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Modest Islamic Clothing Online by EastEssence for Muslim Women, Men

Helina Muhhammed

I have shopped with them for over 10 years now and love their products. True modest clothing company.

Anam Shabih

Love the quality of clothes and it can be customized according to one’s needs!

Tosha Denyse Key

I would definitely recommend East Essence to others they have all your modest garments that all muslimah’s need.

Alison Fatima Aquilina

Very happy with my abayas. Great customer service and great material plus great fit.

Salamai Jannati Zamal

Just received my abaya. I ordered a medium and it’s a perfect fit. I’m quite small but wear loose abayas and had to order a size medium. I love it, will in shaa Allah order more.

Farisha Aldean

My order was processed and delivered in a timely manner. The quality of clothing is good, fair prices, and their sizing chart is accurate.

Tamiko Liwaru

They have beautiful modest clothing for women and children

Oksana Kovaljova

I am a client of East essence since 2012, I can say the price is far and quality of clothing is always good, I would recommend this store to save money and get good stuff.

Noor Walid Najjar

I love all your custom made items! I’ve been ordering for years and still wear items made years ago! Thanks!

Ruby Garnett

I like the “modesty” of dress, style and sales price.

Yvonne Manly

First place I found that services my size and still make the garment beautiful. I love the modesty I can get now and at decent prices.

Marie Turner

It’s time to update my wardrobe and you are my go to place for modest clothing!!!

Jenny Hg Walker

I have placed some many orders I keep coming back delivery is quick well worth

Linda Lewis

I buy from this store and I love it the size are good for the money

Top 10 Online Muslimah Fashion Boutiques in Malaysia

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Good quality Muslimah fashion or modest wear doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you are looking for headscarves, blouses or skirts, these recommended Top 10 Online Muslimah Fashion Boutiques in Malaysia could be your next shopping experience that thrills you!


Founded in 2014, Scarffeya focuses on today’s muslimah fashion that is both classy and elegant regardless of formal or casual wear. You can find various collections ranging from scarves and shawls to blouses, skirts and pants — all of which are affordably priced without sacrificing its quality. Apart from muslimah fashion made for adults, selected kids’ sizes are also available as well. | FB: Scarffeya | IG: @scarffeya


Catered for both traditional and modern Muslimah women, Rasa Sayang’s range of quality modest wear comes with a reasonable price tag. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for baju kurung, outerwear or even a fashionable Muslimah set, with the latter including a matching top and bottom. All of their garments are specially designed in-house with limited quantities, meaning you don’t have to worry about clashing with others. You can either shop online or visit one of their ten outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia. | FB: fesyenrasasayang | IG: @fesyenrasasayang


Be it scarves, blouses, skirts or pants, CalaQisya has them all under one platform. Their range of Muslimah wear is all elegantly designed with modernity in mind, making them suitable for today’s women. Look out for their fuss-free Ironless collection where the likes of scarves and tops are made from non-iron fabric materials. | FB: calaqisya | IG: @calaqisya

Looking for a high-quality modest fashion label minus the exorbitant price tag? You might want to check out the homegrown Poplook brand, which carries more than 1,500 different designs and sizes that fits all kinds of body shapes. From their bestselling blouse & skirt sets to the various headscarves designs such as scallops, shawls and curved edges, there’s something for everyone at Poplook. | FB: POPLOOK | IG: @poplook


An affordably-priced designer label for modest fashion wear is made possible, thanks to Zucca’s direct-to-consumer sales approach minus the third-party middlemen costs. Even all of their designs are created in-house, covering from tops to bottoms such as headscarves, blouses, skirts and leggings. Also, do check out for their value-for-money “2 for RM 30” and “2 for RM 50” promotions. | FB: | IG: @zucca.butik


Here’s a homegrown modest wear brand that needs no introduction. Founded in 2014 by renowned Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur Neelofa, Naelofar is primarily known for their affordable headscarves made from premium quality. For their headscarves alone, you can find everything from the classic shawls to semi-instant and instant collections. The latter particularly comes in handy for those who want to put it on in a jiffy without relying on pins or brooches. You can shop for Naelofar’s products online or check out one of her outlets nationwide. | FB: NaelofarOfficial | IG: @naelofar


Ariani Online prides itself in offering fashion-forward scarves that combines up-to-date style and functionality. Their headscarves consist of various ready-to-wear designs like squares, pleats and instant varieties. You can also find other modest wears such as blouses, skirts and pants. Ariani Online also operates a number of physical outlets, where you can search for their stores right here and here. | FB: GaleriAriani | IG: @galeriariani


