Ipad air case looks like book: BookBook for iPad 8/Air 3/mini 5 – Twelve South


Designer Solid iPad Cases | Premium Quality

Wade N.

Great case.. durable and interesting — everyone comments on it. Also, I have to say, great customer service — I had a delivery delay and they were fantastic.

Christine B.

I think this is a great product and keeps my ipad safe

Lisa C.

Made in the USA was number one for me and it is a quality case that’s durable.


Fantastic, beautiful case I just bought my third case after using Dodo for years. They last long and do a great job protecting my iPads. I love the classic book and feel of the cases, and always get complimented for them. My only real issue is that the elastic band eventually stretches to the point of failure after a year or two, at which point I generally replace the case.

Keith L.

Still Good, but not as Great! I just purchased the second DodoCase for my iPad. While it is still a good case, I’m disappointed that they no longer used the bamboo tray to hold the iPad in place.

The silicone tray is more flimsy and doesn’t look nearly as classy as the bamboo did. I wish DodoCase offered the option to still order the bamboo tray. While I’m still pleased with my case, I’m just not AS pleased as I was with my first DodoCase.


Solid, sturdy case I bought my iPad case in 2016, and it has worn beautifully. The covers and bamboo frame for the iPad are both sturdy and have held up well with regular use.


Awesome case I am so glad I bought the custom made for my iPad Air 2. I love it! It took me long to decide whether I should get one bec my Portenzo case is still good. The only reason I had to make the change is because it was heavy. It our leather. But I had DODOcases in the past for my iPad and iPad 2. I loved it. Now… I went back to get one bec I need a change and more or less , I know what to expect. I am glad I did. The case was very slim, not bulky and much lighter than Portenzo case. I just hope it doesn’t get dirty easily or stained since I had it custom made – golden yellow and black.

I love the combination. I never thought that iPad Air 2 is so lightweight. I am so happy with my case.


A year ago…. I customized an iPad Air2 case for my new device a year ago. I travel 100% for work so this sees a lot of in-and-out of my back pack. The case has held up beautifully. There is a little indention where the elastic strap goes around the close case. The case surface though shows no wearing across the case where the elastic strap goes. The elastic strap is in good shape as well. I like the look of a bound book for my device. I like that it doesn’t look like an iPad case. I’m pleased with the case. The case shows just a bit of wear and tear after a year in use. I look forward to purchasing another case in the future.

Sophie Orlich

3+ years of style and protection I ordered my dodo case in 2013 and it has never failed me. From protecting my precious iPad every time it slipped out of my arms (I always carry too much stuff) to getting compliments constantly about its appearance, this case is awesome.

Also the fact that it looks like a notebook (especially with the bamboo frame) makes me feel safer when I leave it in my car, or in an open tote on the subway. My elastic has not worn out, but the bamboo frame started getting a bit loose about a year ago, and finally broke today with a hard fall on brick floors:( Although the frame cracked, guess what didn’t- my iPAD 🙂 As soon as I’ve saved up, I’ll be buying a replacement case here. It’s made in American and has outlasted 3 cell phones and 2 laptops… what more can you ask for?

Ken Schlessinger

Beautiful Case I sprung for a cranberry leather case for my IPad Pro 9.7. It’s not only beautiful, but functional. The thin polymer tray works well without adding weight or bulk. I have similar cases from other companies, but even though they are beautiful as well, they are just too heavy to use. It seems strange, but a couple of ounces can make a big difference. The Dodo case strikes the right balance combining form and function.


Only one drawback There is a small, bamboo button that isn’t attached and relies on the pressure of the iPad itself to stay in place. It sits on the top right in portrait orientation and I’ve lost three of them. Other than that, a great case.

Christine Baker

iPad cover Love the cover but the elastic wears out .

K Darling

Distinguished and Unique Protective Case I ordered an iPad Air 2 custom case just a few days prior to Christmas and didn’t anticipate having the case in my possession until two or three weeks after Christmas. I just had it delivered today and am more than impressed with the quality, workmanship and efficiency of delivery. DODOcase confirmed my purchase, confirmed shipment and the anticipated arrival of their product. The chain of correspondence and communication gave only boosted my confidence in their customer service performance. The case is beautiful and absolutely wonderful. The custom DODOcase is for those discerning clients yearning for a unique way in which to protect their electronic equipment.

Thank you DODOcase!!

Lisa Pouliot

Compliments I’m on my second DodoCase and I love it, I get compliments all of the time.



Jason stadnik

case I got one of those classic black/dodo case and I love it.


Wonderful case! this case offers great protection! And I love the multi fold capability. This is your all in one stylish, protective, fun case. Thanks again! 😉


Great product! My Dodocase Classic iPad case has survived over two years of travel, backpacking, daily use, multiple drops, and continuous abuse. I’ve loved it so much that since it’s ready to retire I’m ordering a replacement today. People often comment on its distinctive looks and the way it hides the iPad within from would-be thieves. Since I spend a lot of time in remote and rugged locations, I especially appreciate the protection it provides.


I love them but they are not especially sturdy The DODO case is attractive and handy and I have loved both of mine. My beef? The tray. It cannot take any punches. The bamboo is weak and if it is dropped, (and let’s face it, drops happen) the bamboo is toast. I’ve glued, I’ve babied and I’ve been remorseful, but the tray just doesn’t cut it. Otherwise this is a really cool product. I just wish there was a way to make the tray less vulnerable to cracking and splitting. I know *I* can be more careful, and I do try to be, but sometimes stuff just happens. These iPads are meant to be portable after all so they are used on laps, in bed, on the train and places where slipping and sliding can and does happen. Buyer beware: you’ll buy it again even if you do break it the first time…or the second.

K. Ann Jackson

A true masterpiece of a case. Artwork for your iPad! I purchased a custom case for my mother last year as a gift….and was so impressed by the quality and beauty of the case that I came back and purchased one for myself.

It’s so easy to personalize and is truly stunning to look at. It protects my iPad while looking stylish at the same time. I appreciate the fact that these cases are handmade, and the fine workmanship shines through every time I use my iPad. It was so much fun to create a case that was uniquely me–even down to the map of San Francisco that I selected to line the inside of my Dodo Case. Why not go ahead and make a Dodo Case that is uniquely you!? You won’t be disappointed!!!


Timeless, Elegant, Durable I purchased the Black/Peppercorn model – gorgeous! My iPad Air fits perfectly in the frame and it’s easy to fit the charger and headphones in the openings. The magnetic cover puts the unit to sleep upon closing it. The elastic strap holds the cover closed securely and the little plastic “tab” on it allows the iPad to stay open in “perched” mode. This case feels wonderful in the hand and is a perfect blend of old and new. I’ve been completely happy with my investment!

Jeff W.

Great case Handsome, well made, great colors, feels good in your hands.

Annie E

Wonderful Case I love the product and the reasoning behind it. It’s beautiful and has purpose. Not only that, it keeps an art form alive.


Excellent Customer Service I ordered this case a few months ago. LOVE IT! Unfortunately my case started to unravel. I contacted customer service and they were very accommodating. I am a very pleased with my case and the customer service.


Proven durability I left my IPAD on the top of my car and it fell off. Only got a hairline fracture- dodo case still intact. I’m sold, this product is innovative, protective, and great conversation piece.


Superior quality and coolness! Just purchased my new Dodocase at Chapters in BC, and I am thoroughly pleased with this product. I bought a case from another retailer and returned it – the item felt cheap and plasticky (if you know what I mean). Not so with the Dodocase. I love the fact that it’s hand-made. (The videos on how you make the cases helped make my decision and that your product is sold here in Canada). It’s just superb.

Chris J.

Wonderful Case I’ve purchased 3 DODOcases and have enjoyed them all. I frequently get compliments and inquires about where I got my cases.


Wonderful Case I bought a product when they first started out and it was outstanding. I continue to purchase as I upgrade and buy gifts. Still have the family feel which I support 100%. I am glad they are so successful and customer service last time was outstanding!


