Cotton pyjamas online: Cotton Pajamas – Buy Pure Cotton Pyjamas for Ladies Online


Cotton Pajamas – Buy Pure Cotton Pyjamas for Ladies Online

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Ladies’ Cotton Pyjamas

The days when pyjamas were simply nightdresses are long gone. If you still think your cotton PJs are only suitable for sleeping, to be worn only at home, and must never see the light of day – stop thinking, and open your eyes! Today, pyjamas are a classy outfit for a quick grocery trip. From sleep to the street, cotton pyjamas for ladies are a go-to choice because of the utmost comfort they provide. The popularity of ladies’ cotton pyjamas is due to their numerous benefits.

What are the benefits of cotton PJs?

  1. Comfort – Cotton is soft and breathable. It is natural and not chemically treated like most synthetic materials. Cotton also has the property of absorbing and wicking away moisture from your body, allowing your skin to breathe easily. Loose cotton pyjamas keep you comfortable the whole day as well, due to their lightweight. And if you sleep in them as well, rest assured you will have sound, undisturbed sleep.
  2. All-season wear – Cotton PJs keep you cool on hot and humid days and insulated on cold days. The fibers in the material trap air, which can then either flow freely to keep you cool or insulate you to keep you warm. Hot or cold, women’s cotton pyjamas are a blessing.
  3. Allergy-free – Cotton is a natural fiber. It does not cause any allergic reactions. Hence, anything made from cotton is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. pyjamas made from cotton are thus no exception.
  4. Free movement – Whether you’re sleeping, exercising, or just relaxing, ladies’ cotton pyjamas guarantee comfortable movement and flexibility. This freedom ensures better sleep and better peace of mind.
  5. Durable – Cotton is high tensile in strength and can withstand many washes. If you have invested in a good pair of cotton PJs, you can wear your cotton pyjamas for years together. Moreover, the more you wash cotton fabrics, the softer they become.

The Diverse Range of Cotton pajamas

Sleep is the most important thing for any human being. You might be a sports person, a homemaker, a working mom, or a CEO, a good night’s sleep is still a priority. Our body does most of its healing and rejuvenating while we are asleep. That is why it is equally important for you to sleep longer and better. This is where cotton pajamas come into play. Light, airy and colorful, the ladies cotton pajamas available at Zivame can help anyone sleep like a baby.

Variety in Designs

When it comes to cotton pajamas, the design is already so perfect that it is not much you would want to change. The other aspects that people look for such as color, length, prints, etc. are taken care of by the amazing collection on Zivame.

Differences in length

Cotton pajamas come in different colors and shapes, but the thing they vary most on is their length. And Zivame has a range of these to choose from.

Depending on your style, mood, and the weather, you can go for an ankle-length pyjama, a three-quarter pyjama or a full-length cotton pyjama. While the full-length cotton pajamas are good for snuggling up on winter nights, the ankle-length and three-quarter pajamas are easier to handle when the temperatures are high.

Colour and shape

There is a range of color options to choose from when it comes to cotton pajamas available at Zivame. You can go for the classier and more professional tracksuit style solid Jockey cotton pajamas. Or you can choose your inner child and settle for a comfortable pony print. The tracksuit-style ones do help in movement but the vibrant ones make for amazing sleeping partners.

Choose comfort with a camisole or a nighty

So, whether you are looking for comfort or eye-catching appeal, you are sure to find your preference within Zivame’s vast collection of cotton pajamas. Apart from that, you can even find more options in comfortable nightwear like a camisole or a nighty on the platform. So, go ahead and log in to Zivame to explore the best in lingerie like cotton panties and bra, nightwear like cotton nighty, nightsuit and more such options.

FAQs for ladies’ cotton pyjamas

  1. Can cotton pyjamas be worn only in summer?
  2. No, cotton pyjamas can be worn in winter too, as cotton plays the dual role of keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

  3. Are women’s cotton pyjamas suitable for daily use?
  4. Of course! Their comfort makes them suitable for daily use. However, people who have sleep issues may want to stick to wearing pyjamas only in bed to set a sleep pattern and routine.

  5. How many cotton PJs should a woman own?
  6. You need at least 3–4 pairs of pyjamas. If you do your laundry daily and if you don’t mind wearing the same pair of pyjamas, you will need only 1–2 pairs. If you like to wear a variety of designs and are in the habit of doing your laundry only once a week, you will need 4 or more sets.

  7. How often should cotton pyjamas be washed?
  8. If the weather is very hot and you are sweating profusely, you must wash them daily. If it’s cold and you are wearing them only for the night, you can wash them after wearing them for 2–3 days.

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7 Whimsical Indian Sleepwear Brands You Can Buy Online

Maybe you’re a nudie dudie (our entirely original, gender-neutral connotation for people who don’t care for clothing when they sleep) or maybe you think a ratty old t-shirt and your ex-lover’s boxers are good enough to go to bed in. The rattier, the better, in fact. Or maybe you’re just so tired of looking for all those cute pyjama sets you see idiot box stars from ‘90s sitcoms wear that you’ve just decided to settle for what’s easier. Well, we’re here to change all of that. Partly because we have a weird pyjama fetish and partly because a good portion of our team doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with showing up to work in them.

But let’s cut straight to the chase so we can all go to bed a little bit earlier, and a little bit comfier. After a little digging, and too many sleepless nights, we uncovered a small but glorious bunch of online sleepwear brands from India that are catering to all our least debaucherous, after-dark needs. From quirky prints to straight-up stylish, every single one of these made us crave our beds a little bit more. And it’s clear none of them have any plans to rest until pyjamas become ‘acceptable social wear’ too.

