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Earlier school bags used to be quite bulky and heavy in weight. Today, these not only come up in vibrant hues with cartoon imprints & impressive patterns but are also ergonomically designed for the kids to carry them with a lot of ease. Remember those days, when you used to go to school? Your parents provided the best school bags to carry all your stuff conveniently. Now it’s your turn to do so! Children are very selective about items they carry to school. When it comes to bags, they want the most excellent one. Today, school bags have transformed their dull look to a stylish one. Paytm Mall presents a wonderful collection of finest quality and trendy looking school bags for kids online. These bags are amazingly-designed that offer immense space for all their belongings with different size compartments. Explore the exhaustive collection of school backpacks at our online store and make your child want to go to school daily with excitement.

Buy school bags online at the best price in India from popular brands like Fastrack, Knight Vogue, Madagascar, Aeoss, Aerobag, Archie, Bleu, Blue Marble, Butterfly, Cartoon Network, Daikon, Dell, Estrella Companero, Pandora, Skyline, Walson, Wildmoda, Zanelux and the lists is endless. From modern motifs to classic colors, explore the widest assortment of backpacks for kids in varied styles, materials & patterns. Go for the one that is an ideal choice for your little one.

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When shopping for kids school bags, always take into account durability factor. The school bags available at our portal are designed to withstand some bumpy use. Opt for good quality fabrics like nylon or canvas. We have school bags for girls and boys in bright colors and patterns available at affordable prices.

You can shop for cartoon character school bags like Barbie, Ben 10, Batman and much more depending on the choice of your darling daughter or son. Girls love to carry bags that are feminine and exhibit their style. Go for pink shades, cartoon imprints of Barbie, Frozen and so on. Shop for quality school bags for teens from the portal with broad shoulder straps and excellent padding that’ll provide ultimate comfort to your child. The bags are lightweight and well-stitched to help your child carry their bag easily & effortlessly. Buy school bags online at the most reasonable price range and also avail several electrifying discount deals & Cashback offers.

High-Quality Branded Backpack for Kids in Attractive Designs, Colors & Patterns at Exciting Offers

If your child is in preschool then you can consider buying backpacks with their favorite cartoon character imprinted on them. For primary & secondary school kids, you can shop for larger backpacks with subtle designs in solid colors. At Paytm Mall, you can take your pick from regular backpacks with padded & adjustable shoulder pads to school bags with multiple zipper chambers for senior year kids. Our collection is inclusive of school bags & backpacks that are ideal for carrying essentials like books, water bottle, lunch box and other study material every day.

Shop online for bags made of waterproof material to secure books, notebooks and other bag contents from getting damaged in the rain while coming back home. Make your choices from kids’ school bags in cool designs and attractive shades, they are durable and made up of quality material. Pick a bag size that is appropriate to carry all study materials effortlessly without being heavy for your child and get it delivered at your doorstep. Apart from this, Paytm Mall offers a wide range of other stationery items like Water Bottles, School Sets, Gift Sets, Badge, Pens, Office Supply, Writing & Drawing Items, Diaries & Notebooks, Files & Folders, Paper Supplies, Packaging Supplies, Calculators, Student’s Stuff, Wholesale Stationery and much more.

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12 Best Backpacks for Girls 2019 | The Strategist

Photo: Courtesy Touchstone Pictures

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have

People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of back to school essentials — including the best pencils, the best pens, and the

our favorite notebooks — here, we’ve rounded up the best backpacks for girls, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

More than 1,700 reviewers give this backpack a five-star rating, many noting how well these backpacks hold up. “Both of my kids own these backpacks, stuff them completely full of books and schoolwork, and they’ve lasted for years,” one reviewer writes. A student writes, “This backpack has lasted me from my senior year of high school through my sophomore year of college, and being an engineer, my backpack has had to be stuffed as much as possible with textbooks, my laptop, etc.

” Lots of reviewers, from parents of middle-schoolers to backpack-toting adults, also call out all of this bag’s pockets as a selling point. “They have great little pockets for pencils, phones, keys, and items like that, as well as plenty of room for books and school folders,” one writes. Another says, “My teen uses this daily and it seems really sturdy and roomy … She carries boatloads of stuff everyday so I was pleased to see some back support that is still simple structurally.”

“My daughter wanted a Frozen backpack for pre-school,” one reviewer writes. “I didn’t want to get her a cheap backpack that would tear easily or that was made of tacky plastic. This has a cute look and it’s durable.” And many agree that this backpack is sturdy. One customer says that this backpack is “Going into the second school year and it’s held up very well” and “It’s been used all summer to ferry toys and what not without issue.” One says it’s the “perfect size for a pre-schooler through elementary school,” adding that it “would be great for any child up to 5th grade.” Another satisfied parent writes, “My 4-year-old loves it and so do I as it’s very sturdy, spacious and easy to clean,” while another writes it fits her daughter’s “homework folder, change of clothes, pencil box and tablet with lots more room for other things.”

And now for some micro-picks for every backpack for a girl you might be looking for.

“This was for my 6th grader, but it is so beautiful any age would like it,” one reviewer admits, and the reviews back up that claim, with dozens of comments saying this backpack is good for students from elementary school to college. “I ordered this backpack for my third grader and she absolutely loved it,” one customer writes. “This backpack is really worth the price, very good quality and is a cute backpack.” An older student says, “It is just as functional as it is cute and looks professional enough to bring into the office and cute enough for my college classes.” The simple design is another selling point for many reviewers, like one who writes, “I like the simple pocket design, so that I’m not hunting in 14 different pockets for a pen.” But that simple design doesn’t mean it’s small. “It fits all of my books, binders, toiletry bag, and even a sweater for those ice-cold classrooms,” one reviewer explains.

One reviewer was happy to find that this backpack “looks WAY better in person than on website.” Dozens of others describe it as “cute” and “adorable” and “darling.” In addition to the design, reviewers find this is the ideal size for their girls in pre-K all the way up to third grade. “She loved all the pockets since she is in Kindergarten and requires a change of clothes, room for snacks and also room for her folders,” one writes. “It fits her perfectly and the fabric seems to be very sturdy and will hold up to the daily wear and tear of being a 5 year old in school.” Another calls this backpack “a great buy for my third grader,” adding, “I purchased the purple and treated it with stain and water repellent spray and it still looks new after 4 months of regular use.” Many also note that this bag is comfortable for their kids as well, with one saying, “The padded straps make any load more comfortable.”

Nearly 90 percent of reviewers give this backpack a five-star review, and many give it top marks for being the perfect size to fit a toddler. “This is the CUTEST backpack and I love that it fits my toddler appropriately,” one writes. Another parent says, “It is the perfect size for her (3 years old) and will continue to fit her needs for at least two more years.” Many were also pleasantly surprised by how much it can hold. One reviewer attests, “There’s a good amount of space in it, far more than I expected … We have been able to pack it full of snacks, Barbies, books, spiral notebooks, coloring books, art supplies, clothing, and so much more.” And other reviewers describe this backpack as durable. “My oldest daughter took it to two years of preschool and it still looks new,” one writes, while another says, “I throw it in the washing machine about once or twice a month and it comes out good as new.”

Reviewers of this backpack stand by the JanSport name. “Perfect classic JanSport backpack,” one reviewer writes, adding it’s a “Timeless classic.” Another says, “You can’t go wrong with JanSport,” adding, “This is big on the inside, is durable and it looks even prettier in person.” While many agree that this backpack is plenty big for school supplies, it isn’t too bulky, so it works for kids of all sizes. One reviewer who has a “very tiny girl for 16” notes that “finding backpacks that are comfortable for her can be hard unless I resort to our all-time favorite JanSport.” Others say they’ve bought for kids as young as a second-grader. According to dozens of reviewers, no matter what age the person you buy a JanSport for, you’ll have it for years. “Our son and daughter got JanSport back packs in junior high and carry them still,” one reviewer writes. “Our son is 45 and our daughter is 42.”

Reviewers mention a few standout features on this backpack including its size, its waterproof construction, and warranty, like one who raves, “Darling color choices — my 7-year-old is really happy with her new backpack!” Another reviewer writes, “I needed to purchase a backpack for my 3rd grader that could fit everything they need to take to and from school and home, and this one works very well.” The reviewer continues, “This one is spacious, the straps are comfortable, and after the broken zipper of the second backpack we tried, the smoothness of the zippers on this one is refreshing. ” Dozens of reviewers also note that this is waterproof, or, at the very least, water resistant. “We did the waterproof test,” one parent explains. “When I put the water on it, the color turns darker while the inside is dry. So it is waterproof.” One says, “It lasted me a year but eventually wore down (as has every backpack I’ve ever used, so I don’t necessarily count that as a terrible thing),” but really appreciates the warranty. “They saw my damage and immediately replaced it for free.”