Worth the buy By far the very best of what’s out there for the iPad. Hands down. Even better than advertised. A+ workmanship. A rare feat these days.


Best case around The ipad is constructed of high quality materials with a great aesthetic design. I recently brought my ipad into my local apple store to have my ipad looked at and each tech at every “station” I stopped at inspected my case before looking at my ipad. They all loved the case and couldn’t wait to order one. I told one of the techs, “the problem’s with the ipad and not the case”:) I love my case and will definitely recommend it to others!


Loooove it!! Love my dodo case! Excellent quality, functional and looks great! Perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing.


Great all around case Great quality and workmanship, US made, able to customize, great customer service.


Great Product very satisfied with the case and service and materials and craftsmanship and delivery and the response from friends, family and clients I’ve given dodo cases to.


10 stars – POTUS I give it 5 stars for my own use and another 5 because the President uses one! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/30/barack-obama-ipad-dodocase_n_1121417.html


Great Overall Case DODOcase is stylish and sturdy. I’ve owned a variety of cases for the iPads I’ve had over the years, but none look as awesome as the DODOcase. – Brandon


Shocking Case I love my dodo case! It’s fun, different, and it stands out. I love that I can design my own. People almost always ask where it’s from or they’re shocked it’s an iPad inside. -Gabriela


Great Case I have the Original DODOcase for my iPad Air. It does a great job protecting and displaying my iPad. It feels great in my hand and looks great on a shelf. My only minor complaint is the sticker on inside cover. It’s like a post it and wore out quickly. I ended up removing it. It should be glued down better or just given to the purchaser as an optional add on.


Love it. I love my case. It makes my mini look like a book which is awesome while carrying it on the bus.

The Best Apple iPad Air 2 Cases

The original Apple iPad Air ($389.99 at eBay) was a revelation in late 2013—it was supremely thin and light for its size and came equipped with Apple’s 64-bit system-on-a-chip. It was the cream of the crop, and that’s to say nothing of the iOS app ecosystem, which still has the best apps for tablets. So how did Apple follow up that smash hit? Make it thinner, faster, and more feature-packed than ever, of course.

If you’re not digging either iPad Pro, but you need more screen than the 7.9-inch iPad mini 4 provides, the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 falls right in the spot. It’s perfectly sized to fit in a bag, and it’s still the only tablet in Apple’s current lineup to earn our Editors’ Choice award.

But the slim and light design of the iPad Air 2 comes at a cost: durability. Although you can’t exactly call the tablet fragile, it’s not built to withstand a hard drop to the floor. So it’s a good idea to add an extra layer of protection to your precious iPad in the form of a case. Just about every case—whether it’s made from foam, leather, polycarbonate, or rubber—will protect your tablet to some degree. Some cases are super-rugged for field work, while others add a thin layer of protection along with a healthy dose of style. And while we wouldn’t recommend using an iPad for PC-level productivity, there are plenty of good keyboard-equipped options available as well.

These are our 30 favorite cases for the iPad Air 2. Remember, you don’t want that slate go naked for too long. If you’re not in the market for an iPad Air 2, check out our list of the The Best Tablets.

Apple iPad Air 2 Smart Case

Your best bet for a classy, minimal case that still manages to add functionality is the iPad Air 2 Smart Case from Apple ($37.99 at Best Buy) . There’s nothing new here over Smart Cases past, but this one will fit your new iPad like a glove and prop it up for your next Netflix binge.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Tablet

The Ballistic Tough Jacket ($49.98 at Amazon) has reinforced corners to protect against dings, and its raised bezel makes for extra protection if you drop your iPad Air 2 face down.

Belkin QODE Slim Style Keyboard

The QODE case adds a full-QWERTY keyboard and front-to-back protection for the iPad Air 2. If you’re a tablet power user, this is the case ($64.99 at Amazon) for you.

Booqpad Case

The Booqpad Case ($65. 89 at Amazon) is a stylish folio that can house both your iPad Air 2 and a notebook. It’s perfect for students and professionals that still value taking notes with good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Brydge 9.7

A stylish keyboard case with a lightweight aluminum body, the Brydge 9.7 is a great add-on for productivity while retaining a measure of style. It features backlit keys and a 180-degree hinge to make typing easy, whether it’s at a desk or on your lap.

CaseCrown Omni Case for iPad Air 2

CaseCrown Omni Case for iPad Air 2

See It

Similar in look to Apple’s own Smart iPad Cover, the CaseCrown Omni ( at Amazon) provides a solid level of protection while keeping your iPad thin, has a Sleep/Wake feature, and is made of protective and easy-to-grip rubber matte coating with a hard polycarbonate frame.

ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2

This case ($39.95 at Amazon) might be pricey, but it’ll transform your iPad into a veritable laptop thanks to its full QWERTY keyboard. On top of that, a 360-degree hinge lets you prop the iPad up in almost any position imaginable.

ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2 Review

Cygnett Slim for iPad Air 2

Cygnett Slim for iPad Air 2

This simple folio case provides low-profile protection and multi-angle stand functionality. An elastic strap holds the cover closed when in transit, while silicon dots on the inside let you prop the iPad up at far more angles than Apple’s Smart Case.

Dodocase Leather Tablet Portfolio

Not a fan of the wood finish on Grovemade’s sleeve? The Dodocase ($129.95 at DODOcase) counterpart uses American made leather with a waxed canvas interior for added style. There’s also an organizational pocket inside to keep your cords in check.

Felix FlipBook Air 2

The Felix Flipbook Air 2 is a svelte, stylish case that makes your iPad Air 2 look like a notebook, with a hinge that lets you prop the tablet up to watch video.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

The Survivor All-Terrain ($19. 95 at Amazon) is one of the most rugged cases you’ll find, designed to meet standards for military grade products. Four layers of shock and shatterproof materials protect the iPad without covering the Touch ID sensor.

Grovemade Walnut iPad Sleeve

While not made specifically for the iPad Air 2, the sleeve ($89.00 at Grovemade) design is sure to fit the slightly thinner new iPad. It’s made from strategically cut panels of wood, making it flexible without losing that old-world charm.

Gumdrop FoamTech Case

Do your kids use your tablet? Slip it into the Gumdrop FoamTech Case ($36.18 at Amazon) , which fits snugly around the iPad Air 2 and keeps it protected inside a very grippable foam body.

Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad Air 2

Need some serious protection for your waifish tablet? The Gumdrop Hideaway ($49.99 at Amazon) has an intense molded rubber exterior and rigid internal frame that together can withstand drops from six feet onto flat concrete.

Incipio Tuxen

The Incipio Tuxen ($16.99 at Amazon) uses a more rigid polycarbonate shell than the Octane and features a microsuede lining. The magnetic closure stays put when closed and activates the iPad’s Sleep/Wake function like Apple’s own Smart Cover.

Incipio Octane Folio

The Incipio Octane ($39.25 at Amazon) combines above-average drop protection with a protective cover. The TPU bumper absorbs shock, while the translucent back shows off that aluminum build. It’s also available in bold colors like cyan blue and pear yellow.

Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 for iPad Air 2

Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 for iPad Air 2

See It

Among the thinnest and lightest keyboard cases out there, the Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 ( at Amazon) provides solid protection with a six-row keyboard, and even has a 1,650mAh battery in it that you can charge your phone with.

Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 for iPad Air 2 Review

Logitech AnyAngle

The Logitech AnyAngle ($7. 37 at Amazon) features a clever folding front flap that can hold the iPad Air 2 up at nearly any angle. Durable fabric repels water and stains, while the wrap-around case protects the iPad’s body from bumps and scratches.

Moshi VersaKeyboard Case

The Moshi VersaKeyboard Case ($99.95 at Moshi) is a neat-looking origami case that comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. When not in use, the keyboard can slide into the case’s polycarbonate frame. Weighing in at only 13.4 ounces, it’s a lightweight but sturdy addition to any iPad.

