Gun iphone 7 case: 3D Toy Gun Shape Hard Shell Protective Case Cover for iPhone 7 Plus

The Best iPhone 7 Cases

It’s been a few years, but you’re sticking with the iPhone 7. You’ve been through a lot together, including the removal of the headphone jack, the introduction of the AirPods, and the usage of the Lightning adapter. You still need to protect your phone.

Apple itself posted that the high shine of the jet black version “may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.”

Not to worry; we’ve got you covered, so to speak. You might notice that according to the dimensions, iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. But if you’ve just been reusing an old phone case, it’s time to get a brand new one. Read on for some suggestions.

Spigen Thin Fit

If you’ve got the jet black iPhone 7, don’t let it lose its luster with a case. Get the Spigen Thin Fit in jet black and you’re good to gloss. It also comes in four satin finishes in black, silver, rose gold, and gold to match the full spectrum of iPhones.

Speck Presidio Gold Glitter and Onyx

Let your phone shine like the night sky. The Speck Presidio in gold glitter and onyx has substance aside from flash though; it’s 8-foot drop-tested.

Sonix I Luv Sushi

Sushi or your phone? Which do you love more? You don’t have to choose…sort of. The Sonix case has a tasteful and tasty sushi print.

Caseology Savoy

Caseology makes a case for gold with everything. The Savoy is tinged with rose gold endcaps that protect the iPhone 7’s edges from bumps. The main body comes in black, mint, navy, and rose gold.

Case-Mate Wallet Folio

The black leather Wallet Folio folds to fit cash, cards, and ID and looks good while doing it.

Speck Presidio Golden Blossoms

Everything’s pretty in pink and the iPhone 7 is no exception, particularly when it’s paired with cherry blossoms on this Speck case. Don’t fear the clear part turning yellow because the scratch-resistant case also resists UV rays.

Apple Silicone Case

Otterbox Universe

The iPhone 7 has a snazzy camera. So if you’re using your phone to conduct interviews or capture action with accessories like tripods or extension poles, then you might want the flexibility and protection of the Otterbox Universe case. It swaps out parts to work with things like the PolarPro Trippler Tripod and provides Otterbox’s well-known protection.

Griffin Survivor Clear

The Griffin Survivor Clear lets your phone shine through with a hint of a tint. There are seven colors and they each offer 4-foot drop protection.

Lifeproof Fre

The iPhone 7 is waterproof, but is it Lifeproof? The Fre stands up to water, snow, dirt, and drops.

LuMee Two

Unflattering selfies will be a thing of the past with the LuMee Two case, which casts a flattering glow on its subjects before any snaps.

Tavik Synth Case

Tavik Synth Case for iPhone 7

See It The Tavik Synth Case is a see-through gray that wraps the iPhone in a high-gloss case with a self-healing finish.

Nomad Horween Leather Case

Cover your iPhone with a case that gets better over time. The Nomad Leather Case is created with Horween leather, which develops a beautiful patina as it’s used.

Zero Gravity Mirror Case

Before you FaceTime or Snapchat, check your look on the back of this Zero Gravity Mirror Case. It comes in silver, gold, and rose gold.

Kate Spade Make Your Own Monster Case

Dr. Frankenstein went through a lot of work to make his monster. With this Kate Spade case, all you have to do is attach the included stickers.


Bump up your battery life with a Boostcase. It provides 2700mAh of power and comes in jet black and rose gold.

Ted Baker Brook Case

This Ted Baker case is as pretty as a picture and you can make sure you are, too, since there’s a mirror hidden inside the case.

Aduro Combo Shell and Holster Case

This Aduro case is for you. It can swivel or lock in place when you wear it and when it’s out of the holster, there’s a kickstand for easy viewing.

Torras Liquid Silicone Case

This liquid silicone case weighs next to nothing but still protects your phone. It’s also magnetic so you can stick it on to a phone holder while you drive.

Rifle Paper Co. Clear Tapestry

Life is a rich tapestry, as is this Rifle Paper Co. phone case. It’s clear so it blends in beautifully with whatever color phone you have.

Hex Solo

The camo makes this Hex Solo case cool, the leather makes it elegant. There’s also a credit card pocket to make it practical.

Native Union Clic Card Leather Case

Case-Mate Folio Wristlet

For a wallet and phone case in one, you can’t do better than the Case-Mate Folio Wristlet. There’s also a detachable wristlet strap for carrying options.

Incipio Kiddy Lock

You’re not a child. But you may share your phone with one. The Incipio Kiddy Lock has a two-step locking mechanism that cuts off access to the home button when the smaller set is streaming videos on your phone.

Peel Super Thin Case

If you got the jet black finish but are worried about it scratching, get the Peel Super Thin Case in jet black. You’ll barely notice it’s there at all.

Casetify Design Your Own Case

Think you can do better? Casetify lets you design your own case. It even links to your Instagram or Facebook shots to make it that much easier, and supplies some free emoji and stock art.

Gun-Shaped iPhone Case ‘Is a Terrible Idea,’ Police Officials Warn

An iPhone case that looks like a handgun is drawing warnings that it could be too easily mistaken for a real weapon.

That has been the message for weeks from some police departments in the United States, concerned that the case could add to the uncertainty of confrontations with suspects.

The cases — in black, white and pink — are made by a number of foreign manufacturers. Most appear to be imported from Asia.

Last week, Deputy Inspector Judith Harrison of the New York Police Department posted a message on Twitter warning consumers against buying the case.

The New Jersey State Police also recommended that people not buy the case.

“This cell phone case is a terrible idea,” the department said in a Facebook posting. “Officers do not have the luxury of time when making split-second decisions while interacting with the public.”

The prosecutor’s office in Ocean County, N.J., also commented on Facebook.

“Please folks — this cell phone case is not a cool product or a good idea,” the posting read. “A police officers job is hard enough, without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone decides without thinking to pull this out while stopped for a motor vehicle violation.”

In what appeared to be the first remarks on the issue by a federal legislator, Senator Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that sales of the cases might be illegal and urged online retailers, including Amazon and eBay, to immediately stop selling them.

