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The Best iPad Cases for 2021

Apple’s iPad lineup has dominated the tablet space since its debut in 2010, and has since spawned the smaller iPad mini and work-focused iPad Pro. The latest iPad and iPad mini both received PCMag Editors’ Choice awards.

If you have a new iPad, download some apps and games and keep it safe with a new case. If you bought an iPad Pro, you can check out cases right here, and if you’re shopping for a child, we have iPad cases for kids. For any other models, browse the options below.

If you’re looking for something simple, the iPad Smart Cover from Apple snaps onto your device and protects the screen. It can also be folded to support your iPad in several different positions. The standard version for the iPad and iPad mini is made out of polyurethane, but there is also a leather version for iPad.

Caseable sells a selection of premade cover designs, or you can create your own. Add multiple images to the cover, use different colors and filters, and even add text. The cover itself comes as either a book-like hard cover or a foldable, lightweight smart cover.

The Case-Mate Tuxedo Folio fits around the back of the device and covers the screen to provide protection. The case can be folded over to act as a stand for your iPad.

Casetify offers a wide selection of folio covers that add amazing colors and designs to your iPad. Each cover has multiple pockets to hold papers, pens. and cards. We particularly like the painted blue purple agate folio cover, which makes your device look like a precious stone. Fold the folio cover over to put the iPad on a stand.

The Fintie Folio Case covers the iPad in a binder-like encasement, allowing you to travel with and store your device with ease. The cover can be used as a stand at multiple angles with storage for papers, cards, and an Apple Pencil.

If you’re looking for something a little more classy from Fintie, the company also makes a vegan leather folio case with some impressive designs.

The Griffin Survivor AirStrap 360 puts your iPad in a case with raised edges to protect the back, sides, and screen from a fall. The case’s hand strap allows you to hold the device in one hand, while its 360-degree swivel provides customizable viewing angles.

For a combination of form and function, the Incipio Faraday Folio offers a hard-shell case wrapped in a vegan leather cover. Its fold-over design gives you a stand for your iPad, and the magnetic closure keeps the device secure. There’s also an Apple Pencil holder for convenience.

Designed for the 10.2-inch iPad, this tri-fold case offers 360-degree drop protection and can stand the device up at multiple angles. The JETech Stand Case features cutouts for buttons and ports so very little of the iPad is left exposed.

If you truly want to keep your iPad safe, a case needs to cover the entire device, front and back. The MoKo Shockproof iPad Case encases your device between several layers. There’s the leather-bound cover, the screen protector, and the hard case on the back. The cover can be used as a stand, and the case includes a secure space to store your Apple Pencil.

Made for the 10.2-inch iPad, the VersaCover features a magnetic folding cover that can position your device into three different viewing positions. The cover can also be magnetically paired with Moshi’s Apple Pencil cover (sold separately) to keep everything together.

This iPad case from Mous has a foldable cover that allows you to view your device from four different positions. It also offers built-in impact absorption, screen protection, and a place to store your Apple Pencil.

Otterbox is a brand known for its tough cases, so the Defender Series iPad Case will keep your tablet secure. This case has a multi-layer protection system that includes an inner hard shell, an outer soft slipcover, a built-in screen protector, and a shield stand. The stand supports two angles and both landscape and portrait viewing. When not in use, the shield stand holds the Apple Pencil and snaps onto the back of the iPad.

Otterbox also has a slimmer line of cases known as the Symmetry Series. The ultra-slim iPad case features a snap-on hard cover that supports the Apple Pencil and is compatible with a tablet keyboard or cover.

Poetic’s silicone Turtle Skin cover for the 9.7-inch iPad comes in four colors: black, blue, green, and purple. The corners have perforations to help with shock absorption when the device inevitably takes a tumble, though there is no screen protector. You can buy a plastic stand for propping it up or get the harder-plastic polycarbonante Poetic Revolution case (in black, blue/gray, and pink/gray) with an integrated kickstand.

Built for the 10.2-inch iPad, the ProCase combines a hardback shell with a soft fold-over cover. You can use the cover to create a stand for the device with two different viewing angles. There’s a version for the iPad mini, too.

You don’t have to hide your iPad in order to protect it. This case is transparent so you can show off the device, but it has bumpers on the corner to protect from falls. The flexible plastic also makes it easy to get on and off.

The Speck Balance Folio supports multiple angles as a stand and sports a magnetized clasp to protect the screen during a fall. It’s also stylish, with multiple colors and designs on offer.

This iPad case from Speck is the perfect way to protect your child’s device. It features a friendly blue or purple and orange color scheme and is certified to protect the device from a 6-foot drop. The case comes with a built-in handle that make it easy to carry around or wrap around a car headrest for backseat viewing. Flip the handle around and it works as a sturdy stand as well.

The Unicorn Beetle Pro case has a built-in screen protector and flip-open access to the charging port. Cushions on each corner protect against drops and meet military shock standards; a screen protector and rear back plate (with integrated kickstand) clip together for full encasement.

Supcase also makes a version for the iPad mini.

This Timecity iPad case surrounds your device in a hard plastic shell and silicone bumper to protect from falls. It also includes a rotatable kickstand, adjustable hand strap, stylus holder, and attachable shoulder strap. This case comes in eight vibrant colors, making it great for both kids and professionals.

The Zugu iPad Case offers luxury, durability, and functionality all in one. The case is a thin, yet protective shell with bumpers on the edges and a microfiber interior. On the inside is a fiberglass structure that has passed a 5-foot military drop test. The case has a built-in stand that securely supports eight different viewing angles. You can secure an Apple Pencil to the case, and its magnetic cover allows you to stick onto a metal fridge and use it as a touch screen.

Best iPad Case 2021: iPad Covers to Protect Your Tablet

One of the nicest things about the iPad is that as long as you don’t break it, it’ll probably last for quite some time—they don’t start to feel old nearly as quickly as an iPhone or Android phone. They’re well-built, and can still feel snappy for many years.Fortunately, the iPad’s immense popularity also means that there are myriad ways to protect it. Unfortunately, that also means that it can be difficult to choose a case that fits your needs. That’s where we come in. From rugged cases to elegant, leather-clad covers, we’ve gathered up the best cases for the 10.2-inch iPad from Apple. Even though Apple has a new 10.2-inch iPad, the design has remained mostly unchanged, so you’ll still be able to use previous-generation cases if you get the new iPad or use new cases on your older iPad.

TL;DR – These are the Best iPad Cases:

1. JETech Case

Best iPad Case

Our Pick

JETech Case

On Amazon

See ItFor a simple case that’s going to get the job done at an affordable price, the JETech case is a champ. It offers complete protection for your iPad not only by wrapping around the sides and back but also by including a display cover to protect your screen when you’re not using your iPad. The case combines a hard polycarbonate with soft polyurethane for protection that can hold up over time while also absorbing shock.

And, that front cover doubles as an automatic toggle for your display to go to sleep when it’s closed and wake up when it’s open. That effectively checks all the boxes of what a case should do and then goes a little further, and it costs well below $20.

2. TiMOVO Case

Best Clear iPad Case

You don’t have to lose the satisfaction of your iPad’s stylish design when you get a case. A clear case will let the original colors and style shine through while still providing an effective layer of protection for your device. The TiMOVO case is built to do that and more. It features a translucent back, so your iPad still gets to show off, and it also includes a functional front cover.

