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Macaron Packaging, Macaroon Gift and Macaron Bomboniere Suppliers

Nothing makes macarons more adorable than presenting them in little adorable boxes.

C’mon, macaron friends, our little cute creations deserve a beautiful presentation. And if you’re thinking of how to start a macaron business then you must get the right packaging for your bites of heaven or else risk looking unprofessional!

It’s all about presentation; things really taste better when they also look pretty.

So, I decided to do little research to give you an idea what is possible and where you can get pretty macaron packaging and gift boxes online.

This list goes in no particular order, you can break all the rules and start reading from the bottom up if you like. 🙂

What’s important I think is that you get a feel for what’s available and then go with the supplier that makes the most sense to you.


If you like lots of different ideas then visit Nashville Wraps.

They offer gift bags, gift boxes, gift wrap, candy boxes, food packaging, among half a dozen other things. No macaron boxes, you ask? Actually some of their candy and food boxes look nice enough to accommodate little macarons. They even do custom printed packaging. Also, be sure to check out their cute ribbons, they look very pretty!


Paper & Boxes is an Australian macaron packaging company. They too have a wide selection to choose from. They claim that they ‘sell all [their] products online at genuine wholesale prices,’ and while naturally they like getting big orders they are happy to help you with small ones just the same. Speaking of presentation, it would be nice to see those empty boxes above filled with macarons so we can all see how pretty they look when they have fulfilled their purpose.


And here’s a company that seems to understand what presentation is all about. How does one present these decadent delights in a way that honors the understated class of the confection? It seems that BRP Box Shop has the answer.   They present you with options too; quoting their website: “Cloak your cookies in boxes, windowed or not windowed, monochromatic mating of drawer & sleeve or mixed and matched color combinations. The perfect platform for your embellishment in a style that can also stand proudly on its own.” BEAUTIFUL!


Cheerico is a supplier of macaron boxes and display that makes the largest range of high-quality acrylic stands for their worldwide customers. Available in a range of styles and colours the collection of stands suits cupcakes, macarons – the sweet du jour for stylish weddings. Each macaron tower is simple yet sturdy and can be complimented with a range of macaron boxes (which come in a variety of sizes and colours) and cases if you intend to gift a sweet treat as bomboniere. Visit their website for more information!

Very Special Celebrations supply clear macaron boxes or macaron bombonieres that will make those exotic vibrant macarons look sensational.


Louisa Morris Cakes offers something similar. No minimum order quantity.

In Australia, you can try Clear-pak Australia. They produce macaron packaging in clear and cardboard combinations for 6 to 24 macarons.


Biopackaging is also an Australian company that supplies presentation and packaging solutions for cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, macarons and baked goods. They say they supply compostable, biodegradable and environmentally-friendlier products. Once again, vibrant macarons would make those boxes less empty!

I am sure there are other macaron packaging, macaroon gift and macaron bomboniere suppliers but the above list should get you started.

You will also need a recipe for macarons if you want to create really pretty macarons. The Macaron Master shows you how to do that and also how to start a macaron business from home (you don’t need any fancy equipment or skills!). Click here to learn more!


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Macaron Lens Case Set – Momoko Lens


Who wouldn’t love these cute and colorful macarons?

Comes with mirror, lens case and tools, suitable for your travels or cosplay events, just bring one will do!

Size: 7. 5cm x 7.5cm x 3.3cm

Replacement Period: Best within 3 months (for lens case and tools)

Includes: One macaron case with mirror, lens case, solution bottle, tweezers and inserter stick.

Processing Time: 1 ~ 2 working days

How to Order

If your preferred color is in the list,

  • Select a color from the drop down list, eg. “pink” and add to cart.
  • We will inform you if your color is out of stock.

– From the above example, you will get one Pink Macaron Lens Case Set.

If your preferred color is not in the list,

  • Select “others” and add to cart.
  • Wish-list a color by leaving a comment during checkout, eg. “purple macaron”.
  • We will try to provide your wish-list color, but it is not 100% guaranteed.
  • Other closest/available colors will be given instead if your wish-list color is out of stock.
  • Possible colors to choose from are blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, turquoise, orange, pale grey, etc.

– From the above example, you will get one Purple Macaron Lens Case Set or another random color.


The replacement period stated is the suggested period you can use under proper care. Most lens cases are advised to dispose around 3 months period due to hygiene reasons.

As this product contains mirror (fragile/brittle), it will be packed securely with bubble wrap, but still this would not fully guarantee product to be damage-proof.

Please see our wear and care section for better guidelines. By purchasing this product, you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

Actual color/effect may differ due to various reasons.

PacknWood 12 Macaron Insert – 6″ x 5.4″ – 210MACINS12 – 150/Case

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This is why US Supply House wants to make it easy for you to access the largest on-line selection of custom biodegradable take out food containers.

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-wheat straw

-wood pulp
-recycled materials

Besides being amazing alternatives to plastic, fibrous plants and post-consumer recycled materials can be transformed into alternatives to tree-dependent paper products as well. Additionally, limiting our use of petroleum-based products and other synthetic materials is the best way to save our natural resources and protect mother nature.

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How to Price Homemade Macarons

Calculate how much a homemade macaron costs to make and figure out how much to charge in your home baking business. This posts lists different ways to cut down on production costs and bring more value to your customers without discounting.

How to price homemade macarons is a question some of you who have been making macarons for a while now have probably thought about. This may be especially true after receiving admiration and requests to buy your macarons from those who have seen your work at group gatherings and family events.

In this guide, I incorporate what I learned from my post-secondary studies in business with what I experienced baking batches upon batches of great and sometimes not so great macarons in my home kitchen. I will provide you with a worksheet to calculate how much macarons cost to produce (accounting for those not too great batches too), describe the difference between variable and fixed costs and what that means to your bottom line, give you ideas on how to provide more value as a small baking business, go above and beyond without discounting, determine what your time costs and ultimately set a price for your macarons in a way that offers your customers value while getting paid fairly yourself.

Why Are Macarons So Expensive?

Macarons are more expensive than the average sweet treat because of the costly ingredients and the time and expertise involved in making it. Almond flour and egg whites are the two main ingredients that make up a macaron. In relation to other flours, almond flour is several times more expensive. As for eggs, they are used in a variety of other baked goods but being that eggs make up a big part of the macaron (the egg yolk is not used), the costs do add up. In addition, the filling sandwiched in between the macaron cookies requires other costly ingredients like chocolate and sometimes exotic flavorings.

Besides the actual cost for the ingredients, a high level of expertise is required in making a macaron. Not every pastry chef hired in a regular bakery is trained to make this specialized treat. Even with a high level of training, there is always a chance that the notoriously hard-to-master macarons do not bake well. Special care and time has to be taken to make them and the costs of failed batches have to be accounted for in the overall production. For all the reasons given above, macarons, relative to its size, are usually priced higher than other pastries like cakes or ice cream.

Unique macaron designs and special packaging brings value to your customers and justifies premium pricing.

How Much Do Macarons Sell For?

Average sized (1.5″) macarons usually sell for $1.50 to $3 (+) depending on a variety of factors like brand, ingredients used and the general market condition in the region where it is purchased.

In my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, we have a very sophisticated culinary scene. The best macarons are usually sold in dedicated macaron shops as opposed to a bakery that sells macarons as an add-on item. We even have Laduree in the city and their macarons sell for $3+ each. Generally speaking, macarons from dedicated macaron shops sell for around $2 – $2.75. I find that non-specialized makers usually charge under $2. Costco even sells large boxes of them in bulk that equals to around $0.44 each.