On Tuesday evening, a spokesman for Amazon, Erik Fairleigh, said in an email that the item was no longer listed for sale on the site. He declined to elaborate.

Mr. Schumer said a federal law requires toy or imitation guns to feature a highly visible orange mark at the end of the barrel to identify them as harmless. Since the phone case does not have the marker, he said, he would work with customs officials to block its import and sale.

“For years, we have been concerned about realistic-looking fake weapons,” Mr. Schumer said, “and that’s precisely why this federal law was put into place.”

Michael J. Bouchard, a Michigan sheriff, said last week there was too much potential for dangerous misunderstanding if a student walked into a school or a person walked into a bank with one of the cases.

“It looks like literally you have a weapon sticking out of your back pocket,” he said in an interview with WXYZ-TV in Detroit. “We are not a big fan of it on any level.”

While the police and officials are calling for the removal of the product from online retailers, listings for the cases proliferated on Amazon, and the origin of those manufacturers can be difficult to trace.

On Ali Express, a portal for the retail giant Alibaba, the reviews for the gun iPhone case from Gizmo Gallary, a Chinese manufacturer, are mostly positive. The seller, which offers the case in its various colors for $4.69 to $5.99, has warned customers that shipping is slow due to high demand. Another Asia-based retailer, Japan Trend Shop, appears to have removed the product from its online listings.

Retailers are even advertising a Russian roulette app that turns the phone’s screen into a gun barrel, making the phone case part of a game.

Emails to Gizmo Gallary and Japan Trend Shop were not immediately returned on Tuesday.

But one seller said he would stop offering the case. A site called Unique Hunters advertises a case supplied by a manufacturer called Peneric, but the owner, Jason Lazarus, said he would no longer sell it.

“Especially the black one,” he said by email, “which is virtually impossible to differentiate from a real gun at a quick glance.”

In November, a 12-year-old boy, Tamir Rice, was shot dead by a Cleveland police officer answering a 911 report of someone outside a recreation center pulling a gun in and out of his pants and scaring people. The caller’s additional comments that the person was possibly a juvenile with a toy gun were not relayed to the officer.

Reviews for the cases on Amazon suggest that consumers see the same safety hazard as law enforcement officials — and are even more frank in their derision.

“Wonder if the imbeciles who buy this case will live long enough to enjoy it,” wrote an Amazon user under a listing for one of the cases. “Amazon should remove it from their site.”

“What moron came up with this idea?” wrote another reviewer. “We live in a society where every time there is an incident involving police, people immediately whip out their cell phones to record it.

“Can you imagine the reaction of police in the middle of a tense situation seeing someone pull this device out?”

Custom Custom Top Gun Maverick Iphone 7 Case By Bertaria

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Gun-shaped iPhone cases: Why police say this is a bad idea

What should a police officer do when a teenager reaches for a gun in his pocket?

The answer is particularly controversial in light of recent events between police and community members, but in this case, the gun isn’t actually a gun – it’s an iPhone.

An iPhone case which looks nearly identical to a semi-automatic pistol when tucked into a pocket is being sold by online vendors., which sells the case, describes it as a “sexy pistol protective shell for iPhone 6 with unlimited times to pull the trigger.

Critics say that the cases could be taken as the real deal by law enforcement and that potentially deadly encounters could take place.

According to a report by CNN Money, police officers aren’t happy.

Al Della Fave, a retired New Jersey state trooper and firearms instructor echoed these concerns.

“Most kids carry their cell phone in their back pocket, and if someone reaches for it, in my mind they’re reaching for a gun.”

In addition to the danger of a violent confrontation, those carrying gun-shaped iPhone cases run the risk of being mistakenly accused of violating open-carry laws. Six states prohibit openly carrying a weapon in public, according to a map posted by the Wall Street Journal, while another 13 states allow require a special permit or license to carry.

Several police precincts took to social media to warn residents about the cases, describing them as “dangerous” and a “terrible idea.”

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey added to the backlash in a Facebook post.

“A police officers job is hard enough, without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone decides to pull this [case] out while stopped for a motor vehicle violation.”

Mr. Fave, who acts a spokesman for the Ocean County office, told “it’s just an accident waiting to happen.”, an online media outlet based in Alabama, asked several law enforcement officials in Birmingham, Ala. what they thought of the gun-shaped cases.

Detective Sergeant Michael Mangina described it this way:

“This is the most stupid and ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while. In the pocket, it looks like a real gun and it’s going to draw attention and possibly get you shot. Just think of the commotion it’s going to cause if you walk into Wal-Mart with that hanging out of your pocket. I have read on the Internet and received officer alerts on real guns that are hidden in cell phones and cell phone cases. This is stupid and very dangerous.

For anyone looking for a unique iPhone case, there are plenty of other options., an online retailer, has hundreds of handmade iPhone cases to choose from and features cases shaped like crayon boxes and paint palettes – much less cool, some might argue, but undoubtedly far safer.

How To Remove the iPhone Battery

Not all iPhone batteries can be removed in the same way. The process is very similar, but you’ll have to use different tools depending on the model. Also, note that different models will have slightly different component arrangements.

Check out how to remove the battery from the iPhone 7 and above, as well as the slightly older iPhone 6 series smartphones to get an idea of how things may differ from one model to another. If you learn how to remove it from one iPhone, you will likely know how to handle a newer version too.

Getting Started Replacing an iPhone Battery

Before you attempt to remove the battery from your iPhone, make sure that its charge is 25% or less. Otherwise, your phone’s battery is a greater risk of catching fire or exploding if accidently punctured. Tools can slip, so play it safe and drain the battery if needed.

Tools Needed to Replace an iPhone Battery

If you opt to do this at home, you’ll need the following tools:

  1. Suction cup
  2. Heat gun, Hair dryer, or iOpener (Optional but recommended)
  3. Spudger
  4. Pentalobe P2 screwdriver

  5. Philips #000 screwdriver
  6. Tri-point Y000 screwdriver

Although the list of tools seems scary, the process itself isn’t if you approach it with caution.

