Artificial flowers online australia: Artificial Flowers Online At Wholesale Prices


Artificial Flowers Online At Wholesale Prices

Artificial flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers, especially with their real touch feel. While fresh flowers are lovely for a short period, artificial flowers last a lifetime and look perfect in the long-term. Plus, artificial flowers are extremely low maintenance, require no watering and are great for those with allergies.


At Koch & Co, we have a wide range of artificial flowers and greenery available at wholesale prices – some of the best artificial plants Australia offer. With such high quality artificial flowers, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Our beautiful range includes magnificent frangipani silk flowers, artificial roses, artificial plants, fake orchid plants and stunning silk bridal bouquet flowers.


Looking for the perfect wedding bouquet that you can keep as a forever memento? With our fake flowers, you can create a bridal bouquet filled with romantic roses, orchids, peonies, hydrangeas and more! Fleurs® artificial flowers arrangements can be designed to enhance and embrace many environments and settings.

We also have Australian native flowers including artificial billy button flowers and eucalyptus to create a beautiful native bouquet. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour into your bouquet and really make it unique.


Our artificial trees and plants are also great to decorate your home or office! Some artificial flowers and greenery can make all the difference when it comes to making a space feel warm, inviting and ‘homely’. Simply adding in a palm tree to that empty corner or filling a pot with artificial succulents, is an easy way to upgrade any room.


Another home decor tip, is to include artificial baby’s breath in a nursery! It’s a perfect way to create a neutral room without going over the top and really adds a sweet touch. You can either incorporate these silk flowers into a small flower arrangement or create a DIY canopy with them! Another great neutral option is a native bouquet or even some white silk roses!


With over 80 years experience, we’re a dedicated artificial flower wholesale supplier you can rely on, bringing you the artificial flowers and artificial plants Australia is obsessing over! Here at Koch & Co, we sell our artificial flowers Australia-wide and offer quick delivery to all major centres.

These include: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as most country areas.


How to arrange artificial flowers bouquet?

Artificial flowers can create vibrant arrangements that last a lifetime. Create your own artificial flower bouquets in just a few simple steps.

1. Firstly, decide what vase you wish to display your arrangement in. Cylinder glass vases are always a popular choice.
2. Select the type of flowers you like, and in what colour or colours you like. You should also select some greenery as a filler to add contrast and body for your bouquet, such as eucalyptus.
3. Typically, your artificial flower selection will be a beautiful bouquet of different length flower stems. You will need a pair of wire cutters to trim uneven lengths and unwanted pieces.

4. Then decide on the binding point of your arrangement. The lower, the more open the bunch will be. The higher, the tighter the bunch will be.
5. Take one of your largest flowers and pair it with one of each of your smaller flowers, making sure that the stems are angled at the base and not all bunched together.
6. Continue to build your bouquet by rotating your arrangement and adding the same combination of flowers one and a time.
7. When you are pleased with your arrangement, secure the bunch together at the binding point using binding wire.
8. Using a pair of wire cutters, trim the ends of the stems to your desired length.

How to attach fake flowers to wreath?

Including fake flowers in a wreath arrangement can add a pop of colour and texture to your display.

1. Choose the selection of fake flowers online or in-store that you would like to use. Try to choose different sizes of flowers.
2. When you have chosen your favourite blooms, trim the stems with wire cutters, leaving approximately 10-15cm of stem.

3. Choose what position you would like to arrange your flowers in. You could try clustering your flowers all to one side of the wreath or scattering them around the wreath.
4. Slide the stems of your flowers into the wreath and secure them to the frame using binding wire.
5. Trim any loose leaves or wire to finish your arrangement.

How to make a wedding bouquet with artificial flowers?

Faux flowers are perfect for making everlasting wedding bouquets and in just a few simple steps you can arrange your own.

1. Take the largest blooms you have selected, such as Peonies or Roses, and secure three or four of them together with binding wire to make the base of your bouquet.
2. Rotate your bouquet and add a mixture of medium flowers as you go. Try to mix different colours together so you aren’t creating large sections of the same colour.
3. If you desire, you can try inserting small sprigs of flowers like Baby’s Breath to fill-out the bouquet.

4. When you are finished, secure your flower stems with twine. Start from a couple of centimetres below the flower heads and wrap tightly for half of the length of the stems.
5. Using a pair of wire cutters, trim the stems so that they are even. Remember to leave enough length so that you can comfortably hold the arrangement.
6. To cover the twine, take some ribbon of your choice and wrap the length of the stems, stopping 5cm from the end. To secure the ribbon, use a diamond or pearl headed pin or a hot glue gun.

How to clean faux flowers?