Bella Ammara’s modest wear collection favours more on minimalism and simplicity but still maintains the contemporary style that fits today’s Muslim women. Discover their various fashionably chic collections ranging from shawls and baju kurung to jubah and casual apparels. And in case you are wondering about the name of their brand, Bella Ammara actually derives from the combined French and Persian languages, translated as “Lady with a strong iman”. | FB: BellaAmmara | IG: @bellaammara


The name of this homegrown online boutique says it all. Here is where you can find a wide range of modest wear such as headscarves, baju kurung, pant suits as well as assorted tops and bottoms. Not to mention they are made comfortable for everyday wear and even come with an affordable price. | FB: muslimahclothing | IG: @muslimahclothing


At EJ Fashion Style, their online boutique is dedicated to providing quality yet affordably-priced modest wear for every woman. For instance, you can own a set of batik-inspired baju kurung for as low as RM 60 per piece. Or perhaps their simple yet elegant-looking blouses at just RM 20. Find out about their collections by visiting the website below. | FB: ejfashionstyle | IG: @ejfashionstyle

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Online Muslimah fashion boutique opens shop

Dk Hjh Nurul Huslina Pg Matahir, founder of Aura Rich by Ummu Iman Collections, decided to venture beyond the online space as numerous customers wanted to see the products in person before making a purchase.

“The trend has changed. People used to prefer making purchases online when I first started out (in 2013). But now, customers are more careful and want to try out products first,” she said.

The store, located in Kiarong, opened its doors to the public last Sunday.

The boutique sells instant scarves, long dresses and the best selling prayer-ready scarves.

As the Muslimah fashion trend has grown in the recent years, Dk Hjh Nurul has had to deal with increasing competition from online stores and this is also why she decided to establish a physical presence.

“The competition is still there because a lot of locals are also opening up boutiques. But I’m thankful for the loyal customers who have been very supportive,” she said.

Aura Rich carries Malaysian fashion brands and is also Brunei’s sole distributor for Aura Lab – a premium Malaysian brand of health and beauty products which use daun Bidara (lote leaves).

She first decided to bring in Aura Lab as its shower gel helped to heal her eczema.

She said Aura Lab products are priced higher than most mainstream brands, but this has not deterred consumers from buying Aura Lab products.

“Bruneians like to try new stuff and now I notice that people are leaning towards more natural products. Although the local market is quite small, my agents and I are able to sell up to 2,000 bottles per month,” she said.

Dk Hjh Nurul is also planning to come out with her own line of scarves and beauty products. While the shop is doing well selling other brands, she believes it’s important to make in-house labels to sustain the business.

“The goal is to have my own line and that’s the only way to stay (competitive) because more people are also designing their own products, especially Muslimah wear,” she said.


Arabic Clothes – Buy Islamic Clothing Online:Arabic Attire

Islamic wear for women serves as an attribute of morality and a mean of self-expression at the same time. There are certain requirements it should meet. The most significant one is to conceal the body from prying eyes. However, it does not mean that Muslim clothing for women should be unfeminine. On the contrary, modern Arabic ladies can choose from a variety of fashionable abayas, kaftans, and maxi dresses that look not only gorgeous but also comfortable to wear. Nowadays, Islamic clothing has become a powerful medium to express one’s religious beliefs and show national identity. What is more, it always looks modest and beautiful on Muslim women.

If you’re looking where to buy cheap Muslim clothing of the highest quality, you have come to the right place. Here, at Arabicattire store, we do our best to help you make the most out of online shopping. Be sure to select the most comfortable and attractive Islamic wear on our website and save yourself the bother of getting to one of the brick-and-mortar stores in your area.

Muslim online store with clothing for all occasions

It’s common knowledge that Islamic people pay a great deal of attention to aesthetic appeal and neatness of the attires. Modesty and elegance is what should be identified with traditional Arabic women’s clothing.

Unfortunately, there is one big misconception about Islamic culture that has firmly entrenched in the minds of many. People do actually believe that Muslim women can only wear garments in black colors and should always hide their faces and hands. However, in reality, they are free to choose almost any type of apparel they like as long as it meets the main principles of their religion.