The cover comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches the color of your iPad or go for something that complements it. The folio cover not only protects the display of your iPad but also provides more ways to use the device. The cover has a segmented design that can fold up into a stable triangle. This lets it double as a stand, so you can set your iPad in a low position for convenient typing or at a raised angle for comfortable viewing.

3. Casemade Real Leather Case

Best iPad Case for Business

Casemade Real Leather Case

On Amazon

See ItA lot of iPad cases can get the job done, but far fewer of them do it while using premium materials that will add some serious style points to your gear. By contrast, Casemade’s real leather case will wrap your iPad up in black or tan Italian cowhide leather, so it’ll look as classy at work as a new suit.

This case offers all-around protection, as it wraps around the front, back, and sides of the iPad while still providing access to all of the device’s buttons and ports as well as a cutout for the camera. The softer leather can provide some extra cushion in case of a fall, while the hard polycarbonate inside holds your iPad in place The case adds some extra functions as well, as the folio cover can fold back to serve as a stand, holding the iPad up at one of two different angles for more convenient typing or easier viewing. The cover also includes magnets so your iPad display automatically knows when to wake up or go to sleep.

4. ProCase iPad 10.2 Case

Best Thin iPad Case

ProCase iPad 10.2 Case

On Amazon

See ItYour iPad is plenty thin, so why make it thick and bulky with a case? If you just want some basic protection, you can stay lean with the ProCase iPad 10.2 Case. This case will give you a hard shell around the chassis of your iPad and a slim folio cover that can protect your screen when you’re on the move. At just five ounces, you’re not going to be adding much weight to your iPad either. It’s just a bonus that the ProCase folio cover can also double as a stand for your iPad. Plus, this case is available in a ton of different colors, so you can find one that suits you.

5. OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case

Best Rugged iPad Case

OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case

On Amazon

See ItIf you’re always on the move with your iPad, it’s going to end up in harm’s way a lot more often. So, you may want a case that’s going to withstand a bit more abuse without letting your iPad get hurt. For that, there’s the OtterBox Defender Series. This is the same family of cases that has protected phones and tablets alike for years, and it’s still going strong. Your iPad will get housed in a combination of hard polycarbonate and soft, shock-absorbing rubber. This case even includes a screen cover that can double as a stand and hold onto an Apple Pencil.

6. Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

Best Keyboard iPad Case

Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

On Amazon

See ItWhile all cases will do something to protect your iPad, some can do far more for your device. The Logitech iPad Keyboard Case is just such a product. As the name suggests, this case includes a keyboard that’s built right into the front cover. The keyboard pairs with your iPad over Bluetooth LE, and its battery can last up to four years with two hours of daily use. Beyond the keyboard, this case offers thick, all-around protection, and it includes a holder for the Apple Pencil. It may be pricey, but you’re getting a versatile case that will also make your iPad increasingly useful as a laptop alternative.

7. LTROP iPad 10.2 Case

Best iPad Case for Kids

LTROP iPad 10.2 Case

On Amazon

See ItIf you’re giving an iPad to your kids, you need to either make sure they can use it responsibly or make sure it’s safe in the wake of their irresponsibility. If you can only count on the latter, then check out the LTROP iPad case. This case comes in a bunch of kid-friendly colors, and it’s built thick. Your iPad will have some serious protection all around the edges and back, helping it avoid damage in the event of a fall. The case has raised edges around the display to protect that as well, and a large handle will help your kid avoid dropping it in the first place. The handle can even double as a stand, allowing for hands-free viewing.

8. Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360

Best Handheld iPad Case

Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360

On Amazon

See ItDo you use a Popsocket on your iPhone? If so, maybe it’s been bumming you out that you can quite use the same small grip on the much larger and heavier iPad. Luckily, the Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360 has you covered. This case does the whole ‘protecting your iPad by putting it in a slim shell’ thing that most other iPad cases will do, but it adds a strap onto the back of the case. You just slide your hand through that strap, and you can easily hold your iPad up – no more weary gripping muscles or sore pinky fingers. The strap can spin 360 degrees, so you can hold your iPad in whatever orientation you want. It’s not just easier to hold, but also harder to drop thanks to the strap.

9. Catalyst Waterproof Case

Best Underwater iPad Case

Catalyst Waterproof Case

On Amazon

See ItOK, if you want to have your iPad protected and basically never have to worry about it, then the Catalyst Waterproof Case is probably for you. While no case can make your iPad truly impervious, this one goes a long way toward that goal. You get a thick case to protect all sides of your device. This case is designed to stand up to drops from four feet, and it boasts IP68 protection that can hold up to dunks in water up to 6.6 feet deep. The case also has multiple lanyard attachment points you can take advantage of, and it includes an adjustable stand for hands-free viewing. Best of all, you don’t have to fuss with removing the case every time you want to charge your iPad, as there’s a handy charging port you can easily open and close as needed.

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The Best iPad Cases and Covers

Your iPad is a hefty glass slab with a solid presence, but accidents happen to the best of us. One day, you may get distracted while reaching for your iPad as your grip fails, and it slips from your hand to the floor. As you retrieve it, you notice the large crack on the screen. If you had protected it. with a proper case, this may not have happened.

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With a vast range of cases available, which one is the best for you? You have a choice of folding folio cases, keyboard cases, tough rugged cases, and slim gel cases, and their relative strengths and weaknesses are not always straightforward. No worries, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best cases available for your Apple iPad.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Rugged Case

Griffin’s All-Terrain case is a slimmer offering than some other rugged cases, yet still provides superior protection whatever you get up to.

With four layers of protection — a shatter-resistant polycarbonate outer shell, shock-absorbing bumper, snap-on screen protector, and covers for buttons — and hinged covers to keep dirt, sand, and water out of your Lightning and headphone ports, you’d be hard-pressed to find better protection for your iPad. This case meets US MIL-STD-810G military drop-test standards, offering protection against drops up to 8 feet onto concrete, so you can take your iPad to work or traveling knowing it will stay safe, and there’s a clip-on kickstand that locks open for hands-free viewing or typing. It’s available in black/clear or smoke/black.

Gexmil Cowhide Leather Folio Case

Prefer a more traditionally styled iPad case? This cowhide leather folio case gives your iPad the look of a vintage tome with its intricately carved floral design. Crafted from 1.4mm genuine premium full-grain leather treated with oil wax, this case will develop a gorgeous patina as it ages, bringing unique character to your tablet. Open the case and you’ll find a TPU soft inner shell and microfiber lining to protect against scratches, as well as a magnetic closure that supports the automatic sleep/wake function. You can fold the case into a stand for hands-free viewing or typing. This case comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Fintie iPad Multi-Angle Viewing Folio Cover

We’re always excited to see Fintie’s artistic cover designs, and this case offers a great way to protect your iPad from dirt, scratches, and impact, while looking gorgeous at the same time. Made with a high-quality composition leather exterior and a soft microfiber lining, the Multi-Angle Viewing Folio features a snug and protective fit for your tablet, while the adjustable cover lets you set the iPad to a comfortable position for reading, typing, or viewing. A built-in magnetic strip facilitates the sleep/wake feature while precise cutouts let you access all ports and speakers. Its handy on-the-go features include a card and document pocket to store business cards, bank cards, notes, or cash while you’re out and about. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and patterns — our pick is Emerald Illusions.

