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7 Most Popular Online Shopping Sites In Malaysia

Shopping is a national pastime in Malaysia. When we’re not taking refuge from the tropical heat in air-conditioned shopping malls, we’re window shopping online. In the past month alone, 82% of Malaysian internet users bought something through the web.

But not all online shopping sites are the same. Some are better than others for specific categories of items, or could have rewards programmes that can help you save on future purchases, or could be better for obscure items you can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s what you need to know about these popular e-commerce platforms in Malaysia.


Lazada was the most searched shopping platform in Malaysia as of January 2020. It was launched in 2012 and has since been acquired by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

There are three different types of sellers on Lazada. LazMall sellers are official brands or authorised sellers, local sellers refer to those based in Malaysia, while LazGlobal sellers are based in China, Korea or Japan. As a consumer, this means having access to a wide variety of items. And if you don’t feel comfortable buying from sellers you aren’t familiar with, you can just stick to buying from official brands.

Payment methods: Lazada Wallet, credit card, debit card, online banking, Maybank instalments, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, cash payment at 7-Eleven.

Good for: Home and lifestyle products, electronics, health and beauty and fashion.

Platform: Web and app


Shopee is Malaysia’s most visited e-commerce platform, even leading the pack throughout Southeast Asia. This platform was only launched in 2015 and has gained a reputation for being slightly cheaper than other online platforms.

There are three categories of sellers on Shopee: normal sellers, preferred sellers and Shopee Mall sellers. Preferred sellers are featured by Shopee for having a strong sales record and high product ratings, among other criteria. Shopee Mall sellers are official brands or top sellers.

Shopee also has its own rewards programme, Shopee Coins. You earn 1 Coin for every RM1 you spend with Shopee Preferred and Shopee Mall sellers, or by participating in promotional events. You can exchange 100 Coins to get RM1 off, up to a maximum of 3,000 Coins or up to 25% off in your next order – that’s equivalent to a 1% cashback.

Payment methods: Credit or debit card, ATM/bank transfer, online banking, ShopeePay, cash payment at 7-Eleven, Maybank/Public Bank credit card instalment.

Good for: Home and lifestyle products, electronics, health and beauty and fashion, food items.

Launched back in 2007, is a well-known Malaysian online classifieds marketplace. It has since been acquired by Carousell, another online marketplace platform.’s homepage claims that you can “find almost anything”. It isn’t just a tagline. You’ll find job listings, properties, used items and even live animals (we assumed you’ll have to pick up the animals personally, but we noticed a few sellers offering delivery).

Sellers can be individuals or businesses. When buying from individuals, it can be hard to weed out fraudulent sellers, as there is no buyer protection programme in place. There is no rating system to determine if a seller has had past successful purchases, either. If you’ve made a purchase, your best bet is to opt for cash on delivery, so you can inspect the goods in person before making a payment.

Payment method: Arrange with seller.

Good for: Second-hand items.


Taobao has been around since 2003, but it probably hasn’t been on many Malaysians’ radar until a few years ago. This e-commerce mammoth targets mainland Chinese consumers, but is also popular among international users.

The platform has a huge variety of products with attractive prices. Fashion, home and lifestyle and consumer electronics tend to be popular.

There are two types of sellers on Taobao – the regular sellers, which could be individuals or small businesses, or Tmall sellers, who are registered businesses or official brands or manufacturers. Taobao guarantees that goods sold on Tmall are genuine.

The only major downside for international users is that Taobao is entirely in Chinese. If you don’t read the language, making a purchase can be a headache. You could use a Taobao agent like ezbuy to facilitate a purchase, but that would incur extra fees. Don’t worry – we have a handy guide on how to shop on Taobao directly, even if you can’t read Chinese.

Payment methods: Credit or debit card, online banking, Boost, Touch ‘N Go.

Good for: Home and lifestyle products, electronics, health and beauty and fashion.


Carousell, which launched in 2012, is a marketplace for new and used items.

Most of the sellers on the platforms are individuals selling used items. There are all sorts of things for sale, including clothing, consumer electronics, sports gear and even cars and properties. Fashion and health and beauty products tend to be popular.

As you’re dealing with used items, it’s good to meet up with the seller in person to verify the authenticity and condition of the items before purchasing them. Look for sellers with high ratings if you’re buying big-ticket items.

There’s also a Carousell Protection feature. This allows you to make a payment through one of the supported payment methods, but your money will be withheld from the seller until you’ve confirmed you’ve received the item as listed. Items that are eligible for this feature are labelled ‘Carousell Protection’.

Payment method: For items without Carousell protection, arrange with the seller. For items with Carousell protection, pay with GrabPay, online banking, credit or debit card.

Good for: Second-hand items.


Does eBay need any introduction? Founded in 1995, it was one of the world’s first notable e-commerce websites. Its popularity has waned a bit, but it’s still one of the most popular auction sites in the US.

In Malaysia, eBay isn’t as popular, as many sellers are based in the US. If you’re buying from overseas, your shipping fees could amount to hundreds of ringgit. But in recent years, more local and Asian sellers have joined the platform, which means faster and much more affordable shipping.

If you can’t find an item on sites like Lazada or Shopee, chances are, you’ll find it on eBay. It’s a great platform to look for obscure items, antiques or unusual collectibles. And while other e-commerce sites are good for finding what you need quickly, virtual window shoppers will enjoy sifting through the listings to find great deals and hidden gems. However, many items will be on auction, so you’ll have to bid on them rather than buying them outright.

Payment methods: Credit or debit card, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal.

Good for: Second-hand items, antiques, collectibles.


The world’s most popular e-commerce platform; the juggernaut that has vaulted founder Jeff Bezos to the top of Forbes’s Richest People in the World list for three years in a row.

Amazon isn’t as popular in Malaysia, as half the sellers on the platform are based in the US. Amazon sellers are individuals, small businesses, major brands, and even Amazon itself. It’s likely that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for on the site, but you may end up paying hefty shipping fees. Some sellers won’t even ship to Malaysia.

Nevertheless, Amazon is still a great place if you’re looking for hard-to-find items in Malaysia, such as a special edition DVD of your favourite cult film or a niche electronic device.

Payment methods: Credit or debit card, gift cards.

Good for: Products that are hard to find in Malaysia.

So, there you have it – seven e-commerce platforms that Malaysians love. Did we miss any sites? Let us know your favourite places to shop online!

Top 10 Ecommerce & Online Shopping Sites in Malaysia [2020 Updated]

With a growing population of entrepreneurs in Malaysia, it would be weird if a business does not sign up for an e-commerce site to operate their enterprise. The economy today has grown so extensively, especially in Malaysia where the country has become one of the best marketing platforms across Southeast Asia (SEA). In the age of digital technology, many have benefited from e-commerce to build and expand their market.

E-commerce in Malaysia has significantly advanced over the years. It is developing both in terms of sales volumes and the number of online shoppers. Many consumers nowadays prefer to do their purchases online instead of offline. It can save much of their time rather than going to the physical store and at the same time, merchants can also save a part of their time while gaining profit from online sales. Building ecommerce site is easy but it will need more time, effort and budget to implement right digital marketing funnel in your store. Check out our tested digital marketing services here.

It is stated in the Digital Malaysia 2019 report by We Are Social, Hootsuite that 78.4% of Malaysian popular are active internet users. Typically, the usage of the internet comes in various forms such as social media, entertainment and most importantly, to do any business or transaction online via an e-commerce platform.

With many e-commerce platforms available in Malaysia, below are the top 10 e-commerce sites in Malaysia that are worth to note:

1. Lazada

Lazada is a popular e-commerce site not just among Malaysians, but also in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It serves as an online department store and marketplace for retailers to sell their own products online. It first began its establishment in 2011 by Rocket Internet and Lazada operates as a middle person between the buyer and seller.

