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Build Your Custom Leather iPad Case With MacCase

The best custom iPad case will be made by a company that has a proven track record of design excellence and of creating bullet-proof build quality pieces over the longest period of time. 

To create your custom iPad case with logo, you’ll need to know what size and generation of iPad you have, what style of case you would like and the artwork for your logo. 

It depends. We schedule your build around our normal production so your custom iPad case or custom MacBook Pro case can piggy back on a normal shipment. Our goal is to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind piece putting the costs into the actual product.

Unfortunately not. We cannot tan a complete hide to create a single case. The process would be cost prohibitive. With all of the possible combinations we offer, we hope you’ll be able to create something you’ll love.


Custom Leather iPad Case – Behind the Designs

The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products.

For this interview, we are speaking to MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro not about a specific product design, but about the company’s Custom Leather iPad Case program. 

The Custom Program allows customers to choose a whole host of options to build a unique, one of a kind case, sleeve or bag to transport and protect their Apple tablet. 

Building a Custom iPad Case with Company Logo

JKD: Our last conversation centered around the custom laptop cases. How is doing custom iPad Pro cases different? Do you see a different client for the tablet models? 

MS: Fundamentally it’s the same. We are using the same form to collect what the customers want in their build. Yes, I think the iPad Pro opens up different doors when it comes to who the customer is. We see a lot more groups, companies, etc. choosing the Folios.

They’ll design and we’ll build a custom iPad case with their company logo. Sometimes we’ll emboss the company logo then add individual embossed monograms for each member of the team. Those have been quite successful and quite beautiful. I’m sure they make a great impression when those employees sit down to meet with a client. 

Another example is the work we are doing for one of the most prestigious wineries in the Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley area of California. The director of Special Events called me to inquire about doing a custom leather 2020 4th generation 12.9 iPad Pro case for all their employees at their visitor center.

Because this was more than a single, one of the kind piece, we were able to create a custom, color matched hide to match their corporate branding. So we a wonderful detailed company embossed logo on the front cover but the case is crafted from a company matched color.


JKD: Why do you think these custom iPad covers with logo appeal so much to this customer base?

MS: The iPad Pro is used in much more in teams, teams of doctors, teams of statisticians, teams of creatives, so doing custom leather cases for iPad opens up the door to multiple people working together. All of our custom laptop case pieces were done for individuals.

That not to say that individuals will not want a handmade iPad Pro case, sleeve or bag because they have been ordering. It’s just that the tablets open the door to multiple pieces of a given build. Teams love the idea of having matching custom cases.

Say you have a team of five people, whether it’s a group of PR professionals, baseball coaches or cancer researchers, having the ability to order a custom leather iPad cover with company logo embossed into the leather, in colors of their choosing is an attractive thing.

One difference I have noticed is that the tablet customers tend to want simpler things. Maybe using a custom leather color, picking the thread color or adding a monogram. The builds for the handmade leather iPad cases tend to be much less expensive because of this.

Custom Leather iPad Covers, Sleeves and Bags

JKD: Speaking of cost, what can someone expect to pay for a custom iPad Pro sleeve or bag?

MS: It really depends.

Right now the builds are running about 50-70% higher for a personalized leather iPad sleeve or bag than what a standard production model would cost depending on the model. Adding a monogram adds about $50 to the cost because we have a make a steel die. The good part about doing your monogram is we keep the die. If in the future you want another custom case, the cost to add it would be minimal. 

We did a beautiful custom, chocolate brown Folio for the 12.9 iPad Pro that was around $240 delivered. The customer loved it and was just what they were looking for when they came to us originally. That’s what this is all about. 

JKD: MacCase has been making sleeves and bags for Apple laptops since 1998. You’ve obviously been doing something right all this time. How does this custom program fit into the company’s mission, the company’s aesthetic or even your personal vision?

MS: The company’s mission was and is to constantly innovate, offer the best design specific protection combined with the highest build quality and a timeless aesthetic. I know that sounds like a lot of boxes to check, but that is what we do.

Doing custom iPad Pro covers fits into this mission perfectly. As far as how it fits into the company aesthetic, it could not be a better marriage. I love the idea of doing this. I think we are going to build some truly stunning pieces. We have over 4800 variables to play with.

We start with designs I love, otherwise they would have never gotten to production in the first place (laughing). Now we get to make one-of-a-kind versions. Its exciting.

It’s exciting for everyone at MacCase, for me personally, and I am hoping, even more exciting for our customers to design and receive something that is truly their vision. From the response so far, the customers are pretty excited. 

Custom Leather iPad Folios – The 3rd Chapter

JKD: You’ve spoken about the Custom Program being the third chapter of the MacCase’s story. How so?

MS: The first wave was Genesis, the birth of the company. That first iBook case. It seems like million years ago at this point. The second wave was the launch of the Premium Leather Collection.

This came after losing our largest single customer. Those were some dark days. We had a lot riding on the success of the Premium Leather program and it worked out. It saved the company.

The leather line secured our future and as the market for Apple specific cases filled in around us, we found ourselves high atop this mountain alone because of the uniqueness of those designs and their quality execution. No one had seen anything like it.

Now we stand at the beginning of something new. It feels like we’re starting up again. It has that energy, that sense of excitement and not knowing what is going to happen. It’s the third chapter for sure but no less exciting than the two that have proceeded it.

JKD: The thing I find interesting is the time between the chapters. You have nearly a decade between each of these different phases. Why is that?

MS: I don’t know. Maybe it’s necessity. Maybe it takes that long for each phase to run it’s course. Maybe it takes that long for me to get bored and itching to do something really new within the structure of MacCase. It’s not that I sit around for 10 years thinking of the next big thing.

So much happens and happened between the birth of the company and the launch of the Premium Leather Collection. This is the tenth anniversary of the Premium Leather line so I guess we are due for something new, (laughing). That something new is doing custom iPad cases. 

JKD: What is the most popular custom leather iPad case?

MS: Our Premium Leather iPad Pro Folios are the most popular models that we create as part of our custom program. It makes sense as Apple tablets are extremely popular. After you’ve been through a half a dozen poor quality covers and wants something of real quality, our Folios are the answer. 

Moreover, if you have had one of our Folios over the last 10 years and you know how truly special they are, stepping up to a customer leather iPad folio is the next step. Customers who receive one of these very special builds are thrilled with the results. It’s great to see their reaction. 

What’s Next for the Custom Leather iPad Case Program?

JKD: This is a question I wanted to ask you during our last conversation. Where do you see this going? Could this be what MacCase ultimately becomes known for?

MS: If that happened, it would not be a bad thing. We have a great reputation for building great things. I think there is a very quiet yet very passionate group of people who have been using our Premium Leather models for the last 10 years and love them.

They don’t spend a lot of time on things like social media. They’re busy pushing the world forward and they are doing that with our bags and cases protecting their hardware, in essence, their ideas.

Our job is to let them know this handmade, leather iPad case program exists and that it’s here for them. Yes, it will be a lot of work. Most things in life that are worth doing are not easy. That’s how you know you are on to something.

If MacCase becomes best known for their custom, monogrammed leather iPad and Mac cases, that would be something I would welcome. 

Embossed Leather iPad Case

A shipment from our Custom Program arrived chock full of custom iPad cases, sleeves and Flight Jackets for the 12.9, 11 and 10.5 Apple tablets. Our customers continue to specify truly unique builds, some of which we will cover in this post.

There are currently five iPad models in the Apple suite of tablets. A good quality leather case is extremely durable and will provide years of protection while expressing your individual style. A custom iPad case takes that last part to a whole new level.

While prices are higher for a one of a kind, personalized, custom iPad case they are still well below the off the shelf bags and cases available from well know European fashion brands.

While there are many companies that sell vinyl stickers that cover your Apple tablet and give it a personalized look, this might not be the custom solution you had in mind if you’re a professional.  

An iPad covered in stickers is great custom solution if you’re in high school. But if you’re making presentations to clients, the CEO of a company or a doctor, your idea of a custom iPad case is probably a bit more sophisticated.

MacCase designs are both personable, exciting, and made with quality materials. The colors available include red, tan, chocolate, pink, black, gray, and brown. Matched to these color options are a variety of finishes. There are three variations of finishes including smooth, distressed, and pebble grain for added luxury. The thread color is completely custom too.

You can mix and match exterior finish and thread for a funky and eclectic style, or you can customize your iPad pro case with similar color tones for conservative and sleek design.

Expressing Your Individuality

Embossing is an excellent way to express your individuality on your custom iPad case. If you want to emboss your initials on your iPad cover or the initials of someone else as a gift, this can be done.  

With all the color options available with the MacCase Custom Program, red is a very popular choice for custom leather iPad Pro cases like the 11″ Folio shown above. Red was a production color when the Premium Leather Collection was first introduced in 2007. It ran for many years and was well loved by so many customers. 

If the customer wanted this to be an embossed leather iPad case, a typical three letter monogram would be placed in the lower right hand corner as shown below. 

When it came time to choose the colors for the custom leather iPad Pro cases program, red had to be included. Many of the current fans of the red pebble grain are choosing red hides with red, black, white or the red/ white stitching option for their builds. The case above shows the red pebble grain hide with the red/ white combination thread and a features a black interior. 

Since its debut in 2010, Apple has sold more than 350 million iPads worldwide.

Given that so many case options are the same, one thing that is exciting about the Custom Program is when a customer spec’s a build for something no one has seen before. This was the case (no pun intended!) with this extremely handsome, distressed gray vintage 12.9 Folio with embossed monogram shown above. 

The gray vintage is a rare hide that has all of the character of our standard production vintage hide including the varying oil content, marks, scraps and changes in colors and hue.

In person, the gray is hauntingly beautiful in the same way that a perfectly produced song can be. It’s striking without being “shouty” and will patina in in the same wonderful way that the brown vintage does, getting darker where you touch it and lighter where you don’t. 

If you’re looking for something truly unique and different yet still professional in a custom distressed leather iPad case, have a look at the gray vintage with an embossed monogram or company logo. 