Women can find a variety of attires in our Islamic online store and be sure that they do not violate the code:

  • The whole body is always covered except for hands and face
  • Free-cut clothing is made from durable materials and non-translucent fabrics
  • The main focus of all clothing lines is modesty and tidiness as Muslim people don’t use fashion to stand out from the crowd

However, if you’re going to buy Islamic clothing that will look festive and elegant for any occasion, you should take a look at our great selection of kaftans in different styles and colors. Here you can find everything from Islamic Farasha dresses to Moroccan caftans. You will be wowed by an array of sophisticated Islamic wear for women presented at our store.

For those who need a comfortable garment for everyday wear, we advise taking a look at our great range of women’s abaya clothing with printed, hooded, and front open models.

Hijab is a traditional piece of clothing for Muslim nations. It refers to a square of a rectangular piece of fabric which is folded over the head and fastened under the chin as a headscarf. There are different types of hijabs presented at our store, including niqabs, jerseys, and chiffons. However, all of them serve one primary purpose, which is to emphasize one’s relationship with Allah.

When you are done with getting dressed, it is time to get prepared for praying, and we can also help you with that. Check our collection of prayer items and specials accessories to find the one that meets your requirements in the best way.

Islamic online store that cares

We understand the importance of selecting proper clothing for Muslim people. And to make this process smooth and simple, we have divided most of our Islamic clothing into categories for men, women, and kids. So, if you want to buy Islamic clothing at a reasonable price, our store is always at your disposal.

If you have any questions regarding our assortment or would like to order something specific, feel free to give us a call at +1 (902) 220-8067 or fill the online form on our website.

Top Muslimah Apparels & Muslimah Attire Fashion Online

Puan Leha merupakan seorang guru yang mengajar di sebuah sekolah di kawasan Ampang, Selangor. Beliau mengajar dua subjek iaitu Matematik dan Sains, dan sudah berkhidmat sebagai guru selama empat tahun. Di sekolah tempat dia bekerja, beliau sering dipuji kerana mempunyai citarasa yang unik dan cantik dalam berpakaian. Antara pakaian kegemaran beliau ialah jubah Muslimah terutama sekali jubah yang diimpot dari negara Arab seperti Qatar, Dubai dan Syria. Apa yang membuat Puan Leha tertarik dengan pakaian Muslimah dari negara Arab tersebut ialah jenis kain yang selesa digunakan, corak yang menarik serta potongan jubah Arab yang sesuai dengan seorang Muslimah.

Puan Leha merupakan peminat nombor satu jubah Muslimah Arab. Beliau kadangkala membeli jubah Muslimah di pusat membeli-belah berhampiran dengan rumah kediaman beliau. Namun, beliau lebih berminat membeli jubah Arab terkini secara online kerana agak sibuk dengan tuntutan masa yang diperlukan di tempat kerja dan juga di rumah. Maklumlah, Puan Leha sudah pun mendirikan rumahtangga tiga tahun yang lepas dan dikurniakan seorang anak perempuan. Beliau berkata jika ingin membeli jubah fesyen terbaru secara online, boleh guna komputer atau telefon bimbit sahaja. Asalkan ada sambungan internet, pembelian boleh dibuat atas talian dengan begitu mudah dan cepat. Tak perlu susah-susah naik kereta untuk pergi ke Mall.

Seperti pakaian lain, Puan Leha mendapati jubah Arab juga mempunyai pelbagai potongan. Tak semua jenis potongan jubah Arab terkini sesuai untuk wanita yang bergelar Muslimah. Jubah Arab yang seharusnya dicari seorang perempuan Muslimah mestilah sedikit longgar dan tidak menunjuk bentuk badan. Antara potongan yang sesuai dan popular di butik pakaian Muslimah online seperti MoonAbaya ialah potongan jenis lurus dan potongan jenis A. Potongan jenis ‘princess’ juga boleh dipakai wanita Muslimah kerana ia agak kembang di bahagian bawah dan tidak menampakkan bentuk kaki seseorang perempuan yang memakainya.

Antara pakaian perempuan Muslimah tradisional yang tidak sesuai dipakai seorang Muslimah wanita adalah pakaian Muslimah yang agak ketat terutama sekali di bahagian dada dan pinggul. Jubah Arab yang mempunyai bentuk jenis “Mermaid” iaitu potongan yang ketat di bahagian pinggul untuk menampakkan bentuk “hourglass” seseorang wanita itu tidak menepati Syarak dan seharusnya dielakkan.

Puan Leha juga ingin nampak bergaya dan trendy seperti perempuan lain di luar sana. Di pasaran banyak pakaian Muslimah trendy yang menepati syariat. Warna-warna yang terang dan menarik seperti ungu, merah jambu dan hijau menjadi kegemaran Puan Leha. Beliau sangat meminati pakaian Muslimah yang mempunyai motif bunga dan daun. Jubah Arab yang diperindahkan dengan corak bunga sudah tentunya menjadi pilihan Puan Leha, apatah lagi jika ia digabungkan dengan manik-manik halus sebagai penambah seri.

