featured products are edgy and high quality


Dressabelle – Best for Women’s Office Wear

Specialized in women’s clothing, Dressabelle is one of the most popular Singaporean online clothing shops. It boasts of comprehensive product descriptions and a variety of office outfits for ladies. 

When they post available products, they go as far as informing potential customers about the cloth material, size chart, and a slew of other features.

Moreover, for those always looking for the newest trends, you will be happy to know that this online clothing shop introduces new products every two weeks.


  • Accepts a variety of payment methods (Paypal, cash deposit, ATM transfer)
  • 2-week return policy
  • Offers free shipping for orders worth more than $100

11. Her Velvet Vase (HVV) – Best for elegant and feminine style

Her Velvet Vase (HVV) is known for its feminine designs such as floral prints, well-cut maxi dresses, and midi dresses. If you are looking for a casual date night outfit, HVV is surely one of the best places to check out.

Their range of items includes oversized blouses, knit tanks, shorts, and cotton dresses. Besides, they also offer you smart-casual work outfits such as blazers, wrap dresses, belted trousers, and jumpsuit.


  • A customer loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate points after each purchase and exchange for discount/gifts.
  • Exclusive promotions for members.
  • Offers free shipping for orders worth more than $100


Love and Bravery

Founded in 2005, love and bravery are still growing and setting trends in the beauty industry. It has a mission of ensuring that trendy fashion is affordable. The brand has a variety of outfits ranging from jewellery, shoes, and all kinds of accessories. 

Its website is well designed and easy to use. You can browse through different themes. If you need casual wear, you can select the pieces and go straight to the collection. It is also possible to filter and find different patterns, sleeve lengths, colours, and materials. Those keen on finer details will find this feature very useful in shopping.

Love and bravery are available at Bugis Jem and junction and online.


  • It has a variety of outfits
  • Offers affordable prices
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • It provides expertise in the clothing sector
  • Offers high-quality products


MDS Collection

MDS Collection is a home-grown brand that is renowned for affordable prices, stylish and lovely outfits. Their variety of outfits are ideal for those wishing to change their wardrobe. Given that they have clothing ranging from denim, rompers, activewear to pants, you can always find a perfect match.

With discounts on the online and in-house purchases, you have every reason to check out their new stocks. The high-quality clothing, and a team of helpful stylists in their in-house shop, will ensure you enjoy quality customer care.


  • It offers gift cards
  • It has newly restocked outfits every month
  • The store offers affordable prices for all styles
  • The clothes are of high quality
  • It provides lifetime VIP perks like free shipping for its local clients

MDS Collections is located at Bugis Junction and Orchard Gateway as well as online


The Velvet Dolls

Velvet dolls have been in business for over ten years. It is renowned for a variety of designs that are well-tailored to flatter one’s body. Their selection ranges from office wear to casual wear. Their feminine pieces are created in soft and delicate prints.

This online store also has a bridesmaid collection. You don’t need to freak out about where to find the perfect bridesmaid’s pieces. It’s full of off-shoulder dresses and uniquely designed gowns.

In addition to offering your best outfits, they offer timely and reliable delivery services within Singapore.


  • It has a variety of outfits.
  • The store has a collection of trendy clothes
  • The outfits are of high quality
  • Their prices are affordable


All Would Envy

All Would Envy targets fashion savvy and bold women. It displays designs that are timeless, trendy, chic, and modern. Its collection is specifically designed for any occasion. Besides, it has deeper hues for a perfect wardrobe makeover and has the ideal floral prints.

All Would Envy is your perfect place for playful rompers, linen culottes, jumpsuits, and midi dresses. You get them in designs that are modern, classy, and in a variety of colours.


  • It offers affordable outfits
  • They have a variety of outfits
  • Their designs are timeless
  • They stock contemporary designs
  • Outfits are of high quality

All would be envy is available online at Funan. It also offers delivery services within Singapore.



Klarra is a leading brand in offering high-end fashion items for the fashion-savvy population. It is renowned for its utilitarian, sophisticated, and classic silhouettes with keen attention to every small detail. The label makes a perfect fit for those who need to try something new in their wardrobes.

The outfits include jumpsuits, wide-legged trousers, dresses, kimono, and many more. It offers the versatility of outfits that can be worn in the office as well as on dinner dates. At Klarra, you get the perfect outfits that boost your confidence and bespeak your bold fashion sense.


  • It offers high-end fashion items
  • They stock a variety of outfits
  • Their designs are well designed
  • They offer delivery services
  • Their outfits are versatile

Klarra is available online for orders and quick delivery. You can also find them at the Raffles City Shopping Centre and Robinsons.


The Fleur Label

The Fleur Label is one of the leading blog stops you can find in Singapore. It’s a go-to place for the free-spirited modern girl. It offers quality designs at a customer-friendly price.

It has a vast collection of one-piece suits, bottoms, and versatile dresses. You’ll also enjoy the new arrivals weekly. You can, therefore shop at the store regularly without the worry of not finding your perfect outfit. The store has a comprehensive collection of work wear, print series, and versatile prints that never go out of fashion. The Fleur Label is, therefore, your perfect place for your fashion needs.


  • It has a collection of versatile prints
  • They offer affordable prices
  • It stocks quality designs
  • The store has new stock every week
  • It provides friendly customer care

The store is available online and offers delivery services within Singapore.


Fash Mob

Flash Mob is a fashion idea of two sisters that stocks sophisticated and modern designs that are high end and give that chic and young look effortlessly.

Their designs are created and manufactured in-house. With a variety of outfits ranging from floral maxis, jumpsuits, and high waist pants, you can always pick your preferred designs. Their accessories are well thought out, compliment the outfits, and are a classy addition to your look. For the fashion-conscious, Fash Mob is your go-to place. Your fashion makeover is transformed into a chic, sophisticated, and elegant.

With a kid’s section, the whole family can shop under one roof at Fash Mob


  • It offers a variety of outfits
  • Their outfits are versatile
  • It offers affordable outfits
  • It offers stylish accessories
  • There is a trendy kids section

Fash Mob offers online delivery within Singapore and it’s available online.



Modparade is your perfect blog shop that makes a fashion savvy’s dream come true. It offers designs with unique cool colours, quirky prints, and a touch of style and a classy look. Its fashion catalogue has retro-tinged dresses, tops, accessories, and free-spirited prints. You, therefore, have a wide range of outfits to find one that suits your style and preference.

Modparade has unique outfits for everyone. Whether you are looking for the perfect workplace piece or dinner outfit, the store has something on their shelves. With cute colours that suit your taste, you will make a fashion statement with the outfits from Modparade.


