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Women’s Cardigans: Oversized, Cropped & More

When it comes to keeping you warm, cozy and comfy, keep your bases covered with American Eagle cardigans. Women’s cardigans come in all kinds of styles and fits so you can have the exact look and feel you’ve been searching for. From button up to open front, ribbed textures to soft fabrics, we’ve got you covered with plenty of options to create your ideal sweater situation. Want a women’s sweater or cardigan that’s just right for layering at work, class, and wherever else? We’ve got you covered with tons of cardigans designed to keep you warm and cozy this season.

Looking for extra warmth when the weather turns? Try out an oversized cardigan sweater, or long cardigan designed to provide more coverage. These sweaters are perfect for layering with t-shirts, flannel shirt, scarves and other cold-weather faves, so mix and match them with your favorite women’s shirts and tops to find the right combo for your day. Cardigans work with everything from classic jeggings to Curvy jeans, with Mom jeans and skinny jeans, too. Dress them up by wearing them with a blouse and soft pants like culottes and tapered pants, or dress them down with soft joggers & sweatpants or overalls made for comfort.

Designed with ridiculously soft materials like wool, chenille, cotton & more, AE women’s sweaters are as soft as can be and made so you can go from season to season wrapped in warm comfort. Choose relaxed, oversized, or boxy fits for that cozy comfy feel, or opt for a more form-hugging one to match your day. Other design details like stripes, hoods, ribbed textures, soft plush fabrics, and waffle textures set these cardigans apart from the rest and make sure you always have a sweater ready for your day. Whatever the weather, AE has as sweater for you.

Want to branch out from the cardigan fit you know and love? Try other fall favorites like crew neck, v-neck, off the shoulder or mock neck sweaters. Whatever your sweater style is, there’s something for everyone with our seasonally refreshed sweaters and women’s shirts & tops. Keep things cozy and laid-back with soft fleece hoodies, or go all in with fuzzy Sherpa sweatshirts and pullovers made for this time of year.

Women Sweaters – Buy Ladies Sweaters Online – Salt by Ideas Pret

Womens Sweaters Collection 2020

Mid-way through October, the climate changes and the winds get cooler. The summer dresses are sorted and packed to make way for women’s sweaters. It is like a tradition at every household. It’s like our way of welcoming the winters.

Sweaters for Women 

This year, infuse your winter wardrobe with super stylish and ultra-chic womens sweaters from Ideas Pret. Ideas Pret has an eclectic range of sweaters for women featuring vibrant hues and trendy designs. With a wide range of sweaters for women in various types, the likes of round neck, bottle neck, and v neck, you can choose your favorite sweater from Ideas Pret and stock up your winterwear. 

Women’s Sweaters, Cardigans & Sweatshirts

Women sweaters are premium in quality promising you warm and fuzzy winters. Made from premium quality fabric, sweaters and cardigans would protect you from all the chilly winter winds all the while not compromising on your style statement. Women sweatshirts by Ideas are infused with urban designs that are innovative and gorgeous. With the winterwear collection from Ideas Pret, you would definitely steal the spotlight wherever you go this.

Winter Styles 2019 

The sweaters are flexible to wear and can be worn with any lowers of your choice. From a pair of denim jeans to pants to jeggings, whatever you choose you would always look just one thing vogue. You can pair your tights with our solid sweaters for men. Or jeans with our striped sweaters and black boots, just the sassy look you envisioned for yourself! 

And, if you’re planning for a winter trip this year, these sweaters are all you need to fill your suitcases up with. They would adequately take care of your panache style, and make sure you look ravishing in all the pictures you take. Just imagine the beauty of the scene in your mind. A beautiful vast field of wild flowers with a background of snow-capped mountain. Right in the middle of the view, you’re basking in the serenity of your atmosphere. Beautiful feeling, isn’t it? This is exactly the vibe sweaters from Ideas Pret have.

Buy Womens Sweaters and Cardigans Online

Grab this chance to upgrade your winter wardrobe right away! Another good news. We have free shipping throughout the nation. So, add your favorite sweaters to the shopping cart right away. You can also avail free delivery on international orders as per the shipping policy.

Explore our edit of winter scarves and shawls and fashionable tops. Also, check out the latest collection of men’s sweaters and winter jackets.

5 Tips To Buying A Quality Sweater | How To Buy Mens Sweaters

The weather is cold and the holiday season is fast approaching.

I personally love this time of year.

Not only for all the seasonal activities going on, but also for the fact that I get to wear one of my favorite layering options…..the sweater!

In fact, I have a collection of about a dozen high quality sweaters that keep me warm, work with the rest of the clothing in my wardrobe, and look great on me (at least that’s what my wife says!).

Do you own sweaters you love?