Zugu Case Prodigy X

Sleek and sophisticated but tough as nails, the new Prodigy X case is extremely thin but offers drop protection of up to five feet, even on concrete. Its thin PC and TPU shell includes a protective bumper with a fiberglass internal structure covered by a rip-resistant matte synthetic leather exterior. It offers sleep/wake features to conserve battery life. The magnetic stand gives you seven viewing angles suitable for any location, and it’s strong enough to mount on a fridge or other metal surface. The stand also holds your Apple Pencil securely in place with a long elastic holder.

Moshi VersaCover Origami Case

If adaptability is important to you, then take a look at Moshi’s folding VersaCover origami cover. With easy folds, you can set up your iPad in the perfect position to facilitate reading, browsing, or video watching in both portrait and landscape positions. Built-in magnets also support your iPad’s sleep/wake function, so you can be sure your iPad isn’t wasting battery displaying the screen while covered. A shock-absorbing frame holds your iPad tightly, taking care of any accidental abuse, and the case completely covers the display when not in use, shielding that vulnerable area from harm.

Moko Case

There is no need to spend a lot for a decent iPad case. This simple offering combines a hard, clear, plastic shell case with accurate cutouts and a durable, polyurethane cover that comes in a wide range of colored and patterned finishes. The cover also features that typical three-fold design, enabling it to double up as a stand for propping your iPad at different angles. With a soft, microfiber lining inside, the cover also supports the automatic sleep/wake function.

Ztotop Case

Sleek, two-toned, and businesslike, the Ztotop Case fits in anywhere from work to school to play. Its exterior is made of premium-grade synthetic leather, and a soft microfiber interior lining resists dust and scratches. This cover pays attention to detail with a built-in leather hand strap, Apple pencil holder, and pocket organizer. The magnetic smart cover supports the iPad’s auto wake/sleep feature. Multiple slots let you set up various stand angles for movie watching or typing. It comes in a variety of colors and combinations.

Noreve Tradition B Case

This gorgeous leather case is available in real or synthetic leather with different textured finishes, and in a wide range of colors. Handmade in France, it’s a stylish and practical option that opens to reveal a cover with several handy slots. The magnetic clasp closure keeps it securely closed when you’re on the move and can also hold your Apple Pencil. Open it up and there is a folding kickstand that enables you to prop the tablet up in landscape view. You will find generous cutouts for the ports, buttons, and other features, and there is a cutout on the back for the camera as well. It’s expensive, but the quality really shines through.

Speck Case-E

If your kids have an iPad, or they borrow yours from time to time, then you’ll want to make sure it’s securely protected, and Speck’s new Case-E is a fun way to do it. This thick foam cover will guard your iPad against damage for falls of up to six feet. It also features detachable arms that lend your iPad a little personality and double up as a handy way of attaching it to the back of a car seat or propping it up on a table. Speck uses EVA foam, so everything is soft and comfortable to hold. It comes in red-and-blue or gray-and-green color combinations.


This stylish and colorful iPad protective case rocks an all-in-one folder wallet pocket style that goes well with any activity. A built-in elastic hand strap gives you a fine grip on your tablet for safe transport and use while you’re on the go. It’s got a convenient 360-degree rotating swivel that allows you to position the tablet vertically and horizontally for reading or viewing. A magnetic strip provides sleep/wake functionality. It’s slim and light and comes in a large variety of gorgeous colors, textures, and patterns.


If you’re looking for a minimalist design to make the beauty of your iPad shine through, the ProCase may be the right choice. It’s super slim and light with a hard back that provides substantial protection to your iPad’s body and glass. The back is frosted and translucent, allowing you to see the Apple logo glowing through a large variety of jeweled colors while protecting your device against fingerprints, dust, dirt, and scratches. The cover is designed to allow full access to all tablet features while a magnet secures the case closed with support for the sleep/wake feature.

Zagg Rugged Messenger Case

A keyboard is always going to add some weight and bulk, and this one is heavy, but Zagg has developed a solution to this problem by allowing you to detach the iPad in its case from the keyboard portion. The Rugged Book has a full QWERTY keyboard with backlit keys, and you can customize the color. They are fairly well-spaced and quite comfortable to type on. The shell case that your iPad goes into combines a soft-padded interior with polycarbonate and steel to safeguard your tablet. It snaps in and out of the magnetic hinge pretty easily, so you can ditch the keyboard when you don’t need it. The outer finish is textured for extra grip and it has a rugged look. You can recharge via the Micro USB port, and Zagg claims up to two years of typing battery life. Since you can remove the iPad in its case, you can also insert it in the hinge the other way round, so it can act as a stand or conceal the keyboard.

New Trent Gladius Case

The obvious star of the show here is the 360-degree rotating leather hand strap, which makes holding your iPad a breeze. This rugged case also provides good drop protection. The hard-shell interior is surrounded by rubber and there’s a built-in screen protector. Underneath the strap, there’s a metal arm that can fold out to act as a sturdy stand. The cutouts are all accurate, providing easy access to the camera and Touch ID, and there are durable button covers for the controls. This protective case is available for the iPad 2018 and 2017, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2.

Brydge 9.7 Keyboard

Do you like the idea of transforming your iPad into a MacBook? Our main complaint with keyboard cases is the added bulk, but they also tend to be plastic, and they rarely match the style of the iPad. Brydge is a clever keyboard that circumvents the usual issues. It’s crafted from premium aluminum, colored to match your iPad finish, and bulk is minimized because your tablet slots into the minimal hinge mechanism, instead of a traditional case. The hinge can rotate 180 degrees, so you can find the right angle for you, and the island keys are well-spaced with good travel and backlighting. It hooks up via Bluetooth and boasts up to three months’ use from a single charge, with a Micro USB port to recharge. It’s quite heavy, but that adds to the MacBook feel, and you know this is a solid, quality piece of kit.

Urban Armor Gear Folio Case

You can take your iPad anywhere in this case. It meets military drop-test standards 810G thanks to an impact-resistant core. The outer shell is finished in something UAG calls Frogskin, which adds excellent grip and is water-resistant. The cover also automatically wakes and puts your iPad to sleep when opened and closed. It looks like a chunky industrial design, but the case is actually very light and you’ll find the cutouts are precise and there’s no glare when you use the camera. If the red is a bit much, you can get a plain black, silver, or cobalt blue version. You can also get this case for the iPad Air 2.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

This is a good choice if you want rugged protection, but your budget is limited. An inner layer of TPU absorbs shock impact from drops and bumps and then there’s hard polycarbonate around the outside to deflect scrapes. The frame and built-in screen protector ensure that your display stays in pristine condition. There are also port covers to prevent dust and debris from creeping in, and you will find a handy kickstand on the back to prop your iPad in landscape view. The plastic screen protector is the weak spot here, but overall this case provides a decent level of protection for a low price.