Tips to Prevent Damaging Your Phone

  • Lay the screws out in a coherent pattern based upon how you remove them, i.e. top right screw of a bracket is placed on a mat, etc. in the same position. Putting screws in the wrong place can destroy a motherboard, you’ve got to love Apple design.
  • When in doubt, leave the screw out. As mentioned above, the screws must go back in their original position or you risk phone damage.
  • Remember to drain the phone by pressing and holding the phone’s power button after disconnecting the battery cable. You can short out chips, etc. by not draining the residual power in a phone before disconnecting other cables aside from the battery cable.
  • Wear gloves and ground yourself and the iPhone before attempting to work on it. They sell ESD mats and bracelets that prevent the charge difference between surfaces from frying sensitive electronics, it’s well worth the investment.
  • Don’t do the repair if you’re in contact with carpet flooring and other materials that transfer static well. Use a plastic mat or put on rubber soled shoes to prevent ESD from transferring as much.

Removing the Battery: iPhone 7 and Newer

Relative to a removing batteries from a basic TV or streaming device remote, removing a battery from an iPhone may not be such an easy task for you. It is doable at home with the right tools and steady hands, but there is still a risk of damaging your phone. Removing the battery will void your warranty, so it’s always best to have it done at a licensed Apple Store.

  1. Start by turning off your iPhone and then warm up the bottom section of the case with a heat gun, hair dryer, or iOpener for about a minute, use a medium setting for the hair dryer or heat gun and move it around.
  2. Now, fix the suction cup to the screen and gently slide the a spudger along the edge of the screen. Do not try to lift the screen just yet.
  3. Dual-sided adhesive strips are used to seal the screen, so after gently scraping the edge of the screen, attempt to lift it slightly. Make sure to lift only a few centimeters at a time and look for wires that could accidently be ripped.
  4. Next, keep the screen lifted only as far as you need, no more than 90 degrees, and remove the four tri-point screws from the lower bracket display (look for a connecting ribbon)
  5. Take out the display bracket.
  6. Remove the battery connector (the perpendicular plastic strip) and then press and hold the power button for about 5-15 seconds. This will drain any residual power in the system that could cause a short, etc.
  7. Detach the other plastic strip and the gray strip underneath it.
  8. Unscrew the smaller tri-point screws holding the bracket over the second display ribbon.
  9. Remove the bracket.
  10. Remove the black plastic strip (the other connector).
  11. Pry up the connector with the spudger and remove it.
  12. Remove screws from the barometric vent (black bracket in the bottom-left corner).
  13. Remove the barometric vent to uncover the Taptic Engine connector.
  14. Pry up the black plastic connector and remove it.
  15. Remove the screws and remove the Taptic Engine from the case.
  16. Peel back the adhesive strips covering the battery (you may need to warm up the adhesive).
  17. Remove the battery.

Remember to be very careful while doing this. Everything from lifting connectors to peeling strips should be done slowly. When removing the three strips holding the battery, you shouldn’t risk tearing or wrinkling. Go slow and try warming up the adhesive if you feel too much feedback.

Removing the Battery: iPhone 6 Series

The iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus will require different screwdrivers. Have Pentalobe P2 screwdrivers on hand with 3.6mm heads for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and 3.4mm heads for the 6S and 6S Plus phones.

You’ll also need a suction cup and a spudger to lift the screen and deal with other small components.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Turn off your iPhone and remove the screws next to the lightning port.
  2. Use the suction cup on the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. Lift the screen while holding down the case.
  4. Pry open the case with the spudger and lift the display to a 90-degree angle.
  5. Look for the battery connector bracket (it’s covered by a rectangular metal piece with two screws).
  6. Use a #000 Philips screwdriver to take out the screws.
  7. Pry up the connector off the logic board.
  8. Remove the cable bracket by removing the screws first (five screws on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus, and four screws on the iPhone 6S).
  9. Disconnect the camera cable (a large connector with a cable that leads to the display).
  10. Remove remaining connectors.
  11. Separate the screen from the rest of the case.
  12. Peel off the adhesive strips from the bottom of the battery.
  13. Pry out the battery.

Words of Caution

As you can see, whether you have an older iPhone or a new one, the process of removing the battery is very similar. You may need different tools to handle the various screws and connectors, but a few general guidelines always apply.

Never force-pull the screen because you may risk breaking the case, the cables, or connectors, which may render your iPhone useless. If the adhesive presents a problem, use a hair drier from a distance to warm it up.

Always separate all connectors between the display and the screen to separate the case. Uncover the battery by unscrewing the connectors and brackets on top of it. Use a manual to find out exactly where the battery is on your iPhone model.

Go as slow as you can in each step, especially when prying up connectors and removing the battery. Damaging the battery could release hazardous chemicals, not to mention damaging your phone. Remember, if you need your battery removed or changed, it is always best to take your phone to an Apple Store or mail it to an Apple Repair Center.

iPhone Batteries

Depending on your skill level, the $29+ for a new battery might be worth the investment. If you’re comfortable with working on electronics, then go for it, but, if you need your device fully functional and aren’t too tech-savvy, then take it to a reputable, certified repair shop.

The Supreme Court’s conservatives cook up a stew of abortion, guns, religion and more

For the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, Monday marks the first time nearly all of them will gather together in the courtroom since the lockdown a year and a half ago. But if some of the justices greet the new term with great anticipation for a new conservative legal era, others likely are facing the term with dread.

The docket for this term is a humdinger, with major cases involving the biggest social issues of the day: abortion, guns, separation of church and state, and potentially affirmative action in higher education.

“It seems like every few years, we say we’re going to see radical conservative takeover of the Supreme Court in American law,” says Tom Goldstein, publisher of SCOTUSblog. But this time, he adds, “We really mean it. “

As Goldstein observes, the court has changed composition, with the addition of three Trump appointees; it has six really solid conservative members, and it has decided to put on the docket, “front and center, massive social issues that it has ducked in the past because it couldn’t get five solid conservative votes to change the law. And now it looks like it may be time.”

The issues before the court are not a haphazard collection. Rather, they were deliberately selected by the court’s new conservative supermajority, with an eye to chipping away, hacking away, or outright overruling nearly 50 years worth of abortion decisions, for instance, or expanding other decisions, like those protecting gun rights, and religious rights.

