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Malaysia’s Top 10 Muslimah Fashion Brands

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Muslimah fashion is making its mark around the globe. And these 10 Muslimah fashion brands are shaping the Muslimah fashion trend in Malaysia. From dresses to scarves, they offer wide variety of stylish options that will make you look modest, chic and fashionable. Looking for fashionable Muslimah outfits? Now you know where to shop.

1) Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie is about modern and creative colour combinations and dynamic style. Founded in 2006, Jovian has built a solid reputation over the years and is dubbed second to none in the fashion scene due to his inspiring fashion sense and courage to break through conventional styles. Today, the collection of Jovian Mandagie spans across ready-to-wear, wedding designs, corporate wear and accessories. | FB: Jovian Mandagie | IG: @jovianmandagie


If the combination of modesty, stylishness and elegance is what you are looking for, Zawara is the brand for that. Providing an extensive line of apparels for everyday events to corporate parties, Zawara recognises the desire of women to dress stylishly and chic whilst still being modest. In other words, one does not have to sacrifice style for modesty. Their clothes are handcrafted using high quality fabric and are available at multiple outlets located across Malaysia today. | FB: ZawaraOnline | IG: @zawara

3) FARAHiskandar

FARAHiskandar aims to provide aurah-friendly fashion to all women and help them to perfectly veil their aurah yet still be fashionable. Founded in 2012 by a husband-and-wife, Nurfarahin Romli and Ally Iskandar, they are advocates of minimalism. They believe that simplicity in fashion can maintain one’s modesty yet show sophistication. | FB: byFARAHiskandar | IG: @farah.iskandar

4) Hana Bella

Founded in 25 June 2013, Hana Bella offers beautiful garments for events, engagements, weddings and days that you just want to feel gorgeous. Their dreams and interest in the latest fashion trends led the two best friends, Dini and Emmey, to formed Hana Bella. The exclusive and elegant Busana Muslimah from Hana Bella focus on the sewing quality, design and comfort. Their designs are not only limited to Muslimah women, it is suitable for all races and religions. | FB: hanabellakl | IG: @hanabellaholdings

5) Gene Martino

Gene symbolises the hereditary traits that are being passed from generation to generation while Martino expresses strong personality. These two traits represent the brand in which it gives a strong personality of values in every family that can be passed on to their future generations. The idea of this brand is to provide high quality tailor-made Muslim-friendly family clothing at a ready-made price. | FB: Ge.martino | IG: @genemartino_apparel


Bikaya is a Malaysian fashion brand by Fanny Muchlis. Bikaya is famous and popular among pastel lovers with their collections of pastel shawls and scarves. They provide a wide range of options from clothing to scarves that are fashionable but still meet the needs for Muslimah attire. Their products are available online or in their brick-and-mortar store. | FB: BikayaFashion | IG: @bikaya

7) Rina Salleh Clothing

Rina Salleh clothing offers modest casual wear and hijabs in premium quality design in which is available online or in their outlets throughout Malaysia. This brand focuses on nursing friendly and modest Muslimah wear. The brand strives to maintain a balance between current trends, comfort and practicality without compromising on beliefs and quality. There’s a combination of various colours, textures and prints for you to choose from. | FB: rinasallehclothing | IG: @rinasallehclothing

8) Cattleya Couture

Cattleya Couture operates via an extensive and easy-to-use online shopping site. From the site, you can find a wide collection of apparels such as shawls, jubahs, batiks, blouses and many others. These apparels come in all sorts of trendy colours and patterns, one can certainly find a suitable style for oneself. Their tagline, “Where style and elegance meets glamour and passion”, aptly describes their apparel styles. | FB: cattleyacouture | IG: @cattleyacouture

9) Saraya Zahret

Starting in August 2011, Saraya Zahret has grown to have multiple outlets in Klang Valley. On top of that, they maintain a frequently visited online shop together with a lifestyle blog. These help to market their large variety of Muslimah apparels which are stylish and contemporary with modesty in mind. | FB: sarayazahret | IG: @sarayazahret

10) Ashh & Annas

Assh & Annas is yet another pioneering Muslimah fashion house that operates through the online medium. The thing that separates them from the others is the fact that they specialise particularly in skirts. Their self-proclamation of Malaysia’s no.1 skirts specialist is certainly not without evidence. Their substantial variety of skirts that are of vibrant colours and patterns stand to be good proof of that title. | FB: Ashh & Annas | IG: @ashhannas

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

For more Muslimah fashion brands for both men and women, you can also visit Zalora!

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Zahava Dress – SABO SKIRT

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**THIS IS A FINAL SALE ITEM** A backless LWD is always a winner! The Zahava Dress is made from a lightweight cotton fabric in white. It features an open back with ruffle detailing, covered buttons down centre front of skirt, ruffle at waist and short sleeves with frill detailing. Get the look by pairing with the Vanilla Wicker Bag, Circle Pearl Earrings and Ladder Block Heels! By Sabo Skirt.


*Outer 80% Rayon | 20% Nylon
*Lining 100% Cotton
*Length 31.