If the answer is no – then you’re going to enjoy this article as I focus on five things you need to look for when buying a quality sweater.  I want you to own sweaters you love so much you’ll wear them till they fall apart!


When you think of sweaters most men think of just the classic, generic pullover they wear atop a white t-shirt or other base layer.

This is a good starting point, but there are so many other features and varieties that go into this timeless piece.

The five buying tips I’ll cover are:

  1. Sweater Material
  2. Sweater Size
  3. Sweater Style
  4. Sweater Color & Stitching
  5. Sweater Price

FYI – click on any of the images in this article to be transported to the Aran Sweater Market.

They do occasionally go out of stock – so if you see a style and color you like grab it!


Click here to watch – 5 Tips To Buying A Quality Sweater video on Youtube.

 Looking for the Sweater I’m wearing in the video?  Click here.


1) Sweater Material

Probably the most important thing to look for when buying a sweater is the material it’s made from.

This is especially true given sweaters are usually made to help protect you from harsh conditions and cold climates. The material really does play a part in the level of warmth it will provide you.

Here are the various types of material your sweater should be made with, and ones personally recommended by me:

Wool Sweaters

Wool is the best material available for providing warmth. The key to its ability to retain heat is based on its insulating level. Wool comes from sheep and has been used for centuries to create garments specifically for warmth.

Given the various grades of wool, I always recommend going with the highest you can afford (merino wool is a great indicator of quality). Wool can be pricey, but the luxurious feel is second to none when compared to ones made of lower quality (defined as recycled wools which use a shorter fiber).

Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere is another form of wool made from fiber extracted from Cashmere Goats.

Since cashmere is technically a type of hair and not a wool, I am treating it as a separate material in this article.

Although the warmth provided by cashmere is not as good as the standard wool varieties, they still provide solid heat retention.  Cashmere is a timeless material that goes well with many items in your closet.

Cashmere’s popularity is due to its softness. This high quality fabric can be blended with wool to yield warm, yet incredibly soft, sweaters.

What wool and Cashmere sweaters do I recommend? Click Here To Visit The Aran Sweater Market

Alpaca Sweaters

Alpaca fiber has been very popular in South America for hundreds of years.  With properties very similar to wool (warmth) and cashmere (softness), it has been used to make ponchos, gloves, hats and winter or high altitude sweaters.

Unless they originate from South America, or are specialty made, Alpaca sweaters are harder to find. This is due to low production and a lack familiarity with Alpaca fibers by large manufacturers. That being said, you can rest assured this is a great choice for cold weather clothing.

Cotton Sweaters

First the good – cotton is cheap, easy to maintain, simple to wash, resistant to wear and easy to find. If made from a high quality cotton, they make excellent warm weather sweaters for the beach or a spring/fall evening.

However cotton is not a fiber made to retain heat.  Once wet, it stays wet – and worse for you it feels wet (compared to wool which can hold 30% of its weight in water and not feel wet).

If you buy cotton, understand it has limitations – even with these limitations, well made sweaters in this material can be had at a fair price

Polyester & Cheap Cotton

A note regarding cheap cotton and polyester type blends that seem to be popular in today’s society. While I am not totally against these materials, they really are a step down compared to wool and cashmere.

The reasoning for that is based on the following:

  • They have a hard time retaining their shape, especially after multiple cycles in the wash.
  • Lack of ability to retain heat. There are some heavy and bulky polyester and cotton sweaters out there that do provide some heat retention. Unfortunately, they still are no match for the wool varieties due to the properties of their fibers.

2) Sweater Size

The size of your sweater will greatly dictate how it will look on you. That is why it’s important to get right.

When searching for sweaters, it is important to get measurements done similar to how you would for a dress shirt. At a minimum, ensure you are measured for:

  • Sweater Chest Size – The sweater should hug your body but not restrict you in any way. It should look slightly fitted but never trump comfort.
  • Overall Sweater Length – Have someone measure from the back of your collar to your waist to get an accurate sizing of how long the sweater should fit you.
  • Sweater Sleeve Length – This is usually measured from your shoulder blade right up to your wrist bone, or the tops of your shoulders to your wrist bone.

Lastly, keep in mind that many animal fabrics tend to shrink after a wash cycle or two.

There is nothing wrong with getting your sweater just a little bigger than what you are usually measured for. If you take care of your sweater, and avoid exposing it to extreme conditions (especially heat), your sweater should retain its shape for the most part.

Click here to learn how to measure for a sweater when buying online.  More questions?  Email or chat with them!


3) Sweater Styles

As mentioned earlier, there are many varieties available to men. Each style has its place with some working better in specific environments compared to others.

I am going to list out the varieties from most formal to least formal so you can gain some context that will work for your unique situation this holiday season:

Crew Neck

The crew neck varieties are among the most common and formal styles you can own, and also one of the simplest.

