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Nike Iphone Xr Cases Wholesale

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Designer Iphone 11 Case Wholesale

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iPhone Cases Wholesale Bags & Purses Electronics Cases

iPhone Cases Wholesale Bags & Purses Electronics Cases

iPhone Cases Wholesale,iPhone Cases Wholesale,iPhone case wholesale 5 case minimum per style Message me after order with what designs you want on which cases,Online Shopping Retailer,Find a good store,excellent customer service,enjoy the lowest discounted price. Cases Wholesale iPhone

iPhone Cases Wholesale

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iPhone Cases Wholesale

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iPhone Cases Wholesale

iPhone case wholesale 5 case minimum per style Message me after order with what designs you want on which cases,Online Shopping Retailer,Find a good store,excellent customer service,enjoy the lowest discounted price.

Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image Phone Cases Bags & Purses

Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image Phone Cases Bags & Purses

Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image,Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic,Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 10/20/30/50/75/100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image Please do not forget to send a list of covers and pictures after ordering You can order a unique set of mobile phone cases with your design (for example,High-End Contemporary Fashion,Safe and convenient payment,Great Quality at Low Prices,Shop online today to enjoy flexible payment options.
Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone

Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image

Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image

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Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 1020305075100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image

Pack iPhone Cases Wholesale 10/20/30/50/75/100 pieces Custom Samsung Phone Cases Plastic Galaxy Phone Case Your Design Logo Text Photo Image Please do not forget to send a list of covers and pictures after ordering You can order a unique set of mobile phone cases with your design (for example,High-End Contemporary Fashion,Safe and convenient payment,Great Quality at Low Prices,Shop online today to enjoy flexible payment options.

China Customized UV Printing On Phone Case Manufacturers and Suppliers – Wholesale Discount UV Printing On Phone Case

UV printing on phone case

The phone case printing machine has been specifically developed for mobile phone covers printing,other materials as well.internal mechanics and firmware are designed for maximum performance and reliablity. the printer is equipped with the latest techlonogy  to give high print quality with defined details and sharp colors.

With its futures:high brightness, clearness and resolution, good color recovering and long service life, here we’d like to share with you about our UV phone case printer’s color reducibility.

Printing out 3D and embossing quality available, this phone case UV printer can also print directly on the black and any other deep color cases.

Durable protection – these people are looking for a solid, quality case that will protect their phone

Fashion and style – this group of people places the utmost importance on the aesthetics of the case

Practical fashion – this group also cares about the case’s aesthetics, but they’re more sensitive to cost

Basic protection – this group is the least selective; they want a functional case to protect their phone, but they’re not particularly picky

Tech enthusiasts – these people are savvy and generally enthusiastic about all things tech

Phone cases are a popular must-have for many smartphone owners. The motivations for buying cases are vastly different – some people emphasize the practicality and protection, while others are more interested in a case that represents their personal style.

 positioning phone cases as not only a practical tech accessory, but also a fashion statement. With a case, your phone can be easily customized and used to express your personality.

Through EEC you can enter the phone case market and create phone cases with your own designs. The next section of this post covers details about EEC’s phone cases and printing process, and includes tips to create graphics.

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The most innovative phone cases are made in a Los Angeles shed

Bailey Hikawa pours colored resin into a small wooden box, seals it, then places the whole contraption into a pressure pot. The pot teeters on discarded phone case molds, and as Hikawa begins the process of sealing it for an hours-long curing process, she tells me that if the pot were to tip over, it could explode. “They’re dangerous things,” she says.

Hikawa quit her job as a film and theater set designer last year to become a full-time phone case maker. She’s set up shop behind a friend’s home in Los Angeles in a shed the size of a one-car garage that now looks like a colorful laboratory, filled with plastic stains, lots of prototypes, and hung-up sketches. Hikawa is a trained oil painter, and she’s translated her art expertise into the design and creation of unconventional, high-end cases that are unlike anything else on the market.

“I would like the phone case to feel like a friend or like a new stuffed animal,” she tells me. “It’s important to have reverence for an object.”