5″ | Across Waist 12.5″
*Measurements taken from size Small
*Fully Lined (Excluding sleeves) | Semi Sheer | Zip – Hidden at centre back of skirt
*Model wears size S
*Regular fit | True to size

Size & Fit
XXS 4 0 4 75CM 55CM 85CM
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Wrap 101 – Eternity Convertible Dress

Our Eternity Dresses are one of the most beautiful and versatile dresses you’ll ever own. We came up with 13 different ways you could wear this dress, but we’re sure you’ll think of a 100 more.  Our Eternity Dresses comes in multiple styles and prints: like our Eternity Duo Maxi, our Eternity Maxi, and our Eternity Knee Length Dress. When you find the Eternity that fits your personality make sure you share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


The “Anna” – Classic & Flirty

The “Athena” – Classic & Sexy

The “Ava” – Classic & Flirty

The “Bette” – Classic & Sexy

The “Gretta” – Edgy

The “Helena” – Classic & Edgy

The “Jenny” – Classic & Flirty

The “Kristie Tunic” – Classic & Flirty

The “Maggie” – Classic, Flirty & Edgy

The “Margo Tunic” – Classic & Flirty

The “Sandy” – Flirty & Edgy

The “Stella” – Classic

90,000 Russians were disclosed changes in cars that were banned: Society: Russia: Lenta. ru

Director of Gruzdev-analyze Alexander Gruzdev revealed to the Russians the changes in cars that were banned from February 1, 2021. He told the Prime agency that these rules were known at the beginning of last year, but their entry into force was postponed.

Gruzdev reminded that now the owners must agree on any change in the car. Any additional equipment that has not been certified by the manufacturer will have to be certified in a laboratory specially accredited for this.

For example, if the manufacturer’s technical documents do not contain information about whether it is possible to install a roof rack, which one and in what places, you will have to clarify this in the laboratory. Also, motorists in certain cases will be able to install accessories only after certification.

“There are also curious cases when accessories for an automaker are produced by another organization, that is, the automaker itself recommends the use of such accessories, its own dealers sell such accessories, but their use is not specified in the technical documentation of the automaker.

Accordingly, now these accessories can be installed only after certification, ”said Gruzdev, adding that they may include winches, additional lights, the most common antennas for radio receivers and towbars.

“In comparison, the US market for customization / tuning and accessories is a huge market that does not require additional certification. Everything – from car decorations to kenguryatniks and even tinting – is allowed. It is regulated very simply: if the insurance company decides that such alterations worsen safety, then the driver will receive an increased cost of insurance, ”the expert explained.

Gruzdev expressed the opinion that for a start it would be worthwhile to control the “twisting of the run” rather than controlling the installation of towbars and trunks. He explained that this action “is a criminal offense in many countries and amounts to falsification of documents.”

Earlier, the Russians were told how to properly start a car running on gasoline in winter. One of the most common problems is water freezing at the bottom of the fuel tank, which is best warmed up with hot water or in a warm room.To prevent the car from breaking down, it is worth adding ordinary alcohol to the tank, which prevents water from freezing.

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The series “Own stranger (bloodhound)”: season 1 – episode 5 watch online

In the parking lot near the business center, a security guard discovers the body of a brutally murdered woman. Called to the scene of the crime, Zavarov and Baranchuk find documents in the name of Irina Gornostaeva, director…

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In the parking lot near the business center, a guard discovers the body of a brutally murdered woman.Called to the scene of the crime, Zavarov and Baranchuk find documents in the name of Irina Gornostaeva, director of a small advertising agency, with her. Everything, including the trace of the torn chain on the neck, indicates a robbery. However, the particular cruelty with which the murder was committed leads Marinets to the idea that the criminal’s motives may not be limited to mere greed. Noticing a bunch of notebooks, business cards and other personal belongings aside from the body, as if deliberately dumped from several portfolios, Alexander asks Zavarov to collect them and study them carefully.Meanwhile, Ovechkin visits the deceased’s colleagues and learns that Gornostaeva had a major quarrel with her assistant Olesya Rodnina the day before. According to a worker in a neighboring office, the women even fought in the finale of the ugly scene. Gornostaeva’s husband confirmed that recently Irina had been very unrestrained, the fault of which was great difficulties at work, and a fresh scratch on Olesya’s cheek eloquently testified that her disagreement with her boss had gone beyond the bounds of decency. However, Olesya is in no hurry to admit her guilt, according to her, having quarreled with Gornostaeva, she went home and spent the whole evening with her husband, who is ready to confirm her alibi without hesitation. Meanwhile, Zavarov “presses against the wall” the guard of the parking lot, where the body of Gornostaeva was found, and learns from him about the true origin of the heap of rubbish in the corner of the territory entrusted to his cares. It turns out that in this area there are purse dealers who, for a small fee, are allowed to throw off unnecessary things like business cards and notebooks in a secluded corner of the parking lot. Thieves Bullet and Karman, during a search in their lair, behave insolently with the operatives, but when on the neck of their friend Marinets notices a chain suspiciously similar to the jewelry that belonged to Gornostaeva, no trace of their self-confidence remains.Ba-ranchuk immediately seizes on this version and becomes enraged when he learns that Marinets is questioning the involvement of the raiders caught red-handed in the murder of Stoat. He and Zavarov refuse to carry out the order of Marinets, even under the threat of a report. Therefore, Alexandra herself has to climb into the trash, where, supposedly, lies a bag stolen by Bullet just during the murder. The bandits’ version is confirmed, and Marinets decides to take a closer look at Alexei Rodnin. Having visited a sports club, where he stopped on the way home, she listens to an unexpected confession of its director Stepanova, who tells Marinets that Alexey spent the evening of the murder in her bed.Having detained Olesya, Alexandra arranges for her to meet with Alexei in front of Stepanova. The scene she saw becomes the reason for another unexpected turn of events in this matter and helps, finally, to find the true killer of Gornostaeva …

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Cold drinks: peach lemonade, mango lassi and other recipes that will chill in the heat

June brought unprecedented heat to many cities in Russia: we dream of being at sea, but for now we turn on the air conditioners at full capacity and complain about the weather in stories, we douse ourselves with SPF, throw jeans on the farthest shelves of wardrobes and keep light dresses on.In general, we are trying with all our might to somehow cool down. According to forecasts, the temperature outside is not going to drop in the coming weeks, which means that we will need new methods of rescuing from the heat. Today we are sharing recipes for cold drinks that you can easily repeat at home: from banana smoothies to orange iced coffee.

