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Your Guide To Purchasing Your First Chanel Bag (New or Consignment) — THRIFT & TELL

Which would you recommend as a first and only Chanel? Which do you get the most use out of?

Black Caviar Medium Flap with silver or gold Hardware. It may be the “safe” option, but it is a classic bag that you can always resell should you need extra money or change your mind down the road.

Style that holds its value?

I would recommend the Chanel 2.55 or the Chanel Classic Flap in any of the sizes. 

Caviar vs. Lambskin?

Lambskin and caviar are the two common leathers. Lambskin is gorgeous, but it is more delicate. Depending on your temperament, you may get upset if you scratch your lambskin Chanel bag. If you will realistically only ever have one single Chanel bag and or you tend to be clumsy, caviar is a safer bet.

How do you know you’re getting a good price?

It depends on the bag, as some brand new bags resell for more than retail, if they’re so popular they are impossible to locate in store. I would say anywhere from 20-30% or more off is a fairly good deal. Again, prices vary depending on the bag, color, leather etc. but that is a good range to start. In general, the price of Chanel will only continue to go up. If you can afford to buy the bag now then I would recommend buying it; it will only continue to go up in value and you’ll be kicking yourself later when it’s several hundred, if not thousands, more. On that note- never buy a Chanel bag if you cannot afford it. Wait until you can. Chanel makes beautiful bags, but going in debt for a bag, no matter what it looks like, is never worth it! 

Best size?

That is a subjective. For me, my favorite bag I own is the mini square. It is roomy enough for your phone, keys, chapstick or lipgloss, and card wallet It is great for day, but also doesn’t look like a big, silly bag for evening. My first Chanel bag was my wallet on chain. I have to say it is really small. If you can save a little bit more, I would size up a little bit, especially if you’re looking to wear the bag other than as an evening bag.

Single or Double Flap- which do you like best?

I don’t have a preference. 

What style shows least wear?

In general, I find a crossbody bag wears best as it spends less time on the floor. If you’re going to invest in a nice bag, don’t treat it like a $10 bag from Target. Don’t overstuff the bag. Don’t take it to a crowded, frat bar where you’ll have beer spilled on it. Don’t cram it in your closet under 10 different bags. Store your bag out of direct sunlight and treat it with care and you’ll have it for decades. 

What size is perfect for a crossbody to carry phone and wallet? Not too big or small?

I like the mini square, mini classic flap, or the small classic flap.

How can you restore a lambskin quilted bag that is a little loved and needs refreshing?

I have a guide with many cobbler recommendations here.

Do some hold up better over time?

How you treat the bag will be a factor, but overall caviar is the most durable leather.

How can you be sure it’s authentic?

Authenticity is a difficult game, as fakes get more and more sophisticated. There is always an inherent risk when you buy second hand, but I recommend using a trusted source, whether that is online or a consignment store you trust. I would not buy from an individual unless you really trust that person to be honest and trustworthy.  In general, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. I also recommend taking a look at the quality of the bag. Chanel quilted bags should line up evenly and the quality of the materials should be very high.

A T&T follower who works for Chanel also added, “my number one recommendation would be to pay attention to the basics. I can’t even tell you how many times people come in with a bag and at first glance it might look good, but the indications are usually the size of the clasp, or the length of the leather on the strap (for a boy bag). These are things Chanel tends to keep the same size all the time, so it is an immediate red flag.”

Are larger sizes heavier?

Yes, they have more leather.

Should we buy the trendy Chanel bags or just the flap bag?

If you will only ever have one bag, I would go traditional. If you are a really eccentric, funky person and that sounds insanely boring, then go with a fun fabric or color. Just know your chances of getting sick of it may be higher and it will be harder to resell as most people go traditional. If you have several Chanel bags, then sure, go crazy and get some funky colors and styles. Just keep in mind that the trendy, seasonal bags may eventually go out of style.

Which style has the highest resale value?

Classic flaps or 2.55

Would you buy without a box?