Scroll on to see what we’ve collated for you, and then go catch up on your z’s. And before you ask—no, nobody’s offering onesies just yet.

I. Below The Belt

“As PJ lovers, we didn’t have a place to go, so we created it.”

Catchy name aside, this Delhi-based store makes some eye-catching pyjamas: super hero prints, Aztec motifs, animal prints—they’re all there. As the name suggests, this brand is all about the lower half of your body. They also have a variety of night suits to choose from as well. Whether you like boxers, night shorts or full-blown PJs, BTB will have you covered. It was started in 2013 by sisters-in-law Avni Goel and Sanjam Goel. They were sitting in a bar and discussing what they could do professionally that would be different. One of Avni’s best friends said he hated the fact that you couldn’t find cool quirky boxers anywhere. And from that one evening conversation, BTB was born. They currently have two stores in Delhi, one in DLF Promenade and other in Select Citywalk. Mumbai is next on their list. “As a brand, we promote laziness. We prefer to say we sell ‘lazywear’, not pyjamas,” says co-owner Avni Goel. “Our goal is to see pyjamas become accepted social wear. We even keep Saturdays pyjama days in our office.”

HG loves: Honestly, we love so many things at BTB, it’s hard to decide. But the ‘Pass The Popcorn’ is pretty cute.

Image courtesy: Below The Belt’s Facebook page

II. Dandelion

“No matter if you check the box as chick, lady, hipster, diva, woman, or goddess, Dandelion scores big for girl power.”

Samyukta Nair is the genius behind Dandelion—and she’s also part of the family that owns and operates The Leela group of hotels. Few know that her grandfather started Leela Lace before jumping into the hotel business. As a result, Nair muses that fashion and a flair for garments has always been in her genes. Before she graduated to designing nightwear, Nair helped design Leela hotels in Udaipur, Delhi and Chennai. She started Dandelion because she felt that there was a serious lack of good nightwear in the market—you either had dreaded nighties or revealing lingerie. With Dandelion, she hopes to fill that middle spot—there’s something for everyone on the online store, whether you like handmade cotton PJs, robes made from imported poplin, pin-tuck camisoles, or beautifully tailored pyjama sets.

HG loves: The Classic Kitty Robe.

Image courtesy: Dandelion’s Facebook page

III. Perch Sleepwear

“We deliver right to your doorstep, and even accept cash on delivery.”

Perch Sleepwear was started by former interior designer Akriti Kochar, who loves shopping for sleepwear but realised that there was a serious gap in the market for quality women’s sleepwear that was young, fun and reasonable. The company is only between four and six months old, and currently only takes orders via email ([email protected]), or through its Instagram and Facebook pages. “Usually, women only end up buying one night suit because they’re so expensive. But when they visit my stall at exhibitions that I’ve done, they always wind up picking up at least two or three pieces because of my prices,” says Kochar. “People also order online and we deliver sleepwear to their doorstep—we even accept cash on delivery.” Kochar admits that it’s been slow getting started because she decided against quitting her job at an animal NGO, Friendicos, where she has worked for the past two years. “I’ve been there so long, I’m so attached to them. I can’t leave just yet, which sadly means that I don’t get to work on Perch till well into the afternoon.” Perch currently only has sleepwear for women, but plans to launch a kids’ line soon.

HG loves: The pink pyjamas with white polka dots and scalloped edges is definitely a win.

Perch Sleepwear. Image courtesy: Perch Sleepwear’s Instagram page

IV. The Calm Collective

“Good living is a true luxury which requires time, awareness and self love.”

This Indian sleepwear brand focuses on the importance of a sufficient and satisfactory sleep ritual. With good health and well-being at the core of their values, they create light and airy sleepwear for maximum comfort. They hold the promise of their products never going into a landfill to ensure sustainability. The fabrics used by them is scrutinised heavily to be able to provide sleep ritual which has no signs of discomfort. They use lght-weight, breathable cotton and silk. The modern and aesthetic designs are a sight for sore eyes and bring about a sense of excitement to indulge in a sleep ritual.

HG loves: The pink INDY Cover Up with pockets.

Image Courtesy: The Calm Collective Instagram Page

V. Mystere Paris

“Mystere Paris is a fashion brand for the women who embrace their many moods and display each one brilliantly”

Brainchild of Tanvi Goenka Sekhsaria and Vishwanshu Agarwal, Mystere Paris creates a blend of style and comfort. Their designs range from fun and quirky to sleek and simple. Their vast range of products include track pants and sleep tees as well. A maternity line caters to all the sleepwear needs of expecting mothers too. The most interesting and out-there aspect is their Pyjama Party! The event saw many expecting mothers dressed in their Pyjamas, having a day to themselves where they could relax, unwind and also have their fair share of fun. With the help of filters and simple navigation, the site is easy to use and also delivers to your doorstep. Mystere Paris is a wholesome company for anyone looking for sleepwear that is far from boring.

HG loves: The Classic Striped Lounge Shorts.

Image Courtesy: Mystere Paris Instagram Page

VI. Catnap Sleepwear

“I make night suits for six-month old babies, adults and now even pets. The prints are very happy and the children love it.”