Peach Tea Highball

Specially for Vogue, the bar-manager of the Koji restaurant Artur Mirasov came up with a refreshing peach lemonade based on milk oolong, which will not only give the long-awaited feeling of coolness, but also invigorate.


  • 40 ml of cold brew of milk oolong tea
  • 25 ml of peach syrup
  • 15 ml of fresh lime juice
  • 80 ml of soda
  • Slice of canned peach

Pour the milk oolong with cold water in proportion of 5 g of tea per 500 ml of water and let it brew at room temperature for four hours. Then strain through a sieve and remove the brew in the refrigerator. Drain the syrup from the jar with canned peaches (it will be responsible for the sweet taste in lemonade).Squeeze the juice out of the lime, strain it. Pour all the ingredients into a tall glass, add ice and garnish with a peach wedge.

Ice green tea

Garden City invites you to refresh yourself with cold green tea saturated with catechins and useful microelements and combining the tart astringent taste of matcha and the milky shades of Chinese oolong.


  • 2 g milk oolong tea
  • 1 g matcha tea
  • 20 ml Jerusalem artichoke syrup
  • 20 g lemon

Brew milk oolong tea, drain and cool.Brew matcha tea, mix with oolong, add Jerusalem artichoke syrup. Pour tea into a tall glass, add ice and garnish with lemon wedges.

Ice green tea, “Garden City”

Banana smoothie

Another recipe especially for Vogue readers – Ivan Pikulev, bar manager of the Loro restaurant, offers a refreshing (and at the same time refreshing) banana and avocado smoothie.


  • Half banana
  • Half avocado
  • 30 g spinach
  • 100 ml coconut milk

Place all ingredients in a blender and beat well.Top with spinach and banana slice.

Banana smoothie, Loro


Mango Lassi

The chief bartender of Cruise by Kuznyahouse (St. Petersburg) Ekaterina Balyakina recommends trying lassi, a refreshing Indian drink, this summer. A nice bonus – this recipe is suitable for vegans.


  • 80 ml coconut milk
  • 80 ml mango puree (homemade or natural from the store)
  • 10 ml fresh lime juice
  • 50 ml fresh orange juice

Pour all ingredients into a chilled glass, stir , add ice and stir again.Decorate with mint.

Mango Lassi, Cruise by Kuznyahouse

Orange Saffron Ice Leggero Latte

This recipe from the Nespresso team is perfect for those who cannot live a day without coffee, but want to try something new.


  • 10 ml saffron syrup
  • 120 ml milk 1.5% fat
  • 80 ml Ice Leggero coffee
  • Orange peel

Prepare coffee, add four ice cubes (30 g each ), saffron syrup and milk.Garnish with orange zest (you can also add it to the coffee itself).

Orange Saffron Ice Leggero Latte, Nespresso

Passion fruit lemonade

Bar manager of Zafferano City Azamat Yakubov reveals the secret of the signature lemonade and offers to cook a liter at once.


  • 180 g passion fruit puree
  • 50 ml fresh lemon
  • 90 ml sugar syrup
  • 300 ml sparkling water

Pour all ingredients into one carafe and stir.You get one liter of lemonade, which is enough for the whole family.

Passion Fruit Lemonade, Zafferano City

90,000 Take risks. What to expect for Chelyabinsk spectators from the Chamber Theater

Author: Ekaterina Syrtseva. Photo: Vyacheslav Shishkoedov, photo of the Chamber Theater

Read the original on the website of the South Ural Panorama

It has been held since 1992. It began as a festival of performances only by the Chamber Theater.Now it is an international project, presenting the best modern performances from the capitals and regions of Russia, from European theaters.

The geography is not limited to this: for example, an artist from South Africa really wanted to get to one of the previous Camerata. For the 14th festival, out of 46 applications received, 14 were selected. These are performances from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Sterlitamak, Omsk, Tyumen and the Kemerovo region. The expert council includes Polish theater critic, curator of the Theater Confrontations festival (Lublin) Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrovska, theater experts and theater critics Pavel Rudnev (Moscow), Alexander Vislov (Moscow), Vladimir Speshkov (Chelyabinsk).The poster includes not only performances, but also lectures, master classes, readings.

According to the creator of “Camerata”, the chief director of the Chamber Theater Victoria Meshchaninova , this festival is always an energetic explosion for the theatrical environment of Chelyabinsk and for the city as a whole. The Chamber Theater itself is no less energetically charged. He has always been famous for his independence, courage, his own position. In an interview with Victoria Meshchaninova, we talked about theater, freedom and immediate plans.
– What is theater for you now, theater in a broad sense? What should it be to reflect the time?
– Theater is a space for free people.This is the spirit. He flies, hovers, creates … The theater should be different. It can be hard, hard. But it can’t be boring. In order for an actor to always enter a new job with joy and anticipation, the theater must offer him a new experience every time. Yes, you can calm down, find your game that is successful with the audience, and repeat it, replicate this success. Or you can go into the river, risking drowning, and swim out.
– Which of your recent works have become such a river for you?

– One of our recent premieres is “Generation P” based on Viktor Pelevin.In the nineties, his romance blew up our minds. Almost thirty years have passed, and suddenly we return to this author. It turns out that he guessed a lot, foresaw, indicated the anxieties and fears that take place today. Pelevin is not scenic. It is more suitable for cinema. But I think that the theater coped with it with dignity. Director Larisa Aleksandrova offered the actors a complex cocktail of dramatic existence: inventive plastic drawing, complex musical score in live performance. For this kind of game, the artist needs special training.