‘We may have come to a turning point’

No outcome, of course is a sure bet, but it isn’t just activists on one side or another who seem rattled. Listen, for instance, to the normally non-committal Irv Gornstein, the longtime executive director of the Supreme Court Institute at Georgetown University Law Center.

“I think we may have come to a turning point. Within a span of two to three terms, we see sweeping right-sided decisions over left-sided dissents on every one of the most politically divisive issues of our time,” he says. “Voting, guns, abortion, religion, affirmative action.”

The perception of the court may be “permanently altered,” he warns.

Gorstein adds: “It is all well and good for justices to tell the public that their decisions reflect their judicial philosophies, not their partisan affiliation, but if right-side judicial philosophies always produce results favored by Republicans, and left-side judicial philosophies always produce results favored by Democrats, there is little chance of persuading the public there is a difference between the two.”

Abortion rights may be in peril

Three of the court’s nine members have preached the non-partisan message in speeches over the last month, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The court, in two major and reputable polls, has taken a big hit. A Gallup poll, for instance, found that public approval of the court’s job performance slid to a new low of 40%, including “less than a majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.”

Pollsters indicate that some of this precipitous decline occurred after the court allowed a Texas law banning all abortions after six weeks to go into effect. Because the law was written to make it difficult to be challenged, the five justices in the majority said this was not the time to examine it. But that did not change the fact that the court, through its decision not to intervene, allowed almost all abortions to be banned in Texas for the foreseeable future.

At the same time the court is scheduled to hear arguments in December testing a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. That time frame is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and subsequent decisions, which declared that women have a constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy up to the point when the fetus can survive outside the womb–at about 24 weeks.

There are multiple ways the court could decide the Mississippi case: narrowly or broadly. Narrowly might stave off a major backlash in public opinion. But however the court rules to restrict abortion rights, the effect of those steps could be analogous to what happens to a frog tossed into water as it heats up on a stove. He doesn’t know when he’s cooked.

Court revisits Second Amendment rights

If abortion represents nearly a half century of Supreme Court precedents, guns do not. In 2008 the court ruled for the first time that people have a constitutional right to have a gun in their homes for self defense. But beyond that principle, for all practical purposes, the court went silent. Now, for the first time in a more than a decade the court has accepted a major challenge to existing gun laws. The case was brought by gun owners against a New York law that requires a person who wants to carry a gun outside the home to get a special license, issued at the discretion of local authorities, after a showing that there is a “proper cause,” or need for carrying the gun. New York turned down the gun owners in this case because it said they did not have any special need to carry weapons outside the home for self defense.

Supreme Court advocate Roman Martinez notes that the text of the Second Amendment does protect the right to keep and bear arms. But he also points to the historical record dating back to the time of the founding. New York state, he says, has “actually put forward a lot of evidence showing that really there were these restrictions on the right to carry arms outside of the home” long before the modern era.

Court is friendly to religious rights groups

After guns this term, there is religion. In particular restrictions on taxpayer aid to religious schools. Before the court is a case from Maine that presents the issue rather starkly. Maine is a basically rural state. It has about 260 so called administrative districts, tiny towns. Of those, more than half are too small to have public schools. But Maine law requires the towns to provide an education for all minors. Under the state law, the towns can contract with a nearby public school or private school to take their students, or the town can pay the tuition at a public or private school that a parent chooses. There is one exception. Tuition can only be paid to a non-sectarian school, so that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund religious education.

For generations, the Supreme Court did erect a high wall of separation between church and state when it came to state funding. But as the court grew more conservative, it increasingly viewed these restrictions as discriminatory.

“It’s going to be difficult for Maine to make a compelling case in court that it has the kind of interest that’s going to get past this non-discrimination principle,” says former Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, who served in the Trump administration.

SCOTUSblog’s Goldstein notes that the conservative justices could face competing concerns this term. One is that if public lack of confidence in the court as an institution grows, the other two branches could launch a counter-revolution to change the structure and make-up of the court. That would seem to be a long way off, for now. But as Goldstein points out, “on the other hand, the conservatives feel very strongly about this stuff. They really do think that Roe was wrongly decided, that there are too few gun rights, and there’s too much separation between church and state. ” [Copyright 2021 NPR]

Abortion, guns, religion top a big Supreme Court term

WASHINGTON — The future of abortion rights is in the hands of a conservative Supreme Court that is beginning a new term Monday that also includes major cases on gun rights and religion.

The court’s credibility with the public also could be on the line, especially if a divided court were to overrule the landmark Roe v. Wade decision from 1973 that established a woman’s right to an abortion nationwide.

The justices are returning to the courtroom after an 18-month absence caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the possible retirement of 83-year-old liberal Justice Stephen Breyer also looms.

It’s the first full term with the court in its current alignment.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the last of former President Donald Trump’s three high-court appointees, is part of a six-justice conservative majority. Barrett was nominated and confirmed last year amid the pandemic, little more than a month after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Trump and Republicans who controlled the Senate moved quickly to fill the seat shortly before the 2020 presidential election, bringing about a dramatic change in the court’s lineup that has set the stage for a potentially law-changing term on several high-profile issues.

With abortion, guns and religion already on the agenda, and a challenge to affirmative action waiting in the wings, the court will answer a key question over the next year, said University of Chicago law professor David Strauss. “Is this the term in which the culture wars return to the Supreme Court in a big way?” Strauss said.

No issue is bigger than abortion.

The justices will hear arguments Dec. 1 in Mississippi’s bid to enforce a ban on most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Lower courts blocked the law because it is inconsistent with high court rulings that allow states to regulate but not prohibit abortion before viability, the point around 24 weeks of pregnancy when a fetus can survive outside the womb.

Mississippi is taking what conservative commentator Carrie Severino called a “rip-the-Band-Aid-off” approach to the case by asking the court to abandon its support of abortion rights that was laid out in Roe and the 1992 case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Mississippi is among 12 states with so-called trigger laws that would take effect if Roe is overturned and ban abortion entirely.