I asked around and here is a sample of average macaron prices according to my readers in these different cities:

$2. 50Portland, Oregon
$2 Minneapolis
$2North Suhswap
$2Seattle, WA
$2.50-$3Austin, Texas
$2.50Orlando, Florida
$2.50Orange County, CA
$24 per dozenSacramento, CA
$4-$5Fresno, California
$2.75-$3.5NYC, NY
$2.5Salt Lake City, Utah
$3Charlotte, NC
$2.50San Francisco, CA
$2-$2.50Atlanta, Georgia
$2.08San Antonio, Texas
$3-$4 CDNToronto, Canada
$2.5 CDNWinnipeg, Canada
$2.5 CDNCalgary, Canada
$2 CDNBrantford, Canada
$2.50-$3 Melbourne Australia
$4Brisbane Australia
40dhms for 1 dozenDubai
. 90-1.3 EuroBrescia
4-5 PLN Wroclaw, Poland
$7Barbados Bridgetown
$1Lima, Peru
$2.50 USDTaiwan
$3-$6 Abu Dhabi

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Macaron?

For the home baker, approximately $0.30 CDN or $0.22 USD each. The actual cost (we’re only talking about ingredients at this point) to make a macaron depends largely on the types of ingredients used and how much they cost the maker to procure. Bigger buyers will usually get better bulk pricing but since this post is written for the home baker, let’s talk about prices that are accessible to this group. Below is the calculation for a dozen macarons with a basic chocolate filling. I am assuming that the almond flour is made at home to cut down on costs and all the items are purchased in bulk at big boxed stores like Costco, Superstore, Wal-mart etc. that are open to regular consumers (READ: How to Make Your Own Almond Flour)

Cost To Make a Dozen Macarons with Filling (ingredients only)
Almond flour $1.30 CDN = $0.96 USD
Eggs $.50 CDN = $0.37 USD
Sugar powdered = $0.20 CDN = $0.15 USD
Sugar granulated = $0.10 CDN = $0.07 USD
Cream of tartar = $.03 CDN = $0.02 USD
Couverture Chocolate = $1.30 CDN = $0.96 USD
Cream = $0.36 CDN = $0.27 USD
Total = $3.79 CDN/DOZEN = $2.80 USD/DOZEN
This works out to be $0.32 CDN each = $0.23 USD

Here is a sample chart of how much it costs to make a batch of macarons. I made a blank version of this chart which you can print out and use at home. Just sign up for my newsletter and you will receive access to the member’s only area where you can download this macarons cost worksheet and free macaron templates too. Click for the tutorial on How to Make a Cute Box for Your Character Macarons

Other Costs

Now that we have established the cost to make a macaron based on the ingredients alone, it’s important to factor in other costs such as overhead, breakages, packaging, delivery and your time.

Overhead (Fixed Cost)

Unlike the ingredients – a variable cost, overhead is a fixed cost which includes ongoing expenses that aren’t directly linked to the creation of the product and doesn’t increase incrementally with the production of each additional unit. They include electricity, rent, marketing, etc.

Most home bakers are just that, bakers working from home but some jurisdictions do not allow food sold to the public to be made at home. They must be made in commercial kitchens which require rent. If you’re hoping to reach a larger market and sell at fairs and farmer’s markets, this will require rental fees as well. If you’re not working in a commercial facility, you should still take into account the electricity and the portion of your home that you are utilizing for your business. In Canada, self-employed people can take these items into account when they are filing their tax returns.

Damages (Variable cost)

While no customer should be “paying” you for the macarons that don’t turn out and cannot be sold, this is something you will have to factor into your quotes for your clients. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be adding this as an itemized line in an invoice, but just be aware that mistakes do happen and you shouldn’t be quoting such lean prices that when mistakes happen, you end up working at a loss.

Packaging (Variable Cost)

Packaging will increase the cost for the finished macaron product so it’s important to consider how much to spend in this area. Most boxes usually hold about 6 macarons, even the plain ones cost around $1 per box and a dozen macarons cost around $3.79 to make, that’s a big relative cost. If you have a bigger order that requires only 1 individual box, this will help cut down on the packaging costs. Here are some options for macaron boxes in the $1 – $1.60 price range: Simple 6 pc macaron box , 12 pc macaron box, 6 pc macaron box with protective separator.

Delivery (Variable Cost)

For those who are paying rent to sell at a fair or market, your rent is a clear overhead item on your income statement. In contrast, those baking from home should account for the time and possibly gas/public transportation costs involved in making a delivery or meetup with a client. Delivery or meetups should not be offered free unless you’ve built it into the quoted price. Remember, every moment you are not in your kitchen baking, it is costing you money. You can choose a flat rate delivery fee or offer free delivery after a certain purchase amount.

To further protect your precious time doing a task that only you are trained to do – baking macarons – you can consider delegating your friends or family members to take care of the deliveries or any other related task on your behalf. (Pay them or repay them with another favor, of course.)


This usually reveals itself as a hidden cost when dealing with special orders. It is only fair that your customers will have a lot of questions for you but the time you spend on emailing/calling back and forth to confirm delivery dates, order details, project changes etc, can drag down your efficiency. Make sure you have a clear project outline and terms and conditions page that you send to your clients from the beginning to minimize the time spent on frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients
– What are your prices?
– Is there a minimum order?
– Are there discounts on large orders?
– What colors can you do?
– What flavors do you offer?
– What type of designs can you do?
– Where is your portfolio of past work?
– What type of packaging do you offer?
– Do you have testimonials/references?
– When will my order be completed?
– What about delivery fees?
– Where are you willing to deliver to?
– When will you deliver?
– Set up fees/use of display units
– Cancellation policies
– Project change fees
– Deposits

Your Time (Variable Cost)

Finally, account for your time. I know this might be hard for some people to put a price to. You will need to really think about how much your time is worth to you. In the beginning, some bakers are happy just to get back their costs and have a little bit extra. This is fine if you don’t intend to profit from macaron making, everyone has different goals. For those who want to consider macaron making a profitable endeavor, it’s important to get back fair return for your hard work.

So what is your time worth? I would say at the minimum, you should see yourself working at the same minimum wage/hour for your region. Otherwise, why not just find a job that would pay the same. Your customers should understand this concept as well. If they try to pay you any less, they are not really supporting your business. In time as your reputation and your skills grow, you should look to increase your price. (Of course, you can charge more from the beginning if you are able to provide more value than your competitors. More on that later.) Google bakery jobs in your area and see how much bakery jobs are worth, that is another way to help you fairly assess what your time is worth.

Don’t forget about opportunity costs as well. Every moment that you are doing one task it is taking you away from doing another. Really weigh out the opportunity cost of the macaron order. Is the few extra dollars worth taking that time away from spending it with those you love or working on another more worthwhile project? Even relaxing on the couch after a long week is good and much needed for your mind and body. That’s why setting the correct price for you macarons is so important. Learn to provide more value to your customers and make use of economies of scale so you can confidently charge those premium prices as early as possible.

Track Your Time
To provide appropriate quotes, it’s important to have an understanding of the time it takes you to make a batch of macarons and how that time increases when new elements are introduced.

Take the time to track how long it takes you to make:
– a single batch of macarons in one color, two colors and so on. ..
– a single batch of marcaron in a unique shape
– a single batch of macaron in a unique shape with additional colors
– new template creation

If your budget allows, purchase a few display units that you can rent or lend to clients to display the macarons. This will help elevate your product and provide extra value to your clients at the same time.

Ways to Provide More Value than the Competition

First, it should be noted that regardless of how much you may want to charge for your macarons, the price you set should still be influenced by the market conditions in your local area. If there is already established players in your area who are offering macarons at a certain price, the price that is acceptable for your clients will be somewhere around what is currently being offered. Without big purchasing power and economies of scale, it will always be an uphill battle for small businesses to compete on price alone. That is why it is very important that you provide value that your clients cannot find elsewhere.

