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Best iPhone 12 Leather Cases 2021

Best iPhone 12 Leather Cases iMore 2021

In and of itself, the iPhone 12 has a smart, sophisticated look. A lot of cases take away from the simple beauty, but there’s one way to enhance that refined feel — with a stylish leather case! We’ve done the work and compiled a list of the best iPhone 12 leather cases to keep your iPhone safe and looking smart. Keep in mind, if you use the MagSafe charger with a genuine leather case, it may develop the shadow of a ring where the magnets are, but we say it just adds character.

That wallet feel: Nomad Rugged Leather Folio

Staff Pick

If you’re going to invest in a fine leather case, you might as well kill two birds and buy a folio case that doubles as a wallet and iPhone case. The Nomad Rugged Folio is a slim wallet case crafted from high-quality Horween leather. It can hold three cards, along with some cash, and it supports all MagSafe accessories.

  • $70 at Amazon
  • $71 at Walmart

From the mother ship: Apple Leather Case

No iPhone leather case list would be complete without the original Apple Leather Case. Made from silky soft leather, this case comes in several attractive colors and, yes, of course it supports MagSafe. The Apple leather case develops a natural patina over time that may reflect the magnetic ring if you use the MagSafe charger.

  • $59 at Apple
  • $59 at Amazon

Slim and affordable: ESR Premium Real Leather Case

The ESR Real Leather Case is a simple, slim case constructed of real black leather. Despite its thin profile, the raised bezels around the screen and camera provide reliable drop protection. This one also comes in at a very attractive price point.

$26 at Amazon

Best value: Salawat PU Leather Case

For smaller budgets, a genuine leather case may not be the best option. Genuine leather is simply more expensive, but you can get a similar look and feel with PU leather. This polyurethane leather case from Salawat shares the same refined look as a genuine leather case for almost half the price.

From $8 at Amazon

A little something different: Mous Limitless 3.0

The Mous Limitless 3.0 is well known for its high-quality protection and unique materials. Its leather edition is not just plain black leather either. Mous added white speckles to its black leather back panel to make it stand out. It’s a striking look that goes well with the highly protective TPU bumpers.

From $50 at Amazon

Hidden trapdoor: Bellroy Leather Card Case

At first glance, the Bellroy looks like a nice, plain leather case. But on closer inspection, you’ll see that the back panel houses a nifty trapdoor that allows you to keep cards or cash within its back panel. The soft, fine leather case comes in eight vibrant colors.

  • From $75 at Amazon
  • $79 at Bellroy

Rugged leather protection: Pad & Quill LeatherSafe Case

Pad & Quill cases are unique in their construction, handmade from fine leather, each case has its own individual look and feel. The LeatherSafe model combines full-grain leather with tough polycarbonate to provide rugged, two-meter drop protection for every surface of the iPhone 12.

$24 at Pad & Quill

Updgrade pick: Apple Leather Sleeve

For those who prefer a naked iPhone but need some protection as they go about their day, the Apple Leather Sleeve is an ideal solution. The iPhone 12 remains safe and secure inside the soft, fine leather sleeve, but you can enjoy the simple joy of a naked iPhone whenever you take it out. The hour will always show through the precisely cut front window. Be warned, however; this case is not for the faint of budget.

  • $129 at Apple
  • From $115 at Amazon

Patina please

If you love a good leather patina, go for one of the genuine leather cases above. The best iPhone 12 leather cases will change gradually over time, each one with its own patina and story to tell. We prefer the Nomad Rugged Leather Folio because it serves as a fine leather wallet as well as an iPhone case.

If you prefer a slim feel over a wallet case, try the ESR Real Leather Case. This one is sleek and soft, with a thin profile that still keeps your iPhone protected from minor drops and falls. The shiny black leather gives the iPhone a slick, refined look. No matter what kind of leather you like, you’re sure to find a leather case on this list that will perfectly complement your iPhone 12.

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The best leather cases for iPhone 12

Leather cases offer your handset great drop protection with a touch of class. Below you will find our roundup of what we believe are the best leather cases for iPhone 12 (all models) .

Best iPhone 12 leather cases in 2021

Mujjo Full Leather Case

These Mujjo cases hit a nice sweet spot with premium build quality and mid-tier price tag, and they look good to boot. If you’re interested in the wallet version, we covered that here.

Price: $45

Buy for iPhone 12 mini

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Buy for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Nomad Rugged Case

In a similar vein, we like the Rugged Case from Nomad. It’s a little more expensive, but they use this beautiful Horween leather that develops a cool patina over time. In fact, this was our Leather pick in our big roundup of iPhone 12 cases.

Price: $50

Buy for iPhone 12 mini

Buy for iPhone 12

Buy for iPhone 12 Pro

Buy for iPhone 12 Pro Max

ESR Premium leather Case

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, this case from ESR is a solid option. It’s made with real leather (obviously), and the soft microfiber lining ensures your phone won’t get scratched.

Price: $26

Buy for iPhone 12 mini

Buy for iPhone 12

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Buy for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Essential Co. Pro Leather Case

Here is another affordable leather case from the good folks at Essential Co. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but it’s a well-reviewed case and I really dig the caramel/peach colorway.

Price: $27

Buy for iPhone 12

Buy for iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Phone Case

Another mid-range option we like is this leather case from Bellroy. The leather is environmentally-certified and backed by a 3-year warranty. Oh and this one comes in a variety of cool colors.

Price: $45

Buy for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple Leather Case

Of course we had to mention Apple’s own leather case. It’s on the more expensive side for sure, but typical of Apple products, it exudes quality and attention to detail.

Price: $59

Buy for iPhone 12 mini

Buy for iPhone 12

Buy for iPhone 12 Pro

Buy for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Pad & Quill Traveler LeatherSafe Case

And finally, for those after a more artisan look, check out the Traveler from Pad & Quill. It’s hand-made with soft, full-grain American leather and uses absolutely no plastic. It’s also compatible with MagSafe and other Qi wireless chargers, and the leather is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Price: $60

Buy for iPhone 12

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Buy for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Leather iPhone Case | No Plastic Solid Leather 12 Pro and Max

While there is no magnet in this case, it will still work with MagSafe and other wireless chargers.


Our fascinating 14 Million view video below shows how the craftsmanship make it and all that is required to build one of our leather iPhone cases. We went old school here. Each case is handmade and built with imperfections where they were handcut on the corners based on the judgment of the individual. The Japanese say that imperfect is perfect and call that philosophy Wabi Sabi. Of course, they don’t go for that in Toyota. This leather iPhone case process took about one year to perfect and another two years to refine. We now have them the best they’ve ever been.




I boiled all of the most popular “Leather” iPhone cases in the video below to show you what they’re really made of. A plastic case with a leather sticker on it. Would it be right or fair to mix 80% lard with 20% butter and sell it as Rich and Creamy Butter? 