Vaja Libretto Leather Case

Looking for the ultimate in luxurious protection for your iPad? Then look no further than this case from Vaja. Every Vaja case is hand-crafted by a master artisan who focuses on one case at a time. iPads tend to last longer than your usual smart device, and thanks to the use of premium genuine leather, so will these cases, with Vaja claiming that every case will mature with age, like a leather jacket, or leather armchair. This case supports the sleep/wake smart function, and comes with a media-viewing stand — and you have a choice of three types of leather and over 30 color options. The crafting process can take up to 20 days to complete, but if you want the very best, and don’t mind waiting, then Vaja’s iPad cases are perfect for you.

Devicewear Ridge Case

You’ll be pleased with the blend of functionality and style that Devicewear offers with the Ridge folio case. It’s crafted from vegan leather (fake leather), but it doesn’t feel or look cheap. There’s a soft micro-suede lining, it supports the automatic sleep/wake function, and has a magnetic closure. A hard shell protects your iPad, and a series of grooves support a wide variety of landscape positions when you fold the cover back. It’s sturdy, practical, and stylish, which makes it one of our favorite iPad cases.

Olixar Smart Stand Case

While we don’t recommend trying to save cash on protective accessories, Olixar‘s bargain smart folding stand case is definitely worth your attention. It’s a relatively simple case, and if you’ve seen Apple’s official cases then you’re dealing with something very similar here. When not in use, the case folds around the front of your iPad, protecting it from harm. Magnets built into the case will also power your screen off and keep it off, stopping any accidental movement from activating your tablet and wasting battery. When opened, those same magnets turn the screen back on, and the case can be folded around the back, out of the way, or used as a media viewing stand. Simple, but effective.

Casemade Leather Folio

This classic folio case has a genuine leather exterior finished in black with red stitching or tan brown. It looks and feels luxurious, flipping open to reveal a soft suede interior. Your iPad snaps into the plastic shell, complete with cutouts for the controls, ports, speaker, and camera. The cover works with Apple’s sleep/wake function, so your iPad switches off automatically when it’s closed. You can also fold the cover back and there’s a loop to hold it securely in the stand position, which offers an ideal viewing or typing angle in landscape, depending on which way you prop it.

Dodocase Classic Case

Disguise your iPad as a book with a DodoCase. The Classic cases are handcrafted in San Francisco using Moroccan cloth and an eco-friendly bamboo tray. They are made using traditional bookbinding techniques, for a clever blend of old and new. There’s a built-in magnet for the auto sleep/wake function, the open case can fold to double up as a stand, and you can personalize each case with a monogram for an extra $10. The elastic closure completes the notebook illusion. If you prefer something a bit more colorful, custom cases start at $75.

STM Dux Case

This case offers effective protection for your iPad. Its back is transparent, and it comes with a rubber frame and polyurethane layer in blue, black, or red. Notable features include water-resistance, foldable cover to a kickstand, a wraparound magnetic latch that initiates the sleep/wake setting. Cutouts allow for easy access to your ports, and buttons are covered for added protection. Older iPads can also benefit from this case.

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Reliable tri-layer protection makes sure your iPad is able to withstand a knock or tumble. This case is on the bulky side, but it protects your entire phone with its port covers and included screen protector. Cables can be a challenge, but there are precise openings for the camera, Touch ID, and the rear Apple logo. It also includes a shield that goes over the front of the iPad when you’re not using it. The shield doubles as an adjustable stand that you can use to angle your iPad for streaming movies or typing.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

Typists love this keyboard case because it has physical keys as opposed to a touchscreen. The slim, lightweight aluminum design still provides plenty of space between the keys and enough depth for a responsive, just-right sensation. Your iPad is held in place by a magnetic system in potentially three different positions and automatically shuts off to conserve power. Belkin didn’t mess around with colors for this case; black is the only color available.

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Editors’ Recommendations

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

The best tablet cases for kids are protective, sturdy cases that shield tablets from those inevitable, device-shattering drops. Even during those “oh no!” moments, with a good, well-built tablet case, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a broken tablet. 

Look, we totally get it — no parent or guardian likes to see their hard-earned money being flushed down the toilet. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list on the best tablet cases for kids with butter fingers. This way, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your child’s tablet will remain in tact even if it slips out of their hands.

Now if you’ve already bought one of those Amazon Fire tablets, we recommend the FreeTime Kid-Proof Case as one of the best tablet cases for kids.  If you’ve opted for a pricey Apple tablet, we’ve found plenty of cases to guard Apple’s latest iPad, which we can understand wanting to protect (its $329 starting price is steep!). 

Looking for a new (but still affordable) tablet? Check out the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. If you’re more about iOS, you’ll love our iPad Air vs iPad mini face-off.

Oh, and one last tip: pick a case that matches your kid’s personality, so you’ll be less likely to find the case lying on the floor after your child decided it wasn’t necessary. 

What is the best tablet case for kids?

The best tablet case for kids depends on the type of tablet you have. If your kid has an Amazon Fire tablet, the best tablet case would be the Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire 7 tablet.

This case will shield your Fire tablet with this fall-proof, damage-proof protective Amazon tablet case. It’s lightweight and made with kid-safe material. It fits perfectly into small hands. And most important of all, this tablet case’s construction is durable, so it safeguards the tablet from damage from accidental drops and other unexpected shocks. The colorful design of this Amazon tablet case will likely appeal to your kid and you’ll be able to have easy access to necessary buttons and ports on the tablet. 

If you have an iPad mini for your kid, the best kid tablet case for the iPad mini is the CHINFAI iPad Mini case for kids. The best part about this case is its super-cute portable handles, which will be super easy for your child to grip as she or he holds the device and watches videos. This means far less kid fingerprints on the screen. Another awesome aspect of the CHINFAI iPad mini case for kids is that it allows the iPad Mini to become a free-standing device. Your kids can prop the iPad Mini on the case’s legs and watch videos hands free.

The CHINFAI iPad Mini case for kids is constructed with shock-proof silicone material, which will cushion the iPad Mini from drops.

The best tablet cases for kids you can buy today

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021


Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire 7 tablet (9th. Gen 2019)

Extremely durable

Included kick stand 

Only works with Amazon Fire 7

If you decided to buy the $50 Fire 7 tablet instead of the Kids Edition model, you can still get a case made just for your new slate. As its name implies, Amazon’s own FreeTime Kid-Proof Case is designed with little hands in mind, made of durable silicone for protection from bumps and bruises. 

This 2019 edition of the case offers a long-needed improvement: a stand on the back for watching shows hands-free.If you bought your Fire tablet before June 2019, you should buy the matching case for your7th (2017), 6th (2016) or 5th (2015) generation Fire. Amazon also sells a Kid-Proof Case ($29) for its HD 8 Fire tablet.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

2. Fintie 9.7-inch iPad Case

Included handle/stand hybrid

Full shockproof protection

No screen protector

One way to make it a little easier for your child to hold on to a tablet is to invest in a case with a handle. The Fintie Case comes with just that — an easy-to-grab handle — and the Fintie can also be used as a stand. This cover is composed of a heavy-duty EVA foam to endure wear and tear over time. It fits Apple’s most recent $329 iPad, as well asthe 2017 9.7-inch iPad, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

3. Speck Products iGuy

Turns your iPad into a character

Reliable drop protection

A little cumbersome

While we wait to find out more about the Speck Case-E, it’s iGuy iPad case is still in stock at Amazon. Fitting theiPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and original iPad, this tried and true case stands upright for kids who don’t want to hold it while they watch shows, and is made of a soft foam that’s great for gripping.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