Like the red pebble grain, chocolate pebble grain was a production color when MacCase invented the Apple-specific, premium case segment way back in 2007. 

Like red, chocolate has it’s fans and those folks tend to be everyone who wants and needs an alternative to black. We know some people are tired of black, especially in a professional environment. A Chocolate custom leather iPad case offer a terrific alternative to the classic black, yet has all the richness. 

One of the recent standout builds was this superbly subtle chocolate black iPad Pro 12.9 Briefcase. This warmth of the chocolate hide is perfectly juxtaposed against the cool silver of the buckle and the zipper detail.

The white highlighting thread adds the right amount of contrast and additional detail. This build was spec’d with a tan poly-suede interior fabric and was quite handsome inside and out.

Many customers choose a custom iPad case to give as a gift to a loved one, clients, friends or colleagues. Another recent build was this wonderful blue vintage 12.9 Folio with red stitching with matching accessory pouch that magnetically attaches to the front of the case.

The latest generation of MacCase Premium Leather Folios all feature our Magnetic Accessory System. Any one of 4 optional accessories can be quickly and easily attached to the front cover of any folio model. The accessories include a case for the Apple Pencil, the aforementioned cable pouch, a document or paper holder and a business card holder.

Most custom folio builds we do include at least one matching accessory. If you’d like to add any of the accessories to your build, you can let us know in the Special Instructions box in the submission form.


Custom Mac Cases – New Arrivals

A shipment from our new Custom Program has arrived and it includes a full assortment of custom Mac cases, sleeves and Flight Jackets for the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro. The level of customization and creativity is truly inspiring. 

While prices are higher for these one of a kind, custom pieces, they are still well below the off the shelf bags and cases available from well know fashion brands. With our quality being on par or higher, our program offers the luxury of customization and world class quality at a lower price.  

One of the standout custom leather Mac cases from the last shipment is this brilliant red Flight Jacket. Finished in our red pebble grain hide with just a single line of white contrasting stitching and a gray interior, this one-of-a-kind piece was exactly what it’s owner was looking for but was unable to find anywhere else.

Enter the MacCase Custom Program where this first time MacCase customer was able to order a custom Mac case to her exact specifications. 

“I was looking for something that combines the functionality of a laptop case with the elegance of a fashion bag but it couldn’t be too bulky. It looks even better in real life than it did in the mockup image I was sent. Thank you so much for bringing my idea to life. I absolutely love it!”.

This was from an email received shortly after the custom case arrived to it’s new owner. Bringing this kind of joyful emotion to people is exactly what this program is all about. 

One trend that we have seen over the last few months in the Custom Program is red thread. Many are asking for it on the custom Mac cases we are quoting and building.

While you might think a classic, pebble grain black Flight Jacket would not be the first choice for a custom leather Mac case, when paired with full red stitching it becomes a truly bespoke, custom piece. The red stitching really seemed to bring out the richness of the hide and added a dynamic quality to the overall aesthetic of the case. 

Many sports car interiors that feature black leather use red thread to highlight the racy nature of the vehicle. This Flight Jacket completely follows in that line of thinking and would not look out of place in the passenger seat of any classic or late model sports car. 

Classic black leather too boring for you? How about the same red stitching combined with our unique blue vintage? Talk about an electric look! Nothing vibrates more visually than red on blue, especially with our Blue Vintage.

The distressed, blue vintage is a hide unlike any other with each section of each hide being different from the section next to it. Varying oil content creates dark and light pattens in the hide. When the hide is cut into panels and the varying panels are sewn next to each other, you get something very original and very special.

No two vintage cases are ever alike. With the rarity of the blue vintage, you will receive something unique to you in all the world. Even if someone ordered the same exact build spec as you, the uniqueness of the leather itself would keep the two cases from ever being exactly the same. The blue vintage hide against the red stitching made each color come alive in a way that we’ve never seen before here at MacCase. 

Custom Leather MacBook Pro Sleeve

Lastly we have a classic MacCase Premium Leather Sleeve customized in a way that separates it just enough from the standard sleeve it’s based on. Our beloved distressed, brown vintage hide was sewn together with all white stitching. In our production build, only the curved panels receive the white stitching.

On this custom MacBook Pro Sleeve, white stitching highlights all the panels that make up the sleeve design. The rows of perfect white stitching really brings out the attention to detail and amazing overall quality inherent in each Premium Leather model. The embossed monogram completes the custom package. 


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9 best places to get custom iPad cases online

If you buy an item via this post, we may get a small affiliate fee. Details.

Custom iPad cases are a perfect way to express yourself and will make a great gift for an Apple fan in your life

We’ve rounded up best online destinations that let you customize an iPad case to meet all your needs and fully express your personality.

When you buy an original iPad case, you can be sure of one thing: you are overpaying for joining a large crowd of people who are proud of using the same overpaid case.

Having an accessory with the Apple logo is a guarantee of the highest possible quality and perfection in every detail. Some users would not even think about buying anything outside the Apple store.

On the other side, you can get a third-party alternative for a fraction of the price.

We are constantly sharing the best iPad cases and accessories from around the web. Most of them are wonderful examples of creativity combined with convenience and innovation. You can choose from hundreds of designs not a few. You can get a stand, tri-fold case, keyboard case, leather sleeve, heavy-duty shell case, urban bag, or book-style stand cover. Having seven or ten stand positions not three. Available in thirty color variants not four.

Getting a unique iPad case is the best possible way to express your personality and show who you are.

What if none of the cases you’ve seen is not even close to what you are looking for? And you’ve gone through dozens of lists, and visited major online stores like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

Enter the world of personalized iPad cases and sleeves. A demand for cases that can be customized by users is quickly growing. More and more vendors see it as a serious business opportunity, and devote all their efforts to develop create-as-you-buy environment.

In general, a custom iPad case can be personalized in two ways:

  • You can add a custom element – for instance your initials, a quote, or a monogram.
  • You can design a case from scratch – using an online customization tool, you can choose the color, add own image, create text, or add stickers or filters.

In the list below, we’ve rounded up the best online destinations that offer iPad cases open for customization. Sometimes it’s about adding initials, sometimes you can play with several personalization settings.

There are other sites with custom tablet cases, naming only Redbubble or Society 6. As they don’t offer cases for the latest iPad models, we’ve ruled them out from this overview.

Remember. You are not as good as the tablet you own. It works the other way round.

Read also 50 best iPad covers and sleeves – the ultimate 2020-21 guide

Top article

Explore the quick and visual-heavy guide that collects the best iPad covers from around the web. For iPad mini 5, iPad 10.2, iPad Air 3, and the latest iPad Pro models.

Best places to get custom iPad case covers online

1. Caseable

Caseable is one of our favorite sites that offer custom cases for various mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

You can customize any case cover in two ways.

The first option is to choose from hundreds of ready-to-use case designs. The company cooperates with hundreds of talented artists from around the world to offer only the best-designed, trendy artworks that are versatile enough to match all tastes.

The second option lets you design a case from scratch. The process is easy, interface is user-friendly, and the end result is more than enjoyable.

You can upload an image and set up its size and position. You can then add a filter to it (for instance, add sepia to give the image a vintage feel). Or you can personalize the cover by simply choosing a color of the background and typing a custom text, having a large number of nice typefaces to choose from.

Depending on which iPad you have, you can pick up a smart case, a book-style folio case, a zipper sleeve, laptop bag, or a skin.

For the custom iPad 9.7 Smart Cover you will pay $29.90. iPad Pro 12.9 shoulder sleeve is available for $54.90.

Our favorite designs:

Supported models: iPad Pro 12.9 (2018), iPad Pro 11 (2018), iPad 9.7 (2018 & 2017), iPad mini 4, several older models.

⇢ Caseable

2. Zazzle

While Zazzle still does not offer cases tailored for the newest iPad models, it’s worth checking it out to learn about all personalization options you would use in the future.

Zazzle is one of the most popular online marketplaces, offering thousands of unique designs, including images licensed from Disney or Hallmark.

A search phrase “iPad case” returns as many as 440 thousand results. There are so many different styes and topics to choose from that my advice is to be as specific as possible.

Instead of “iPad case” write down “vintage floral iPad case,” “polka dot iPad case,” or “minimalist black white iPad case.”

The best thing about Zazzle is that most of the ready-to-use designs can be personalized. Some project come with pre-designed elements, such as the initials circle, so the only thing you have to do is write down two letters – either yours or the person you are going to give the case as a gift.

Once you open the customization panel you will quickly realize you can change every single element of the design, making it easy to create the case from scratch. The panel is not as easy as on Caseable, but multiple settings will not limit your imagination.

Prices start from $45 for a book-style folio case.

Most popular iPad searches on Zazzle:

Supported iPad models: iPad Pro 12.9 (1st and 2nd generation), iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, older models.

⇢ Zazzle

3. DODOcase

DODOcase offers only cases and accessories for Apple products: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch.

This approach allows the company to develop cases for the latest iPad models much earlier than competitors. What’s even more important, these cases are released when customers are actually looking for them.

Another benefit of being focused on Apple is that for each device there are several case models to choose from. For instance, if you have an iPad, you can grab personalized keyboard folio sleeve, classic folio stand, book-style fabric case, or slim backshell cover.

DODOcase offers over 400,000 custom combinations for iPad – and that’s without the monogram you can place in the customization panel called Dodomizer. Plus, you can always go for one of the stock cases.

Dodomizer lets you choose the material color, decide on the accents (such as the spine) and closure. Monogramming is the only thing that needs improvement. You can’t resize the text, change its position or color. I don’t recommend using this option for now.

The cases are handmade to order, so you will have to wait for them up to 4 weeks. They are not cheap – prices start at $60.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (including the latest generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (latest generation), iPad Pro 11 (2018), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ DODOcase

4. Go Customized

If you are looking for slim, lightweight cases that you can put your own photo on, make sure to check out Go Customized.

The site makes it extremely easy to create personalized case designs based on uploaded images. Think of it as an advanced photo editor and collage maker for iPad cases.

You can use one of available templates and fill it with own images. Or you can pick up one of default patterns (their number is limited, though) and add stickers, text, or filters.