A Pune-based customized sleepwear brand, Catnap was founded by Sabrina Omer with a degree in fashion. Making sleepwear for pets, humans and babies, the 22-year old entrepreneur focuses on patterns and quirky elements like ribbon, butter paper and personalized notes in the customized bags. From matching pyjama suits for mothers and babies to unicorn bed-linen, Catnap is further expanding into the industry of snuggles, ensuring that they cater to your every need for December’s winters. Having worked in sales for 3 years, Omer shed light on the importance of communication with the client. She doesn’t have a website, and says there’s no need for one yet. As soon as she gets a message from a potential customer, it becomes a personal connect to such an extent that she visits their homes for trials and delivery. Hoping to open a storefront in the future, Omer is focusing on her prints right now.

HG loves: Super soft cotton pyjamas with unicorn embroidery.

Catnap Sleepwear. Image Courtesy: Catnap Sleepwear

VII. De-nap

“Pajamas for life! They are definitely more than a sleepwear.”

On a mission in mind to create high quality nightwear keeping in mind customers’ tastes, needs and requirements, De-Nap believes that pyjamas should no longer be boring or restricted to old and worn out tees and kurtas. Celebrating nightwear, the team hopes to inspire women across the country to look at their nightwear from a new perspective. Not only worrying about a night gown or nighties during wedding shopping, their quirky outfits are a means to motivate Indian women to make it a part of their day-to day fashion statement. From Christmas confetti prints to adorable little penguins hanging off of your night suit pockets, De-Nap also specializes in baby blankets and night clothes for kids.

HG loves: Their all-new Christmas-themed night suits are worth checking out!

De-Nap. Image courtesy: De-Nap

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Best pyjama brands – our guide to stylish sleepwear


A quiet evening in or a lazy Sunday morning no longer mean shapeless T-shirts and baggy trackie bottoms. There is an ever-increasing number of sleepwear brands that promise comfort, style and ease. In fact, as a result of the many lockdowns we have experienced over the past 18 months, more brands than ever have expanded into the loungewear and pyjama market, and there is now plenty to choose from when it comes to what to wear in bed.

Whether you are into silky button-up separates, beautiful towel robes or lovely cotton nighties, we have something for you in this edit.

Not that we needed an extra reason to stay in bed, but here we round-up our favourite nightwear labels. Here are 25 great names to know.

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Orchard Moon


There is a lot to love about London-based sleepwear brand Orchard Moon. Firstly, sustainability is key to its business, with careful attention paid to eco-friendly materials and ethical sourcing. In terms of fit, flattering silhouettes run throughout the collections. Finally, each piece is festooned in beautiful hand painted prints inspired by nature. This label deserves to be on your radar now.



Yawn aims to create nightwear that feels like a hug, styles that encourage you to relax and unwind. Characterised by its hand-drawn prints and super comfortable materials, the label offers pyjamas, night dresses, night shirts and sleep socks. We’re particular fans of the playful bums and roses print, inspired by the women’s pond at Hampstead Heath.



If it is super high-end, statement sleepwear you are in the market for, then make sure to check out Belgian label Bernadette, which has a great selection of slinky silk pyjamas and robes, which have been spotted on the likes of Chrissy Teigen.

Desmond & Dempsey


Desmond & Dempsey creates sleepwear that you’ll love as much as your favourite party dress. Although its cotton pyjama sets can be worn outside, this isn’t the label’s goal – rather they want going to bed and lounging around to feel special, and for you to feel comfortable and happy while doing so. Founded by an Englishman and an Australian, the USP fuses traditional and crisp British nightwear silhouettes with a laidback and playful Aussie feel.

Une Femme New York


Une Femme New York launched early in 2021 with a focus on vintage silhouettes inspired by old movies and period dramas – think ruffled, floor-length nightgowns, quilted housecoats and high-neck shirts. The six-piece collection is made from upcycled, vintage and deadstock fabrics sourced mostly from the New York’s Fashion District and is available on a pre-order basis within specified windows.

Sian Esther


British label Sian Esther specialises in luxury cotton and silk pyjamas in truly beautiful cuts. Attention is paid to the smallest of details – a scalloped trim here and a dainty collar there. Empowering disadvantaged women is key to the brand and it works with a number of brilliant charities that work to help women in need get back on track.



Anyone who has slept in a pair of Rails pyjamas will attest to their comfort and softness. The brand offer classic plaid and striped styles as pictured, but also more feminine sets, from star-covered camis to sweet gingham shorts.



Yolke may have expanded into ready-to-wear, homeware and childrenswear since its inception in 2013, but luxury pyjamas remain at its core. Its bold, playful prints and beautiful stretch silks make it a real favourite among those in the know.



If simplicity is key when it comes to shopping for pyjamas, then LA label Leset has plenty of options. Its ethos is creating fuss-free co-ords that can be worn out and about or to bed, from sweatshirts to knit loungewear sets.

Prayers and Plans


Inspired by faith, cultural and travel, Prayers and Plans was founded in 2017 by Amaka Ikpeazu to remind women that they are capable of great things. The brand works with artisan tailors to create elegant, relaxed pyjamas that are truly a treat to slip into.

Eloise Jephson


With experience working at Versace and Stella McCartney, London-based Eloise Jephson is launching her own sleepwear label in November 2020, inspired by her love of mythology. This is very much a made in Britain affair; prints are hand-designed in Hackney, then printed in Worcestershire, while the pieces themselves created in London.