Ways to Provide More Value as a Small Baking Business:

– One-on-one service:
No customer wants to be forgotten when they are hiring a business to provide a service for their special event. Bigger stores have more clients and usually can’t provide as much individual attention. Make sure you have all your client’s notes written down on their own individual project file. Learn about your client by making small talk and asking questions that are relevant to the project. “Will your guests enjoy….. Do you guests have any allergies…. What’s a theme that would ‘Wow’ your friends?…”

– Customization:
Allowing your customers to customize their order will really help set you apart from the big players. Customization should be welcomed in the planning stages but make clear on your terms and conditions that once the details are finalized, changes will require a change fee.

– Delivery & Set Up:
Offer free delivery once a certain purchase amount has been met. Offer to deliver and set up if appropriate.

– Rental Displays:
The more attractive macarons, the more attention they will receive at a special event, further reconfirming your customer’s choice of using your service and possibly exposing your work to a wider audience. If your budget allows, purchase a few pretty display units for displaying your macarons. Rent these out to your clients to use on their special day or offer free rental after a certain purchase amount. I found these pretty and very cost effective display units: White porcelain 3-tier tea tray is perfect for feminine tea party themes, Cascading 3-tier rectangular display has a modern appeal and is well suited for all types of themes, Pink cardboard 3-tier stand is economical enough to let the host keep without returning back to you. This will cut down on your travel costs.

– Celebrations:
Make note of your client’s special days like birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar. Send them an e-greeting card, flowers or some extra goodies you’re currently baking. This will make a lasting impact and your clients will be more apt to recommend you to their own friends and family.

– Support of local industry and sustainability:
Whenever possible try to source local products and work with local vendors. Supporting your local industry creates a mutually beneficial relationship. Local vendors have their own client base and you’ll be on their radar when customers ask them for recommendations. And it’s just a good thing to do in this special time in the world, we have to rely on each other in our local trade area in order to cut down on the environmental impacts (shipping, non-compliance with environmental regulations) of outsourcing production to other countries. There is an ever-growing number of customers who are choosing to support local companies that make a deliberate choice to leave the world a better place while conducting their commercial activities.

Cheap Prices Attract Cheap Clients

The takeaway from the last few paragraphs is to not undersell yourself. You should never try to make low price your value proposition. One of the most valuable mantras I found in one of my marketing textbooks was, “Cheap prices attract cheap clients.” Okay, I should make clear that there is nothing wrong with bargain shoppers. Everyone, including me, loves a good deal and a good customer should always be respected and cherished. However, extreme bargain shoppers should not be your customers.

Customers who put price ahead of everything else will always be on the lookout for the lowest price, making you easily replaceable in their eyes. They are unable to see how you bring value to them in the different ways I’ve outlined above.

At the end of the day, it may become demotivating for you to work for minimal monetary return while being underappreciated at the same time. Of course, this doesn’t apply to someone who appreciates you and your work, who are willing but unable to pay. Use your discretion. You can always make exceptions and adjust your pricing for customers with extenuating circumstances.

In general, avoid setting your prices too low or discounting too often. You don’t want to gain new customers only to lose them when you finally decide to increase your prices. Regardless of whether or not it’s fair, sometimes customers view price increases as a betrayal of their loyalty to your business. Try to set a price that will be sustainable for your business in the long run from the very beginning.

My Trusted Macaron Recipes:
– Basic Macaron Shells
– Basic Chocolate Chocolate Ganache Using 3 Ingredients

So How Much Should I Charge for My Macarons?

First off, for those who are taking orders I can’t stress enough the importance of a minimum order. Don’t think so much of how much you should charge per macaron but how much you should charge per order and you will need to set a minimum amount for this. I once had a request for 5 macarons, each one bearing the resemblance of a different animated character. GASP! I know, all you macaron bakers out there must be in shock. The time it would take to prepare all the different colored batters to pipe 5 different characters requiring 5 different templates… it’s doable but more as a passion project. Making only five would take so long that the price would be unjustifiable to a customer.

The moral of the story is to set a minimum quantity per color, per flavour, per design, per order. Per color because each new color will require the creation of a “new” batter and this takes time. In addition, each new color/batter adds another element of “risk” to the success of the macaron’s development. Per flavour because it requires time and supplies (piping bags etc.) to create each new flavour. Per design because each new design requires a new template to be made. Per order because your time, supplies and ingredients should be accounted for. We’ll talk more about that below.

Minimum Charge For Your Time and Fixed Costs

I highly recommend setting up a minimum charge for each order. A retail store operation has the ability to spread out their fixed costs among many walk-in customers so they have the ability to sell macarons by piece. For a home operation, you will need to account for the minimum amount of ingredients (e.g. a dozen eggs, a package of almond flour) you’ll need to buy and the time you will need to invest to get an order started. If a customer requests a special flavor that you don’t already have the ingredients for, you will need to buy a minimum amount of it and you might not be able to break even let alone profit by making small quantities of that particular flavour. Let’s go over how economies of scale will help you.

To take advantage of economies of scale, try to time non-event related orders on the same day.

Economies of Scale

It’s important to take advantage of economies of scale to help you recoup your costs and make a profit. Economies of scale is a term used in economics to describe the cost advantages that occur when the scale of the operation is increased. For example, variable costs (ex. ingredients) is directly linked to the production of each macaron and this cost per unit increases with every extra macaron you make. More macarons = more ingredients = more variable costs.

On the other hand, your fixed costs (ex. table rent, facebook ads) per unit decreases with each additional unit you make because you pay the same rent and marketing costs no matter how many macarons you make. These fixed costs can be spread among a larger quantity of macarons, resulting in each unit being less expensive to produce.

Ways to Take Advantage of Economies of Scale:

– Bake all your orders in one day.
Cleanup and pre-heating your oven to just the right temperature takes time so it’s more efficient to do all your baking in one day instead of spread out. If it takes half an hour to clean up each time and you end up baking on 4 separate days, that’s 2 hours of cleanup instead of a half hour. Time equals money. You can freeze a fully assembled macaron or the shells by itself until you are ready to deliver or assemble them. READ: How to freeze macarons and make in advance.

– Do one task at a time to maximize efficiency.
Just like workers in an efficient assembly plant, one worker is usually in charge of just one step in the assembly of the complete unit. This helps each worker stay focused and proficient doing that one vital step. In your case, you are probably working alone in your home kitchen, completing every assembly step by yourself. But if you have multiple orders, it is still more efficient for you to bake, fill and package your macarons all together as a big batch. This will cut down on cleanup, oven pre-heat time, piping bags etc.

– Schedule deliveries on the same day.
If possible, try to schedule non-event related deliveries on the same day to save gas/public transportation costs. Don’t forget about the time you need to get ready each time you leave the house too.

– Buy in bulk
Once you have enough orders. Consider buying your essential ingredients in bulk: sugar, eggs and almonds. In most case, making almond flour yourself will be cheaper and provide more consistent results. READ: How to Make Your Own Almond Flour for Macarons. Watch that you don’t overspend for rarely used ingredients. Exotic flavorings might not get used as often and might even expire before you can recoup the costs for them. If you do need to buy them, buy a smaller quantity first, it will cost you less upfront. Later on, if that flavor becomes a best-seller, you can choose to buy more based on how well it does.

– Prepare in advance
Make as many elements as you can in advance. This will improve efficiency and save you time if anything unexpected happens before a big order. What can be done in advance? Portioning out dry ingredients, making almond flour and sifting it, sculpting fondant elements, pre-building macaron boxes, writing out thank you cards etc. Sculpted fondant elements can be made in advance and remains soft and pliable if sealed with this product.

– Offer “discounts” to clients using portfolio designs
If a design requested by a client requires the creation of a new macaron template, the cost should be accounted for. You can charge a template creation fee for this. Customers who request designs that you’ve already made before won’t incur this fee. You’ll see cost savings in remaking old designs as you already know the best way to execute them and can foresee problem areas in advance. You can download my macaron templates for free here once you become a newsletter subscriber.