Most people don’t revere their phone case. They’re usually cheap pieces of plastic that are available at every pharmacy and aggressively upsold alongside new phones. Still, cases generated more than a billion dollars in revenue in 2018 with more than 79 million cases sold, according to Steve Baker, vice president and industry adviser in technology and mobile for the NPD Group. The majority of these cases are relatively cheap, maxing out around $40, and they come from large brands that mass-produce them.

Given the already established market and consumers’ expectation for low-cost, sturdy cases — companies like Verizon have entire labs built for stress-testing them — it can be tough for a small phone case creator to make a living off the business. Phone cases are often bought in bulk orders at a wholesale price, which is difficult to pull off when you’re one woman making every case by hand.

Hikawa isn’t the only one trying. She’s one of multiple women who have taken up phone case making as a hobby and a business. Those I spoke to all have the same appreciation for cases as a form of functional personal expression, and they’ve also all faced significant hurdles in scaling their businesses, having to augment low-margin case sales with other products or limit what they sell due to the time-consuming work involved. Hikawa, with months of work already behind her, is still trying to perfect her process before bringing her cases to the masses and, hopefully, recouping the steep costs she’s already sunk in.

Hikawa’s most striking case design, named “Poki,” features six rounded pegs sticking out the back, kind of like a Plinko board. The pegs serve double duty as a phone stand and a PopSocket-like grip to hold on to. The pegs are long enough to be held but short enough that they don’t get in the way of the rear camera — a small but essential detail.

“That specific peg design is a reaction from people saying, ‘Oh my fingers don’t fit,’” she says. “I’m finally hitting that sweet spot [where I] put my hand in and am like, ‘This is the way.”

Hikawa soft launched her phone case company, Kame, in December 2018 with two models and a variety of colors, each selling for $100 to $120. One case can take nearly four hours to complete, a stark contrast to factory-made cases that can be churned out in minutes. But Hikawa, who views cases as an extension of our bodies, enjoys the process of making them, even though she now spends most of her time cooped up in her studio shed testing new materials and trying to optimize her designs for everyday use.

“I’ve sat in my studio, crying, being like, ‘This is never, ever going to work,’ and then the next day, it does work,” she says. “But only one works. [It’s about] being patient.”

For now, cases are made per order while Hikawa experiments with different materials and sizes, like how far up the phone the side bumpers should be. She’s also just beginning to find her customers; though her cases are available online, she’s done minimal marketing on social media, apart from posting on the brand’s relatively unknown Instagram account.

Tech and accessories companies have capitalized on phone cases over the past decade, and you’ll find them prominently displayed just about anywhere that sells phones. Stores stock enough cases in different styles to match most customers’ tastes, making cases an easy thing to sell people when they buy a new phone. Simple plastic cases yield mostly profit, too, because they’re cheap to make and easy to sell at high markups.

A phone case artist like Hikawa experiences nothing like the simple, easy profits these companies see. People aren’t used to paying a premium for an individual case, which makes it hard for artists to sell specialized designs. In addition to the creation process, these artists have to master marketing and distribution on their own. If they’re lucky enough to secure a large order, they face the challenge of actually producing their product at scale, which is something their processes usually aren’t set up to handle.

In the two years it took Hikawa to start her iPhone case business, she’s learned how to make molds from scratch, bought dummy phones in various sizes from Amazon to test case fits, created 100 possible designs that she whittled down to her favorites, continuously experimented with materials, and developed an entire creation process that can fit in her studio shed. She’s also had to set up an online store, figure out retail strategy and marketing, and refine minute details, like establishing the length of the pegs on her Poki case.

Even when she thinks she’s mastered the steps, like after she launched her store, challenges arise. Friends said their cases cracked, for instance, so she switched from a two-part resin to an elastomer, which is a more resilient material. That transition alone added more than three hours to her process; resin only needs 45 minutes to cure in the pressure pot, but elastomer requires between three and four hours. She’s also limited by the two pressure pots she owns, which means she only makes two phone cases every four hours or so.