4. Speck Case-E (9.7-inch)

Slim profile

The arms are cute and convenient

No included kickstand

Speck’s Case-E tablet case isthe most inventive take on the kids tablet case we’ve seen in a while. Fitting most 9.7-inch iPads (including the iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Air), this tablet has two extendable arms that you can use to wrap it around a car seat’s neck, and prop it up as a stand.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

5. TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount Holder

Great for car mounting

Bright and colourful

Uses outside of car limited

If your kid keeps throwing or dropping their tablet in the car, you’ll probably see this headrest-mountedtablet holder and wonder “where thisbeen all my life?” It’s also useful if you’ve got more than one tyke in the backseat, because now they can’t argue over who gets to use it, and they’ll just have to watch the same show together. Holds most 9.7-inch tablets, including the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

6. NuPro Zipper Sleeve for Fire Kids Tablets

Great zip bag 

Soft plush fabric inside

Tablet still exposed when taken out

But what ifyour kid already has a tablet case, or — just as likely — doesn’t want one.This soft tablet sleeve, built for Amazon’s Fire Kids 7and Fire Kids HD 8 tablets,is roomy for a slate clad with a protective bumper. Available in purple with pink or navy with blue.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

7. CHINFAI iPad mini Case for Kids for Apple iPad mini to iPad mini 4

Great handles for watching

Friendly, colourful design

No kickstand

We don’t knowwhose idea it was to make an iPad mini case that looks like the Android mascot ate an iPad, but we love it. Its blocky feet allow it to stand outright, without using an easel-leg to prop it up. Made of a soft silicon that will make itgreat to grip and easy to care for.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

8. Okstation EVA Drop-Proof iPad Mini Case for Baby

Beefy, drop-proof design

Great texture on the back

No kickstand

Amazon’s Fire 7 cases are nice, but we like the look of this honeycomb-patterned case from Fintie. It offers a little extra visual flair vs the Amazon case, and is $15 less expensive, at $9.99. Your kid can find one the precise color of their preference, as it’s sold in 12 colors, including two shades of pink, two shades of blue, two yellows, black and green.

Best tablet cases for kids in 2021

9. TopEsct iPad Mini Case for Kids

Great handles for usage

Big on corner impact protection

Strap for car use is loose

The iPad Mini tabletbecomes both easier to hold and mount in a car with this case. Available in blue, green, blue and pink, it’s got three handles, so it can be held for landscape-mode content viewing and also carried in one hand like a tiny briefcase.

Round up of today’s best deals

The Best Cheap iPad Cases for 2021

iPad (7th generation)

MoKo’s Ultra Slim for this iPad model has the same hard-plastic back as our runner-up for 9.7-inch iPads, so we don’t think it should be your first choice. The same goes for ESR’s Yippee.

Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis is significantly more expensive than our recommendations. It also lacks button coverage, which is disappointing for a case that’s otherwise so protective.

Zugu Case’s Muse is expensive for the category, but you might like it if you want something that’ll also hold the Apple Pencil and provides plenty of viewing angles.

iPad (5th and 6th generations)

Speck’s BalanceFolio is not a bad option if you’re looking for more protection. Compared with our pick, it’s a lot thicker, heavier, and about four times as expensive, but it will deal with drops better, especially since the lid latches shut. Because it’s designed to fit every 9.7-inch iPad that Apple has made since the first iPad Air, the cutouts aren’t precisely tailored for the 2017 or 2018 iPad.

ESR’s Urban Premium Folio Case doesn’t have a low-angle typing position.

Poetic’s Slimline leaves the top and bottom edges of the iPad exposed.

Fintie’s Slim Shell Case is very similar to the ESR Rebound but has faux leather on the front and back that makes it feel cheaper.

Khomo’s Dual Case feels a little cheaper than the other cases we tested and is designed to fit both the 2017 and 2018 iPad and the original iPad Air. This means the openings aren’t quite properly tailored; the camera hole is off-center, and the case leaves space exposed beneath the volume buttons. Those are very small issues, but they’re differentiators when all the competition is so similar.

iPad mini (5th generation)

The only protectors Apple makes for this iPad is the iPad mini Smart Cover. The polyurethane Smart Covers come in four colors and protect only the tablets’ screens, not their bodies.

MoKo’s Smart Shell for iPad mini has a hard-plastic back instead of TPU and lacks button protection. Its Case Fit for iPad mini is TPU but lacks button protection.

Spigen’s Smart Fold for iPad mini and ESR’s Yippee for iPad mini hit most of the right notes if you prefer hard-shell cases, but we think TPU is the better buy. The Yippee’s magnets were also a little weaker than those of other cases we tested and didn’t hold the cover against the iPad’s screen as well.

Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis for iPad mini is a more expensive, but more protective, case. The company says the Metropolis meets military drop-test standards, although it doesn’t offer button protection. UAG’s aesthetic has never been our favorite, but if you like the features, this case could be worth the extra money.

Custom iPad Cases and Sleeves

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Reversible Tablet Sleeve

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8 Best iPad Cases 2021 | The Strategist

While the ways that we use our iPads are unique (a college student jotting down notes in a classroom, an illustrator painstakingly crafting a new drawing, a grandparent trying to sign up for Netflix, or a kid buying a few extra lives for a mobile game while their parents aren’t paying attention), we do all share one need: a case. The right iPad case protects your investment from accidental spills and drops, and it might even keep you from hearing the Wilhelm Scream the next time it slips from your hands. (We’ve all been there, picking up our precious tablet with careful, concerned movements, like we’re investigating a crime scene, only to be flooded with relief when no cracks are spotted.) The right case can also improve your iPad’s functionality by letting you set it at different heights or angles. And of course, it can look good.

To find the best case or sleeve for all sorts of people, we reached out to 14 different tech experts, art directors, illustrators, artists, and other folks with great taste. Here are their picks for the best iPad cases, in terms of both security and style.

Although it’s not technically a case, since it doesn’t have a back, this classic iPad cover protects the fragile screen from scratches and occasional drops. Five of our experts recommended it. “I had used bulky cases for previous tablets, and they really hurt the portability factor,” says Tatiana Quiqley, a 3D artist and illustrator. “The case is a little pricey, but it’s lightweight and easy to fit into your bag or on your lap while you are irresponsibly drawing in bed,” she says. Harry Hembley, the illustrator behind the popular “lil bean” Instagram account, which has 1.6 million followers, likes that the Folio, “folds to the perfect angle for daily drawing.” He also likes the case’s simple-but-nice suede finish. And Jason Snell of the tech podcast Upgrade praises its portability and durability. “I’ve been using Folio for a few years now,” he says. “It does get some wear around spots where you might grip the case whilst drawing, but I think it’s a fair trade off for how light the thing is.” Both Quiqley and artist Kofi Ofosu also appreciate the case’s folding mechanism, which makes drawing on the iPad comfortable, no matter how you might be sitting — and even if you’re lying down.

Duane Bruton, an art director at Ryot Studio in New York City, appreciates the VersaCover’s flexible design. “It took me a long time to find the right case,” he says. “The cover has triangular segments that you can tuck back in on each other to give yourself more or less surface area, depending on what you have to balance it on, or to give yourself more or less tilt.” This case lets him use his iPad anywhere and for anything: “When I’m sitting at my desk, I like to have it propped up nearly straight, but when I’m doing dishes and watching YouTube, I put it at a really low angle so I can look down on it on the counter,” he says. And he’s dropped it on the ground a few times with no issues.