As one of the largest suppliers of artificial flowers Australia wide, we know the maintenance and care that goes into keeping faux flowers looking their best. The best thing about artificial flowers is that they are much more durable than fresh flowers or preserved flowers. In most cases, if they are not to dirty, a quick dusting with a household duster or a light spray with Design Master Silk Flower Cleaner will remove most unwanted dust. However, if your artificial flowers require a deeper clean start by taking them out of their vase. Fill your kitchen or laundry sink with clean soapy water. Gently rinse the flowers in the sink. Make sure you remove any remaining soap off the flowers and then carefully shake off any excess water. Then place your flowers onto a clean towel so they can air-dry.

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Silk Flowers | Offering Wholesale Prices

Buy Fleurs® artificial plants, artificial flowers and silk flowers online direct from the importer. All our artificial flowers and 

silk flowers are affordable but still made of the highest quality with a realistic touch, look and feel, making them some of the best artificial plants Australia offers. Our real touch artificial flowers are so realistic that you will have a hard time telling the difference between our fake peonies vs. fresh peony flowers, or our fresh native flowers vs. high quality artificial flowers.


Fake flowers or artificial flowers were called “silk flowers” because they were traditionally made of silk material. Now they are made from a variety of treated fabrics and are more likely to be called artificial or permanent botanicals because of their amazing quality, intricate detail and realistic look and feel. Now that fake flowers are so realistic, feeling and looking like real fresh flowers and greenery, they’re not only seen as a long-term alternative to fresh flowers, but also ideal for home decorations and fashion accessories.

Fleurs® artificial flower arrangements can be used to enhance and embrace many environments and settings.
Our range includes silk flowers or all sorts from all over the world! From Australian natives like billy button flowers, to a blossom flower or babys breath flower – bring the worlds plantation to your home all year round no matter the season. The babys breath flower looks stunning as part of a bouquet or silk flower arrangement and the blossom flower is perfect for bringing a touch of spring to a gloomy winter day. Browse our entire range to find the perfect silk flower for your space.
Buy artificial flowers online at wholesale prices direct from the importer. With over 15 years of importing experience, we are a dedicated artificial flower supplier you can rely on to bring you the best quality silk flowers and artificial flowers. Our range includes magnificent frangipani silk flowers, artificial roses, artificial plants, fake orchids and great silk bridal bouquet flowers. Silk flowers and silk wedding bouquets have become very popular over the years and show no sign of slowing down. Here at Koch & Co we sell our artificial plants and silk flowers in bulk Australia-wide and offer quick delivery to the major centres such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. For all your silk flowers wholesale enquires shop online today or visit our helpful staff at our Koch & Co Auburn superstore.



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Artificial Greenery – Buy Gorgeous Artificial Foliage

Liven up any space with Koch & Co’s natural collection of artificial greenery. With a realistic feel and look, our artificial greenery is your new go-to when it comes to decorating your home, office or store. Not to mention, our artificial greenery lasts a lifetime, so it will look perfect year after year.  



At Koch & Co, we have a wide range of artificial plants and hanging greenery at wholesale prices! Choose from potted plants, trees, single stem greenery, artificial garlands and so much more! Whichever you choose, our collection will undoubtedly satisfy all of your decoration needs. Artificial foliage and hanging greenery are stylish, great low-maintenance alternatives to the real thing. They can be used in event decorations, in crafty projects and in weddings.


To create a whimsical and ethereal wedding, decorate with our hanging greenery, LED fairy lights and some candles. To add a pop of colour, you can include artificial berries or Australian native flowers too! For a really beautiful flower arrangement, pair our artificial foliage with some of our artificial flowers and arrange them in a vase of your choice – you’ll create a stunning arrangement in just minutes!


Looking to complement your house’s rustic look? Our artificial ivy looks amazing when paired with our artificial branches. It also looks great in hanging baskets or to frame a window! If you’re after a more low-key look, our artificial plants and artificial leaves look wonderful in metallic pots or pots from our satin matte collection. If you need more inspiration, just check out our DIY ideas – we have ideas for gift wrapping, seasonal events, gift baskets, floral arrangements and more.


Koch & Co’s wide collection of artificial foliage and hanging greenery is available across Australia at wholesale prices. With over 80 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in florist and event styling, so you’ll definitely become obsessed with our artificial greenery. With online ordering and quick delivery to all major Australian cities, you can discover the beauty of artificial foliage today. Check out our artificial flowers, event decoration and soft toys too!

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Artificial Flower Bouquets | Offering Wholesale

Artificial Flower Bouquets

Add that wow factor to any room or event with Koch & Co’s beautiful collection of artificial flower bouquets. While fresh flowers look lovely for a short time, artificial flowers look beautiful all year round – making them a perfect alternative. Made with lots of love, detail and care, our flowers will lift any space with their vibrant colours and remarkably realistic texture.