The company makes money by charging sellers a commission for every successful sale made. They also have started to do sponsored product ads on the website.

Website: https://www.lazada.

Category: Online marketplace (C2C & B2C)

Monthly traffic: 31.29 million


2. Shopee

Source: Shopee Malaysia

Shopee was established in 2015 and it has since been a fierce competitor to Lazada as they both serve the same services. Shopee is an e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia that assists in connecting between buyer and seller on the transaction process for purchases. However, what makes Shopee different than Lazada is that Shopee focuses more on mobile shopping. This is meaning to say that Shopee has a better mobile app than Lazada. Lazada first began their e-commerce platform in Malaysia as a desktop online.

Currently, Shopee makes money through its sponsored ads.


Category: Online marketplace (C2C & B2C)

Monthly traffic: 10.88 million

3. Mudah

Established in 2007, Mudah. my is Malaysia’s largest e-commerce platform that has classified listings on its website. However, Mudah does not help on the process of buying and selling of products. The deals are done and transacted outside of the website between the buyer and seller. In other words, Mudah does not serve as a middleman like Lazada and Shopee do.

Mudah main source of revenue comes from advertising and a service called ProNiaga where sellers can create their own personal shop on the website.


Category: Online marketplace (C2C)

Monthly traffic: 12.37 million

4. PrestoMall

While some might be wondering where did 11Street Malaysia go, it never went anywhere as it has been rebranded to PrestoMall. It began its operation in 2014 as an expansion of its main company in Korea which was established in 2008. It was once the second-largest online marketplace in Malaysia.

The way how they gain profit is by charging a commission to sellers each time a successful sale is made on the site. They also do sponsored ads services on their site as a way to gain revenue.


Category: Online marketplace (C2C & B2C)

Monthly traffic: 8.40 million

5. Lelong

Pioneering as Malaysia’s e-commerce marketplace, Lelong comes before Lazada, 11Street and Shopee. It was established in 2007 and was once become the biggest e-commerce platform in Malaysia. Despite losing its status as the top e-commerce site, Lelong is still being ranked among the top five e-commerce marketplaces.

Like other e-commerce platforms, Lelong also earns its profits by charging a commission to sellers every time a sale is created. They also sell sponsored ads to the sellers who need to promote their products.


Category: Online marketplace (B2C)

Monthly traffic: 5.47 million

6. Hermo

Hermo was established in 2012 to support the selling of Korean products like skincare and makeup. Then later, it has expanded its product range to non-Korean brands as well. A lot of people have recognised Hermo as an e-commerce platform to purchase general beauty products. What’s interesting about Hermo is that they often offer discount coupons, so buyers will be able to purchase products within attractive prices.

Take note that Hermo is not an e-commerce marketplace. They gain profit based on the product’s cost and selling price.


Category: Beauty e-commerce site

Monthly traffic: More than 718,000

7. Zalora

Zalora has structured its growth as the largest and fastest-growing e-commerce site in Southeast Asia (SEA) with its specialisation in fashion. They sell all sorts of fashion designs, mainly from branded names. It functions as a platform for fashion brands to sell their products online to customers who visit Zalora’s website. Zalora was founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet and it makes its presence in various SEA countries which include Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Zalora makes profit by charging commissions to sellers for every successful sale made.


Category: Fashion e-commerce marketplace

Monthly traffic: 1.66 million

8. Carousell

Established in 2012, Carousel is a C2C online marketplace that buying and selling process for brands or individuals easier. It was originally established as a mobile platform, then it developed a web shopping site for users to do any purchase or selling of products on the computer. Carousell allows anyone to take pictures of their products that they wish to sell and customers can chat with the sellers if they’re interested to buy or to know more about the product. Carousell also serves its operation in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong.

Carousell gains profit by selling display ads on its website and mobile app.


Category: Online marketplace (C2C)

Monthly traffic: 12.63 million

9. Ezbuy

Initially known as 65Daigou in 2010, it was rebranded to Ezbuy as a platfrm for Malaysian buyers to purchase products and items that do not ship to Malaysia. This gives the opportunity for those who want to get products that are normally sold on websites like Amazon US, Amazon Japan, Taobao and Tmall.

Ezbuy makes profit by charging buyers a service fee from the retail price of the item that is bought by the buyers.


Category: Daigou

Monthly traffic: More than 555,000

10. Ebay

Ebay is widely known in the US and it first began as an auction and used goods marketplace. However, Ebay is working to make its platform as a general e-commerce marketplace. Despite being established in 2004, Ebay in Malaysia has not shown significant growth to become the most popular e-commerce marketplace in the country.

Ebay also gains its profit by charging commissions for sales made. They also provide sponsored ads services for products or brands that need promotion through an online platform.


Category: Online marketplace (C2C)

Monthly traffic: 1.06 million

All of the top 10 e-commerce sites in Malaysia listed above have both web and mobile app version. This has become a great convenience not just to the merchants, but also to buyers as they can buy items and products without any hassle. Shopee and Carousell especially make a strong presence in mobile commerce. Judging by the monthly traffic, it shows that Shopee and Lazada receive the highest amount of visitors which are at about 20 million per month.

The Top 7 Online Shopping Sites In Malaysia

The Top 7 Online Shopping Sites In Malaysia

Some people said, If you have not purchase anything online then you are not one of the 21st century people, Lol. Best and better approach to shopping without meeting hassle things. And now online shopping business is growing rapidly all over the world.


There are plenty of shopping websites available in Malaysia, I’ve draft some of the most popular one around Malaysia based on their ranking.





Alexa Global Rank : 104,959

Rank in Malaysia : 1,082

Facebook Likes : 289,885+ is a Malaysian online shopping portal where it carries goods from books to fashion to accessories to household goods. It guarantees the LOWEST PRICE in town, and all their products are protected by their Low Price Guarantee. If you have made a purchase and found it cheaper at another website, will match the price, or refund you the difference.


Example of products are Men Bags, Woman Bags, Men Shoes, Women Shoes, Men Clothings, Women Clothings, Baby Item, Beauty items and more.





Alexa Global Rank : 1,942

Rank in Malaysia : 8

Facebook Likes : 12,780,353+


Lazada is the number 1 shopping destination in Southeast Asia. It is very safe to shopping for people who want a secure, reliable and effortless shopping experience. Get the best deals through their official mobile apps and websites anytime, anywhere, and enjoy multiple payment options including cash-on-delivery, extensive customer care, and Buyer Protection. Not only in Malaysia, their website is well known at countries like China, India, Singapore, China and Philippines.


Example of products are mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home appliances and more over.





Alexa Global Rank : 10,655

Rank in Malaysia : 75

Facebook Likes : 6,429,340+


Zalora is one of the leading online fashion destination in Malaysia. Plus, they also the largest and fastest growing fashion =focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. For now Zalora are available at Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Zalora is a tough competitor for Lazada.


If it was your first visit to their website, they will be assisting you through the shop step by step to complete the purchase quick and easily. They do provide ‘flash shipping’ that means ship out orders on the same day. You will be finding popular brands like Nike, River Land, New Look and etc.





Alexa Global Rank : 25,795

Rank in Malaysia : 198  

Facebook Likes : 188,696+


Rakuten is the world’s third largest e-commerce company. Rakuten started out by launching a pioneering e-commerce platform, Rakuten Ichiba (the largest online shopping mall in Japan with over 39,000 merchants), in Japan that utilizes a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model. This is a unique model that brings the best of both worlds to merchants and customers. You’re not actually buying from them but from the merchants that have set up shop on their platform





Alexa Global Rank : 94,087

Rank in Malaysia :  642

Facebook Likes : 25,149+ is an online shopping mall in Malaysia where you can buy a vast range of products at very competitive rates. The website also offers thousands of product reviews which users can read before buying a product on the website.