– Make multiple colors from one batch of macaron batter. This tutorial on how to make different colored macaron batter is very helpful for when you start making multi-colored macarons and character macarons.

– Different ways to save time and money
For more tips, I wrote another post about how to save time and money while making macarons.

How to Set the Price for Homemade Macarons

To summarize, the price for your homemade macarons should:
– Have a minimum charge per order
– Will cover 100% of your variable expenses (ex. ingredients & packaging)
– Will cover some of your fixed expenses (ex. table rent, marketing). This percentage will depend on how many orders you make in your total operation and what retail price your local market will bear.
– Should ideally give you an hourly wage equal to at least the minimum wage in your local area. (You have to work at a realistic pace though).

Cost Profit Analysis of a Sample Order
Regular Round Macarons: $2.50/pc.
Minimum order: 24 pc.
12 pc. minimum per color
Packaged in 1 big box
Delivery Fee: $8
Total Revenue: $60

Cost of Goods Sold: $6.28 (Ingredients: $5.28 + Box: $1)

GROSS Profit: $53.72 This is gross profit only (not net profit). It accounts for the profit after deducting revenue minus cost of goods sold. Don’t forget, there are other operating costs like rent, gas, marketing and your labor. Without taking the operating costs into equation, let’s look at how much this gross profit works out to be for each hour of work. If it takes you 3 hours to complete this order, you would have effectively made $17.90/hour ($53.72/3 hours). This should account for your grocery shopping time, delivery, baking, packaging, communicating with client etc. There’s a lot to be done. That’s why taking advantage of economies of scale and setting minimum orders are so important.

Suggested Macaron Pricing and Minimum Order for Special Requests:
– Minimum order: $100-$200
– Minimum pieces per color: 1 dozen
– Minimum pieces per design: 1 dozen
– Minimum pieces per flavor: 1 dozen
– Template creation fee for new designs: $20
– Template creation fee is waived if working with designs from portfolio.
– Regular round macarons: $2.50 – $2.75
– Macaron Art (unique designs): $3.50+ one color, additional $.50-$1 for each additional color added onto design (this works out to be $6-$12 for creating a second batter in another color.
– Macarons individually wrapped in plastic bags: add $.25-$.50 / pc
– Macarons with lollipop sticks inserted: add $.25-$.50 / pc

These are suggested pricing and what you can command will depend on the competition in your area and your skill level. These prices are at the lower end of the spectrum, as your skills increase and you can offer more value to your clients, prices beyond these are justified considering how much labor is involved.

Selling Macarons Without Taking Orders

We talked a lot about taking orders and setting up minimums but you can also consider making macarons in bulk and selling them after the fact to anyone who is interested. You can be more relaxed with the minimums in these situations if you have enough clients to disperse your fixed costs and the cost of your labor among. Making big batches of different flavours and freezing them until it will be delivered to clients will help you offer a variety of flavors and colors to your customers without having to set up minimum spend rules.

Consider a ‘template creation fee’ or give discounts to clients who choose to work with designs you already have in your portfolio. This will account for the time you will need to spend on creating a new macaron template for the project. Free macaron templates are available for my newsletter subscribers, just subscribe and you will get the password in the welcome email.

Last Minute Orders

We all know life happens and sometimes we can’t be as prepared as we’d like and we end up ordering things last minute. While it is easy for bakeries to keep baked goods in the store for last minute walk-in customers, home bakers don’t have the scale of operation to provide the same service. A lot of planning and communication has to happen for each order. Be very careful when taking last minute orders. Even if you are not particularly busy during that stretch of time, you’ll need to take into account that you’ll have less time to fix things if anything goes wrong or you might have to make special trips to the grocery store just to buy certain ingredients. And because it may be the only order at the time, you are not taking advantage of economies of scale. For these reasons, you should always consider charging extra for last minute orders, even if you feel like you have the “free” time to do it.

How Much Should I Charge Friends and Family?

I believe that in a majority of cases, the number one reason why your friends and family want to order baked goods from you is because they want to support you and your business. Already having a good rapport with you, making you easier to work with and appreciation of your talent probably ties for second. Notice how none of those top reasons are related to the price of your macarons. Therefore, I don’t think you need to worry so much about giving out discounts that hurt your bottom line.

For people you know well, you should always show extra special appreciation that they chose to support you and your business. This doesn’t always have to translate into discounts. You know your loved ones well so use your judgement. Your older aunt who has done well for herself in life won’t be expecting a discount from you (and may even be insulted) but she would probably really appreciate that extra dozen macarons in her favorite color that you whipped up just for her. Giving something extra on top of charging your regular prices will usually cost you less (due to economies of scale) and make more of a meaningful impact to the receiver.

If you do want to go the discount route for loved ones who would more appreciate it, make sure you have already set a discount level that you are comfortable with. Tell them, “This is my friends and family rate”, be it 10%, 20% etc. off your usual rate.

Ways to Go Above and Beyond Without Discounting:
– Extra product
Make extra macarons each time you bake and keep them frozen for complimentary samples in the future. If you are particularly time crunched but want to do something special, you can re-use these pre-made macarons but add extra details on them tailored to the receiver. Tip: adding extra details is easy with pre-made fondant. I like that these packages come in small packages because fondant dries out after a while and will be wasted if not fully utilized.

– Free delivery & use of display units
Offer free delivery, setup and use of display units.

– Packaging/free greeting cards
Offer special gift wrapping and free mini gift cards for orders purchased to celebrate special occasions. This will help elevate your product and provide value to your customer at the same time. This laser cut pink favors box is so elegant and pretty for packaging a pair of macarons as bridal or baby shower favors. You can provide free gift cards like these ones in the 140 gift mini gift card set, it is so economical and attractive. There’s a rainbow of colors included so it will work with any project.

– Gift card for future use
Offer a free gift card for use on a future order. I recommend not requiring a certain sales amount to be met for it to be used as that is not truly “free” and takes away from the spirit of giving.

– Free gift from a colleague in another industry
Partner up with another local company and swap goods/services to offer to your own clients. Perhaps your customer may not need extra macarons but might really enjoy receiving a free scented candle instead. This strategy will make your own clients feel appreciated while exposing your product to new clients and requires little out of pocket costs for you.

Consider teaming up with another local business and swap products to provide as gifts with purchase to your own clients. This will bring extra value to your clients and expose your products to another audience base.

Working for “Exposure”

With the advent of social media, working for exposure has become a very common request from organizations big and small. While it may sound like a good exchange at first because you’re just starting out and relatively unknown, you really have to weigh how much you stand to gain from the experience. Smaller brands that ask for free goods usually have a smaller audience base so it might not turn out to be the amount of exposure you’re expecting while bigger brands… they really ought to have the spirit and budget to pay hardworking people for their services.

As long as you feel like you are gaining something in the process and won’t cost you too much in opportunity costs, it might be worth it. Sometimes you do need to give a little more in the beginning in order to put your brand out there but it shouldn’t become something you will resent doing.

Working with like-minded people from different industries in a collaborative project is a great way to work for exposure (ex. wedding photo shoot). You will build great connections, learn more about the local business community and perhaps make a new friend. Something like that sounds like a win to me. Additionally, making free goods for local charity events and non-profits are always a good idea even without the return of exposure. You can practice your skills and most importantly, do some good for your community.

The wiener dog macarons I made one year to raise funds for the local food bank. The packaging can be easily made with a colored plate, some colored cardboard to cut out the flower confetti with a shape cutter, then glued onto the plate with a glue gun. The macarons are held in place with royal icing. Lastly, the whole thing is protected inside a clear plastic treat bag.