  • It offers a variety of outfits
  • The store provides free delivery for orders above $50
  • It offers quality outfits
  • Offers cute colours
  • Their prices are competitive

Modparade offers its customers free delivery within Singapore for orders above $50. It’s available at Nomadx pop-up and online.


Runway Bandits

Runway Bandits offers you a variety of styles at a competitive price. You don’t need to imagine that the low price comes with low-quality outfits. Their outfits are of high quality and trendy. Outfits range from party frocks, one-piece rompers, and midi dresses.

At Runway bandits, you get unique outfits. Its collection of outfits is versatile and gives you the perfect wardrobe makeover. Having many outfits under $50, you can afford their fashions even if you are on a budget. With good customer reviews, Runaway Bandits is your go-to store that will meet your needs.


  • Offers quality outfits
  • Their prices are competitive
  • They have trendy outfits
  • It has a variety of outfits
  • It provides quality customer care services

Runway Bandits is available at plaza Singapura and online

When it comes to blogshops, there are very many options. However, the ones we have featured here are the best ones in Singapore. They have been picked and rated depending on the quality of clothes they provide, the payment methods they support, and the variety of clothes they sell.

We have also factored in what customers say about these websites and their personal experiences and ratings. Ultimately, Singaporeans have spoken; these are the best online clothing shops that Singapore has to offer.

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Living | January 05, 2021

  • Image: Love, Bonito

Online shopping has become as fashionable as the nature of fashion.

With online fashion stores, there are no limits of time and space in shopping activities. And with the top-rated shops, shopping is taken to a new level where the convenience complements perfectly with product quality, fashion tastes, and the number of fashion collections.

If you want to have great online shopping experiences, visit the below-introduced websites. They have been recognized as the best online fashion stores in Singapore [updated 2021] by many fashionistas.

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  • Image: Love, Bonito


  • Full of fashionable designs: Founded by three well-known fashionistas Viola Tan, Rachel Lim, and Velda Tan, Love, Bonito knows the fashion market well and always focuses on bringing trendy and unique designs to ladies. This famous online shop offers a myriad of collections to suit various needs of customers on every occasion. New items are introduced weekly to keep Love, Bonito’s fans updated with the latest trends.
  • Providing high-quality products: Using good materials, Love, Bonito products are high-quality, comparing with other online stores’. The clothes will still look fine with shapes and colors remained even after many washes.
  • Excellent customer service: Love, Bonito is famous because of not only its products but also its efficient customer service. Customers’ queries or requests are handled promptly and professionally. The shop also provides credit refund via credit note if you are not satisfied with purchased products.
  • Image: Dressabelle


  • A myriad of designs for working ladies: Featuring a great selection of fashionable office wear is the main draw of Dressabelle. Beautiful and trendy collections are introduced twice weekly so ladies, no matter whether you are a sales executive or a designer, you will always find suitable office dresses whenever you browse its website.
  • Providing comprehensive product information: Dressabelle does a great job in providing goods information on its website, including product size chart, product feature, cloth material, apparel info and care, and size of the apparel model wearing. This information is really useful in helping customers to visualize and estimate products before making purchasing decisions.
  • Free shipping for normal postage: While other online shops charge a minimum shipping fee, Dressabelle provides free delivery via Singpost normal mail (untrackable delivery) for all orders. Free shipping also applies for registered mail (trackable delivery) for orders more than S$100.
  • Image: Reebonz


  • A true shopping paradise for label lovers: Where else in Singapore do luxury brands offer at competitive prices? Only at Reebonz online fashion store, you can get authentic world-class fashion goods at prices that are cheaper than at bricks and mortar shops. Products are quality-guaranteed and always come with original boxes, authenticity cards, dust bags, and manuals.
  • Luxurious shopping experience for luxury goods owners: Reebonz takes its customers through a pleasant shopping experience from the time shoppers visit its online store to the moment they feel satisfied with the purchased items. With the shop’s efficient business operations and partnership with professional third parties in handling customer orders, such as FedEx and Liberty Insurance, this reliable online shop guarantees a hassle-free shopping experience and reimburse a full replacement value if items are lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.
  • Flexible payment by installments: The shop offers 0% interest installment payment plans to customers via credit cards from these banks: DBS, UOB, OCBC, HSBC, Citibank, and Maybank. You can choose to pay within 6 months or 12 months; 24 months plan is only available for DBS credit cards.
  • Image: Pomelo


  • An online high-street fashion brand for ladies: Picture a mega store of a popular high-street brand like Topshop and H&M then convert it into an online store concept. Pomelo’s site features an extensive range of fashion items that can make you glamorously from head to toe on every occasion. Be it a working, casual, sport, or special-event time.
  • Quality products at affordable prices: All their apparel comes from the capital fashion of Asia, Seoul. Korean fabrics are used to express the design ideas that gain inspiration from the same fashion trend in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul. For those chic designs and that high quality, the prices that mostly range from S$24.00 to S$44.00 are pretty reasonable.
  • Free shipping, quick delivery, and long return time: If you are in Singapore, you don’t need to pay any shipping fee. Expect to try on your purchased dress after 2 to 4 working days, counted from the day your order placed. In case you want to return the item, you can send the parcel back at any point in time within 365 days. But for a full credit card refund, you should do it within 28 days.
  • Image: Love, Fioyo


  • Offering a refined selection of clothing: Love, Fioyo takes you out of the mess to finally shop on a site with fashion clothing that has been selected carefully. Shopping with them means you can forget all the mass-produced dresses elsewhere and enjoy a chic collection where all the design pieces are limited edition.
  • Versatile outfits to suit many different moments of a day: Love, Fioyo designs are chic and unique. Most of them are so versatile, which can boost your confidence at the office and then make you shine at a restaurant or bar in the evening.
  • Smart clothes matching feature: Whether what you like is feminine, elegant, charismatic, alluring, or adventurous style, just shout it out while register an account with Love, Fioyo. Their “invisible stylists” will recommend the designs that best express your personality.
  • One-stop shopping from everyday fashion to couture gowns: Love, Fioyo’s signature pieces “One Design. Multiple Looks” are highly praised by many fashionistas! These fashionable items have multiple layers that are detachable easily allowing you to “customize” your own outfit for any type of wedding and event.
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10 best affordable blogshops in Singapore for clothes, office workwear, CNY, and bridesmaid dresses (with discount codes), Lifestyle News


Blogshops in Singapore have come a long way. From the Livejournals and Blogspots to today’s fully built and easy to navigate websites with quality pictures.

Most women use to doubt online shopping due to the uncertainty of the clothes’ sizes and quality. Will it fit me? Will I look good?