Jubah cotton sesuai untuk dipakai ke pejabat atau kelas. Puan Leha berasa selesa memakai jubah cotton kasual ke kelas kerana kain cotton sesuai dipakai dalam cuaca yang panas dan juga sejuk. Jika berpeluh selepas beberapa jam mengajar, beliau masih berasa selesa dan tenang.

Fabrik cotton menjadi kegemaran ramai pelanggan wanita online setia MoonAbaya. Sememangnya terdapat banyak fesyen jubah cotton terkini. Mereka gemari jubah cotton Muslimah kerana keselesaan dan juga kerana coraknya yang pelbagai serta pilihan warna yang begitu banyak. Antara warna popular untuk jubah cotton Muslimah ialah hijau dan ungu. Jubah cotton terbaru banyak menggunakan sulaman jenis abstrak serta bunga. Bagi wanita yang kurus seperti Puan Leha, mereka boleh memilih jubah Arab Muslimah yang mempunyai lipatan halus (<i>pleating</i>) di bahagian dada dan yang mempunyai potongan jenis A untuk memudahkan pergerakan. Cerutan di bahagian pergelangan tangan akan memastikan aurat seseorang wanita sewaktu memakai jubah Arab terperlihara.

Jika ke pejabat eloklah memakai jubah cotton kasual tetapi jika ke majlis yang lebih formal adalah lebih sesuai memakai pakaian muslimah moden seperti jubah Muslimah eksklusif yang menggunakan fabrik chiffon dan georgette serta sarat dengan manik sebagai hiasan.

Baru-baru ini Puan Leha ada membeli jubah Arab eksklusif di butik online MoonAbaya. Semua kaum keluarga memuji Puan Leha. Mereka berkata Puan Leha nampak cukup anggun menggayakan jubah ala Arab. Pilihan warna merah jambu dihiasi dengan sulaman di hujung pergelangan tangan menampakkan kelainan.

Selain daripada jubah Muslimah eksklusif, Puan Leha juga suka menyarung kaftan Arab Muslimah. Kaftan mempunyai lengan yang agak mengembang dan berbentuk seperti kupu-kupu. Biasanya kaftan yang menggunakan fabrik chiffon atau georgette akan mempunyai lining di bahagian dalam dan dihiasi dengan sulaman atau manik di bahagian hadapan kaftan. Kaftan Arab Muslimah sesuai dipakai ke kenduri kahwin serta majlis formal yang lain.

Kadangkala bajet membeli yang kecil membuat seseorang untuk memilih untuk membeli pakaian Muslimah murah. Jubah Muslimah Arab senang didapati secara online. Butik MoonAbaya juga menjual pakaian Muslimah murah, contohnya jubah yang berharga RM99 ke bawah. Jubah Muslimah murah dapat memenuhi permintaan pelanggan yang mungkin tidak mempunyai bajet yang tinggi untuk membeli pakaian secara online.

MoonAbaya menampilkan koleksi jubah Arab Muslimah murah yang cantik menggunakan pelbagai warna dan corak. Anda boleh membeli jubah secara online melalui website

1. Assalamualaikum, Saya nak bagitau yang saya dah terima jubah-jubah yang diorder. I like them very much. Thank you. Best regards. ~~Cik Mahani, Melaka

2. Salam Kak, Jubah dah terima. Kain tu memang jenis selesa pakai, dah try tadi. Saya memang suka jubah perempuan jenis mcm ni. Moden tapi tak nampak ‘tua’ sebelum usia. hehehe. In Syaa Allah shopping lagi. ~~Syarifah Helma, Sarawak

3. As Salam Kak, Dah dapat jubah wanita. Cantikkk sangat hihi tapi kena alter dulu la, Kalau saya tolong jualkan kira macam mana kak hihi, nak masuk dalam fb je huhu.  ~~Ilyana, Perak

4. Kak Sidah, suka sangat suka jubah perempuan yang saya beli dari MoonAbaya sebelum Kak Sidah pergi ke Turki. Saya beli ya… ~~Suhana, Selangor

5. Salam, saya sudah terima parcel. Terima kasih. Semalam order, harini dah terima. Fabulous! ~~Fauzana, Labuan

Madam Leha is a teacher working at a school in the area of Ampang, Selangor. She teaches two subjects: Mathematics and Science. She has been working as a teacher for the past four years. At school, she gets frequent compliments for her beautiful and unique sense of fashion. Some of her favorite types of clothing include jubah Muslimah, especially the ones which have been imported from the Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, Dubai and Syria. What attracts Puan Leha with jubah clothing is the type of fabric used, interesting designs as well as the cutting of the Arab jubah which is suitable for the Muslimah woman.