They offer electronic products such as computers, cameras and laptops as well as phones and tablets to its users. Other popular categories of products include Arts & Collectibles, Books, Automotive & Industrial, Flowers & Hampers, Sports & Outdoors and Toys & Games among many others.





Alexa Global Rank : 24,885

Rank in Malaysia : 192

Facebook Likes : 343,175+


Ensogo is one of the top e-commerce platforms in Malaysia, which offers crazy discounts on selected items and services. To ensure the customers enjoy a superior shopping experience, Ensogo handpick offerings and work only with highly reputable, selected merchants and brands. Today they have millions of customers throughout Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.





Alexa Global Rank : 121,730

Rank in Malaysia : 768

Facebook Likes : 209,101+


GO SHOP is Astro’s first foray into the e-commerce domain, enabling Malaysians to shop anytime, anywhere 24/7 via any mobile, tablet and PC of their choice.


GO SHOP is an entertaining 24 hour lifestyle shopping destination where products and services are demonstrated, promoted and sold on multiple platforms including Astro TV, Astro On The Go, online e-commerce and mobile commerce, offering an anytime-anywhere retail experience.


21 Popular Online Shopping Websites in Malaysia You Need To Visit

Shopping for what you want has never been this easy. Thanks to online shopping websites, you can buy what you want with just a few clicks.

We’ve looked into top sites in Malaysia for anything that you want. From clothes to electronics or any household items, we got them for you.

In this article, we have gathered 21 top online shopping websites in Malaysia.

Let’s get right to it.

Online Shopping Malaysia – Miscellaneous Items

All items are gathered here. You might find your favourite t-shirt and even that viral thermomix!

1.  Lazada

Founded in 2011, by Rocket Internet SE, it has grown to become one of the most popular online spots where sellers and buyers can trade.

Lazada is a third party to guarantee delivery to buyer and payment to the seller – and if there is any scam involved, the customer service is always there for you.

With enormous discounts vouchers and sometimes free shipping, customers are flocking into Lazada as it becomes one of the most talked online shopping websites.

2.  Cj WOW Shop

Established in 2016 by MP CJ ENM Sdn Bhd by focusing on home shopping business.

The company is a joint venture between Media Prima Berhad, which why the reason you can see ads and program dedicated to promoting household items from Cj WOW Shop on any Media Prima’s channel.

As of now it remains one of the popular shoppertainment in Malaysia.

3.  Superbuy

Superbuy is a place if you want something authentic in a very good price range. There are tons of quality products you can purchase here.

Online shopping made easy with Superbuy. You can search for any kind of products with fast delivery service.

With 74,000 + visitors from Malaysians, it is one of the trusted online platforms you should never miss out.

4.  Shopee

One of the top leading e-commerce in Malaysia and Asian region. With over 10 million downloads from android devices, it is now available on the palm of your hands.

You can also use Shopee Coins to get more benefits.

Browse over products from 3 million sellers. Shopee is one online shopping centre that is secure, easy and fuss-free.

5.  TheOneMall

Another place for you to shop for any fashionable items and even household items at the best price.

With its feature “Buy For Me and Ship For Me” you can get a purchasing agency to assist you in purchasing anything from China.

6.  GoShop

Get that viral frying pan from this website. Step up your games in managing your households with various items to help your house squeaky clean.

Or upgrading your cooking skills. Now you can get any gadgets that you had been eyeing from Astro Go Shop Channels 118, 120 & 303.

7.  Ipmart

Need help with your smartphones? Here is the place for you to find solutions for your phones that you might have.

Not only smartphones but tablets, laptops, cameras, phone accessories, car accessories, movies and games, home appliances and any other gadgets you can get there.

One of the guarantees is “If the product(s) is damaged on arrival, we shall replace it at no additional charges”, for sure, it will be one of favourite spots for gadgets enthusiasts.

8.  Ubuy

What can you buy here? Anything from any country with the best possible prices.

Not only online shopping for items in Malaysia, but also other countries. Purchase what you want from more than 50 countries with the lowest shipping costs.

You can download the apps from your Android or iPhone to purchase directly from your smartphone.

Keep In Style

Stay up to date with the latest trends and update your wardrobe that suits your style. Perhaps some mix and match?

9.  Christy Ng

Specialised in women’s fashion footwear, high heels, wedding shoes and custom made shoes which started in night markets.

Now the brand blossoms into a nationwide brand and available in major shopping malls.

According to the founder, Christy Ng, the shoes are made to make sure women would not be in pain. Comfortable and affordable shoes are now no longer just a dream.

10. Zalora

Focusing on the fashion market, Zalora is another e-commerce brand established by the company named Rocket Internet.

Since its inception in 2012, Zalora has become one of the successful and popular fashion e-commerce platforms in Malaysia.

Leading in Asia’s online fashion destination, you will find what you want from this online shop.

11. Mango Malaysia

Get the most stylish best dresses, coats, jackets or sweaters with the latest trends. Mix and match to suit your perfect look. Not only for women but also for men.

12. Presto Mall

Previously known as 11th Street, it was rebranded to Presto Mall. You can get the best item with the best delivery service.

From electronics to books that you can pay with Presto Mall own eWalle –PrestoPay.

Presto Mall, one of the largest homegrown online marketplace that offers great rewards.

13. Carousell

It is a customer to customer online marketplace where people can list things for free of what you want to sell and even buy what you’ve found on the web.

Established in 2012, it has become one of the chosen places for you to buy and even get the best deal by negotiating with the seller.

“Snap to Sell, Chat to Buy”

Read on: Tips To Becomes Successful Entrepreneurs

Your Time To Shine

Glow bright and healthy like a diamond with skincare products from these websites.

Top it up with some makeup to level up your confidence.

14. Sephora

Get exclusive brands of any makeup brands from international Makeup Gurus like Huda Kattan, Jaclyn Hill and even from Rihanna.

You can also get any vegan makeup products here.

Step up your makeup games  with any beautifully pigmented palette here in Sephora.

15. Hermo

An online beauty shop where you can discover various beauty products with shocking prices and discounts.

Get your beauty products even from Korea right to your doorsteps with a few clicks.

Now you can start your 10 steps Korean Skin Care Routine with Hermo.

16. Watson’s

One of the largest health and beauty retailers in Malaysia with 7,800 stores and more than 1,500 pharmacies in Asia and Europe, shopping made easy with its online store.

Get the best deal of your favourite beauty products online. If you’re already a member, the perks that you can get will include discounts and points that you can use to get more price off.

17. Guardian

Similar to Watson’s you can get any beauty products to your doorsteps with just a few clicks. Your trusted pharmacy chain that has 400 stores nationwide.

You can enjoy exclusive rewards and promotions and get free delivery if you spend more than RM100.

You don’t want to miss out from any promo at Guardian.

Keep Calm and Hire a Personal Shopper.

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to get groceries but you’re stuck in a 5p.m meeting?

Or maybe you just can’t go out?

Online grocery Malaysia is a solution for you.

18.  Happy Fresh

The first online grocery platform in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2014, you can get your grocery shopping done by someone else while you do something else.

Too busy to get the list done from what to buy? Just click on the items that you need and a personal shopper will be assigned for you to deliver right to your front door.

19. Tesco

Get Tesco to your house by browsing online of what you need from the groceries sections. Any fresh goods you can easily select from the website.

Looking For Comfort?

Get your house feeling warm and comfortable with new furniture.

You can get your desired furniture with online shopping. Check out the catalogues.

20. Ikea

Have you been to any Ikea in Malaysia? Pretty sure you are amazed by the range and varieties of sofas, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, chairs.

