Diamante online: Diamante Poems – ReadWriteThink

Diamante Poems – ReadWriteThink

In this online tool, students can learn about and write diamante poems, which are diamond-shaped poems that use nouns, adjectives, and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics (for example, night/day or winter/spring). Examples of both kinds of diamante poems can be viewed online or printed out.

Because diamante poems follow a specific format that uses nouns on the first and last lines, adjectives on the second and fourth lines, and gerunds in the third and fifth lines, this tool has numerous word-study applications. The tool provides definitions of the different parts of speech students use in composing the poems, reinforcing the connection between word study and writing. It also includes prompts to write and revise poems, thus reinforcing elements of the writing process. Students can save their draft diamante poems to revise later, and save and print their finished diamante poems.

For additional ideas on how to use this tool out of school, see Diamante Poems in the Parent & Afterschool Resources section.

Grades   K – 2  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

Casting Shadows Across Literacy and Science

Shadows, shadows, everywhere! In this lesson, students read fiction, informational text, and poetry about shadows to extend their knowledge of the concept before casting their own shadow poetry.


Grades   7 – 10  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

Engineering the Perfect Poem by Using the Vocabulary of STEM

Students research engineering careers and create poetry to understand the vocabulary of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


Grades   6 – 12  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

Making History Come Alive Through Poetry and Song

Students compare the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald with the song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” then create their own poetry about a historical event.


Grades   K – 5  |  Student Interactive  |  Writing Poetry

Theme Poems

Formerly known as Shape Poems, this online tool allows elementary students to write poems in various shapes.


Grades   K – 12  |  Student Interactive  |  Writing Poetry

Acrostic Poems

This online tool enables students to learn about and write acrostic poems. Elements of the writing process are also included.


Grades   K – 12  |  Mobile App  |  Writing Poetry

Diamante Poems

In this app, users can learn about and write diamante poems, which are diamond-shaped poems that use nouns, adjectives, and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics (for example, night/day or winter/spring). Examples of both kinds of diamante poems can be viewed online or printed out.


Grades   K – 12  |  Calendar Activity  |&nbsp April 1

April is National Poetry Month!

Students are assigned to be “poets of the day” and are provided several models to create, illustrate, and present their different poems to the class.


Grades   3 – 6  |  Calendar Activity  |&nbsp April 29

Participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Students select a poem and create a Stapleless Book using the interactive tool.


Grades   3 – 12  |  Calendar Activity  |&nbsp March 21

Today is World Poetry Day.

Students read and respond to Billy Collins’ poem “Introduction to Poetry.” Students then write about a favorite poem and imagine the perfect way to read it.


Grades   2 – 6  |  Printout  |  Writing Starter

Haiku Starter

This graphic organizer provides students the opportunity to brainstorm words about a given topic, count and record the syllables, and draft a haiku.


Grades   3 – 8  |  Printout  |  Writing Starter

Diamante Poem

This tool will allow your students to create a diamante poem by reflecting on their knowledge of a topic and by using nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a creative manner.


Grades   5 – 8  |  Activity & Project

Write a Gem of a Poem

Learn about diamante poems, and then consider the idea of cause and effect before working it into the diamante poem format.


Grades   4 – 6  |  Activity & Project

Think Hink Pinks!

Kids will love Hink Pinksword puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Try one and get hooked yourself: Obese feline? Fat cat!


Grades   3 – 12  |  Game & Tool

Diamante Poems

Diamante poems are poems where the longest line comes in the middle, creating a diamond-like shape. The Diamante Poems tool helps children write these patterned poems.


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DIAMANTE: Finding Independence – OUTBURN ONLINE


Diamante stormed the scene in 2018 with her first album Coming in Hot. Now two years later, Diamante reflects on the trials and tribulations of working with a record label as she announces her amicable split with Better Noise Music, a new single and video “Obvious,” and gives us an idea of what her future looks like as an independent artist.

You recently announced your departure from Eleven Seven/Better Noise Music. How did that come about?
Very quickly (laughs). Out of nowhere to be honest. I was out on tour this past summer, in the middle of the tour actually, with Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Chevelle, promoting the first album. My manager was on the tour with me, but it was a day off so he called me and tells me, “Hey, I have some news for you, meet me at this bar.” We were in Dallas, and I had no idea what he was referring to. I meet him at this bar, and he sits me down and goes, “So, your A&R called today.” He showed me a screen shot, it was one minute long, and he goes, “The label decided they don’t want to pick up the second album and you are free to go.” At first I thought he was just messing with me, I was like, “Ha ha, you’re so funny Adam!” because it came as such a shock for me. Once the shock wore off, a lot of emotions came over me, obviously the bittersweet stuff, but there is a feeling of excitement because you get to begin a new chapter, then there is this feeling of overwhelmingness because you have all the control now that you didn’t have before.