When a case I had been using while writing this story got dirty, Hikawa made a note to test a new coating that would prevent dust from accumulating. (New York City dirt isn’t like LA dirt!) On top of troubleshooting existing cases, she doesn’t even know what devices might be released next. For now, she’s only selling cases for iPhones, but by the time she masters one model, she’ll likely have to update her process to accommodate a new device.

“You’re kind of getting a sculpture on your phone,” she says. “And I create a new mold every time Apple makes a new size. It’s labor-intensive.”

Companies sometimes work alongside Apple to release accessories that coincide with a new device announcement, or they have the infrastructure in place to rapidly create device-specific accessories days after an announcement. Hikawa has to wait for a phone’s release and then start from scratch and make molds specific to that device. She’s still working on making cases for the iPhone XS Max, which came out last September.

This constant struggle hasn’t deterred women from going up against the corporate phone case market, however. Two other artists, Emily Lai and Ines Marzat, specialize in decorating premade clear cases with elaborate designs and selling them online. Both have endeavored to sell enough cases to at least make some extra income, but they’ve also both come across different challenges that make it hard to dedicate themselves to making cases full-time.

“I was determined to find a hobby that I enjoyed doing that could make me a bit of cash on the side while I finished my degree, so I did a lot of thinking and a lot of research until I came across these YouTube tutorials to make decoden cases,” Lai says. “And I was so excited because I always really loved these cute, over-the-top cases [and making art], so the combination of hands-on art and cute things is perfect for me.”

Lai specializes in custom decoden cases, a Japanese term for elaborately embellished cases with bling and charms, that she customizes to give people an accessory that fits their interests. Lai’s work captured the attention of cutting-edge retailer Opening Ceremony this past year, and the store asked her to make 50 exclusive cases in a short period of time. To meet her deadline, she worked on 10 cases at once, which she normally doesn’t do.

“I make these things with my hands, so I’m not a factory. And yeah, it’s hard when people try to rush me to make cases,” she says.

She says she wouldn’t likely take on a project like that again. People bought the Opening Ceremony cases, which sold for $40, and gave her exposure to a broader market, but the labor time wasn’t worth it to Lai.

Without the buy-in of a larger business, convincing people that they should spend more than $20 on a case — particularly one that doesn’t promise the best protection or utility — can be a hard sell.

Marzat found this to be true when she began trying to sell her designs online. Her style resembles Lai’s; Marzat acquires charms and then glues them onto clear cases with hot glitter glue.

“I was very excited, so I made a couple of different cases and started an e-shop and sold maybe 10 in total, and then it was difficult to sell more,” she says. “People loved my phone case, but they wouldn’t buy it. I think it’s too big. It’s too weird. It’s a bit too much for them.” She’ll still make cases for friends when they ask, but that happens rarely, so she’s now concentrating on her other work as a 3D artist.

Lai, meanwhile, quit her part-time job as a nurse to concentrate on case making, but she has decided to stop taking custom orders so that she can make her own designs while also selling charm-making tools to other wannabe case creators. The cases alone weren’t enough to support her.

Back in Hikawa’s shed, she pulls out a storage box filled with prototype cases that haven’t made it onto her website yet. I love them all. They’re more sculptural and artistic and feel like they belong in an avant-garde Hood By Air fashion show. The reality is that Hikawa can’t start work on these new designs until she feels 100 percent confident about the two she’s selling now: the Poki and the Geta, a design that includes ridges along the back.

Hikawa saved nearly $10,000, but she had to borrow money to start building her business. “The most challenging part about this has been being patient with the process because every part of it has been so new,” she says.

Hikawa’s still taking things slow. She just sold her first orders to people outside her immediate social circle, and she is planning to eventually put together a lookbook that she’ll give to certain stores. One boutique in Chicago, Tusk, already sells her cases. She wants to sell more models eventually, too, but she’s establishing her initial versions first.

Taking her time with the cases is partially a function of the time-consuming process, but she also worries that putting all of her designs and processes out on the internet could leave her vulnerable to copycats. She’s copyrighted her work, but she knows a mass manufacturer could rip off her design at any time.