From heavyweight Aran’s – as seen to the left – to lightweight crew necks in a wool cashmere – worn under a jacket, the crew neck sweater is a classic style found in menswear for hundreds of years.

The neckline is round, and has a narrow band of ribbing that adds just a touch of bulk.

This is a good-looking, minimal style that pairs easily with most clothing. They don’t play well with neckties, however, and can pinch the collars of some dress shirts as well.

A wider, softer neck opening can help leave room for those business-casual staples.

Sweaters with a very tight crew neck opening will be limited to collarless undershirts, and definitely no neckties.


V-Neck Sweaters

The V-neck sweater does what the crew neck does not: leaving room for a visible necktie and, in most cases, the points of a shirt collar.

A common variant of the V-neck is the Cardigan design – notice the deep plunge at the chest.  There are also common variants that do not open at the front – these usually have a shorter V plunge.

The V-neck and it’s variants are great sweater options to pair with a suit. It will keep you warmer than just a standard 2 piece and not look out of place.  In fact a Cardigan can be worn in lieu of a jacket in casual cool weather settings.

The great thing about the V-neck along with the crew neck is their level of versatility. They can work well with formal as mentioned, but also can be worn as the most outer layer, which will give it a more casual feel.

Click here to buy a Cardigan from The Aran Sweater Market – a company I personally recommend.



A tall collar folded over on itself makes the classic turtleneck style.

Collars that do not fold over, but still rise high on the neck in this style, are referred to as mock turtlenecks – I personally enjoy both styles.

Stretched out, the collar on a classic turtleneck would usually end around the lips or cheeks; doubled over, it makes a nice thick band around the neck. A great practical piece for warmth – their practicality for those living in harsh climates make them a staple.

Moving on to the less formal type of sweaters, turtlenecks add warmth and make a nice dressed-down replacement for the conventional pointed turndown collar seen on dress shirts.  When worn with a jacket, make sure to opt for a lightweight build.

The doubling over, which is the turtleneck’s iconic look, adds bulk.  They tend to be among the thinner knit sweaters, making them good layering options for men.


Rollneck Sweaters

A much more casual style to the turtleneck.

At its core, a rollneck sweater is essentially a baggier version of the turtleneck…. .without the neck 🙂

It shares the base of an elongated neck, but has a wider opening and a looser knit, This allows a baggy roll around the lower neck.

Often made with a lighter weight knit, these have a working man history but over the last 50 years have worked their way into the cities for weekend wear.



Shawl Neck

The shawl neck is a style of sweater that can possibly be moved up the list given it pairs well with a shirt and tie combo.

It is a staple for men who love sporting business casual attire.

The shawl neck is commonly seen on cardigans or half-zip sweaters, and has a wide, turned-over collar that narrows to points on the front of the chest.

Sometimes the points overlap for a vaguely double-breasted look, but more often they meet in the center of the chest, usually where the opening ends or the buttons/zipper begin.


Notch Neck

The notch neck is a cousin of the V-neck, and mimics the T-shirt style of the same name. It has a simple circular opening most of the way around, but features a small V-shaped cutout at the front, just below the Adam’s apple. A sweater that subtly highlights a mans jawline, giving him a more masculine look.

Unlike V-necks, notch necks aren’t cut wide or deep enough to frame a necktie knot. They’re a more casual style designed to add some visual interest to the basic pullover sweater (and, it must be admitted, to allow well-built guys to show off a hint of tautly muscled upper chest).

You’ll usually see these on the lightest and tightest knit sweaters; typically colorful cotton ones made for younger men to wear in trendy outfits.


Sweater Openings

Sweaters that contain openings are another classic variety that I highly recommend. Overall there are two standard openings on sweaters: the zippered and the button up versions. To break this down a bit:

  • Half-Zip is sporty, simple, and easy to snug up tight for warmth in windy weather. Opened up, it leaves room for a collared shirt beneath the sweater.
  • Full-Zip is the most outdoorsy, active-wear sort of look. It’s functional and very practical for sweaters that are going to be the top layer or a layer under a winter coat a lot, but it’s not very dressy and doesn’t pair well with sports or suit jackets.
  • Half-Button looks a bit dressier than half-zip and plays nicer with turndown collar styles. It can look oddly bulky buttoned up in some cases however, so a lot of these spend their whole lives unbuttoned.
  • Button-Down is the classic cardigan look. It’s relaxed but nice, and can work as both a top layer or a substitute for a button-fronted dress shirt (or even paired with one) under a sports jacket.

4) Sweater Color & Patterns

Colors add some life to your sweater and allow your personality to shine through. I am a firm believer that a man should stick with the foundational colors initially before branching off to the more vibrant shades.