Having a “full set” (box, dust bag) is ideal for resale but not essential. I have purchased three Chanel bags without them and figure others will do the same from me if I ever want to resell. 

Would you buy without a serial number?

I wouldn’t.

Would you buy without an authentication card? Does it increase the value over time?

I have, but I purchased the bag from a trusted source. There are fake authentication cards too, so I think buying from a source that will stand behind the authenticity is the most important part. In terms of value, yes I think it helps but not in a significant way.

How do you inspect for signs of wear? 

Look at the corners of the bag. Are the straps very worn out? Is there tarnishing on the metal? If it’s a wallet, see if the slots are stretched out. Does it smell like it comes from a home with animals, smoke, mold etc.? 

Top 3 must own Chanel bags– one crazy, one black one evening?

That is a very hard question! I will give you my boring point of view. My personal three picks would be the Mini Square, Reissue, and a funky exotic color. 

The proper way to carry a Gabrielle?

Any way that feels comfortable on you is best!

What Chanel bag is too trendy that you wouldn’t buy? 

Boy bags. I almost bought my wallet on chain in the boy bag version in 2015 and am so thankful I did not. At the time, I liked that it was a bit more edgy, but over the last few years I have seen one too many Real Housewives of Orange Country cast members with the bag. It has kind of killed them for me. Eventually, I think they’ll be phased out.

I saw a Camel Chanel bag on Ebay with a pen mark- any hope of cleaning it off?

Hmmm. Unless you’re getting a truly screaming deal and it is not that noticeable, I would pass. You could take a picture to a cobbler before you buy and get a professional opinion, but it seems like too much money to spend for a damaged bag. Better to continue to save up and get a bag that is perfect.

Easy and inexpensive repairs possible to make a non-perfect bag perfect? What is a red flag in terms of damage?

I do not profess to be a bag repair expert. For all bags, I would check with a cobbler you trust or speak with a sales associate at Chanel to see if they can repair before buying any damaged bag. 

What actually fits in the wallet on chain (WOC)?

NOT MUCH! Card wallet, small set of keys, lip gloss. I know the WOC is meant to be used as a wallet and has slots for cards but I never used it that way. So I suppose if you used it sans card wallet you’d get a bit more room. It’s ideal for evening.

What styles are usually a better deal? 

Older styles that are no longer sold in store tend to be more affordable. You’ll pay less too if the bag is not leather typically. 

Do you shop on The Real Real? Not great pics and no returns on bags!

I do. My mini square is from The Real Real. I had a good experience buying from them. I also had an issue where the strap broke unexpectedly about 9 months later and they offered to either refund me entirely or pay for the repair. Chanel thankfully fixed the bag for free but I was impressed by their customer service. If you’re nervous about the final sale I would recommend either doing your research ahead of time so you’re absolutely certain or shopping in one of their brick and mortar stores so you can find a bag in person. 

Have you had any Chanel regrets?

That’s an oxymoron! The beauty of Chanel is you can always resell. If you want to sell immediately after purchasing, you may not break even, but if you can wait even 6 months to a year (the longer the better) you will be able to recoup your costs.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Chanel Bag

If you’re an avid follower of the blog, you know my motto is to always buy vintage. Whether it’s handbags, jewelry, or clothing, I’d much rather spend my hard earned cash on classic and unique than ‘on trend’ pieces. For example, my vintage Louis Vuitton cannes bag that I’ve had for years is probably the most popular bag I own because no one else has it! My favorite pieces to collect are vintage Chanel, especially bags and jewelry. Over the years, through experience and research, I’ve learned a lot about buying authentic vintage Chanel bags. Any time I walk into a consignment shop, I search for Chanel bags and ask a lot of questions when I find them. Through my own shopping, I’ve fine-tuned the questions to ask and now have a list of resources to use before buying. I get asked frequently what my best tips are for buying a vintage Chanel bag so I’ve pulled together all the intel, info, and tips to help you shop for and buy your own perfect vintage Chanel bag.