New Trent Gladius

The New Trent Gladius is a clamshell case with a rubber outer shell, a built-in screen protector, and a metal arm on the back. The arm is connected to a 360-degree rotation mechanism, letting you adjust the slate to any orientation, while a durable leather handle makes it easier to hold.

Otterbox Defender Series Case

The gold standard in smartphone and tablet protection, the Otterbox Defender Series ($69. 99 at Amazon) is a rugged and tough case that has triple-layer protection for your tablet and port plugs that lock out dust and dirt.

Pad & Quill Aria

Pad & Quill Aria for iPad Air 2

This luxurious case combines a sturdy wood frame with full grain leather to instantly class up your iPad and protect it along the way. The leather flap folds back to act a stand for the iPad, too.

Poetic DuraCase

Poetic’s DuraCase is not only one of the more affordable options out there, but it’s also one of the more feature-packed. With a unique rotating hinge mechanism, the DuraCase provides protection along with the ability to prop your iPad up in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Speck Durafolio iPad Air 2 Case

A slim but durable option that lets you stand your iPad up, the Speck Durafolio iPad Air 2 case ($29.99 at Amazon) even passes MIL-STD-810G drop test standards, so you don’t have to sacrifice protection in the name of style.

Snugg 360 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The Snugg 360 has plenty to offer when it comes to both productivity and protection. In addition to keeping your tablet safe, it features a built-in keyboard for getting some real work done.

Speck iGuy

Fun, colorful, and very durable, the Speck iGuy wraps your tablet in protective soft foam (with little arms!), keeping it lightweight while still boasting Military Standard 810G drop resistance.

Twelve South BookBook Case

Twelve South BookBook iPad Air 2 Case

The Twelve South BookBook case looks like a leather bound cover, while a rigid spine, reinforced corners, and padded interiors provide both protection and luxury.

Urban Armor Scout Folio

With an impact-resistant soft core and a hard outer shell that’s easy to grip, the Urban Armor Scout Folio ($21.00 at eBay) is water-resistant and meets military-grade standards for tough field work.

X-Doria SmartStyle for iPad Air 2

X-Doria SmartStyle Folio Flip Cover Case for iPad Air 2 (Black)

This understated folio case from X-Doria offers stand functionality with a bit more style. The front cover is made from a waxed canvas instead of synthetic materials like some other folios out there. Magnets inside also activate the Sleep/Wake function on your iPad.

Zagg Rugged Book Case

Multiple layers of protection and a backlit Bluetooth keyboard make the Zagg Rugged Book Case ($299.99 at Amazon) a tough contender if you’ve got field work to do, not to mention its ability to switch between book, keyboard, and case modes.

Twelve South’s BookBook Cover for iPad protects your keyboard, too

Twelve South today announced the BookBook Cover for iPad, a case that takes the popular book-like aesthetic and brings it to not just iPads, but their keyboards as well.

Compatible with a raft of iPads, the new BookBook Cover works great even when the Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio is attached, meaning there’s no need to detach them just to make your iPad look great. And keep it safe, of course.

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BookBook Cover includes the most requested feature in a BookBook for iPad: room for your smart keyboard. That’s right. BookBook Cover keeps your iPad and your favorite Apple keyboard safely together and protected between two hardback book covers. Open BookBook and type away in the office, coffee shop, airplane tray table or wherever work or adventure takes you. BookBook Cover also has an interior pocket for documents and your charging cable.

The BookBook Cover for iPad supports all kinds of iPads, including iPad Pro.

BookBook Cover (12.9-inch)

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch with Magic Keyboard
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch with Smart Keyboard Folio

BookBook Cover (11-inch)

  • iPad Pro 11-inch with Magic Keyboard
  • iPad Pro 11-inch with Smart Keyboard Folio
  • iPad Air (3rd gen) with Smart Keyboard
  • iPad (7th gen) with Smart Keyboard
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch with Smart Keyboard

If that sounds like something you want for your iPad, you can order the BookBook Cover for iPad direct from Twelve South right now, starting at $69. 99.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.


Democrat records seized from Apple in Trump leaks investigation

A new report from the New York Times indicates that the Justice Department subpoenaed records from Apple whilst investigating leaks of classified information during the Trump administration, in what the report calls a “highly unusual step”.

Headphones for iPad

Which are the best headphones for iPad?

The best headphones for your iPad are the ones that fit your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at different Lightning, USB-C, Bluetooth, and more headphones for iPad.

12 Best iPad Air Cases & Covers for 2021


One of the many reasons why the latest iPad Air is the best tablet in its class (and our favorite iPad for most consumers) is that, like every iPhone out there, it’s compatible with a vast selection of protective cases. They range from ultra thin snap-on accessories, to folio covers, all the way to rugged cases that’ll make your tablet almost indestructible. We’re constantly reviewing and testing out different iPad Air cases, so we feel confident recommending these top-rated picks.

The Best iPad Air Cases and Covers

What to Consider

To choose the right case for your shiny new iPad Air, it’s important to consider how you plan to use it. For example, if you plan to use a Magic Keyboard or a Smart Keyboard Folio with your slate, consider a cover that can accommodate these accessories. You can also find a case with a detachable keyboard that’s a solid alternative to Apple’s own offerings.

On the other hand, if you plan to connect an external keyboard (and mouse) to your iPad Air, consider a standard folio with adjustable viewing angles. Snap-on cases are typically the most lightweight and best for interacting directly with the iPad’s touchscreen, as well as for using it with an Apple Pencil.

Available at a wide range of price points, our favorite protective cases and covers will not only keep your iPad Air in top shape, but also make the it much easier to handle and less likely to accidentally slip out of your hands. These best iPad Air cases are compatible with the newest model, too.

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Our Top Pick

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case

The OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 is our favorite iPad Air case. It is slim, yet it offers excellent protection against scratches and drops. With a built-in magnetic folio cover that doubles as a viewing stand, the accessory will also protect the slate when it’s not in use.

OtterBox has equipped the case with a convenient Apple Pencil holder, too. Best of all, the clear case will showcase the cool new colors of the latest iPad Air.

More: Our In-Depth Review of the iPad Air


Best Budget

ESR Slim Smart Case

The Slim Smart case by ESR is the best affordable iPad Air case worth your attention. For less than $20, the surprisingly elegant accessory will protect the slate from scratches and light drops without adding bulk.

The case has a translucent protective shell for the iPad Air, as well as a folio cover that doubles as a viewing stand. You can order it in many colors: black, blue, gray, green, papaya, and rose gold.

More: Get the Most from Your Tablet With These iPad Accessories


Best Keyboard Case

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case Logitech amazon.com


The Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case for the iPad Air consists of a detachable protective shell with a fabric finish and an excellent QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard has backlit keys as well as a trackpad for making the most out of the iPadOS gesture controls.

The keyboard case utilizes the tablet’s Smart Connector, so it’s as effortless to use as it gets. When you don’t need it, you can simply detach it from the tablet and case. Other key features of this iPad Air case include a versatile viewing stand and a slot for the Apple Pencil.


Best Rugged Case

OtterBox Defender Series Case

The OtterBox Defender Series is the best rugged case for the iPad Air. The drop-proof accessory has a soft inner shell, a rugged exterior cover, and a rugged display cover that doubles as a viewing stand. Design-wise, we also like that the case has a cutout for the Apple logo on the back.

Other key features of the product include a port cover to keep dust and lint away, and effortless access to the Apple Pencil charging dock. Otterbox backs its creation with a lifetime warranty.


Best Leather Folio

Pad & Quill Cafe Leather Case for iPad Air Pad & Quill padandquill. com


Made by hand from high-quality full-grain leather, the Pad & Quill Cafe case for iPad Air is among the most luxurious options on this list. Each accessory carries the signature of the artisan who made it. Pad & Quill backs the product with a 25-year warranty.