With that said, I would recommend the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Oatmeal
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Whites

When choosing colors, keep in mind that solids generally look the best and provide the most versatility to your wardrobe.

Also, take a good look at what colors go well with your hair color and skin tone. There really is a difference in wearing colors that work with your skin, regardless if you are warm or cool toned. Stick with colors that really make you stand out in a good way.

Sweater patterns are a deep subject – I invite you to learn more here and promise to release a video soon in which I discuss patterns in detail.



5) Sweater Price

Notice I left the price of the sweater for last?

My reasoning is that so many of us look to price as the #1 factor in buying clothing – this is a mistake.

Instead look at how well it measures up using the above factors – Material, Fit, Style, and Color/Pattern.

If the sweater makes you feel great, and you look forward to wearing it (vs it just sitting on the shelf), those are the types of sweaters you want a closet full of.

A sweater you spend $50 on, and wear once, and then NEVER wear again costs $50 per wear and was a waste of money.

A sweater you LOVE and buy for $150, that you wear for 10 years every chance you get and have repaired multiple times because you just can’t give it up…..that’s what I’m talking about.  

Oh – and it ends up being about $1 or less a wear – and every time you wear it you FEEL GREAT.

So save up if you have to – but buy what you’ll love vs what’s cheap.

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90,000 photos of fashion trends, the most relevant models for girls and women

Cardigan is a versatile and essential item in a wardrobe. It will warm you on a cool summer evening, replace your jacket in late spring and early autumn, and in winter it will perfectly fit under your coat.

But warmth alone is not enough, it is also important that the thing looks stylish! Check out our photo selection of youth cardigans trending for 2021.

Women’s short cut

This is probably the most popular cardigan model. Short length women’s youth cardigans are made from different materials and fulfill different functions.

A light silk and viscose cardigan is perfect for a hot summer, a plain knitted cardigan for going to school or work, a knitted model for a casual, casual look. Let’s talk about each of them!

The most common short cardigan is a plain knitted cardigan with buttons. Such a simple and concise piece with a round or V-neck will create the perfect formal look when complemented by a straight or flared knee-length skirt.

And to create a gentle romantic look, you can wear a short cardigan with a delicate and feminine dress.

Complement this combination with a pair of pumps of a suitable color, and also choose an interesting handbag and accessories such as a strap or a pendant.Your romantic date bow is ready!

The short cardigan can also be used in casual style. Wear a knitted or jersey model with jeans and a plain white T-shirt for a very stylish and comfortable look! Complement it with sneakers, low shoes or boats, as in the photo.

Elongated models for girls

A long cardigan is a trendy, stylish item that has not gone out of fashion for several seasons.

With it, you can create both a casual urban look and a strict semi-formal: in addition, such a cardigan will suit girls with any figure, emphasizing the advantages and concealing flaws. In the fall and spring, such a cardigan can even replace a coat!

A great option for the summer season: a long cardigan in a soothing shade in combination with denim shorts.

The cardigan is usually slightly longer than the shorts and creates an unusual and very stylish look – add a t-shirt or shirt neatly buttoned to it for a great urban style.

No less interesting is the combination of a long cardigan with a loose oversized maxi dress: the baggy cut of each of these garments conceals the shape of the figure, but is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Put on sneakers or sneakers with this set to feel as comfortable as possible!

And here is a wonderful fall-spring version: a tight, elongated wool cardigan combined with jeans or trousers.

This is a very simple, elegant and thoughtful style: add shoes for the weather, throw a scarf around your neck, if necessary – depending on your choice of clothing and accessories, this combination will look strict, daring or casual.

Another great idea for cool weather: a long knitted cardigan with a hood. Such models most often reach mid-thigh or slightly higher, much depends on your height.

Usually large knitting is used with various decorative elements, such as “pigtail” or “diamonds” – it looks very cozy and cute! Wear jeans or trousers to such a cardigan, and a laconic white T-shirt or blouse under the bottom.

Thick ankle-length maxi cardigans are also very popular.Take care of what you wear such a stylish thing: the best option would be skinny jeans or trousers.

But a dress of the same length with a tight model will look out of place! Complement with heels or flat shoes of your choice.

But with a light maxi-cardigan almost any outfit will look great. You can wear an oversized dress or sundress, short shorts, a mini-skirt, and any jeans: skinny, jeggings, boyfriend.

The flight of imagination is unlimited – this cardigan will go with everything! In addition, a light cardigan will be much more comfortable in summer.


Oversized clothing is very popular this season – why not combine two incredibly cool trends in one piece? Oversized cardigans are loose, comfortable, comfortable to wear and incredibly stylish! Let’s see what they can be combined with.