Now imagine that on an online website, where you don’t have to go through the hassle of browsing by walking, all you need to need is browsing by scrolling your phone.

Browse through catalogues and brochures online that will fit into your house.

21. Harvey Norman

You may have heard the jingle, but have you checked out the store online?

Get your furniture, bedding, computers, electronic and electrical products at Harvey Norman Malaysia.

Everything from a trusted place to get your legit and original brand here.

Shop Til’ You Drop – At Home

So where can you start? You can just click on the list, we’ve got you covered.

Online shopping websites and online grocery stores that we have here in Malaysia can get you almost anything that you want from all over the world. Better yet with discounts up to 70%.          

Do you frequently use any online shopping websites above? Let us know your experience in the comment below.

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Top 10 e-commerce sites in Malaysia 2019

With its dynamic economy and developed infrastructures for digital technologies, Malaysia is a very attractive market for e-commerce in Southeast Asia. Several websites and digital applications are already present in the Malaysian e-commerce landscape, with some global, regional and national players grabbing their shares.

Well-established as one of the most dynamic digital ecosystems in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian e-commerce market is growing fast. It is growing both in terms of scale and scope: sales volumes and numbers of online shoppers as well as in terms of categories of products being bought online. Though leading actors are already in place, new national and foreign companies are pushing their way into Malaysia’s attractive market.

Key digital numbers in Malaysia 2019

Top 10 e-commerce websites in Malaysia

Global, regional and national e-commerce websites have already taken the lion’s share of the Malaysian market. Yet, with fast-growing volumes, current actors and newcomers can still change the forces in presence as there is still room for growth to reach Malaysia’s total population of more than 30 million.

Note that this post is part of a series on top e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia:

To give you more perspective on the leaders of Malaysian e-commerce, here are the current top 10 leaders of e-commerce websites in 2019 and their estimated monthly traffic from SimilarWeb from April 2019.

For those who want to go further and expand their e-commerce or Internet business, buy our “succeed online in Malaysia” ebook which will guide you through the Malaysian digital landscape and best practices of digital marketing. You can also purchase our spreadsheet of 400 top blogs of ASEAN-5 to easily find partners for influencer marketing and SEO.

10. Qoo10 Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 440,000

Qoo10 is an online marketplace especially developed in women and fashion with a large portfolio of Korean products. Operated by a joint venture with eBay following the acquisition of the South Korean site Gmarket, which rebranded to Qoo10 in 2012, it is present in other Asian markets, especially in Singapore and Japan, and aims at expanding to other Asian countries.


9. Hermo

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 470,000

Another specialized e-commerce store, is a leader in beauty and cosmetics online retail in Malaysia. Enabling brands to sell directly through its marketplace since 2012, Hermo MY is a Malaysian company operating from Johor Bahru.


8. eBay Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 730,000

The Malaysian local site from one of the leaders of e-commerce in America and a global giant of e-commerce, eBay was originally created for consumer-to-consumer sales. Having expanded since into business-to-consumer products and special deals, eBay Malaysia caters to all product categories.


7. Go Shop

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 780,000

Go Shop brings its customers a multichannel retail experience, offering home shopping convenience through an online platform and a 24-hour television channel. Go Shop provides a wide range of products including electrical and electronic appliances, home and kitchen products, fitness, beauty, and fashion accessories.


6. 11street Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 1,350,000

One of the two main challengers of Lazada, 11street is also an online department store providing a marketplace for retailers to sell their products online. Created in 2014, 11street Malaysia is a joint venture between the Malaysian mobile telecommunications group Celcom Axiata and SK Planet, owner of the original 11street site from South Korea.


5. Zalora Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 1,450,000

Leading the followers’ pack, Zalora is the largest and fastest-growing e-commerce site in Southeast Asia specialized in fashion. Enabling fashion brands to sell their products to the site’s visitors, Zalora was founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet. It is present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and has recently launched in Taiwan.


4. Carousell Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 2,200,000

Originally a mobile platform, Carousell has developed a web shopping site to cater to computer users too. It allows anyone, brands or individuals, to take pictures of their products with a phone, sell easily through the Carousell platform and chat with the sellers to buy directly. Carousell is also present in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, and Hong Kong.



Monthly Traffic Estimate: 3,650,000

Closely following in terms of estimated traffic, Lazada’s other challenger, is an e-commerce marketplace both for Consumer-to-Consumer and Business-to-Consumer transactions. Operated by the Malaysian company Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd, Lelong was founded in 1998 as an auction website and has since expanded to become a general marketplace.


2. Lazada Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 20,000,000

A leader of e-commerce throughout Southeast Asia, also present in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Lazada is an online department store and marketplace for retailers to sell their own products. Founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba acquired a controlling stake in Lazada and its operations in Southeast Asia in 2016.


1. Shopee Malaysia

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 20,900,000

An important player in the region, especially in “mobile-first” countries, Shopee is a primarily mobile, diversified online shop also providing a regular web shopping experience. A leading platform throughout Southeast Asia, Shopee is also present in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, as well as in Taiwan.


Top e-commerce mobile applications in Malaysia

In addition to their web versions, most of the top 10 e-commerce websites presented above also have mobile applications available on the various platforms to enable e-commerce through mobile devices. Shopee, Carousell, and GoShop are especially strong in mobile commerce.

Besides, some other websites that are not in the Top 10 have a powerful presence on mobile in Malaysia like imSold, TaoBao or AliExpress.

Malaysia’s top e-commerce websites compared by estimated traffic

The estimated monthly traffic from the top 10 e-commerce websites shows the domination of Shopee and Lazada over the Malaysian market with about 20 million visitors per month respectively. The pack of followers stands in the range of 400,000 to 4 million visitors per month.

Though generalist or industry-specific websites make up for the bulk of Malaysian e-commerce, some specific brands are also picking up some traction, notably Tesco and MBO cinemas who respectively lead the market of groceries and movie tickets.

The leader of peer-to-peer classifieds in Malaysia with more than 11 million visitors per month, can also be highlighted for its potential. Though it’s not a pure e-commerce player, it allows buyers to pay online in some product categories.

12 Best Shopping Sites To Sell Online in Malaysia [Hot Products & Tips]

Today, I am going to share with you 12 best online shopping websites to sell your products in Malaysia and tips to choose the best sites to sell online in Malaysia, moreover, you will get the best selling products list in Malaysia to boost your e-commerce business as well.

Let’s get started …

12 Best Shopping Sites To Sell Online in Malaysia

Below are listed the best 12 shopping sites to sell your products online in Malaysia, as well as tips to choosing the best marketplace. At the end you’ll find the hot selling products to offer in Malaysia.

1. Shopee

A technologically-oriented platform with a vision to better small businesses.

Shopee is a multi-lingual e-commerce platform founded in 2015. The company, which has its main headquarter in Singapore, operates under the billion-dollar Sea Group Ltd. As of 2017, it became the 3rd most visited e-commerce platform in Malaysia. Plus, it ranked as the best Startup Of The Year in 2015.


Shopee boasts a vast market share and had a record $1.6 billion in Gross Merchandise Value in the 4th quarter of 2017. The platform is a hub for over 4 million entrepreneurs and registered over 80 million app downloads back in 2017.

Best for: Shopee is a go-to e-Commerce store for almost anything! Gadgets, clothing, home appliances, beauty products, toys, etc.