The Combo Touch comes with a trackpad, backlit keys, and an adjustable kickstand, which Snell says makes it perfect for students who have the iPad Air. Pair it with the Apple pencil (using the case’s one-click smart-connector technology), and you’ve got a note-taking powerhouse, he says. One of the case’s best features are the “four modes,” which are essentially different viewing angles. There’s one for sketching, typing, watching videos and reading. It’s sturdy, and there’s a convenient nook to store your Apple Pencil

Maggie Stephenson, an illustrator with more than 90k Instagram followers, says the Targus is one of the most reliable cases she’s found. “The exterior is non-slip and has a comfortable and cool feel that you’ll appreciate if you have to hold your iPad for a long period of time.” She says that the case also accommodates the Apple Pencil really well, helping it to stay on the iPad’s magnetic smart connector. “I use my iPad every day for hours at a time and have found this case to be the most robust, but also the most comfortable one around.”

Despite the anxiety it may induce, four of the cool people we spoke to say they prefer to leave their iPad naked and use a sleeve. Dominic Kesterton, a popular artist and illustrator with over 59K Instagram followers, is adamantly anti-case. “I hate grabbing on all that clunk when I draw. It just feels like it’s in the way,” he says. Illustrator Nick Liefhebber agrees. “I like the design and form factor of the iPad by itself. Sometimes I hold the iPad on my lap when drawing but I also use a simple foldable Kolibri iPad stand and that doesn’t work well with a case.” Liefhebber has been using this sleeve for almost three years. “I bought it on etsy. It’s rugged, with a waterproof outside and soft padded inside.”

If you’re looking for a pop of color or a variety of patterns, Strategist writer (and illustrator) Liza Corsillo recommends the Baggu puffy laptop sleeve, which she uses for her iPad. “I have the bright pink, but they just launched new patterns and I honestly love them all.” They have a simple velcro closure and can fit any device up to 13”. Plus, they’re machine washable.

“I wanted something that was slim and light but that didn’t skimp on protection,” says Daniel Fishel, an illustrator and designer who’s worked with Netflix, The New York Times and GQ. He especially enjoys this case’s portability and flexibility: “It rolls up nice, allowing me to draw at a slight angle.” It also has an auto wake and sleep cover. If you use an Apple pencil, Fishel recommends attaching a Pencil sleeve to the back of the case, so you never have to worry about it falling off and getting lost.

The most important feature in an iPad case for Muis S, a freelance illustrator, is having a safe place to store their Apple Pencil, “so I don’t lose it,” they say. With this case, you slide the pencil into the opening on the side, where it’s protected — and also charging. That way, Muis says, the pencil is always ready in case they want to draw. They also like the built-in stand, which lets them prop up the iPad and draw.

“It’s by no means the Otterbox of cases, but if I dropped my iPad in this case while it was closed with the elastic band, I wouldn’t be scared,” says Lo Harris, an illustrator and animator with over 24K followers on Instagram. “It has a cool magnetic smart cover that automatically wakes and puts my iPad to sleep when I open and close it, which helps save battery life,” she says. “It also has a front pocket where I can keep note cards and cash. Plus its soft, synthetic leather is super elegant, and the trifold capability lets you prop it up and attach a keyboard or watch a movie.” Harris also says, “It’s by no means the Otterbox of cases but if I dropped my iPad while it was closed (there’s a nice elastic band you can close it with) I wouldn’t be scared.” She says she can easily slip it into a bag and it strikes a nice balance, “between style and protection.”

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Tablet Cases | Order production from the manufacturer

Leather cases for tablets to order

The intensive pace of the technological and production process influenced the rapid transformation of the shape and size of personal computers. Today it is difficult to find a person who does not use a tablet, because they are characterized not only by compactness, versatility, mobility, but also by multifunctionality. However, regardless of the use of the gadget, whether it is an indispensable attribute of a business person or a game console for a schoolchild, devices are constantly exposed to the surrounding world.In order to reliably protect the case and screen of the device from scratches, chips and scuffs, moisture and dust penetration, it is important to have a high-quality and reliable case for the tablet. If it is made of reliable materials, it can protect the device from damage even after being dropped. Leather cases for tablets not only reliably protect the device, but also are originality and style.

Where to order a protective case for the tablet?

Advertising production company DEKO Media specializes in the production of high quality leather and joinery products, including covers for modern devices.In our catalog you can choose a universal case for a tablet, which will be made according to individual wishes, according to a personal sketch from materials selected by the customer. Our production facilities allow us to produce leather and wood covers of various textures and embossings, any color shades, the desired style direction. We also produce unique products in a corporate style, when the cover serves as an effective advertising medium, as a business gift.

Any kind of covers for tablets in a wide range

Our company puts forward a unique production proposal for customers who are regular users of tablets.We are ready to manufacture high-quality protective and durable products for companies and individuals who actively use devices in their activities: warehouse scanners, warehouse mobile data collection terminals, tablets for accounting of production processes, tablets-menus in the restaurant business, student models for schools, etc. .d.

Our company produces a cover for any type of tablet:

  • A case-book or a case with a hinged lid allows you to use the device without removing it from the case.
  • The advantages are effective protection of the gadget from all sides, a lockable stand cover that transforms for video viewing.
  • The pocket-shaped cover has positive reviews, is inexpensive, looks youthful and stylish.
  • Envelope case.

Why order a tablet case from our company?

We have been making covers according to individual sketches, photographs and layouts for more than a year, and we guarantee that the design of the case will be unique.The use of leather, high-quality leatherette, fur, wood and plastic in the production process allows the covers to ensure durability, a prestigious appearance, originality and high protection rates for an expensive gadget. A custom-made tablet case made by our company is characterized by an acceptable price policy, as for an exclusive luxury item, as well as excellent quality.

Leather cases for ipad to order

Probably, today it is impossible to meet modern youth in the capital who do not have a tablet.These essential and fragile devices need careful handling and additional protection. That is why those who wish to protect the gadget from unpleasant accidents, scratches, falls and breakages, purchase a protective case for the ipad. Like everything modern, leather cases for tablets are multifunctional, reliable and perfectly cope with their tasks.

However, the production of covers is designed not only for protective functions. Expensive iPads draw attention to the wearer, so they look clumsy in cheap rag bags.While custom-made leather cases carry a certain “image” load, look solid, emphasize the individual taste of the owner, are the main stroke in the formation of a complete image of an advanced user of gadgets. In addition, leather accessories reliably protect the device from scratches, mechanical damage, moisture, dust and even drops.

Why order an iPad case from us?

Moscow advertising and production company DEKO Media, the main activity of which is the production of elite products according to individual sketches to order, sells unique leather and wooden luxury products.The technological process involves the use of first-class natural leather, the best leatherette, perfect wood species, natural fur and high-quality plastic when fulfilling an order. The reliability of our accessories is guaranteed by additional seals and clamps that securely fix the device in the case. The case for ipad has a unique design thoughtfulness, which, along with reliable fastening and protection, guarantees the convenience of using the gadget, ease of removal and return to the case.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, our specialists can make a magnetic cover, or leather goods with a zipper. For companies, we can offer a unique service of manufacturing corporate covers, as well as covers for warehouse equipment and special equipment that needs protection from external influences.