Many reviewers mention that this backpack might be too small for school, but have found it useful for other things. “I like the designs on this backpack for my 14-year-old daughter,” one writes. “It’s light and is smaller, which is nice. It carries art supplies and books but would not be big enough for school items and binders, which is not the reason we purchased it.” Another says, “It is a little smaller than I was hoping it would be for my granddaughter to use for school, but we are keeping it for other uses, such as overnight stays,” while another writes, “he wanted a backpack to take to friends, grandparents, etc. it’s nice because it’s lightweight, and not too large.” Reviewers with younger kids, however, think it’s a good size for elementary-school kids to take to class. “Well made and lightweight, my pre-K kid likes it so much,” one writes. Another adds, “She is in 2nd grade and this backpack is a good size for her smaller build.”

Reviewers use words like “durable” and “sturdy” to describe this backpack. “Very sturdy (for our daughter who is rough with her backpacks)” one reviewer writes. Another says, “As a junior in high school, I can say that this backpack is durable and it’s large enough to hold all of my supplies,” while another writes, “After the backpack we bought my daughter (from our favorite big box store) ripped a couple of months into the year, we got her this one,” adding, “It’s holding up well to a kindergartner swinging it, kicking it as she walks, throwing it around … all of those things kindergartners do.” Reviewers are also impressed that this backpack looks exactly like the photos online. “All the colors look as vibrant as the pictures and haven’t faded at all since I’ve had it,” one user writes, but most of all it gets the kids’ seal of approval. “When I brought it home she wore it around the house for the rest of the day,” one reviewer writes. “Happy girl!”

“My daughter used and abused it at school for a year,” one reviewer writes of this backpack, but adds, “It is still in great condition and looks brand new.” Another attests to this backpack being long-lasting: “Daughter had this bag for school for two school years,” adding that it is still “Sturdy and strong. Still has life in it. Only thing missing is some of the pattern print on the front pocket.” Another “impressed” reviewer says, “Honestly it’s the best backpack anyone in our family has ever had.” After “Going through the second full school year,” a reviewer reports, “there are no holes or thinning fabric, no fraying on the straps or the pack itself outside or inside,” adding, “It washes so well, and even now it still looks brand new after a cold water wash, never stains.” Many agree that this backpack is easy to clean and keep clean. One writes, “Well, it got used, abused, rained on, puked on on my vacation and all summer long and no stitching got unstitched and no zipper got broken and no mold,” while another writes, “Liquids wipe right off.

According to reviewers, users are excited about all the pockets this backpack comes with. “My daughter really loves her new backpack,” one parent writes. “It is very solid, with multiple compartments — one for the books, one for her lunch bag, one for her snack.” Many say that the water-bottle containers are a hit as well. One says a niece is “excited that she has room for 2 water bottles plus a separate inside pocket that she can put her kindle,” and another notes, “She had an L.L. Bean bag before and it didn’t have the side drink pocket so she’s excited about this feature as well.” While reviewers report getting this for their kids up to middle school, many report buying it in the hopes that their younger kids will grow into it. “She’s a little on the petite side,” one reviewer says, “and the bag comes below her bottom when she’s wearing it but that makes me happy because I am thinking it will last through 4th grade maybe.” Another writes, “I hope she’ll be able to use it for at least a couple of years.”

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When you’re on the move, you gotta make sure all your near and dear essentials are at close range. Summer might be over, but a fanny pack can make your life so much easier and a lot trendier. Pack just the right amount of necessities to get you through a school day. We’ll have all the options you need to make sure that it goes perfectly with your outfit! It’s perfect for any and all after school hangs with your friends or even the bus ride home. Fanny packs are going to be your go to fashion accessory for the school year! See which one matches your style today!

A little girl cannot go out without one of our Claire’s Club purses for girls! These unique little Claire’s Club bags for girls are equal parts style and adorable. Let her pack all her fun little trinkets and take it out with her when she’s out and about. Our Claire’s Club backpacks also make fun additions for the little girl headed to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for the day! She’ll have plenty of fun playing pretend and a lot more with all of our super cute Claire’s Club bags for girls.

Add on a little something extra with bag charms for girls! Brighten up your rainbow purse with a bright pom charm! Flow a little with fringe charms and hook it up to your your holographic clutch. Check out our selection of initial bag charms to personalize your look! These delightful charms also work well with bookbags for girls to brighten up your school day looks with fun additions. If you feel like your bag might look a little bored, cheer it up with a happy bag charm!

Now is as good a time as any to keep your wallet organized! Get your rewards cards, gift cards, library cards, and of course your money neatly organized with our cute girl’s wallets! You can show off all the sass you want with girl’s wallets that have something to say! If you need a reminder to “smile” or “create your own magic,” your daily inspo will be right here waiting for you to brighten your day. Spot our super cute cat wallet with it’s pom puller to give you those feline vibes with a bit of sparkle. We love to see you shine, so there’s no need to shy away from sequin or glitter. Trust us, you need more glitter in your life!

Gift Ideas In Bags

Our collection of bags for girls are about to get you into a fashion frenzy! We have kept in mind all the occasions you might need a bag, and we have put together amazing finds in different styles. We know you need a little extra room for your phone and your makeup, so when it come to those days (or nights) where it’s time to amp up the glam, a cute clutch, rainbow purse, or a holographic purse will give you storage, organization, and high fashion vibes. Look no further for cute purses for kids if your smaller humans appreciate playing a bit of dress up or just need another way to carry their favorite small toy with them! You’ll find plenty of kid’s purses that are sparkly or fuzzy to meet the needs of your little munchkin. Get an add on for your everyday crossbody bag and get one of our wallets for teens for to keep that purse clean! Purse bags for school are helpful to keep your essentials separate from all the heavy things in your backpack. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find the storage and the fashion you need for every occasion and every outfit change.


Your backpack will be the window to your style, and school is as good a place as any to show of your fashion! Our various backpacks for girls come in different styles: mini, midi, and your classic bookbags for girls. Too make your bag look like a more personal item, try some fun patches on a girl’s pink backpack or an initial bag charm to make it unique. A funky backpack can be anything from a furry school bag or a girl’s sequin backpack for sparkle! This is your time to shine and we want you to do it in a personal way with style. Show off your cool new backpack on that first day of school!

Wristlets And Clutches For Girls

This handy must-have is one of those things you never knew you needed! It’s an elegant way to keep your money and cards organized, but wearing it like a mini clutch. Girl’s wristlets at Claire’s are super cute and helpful! Choose your material: faux leather, sequin, or glitter. For those super-quick, don’t-want-to-carry-my-whole-life-around-with-me moments, a wristlet clutch purse is your answer for keeping things light. Just your lip gloss, your cash…done! Let’s go! A pink wristlet will be a perfect match for your neutral, but chic, outfit that just needs a little accent. Your next large clutch wristlet is handy for prom or any other evening event. It’s an instant upgrade with this style as a holographic clutch. This kind of shimmer is the look that everyone is dying for these days, and you deserve to be on trend! Clutches for girls can easily transform from chic crossbody to elegant hand bag and will typically be supplied with removable straps for it to be hand carried. You know you love transitional things, and our girl’s clutches will give you all those multiple looks you need.

Fun Wallets For Girls

The perfect purse accessories are the real go-to items to keep your handbags clean and organized. Start with taking care of your purse with a cute wallet. Our girl’s wallets do more than just keep something clean, they gives you ease knowing that the things you need are all in one spot! But keeping things clean never hurt anyone, so we encourage you to get your life together with girl’s wallets to get headed in the right direction. We are huge fans of fun, so grab yourself a cute cat wallet to perk up your purse! Boring is something we don’t do, and you’ll want to look at all of our cute wallets for girls to keep your accessorizing on trend to keep your looks hot. Emoji wallets for girls are the most popular for colorful variety, and many of our options display fun messages of inspiration, friendly reminders, and spread some magic.

Cute Coin Purses

Here’s another option for you to accessorize your purse, reduce your flying change with coin pouches! We want to give you quality with affordable and cheap coin purses are always here in fun styles that you know you’ll need to grab one for you and your bestie. Pink coin purses covered in glitter and with a fun zip puller will brighten up any purse! Cat ears and bear ears are by far the cutest glittery coin purses for girls that will give you the extra sparkle you love for everyday. Personalize it with initial coin purses that sell out faster than we can hold them and will add that special touch that’s made perfectly for you!