Key features:

● Over 80 million downloads across seven countries — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan

● Position 1866 in the global ranking

● Type of e-commerce: B2C, C2C

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #10

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 18.84 million

● Daily unique visitors: 21,837

● Daily page views: 141,940

● More than 180 million product listings with most popular categories being fashion, beauty, and consumer electronics

● Work in close collaboration with local retailers and entrepreneurs to establish an extensive range of high quality product listings

● Partners with more than 70 third-party logistics providers (3LP) to ensure the swift and secure delivery of products regionally – in Malaysia, they are partners with Pos Laju and GDex

● Super-fast growth, achieved $1.8+ billion GMV in the first year of launch

● Free shipping

Sell on Shopee?

 Seller requirements: Registered business, verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

 $315 registration fee

 Free to use no commission

Sufficient help section for sellers

2. Lazada

One of the top pioneers of e-commerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia with a promise to increase your web traffic up to 10 times.

Lazada, just like Shopee, is an app-based platform that lets sellers tap into its network of advanced tools and grow their business on the go. It’s a private business founded in 2012 and currently operates under the Alibaba Group Ltd.


Lazada has a dynamic marketplace model, one capable of accommodating third-party retailers. It ranks as the largest Southeast Asia e-commerce platform based on the average monthly visits, with the Malaysian branch topping the list. Lazada has a customer base of over 15 million and is a hub for more than 35,000 sellers.

Best for: consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries, however electronics has been the most profitable for the brand.

Key features:

● As the giant of the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Lazada has 155,000 sellers and 3,000 brands serving 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a full range of tailored marketing, data and service solutions.

● Position 1518 in the global ranking

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #9

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 26.1 million

● Daily unique visitors: 70,897

● Daily pageviews: 283,588

● Hot-selling category: Electronics

● Focused on delivering excellent customer experience which offers multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, comprehensive customer care and hassle-free returns through its own first and last mile delivery arm supported by approximately 100 logistics partners.

● The company also has its own logistics service, called Lazada Express

Sell on Lazada?

 Free seller registration

Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

 Fees are calculated based on the percentage of sales, Lazada charges commission and payment fee for every product sold. The payment fee is 2% of the unit price and commission rates range from 3%-13% depending on the product category.

3. eBay Malaysia


An inclusive, accessible e-commerce platform that creates economic opportunity for all.


eBay Malaysia lets you share in the success of its multi-billion dollar parent company, eBay Inc. The company launched in 1995, but it wasn’t until 2004 that it expanded its reach to Malaysia. eBay Malaysia has the largest person-to-person trading community driven by teamwork and constant innovation.


The platform offers sellers an opportunity to penetrate key global markets, including the US, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Sellers can market their products to over 171 million customers across the world. eBay has a selling limit, which can, however, be increased by building trust.

Best for: The latest electronics, designer fashion, rare antiques, your favorite toy, furniture for your home or even a new car, eBay has something for you.


Key features:

● 116 million active users, 400 million listings, approximately 25 million sellers

● 260 million daily searches

● Daily unique visitors: 15,141

● Daily pageviews: 90846

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #442

● Logistics available

Sell on eBay Malaysia?

 Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

 Listing fee and marketplace commission ranging from a minimum of 4% 

4. Zalora


A platform that lets you expand your fashion business beyond your wildest imaginations.


Zalora Group, launched in 2012, is an e-retailer boasting the biggest fashion store in Southeast Asia. The platform operates under the Global Fashion Group and houses the largest regional e-fulfillment hub measuring a vast 470,000 square feet.


Zalora is a multi-lingual platform supporting English, Chinese, and Indonesian. The platform offers sellers lifetime collaboration, instant access to a vast user base, and control over their online shop.


Best for: Top international and local brands and products ranging from fashion items, beauty products, shoes and fashion accessories for both men and women.

Key features:

● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Origin: Malaysia

● Working experience: Over 6 years

● Large customer base, 2.5 billion customers

● Global Fashion Group member 

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #112

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 1.676 million

● Daily unique visitors: 15,141

● Daily pageviews: 90846

● Hot-selling category: Fashion & Accessories

● Logistics available

Sell on Zalora?

✓ Free registration

✓ Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ Commission varies from 0% to 30%, eg: 12% Commission per sale for new customer, 5% Commission per sale for old customer.

5. Lelong


A local homegrown marketplace offering free seller education, e-commerce tips, and transparency communication.


Lelong, to many, is a local king launched in 1998. Though it operates only in Malaysia, Lelong welcomes international sellers, whether individual or company. It’s a user-friendly platform offering sellers multi-variant themes for a fuss-free setup.


Though a local platform, Lelong still manages to register an average of 8 million monthly visits. Currently, it is home to over 8,000 successful stores ranging from one-man-show businesses to large enterprises.

Best for: more than 1.3 million products across categories, including mobile phones, computers, camera and gadgets, home appliances, fashion and accessories, beauty and personal care, toys, or even frozen food!

Key features:

● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Origin: Malaysia

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #110

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 4.519 million

● Daily unique visitors: 42,420

● Daily pageviews: 212,100

● Hot-selling category: Electronics

● Private owned payment method, NetPay

● LMall handles logistics such as delivery and website maintenance, allowing Lelong to concentrate on managing inventory.

Sell on Lelong?

✓ Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ Costs of registering on Lelong – RM398/year (Webstore Plan) or RM498/year (Webstore Plus Plan)

✓ 0.3% to 8% marketplace commission

6. Groupon


A vast mobile and online marketplace promoting real-time commerce to enable you build your deal while lowering costs.


Groupon, launched in 2008, is an online deal marketplace designed to connect millions of subscribers with local merchants. It’s a global platform serving over 48 countries and 500 cities.


Groupon currently boasts over 48.1 million active customers globally and $2.84 billion in annual revenues. The platform launched the “Groupon Now” app back in 2011 targeting tablet and smartphone users. Plus, it launched the “Groupon MerchantOS,” a suite of merchant tools including schedules, payments, and rewards.

Best for: Consumer electronics, toys, entertainment, fashion, pet supplies, etc.

Key features:

● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Origin: US

● Working experience: Over 10 years

● 500 and 70 million subscribers. 

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: N/A

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 56.27 million (global traffic)

● Hot-selling category: No good visual comparative

● Logistics available

Sell on Groupon?

✓ Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ $30 annual membership fee

✓ Up to 50% commission

7. Mudah


A service allowing sellers to do business without the need for a registered company or physical shop.


Mudah is a classified-ads website primarily for the Malaysian market. The platform established in 2007 and boasts over 1.8 million unique visitors, which makes it the second most visited local website in the country. Sellers have a chance to expand their customer base by selling to customers across the world.

Best for: real estate, automotive, careers, business products and services, and many more among Malaysian individuals and business groups all over the world.

Key features:

● Type of e-commerce: C2C

● Origin: Malaysia

● Working experience: Over 11 years

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #14

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 11.92 million

● Daily unique visitors: 55,115

● Daily pageviews: 330,690

● 1.7 million new listing updated daily approximately

● Hot-selling category: Cars

● Logistics available

Sell on Mudah?

✓ Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ Listing fee and a commission fee of up to 50%

8. Carousell


An online marketplace that lets you rid off and earn from the clutter in your life. Simply snap, list, and sell for absolutely free.


Carousell is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace for selling new and second-hand goods. The platform, which launched in 2012, boasts over 57 million listings as of 2016.


Carousell is available as a mobile app, both Android and Apple users. It’s one of the most convenient marketplaces where you can create your listing and sell your stuff in as little as 30 seconds. Facebook stands as the platform’s largest social media channel accounting for over 50% of its budget.

Best for: Various items ranging from cars and properties to fashion, electronics and vintage and collectibles.

Key features:

● Type of e-commerce: C2C

● Origin: Singapore

● Working experience: Over 6 years

With over 110 million listings

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: N/A

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 13.7 million

● Daily unique visitors: 39,786

● Daily page views: 258,609

● Hot-selling category: Cars & Property

● Seller responsible for logistics

● Ranked as the top in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong at Lifestyle and Shopping app 

Sell on Carousell?

