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Get Noticed! Place your logo on personalised phone cases and personalised corporate Apple Watch Straps by Case Station. You are a top-notch business and your branding should reflect that quality. We stand by our products with a lifetime guarantee – we are Made for Life.

Developing a brand requires consistency. Maintaining your corporate visual identity through your logo helps establish a strong brand that consumers recognise. Case Station values the importance of representing your business with products that are well designed and built to last.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make a name for yourself? Design a case with your logo and gift it to your customers.

Trying to attract a specific demographic? Design a case using an image that will appeal to your target market and create a campaign around the promotion. Giveaways are a proven way to build customers and expand your brand.

Case Station offers bulk rates for custom phone cases and personalised corporate Apple Watch Straps. Do you want to brand iPhone cases with your company logo? Or, create promotional Samsung cases with a powerful message and corporate icon? We are ready to assist you in your branding needs if you are looking create personalised phone cases in bulk.

Our sophisticated process embeds images into the plastic surface of the case, and protects them with a strong clear finish – the result is an image that is not on the case, but inside it, and protected from scratches, fading, wear, and damage.

We look forward to helping you represent your brand.
Please reach out with your personalised phone case needs to [email protected]


Gift logo cases to your employees and customers.
Create a giveaway using exclusive licensed art.
Grab the attention of your demo by gifting trending art.


Wholesale Wood Phone Cases (Made in USA) – Custom iPhone Case

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How can I become your wholesale customer?

  • First, register at our wholesale website.
  • Get your instant access to our wholesale website with wholesale pricing.
  • Then, you can place your order at our website and checkout yourself.
  • If you want special wholesale price, you may contact Otto Case support.

✅ What is minimum order requirement for wholesale?

Minimum order value is $300 for the first order to be considered wholesale order with OTTO CASE. For the following orders, minimum order value is reduced down to $100.

✅ What is order processing time?

Orders up to 1000 pieces are processed within 1-2 business days depending on our order volume. If processing time gets beyond 2 business days, we contact you upon your order and let you know about current situation. For orders more than 1000 pieces, we give you lead time and discuss details with one of our account specialist.

✅ Do you provide laser/color print machine as well as training?

We don’t supply laser/color print machines directly. However, we help you connecting with our own suppliers which we are in very long time relationship so that we can get better deals than market value for you. We also provide training about how to operate machines, how to use our printing materials upon request. Please contact us at our wholesale department for details.

✅ Do you provide cart/kiosk furniture for the mall or store concept?

We may have our own refurbished cart/kiosk display fixtures/furniture available at our warehouse. You are welcome to ask about details and even visit our warehouse to see them physically. Beyond that, we don’t provide display fixtures/furniture directly. We help you connecting with our own suppliers which we are in very long time relationship so that we can get better deals than market value for you. If you would like to go with OTTO concept and use our brand name, we discuss details with you and sign Independent Reseller Agreement to operate with OTTO concept.

✅ Do you do dropshipping for offline/online stores?

Yes, we offer dropshipping both for offline/online stores. After your application, we review it and get back to you to learn more about your business and future plans. After your account is activated, you may place orders at our website. For online stores, we can also connect to your Shopify store get orders automatically to our end. In that case, you don’t need to place your orders with us manually. You can contact us for details.

✅ Can I offer personalized items of OTTO at my offline/online store?

Yes, you can list personalized items at your online store or you can display samples at your retail store for personalized items as well. Once you get a personalized item order, you forward order details to us and we fulfill the order and ship it to your customer or to your store in 1-2 business days.

Design Your Own iPhone Case and Create Custom iPhone Cases with Case Monkey

Case Monkey Lets You Design Your Own iPhone Case and Create Custom Cases

One our favorite customization sites is our original “design your own iPhone case” online app called Case Monkey. Featuring all the latest models of iPhone from the original iPhone cases to the latest iPhone cases we keep Case Monkey up to date with the latest in iPhone personalization. You can upload your own pictures and get your own photos on any iPhone case. Use our backgrounds, featured iPhone case art, or just create just about any custom iPhone case you can think of.

Every Type of Custom iPhone Case

Case Monkey specializes in adding brand new iPhone cases as soon the latest iPhones and their phone cases are available. After we know exactly what a new iPhone is going to look like and how various phone cases hold up, (tough iPhone cases vs. thin iPhone cases), we are able to offer the best customization possible for you to design your own iPhone case online. Case Monkey also has custom tablet cases, custom Samsung cases, and of course custom iPad cases. If you’re looking for strong tough cases or cases with heavier hand feel then Case Monkey has a ton of options. If you’re looking for a slim fit or thin shield case, or just looking for cheap iPhone cases with great shipping, then Case Monkey has a ton of iPhone case options.