Our leather iPhone case is the only 100% SOLID Leather iPhone Case for the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 that we know of. It is made with 100% full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Not top grain or genuine. We use the leather that has the FULL amount of grain for these iPhone cases. The natural lighter color will develop a beautiful, rich dark patina with age and use, specifically with sunlight.  


Check out my beautiful wife in the video below in Gabon, Central Africa, whale watching in the sun with her leather iPhone case just a couple of months after getting it in the natural leather color. If you don’t feel like waiting to age your leather iPhone Case is, you can put some light oil on it like Olive or Baby Oil and then put it out in the sun or up in the dashboard. What I do to age my leather iphone case is, when no one is looking, I rub my leather iPhone case on the oilier parts of my face like next to my nose or along my forehead. Try it and see. Also, touching it, the oils on your hands should darken your leather iPhone case too.



Arae, OCase, Otterbox, and more!

Samsung debuted the Galaxy S21 series earlier than usual this year, its newest devices under its successful Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S21 Ultra leads the trio on several frontiers, including size, features, and price. It’s no surprise that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the best Android phones you can get today.

If you’ve just grabbed a unit or plan to get one soon, you probably need to protect your new pricey gadget with a robust case. Besides, given its weight, you probably shouldn’t risk holding the phone barebones. A Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case provides a little bit of guarantee that your new power device stays in shape if it drops. If you want one, there are plenty of Galaxy S21 Ultra leather cases on the market right now. Leather cases are robust, flexible, and ensure maximum protection. But if leather cases are not your forte, you can go for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra clear cases instead.

      Official S21 Ultra leather case
      This leather case is made by Samsung. As such, it’s very suitable for your Galaxy S21 Ultra in all aspects. You can’t go wrong with this. It ships in black and orange for an executive look.
        While you’re looking for a leather case, you might want to consider the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro if you want your Galaxy S21 Ultra to be protected at all times. It’s a rugged case that even comes with a built-in kickstand and a belt holster.
          Slim, light, and affordable
          The Kqimi-made leather case is cheap, offers robust protection, and is a comfortable fit. This is an excellent cover if you’re into slim cases but still need your pricey device safe.
            Tendlin’s leather case sports a mixture of wood, leather, and TPU rubber. This is an excellent option for those seeking novelty both in terms of the general look and quality.
              An excellent choice if you’re looking for a leather folio case. Besides protection, you also get three card slots for storing your personal cards. The integrated magnetic clasp ensures the cover is firmly held.
                Multipurpose affordable leather case
                Excels for its premium PU soft leather, magnetic clasp, and build. It’s a multipurpose case with three card slots, and a wallet slot. A kickstand is integrated for hands-free viewing.
                  OtterBox’s Strada series leather folio case is slim yet provides all-around protection when the budget is out of the question. It’s pocket-friendly and sports a magnetic clasp for a firm and easy grip.
                    The CloudValley made leather case is portable, with a premium soft and slim leather build. Features a TPU bumper on the inside and has an S Pen slot on the rear.
                      Affordable and multi-purpose
                      This is a premium leather case from Arae offering four card slots, an integrated kickstand, and soft internal TPU skin for protection. It has a handy wrist wrap included.

                    To give your brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra maximum protection, you’ll need a sturdy cover that guarantees protection. This is the primary intent for getting a smartphone case which any of the mentioned Galaxy S21 Ultra leather cases delivers. But keep in mind the robustness of one Galaxy S21 leather case can’t be similar to another from a different vendor.  Some offer additional features like a kickstand for a hands-free experience while binge-watching videos. Some also give you several card slots to store your credit cards, driver’s license, and business cards.

                    You can even get a case for the storage of your Galaxy S21 S-Pen. Pricing also varies. Samsung has an official Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case that, without a doubt, offers a tight fit but is relatively expensive compared to third-party options. Third-party options are versatile, offering more than just protection, and can be very affordable. Samsung’s official Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case is our top choice and you can’t wrong with it. Arae’s Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case is a great option if you’re on a tight budget and seek something that’s more versatile.

                        The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate overkill in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, a premium build, a great display, and an amazing camera setup, as well as all the extras expected on a premium flagship.

                      The bottom line is, choose a case that fits the bill and takes care of all your needs. Please note all of these cases only work with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We’ve also rounded up the best Galaxy S21 Plus thin cases if you own this specific device.

                      Best Leather Cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in 2021

                      iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are sign of excellence and perfection. Well, so is leather. How about blending the two and create an unmatched impression where ever you go. With so many sellers in the market, I decided to prepare a list sharing the best leather cases for your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro that gives a luxurious feel and premium protection.

                      Let’s get started with the roundup!

                      1. Shieldon – Feeling the Horizontal View
                      2. ESR – Time to feel Lighter
                      3. OtterBox Strada Series – Let’s Talk Class
                      4. Mujjo – The Sophisticated You
                      5. Dockem – Unleashing More in Less
                      6. Bellroy – Simplicity at its Best
                      7. Casetify – Your Personalized Case

                      1. Shieldon Leather Folio Case

                      The leather case is made using cowhide leather at its top layer. The exterior features an elegant design with a simplistic approach. You can notice a precisely done cutout at the rear, allowing you to have perfect pictures and videos. Going inside, you’ll notice an inner case made using soft TPU material to hold your iPhone 12 steadily at a place. On the other side of the flap, you’ll notice vertical pockets to house up to 3 cards and horizontal space to house your cash. The flap comes with a built-in magnet to keep your cards, cash, and iPhone securely.

                      Don’t forget to use the horizontally placed invisible kickstand that allows you different viewing angles.


                      • RFID Blocking
                      • Dual-layer protection


                      Price: $29.99

                      Check out on Amazon

                      2. ESR Slim Full Leather Case

                      The slim and light Leather iPhone 12 Cases is crafted using high-quality leather and features elegant design aesthetics to meet your day to day fashion. It offers a smooth feel and has a finger-resistant body, so your case doesn’t look dirty with consistent use. While the case features a sturdy body, on a precautionary stage, it offers you a firm grip to ensure you don’t drop it while carrying. You can also notice raised bezels around the camera and screen for added protection so that none of them get damaged while lying flat on a surface.


                      • Slim and light
                      • Micro-fiber lining


                      Price: $25.99

                      Check out on Amazon

                      3. OtterBox Genuine Leather Folio Case

                      Crafted using genuine leather, the folio features elegant design aesthetics and ample protection to your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro device. It is made by using two materials, which ensures that you get ultimate protection and unbiased looks. Talking about the interior, the first thing you’ll notice is the polycarbonate case to house your iPhone. There are two pockets on its left to keep your cards, with easy thumb access to use your cards.