Where to buy vintage Chanel bag

eBay. Of the hundreds of sellers, I trust Fashionphile the most, plus they have brick and mortar stores in Beverly Hills, San Diego and San Francisco that you can shop in person.  You can check out this list of Chanel resellers, which includes eBay sellers as well as other online retailers.

Farfetch. Farfetch is a luxury retailer that recently started selling vintage. They have a great vintage Chanel bag collection and are a reputable seller. One thing to note is that their prices are higher since they have done the hard work of finding the most unique vintage pieces to add to their inventory.

Malleries. Malleries is an online shop specializing in luxury items from premier brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Emilio Pucci, Alexander McQueen and more. It’s similar to Etsy in that there are many different sellers, a wide selection of new and on-trend items to unique, vintage bags.

Vestiaire. Vestiaire Collective is a curated collection of thousands of new, pre-owned, and vintage luxury items. They check every item to ensure quality and authenticity before it is sent to you. Use code US4U6V to get $50 off $150!

How to shop for vintage Chanel bag

Shop around. My best tip for buying a vintage Chanel bag is to do lots of research and shopping around before you buy. This not only helps you narrow down the style you want, but also gives you access to various types of bags and prices. Trust your gut and use common sense when shopping. If a certain bag is way underpriced as similar bags on other sites, then it’s likely a fake. If the pricing is pretty consistent, then dig deeper to ensure it’s authentic.

Check the store policy.  Each shop and even each seller on eBay or Malleries will have its own return policy, shipping rates, and other specific shopping policy. Be sure to read every store policy before you buy.

Get all the details. Find out everything you can about the vintage Chanel bag including if it comes with the dust bag and box. All resellers should provide an authenticity card or certificate of authenticity. Find out absolutely everything about the bag that you can. If it sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is.

Ask for pictures. Every shop will include pictures, but they may not be exactly what you want, so ask for additional pictures. For example, I always want to see a handbag modeled so I will ask for images with the purse carried as a messenger, shoulder, and also carried as a clutch.

Double check measurements. Pictures can be deceiving and sometimes they make a bag look larger than it actually is. In addition to asking for more pictures, ask for exact dimensions of the bag.

Leather. Chanel leather bags are offered in lambskin and caviar leather. The lambskin is super supple, while the caviar has texture and is better at hiding scratches. It’s good to know which kind you’re purchasing. As long as an item is priced correctly, don’t hesitate to purchase a bag that needs some TLC. Whether the leather needs cleaning, chain needs polishing, or lining needs to be repaired, you can save money when buying a vintage Chanel bag by picking the not-so-perfect one.  One trip to the Chanel Spa or Leather Surgeons, your bag can be repaired to near perfection. Keep reading for my experience with Leather Surgeons and a before and after of my bag.

Stitching. The devil is in the details as they say, so check for a straight stitching pattern. Also, all of the stitching should line up and meet where the flap folds over in front of the bag. If the handbag comes with a small pocket on the backside, then the stitching should line up here as well. If the stitching is crooked and doesn’t line up, then you are most definitely looking at a fake bag.

Authenticity Card & Serial Number. All Chanel bags should come with the authenticity card, have the hologram sticker and they should have matching numbers. Note that bags made before the 1980s don’t have hologram stickers, but anything produced mid-1980s onward should have both a hologram sticker and authenticity card. Beware: Fake bags will come with hologram stickers and authenticity cards! Google the serial number and run a reverse Google image search and see if the number pops up. If it does (and if it’s for an active listing), then you know it’s a fake. Serial numbers are like fingerprints, they are unique to the individual bag.

Check the Cs. On Chanel bags, the CC stitching and CC lock has a distinct pattern: the right C should overlap the left C at the top and the left C should overlap the right C at the bottom.