By a 5-4 vote in early September, the court already has allowed a ban on most abortions to take effect in Texas, though no court has yet ruled on the substance of the law.

But that vote and the Mississippi case highlight the potential risk to the court’s reputation, said David Cole, the American Civil Liberties Union’s legal director. The arguments advanced by Mississippi were considered and rejected by the Supreme Court in 1992, Cole said.

“The only difference between then and now is the identity of the justices,” he said.

Jeff Wall, a top Justice Department lawyer under Trump, said the court could sharply expand gun rights and end the use of race in college admissions, but only abortion is likely to move public perception of the court. “I still don’t think that’s going to create some groundswell in the public, unless it’s accompanied by some kind of watershed ruling on abortion,” Wall said.

In early November, the court will take up a challenge to New York restrictions on carrying a gun in public, a case that offers the court the chance to expand gun rights under the Second Amendment. Before Barrett joined the court, the justices turned away similar cases, over the dissents of some conservative members of the court.

Until Barrett came along, some justices who favor gun rights questioned whether Chief Justice John Roberts would provide a fifth, majority-making vote “for a more expansive reading of the Second Amendment,” said George Washington University law professor Robert Cottrol, who said he hoped the court would now broaden gun rights.

More than 40 states already make it easy to be armed in public, but New York and California, two of the nation’s most populous states, are among the few with tighter regulations.

The case has gun control advocates worried.

“An expansive Second Amendment ruling by the Supreme Court could restrict or prohibit the sensible solutions that have been shown can end gun violence,” said Jonathan Lowy, vice president and chief counsel at the gun violence prevention group Brady. Lowy included state laws requiring a justification to carry a gun as examples of such “sensible solutions.”

A case from Maine gives the court another opportunity to weigh religious rights in the area of education. The state excludes religious schools from a tuition program for families who live in towns that don’t have public schools.

Since even before Ginsburg’s death, the court has favored religion-based discrimination claims and the expectation among legal experts is that parents in Maine who sued to be able to use taxpayer money at religious schools will prevail, though it’s not clear how broadly the court might rule.

Affirmative action is not yet on the court’s agenda, but it could still get there this term in a lawsuit over Harvard’s use of race in college admissions. Lower courts upheld the school’s policy, but this is another case in which the change in the composition of the court could prove decisive. The court upheld race-conscious admission policies as recently as five years ago but that was before Trump’s three appointments accentuated the court’s conservative tilt.

Among other notable cases, the justices will consider reinstating the death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The Biden administration is pushing for the capital sentence, even as it has suspended federal executions and President Joe Biden has called for an end to the federal death penalty.

The court will also weigh two cases involving “state secrets,” the idea that the government can block the release of information it claims would harm national security if disclosed. One case involves a Guantanamo Bay detainee who a lower court said was tortured in CIA custody. The other involves a group of Muslim residents of California who allege the FBI targeted them for surveillance because of their religion.

Decisions in the most of the big cases won’t come before spring because the justices typically spend months drafting and revising majority opinions and dissents.

Around then, Breyer might signal whether he is planning to retire from a job he has held since 1994. Retirement announcements often come in the spring, to give the president and the Senate enough time to choose and confirm a nominee before the court returns from its summer break and begins hearing cases again in October.

The consequences of Ginsburg’s decision to remain on the court through Barack Obama’s presidency and her death while Trump was in the White House can’t be lost on Breyer, said Tom Goldstein, the founder of the Scotusblog website and a frequent advocate before the court.

“It’s overwhelmingly likely he’ll retire this term,” Goldstein said.

The courthouse still is closed to the public, but live audio of the court’s arguments will be available and reporters who regularly cover the court will be in attendance. The tradition-bound court first provided live audio in May 2020, when the court began hearing arguments by telephone during the pandemic.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh will participate remotely from his home next week during oral arguments after testing positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. The court said Friday that the 54-year-old justice has no symptoms.


Associated Press writer Jessica Gresko contributed to this report.


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How to Make an iPhone or iPad Case: What You Need

The materials for this design are imitating, but they are probably not the things that you will be lying around in the house.The first is a piece of felt long enough to fold and cover your phone. Next comes the glue gun. They are very easy to use and can be purchased at many art stores or even Rymans for around £ 15. You will also need some Velcro to secure the top case cover. Then it’s a pair of scissors, a marker, a ruler, and any bits of material you may have that you can use to decorate your case.

How to Make an iPhone or iPad Case: Putting It All Together

Start by placing your iPhone on the felt (or fabric of your choice) and folding the bottom of the fabric so that it covers about three quarters of the device.Remember to leave a small area on both sides of the phone for you to apply the glue.

If you are happy with the width of the case (remember to check that the top flap folds back and completely covers the iphone, leaving some room for the Velcro fastener to attach), mark where you need to cut the material.

Now cut your fabric accordingly.

Now use your glue gun to glue the felt to create a phone case. Be careful while doing this as the gun tip gets very hot.

Hold the parts together for a minute or so until the connection is reliable. You now have the bulk of the case completed.

The next step is to create the fasteners. This can be done by folding the top flap, noting where the Velcro should go in two, then attaching them.

For some finishing touches, you can also glue (or stitch) material to the front and back of the case. This is your design, so do whatever your artistic desires please.

That’s all. Done. Now your iPhone or iPad is safe from scratches and light drops, as well as from declaring your personal tastes to the world. Just remember to turn off your glue gun.

Gun Grip: Gun Grip iPhone 5 Case

For 6 years of our we have told about a huge number of different cases, cases and other accessories for smartphones. The category of gadgets designed for the iPhone stands out especially.However, we have not yet come across such “dangerous” covers for the iPhone. True, some of these can already be found in our stores, for example, Recently, the Glasgow Police Department published an article in which they talked about a case called Gun Grip , which is very similar to a real pistol.