The cover will hold your iPad securely thank to adhesive tech by 3M. It has multiple propping angles for the slate, a durable closure with snap buttons, and a convenient pocket for documents. We really like that it can accommodate the Apple Magic Keyboard, as well as the Smart Keyboard for the iPad Air. It has space for an Apple Pencil, too. 


Best Snap-On Leather Case

Nomad Rugged Case Nomad nomadgoods.com


If you are looking to protect your iPad Air with a leather case without a folio cover, this Nomad offering is the best worth your attention. The snap-on rugged case is made from genuine Horween leather, so it will develop a unique patina as it ages. Just in case, Nomad offers a pricier version of the case with a folio cover as well.

The accessory has a polycarbonate frame with tough rubber bumper to protect the iPad Air from drops, as well as an interior with a microfiber lining. It also features precise cutouts for the device’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the USB-C connector, and the Apple Pencil charging dock.


The Most Minimalist

PITAKA Magnetic Case

This iPad Air case by PITAKA is minimalist and high-tech in equal measure. The impossibly thin and lightweight accessory is made from aramid fiber — a lightweight and durable material that’s commonly used in the aerospace industry. It has a cool, carbon fiber-like texture and excellent tactility.

Our favorite bit about the PITAKA Magnetic case is that it is fully compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard. The cover has a precise cutouts for the Smart Connector of the iPad Air, its Apple Pencil charging dock, as well as its USB-C port.


The Most Discreet

Twelve South BookBook Hardback Leather Cover Twelve South amazon.com


The BookBook cover by Twelve South is a characterful and discreet option for storing and protecting your iPad Air. When not in use, the accessory looks like a book with a hardback cover. It is handcrafted from full-grain leather with distressed accents for a vintage look, and it has a dual zipper closure.

Rather impressively, the BookBook can fully accommodate an iPad Air with a Magic Keyboard or a Smart Keyboard Folio. A crushproof spine and a convenient internal pocket for documents and small accessories round up the product’s key features.


Best Thin Folio

Apple Smart Folio

Apple’s own Smart Folio has an impressively slim profile and an understated design. It attaches magnetically to the slate and offers excellent protection for its back and its screen when not in use. It also doubles as a dependable viewing or typing stand.

The cover is made from a single piece of high-quality polyurethane, so it feels great in hand. It’s available in several colors: black, white, pink citrus, navy, and green.


Best Antimicrobial Case

Speck Balance Folio Case

The Speck Balance Folio Case is a reasonably priced entry from one of the biggest tech accessory brands in the market. It has a fairly slim profile, yet it can still protect the iPad Air from drops of up to 4 feet. Like our favorite phone cases from the brand, the Balance Folio can also keep germs away, thanks to Microban antimicrobial treatment.

This iPad Air case has an anti-scratch lining, a magnetic cover that doubles as a highly adjustable viewing stand, and an Apple Pencil holder.  You can also order the Speck Balance Folio case in purple, as well as with an eye-catching floral pattern.


Best Rugged Folio

UAG Metropolis Series Folio Case URBAN ARMOR GEAR amazon.com


The UAG Metropolis Folio iPad Air case is a rugged offering that meets military drop-test standards. Its magnetic cover also doubles as a multiposition viewing stand, while precise cutouts ensure that you can easily access all the hardware features of your slate.

We like that the accessory has a built-in holder for the Apple Pencil. You can order the UAG Metropolis in black, blue, or red.


Best Screen Protector

Otterbox Amplify Glass Antimicrobial Screen Protector Otterbox otterbox.com


The Otterbox Amplify Glass is the best screen protector for your iPad Air. It offers excellent protection from damage and scratches. Even more impressively, the accessory has EPA-registered antimicrobial tech, designed to last throughout its lifetime. 

Of course, the Amplify Glass is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil, as well as protective cases. Otterbox has included a convenient installation kit alongside the product. 

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Best 10.5-inch iPad Air cases 2021

(Pocket-lint) – While Apple’s continued to throw impressive new features the way of its updated iPad Pro models, the 10.5-inch iPad Air was introduced in 2019 and created a seriously compelling package.

It’s actually the iPad Air 3, really, since there were two versions of iPad Air previously, starting in 2013. And there’s a newer 2020 version of the iPad Air which has a different design. 

Like many of Apple’s products, though, it’s a little fragile, so you’ll probably be wanting to keep it safe in a case or cover.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best cases on the market for you to browse – there’s bound to be something here to pique your interest. 

Our guide to the best iPad Air (10.5-inch) cases


Apple Smart Cover


When it comes to accessories, the best options are often made by the manufacturers themselves, and Apple’s Smart Covers are a great example. They offer solid protection and some great screen-waking features, plus let you prop up the tablet at multiple angles for better productivity.

They are a little pricey, compared to some third-party alternatives, but if you want the best combination of style and substance you might want to opt for a Smart Cover.


Moshi VersaCover


If you like the look of the Smart Cover, but want slightly more protection and slightly more adaptability, you might want to consider Moshi’s VersaCover, which basically has upgrades on both counts.

It lets you fold the back into multiple shapes for different viewing angles, and also has a fairly heft case to protect your tablet from drops and scrapes. Plus, it’s got a nice, modern design into the bundle.


TwelveSouth BookBook


If you want something a little less modern-looking, TwelveSouth’s interesting leather case will disguise your tablet as a leatherbound book when you’re not using it – it’s not necessarily the most practical, but is certainly stylish.

We find that leather cases also help to diminish the feeling that you’re on a screen all day, so there’s plenty going in this book-case’s favour.




Sticking with leather, then, this case from Torro might suit you if you want something a little more simple than TwelveSouth’s book-look. It’s a gorgeous, soft leather case that will only gain in character the more you use it. 

If you prefer, there are other colours available, and you won’t find much higher quality than this for its price, in terms of the materials that go into making it. 




If you’ve come down this list but are still thinking about Apple’s Smart Cover, where we started, we don’t blame you. If, too, you’re put off by its price, you might be pleased to know that there’s a solid alternative in the form of this cover from ProCase.

It’s a great, cheaper option, that does almost precisely the same job, just with slightly less premium materials in the mix, and has a great range of colours that you can pick from, too.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.

The Best iPad Keyboard Cases for 2021

Our pick

Zagg Pro Keys for iPad (7th and 8th generation)

With comfortable, responsive, and backlit keys, as well as a removable inner case, two viewing angles, and the ability to pair with two devices, the Zagg Pro Keys is the keyboard case to beat.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $80.

In addition to providing a great typing experience, the Pro Keys offers some benefits other keyboard cases don’t. Its keys are backlit, and they allow you to cycle through colors and brightness levels. The case itself is separable from the keyboard setup, so you can use just the protector when you don’t need to type. Two viewing angles mean you don’t have to settle for a fixed position in every situation. And you can pair it with two devices, such as the iPad and your phone, toggling between them as needed. Dedicated iPadOS function keys provide quick access to commonly used features, and an Apple Pencil holder lets you easily carry the stylus around. Although the Pro Keys is wider and heavier than some competitors, that extra bulk isn’t severe, and it brings extra functionality.

Logitech Slim Folio for iPad (5th and 6th generation)

This version is made for older iPads, but it has the same great keys, battery, and design that we like in the newest version, plus a fabric exterior that’s especially nice.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $92.

Logitech’s Slim Folio has great keys—the number one reason it was our top pick for many years (and remains so for 9.7-inch iPads). It automatically connects with your iPad when it’s properly aligned in the typing position and disconnects when it isn’t, so you never need to worry about turning the keyboard on or off. This clever power management helps the replaceable coin-cell battery last for up to four years, which is very likely the amount of time you’ll use the iPad itself. But there’s only one typing angle, the keys aren’t backlit, and you can’t separate the case from the keyboard.