I hope this post was helpful. Just by the fact that you are here means that you are curious about turning your hobby into a business and every journey begins with a single step. I wish you the best of luck ahead 🙂


Sun-Star Delde Flat Pouch – French Macaron – Lavender Mint – Limited Edition

Sun-Star Delde Flat Pouch – French Macaron – Lavender Mint – Limited Edition | JetPens JetPens is accepting and shipping orders. See COVID-19 for more details.   >    >    >    >     >    >    >    >  


In stock and usually ships within 1 to 3 business days.

DescriptionSpecificationsQuestions & Answers
This pen pouch is both fashionable and clever—it’s slim and flat when shut, but opens wide to reveal a pen tray with plenty of room. When it’s unzipped, magnets hold the case open—simply push out the sides of the inner compartment to attach the magnets to the top of the pen case. Lift the upper half of the case to release the magnets and close it. The pen tray holds several of your favorite pens and pencils, while the small inside pocket keeps little accessories safe. An extra pocket on the outside provides instant access to your most-used pens and accessories.

This limited-edition pouch features a lovely tricolor design inspired by French macarons.

Compare Colors & Sizes
Model NumberSUN-STAR S2282593
Attaches to Notebook No
Closure Zipper
Exterior Color Ivory, Light Green, Purple
Exterior Material Synthetic Leather
Features Padded, Slim
Format Pouch, Tray
Interior Color Purple
Interior Material Polyester
Number of Compartments i

A compartment is a section of the product that holds an item or items and separates them from other items. This includes pockets, slots, and pen loops.

Pen Capacity i 14
Size – Depth 3.1 cm / 1.2 inches
Size – Length 19.2 cm / 7.6 inches
Size – Width 10.5 cm / 4.1 inches
Weight – Item Without Packaging i

For a product that contains more than one of the same item, this is the weight of one single item.

4.48 oz / 127 grams

There are currently no questions.

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought

I love the bright aqua…

December 27, 2019

Verified Purchase

I love the bright aqua lining. It’s easy to prop it open. It’s nice for holding a handful of multicolor markers and pens for a planner. It’s about as large as a rectangular wallet. I wouldn’t use this for a large quantity of pens, thick washi tape rolls, or a large diameter kabuki brush (if this is used for cosmetics), but this is a nice slim pouch that can hold my must-have planner supplies when traveling.

6 people found this helpful

Good quality, with colors…

January 14, 2020

Verified Purchase

Good quality, with colors true to the picture. The inside pouch fits 12-15 pens/highlighters. It is easier to put post-its in the outside flap than inside, if you want it to close without being bulky.

5 people found this helpful

Not only is this unique…

March 9, 2020

Verified Purchase

Not only is this unique in its unconventional method of being open display with magnetic sides, but its sleek body and beautifully soft and aesthetic color scheme also make it a lovely addition to my carriers and pen cases. The pouch is a soft creme color with lavender and mint sides and the outside serves as a thin pouch for any loose cards or notes. It is beautifully adorned with a gold inscription of the brand: Delde. Once opened the pouch sits open comfortably and fits an array of pens, highlighters, and pencils. The interior is a similar shade of mint and includes a small card slot to place a school ID, license, credit card or even page flags. The design makes it perfect for on the go storage and retains an elegant look cute enough to show off!

4 people found this helpful

May 10, 2021

Verified Purchase

Oh boy these are sure pretty. I gave a few away as gifts and plan to get more. They hold a decent amount of pens/pencils, or anything else you choose to carry. I like that you can open them up and they stay open while you work. These are well made and a bit more elegant to use at work. Just love the colors.

Very well made and durable….

January 8, 2021

Verified Purchase

Very well made and durable.


19 Macaron Themed Gifts – Presents For People Who Love Macarons

Design by Michael Stillwell

A sugary case to accessorize your rose gold phone.

Adorable stationery to help you send a “sweet” note.

A book on the love of your dessert-filled life.

A macaron-scented candle.

Miniature earrings that look like they’ve been dusted in sugar.

A new luxe home fragrance by Ladurée.

Macaron-scented balm for your perfect pout.

Twenty-six flavors to rest your pretty little head on.

Your very own macaron-making kit.

A framed painting of your favorite French dessert.

Lip crayons that will give you that “just bit into a rose-flavored macaron” look.

The mini-macarons from Baked by Melissa. Trust us.

A macaron mat, because anyone who’s serious about macarons has one.

Macaron bubble bath because MACARON BUBBLE BATH.

Valentine’s Day macarons, of course (that’s true love right there).

A place to keep your sweetest trinkets.

In case the gift isn’t macaron-related, at least the wrapping paper can be.

And the most ridiculous (yet you might need one and we may have already ordered several) gift award: Macaron feet warmers.

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Which jar for spaghetti and pasta to choose for the home – requirements and overview of options

Correctly chosen jar for spaghetti, pasta, noodles, noodles helps protect products from bugs, high humidity, breakages.

There are many types of containers, you need to choose taking into account the shape of the pasta. Most likely, you will need not one bank, but several. Consider options and help you choose the best one for home storage in the kitchen or in the pantry.

In this publication:

Why pour pasta into a jar

Spaghetti, pasta and all other pasta are made from flour.From which it follows that you need to store them in a dry place, protecting them from pests – all kinds of bugs and their larvae, which you can bring from the store with other products.

Plastic bags, cellophane packs and cardboard boxes are not an obstacle for insects. But plastic, glass and metal containers reliably protect against attacks from uninvited guests.

Humidity in the kitchen is constantly jumping, as well as the temperature, depending on the operation of the oven and stove.Banks to some extent help to avoid the influence of unwanted surges, contributing to a longer shelf life of products.

It is difficult to accidentally spill noodles in containers, it is easy to maintain order and dose the right amount.

Types of containers for different types of pasta

Containers for storing pasta differ in shape, height, volume. It is believed that square containers take up less space because they can be placed close to each other. It is convenient if there is a handle on the case – it will not slip out of your hands when pulled from the top shelf of the cabinet.

Jar for spaghetti and long pasta

Pasta is a long hollow “tube” and spaghetti is a thin round “rod”. Some break them before cooking, but in classic recipes, cook them whole. This means that you need to store it so that the products do not break, while taking up less space in the closet.

Special spaghetti cans high – the size of long noodles . The pasta is stored vertically, it is easy to shift it out of the pack and it is just as easy to pull it out by measuring out the right amount.

Very convenient containers for spaghetti with a lifting mechanism, which is a disc with a long handle. Works on the piston principle. It is convenient to transfer pasta into such a container by pulling out the second bottom to the middle. To take a portion of noodles, you need to pull the handle-rod up – the contents will rise.

Universal jars for shaped pasta

For storing figured pasta, you can use jars for cereals and other bulk products.They are especially convenient for small species – noodles, stars, noodles, horns, shells.

Containers for bulk pasta are cylindrical, square, rectangular. The volumes are different. And here the choice depends not so much on the weight of the pack as on the shape and size of the products. It is better to have a set of different jars in the same style for both vermicelli and huge seashells.

It is equally important that the pasta does not break. Leaf noodles are best stored in square and rectangular containers that are horizontally oriented.

Criteria for choosing a container for storing pasta

It would seem that everything is simple – choose a jar according to its shape and go to the cash register. But beyond the volume to consider when basing your stocking habits, there are other important factors.

Practical and hygienic material

Tins for spaghetti and other pasta are made of glass, ceramics, plastics, metals. Sometimes there are wooden ones, made of birch bark and bamboo. Let’s consider different options.

Glass is an inert material, easy to wash and disinfect, there are no pores, reliably protects against penetration both inside and outside (if you suddenly bought infected pasta) bugs, moths and other pests.

The disadvantages include:

  • transparency – spaghetti in glass jars should be stored in a dark place;
  • weight – a lot of glass jars load the shelf in the cabinet, since they themselves are heavy;
  • fragility – falling onto floors, especially tiled floors, may result in a pile of debris.