Sleek, monochromatic oversized batwing sleeve cardigans look great. They are comfortable to wear, they are warm, soft and incredibly comfortable: having put on such a thing once, you will not want to change it for anything else!

Gray cardigans have become the trend of this season – this is a versatile item that will look equally good with different shades in your wardrobe.

Oversized cardigans with chunky knit and short sleeves are no less popular. Such models are suitable for cold weather, if you wear long gloves for them: choose suitable jeans or a dress for a cardigan, put on shoes for the weather and go ahead, conquer the streets!

Any monochromatic shades are welcome, but it is better not to experiment with stripes and a cage: the already volumetric model will seem even larger.

Solid spacious cardigans with patch pockets look no less good – this is an excellent decorative element that can be used for its intended purpose.

With this cardigan it is very easy to create the perfect casual look: just put on jeans, a simple T-shirt or a delicate blouse in pastel colors! Find the right footwear: your choice can be ankle boots, sneakers or feminine shoes.

And the latest incredibly popular oversized trend: cardigans with geometric prints. Such a cardigan will look stylish, unusual and very fresh: however, keep in mind that it should be supplemented with exclusively monochromatic things so as not to overload the image!

This cardigan will look great with summer shorts, ripped jeans, and a cotton dress.

Cardigan is a very stylish and interesting wardrobe item that will help you create many different styles and looks, it all depends on what you add to it. Such a thing is irreplaceable in any wardrobe for every season!

Related Videos:

90,000 Fashionable cardigans 2020, popular styles and colors

For reading 8 min Views 5k.

Sweaters without a collar and fasteners, knitted or sewn from light material, have always been in trend, but today they have become especially popular due to several designer finds. These simple yet stylish pieces of women’s wardrobe are extremely comfortable and practical. You can combine fashionable cardigans in 2020 with any look, from casual to romantic. They are appropriate in the office and for a walk, they allow you to feel equally comfortable in hot and cold weather.

Fashion trends

Over the past decade, the appearance of cardigans has changed markedly. The classic models of simple shape have been replaced by exquisite styles of volumetric knitting, with pockets, belts, original fasteners. Some pretentiousness of design, layering, unusual material, asymmetry – all this has also become an integral part of modern fashion. Women’s knitted cardigans differ in many details:

  • embroidery;
  • bright prints;
  • with ombre effect;
  • by the presence of volumetric fittings;
  • drapery.

One of the key trends of this season has become a loose fit, harmoniously brought to life with the help of poncho, cape, raglan styles that are non-standard for a cardigan.

Knitted cardigan coats are especially popular in the 2020 season. They can be of different lengths, styles, but chunky knit maxi models with a belt and a buckle look the most effective. Sports cardigans with zippers are in trend, which can be successfully combined with jeans and sneakers.

Current models

Fashion for cardigans is so many-sided and amazing that it makes it easy to choose the right model for a cocktail dress or boats, harmoniously complement an urban or sporty look.The following styles are in fashion:

  1. Oversized. Knitted cardigan in a deliberately voluminous style. It is distinguished by a large texture with an abundance of braids and bumps, often performed on knitting needles from thick yarn. The absence of a belt and fasteners gives the product a special charm. The model is suitable for any season, goes well with jeans, high boots, shirts, tops. Fashionable accessories and jewelry add sophistication to the look.
  2. Cardigan coat. An excellent option for spring and autumn. The trendy cardigan, which can be maxi or knee length, adds charm to the look.Ideal for walking around the city, complements your wardrobe with a classic dress or trousers. For its manufacture, machine knitting or dense material without lining is used.
  3. Cape. These models of cardigans are comfortable, lightweight, have a slot for the arms and look like capes. Usually fastened with one button at the collar. They are made of dense textures, which allows you to keep the traditional shape.
  4. Classic. Good for all occasions. The most fashionable cardigans are presented in a loose or slightly tight cut with a V-neck.Depending on the material, the product can be of different thickness, intended for a specific time of the year. Openwork models, knitted from fine threads or sewn from silk, cambric, cotton, are suitable for summer. A classic cardigan in a neutral shade made from heavy fabric is good for cool, windy weather.
  5. Poncho. The stylish cardigan is very similar to the classic poncho, but has a slit in the front. It is worn with a saddle, on the sleeves there can be cuffs stylized as cuffs. Perfect for lovers of grunge or boho style.
  6. Without clasp. These styles of women’s cardigans are great for everyday wear. It will not protect it from wind or cold, but it will be in place on a cool summer day. Combines with all styles, looks elegant, unobtrusive.
  7. With a belt. Another trending cardigan for next season. Usually of the classic type, slightly narrowed, often below the knee or to the middle of the calf. Emphasizes the waistline, hides excess deposits in the side area. The belt can be knitted, leather or made of dense material.
  8. With a zipper. Women’s cardigan for every day. Can be made in casual or sporty styles, it goes well with T-shirts, tops, skinny jeans, light sneakers or moccasins.
  9. With buttons. A versatile cardigan that will tell a lot about the tastes of the hostess. With the right choice of buttons, the product will look amazingly elegant.
  10. Sleeveless. A great summer option, reminiscent of a jacket. It can be long or up to mid-thigh, often made of thin, openwork materials, perfectly completes the image of a business lady.It is worn with trousers, light blouses, it is appropriate in the office, on a walk.
  11. Kimono. Loose models with wide sleeves, slight wrap, V-neck. They are sewn from a variety of materials – smooth knitwear, silk, jacquard, decorated with embroidery and special decor.
  12. Cardigan raglan. This option is suitable for lovers of casual style. The model is comfortable for rest or working days, quite smart and functional. The raglan sleeve can be with a classic or low armhole, have a cuff.The style is suitable for both slender girls and overweight ladies. In the latter case, a fashionable cut will hide all the imperfections of the figure.