Another risk is the “Capercaillie Nest”. This play was written by Viktor Rozov in 1978. Back in the nineties, it seemed to us that the life of this drama was over. It turns out not. Time flies, technologies develop, and a person changes little. And he still has the same chronic diseases. Trying to find the roots of today’s problems, we are sinning for the last decade of the last century. Not at all. The path of these problems is much longer. And in order to understand where to go next, you need to reflect – to comprehend the past, to be grateful to it.If you ask any Russian where we are going, what unites us, many will think. Theater, as an artistic and intellectual space, must deal with these issues.

– So you turn to Nikolai Erdman and take the Mandate (premiered on October 11, 2019 – Approx. Ed. )? A play written in 1924.
– Awesome Erdman! An absolute genius. I will not talk about his tragic fate now. But it is a delight to read it.Such a volume! The language he invented. This is a play about the twenties, the construction of a new country, the emergence of a new person. About how the era breaks down, how a person tries to integrate into a new time, what they have to give up. A completely living story of our tragic past.
– Please tell us what to expect for your viewers?
– Next year we will stage William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Director Dmitry Turkov will work with him. He has already done “Mokinpott” with us (Peter Weiss, “About how Mr. Mokinpott got rid of his misfortunes.”- Approx. ed. ). I will work with the play by Artur Solomonov “How We Buried Joseph Vissarionovich.” Also in 2020, a play is planned based on the play of the wonderful Spanish playwright, poet, publicist Federico García Lorca “Bloody Wedding”. It will be directed by Larisa Aleksandrova, with whom we are closely cooperating. She works in a manner close to us, makes performances that require a lot of concentration, efficiency from the actors, and their technical equipment. In general, the brew is daring.But the troupe must develop and solve not the tasks that are within its power, but the tasks that seem impossible. Then reserve opportunities open up, the actor’s apparatus is enriched. And our repertoire. It is not a fact that we will win, but we need to take risks.

90,000 Unique beneficial properties of helba (hilba) – Yaseen-Hijab

Unique useful properties of helba (khilba)

It was said by the tabibs: “If people knew how much the helba is useful, they would buy it at the price of gold.”
The English scientist Kleber also said: “If you put all the medicines on one side of the balance and on the other helbe, then the scales will balance.”

Helba (الحلبة, trigonella foenum-graecum L., hay fenugreek, hilbe, shambhala, chaman, fenugreek, fenigrek grass, Greek hay, Greek goat shamrock, Greek coconut, cocked hat, camel herb) – another popular medicine all over the world … The whole plant (including seeds) has an intense aroma with a slight nutty aroma.

Recipes with fenugreek seeds found in Egyptian papyri dating from 1500 AD. BC.
In ancient Egypt, khilbe was used to treat burns and to induce childbirth, as well as to embalm mummies. In the fifth century BC, the famous Hippocrates treated many diseases with fenugreek. These seeds were once used by both gladiators and Greek athletes to give strength and appetite. Charlemagne bred fenugreek in his domain and used it as a remedy for baldness.

Arab doctors used fenugreek in ointments to treat wounds and abscesses, since the seeds of the khilbe contain a lot of plant mucus and adhesives. Applying this mucus to the wound is good for soothing irritated and inflamed tissue. It works in a similar way when taken orally. Chinese doctors used it to treat hernia, fever, diseases of the bladder, kidneys, muscle pain and impotence, recommended for fevers, intestinal and pulmonary diseases, genital infections in men, constipation, atherosclerosis, high triglycerides and cholesterol levels.Indian specialists treat peptic ulcer disease with this spice, strengthen women’s health. In Europe, Benedictine monks used hilbe widely. Since the 9th century, this plant has been widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of wounds, fevers, respiratory and gastric diseases. In North America, colonists used fenugreek to treat female illnesses. Over time, it became the main component of Lydia Pinkham’s famous herbal medicine, a well-known remedy for menstrual discomfort.In any case, the American creator of this drug declared it to be the greatest medical discovery of the 19th century.
Hilbe is now widely used in many countries around the world. In Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, hilbe is popular, they use not only the seeds of this plant, but also green leaves because of their high nutritional value. There are several popular dishes in parts of Saudi Arabia that are prepared using hilbe seeds, especially in the month of Ramadan.
Modern scientists, having analyzed the composition of fenugreek, found that it is rich in protein and carbohydrates, and also contains potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, PP, folic acid, and is very similar in composition to fish fat.

Hilbe belongs to the legume family. Seeds are medium-sized, mustard-colored, rectangular in shape, with stripes. Fenugreek seedlings take 6-7 days to germinate.
Hilbe sprouts disinfect and cleanse the blood, kidneys and liver.They stimulate appetite and are recommended for anemia and physical fatigue. They contain a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, E and group B, minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sulfur.
Hilbe sprouts are eaten raw. Their taste is a little spicy, so they are used as a seasoning for salads and soups.

Hilbe has a wide range of medical uses, because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has a soothing effect.Hilbe is an excellent remedy for people who are weak after illness and recovering, especially for diseases of the nervous, respiratory and reproductive systems.
Biological action of fenugreek: expectorant, antipyretic, tonic, anti-atherosclerotic, antidiabetic, laxative, etc. Hilbe is used to help with diabetes and sugar intolerance.