Do you want to place more than one photo? No problem. Select the collage grid, upload image files, place them in the desired order, and the case is ready!

If you don’t want to use photos, you can always go with the hand-picked color, and place a custom text on it.

As the offered cases are basic either a plastic backshell or a backshell with a tri-fold cover, Go Customized is among the most affordable options you can go for. The customized case for the latest iPad 9.7 costs $39.99.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (including the latest generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (latest generation), iPad Pro 11 (2018), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Go Customized

5. My Custom Case

My Custom Case lets you create a custom iPad case, but the approach to creative process is different from the options we’ve seen above.

Instead of creating the case from scratch, and digging into images, patterns, colors, and fonts, My Custom Case makes things easier – you won’t get lost in endless possibilities.

You can pick up one of one hundred artworks (all are extremely cute). Then you can pick up one of a few background color variants, a few fonts, and a few emblem designs.

Not having too much flexibility is a good thing. You don’t need to have advanced design skills to come up with a great-looking designer iPad case.

All cases are a solid folio design and come ready for text personalization, but you can remove the text element entirely, as well. The prices start from $40.

Supported iPad models: Latest iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 12.9 (1st and 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5, older models.

⇢ My Custom Case

iPad cheat sheet 2020

Latest Apple iPad models

Together with links to tech specs and best case covers.

• • •

Apple iPad mini 5, 7.9-inch

The world’s favorite compact tablet now comes with Apple Pencil 1 support and A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, three times the performance and nine times faster graphics. Prices start from $399.

Tech specs Best cases

• • •

Apple iPad 10.2 (2020 release)

An upgraded entry-level model features A12 Bionic processor making the tablet up to two times faster than the top-selling Windows laptop. Prices start from $329.

Tech specs Best cases

• • •

Apple iPad Air 4 (2020 release)

An ultra-thin design with all-screen front and 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, top Touch ID sensor, and USB-C connector. Available in five gorgeous colors. Prices start from $599.

Tech specs Best cases

• • •

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2020 release)

11-inch edge-to-edge 2388 × 1668 px Liquid Retina display with ProMotion, Magic Keyboard and Trackpad support, Ultra Wide camera, A12Z Bionic chip, LiDAR Scanner, and more. Prices from $799.

Tech specs Best cases

• • •

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2020 release)

12.9-inch Liquid Retina 2732 × 2048 px LED-backlit Multi‑Touch display with ProMotion, Magic Keyboard and Trackpad support, Ultra Wide camera, A12Z Bionic chip, LiDAR Scanner, and more. Prices from $999.

Tech specs Best cases

6. Too Good Cases

If you want a case to be more personal and far more crazy than the standard black or brown models that are widely available on the web, make sure to check out Too Good Cases.

The platform offers handmade folio iPad cases. Its biggest benefit is a large selection of designs combining different colors of front, spine, closing strap, and shell.

Some of the color variants are unexpected and attention-grabbing – something you would not see in the classic book-style stand case.

You can personalize each case with an inscription that will be printed on the spine. However, there is no way to preview how the text would look like.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (latest and previous generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (both generations), iPad Pro 10.5, iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Too Good Cases

7. Case Company

Case Company is not just another website that offers personalized iPad cases. It stands out when it comes to quality of artworks and the friendliness of the configuration panel.

You have three options at hand: create your own case, choose one of hundreds of available artworks, and go for CityMarble.

The last option is amazing. It lets you create an iPad case looking like a map, for instance the city you live in or the place you dream of going to.

CityMarble is a stunning example of how impressive the map can become if you only modify it to look less like a map. The net of streets, pavements and park spaces shown in trendy color combinations is the hell of a modern iPad and iPhone case!

You can choose to put the design on either the smart cover (no backshell) or smart case (all-around protection). Both are slim and lightweight. Prices start from $35.

Supported iPad models: iPad Pro 12.9, iPad (2017 & 2018), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Case Company

8. Etsy

Etsy is the largest and world’s most loved online marketplace with handmade and vintage goods. You can find here everything you’d ever need in your life: from home decor to clothing, to jewelry, to posters, to personal items. Obviously, there are also a lot of iPhone and iPad cases, sleeves, and accessories.

As the site offers items created by individual artists and artisans, you will have to apply a different method to browse for personalized iPad cases and sleeves. Unlike in the platforms presented above, not all iPad sleeves can be personalized by default.

The search phrase “custom iPad case” returns about 5,000 items. Find a case or sleeve you like and follow the seller’s remarks to place your personalization request.

Best Etsy shops offering custom iPad cases and sleeves:

  • Capra Leather – genuine leather custom-engraved iPad sleeves.
  • One Love Case – beautiful nature-inspired images printed on slim backshell cases.
  • Studio B Design – premium leather journals that double as iPad sleeves. You can order monograms in one of beautifully designed logos.
  • Popeq – high-quality leather & felt jackets with a free monogram option.
  • Feel Felt – unique leather sleeves that can be personalized on request.
  • City Sheep Shore – premium iPad sleeves made of genuine leather and felt. You can order a custom monogram.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (2nd and 1st generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (all generations), iPad Pro 11, iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Etsy

9. Amazon

It is a convenient option for everyone who already has an account on Amazon and doesn’t want to register in another online store to buy a single item.

You can start searching for personalized iPad cases and sleeves by going to Amazon Handmade – a section that’s similar to Etsy. Individual artisans use the giant online retail platform to sell their goods that are usually hand-crafted to order.

If you, however, are not only looking for leather & felt sleeves or folio cases crafted using traditional bookbinding techniques, make sure to search the entire Amazon.

A search phrase “custom ipad case” will show you about 3,000 results. You can also search for custom iPad cases in the Amazon store localized in your country. Most of them are cases with custom print, similar to what you can get on Zazzle or Go Customized.

Best custom iPad cases you can find on Amazon:

  • Alpha Covers – smart cases with beautiful double sided designs and the option to add custom name.
  • Wonder Wild – floral or watercolor artworks on smart-shell iPad covers. Some variants come with an option to add custom initials.
  • D&M Leather Studio – genuine leather iPad sleeves. You can order the seller to engrave custom text.
  • Head Case Designs – a producer offers hundreds of themed cases for mobile devices, including iPad.
  • Capra Leather – original minimalist iPad sleeves made of genuine leather with custom monogram as an option.

Supported iPad models: iPad Pro 12.9 (all generations), iPad Pro 11, iPad 9.7 (2nd and 1st generation), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Amazon

• • •

Where to buy iPad cases and accessories

If you are still hesitating whether to buy a personalized case or go for one of the proven and best-rated designs, make sure to explore these online destinations on top of searching the Apple store.

Amazon – the giant online store offers the biggest selection of all kinds of case covers and accessories. If we had to pick up one web destination for everything related to iPad, it would be Amazon – especially now after the retailer nailed a deal with Apple to offer iPads in the authorized reseller channel.

Best Buy – the range of offered accessories is pretty limited, but the online store is worth checking out if you want to buy cases and accessories at reduced prices.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable iPad case covers and accessories. Sometimes, you can find here the case that’s the same as the branded one you’ve found on Amazon but costs two-thirds of the price.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. There are a plenty of unique iPad sleeves and jackets to choose from. Most of them are handmade to order; many can be personalized.

Recommendation box

Top iPad cases and accessories to get in 2021

Based on recommendations from top tech sites and customer reviews.

• • •

Zugu Muse multi-functional iPad protective case

This is the best heavy-duty iPad case you can find on Amazon. It features multi-angle stand secured with strong magnetic structure. Military drop tested ( MIL STD 810G 516.6) to withstand 5-feet drops. Available for iPad mini 5, iPad 10.2, Air 3, and latest Pro models.

Average rating: 4.7/5


• • •

Penoval high-precision iPad stylus with palm-rejection technology

A great alternative to Apple Pencil. Penoval stylus is using advanced technology for precise, natural, highly responsive writing and drawing with no delays. Works with all current iPad models.

Average rating: 4.4/5


• • •

Foldable, fully adjustable aluminum iPad stand

This stylish and stable stand lets you adjust both the angle and height, helping you set your iPad closer to eye level. It’s helpful when you take part in online meetings or make lots of video calls.

Average rating: 4.7/5


• • •

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Personalised Apple iPad Air 2 genuine leather case in brown


In stock



Key Features

Premium hand-made Alston Craig case (Vintage Style): brown for iPad Air 2019 / iPad pro 10. 5 (2017)

Vintage style case is made of the best quality leather with a stylish interior olive stripe cloth lining

Convenient and simple multiposition stand, allows quick access to your media, ports and buttons all at once, folding quickly out and away when not in use

Comes with magnetic buckle, personalisation, internal document pocket and foldaway stand with typing and content viewing positions

Personalised to your specification with quality laser engraving. We’ll email you to provide us with your choice of text/font, and we’ll do the rest

Wherever your journey takes you, peace of mind and the comforts of home are no farther away than your Apple tablet. The fine textural experience of your Alston Craig tablet case is luxury you can carry with you, and affords both convenience and style while away from home.

An eye-catching combination of form and function, our Alston Craig Slim-Stand cases are an essential luxury item for the traveling professional. Quickly fold out the tablet stand feature for easy viewing and on-the-spot presentations, and take advantage of the typing position to get some casual work done. Includes magnetic clasp, document pocket and Alston Craig signature debossing.

Our cases are not one-size-fits-all. They require a certain sense of personal style which is a departure from the stoic and often stuffy simplicity of other luxury leather items. Our signature stripe and pattern materials are both lively and stylish, and meticulously sourced from hundreds-of-thousands of materials. We spare no expense to find the best materials, visiting hundreds of cloth markets to find the absolute best materials for Alston Craig. It’s a quality you can see and touch, and an experience you will enjoy reaching for again and again.

It’s imperative to recognise that ability to cancel orders for personalised items is invalid, unless the issue is ours, or the standard of the engraving completed is un reasonable and less than satisfactory by both parties. In this event you will have the full rights & privileges as enforced by the 2011 Consumer Rights Directive. By placing an order you will have acknowledged these rights, giving us permission to procced with the task within the cancellation time frame, and you void your right to void the order on a “Change of decision” reason.