Slip-onSleevelessCapeKimonoClassicZipperButton OversizedBeltedCardigan-ponchoCardigan-coat

Choice of lengths

Designers suggest wearing cardigans of different lengths this season. Fashionable maxi products can be both smooth and voluminous knitting. Trendy products to the middle of the calf make the figure slimmer, thinner, so they are perfect for large, tall women.

To make the silhouette even thinner, it is recommended to choose a cardigan darker than the clothes over which it is worn.

If the length of the maxi does not fit or you do not like it, your wardrobe can be replenished with another fashionable novelty – the mini model. A short cardigan is practical. It is worn in spring or summer, complemented by skirts, trousers, shorts. The mini version looks great on short graceful girls.

Designers advise to choose cardigans to the knee or mid-thigh, create multi-layered, eccentric ensembles with them. It’s really trending today. To make the figure slim, the top should be light and the bottom dark. A fashionable belt will help to emphasize the waistline, and a model with fasteners will hide figure flaws.

Popular Colors

The color scheme is distinguished by conservatism – pastel colors are at the height of fashion. Most fashion designers (Rodarte, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry) offer just this option. Another trend is the combination of rich green and white.This range is perfectly combined with pink or blue, creating a fresh, bright image in a spring-like way. The ensemble with deep blue looks noble and unbroken.

At the peak of popularity, cardigans in coffee, deep gray, burgundy, raspberry shades. Many designers decorate their works with gold embroidery, national ornaments, tassels, fringes. Beautiful cardigans will delight in rainy weather, and on a sultry evening they will be a worthy completion of a fashionable look.

Solid knitted combinations with a print are no less interesting.Thus, the Missoni brand has balanced the monochromaticity of its sets with a bright, elegant ornament. Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren presented animalistic variations with abstract prints.

Materials and Design

When it comes to materials, the variety of options is simply amazing. Famous couturiers use the following fabrics for their models:

90 140 90 141 tweed;

  • knitwear;
  • denim;
  • silk;
  • suede;
  • jacquard;
  • flax;
  • membrane.
  • Knitted products are still popular. Various types of yarn are used for them: angora, cashmere, wool. Stylish cardigans, knitted by hand or machine, not only look great, but also warm in cool weather.

    A combination of thin and thick yarn, fabric inserts, various decorative elements – buttons, tassels, belts, patch pockets will help to make the image original.

    Denim cardigans have become the fashionable trend of the season.They can be discreet or bright, extravagant. For decoration, embroidery, buttons of various shapes or stones, thin straps are used. Products with strips or inserts made of transparent material look good.


    Stylish look

    You can choose a wardrobe with a cardigan for a summer evening, autumn dampness, winter coolness. Variations in combining things are inexhaustible. Depending on the model, a fashionable cardigan can be worn with high boots, sneakers, pumps.Cropped items look great with skirts, trousers, jeans. Maxi cardigans are excellent with dresses, skirts of different lengths.

    For a warm summer evening, it is recommended to choose an item of openwork knitting or sewn from fine fabrics. Complement it with shorts with a top, you can get the perfect look for meeting friends. For walking in the moonlight, it is recommended to wear a cropped model with a T-shirt, sneakers and ripped jeans.

    In cool weather, thick knitted cardigans of 2020 oversized cuts, cape, poncho or cardigan coat are indispensable.They can be worn with leather pants and high boots or heeled ankle boots.

    Youth cardigans in the form of a mesh or translucent cape are more suitable for a beach holiday, although confident girls can wear such a model for a walk or a date, complementing it with a light blouse or mini-top, sandals, and a small handbag.