What did you find were the positives and negatives of being signed to a label? Was there anything holding you back?
There are many pros, especially when you are first starting out. I was signed when I was 18. I had been on one tour and I needed a label if I was really going to do anything at that point because I didn’t have the money to promote myself or market myself. They did so much for me and they are definitely the reason why I am where I am now. But there are some cons, especially relating to the music. You don’t get to decide a lot of the times what songs you put out, when you get to put them out, who you get to record with, who you get to write with, so you are just playing by their terms, especially at the beginning.

When you and the label parted ways, was it more freeing or a devastated kind of feeling?
I was never really devastated because I had music that I’ve had in my pocket for over a year now, so I knew that I had the next batch of music that I wanted to put out. More than anything I was just a little nervous, because now if things go wrong, the only person to blame is myself because now it’s a one-man team.


Was the label restricting on what you could do with your music?
If I wanted to put out a song, it would have to go through them and it’s always on their terms. When I finished my first record, the album didn’t come out until a year and a half later, and a lot of the times when you get signed and you make an album, it doesn’t even come out. I was just stoked that the music actually came out, but it’s never up to you and there were a lot of moments making that album when I was told what songs would be on the album and what songs could not be on the album, even if I really liked them.

If there are songs that didn’t make the album, are you allowed to use those now?
Yes, which is really cool. I’ve been going back, because when I was making that first album, I wrote for something like two years. Something crazy like that, and I did over 100 writing sessions. I have all these dope songs that I really liked, but never made the cut.

Are they going to see the light of day now?
A few might, yeah. A lot of the concepts will.

What are going to be the biggest changes for you going from being signed to a label to independently releasing music?
The biggest change…well, it’s not so big because even when I was signed, I was very hands on with my project. I always want to be in the loop, not in charge but have a say. So, now that I have all the say, it’s like being your own CEO. The really fun part is getting to create your own timeline. So, with this new music what I’ve been doing is releasing a song every month, and I really like being cryptic and throwing out hints, especially on social media and teasing the fans. Then they come back with their theories and hypotheses, and it’s like a wave. It’s really cool.

The single, “Obvious,” was your first self-release in five years. Now that it’s been out or a little bit, how has the reaction been and how are you feeling about it?
It’s been incredible. I’ve had that song for a year now and I always knew that it was special. Every time I played it for somebody, and it wasn’t very many people, I noticed that they always had a visceral reaction to the song because it’s real. It hurts, it’s painful, and a lot of people have been through what I’m talking about in that song. It being the first one makes me so stoked. I constantly have to remind myself that people have only heard the first song. In my brain, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, there’s all this new music!” And I’m like, “Dia calm down. They only have one song so far.”


As you mentioned, “Obvious” hits close to home for so many. Did that come from a specific experience you had to deal with in the past?
Yeah, I write based off of personal experience, and this was the first time that it was so autobiographical in the sense that I didn’t sugar coat anything. That’s exactly how I felt in that moment, and even on that first album when I wrote from a place of pain or heartbreak, I always had to towards the end of the song switch it up and make it uplifting—there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Like you hurt me, but I’m going to be stronger now because of it, and this is the first song where I didn’t do that because I think I’m more willing to show that it’s okay to feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel in those moments and to just embrace the hurt.

Musically, you teamed up with Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace for this song. How did that come about?
Through touring. It was so cool. Every night after the show all the bands would hang out in the parking lot where the buses are, and Three Day’s had this huge boom box that they would bring out and we all had the lawn chairs and drank beers and ate hot dogs. We would always show each other music, and Neil and I got to talking because we both work with Howard Benson. Howard’s done I think three of their albums and Howard did my first album. He knew that I was going to be going back into writing new music, and on the tour I played him “Obvious.” That was the first song I ever showed him, and he told me, “This song is incredible. You have to play it for Howard, and I want to help you make your next record.” So, that’s what we’ve been doing since summer.