Madam Leha is a number one fan of Jubah Muslimah Arab. Occasionally, she buys a jubah Muslimah from a shopping mall located at a short distance from her residence. However, she prefers to purchase the latest Arab jubah fashion online due to her hectic work schedule and time requirements from work as well as at home. Puan Leha married three years ago and has been blessed with one child. She says she rather purchase the latest jubah fashion online, as she can use a computer or a handphone to do so. As long as there is an internet connection, online purchases can be made easily and quickly. There is no need to fuss and labor to visit the mall.

Similar to other clothes, Puan Leha found that jubah Arab also has many different cuttings. Not all cuttings for the latest jubah Arab is suitable for the Muslimah woman. Jubah Arab style which a Muslimah woman would look for ideally must be a little loose, and not reveal the shape of the body. Some of the more suitable and popular cuttings on various Muslimah online boutique such as MoonAbaya are straight cut jubah and A-cut jubah. Princess cut jubah can also be worn by the Muslimah woman because the hem is pretty wide and does not show the shape of a woman’s legs.

There are traditional Muslimah attire which are not appropriate for a Muslimah. Examples are Muslimah clothing which are just too tight especially around the bust and hips. Jubah arab which has the mermaid cut, that is the fitting around the hips is pretty small so it emphasizes the butt and the hourglass figure that a woman has. Wearing such dresses should be avoided as it is unIslamic.

Madam Leha wants to looks trendy and fashionable too like other women out there. There are many trendy Muslimah attire in the market which complies with the syariah ruling. Bright and interesting colors such as purple, pink and green are some of Madam Leha’s favorites. She loves Muslimah clothing which has floral and leaf patterns. Jubah arab which has been adorned with floral patterns obviously would be Madam Leha’s preference, especially if it is combined with sequins and other fancy adornments.

Cotton jubah can be worn to the office and work. Madam Leha feels comfortable wearing a casual cotton jubah to work as the cotton fabric is suitable to wear in both warm and cold weather. Even after sweating after a couple of hours of teaching, she still feels comfortable and calm.

Cotton fabric continues to become the favorite choice of many of MoonAbaya’s loyal fans. There are many designs for the latest cotton jubah fashion whether online or offline. Most love cotton jubah Muslimah due to the comfort and because there are many choices in colors and patterns. Some of the most popular colors for cotton Muslimah jubah are green and purple. The latest cotton jubah uses a combination of abstract and floral patterns. For slim and petite women like Madam Leha, they may choose a jubah Arab Muslimah which has an A-cut for easy movement.

If you are going to the office, wearing a casual cotton jubah is appropriate but if you are heading for a more formal event, it is best if a woman wears a modern Muslimah clothing such as an exclusive jubah Muslimah which uses chiffon and georgette fabric, and beautified with beadwork.

Recently, Madam Leha bought and exclusive jubah Arab at MoonAbaya’s online boutique. All her family members complimented Madam Leha. They said she looked quite stunning donning the jubah Arab. She chose a dark pink jubah adorned with embroideries at the sleeve edges.

Aside from exclusive jubah Muslimah, Madam Leha loves to wear a kaftan Arab Muslimah. Kaftan has butterfly sleeves and normally uses a chiffon or georgette fabric, and has a lining underneath. It has been adorned with embroideries or beadwork at the front of the kaftan. A kaftan Arab Muslimah is suitable to wear for a wedding feast as well as other formal events.

Some people have a small budget when shopping for a Muslimah apparel. Jubah Muslimah Arab can easily be bought online. MoonAbaya’s Muslimah boutique offers cheap Muslimah apparel, for example jubahs which are priced at RM99 and below. Cheap jubah Muslimah can fulfill the customer’s demands who might not have a big budget to purchase Muslimah apparel online.