Les Girls Les Boys


Agent Provocateur’s founder Serena Rees launched Les Girls Les Boys with the aim of introducing a cross-generational, cross-gender lingerie label with no boundaries. Basics are its USP, and its sleepwear prioritises comfort, versatility and unisex styles.



Copenhagen-based, sustainably-minded lifestyle brand Tekla has recently launched unisex sleepwear, which imbues its signature functional, yet thoughtful aesthetic. From airy classic poplin sets to warming flannel styles, these are pyjamas to make you feel truly snug.



Designed to bring comfort to a women’s wardrobe by acting like a second skin, this is a great label to know for beautiful basics which are made through sustainable practices. The brand – which launched in 2003 – uses natural-based fabrics in its collections, including organic cotton, washable silk, alpaca and cashmere knitwear, for the softest touch to lounge around in at home.



High street giant Zara is obviously by no means a sleepwear brand by trade, but last autumn – perhaps spotting a heightened demand for beautiful, yet affordable clothes to lounge in – launched its first lingerie line. The brand’s offering includes beautiful nighties with silk trim, classic silk pyjamas, seamless cotton separates and beautiful satin sets.

Hesper Fox


London-based sleepwear brand Hesper Fox focuses on colourful printed pyjamas made in crisp cottons, cool linens and luxurious silks. Whether you decide to wear them at home or to brunch, the label’s playful pyjama sets are among our favourites. Its new resortwear line and its uplifting, vibrant appeal is also well worth browsing.

The Sleep Shirt


Canadian brand The Sleep Shirt specialises in, yes, you’ve guessed it, sleep shirts. Ethically sourced and made using high quality cottons and linens, these are the kind of aesthetically-pleasing, yet comfortable night shirts that will soon end up being your favourite thing to go to bed in. The label also offers other sleepwear options, from pretty gingham camisoles to breezy sleeveless nighties.

Lake Pajamas


US label Lake Pajamas offers sleepwear options for the whole family. The organisers aim to create nightwear that you love as much as your favourite dress, from short sets to nightgowns. Each style is characterised by simplicity – Lake truly delivers some of the most comfortable pyjamas available.

Pour Les Femmes


Not only does Robin Wright and Karen Fowler’s socially conscious sleepwear brand create timelessly feminine PJs, but it also has a charity focus that offers even more incentive to buy. Each piece is made by women living in conflict regions, giving them the opportunity to learn a skilled trade and provide for themselves and their families, while contributing to their local economies.

Olivia Von Halle


There is absolutely no woman alive who wouldn’t want to be in possession of an Olivia von Halle set of pyjamas. In 2011, the designer launched her eponymous label with the aim of creating glamorous silk pyjamas inspired by the 1920s sleepwear worn by Coco Chanel. It became big news very quickly, with her classic night shirts, bath robes and slip dresses easily worn for evening parties as they are to bed.



For comfortable, super soft and relaxed nightwear designed to flatter, look to Eberjey. The collections are made using stretch jersey, resulting in feel-good sleepwear ideal for sleeping or lounging. With this in mind, it’s no surprise it’s attracted such a strong cult following – Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, and Kate Hudson are all fans.

Piglet In Bed


Technically speaking, Piglet In Bed isn’t just a sleepwear brand – its USP is stonewashed linen, spanning pyjamas, bedding and table linen. Fresh and cool in the warmer months but strangely cosy in the winter, the brand’s timeless linen pyjama sets are a welcome addition to bedtime. Its Instagram page is also a go-to for interiors inspiration.



Ukrainian nightwear label Sleeper, which we profiled in 2019, specialises in nightwear that you can wear in and out the house. The brand’s goal is “to make every environment feel like home” – and if you’re one of those who has shied away from the lingerie-as-outerwear look, then this might chance your mind. Elegant and chic, Sleeper’s offering is almost too good to be hidden from plain view.



New label Phriya is inspired by the beautiful landscape of little-known Italian island Ponza. Styles have a luxe feel, from mother of pearl buttons and French seams to the hand-painted prints. There is also a focus on sustainable fabrics – the brand uses 100 per cent natural cotton and a fabrics supplier affiliated with one of the largest global sustainable cotton initiatives.

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Best Pyjamas You Can Wear All Day


Well before the dreaded C-word came about, the pyjamas as daywear trend was truly a thing. The likes of Olivia Palermo, Solange Knowles and Caroline Daur were all about silky two-pieces for fashion week or a big night out.

But the best pyjamas aren’t just chic – vitally, they’re also cosy. Now more than ever we have a good reason to invest in a decent pyjama set, because really, what else are you wearing at home anyway? Fancy loungewear has become an alternative to the’Going Out Out’ dress since the pandemic is going nowhere, fast.

Since pyjamas are now made to be seen outside the four walls of your bedroom. why not treat yourself to this Bernadette printed silk pyjama set, perfect for a night out with the girls or maybe you’ve been looking for the perfect summer co-ord from General Sleep or this silky green Morgan lane set.

Now that the vaccine is out, you can mix and match your new investment jammies with jeans, jewellery and blazers to bring that WFH attitude into the office with flare.

Here are the 30 best pyjamas to shop about right now…

View Gallery 30 Photos

1 of 30

Cecilia organic Pima-cotton jersey pyjamas

We love the white piping on these Skin pyjamas – understated yet effective.

2 of 30

Louis floral-print silk-blend satin pyjamas

Be bold, whether you are off to sleep or spending the day hitting the town – this Bernadette set’s got you covered either way.