✓ Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ Free registration

✓ Free to use no commission

9. 11 Street


A trustworthy, convenient marketplace that strives to revolutionize seller experience by making it more personalized and engaging.


11 Street established in 2008, but it wasn’t until the great launch of 2015 that the company found its way in Malaysia. The platform boasts over $6 billion in gross merchandising value. It has over 400,00 sellers serving over 30 million customers.


11 Street boasts the first e-commerce education centre in Malaysia, which includes training support and seller facilities. The platform has its mobile app targeting Android and iOS users.

Best for: Whatever comes to your mind – Clothing, gadgets, home decor, entertainment, etc.

Key features: 

● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Origin: Korea

● Working experience: Over 10 years

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #37

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 10.49 million

● Daily unique visitors: 33,573

● Daily page views: 167,865

● Hot-selling category: Fashion & Beauty

● Logistics available

Sell on 11 Street?

✓ Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ Free seller registration

✓ 1% to 10% marketplace commission or 4% to 20% for evouchers

10. Fave


Fave lets you market your best deals of the day – all from a mobile app that is simple and convenient.


Fave is a mobile O2O platform, one that acts as a middleman between internet users and physical stores. The platform gives sellers a tremendous opportunity to be part of a larger South East Asian story. The company caters for small to medium businesses. It boasts over 9,000 daily listings.

Key features:

● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Origin: Malaysia

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #1,037

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 1.045 million

● Daily unique visitors: 10,333

● Daily page views: 77,497

● Hot-selling category: Food & Beverages

Sell on Fave?

✓ Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

✓ No upfront fee or setup cost

✓ Flat-rate commission of 30%

11. Qoo10

A powerful online marketplace offering a highly secure and convenient seller experience.


Qoo10, formerly Gmarket, is an online shopping company launched in 2008. The company, which stands for Quest, Search, Perfection, and Completeness, is home to diverse sellers with a mission to improve life everywhere. Qoo10 has 7 localized markets serving 5 countries.

Key features:


● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Working experience: Over 10 years

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #780

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 697,774

● Daily unique visitors: 9,573

● Daily page views: 38,292

● Hot-selling category: Health & Beauty

● Logistics available

Sell on Qoo10?

 Seller requirements: Registered business, Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

 $100 one-time registration fee for regular or $500 for QStore

 12% market commission for regular and 5% for QStore

12. Youbeli


A platform that gives sellers all the necessary tools to generate traffic and build their online store.


Youbeli is a premier, multi-category marketplace based in Selangor. The company, which launched in 2012 offers sellers a user-friendly, multi-lingual platform that makes for a fast and easy setup. Most of its traffic comes from mobile users, accounting for over 65%.

Best for: Resourceful platform offering electronics, gaming, health and beauty, home and living, sports and automotive, etc.

Key features:


● Type of e-commerce: B2C

● Working experience: over 6 years

● Alexa rank in Malaysia: #3,036

● Average monthly visits (Sep-Nov 2018): 177,782

● Daily unique visitors: 2,788

● Daily page views: 5,576

● Hot-selling category: No good visual comparative

● Seller takes care of shipping

Sell on Youbeli?

 Seller requirements: Seller requirements: Verified email, Copy of MyKad/ passport, Copy of bank statements, business license, tax registration certificate (for international sellers), and a copy of GST

 Free seller registration

 6% marketplace commission

Is There Any Reliable Suppliers in China For Your Online Shop?

You can rely on Chinabrands to become your supply chain partner. If you are wondering where to find long-term cooperation suppliers, Chinabrands is one of the best options for you. 

Chinabrands have a wide range of products and all of them is at wholesale prices. No matter you are looking for cheap items wholesale, qualified products supplies or other interesting goods, you will get what you want from Chinabrands.

Moreover, many retailers complained that they don’t know how to identify the products quality, and some of them even get cheat during the purchasing. 

Chinabrands is investing lots of money on the quality control system, every products from them needs to be inspected for 3 times at least and differ from most of the manufacturers who randomly check the goods, Chinabrands is offering 100% products inspection to make sure every piece of wholesale electronics meet the quality standard.

Again, compared to what retailers got from some other online marketers at expensive price. Chinabrands is insist on providing the best price for all the businesses.

Besides, every purchase on Chinabrands, you will then get corresponding CB points as return which can be used to deduct your order amount in the next purchase. 

To register on Chinabrands, you will notice that there are attractive discount offered for Chinabrands’ members. With CB points and the attractive discount, the final price you get from Chinabrands could be extremely competitive.

Is that all you can get from Chinabrands? Of course not, there are more possibilities Chinabrands is providing:

. Start Your E-commerce Business At No Risk

You are in shortage of money for the business? You are not willing to take any risks? All your troubles have been solved by Chinabrands. Their drop ship service for retailers to set you free from risks and capital problems. 

. Click On The Button On Chinabrands To Get The Boost Products

Most of the retailers are investing lots of time on searching for the profitable products. There are more than thousands of retailers purchasing from Chinabrands everyday. You are very easy to find the market trends and hot selling models from the website. Just leave the product research to Chinabrands, you can put 100% capacity to boost your sales.

. Leave SEO Job To Chinabrands, Save Your Time

Many retailers complained about the preparation of optimized SEO products description for e-commerce online shops, especially for the new starters. Chinabrands is equiped with professional teams to build strong SEO products descriptions for its group members to upload all the product details to their online shops much more easily.

. Get Your Products Within 24 Hours

Are you tired of waiting for your packages? With the help of the wordwide warehouses and logistics system from Chinabrands, you can even get your wholesale sandals within 24 hours. 

. Find Whatever You Are Sourcing

Your target products is not available in Chinabrands? No problem, leave them a message or email, the sales team will definitely offer you a satisfied solution and get what you want.

Interesting? Join their membership today to get the great discount and service!

Best-Selling Products Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >

Best marketplace to sell in Malaysia: Things to consider

We’ve already given a ranking of the top 12 sites to shop in Malaysia. Now down to the big question – which platform is the best to sell on in Malaysia? Well, the following are the 5 key factors you need to consider before settling for any marketplace.


٭ Site traffic


Site traffic should be your primary focus. The more the traffic to a website, the higher the chance of getting more customers. Remember, sales personnel can cook up figures, so don’t take their word for it. The best way to check for website traffic is to validate it yourself by asking around or using the Alexa ranking tool.


٭ Customer and product fit


Different marketplaces specialize in different categories. That said, you should look for a marketplace with categories and customer demands that match your offerings. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to settle for a fashion marketplace when what you’re offering is gadgets.


One more thing to remember, besides matching product categories and customer demand, is that each marketplace has its own strength and weakness. Lower value items, for instance, tend to sell better on Lelong. 

Food & Beverage businesses, on the other hand, tend to sell better on platforms such as Groupon. By doing so, you’ll be able to reach more target customers and put up with the stiff competition.


٭ Merchant support and service


Gauge the support that the marketplace has to offer. What the merchant support team does is help you get more exposure for your offerings. Remember, there are bad apples everywhere. That said, you need to ensure that the marketplace you settle for has responsible, reliable, and helpful personnel. 

Besides merchant support, sellers need to consider other services offered by the marketplace, such as customer service, shipping, and fulfillment.


٭ System access and control


The major advantages of setting up your own online store are maximum flexible and control, something that can be a challenge when selling on a marketplace. Consider a marketplace with a user-friendly system, or an integration interface in the case of more established merchants.


Remember, each marketplace has rules, such as the number of listings allowed or whether the seller is permitted to promote his/her own brand on social media channels. Whats more, your offerings sit within the marketplace categories, meaning you won’t have full control. As a merchant, particularly a re-seller, you need to be cautious of hybrid markets.