Top 7 iPad custom cases to personalise your favourite tablet further

The world has witnessed an array of tablets come and go, but one of them has stayed in the market and emerged as one of the most popular choices when it comes to tablets worldwide, and it is none other than Apple’s iPad, which come at varying prices and sizes. If you have recently bought an iPad and are worried about its protection, don’t worry, you can get some amazing cases and sleeves that will help to protect your iPad from any type of damage.

While most of the cases you’ll find in the market are generic, you can also customise your iPad cases. Below we’ve listed seven cool custom iPad cases that are a value for money proposition.

You can find this case in many different colours like black, brown, red, pink and mint. This case can be used by users who have the iPad 9.7. 10.2, 10.5 pro, 11 pro, 12.9 and iPad mini 2019. This smart cover has auto wake function with an Apple pencil holder and is made up of premium PU leather. The backside of the case is made of soft TPU material which will protect from shops and drops. When you talk about the insides, it is made up of soft micro-fibre material that protects the iPad screen from scratches.

Price: starts at $28

You can buy this custom iPad case here

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Made of genuine leather, this iPad case will help you to protect the screen of your IPad Pro 9.7, 10.5/11, Air or mini from unwanted scratches. The inner as well the backside of the case is made up of wool lining. You can personalise the case by putting a name, message, logo or your favourite quote. There are a variety of colours like black, brown, cognac, green, red, navy blue, burgundy, powder pink, graphite grey available.

Price: starts at $45

You can buy this custom iPad case here

This faux leather case can be used b users who have iPad 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Air 1, 2, 3, Mini 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, among others. You can select from available designs and get your initials as well as names engraved on the marble-leather finished case.

Price: starts at $20.31

You can buy this custom iPad case here

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This case is compatible with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2019 (3rd generation), iPad Mini 1/2/3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 5, iPad 9.7 2017, iPad 9.7 2018 , iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 12.9 (old version), iPad Pro 12.9 2018, iPad Pro 11 2019 and iPad 10.2 2019.

You can select your model number and for personalisation add your name or monogram. This case is made up of 100% high-quality lightweight clear plastic. The case has automatic sleep and wakes up function. The case keeps the screen clean and protected when closed.

Price: starts at $32.40

You can buy this custom iPad case here

This case is available in three colours white, black and soft pink. This iPad case features a soft-touch lining and foam padding. Materials used in this case is 100% vegan leather-look PU. It features classy customisations like embossed initials, among others.

Price: starts at $17.62

You can buy this custom iPad case here

Also read: How to shut down and hard reset your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

This case is compatible with Ipad 2/3/4 Case, Ipad Air Case, Ipad Mini 1/2/4. The front part of the cover is a soft padded fabric which has been specially coated this helps the seller to print their designs in gorgeous vivid and fade-resistant colour. The inner part is made up of soft faux suede material, whereas the backside of the case is made of black faux leather. Steps regarding how to order are mentioned on the site.

Price: starts at $37.99

You can buy this custom iPad case here

This case is compatible with iPad Pro 11,  Pro 10.5, Pro 12.9, iPad 9.7-inch, Pro 9.7 inch, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and iPad 2, 3, 4. This case has been made in such a way that it resembles a book.

All you need to do is send a photograph of what you would like as a cover. The case is designed with a high-quality PU leather wallet case, with an attached silicone case that provides your iPad with durable protection. The magnetic snap present in the case helps to keep the cover secure.

Price: starts at $69

You can buy this custom iPad case here

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Pursuing Bachelor’s in Accounts & Finance. To relieve stress I listen to music. Enjoying life to the fullest.

Handmade distressed leather iPad portfolio organizer Macbook bag – DMleather

Custom order BASE ON MACX05DS for James

BASE ON Handmade full grain leather macbook case MACX05DS Fit for new surface book 3 15” /size 343mm x 251mm x 23mm Processing Time:   Your order will be shipped in 1~3 days

Distressed leather kindle Fire HD 8/10 cover

Feature:* Hand-stitch shows very beautiful thread track on the leather* Thick, durable full grain genuine leather offers superior protection* Leather strap closure way make it easy and stylish ,Size:Fit for Fire HD 8 / Fire HD 10Personalized:We could engrave initial,quote. ..

Hand stitched full grain leather iPad Pro Air case

Description:We upgrade and simplify our classic iPad organizer case again in 2021 after getting many advices from kind customer .✔ We add the lining with suede to offer more protection for your iPad screen✔ We use superior ( NOT common…

Hand stitched leather cover portfolio for iPad mini 5

Description:We upgrade and simplify our classic iPad mini 5 organizer case again in 2021 after gathering many advices from kind customer . ✔ We add the lining with suede to offer more protection for your iPad screen✔ We use superior (…

Handcrafted leather ipad mini 4 5 case with pencil holder

This handcrafted iPad mini folio case is made from premium full grain leather, it is a heavy duty case ,the inside structure can accommodate business card , some small notes ,cable ,even a passport , perfect for your travel or…

Handmade full grain leather macbook case

Hand-Stitched macbook distressed genuine leather case100% High Quality Top Grain Cow Leather This stylish laptop sleeve / case is specifically designed for the MacBook laptop, This sleeve offers a snug fit so your laptop stays secure and the natural look. ..

Handmade leather macbook pro laptop portfolio organizer

This leather portfolio was designed for your travel or business trip ,high quality top grain cow leather and 100% hand cut and sew . you could organize your stuff and laptop into it . some stuff you could put into:✔ Boarding…

Personalized distressed leather iPad Pro case cover

DISTRESSED OILED LEATHER IPAD COVERThis iPad leather cover was made from high quality cow leather ,simple and practical design ,will be aged beautifully over time . there is a clear TPU iPad case sewn at the right of case to hold…

Personalized embossed leather iPad case with pencil holder

This personalised iPad cover is made from embossed genuine leather, you could access your iPad and keep it secure without relying on a plastic case , This iPad portfolio case also comes with a built-in stand and a leather pencil holder for your. ..

Personalized real leather iPad mini case cover

****************************************Why we honor and insist on hand sew our leather product ?Leather sewing machines commonly use the “lock stitch” , If just one loop of a lock stitch is broken, the other side will automatically be loosened, often this process. ..

Rustic leather case sleeve for iPad

Materials: rustic leather, sturdy leather, genuine leather, cow leather Description: A simple full grain leather classic design sleeve for your iPad . This leather iPad case is made of full grain rustic cow leather and hand sewn with saddle stitch…

vintage leather portfolio stand case for iPad Pro 10.5/ 9.7

We keep upgrading our classic iPad organizer with a high quality silicone case that have a slot for expensive apple pencil  ✔ materials: 100% full grain genuine cow leather✔ hand cut,hand sew with thick waxed thread✔ smart and secure design…

vintage retro leather macbook cover

Materials: leather, cow leather, distressed leather This stylish simple design laptop sleeve is specifically designed for the MacBook laptop, This sleeve offers a snug fit so your laptop stays secure and the natural look of the leather offers a classic,…

{{if compare_at_price_min > price_min}} Sale {{/if}} {{if !available}} Sold Out {{/if}} ${( tagLabel = false ),”} {{if tags}} {{each tags}} {{if $value ==”label” || $value ==”Label”}} ${( tagLabel = true ),”} {{/if}} {{/each}} {{/if}} {{if tagLabel}} Custom Label {{/if}}

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MagSafe Accessories

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Slim Armor Pro

The first of its kind.

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Apple Watch Case

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HIPS FIR (INCHES) 33″ 34″ 36″ 38″ 40″ 42″ 44″
HIPS FIR (CM) 81.5 86.5 91.5 96.5 101 106.5 111.5
SKORT LENGTHS (SM) 36.5 38 39.5 41 42.5 44 45.5
EUROPE 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
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90,000 Luxury accessories and exclusive APPLE iPAD in gold, diamonds, wood, leather …


+38 (048) 787-95-95 [email protected] +38 (048) 703-95-95

All exclusive tablets are based on original Apple products – www.apple.com


Elite and luxury editions Apple iPad tablets from Art Studio MJ. All products are produced according to individual orders. Product bodies made of cast gold and platinum, finished in genuine leather, hand made, inlaid diamonds and other precious materials.Models produced in a single copy are made exclusively by hand from unique materials. The latest models from precious metals, decorated with stones with a unique cut, engraved with name stamps and cliches. Luxury for elected from www.mj777.com For individual orders, any zodiac signs, family crests and other logos of our clients. * Individual tuning from MJ is produced only on the basis of the original and Apple certified products.