3 of 30

Braided Linen Set – Green

Lime green is one of our favourite shades and this cute set will have you covered for day to night dressing.

4 of 30

La Cirque Blue Stripe Pyjama Set

Classic stripes are perfect for any occasion, throw on a pair of glitzy heels for an instant evening wear look. 

5 of 30

Gingham Pyjama Set

Gingham is a favourite for fashion lovers everywhere, and these boxers will can suit anything from pounding the pavements to snoozing in your lounge. 

6 of 30

Pyjama cami top and shorts

This adorable two piece set is perfect for dancing the night away, not just sleeping.

7 of 30

Wonderland Pyjama Set

These beautifully printed pyjamas are perfect for an elevated look, day or night.

8 of 30

Candi Stripe Jersey Pyjama Set, Blue

This matching two piece set is perfect for nighttime to daytime comfort.

9 of 30

Camilla checked organic-cotton pyjamas

You’ll want to wear cute checked two-piece for more than just sleeping.

10 of 30

Silk Pyjama Trousers

Silk trousers are perfect for lounging around the home and these ones are fabulously affordable. 

11 of 30

Printed cotton pyjama set



Take a walk on the wild side with Desmond and Dempsey’s printed cotton PJs.

12 of 30

Emeli Sisto Crêpe de Chine Shirt and Shorts Set

Olivia Von Halle


This silky two piece is perfect for all of the cool cats out there. 

13 of 30

Maui Leighton satin pajama set

Pastels are a perfect transitional colour, you’ll want to wear these all day long. And all year.

14 of 30

Striped cotton-lawn pyjamas

These stripy cotton pyjamas are giving us 24 hour chic.

15 of 30

Marina striped cotton-poplin pajama set

Nothing beats a simple stripe, and these cotton poplin pieces can take you from your bed straight to your first zoom call.

16 of 30

Black silk pyjama set

This simple black set can see you from the bar into the bedroom. 

17 of 30

Cotton Classic Pyjama Set

The White Company


A classic pyjama set is always a great investment, we love the simplicity of these White Company cottons.

18 of 30

Midnight Stripe Linen Pyjama Trousers Set

Linen is one of our favourite fabrics. Light and durable, this set is an easy win for day to night dressing.

19 of 30

Lowland Forest printed linen pajama set

Desmond & Dempsey


This two piece set is way too special for just the bedroom. 

20 of 30

The Weekend Chic recycled-polyester pyjama set

This Sleeper set is perfect for a weekend brunch with the girls, why not pair with some colourful heels for that fun look?

21 of 30

Satin & Lace Bridal Pyjama Set

Marks and Spencer


Why not pair the shirt with some flared jeans and sunglasses for a 1970s look?

22 of 30

Charlotte check-pattern pajama set

This cute check set is perfect for a summer picnic.  

23 of 30

Ribbed stretch-modal jersey lounge set



Pair with your favourite sunglasses and a straw bag for a smart casual look.  

24 of 30

Cotton pyjamas

We all need a sky blue co-ord. 

25 of 30

Gisele Pyjama Set

This pink feels perfect for a holiday. 

26 of 30

Leopard and floral-print silk satin pyjamas

Richard Quinn MATCHES


This set screams ‘fun in the sun’.

27 of 30

Floral-print silk-satin pyjamas

La Perla matches fashion


28 of 30

Orange ruffle-trimmed linen pyjama set



All you need are some super stylish shades. 

30 of 30

Ruthie Chantal embroidered satin pajama set

Morgan Lane


We love this shade of green, way to good for just the bedroom.  

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Cotton pajamas wholesale- cotton pyjama sets suppliers

Cotton pajamas wholesale, cotton pyjama sets suppliers introduction


Cnpajam has 20 years of domestic and foreign cotton pajama wholesale, production and sales experience, with mature design and development experience, cooperation with pajama buyers more than 60 countries, the number of spot variety is rich, determined to serve global consumers.

OEM&ODM professional pajama manufacturers                                                    
We specializing in cotton pyjama sets production, your design and label & logo all can be customized in here. 
All products with top quality, competitive price, also prompt delivery.  

The competitive advantage of cotton pajama wholesale production

We have experienced highly efficient cotton pajama sets design team, and enthusiastic sales team, we can customize the satisfied pajama products to you mock-up or physical sample with your target price.

Click here to get a quotation for cotton pajamas wholesale! +



1: We are manufactory for wholesale cotton pajamas.

2: Professional workers of the pajamas production line.

3: Fast sample time 1-3days.

4: Fast bulk production time,5000sets pajamas production 20-60 days.

5: High quality knitted fabric.

6: Most advanced high definition cotton digital printed machine.

7: Strict QC team.

8: Responsible any wholesale cotton pajamas issue after-sales service

Click here to get a quotation for cotton pajamas wholesale! +

Cotton pajamas wholesale, cotton pyjama sets suppliers bulk order production information

Product Name Cotton pajama sets wholesale from direct manufactory supplier 
Supply Type OEM and ODM order are welcome
Fabric Knitted. Or as your demand
Material options 1: Modal+spandex

2: Viscose+spandex

3: Cotton+spandex

4: tencel+spandex

5: Lenzing model+spandex

6: Or as customer requirements.