“Do I want [the cases] to be accessible?” she asks. “Of course. I also don’t want someone from China copying me right away and taking it and running.”

But, as Hikawa points out, there’s room for a low end and a high end in other fashion markets. “A lot of people make leather bags,” she says. “A lot of people make cellphone cases.”

Correction 4/4, 8:52 AM ET: This article previously stated that phone cases sales accounted for more than $3 billion in sales in 2018; the correct statistic is more than $1 billion.

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Do you want to add products to your personal account?

90,000 Iphone 11, 11 Pro Max, X / Xs, 7/8, etc.

Let’s dwell on the assortment, product quality and other characteristics of the product. In total, the catalog contains about 1000 names of goods of this class. This is a good assortment for those looking to buy wholesale Iphone cases – the offer includes everything you need to create an inventory that can be quickly implemented.

The catalog contains covers for the following models:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 5 / 5S / SE
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 PLUS
  • iPhone 7/8
  • iPhone 7/8 PLUS
  • iPhone X / Xs
  • iPhone Xr
  • iPhone Xs MAX.
The basis of the offer is made up of silicone cases, which are the most practical to use. They are made of quality material that successfully fulfills the tasks assigned to it.

Please note that a huge number of colors and shades of accessories are offered – their total number reaches 56. You can choose the most popular colors and easily purchase them for your needs. Such a variety of color choices is a good option for building an excellent assortment!

We are constantly expanding our assortment

Favorable prices

System of discounts for wholesale buyers

Delivery throughout Russia

The catalog is conveniently structured by phone model.In it you will find both old models of this popular manufacturer and new ones, which will allow, for example, it is profitable to buy covers for Iphone 11 wholesale or any others. We promptly respond to market demand, to the release of new phone models and try to immediately give customers the opportunity to purchase accessories for new products. In this regard, we are always interesting for entrepreneurs looking for a good supplier with an up-to-date assortment. Send an application to our address, highlighting the items you are interested in in the price list or through the basket.

We clarify all the necessary information on availability, delivery and payment.

You pay in a convenient way for you.

Shipment to your address or pickup from our warehouse.

And a little more about the assortment.
It includes a variety of accessories that customers are actively interested in. For example, you can purchase the following popular covers:

  • ultra-thin;
  • with logo cutout;
  • transparent;
  • braided;
  • in technical package
, etc.

When placing an order, follow a simple scheme. Select the models that you need, add them to your cart and send your request. Our managers will process the application – you pay and the goods will quickly go to your address. Having your own warehouse guarantees you fast delivery and meeting deadlines.

We cooperate with all regions of the Russian Federation and guarantee the opportunity to buy wholesale Iphone cases in Moscow for any visitor to our site. Remember that we provide 4 types of discounts – in the card of each product you can see the price of the accessory, taking into account the discount. By varying the size of the wholesale, you can get the cost you need.

Printing on covers in Ufa. Order personalized covers, a cover with your own design

Catalog of covers

Attention! All prices indicated on the site are for informational purposes only and may differ from the current ones. Prices may vary from branch to branch. Check with your manager for the latest information on the cost of services by phone (347) 246-38-99 or send a request to 8marta @

One of the hottest trends today is printing on phone cases. Thanks to such printing, the appearance of the smartphone will become brighter and more original. You can highlight your phone and develop a case with your own design. It is customary to use UV printing technology to apply images to covers. The main advantage of this technology is the ability to apply a pattern to covers made of various materials. For this, special equipment is used – a professional UV plotter Mimaki UJF-3042 FX. This equipment can be used to print images on cases made of leather, leatherette, plastic and silicone.

Benefits of UV printing on covers

UV printing on a professional plotter has several advantages:

  • the ability to print in white;
  • paint resistance to scratches and abrasions;
  • the ability to create a relief image;
  • printing on cases for iPhone and other models.

The application of UV varnish allows the image to be deeply absorbed into the surface of the case, which ensures wear resistance and durability of the pattern. This image will not be afraid of moisture, sun rays, or scratches. You can order 3d printing on covers for various models of smartphones in our Copy Center.