    For elegant women, the pastel shades of knee-length or mid-calf cardigans are a great choice for a classic look.It is good to combine them with a short sheath dress, pumps, a small lacquered handbag. It will turn out to be a very cute wardrobe for work and leisure.

    A well-chosen cardigan will help to add a touch of originality and grace to your everyday look. And in order to be in trend and delight yourself every day with new combinations, it is better to choose several models of different cut for any weather.



    90,000 Types and models of men’s sweaters: names of styles and photo selections

    Men’s sweater is an essential part of a wardrobe.It is very versatile, since you can wear it for a walk, for recreation, and is appropriate in a business style. In the cool season, it is simply irreplaceable. There are various types of men’s sweaters, which differ in the material of manufacture, the type of collar.

    A distinctive feature of the sweater is the presence of a collar. In autumn and winter, the item is warm, combined with jackets, different types of coats, classic trousers and jeans. Men like jumpers more as they look great over a shirt.Suitable for office wear and business dress code.

    Material content:

    Types and styles of men’s sweaters: photo

    Models of men’s sweaters are not difficult to choose, as they are for any occasion and body type. Of course, they knit and sew them in different styles from various fabrics, both with and without a collar. By purchasing a thing made of natural material, you will feel comfort, and also increase the service life.


    This is a product made of knitwear or comes with a different shape of the neck, some styles have fasteners and a collar. Compared to women’s models, the sleeve shape has few options. The cut can be fitted, narrow or straight, and the sleeves are narrow, straight or fitted. The variety is revealed by external features.

    1. V – Neck . This is the most significant feature of a pullover that distinguishes it from a jumper or sweater. It has no fasteners, so it is put on over the head.
    2. Knitted is a product made of jersey, wool or cotton or synthetic fabric.Works can be machine or manual. Knitting is different: large, dense or small, it all depends on the thickness of the thread.
    3. Chunky knit pullover is made of wool and mohair with the addition of synthetic threads to enhance the properties of the finished garment. If a monochromatic thread is used, then the knitting has a vertical pattern.


    This type of clothing is quite practical. In addition to the fact that thanks to it you can keep warm, since it perfectly retains heat, the clothes are also stretched in width, not in length.For this reason, the sweatshirt is worn for a long time. Among men’s products, this type is the most popular, both for adults and children.

    They suit the casual style, worn with jeans or non-classic trousers. But, lately, a mixture of formal business and everyday styles has been noticed.

    For your information! In cold autumn or winter, a classic product is worn over a shirt under a jacket.

    The main materials of manufacture are:

    • fleece is a polyester fabric with or without fleece;
    • footer is a cotton fabric with added polyester or viscose with lycra.

    Thermal printing, various embroidery, silk-screen printing are used to complete the decor.


    The cardigan is a vital item of men’s clothing. This is a thing that is able to combine different seasons, as well as opposite directions of style. But, there are alternative models that are not as versatile. The choice is yours.

    Do you wear a men’s cardigan?

    Yes No

    Such a product is made of knitwear, both thin and dense.Names of sweaters for men type cardigan:

    • double-breasted;
    • sleeveless;
    • under the belt;
    • with a turndown collar under the belt;
    • with asymmetric clasp;
    • having a stand-up collar;
    • with patch pockets.

    Cardigans are also made from different materials.

    1. Cashmere item will help you to look your best. At cost, such a thing is expensive, but then you can feel like a millionaire for a long time.It requires cleaning, since it is a demanding product to care for.
    2. Wool with the addition of synthetic fibers is a justified choice, especially in autumn. When wool is exposed to moisture, it loses its strength, and synthetically fibers retain the product.
    3. Cardigans in cotton or viscose are a great option for a cool evening in summer or off-season.
    4. Synthetic material is beautiful, but not for long, we can say that money is thrown away.

    Each of the models has its own pros and cons. When buying a cardigan made of fleecy material, you need to be careful, because they are not friends with an ensemble that consists of a jacket or shirt.

    Norwegian sweater

    Such things are relevant not only in this country, they are also loved in other countries of America and Europe. They are a warmed version designed for autumn and winter. A sweater is made of woolen threads. A product with an ornament or pattern is very fashionable.There are also non-standard models made of yarn, which has a different volume, which allows you to create, in addition to dense things with hand embroidery, thin soft ones.

    Advice! You can wear custom models both every day and for a holiday.

    Since natural wool is used, it is curled and the threads are long enough. Therefore, things become strong, durable, perfectly conserving heat, no matter what the weather is outside. The benefits of the Norwegian sweater have been appreciated by many.

    Warm sweaters are made from merino yarn. To prepare a beautiful product, the craftsmen select threads by volume, which are quite pleasant to the touch, soft, they do not cause allergies, do not prick. Most of the sweater is decorated with ornaments – it can be various embroidery with thin threads (handmade).