Bag Charms

Initial bag charms are the way to go to identify your backpack or your keys! We mentioned how we can accessorize your purse and your backpacks with wallets and coin purses, but bag charms for girls will be your cherry on top! Change it around and attach it to everything. Try a fluffy pom charm for that glam look, or proudly display your graduating class! Have lots of fun with fringes that are all over our bag charms for those trendy boho vibes. These girl’s bag charms will be your new favorite thing for extra bag flair!

Crossbody Bags For Girls

A classic design with a Claire’s twist is our popular crossbody bags. Girl’s mini backpacks have been the hot trend that we brought back in more styles! Check out your favorite materials like neon, reversible sequin, and of course…glitter! These backpack crossbody bags pack all your essentials and are tougher than they look. Some come with transitional straps to turn it into a traditional backpack style too! Play with neutrals with your outfit, and try white crossbody purses in various shapes for simple looks. Silver metallic crossbody bags can also offer the same look while playing with neutrals, but give that little something extra for glam babes. Of course you could never go wrong with sequin crossbody bags that are for those girls that can’t live without sparkle; wear it day or night, or whenever! Sequin can transition perfectly from day to night and you know you can rock it!

Girl’s Fanny Packs

A trend that never goes out of style and has upgraded many levels of fashion awesomeness are fanny packs for girls. These handy friends hang out without trouble and are hands free so you can jump, cartwheel, and ride that roller coaster without losing your stuff and still look like a rock star afterwards. Many of our girl’s fanny packs come with belted, adjustable straps for easy comfort. It’s hard enough to find where to buy a fanny pack, but Claire’s makes simple work with bright and classic choices for any of your outfits and whatever the season! Take them to the amusement park, festivals, or any outdoor activity that you need to keep your look going, and find the right fanny pack for you.

Girl’s Tote Bags

Your beach days have been made easier with tote bags for girls! When you’re packing for a short weekend or even a mini picnic, tote bags for teenagers are fashionable and helpful. Our sizes are so convenient that you’ll appreciate the amount of room you have. Girl’s totes at Claire’s keep the fun going and keep a smile on your face too in bright colors and reversible sequins. The fun doesn’t stop there either; get your full look together with bag charms and wallets for the ultimate personalization of style and confidence. Let yourself shine with a new bag from Claire’s!

30 Best Backpacks for Kids in 2020

Out of all of the school supplies that you purchase at the start of the school year, your kid’s backpack is probably the one item that is put through the wringer the most. From lugging heavy textbooks to and from school to enduring leaky lunchboxes, your little student’s backpack has to be durable if it’s going to last until the end of the school year. Strong, durable backpacks that evenly cut the weight and ease the pressure of heavy loads is essential, as flimsy book bags filled to the brim can cause neck and shoulder issues over time.

While the backpack’s style and color might be more important to your kid, you want to also prioritize getting a backpack that’s designed to be as gentle on their neck, shoulders, and back as possible. It’s also not a bad idea to keep an eye on what your kid is carrying back and forth to school to make sure there aren’t heavy books or binders on board that don’t need to be there. Lightening up their load can really help!

Ready to choose the perfect backpack for your kid? From pre-K to high school and beyond, here are the top kids’ backpacks that are full of personality and designed to take on all of the rough-and-tumble fun along the way.

1 Mackenzie Navy Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Backpacks

Pottery Barn Kids


With sizes available for pre-K all the way up to incoming high schoolers, you can choose the version of the Mackenzie bag that best fits your kid’s workload. 

Constructed of 600-denier, water-resistant polyester, the bag includes ample storage options, plus external straps for attaching their lunch box to it. Your kid will be delightfully surprised when they turn off the lights and see that their solar system backpack is glow-in-the-dark and looks like an illuminated night sky!

More: Tiny Backpacks That Are Just as Cute as Your Pre-K Tot

2 Wildkin Extra Durable Backpack



The Wildkin brand is all about long-lasting durability and irresistible cuteness. Your little monster will feel right at home with this friendly sea creature-inspired backpack. The outer fabric shell of the backpack is designed to last through a whole lot of wear.

You can also say “So long!” to cleaning up a ruined, liquid-stained backpack, thanks to Wildkin’s moisture-resistant nylon inner lining.

3 High Sierra Fatboy Backpack

High Sierra


Designed to be as comfortable and durable as it is cute and stylish, the High Sierra Curve Backpack is made of anti-rip material that can resist sudden, after-school rain showers from ruining your kid’s notepads and textbooks. 

With a pocket to keep them organized all year long, you’ll hear fewer frantic, last-minute whines as your kid searches for their homework and pencils.

The front pocket can store smaller items and even has a USB port to keep your kid’s electronics all charged up.

4 Lonecone Kids’ Backpack



Designed to keep up with your kiddo’s busy life, this bony backpack is durable and will actually last throughout the year. The super reinforced stitching keeps rips and tears at bay from fall to summer. 

With an extra wide opening, your kiddo can easily pull out their textbooks and essentials. Spacious enough to fit everything from their notebooks to their laptop in the padded sleeve, this will be their go-to backpack all year.

5 L.L.Bean Explorer Backpack



Somewhere between a hiking pack and an everyday school bag, this backpack will be able to rough it with your kiddo all school year long. With a pocket, pouch, and slot to accommodate and organize all of your little one’s needs, searching high and low for a writing utencil will be a thing of the past. 

6 School Uniform Kids ClassMate Large Backpack

Lands End


This heavy duty backpack is crafted to last for years to come. Lightweight and durable, this backpack features sturdy side mesh pockets to hold water bottles of any size and a reinforced grab handle that won’t snap off. The double compartments help your kiddo stay organized, while the front zipper pouch keeps their small essentials in one spot. 

7 Wildkin Risk Taker Pack-it-all Backpack

Most parents can attest to seeing a blank stare run across their kid’s face when they realize they’ve left their homework at school again. This Wildkin backpack features a handy clear panel that allows you to see what’s in your kid’s backpack without needing to shuffle through the maze of snack wrappers and art projects. 

8 L.L.Bean Deluxe Book Pack



Between nightly homework, school projects, and those super heavy textbooks, your kid needs a durable backpack that will take them through the entire school year. 

This L. L.Bean Deluxe pick is a crowd favorite because it has room to fit every school supply on that endless list (Trapper Keeper, we see you), and it’s made of premium materials to make sure that it won’t fall apart.

9 Junior Original Book Pack

L.L. Bean


When your tiny tot is headed to big-kid school, it’s time to upgrade them from the cutesy but flimsy backpacks to the sturdy but equally as adorable options.

We absolutely love this fun, watercolor paisley print. Designed to be as durable and reliable as the larger backpacks from L.L.Bean, this tiny version is lightweight for your smallest scholar, but strong enough to carry home all of their preschool art projects to adorn the fridge.

10 Burton Kids Gromlet Pack

Burton Kids


Some of the top backpack-ruining culprits are snack foods that get smushed by their weighty textbooks. Save your sanity and several hours wasted on scooping out week-old, mashed-up bananas from the bottom of your kid’s backpack with this Burton Kids Gromlet Pack. 

With two zippered pouches in the front, your student can store their snacks away from the important stuff like their chemistry notes.

11 Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Between classes, massive homework loads, and bouncing from one school activity to another, your kid’s backpack takes a beating. The Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack is designed to keep up with your kid’s day. 

The entire exterior is waterproof to protect their tablets and notes from getting drenched on rainy days. There are front pockets, side pockets, and interior pockets to make sure there is a place for everything, including a D-ring on the front to hook their keys to.  

12 Nike Kids’ Brasilia Backpack

If your kid needs a reliable and a durable backpack that is going to just do it, the Nike Kids’ Brasilia Backpack is the one. This backpack is designed to have a place for every school supply on your kid’s mile-long list and last through the first day of classes to the last day of finals.

13 Bluefairy Web Backpack



Perfect for swinging into the next school year, this webby backpack features three roomy compartments and a fun spider design. The large front pouch can hold everything from their folders to their calculator while the mesh side pockets are perfect for water bottles. 

14 Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack



If your tween or teen is social media-obsessed, they are likely fiending for this backpack. The TikTok-viral book bag is super on-trend, but it’s also practical option that your high schooler will actually want to carry. The innovative material, vinylon F, is resistant to dirt, water, and your teen’s rough handling. 