                      • Genuine Leather
                      • OtterBox Quality Trust


                      Price: $69.95

                      Check out on Amazon

                      4. Mujjo Full-Grain Leather Cover

                      Though there are color options with this case, I liked the mosaic blue. Featuring a smartly designed sophisticated body, it is made using premium quality leather. The body features vegetable-tanned leather, which gets better with continuous use. Having said this, the leather gains new attractive characters with day-to-day use and abuse. Not to forget the beautiful design buttons that look part of the body and gives you easy access to controls.


                      • Sophisticated no-nonsense design
                      • Easy to Install


                      • Micro-fiber lining missing

                      Price: $41.56

                      Buy it from Mujjo

                      5. Dockem Smooth Synthetic Leather

                      The Dockem leather case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is available in three different colors. It is your pocket-friendly mate in terms of its size and the money you need to buy it. In fact, despite being the most affordable on our list, it comes with traits that make it so unique. Crafted using synthetic leather, the case gets raised bezels around the camera and the screen to prevent any direct impact on them. It also has an integrated metal plate to provide faster charging. You can also use it with magnetic mounts. Last but not least, the rear section gives you enough space to keep your two cards securely in it.


                      • Integrated metal plate
                      • Affordable


                      Price: $16.99

                      Check out on Amazon

                      6. Bellroy Super Slim Case

                      The modish looking case is crafted with perfection. The case lets you wrap your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro device in premium hides tanned under gold-rated leather, which is then dyed through to age gracefully. The environmentally certified leather is further accompanied by polymer and soft inner microfiber lining and chamfered edges to ensure your priceless possession doesn’t get even a single scratch.



                      • Dust might accumulate over the edges of the camera.

                      Price: $40.00

                      Buy it from Bellroy

                      7. Casetify Vegan Leather Cover

                      Want to have a customized case for your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro? If the answer’s yes, this can be a perfect choice. Offering a range of customizing options, the Casetify case is indeed a charm to own. It is made using vegan-leather and features a premium compressed texture. At the rear, it comes with a premium black flash-absorbing camera ring and space where you can play around with the customization options.


                      • Fully customizable
                      • Vegan-leather


                      Price: $60.00

                      Buy it from Casetify

                      Signing Off

                      Soon after the iPhone 12 line-up launch, numerous manufacturers jumped in with a range of case options. However, finding the right product can be a challenging task. While the selection mainly depends on the kind of case you are looking for, including rugged, transparent, leather, or wallet cases. We tried including some of the best leather cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in this list and assured we’ll update it in the coming days.

                      In case you are looking for a particular form, do share it with us in the comment box. We’ll be happy to guide you.

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                      Apple’s leather case for iPhone 12 gets an upgrade

                      AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content.

                      Apple’s leather case has been updated for the new iPhone 12 line, and while MagSafe is the big addition, it contains a few other changes from its predecessors. We have them all, and here’s what you need to know.

                      Unlike Apple’s clear case and silicone cases, Apple’s leather case was delayed and didn’t go up for order until the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max went up for preorder. The leather case is available in sizes for all of Apple’s iPhone 12 line including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. As a reminder, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 rock the same size case.

                      At the same time, Apple released the leather case, it also listed its leather sleeve for the new phones. Other than that leather sleeve that isn’t available to order at the time of this review, we have them all.

                      A minor note, the boxes between the Apple silicone cases differ. Apple has elevated the packaging just a bit, making it a bit more premium to go with the nicer cases. They aren’t sealed with a sticker, but instead, have an elegant locking mechanism that “pops” open when you pull the top of the packaging.

                      Some new colors

                      Apple has five colorways for its signature leather case. We have Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Saddle Brown, (PRODUCT)RED, and of course — black.

                      Apple’s leather case colors from left to right: California Poppy, (PRODUCT)RED, Black, Saddle Brown, Baltic Blue

                      If any of those colors sound vaguely familiar, it’s because Apple is pulling from its color wheel of existing leather accessories. The new Leather Link for example comes in Baltic Blue, Californian Poppy, Saddle Brown, and black.

                      Apple’s Leather Link band compared to the Baltic Blue leather case

                      Brown and black will likely continue to be the most popular colors but after using them them, we’re partial to the California Poppy and the Baltic Blue. The California Poppy is kind of a light caramel brown and is different, while not being too wild. It (obviously) matches our Poppy Leather Link Apple Watch band for a complete look.

                      An iterative design

                      Apple’s leather cases have changed ever-so-slightly from Apple’s previous incarnations. Apple has made functional tweaks alongside the addition of MagSafe.

                      Apple’s leather case covers the bottom of the phone and has anodized aluminum buttons

                      The case covers the entirety of the bottom of your phone, rather than just covering the corners of the lower half. We preferred the more open design Apple had before, but it is hard to argue that the new cases are more protective.

                      Raised lip around the camera module

                      We see new changes around the camera bump too. There is a new raised plastic lip that extends around the entirety of the camera module which should shield the lenses even further from getting scratched when set down on a rough surface.

                      Other signature details are still here, including the depressed Apple logo on the back, the supple leather, and the anodized aluminum side buttons. All details that set Apple’s apart from cheaper alternatives.

                      The leather wraps all around the edges and folds over to the inside. That gives you leather on the outside, as well as on the interior edges too. The back panel is covered with a microfiber lining and a plastic ring in the center to denote its MagSafe magnetic ring. Speaking of which…

                      MagSafe… the new connector on the block

                      Aside from the changes to the design, Apple has MagSafe baked in here as well. We’ve already talked at length about MagSafe — we’ve broken down how it works, as well as what it can do — and won’t do so again here.

                      California Poppy leather case with MagSafe charger

                      We do though want to mention why it is imperative to include MagSafe in the case that you use if you want to utilize MagSafe accessories. It is plausible you could adorn your iPhone 12 Pro with a non-MagSafe case and still use the MagSafe charger. But if you try to use a MagSafe mount, dock, wallet, or other accessories, putting a case in between will weaken the magnetic attraction, because of physical separation between the peripheral and the iPhone enclosure’s magnets.

                      A weaker magnetic pull between the phone and the accessory can easily result in your phone or accessory breaking free, with one or the other tumbling away. Nobody wants this, so when choosing a case, keep MagSafe in mind.

                      One thing we haven’t experienced yet in our limited time with the cases is the wear-in on the back that Apple itself has warned users about. The last image on Apple’s site is a warning of the ring that will in all likelihood develop with copious MagSafe use, just from constant compression. Apple advises users to choose the silicone case if the ring is a problem for you.

                      Leather can compress and develops a patina over time so it makes sense that a magnetic ring on the back of the case would eventually result in a wear mark and depression.

                      • All-encompassing design
                      • Metal, tactile buttons
                      • MagSafe integration
                      • Great feel and colors
                      • Matches new leather link bands
                      • Develops a great patina over time
                      • Fairly expensive
                      • MagSafe can leave a mark

                      Where to buy

                      The Apple Leather Case with MagSafe for the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be ordered in your choice of five colors at Amazon, with each retailing for $59.