American Cancer Center (Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) states:
“Fenugreek has strong hypocholesterol, hypolipid and hypoglycemic activity in healthy and diabetic people.”
Following extensive research, the European Scientific Society for Herbal Medicine has listed fenugreek as one of the most beneficial drugs for diabetes and cholesterol lowering. Fenugreek also promotes lipid oxidation and thus reduces the level of free radicals in the blood.
The German Food and Drug Administration (FDA), similar to the US FDA, has recognized the health benefits of fenugreek and approved its medical use, in particular to dissolve mucus and other secretions, to improve circulation and prevent the growth of infections.
Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna):
Khilbe soothes throat and chest pains, soothes coughs and asthma, especially when cooked with honey. If boiled with vinegar (apple cider), then it is very useful for the treatment of intestinal ulcers, and if boiled in water, it is useful for diarrhea. Hilbe oil is beneficial for stomach tumors. If its oil is boiled with honey, it helps to remove dense moisture (toxins) from the intestine, increases the flow of urine and menstrual blood, and also becomes useful for patients with hemorrhoids.

Respiratory diseases
Hilbe is one of the best home remedies for colds and lung diseases, it is used for influenza, bronchitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, for lingering, chronic cough, bronchial asthma.
It is recommended to boil 2 teaspoons of seeds in 1 glass of water for 5-10 minutes. over low heat with dates, figs or honey (can be combined). Take 3-4 times a day for half a glass of drink. With a dry cough, hilbe milk broth helps a lot.
For sore throat, you can rinse with infusion: simmer 2 tablespoons of hilbe seeds for 30 minutes. in 0.5 l of water, remove, let stand for 15 minutes, strain.

Women’s health
Modern research has confirmed that hilbe is an excellent medicine for the treatment of women’s diseases. Hilbe seeds contain diosgenin, which is similar in structure and action to the female sex hormone estrogen. In large quantities, hilbe acts as a powerful stimulant to promote menstruation and induce breast milk flow.If there is a lack of milk, drink 3-4 glasses of hilbe seeds infusion per day (2 teaspoons of seeds per glass of boiling water, brew with honey).

Douching with a strong infusion (1-2 tablespoons of seeds per glass of boiling water) is successfully used in the treatment of infectious diseases of the genital area, with inflammation of the uterus, vagina and vulva.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Hilbe decoction cleanses the stomach, kidneys, intestines from mucus and toxins. The infusion covers the walls of the internal organs with protective mucus, which has a healing effect in case of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Cholesterol Control
Research in the United States has shown that fenugreek seeds significantly reduce bad cholesterol.

Skin diseases
Ground seed paste is used to treat ulcers, abscesses and hard-to-heal wounds, cleanses the skin, relieves warts.

Odor from the mouth or from the body
Due to the large accumulation of toxins in the body, the body develops an unpleasant odor. If you drink hilbe tea, the smell that confuses you will, after a while, miraculously change to the pleasant aroma of this plant.

Diabetes mellitus
Soak 2 teaspoons of seeds in water and leave overnight. In the morning, drink the resulting infusion with stevia broth.

Hilbe seeds are rich in iron. Take 1-2 teaspoons with dates or honey. In this combination, iron is well absorbed, and the level of its content in the blood rises.

As a tonic and tonic, take 2 teaspoons of crushed seeds daily in a cup of hot milk.Sprouted hilbe grains are especially useful.

In case of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, simmer the seeds (1 teaspoon) in 250 ml of water until half the volume remains. Drink 3-4 cups of broth a day.

Hilbe is an excellent antipyretic agent.

Hilbe is used in severe forms of arthritis and polyarthritis: 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds to sweat for 5 minutes. with stevia leaves, drink half a glass 3-4 times a day.Use incense at the same time.

Kidney problems
Hilbe tea cleanses not only the gastrointestinal tract, but also the kidneys.
Dense broth of dates with hay fenugreek is a good diuretic, crushes kidney and bladder stones.
Fenugreek is a tonic and stimulant for the whole body and especially for the urinary system, usually animals resort to it for liver and kidney diseases.



What is it like for birds to live in Russia

1. About Russian and overseas birds

Why, brothers, did winter become?

Winter was coming from crackling frosts,

From winter was turning red,

Summer turned red from spring,

5 After a warm summer, a rich autumn came.

Peasant peasants paid haystacks:

They are fun and smart to live.

Kings live in kingdoms,

Boyars live on estates,

10 Lords live in manors,

Guests trade in posads,

The clerks sit by orders,

County governors,

Bobyshka in courtyards,

15 Old old people on benches,

Young Bed Ladies,

Red maidens in the chambers,

Along the clear falcon in the take

And under a warm blanket differently.

20 From now on

Spoke to their children,

We spoke and taught,

For the world to have a message,

What is the place for the old old woman on the stove,

25 Krynka under the nose with dough [a] ,

She would eat, not grumble … ..

Due to the quiet Danube Sea

A small bird flew in,

Little tit bird,

30 Above the Russian birds the Queen;

Sat down on a tree viburnum,

She began to sing-zhupety,


Subtly chant,

And spoke to Russian birds:

35 “Ah, you Russian birds!

You have not been there,

Needs-grief did not see,

Live here at home, in raguz.

How in our glorious, quiet backwater

40 Birds don’t spend bread for free:

All birds by service,

Every man according to his work.

Kunki-loons – eternal fishermen:

They fly from lake to lake,

45 Sobbing with their victorious voice,

They catch a lot of fish,

There is no such thing as a prizewinning fish.

Roosters are brave fellows,

They have many wives,

50 Two and three

And for the whole ten [b] .

At a peasant in Russia

One female bajon,

I she cannot dress up.

55 Heron, heron,

The thin man is extraordinary,

Zhurav cherkatskoy,

St. Petersburg itself [c] !