Plastics are lightweight and inexpensive, they are transparent and do not transmit light. This segment has the largest selection of pasta containers – there are safe and practical ones, and there are those that are better off buying.Labeling will help you choose the right utensils for storing.

Polypropylene is a safe material from which plastic containers and storage containers are made, including for the refrigerator and freezer. A rigid container for reusable use is obtained from it. Polypropylene cans can be safely used to store pasta. Designate on the marking with the number 5 .

PET – not suitable for repeated use. Disposable containers are made from it, including bottles, in which some people still store cereals and noodles, although this cannot be done.

Metal containers strong and durable if made of stainless steel. True, they have one weak point – they quickly heat up and cool down. If the kitchen is small and the oven is running frequently, overheating cannot be avoided. Store spaghetti away from heat sources. Tin containers may not even be considered, this is yesterday.

Wood and materials similar to it in properties (bamboo, birch bark) are only suitable for very short storage of pasta.And only in dry places where there are no foreign odors. If the kitchen is large, and you have never seen insects in it, then you can take a chance.

Ceramic containers are suitable for storing pasta only if the inner surface is covered with glaze. Unglazed ceramics absorb moisture and release it if the air inside becomes dry. This is hello to moisturizing the pasta and spoiling it. Glazed ceramic containers are close to glass in properties, but do not transmit light, which is a plus.

Lid and opening method

Tall glass spaghetti jars with screw-type lid reliably protect the contents from moisture and insects. Opening such lids is not quick, but pasta is not tea and sugar, you need it more than five times a day.

Covers with a “window” are convenient because they are completely removable, making the opening wide. This makes it easier to transfer pasta from the stack. The “window”, in turn, opens easily. But it is important that it fits snugly, leaving no chance for pests to crawl inside.

There are caps with dispensing function . The size of the hole or recess in the lid is adjusted according to the number of servings. Separate dispensers may be included.

Caps that close like plugs are also noteworthy. Silicone seals provide reliable insulation of the contents from external factors. At the same time, they open and close easily. They can be supplemented with measuring grooves.

Hinged lids with clips are also convenient, reliable and stylish.True, they take time to open and close.

By the way, you also need the right pasta pot for cooking. What it happens and how to choose the right one for different tasks, we have already told. We also have an overview of the types of spaghetti spoons and tongs and tips for choosing the best.

Review of cans for storing spaghetti and pasta

We have selected several options for containers, in reality there are many more.

A set of steel cans of different sizes for spaghetti, curly pasta, noodles, noodles.Transparent windows help you quickly identify what is inside. The containers are made of lightweight stainless steel, strong and durable.

Ceramic jar for storing long pasta does not let in light and can even be stored on open shelves in the kitchen. The minimalist design will fit into any interior.

The 1.6 L tall cylindrical container is easy to use thanks to the sliding opening in the lid.

Plastic double container with different types of dispensers on the lid.There is a graduation scale on the side of the case. Lightweight, inexpensive, convenient.

When choosing a set of containers for bulk, take into account the requirements for containers for salt and cans for storing coffee. It may be better to purchase individual items instead of a set to provide better conditions for the preservation of food.

And also take into account where you plan to put the can of spaghetti, measure the height of the shelf so that it does not work out that you will not be able to put it in the planned place.Have a good choice!

Boxes with PASTA cakes and flowers

In Stock:


Presentation of gifts:


1) SALON on 9/34 Z. Konoplyannikova street

(ZAVOLZHE district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, party supplies, soft toys

s 8.00 to 21.00

(Sun from 9.00)

2) Stop “Tverskoy

(near Rive Gauche store; CENTRAL area)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, soft toys

from 8.00 to 02.00

(Sun from 9.00)

3) Victory Avenue, 72 (opposite the RUSSKIY SVET store; CHAYKA district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, party supplies, soft toys

s 8.00 to 21.00

(Sun from 9.00)

4) SALON on Smolensky lane d8 / k2

Category: Fresh cut flowers, party supplies, soft toys, decor, souvenirs, gifts

from 8.00 to 21.00

(Sun from 9.00)

5) Oktyabrsky pr-t 101 (department in the hypermarket “GLOBUS”; YUZHNY district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, holiday supplies, decor, souvenirs, gifts

s 9.00 to 22.00

6) SALON on the street. Pasha Saveleva 31 (opposite the shopping center “DUNA”; Yunost district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, holiday supplies, decor, souvenirs, gifts

from 8.00 to 21.00

7) SALON on

st. Simeonovskaya d1 (entrance from Svobodny Lane; CENTRAL area)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, holiday supplies, decor, souvenirs, gifts

s 8.00 to 24.00

(Sun from 9.00)

8) SALON at st. Tryokhsvyatskaya d10 (opposite the cafe “FORTUNA”; CENTRAL area)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, holiday supplies, decor, souvenirs, gifts

from 8.00 to 21.00

(Sun from 9.00)

9) Khrustalnaya st., D66 (department in the shopping center “Credo”; SOMINKA district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, potted plants

1st floor FLOWERS and POTS

s 8.00-20.00 (Mon from 10.00)

10) st. 2nd Krasina d84 (department in the shopping center “YES”; Yunost district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers

from 8.00 – 20.00


on pl. Constitution

(highway Petersburg d54 / 2: Yunost district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers

from 8.00 to 20.00


on the emb.Afanasy Nikitina d110 (opposite the city beach; ZAVOLZHE district)

Category: Fresh cut flowers, holiday supplies, decor, souvenirs, gifts

from 8.00 to 21.00

(Sun from 9.00)

Balloons in the section “SUPPLEMENT TO BOUQUETS”

(price is for 1 ball)

Vintage designer postcards

from the network “Artbouquet”



“Retro Car”

“Pasta Cake”

“Tulips in a hat box”




French cake box


“Delicious” gift…

Various colors

gamma …

Delicate and bright

palettes …

Decorative plates:

“Mom”, “Daughter”,

“Friend”, “Beloved” …

Delicious cakes

for dessert …

A pleasant surprise for your

loved ones and friends!)

Unusual gift …

Drying cabinets for pasta from the manufacturer with delivery in Russia

We will deliver equipment to any city in Russia:

Abakan, Azov, Aleksandrov, Aleksin, Almetyevsk, Anapa, Angarsk, Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Apatity, Arzamas, Armavir, Arsenyev, Artem, Arkhangelsk, Asbestos, Astrakhan, Achinsk, Balakovo, Balakhna, Balashikha, Balgorodatashov, Barnaisk , Belebey, Belovo, Belogorsk (Amur region), Beloretsk, Belorechensk, Berdsk, Berezniki, Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region), Biysk, Birobidzhan, Blagoveshchensk (Amur region), Bor, Borisoglebsk, Borovichi, Bratsk, Bryansk, Bugulma , Buinaksk, Velikiye Luki, Veliky Novgorod, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Vidnoe, Vladivostok, Vladikavkaz, Vladimir, Volgograd, Volgodonsk, Volzhsk, Volzhsky, Vologda, Volsk, Vorkuta, Voronezh, Voskresensk, Votkinsk, Vsevolozhsk, Vyborg, Vyksa, Vyazma, Gelendzhik, Georgievsk, Glazov, Gorno-Altaysk, Grozny, Gubkin, Gudermes, Gukovo, Gus-Khrustalny, Derbent, Dzerzhinsk, Dimitrovgrad, Dmitrov, Dolgoprudny, Domodedovo, Donskoy, Dubna, Evpatoria, Egoryevsk, Yeisk, Yekaterinburg, Egorievsk, Yeisk, Yekaterinburg Essentuki, Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Zheleznogorsk (Kursk Region), Zhigulevsk, Zhukovsky, Zarechny, Zelenogorsk, Zelenodolsk, Zlatoust, Ivanovo, Ivanteevka, Izhevsk, Izberbash, Irkutsk, Iskitim, Ishim, Ishimbai, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Kaluga -Uralsky, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Kamyshin, Kansk, Kaspiysk, Kemerovo, Kerch, Kineshma, Kirishi, Kirov (Kirov region), Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kiselevsk, Kislovodsk, Klin, Klintsy, Kovrov, Kogalym, Kolomna, Komsomolsk-na , Kopeysk, Korolev, Kostroma, Kotlas, Krasnogorsk, Krasnodar, Krasnokamensk, Krasnokamsk, Krasnoturyinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kropotkin, Krymsk, Kstovo, Kuznetsk, Kumertau, Kungur, Kurgan, Kursk, Kyzyl, Labinsk, Leninogorsk, Leninskiy-Leskip , Liski, Lobnya, Lysva, Lytkarino, Lyubertsy, Magadan, Magnitogorsk, Maykop, Makhachkala, Mezhdurechensk, Meleuz, Miass, Mineralnye Vody, Minusinsk, Mikhailovka, Mikhailovsk (Stavropol Territory), Michurinsk, Moscow, Murmansk, Naberezhty, Murom , Nazarovo, Nazran, Nalchik, Naro-Fo Minsk, Nakhodka, Nevinnomyssk, Neryungri, Neftekamsk, Nefteyugansk, Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhnekamsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Tagil, Novoaltaysk, Novokuznetsk, Novokuybyshevsk, Novomoskovsk, Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk, Novooturalokskahl, Novyotrochinsk, Novorossiysk, Novochuralsk, Novyotrochrensk, Novyotrochin , Noyabrsk, Nyagan, Obninsk, Odintsovo, Ozersk (Chelyabinsk region), Oktyabrsky, Omsk, Oryol, Orenburg, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Orsk, Pavlovo, Pavlovsky Posad, Penza, Pervouralsk, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Podolsk Prokopyevsk, Cool, Pskov, Pushkino, Pyatigorsk, Ramenskoe, Revda, Reutov, Rzhev, Roslavl, Rossosh, Rostov-on-Don, Rubtsovsk, Rybinsk, Ryazan, Salavat, Salsk, Samara, St. Petersburg, Saransk, Sarapul, Saratov, Sarov, Svobodny, Sevastopol, Severodvinsk, Seversk, Sergiev Posad, Serov, Serpukhov, Sertolovo, Sibay, Simferopol, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Smolensk, Solikamsk, Solnechnogorsk, Sosnovy Bor, Sochi, Stavropol, Stary Oskol, Sterlitamak, Stupi but, Surgut, Syzran, Syktyvkar, Taganrog, Tambov, Tver, Timashevsk, Tikhvin, Tikhoretsk, Tobolsk, Togliatti, Tomsk, Troitsk, Tuapse, Tuymazy, Tula, Tyumen, Uzlovaya, Ulan-Ude, Ulyanovsk, Urus-Martan Siberian, Ussuriysk, Ust-Ilimsk, Ufa, Ukhta, Feodosia, Fryazino, Khabarovsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Khasavyurt, Khimki, Tchaikovsky, Chapaevsk, Cheboksary, Chelyabinsk, Cheremkhovo, Cherepovets, Cherkessk, Chekhov, Chernogorsk Shawls, Shahty, Shuya, Shchekino, Shchelkovo, Elektrostal, Elista, Engels, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yurga, Yakutsk, Yalta, Yaroslavl…

Container for bulk products M-plastic IDEA – “Convenient, compact and versatile – containers with lids for storage in the kitchen”

The first time I saw containers IDEA in the hypermarket “Globus” , I immediately realized that these are very handy things. I bought 2 containers – more (for 2.1 liters ) and smaller (for 1.5 liters ). A little later I bought another one in the store “Magnet Cosmetic” .Previously, I used plastic containers from Ikea to store food – to be honest, they were not impressive. IDEA containers are an order of magnitude better.

Containers made of transparent plastic

Lids snap tightly

Convenient, compact and roomy containers. The plastic of both the container itself and the lid is strong enough, odorless. The covers are moderately elastic and close tightly until they click.Products will be reliably protected by a lid, moisture and foreign odors will not get inside. Thanks to the recess, the containers fit comfortably in the hand and do not slip. They are also dishwasher safe.

Round dispenser

The lid can be completely removed

The containers are suitable for storing any bulk products: you can put cereals, pasta, sugar and even washing powder there.At first I adapted the high container for spaghetti, but it turned out to be not very convenient – the spaghetti is difficult to fit, and the lid barely closes. Now I fall asleep in this container the horns, and for the spaghetti I took a lower container, though I have to break them in half.

The lids of the containers have round dispensing holes that snap tightly into place. It is convenient to pour rice and buckwheat from the holes. To empty the pasta, it is better to remove the lid completely. A standard package of rice, pasta, buckwheat or other cereals is placed in one container, and there is still a little space left.

A large container holds a pack of cones, a small one holds a spaghetti pack

Compactly fit on the shelves

I store the container with rice in the hinged shelf of the kitchen unit, and the pasta in the drawers, since the high capacity does not fit into the shelf. In general, IDEA containers not only organize and save space, but also just look great. Due to the fact that the plastic is transparent, their contents are clearly visible – this is also very convenient.The price is quite affordable. Disadvantages? They are not for me.

Reviews for other dishes:

Breadbasket Zone Denmark “Modern Kitchen”

Serving stand IKEA “Kvittera”

Hot stand Bona “Owl”

STO 6506

Tander muffin tins (+ recipe for banana muffins)

Do you blow pasta? Or are you washing it ?: p_syutkin – LiveJournal

Two soldiers blowing a box of pasta on the deck in front of the galley – this picture became familiar to the Soviet fleet already in the 1950s and 1960s.

Laughter laughter, but this, of course, was an indication of two serious things. The first is that pasta really entered our cuisine at that time. And the second fact was that they were then widespread only in urban life. And young sailors, called up mainly from the countryside and small towns, knew about this dish only by hearsay.

So a stern foreman came to the kitchen outfit. He would open a box of pasta and say: “Again you, soldiers, will have to scrub the pot all night.Look, the pasta has been sent again, all rolled in flour. This flour will then burn on the boiler – to your delight. ”

– But what can I do? The young man asked.

– What to do? Well, you can help your trouble. Sit down with your partner and blow through the drawer – one pasta after another. Two o’clock to you. So be it I will give you indulgence. Then you will work it out!

Do you think it’s easy to blow through a few thousand pasta? Only by the end of this process did the young begin to suspect something. Especially when listening to the strangled giggle of old-timers passing by.

If about “blowing” is, of course, such a joke, then “flushing” is more and more serious. Generally speaking, not a single Russian and later Soviet cookbook could have come up with this. Everywhere – starting from Molokhovets (or even earlier) – it was advised to cook pasta, then put it in a colander, melt a piece of butter in a still hot saucepan and immediately throw this pasta there. Stir them so that the oil soaks and lubricates them evenly. Moreover, depending on the tradition, the oil could be butter or olive.

The same method of cooking pasta was transferred to the “Book of tasty and healthy food”. The only Soviet difference from the original was that it was recommended to cook pasta for 10 to 35 minutes. That is, just into the trash, into the mess. Which, on the other hand, was also logical. They have almost never been used as an independent dish here. But only as a side dish for cutlets, goulash, as naval pasta. And then just like dressing in soup. That is, where the consistency of the pasta itself did not really matter.There were, of course, pasta casseroles, and macaroni with cheese and cottage cheese. But, according to my recollections, they are also far from the current “al dente”.

But! It’s in the books. And in practice, on many packs of pasta (including the one in the photo above) there was an inscription recommending that after boiling, rinse them with cold water so that they do not stick together. Today we understand that after this procedure the pasta will not get better. Will not soak in sauce, etc. But then, for some reason, every housewife resorted to this method.