                      B&H is also accepting orders for the new iPhone cases, with free expedited shipping within the contiguous U.S.

                      Best iPhone Cases for 2021

                      Best for style: Native Union cases

                      Native Union Clic Card, Clic Wooden, and Clic Canvas Lisa Eadicicco/Insider

                      We love Native Union’s iPhone cases for their attractive designs made from materials like leather, wood, and fabric.

                      While protection is the main reason you may choose to put a case on your iPhone, style is important too. 

                      The cases are super slim, barely adding any extra heft to your device. And for how nice they look, they aren’t all that much more expensive than other cases on this list. The Clic Canvas fabric case for the iPhone 12 currently costs $30, while the Clic Wooden for iPhone 12 is priced at $40, and the Clic Card wallet case for iPhone 12 Mini costs $50. If you have a slightly older iPhone, the prices will be even cheaper. 

                      The downside about Native Union’s cases, however, is that the selection isn’t very big. They only sell cases for the iPhone 11 generation and higher. 

                      The Clic Wooden case also isn’t the most durable if your phone takes a hard fall. After being dropped from five feet onto a marble floor, the Clic Wooden case had a small chip near the bottom. But more importantly, the iPhone 12 it was protecting came away unscathed. 

                      These cases can also be more difficult to maintain depending on the model. The Clic Canvas requires an eraser to clean, and we were unable to find instructions for cleaning the Clic Wooden. But thankfully the Clic Card can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild hand soap. 

                      The Clic Card and Wooden didn’t get unusually smudgy when we held them with dirty fingers, and the Clic Card looked good as new after following Native Union’s cleaning instructions. We used the same method to clean the Clic Wooden, but it still looks a little smudgy when the light hits in at certain angles. 

                      Still, these cases are a great choice for those who care about looks first and foremost, and they’re reasonably priced.

                      Worth a look:

                      90,000 Bellroy Leather Google Pixel 3 Case Review: Treat Your Phone to Something Nice

                      Some people buy covers solely for protection. They want to protect their phone from scratches and drops for the least amount of money possible. Others need a case that enhances the phone and is nicer to store than the metal and glass sandwiches that all flagships have become – the Bellroy leather case for the Pixel 3 is the case for these folks.


                      Bellroy Leather Case for Google Pixel 3

                      Light touch on your glass phone

                      There are cheaper and thinner cases, but that’s not the point.The Bellroy Leather Case looks amazing, with soft softness and texture that you won’t get with anything but real leather. It also retains the full functionality of your phone, with large cutouts and an acceptable thickness. It costs money for those looking to improve their game.

                      • $ 45 + at Bellroy

                      Bellroy knows how to make leather – and that makes this case look luxurious.

                      I won’t say I’ve used a lot of leather phone cases, but Bellroy is absolutely the best feeling I’ve ever touched. The leather has a subtle texture that just looks right, and it has a little lining with a bit of thickness and a cushion that doesn’t feel like it’s just glued to a piece of hard plastic like many cheap leather cases. there When you look at what Bellroy does, it all makes sense – the company makes leather goods in a variety of categories, from wallets to handbags and of course accessories to electronics.

                      The leather is tanned and dyed to the “graceful age”, which is exactly then , what you want from a quality piece of leather.The whole point of skin is that it slowly adapts to its environment; You don’t want it to remain intact and featureless over time, nor do you want it to be dry and rough with some kind of coating. That doesn’t mean Bellroy’s case will fall apart – the company backs up its leather cases with a three-year warranty, for which you’ll no doubt pay a little more at $ 45 (Pixel 3). or $ 50 (Pixel 3 XL) price.

                      There is no compromise in functionality for the form.

                      I chose perhaps the most standard natural color, caramel, but Bellroy has five other shades, from blue and black to coral, and a limited edition non-pink to match the fun Pixel 3 color option. Lighter colors accentuate the texture of the material. and I especially love how the caramel stands out with white patches off the back of my Pixel 3 XL. Externally, it looks like the sizable cutouts for the camera sensors, fingerprint sensor, and USB-C port, so you won’t feel burdened with trying to use the phone.The thickness of the case is about the same as the Google case, which is my favorite at the moment.

                      All leather edges are accentuated by a durable black rubber edge that complements the color but is also functionally necessary to keep the leather from rough. The black edge around the front is high enough to safely lay the phone face down on a flat surface, while the edges around the other cutouts ensure no wear and tear. There are no cutouts on the side buttons, but the material is stamped so you can press them well – they are a little stiff now, but I suspect they will loosen over time.

                      4.5 out of 5

                      Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 3 (or any phone really is a luxurious way to protect your phone – it looks great and looks just as nice. The only complaint you may have is that at $ 45-50 it is twice what most people want to pay for a case. Sure, it’s not the cheapest or the thinnest, but it’s not the Bellroy leather case. It’s worth it to get something so pretty – and it really is , nice.Treat your phone and your hands to something they all deserve.

                      $ 45 + at Bellroy

                      We can earn commission on purchases using our links. Learn more

                      Benefits of Leather Smartphone Cases

                      Genuine leather is prized for its impeccable quality, strength, durability and exquisite appearance. Leather cases for smartphones are chosen by successful and business people who appreciate quality accessories.Protective covers for Samsung smartphones in Ukraine are presented in a wide range and can be made from both natural and artificial leather.

                      Main advantages of leather cases

                      For the production of high-quality natural leather, skins of various animals are used, and the most common types include the following:




                      Anilated leather is characterized by its natural appearance, while it is less resistant to abrasion compared to other types.Semi-anilated leather is characterized by an average degree of wear resistance due to the presence of a light surface coating.

                      The advantage of pigmented leather is its high strength and durability, but at the same time it looks less natural when compared to previous types. Genuine leather always remains in fashion, it gives the smartphone solidity and originality.

                      Leather cases do not slip in the hand, so the risk of dropping the gadget is reduced, even if it is wet.Such accessories, as a rule, are presented in the form of a book or a flip case, emphasizing the taste and high status of the owner.

                      In leather books on the inside of the front panel there are convenient compartments for cards and business cards, which expands the functional features of the smartphone. The top cover can also be used as a convenient stand while watching videos on the screen.

                      Genuine leather has a number of advantages when compared to other materials for the production of phone cases.It is a durable, wear-resistant, high-quality and environmentally friendly material that is very popular.

                      Leather covers are easy to care for, just wipe them with a soft cloth. Dust and dirt do not accumulate on the surface, which makes such a product practical and durable.

                      Features and cons of leather covers

                      Leather cases for samsung a30 are expensive, but there are also budget models made of a quality analogue – artificial leather.It is practically not inferior in terms of performance and appearance, but it costs less.

                      Despite a number of advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Leather cases protect the phone well from scratches, and not from strong shocks if accidentally dropped. For some users, it is unacceptable to use accessories that are made from animal skins.