15 Bluefairy Backpack



Your kiddo is juggling several classes, after-school activities, and a robust social life all while trying to keep their room clean at the same time. Get your budding scholar a backpack that can keep up with their busy schedule — like this Bluefairy Backpack. 

With four different compartments to accommodate everything from their laptop to their heavy books, you’ll marvel at how organized they become. The unique, S-shaped straps make lugging around all of their daily must-haves a lot more comfortable.

The durable zippers and material mean that this backpack will carry your kiddo all the way to finals. 

16 Mountaintop Kids Backpack for School



Getting stuck in a sudden rain shower won’t ruin your kid’s homework, thanks to this backpack’s water-resistant material. The adjustable bungee straps on the front of the backpack give your kiddo a spot to hold their lightweight jacket or lunchbox.

17 OuTrade School Backpack

When your rough-and-tumble kiddo goes through three backpacks a school year, it’s time to upgrade to an option that’ll actually hold up. Made from super durable material that is resistant against rips and tears, your kiddo will meet their match with the OuTrade Backpack. 

Whether your kid is the type to bring their entire locker home every single day or just tote around what they need, this backpack’s endless compartments can handle it. 

18 Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Backpack



Carhartt is known for their tough workman clothes, jackets, and vests. People know that when they see Carhartt, the person wearing it means business. Their backpacks are no exception. The Carhartt Legacy Classic is water-resistant with an abrasion-resistant base. 

If your older kids are ready to saddle up with a no-games backpack that will actually last, this is the one. 

19 JanSport Classic Mainstream Cool Student Backpack


$59. 95

If the super classic, plain black JanSport backpack is a bit too blah for your kid’s taste, but they also are far past the glitter and superhero-design phase, this sturdy JanSport suede-detail backpack is perfect.

The reinforced suede bottom and zipper closures make for a backpack that can hold up to locker tosses, tumbles down the bleachers, and a week in the lost and found.

20 JanSport Mesh Pack Mesh Backpack



This trendy twist to the classic backpack style is super cute. The lightweight mesh won’t weigh your kiddo down but is strong enough to carry their workload all year long. Your junior scholar can easily see through the mesh material without it being totally transparent. 

21 PUMA Little Backpack

Not all elementary school-aged kids want a backpack with characters strewn all across it. For your kiddo who isn’t a diehard superhero fan, this simple PUMA Little Backpack is the perfect choice.

Made of super sturdy material, the size isn’t too overwhelming for your child’s back, but can handle carrying all of their school supplies.

22 JanSport Helios 30 Backpack Arctic Camo

A backpack that makes heavy loads feel featherweight-light is a win in our book! The JanSport Helios 30 Backpack uses an exclusive Moonlift suspension system (patent pending) to create shoulder straps that are both comfortable and durable. 

The interior is lined with organization pockets to keep wires, chargers, and stray papers all in their place, and there’s even a sleeve to store your kid’s laptop. 

23 Gear-Up Circuit Neon Yellow Reflective Backpack

PB Teen pbteen. com


After a certain age, your little one will want to explore the world on their own a bit more as each day passes, whether that means walking to the neighbor’s house on their own or riding their bike to school on their own. 

The Gear-Up Circuit Reflective backpack from Pottery Barn Teen is made of fabric that glows and shines in the dark to keep your independent kid safe. 

With durable bond stitching, your kid’s backpack won’t fall apart halfway through the school year. There is a compartment for just about every type of school supply — even their headphones!

24 Fortnite Big Multiplier Backpack



One of the reasons your kiddo is still obsessed with Fortnite is the cool dance moves. This colorful backpack uses those groovy moves in the design, and your pint-sized gamer will love it. When it comes to durability, the inner padded pocket nestles your kiddo’s tech supplies while the bottom panels keep this backpack in tip-top shape.

25 Tilami Rolling Backpack

Sometimes, it’s good to give your kid options when it comes to carrying. Books, binders, and bulky lunchboxes can cause little backs to bend in ways that aren’t the healthiest. Let your kid break up the routine with a backpack that can be rolled to the bus, then worn like a traditional backpack “like all the other kids.”

26 J World New York Sparkle Kids Rolling Backpack

J World


Give your little fashionista a backpack that she can rock and roll into class wearing. We love the cool blue with sparkling hot pink accents. It easily transforms from a rolling bag to a traditional backpack, so she can wear it however she wants!

27 The North Face Jester Backpack

The North Face amazon. com

Your high school-aged kid is bouncing between class, yearbook club, sports, and so much more. The North Face Jester Luxe Backpack can keep up with them from morning to night.

With a roomy main compartment, water bottle pouches, and sleeves for your kid’s laptop and tablet, they’ll have space for everything they need. Plus, the gel-infused, padded straps and lumbar panel help ensure that the backpack is as supportive as it is comfortable.

28 Everest Backpack



Your little scholar will be organized from the first day of school to the last with this Everest Backpack. With an organizing pocket in the front, they can store and easily access essentials like pens, calculators, and markers. Made of high-quality canvas material, mildew-causing moisture doesn’t stand a chance. 

29 Adventure Backpack



A backpack design that can match your kiddo’s mood, this sleek option from TWELVElittle will be a hit with your tweens. The sequins patch can be switched to say on or off to fit their school mood. Made of water-resistant material, this backpack is durable with multiple interior and exterior pockets to keep everything in place.

30 Eastsport Multi-Purpose Pro Scholar Backpack



Designed to keep up with your kid’s busy student life, this heavy-duty backpack won’t give out halfway through the school year. With built-in pockets to house everything from notebooks and pens to water bottles and tech devices, they will be able to pack everything that they need for a successful day at school.

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School Bags – Buy Kids School Bags Online at Low Prices in India

Buy Kids School Bags Online at

Amazing Offers on School Bags

Children stay in school for long hours and need to carry with them essential items like books, tiffin box, bottle and study material, which they obviously need to carry in a school bag. But, a lot of times, kids tend to get tired of carrying all this stuff in boring bags. Moreover, most bags out there are not ergonomically designed, owing to which the health of the children is affected as well. Now, make carrying books easy and fun for your child by buying attractive school bags at ShopClues. We have a wide variety of school bags for kids in all age groups.
Bags for young shoulders Bags are a means for your child to take the first step towards the institution of education. But with increasing work load, kids find it difficult to carry things to school. To solve this problem you can look at backpacks online. If you want to captivate your child’s interest in going to school, ShopClues has a wide range of deals and offers on kids backpack online.  We also have a wide range of school trolley bag online to make the carrying task even more convenient. Leading brands like Apnav, Compass, and Bonjour have well crafted bags for children. Visit the school bags section on the website to get attractive discounts on your purchases. Choosing the right bag The school bags have moved ahead of being just a means to carry stuff to school. Now, children want bags which are easy to carry, convenient to handle, give easy access to things inside and are stylish at the same time. So, we are offering designer school bags online which satisfy the convenience and the style needs of students. These bags are available in different sizes, material and designs. For small kids, we have bags with various cartoon characters or superheroes printed on them. These bags are made with light and durable materials. For older children, we have sturdy yet stylish backpacks. These bags will have single or multiple compartments that will help your child go through their academic life in a convenient way.  ShopClues also offers waterproof school bags online to prevent books and other material from getting wet in the rains. School can be fun Apart from books, children have to carry several accessories, such as pencils, compass boxes, pens, scales, etc. As your child starts growing, so will his academic needs. To take care of them in advance, choose a larger school bag to accommodate study materials, lunchbox, and water bottles. You can also buy tiffin bags online for your kid to carry a wholesome meal to the school and not miss out on the nutrients. Now, we know it’s not just the bag and tiffin boxes that matter to children, as they also want cool school supplies. ShopClues offers a whole range of essential, simplistic and trendy school supplies to help your child enjoy his/her school life and minimize the embarrassing situations. Books and studies are not enough to help your child grow, they need other co-curricular activities like art and craft for holistic self-development. We have art and craft supplies, which can help kids express themselves better and develop new hobbies. For the kids, too young for art and craft and school books, we also have children books. Read the stories to them and satisfy their need for newness.

Brands range like Leerooy, Others, Trekkers Need, FBI, LOVELY TOYS etc. that are tailored for your needs, desires and preferences. A price range starting from Rs. 500 – Rs. 999, Rs. 250 – Rs. 499, Rs. 1000 and Above, Rs. 249 and Below that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 3,458 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like TREKKERS NEED SCHOOL BAG (BLUE), School Bag, School Bag, Lionbone School Bag Unisex Boys Girls Backpack Polyester Back bag with Trendy Design Book bags,, SL Water Proof School Bag for 4 th to 10 th Standard More Space / Long Durable and others at one place.