However, today in 2020, online blogshops have become one of the most popular and convenient platforms for working women and even students to upgrade their closets.

With CNY coming, online shopping helps tremendously by saving ladies time and effort.

Besides, the quality of blogshop clothes has improved greatly over the years. Most have retail stores for customers to try on their clothes as well.

Whether you’re looking for CNY outfit to wow your friends and family, casual wear, workwears or bridesmaid outfits in Singapore at affordable price tags.

So, get your wallet or credit cards ready. It’s 2020, here’s 10 reasonably priced blogshops in Singapore to shop from, for any occasion you may have.


Started by two sisters, Rach and Shar, Fash Mob is an online blogshop that has expanded rapidly in recent years. They carry modern, fashionable and unique pieces that are sure to impress your friends and family.

Dresses and apparels from Fash Mob are special as they are all exclusively manufactured in-house. Expect crochet midi dresses, eyelet cheongsams, gorgeous jumpsuits, trendy playsuits and sophisticated maxi dresses.

One will not be able to find similar pieces elsewhere. Each piece of clothing is of good quality and wearability as well!

Price Range: $12.00 – $61.50

Delivery Fees: Standard courier (Free, 1 – 4 working days), Express courier ($3.00, 1 – 2 working days)

Self-collection: Available

Retail Shops: 1) Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #B1-18. Singapore 238839. 2) FUNAN, 107 North Bridge Road, #02-12.

Singapore 179105.

Discount Code: Subscribe to their mailing list for 10 per cent off.



The Thread Theory is an online blogshop based in Singapore that manufactures their own designs as well. What makes this blogshop stand out for the others is that they carry many dresses suitable for bridesmaids, weddings, formal occasions, dates and work.

All of the pieces are elegant and romantic. Based on online reviews, clothes from The Thread Theory are of good quality and comfort. Many have worn dresses from The Thread Theory for their weddings, company events as well as their bridesmaids duty!

Expect rompers, pleated maxi dresses, lovely off-shoulder dresses, gorgeous gowns, eye-catching dresses and beautifully refined skirts.

Price Range: $15.00 – $69.90

Delivery Fees: Standard courier ($3. 50, 2 – 4 working days), Express courier ($7.00, 1 – 2 working days)

Self-collection: Available

Discount Code: Not available



This blogshop carries a wide range of apparels from dresses to swimwear. Most of the items are at affordable prices and a wide range of colours are available.

For Carrislabelle, most of their clothes are bodycon or of straightforward basic designs. Clubbers can probably find their next outfit here while ladies who want to flaunt their curves can find attractive dresses on this site.

As compared to the other blogshops, this online apparel store still carries a tinge of the blogshops’ old Livejournal days as well as clothes from Singapore’s famous Bugis Street. That aside, they do have a wide variety of colours and designs for shoppers to choose.

Price Range: $9. 90 – $38.00

Delivery Fees: Normal mail by Singpost (Free, no tracking), Standard courier ($5.00, 2 – 3 working days)

Self-collection: Unavailable



There’s just a special vibe or style of the clothes by The Editor’s Market. Usually minimalistic and modern, pieces by The Editor’s Market can be worn for almost any occasion.

They aim to create versatile and timeless pieces that can last beyond seasonal trends. Doing their part for the environment, The Editor’s Market has been making some of their apparels using more sustainable fabrics like linen and lyocell.

The Editor’s Market has many outlets in Singapore for shoppers to try and they are usually priced in their special “1-piece”, “2-pieces” and “3-pieces” price system. To get the best price, share with your friends or other shoppers to make one large purchase.

Price Range:

$19.00 – $49.00

Delivery Fees: Express courier (Free, 1 – 3 working days)

Self-collection: Available

Retail Shops: 1) [email protected], 313 Orchard Road, #03-01 to 08. Singapore 238895. 2) BUGIS+, 201 Victoria Street, #01-04. Singapore 188067. 3) Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #B2-09/10. Singapore 238880. 4) Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #03-04. Singapore 239695. 5) Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #02-46. Singapore 608532. 6) Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-15/16. Singapore 529536.



Known as the happy clothes maker, TTR (The Tinsel Rack) carries clothes that give off sunshine vibes!

Playing around with different colours, dresses by TTR often make ladies look good, feel good. It’s all about being happy and enjoying the best things in life.

The Tinsel Rack carries beautiful kimonos, pleated dresses, jumpsuits, strappy dresses and crop tops. If you are a fan of the colours periwinkle, sage green or maroon, do visit their site!

Price Range: $15.90 – $55.90

Delivery Fees: Express courier ($3.50, 1 – 2 working days)

Self-collection: Unavailable

Retail Shops: 1) Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-11. Singapore 529536. 2) Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #02-17A. Singapore 238858. 3) Suntec City North Wing, #01-467. Singapore 038983.

Discount Code: Subscribe to their mailing list for 15 per cent off.



The main style of Wardrobemess is comfort and versatility. Many ladies face this common problem. We have many clothes but we still don’t know what to wear!

Founded in 2012, Wardrobemess offers essentials and easy-to-match clothes at affordable price tags!

Expect lots of cardigans, spag tops, knits, denim and well, comfortable clothing. Mix and match easily with Wardrobemess and spend less time getting ready. This could mean getting more beauty sleep in the morning!

Price Range: $4.90 – $39.90

Delivery Fees: Normal mail (From $1.15, 4 – 7 working days, no tracking), Express courier ($3.50, 1 – 2 working days) (Free delivery for orders > $60), 1-Hour delivery ($14.00)

Self-collection: Available, Oxley Bizhub, 67 Ubi Road, #08-06 Lobby 1. Singapore 408732. (Opening hours: 1PM to 8PM, do e-mail them before going)



Carrying the attitude of poise and passion, dresses and clothes from Ohvola are often classy and elegant! If you are looking for something sophisticated this CNY or for any event, Ohvola is definitely a place you will not want to miss.

Most of the clothes are manufactured by Ohvola themselves. The shop takes pride in making clothes that are of good quality and comfort.


On Ohvola’s site, you will be able to see sweet ruffles, cute pleats, elegant crochets and stylish denim. Most of their pieces are dresses. 

Price Range: $14.90 – $79.00

Delivery Fees: Standard courier ($2.00, 2 – 4 working days), Express courier ($4.50, 1 – 2 working days)

Self-collection: Available. Crocodile House, 3 Ubi Ave 3, #07-04. Singapore 408857 (Opening hours: Weekdays 11AM to 6PM).

Retail Shop: Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #B1-05. Singapore 238858.

Discount Code: Subscribe to their mailing list for 10 per cent off.