                      Compared to plastic and silicone products, leather is presented in a smaller variety of colors, patterns and decor.When choosing an accessory, you should pay attention to the smartphone model, its size, design and be guided by personal preferences, taking into account the operating conditions.

                      Genuine leather is prized for its impeccable quality, strength, durability and exquisite appearance. Leather cases for smartphones are chosen by successful and business people who appreciate quality accessories. Protective covers for Samsung smartphones in Ukraine are presented in a wide range and can be made from both natural and artificial leather.

                      Main advantages of leather cases

                      For the production of high-quality natural leather, skins of various animals are used, and the most common types include the following:

                      • anilized;

                      • semi-anilized;

                      • pigmented.

                      Anilated leather is distinguished by its natural appearance, while it is less resistant to abrasion compared to other types.Semi-anilated leather is characterized by an average degree of wear resistance due to the presence of a light surface coating.

                      The advantage of pigmented leather is its high strength and durability, but at the same time it looks less natural when compared to previous types. Genuine leather always remains in fashion, it gives the smartphone solidity and originality.

                      Leather cases do not slip in the hand, so the risk of dropping the gadget is reduced, even if it is wet. Such accessories, as a rule, are presented in the form of a book or a flip case, emphasizing the taste and high status of the owner.

                      In leather books on the inside of the front panel there are convenient compartments for cards and business cards, which expands the functional features of the smartphone. The top cover can also be used as a convenient stand while watching videos on the screen.

                      Genuine leather has a number of advantages when compared to other materials for the production of phone cases. It is a durable, wear-resistant, high-quality and environmentally friendly material that is very popular.

                      Leather covers are easy to care for, just wipe them with a soft cloth. Dust and dirt do not accumulate on the surface, which makes such a product practical and durable.

                      Features and cons of leather covers

                      Leather cases for samsung a30 are expensive, but there are also budget models made of a quality analogue – artificial leather. It is practically not inferior in terms of performance and appearance, but it costs less.

                      Despite a number of advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Leather cases protect the phone well from scratches, and not from strong shocks if accidentally dropped. For some users, it is unacceptable to use accessories that are made from animal skins.

                      Compared to plastic and silicone products, leather is presented in a smaller variety of colors, patterns and decor. When choosing an accessory, you should pay attention to the smartphone model, its size, design and be guided by personal preferences, taking into account the operating conditions.

                      90,000 Best Budget Cases for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

                      Apple recently unveiled its new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones. These are not cheap smartphones, so you should wear them in cases.You can save some money on a case at least.

                      We have collected for you the best inexpensive cases for new smartphones from different materials and designs.

                      How to order on Amazon with delivery to Russia?

                      Cheap iPhone 11 Cases


                      The SKYLMW case has a lot for a small price. It protects the smartphone from the back, and the edges on the front bulge slightly to protect the screen as well. The protruding bezels of the case protect not only the smartphone screen, but also the main camera on the back.According to the company, the case is protected from scratches using a special technology.



                      This is a more reliable option for those who need more protection. This case is drop and scratch resistant and also supports wireless charging.



                      This is LONLI’s eco-friendly leather case and is very pleasant to the touch. Its edges bulge out to protect the screen and main camera.The inside of the case is covered with a soft cloth to protect the smartphone from scratches.



                      The MATEPROX plastic case does not cover the beautiful design of the new iPhone 11, as it is transparent. Despite its tough material, the case is very thin and fits perfectly into a pocket. It also supports wireless charging. The case will protect the smartphone from falls, because it bulges out in the corners and protects the display with the camera. It comes with a one-year warranty.



                      The Ultra Hybrid Case perfectly protects your iPhone 11, including screen and camera.This case is characterized by the ease of use of buttons. It supports wireless charging.


                      Cheap iPhone 11 Pro Cases


                      The i-Blason transparent case is easy to put on and take off, but at the same time it reliably protects the smartphone. It can resist scratches and has cutouts for buttons and connectors. The screen and main camera are also protected.



                      The CYRILL leather case is very thin and beautiful.It fits perfectly in your pocket. The inside of the case is covered with a soft cloth so your iPhone 11 Pro won’t get scratched. The raised edges also protect the display and camera. Several color options are available including black, green and brown.



                      The Protanium case is very light and fits comfortably in the hand. It has two layers of protection and is made of two materials. The case will protect your smartphone from scratches and bumps. It comes with a lifetime warranty.



                      This is a durable silicone case that looks very thin on the iPhone 11 Pro. The inside of the case is covered with a fabric to protect it from scratches. There are cutouts for connectors, speakers and buttons. The cover comes with a lifetime warranty. It is available in red and black.



                      This Spigen slim case is your best choice if you love minimalism. It fits easily into your pocket and doesn’t make your smartphone bulky.It has anti-slip coating as well as drop protection. The case supports wireless charging and protects the screen with the camera.


                      Cheap iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases


                      The ESR case has all the qualities of a good case. It protects your smartphone from drops and bumps, while the raised edges protect the screen and camera. The cover is also scratch-resistant and will not turn yellow over time. The case is transparent so it won’t cover the design of your new iPhone 11 Pro Max.



                      The Miracase Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is very basic and quite unassuming. It supports wireless charging, but is quite thick. It protects the smartphone from all sides, including the display and camera. There are cutouts for connectors and buttons, and a 360-day warranty. 5 colors available: blue, black, pink, red and purple.



                      With the Nineasy case, you get a 360-degree layered design.The case even has a built-in protective glass and supports wireless charging. The case protects the smartphone from drops, and its edges protrude to protect the camera. It comes with a year of warranty.



                      This is a thin yet durable iPhone 11 Pro Max case. It also has raised edges to protect the display and camera. The case supports wireless charging. There is easy access to the buttons, as well as a cutout for the Lightning connector. The cover is protected from scratches and impacts.There is a one-year warranty.



                      This Spigen case is highly shock-resistant, and the raised edges protect the screen and camera. There is also protection against falls. The case supports wireless charging.


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                      iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone Cases 90,000 Top 10 Best Real Life Smartphone Cases

                      How do we extend the lifespan of a smartphone? The most obvious answer: a protective case does not always correctly solve the task assigned to it.It is enough to see reviews of various exotic cases to understand that chaos reigns in this area. Covers are transforming from a means of protection into a means of self-expression, losing their main function – to protect your device and increase the comfort from using it.

                      Even those accessories, whose main task is to surprise with their originality, in practice are not adapted for use – sometimes they are inconvenient, and sometimes they resemble photography equipment, beautiful in the studio, but useless in everyday life.

                      The imagination of designers is almost limitless, but some of the covers would have been better kept as prototypes “on paper”. We’ve put together a few examples of extraordinary cases, and each one of them is a real replacement from our range, ready to use.