The big bell will strike [d]

60 Requests for lunch and dinner;

Walks on the bridge,

But he cannot pave a bridge:

Thin legs,

Stockings narrows

65 And the dresses are short.

Falcon-bird – ephemeral:

Often arrives in the village,

The annual tithe is covered,

Orphans-widows offend –

70 And in that this bird is unreasonable [e] .

Parrot-bird on the sea of ​​a thing.

Burrow at the sea is immobile:


From will ferment a bush into a bush,

Does not own a courtyard.

75 Seagulls on the sea are a hit.

Geese at sea – boyars.

Swans of the sea – noblemen.

Deer at sea — messenger.

Bear at Sea – Kozhemyaka:

80 Removes a lot of skins,

There are never any boots.

Gray wolf – sheepskin coat:

She takes off a lot of sheepskins,

You can’t wear a short fur coat on yourself. ”

2. Unprecedented old man [f]

85 A gray tailless cat came here,

Self cubed:

“Hello, gentlemen senators!

And I’m from a bank office,

Senators left

90 Yes, and signed up as a colonel. “

Say whether you are old-fashioned,

Samu unprecedented;

“On the blue sea

Guys shout-plow,

95 And ships are running across the open field,

Piglet coils into the nest,

The chicken in the barn is pregnant.

Running miller

Net Monday,

100 Carries a gift

From …. stub, ….

And he went and wept. “

V long years ago

I in warm summers

105 Composed romode

At Mr. Ant’s,

Praised by the archer and the fighter,


Brave fellow [g] ;

The edge of the swamp built a house,

110 Honors no one [h] .

And the mizgrische lives,

Stool lychee [i] ,

I put hemlines

Edge of the road-road.

115 And the master flies-cages flew

I misgrew hit the net,

Themselves speak-interpret:

“Brothers, gentlemen, do not leave!”

Heard mistress,

120 Sleepy, variegated wax and without belt,

And how soon arrived,

And so misgryu got into the net,

She scolded herself:

“Not damn me

125 To someone else’s salvation! ”

Saltwood here

Blue and green filthy flies,

And flew, buried,

They stuffed their guts.

130 The beetle was ….,

Bedbug Astrakhan.

Sat on a piece,

We sniffed God’s grass-tobacco,

God is praised, Christ is magnified,

135 Curse the rich rich man:

“Lots of beer and honey,

It doesn’t matter to us:

A we have tobacco grass,

Tobacco spanish, royal,

140 Tobacco zoren:

Nostrils smacking,

The eye is turning up. “


I we had

on the forest

Three sisters of the beautiful,

145 Worn the dress is satin;

Nothing did not know over themselves,

One the heads were rocking.

Blindflies mosquitoes reproached,

What the drums were stolen.

150 Mosquitoes swear:

“Will yours, and ours is ours:

Times you were hot in your pores,

We people were fat,

We at you did not fly out [j]

155 I they did not show their heads. “

Started then the gadflies scold the gadflies:

“Stoolovata your face,

Slipy your face! ” [k]

I you and began to swear.

160 Walked I’m on a clear field,

Approached I go to the oak

I hit the oak tree.

Popped out ottul man

I hit me right in the soul,

165 I fell I’m in a puddle.

Day lying – nothing,

I the other was lying – nothing,

A on the third day

Arrived ………

170 …… .. horsefly and fly,

I caught me by the hair,

I threw up into heaven.

Day walked across the sky – nothing [l]

3. Praise to wealth

190 Everyone has a fair amount of money,

I no small glory to rattle your pocket.

Pocket full,

Kaftan bloom:


Any calling for a visit

195 I large angle leads.

To is there, no

Beer and honor,

A you have everything.


200 Yes just don’t hit us.

Though people say:


Acne thin “,

Made good,

Better not in the world.

205 Khosh used to be a fool,

A now became smart:

Will start lie,

I happy people stand

Khosh capless in winter.

210 Khosh Do not reproach anyone, do not pray,

A only bow to the judges,

For hryvnia do not stand,

Clerks drink –

Everywhere you will be right.

90,000 1986. Final of the USSR championship Dynamo Kiev – Dynamo Moscow 2: 1, standing on the quarantine bedside table (sex in the army) – Football.Past and Present – Blogs

This is the final, 23rd story from the cycle “The first six months of adult life against the background …” of Dynamo Kiev’s games in the 1986 USSR Championship.

During the week of being in quarantine, we, the newly arrived recruits, began to get used to all the hardships and hardships of army life. And the already loud command of the sergeant: “The company is up!”, Which sounded the alarm at seven in the morning, ceased to be something extraordinary. Like those notorious 45 seconds. They got dressed – everyone got undressed much faster.There were, of course, older comrades, like a 25-year-old from Kiev. But now only he was suffering from his sluggishness. Frankly, it was funny to watch when a real man of a dense physique was basking when pushing up from the floor: “Comrade Sergeant, I can’t take it anymore!” after waiting, they again gave the order: “Take the emphasis lying down!” No, of course, we felt sorry for him. But as soon as they heard the “thin” voice of the guy, they immediately began to choke with laughter.It must be admitted that the sergeant’s lessons were not in vain for the Kievite. When his parents and his wife took the oath to him, he was right at checkpoint-1 with the words: “Look what I can do!” what caused laughter and bewilderment of the entire surrounding outfit and our lads from quarantine, who also went out to meet their relatives.