Upgrade pick

You don’t need a trackpad to use an iPad, but having one can make your tablet feel more like a laptop. Brydge’s 10.2 Max+ for iPad (7th and 8th generation) is the best non-Pro iPad keyboard case to feature a trackpad, and it’s a solid upgrade in its own right. The trackpad feels great and fully supports all of iPadOS’s gestures. The keys themselves provide a good typing experience, and the removable OtterBox case is more protective than the Slim Folio. If you want an all-in-one option, the Max+ is worth the price premium.

Budget pick

To get the least expensive keyboard case without having to sacrifice a good typing experience, pair our favorite Bluetooth keyboard, the Logitech K380 for Mac Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard, with a good iPad case. The K380 for Mac is bulkier than an all-in-one keyboard case, and it may be less convenient, but this combo costs much less, and it’s great to type on.

The 9 Best iPad Cases of 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The best iPad cases should be versatile and durable, keeping your costly slate protected when you travel and commute. Whether you take your iPad to work or class everyday, hand it off to your kids, or simply use it for entertainment, a good case can keep your device safe and even make it easier to use.

The cases on this list consider a wide variety of needs. Some provide baseline protection at a wallet-friendly price—great for anyone who keeps their iPad at home or in a bag when they’re traveling. More rugged options can protect against drops and spills if you take your iPad on the go. We’ve included kid-friendly cases that are easy to hold, cases with built-in keyboards, and a few with extra storage for your stylus or even a charging cord. 

Before buying a case, confirm which iPad model you have and make sure the case is compatible.

Final Verdict

Our favorite iPad case is the budget-friendly ESR Rebound Slim Case (view on Amazon). It’s durable, low-profile, and protects your device from everyday bumps and scratches. Our other top recommendation is the Fintie SlimShell (view on Amazon), which doubles as a tablet stand and includes a compartment for your Apple Pencil.

About Our Trusted Experts

Emmeline Kaser is an experienced product researcher and reviewer in the field of consumer tech. She is a former editor for Lifewire’s product testing and recommendation round-ups.


Which cases are compatible with your iPad?
iPads are available in different models and generations. Models include the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini. The generation refers to the year your particular iPad was released and how many versions came before it. It’s important to know both the model and generation of your iPad before you buy a case because it affects how big the case is and where the cutouts are for hardware features such as cameras and volume controls. You can find out this information by going to your iPad’s Settings app and looking under General > About. 

Can you use an iPad case with a keyboard?
This depends on the kind of keyboard you’re using. The Apple Smart Keyboard needs to be physically connected to your iPad to work, so if you have one of these, you need to look for a case that is Smart Keyboard compatible. These cases usually have a piece along the side that can be removed and the Smart Keyboard attached. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard—one that does not need to be physically attached to your tablet—then you should be able to use it with any kind of case.

What is the auto sleep/wake feature and how does it work?
Many iPad cases that include a screen cover advertise an automatic sleep and wake feature. This means that your tablet immediately goes to sleep when you close the cover and wakes up when you open it, as if you’d pressed the button on the top of the iPad. These covers have magnets in them that trigger the tablet’s sleep sensor, telling it to sleep when the magnet touches the screen and wake up when the magnet is removed. These covers might save you a little battery, but they’re also a convenient way to keep the cover closed when you’re not using the device.

What to Look for in an iPad Case


Today’s crop of iPads come in different sizes: The iPad Pro comes in 12. 9-inch, 11-inch, and 10.5-inch models; the iPad measures 9.7 inches; and the iPad mini 4 measures 7.9 inches. This can cause a bit of confusion when buying an iPad case, but above all, make sure it fits.


Most iPad cases feature a kickstand that allows you to prop up the iPad in a variety of orientations, but design goes beyond that. Do you want pockets to store cables or documents? Do you need a hook to attach a stylus? Look for relevant features like these when scoping out the design. Also, make sure the case doesn’t cover up ports you may need to access!


If your main reason for buying an iPad case is to protect your device from inevitable bumps and bruises, look for one that has a soft microfiber interior to preserve the display, as well as solid corner coverage, which is where you’ll likely find the most dents. As opposed to phone cases, some of the most protective iPad cases won’t add inconvenient bulk.

Belk case-book case for Apple iPad 5 Air corrugated (red “Aries”) :: Accessories :: Mobile accessories :: Accessories for Apple :: Covers for Apple :: Covers for iPad Air

Case – an accessory for mobile devices that provides protection and is used for decorative purposes. Today, even fans of apple technology claim that a case is the only tool that can protect a phone or tablet from mechanical damage. Covers are made of various materials: silicone, plastic, textiles, metal, leather.

Features of the cover

The cover book case will be an excellent protection against mechanical damage, as it covers the phone from both sides. It is conventionally divided into two parts: one is fixed to the back panel, the second opens like a book. On the side there are slots for all the connectors on the phone (charging, headphones, memory card), on the back – for the camera. Sometimes the front panel also has a hole for accessing the quick information screen (time, date, etc.). There are models with pockets where you can conveniently fold your bank cards.


  • Material. Usually made from natural (leather) or synthetic materials. The leather case looks especially stylish, it is pleasant to hold it in your hands. Synthetic materials resist dirt better and offer a wide range of design solutions (shades, shapes).
  • Protection. The case covers the phone from all sides and protects well against minor damages such as scratches. The case, however, does not provide good protection if the phone falls very hard.In this case, it is better to use a bumper.
  • Service life. Covers made from natural materials can withstand years of use, while remaining in excellent condition. Modern synthetic materials also boast durability.


When choosing a case, you need to consider whether it will fit your phone: whether all connectors will be accessible for comfortable use, whether you will need to use force to push the phone into the case. Accordingly, there are two categories:

  • Universal.These covers are designed according to the average standard, they resemble … Read more …

unusual applications and scenarios – Promo on vc.ru

Active users tell the story: entrepreneur, screenwriter, product manager.


Representatives of different professions who cannot imagine their life without an iPad, shared their experience of using this device, listed their favorite applications and described their approach to life with Apple technology.

In September, Apple released a new iPad Air with a redesigned design, 40% faster processor, Liquid Retina display and Touch ID. You can buy the device and get expert advice at iPort, a network of Apple premium stores in Russia.

Vlad Kuklev, co-founder of Dizz educational game streaming for children.tv and Product Manager at Done

The product work of the iPad with Apple Pencil is almost completely closed for me. I will list the applications that I use.

Vlad Kuklev

I start with a standard note-taking application with Apple Pencil in hand.This way you can move from words to the visual level in a conversation. Once I sketched a complex process in the company for a colleague. Before that, I suffered for an hour, explaining in words, and after the sketches they coped with it in 10 minutes. I noticed that it is also useful for myself to throw in a draft by hand before going to design – it saves time in the end.

Then comes the finishing phase, which closes the Miro.There, I compose the user’s path from site screenshots, collect prototypes of landing pages, group insights from user interviews. On a laptop, I preferred Figma for these tasks. It’s still not on the iPad, and Miro has become a salvation.

Vlad Kuklev

Sometimes something falls off on the server and needs to be restarted. This is where Termius, a complete terminal, helps. It has one drawback: the session in the background lasts only 15 seconds due to the limitations of iPadOS. You often have to re-login when you google solutions to a problem in parallel.

Vlad Kuklev

For analytics, I use the standard Google Analytics application, when I need to quickly pull out a simple number.For more complicated scenarios, I already climb into the web version. I put the PWA application of our Metabase on the main screen – the main product analytics lies there. As a result, I write most of the data requests from the iPad.

Denis Germanenko, founder of CleverPumpkin

mobile development studio

Denis Germanenko

I use a fourth generation iPad Air (2020) 256 GB without a SIM card. Most of my iPads were with a SIM card, but in the latter I decided to abandon it, since distributing the Internet from the iPhone solves the problem of accessing the network. The iPad Air itself is awesome; after all, the sharp-cornered form factor is very attractive.