                      The first of the strange case world to transform your iPhone into a Leica camera. What is most surprising, besides the general external similarity, you can find fake control buttons on the case, a protruding lens-overlay and even a viewfinder slot.

                      But you can attach an overhead lens-attachment to the camera slot, thereby depriving the phantasmagoric design of the cover of its resemblance to a camera.

                      If you like the premium materials that Leica cameras are made of, choose the Pitaka series cases, iPhone 6 / 6S, 7/8, iPhone X, XS and XR cases.

                      Find out the price

                      This is a protective case for modern iPhones made of ultra-strong aramid fiber. Built-in plates don’t interfere with wireless charging, and a unique material enhances its originality.

                      No unnecessary elements, sturdy and reliable design, stylish appearance – this is much better than the “Leica-case” that almost doubles the size of the iPhone.

                      Next representative: submariner case!

                      This “aluminum submarine” provides the safety of underwater diving with a smartphone to a depth of 100 meters, with shock-absorbing and waterproof rubberized inserts.

                      It remains only to find the reason why you might even need a smartphone at such a depth – mobile communications are reliably drowned out by the water column, and for filming underwater beauty at such a depth you need at least a deep-sea flashlight and appropriate optics.

                      If you want waterproof protection without extremes, go for the Catalyst Waterproof for iPhone X

                      Find out the price

                      It is made of a material that is pleasant to the touch, does not slip in your hands, which will avoid an unwanted fall.All the necessary functions and buttons remain available for use – a good choice for the beach, fishing and for any kind of water recreation. It will save you from water in the bathroom, is not afraid of pouring rain and a sudden attack from a water pistol – this is much more useful than protection for the sake of protection deep under water.

                      You can easily find videos of Lego cases being dropped from incredible heights. Well, the shock-absorbing properties of the plastic and the effective “self-disassembly” of the cover will not leave anyone indifferent, but the other disadvantages overshadow all the dubious advantages.

                      It is angular, smooth edges slide, and even modifications where the volumetric connecting elements of the constructor cover only the back of the smartphone leave no chance for its convenient use. Try to put the construction from Lego in your pocket, and then pull it out several times – there will simply be no questions about the “practicality” of such, albeit a bright case. This may be a good option for children, but not for daily use.

                      For better protection, it is better to use Shockproof Case for iPhone 6 / 6S / 7/8 Plus Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder

                      Find out the price

                      Like the Lego construction set, it is painted in vibrant and rich colors, but at the same time it will easily protect the iPhone from chips, dents, scratches, vibration, dirt, dust and rain.It is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate, wrapped in shock-absorbing silicone, fits comfortably in the hand – it is almost impossible to drop it.

                      The accessory will absorb the main force of the impact during a fall. The display is also protected, and the case was tested according to US Department of Defense standard 810F.

                      The second option for reliable protection is Shockproof Protective Case for iPhone 6 / 6S Amira Phone Extreme .

                      Find out the price

                      The case is firmly attached to the smartphone using the supplied steel bolts and Allen key, and the metal leg on the back of the case allows it to be used as a stand.Much more reliable than Lego!

                      Even if you are in love with soft and tactile cases, you shouldn’t let this passion turn your smartphone into an unprecedented winter beast. It is possible to list the weaknesses of this solution for a very long time: artificial fur will quickly wear out, easily get dirty and will not withstand any active use, even with careful storage and transportation.

                      Better look at the Moshi SenseCover iPhone 7/8 Plus .

                      Find out the price

                      It is made of a combination of leatherette, a durable polycarbonate frame and a special layer of SensArray, which allows you to answer or reject incoming calls without opening the cover. The case provides easy access to iPhone interface elements and full protection, along with a stylish look.

                      Another alien from Crazy Pens is a hot glue cover.Even if we assume that the creation of such a “cover” is a really exciting exercise, it is still difficult to recommend it for use in practice. It’s not neat, not overly elegant, short-lived, and certainly not overly reliable.

                      Instead of glue, it is better to choose the minimalistic plastic case Spigen Liquid Crystal for iPhone X / Xs .

                      Get the price

                      It is made of plastic, which indicates its strength and light weight.The main thing is that this material is pleasant to the touch and does not slip. The special surface prevents smudges and fingerprints. If desired, with a glue gun, the pattern can be applied over such a cover, using it as a reliable frame.

                      All-metal cases are very sturdy, no doubt about it. But the practicality of their use in winter is a big question – after all, it is worth forgetting gloves, as in a severe frost, answering a call becomes an insurmountable obstacle.It is not for nothing that manufacturers of practical covers use metal only as a frame, adding silicone, polycarbonate or other materials to the back and side surfaces.

                      For frostbite-free protection, choose a case like the LifeProof Nuud iPhone 7 Case

                      Find out the price

                      It has not only waterproof properties, but also protects the device from dirt or snow, saves the screen and body from impacts on a hard surface.The case complies with IP-68 and MIL STD 810F-516 standards, can withstand drops from a height of 2 meters and is equipped with a screen and camera lens protector. This is much more important than the “metallic sheen” of impressive looking steel cases.

                      The second protected option is the Moshi Talos case for Apple iPhone X .

                      Find out the price

                      The hybrid design of the accessory provides high-quality protection of the communicator against mechanical stress.The inner microfiber layer protects the phone surface from scratches and abrasions.

                      Even if horror is your favorite genre of cinema, shivering covers should be avoided, perhaps at any time other than Halloween. Surely your friends will appreciate the original design, referring to the latest book by Stephen King or to your worst nightmares, but people around you will be able to contemplate such a cover. For children, a scary (and sometimes embossed) picture can simply scare, and not in every office such a cover will look acceptable on the desktop.

                      If you want to enhance your love of books and reading, opt for the stylish Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone

                      Find out the price

                      It is made of genuine leather, and the compartments on the inner side of the accessory allow you to store bank cards, business cards and money in them. It can also be used as a stand for comfortable video watching or internet surfing.

                      A sophisticated leather cover with gold lettering will allow others to freely interpret the name, and in general it is a stylish and expensive accessory that is pleasant to look at and comfortable to use.

                      We have listed only a few of the covers that are not very suitable for everyday life. You can go on endlessly – these are outlandish edible cases and numerous cases, carrying your gadget in which it can be damaged or stained. Poorly colored plastic can stain the body of your smartphone, and loose edges of the case increase the chances of grains of sand getting caught between the case and the case.

                      To avoid these risks, choose quality covers from proven materials.For example, for iPhone X / XS, you can choose Baseus Grain Case , made of durable polypropylene and high quality fabric.

                      Find out the price

                      For flagships on Android, I recommend Baseus Simple Series Case – for Samsung Note8.

                      The base of the case is a plastic cover that will protect the back panel and sides of the smartphone from bumps and chips. The dense front part of the case will protect the smartphone screen from scratches, dust and dirt.