Gun Grip is essentially a case for the iPhone 5, which is designed as part of the body of a gun. However, in the place where the barrel is located, it is proposed to insert the smartphone itself.The result is a pretty cool, albeit inconvenient device. It looks fun in the user’s hand. However, according to the Glasgow Police Department, a Gun Grip in your pocket can look very much like a pistol. The fact is that only the muzzle-smartphone is inserted into the pocket, and the pistol grip, which is made of very high quality, remains outside. It turns out something like this:

The site says that in this case the accessory “looks more like a real thing than a regular case.”The Pistol is available for purchase in black, white and pink. It is also noteworthy that a special smartphone application is proposed to be used with the case. For example, you can set wallpaper that will complement the part of the pistol (see the photo at the top of the article).

The police say that buying such a cover is not the best idea. However, if you decide to purchase such a cover, it is better not to point it at the policeman and say in advance what exactly is in your pocket and not make sudden movements.Police officials must respond quickly to potential use of firearms. However, they are unlikely to immediately understand a real weapon or is it just a phone case.

In fact, there are many models of this Gun Grip Case on the market right now. Accessories are sold from $ 5 and are suitable for iPhones 5, 5S, 6. There are also models for Android smartphones. Several US states are already calling on Amazon and eBay to stop selling these imitation pistols.