Exercise no longer seemed like hard labor to us, and the impression was created that all our lives in the morning after getting up did nothing but run in formation and do various physical exercises under the command of the sergeant.And white bread with white and yellow butter spread on it, and with hot tea, became for us the most demanded delicacy. Now no one choked on breakfast, lunch and dinner, not keeping up with the sergeants. Everyone was used to eating food quickly, and even had time to talk. Household work in part ceased to be perceived as an extra load, and was a real recreation in nature. In general, everyone is already accustomed to the daily routine of the army quarantine, and slowly got involved in it. To paraphrase a phrase popular in the army environment, mother’s homemade pies have already completely come out of us.

Now no one jumped on your head from the second tier of iron beds when lifting, and there were no long tiresome lights out when sergeants drilled young soldiers who had not yet taken the oath, trying not only to get up – to lie down while putting on – taking off their uniforms for the prescribed standard, but also that the HeBushki be culturally folded on chairs painted in standard blue. On top of the form, belts, hats and boots with footcloths wound on them are already near the chairs on the side of the aisle.

With footcloths, that was a different story altogether.Only a few could correctly wind them on their legs. Moreover, the guys who “steamed” in quarantine are much larger than us, they also could not learn how to do it. Not all, but many. Hence, frequent visits of future soldiers of the Soviet army, who are undergoing the course of a young soldier, to the medical unit have also become a habit. After all, from improperly wound footcloths on the legs, blisters popped up, which burst and were erased by sweat until they bleed. Many guys did not admit this to the sergeants until their legs began to swell.It was then that they shkandybali to the medical unit, where the warrant officer of the medical service, Berezovskaya Galina Ivanovna (the one who constantly sang with our group on holidays) began the treatment of “poor boys”, as she often expressed herself. Moreover, many wanted to get to the hospital in the medical unit. There was a small room with six beds. So some of our quarantine comrades had already managed to lie down in the hospital, and said that they had repeatedly seen Galina Ivanovna change into a white robe in the morning upon arrival, and then back into her dress for going home for lunch and in the evening.And not hiding from the soldier’s gaze, as if deliberately doing all this unhurriedly. And on the doors, after all, the glass is almost full-length. Galina Ivanovna wore a military uniform only on the general formation of the unit once a week. By the way, there were rumors that the ensign was not indifferent to the conscript nurse assigned to our support company. Whether it was true, I do not know. But really, there was some kind of closeness between them, sincere, that’s right. Galina Ivanovna spoke to him painfully.The way women do to their lovers.

By the way, about THIS, the soldiers of our military unit had a real “dry law”, which at that time raged throughout the country. But when they got to the meat, then they came off already in full. And if, God forbid, in whom the majority of the population of the powerful and large Soviet Union still did not believe in those years, one of the soldiers picked up venereal diseases, such as gonorrhea, then after curing such a careless soldier, they were immediately sent to the garrison guardhouse in Tbilisi (where the author of these lines also had the pleasure of being, only for a different reason).The commander of our military unit strictly monitored the moral character of his subordinates, and not only soldiers of the rank and file and non-commissioned officers fell into the garrison. This fate did not escape the officers. Already in the second year of my service, Lieutenant Barseghyan arrived at our unit, he is still a tomboy from the Armenians. So because of his amorous adventures between him and other officers, showdowns often arose over the female sex. Husbands, having caught their wives of treason with this Armenian, were ready to tear him to small pieces.True, the dark-haired summer turned out to be strong and not out of a timid dozen, he could always stand up for himself. And to the cuckolds he explained everything with one intelligible phrase, which a Ukrainian colleague taught him in the recent cadet past: “A bitch ne schoche – a dog does not jump up.” So he spoke in pure Ukrainian language. What angered the deceived husbands even more. To us, the soldiers, with whom Barseghyan talked, he said, they say, here is a girl with you after intimacy. And you look at her, and do not admire, but think that this is a bitch, this is how many men she had before me, and so I want to drop into such a beautiful face with all its might that I just won’t save …

By the way, the future head of my post, and so far the head of the quarantine warrant officer Savitsky, also suffered because of his love.He served in our unit. And already under his demobilization, the foreman, the father of one of the girls hit him. The senior warrant officer enters the company, and the door to the locker is open. Not in order! He looked inside, and there his little daughter was on the side of the soldier’s underwear, prepared for handing over, with a vengeance on the conscripts. So the poor soldier of the Soviet army had to get married in order to avoid trouble in the form of rape charges, and at the same time write an application for admission to the school of warrant officers. So instead of the expected demobilization, my warrant officer only went on vacation for 45 days, and connected his subsequent life with the army.

As a matter of fact, the guys were running for sexual relaxation in a nearby tourist center. You can’t really indulge with local Georgians – the mustachioed abreks are jumping) And beautiful girls often came to the camp site to rest. When my parents unexpectedly showed up to me in Mtskheta in the second half of July 1987, we also rested at the camp site. So on my very first day I met a beautiful girl from Novosibirsk. In the evening on the street, after the announcement of the announcer with a Georgian accent into the microphone “Dancing is starting!”So, “Dances are coming to an end”, we met in the most close contact of the third kind on God knows what kind of approach. I thought that I had found myself a girlfriend for the next three days, while I and my parents would be based at the camp site. But not everything turned out as it was predicted. Already at midnight I heard loud voices from my room. As it turned out, it was the Georgians who came for “my girlfriend” and her two friends, who were living in the next “room” of a single long one-story building. So for the first time I got to know the prostitutes in person.And the aunt who lived with them in the same room was their pimp. Soldiers from our unit ran to such “vacationers”. Rather, in the summer they swam across the Kura and went AWOL until morning.