This is the steroid calendar.Its main advantage is the ability to create sets of calendars, which is very convenient when there are many of them. I have a personal, work, release calendar, a vacation calendar for company employees, calendars of several meetings. One of the pleasant bonuses is the display of the weather forecast for the coming days.

Denis Germanenko

On iPad, the calendar is often turned on in SplitScreen mode to schedule different tasks in the task manager. The application works on all devices (Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch), and on iPad I also love it for its convenient and informative widgets.

Denis Germanenko

I really loved Google Reader, but then it was closed.Then I moved to Feedly and stayed there. It is an RSS news aggregator. I have disabled all notifications, except for personal messages in messengers, calendar and task manager. I love to consume content consciously and on a schedule, although I know how presumptuous it is. Therefore, RSS is better for me than an endless stream of notifications from various applications.

Despite the presence of my beloved PocketBook (after all, only from it you can read books normally on the street), I read more books from the iPad. And “Books” is the best application for me because of the most convenient system of notes and notes in the margins when reading a book. There is an opportunity to collect all the notes made and send to yourself in a beautiful form by mail, so that later you can make your own small summary in your favorite Notion.

I gave up paper notebooks.Dozens of fashionable and beautiful Moleskines of different sizes are left in my box. iPad and Apple Pencil replaced paper, and I have to take out a pen just to sign some documents.

Denis Germanenko

I keep all personal notes by hand in Notes, but for work notes, my find is Notability. Initially, the application was created for recording lectures, since in addition to recording with a pen, you can also turn on dictaphone recording, which goes in sync with handwritten notes. But I don’t always use Notability with the recording of the conversation, because it’s also just a great notepad with infinite scrolling down. It is convenient to include a conversation recording at long meetings or interviews, when you want to return to the context and understand when you made a particular note.

Why iPad with Apple Pencil is also great at meetings: People are comfortable with the fact that you make notes with a pen on the iPad.Unlike situations when you are typing something on a laptop. Whatever one may say, but interlocutors often think that you are answering someone in messengers, and not writing down the theses from your current conversation.

I also sometimes use Notablity to quickly sketch out a simple interface when it’s hard to explain my idea in words. There is an application for macOS, which was recently updated for a modern design.It is convenient to analyze recordings made on the iPad.

A well-known alternative to Notability is GoodNotes, but it didn’t hit me because the notepad page there has a specific height, and to continue a long note, you need to go to the next page.

Denis Germanenko

I run Pigment occasionally to distract myself and relax.Simple coloring book with tons of templates and color palettes. It is quite possible to get by with the free version.

Ilya Ryabov, screenwriter, editor at Click Klak Media and Little Big Production

Ilya Ryabov

I have been using

iPad as my main computer since 2015-16, that is, I started long before the announcement of iPadOS.Even then, I was interested in the vector in which Apple began to develop tablets, and bulky desktop operating systems felt redundant for me, with the logic of work straight from the last century.

Inspired by the enthusiasts who used the iPad as their main computer, he sold the MacBook Pro 2015. And with the proceeds he took the then new iPad Pro 10.5 with a keyboard case and bought a couple of programs.

Since then I have used various models, including 11 “and 12.9” projectors. I realized that the latter is too big for me. It is inconvenient to hold with one hand, and even use without a cover. I’m typing this text on the iPad Air 2020, which I’m happy with so far. I quickly got used to even the absence of a 120 Hz screen.

I’m in luck: most of the work is text-based.Writing, reading, correcting, rewriting and texting – iPad is perfect for all this. It is convenient to type large text on an external keyboard, I have a Smart Keyboard case. Sometimes I think about Magic Keyboard, especially since I already used it with a 12. 9-inch “firmware”.

Ilya Ryabov

With the keyboard fastened, the iPad is quite reminiscent of an ultrabook.But if I want to read a script, an e-book, a saved article, edit a photo – with a slight movement, the keyboard is unfastened and the ultrabook turns … the ultrabook turns into an elegant tablet!

If you need a note in the dock, a signature on a document, or more precise retouching of an area of ​​the skin – I take Apple Pencil. They called me to a podcast – most USB microphones cling to the iPad without problems.Newer models like RODE NT-USB mini do it without adapters, with one USB Type-C to Type-C wire.

A real case, which I often cite as an example: a yogurt brand turned for advertising. While we were writing the script with friends, we realized that a simple storyboard would come in handy, and after that – a pre-jester, by which it will be easier for the director on the set to understand what we were thinking up there.As a result, text, drawings, shooting a pre-jester, its further editing – and all on one iPad. Cool, in my opinion.

I like to think that, thanks to accessories, Apple makes an iPad out of a modular computer or work / entertainment station that can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs. There would be money for accessories and software.

The standard Notes application is perfect for personal notes and drafts, and Google Docs is best suited for collaborative work on projects – like Sberbank, everyone has.

News Explorer is a cool RSS reader if anyone else remembers what it is. It uses iCloud to sync subscriptions, updates for free, for which we love. It is also available for iPhone, Apple Watch and even Apple TV, which is absolutely useless, but cool.

Ilya Ryabov

In the News Explorer, according to the old habit of working in the news, there are 20-30 sites.On weekends, I completely rake, throw interesting things into the Reading List in Safari and save them for offline reading.

“Books” – here I upload purchased books in. epub, pages are beautifully scrolled. Progress and notes are synchronized between devices, you can set a goal in minutes.

Ilya Ryabov

LumaFusion is the most sophisticated video editor for iOS.No subscriptions, no competitors – in a word, flawless.

Yes, it works on the iPhone, but on the iPad it opens up and pulls with desktop monitors. Supports mouse, touchpad, shortcuts, loot, external drives and more.

Ferrite is a cool audio editor, at one time he edited podcasts in it. Major updates, unfortunately, are paid, but worth it. Separately, Apple Pencil support is pleased, it is convenient for them to cut tracks.

Ilya Ryabov

Pixelmator Photo is a powerful, flexible photo editor. Great interface, one-time purchase and tons of features, plus curious ML features.For example, increasing the resolution or cleverly transferring colors from one image to another.

Ilya Ryabov

Ilya Ryabov

If you need Photoshop, I open Affinity Photo – but Photoshop is rarely needed.

Ilya Ryabov

Apollo is an alternative Reddit client. Nice, customizable and ad-free.

ProCreate – I can’t draw, but not drawing in ProCreate is much nicer than anywhere else.

Separately, I will show the folder with games. While there is no console, I absolutely do not break off, enjoying the ironic Little Orpheus (4+) from Apple Arcade. Sometimes with friends we fight in the royal battle of mobile Call of Duty (17+) and overclock some ideas. And we rested, and the time was usefully spent. So we find ourselves an excuse, I guess.

As you can see, there are games, but deep down I dream that separate ports on the Switch will also appear on the iPad.Because why not?

New iPad Air available from iPort-Apple Premium Reseller. The network has a trade-in service: it allows you to exchange an old device for any new one with an additional charge.

iPort specialists will quickly diagnose and estimate the cost of your device, which depends on the type and model.This amount will be deducted from the cost of the new model. In this case, you can simultaneously hand over several devices at once – their cost will add up.

There are iPort premium stores in St. Petersburg, Surgut and Murmansk, and delivery to Moscow is possible. In the cities of presence, there is express delivery: the device will be delivered free of charge on the day of order, if checked out before 18:00.

iPort – Apple Premium Reseller Stores

Legal address: 1

, St. Petersburg, Fontanka River Embankment, d.109, letter A, pom. 13N

OGRN # 1057811930296

90,000 Which Macbook Sleeve Should I Choose?

Macbook Sleeve – Stylish Accessory or Essential Protection? Every Apple laptop owner, after purchasing, wonders how best to prevent everyday wear and tear of the device and its breakdown in case of careless use. After all, from day to day, MacBooks are constantly exposed to negative environmental factors: dust, food crumbs, animal hair and accidentally spilled drinks.