                      Find out the price

                      Choose practical iPhone and Android cases from the ICOVER range and let your gadgets last long! And with outlandish covers, as if descended from the pages of a fantastic book, it is better to just admire the Internet.

                      Interesting devices Covers and Protective Films

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                      90,000 7 Best Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max

                      Apple recently launched three new iPhones, all of which are coming to India pretty soon, albeit at exorbitant prices.The iPhone XS Max is the company’s largest and most expensive phone, starting at $ 1,099 in the US and going for even more mind blowing Rs. 1, 09, 900 in India. At these astronomical prices, you do not want to take risks and must protect them at all costs. To help you, we present a list of the 7 best leather cases you can buy for the iPhone XS Max:

                      Best leather cases for the iPhone XS Max you can buy

                      Note . We’ll be updating this list with new cases and covers for the iPhone XS Max, so be sure to check out the new cases.

                      1. iPhone XS Max Leather Case from Apple

                      Leather Case for iPhone XS Max from Apple looks amazing and feels great in the hand. It is made of specially tanned and finished European leather, and the outer surface is soft to the touch. Over time, it develops a beautiful patina that is unique to each user. The case also provides enough protection for the , making it one of the best iPhone XS Max cases you can buy, although like every other Apple product it doesn’t come cheap.

                      Buy from Apple: $ 49

                      2. CaseMate iPhone XS Max Leather Case

                      CaseMate iPhone XS Max “Barely There Leather Case” is made of premium genuine leather and is only 2 mm. It is wireless charging compatible and has a polished microfiber interior. This leather case is slightly cheaper than the official Apple case and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s also available in many different color options, Butterscotch, Cardinal Red, Black, and Metallic Blush, pictured here.

                      Buy from Amazon: $ 39.99

                      3. OtterBox Strada Case for iPhone XS Max

                      The OtterBox Strada series case is made of high quality leather, stylish, protective and soft to the touch. As a bonus, the case doubles as a minimum wallet and comes with a vertical cardholder slot that protects the card or cash. The case has a slim profile that makes it easy to slide in and out of pockets.The case includes an OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty.

                      Buy From Amazon: $ $ 59, 95

                      4. Speck Presidio Folio Leather Case for iPhone XS Max

                      Presidio Leather Case from Speck Products comes with 90,025 European Leather trim which provides a luxurious look and withstands wear and tear. It is a one-piece body with a polycarbonate body molded together with IMPACTIUM shock-absorbing rubber to protect your phone even from dropping.It has a hidden card slot that can hold up to 3 cards for quick access. It also comes with a built-in kickstand, making it easy to watch videos hands-free.

                      Buy from Amazon: $ 54, 95

                      5. FLYEE iPhone XS Max Premium Flip Wallet Leather Magnetic Case

                      The Flyee iPhone XS Max Wallet is made of durable leather and has a convenient bag on zipper, which makes it wearable for coins and cash.In addition, it comes with 10 card slots and a money pocket for credit cards, ID cards, etc. It also includes a magnetic closure mechanism to keep your phone secure. The device can also be turned into a stand for FaceTime, video viewing and messaging. The case also supports wireless charging.

                      Buy From Amazon: $ 13.99

                      6. iPulse Vintage Book Series Leather Case for iPhone XS Max.

                      iPulse iPhone XS Max Leather Wallet Case is crafted from premium Italian leather with beautiful and durable seams. There is also a built-in magnetic closure mechanism to ensure that your case stays closed without affecting any of the phone’s functions. It comes with storage for multiple items including 1x ID, 2x credit cards, and some cash. It also offers a built-in phone stand function and is compatible with wireless charging.

                      Buy from Amazon: $ $ 39, 98

                      7. BELKA Leather Wallet for iPhone XS Max

                      Belka Premium Leather XS Max Wallet is described as “practical and durable” solution crafted from meticulous Selected economical leather for strength and durability. It comes with superior anti-fingerprint, scratch and smudge protection. The case has a hidden magnetic closure to keep your phone secure and offers a kickstand for a comfortable viewing angle.

                      Buy from Amazon: $ $ 12.99

                      Protect your iPhone XS Max with these amazing premium leather cases

                      The above cases and covers from famous brands offer great features and protection for your precious iPhone XS Max. Most are available in a variety of styles and colors, so each of you will find a case that is perfect for you. Check the list and let us know which one is your favorite.

                      Leather cases Leather Case for Colorfly C4 Pro and HiFiMan HM 801

                      All kinds of covers are not in stores now … bumpers, handbags and linings at a cost of 150 rubles and above. Moreover, each product has its own pros and cons.

                      But this is with regards to covers for mobile mass devices. The market for cases for exclusive portable players is now limited to packaged or custom made cases. In our review, we will focus specifically on exclusive covers for the most prestigious Colorful Colorfly C4 PRO and HiFiMan 801 players (and iBasso DX100 will still be on the way).

                      When such a player is not cheap, you involuntarily want to protect it from scratches, accidental bumps and other situations that can damage the player or spoil its appearance. The case that comes with the kit is usually suitable for carrying in a bag and only protects against scratches. The HM 801 comes with just a rag bag, and the C4 Pro is put in a pretty nice case with limited functionality. As a result, the bag of the HM 801 protects only from scratches and does not interfere with pressing buttons and other controls.The C4 Pro has more serious protection, up to impacts, but in order to control it, you need to take the player out of the case.

                      They are completely unsuitable for carrying on a belt or shoulder, and carrying such a player in a pocket is far from always convenient, and here a more reliable case from C4 Pro greatly increases the dimensions of the player.

                      Leather Case for Colorful Colorfly C4 Pro

                      Available in three colors and material types.

                      One of them, similar in color to the native case – black with red (Leather Case For Colorfly Black Red).

                      This combination is the most striking with a claim to the technological advancement of the device.

                      The second is similar, but all black (Leather Case For Colorfly Black).

                      The third is closer to the color of the player (Leather Case For Colorfly Brown).

                      For the black and black / red case, the red part uses the reverse “velvet” part of the leather, while in the brown case, the beige part is smooth.The rest of the covers are the same among themselves.

                      The cover is presumably made of seven-fold processing of shoe leather. This type of leather wears out less, is resistant to wetting and deteriorates less, in contrast to haberdashery, which is cheaper and more affordable.

                      The cover is very functional and practical. It is comfortable to wear both on the belt and on the shoulder strap. Strong metal latches allow you to firmly fix the player on the belt, and a light leather belt with a system of spring carabiners securely holds the device when carrying it over the shoulder.

                      The design of the cover is designed in such a way that the player is not afraid of falling from a height of one and a half meters (but what we did not check), tk. Of course, the manufacturer does not give a guarantee for the player itself.

                      The internal fixture has a movable wall system that allows you to easily place the player in the case and hold it firmly inside.

                      The hard, rounded sides of the case wrap the player tightly and prevent it from falling out. Inside the rounded wells there is a strong rubber cord wrapped in a fabric braid.