Leather cases for the tablet from Dekom

The production of leather goods, accessories made of leatherette, fur and wood, established over the years, allows us to conduct a democratic pricing policy without raising prices for luxury leather goods made to order.We produce designer cases for apple ipad from high quality materials, with an original combination of textures and colors, fulfilling complex design ideas.

In our company you can buy a unique case for ipad, made to order in a single copy, which will harmoniously combine genuine leather, high quality workmanship, availability and accuracy of technological connectors and buttons, ease of use at any angle, as well as reliable protection from external impacts.

90,000 Review of Puro cases for iPad Air. Four models for every taste

Official sales of iPad Air in Russia began in mid-November, and cover manufacturers were ready for this in advance. For almost two weeks I have been testing various cases from the company Puro for the new Apple tablet. These are not shapeless universal bags, but full-fledged and functional convertible cases a la Smart Case. Choose to taste – there are many options.And all are relatively inexpensive.

For more than four minutes, I’m talking about three different covers for the new tablet. We look at accessories from different angles. It is more fun to watch in HD quality 🙂

A very colorful and colorful accessory – bright red with a slight pale pink tint that appears in the light. By the way, other color options are also available – for example, more passive black. Zeta Slim Case is called “thin” for a reason: it is indeed a very narrow and, what is not less important, light case.

The back panel is made of matte plastic. The texture is ribbed, in theory, should protect the device from falling out of the hands. The curious protrusion on the back is a mount that comes in handy if you want to transform the case into a stand.

The top can easily be confused with a Smart Cover. No, it’s not really him, and the materials are slightly different: synthetic dense material with hard lining inside. I like it even more to the touch than the polyurethane used in official accessories: it just attracts less dirt and is better protected from moisture.

The front “cover” slides behind the tab on the back, converting the case into a tablet stand. Like this one:

The sleeve can be positioned at a slight angle, convenient for typing text on the virtual keyboard. Or you can put it as a vertical stand for watching movies or presenting photos. The stability is good, noticeably better than the Smart Cover.

The tablet itself is attached to the plastic grooves with a slight click.iPad Air is held inside very rigidly, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to get the device from a swoop. First you need to bend one corner, then the second – and then pull the tablet up. Pay attention to the miniature chip at the top: I “put” it at home until I recklessly used the covers.


Zeta Slim Case not only protects the Air, but also turns it off when you are not using the device. According to a very good tradition, magnets are built into the cover, which turn off the tablet screen and block it.

Anticipating questions from the owners of cheap Chinese cases, none of the presented accessories from Puro suffered from the problem of “walking” magnets. When you carry your iPad in a case, the lid will pull out one way or the other. The magnets inside move with them. In most cases, the tablet starts to go crazy, locking and unlocking the screen. There is no such problem here.


Zeta Slim Case in red is perfect for a white iPad – or for the rest of the traditional black case (or rather, milky gray).Super lightweight and thin, it won’t negate the improvements in thickness or weight on the iPad Air, while protecting your expensive device from shocks and scratches in the home. It’s also thin.

A thicker cover of a more traditional type. There is no plastic as such. Only fabric and heavy lining. I call these accessories “frames” . On the inside, they have an envelope that holds the tablet. An additional frame around the screen holds the tablet and prevents it from falling out of the envelope.Hence the strange nickname.

The outer side is made of eco-leather . This is a cute name for repeatedly pressed and recycled leather that is blended with polymer materials. Therefore, the cover does not smell like leather per se – and generally cannot be considered leather. By the way, Apple’s covers for iPhone 5s are made of the same material. Tactilely everything is very good, and the texture, very pronounced, hides, or rather masks minor scratches.

On the inside, the surface is light and soft – this is microfiber .But it should not clear the screen in a passive state. All because of the fabric frame that covers the edges and part of the front panel of the case, which prevents the lid from touching the display of the tablet. The cover folds in the opposite direction and clings to the notch on the rear panel, turning into a stand. The gray fabric, however, is very easy to smudge, so try to unfold this cover on more or less clean surfaces.

The advantage of the Folio Case is that it protects the tablet well from impacts, albeit by the standards of a cloth case.The edges are stitched, which gives the silent case an unusual look. This is a logical option for those who deliberately look in the direction of the case, which can be dropped without harm to both the accessory and the tablet. But the cleanliness of microfiber will need to be monitored very carefully.

In my opinion, this is the best case from Puro for iPad Air. Everything about him is good: both the appearance and the form. Well, or almost everything: this is not a thin thing that doubles the thickness of the new Apple tablet. At the same time, the Booklet Case turned out to be very convenient in everyday use, and at the same time did not hide the beauty of the shiny faces of the new milky gray iPad.Even supplemented.


Booklet Case is made from the outside of the same material as the Folio Case: eco-leather , which has very little in common with the real material. True, this has an unexpected plus: over time, the cover will not “peel off” and will not peel off, and even scratches will endure with much better results. And it will not fall out of the hands, for it is very tenacious. Speaking of tenacity: in this model, the tablet is attached inside with plastic clips – which, in my opinion, is an ideal option for any iPad cases.

The coolest part of the Booklet Case is the back of the lid, upholstered in suede with a quirky pattern. From what I understand, this is a variation on the distinctive element of the Puro logo – the drop silhouette. It repeats over and over, creating pretty lines on the curved side when “transformed”.

The lines themselves almost merge with black suede in low light and almost shine in bright light. That is why I wrote that the Booklet Case complements the best quality of the Space Gray tablet – its now shiny edges.This pattern is visible whenever you place the tablet in the stand:

As with other iPad cases from Puro, the lid does not fold into the popular triangle, but rather folds back and slides into the notch at the back. Objectively speaking, I’m not a fan of this mount: it spoils the otherwise chic look of the case a little. But with fabrics other options, probably, could not be.

The entire review was printed with an iPad in this position in this case.The corner is comfortable for printing, and the case itself does not bend at all when typing – like a dense plastic stand. Perhaps this was the final chord in determining the favorite. Perfectly cut and plastic-reinforced holes for the camera, buttons and ports complete the picture.

I will not be honest – recommend . But finding this model in stores turned out to be more difficult than the others.

If all of these cases don’t seem colorful enough, check out the daring Puro Zeta Slim UK Flag .This is the same thin and light Zeta Slim, only with the British flag print. You won’t break 🙂

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Cases for iPad – Smart Cover


A huge number of different accessories have been developed for the gadgets of the Apple company Apple.The list of items alone will be very long. One of the most popular is the iPad protective case. This tablet is not cheap, and it will last much longer if you treat it very carefully. At first glance, there is nothing special in this protective accessory, but, nevertheless, a huge number of models have been developed, and it is not so easy to choose a worthy one. Many users prefer the Smart Cover, which only protects the screen and leaves the back cover uncovered.Consider the features of this case, note the tips for choosing it, and also review the most famous and high-quality models.

Accessories are used to protect the case and screen of the Tablet PC

What is Smart Cover

The Smart Cover is a rectangle made of natural or synthetic material that is placed over the screen and attached to the case using magnets. It allows you to reliably protect the screen surface. In addition, it can lock the screen when closed and unlock when opened.You don’t need to worry about manually locking the screen, the risk of accidental clicks is minimized.