The advantage of a laptop is that you can take it with you wherever you go, and, therefore, its protection is an acute issue for every owner. After all, it is much wiser and more profitable to take care of protecting your Mac than to spend money on repairing it later. In addition, the accessory can become a stylish addition that will decorate your look and emphasize your individuality. There are many different covers for Macbooks, each with its own features and benefits.

Plastic Covers for Macbook

Plastic Covers for Macbook are the most popular type of case among Macbook owners.The plastic accessory is not only reliable and durable, but also convenient, has a stylish look and low weight.


  • Robust – which guarantees a long service life.
  • Reliable – protection against any damage.
  • Light weight and thickness – the dimensions of the device remain unchanged.
  • Presence of all cutouts – the device does not need to be removed from the case to work with it.
  • Beautiful design – plastic looks impressive, and also allows you to apply any pattern to yourself.

Main disadvantage

All damage remains on the cover itself: over time, its appearance will deteriorate.

Plastic sleeve for Macbook Pro 13 2016/2017


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Pro 15 2016/2017


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Pro 13 Retina


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Pro 15 Retina


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Pro 13


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Pro 15


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Air 11


Plastic sleeve for Macbook Air 13


Plastic case for Macbook Air 13 2018


Plastic sleeve for Macbook 12


Macbook Felt Sleeve

Macbook Felt Sleeve is an excellent choice for transport and storage. This material is highly durable and soft, which guarantees protection from the external environment and gentle contact with the device case. Felt folders have also long taken a reliable position among popular models, due to their convenience and unpretentiousness.


  • Robust – easily withstands frequent use.
  • Reliable – prevents the appearance of scuffs and scratches on the case.
  • Lightweight – won’t weigh down your Macbook.
  • Stylish design – the felt folder is a classic accessory made in a sophisticated style.

Main disadvantage

To work with a laptop, you will have to pull it out of the case.

Felt Cover for Macbook Pro 13 2016/2017


Felt Cover for Macbook Pro 15 2016/2017


Felt Cover for Macbook Pro 13 Retina


Felt Cover for Macbook Pro 15 Retina


Felt cover for Macbook Pro 13


Felt cover for Macbook Pro 15


Felt cover for Macbook Air 11


Felt cover for Macbook Air 13


Felt Cover for Macbook Air 13 2018

Select (Coming soon)

Felt cover for Macbook 12


Macbook bag

The Macbook bag is essential for those who use their laptop most often at home or at work. The device rarely leaves the walls of the house, which means that its protection from negative environmental factors is not so necessary. The bags are also handy because of the numerous pockets in which various additional accessories can be stored. They will appeal to schoolchildren, students, businessmen and everyone who wants the accessory to be functional.


  • Robust – has a long service life.
  • Reliable – your laptop is safe from dirt and shocks in your laptop bag.
  • Additional pockets – everything you need in one place.
  • Practical design is not only beautiful, but also a convenient accessory.

Main disadvantage

Not suitable for permanent use. Can serve as a storage or carrying medium.

Leather Sleeve for Macbook

Leather Sleeve for Macbook stands out for its unrivaled look. This accessory focuses more on style than convenience.However, the Macbook in it will be under reliable protection. Leather folders and pockets offer an unrivaled design that meets the needs of even the most discerning Apple laptop user.


  • Durability – the leather is highly resistant to wear and tear, which guarantees a great looking case even after prolonged use.
  • Reliability – the laptop is protected from scuffs and other signs of wear.
  • Spectacular design – designed to attract attention.
  • Additional features – the leather case can be used as a mouse pad.

Main disadvantage

Thick material can cause inconvenience when placing the laptop in the case and removing it.

Leather Sleeve for Macbook Pro 13 2016/2017


Leather Sleeve for Macbook Pro 15 2016/2017


Leather Sleeve for Macbook Pro 13 Retina


Leather Sleeve for Macbook Pro 15 Retina


Leather sleeve for Macbook Pro 13


Leather sleeve for Macbook Pro 15


Leather sleeve for Macbook Air 11


Leather sleeve for Macbook Air 13


Leather Sleeve for Macbook Air 13 2018

Select (Coming soon)

Leather sleeve for Macbook 12


Macbook Flip Sleeve

Macbook Flip Sleeve is an extraordinary combination of luxurious looks and convenience. With its shape, it reminds everyone of the usual book cover. However, unlike her, this case also has cutouts for connectors and ports. The presented model is perfect for constant use, as nothing interferes with comfortable work with a laptop. The case-book will appeal to those who, when choosing a protective accessory, are looking for the union of beauty and reliability.


  • Durability – the materials of the covers are durable.
  • Reliability – Macbook is protected from any negative consequences of frequent use.
  • Unusual design – the book-shaped form will become a bright accent of your style.
  • The presence of all cutouts is a guarantee of free work with any programs.

Main disadvantage

The folio case is large enough, that is, the original size of the Macbook will be changed.

Wood sticker for Macbook

Wood sticker for Macbook is one of the most unusual ways to protect your device. This kind of accessory stands out among the usual: it is made of a unique material, has an original appearance and texture, and is also absolutely environmentally friendly. A natural wood sticker is made using a special technology that turns ordinary veneer into a durable and refined material. It should be noted that this accessory is attached only to the laptop case, leaving its sides open. Macbook stickers are more decorative than protective, so use them in conjunction with the purchase of an extra cover.


  • Durability – wood is a durable and non-capricious material.
  • Reliability – The sticker will prevent scuffs and scratches from appearing on your Macbook.
  • Sophisticated design – unusual material will attract the eyes of others.

Major disadvantage

Wood decals do not guarantee protection against moisture, dust and other external factors that can damage ports and connectors.

Wood sticker for Macbook Pro 13 2016/2017


Wood sticker for Macbook Pro 15 2016/2017


Wood Sticker for Macbook Pro 13 Retina


Wood Sticker for Macbook Pro 15 Retina


Wood sticker for Macbook Air 11


Wood sticker for Macbook Air 13


Wood sticker for Macbook 12


Stone Sticker for Macbook

Stone Sticker for Macbook is another unusual phenomenon in the world of security accessories. Being such an unusual material for the manufacture of covers, the stone will appeal to lovers of everything bright and eccentric. The sticker is fixed on the laptop case and, like a wooden one, does not overlap the sides, leaving them completely open. The durability of the material is beyond doubt: the accessory made of natural stone guarantees protection against various kinds of damage. For all its durability, the sticker is lightweight and does not thicken the Macbook.


  • Durability – natural stone is a durable material.
  • Reliability – The sticker will prevent damage and wear to the device case.
  • Refined design – the accessory has every right to be called unique and expressive.

Main disadvantage

Open sides are not protected from dust and moisture penetration into connectors and ports.

Stone Sticker for Macbook Pro 13 2016/2017


Stone Sticker for Macbook Pro 15 2016/2017


Covers for tablets, e-books and GPS-navigators in Belarus

The Internet offers a huge selection of accessories for tablets and e-books. We are pleased to present to you a catalog in which cases for tablets and e-books are widely presented. The presented models are made of genuine leather, high-quality leatherette, there are options made of plastic or polyurethane, as well as textiles. Colors range from classic black to the most incredible shades. A wide range of covers with a variety of patterns. With such an assortment, the choice of the product you need will become just a pleasure.

Do you get lost when choosing gifts for family and friends? No problem.Remember that each of them probably has a different gadget, which may include tablets and e-books. Having bought such a gift for a loved one, you will definitely not go wrong. In order to make the right choice and not be mistaken with the size of the case for the gadget, you need to know the size of the diagonal of the equipment screen. The catalog has models for absolutely any size – 7,8,9,10, 10.1, 9.7 inches. You will find a case for any brand of electronic media – Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo and many other brands of technology. The choice of cover material depends solely on your personal preferences and financial capabilities. Many are convinced that the cover carries only aesthetic functions. Far from it. In addition to the fact that the cover will help the gadget to look stylish, it also:

  • protects equipment from moisture;
  • protects against the ingress of dust and dirt, which adversely affects the operation of electronic media;
  • has a shockproof effect and is capable of cushioning falls from a height;
  • protects against damage while being carried in a purse – many have repeatedly scratched the screens of their favorite gadgets with keys, pens and other contents of their bags.