At Koch & Co, you’re definitely spoilt for choice with our high quality artificial bouquets. In our collection, you can choose from orchids, peonies, hydrangeas, rose bouquets and more! You can also find flowers in an array of beautiful hues and colours, from pink to red, white, purple and green.

Still deciding on which flowers to use in your wedding? Our pre-made artificial flower arrangements are perfect for weddings! With our silk flowers (and DIY ideas as inspiration), you can create a unique and gorgeous artificial wedding bouquet that you can keep as a wedding memento forever. For a whimsical looking bouquet, combine light pink peonies with some artificial leaves and English roses. Don’t be afraid to express your own personal style with your bridal bouquet and artificial wedding flowers!

You can also use our silk flower arrangements to decorate your home or office! Artificial plants and flowers bring all the beauty of fresh flowers without any mess or maintenance. Add some artificial flowers into a vase or pot and viola – your space is warm, inviting and fabulous. Here at Koch & Co, we sell our real touch flowers Australia-wide and offer quick delivery to all major cities. These include: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. With over 90 years of experience, you can be confident that our faux flowers are the finest quality and look absolutely perfect. Shop our entire range online to see the fake flowers Australia is obsessing over!

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Artificial Flowers Australia | Wholesale Wedding Superstore

Take your wedding decorations a step further with our exciting collection of artificial flowers. Luxury, royalty, or inclined towards nature? Whatever your wedding theme might be, you will find the right artificial silk flowers at our store.
Made from only the best materials you can find, and crafted by professional hands, our artificial flowers provide a perfect replacement for all your favourite flowers. You won’t be able to tell the difference from an artificial flower and a real one.

Your favourite flower is not in season? Don’t worry. Our artificial flowers are available in exciting colours and sizes, you can thrill your guests, and have your dream wedding regardless of what time of the year it might be. Whether you need a bouquet or garland, you will find all the designs you need in our collection. 

What’s more? Our artificial flowers are durable and easy to clean, allowing you to keep them as a reminder of your big day or even use them for other happy memories like your anniversary.

Check out our collection of artificial flowers and also enjoy exclusive offers on all the items you need for wedding decorations today. We also stock a range of other flower related products including silk rose petals pertect for the wedding ceremony, artificial hydrangeas, artificial moss and artificial wedding bouquets.

Ariticial Silk Flowers Online

Wedding Superstore is your leading supplier of discount artificial flowers and artificial native flowers for home decoration or wedding flowers.  Artificial flowers are becoming very sophisticated in design giving you a large range of realistic looking flowers and are easier to look after than real flowers.  Have you seen the amount of native wedding flower arrangements and native artificial bouquets in wedding photos at the moment? They look so amazing and to think they are artificial, we have natives available in artificial flower garlands and stems as well as small artificial bushes and plants. There are a number of fake flowers options from latex, foam, real touch and silk flowers to name just a few, available in artificial wedding bouquets, artificial branches, artificial greenery, artificial flower stems and so much more.

Better Alternative to Real Flowers

Artificial wedding flowers are becoming the trend again due to rising price of cut flowers. Our artificial flowers are perfect for those times when you need an alternative to real flowers. No more doubts about whether those real babies breath and roses will last the heat of the day in the middle of a hot summer? Why not take all the worry out of your wedding flowers and use artificial silk roses in your bouquet and wedding centerpiece arrangement.  

We have our high quality single stem silk flowers and artificial greenery which is suitable for bouquets as well as our budget artificial flowers which are a great price and can be used for wedding arch decorations, wedding garlands, centrepiece vase arrangements and many other designs.

Choose from A Variety of Artificial Silk Flowers

Artificial wedding bouquets and silk flowers are the new fashion trend for wedding décor and flowers that modern brides in Sydney, Brisbane and throughout Australia are choosing over real flowers. The silk flowers look fabulous in your wedding photos and are a long lasting option, meaning that the colours of the silk flowers will not fade away no matter how long you keep artificial flower arrangement for.

From garlands and rosebuds to bouquets, greenery, and much, much more – choose from our huge range of artificial flowers options available right here in our online catalogue.

Shop our online store today

Whether you have an extravagant budget or you are working with a smaller budget we have everything you need in artificial flowers and florist supplies at Wholesale Wedding Superstore. From silk rose bouquets and silk flowers to napkins and guest books, we have it all. Shop online today to have them delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

Silkflora | Australia | Silk Flowers

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15 Best Artificial Flowers – Where to Buy Artificial Flowers

Silke Zander/Picture PressGetty Images

Displaying fresh flowers is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your space for spring. But let’s face it, planting and growing a blooming garden can be a full-time job! You’ve got to make sure your plants and flowers get enough water (but not too much water!) and enough sun (but not too much sun!). If you’ve got enough motivation to deck out a DIY greenhouse, kudos! But if you’re looking for more low-maintenance flowers, we’ve got a few creative ideas for you.