Style properties very soft, breathable, great stretch, Light Weight, anti-pilling
Color choice provide fabric swatch multi-color optional, or custom as Pantone NO. or customer color standard swatch
Sample time 1-7days depend on the style design and fabric quality
Production time Stock fabric styles for order quantity no more than 10000pieces within 10-20 days after approval details and payment, for customized OEM order we can finished 30-80days depend on the styles.
Printing The most advanced high definition cotton digital printed machine
MOQ 1 piece per color per item for ready-made, 500-1000pieces for custom order.
Payment types Telegraphic Transfer, letter of credit, PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, TRUST INSURANCE  
Shipping by sea, by air, by DHL/UPS/FEDEX.
Style Name  Girl/Women’s 100% Cotton Woven Pajama sets for wholesale
Color  Pink, Blue, Green, Red, black many colors available, custom order can do all colors as required.
Fabric 100% Cotton circular knit fabrics, or woven Flannel fabrics
Size  No size limited, All size available (European/America/Asia)
FOB Port  Shanghai Port, China
Design  Accept OEM
Technical Feature  Fashion, Comfortable
Supply Capacity  50,000sets per month for wholesale cotton pajama sets

Click here to get a professional quotation with full details! +

Wholesale cotton pyjama sets more key specifications/special features:

Material: 100% cotton jersey with suede peach brush finish soft hand feel.

Weight: 180GSM, for lightweight can do 160GSM, the heavier can do 220GSM.

Design: Various colors and designs and prints adapt to all occasions and themes

Price: very competitive price from great productivity

Packing: Customized packing, or normal packing is used for self-lounging around or slumber or parties.

Exquisite packing with silk-touch ribbon and gift card make it an ingenious gift.

Rich experience for OEM and ODM orders are welcome

Quick action for samples and strict lead-time

Accepts third-party inspection

All our products comply with both the health Canada product safety and US consumer product safety agencies

We have our own unique design, large showroom and factory
Click here to get a professional quotation with full details! +

Cotton pajamas wholesale main export markets:






Central/South America

Eastern Europe

Mid East/Africa

North America

Western Europe



Cotton pajamas wholesale, cotton pyjama sets suppliers bulk order production frequently asked questions

Q1: How to control the wholesale cotton pajama sets products’ quality?

A: We have always put great emphasis on quality control to ensure that an excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is “to provide customers with the best quality, best price and best service.

Q2: How about your service?

A: Quick response, the best service.

Q3: If we have a small order and we want to get within the limited time, how to place an order?

A: Please kindly visit our online store, can make an online order, we can send out fast for you.

Q4: What advantage do you have than other suppliers?

A: The professional designer, skillful worker, new design everyday, real factory. The best quality, the lowest price, the best service.

Q5: Can I get a pajama sample/samples made?
A: Yes, sure you can, quality reference sample or custom sample could be providing.

Q6: How much will it cost to get the sample?
A: well, it is different from styles/designs, the t-shirt sample is cheaper than the jacket, a blank sample is cheaper than a printed one. Not all the same, different style different sample fee. Welcome to talk this with us.

Q7: How long will it take to have a sample sent over?
A: Normally, it takes 3-7days to make samples and about 3-5 working days by express.

Q8: What is your MOQ (minimum quantity)?
A: We offer flexible minimum order quantity, 1-100pcs is ok for samples order or trial order.

Q9: Can I have the cotton pajama sets with my own logo/label/tags?
A: Yes, surely you can, and please provide digital file and size of your logo/label/tag for making a sample for your checking.

Q10: Can you do my own printing/embroidery?
A: Of course you can, this is a portion of our service for custom orders.

Q11: Should I provide a size chart?
A: If you have, pls offer it to us. If you have not, then we will send one for your reference.

We have 24 hours online service. Anytime you have any questions, pls feel free to contact us. If we are not by the side of the computer, pls leave a message or send us an E-mail. We will reply to you ASAP.