You’ve worked with Howard Bensen for a while. What effect has he had on your music and songwriting?
He is an incredible producer, and especially vocally, he’s always pushed me in that vocal booth. His favorite things to tell me are, “Mean it,” “More aggro, more aggro,” and, “Bite into it, bite into it.” On the writing side, he’s the one who told me from the beginning to write from that vulnerable side of yourself that you’re not that willing to show people, because that’s what people are going to connect to at the end of the day. He’s said he’s worked with a lot of artists who get in their own way and can’t write from that perspective, and it hinders them.

Now that you are an independent artist, what do you see in front of you as the next thing you’d like to take on and accomplish?
Putting out this second album is definitely on the top of the list. The goal is to tour. I think my next big goal would be to go overseas. So far I’ve only ever played US and Canada. I would love to go to Europe. I would love to go to Latin America and Japan. Those are my three bucket list places.

Do you have a bucket list of venues you want to play?
I’ve always wanted to play Red Rocks. I see all the photos and videos, that’s a big dream, but really reaching Madison Square Garden is up there, too! (laughs)


Can we expect more collaborations with All That Remains, Bad Wolves, or someone guesting on one of your songs?
Yes, that is probably what I am the most excited about this new album. I am putting so many collaborations on it and features, and not just with artists who are in rock. I am purposefully going to artists outside of the rock world, and I’m finding rappers and country artists. I want this album to be eclectic because I listen to so many different types of music, and I want to bring them into my world and make every song it’s own thing.

Any hints of whom you are working with, or is it all top secret?
It’s very top secret, because I’m a huge believer in not jinxing anything (laughs) until it’s out in the world. They are people that I am honored that have said yes to working with me.

How would you compare the direction on the new album to your first album?
The direction on the first album, what’s interesting about Coming in Hot is I wrote that when I was 19. I wasn’t touring at the time, and I didn’t have the live band that I have now that I go out with every single time. I was just in these dark dingy studio rooms with random strangers everyday writing these songs. Now that I’ve toured, especially this last year so extensively, I got to hear those songs live. I realized that in a live setting they are so much heavier than what they sound like on the album, and I’ve had so many fans come up to me after the show and say, “I checked you out before and I thought you were really cool, but I had no idea you were going to sound like that.” That feeling is what I want to bring into the second album musically. I’ve been writing with the guys that I tour with because who better to write music with than the people who are on stage with you every single night and know what it’s like. 

Are you changing the direction of your songwriting?
I’m still working with Howard and other co-writers and producers, too. What I do is I will have a bunch of sessions and I’ll bring the songs to Howard and he will then tell me, “This is a banger,” “I’m not into this one,” “This is great, but you need to fix this and that.” What’s cool about Neil is he’s super into titles and lyrics. I’ll send him songs, and he’ll tell me straight away, “I don’t like that title,” “I don’t like the lyric.” It’s cool to have them, because one of the other challenges I’ve found with being independent is you have to be your own A&R. You don’t have them to tell you what’s a good and what’s a bad song, which is already so hard to do because music is objective. To do that with your own music that you feel so strongly about is hard, so having Howard and Neil there really helps that whole process.


Do you think you don’t need a record label at this point because you can just do it on your own for the most part?
I think in 2020, there are so many things that you can do as an independent artist. I mean, anyone can upload anything. That’s really the beauty of it. You can put out a song on any streaming platform you want and no one is going to stop you (laughs). Music videos you can just do them DIY. With touring, labels and agents make these tours happen, but artist to artist relationships are so strong too when it comes to that. If you tour with bands and you’re not a terrible person and you’re easy to work with, it’s not hard to find tours and bands to go out with.

So many bands are now going independent, releasing their own music, and doing it all themselves. Why do you think that is?
For me, the biggest pro is the freedom aspect and just having the total creative control to be whoever you want and put out whatever you want.

You did your first headline tour last year. Are we going to see you headlining more or doing more support slots?
I think it’s a little bit of both. That headline run was a huge risk (laughs). I thought it was way too soon, and my manager was, “Let’s just do it, see what happens, let’s roll the dice,” and it was the coolest experience I’ve probably ever had alongside doing the big tours, obviously. Just to see all these people coming to my shows—I hadn’t been touring that long—and they’re showing up with their hair dyed blue! They are coming to my taco party, which is my VIP experience that I do. We’re eating tacos together, and I’m playing to these crowds and their singing the words to every song. So, I love headlining and I think I’m going to be doing it a lot this year.