MoonAbaya offers a collection of jubah Arab Muslimah which are both cheap and beautiful, and uses various colors and patterns. You may shop for jubah online at our website

1. Assalamualaikum, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the jubahs that I ordered. I like them very much. Thank you. Best regards. ~~Miss Mahani, Melaka

2. Salam Sis, Already received the jubah. The fabric is really comfortable to wear, I just tried it on just now. I really like this type of fabric. Modern but don’t look too ‘old’ before my time. hehehe. In Syaa Allah will shop again. ~~Syarifah Helma, Sarawak

3. As Salam Kak, the jubahs look so beautiful hihi but need to alter first. Can I become your reseller? Thinking of selling on fb.. ~~Ilyana, Perak

4. Kak Sidah, love so much the jubah I bought just before you went to Turky. Thanks for selling. ~~Suhana, Selangor

5. Salam, I have received the parcel. Thanks so much. The fastest online purchase I have ever met. Yesterday ordered, today already received. Fabulous! ~~Fauzana, Labuan

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received a reply email/sms with a Returns Authorization please print a copy of
this email and include this in the delivery with your returned item/s. If
returning item/s from outside Malaysia you must mark on the parcel ‘RETURN OF



** SALE item **

For SALE or discount code item purchased, we are unable to offer a refund,
however, you are welcome to exchange. If the item cannot be exchanged we will
issue you a credit code on the value of the accepted item (excluding postage)
valid for redemption online only & valid for 6 months from issue date.


** FINAL SALE clearance item **

For FINAL SALE or clearance items purchased, we are unable to offer a
refund or exchange. 

Return item/s will only be accepted if the item/s are received by us in
original unused re-saleable condition, original packaging and purchase receipt.
All item/s must be in new and unworn condition with all tags still attached.
Any item/s which are considered to be worn, damaged or soiled will be returned
back to you and we will be unable to refund your money.


Faulty or wrong item

If the item you received is faulty or is not what you originally ordered,
please contact at:


PHONE                     : +603 5524 2815

LINE                 : +6017 
681 5800

EMAIL                       :
[email protected]

Direct link              :


Quoting your order number, your name and address, details of the product,
and whether you require a refund or a replacement. We will send an email to you
with a Returns Reference number. Returns will not be accepted if our returns
procedure is not followed. A full refund (including delivery charges),
will be given if any item purchased is proven faulty or has been sent as a
result of our error. Please note: You are held responsible for posting the
goods back to us. We recommend that you should post item/s via registered post.

Returns must be received within 7 days of receipt of Returns Authorization

Use the correct postage and send it to:

ADDRESS                 : SAQMA BOUTIQUE

                                      NO 5A, (1ST FLOOR), JALAN PLUMBUM R7/R

                                      PUSAT KOMERSIAL SEKSYEN 7

                                      40000, SHAH ALAM

                                      SELANGOR, MALAYSIA

Please follow the above conditions to ensure we can promptly exchange or refund
your item/s. We will endeavour to refund you as soon as possible, but please
allow for up to 10 working days from receipt of your item/s.


Where a refund is requested and approved, we will credit your original method
of payment with the price of the returned merchandise. Postage paid will not be

Where an exchange is requested and approved we will send out a new item. If the
exchange is due to manufacture fault we will pay for delivery of the new item
back to you. If the exchange is due to change of mind or incorrect sizing we
will advise you of the delivery charge.

This online boutique is owned and operated by:




Thank You for Reading

Saqma Boutique Online Team



All About DE SOPHEA Adorable Muslimah & Modest Fashion

About & What is DE SOPHEA

DE SOPHEA is a local fashion brand that provides multiple ranges of cloth designs. This brand keep up with the latest fashion, which are high quality, and yet, affordable. It is probably the amalgamation of all these qualities that made DE SOPHEA, the Malaysia clothing brand become the go-to fashion brand for all from different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.

History and Founder

It all began when former DE SOPHEA founder, initiated women’s apparel retail back in the year 1998. On 2016, he started off a small boutique that was named as DE SOPHEA, Puchong. He then decided with family members to produce their own fashion label as DE SOPHEA. And that’s how the one of Malaysia’s favorite fashion brand of today was born. DE SOPHEA slowly expanded its empire from through recruited drop shippers, agents and other vendor boutique nationwide. DE SOPHEA also aims by 2020, this brand will become famous amongst other Malaysia Fashion Brands and known worldwide. Today, DE SOPHEA has a proper distributed channel through agents and aiming to have local concept stores all across the country.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the DE SOPHEA is to be one of the most lucrative and leading local fashion brand in Malaysia and worldwide. DE SOPHEA aspires to be a global leader in the fashion retail and wholesale industry with the highest standards in design, manufacturing, quality, customer service, branding and innovation. DE SOPHEA also aims to create modest and exquisite fashion consciousness that is stylish yet affordable and Syariah compliance within it’s brand niches. DE SOPHEA looks forward for penetrating global market with it’s own uniqueness and features.