Applying an image using this technology allows you to get a clear and vivid pattern, consisting of many shades.Paints applied by a professional plotter are rendered as realistically as possible.

Case with your own design

Printing on covers in Ufa has no restrictions. You can order a cover with a surname, registered covers , a cover with a picture of any degree of complexity. In our Copy Center, even the most boring case will become a bright and unique accessory. At the moment, the most popular among our clients are the following options for images:

  • personalized covers, for example, a cover with a surname;
  • logo of a popular company;
  • cover with a picture of a city or a resort;
  • frames from a popular movie, etc.d.

Printing on covers in AmegaPRINT

The possibilities of UV printing technology allow you to fulfill any order, thereby personalizing your phone case. You can order printing on an iPhone case right now. Using our services, you can get the following benefits:

  • fast print times;
  • professional printing equipment;
  • the ability to make a case with your own design;
  • strict quality control;
  • high resolution imprinted images.

You can order an individual design for printing a cover from designers in our salons, or send a ready-made layout or an image to our mail or send it through the form – online order. You can also order phone cases from your company in bulk.

Patches in St. Petersburg, making patches for clothes with a logo to order ☎️ (812) 310-37-36

The House of Byta company manufactures a wide range of products – custom-made stripes with logos.Such a detail of the corporate style successfully accentuates the involvement in the company, distinguishes it from the background of many competitors. We offer to make custom-made advertising stripes, they will have a unique design and a clear, bright image, such a branding element can be easily attached to the staff’s clothes without losing its characteristics during washing. Buying stripes for work uniforms is a smart marketing ploy and a way to maintain employee discipline!

Custom patches – high quality, reasonable prices

We will make wholesale exclusive stripes that will be combined with corporate shades of clothing. We use hot sublimation printing method and also:

• Production of custom-made patches is possible in any color, and even with gradation from one shade to another.

• The cost of patches does not depend on the number of colors; a pattern is cheaper than an embroidery.

• Urgent batch production takes only 24 hours! The traditional order period is 4-5 days.

It is important that the client himself can choose fabrics that match the texture and color of the clothes for which the patch is intended.

Materials and technologies

The logo patches look like brand new even after years of active wear. This is largely due to the careful selection of fabrics. We use the following types of materials:

• slightly shiny, compacted fabric of semi-matte texture – satin;

• we sew from finely textured gabardine fabric;

• for a smooth and shiny effect choose a satin fabric;

• textured and heavy fabrics for heavy and winter clothing.

The image is applied at a temperature of about 2000C. This ensures deep penetration of the coloring pigments into the fabric structure. Such emblems with logos are not afraid of moisture, do not fade.

Images on hot melt glue

What is a hot melt patch? This is a very strong and durable option for applying the applique, for which a transparent layer of glue is applied to the wrong side and steamed with an iron for 30 seconds. Such a product holds perfectly, only slightly inferior in elasticity to the sewn chevron.

Velcro patch

Making patches with Velcro is when Velcro is sewn to the back of the image, or as it is called Velcro tape. For this, there must be a “mating” part with which the sticky element contacts. To order patches with Velcro, you need to indicate which part of the tape to choose on the stripes – an eyelet or a hook, and also indicate the desired color of the Velcro.

Patches with logos of any complexity under the order

Our company will take on work of any complexity, making a patch in corporate colors and with maximum element accuracy.In this case, it is possible to make a test “pilot” sample to make sure that the format is selected. Do you need multiple logo patches for one piece of clothing at once? We will sew with a discount of up to 10%!

Making large back patches

A separate type of sewing art is large images on the back. Making such stripes according to the individual layouts of the client, we guarantee that such a copy will be completely unique. Send your version of the back patch by e-mail or consult with our designer.

Stripes for sportswear and club chevrons

Ordering stripes for sports uniforms of any size is an excellent choice for martial arts schools, tennis clubs and others. It is also possible to sew on any sports equipment – a bag, a backpack and shoe covers. I would like to talk separately about club patches, since the emblems of clubs are usually very multifaceted.

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