List of Best Selling School Bags price

Latest School Bags Price
Lionbone School Bag Unisex Boys Girls Backpack Polyester Back bag with Trendy Design Book bags, Rs. 359
Trekkers Need Double Shade School Bag High Fashion (Red) Rs. 449
Lionbone School Bag Unisex Boys Girls Backpack Polyester Back bag with Trendy Design Book bags, Rs. 599
Lionbone School Bag Unisex Boys Girls Backpack Polyester Back bag with Trendy Design Book bags, Rs. 499
Lettest Pu Leather Trendy Backpack Used For Women Girls Backpack School Bag Student Backpack Women Travel bag Tution B Rs. 499
Trekkers Need Double Shade School Bag High Fashion (Blue) Rs. 449
Proera Grey 30 Ltrs Waterproof Polyester School/College & Office Bag (Unisex) Rs. 369
Proera Blue 30 Ltrs Waterproof Polyester School/College & Office Bag (Unisex) Rs. 462


Data last updated on 14/04/2021

20 Cute Backpacks For School 2021

Your battered old bio textbook is packed with useful information (Neurons! Punnett squares! Chlorophyll!), but let’s be real here, it isn’t exactly the most stylish accessory. It’s for that reason that you absolutely need to go shopping for a cute backpack for school ASAP – well, that and the fact that your bag from last year now has duct tape where there should be canvas.

Hide away all your ugly (but useful) books in these trendy backpacks that will slay allll of 2020 – even via Zoom.



City Adventurer Backpack 17L Lululemon


This gold-zipper backpack is not only adorable, but it’s super practical — it has a built-in laptop sleeve and an easy-access phone pocket.

2 Kanken Backpack


3 League 3-Stripes Backpack

Surprise! A pink backpack can actually feel super edgy. And this metallic Adidas pack has the look nailed.



Tina Large Laptop Backpack Kipling


This lavender backpack will literally go with everything and the shiny gold zippers feel so glam.

5 All Hours Backpack


$128 $59 (54% off)

Somehow this backpack feels both simplistic and unique. I’m pretty sure it’s the cool mesh detailing.  


Editor’s Pick

Kane Large Backpack State Bags


A zebra print moment is *literally* always a good idea.

7 Clearly There Sequin Backpack

If you can get a backpack covered in glitter, you should get it covered in glitter. 

8 Realm Sunflower Checkerboard Backpack

Sunflower checks give an old-school ’90s vibe to a simple canvas backpack.

9 Tie-Dye Backpack

Stoney Clover Lane



Editor’s Pick

Backpack Nike Heritage 2.0

Just keep that quarantine athleisure aesthetic going, with this logo backpack from your fave brand.

11 Supercize Iridescent Backpack

Swirly unicorn holograms make Mondays soooo much better. 


Bargain Alert!

Floral School Backpack

Thanks to an enforced bottom, this backpack will hold all your junk and then some.  

13 Carson Backpack


$130 $90.98 (30% off)

A simplistic design keeps your bag from looking kiddie, but still holds everything on your school supply list.

14 Hogwarts House Crests Print Laptop Backpack

Harry Potter


This bag is perfectly sized to fit all seven of your Harry Potter books, just FYI.

15 Fill Your Day Backpack


$148 $99 (33% off)

Ok, I can promise you, none of your friends will have a backpack this cool.


Bargain Alert!

The Unicorn is Reading Tote Bag society6


Be a unicorn in a room full of horses, just like this tote.

17 Big Student Distorted Checkerboard One Size


$48 $30.99 (35% off)

This will go perfectly with your favorite checked Vans – just sayin’. 


Bargain Alert!

Cute Cactus Backpack Mygreen


If you’re known for falling in love with succulents, get this cute cactus backpack and rep your green thumb year round.


Bargain Alert!

Because Cats Tote Bag society6


Honestly, the logo says it all.

20 BK718 Backpack – Feminist

7 AM


Shop this puffed pack and 10% of your purchase is donated to Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls’ education. 

Kelsey Stiegman Senior Style Editor Kelsey is’s fashion expert and resident Harry Potter nerd.

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The Best School Bags For Teenage Girl Online 2021

How To Buy Best School Bags For Teenage Girl Online

Are you getting yourself prepared for buying a school bags for teenage girl online for yourself? Is this purchasing process making your head tumbling around? If yes, we know exactly how you are feeling. We have experienced the entire process, and we have gathered a list of top-rated school bags for teenage girl onlines that are trending in the marketplace these days. Along with these products, we have also answered a few out of the many questions that may have aroused in your mind before making this purchase. Let’s understand these questions:

  • What are the advantages of using school bags for teenage girl online?
  • Is a school bags for teenage girl online worth the investment in today’s times?
  • What factors should you consider before buying a school bags for teenage girl online?
  • What makes buying school bags for teenage girl online so important?
  • Which are the best school bags for teenage girl online available in today’s market?

So, where will you get all the relevant information about the school bags for teenage girl online? Yes, you heard it right – you will get all of it from various sources online and offline. This may include all but not limited to customer reviews, word-of-mouth, online consumer forums, buying guides, customer rating sites, and more. These sources will quench your thirst. The art is to pick 100% genuine, authentic sources when moving ahead in your research process. Reliability and a trustworthy website shall offer you the latest and correct information.

We also can quench your thirst – and how? We have a buying guide listed for the best school bags for teenage girl onlines available in the 2020 marketplace. Our information is verified and reviewed by AI data and Big Data – authority proofreading platforms. The next question is, how have we made this buying guide? We have a technological, uniquely-designed set of algorithms, which is based on the below factors:

  • Brand Value
  • Product Value
  • Quality and Durability
  • Features & Specifications
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings

Along with authenticity, our priority is to offer our reader with 100% up-to-date information. We want our readers to always read the latest news in the market. In case if you feel there’s a problem with our information, and that our data provided aren’t up to the mark, then please feel free to contact us. We shall help you at all times.

School backpacks for girls: features of choice

The school year is just around the corner, and therefore it’s time to think about buying a backpack for a child. Schoolgirls are especially picky when choosing this accessory. Indeed, for them, it is not only the convenience of the backpack that matters, but also its aesthetic characteristics.

Currently, school accessories such as school backpacks are offered by a large number of both domestic manufacturers. Just type in a search box on the Internet a query like “backpacks online store for girls”, and you can see for yourself that the selection of these accessories is more than varied.

What to look for when choosing a backpack for a girl

If you are interested in your chosen backpack in the online store for girls not only roomy, high-quality and fashionable, but also safe for health, you should follow some simple rules:

  • a backpack for a girl must have two straps, the width of which is at least 5 centimeters;
  • the back of the backpack must be sealed;
  • The backpack must have reflective elements;
  • The weight of the backpack should not exceed 800 grams.

In addition, when choosing a backpack in the online store for girls, you should pay attention to the fabric of the accessory. It should be practical and easy to clean. It is worth making sure that the straps and the side of the backpack, which is directly adjacent to the body, are trimmed with a special mesh material. Its presence will provide a more comfortable wearing of a school accessory in the hot season.

In terms of design, multiple pockets of different sizes and multiple compartments for textbooks, notebooks and a bottle of water are encouraged.
When buying a backpack for a schoolgirl girl, it is strongly not recommended to save money. After all, the child’s health largely depends on the correct choice of a backpack. Be sure to take into account the wishes of the child himself. After all, it is the girl who will have to carry the accessory with her for many hours.
Responsibly approach the choice of the online store in which you will make a purchase. In particular, make sure that he works exclusively with reliable suppliers and can guarantee the excellent quality of all goods presented on the virtual showcases.

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Schoolbags and backpacks for girls

School bags and backpacks for girls in the World of Bags online store.

Our Internet-shop “World of bags” invites you to buy inexpensive high-quality school bags and backpacks for girls directly from the manufacturer KGF “Alliance”, St. Petersburg .

New portfolios will attract the attention of girls with bright, cute designs.All school backpacks are made of waterproof, easy-to-clean fabric.

Weight of backpacks for first graders from 850 gr. up to 1110 gr., which meets the requirements of doctors. All children’s backpacks have a firm orthopedic back , which supports the correct posture of the child. The straps of the backpacks are S-shaped and evenly distribute the load.

All new backpacks are equipped with reflective elements on the front panels and shoulder straps for better visibility of the child from the road.The satchels have several compartments and pockets so that the child can neatly lay out textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies. All backpacks have a carrying handle.