                      The player does not slip or scratch inside the case. It has special cutouts for the most necessary connectors – for a 6.3 mm jack. and a mini-USB cable (with the ability to close this cutout with a plug). There is no hole for a 3.5 mm jack. most users prefer to listen to music from the 3.5mm jack. The connectors for external flash memory and digital input and output RCA are also covered.

                      The player is inserted upside down. An original solution! When walking, unfolding the cover, you can see the information on the screen.The headphone jack is located at the bottom of the player, so in an inverted state it sticks up where it is protected by an additional wall and can be easily disconnected.

                      Leather Case for HiFiMAN 801

                      If for Colorfly the covers differed only in color, then for the 801st there is also a difference in design.

                      Both cases are available in black, but with different thread colors and interior finishes.

                      Inside the black cover is a fleecy “velvet”, and the second has a smooth beige lining.The cases for the 801 are made from the same leather as the cases for the Colorfly.

                      The cover is functional and practical. It is quite comfortable to wear both on the belt and on the shoulder strap. Metal latches will firmly fix the player on the belt. The leather shoulder strap is attached to the case with spring carabiners.

                      The Black model is designed to protect the jack and wire from kinking and damage. This is useful if the jack is straight and the extra protection reduces stress on the jack, keeping the jack from loosening otherwise.

                      Black Brown has no such protection, and it is, in contrast, more compact. The second option is more suitable for L-shaped jacks.

                      The case provides access to all control buttons. Closed are those elements that are rarely used when walking. Closed digital input, line output and player mode switches. The USB connectors are also covered.

                      At the bottom, the Black has a hole for the power connectors, while the Black Brown has a small handle strap instead.

                      The player is inserted into the case and closed with an inner cover, and then lies as if in a pocket.

                      The top cover of Black automatically prevents easy removal of the player, because the bend area is at the level of the front panel of the player.

                      In Black Brown, the bend area already starts from the back of the player, and in order to exclude the possibility of the player falling out when the cover is accidentally opened, two stoppers on the buttons are used.

                      If suddenly the button of the lid opens, then the stoppers will simply not allow the lid to open.


                      The cover is similar to mobile counterparts. As a leather accessory, it will be harmoniously combined with a stylish suit or classic evening dress. The cost of covers is about 4 thousand rubles, which is on average 14% of the cost of the player, which is slightly higher than the usual recommended 10% for mass devices, and here it is worth remembering that on the one hand, players are not sold in such volumes as players by 1 3 t.r., and the covers for the players are even smaller. Taking into account the handicraft production, quality materials and thoughtful ergonomics, the price is quite reasonable.


                      Found a typo in the text? Highlight and press Ctrl + Enter . This does not require registration. Thanks.

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                      Boots and ankle boots for women

                      Women’s boots and ankle boots

                      Boots with long tops, boots are very popular footwear among women, which, if correctly selected, can serve in different seasons.However, the wide choice often leaves room for doubt, so if you want to quickly decide which women’s boots for spring, winter or other seasons are best suited, first of all, you should answer yourself a few questions.

                      What is your body type?

                      It’s no secret that choosing the right footwear allows you to visually make your image more beautiful . If you want women’s leather boots to emphasize your advantages, then you should critically evaluate your figure and, based on this, look for the most suitable pair. For short ladies of a fragile physique, women’s leather boots with knee tops , platform boots and shoes up to half a thigh are perfect. And if you have a larger physique, then knee-length or ankle-length shoes are more suitable. For all representatives of the fair sex of lower stature, women’s boots with heels will be the real salvation, however, full girls, accordingly, are advised to choose a thicker heel.

                      Tall women are also suitable for tall women’s boots with long tops .If you have a rather slender physique and you do not want to “grow” a few centimeters, then almost any fashionable women’s boots will do. If you have to deal with extra pounds, then you should look for shoes up to about half of the shin – in this case, women’s leather boots with zippers will look especially good.

                      What season do you need shoes for?

                      Although it is generally believed that women’s boots are meant for fall, in reality they can be worn in any season.So should think about what weather conditions you will be looking for shoes for, and after that consider certain selection criteria.

                      Women’s winter boots should protect your feet from frost , so for such cases, women’s winter boots with high tops or shorter, but insulated women’s boots are most often chosen. Autumn and spring in our country are most often accompanied by similar weather conditions, so women’s boots for autumn and spring are most often worn in both of these seasons.When choosing, you should also think about the danger of falling into the rain – if you have to spend a lot of time outside, then rubber boots for women will protect you from moisture.

                      Summer women’s boots with long tops are rarely chosen for the warmest season. In such cases, the shorter, lighter and more breathable shoe most often dominates, but other options can be found on the market.

                      What colors prevail in your wardrobe?

                      No less important than the season or your figure is the style of specific shoes – it must be combined with your image and the shades prevailing in your wardrobe.Of course, if you are interested in black patent leather boots for women or white boots for women with long tops, you will not have any problems with the combination of shades. However, if you want to try brighter options, then you should think in advance with what clothes you will wear them. Women’s boots, red long-toed boots or women’s blue boots are just a few of the most frequently chosen shades. You can feel free to experiment, but it is important to make sure that in connection with the color you like, you do not have to change the entire wardrobe .

                      Other selection criteria

                      It’s not even worth mentioning how important the right shoe size is. Additional data is indicated next to each product, so even if you need larger women’s boots (42 sizes and other options), you can easily find a suitable pair for yourself.

                      Inexpensive women’s boots always attract our attention, but it is very important to make sure of their quality. In this case, you should pay attention to the use of materials in the production, familiarize yourself with product reviews and reviews of other buyers.If the price is the main selection criterion for you, then you should pay attention to the fact when women’s boots are sold for the promotion – during this promotion you can buy even the highest quality products on favorable terms.

                      Women’s boots, boots with long tops via the Internet

                      Do you need women’s boots with patterns, insulation, wool, on a platform, or perhaps you are looking for where autumn, winter, summer, spring women’s boots can be purchased at lower prices? Go to the Pigu and check out our range. Here you will find a wide selection of shoes and frequently held promotions . Please note that boots and other women’s shoes can be purchased in installments, leasing. So you will always be able to find the most favorable conditions for making a purchase.

                      You can take care of purchasing beautiful and comfortable shoes at any time convenient for you, since women’s boots, boots with long tops can be ordered via the Internet in just a few minutes. Choose which footwear you like best (perhaps your attention will be drawn to boots with tops above the knee, or maybe you will be interested in rubber boots for women), and the selected goods will be delivered to your home as soon as possible. In Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Šiauliai there are distribution centers for our goods – here you can also pick up your order.

                      In our assortment you will find women’s boots Timberland, Ecco, Adidas, Ideal Shoes, Flyfor, Vices, Yes Mile, Wrangler and leather, suede shoes with high tops offered by other manufacturers.

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