Authentication of a vintage Chanel bag

Chanel Boutiques do not authenticate bags; I rely on Leather Surgeons or Meme’s Treasures for authentication of my designer handbags. If you’re buying from an online store that doesn’t offer returns or you’re looking for an online authentication, then turn to The Purse Forum community as a back up. You can submit information, links, and images here and The Purse Forum community will review and authenticate for you. Note that not all requests are answered. TPF is also a good resource for tips for buying a vintage Chanel bag, although you’ll have to read through threads and threads of various comments to find tips.

How to restore a vintage Chanel bag

No one likes to dish out more money on an already expensive investment, but that’s exactly what a Chanel bag is – an investment. Their value only increases over time, and the more you take care of your bag, the more return you’ll get on it. 

Last year, I realized that my vintage Chanel bag was not looking so fresh. Later that day, the strap gave out and my purse (and everything in it) fell on the street. For anyone who has purchased a vintage luxury purse, you know this specific kind of pain that I felt in that moment. Luckily, I had bookmarked Leather Surgeons ages ago and have always recommended Gerry when anyone asks about authenticating or repairing their luxury bag. I like to think of myself as a luxury handbag connoisseur, but he is the real deal who knows everything about luxury handbags from authentication to repair. Even Chanel and Hermes send bags to him for repair. The “Chanel handbag spa service” offered at a Chanel boutique? It’s really being sent to Gerry for repairs along with an added charge. Cut out the middle man and simply ship your bag to him directly. 

Ask anyone who owns luxury handbags and they will praise Gerry and Leather Surgeons since they really are masters of their craft. It’s the only place I would recommend for restoring your vintage Chanel or any other luxury bag.

In the case of my own bag, my strap broke, the leather was dingy, the shape was crooked, and the gold plating was wearing off. Basically, my bag had never been conditioned and it was starting to show! I completed the quick online form on Leather Surgeons with all of this information and sent it with pictures. After reviewing, Gerry responded with the following about the Chanel bag spa services:

First, we unweave the leather from the chain, then remove and polish all of the hardware before re-plating it in 24 karat gold. This won’t remove every scratch, but will restore the color and shine.

Then we go inside the bag to work on its structure. Handbags are built around internal componentry called “stays. ” Eventually, they break down or crease, which causes the bag to deform, so we replace the stays to restore the structure and symmetry of the bag. This won’t remove creases or wrinkles from the surface of the leather itself but will improve the overall shape.

Next, we thoroughly clean the bag, inside and out, before rehydrating and pH-balancing all of the leather. Finally, we apply pigment (as necessary) to restore the color and luster of the bag, as well as to help conceal any remaining stains. The leather in the chain is then taken through the same process.

To re-plate the hardware, reshape the bag, repair the loop and give the piece an overall spa service Leather Surgeons charged me $400. The price includes shipping fees both ways.

This is hefty price tag for sure, but as I said before, a vintage luxury bag is an investment, especially one that is over 30 years old. I plan on giving the bag to Harlee when she’s older, so it needs to be restored in order for it to last at least another 30 years. Lastly, my bag had NEVER been conditioned or anything, so this was a lump sum I had to pay to fix everything rather than sending it off every few years for probably a quarter of the cost.

My Chanel arrived about a month after I sent it to Leather Surgeons looking brand new. It came with a Certificate of Authenticity and it was perfectly packaged in a pretty Leather Surgeons dust-bag. Even though Gerry said the services wouldn’t get rid of scratches and other problems, I couldn’t get over how new my bag looked after their services. That being said, I’ll likely send my Louis Vuitton Cannes bag to him for a quick spa date (it just needs to be conditioned) in the next year.

Tips for keeping your vintage Chanel in top condition

Condition it regularly

Rather than paying a lump sum on damage that had occurred over years, take care of your purse by conditioning it right when it becomes yours. This way, it’s less likely to scratch and will stay in better condition, for longer.  Chanel SA recommend Cadillac Leather Conditioner Set.

Restore it completely

Once you do decide to have it restored, get everything done in one visit. There’s no use in only fixing a strap when the leather is in need of a polish and your hardware needs to be re-plated. Don’t let a price tag deter you from handling it then and there, your wallet will eventually thank you for it. 