Create iPhone Cases and Get Your Photos Prints on an iPhone Case!

Looking for that perfect personalized gift for just trying to get some inspirational quotes on an iPhone case? Case Monkey has the top tier iPhone case designer that allows you add your own text to any custom iPhone case. Need to add your business or logo to an iPhone case? No problem! Case Monkey has one of the best wholesale iPhone case and bulk iPhone case programs. Use the contact form to learn more about corporate programs. Design your own iPhone case and create custom cases online with Case Monkey!

case monkeyCreate Your OwncustomCustom iPhone Casesdesign your owniphoneiPhone CaseiPhone CasesMake Your OwnPhone Cases

Wholesale iPhone cases | World-X

iPhone is perhaps the most famous series of smartphones developed by Apple, running on the iOS operating system. The iPhone is several devices in one, it is a pocket computer, a telephone, and a multifunctional media player, thanks to all these qualities, they are widely used all over the world. The appearance on the market of new iPhone models – iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, strengthened the demand for them and popularity several times more, which, as a result, led to a rapidly growing demand for accessories.

In many countries of the world, the production of all kinds of covers, protective films, bumpers and many other accessories for the iPhone is put on the conveyor and supplies to all countries of the world.

In Ukraine, unfortunately, iPhones have not yet received such great popularity, and this is obvious. These devices cannot and should be cheap. However, there are already quite a large number of people who prefer to use exclusively Apple products, these people are already happy owners of an iPhone and use this device around the clock.It is quite natural that with such active use, any thing runs the risk of being damaged, even for the most tidy people. Scuffs, scratches, chips, dirt, dust and many others can simply ruin the appearance and the entire device as a whole. A cover always serves as protection against such troubles. The assortment of our store is designed specifically for the end consumers of the iPhone.

The VIVAT-TRADING-GROUP company offers owners, both large mobile phone stores and small ones, to expand their assortment and purchase iPhone covers in bulk.Cases offered by our company are designed to protect the iPhone surface from all kinds of mechanical damage, preserving the appearance of the device and its physical characteristics. Our cases fit and hold iPhone very tightly and are designed to be easily removed. Along with all the protective properties, iPhone cases are another way to emphasize the good taste and individuality of their owner, to distinguish him from many users. That is why wholesale iPhone cases that you can buy in our company are more than 1000 items of items that differ in color, design, performance and pricing policy.

We are always glad to our clients, both regular and new ones, and are ready to develop individual terms of cooperation. Waiting for you!

Covers for iPhone and iPad wholesale in St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Manufacturing of small products from birch alder, aspen, Canadian cedar, door handles for baths, lampshades, headrests, etc.

More details

Accessories for the phone wholesale in g.


Our company specializes in wholesales, including you can purchase accessories for cell phones in bulk on the website. Being engaged in the wholesale of accessories for mobile phones, we guarantee the speed of order processing, an individual approach to each client, the original manufacturer’s warranty, as well as low prices. Here you will find many models of popular Chinese cases, holders, chargers, gadgets, ear pads, accessories for samsung, iphone, airpods, xiaomi.Wholesale depots in Russia, suppliers from China. All goods are in stock in a warehouse in Moscow, we guarantee fast dispatch of orders.

Why is it convenient to order telephone accessories in bulk in the online store?

It is very simple and fast to order accessories for your phone in bulk through the website An easy and understandable search for goods in the catalog, with a full list of characteristics, photos and prices, as well as the prompt work of our managers, will allow you to easily buy accessories for mobile phones in bulk. As well as a modern filtering system on the site, you will be able to find goods by the required manufacturers or brands. Here you can always find original accessories for phones: memory cards, portable chargers, cases, wireless headphones, cheap Bluetooth headsets and much more!

Wholesale of accessories for cell phones is profitable!

Beneficial to both companies and private entrepreneurs, whose field of activity is retail sale of accessories for phones.Our operational work increases the efficiency of our clients’ business, and a large assortment allows our company to set a pricing policy with an individual approach to each client. We deliver accessories for cell phones in Moscow, as well as in Russia and the CIS countries, with the ability to arrange urgent or scheduled delivery by any carrier convenient for you, as well as by courier service. We form the parcel as quickly as possible, which allows us to make the purchase of accessories for phones in bulk prompt and enjoyable.

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