Apple iPad Air 2 (iPad 6), Air (iPad 5), iPad 4 (4th Generation), iPad 3 (New iPad), iPad 2 and others – tuning any models
Aplle iPad Mini, Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, Mini 3, etc. – tuning and modding tablets with displays retina
Aplle iPad Pro VIP Edition – tuning and modding large tablets with retina displays diagonal 12.9 inches.
Apple iPad Air 2 Gold MJ Limited Edition – case of models from the series gold, made of cast gold
Apple iPad Air 2 Diamond MJ Limited Edition – tablet decorated with real diamonds
Apple iPad Air 2 Swarovski MJ Limited Edition – iPad inlaid with Swarovski crystals
Apple iPad Air 2 Wood MJ Limited Edition – body made of valuable wood species, mahogany, ebony, amaranth
Apple iPad Air 2 Exotic Leather MJ Limited Edition – covers and cases in premium exotic leather
Apple iPad Air 2 Genuine Fur MJ Limited Edition – covers and bags for ipads in natural furs

Exclusive tuning software individual orders from Art Studio MJ
Luxury tablet cases made of yellow, rose or white gold.
* All tuned tablets are based on the original Apple products iPad – www.apple.com
Customize Apple iPad Gold Edition by MJ – Yellow Gold, Pink Gold & White Gold

A set of exclusive and status accessories from genuine python skin and other exotic.
Envelope bag for Apple Macbook Air laptop, case-book for Apple iPad Air, and a case for Apple iPhone 5s
Individual orders VIP accessories for any models of equipment from any types and colors of exotic leather
python, cobra, anaconda, crocodile, alligator, caiman, shark, eel, ostrich, stingray, elephant, hippo, monitor lizard…
MJ Exclusive Set of Python Leather – Bag for Laptop, Case for Tablet and Phone

Luxury iPad Case and a keychain made of premium red crocodile leather class.
MJ Luxury Case Genuine Leather Crocodile for Apple iPad Air 2 – Red Skin with Handmade Keychain
See also the catalog of exclusive keychains www.keychains.mj777.com and elite flash drives – www.vip-flash.com

Royal luxury tablets strewn real black diamonds from MJ.
Individual orders inlaid with any diamonds, from white classics to colored fantasy.
* All luxury tablets are based on original and branded products from Apple – www.apple.com
Royal Apple iPad Air 2 Gems MJ Limited Edition – Inlay Genuine Black Diamonds

Designer covers-covers for all models Apple iPad in gold python skin.
Available in various colors for individual orders python skin, cobra, karung, anaconda, crocodile …
Genuine Skin Snakes – Gold Python, Cobra, Karung, Sea Snake, Anaconda, Crocodile, Elephant, Shark, Fish, Frog – www.skin.mj777.com
Apple iPad Cover Exotic Leather Book Design by MJ Single Edition

Any models of original tablets from Apple in the skin of a crocodile decorated with a coat of arms of gold or platinum.
For individual orders any kind of leather with inlay any symbols of precious metals.
* All exclusive tablets are based on branded original products Apple – www.apple.com
Apple New iPad Air 2 (6), Air (5), iPad 4, iPad New (3), iPad 2 Exotic Crocodile Leather with Gold Diamonds Emblem MJ Luxury Edition

Covers, bags, cases, covers, cases and other accessories for iPads and other internet tablets
from genuine exotic leather, handmade premium class – www.case.mj777.com & www.leather.mj777.com
alligator, crocodile, caiman, python, anaconda, cobra, ostrich, iguana, monitor lizard, stingray, eel, hippo, elephant, kangaroo, calf etc.
Luxury Case for Apple iPad 5, iPad 4 & Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 2. iPad Mini Retina. Only Handmade Exotic Leather.
Alligator, Crocodile, Cayman, Python, Anaconda, Cobra, Calf, Ostrich, Iguana, Stingray, Hippo, etc.

See also catalog of exotic leather and fur – www.skin.mj777.com

Author’s models wooden cases for luxury tablets. Manual only Work.
Mahogany, ebony, rosewood, Karelian birch, petrified wood, ironwood,
wenge, amaranth, zebrano, bubinga, ipé, jatoba, mahogany, oak, beech, ash, cedar, ebony, bamboo, cypress,
teak, pinkado, and any other types of wood combined with gold and platinum from MJ.
See also luxury catalog products from valuable varieties of wood – www.wood.mj777.com
Case Cover from Gold Apple & Wood – Mahogany, Ebony, Karellian Birch etc.
Wooden Apple iPad – Customize by MJ Single Edition

A cover for any tablet models. Individual VIP orders. Author’s design.
Only exotic types of leather: crocodile, monitor lizard, sea eel, frog, boa constrictor, viper, bison, yak, ostrich…
MJ Modding for Internet Tablets Exotic Leather Edition – Case Bag from Crocodile Skin

Case overlay for a tablet made of natural stingray skin. Back view.
In the art studio MJ is represented by a large range stingray skins:
pearl, Siamese, liana, roxy, rohly and others subspecies of skin.
MJ Apple iPad Leather Genuine Skin Exotic Stingray Line – Back Side Case

Case overlay for a tablet made of stingray leather.Front view.
Cases for any models of tablets Apple iPad 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Mini with Retina Display, etc.
MJ Apple iPad Leather Genuine Skin Exotic Stingray Line – Front Side Case

Metallic leather case bag green python for iPad Mini. Any colors and textures – metallic, gloss, varnish, mat…
Individual tailoring status covers for any tablet models and phones – www.case.mj777.com
Soft Case Bag Green Metallic Color for for Apple iPad Mini Retina & Others Internet Tablets. Any Size

Luxury royal versions of tablets from Art Studios MJ. Released in total 10 models.
Each model is uniquely encrusted with real precious stones with a unique cut.
For individual orders, you can choose any type and combinations of precious stones.
Emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, tanzanites, paraiba, imperial, alexandrite, blue garnet,
spinel, eremeevite, benitoite, noble opal, feline eye, padparadscha, sphene, ammolite, jadeite,
dna diamonds and of course rare and very expensive colored individually cut diamonds.
Only professional handicrafts, the best and rarest materials from MJ
Professional Handmade Inlay.Luxury Models from Emeralds, Rubies, Blue Sapphires & Color Brilliants
Unique Royal Apple iPad Gems MJ Limited Edition

Case-cover made of natural fur. Manual case work on individual orders for tablets and phones.
Leopard fur, cheetah, tiger, ermine, pony, mink, arctic fox, coyote, lynx, llama, fox, sable, etc.
Exotic Fur Case Cover for Apple iPad Mini & iPad Mini Retina or Others Tablets HD 4K Limited Edition by MJ

Royal Branded iPad Original Tuning The newest version for 128GB.
And of course the whole body is covered with real diamonds. crystal clear.
Royal Apple iPad 128gb Original Tuning MJ Limited Edition – Inlay Genuine Diamonds

Exclusive bag – case for tablets and laptops in brown crocodile skin.
In individual orders, inlay of any symbolism from gold, silver, platinum, diamonds …
Crocodile Dark Brown Chocolate Inlaid Emblems. Made from Gold 750, Platinum 950, Brilliants etc.
Exclusive Bag Cover for Apple iPad Luxury – Exotic Genuine Leather

Exclusive cases leather covers polished stingray with emblems of 999-carat gold.
For individual orders any emblems, emblems, signs, initials and any other symbols.
Exclusive Case with Gold 999 Apple 24ct. Case made from Carbon & Stingray Polished for MJ Apple iPad

Leather case with emblem in cast gold 585 and diamonds.
For individual orders any seals and emblems from any gold samples.
MJ Apple iPad Leather Genuine Exotic Snake Skin with Diamond Apple

Exclusive tablet in red leather crocodile and the golden coat of arms of Ukraine.Tuning of any iPad models.
For individual orders, any coats of arms and emblems. And also any color of skin – bright red, dark red, scarlet, light brown, brown, caramel, chocolate, burgundy, beige, cream, raspberry, pale pink, fuchsia, lilac, white, milky, gray, purple, purple, cherry, lilac, sapphire, dark blue, neon blue, amber, azure, amethyst, sky blue, acid blue, matte black, umber, coral, chestnut, pale yellow, mustard, lemon, lime, terracotta, orange, brick, red, green, bottle, khaki, light green, olive, swamp, bronze, gold, silver, steel, crust, plum, rusty, sangria, black lacquered, black suede and any other shades and types of leather – www.skin.mj777.com
Exclusive Apple iPad 5/4/3/2/1 MJ Exotic Leather Edition – Crocodile Red Skin

Exotic Leather Tablet Cases Apple, Toshiba, Asus, Hulit Packard, Sony, Samsung, etc.
See also various luxury leather goods (accessories, gifts, toys, furniture, appliances) – www.leather.mj777.com
Book Bag Cover MJ Luxury for Apple iPad Air, 4 & iPad mini & Other Tablets Luxury: Asus, Toshiba, HP, Sony, Samsung etc.

Genuine leather tablet case crocodile handmade.
MJ Apple iPad Genuine Leather Exotic Crocodile Brown Skin

Case in genuine white crocodile leather. Available in matte and glossy editions.
Exotic Leather Apple iPad Limited Edition Case Cover – Crocodile White Color Mat or Glossy

Professional tablet modding and laptops Swarovski crystal from Art Studio MJ.
Inlaid with Swarovski crystals and precious stones – www.swarovski.mj777.com
MJ Modding for Apple iPad Swarovski Edition or Diamond Edition

Design cases for Apple iPad tablets from Art Studio MJ
Pink crocodile skin, pink gold 888th samples and unique pink diamonds.
The most fashionable and glamorous accessories and electronics. – www.wedding.mj777.com
Pink Crocodile Leather. Pink Gold Apple with Unique Pink Diamond by MJ
for Fashion Girls & Woman – MJ Wedding Edition

Exclusive case for tablets and laptops in crocodile leather and pure gold 999-carat 24 carats.
Inlaid with solid gold or platinum of any signs zodiac – Leo, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn…
Exclusive Cover for Apple iPad 5 Air 2 or any generation – Exotic Genuine Leather – Crocodile Black Inlaid Gold Apple 999

Exclusive computer tablet in leather crocodile and white platinum gold 777 from MJ.
In individual orders, inlay of any images from precious metals.
Crocodile Skin Green Reptile with Unique Apple inlay Blue Diamond
Exclusive Apple iPad MJ Exotic Leather Edition

Luxury iPad Cases mini and iPad 6th generations.Any size and design.
Release only for individual orders and only from genuine handmade leather.
Apple iPad 6/5 / Air 2/1 & Mini / Pro Luxury Book Genuine Leather Cover Case by MJ
many more case for mobile phone and other devices – www.case.mj777.com

Gold tablet Apple iPad. Case made of the latest 777 gold alloy, diamond logo and platinum.
Individual orders only. Only for chosen lovers of luxury and luxury gifts.
Exclusive Apple iPad Gold Diamond MJ Limited Edition – Gold 777 Inlaid Platinum Brilliants
Based only on the original Apple iPad – www.apple.com

Manufacturing of personalized covers. Application drawings, ornaments, logos, emblems, initials …
Laser and hand engraving, embossing (author’s cliches), weaving, art painting and airbrushing.
And of course luxury jewelry works. Corporate personalization of tablets and accessories.
Case Cover for Apple iPad Luxury Edition Black & Gray Color Genuine Leather by MJ