Therefore, we advise you to purchase a cover for everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of their favorite technology, and who wants to maximize the life of the gadget. Clutch covers look very stylish. They resemble the handbags of the same name, and are popular among girls. Such a cover will be a great gift for your beloved woman. For e-books, covers are mainly offered, on which you can fix a special flashlight – backlight, for those who like to read at night.
We invite you to browse the catalog in the online store, the choice will not disappoint you, and the prices will amaze with their democratic character.

Twelve South Vintage Cases – iStore Magazine

The new collection of covers for gadgets from Twelve South allows you to feel all the charm of noble antiquity – it is made in the form of covers of old volumes. BookBook covers will reliably protect your Apple devices from scratches and give them an absolutely unique look – after all, each cover in this collection is unique …

Favorite volume of poetry

Surely many of the homes in the parental library had several tiny book volumes, half a hand in size – in the last century it was very fashionable to publish poetry collections in this format, which romantic girls loved to read on park benches.Another round of history – now an iPhone is hiding under the cover of the miniature book!

Interestingly, the first miniature books appeared in the Renaissance. The famous Italian printing house Alda Manuzia began printing Latin classics in the format in-octavo – in the “eight” of the printed page. The first edition in this format was the works of Virgil, printed in 1501, several decades before the birth of our first printer Fedorov. Small “aldins” quickly gained popularity and began to be copied by other printing houses of that time.

The BookBook case for iPhone, when closed, is an exact copy of a small-format book (if you ignore the bleed, of course). The embossing of gilded fleur-de-lis heraldic lilies on the spine, however, gives a reference to the French printers of the 16th century Etienne (those for which Claude Garamond created his Garamond font, which we still use today). Leather binding is made in vintage style – obviously the “booklet” went through many hands before getting to the owner, but this, as you know, only further increases its value.A reasonable move – after all, scuffs and scratches inevitably formed during operation will only suit the case. The brown leather binding is pleasant to the touch and looks very reliable and durable, all seams are stitched and taped.

But everything inside the volume is more than modern. It’s not just an iPhone case – it’s multifunctional and doubles as a wallet. You can insert several cards, business cards into the cover, there is a transparent compartment in the format of an American ID-card, which, alas, is irrelevant for our latitudes.Also, several bills will fit there, however, it is not very convenient to use the cover to store trifles.

As for the phone department itself, the case is designed for iPhone 4 / 4S. The gadget fits snugly into the case and is fixed on top with a leather strap with a red ribbon, imitating a bookstore, but in fact serving for the convenience of removing the phone. Actually, this is the only possible inconvenience of such a cover. After all, the lens of the camera of the phone is hidden and in order to click the frame, it is necessary to slightly extend the phone. The designers did their best to simplify this action, however, to some it may not seem entirely comfortable. On the other hand, the case reliably protects the lens and phone from possible damage, so the compromise here is quite reasonable.

The design of the wallet does not impede access to the ports and connectors of the device.

Another interesting feature that designers focus on is the ability to search for your wallet using high technologies. Remember how much time it takes in the morning looking for little things! Now, if you left your wallet at a party, at the bar, in the car, or planted it in your apartment, you can always find it using the Find My Phone service.The developers express their sincere regret that the same system for finding lost keys has not yet been created in the world and hope to soon correct this egregious and annoying misunderstanding.

Time machine for iPad

Continuing with Twelve South’s “antique books”, be sure to check out the battered iPad cover. Not a bad disguise for time travelers. The main thing is not to reveal the volume: after all, in the Middle Ages, for a witchcraft book with moving pictures, you can easily end up on the fire.:)

Reading from iPad is convenient and pleasant. But it is always more pleasant to hold a real book in your hands, feel the cover, smell the pages … BookBook for iPad allows you to combine two pleasures – aesthetic and tactile. The cover creates a complete imitation of a book of those times when each page had to be typed on the form by hand, and the covers were made only from genuine leather. The book looks noble: unlike the previous cover, the designers artificially aged both the spine and the leather binding.The cover is available in two colors, which differ not only in the color of the material, but also in the design of the spine.

Only the zipper reveals the current origin of the volume. However, it also looks quite authentic: with leather ribbons on the “dogs” for ease of handling. The zipper is reversible, allowing you to leave the hole where you want to connect your headphones or power cord to your device.

Double zip for easy access to iPad connectors.

Internal equipment is more modest, there are no pockets and additional compartments.Aypad itself is held with rubber bands. There is a button on the opposite, “free” side of the cover. With the help of it and a leather cord, you can fix the cover in a “standing position”, convenient for watching movies, from any angle. The button is also leather, soft, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the screen. The cover has several layers and reliably protects the device from external influences.

Designers from Twelve South emphasize that this cover serves as a good disguise for the iPad: it will simply not be paid attention to in BookBook.It is highly controversial: in our age of digital technologies, Aypad can be found in every second person, but a paper book, even not so antique in appearance, already looks like a real rarity.

No technological gimmicks or modern materials: the button-and-lace fastening has proven itself for centuries.

Magic make-up’Air

Rounding out our collection of “book antiques” from Twelve South is a cover for the MacBook Air. Of all the cases described above, this one is the largest format, and taking it in your hands, you cannot get rid of the impression that you are holding a magic book of spells – a grimoire.

There are no two identical BookBook covers in the world, because the aging process is done manually. Thus, having presented your favorite laptop with reliable protection, you can rest assured that you have become the owner of a unique accessory. You can even say an artifact, because the new outfit will give the MacBook Air a kind of mystical charm.

There are no particularly noticeable details in this case compared to the previous models. Unless the spine is made not flat, but semicircular, like a folder.Otherwise, all the same stylish design, convenient fasteners and zippers, as well as reliable multi-layer protection from damage.

This series of sleeves is available in 11, 13, 15 and 17-inch sizes for both the slim MacBook Air and the full-bodied MacBook Pro.

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iPad prints a book on paper Moleskine | MapiTom.ru

Now your iPad has a new feature – Apple has partnered with Moleskine to use the FiftyThree app to create self-made drawing books.
Everything looks convincingly simple: in the FiftyThree application you make drawings and a layout of a future book. By the way, it still looks like a booklet, the pages of which are collected by an accordion. Then you upload the finished layout for printing, and in two weeks you will receive by mail a finished copy of your own book, assembled by hand.

When creating a layout, you can select the color of the cover, binding, make an inscription on the flyleaf. The cost of one copy will be $ 40 including delivery.The sketches will be printed on matte Moleskine paper in dual resolution iPad Mini, slightly larger than the screen of the gadget.
The process looks most revealing in the video:

As a result, you get a 15-page accordion booklet that looks like a branded Moleskin notebook. Apple, in turn, promised the first person who ordered such a book a special gift.
By the way, according to the manufacturer’s information, you can order such a book from any country, however, if you make an order from abroad, you will have to pay extra for international shipping according to the tariffs of your country.The orders themselves are received, processed and executed in the UK. So, strictly speaking, for us living in Russia, this original service is also available.

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Silicone Case for iPad 2 3 4 5 6 Air 1 Mini 1 2 3 4, Transparent Case, Soft TPU Back Cover, Tablet Case for iPad 9.

7 2017 2018 | Tablet & E-Book Cases |

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Applicable Laptop Size: 7.nine”
  • A type: Protective shell / skin
  • Material: Silicone
  • Compatible Brand: For Apple iPpad
  • Model number: tpu tablet case
  • Width: 0
  • Length: 0
  • Packaging: Yes
  • Description: Shockproof
  • Description: Drop strength
  • Description: Dust protection
  • Style: Fashion
  • Pattern type: Solid
  • Brand name: centechia

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