Activities & Award


  • Featured on Harian Metro & Kosmo Newspapers.
  • Featured in Hijab Magazine (November Edition, 2017)
  • Received an award from Malaysia Website Award: Site of the month on E-Commerce Category (Online Fashion)


  • Featured on Nona TV3: Raya Fashion Show by Daramera.
  • Joined Raya Fashion Show organized by Daramera (April, 2018)
  • Joined Brunei Raya Bonanza Expo (June, 2018)
  • Joined KL RAYA FEST MOODREPUBLIK (June, 2018)
  • Collaborated with Ombre’ Boutique for BRIDESMAID COLLECTION and joined Fashion Show at Manchester City (October, 2018)


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Muslim goods in Novosibirsk – AL TIJARA

  • All categories
  • IT technologies / Internet
  • Creation, promotion of sites
  • WEB design
  • Administration
  • Setting up the Internet and networks
  • Programming
  • Promotion in social.networks
  • Rent, rental of goods
  • Rent of children’s goods
  • Rent of other goods
  • Rent of sports equipment
  • Rent of equipment, tools
  • Household services / Service
  • Disinfection
  • Key making
  • Sewing and repair of clothes
  • Repair shoes
  • Watch repair
  • Dry cleaning, laundry
  • Jewelry services
  • Jobs
  • Work for women
  • Work for men
  • Business services
  • Audit
  • Accounting services
  • Investments
  • Consulting
  • Real estate agent Training
  • Legal services
  • Beauty, health
  • Women’s hairdresser
  • Massage for adults
  • Massage for children
  • Medical centers
  • Barber
  • Other services
  • Rukia, Korano treatment m
  • Beauty salons
  • Fitness centers
  • Hijama
  • Personal belongings
  • Children’s clothes and shoes
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories
  • Goods for children, toys
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Logistics, cargo transportation
  • Rent of special equipment
  • Movers
  • Commercial transportation
  • Moving
  • Muslim goods
  • Attributes
  • Women’s clothing
  • Online stores
  • Shops
  • Men’s clothes
  • Perfume, bowl, perfume
  • Real estate
  • Sell
  • Sell
  • Rent

  • Hire
  • Nikah, dating
  • Dating agencies
  • Dating sites
  • Babysitters, nurses
  • Kindergarten
  • Nurses
  • Nurses
  • Education
  • Islamic courses
  • Other wound, safety
  • Security
  • Security systems
  • Other
  • Holidays, events
  • Lease of goods for the holiday
  • Presenters and toastmaster
  • Everything for the holiday
  • Other
  • Organization of the holiday
  • Production, raw materials, agricultural
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment
  • Production, processing
  • Breeding and slaughter of animals
  • Animals on Kurban, Akyka, Nazer
  • Slaughter, cutting
  • Advertising, printing
  • Printing, design
  • Advertising, marketing, PR
  • Repair and construction
  • Ventilation, air conditioning
  • Doors
  • Stretch ceilings
  • Windows, balconies
  • Finishing work
  • Heating, floor heating
  • Redevelopment
  • Tile works
  • Bath repair
  • Sanitary ware
  • Repair of apartments
  • Assembly and furniture repair

  • Welding, forging
  • Carpentry
  • Construction of baths, saunas
  • Construction of houses
  • Electrician
  • Repair and maintenance of equipment
  • Field technician
  • Game consoles
  • Large household appliances
  • 9029 Small household appliances Repair of computers and laptops
  • Repair of mobile equipment
  • Photo, video, audio equipment
  • Funeral services
  • Female washer
  • Manufacturing of monuments
  • Male washer
  • Other
  • Funeral kits
  • Transport
  • Auto parts, shop
  • 903

  • Auto parsing
  • Auto electrician
  • Car rental
  • Diagnostics
  • Car and auto parts delivery
  • Muslim taxi
  • Auto sale
  • Other services
  • Locksmith works
  • Toniro vka, alarm
  • Tuning
  • Tire fitting
  • Tourism
  • Hotels, hotels
  • Tour agents
  • Hajj, Umrah
  • Hostel
  • Cleaning
  • Garbage disposal
  • General cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Snow removal
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning
  • Animal care
  • Veterinarian
  • Mating
  • Other
  • Photo and video filming
  • Photo and video filming
  • Halal food 9058
  • Water
  • Confectionery
  • Oils, herbs, seeds
  • Wholesale supplies
  • Semi-finished products
  • Grocery stores
  • Live products.origin
  • Grows products. origin
  • Halal cafes
  • Halal restaurants
  • “V Dar”
  • Give as a gift