Case for iPad Mini and other versions may have different colors. Older lots had the same color on the outside and the inside of the cover was white or gray. The new models are monochrome both inside and outside.

The design of the cover allows it to be folded, thus changing its position, to hold the iPad in different positions. For example, the cover can turn into a stand when reading, typing, watching videos, or making video calls.You no longer need to worry about how convenient it is to take your iPad to read, watch a movie or play a game. Your electronic assistant will stand evenly and firmly, even on curved and soft surfaces. Perhaps it would be better to remove the iPad Mini case for games, especially since it can be removed literally in one or two seconds, otherwise you just untie your hands.

Are there any disadvantages to the accessory? Yes, but they are not essential.

First, stripes may appear on the screen where the Smart Cover bends.On the one hand, this spoils the appearance a little, and on the other, it is very easy to remove them with a soft cloth.

Secondly, the soft inner side can attract dust and, if used carelessly, it will also stain or even scratch the screen. So try to keep the cover clean.

Thirdly, from constant use the cover changes its color a little and becomes darker. If this confuses you, wipe the surface with a damp cloth from time to time. The dirt is wiped off very easily.

And fourthly, the iPad becomes a little heavier when used in conjunction with the Smart Cover. In most cases, this difference is insignificant, but during games that require active participation, it is better to unfasten it.

Tips for choosing a quality cover

Tips for choosing a Smart Cover You should start by mentioning that there are two types of Smart Covers: original and fake. In the first case, there is no reason to doubt the quality, because Apple makes accessories for the iPad itself.You can buy them only at official Apple sales points. True, their cost is much higher.

Counterfeits also come in different qualities. Let’s conditionally divide them into several groups:

  1. Low-quality fakes. Made carelessly, very often the layers are glued together with bad glue and very quickly begin to delaminate. In appearance, they only resemble Smart Cover;
  2. Medium quality counterfeits. The cover material itself can be quite high quality, but the magnets, for example, will be very weak.Ideally, if you lift the tablet while holding the cover by its cover, it should be able to support its weight;
  3. This high-quality counterfeit is comparable in quality to the original, and in some cases even surpasses it.

In any case, never buy such iPad accessories at obscure retail outlets, but rather trust a trusted seller.

What points to consider when choosing a protective case for your iPad?

  1. Should I buy it at all? This is your own business, but it’s best if you do get it.Ideally with a brand new tablet. For some, the level of protection provided will seem insufficient, because Smart Cover covers only the screen, and the back cover remains unprotected. In any case, the accessory is very stylish and functional.
  2. Which material is preferred? The covers are available in leather or in durable synthetic polyurethane material. Leather will look more solid, one might even say elite. At the same time, polyurethanes have a wider range of colors, and they are also easier to clean from dirt.With the same performance, a leather case for the iPad Mini will cost much more. Most users choose polyurethane without regretting it.
  3. How to distinguish an original from a fake? Even in reputable stores, you can easily stumble upon non-original iPad accessories. Perhaps this will not be a big deal, but often such cases serve less and are not as practical. The original case should be engraved with the inscription that it was developed by Apple in California.

Best Cases Review

Smart Cover for iPad Pro 12.9 ″

Strong and reliable protection for your iPad Pro. The Smart Cover only protects the display, while the back cover remains open. Attaches securely to the case with a magnetic mount. Opening the Smart Cover wakes up your tablet, while closing it brings it back to sleep. The accessory is available in two colors, white and charcoal gray. The price in the official Apple store is 4990 rubles.

Smart Cover for iPad Pro 9.7 “

Strong protection for your 9.7″ iPad Pro. Lightweight yet durable Smart Cover reliably protects the display surface from scratches and minor damage. It is firmly attached to the metal case with a magnetic mount. Helps to use iPad in various positions. It also allows you to put your tablet to sleep or wake it up with one swipe. You just need to open or close.A very wide range of colors are available: white, beige, yellow, apricot, light pink, dark blue, lilac, cornflower blue, cobalt, mint, charcoal and red. The price in the official Apple store is 4090 rubles.

Smart Cover for iPad Air

Lightweight, compact, elegant and durable Smart Cover to protect your iPad display. Compatible with iPad Air tablets of all generations. The back surface remains open. The design of the accessory does not visually increase the thickness of the tablet.Made of polyurethane with a soft microfiber lining inside. Securely and firmly attached to the metal case with magnets. Several modes allow you to use the cover as a stand for typing, watching videos and movies, as well as video communication. It puts the tablet into sleep mode, and also takes it out of it, you just need to open or close the cover. Available in the following colors: yellow, green, blue, black and red. The price in the official Apple store is 3290 rubles.

Smart Cover for iPad mini

Excellent accessory for additional protection of the iPad mini display, does not spoil the appearance and looks very elegant. Made of polyurethane with soft microfiber lining. Magnetic fasteners are firmly attached to the metal case and are securely held on to it. Folds up several times, so it can be used as a stand when printing text, video telephony and watching movies. Easily puts your device to sleep and then wakes it up with one swipe.Only black is available. The price in the official Apple store is 3290 rubles.

Teemmeet Smart Cover

Excellent quality iPad Mini case made of soft genuine leather. There are modifications for various iPad models. Wide range of colors available. A well-made accessory will add elegance to the look of your tablet. It can easily and quickly transform into a stand, and powerful magnets securely attach the accessory to the body. Conveniently puts the tablet into sleep mode, as well as wakes it up.


Whether to choose this type of cover or not is entirely up to you. The Smart Cover is not able to protect the entire body, it only covers the surface of the screen. But it is very light, stylish, and its flexibility allows you to use the tablet for various purposes, while freeing your hands. The functionality is very simple and, in fact, all models on the market are the same and differ only in material and manufacturer.

Do you use Smart Cover on your iPad? We will be glad if you leave your comments.

Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Magma Shockproof Case for iPad Pro 10.5 “

Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Magma Shockproof Case for iPad Pro 10.5 “

The Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Shockproof Case is a stylish and comfortable book case for iPad Pro 10.5 “. The accessory has a stand function and a special holder for Apple Pen pens. The stand can be adjusted or removed from the case.

The accessory has a high degree of protection and a well thought-out design. With a book form factor and high-strength materials, the case protects the case and display of the device. The cover guarantees reliable protection from chips and cracks when dropped, as well as from scratches and abrasions.

Show characteristics

Manufacturer Urban Armor
Product code IPDP10.5-E-MG
Colour red
Material polyurethane, polycarbonate
Compatibility iPad Pro 10.five”
Equipment Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Magma Shockproof Case for iPad Pro 10.5 “Documentation

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Printing on iPad Cases

iPhones, iPads, iPods – these terms have already become so familiar to everyone that they do not cause a single drop of interest, surprise or delight. If you are also the owner of apple devices – hurry up to make them special. To be like everyone else is not in vogue today, and no one can refuse to use high-quality and smart technology. Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible to simultaneously stay on the wave and stand out from the crowd.

Printing on iPad Cases is a simple yet surefire way to personalize your device, personalize it and express your flair. Everyone can buy a typical model for a device in a regular store, but not everyone can boast of an exclusive case that exists in a single copy.

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