٭ Margin, fees, and ROI (Return On Investment)


Though it has a lot of weight, this should be your last consideration. Remember, the two primary focus of joining a marketplace are marketing reach and sales generation. That said, you need to consider the margin and selling commission charged on a marketplace. 

In addition, sellers need to factor in other extra fees where applicable, such as listing fee, fixed annual fee, shipping fee, advertising fee, and payment fee. Plus, you need to calculate your ROI at the end of the day, whether for sales generation or marketing reach.

Top products to sell online in Malaysia

٭ Apparel Accessories


The fashion industry is quite profitable. That said, consider apparel accessories that are always in fashion regardless the weather or the season. These include bow ties, cuff links, scarves, pocket squares, among others.


٭ Watches


Time is essential in today’s world, and most are looking for a device to track it. Therefore, try your hands on watches, which have become a fashion statement in today’s world. 

Consider straightforward, attention-grabbing designs, whether for digital, analog, or smatwatches. Wooden watches are also a good option since they’re comfortable and degradable.


٭ Leggings and Shapewear


Gone are the days when leggings and shapewear were considered as innerwear. They’re are now a must-have in most people’s closets. Leggings, for instance, have witnessed a growing demand in the past few years, a trend that is expected to go on for years.


٭ Woodcrafts


Tropical forests is one thing that you’ll find in plenty in South East Asia. So, why not take the opportunity to engage in wooden crafts. Consider the Malay-styled crafts popular for their minute details and exotic definition.


٭ Earthenware


Even with modern techniques in place, pottery is one industry that never seems to lose its good taste of decoration and design. Some of the major Malay pottery to consider include Terenang, Labu Sayong, and belanga.


٭ Branded Plastic Bags


Walking out of a market while holding a branded paper bag is one thing that most shoppers desire. However, in manufacturing your bags, make sure that the quality is great.


٭ Diapers


Most mothers and nannies are home-bound. That said, most would prefer to buy diapers online. In Lazada, for instance, diapers tend to sell the most, with the platform accounting for up to 5% of diapers sold in South East Asia.


٭ Power Banks and USB Drives


People want to stay connected in the world of technology, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. This trend has led to an increasing demand for portable devices, such as power banks and USB drives.

Last Words

So that’s my post all about the 12 best shopping sites to sell online in Malaysia. And the tips and tricks in the Malaysian e-commerce industry.

Now It’s your turn:

Which Malaysian online shopping sites from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start an online business?

Leave a comment to let me know.

Who Are Malaysia’s Online Shoppers and What’s Their Shopping Behaviour Like?

Primary motivators for shopping online

Researchers, such as those from Paypal and Ipsos, found that Malaysians like to shop online because doing so saves time. In their busy schedules, the convenience of having your purchases delivered straight to your doorstep is undeniable. The ease of comparing prices across platforms and even countries gives Malaysians a wider variety of items, and even price points, to choose from.

Interestingly, many Malaysian shoppers do tend to favour products bought from overseas online stores, with 40% of eCommerce purchases13 being cross-border. To find out Malaysians’ likely motivations for cross – border shopping according to research by Paypal14 are as follows:

  • Better prices (72%)

  • Access to items not available in my country (49%)

  • I can discover new and interesting products (34%)

  • Higher product quality (29%)

  • Shipping is more affordable (24%)

2020’s challenges added new statistics to this. According to Google and Temasek 2020,3 eCommerce users in Southeast Asia shopped online because:

  1. Save time and energy (47%)
  2. Decreased exposure to COVID-19 (48%)

Paypal’s finding that people around the world really love great prices seems to ring true for Malaysians as well. This love for good deals could likely be driven by a rising middle class who faces comparatively high taxes and stagnating wages.

This is likely why 11.11 and 12.12 have become some of Malaysia’s biggest eCommerce events. These events offer discounts as high as 90 per cent and achieve the highest sales in the Home & Living, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Accessories, and Mother & Baby categories. Malaysia ranked fourth in terms of top overseas countries purchasing from China on 11.11 by gross merchandise value – just behind US, Russia and France in 2020.15

It seems that Malaysians are also avid last-minute shoppers. The same iPrice analysis reports that online shopping activity was at its highest just before the day ended as Malaysians continued looking for the 11.11’s final deals.16

Looking to ship your cross-border eCommerce sales to Malaysian consumers? Have a chat with us to find out how Janio’s modular cross-border shipping services can help get your products delivered to them from end to end!

As mentioned in Paypal’s findings, some of the products Malaysians look for overseas are either hard to find at their local stores, or are cheaper overseas or of higher quality compared to alternatives available locally. In some cases, these products are available overseas a lot sooner before they become available in Malaysia. One example would be the success of Amorepacific, a company that imports top performing South Korean beauty products for reselling in Malaysia.17

Planning their discounts

Malaysians also shop online in preparation for major holidays, especially Chinese New Year and Ramadan. They search eCommerce platforms weeks ahead of these celebrations18 in order to compare products and prices.

Buyers look for gifts to give to their family and friends on Chinese New Year, as well as beauty and fashion products that will help them refresh their look for the year ahead. During Ramadan, they look for clothing to wear at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration at the end of the season.


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90,000 Malaysia – status and prospects. Read on

Malaysia is a parliamentary monarchy in Southeast Asia, divided into Western (Malaya) and Eastern (Sabak or Saravah). The population is 30 million people (44th in the world), about 79% live in West Malaysia – this is a more developed part of the country, located on the Malacca Peninsula. The capital of the country is Kuala Lumpur, one of the largest transit centers in Southeast Asia.

There are several ethnic groups in Malaysia.60.3% are Malays, 11% are the Orang Asli indigenous group, 24% are Chinese and 7% are Indians. Economically, the Chinese are the most influential. In particular, they own the “Malay Las Vegas” – the Genting casino empire. There are many expats (hired specialists) from the West working in large cities.

Until 1957, Malaysia belonged to Great Britain, therefore, together with official Malay, English is actively used, as well as a hybrid – “Manglish”. Malaysian Chinese speak South Chinese dialects.


The country’s economy is actively developing: GDP is growing by about 6% every year, and this rate has been maintained for almost 60 years. Foreign investment in Malaysia peaked in the 80s and 90s, thanks to which the industrial sector rose to 30% of GDP (mainly electronics production). Now their volume has decreased, since the domestic market is sufficiently saturated with capital, and the attention of investors has shifted to neighboring Indonesia.

Detailed macroeconomic data on Malaysia can be viewed here.

Online Market

Malaysia has a large Internet audience: almost 20 million people (67% of the population) use the Internet. This number is projected to rise to 25 million in 2015. At the same time, there is a serious problem with data transfer speed: Malaysia was recognized as one of the worst in the world in terms of Internet access speed. In many respects, development is hampered by the state monopoly Telecom: the company owns 90% of local lines and imposes unfavorable conditions on providers.

Leading ISPs: Giga Broadband, Jaring Flite Wired, Maxis Wired, PersiaSYS Ultraband and TM Broadband. Celcom holds the largest market share.

Internet service providers are owned by either state monopolists or large tycoons. They maintain a consistent pricing policy that minimizes costs and maximizes profits. This is not real competition. Market mechanisms for the struggle for the customer are very weak. In fact, the operators sabotage the changes, which is why the technical parameters of the Internet in Malaysia are so inferior to the world level.

Malaysia is a country of mobile internet. A paradoxical situation: the wired connection is trying to catch up with the performance of mobile devices, and not vice versa.

Source: Mobile Malaysia – ahead of the south-east Asia pack (SlideShare)

Demographics of Internet audience

In Malaysia, all age groups, with the exception of 55+, actively use the Internet. This is a sign of a mature audience.