Carrying case – a bag for a tablet made of carbon frame and genuine ostrich leather of any color.
For individual orders internal pockets for business cards, credit cards, money, documents…
Apple iPad Pro / Air / Mini Luxury Genuine Ostrich Leather Cover Case by Art-Studio MJ

Tablet in crocodile skin. With the real thorns. Originals only.
Any kind of crocodile leather, smooth, textured, with large or a small pattern, with or without thorns.
Skin Hornback, Backstrap, Belly, Alligator, Crocodile, Caiman, Porosus, Oris, Niloticus, Jacare, Fuscus, Siam, Latirostris…
MJ Apple iPad Leather Genuine Exotic Crocodile Black Skin

Case with rhinestones swarovski. For lovers of expensive products, the case is decorated diamonds.
Only handmade. Only the best materials. Only individual orders.
Look for MJ products in the best boutiques around the world. Or order the production of a personal model.
See also the catalog of products decorated with crystals Swarovski – www.swarovski.mj777.com
MJ Luxury Diamond Case for Apple iPad Swarovski Limited Edition

Bags, covers, cases and cases for tablets, phones and laptops made of genuine leather
See also the catalog of tuning laptops – www.notebook777.com
Bag Book Case MJ for Apple iPad Leather Genuine Exotic Python Original Color Skin Opened

Leather, Gold, Ivory, Semi-precious stones and other delights from Art Studio MJ
Luxurious case for a tablet in the form of an author’s collectible book c family symbols.
Apple iPad 6 Air 2 Luxury Case – Elite Book Leather, Gold, Bone iVory – Classic Old Fashion Edition

Unique cover – notebook for tablets and laptops and natural fur. By individual orders any types and colors handmade natural fur. Mink fur, sable, rex, fox, wolf, llama, arctic fox, beaver, ermine, bear, silver fox, tiger, wolverine, skunk, honorica, jackal, chinchilla, leopard, lion, cougar, leopard, zebra, giraffe, seal,
coyote, wild cat, desman, squirrel, fur seal, gopher, fisher, ferret, hyena, cheetah, deer, camel, wild boar, muskrat, sea otter, otter, orilag, alpaca, broadtail, weasel, mole, martens, seals, nutria, muskrat, ocelot, lynx…
Exotic Fur Apple iPad Air 2 Limited Edition Case Cover – Pony Leopard Color Book

Crocodile leather tablet case, alligator, caiman, shark, elephant, ostrich, hippo, monitor lizard …
Exotic Leather Case for Apple iPad Limited Edition – Crocodile Caramel Brown Skin by MJ

Set of genuine python leather – handbag for MacBook Air ultrabooks, book case for iPad and iPhone Case
Python Leather Set – Small Bag for Notebook & Gadgets, Case for Internet Tablet and Phone – Natural Color
www.iphone-luxury.com & www.bag.mj777.com

Exotic luxury from python skin. Shoes and bag for tablet and laptop.
Any models of shoes and handbags for individual orders from Art-Studio MJ.
MJ Exotic Luxury Kit of Shoes and Laptop Bag Made of Genuine Python Leather Black Skin
See also catalogs of exclusive shoes, bags and tuned laptops.
www.shoes.mj777.com & www.bag.mj777.com & www.notebook777.com

Glamorous and stylish accessory set from the pink anaconda skin is delicately matte.
For individual orders any colors and types of leather anaconda, python, cobra, eel, alligator …
Male and female models of covers, bags, cases and others handmade accessories from the Art Studio MJ.
Anaconda Leather Set – Clutch Bag for Laptop & Accessories, Case for Tablet and Smart Phone – Light Pink Skin
See also catalogs tuning phones – www.iphone-luxury.com and luxury bags – www.bag.mj777.com

An elegant set of top-class accessories. Set of 2 cases for Apple iPad Pro or Air and Apple iPhone 6s Plus, 6s.5s, 4s …
Sewing leather cases of any color crocodile, alligator, caiman, ostrich, shark, cobra, eel, stingray …
See also Apple’s catalog of luxury modifications iPhone by MJ Customize – www.iphone-luxury.com
Elegant Set made of Genuine Leather Fashion Design – iPad Cover and iPhone Cover – Handcrafted by MJ
Custom-made covers for any equipment models

Author’s sets of bags and covers for Apple iPad and any kind of shoes from python skin.
For individual orders, any colors and types of leather – boa constrictor, cobra, iguana, shark, elephant, crocodile …
And also any kind of leather dressing – matte, varnish, semi-matt, glossy, suede …
Luxury Woman Set of Exclusive Cover for Apple iPad and Shoes Made of Genuine Python Leather by MJ
See also hand-rolled VIP bags and luxury shoes work – www.bag.mj777.com & www.shoes.mj777.com

Luxury brown leather flip case python from Art Studio MJ
For individual orders, any colors and types of skin – www.skin.mj777.com
Luxury Cover for Apple iPad Made of Genuine Snake Leather – Brown Python Skin by MJ

Deluxe Apple iPad decorated with platinum and diamonds with a unique cut – www.diamond.mj777.com
For individual orders, any design, any types precious stones and precious metals.
Lux Apple iPad Exclusive Customize Made of Platinum, Unique Cut Diamonds or Gems
Based only on the original Apple products www.apple.com

Exclusive cases and watch straps made of leather paws of birds peacock, turkey, eagle, ostrich …
For individual orders, such kits are produced in any other types of exotic leather.
Cases and watch straps made of crocodile leather, stingray, beaver, toad, buffalo, bison, yak … www.skin.mj777.com
See also the catalog of exclusive watches and straps handmade – www.watch.mj777.com
Apple iPad Case Customize Edition and Watchstrap made of Genuine Bird Leg Skin by MJ

Keychain and case cover for Apple iPad crocodile, caiman, alligator, gavial and others reptiles.
Exotic Leather Crocodile Case Handmade for Apple iPad or Other Tablets with Golden Keyring by MJ
See also catalog of luxury keyring handmade – www.keychains.mj777.com

Exclusive case for Apple iPad made of white alligator skin.
Individual orders any colors of exotic leather – www.skin.mj777.com
Exclusive Cover for Apple iPad – VIP Cover Made of White Alligator Leather by MJ

Green ostrich leather case.Universal case for tablets.
One of the most popular and practical cases for Apple iPad of any version.
For individual orders it is produced from all types of leather and any color.
MJ Exclusive Case for Apple iPad – Made of Genuine Ostrich Leather – Green Skin

Exclusive bag with internal compartments for Apple iPad tablet.
Individual orders bags with pockets for any technology.
Exclusive Bag Crocodile Skin with Platinum Inlaid Ukraine Emblems by MJ
See also catalog of handmade bags – www.bag.mj777.com

True exotic. IPad case crocodile tail skin.
Any of the most unusual cases of any shape and size according to individual orders.
MJ Elite VIP Case iPad Crocodile Leather Long Tail Side Photo LUX 2014 Caramel
See also samples of various types exotic leather – www.skin.mj777.com

Prestigious book cases for Apple iPad in embossed inlaid leather yellow, white or red gold.
Individual orders inlaid with any coats of arms, emblems, signs of the zodiac, initials and any other symbolism.
The decor of the cases and the frame of the tablet itself is performed in a single style of the same type and color of precious metal.
Elite Royal Covers Handmade by MJ – Made of Genuine Leather and Yellow Gold 750, White Platinum Gold 777, Red Gold 585

Elite flip cover made of alligator skin for Apple iPad.Case can transform into a stand.
Production of this model on individual orders cases in any color.
Elite Exclusive Apple iPad Case Cover Made of Genuine Leather Reptile by MJ

Exclusive yellow ostrich leather case with white gold button.
For individual orders any color of ostrich skin, caiman, elephant, rhino, monitor lizard …
Luxury Cases for Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and for any other models.
MJ Exclusive Case for Apple iPad – Made of Genuine Yellow Ostrich Leather with White Gold Button

Elite sea snake leather case natural colors.
For platinum tablets, the lining is made of unpainted nubuck.
Individual orders covers for Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini …
Elite Case with Platinum Apple iPad Limited Edition by MJ Customize

Exclusive Black Marine Leather snakes with a button made of gold with a diamond.
Case with inner suede lining for gold tablets Apple iPad Gold-Cast Edition
For individual orders any colors and types leather – cobra, karung, python, anaconda, viper, boa …
MJ Elite Case with Gold Diamonds Button and Gold Apple iPad Limited Edition
Cover Made of Exotic Snake Leather (Sea Snake, Cobra, Karung, Anaconda, Python, Viper, Boa, etc)

VIP case made of crocodile skin spiked back and tail.Leather case for Apple iPad Air
Individual orders unique covers for any models of Apple iPad Pro, Air, Mini etc.
Case Crocodile Leather Tail Duo Hornback Side – Customize Edition by MJ

Apple iPad Elite Edition in the skin of an iguana, a young alligator, a conger eel …
This is not a case, but a tuned tablet. Are used special thin but very durable types of leather.
The dimensions of such tuning of the tablet are practically not increase. Exclusive leathers from 0.5 to 1.5mm thick.
For individual orders, any colors and types of natural exotic handmade leather.
Plus professional armored display films tablets, phones and any other gadgets.
Elite Customize Apple iPad Air 2 & Air 1 by MJ – Exotic Iguana Leather Ultra Thin Skin Edition

Handmade crocodile leather case of blue color.
Individual orders any colors of exotic leather from MJ – www.skin.mj777.com
Electric Blue Crocodile Leather Cover for Apple iPad Handmade by MJ

Exclusive tuning Apple iPad Pro or Air and Apple iPhone 6s Plus or 6s leather fish queens from MJ
Tuning emblems. Individual orders any kind of glowing apples.
Full logo glow, logo kennel only glow, any colors.
Customized Apple iPhone and Apple iPad – Luxury Set Made of Exotic Leather Fish Skin Salmon by MJ
Based only on the original Apple products www.apple.com

Status Case for Apple iPad Air 2 in black crocodile leather.
For individual orders any VIP models covers, any design, any types and colors skin.
Exclusive iPad Apple iPad Air 2 Internet Tablets Case VIP Cover Reptile Crocodile’s Leather by MJ

Exclusive Mini Tablets Apple iPad Mini in clean platinum, yellow and rose gold from MJ
inlaid logo with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other drag.stones.
VIP Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display – Platinum, Yellow & Pink Gold by MJ Customize
Based only on the original Apple iPad Mini – www.apple.com

Unique case made of genuine leather iguanas with head and legs.
Purse with special sections for Apple iPad and Apple iPhone and other accessories.
Unique Bag Made of Iguana Leather with Head and Legs by MJ

Zipper Case for Apple iPad and Apple iPhone from natural color sea snake skin.
VIP Accessories Made of Sea Snake for Apple iPad and Apple iPhone Covers by MJ

Luxury iPad in pink crocodile skin and emblem in platinum and diamonds.
Any colors. Handmade. Based Apple branded models only.
Apple iPad Luxury Customize Pink Crocodile Leather with Apple Emblems Made of Platinum and Diamonds by MJ
Only Customized on the Official Apple iPad.Only Handmade. Only Precious Materials.