HVV (Her Velvet Vase) aims to create memories and celebrate milestones with their customers. They pay great attention to the detail of their designs to make sure it suits the shoppers.

Most of HVV’s designs are sweet or classy, making their clothes suitable for dates, a nice girls night out or for holiday trips! However, they do carry single-coloured dresses and tops that make good workwear. 

Move with grace wearing HVV’s apparels and make heads turn.

Price Range: $9.00 – $56.00

Delivery Fees: Express courier ($3.00, 1 – 2 working days) (Free delivery for orders > $100), Same-day delivery ($6, 1pm cut-off time)

Self-collection: Available

Retail Shops: 1) Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #03-41. Singapore 238839. 2) CityLink Mall, 1 Raffles Link, #B1-55. Singapore 039393.

Discount Code: DBS, POSB & UOB card promotions here.



The Closet Lover aims to bring forth fast fashion trends at affordable prices. The brand believes that every woman can express confidence through the way she dresses.

A unique selling point of The Closet Lover is their wide range of sizes available. For petite ladies who often face difficulty finding new clothes, do check out this blogshop. Sizes range from XXS (UK 2) to XL (UK 12). In Singapore, not many stores carry such small or large sizes.

Look out for lovely floral prints, elegant tops, stylish pants, casual jeans and good quality essentials such as cami tops! The brand often collabs with popular blogger dreachong as well.


Price Range: $6.00 – $74.90

Delivery Fees: Standard courier ($2.00), Express courier ($5.00), Ninja collect ($2.00)

Self-collection: Unavailable

Retail Shops: 1) Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, #01-02. Singapore 188021. 2) Raffles Xchange, 5 Raffles Place, #B1-57. Singapore 048618. 3) Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #01-49/50. Singapore 529536.

Discount Code: Subscribe to their mailing list for 10 per cent off.



One of the rising brands in Singapore, all of Fayth’s clothing are designed in-house and made with fabrics from all over the world. The brand wants its customers to look modern, stylish and sophisticated.

Most of their clothes are easy to wear and of high quality. Good quality fabrics are carefully chosen by Fayth so as to bring the greatest satisfaction for their customers.


With cupcake layered dresses, intricate lace dresses, cute tie front dresses, stylish jumpsuits and comfortable swing dresses, one won’t be able to resist bringing a Fayth piece home!

Price Range: $15.90 – $52.90

Delivery Fees: Standard courier ($2.50, 1 – 3 working days) (Free delivery for orders > $120)

Self-collection: Unavailable

Retail Shops: 1) Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #B1-03/03A. Singapore 238839. 2) CityLink Mall, 1 Raffles Link, #B1-57. Singapore 039393. 3) Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #01-23/24. Singapore 529536.


This article was first published on Money Kinetics. 

Shopping tips: Where to buy clothes for plus-size Asian figures

Finding flattering clothes that fit comfortably used to be unnecessarily difficult for women who weren’t sizes 0-12, but not anymore.

With celebrities such as Lizzo, Amy Schumer and Ashley Graham championing body positivity, society is increasingly embracing fuller body shapes. In fashion, this also means sizes bigger than XL are now more available for women, and they’re no longer frumpy nor ill-fitting.   

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But the definition of plus-size can depend on where you are in the world. Sophia Hung, owner of plus-size boutique The Amber Loft said: “In the Singapore context, this would mean sizes XXL (UK 14) and above. For most US brands, the sizes that are considered Asian plus-size are not really plus-size so it’s relative.

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Being a petite plus-size – or what she calls “inbetweenie” – who struggled to find well-fitting clothes led to Hung starting her boutique.

“I couldn’t fit into anything in the usual shops, but plus-size clothes from overseas brands made me look like I was swimming in them,” she said.

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“Also, whatever was on offer in the plus-size market at that time was dismal – there were dowdy and expensive plus-size clothes in department stores made for women much older than me, or cheap and poor quality ones. I simply wanted clothes in which I could communicate visually to the world who I am.”

For most US brands, the sizes that are considered Asian plus-size are not really plus-size so it’s relative.

Similarly, the founders of another homegrown plus-size boutique Be You Co, Phyllis Tan and Jasmine Neo – all self-described “curvy girls” – started their label when they found it challenging to find affordable, flattering and well-made womenswear.

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“In Singapore, most female clothing stores usually only cater up to XL, or UK 10 to 12. We’ve seen a rise in regular stores trying to be inclusive, and bringing in XXL or UK 14 clothes,” said Tan. 

“However, most of these clothes are not very true to size and usually only fit regular sized ladies with a slightly bigger built. So despite being more inclusive, there is still a gap or demand for larger sizes.”

Dedicated boutiques have helped to reinforce the need for acceptance of fuller figures.

Rani Dhaschainey, founder of The Curve Cult, another plus-size boutique, said she started her store because she wanted to foster inclusivity. “We started this business to create a safe space and foster a community of support for plus-size women. We chose to use fashion to create awareness and promote body positivity.”

So, embrace your curves and find your perfect fit with this list of fashion options that runs from homegrown plus-size boutiques to international fashion labels that cater to full figures.   


(Photo: The Amber Loft)

This local boutique features clothes that are exclusively manufactured and designed for Asian plus-size women who are more petite than Western women. Featuring a variety of colours and prints, the styles cater to confident women who don’t just want to play it safe. Sizes go from UK 12 to 22.

Available here.


(Photo: Be You Co)

This local label designs and curates apparel for the modern-day plus-size woman. The founders personally oversee the details, right down to the zips, buttons and lining. The company is also exploring illustration and print-making, and adapting self-drawn prints onto the apparels. Sizes are from UK 12 to 20.

Available here.


(Photo: The Curve Cult)

Expect styles that range from bodycon dresses, swing skirts and styles in bright colours and bold prints at this homegrown label. Sizes UK 14 to 28 are available.

Available here.

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(Photo: Uniqlo)

Known for its everyday basics, high-tech garments and creative collaborations, the Japanese retailer has introduced sizes for the fuller figure (up to 3XL), available exclusively online.

Available here.


(Photo: Mango)

Mango’s plus-size collection offers versatile and modern pieces for young women. There are wrap dresses, flowy tops and even playful jumpsuits, with sizes from European 42 to 54 (UK 14 to 44). 

Available here.


From sportswear and swimwear to party dresses, the brand has something for every occasion, even wedding dresses. Sizes go up to UK 30. 

Available here.

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(Photo: H&M)

The Swedish fast-fashion retailer has thought of it all, from casual denim to office attire, basics and sleepwear, the line offers chic choices at affordable prices. Sizing goes from L to 4XL.

Available here.