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Islamic clothing in St. Petersburg – L. Pati & Co.

buy hijab sew hijab to order outfits for muslim women pins, brooches and accessories for
Muslim women online shopping for Muslim women designer products fashion show, fashion show, style Muslim wedding, nikah, nikah, nikkah, mahari, mahr, muslim marriage dress on nikah, festive
clothes for a wedding or nikakha niqab, sheila, niqab abaya, abaya, abaya jalabeya, jilbab khimar, izdal, isdal, boni, bonnet, bonnet, a hat for a scarf hijab, hijab, hejab clothes for prayer
services of the islamic atelier the Treasure of the East, KANZUN muslim clothing islamic clothing badlons, turtlenecks knitted long skirts long dresses custom tailoring sewing women’s islamic
clothes, custom-made clothing

Hurrems Feride – Muslim women’s clothing wholesale, dresses for Muslim women and wholesale hijabs Turkey

Dear clients and partners.Our production is located in Turkey in Istanbul.

Our network of wholesale stores is located in Istanbul in the Laleli shopping area,

which you can visit in person during your stay or your business trip.

Large wholesale customers can visit our production, select fabrics and see models that have not yet gone on sale in stores, as well as order an individual collection of clothing under their name and brand attributes.

Contact: SKYPE: hurrem.tekstil Vider / Watsaap +9 0531 300 71 71

Hurrems Feride women’s clothing is produced on modern equipment and under the constant supervision of quality specialists. This approach minimizes the possibility of getting a substandard or defective product. Thus, we do our best not only to satisfy, but also to exceed your expectations for the quality of the supplied products.

Choosing Muslim women’s clothing wholesale for your store, would you like to cooperate on a regular basis with a professional in this segment? Online store brings to your attention a huge selection of festive and casual dresses for Muslim women and hijabs wholesale . For more than five years the company “HÜRREM TEKSTİL” has been releasing more and more new collections that conquer not only the hearts of Muslim women, but also girls of other confessions who love stylish and modest dresses. Cut, materials, styles, details – each model of hijabs and closed dresses for Muslim women is created by our designers with special scrupulousness and accuracy.Every season we are looking for new interesting shades, select high-quality fabrics and track fashion trends in the world of Muslim fashion, in order to create women’s dresses that every Muslim girl and woman dreams of!

Collaborate with the best!

The geography of our client connections is wide – we work with wholesale entrepreneurs from countries such as Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Ethiopia, as well as the United Arab Emirates.Wherever you are – if your customers really want to buy and admire beautiful women’s closed Muslim dresses and hijabs wholesale – we will be able to establish fruitful cooperation with you! Almost all our clients after the first order decide on permanent partnership with store – after all, it is on the pages of our website that they find the perfect combination of price and quality for Muslim women dresses wholesale , attentive attitude to each order and impeccable service …

Muslim clothing from the manufacturer with delivery to your home!
Our production of Muslim dresses and hijabs wholesale is located in Turkey, but thanks to our well-established relations with delivery services, we can deliver your order to all countries of the Middle East, Central Asia and the CIS. In our catalog, many models of dresses and hijabs are available, but, also, we work under the order and are ready to fulfill any wishes of wholesale buyers.Delivery of all bulk orders is carried out as quickly and conveniently as possible individually for each of our partners. After ordering, you can discuss with our managers all the options for payment and delivery of Muslim dresses and hijabs purchased from us in bulk .

Start or Grow a Business? With only hurrems- tr. com!

We have been working in the field of sales of Muslim dresses and hijabs in bulk for several years and will gladly help you not only with the first order of models of our production, but also advise how to make an assortment if you have just started your own business.We are grateful to our clients from Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon and Ethiopia not only for their trust, but also for the valuable experience that they constantly share with us. It is because of this that each new model dresses and hijabs wholesale on pages hurrems- tr. com is sure to become a hit of sales and is gaining the attention of girls and women in different cities.

Take a closer look at our permanent collections of dresses for muslim women , and we are sure you will find a lot of interesting things for your store! You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the original cut and beautiful colors, but also by the price – after all, the online store offers only exclusive items from the manufacturer. We are ready to offer each of our clients the best and most favorable terms of cooperation and delivery – hurry up to update your assortment with hurrems- tr. com!


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