Click here to get a professional quotation with full details! +

Pajamas for women Cotton codes of TN VED (2020): 6107110000, 6108, 6108210000

Knitted underwear of the first layer for men and women from cotton yarn, from cotton yarn with elastane insertion: sweatshirts (T-shirts), T-shirts, underpants, underpants, shorts, nightgowns, pajamas, 6107110000
Knitted items of the first layer of cotton fiber (yarn) with an attachment of elastomeric threads, for women: panties, pajamas, night shirts, bodysuits, combinations, underskirts 6108
Knitted underwear of the first layer of cotton fiber (yarn), including with an attachment of elastane (up to 10%), for women: bodysuits, T-shirts (top), nightdresses, pajamas, underpants, T-shirts, 6108210000
Women’s sewing underwear: panties, pajamas, night shirts, pajamas, bodysuits, underskirts, peignoirs, tops, combinations of cotton fabrics with synthetic fibers, cotton fabrics mixed with 6208210000
Knitted underwear for men and women from cotton yarn (100% cotton), from cotton fiber (yarn) with an attachment of polyurethane threads (95% cotton, 5% elastane): pajamas, nightgowns, underpants, T-shirts, bodysuits 6107110000
Women’s sewing underwear: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, negligees, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats from cotton fabric, from fabric from silk threads (fibers), from linen fabric, from fabric from a mixture of cotton and silk 6208210000
Knitted underwear for women: combinations, negligees, tops, pajamas, underpants, pajama trousers, pajama jackets, night shirts, including in sets, from cotton yarn, from yarn from a mixture of cotton and synthetic 6108110000
Knitted underwear for women: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, peignoirs, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats from cotton yarn, from silk threads (fibers), from a yarn from a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers (thread 61081
Knitted underwear of the first layer for women from cotton yarn with an attachment of synthetic threads: pajamas, nightgowns, 61083
Knitted underwear of the first layer for women from cotton yarn with an attachment of elastane, in sets and in separate items: nightdresses, pajamas, underpants, combinations, petticoats, pantaloons, negligees, 6108
Women’s underwear of the first layer made of cotton fiber mixed with synthetic threads: pajamas, 6208210000
Knitted underwear for women: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, negligees, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats made of cotton yarn, including with an attachment of elastomeric thread, from yarn from a mixture of cotton and artificial 6108110000
Knitted underwear for women: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, negligees, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats from silk threads (fibers), from a yarn from a mixture of cotton and artificial fibers, including with an insert with elast 6108110000
Knitted underwear of the first layer for men and women, made of cotton fiber (yarn) with an attachment of synthetic threads: nightgowns, pajamas, peignoirs, panties, pantaloons, underpants, sweatshirts (T-shirts), including those for 6107110000
Knitted underwear for women: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, negligees, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats made of yarn made of artificial fibers, including with an attachment of an elastomeric thread, of yarn from a mixture of cotton and silk 6108110000
Knitted underwear for women: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, negligees, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats made of cotton yarn, silk threads (fibers), polyamide threads, cotton and synthetic yarns 6108110000
Women’s sewing underwear: panties, pajamas, nightgowns, negligees, bodysuits, combinations, petticoats from cotton fabric, from silk fabric, from fabric from a mixture of cotton and silk fibers, from fabric from polyamide 6208110000
Knitted underwear for women: pajamas made of mixed yarns of cotton and synthetic fibers (85% cotton, 15% polyester), 6108310000
Knitted items of the first layer for men and women of cotton fiber (yarn) mixed with synthetic fibers: T-shirts, pajamas 6108310000
Knitted underwear of the first layer for women from yarn from artificial threads with an attachment of synthetic threads, from cotton yarn mixed with synthetic and artificial fibers and threads: pajamas, shirt 6108320000
Underwear of the first layer made of cotton fiber with an attachment of synthetic threads, in sets and in separate items for women: pajamas (pajama pants, pajama blouses), night shirts, peignoirs, peignoirs – “dressing gowns 6208
Knitted underwear for women: undershirts, night shirts, pajamas, sweatshirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, tops, including in sets, from cotton yarn, from yarn from a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers, from pr. 6108310000

Advantages of homewear and pajamas I Homewear made of 100% cotton from the manufacturer

🌷 Pajamas and indoor clothing

Ihomewear is primarily women’s home and nightwear: classic pajamas with pants and shorts, elongated shirts, shirts, dressing gowns, suits with shorts, warm suits.
We also have something for men – classic pajama suits!
And, of course, for the favorites of all women – kids: children’s pajamas for boys and girls and long shirts for girls.
Pajamas for women, men and children – all in the same style and even, if you wish, in the same color!
Basically all models are presented in a wide range of sizes. The sizes are not combined – detailed: the step in the girth of the chest and hips is 4 cm. This is a guarantee of an excellent fit of the thing exactly on your figure! Pajamas with pants are sewn in several heights: for women from 158 to 182, for men from 170 to 194 – this is how the problem of “shot pants” was solved;)
Ihomewear items are based on well-designed patterns, only natural 100% cotton materials and high-quality work our craftswomen and modern sewing equipment!
Our manager will carefully select the size, taking into account your parameters and height.But if all of a sudden something does not fit – exchange and refund is possible! But, we are sure, it will not be needed 🙂

🌷 Only 100% cotton

All of our pajamas and homewear, without exception, are made from 100% high quality cotton: from delicate knitted fabric or from perfectly shaped soft fabric!
Why does Ihomewear exclusively use 100% cotton? Because only pure cotton (not even a drop of chemical fibers is allowed!) Is ideal for rest and sleep:

  • deep breathability
  • hygroscopic (absorbs moisture well)
  • hypoallergenic
  • soft and pleasant
  • absorbs negative energy and does not transfer it back to the owner
  • relieves internal stress

100% cotton Ihomewear pajamas will help you to relax and rejuvenate, so that in the morning you will be full of energy for new victories!

🌷 Own production

We sew Ihomewear homewear at our own production facility in St.Vologda. The sewing workshop is fully equipped with modern equipment. The team is stable and efficient, all seamstresses must have professional sewing education. This guarantees the high quality of Ihomewear products!
The location of the workshop near Moscow gives us the opportunity to offer delivery times almost the same as from Moscow!
Another plus of the location: it allows us to keep affordable prices, because production costs are lower than in Moscow.
Well, and most importantly: Vologda residents are kind, hardworking people! Our sewing workshop has created very comfortable working conditions! So positive energy – for every Ihomewear pajamas! Wear it for health !!!

🌷 High quality

High quality of Ihomewear homewear and pajamas: materials and tailoring – our number 1 priority!
For production we select only the best quality materials.Knitted fabrics as singing.
Thanks to the high qualifications of our seamstresses and the modern equipment that the Ihomewear sewing production is equipped with, we can guarantee the high quality of our products!
In addition, the production process is structured in such a way that it includes mandatory double quality control!
Ihomewear pajamas and homewear are high quality products.

Poplin: what is this fabric, its composition and what is better

Poplin is again at the height of fashion.This dense and durable fabric began to be produced in the 14th century in Avignon, from which they sewed clothes for clergy from the circle of the Pope. The name of the fabric comes from the Italian word papalino, “papal”. It was brought to Russia from Europe only in the 18th century, and was sold as “European coarse calico”.