(Photo: Marks and Spencer)

A staple among women and men for classics and intimates, the UK retailer also offers their “Curve” fit for fuller body shapes. Sizes go up to UK 32 for certain styles.

Available here.

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To dress in plus-size perfection, here are some things to look out for when shopping for clothes.


Check the material of the outfit and the overall workmanship. “The fabric should have a nice weight to it and should drape well,” Hung advised.

“Check the finishing of the hems, or the overall stitching to make sure there is no puckering or obvious signs of bad workmanship. It is a sad fact of life, but these flaws often show up so much more on plus-size clothes, because the clothes are overall bigger and worn on a bigger body.”


(Photo: Mango)

Be aware of your body shape. “Some girls have an hourglass shape and can therefore wear fit and flare styles well. Girls who do not have such curves might be better off in shifts or drop-waist styles. For those who are tempted to break away from her comfort zone to try something new can do so with strong colours and interesting prints,” said Hung.

Tan agreed that dressing according to one’s body shape has its advantages. “A V-neck style elongates the neck and torso, a shorter dress complements the legs. A heavier or fluffier top complements a smaller bottom, and a flared bottom should go with a tighter fitting top,” she said.


(Photo: Marks and Spencer)

Keep practicality in mind and try the outfit if you can. “We might be attracted to certain outfits on Instagram and seek to emulate them, but make sure that these clothes are practical to wear. For example, wrap dresses or front-split skirts can look amazing, but their potential for wardrobe malfunctions is high,” Hung stated.

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(Photo: H&M)

Pick an outfit that suits your personality, and one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Tan explained: “We have come across customers who think that shorter dresses make their legs look “longer” but we also have customers who think that longer dresses accentuate their height.”

10 Essential Men’s Fashion Retailers In Singapore

Men often face the problem of not knowing where to shop, unlike our female counterparts who are experts in this field. Searching for stores that have what we are looking for can be a pain sometimes and it is a far cry from our usual strategy of getting in and out in the least possible time.

To make this necessary process as seamless as possible, here’s a list of 10 essential men’s fashion retailers in Singapore.

—Brick & Mortar Stores—

1. The Authority

The Authority is a Singapore-based brand that was started to create a platform for men to discover and appreciate contemporary menswear styles. The clothes are inspired by a fusion of minimalist fashion as well as streetwear style that’s gained popularity in recent years.

It’s definitely a brand for those looking to sport a simplistic look that blends well with monochrome colours. As compared to famous streetwear brands, I would say it is pretty affordable given the quality that you will be getting.

The Authority: 277 Orchard Rd, #03-03, Singapore 238858 | Website | Facebook | Instagram


If you are thinking summer vibes with a chic look, DUXTON offers well fitting garments for our tropical climate. Hailing from sunny California, this menswear brand settled on Singapore shores a few years back and brings with them a wealth of hot summer experience.

DUXTON offers some signatures such as the henleys, T-shirts and Hawaiian printed shirts and the unique breathable fabric made in Los Angeles for all their clothing is ideal for the humid weather in Singapore. If you are seeking a stylish summer look, DUXTON delivers.

DUXTON: 75 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089534 | Website | Facebook | Instagram



ZARA is often overlooked by us guys as a place to get outfits, perhaps due to the fact that it is an international fashion brand and we tend to stay away thinking that the clothes cost a bomb.

In reality, ZARA actually sells high-quality apparel at a fraction of the price of those sold by top-tier brands. The popular company offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that keeps up with current trends.

From plain tees to patterned designs, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

ZARA: Multiple Locations | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Depression

Unlike the negative connotations that we tend to associate this word with, Depression is none of that as a fashion brand. This Singapore-based brand has been around for slightly more than a decade and is famed for infusing punk and street goth elements in a dark tone.

Depression has been supported globally with international stars donning their apparels like Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas. Talk about global recognition from a small country? They got it.

This brand takes its apparel design inspiration from punk and goth. Offering a look that blends quality with cutting edge streetwear look, this Depression goes beyond just dressing in black.

Depression: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway #04-14, 238858 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Topman

Topman perpetually upgrades on its existing apparel lines, ensuring that it still remains one of the iconic brands that young adults head to.

Most guys have probably shopped at this retailer at least once before and it’s not hard to see why. From denim jackets and jeans to suits, the brand caters to guys looking to upgrade their wardrobes.

A point to note though – prices here are a bit steeper than other places but yes, you are paying for quality as well.

Topman: Multiple Locations | Website | Facebook | Instagram


We all have that one guy in our group who will always stick to neutral tones when shopping. MUJI will basically be that guy’s dream store.

The Japanese retail company is mainly associated with household and lifestyle items, so you may be surprised by the range of fashion that it offers.

It’s also relatively affordable, similar to another Japanese retailer that we’ll get to in a bit. The natural and simple designs will suit those going for that minimalist look, and the fabrics used are very light and breathable – perfect for Singaporean weather.

MUJI: Multiple Locations | Website | Facebook | Instagram

— Online Stores —

7. Arcade

With online shopping taking over the retail industry bit by bit, it is essential for us to know the best retail shops both offline and online.

Arcade is one to take note of, offering a wide range of timeless and stylish apparels. From basics such as T-shirts and shirts to bold accessories and suave suits, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Just be sure to know your measurements so you can get the right size delivered!

Arcade: Website | Facebook | Instagram



This online retailer boasts an extensive collection of menswear that will leave you with an abundance of choice. Filled with designer outfits, Mr Porter lets you in on the high life.

It might be a little pricey as compared to the others on this list, but if you are looking for outfits that are a little more luxurious, it’s a good place to start.

There are sales from time to time, so keep an eye out and grab the goods at a cheaper price where possible.

MR PORTER: Website | Facebook | Instagram


A favourite online retailer amongst millennials, ASOS is often a go-to due to the great mix of brands and in-house lines at awesome price points.

Every item is curated with the current trends in mind, ensuring that your look stays modern and fresh.

If you prefer a platform where you can take your time sourcing statement pieces at affordable prices, ASOS is the one for you. Plus, if your order doesn’t fit you, you can return stuff for free!

ASOS: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Urban Outfitters

The final brand on our list is one for the trend-setters. Urban Outfitters is an American lifestyle retailer that’s been blending hipster culture and fashion effortlessly for years.

Credit – Urban Outfitters

Offering edgy, fashion-forward apparel, it’s no wonder why the brand has stayed ahead of the game and its competitors. If you haven’t checked it out before, trust me, the site is worth a visit. Happy shopping bros!

Urban Outfitters: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Top 10 Fashion Websites in Singapore

By Yeetze Lo 

Although shopping physically is the classic way of retail therapy, we noticed that online shopping is trending fast in recent years, especially in the fashion industry.