Spare parts and accessories for mobile devices in Irkutsk

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is awesome… as a concept. Come on, this is a display that folds in half. You can carry it around like a tablet. You can prop it up and use it like a Surface Pro. You can fold it in half and use it as a clamshell laptop. You can fold it slightly and hold it like a hardcover book. And everyone who sees how you take it out of the portfolio will ask: “Wow, what is this?” And you can tell them, “Oh, nothing. Just the world’s first folding computer. ” You will never feel like the coolest person in your meeting.So is it worth buying? I mean, no. Before we get to that: definitely not. That’s a whopping $ 2,499 not counting the stylus and keyboard. (Packs with both accessories start at $ 2,749 on Lenovo’s website.) That’s more than anyone would need to spend even getting a very good laptop – and I have too many problems with the X1 Fold to be categorized. … But! I like this idea. The foldable form factor certainly makes life easier, and I have no doubt that we will see more of these devices in the future – provided that manufacturers can solve some of the problems.OUR OVERVIEW THINKPAD X1 FOLD GRADE 5.5 OUT of 10 pros Folding screen! Nicely built and durable Bright 2K OLED display Minuses Poor battery life The keyboard and touchpad are tiny (and cost extra) Starts at $ 2499 Buy for $ 2499.00 from Lenovo The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folds in tablet mode, displaying the Verge homepage. It’s too early to spend $ 2,500 on this, but I can’t wait for the next generation. TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL This is how the day went for me with the X1-fold.In the morning, before signing up for the job, I lay down on the couch and used Fold as a mini-clamshell (that is, folded at a 90-degree angle with the keyboard on the bottom half of the screen) to catch up on email. Someone sent me an interesting YouTube video overnight. I turned the laptop into a 13.3-inch tablet, put the keyboard aside and watched it in full screen mode. Then it’s time to work. I pulled out the built-in stand and laid the unfolded ThinkPad on the kitchen table with the keyboard in front of it.I used multiple split-screen windows, with Slack and Spotify on top, just like I would use any standard 13-inch laptop. I had an hour-long meeting with Zoom early in the day, so I went back to the couch and folded it up like a book, with Zoom on one side and Slabina on the other. After that I went back to work, but I didn’t feel like going back to the desk, so I folded the ThinkPad back into mini clamshell mode and used it that way on the couch for the rest of the day. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is folded upright on the table.X1 Fold supports Wi-Fi 6 and 5G (optional). The ThinkPad X1 folds into a tent form factor. There are three ports: two USB 3.2 Type-C Gen 2 and a micro SIM slot. ThinkPad X1 Fold logo. The rear frame is made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy plates. This is all just to illustrate how many different uses there are for this form factor. I can’t say that a foldable screen has ever been at the top of my list of “Laptop features I need,” but after using the X1 Fold for a week, I wish I had one.There is no laptop I’d rather take with me on a business trip than the X1 Fold, and that’s due to multiple design options in addition to the versatile form factor. First, it’s very, very cute. The device is housed in a genuine black leather case with a sturdy stand built into it. The ThinkPad logo adds a sleek splash of red. It all looked very out of place in my dull apartment. The only parts that look a little cheap are the large and rubberized panels.They are needed to keep the sides of the display from clinking against each other, and also give you something to hold on to while using the fold as a tablet. The foldable display is also a great travel companion. Folded in half, this ThinkPad measures a hardcover book size of 9.3 x 6.23 x 1.09 inches and 2.2 pounds (299.4 x 236 x 11.5 mm and 999 g). The keyboard fits inside the folded device (magnets hold it securely) and has a snug stylus sleeve on the side. I easily stuffed it all into my purse and would love to carry it under my arm at an exhibition or conference.Every time I brought this somewhere, I thought, “Wish I had this in college.” And with the leather cover, I never worried about bumping into or scratching a crease – something that can be stressful with such expensive devices. (Lenovo claims its product has passed MIL-STD 810H testing and is resistant to conditions such as moisture, dust, sand, extreme temperatures and mechanical shock. This certainly promises a much higher level of durability than we’ve seen on foldable phones before so far.) Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold sits on the table in book mode. Lenovo says the Fold has been tested against “12 military-grade certification methods and 27 procedures.” FOLD There is always one big question with folding devices. The answer to this question is no: you cannot see the crease while using the fold (although it is visible when the device is turned off). The exception is when it is partially complex, like a book. The lighting in the middle and lighting on the sides are slightly uneven in this case.But credit is where credit should be: when you use a flat fold, the fold is not visible. The hinge itself, which Lenovo has spent years developing, is pretty solid and didn’t give me any problems. The ThinkPad requires two hands and a little hard pull to open. But on the other hand, it always remained exactly in the position in which I put it, without any slipping or hesitation. The flat display is a 13.3-inch OLED display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution. This is a 4: 3 aspect ratio, which is unusual for a laptop, but seems quite spacious compared to the traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio.I could easily stack two or even three Chrome windows side by side, often with Slack, Zoom, or another app on top, without having to zoom out. And I didn’t notice any jelly scrolling (where one side of the screen can change pixels faster than the other side), which was an issue with some early foldable phones. The browsing experience is a luxury. The panel reproduces 100 percent sRGB color gamut, 100 percent Adobe RGB, and 95 percent DCI-P3. It’s great for watching videos and movies; even dock icons appear with color.The central hinge of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folds down in tent mode. The foldable graphite layer helps with cooling. Fold the Lenovo X1 partially folded on top. There are “several layers of mechanical support” under the screen to prevent wrinkles and bubbles from forming on the screen. On the other hand, good luck using this thing outside. Not only is it quite glossy, but it only reached 289 nits at maximum brightness. This isn’t a problem for indoor use, but it’s still a bit disappointing for the price, as some premium business laptops offer 1000 nits cheaper options.PERFORMANCE AND SOFTWARE Lenovo Lenovo has come up with some nifty software tricks to improve the folding experience. There’s an app called Pen Settings where you can map buttons on your Lenovo stylus: they can do everything from copy / paste to erase, toggle music and volume, and invoke various apps. You can also use the Lenovo mode switch (which appears whenever you fold or unfold the device) to split the screen in half, essentially creating two separate displays on either side of the fold.This is most useful in the form of a mini-clamshell when you want one application to run from the top and the other from the bottom. But you can also use it when the fold is flat, just like you would use the Windows split screen feature. And if you split the screen in the mode switch, the fold will retain that layout as you move between portrait and landscape orientations, while complex tabs and app layouts are sometimes scattered all over the place otherwise. Those are nice touches, and they show that Lenovo has really thought about the potential of this form factor, and not just attached the hinge to the Surface Pro.But when it comes to performance, there are signs that this product is still in its early stages. There’s a lot to praise Lenovo for here. I get stressed just by thinking about the tasks this computer faces. Not only does it have to know if it’s in portrait or landscape mode (like any regular tablet), but it also has to determine if it’s complex, how complex it is, and where the keyboard is, and then resize its interface accordingly. With all this in mind, I am very impressed that this thing (mostly) works.GRID VIEW 1 of 6 Mostly. But it’s not seamless, and there are some areas where the fold and Windows 10 don’t quite line up yet. For example: from time to time when I plugged in the mini-keyboard, Fold forgot that it was there and still sent the on-screen keyboard when I selected a text field with the stylus. You can turn off the onscreen keyboard in settings if it annoys you, but it’s still a glitch, which is frustrating. On the other hand, sometimes the on-screen keyboard didn’t appear right away when I wanted to, and I had to tap the text field several times before Fold got a prompt.And the small letter field that should appear whenever you press with the stylus on the text field seemed to appear somewhat accidentally: it did not appear at some moments when I wanted it, and it appeared at some moments when I did not. (like if I had just highlighted something in a google doc). There were two cases, both after a reboot, when Fold didn’t realize it was in mini laptop mode and tried to expand across the entire screen. I had to remove and replace the keyboard before Fold discovered it.(Lenovo is aware of this issue and says it is working on a fix.) THERE ARE SOME AREAS WHERE FOLD AND WINDOWS 10 DO NOT COME AT ALL YET The most annoying thing is that I could not video chat in Zoom or WebEx mode using mini laptop mode because my video feed (like the tablet camera) was on the side. This is not a Lenovo problem – some other Windows convertibles also rotate their cameras incorrectly if you flip them during video calls. But I still hope that Zoom and WebEx can fix this.If it weren’t for this problem, Mini Laptop Mode would be the ideal form factor for remote meetings (WebEx in the top half, notes below). I believe Lenovo will iron out those kinks over time. But they are currently here. The X1 Fold doesn’t have the powerful processor you’ll find in some of the other tablets. It is powered by an Intel Core i5-L16G7, one of Intel’s “Lakefield” processors. These are “hybrid” processors, efficient chips designed for small and light devices, and Intel’s answer to Arm chips in phones, tablets, and now MacBooks.