Universal leather zip folders crocodile from the Art Studio MJ.
Manufactured according to individual orders for any model and sizes of tablets and laptops.
You can also make additional internal and external pockets for phones and other gadgets.
Universal Bag of Exclusive Crocodile Skin by MJ – Lux Bag for Tablets & Laptops

Premium handmade accessories from genuine leather of python, crocodile, monitor lizard, ostrich, shark, elephant and other species.Exclusive sets of bags, covers, cases for any Apple products. VIP cases for any modifications of Apple MacBook Pro laptops and Macbook Air, tablets Apple iPad, Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPhone phones, Apple iPod players, and any other gadgets. As well as additional accessories in uniform style – wallets, belts, document covers, Shoes …
Premium Accessories for Apple MacBook Air, Pro, Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone and Other Gadgets of Python Skin by MJ

Royal VIP case from natural mink fur and black diamonds.
Individual orders unique cases from elite types of fur and precious stones.
Fur of sable, ermine, chinchilla, arctic fox, mink. FROM inlaid with gold, platinum or diamonds.
Royal VIP Case Made of Genuine Fur and Black Diamonds by MJ

Luxury set of stingray leather accessories brindle and leopard.
Case for Apple iPad and wallet from any kind of natural exotic leather hand made.
See also the catalog of luxury wallets – www.wallets.mj777.com and covers – www.cover.mj777.com
Luxury Accessories Made of Leopard & Tiger Stingray Leather by MJ

Luxury set of a bag for Apple iPad, boots, belt, bracelet, watch straps and other accessories made of python skin.
For individual orders, the production of any kits from skin of python, crocodile, stingray, ostrich, shark, elephant, monitor lizard…
Lux Set Genuine Python Leather – Boots, Clutch, Bracelet and Belt Made of Snake Skin by MJ
www.belts.mj777.com & www.bracelets.mj777.com & www.shoes.mj777.com & www.bag.mj777.com

A set of covers-cases made of polished leather stingray for iPhone and iPad from MJ
For individual orders, any colors and types of exotic leather.
Covers and cases for any models of Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPhone and others.
Set of iPad & iPhone Cases by MJ – Polished Ray Leather

Tuned Apple Tablets in housings of white, red or yellow gold.
For individual orders of any gold case carat, 585, 750, 777, 888 or 999-th sample.
Solid gold only. This is not gilding. This is real gold that will never peel off.
Customize Apple iPad Gold Edition by MJ – White Gold, Red Gold & Classic Yellow Gold
Only handcrafted customize by MJ – Based only on the original Apple iPad products – www.apple.com

Diamond Tablet – Diamond Apple iPad Diamond Edition by MJ. The tablet is encrusted with real diamonds.
Any kind of inlay is possible on individual orders precious stones or crystal crystals.
Brilliant Apple iPad Diamonds Edition / Gems Edition by MJ – Only Customize Based on the Original Apple iPad

Luxury Handmade Leather Cases crocodile, caiman, alligator and other exotic species leather from MJ
For individual orders any design covers and any types and colors of genuine leather.
Covers for all models of Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini and any other models tablets.
MJ Luxury Covers for Apple iPad – Made of Exotic Skins – Crocodile, Caiman, Alligator, Cobra, Ray, Hippo, Lizard etc.

covers with photo print for iPhone 4/5 and iPad order print with delivery

Cases with photos for iPhone and iPad

What’s the idea behind the product? A case with a design is a trick to make your iPhone really unique, since you are such a fan of Apple products.You can roll anything you want, a photo or a picture, your own or use a ready-made template.

Advice. If this is a gift, make a plot related to a hobby, a feature of your character’s character.

How is it done? We print the image with special ink, then using pressure and heating we transfer the photo, logo, print to the cover. The dye penetrates deeply into the structure of the material, which makes the image stable.

Place an order for printing on an IPhone case via the Internet now and in 3 days * you will have something to surprise your friends with)

* excluding time for delivery to your city

How to order

Orders for printing on covers are accepted online.To start, select the model you need and click “Create design and order”

Design your case for free

After you have selected a case model for your phone, you are taken to the Online Layout page, here you create a design with your own hands. First, it’s interesting. Secondly, you do not pay for the designer’s time, so we can reduce prices and reduce production times.

Place a photo, company logo, text or finished print in the print area – the system is interactive: you can immediately see how your photo or print will look on the case.

Use free ready-made ideas for prints, access to prints is performed through the Templates tab: New Year, March 8, February 23, Anniversary, Wedding, Family, Birthday, Children’s, Beloved, Beloved, Man, Girl, Girlfriend, Grandfather, Grandmother, Colleague …

Everyone does their part of the work, you create the design, we print.

How else to save money?

Shipping cost is fixed and tied to the order, which means that buying several products at once is more profitable than buying one at a time and paying for the delivery of each.

Standards, guarantees, restrictions

We have strict standards and guidelines for order processing to ensure consistently high quality products and services

Handle with care, do not subject the product to shock. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust from the surface of the case.


1Cash upon receipt, in confirmation of purchase, the buyer is issued a cashier’s receipt.

2Online payment via e-payment provider OnPay

  • By bank card VISA / MasterCard;
  • Electronic money Yandex.Money, WebMoney, [email protected] and others;
  • Payments through banks Sberbank, Alfabank and others;
  • Salons and terminals Euroset, Svyaznoy, MTS, Rapida;

* When paying for an order with a bank card, payment processing (including entering the card number) takes place on a secure page of the processing system that has passed international certification. This means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) do not enter the online store, their processing is completely protected and no one, including the online store, can receive the client’s personal and banking data.

3C current account for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Terms of manufacture and delivery

Manufacturing one working day;

Delivery Moscow – two working days, St. Petersburg – 1 day, not counting the day of transfer of the order to delivery *, Regions-120 cities delivery 3-8 working days.

Methods of obtaining

In the office and branches of the SochnoFoto company

Orders are issued from 10 am to 8 pm daily.Office staff check the completeness of the order. The order is stored for 7 calendar days.

At the point of issue of orders

Orders are issued from 10 am to 8 pm every day, except for Sundays and holidays. The pick-up point employees check the completeness of the order. The order is stored for 7 calendar days.

In postomat PicPoint

Postomat – automatic storage room. You pick up the order yourself at a convenient time.The terminal accepts cash and cards for payment. Storage of the order – 3 days from the moment of receiving the sms about the receipt of the order in the postomat.

Courier delivery

Delivery is made from 11 to 18 hours daily, except Sundays and holidays. In 30-60 minutes. before delivery, the courier agrees with the buyer on the delivery time by phone. The courier’s stay with the buyer is 15 minutes.

Our couriers do not meet with customers in the subway, on the streets, at train stations, airports, parks, in abandoned and under construction houses, etc.d.

Smart Case for iPad Pro 12.9 2018 (Black)

In today’s age of high digital technologies, everyone has their own smartphone, tablet, and soon there will be a VR helmet (virtual reality helmet) and we will live in smart cities of augmented reality. Therefore, the need to have a high-quality modern digital gadget concerns everyone, and in order for it to serve you for a long time, you must have a good quality case.Any device requires protection from various adverse influences – shocks, falls, contact with dust, moisture. The best way to provide your gadget with all this, as well as to decorate this device, is to buy our cover for it. Each of us wants to keep our own tablet computer or smartphone in perfect condition for as long as possible. However, this is very difficult, because tablets are usually used on the street, in public transport, at work, in nature, and so on. And after a month or two, the body of the gadget is covered with small scratches, chips and cracks.In order to avoid this, a case for the Apple iPad Pro was created.

Our accessory is really worth its money, here is a list of the main advantages of this model:

  • It is made in the form of a book, which allows you to use it as a stand;
  • There are openings for all the necessary buttons, camera, ventilation and other interface elements of your device;
  • Securely fixes the tablet around the entire perimeter.
  • The original color attracts bright and extraordinary people who want to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their extraordinary taste.
  • There is a special plastic base inside the case, so there is no frame around the screen, nothing covers or interferes with the tablet screen (not for all models).
  • Special strong metallized corners securely hold the tablet (not for all models).
  • Pocket for business cards, credit cards. Another positive feature of the product is the presence on the back of the opening pocket cover, which can easily fit several business or credit cards, banknotes (not for all models).

We can provide several cases to choose from, so that you can decide on the color and model of the case. Add the covers you need to the cart or ask the manager about it. Buy a book cover for Apple iPad Pro in our store and you will receive a stylish, fashionable and convenient accessory that successfully copes with both the role of a protector (protector) and a tablet stand, as well as it will complement your unique style.

All information on the site is for reference only and is not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

iPad Flip Case, iPad Flip Case, Flip Case, iPad Covers, iPad Covers, iPad

Genuine leather covers for tablets to order.

Covers for tablets

handmade from genuine leather

Designer covers for tablets are reliable, cool and stylish !!!

You will be the owner of the only accessory tailored to your wishes and design.

Genuine leather from which the case is made will perfectly protect your

device from external influences, in case of falls and bumps.

Genuine leather case with personalized engraving will emphasize the individuality and originality of the product.