Source: Mobile Malaysia – ahead of the south-east Asia pack (SlideShare)

In terms of gender, the male audience predominates (71%), which is typical for a Muslim country.Among mobile Internet users, this superiority is less: 63% are men.

Source hereinafter: Malaysia Mobile Internet Consumer Malaysia – Report (SlideShare)

The educational level of Malaysian users is below the world average: only 24% have a higher education.

The age of the audience is quite young, although it is a more respectable audience than in the Middle East or Africa. In the first place is the category of 25–35 years.

Leading Online Resources

There is a general Asian trend towards hyper-involvement in social media. Malaysians are no exception. 62% of Internet users in the country go to social networks every day and spend an average of 4.5 hours a day there.

Facebook is used by 15.6 million people (81% of the audience). Despite its superpopularity, the government is considering limiting access to it.

Instagram has 29% of the audience, 17% are engaged on LinkedIn.Twitter audience is more modest: 3.5 million followers. While 8% of all global tweets are sent in Malay, only 22% of users have been active in the past month. 80% download videos at least once a month, 51% have an active YouTube account. There are also local projects in the country. The most popular gaming network is Friendster.

TOP sites in Malaysia according to Alexa:











In addition to social networks, high traffic is at forums, trading platforms, group shopping sites, ticket services, local news portals, Youtube analogs and car portals.

Malaysian users are loyal to online shopping, so many online stores and marketplaces appear in the country, the latter are more trusted: according to Malaysians, this is a safer form of e-commerce.

The turnover of Internet sales in Malaysia is 3.6 billion ringit (about $ 1 billion). Thanks to this, it ranks 7th in the TOP-10 of the most promising markets for e-commerce. In 2015, the volume of online retail is projected at 5.6 billion ringit ($ 1.5 billion).

Malaysians spend more online than other Southeast Asians, with Singapore and Malaysia accounting for half of all ASEAN e-commerce. As of 2014, approximately 10 million people in the country are online shoppers. They prefer bank transfers as payment methods. Electronic payments are almost never used.

Source: Mobile Malaysia – ahead of the south-east Asia pack (SlideShare)

A positive point is the developed logistics system in the country, which increases customer loyalty to online stores.The combination of good logistics and high paying capacity of the population has led to the fact that online stores in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States are actively operating in Malaysia.

Leading e-commerce spheres (in the first positions sale of air tickets, insurance, clothing and accessories):

Source: The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Statistics in Southeast Asia & Malaysia (SlideShare)

Least requested categories: pets, cars and bicycles, maternity products, movies and music, sporting goods.

A portrait of a typical online shopper in Malaysia: female (51%), 26–35 years old, selects an item at night, prefers bank transfer.

Popular international e-commerce sites in Malaysia:


Discount Portals:

Online shops:

Notice boards:

What online services does Malaysia need?

Islamic traditions severely restrict certain areas of online business.There may be no popularity, and often no job opportunities, alcohol sales, gambling, fast lending, sale of illegal clothing, and too loose dating sites. This does not interfere with the prosperity of the huge casino city of Genting, as well as the popularity of banking portals.

Double standards are associated with the fact that Malaysia was a colony of the British Empire for a long time. The national market continues to focus on the needs of the foreign public along with the interests of the local population.Alcohol and gambling prohibited for Malaysians are easily accessible to foreigners.

Low demand for sports resources, as well as specialized business and technical portals. High-tech industries are controlled by foreigners, so the local network loses to foreign resources in the dispute over such information.

An important point for developers: Malaysia has a developed business environment, where everything is mainly based on small and medium-sized businesses (97% of enterprises).Local authorities are the main focus of support for this sector. Today 70% of these types of companies do not have websites, 72% do not have online commerce tools, although 48% plan to do so.

Opportunities for mobile applications

Malaysia has a high mobile penetration rate. 47% of residents own more than one telephone. According to this indicator, the country bypasses not only its neighbors in the region, but even the United States.

With new technologies, the mobile communications market is being redistributed.Previously, Maxis was the undisputed leader among operators. Today it is barely ahead (38.1% share) of Celcom (33.7% share) and DIGI (28.2%). The latter are positioning themselves as a leader in the mobile Internet niche.

The global Asian trend is the replacement of the traditional and widespread use of smartphones (both real and feature phones) by the mobile Internet.

According to the latest data, 80% of the country’s inhabitants use smartphones. For 35% of Malays, this is the only gadget to go online, and 42% make purchases through it.

Source: We are socials guide to social digital and mobile in apac 2014v01 (SlideShare)

Android dominates among the operating systems, which is typical for Asia.

Source: Mobile Malaysia – ahead of the south-east Asia pack (SlideShare)

The country’s market is open for application development: people cannot live without social networks, regularly buy online and consume mobile content.The only stop factor is the low speed of the Internet connection.

Major Malaysian Application Developers:

TOP Malaysian Apps for Android and iOS.

There are 680 mobile application developers in the country. For the development of the industry, a special communication platform has been created, which finances projects and conducts training events. The growing Malaysian market also attracted the attention of the Russian company Yota, which began selling its YotaPhones through local retailers.

Digital market

The digital market is just starting to gain momentum. Three years ago, there were articles about the nonviability of Internet marketing in Malaysia. However, he is alive and developing. At the same time, local businessmen need to explain the benefits of online advertising, make promotions, and show the effect.

Like the mobile app market, digital competition is tough. Local and foreign companies compete here.

To work in the local market, the specifics of the entire region should be taken into account.Singapore is a concentration of large financial flows and very wealthy clients; Indonesia is the territory of a massive and inexperienced online audience; Thailand is a kind of training ground, where things that then start in Malaysia are rolled in. They are all closely related, and many entrepreneurs do business in several countries.

Malaysian digital agencies are also targeting their own and neighboring markets. First of all, Singapore.

The volume of the online advertising market in the country is $ 109 million (2013), with an annual growth rate of 25%.

Source: Statista

So far, the digital segment accounts for only 1.5% of the total advertising market.

The substitution of Internet advertising for paper media, as is the case around the world, is yet to come for Malaysia. Most local companies offer mixed online and offline services, which is typical of the growing advertising market.

Leading agency in Malaysia and Thailand – Zocial.

List of digital agencies in Malaysia:

Foreign agencies are also represented in the country.See Malaysia’s 2014 Advertising Awards List.

Startups and Business Opportunities

Malaysia has joined the global start-up race and, despite the well-known technological limitations, offers its projects. IT entrepreneurs are supported by a local innovation agency. In general, investors prefer to invest in the electronics industry.

There is a relaxed tax regime for technology companies for a period of 5 to 10 years.Compared to the West, the country has low advertising costs. There is a client base for B2B: a significant share of successful companies in Southeast Asia are immigrants from Malaysia. A huge plus is the proximity to the sales markets of China, India, Indonesia and Japan.

The priority area for investment is the industrial sector, where there is a very high level of development and it is possible to receive tax and legal benefits.

The Malaysian market itself is not that big. It is perceived by many investors as a springboard for entering the markets of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore, and, if successful, Indonesia, India and China.Even the government directs investors to external activity when working in the country’s market.

Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, there is a low level of corruption, so it is easier to do business. Like Indonesia, Malaysia offers comfortable living conditions in large cities, cheap real estate and food at high salaries (average $ 1,300, minimum $ 220). Practical advice on organizing and doing business in Malaysia can be read on the foreign economic activity portal.

An interesting map of “employment” of spheres for startups in Southeast Asia will help assess the prospects and main competitors for those who want to do business in Malaysia.

The full case study is available on the company’s Medium blog.

Reference by topic: Digital markets (all issues)

Source of the teaser image: Depositphotos

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