(The dual-screen Microsoft Surface Neo is supposed to get it too.) ThinkPad X1 Fold on-screen keyboard. The Intel Core i5-L16G7 has five cores: one fast Sunny Cove core that can bump up to 3GHz, and four Tremont cores that can bump up to 1.8GHz. Other than occasional glitches, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance here. Multitasking across a dozen Chrome apps and tabs was no problem, and I could scroll and browse a bit during a long zoom call without freezing anything.Of course, this is also true for many devices, which you can get for a few hundred dollars. And the crease has also tightened its legs on some tasks where other premium business laptops (not to mention high-end consumer laptops that cost half the price) perform better. For example, it takes a few seconds to load, and I sometimes anxiously waited for it to find something in File Explorer and send windows full screen. The web pages were a little slower than I’m used to.ThinkPad also takes a few seconds to switch between modes – and in particular the mini-clamshell mode – but I’m willing to forgive that as this is a completely new use case for Windows 10. Battery life, however, was pretty disappointing. Running the X1 Fold through my persistent workload (about 12 Chrome tabs and apps, random streaming and massive Spotify and YouTube calls, 200 nits of brightness), I spent an average of four hours and 50 minutes on Best Battery Profile and five hours and 35 minutes on Battery Saver Profile (with Intel Battery Saver enabled).This isn’t necessarily a surprise for a laptop with an OLED display and a 50W battery. But that’s not good for a $ 2,500 device, especially one that’s meant to be used on the go. The Surface Pro 7, which has a higher-resolution screen, got seven to eight hours in our testing. The last thing worth mentioning here is that Windows 10 is still the “meh” operating system for tablets. If you’ve never used a Windows tablet before, this is very different from using an iPad.Gesture controls are still pretty straightforward, especially when compared to Apple’s suggestions for shortcuts. What’s more, most Microsoft apps are not designed to be used on a tablet in the same way that iPad apps are, so it will be very difficult for you to tap on fields and icons that are much smaller than your fingertip. And actions like rearranging tabs and dragging windows, which are second nature with the touchpad, are difficult to perform with your fingers. AUTONOMOUS TIME IS SATISFULLY DISAPPOINTING Switching to Windows Tablet Mode helps a little with this, but you’ll have to dig into the Action Center to manually enable it.The fold doesn’t automatically switch to it when you turn off the keyboard, like Surface books do. (Again, this is not a crease-specific issue – in general, disconnecting Bluetooth keyboards from Windows convertibles doesn’t launch tablet mode, but it’s inconvenient nonetheless.) And of course Windows 10 doesn’t have any unique features that take advantage of a dual-screen setup; Microsoft is working on an operating system optimized for dual-screen hardware (including its own Surface Neo), but we don’t expect it to arrive until next spring.The main theme here is that most of these problems are Microsoft’s fault, not Lenovo’s. Microsoft convertible laptops use the same operating system. But the lack of tablet functionality makes more sense in the Surface and Surface Pro books, which can serve as tablets where needed but are still designed to work primarily as computers. The problem with the fold is that it is at its best as a tablet. The ideal X1 Fold client will use it as a tablet most of the time.Because there are two main reasons why I do not recommend this device as my primary laptop. These reasons are … KEYBOARD AND TACHPAD Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folds into mini laptop mode. The Mod Pen is charged via USB-C. The mini keyboard is wirelessly charged when inside the fold, and can also be charged using micro USB. The fold of the X1 is beautiful to look at and, like a tablet, a miracle to use. But I was still afraid that I would have to drive it to work every day.This is because the keyboard and touchpad are tiny. Now I understand why they are so tiny. Lenovo wanted to make the keyboard small enough to fit inside a folded device so that it wouldn’t be redundant to carry around. And he certainly managed to create a keyboard that fits perfectly into the folded tablet. I never worried about it falling out. But I hate typing on it. The keys actually seem to be pretty solid and have a satisfying click, but Lenovo essentially had to combine multiple keys to achieve the desired size.For example: The apostrophe / quote key, usually located to the left of the input on a US keyboard, has been moved to the far right of the keyboard above the input. (This is the half key separating the slot with a colon / semicolon). Every time I needed to type an apostrophe, I had to deliberately stretch my hand far to the right. About 50 percent of my apostrophe attempts resulted in me instinctively clapping Enter instead (as my colleagues, who received numerous incomplete reports of weakness, can attest).I assume you will get used to this after using fold for a while, but there is a learning curve. Things get worse: Lenovo had to cram in a few keys that were already dual-use, meaning that some buttons can accommodate up to four different characters. The question mark / forward slash has been concatenated with a period / greater than, so all three Shift, Fn and period keys must be pressed at the same time to enter the question mark. Dash was upgraded to Fn + 9, which also confused me.I had to go through this review and delete a bunch of random 9s I typed before submitting it. And the backslash requires Fn + 8, which would make the X1 crease a huge pain for STEM folks who need to use LaTeX and some other programming languages. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is used in book mode. Lenovo says the Mod gets 250 minutes of use from a five-minute charge. Again, I understand why the keyboard should be small. But I would rather carry the keyboard separately than hitting three keys to make a question mark.Lenovo could make a nice carrying case that fits the fold, keyboard, and stylus, and I would totally agree with that. The company could also create a bit more space by removing the touchpad, which is entirely possible because the touchpad is mostly useless. To put it in context, how tiny this thing is: if I put two fingers on it (and my fingers are quite small), there is almost no room above or below them. So, as you can probably imagine, scrolling is a pain (you get into the plastic frame right away), just like clicking / dragging, highlighting, and anything else that requires two moving fingers.(There isn’t enough space anywhere nearby.) Laying out a large article that involves copy-pasting text and moving a lot of images was a pretty daunting task. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folds out in tablet mode on a bench. The fold comes with the Dolby Access app, where you can switch between profiles for different settings. The touchpad also didn’t do what I needed as often as I wanted. Sometimes it felt like I was holding it down when I let go, which means I was inadvertently moving the tabs around.And highlighting a piece of text or hovering the cursor over an exact location was often a process of trial and error. Even with the lowest touchpad sensitivity, I rarely got to the right place the first time. I don’t use third-party peripherals with the laptops I review, but this touchpad has taken that principle to its limits: I’ve never been closer to saying “Fuck it” and plugging in a mouse to give myself a break. I ended up using the stylus for most of the navigation, but it’s not optimal for some actions (rearranging tabs, doing anything in google docs).All in all, the X1 Fold is an impressive device in many ways. It is good at what it is advertised for (folding). It is beautiful both in appearance and in use. He’s tough. And the form factor is helpful. This is not a gimmick. I would really like to have such a tablet. The key word there is “tablet”. ” The fold X1 is not a tablet, it has a laptop operating system and – more importantly – it stands like a laptop, it stands like a very expensive laptop. And he is not yet ready to play this role. Battery life has not come yet.The keyboard and touchpad are not yet available. Software integration, while laudable, does not yet exist. The key word here is “bye.” Because with all that said, I can’t wait for the second generation Samsung’s first foldable phones were riddled with problems, but just over a year and a few iterations later, the company is selling a foldable device that is very convenient (albeit quite expensive). will also be with foldable laptops. Lenovo has a groundbreaking idea to build on.I really hope he can fix fold failures without compromising on components that are already exceptional. It would be a breathtaking device that deserves my unequivocal recommendation. AGREE TO CONTINUE: LENOVO THINKPAD X1 FOLD Now every smart device requires you to agree to a number of terms and conditions before you can use it – contracts that no one really reads. We cannot read and analyze each of these agreements.But we started counting how many times you have to click “agree” to use the devices as we review them, as these are agreements that most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate. To start using Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, you need to agree to the following: Request for your region and keyboard layout Windows 10 License Agreement, Lenovo Privacy Statement, and Lenovo Limited Warranty PIN You can also say yes or no to the following: Wi-Fi Microsoft account (can be bypassed if you stay offline) Privacy Settings (Speech Recognition, Location, Find My Device, Diagnostic Sharing, Ink and Text Input, Personalized Experience, Advertising ID) Customize your device for gaming, school, entertainment, creativity, family or business Sync Android Phone OneDrive backup Office 365 Allow Microsoft to collect personal information for Cortana, including location and location history, contacts, voice input, speech and handwriting patterns, typing history, search history, calendar information, content and message history from Microsoft services, messages, and apps.

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