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We Support Your Ambition: Diamante Moganizi

I looked at several different universities but The University of Law stood out to me because it specialises in law. I also read several articles and spoke to different students that had come to ULaw and they all recommended it over other universities.

During Fresher’s week, we had a whole day on employability. They showed us how they can help us with our CVs, how to find Pro-Bono opportunities, things that a lot of other universities don’t actually do – I am really grateful for that.

I’m really close to all the friends that I’ve made at ULaw. We all have group chats where we speak about our work and we’ve bonded really well. We’re really close and everyone is so motivated to finish the course and do well. It’s amazing to have met people that are driven like me; we’re going to succeed together.

I am mother of two, a one-year-old and a two-year-old. It’s definitely not easy, being a mum whilst studying, but I have been able to manage family life and studying. When I am at home, the majority of time, I am with my kids, but once they go to bed I am straight back to student mode.

When I’m at University I get a break away from being a mum and I can just be a student again. I work hard when I’m at ULaw and my friends are very supportive. They help me to make sure that I reach my goals as a mother, because it’s definitely not easy but it’s not impossible. I am really glad I’m doing it now and can tell my kids, once they grow up, that I achieved it while they were little.

We recently had our Mock Week, which involves a lot of work; it gives you time to work on your essays and it’s helped to keep me up-to-date with where I am with my work. Being a mum, having to do the work and the preparation for each of the lecturers can be a bit difficult at times but student Services have been very supportive and helped by giving me an extension, which has given me more time to still complete my mocks.

I’ve recently been accepted as a student ambassador, which I am really excited about as I get to represent the University, not just here, but also at different institutions. I am also a class representative. So, not only do I get to represent my class, but the whole University, which is amazing.

My favourite tutor at ULaw is my tort lecturer, Christine. She is one of the most vibrant tutors I have ever met and she’s making Tort feel easy, even when I know it’s a difficult subject. She has a great sense of humour and just makes it flow.

My career ambition is to become a barrister. I would like to finish my LLB, complete pupillage, and eventually become a barrister.  I am so glad that I have come to ULaw achieve my ambitions.


Discover more about studying the LLB with us in Birmingham, Bristol, Guildford, Leeds, London Bloomsbury, Manchester, Nottingham or online.

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Diamante – Zucchero | Translation and lyrics | Listen online



l’odore dei granai
e pace x chi ci sarà
e per i fornai
pioggia sarò
e pioggia tu sarai
i miei occhi si chiariranno
e fioriranno i nevai.
Impareremo a camminare
x mano insieme a camminare

Aspetterò che aprano i vinai
più grande ti sembrerò
e tu più grande sarai
nuove distanze
ci riavvicineranno
dall’alto di un cielo, Diamante,
i nostri occhi vedranno.

Passare insieme soldati e spose
ballare piano in controluce
moltiplicare la nostra voce
x mano insieme soldati e spose.
Domenica, Domenica

Fai piano i bimbi grandi non piangono
fai piano i bimbi grandi non piangono
fai piano i bimbi grandi non piangono

Passare insieme soldati e spose
ballare pass piano in pace control1
moltiplicare soldati e spose.

“Delmo, Delmo vin a ‘cà …”

I will breathe in
the smell of grain
and the world that
will bake.
It will rain
and you will rain,
and the veil of
will fall from my eyes and snowdrops will bloom.
We will learn to walk
hand in hand, walk
on Sundays.

I will wait for the wine to be opened,
you will appear to me more than
and you will become more than
the new distance
will disappear.
High in the sky
our eyes will see the Diamond.

We were a soldier and a bride,
to dance softly in a dim light,
and sing along,
soldiers and a bride together by the arms.
Sunday, Sunday.

Hush, big kids don’t cry
Hush, big kids don’t cry
Hush, big kids don’t cry

We were a soldier and a bride,
dance softly in dim light,
and sing along,
soldiers and a bride together by the arms.

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Like any girl, I always want to look my best, so I try to choose jewelry quite often. This site helps a lot – there are many decorations within a thousand or two, convenient and simple.

Apply online – Insurance Ru

It’s time to buy a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy? Remember, issuing MTPL for Mitsubishi DIAMANTE is no more difficult than for any other car.

How the value is formed

Let’s first figure out how the cost of compulsory motor third party liability insurance is calculated. It depends on many factors. Insurance companies take into account the power of the car, your driving experience and even the place where you are registered.