Use a reputable source

I had done extensive research about where to send my vintage Chanel because I know that a lot of places can rip you off or not handle your bag with as much care. Knowing that Chanel and Hermes, the brands themselves, send all of their bags for repair to Gerry gave me peace of mind that is worth far more than the price tag of a ‘spa day’ for my bag. 

Visit Chanel at the Mall at Millenia in Orlando Florida

By Appointment, please visit to book.

In the words of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself: A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous. Since the brand’s creation, those words have resonated throughout all of the designs that have come out of the French fashion house. Chanel is committed to style, creativity and innovation with the purpose to empower and inspire women across the globe. This sense of purpose stems from Coco Chanel’s forward-thinking approach to style. To her, fashion should be an uncomplicated luxury and make everyone feel their very best. Their boutique in The Mall at Millenia has taken that message to heart and aims to please every shopper who visits.

Their Orlando store has been reimagined from world renowned architect, Peter Marino, so you feel as though you’re walking into Coco Chanel’s own little world as soon as you step through the doors. Inside, you’ll find the brand’s latest and most coveted collections. Browse a lavish selection of handbags that range from the classic quilted styles with chain straps to evening clutches to travel-friendly totes. Browse all the styles available for purchase to ensure you’re investing in the perfect bag. There’s even Chanel luggage for the luxury jet-setter.

Beyond handbags, shop costume jewelry, accessories and watches. Chanel is also proud to introduce Orlando to their Ready-To-Wear collection, that includes classic staples like their tweed jackets and skirts, lightweight knits, and chic dresses. Chanel’s shoe designs are also quite popular, so don’t forget to peruse their classic ballet flats, heels, sandals, loafers and more.


Upper level near Neuman Marcus


Monday-Saturday: 11AM-6PM
Sunday: 12PM-6PM

More Info

Is the Chanel Bag worth the Price in 2021? • Petite in Paris

Chanel made headlines this year by announcing a price increase of 21%. Yes you read that right 21%. What you probably don’t know and what the article failed to mention was Chanel raises their price every year. Also, not every bag and item was increased by 21%. With that being said, you may be wondering is the Chanel Bag worth the price in 2021? 

Today, I’m going to break down the history of the Chanel bag, why it’s so popular and give my honest opinion if the Chanel bag is worth the price. Full disclaimer before we start the article, I do not own a Chanel bag. These are my opinions and thoughts on the bag and the price hike. Without further adieu let’s jump right into my thoughts on if a Chanel bag is worth the price. Especially with the new price increase.

Breaking news!!! Chanel announced a second increase for 2021! I’m beyond shocked about this 12.5% price increase on the Classic Chanel Flap bag!

History and popularity of the Chanel bag

The Chanel Flap bag is one of the most iconic recognizable handbags in the world and has only gained popularity over the time. But where did it all begin? How did Chanel get so popular and become the unstoppable brand it is today?

The classic Chanel bag was launched in 1929. In 1929 the world looked completely different than today. Back then, there were strict dress codes and rules enforced for females. Only the elite would be able to afford to carry a Chanel bag. Fast forward to the year 1955. Coco Chanel launched the very first shoulder strap. This shoulder strap altered handbag history forever, as it was never done before. While the classic Chanel bag has been slightly modified and altered over the last 90 years the core concepts remain intact and Chanel has only gained in popularity. Thus making this handbag timeless. 

Chanel Price increase from 2018 – 2021  

© Doreen Eisenhauer wearing a black Chanel handbag

Did you know that luxury handbags are always increasing their price and never discounting the timeless pieces? I always tell people if you can afford it and want to buy one now then pull the trigger. While it seems expensive right now, in 5 years or even a few years it will be more expensive and you’ll be looking back and wondering why you didn’t buy the bag when it was “cheaper.” With that being said the price has increased from 2018 to 2021.