There are different explanations for this. Perhaps they were saving on oil. Still, it’s not cheap to use creamy for pasta. And watering with sunflower is a so-so choice.

Perhaps they were preparing for the future, for a few days. And then something like that had to be used. Let’s leave general eating habits out of brackets. Another version is the quality of those pasta. They, as you know, were of three types: Extra (ordinary and egg from granular flour), Extra grade (ordinary and egg) and First grade (from bakery flour).Only the first category corresponded to today’s high-quality pasta, and that is often conditionally. Therefore, it is difficult to try them on for today’s tastes.

What do you think? And generally rinse pasta with cold water today?

Corrugated boxes wholesale production of Pavlovo-Posad Corrugated Combine!

Four-flap boxes are the most popular, simple, demanded and the very first type of corrugated cardboard boxes in history. Four-valve boxes are a unique combination of strength, ease of assembly, handling, product safety and transportability.Almost everything can be packed in four-valve boxes. In addition, it is the most economical design in terms of cost and manufacture.

Externally, the four-valve box has the shape of a cube or parallelogram with opening valves on two opposite sides. On the side, the structure is fastened with glue, tape or metal staples.
If the box is large, then it is cut from one sheet of corrugated cardboard, respectively, if the boxes are not large, then several blanks are cut out of one.In places where the pattern is folded, scoring lines are applied, along which the pattern is bent.

The four-valve box is a universal container made of corrugated cardboard, which has found its application in trade, warehouse storage of goods, industry and everyday life. They are widely used in the following areas:

  • Archive storage and document flow
  • soft drinks
  • household chemicals
  • home appliances and electronics
  • haberdashery
  • measuring instruments
  • online commerce
  • stationery
  • conservation
  • alcoholic beverage, alcohol production, wine
  • logistics
  • groceries: pasta, cereals, sugar
  • oils and fats
  • mechanical engineering
  • furniture production
  • dairy products
  • cosmetics and perfumery
  • clothes
  • lighting fixtures
  • brewing products
  • production of publishing houses and printing houses
  • construction products and materials
  • tobacco products
  • textile and baby products
  • goods for home and garden
  • pharmaceutical and medical products
  • electrical equipment

Four-valve boxes are an excellent, affordable and inexpensive advertising medium that plays an important role in the marketing of an enterprise, helping to promote the manufacturer’s goods.

Advantages of four-valve boxes

With simplicity, efficiency and ergonomics of the design, four-valve boxes have a number of advantages:

  • Convenient loading and unloading, maximum filling of the space – due to standard dimensions and correct geometric shape
  • simplicity of assembly and compactness during storage – the procedure for assembling a four-valve box is intuitive, and when folded, an assembled box with a volume of 1 m3 will take only 0.08 m3 in the warehouse
  • high speed die-cutting – 4-valve boxes can be produced on simple conveyor equipment
  • economic efficiency in production – minimum cutting of raw materials, which means minimum costs in the manufacture of boxes
  • Possibility to produce a wide range of four-valve boxes – from small ones with a volume of less than a liter to huge ones with a volume of 4,000+ liters

Modifications for four-valve boxes

Four-valve boxes are divided not only by size, but also by their modifications.Let’s take a closer look at these differences.

Four-valve corrugated box with mating external valves

This is a standard and demanded four-valve box design. Manufactured according to type 0201 according to the FEFCO catalog. The picture shows a flat pattern of this type of boxes, where the letters H * B * L are marked with Height * Width * Length, respectively.
In boxes of this modification, it is recommended to observe the ratio L * W * H, as 3: 2: 2. These proportions are developed empirically and are currently supported by all manufacturers of corrugated packaging, based on the requirements:

  • ease of assembly
  • ease of stacking products
  • easy stacking and stacking of boxes

If you have chosen four-flap boxes with docking flaps, our professional designers will offer packaging design options that will make your product stand out from the total mass of proposals, giving individuality and brightness.If necessary, the box can be supplemented with inserts, grilles and gaskets.
We will also help you in choosing the optimal sizes of corrugated boxes according to your needs.

Four-valve manifold with overlapping external valves

Corrugated boxes with overlapping valves are used to strengthen the structure of the box and protect it from breaking the bottom by weight or pushing and puncturing by the boxes stacked above when stacking. Boxes of this modification are more expensive, since more corrugated cardboard is required for their production and cutting is more complicated.
For the production of these boxes, there are also recommendations for observing the required proportions:

  • height and width should be approximately equal to
  • permissible length-to-width ratio, no more than 2.5-3

Our specialists will help you to determine the necessity of choosing this modification.

In addition to those described, there are other modifications of four-valve boxes, for example:

Pavlovo-Posad Corrugated Plant produces corrugated board and products from it:

  • corrugated boxes of various types, types and sizes
  • corrugated trays for frozen and chilled meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits
  • packing of moisture resistant cardboard with perforations, holes, handles
  • accessories for corrugated packaging: grids, inserts, dividers, shells and holders

We offer the application of accompanying images on corrugated products using flexography up to 4 colors.

Production and shipment – are carried out around the clock!

Where to order four-valve corrugated boxes

You can choose and buy four-valve boxes at wholesale prices on our website by filling out an application in the appropriate section of the catalog.

Our experts will develop a design layout for corrugated packaging of the required dimensions.
There is always a wide selection of ready-made packaging in stock.
To place an order, contact us in any convenient way – by filling out an application, ordering a call or calling by phone.

We will be happy to advise on our products and find the best solution!

Cardboard packaging – Krasnodar Cardboard Factory

Fruit bar show box Fruit bar show box.

This showbox is specially designed for fruit-nut boxes. It is made of dense single-layer cardboard and has dimensions of 295 * 170 * 60 mm. and self-assembly scheme of assembly.

More photos here:

Box with side gluing Box with side gluing

This box is made of single-layer cardboard, has dimensions 65 * 175 * 115, format with side gluing, hinged lid and collecting bottom.

More photos here:

Corrugated box with gluing Corrugated box with side gluing.

This format was developed as a packaging for a salad bowl. It is made of microfiber, has a format with side gluing, a prefabricated bottom and dimensions: 255 * 257 * 57 mm.

More photos here:

Box narrow Corrugated box for a plate.

This box has been designed for a cymbal. It is made of microfiber and has a side glued format and dimensions: 170 * 25 * 240

More photos here:

Box for a flat dish Flat dish box

Another variant of the plate box.It is made of microfiber, has dimensions: 300 * 300 * 17.5 mm. and side glued format.

More photos here:

Dress box cover bottom Dress box

An excellent lid / bottom box perfect for wrapping dresses, scarves, towels and other small items. It is made of single-layer cardboard and has dimensions: 270 * 350 * 40 mm.

More photos can be found here:

Fruit bar box Fruit bar box

Box designed as a packaging for a fruit bar.Has dimensions 165 * 35 * 18 mm., Side gluing and a window, made using continuous lamination.

More photos here:

Pigtail cheese box Pigtail cheese box.

This box has been designed for pigtail smoked cheese. It is made of single-layer cardboard, has a side gluing format and dimensions of 185 * 28 * 47 mm.

More photos here:

Glued box Glued box

This box was designed as a packaging for a sushi plate.Has a side gluing format and dimensions 195 * 90 * 24.

More photos here:

Flat corrugated box Corrugated box for dishes

This corrugated box was developed as a packaging for a dish. It has a side glued format and is made of micro-corrugated board. Dimensions: 218 * 270 * 28

More photos here:

Box for bed linen Clothes box

This box has dimensions 290 * 390 * 50 and a lid / bottom design.Perfect for packing towels, clothes, bed linen, etc. It is made of dense single-layer cardboard.

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