Models with / 1 shoe bag in the color of the satchel is included. (For example, School backpack 5-746 / 1-78 lilac-purple)

Every girl always and under any circumstances wants to look like a real princess. Going to school is no exception. We offer you to buy bright and romantic, comfortable and roomy schoolbags and backpacks for girls.Stylish accessories with images of cartoon characters, butterflies, kittens, fairies and other characters will cheer up the little fashionista. Parents will appreciate the comfort of the branded backpacks, which have soft, adjustable straps and a special design to distribute the load evenly over the back.

The backpacks are great for girls of school age, middle and elementary grades. High-quality materials allow you to keep the shape of the accessories, and comfortable fittings provide free access to the inner contents of the satchel, secret and outer pockets.The backpacks perfectly hold a diary, school notebooks, a set of textbooks, as well as office supplies, a mobile phone, a wallet and other little things. Such knapsacks will be able to serve for several years without changing their original appearance. All models are equipped with an additional convenient handle for another option for carrying the briefcase in the hands rather than on the back.

School bags for girls – some tips for choosing

Gathering for school is always troublesome.You need to purchase the necessary stationery, clothing, teaching aids and, of course, a bag to carry to school everything you need for class. What should be school bags for girls? The answer to this question depends on the age of the student. Satchels are great for little ones, but for older girls, the choice is more diverse.

Popular styles

School bags for girls come in different shapes, sizes and colors. When choosing an option for your daughter, you should pay special attention to the convenience and safety of the model.

For babies

The difference between the knapsack and the rucksack is its rigid shape. Girls of primary school age can buy either option. But if a backpack is chosen, then it should be an ergonomic model with an orthopedic back.

What are the criteria for choosing a backpack for a girl? The model must be certified, comfortable and safe for health. Parents should understand that the health of their child will depend on the quality of the school bag.If the load is not properly distributed, the consequences can be dire. So, the development of scoliosis and other diseases of the spine is often associated precisely with the wearing of an uncomfortable heavy bag.

Basic requirements for a backpack for a junior schoolgirl:

  • Orthopedic rigid back. Thanks to this detail, the load on the spine will be evenly distributed.

  • Wide, adjustable shoulder straps. You cannot purchase models with straps made of elastic material, as well as with fixed straps that are not adjustable in length, since in this case it will not be possible to fit the bag to the height and body type of a particular child. Wide shoulder straps with soft pads from the inside will not chafe the shoulders, evenly distributing the load.

  • Strong, preferably waterproof material. A school bag often has to endure a variety of “tests”, so it is better if it is reliable.

  • Quality fittings. All locks and buckles should be easy to snap on and off.

  • Multiple compartments and pockets. Pockets and isolated compartments allow the student to keep school supplies and personal belongings in order.

  • Availability of reflective linings. These covers will reduce the risk of road accidents, as the child will be visible from afar.

  • Light weight. A school bag for a toddler should be lightweight. After all, modern schoolgirls, even in primary grades, have to carry a lot of things with them.

Most often, bright backpacks are bought for younger schoolgirls. The most popular color is by far pink. But you can choose another option. Backpacks of lilac, turquoise, yellow colors look attractive.

Bags for girls are often decorated with various images.Babies, as a rule, adore “cartoon” characters and Barbies, as well as pictures of cute kittens and puppies. But in this matter it is better to consult with the girl, since your daughter may have other preferences.

For middle and high school girls

School bags for teenage girls are distinguished by a wide variety of models. Today, most schools have introduced uniforms or simply require to adhere to a business style of dress (“white top, black bottom”), so for girls the only way to express themselves is the school bag.

However, despite the fact that fashionable school bags for girls can be very diverse, parents should not only pursue external beauty and originality. Do not forget about functionality, practicality and safety.

Backpack bags are worn with pleasure not only by little ones, but also by high school students. But, of course, a pink backpack with a Barbie image will definitely not suit older girls. Beautiful school backpacks for mid-level students can be in floral or abstract prints.For high school girls, parents often buy leather backpacks. When choosing such a model, you need to make sure that it has comfortable belts and a sufficient number of pockets.

Not all students like backpacks, but there are other teenage school bags for girls. Most popular models:

  • Japanese school bag. This is a three-dimensional model with two long handles. It is carried in the hand or on the shoulder. These bags are available in classic colors – black, dark blue, gray.The bag has strap handles, which, as a rule, have a contrasting color. For example, a black bag – gray belts or a dark blue bag – beige belts.

  • Messenger bag. This is a bulk bag with a long wide strap that is slung over the shoulder. School bags are worn over the shoulder by both girls and boys, however, “girly” models, as a rule, are distinguished by a brighter color. If guys choose dark and non-marking colors, then girls prefer bright options – red, orange, yellow, turquoise, etc.The bag can be decorated with a print.

  • Shoulder bag. This model looks like a bag, but, unlike the latter, it has a hard bottom. At the top, the bag has a drawstring that is pulled together with a drawstring. Such a bag has one handle; the poem is worn over the shoulder.

  • Envelope bag. High school girls often choose this option. It is small in size, you cannot put several thick books in it, but it fits perfectly for notebooks and pens.Girls love the envelope bag as it looks elegant and fits perfectly into the business style of clothing.

  • Tote bag. This is an option for high school girls. The model is a bag in the shape of a rectangle or trapezoid with two medium-length handles, so it can be worn both in the hands and on the shoulder. The bag does not have a zip at the top, but may have several zippered compartments and pockets.

  • Transformer. A practical and convenient option for a high school student – a school transformer bag. The difference between this model is its ability to unfold. Convenient convertible bags, when folded, may resemble a clutch in size, but if you unfold the model, then at least a dozen thick volumes can be folded into it. This version of the bag is very practical, since the shape of the model can be changed at will.

Advice on selection

It is clear that a schoolgirl bag should be practical and reliable.In addition, she must be beautiful, since there are few girls who will agree to go to school with a bag that they absolutely do not like.

The easiest way to please the little ones. Parents should choose several models that will suit them in terms of price, quality and ergonomics, but it is better to entrust the choice of design to their daughter. Let her choose what she likes. After all, having a beautiful backpack is one of the incentives to go to school with pleasure.

For older girls, it can be difficult to find a bag.If parents have the opportunity, they can buy several different models of school bags for their daughter so that the girl can choose the option that suits her today’s mood.

If there is no opportunity to purchase several bags, then the most practical option would be to buy a transformer bag. When using this model, the girl can change the shape of the bag and look different.

Some more tips:

  • When choosing a bag, consider its capacity. If the bag is too small, the girl will have to constantly take with her a bag with textbooks and other things that do not fit into the bag, which is very inconvenient.

  • Do not buy a too colorful bag for school, as this option can quickly get bored with your mistress. You can choose a bright option, but the print should be discreet.

  • Not suitable for school bags decorated with sequins , sequins, beads and other eye-catching details.It is better to prefer a business style bag, as it will look more harmonious with business style clothes.

  • A more convenient option is the model, which has handles that allow you to carry the bag in your hands and on the shoulder.

  • When choosing the color of the bag, pay attention to the colors of the school uniform , it is better to choose a bag that will harmoniously fit into the ensemble.

Choosing a school bag for a girl is not easy.Those models that suit parents in terms of functionality and quality may not like the child. And the choice of the daughter may not suit the parents. Therefore, you should not postpone the purchase of this thing until the last days before the school year.





Fashionable school bags (100+ photos) for girls and boys

School bags have long become an excellent alternative to the usual backpacks.Of course, such products are not perfect and have both advantages and disadvantages. But nevertheless, this is the option that schoolchildren most often choose for themselves. So what should you pay attention to? What shades and prints will be relevant in 2018? Let’s talk about this right now.

School bag selection rules 2018

Often, children choose a bag or backpack based solely on their appearance. In turn, the task of parents is to think about the comfort and rationality of the purchase.After all, it is this thing that will be the constant companion of the child throughout the school year.

Most school bags are made of waterproof material. This significantly increases the wear resistance of the product. Nevertheless, there are also simpler options. They are much cheaper, but such a purchase is not justified, because it will most likely deteriorate in less than a year. We recommend that you pay attention to a light, but at the same time durable material that lends itself well to cleaning. Most often, such bags do not fade in the sun and easily tolerate low temperatures.Thanks to this, the selected accessory will serve the child for more than one year and at the same time will not lose its attractive appearance.

We should also note the importance of a high-quality webbing. It must be wide enough so that it does not cut into the shoulder. Otherwise, the child will experience discomfort every day. It is best to have a special pad made of soft material on the strap.