Below is the price breakdown increase from 2018 to 2019 to 2020 to 2021. Fun fact, did you know that in 2010 a medium classic Chanel flap bag was $2,850?!? Someone please get me a time machine 🙂

Year Price in the USA Price Percentage increase
2018 $5,600
2019 $5,800 + 3.5%
2020 $6,500 + 12%
2021 (Spring) $6,800 +4. 6%
2021 (July) $7,650 +12.5%

Shop Pre loved Classic Flap Black Chanel Bags

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Chanel Price Comparison in USA vs France

Before 2020, you could travel to Paris and the price of a Chanel bag would be cheaper in Paris than in the USA. With the price increase due to Covid, the truth is there isn’t much of a difference anymore. For a Birkin Bag, yes of course, traveling to Paris to buy a Birkin is worth it. But to travel to Paris to get a Chanel bag? Well that’s a different story. Below is the breakdown of pricing of a Chanel bag in Paris vs the US. 

Location Price Price in USD
USA $6,500 $6,500 + Tax
France €6,050 $7,104
Europe €6,050 $7,104

Price comparison for Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag (USA, France, and Europe Pricing)

Is the Chanel bag worth the price?

Is the Chanel Bag worth the price?

Ahh the question of the day, is buying a classic Chanel Flap Bag worth the price? After pondering this question over and over. My conclusion is simple, yes the Chanel flap bag is worth buying. It is a great investment piece that you will use for years to come. Is it worth full retail price? Probably not.

The good news is that because the Chanel bag is so popular, the preloved market is flooded with every discounted Chanel bag you could imagine. When shopping for a preloved Chanel bag with gold hardware, the pre 2008 circa is very interesting because at the time they used 24k Gold plated hardware. This gold plated hardware gave the Chanel Cs a more classic, rich golden tone.

Alternatives to buying the Chanel bag full price

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I love the concept of buying preloved handbags. Not only are the handbags cheaper, it gives a second life to these otherwise ignored bags. It’s important that you know where to find authentic preloved handbags. Below are a few of my favorite authentic preloved Chanel bags at a reasonable price. I also encourage you to check your local consignment shops. Some of the most popular online luxury consignment shops include, The Real Real, Fashionphile, and Tradsey.

Shop Preloved Chanel bags:

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Thank you for reading this article and my thoughts on if the Chanel bag worth the price. I would love to hear in the comments below, what are your thoughts on the Chanel bag price increase? With the price increase, do you think the bag is still worth it? Why or why not?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


Pre-Owned Chanel Canada
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Find the perfect Chanel bag, wallet, and more to add to your collection with Lux Second Chance. We offer a wide range of pre-owned and pre-loved Chanel pieces so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. As one of the most recognized brands in the world, Chanel offers a myriad of sumptuous designs that are timeless and elegant, no matter what outfit you pair it with.

Beginning her career as a hatmaker in 1912, it didn’t take long for Coco Chanel’s trend-setting pieces to capture attention and evolve into other areas of fashion, including apparel, perfumes and accessories. Coco’s legendary designs marked a new era in the fashion industry when they first emerged decades ago, and they continue to be celebrated for their unparalleled grace and modern style, even today.

Here at Lux Second Chance, we are passionate about luxury designer items and we believe that luxury shouldn’t be reserved for only a few. That’s why we carefully curate our assortment of pre-loved products from the most renowned brands in the world. Trendy, timeless, and classic, our pieces are sourced from only the most trusted and reputable names in the industry, including esteemed consignment shops from the most fashion-forward meccas – New York, Paris, London, and beyond.

With the convenience of online shopping today, you can browse entire collections to capture a piece of the most sought-after designer luxury brands – many of which have not been accessible to the public in the past. Rather than having to make the journey to scour these urban landscapes and source these fashion gems on your own, we’ve done the leg work for you. With the simple click of a button, you can find the perfect piece you desire from the comfort of your home and have it delivered right to your front door.

Empower your wardrobe and your confidence with a touch of sophistication and elegance wrapped up in pearls, gold or silver. Whatever your preference may be, we guarantee you can find it right here at Lux Second Chance.