Try your hand at making a cactus garden or re-create one of these genius springtime centerpieces. Our go-to idea for making the easiest springtime flower arrangement? Faux flowers all the way! Never again will you have to worry about how much water and sun your flowers need to stay bright and happy. They’ll always look fresh and at the ready for a table, mantel, kitchen counter, or really anywhere. So you folks who don’t have much luck with living things: You can stop fretting over flowers you’re sure to kill. There’s better way! Here are some of our favorite faux flowers to display all year long—and don’t forget to shop these great gardening gifts that are sure to get two green thumbs up!

1 Artificial Lavender Bunch

A little lavender will add a fun pop of purple to any space.

2 Faux Yellow Orchid Branch

A group of flowering orchid branches would look beautiful in a vintage demijohn.

3 Artificial Tulip Arrangement

These freshly cut faux stems even come with a pretty glass vase.

4 Dried Hydrangea Bouquet

A colorful bouquet of dried flowers makes the perfect bedroom flower arrangement. 

5 Faux Orange Branch

Add some citrus to your table with these faux orange branches.

6 Artificial Wildflowers

This artificial flower arrangement looks like a freshly picked bunch of roadside wildflowers.

7 Faux Fuchsia Orchids

Add a pop of color to your living room with this hot pink faux orchid.  

8 Faux Rosehip Blossom Spray

Finish off your springtime floral arrangement with a few sprigs of this faux rosehip blossom branch.

9 Artificial Dahlias

Deck out your dining table with dahlias for your next spring brunch or dinner party.

10 Faux Peonies

Now everyone’s favorite springtime flower can last year-round.

11 Artificial Lily Arrangement

A fresh arrangement of faux lilies is sure to freshen up your country kitchen.

12 Faux Carnation Bundles

A group of pink, purple, and white carnations will add a hint of happy to any springtime table.  

13 Artificial Dogwood Stem

Bring the outdoors in with a faux flowering dogwood branch.

14 Artificial Daisy

Gather up some faux daisies for a cheery, springtime floral arrangement.

15 Artificial Hydrangeas

Butterfly Craze

Lovely and lush faux hydrangeas are sure to be the star of your spring dining table.

Carmen Collins Carmen Collins is the style editor at Country Living, where she covers home decorating ideas and produces e-commerce shopping guides.

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90,000 Vandals were accused of problems with plastic tulips in Aktau: October 28, 2021, 12:59

Some of the plastic tulips in the center of Aktau have fallen into disrepair. According to the contractors, this happened due to the fault of vandals, reports with reference to the press service of the city akimat.

On the eve of Aktau residents in social networks complained about poor quality work during the installation of the “Flower Field” for the budget 15 million tenge, which was created to attract tourists. Some of the “planted” plastic tulips were broken and knocked down.

According to the city akimat, the work on decorative lighting was carried out by Clover media group LLP, its representative said that the broken artificial flowers were the result of the actions of vandals.

“Every day we are faced with facts of vandalism. That is, unknown persons pull out flowers that are not yet fixed or break a swing. This negatively affects our work,” explained a company representative.

Technical Director of Clover media group Olzhas Nurlanov, for his part, noted that if the quality of tulips does not suit the city akimat, the company is ready to “completely assemble the object.”That is, funds for this work will not be paid.

The press service of the akimat noted that in September the Aktau city department of housing and communal services signed an agreement with Clover media group LLP. On the basis of the contract, the contractor must install decorative lighting installations “Starry Sky” and “Flower Field”, as well as decorative small architectural forms “Swing Trio” and “Modern Yurt”.

Deputy akim of the city of Aktau Taubaev said that these objects were not accepted on the balance of the city akimat and were not paid.However, if the quality of the decorative installations does not meet the requirements, the akimat will reportedly not accept the work.

Aktau journalists, meanwhile, ask the city authorities to publish an estimate of the calculation of the cost of materials and work for the installation of plastic tulips.

It should be reminded that instead of a lawn on the Yntymak square in Aktau, a plastic “Flower field” was installed for 15 404 000 tenge from the budget. Later, the installation caused a storm of indignation among local residents.They complained about the artisanal connection of the structure, the poor quality of the materials used and broken plastic flowers.

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Wholesale and retail center “Flora Tver”.We always have low prices for flowers.

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The range of products offered by our company is not limited to fresh cut flowers and indoor flowers. In the wholesale and retail center “Flora Tver” on an area of ​​more than 2500 m2 you can always find for yourself the widest range of goods both for your store, office, and for your house, apartment, summer cottage.

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