The manufacturing technology is based on plain weaving, the same as in the manufacture of calico and calico. With this weaving, the longitudinal thread (weft) crosses the vertical threads (warp) through one, this is the simplest type of weaving.A distinctive feature is the rep effect, which is formed due to small scars, which are obtained due to the use of threads of different thicknesses: a thin thread is used for the warp, a thicker one is taken for the weft.

The virtues of poplin

Modern poplin is made mainly from long-staple cotton and chemical fibers, less often silk on a woolen basis is used. 100% cotton poplin is especially appreciated. It is brought from India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey; the quality of fabrics from different manufacturers practically does not differ.

Interesting on the topic: the composition of the fabric is cotton.

Plain dyed, bleached, multi-colored and printed fabrics are available. Poplin products have the following characteristics:

  • soft to the touch, pleasant to the body;
  • keep their shape;
  • are breathable;
  • absorb moisture;
  • keep warm;
  • do not require ironing after washing.

What they sew from poplin

It is traditionally used for men’s shirts, women’s and children’s clothing, pajamas.In the 19th century, ladies wore dresses made of soft flowing poplin to the ball.

Modern fashion designers have returned the material to its former splendor; fashionable men’s jackets, evening dresses and cocktail dresses are sewn from it.

Poplin is the ideal material for sewing shirt dresses. More recently, they began to produce poplin bedding.

Bed linen – poplin, satin, calico – which is better to choose?

The best material for bedding is cotton.Relatively cheap bedding sets are sewn from coarse calico. Strong and durable underwear has one significant drawback – it is tough and rough to the touch.

Bed linen made of silky glossy satin is attractive to look at and pleasing to the body. Thanks to the variety of exquisite colors, you can choose underwear for every taste. Lack of linen is its high cost.

Bed linen made of poplin – soft, thin, with an elegant matte sheen, is in no way inferior to linen made of coarse calico in terms of durability, but much softer and more pleasant to the touch.It is perhaps inferior to satin linen in terms of the variety of patterns, but its price is significantly lower.

Poplin outwardly resembles satin, and in terms of durability – coarse calico. The price of bed linen lies somewhere in the middle between the price of coarse calico and satin linen. The linen can withstand a large number of washes at a temperature of 30 ° – 60 °, does not roll, does not lose color and shape, does not need to be ironed.

Buyers leave high reviews about the quality of poplin bedding without synthetic impurities, but we must beware of fakes.

And here is information about the properties of this fabric from the store’s consultant:

6 brands of pajamas to watch out for

This page may contain affiliate links. Bunddler Inc. is a professional fashion review website that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and advertise. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Everybody knows about such titans as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla and Agent Provocateur.Today we want to introduce you to slightly less well-known, but the same quality brands of sleepwear. Going for new silk pajamas!


One of the first brands to position sleepwear as casual wear. Yes, these nightgowns do look like evening gowns, while pajamas can be used to go to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast. In America, this is a normal practice, but if you are not ready to take such risks, you just need to buy beautiful pajamas.

In addition, Sleeper produces so-called lounge clothing, as well as pajamas for children and men. Natural silk will captivate you from the first touch.

Store website:

Pajamas, $ 250.00

Dress, $ 390.00


This New York brand is very young, but has already had a great reputation for itself. He is loved for his newspaper prints, cityscapes and funny writing on his pajamas.The site has a large selection of robes, pajama sets and silk sleepwear.

Store website:

Pajamas, $ 115.00

Robe, $ 120.00


These pajamas are made for modern girls who value comfort and want to look stylish even in their own bed. Warm pajamas resemble fashionable costumes in which Irina Shayk loves to walk.We are sure she also knows about the Lunya brand.

Store website:

Pajamas, $ 178.00

Lingerie, $ 45.00

Sant and Abel

Lovely and feminine, these pajamas from Australia are a must have in your home wardrobe. Natural materials, the most summer prints (palms and flamingos!) And a huge selection for the whole family are the main advantages of the new collection. The Sant and Abel brand frequently collaborates with celebrities.So, for example, their joint collection with blogger Chiara Ferragni exploded instantly! Be sure to check out this store, you will love it.

Store website:

Pajamas, $ 70.00

Nightdress, $ 99.00


Not a brand, but a multi-brand store that you should definitely know, especially since not only sleepwear is sold here.The section with nightgowns and pajamas will immediately appeal to those looking for something simpler. By summer, you can look after yourself here a cool eco-bag.

On a particularly pleasant note: the site has a Cotton On Foundation section, the proceeds of which go to charity.

Store website:

Padded Sleep Top, $ 29.99

Super Soft Cardigan, $ 39.00

La Vie en Rose

The Canadian brand La Vie en Rose has been producing lingerie, swimwear and pajamas for women aged 25-55 since 1985.The store is very popular all over the world and even in the Middle East. Moreover, the prices here are more than democratic.

Nightgowns, indoor clothes, bathrobes, swimwear, slippers – there is absolutely everything in La Vie en Rose!

Store website:

Pajamas, $ 44.95

Pajamas, $ 34.95

How to order

Some stores, as you have already noticed, deliver directly to the CIS countries.Such delivery can be quite expensive (about $ 50 and more), so we recommend ordering through intermediaries, whose commission is much lower.

And our video instruction will tell you how to place an order in any foreign store:


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