At a click of a button, online fashion shopping is efficient as convenience is complemented by product quality, style and variety.

Whether you are looking for top-trending apparel or fashionable office wear, here are top 10 online fashion retailers that you should check out.


Credit : lovebonito @ InstagramCredit : lovebonito @ InstagramCredit : lovebonito @ Instagram


Founded in 2006, Love, Bonito quickly garnered fans with its myriad collections of stylish and on-trend apparel, even getting praised as Singapore’s leading online fashion boutique.  For sure, you can find one or two fashion pieces that catch your eye just by glancing through the first page of their website.


New items are introduced weekly in order to keep up with the fast-changing trend. Keep a look-out because their items are often sold out within days. Besides, Love, Bonito is also famous for its prompt and professional customer service.


Most of all, they offer free standard shipping (3 to 5 working days) with no minimum purchase. Nevertheless, express shipping (1 to 3 working days) only costs S$1.50 per order.


Credit : dressabelle @ InstagramCredit : dressabelle @ Instagram


Afraid of a wardrobe clash with a friend or colleague? With over 200 products being launched monthly, Dressabelle ensures that scenario will never happen. Whether you love prints or minimalism, casual or formal, are curvy or slim, tall or petite, Dressabelle has it all covered.


Not only is their website very user-friendly, its clean layout definitely makes it easier for potential customers to hover around.


To note, they charge an incredibly low courier fee. For standard shipping (1 to 3 working days), courier is chargeable at a flat rate of S$1.50 per order. It is free with a minimum purchase of S$60 in an order.


They even offer “Tonight Delivery” for orders made from 10am – 2pm (Monday – Friday) at a flat rate of S$10 per order, free for purchases of S$150 per order and above. Never worry about having nothing to wear for a last minute event again!

Credit : ohvola @ InstagramCredit : ohvola @ Instagram


Starting off as a pushcart which sells women’s apparel way back in 2007, OHVOLA has successfully ventured into an online store offering poised, modern and sophisticated fashion pieces, from workwear, bridesmaid collections, accessories to shoes.


Specifically, Keepsakes by OHVOLA offers glamorous pieces that one could wear from boardroom to dinner date.


Self-collection is available at their office (weekdays 12pm to 6pm) which is located at Ubi Avenue. Standard shipping (2 to 4 working days) is chargeable at a flat rate of S$2 per order, free for orders above S$100.


Credit : aforarcade @ Instagram


Much inspired by Caine’s Arcade who built an arcade out of recycled cardboard, fashion brand Arcade (also known as A for Arcade) is determined to build and create their own unique style in this clothing industry.


Even since the clothing brand was launched in 2006, Arcade strives to deliver trendy and timeless fashion pieces for both men and women at affordable prices. They introduce new arrivals on a weekly basis, and their wardrobe collections often give a fun, chic and fresh vibe which is perfect for street fashionistas.


Standard shipping (3 to 5 working days) via Ninja Van costs a flat rate of S$2.50 per order. If you prefer to self pick-up your merchandise instead of having them mailed out, you may do so at their main office which is located within a 5-minute walk from MacPherson MRT.

Credit : ricejasminee @ InstagramCredit : dreachong @ Instagram


When you add up petite, chic and contemporary, that would give you clothing by All Would Envy. Despite the brand being rather new in the market, AWE stands out for making fabulous wardrobe staples with its toned-down floral prints and deeper hued selections.


Specifically, they nail it on designing all kinds of dresses, subtly bringing out the femininity in every person. They are trendy and timeless pieces that you just have to give another look.


Standard courier (3 to 5 working days) is charged at a flat rate of S$2.50 per order, and is free for orders above S$100.

Credit : theeditorsmarket @ InstagramCredit : theeditorsmarket @ Instagram


Looking for modern-minimalistic fashion? The Editor’s Market is definitely your go-to online shop. Keeping all things current, the brand offers edgy, quirky and contemporary fashion catalogue, ranging from tops, trousers, dresses and accessories.

Calling itself a modern-day marketplace, The Editor’s Market is well-known for its distinctive tiered pricing system, where merchandise prices will go down when more items are purchased in a single order. It’s truly rare to find this “buy more, save more” marketplace concept in online stores, but that’s what makes this fashion website so mesmerizing.

Express courier (1 to 3 working days) is free for all local orders in Singapore with no minimum purchase required. If you need your purchase urgently, you may also self-collect from the physical store with available stock within 30 minutes from purchase.

Credit : theclosetlover @ InstagramCredit : theclosetlover @ Instagram

It was all started by two sisters who have a mutual passion for fashion. The Closet Lover has since grown fast and steadily, thanks to their customer-centric approach and their dedication to providing affordable fashion without compromising on quality.


Without a doubt, TCL is a highly productive online fashion brand that releases new arrivals every Monday and Thursday. From clothing, shoes to accessories, TCL constantly reinvents new styles that reflect their signature charming, feminine and fun personality.


Standard courier fee on clothing is S$2 per order, whereas shoes and bags are charged at S$4 per item. Express courier is S$5 per order for all items. Free local express courier is offered for orders above S$120 in a single order.

Credit : thefleurlabel @ InstagramCredit : thefleurlabel @ Instagram


Versatile office workwear without breaking the bank? Featuring a great selection of fashionable office wear is the main draw of The Fleur Label. This online fashion blogshop made it clear that they are determined to curate comfortable and contemporary clothes for the modern working lady, where quality, affordability and fitting are their top three considerations.

Apart from office wear, you can find a wide assortment of fashionable clothes, from one piece suits, dresses, bridesmaids collection, to basics for everyday wear. Alluring and stylish collections are introduced on a weekly basis, so you will always find new merchandise whenever you browse its website.

Shipping via normal mail (Singpost) will take about 3 to 7 working days and it costs S$1.50 per order. It is free with regular purchase above S$50. Self-collection option is available via Park N Parcel (2 to 3 working days) and it costs S$2 per order.

Credit : thevelvetdolls @ InstagramCredit : thevelvetdolls @ Instagram

With a wide range of fashion collections that suit many tastes, The Velvet Dolls makes the cut with its range of carefully tailored creations that are designed to flatter and impress. You can be rest assured that whether you are looking for trendy casual wear or an elegant formal dress, this online clothing retail store has them all.

Not to mention, they have dedicated a separate column for a bridesmaid collection filled with gorgeous gowns and off-the-shoulder short dresses. Certainly you can find a suitable piece for any themed wedding.

Standard local courier with tracking (5 to 7 working days) is chargeable at a flat rate of S$3. 50. You are entitled to free delivery whenever the order is over S$100.