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Ultimate Gray is the second Panton color of the year 2021 in this palette to enter the Classic Base Colors palette. The serene and reliable neutral shade of gray instills calm and stability. This shade served as the basis for the creation of our gray-blue capsule “Bexley ” (Bexley, the name of one of the most beautiful areas in London, the association of the capsule with London culture).

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Why the Chanel 11.12 bag is the best investment in your wardrobe

Gabrielle Coco Chanel went down in history not only as the creator of the little black dress, but also as the pioneer of women’s dandyism, who gave a new interpretation to the men’s suit and thereby changed the lifestyle of her contemporaries. “So that the seams do not burst in motion,” is the dogma that Mademoiselle Chanel repeated to herself when creating each model. Perfect cut, indestructible fabrics and materials, convenience and practicality – fashion has come to the same principles today, making them the main tenets of the less is more philosophy.

Coco Chanel, January 1959


In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld continued the mission of Mademoiselle Chanel and, in his first collection, demonstrated respect for the House’s DNA.In luxurious and at the same time comfortable models, anyone could be herself, do whatever she wanted, and always look elegant in Parisian style. It was in Lagerfeld’s debut collection that the iconic wardrobe item, a timeless accessory that can be passed down from generation to generation, was presented – the Chanel 11.12 bag.

Chanel Spring-Summer 1992

Chanel Spring-Summer 1993

Chanel Spring-Summer 1995

Behind the history of creation of 11. 12 is the development of Gabrielle Chanel herself, or rather her first bag.In 1955, she introduced the 2.55. Then the new accessory revolutionized the fashion world – thanks to the chain belt. Now you can hang the bag on your shoulder and keep your hands in your pockets, as Chanel herself loved. The 2.55 was perfectly organized inside – a contrasting crimson-red lining made it easy to find content, and small pockets served as compartments for business cards, credit cards and powder boxes. In her design, Chanel was inspired by the aesthetics of equestrian sports – the jackets of jockeys and the saddle blankets of horses – this is how the diamond-shaped stitch appeared, which later became the hallmark of the House.

Jacqueline Kennedy at Lunch with Elizabeth II, March 1962


In 1983, the lining was dyed in a calmer burgundy, and the metal clasp was adorned with the Chanel monogram in the form of a double S. Lagerfeld gave 2. 55 a new interpretation, turning it into 11.12 and returning the status of the main object of desire for fashion lovers. In different seasons, the bag came out in different sizes and colors, sometimes from tweed and denim. This bag is adored by Marion Cotillard and Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Celine Dion, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton.Such a variety among fans of the model only proves its versatility – it has the ability to “make friends” with any wardrobe and become an irreplaceable assistant in different situations.

Paris Hilton, May 2009

© Simon James

Marion Cotillard, Dec 2019

© Marc Piasecki

Every 11.12 requires a lot of precision, skill and a lot of time – to be precise, about 15 hours. Each model is made in an atelier located in a city in the north of France – Verneuil-en-Alatte.It is based on the “bag in a bag” method developed by the craftsmen of the House – the first to assemble the bag, which will become the inside, and then the one that will be outside. Then both bags are sewn together and turned inside out several times in order to fix the shape, which will persist even after many years. A diamond-shaped stitch requires special attention and patience – to create a three-dimensional structure, each piece of material – leather or tweed – is cut out separately and then sewn according to the mosaic principle.

Chanel Fall-Winter 2020

Today’s iconic 11.12 in her collections celebrates Virginie Viard – the designer calls her the embodiment of femininity for all time. Sofia Coppola’s mini-film starring Anna Mouglalis, Iman Perez, Louise de Chevigny, Zoya Adjani and Carole Bouquet became a beautiful declaration of love for the iconic model, as a significant component of Chanel’s heritage. “The first Chanel handbag is an unforgettable moment in the life of every girl. In this film, I wanted to reveal the process of creating a model and how it feels to own it, ”says Sofia Coppola.