In addition, we recommend paying attention to the capacity of the bag.The fact is that the load in the senior grades is quite strong, so schoolchildren have to carry quite a few textbooks and notebooks every day. It is best if the bag has several compartments that close tightly. In this case, the child will distribute everything he needs and can immediately find what he needs. The fittings must also be of high quality. Therefore, try to check all locks and buttons before purchasing. After all, this is precisely the indicator of factory tailoring and reliability.

But still, no matter how stylish and comfortable the bags are, they have a number of significant drawbacks.For example, when worn on one shoulder, they damage posture and harm the health of the back. Therefore, all parents should definitely talk about this problem to their children. In addition, carrying a large number of textbooks can be quite difficult. In this case, a backpack will still be the most suitable option. After all, it is he who will help to distribute the load evenly.

Also in the process of choosing a bag, keep in mind the safety of the child on the road. Pay attention to the presence of reflective elements.They can be in the form of a geometric figure, lettering or drawing. Thanks to these inserts, the child will be visible to drivers on the road.

And of course, do not forget about the attractive appearance of the bag. First of all, we are talking about its shape and colors. Only then should you consider additional decor. For example, fur and textile elements, fringes, embroidery and much more. For children, and especially for adolescents, this is of great importance. Therefore, you only need to choose a bag with them.

School shoulder bags

Satchel bag is especially popular. It can be carried both in the hand and over the shoulder. Such a product looks attractive and at the same time remains functional. Thanks to its rectangular shape, everything that is needed during study will fit exactly in it. Bags in this shape are presented in a variety of shades, so choosing the right option will not be difficult. But nevertheless, we note that for spring or early autumn, you can safely choose bright, colored bags.In turn, for the cold season, neutral shades are more suitable, which are combined with all clothes.

School bags for teenage girls

During adolescence, girls often experiment with their own style. Therefore, many refuse simple shoulder bags. Of course, such products are sometimes difficult to combine with a school uniform in the form of dresses or sundresses. In this case, we recommend taking a closer look at classic bags.But keep in mind that they must have a long strap. It can be used in cases where there are too many textbooks and for convenience it will be easier to carry the bag over your shoulder.

Most often, such products are not too small, but at the same time they look quite strict. To create them, leather or another, no less dense material is used. Everything to keep the bag in shape. In this case, the color scheme can be very different, but often these are neutral shades or pastel colors.They are most suitable for every girl’s school life.

School bags for boys

When it comes to school bags, there are often only options for girls. In fact, shoulder bags are often the choice for boys too. The fact is that such products often have a simple, laconic cut. In addition, a neutral shade suits absolutely everyone. The most popular are bags in black, blue, gray, dark green and burgundy shades.

What’s more, the shoulder bags are comfortable and functional enough that teenage boys will definitely appreciate it. Therefore, if you like this option, then you should listen. The main thing is to check the high-quality tailoring of the bag so that it is comfortable to wear.

School bags are gaining in popularity every year. This is not surprising, because such products always look stylish, modern and attract attention. But at the same time, do not forget about the functionality and quality of the bag.After all, this is the only way to buy a thing that will not deteriorate during the school year.

School backpack for adolescents, boys and girls, children

Buy a school backpack for children in Moscow – convenient, affordable, profitable

During preparation for school, the question of where to buy a school backpack for a teenager and elementary school student arises. Don’t worry about it, because now you know about our store! The catalog contains a wide range of backpacks for every taste, we offer affordable prices so that every buyer, regardless of budget, can purchase a quality accessory.

More and more often there is a situation when customers decide to buy a school backpack for a teenager, but choose a universal design – this is due to the fact that the future owner of the accessory may want to wear it and just for walks. Our backpacks are suitable for everyday household use, they are safe and comfortable, they will allow you not only to carry all the necessary things with you, but also to maintain an even posture.

Backpacks for teenagers boys school

Choosing a school backpack for a boy, we pay attention to the design and size.Indeed, school backpacks for teenage boys differ in that they are larger, heavier and look more massive. Also, a backpack for a boy will have a strict design in a classic style with the use of soft colors, or if you want to buy a school backpack for a younger boy, the accessory can depict the child’s favorite characters, for example, characters from the cartoon “Cars”.

School backpacks for teenage girls

It is worth noting that when choosing a school backpack for a girl, you also need to pay attention to some important details so that the child is comfortable using the accessory:

    • Light weight, since it is more difficult for girls to lift from the point of view of physiology heavy things.
    • Suitable size. Girls are usually shorter than boys, so their backpacks may seem too big.
    • Completely different design. School backpacks for teenage girls are usually made in bright colors.

However, remember that if a child likes a backpack “not for his gender”, don’t swear – just take what the child has chosen. Today there is no longer such a rigid identification of things and colors by gender, so a girl can easily carry a school backpack for a boy and vice versa.

Own production of goods

We care about the health of children and adolescents, therefore we order the production of our backpacks at the best factories, and then we bring them for our customers. Our company is focused on providing all young people with comfortable conditions for wearing backpacks, while maintaining the health of the back and neck – we offer backpacks with orthopedic backs.

Try to find the best option on our market and a better price-quality ratio! Trust us, you will still come back to us and place your order.

Advantages of buying a children’s school backpack from us

We have a number of other advantages, we can offer not only high quality and a wide range of different styles and designs. Working with us, you can be convinced of the following advantages:

    • We can deliver your order not only across Moscow and Russia, but also to other CIS countries.
    • We offer many different and convenient payment options so that no one limits themselves due to the lack of one or another electronic wallet.
    • We cooperate with joint purchases and can offer discounts.
    • We regularly hold promotions with discounts for the purchase of goods from our catalog.

See for yourself by placing your order now! And if you still have questions, call our manager for consultation or use the feedback form presented on the website.

School bags for teenage girls – “Virtual Academy”

Today, young people have the opportunity to dress brightly, experiment with their appearance and at the same time not risk the reputation of an adequate person.Most Russian educational institutions adhere to the standard rules for the appearance of schoolchildren (white top, black bottom), however, students still find extravagant ways to show their individuality and stand out, for example, with the help of original accessories and additions to clothes.

An important attribute of teenage fashion is the school bag. There are a wide variety of models on the market today. The trendy school bags for teenage girls are a great way to show off your identity.It is very important for the child to make the choice. Only in this case it will bring real joy to the owner of the bag.

Parents of schoolgirls should understand that buying a high-quality bag does not mean guaranteeing health safety to your child. You must explain to your teenager that your body should be taken very seriously. You cannot carry a school bag on one shoulder or in one hand at all times. It is also not recommended to overload her with a lot of things – this increases the risk of developing scoliosis and curvature of the spine.The best option for a girl studying in grade 6 is no more than three kilograms with a bag, in grades 7-11 – no more than three and a half kilograms.

Make sure your child only puts the essentials in the bag and does not take anything extra. Explain to the student that when filling the school bag with textbooks, the greatest weight of the carried items should be shifted closer to the body and back. If a schoolgirl has to carry too many books, purchase an additional school backpack on wheels or a special device for moving around the surface for her.

What should you look for when choosing a bag for a schoolgirl?
– It must be made of durable, high quality, water-repellent, reflective, bright, but non-marking material.
– The compartments and pockets of the bag must have strong fasteners that open easily and do not stick.
– Ergonomic backrest complies with GOST.
– A good school bag has secure stitching to ensure long-term use.
– The straps of the bag should not be too narrow or wide, have stepless adjustment and not chafe the teenager’s neck and back when worn.
– Ideally, textbooks, notebooks and school supplies that are folded in a bag lie still rather than sliding.
– It is important to remember that school bags with long thin straps hanging below the waist are harmful to the health of adolescents: they disrupt the blood flow in the muscles of the back, neck and lower back, and in the future, carrying such bags can lead to a decrease in brain activity.

Recently, school bags for teenage girls have become even more extravagant, more fashionable, more impudent in their design and construction features.As a rule, they are made from modern lightweight “nano” materials. The bag is an important teenage accessory, an element of social pathos, attention and envy of friends. Today, school bags with character are very relevant, corresponding to the individual needs of schoolgirls. There are also models that are quite simple in external design, which at the same time have many advanced functions, for example, an outlet, a refrigerator, a battery and even a Wi-Fi.

It is now fashionable to have two or three bags for all occasions: for study, for sports events and various hobby groups.Bright models with various patterns and inscriptions from rhinestones are still relevant. The perfect school bag complements the school girl’s uniform in color, style and design. In 2012, the sporty retro style bags are the real favorites for girls 12-16 years old.