Credit : younghungryfree @ InstagramCredit : younghungryfree @ Instagram

Are you a fashion rule breaker? Not your ordinary mainstream fashion blogshop, Young Hungry Free serves up sassy, cool and edgy fashion pieces that matches up with the taste of a rebel street fashionista.

Targeting bold and fashion-conscious women, Young Hungry Free features an extensive range of fashion items. By that we are talking of crop tops, shredded jeans, jumpsuits and more.

Standard courier via Honestbee will cost S$3 per order and takes around 1 to 3 working days to arrive at your address. Free standard courier is available once it hits S$100 per order and above. Next day delivery via Honestbee is available at S$4.50 per order.

For more information, do check out the respective fashion websites. What are you waiting for? Head right down to fill up your wardrobe today. Chop chop!

Shopping: 8 Affordable Local Online Apparel Stores In Singapore 2020

We know, you have been wearing either your loungewear or pajamas at home during this circuit breaker. Well, it doesn’t hurt to dress up with some fashionable and stylish clothes at home to lift our spirits while we continue working from home. With so many blog shops in Singapore out there, however, it can be hard knowing which to check out.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of fashion labels that you can consider for your online retail therapy.

Read on to find out more!

If you are young hungry and free, you should check out this blog shop. They have a wide range of bold and classic pastel designs to choose from with various price points. Though it does not have a brick and mortar store yet, their clothes are always sold out or on backorder during their weekly launch. Mark your calendars on Monday, 8pm for their weekly launch if you want to snag one of the fashionable pieces.

SuperGurl is well-known for its good quality apparel. It has a wide range of formal and casual clothes, from office wear to ladies’ night out, it serves for all occasions. They launch on every Tuesday, at 8pm, so do mark your calendars. Psst…they are including cute alcohol wipes in your package too.

If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe with more statement pieces, The Juice Market will definitely serve your needs and earn you loads of compliments. You can even check out their recently launched home collection that has a wide variety of fashion pieces that is suitable for your Zoom video calls.

The world may be different but one thing that doesn’t change will be our love for shopping. The Tinsel Rack is one of the few blog shops in Singapore that stocks its own graphic T-shirts. We are all looking forward to entering phase 2 of the circuit breaker so we can wear a cute brunch outfit out.

The Closet Lover is another local boutique blog shop in Singapore that you can’t miss out on!

Did you know that Arcade used to be named Little Red Heels? Founder Min Poh started the blog shop with a simple purpose of earning extra pocket money during her university days but it soon turned out to be her full-time gig along with co-founder Collin Goh who is also her husband. Having been in the scene for a decade now, Arcade continues producing great quality clothes for consumers.

If you are in need of some basic yet minimalist clothes, Runway Bandits is the choice for you. It has everything from tops, dresses, pants, jeans, and shorts. We can kiss our money goodbye.

Though Ilo The Label is new in the market, we are all familiar with this brand as it is founded by influencer Elaine Rui Min. If you love some cute satin loungewear,  you should check out their latest collection. Otherwise, they have a wide selection of dresses for you to choose from.

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90,000 How to register and order on Amazon with delivery to Russia? Instruction

About Amazon

Amazon, as a store, emerged back in 1994 and initially sold only books. But the trade went so well that, today, it is the largest online store in the world, the range of goods in which is no longer limited only to books.

One of the most important advantages of Amazon is the fact that the store easily accepts Russian and Ukrainian cards for payment and sends your purchases to us.

In order to make purchases on Amazon, you need to go through a few simple steps.

How to register on Amazon

1. Open the Amazon site in the browser

2. In the upper right corner of the page, hover over “Hello. Sign In Your Account “. In the menu that appears, click on the link “Start here”

3. On the page that opens, enter your Email.

4. We write your name in English letters, repeat your Email, indicate your mobile phone number (optional), come up with a password for future entry to the site.

5. That’s all. You are now a full registered Amazon customer. Congratulations 🙂

Searching for products on Amazon and buying them

You can search for a product both by sections (books, electronics, mp3 players), and by name or brand – just use the Search line.

As an example, consider the purchase of a great gift and, in general, a wonderful Amazon Kindle device.

On the right side of the product page there is a noticeable yellow button “Add to cart” , by clicking on which the product you like is instantly added to the cart.

So, feel free to press the button and move on to an overview of what we are going to buy.

Here, if necessary, you can use the Edit cart function, deleting an item from the cart, or changing the number of purchased items.

If you don’t need to do this, click “Proceed checkout” and go to the page where you need to specify the shipping address. This is the same shipping address you received from us for your purchases.

Fill out the shipping address form. It is very important to fill in all fields correctly and completely.

On the same page, Amazon will ask you if this address is a billing address.Select “No” and press “Continue” .

On the next page we do not agree to the automatic change of the address and by ticking “Original Address” click on “Ship to this address” .

It’s time to fill in your card details. Amazon is omnivorous and there are no problems with accepting Russian or Ukrainian cards. Fill in the fields and click on the button “Add new card” .

Click “Continue” and get to the page with the filling in “Billing address” .

For all your subsequent purchases, Amazon will save both the billing and shipping address, making the checkout easier, more convenient and faster.

Now you can choose the method of delivery of your purchases to our warehouse. Remember that the speed of free shipping is poor.For an additional fee, the goods will be in our warehouse much faster. But it’s up to you to decide 🙂

We click on the button “Place order” and that’s it, the purchase is complete.

All your orders you can track on the tab “My account” , in the same place, a couple of days after ordering, you can find the tracking number of the purchase, indicating which on our website you will significantly speed up the processing of the parcel in the warehouse.

Thank you for your attention and happy shopping!

90,000 How to register and order at 6pm with delivery to Russia? Instruction

About 6PM

6PM is the largest stock store of the world famous Zappos company. It sells women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, bijouterie. Discounts on 6PM go up to 90%.

How to register for 6PM

On the main page of the site, click “Log In or Register” (in the upper right corner).

On the page that opens, on the left you will see the login form for registered customers, and on the right – the button “Create an Account” . Click it.

Fill out the registration form (in English). Please also indicate your name and surname as they are indicated on the payment card with which you will pay for purchases.

After the form has been filled out, check the entered data, remember or write down the password and click “Register Now” .

After registration, you may need to confirm your Email. To do this, check the mailbox specified during registration, find the letter from 6PM there and follow the link from the letter to complete the registration.

After your registration has been confirmed, enter the site using the link “Log In or Register” from the main page of the site and you can proceed to making purchases.

Selection of goods

Choose the section you are interested in (shoes, clothes, accessories) or brand.