The complete formula for calculating the policy price looks like this: the base rate of the insurance rate is multiplied by 9 coefficients. The so-called “base rate” is set by the insurers within the corridor of 2746 – 4942 rubles. Its borders are determined by the Central Bank of Russia.The odds depend on several factors:

  • car power,
  • region of registration of the owner,
  • number of drivers,
  • of their age and experience,
  • driving style (whether you had an accident in the previous insurance period),
  • the period of use of the car (there is seasonal use),
  • Roca insurance (for a year or for transit through the country),
  • trailer presence,
  • violations of the law by the owner (that is, your history of interaction with insurance companies is taken into account).

There is nothing complicated in the formula. However, it is still better to provide the calculation to a trusted service.

Comparison of the cost of compulsory motor third party liability insurance

Compare the cost of policies of different insurance companies on the Strahovka.Ru website. You can take out insurance for Mitsubishi DIAMANTE through the website of the selected insurance company in just a few minutes:

  • Enter the data from the STS or PTS, driver’s license, document confirming your ownership of the car (purchase and sale agreement, gift or certificate of inheritance) or ownership (leasing, rental agreement) and passport in a special form.
  • Compare prices and choose an offer from one of 8 insurance companies.
  • Pay for your purchase online. Your MTPL policy for Mitsubishi DIAMANTE will be sent to your e-mail.

Therefore, do not postpone the purchase on the back burner – do it right here and now!

KNAUF-Diamant (25kg) Decorative cement plaster

Cement-based mineral structural plaster with polymer additives and pigments of various colors.

Basic color: white


For outdoor and indoor use.

It is used for plastering building facades and in rooms with high humidity on the surface of cement plasters (for example, KNAUF-Unterputz, KNAUF-Zokulputz, KNAUF-Grundband) and concrete, as well as in systems of external thermal insulation of buildings on the reinforcing layer of glue mixture KNAU-plaster -Sevener, indoors on KNAUF-Rotband, KNAUF-Goldband, KNAUF-MP 75 gypsum plaster, Knauf gypsum plasterboards, etc.p.

During processing, depending on the instrument and the consistency of the solution, a rough (granular) or furrowed structure is formed, it can be colored.

Can be applied manually and with the help of continuously operating high-performance mortar mixing pumps G4, G5, Monojet from PFT firm (PFT).

Application process includes the following stages of work.

  • Preparation of the base surface.
  • Preparation of the solution.
  • Application of the solution.

Consumption of the KNAUF-Diamant mixture per 1 m 2 of the wall surface without taking into account losses – 3.8 kg. Exit from one bag – 6.5 m 2 .


In the process of work, do not allow freezing and rapid drying of fresh plaster before it hardens.

Application of decorative plaster Knauf-Diamant on the surface of plasters Knauf-Grundband, Knauf-Unterputz, Knauf-Zokelputz should be done only after the plaster layer has dried.

In order to avoid color differences due to weather or production conditions, after the plaster dries, it is necessary to apply a one-time coating on it with a leveling paint based on silicone resin of the same color as the plaster

90,000 online – employee and customer reviews
  • Review: Great company! Positive vigorous team, adequate leadership. Everything is awesome. Very satisfied.

    Cons: Men have a hard time on March 8))

    Pluses: Working conditions and pay, location, team.

  • Review: The service and quality are just awful. The earrings caused a strong allergy and the product turned out to be defective (the twist is scrolling). As a result, in order to draw up a document for examination, it took an hour to wait. Seller consultant hamila

    Cons: Silver is allergic, not of high quality. Terrible service in shops.

    Pros: No

  • Testimonial: The salary is minimal, they say that they will raise, but this will not happen, they only infringe on employees, including delaying wages.The boss is a boor, which ones to look for. Working conditions are disgusting. I want to warn people, don’t go

    Cons: Minimum wage, delays, rudeness, there are more responsibilities than an employee should do, they want a lot, a set of several professions. Still and unofficially

  • Testimonial: They cheated with a salary. Manager Tatyana at the Belaya Dacha outlet did not show how I can get a gift (products with a discount) on my birthday. Upon dismissal, it turned out that someone had them for

    Minuses: The salary does not correspond to the declared one.

    Pluses: Labor device.

  • Testimonial: Online jewelry store Zarina with usual points of sale deceivers and swindlers, a scam company – having bought a product in an online store, at points of sale they give a greater discount.

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