(The service of engraving is provided free of charge, included in the cost of manufacturing the order)

(All products presented in the heading are made to order with the creative approach of the master and taking into account the wishes of the customers).



For the manufacture of covers – books, you must provide a silicone or plastic bumper (cover)

for your tablet model.

You can choose for ordering, as a sample, any model from the below.

To do this, you need to select a sample and click on the “ORDER” button

When placing an order, in the specially designed text entry field,

, you can indicate changes in the design and indicate your wishes.


To order your model (individual design), go to the page for filling out the form for an application for manufacturing,

by clicking on the button “PLACE AN INDIVIDUAL ORDER”

fill in all the fields in the application form, indicate your desire, attach a file with technical assignment (technical assignment), schemes

or freehand drawing (jpg, png format) with a sample of an approximate or exact model.

In the TK, in the diagram, in the figure, the dimensions of all parts and the product itself must be indicated.

The locations of the inscriptions and drawings, in the case of engraving, shall be indicated.

HUGE BASE of PNG PICTURES FOR DESIGN _________________________________________________________________

Before placing an order for production, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the information in the FAQ section of the site

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions from customers.After reading this information, you will have an understanding of

what is HANDMADE (manual work) and what conditions are imposed for the manufacture of products for individual orders.


90,000 Which case will fit the new iPhone 12?

Every year around the world, all connoisseurs of high-quality technology are looking forward to the appearance of new smartphones from the Apple brand. Of course, this year the pandemic has made some adjustments, but the company promises to release devices in the coming weeks.It has long been no secret that the new line in front of us will be the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, and traditionally they will differ in such parameters as display, overall dimensions and functionality. According to reputable insiders, the new flagships will have stunning performance, and in the same way, they will have an incredibly dense and durable case in terms of quality. Despite this, nevertheless, the representatives of the company themselves recommend buying an original cover.

Why do I need a protective accessory for iPhone 12?

There are only a small percentage of users in the world who believe that a cover is not necessary for a new line.Yes, on the one hand, we see protection against moisture and dust, a high-quality steel case and incredibly durable glass, while we already know about a good build. Of course, all these advantages can allow us to say that buying a cover is not so important, but to be realistic, it’s quite the opposite. Every Apple connoisseur wants to keep their new gadget safe, and even a minimal scratch on the display or back cover can ruin the look. It is unlikely that you will be able to emphasize the image with a broken iPhone, right? And this is the number one reason.

The second reason is to emphasize style. In addition to reliable and additional protection for the gadget, choosing a high-quality Apple Silicon case from manufacturers such as Nillkin, Spigen, UAG or Baseus looks amazing. They are perfect for the style of the modern person – both businessmen and casual clothes. At the same time, these cases attract attention from all sides – you can verify this yourself by examining the product photos in the online store Monkeyshop. Another reason to buy a case is the affordable price.At the moment, there are profitable offers and promotions that you definitely need to take advantage of, but when the excitement arises, the cost may increase.

Which is the Best iPhone 12 Case?

Various device protection cases are available for sale. The most popular among them are a folio case, a silicone or plastic cover, and an armored case. Next, we will tell you about which types are suitable specifically for your purposes, as well as recommend manufacturers.

  • An impact-resistant or armored case is one of the most effective solutions in case your smartphone is constantly being dropped. It is made of polyurethane with the addition of special components that provide full protection for the case, which eliminates the risk of scratches on the original iPhone surface. The Nillkin brand and UAG are leaders in the industry.
  • Lightweight yet durable silicone slip case is the world’s best selling product.It is thinner and less durable than armored accessories. Usually made of silicone or plastic, or a combination of these materials. Spigen and Baseus are excellent manufacturers.
  • Covers in the form of books are the least popular, but still quite actively sold throughout the country. This format of the case can emphasize your individuality, guarantees practicality of use, as you can store other important items in it.You can buy a case for iPhone 12 Pro with delivery across Ukraine in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Chernigov and other cities with different pockets, for example, for bank cards.

If you are at a loss with a choice, and do not know where you can buy a high-quality original accessory, contact Monkeyshop. This site sells high quality goods, which are necessarily checked in several stages. All products are certified and sold at an affordable cost in the Ukrainian market.If necessary, you can also make an individual order of a case for 12 iPhone – we will be happy to help bring your creative ideas to life!

iPhone 11 Pro Cases

With an exclusive accessory, you can easily return your phone to yourself if you leave the device in pairs, in the office, cinema or cafe. A protective case with an original drawing will allow you to quickly identify the owner: if you find it, you just need to place a photo of the case on a bulletin board or on a social network.

If you want to decorate with a mobile professional design, contact a YouCase specialist. It’s free. An artist who will turn the idea into an unusual layout will also help, draw art.

Eliminate loss and theft

Don’t want to brag about an expensive purchase? Cover the Apple logo with a bright pattern – no one will recognize a brand new iPhone in a mobile phone. The likelihood of theft will decrease: despite the fact that the smartphone is easily blocked, attackers can covet the gadget.

Unleash your imagination!

Make a cool accessory in person – in 5-10 minutes, you can create a work of art in an Internet constructor. Use the blank layout as a canvas and place the elements you want. You can use the service from your phone, tablet, computer, laptop. We have a huge catalog of templates for quick design creation, there are stickers, rhinestones, the possibility of foiling and varnishing. Some decorative elements are paid additionally – pay attention to the conditions.

Buy the best for your smartphone – YouCase prices are minimal, and the terms of sale will suit all customers. Develop a design and order a case in a few minutes. We will make the cover a few hours after placing the order or the next day and send the purchase with delivery by courier, mail, transport company. Residents of all of Russia will be able to purchase original accessories in YouCase!

YouCase uses a special printing technology. The image printed on the case will not fade.The cover will look new even after a year. The protective cover will prevent damage if you are used to carrying your phone in your pocket with keys and small change. Crystals will not detach either.

Use soft touch – it will make the case soft and pleasant to the touch. Varnishing will give the smartphone a glossy shine, and engraving on wood will make an already solid model truly luxurious. YouCase has a large selection of materials, types of decor, shades, stickers, fonts.

Having difficulties? Write – the designer will help you for free.The specialist will select the optimal color, decorate the image you have chosen, and place the inscription correctly. If you want, order a photo decoration. An illustrator will turn an ordinary photo into a work of art.

Is the design ready? Find out the price and place an order. A few days – and the cover will be in your hands! We work all over the world. At your service – mail, fast couriers, the best delivery services.

90,000 cute, cool and baby accessories

Kids love iPads as much as the rest of us, but am I the only one who can almost see my iPad shrink with enthusiastic appreciation of my child? My standard iPad protective case can withstand the wear and tear of adults and adolescents, but it doesn’t handle the drips, bumps and spills a younger child throws out.So I decided to find the best iPad cases for young kids so that I can protect my iPad and my nerves from the dangers of our preschooler in the community. I’m looking for three key features in my quest for the best iPad case for kids: it needs to be drop-resistant, easy to clean, and cute. Let’s start with our roundup of my findings so you can decide which of these iPad cases you go for!

Best iPad mini Cases for Kids

Lisa Griffin ($ 10) and Panda ($ 11.95) KaZoo Animal Cases

Suitable : iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3

Features : Large silicone frame is easy to hold, washable and protects your device from drops and bumps.The legs serve as a stylus, provide a solid base for vertical viewing and create an ergonomic angle for horizontal use.

Pros: Aside from the instant horror factor, these mini iPad cases grabbed my attention because of the large, soft surface they create around the iPad display. I also love the fact that this is a simple, one-piece stand-style body without support for vertical use. As my parents know, any movable part on a toy or device will play and twitch until it breaks.The KaZoo case solved this problem easily!

Cons : Unfortunately, not available for iPad mini 3 or other iPad versions. Also, it does not come with a screen protector.

TopES Case for iPad Mini ( $ 18.99)

Fits : iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad Mini Retina Models (green only)

Features: Large Silicone Gel frame with comfortable grips on three sides and carabiner holes on all four corners.Drop and shock resistant, easy to remove and clean.

Pros : Includes tempered glass screen protector , available in four vibrant colors. I love the idea of ​​using the included lanyard to hang this iPad over the headrest in the car so kids don’t argue about who will hold the iPad. Nobody gets it, kids; it goes in the middle where you cannot reach it, the end!

Cons : Has a stand-style support for vertical viewing, but you can hang it as an alternative to using this feature.

Case Speck Products iGuy ($ 19, 78– $ 24, 95)

Fits : iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 , iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9, 7 inch

Features : Made of EVA foam, this iPad case is drop test, military grade, lightweight, flexible and super cute. The legs allow it to stand freely for vertical display and to set the screen at right angles for horizontal use.

Pros : Great colors, intense appeal, durability, easy care, wide range of sizes.

Cons : No screen protector included.

Tech31 Evo Play Case ($ 49.95)

Fits: iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2

Features: Lightweight fall protection from any angle, round handle that slides into the back of the case to provide a smooth closing feel.

Pros: dishwasher safe. I repeat, dishwasher safe. This iPad case is the only one I’ve found with this feature, and it’s almost enough to get me to buy it right now.

Cons: pink and blue are just for flowers, right guys? I would love to see some gender neutral solutions here. Also, the package does not include a screen protector. I will refrain from my usual complaint about the stand as this one looks like it is very well constructed!

Lioeo iPad Case ( $ 16.99)

Fits : iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7 ”

Features : This protective case is made of lightweight, non-toxic silicone foam …Gripping top and side carry handles. The cute chubby legs for vertical viewing also ensure the correct tilt for horizontal use.

Pros : Comes in eight vibrant colors with no moving parts to break. Fully washable cover.

Cons : Screen protector for is not included, the case looks a little cheaper with visible seams.

Best iPad Cases: Which Would You Pick?

After much consideration, my favorite TopEs iPad Mini case.What this accessory has sold me compared to other brands is its versatility. I love that children can safely carry it around the house and also bring it to the car; The headrest strap is such a useful feature! The cord is great for home use to tie the iPad to one place so it doesn’t get out of place or end up in the bathroom (the rule of thumb is at home there).

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