If necessary, filter the list of goods additionally using the filter in the left column of the site.

You will see different filters for each product group. For example, you can indicate that you want to see only products of certain brands (by ticking these brands) or that you are only interested in shoes of size 8, and so on.

Click on the product you want to buy.

Select the desired size and color and, if necessary, check the product size chart (recommendations for choosing the size). Some brands or products may have their own size chart. After you have chosen the color and size, click “Add to Shopping Bag” .

In the basket you can view the list of your purchases, delete unwanted products, change the quantity for a certain item, indicate the discount code (if you have one) and see the total amount of your order.When all the information in the shopping cart has been carefully reviewed, click “Proceed to Checkout” .

Payment for purchases

On the checkout page that opens (final payment for purchases), you need to specify the Shipping Address (your virtual address with us, which you can find in the section My address in the USA).

Shipping within the United States at 6PM is free, but if you have at least two items in your cart, or one item worth more than $ 50.It is worth considering this point carefully, since fast delivery is paid, its cost is proportional to the basket (the number of goods in it).

Fill out the Payment Information form, indicating your card number, month and year of its expiration (expiration date or exp date; this information is indicated on the front of the card).

You will also need to indicate your billing address (this is the address to which you issued the card at the bank).In your case, the shipping address (delivery address) and billing address cannot be the same, so you do not need to check the box next to “Same as my shipping address”. Please note that when filling in the billing address, you must indicate the real (Russian) address.

Carefully check the correctness of the shipping address and billing address, as well as information about the delivery, the amount of your purchase, credit card details and so on. Only then click “Submit My Order” .

After clicking this button, the order amount will be debited from your card. Please note that for new customers who place their first order for 6PM, the store may carry out an additional verification process, which can last from two days to one week.

This means that only after successful verification your order will be processed and sent to the shipping address you provided. All subsequent orders paid with the same card will be sent by the store without delay.

Shopping in Singapore, Tax-free in Singapore

Singaporeans joke that shopping is their national sport. Indeed, it takes truly Olympic stamina to get around the local shopping malls. Anyway, we adore Singaporean stores with endless selection and attractive prices. Unless it is very cold there 🙂 Therefore, we recommend that children and those who do not like the draft of air conditioners take something over their shoulders. For these purposes, Singaporean women carry with them thin beautiful scarves or pashminas, which, by the way, can be bought at every step at a modest price.Well, for those who do not tolerate heat, shopping centers are a real refuge! Moreover, in any of them, in addition to shops, there are restaurants, food shops, beauty salons, massage parlors, cinemas and much more … and in shopping centers! It’s hard to imagine how the helpful salespeople in the ultra-modern store, with all its cash registers and official price tags, would react to this.So if you’re looking to save some money, take advantage of mall loyalty programs, special offers and seasonal sales. I would also like to note that there are no discount clothing stores, such as outlets in Europe, here, but they are more than compensated for by the Great Singapore Sale.

Great Singapore Sale

One of the most anticipated events in the city Great Singapore Sale usually takes place in May-June (we announce the dates every year on this website in advance) and allows you to save up to 70% on any goods in all retail outlets cities and also win valuable prizes! Locals prepare for this event all year long, making lists of future purchases and accumulating money.During this period, the tourist flow increases, as many travelers plan to combine their vacation with very profitable purchases. Many shopping malls offer additional loyalty programs for tourists, which makes both the prices and shopping in Singapore even more attractive.

Below we will tell you about the most famous shopping centers in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Resort Shopping Center

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Bayfront MRT with access to the shopping center.

This is the grand shopping arcade of the magnificent resort hotel with the famous rooftop pool Marina Bay Sands . Here is a highly abbreviated list of his brands: BALLY, Banana, Republic, Birkenstock, BOSS HUGO BOSS, Burberry, BVLGARI, Cartier, CHANEL, Dior, Emporio Armani, FENDI, Ferrari Store, FURLA, Gucci, Harley-Davidson, Hermes, Herve Leger , Hide Yamamoto, Jimmy Choo, LA PERLA, La Senza, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, MIU MIU, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Yves Saint Laurent.The creators of the shopping center made sure that shoppers can quickly find the desired store using touch panels located on each floor.

It is hard to imagine the existence of another, more modern, more luxurious and comfortable shopping center than Marina Bay Sands Singapore! You don’t want to leave it – you want to live in such a place.In addition to a variety of purchases, this complex can provide leisure for the whole day: excellent cafes and restaurants, a wonderful inexpensive food corp with a huge selection of national Asian dishes and dishes Singaporean cuisine .

More live music and a skating rink! Yes, a 600-meter ice rink with changing lockers and skate rentals! And yet, as incredible as it sounds – boating, a Chinese wooden boat Sampan. This fantastic mall really has a river flowing! It originates from an incredible cascade – a stream of water falling from a 22-meter height from a giant bowl. This 90 tonne construction was created by designer Ned Kahn.

Of course, the world’s first boutique-island Louis Vuitton, built on water from glass and metal by architect Peter Marino, deserves special attention.The three-story store, which offers the most complete collection of one of the most luxurious brands in the world, also houses a gallery displaying masterpieces of contemporary art.

The main goal of all shopping lovers in Singapore is the famous street Orchard Road …

Shopaholic Street Orchard Road

Its name Orchard Road (Sadovaya Street) owes its name to the vast plantations of nutmeg in the 19th century ruined a mysterious disease.Apparently, its true destiny was to become a street of luxury hotels, restaurants, nightlife and, of course, shops where you can buy whatever your heart desires. Here are some of her shopping centers:

  • ION Orchard at 2 Orchard Turn, Orchard MRT station with access to the shopping center.

No, this is not a space station or the embassy of the Republic of Mars. This is a luxury mall with boutiques such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier and 300 other great stores.Recommended!

  • Paragon Shopping Center – 290 Orchard Road, Orchard MRT Station.

This mall houses the magnificent five-story Gucci flagship store. Boutiques Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s, Miu Miu, BVLGARI, Burberry, Canali, Dunhill, Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, Jimmy Choo, Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, BCBG Maxazria, Calvin Klein Jeans, CK Calvin Klein, DieselKNYNY / , Evisu, G-Star, Guess, Miss Sixty, Raoul and others.

  • Ngee Ann City – 391A Orchard Road, Orchard MRT Station.

This magnificent shopping mall is primarily famous for the Japanese supermarket Takashimaya. The brands Armani Exchange, Alfred Dunhill, Burberry, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior, Fendi, Guess ?, Harley-Davidson Motor Clothes, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, La Perla, Louis Vuitton, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Massimo Dutti, Versace.

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