When choosing a school bag for a girl of 10-12 years old, choose a model in a playful lemon or peach color with floral patterns and extravagant embroidery. Gothic symbols, animal profiles, skulls, multicolored cages, stripes, graphics, alien asynchronous drawing, Masonic signs, stars, religious symbols are still relevant this year.

As for the high school students, this season they are choosing a multifunctional collection of trending sports directions. At the same time, a graduate school bag should be practical, roomy and solid. In 2012, models of school bags for older schoolgirls, made of lightweight leather and having a classic design, are relevant.

School bags for teenage girls are an important element of the educational process, in which every detail must be socially comfortable, wellness therapy and facilitate the rapid acquisition of knowledge.

WENGER school backpacks for teenage girls and boys

What do you need from a backpack for school or college? A sufficient number of compartments and pockets, reliability of zippers and seams, water resistance and the ability to quickly clean the material, comfortable shoulder straps and a carrying handle and, of course, the minimum weight of the backpack itself without contents.

All of this can be found in the WENGER range of school backpacks.

The ability to put in a backpack not only books, notebooks, but also your favorite tablet computer, mobile phone and a lot of other necessary things should really please your child!

There are pockets for small items and a key ring. The presence of small, but very stylish and functional details adds a “uniqueness” to WENGER school backpacks.

Ergonomic shoulder straps and ventilation system are relevant in any climate.

With a high quality of workmanship, the models of WENGER school backpacks are lightweight and perfectly protect the contents of the backpack from external influences.

For this review, we have selected the most interesting examples of school backpacks for girls and teenage boys.

Backpacks are ideal for schoolchildren from grades 4 – 5 (depending on the height and physique of the teenager).

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WENGER school backpacks “IMPERIAL”

The model is suitable for boys and girls, great design, good price / quality ratio, anatomical Airflow back, 900D polyester density.

Owner Review:

Natalia (“Imperial” backpack, light gray)

The child goes to school with such a backpack.Nice fabric, comfortable compartments inside and in a pocket. For a student of grade 3, a little too big, of course, but at the end of grade 4 or a student of grade 5, etc. – that’s it! Well, or if the child is tall. The backpack is rated 4 out of 5 for the light color. easily soiled if not handled carefully. Although, this is rather mine, subjective.

School backpack “IMPERIAL” for a teenage boy

(high school student, student)

Backpack WENGER “Imperial” (article 3001202408)

Code 3001202408
Size, cm. 46 x 33.6 x 14.5
Volume, l. 22
Weight, kg 0.8
Country Switzerland
Country of manufacture China
Material polyester 900D
Color black

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps with extra padding for comfort
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Airflow anatomical backrest provides ventilation and a comfortable fit to the back
  • Side braces
  • Main compartment with pocket for tablet or MP3 player and external headphone output
  • Organizer compartment with dividing pockets for pens, mobile phone, DVDs and removable key holder
  • Frontal pocket with zipper
  • Two side pockets in elastic mesh for
  • water bottles
  • Pocket for a mobile phone with fastening on one of the straps
  • Glasses loop with WENGER logo attaches to one of the shoulder straps
  • External plastic ring for attaching accessories

The density of 900D polyester will reliably protect the contents of the backpack from external influences and “harsh” operating conditions at school 🙂

The backpack can also withstand light rain (of course, prolonged exposure to water will lead to moisture penetration inside the backpack, in addition we recommend using a special protective cover against moisture penetration).

The material is easily erased and does not lose its attractiveness.

Video about the “Imperial” backpack:

Link to this backpack in our catalog

School backpacks “IMPERIAL” for a teenage girl

(high school girls, students)

Backpack WENGER “Imperial” (color “light gray”, article 3001402408)

Video review of this backpack:

Link to this backpack in our catalog

Backpack WENGER “Imperial” (color “pink”, article 3001932408)

Link to this backpack in our catalog

WENGER “MONTREUX” school backpack for boy / teenage girl

For schoolchildren from 4th grade (depending on height)


The backpack is lightweight, made of wear-resistant polyester, very high quality and reliable.

With a small backpack, the volume of 26 liters is enough to accommodate and store everything you need.

Code 13854715
Size, see 46 x 34 x 17
Volume, l. 26
Weight, kg 0.65
Country Switzerland
Country of manufacture China
Material polyester
Color gray / orange

Link to this backpack in our catalog

  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Ergonomic anatomically shaped shoulder straps designed with extra padding for comfort and control
  • External pockets made of elastic mesh for various bottle sizes
  • Main compartment with internal MP3 pocket and external headphone hole
  • External compartment with organizer pocket and removable key holder
  • Small outer zip pocket
  • Tablet compartment

Watch a short video about the WENGER “MONTREUX” school backpack.

Backpack WENGER “MONTREUX” black / lilac / silver:

Link to this backpack in our catalog

WENGER “RAD” school backpack for boy / teenage girl

high school student, student or student


The backpack is made of very durable, durable 900D polyester, looks great and is very reliable.

Protects your laptop from falls from low heights, a special laptop compartment is protected on all sides with sealing materials.

A great option if you are not parting with your electronic gadgets. Together with a laptop, a 10-inch tablet will comfortably fit in the backpack.

Size: 45 x 37 x 19 cm

Volume: 31 l

Material: polyester 900D

Weight: 1.1 kg

  • Convenient handle for carrying the backpack
  • Ergonomic anatomically shaped shoulder straps with additional sealing and reinforced in the upper part with elastic pads; reflective inserts
  • Main compartment with internal MP3 player pocket and external headphone jack
  • Additional compartment with a secure pocket (34 x 30 x 5 cm) for a laptop up to 15 “with a Velcro strap at the top and two elastic mesh pockets for accessories
  • Organizer compartment with dividing pockets for pens, mobile phones, DVDs, removable key holder
  • Suspension system: Anatomical Airflow backrest provides ventilation and a comfortable fit on the back
  • 15 cm deep front zip pocket
  • Front pocket 11 cm deep
  • Two side pockets in stretch mesh for water bottles
  • The loop for glasses is located on one of the straps
  • Outer metal ring for attaching accessories

You can find out more about the backpack by watching our video review:

WENGER school backpack for girls

Backpack WENGER 31268415

Code 31268415
Size, cm. 45 x 32 x 14
Volume, l. 20
Weight, kg 0.53
Country Switzerland
Country of manufacture China
Material polyester
Color pink

Short video review of this backpack:

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps with extra padding for comfort
  • Anatomical Comfort Fit back with extra padding for greater comfort
  • Main compartment with MP3 pocket and external headphone jack
  • Organizer compartment with key holder and 2 pockets
  • Two side pockets in stretch mesh
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Glasses loop with WENGER logo attaches to one of the shoulder straps
  • External plastic ring for attaching accessories

Link to this backpack in our catalog

School backpack WENGER SCHOOL PACK 2

This school backpack continues the tradition of the WENGER SCHOOL PACK range.

Special fabric Ripstop (from the English ripstop : rip – to tear, stop – to stop) is a type of fabric with a special reinforcing weaving structure. Made from polyester or nylon. In the structure of the fabric crosswise reinforcement threads are introduced equally spaced from each other, which makes it possible to obtain a more wear-resistant material.

The backpack is produced in three color combinations.

Gray / Lime 3165426408:

Size: 46 x 32 x 15 cm

Volume, l: 22

Material: ripstop

Weight, kg: 0.72

Color: gray / lime


  • Convenient and reliable carrying handle for the
  • backpack
  • Ergonomic anatomically shaped shoulder straps with additional pad
  • Main compartment with internal MP3 player pocket and external headphone jack
  • Organizer compartment with dividing pockets for pens, mobile phone
  • Suspension system: Anatomical back with Comfort Fit support system for ventilation and a comfortable fit on the back
  • Front zip pocket
  • Side zip pocket
  • Two side pockets in stretch mesh for water bottles
  • Special fabric Ripstop (from the English. ripstop : rip – to tear, stop – to stop) – a type of fabric with a special reinforcing weaving structure. Made from polyester or nylon. Strengthening threads
  • equally spaced from each other are introduced into the structure of the fabric crosswise.

Watch our video review of this backpack:

Link to this backpack in our catalog

WENGER school backpack with laptop compartment 13.3 and tablet

Backpack WENGER 72992290

Code 72992290
Size, see 40 x 32 x 16.5
Volume, l. 21
Weight, kg 0.96
Country Switzerland
Country of manufacture China
Material polyester
Color black

A quality WENGER backpack with a rigid body, a comfortable back and a secure compartment in which you can carry your laptop 13.

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