    With throat

    Almost every man has a warm sweater with a neck in his wardrobe – this is a very popular irreplaceable thing, especially in cold weather.Since the product is universal, it can be worn as to work, friendly gatherings and a walk in the snow-covered forest.

    This men’s garment can be characterized in a few words: sophistication and simplicity. In another way, its appearance can be explained as follows: a classic turtleneck, insulated and loved by everyone. You can wear it in any weather, it will protect both a windy day and a frosty one.

    It is difficult to overestimate the versatility and convenience of such a sweater in winter.Especially when it is made of natural material (wool), which gives comfort and warmth. The positive properties of a sweater with a throat include:

    • Beneficial for those who do not like scarves, the collar present protects the neck from the cold.
    • You can wear it with anything: a jacket, a raincoat, as well as a down jacket. It is better to wear jeans or trousers under it.
    • Looks elegant – this is a classic look, played with the setting or personal preference.

    Expert opinion

    Helen Goldman

    Men’s stylist-image maker

    The color of the sweater does not play a big role. But, nevertheless, there is a rule: too bright shades are not combined with jackets, they look tasteless.


    Autumn is a time of the year that constantly surprises with its quirks and surprises. In some cases, there are even frosts. But in order not to scare anything and to be ready for everything, men should buy sweaters with hoods, they are also called sweatshirts.

    This type of clothing will definitely protect you from bad weather. Such a sweater includes the following positive characteristics:

    1. There is no need to carry an umbrella or hat with you at all times.
    2. Warms the head perfectly in light frosts.
    3. It is practical and comfortable to wear.
    4. It is convenient to go in for sports, go fishing.

    Versatility is expressed in the fact that this comfort is appreciated not only by young people, but also by older people.Products differ among themselves by fabric, by the absence or presence of pockets, by various insulation. If possible and desired, you can buy several options at once, one for autumn, and the second for winter.

    Important! Models with a hood are available in different designs and colors. You can see original patterns and various prints on them.

    Coarse knit

    The main characteristic of knitted sweaters is softness and brutality. But, in order to choose the right one for yourself, you need to heed the advice of experts.

    1. Pay attention to what it consists of . If a product is purchased for winter, the presence of high-quality wool or mohair thread is necessary. If for a warmer period of the year, then it is better that the composition includes cotton yarn, thin mohair and linen. These ingredients will create thermal comfort regardless of the weather.
    2. Color and textured ornament . Men prefer to have a thing without a special pattern, but do not resist having some kind of accent.If you choose among the patterns, then it is customary most often to perform braids, which adorn almost any figure. Classic models are suitable mostly for tall guys with a slender silhouette. If there is a desire to add volume, then it is better to use horizontal braids, large cells and Aran weaving.
    3. It is important to consider the style that will emphasize the image of . But, it should be noted that all chunky knit sweaters are intended for the informal fashion trend.The ideal solution is to choose a sweater with a cape-shaped collar or “shawl”.


    The jumper can be either knitted or knitted with different types of collars, without fasteners. It is very similar to a sweater, only it does not have a stand-up collar. This is a classic thing.

    How they are worn:

    1. Suitable for any clothing: jeans, classic trousers. The jumper is most often worn on a shirt, T-shirts or on a naked body.To give a more spectacular look, it is necessary to put on the product on the shirt so that the cuffs slightly protrude from under the sleeves. A great option is a white shirt and a black jumper.
    2. Depending on your style, you can wear a jumper for sports or a work meeting. If worn with a suit, then you should choose the right color, which should be sustained. While donning on vacation, you can experiment with vibrant colors.
    3. Coarse-knit jumpers look good if they are dark, gray or white.Warm models are great for walking in the cold season.
    4. Cashmere sweaters are pleasant to the body, very soft and light. They should be suitable not only for the season. But also in size to look stylish.

    Fashionable colors and prints

    for men’s sweaters is very rich in geometric prints: squares, rhombuses, and striped models.

    Such a sweater will not only warm you on cold evenings, but are also a wardrobe item on which the emphasis is placed.

    In order for the pumped-up guys to want to show their pumped up body parts, tight-fitting styles are made for them.

    Stripes and checks have become classic prints, which are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. They are relevant in the fall, but you should be careful when they are combined with other types of clothing. Colored geometric prints are often found on men’s sweaters. For everyday wear, you can choose a solid color thing, but for a festive one it is better for the fabric to be textured.

    Popular Classic Models

    These are things with dark colors: gray, garnet, black and anthracite. Brighter ones will suit young guys. The season also plays an important role in the choice. Stripes and British motifs dominate this year, and the classic V-neck sweater never goes out of style. A sweater is a great item to wear with jeans in addition to a shirt.

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