And the girls were simply not averse to experiencing the warm soldier’s love. Often, women’s teams in various sports visited the camp site for training, like the USSR national rowing team. Just when the Kura was “enraged,” and the current was so impetuous that if you look at it for a long time, your head began to spin.So then the soldiers of the second year of service in a crowd burst into dismissals on weekends, and on any day the officers suddenly had urgent matters outside the unit. They all had one destination – the camp site. And if, for example, relatives with their brides or wives came to some of the soldiers, then their beauties could not be left for a minute. Georgians, after all, they are hot guys and often cannot curb their temperament, plus their natural charm, before which not every beauty can resist. I did not have time to run to the store to buy sweets, fulfilling the request of my sweetheart, as, going out into the street, you only see how your love is taken away in a black Volga in an unknown direction.Naturally, the indignant guy flies headlong into the police. But there, apparently, this is not the first time when faced with such statements from the soldiers of the Soviet army, and even visiting tourists, they are not in a hurry to search for the loss. And in the evening the “stolen” girl returns in the same black “Volga”. All stunned like that, a little drunk and with gifts in the form of money and expensive things. Such cases also happened to the soldiers of our unit.

Or here the daughter of a warrant officer met with the son of one of the commanders, who was in high positions.The boy was a cadet in a military school. The lovers have already had their wedding date set. But it never happened. The cadet arrived on vacation earlier than expected. And he did not tell anyone about his arrival, he wanted to surprise everyone, but first of all to his beloved. I threw my things into DOS-2 (the house of officers’ families), and literally flew on the wings of love from the first entrance to the second. Such a cherished door turned out to be open. All excited from the upcoming meeting went inside, and there, right in the hallway, a soldier of urgent service bent his excited love into the pose of a broken birch … There was a scandal.The wedding was canceled. And the soldier met his demobilization on the lip and served another two months, doing the dirtiest work in the guardhouse.

But basically the soldiers interrupted in THIS PLAN from bread to water and were on a starvation diet. The unit commander strictly forbade the daughters of the commanding staff to appear near the barracks, especially in the summer. But beauties often ignored these prohibitions. Surely I liked to defile in front of the burning eyes of conscripts, either in sports suits in such tightness, as if they were born in them, or in mini-skirts, more reminiscent of belts, or in shorts, pulled up to the point of impossibility, revealing all the girlish charms behind.And the girls did not wear anything under the translucent T-shirts … The warriors of the invincible Soviet army were already moaning from their overwhelming desires when they looked at such pictures on-line. So, it was not for nothing that the unit commander introduced his own bans.

The officers’ wives in this aspect were more moderate, but they also often trotted in front of the soldiers either in miniskirts or in tight pants. And the women themselves were not averse to gawking at the naked young bodies of the defenders of the Motherland. Behind the soldiers’ bath (where there was also a pool, but only for the senior command personnel and officer families) there was a summer shower.And next to it was the KBO (consumer services plant), where soldiers’ clothes were steamed and washed. Some of the officers’ wives did it. So on the days when the soldiers were running march-throws in full gear (that is, with duffel bags, machine guns, pouches, etc., etc.) uphill for capturing (this is such a high stone tower, such as a fortress, on top which since ancient times they lit fires with abundant smoke at the sight of an advancing enemy), then up to a dozen curious female (and girlish, too, as they later learned) eyes gathered in the CCD.After all, after they hand over their weapons to the ruzhpark and put their duffel bags where they should be, the soldiers will go to cool down and wash under an outside shower. And everyone will strip naked … We knew that we were being constantly monitored by the BWC, but did not pay any attention to it.

And the most popular TV program among conscripts was “Rhythmic Gymnastics”, which was also initially forbidden by the unit commander. After all, the fighters, looking at the girls in tights, making such alluring sexual movements to the music, were excited.And then where to put this very excitement? And very often after watching “Rhythmic Gymnastics”, the old servicemen, aggressively disposed from overexcitement, did not let the “salabons” get off the ground and drove them to sweat while cleaning the floors and cleaning the sinks under the washbasins with toothbrushes. Everything would be fine, only now it came to fists …

Well, how was it possible for the sexually “hungry” soldiers to calmly watch such rhythmic gymnastics on TV? Therefore, during their broadcast, the unit commander strictly forbade the soldiers to turn on the TVs under fear of the guardhouse in the guardhouse of their home unit.But these prohibitions were largely ignored, and every week our “lip” was replenished with three or four sufferers.

We, recruits, who are undergoing the course of a young soldier, have not even thought about any women there. And the most cherished dream was to eat well and, having reached such a longed-for end, to pass out in a dead sleep on his bed on the official sheets under the inventory numbers and under the same official blue blankets with three lines at the legs. Yes, bromine was added to tea to calm men’s needs.But this did not help much. And all of us, fighters, at the sight of women, looked at them with wild glances of hungry predators.

On the day of the final match of the entire USSR football championship in 1986, I stood on the nightstand. A boot disease attacked and my left leg was swollen. And I didn’t rub it with improperly dressed footcloths. It’s just that the leg below became round like a log. At first I was scared in earnest. But the sergeant quickly dispelled all my fears, and said that this is a common thing for recruits – a boot disease. Like, you walk around in slippers for a couple of days, and everything will pass.As expected, they took me to the medical unit, and I entered the quarantine outfit until this very boot disease passed completely. I immediately agreed with the guys from the outfit to stand on the nightstand during the football “Dynamo” Kiev – “Dynamo” Moscow, and when someone from the authorities appeared, shout in all my tinned throat: “The company on duty at the exit!” … My “colleagues” in quarantine agreed, but on one condition that instead of two hours, all four would be idle on the bedside table, from 17.00. Since 19.00 the outfit started scrubbing the floors with soap, and standing on the bedside table then, it was something like a rest. I agreed, and from five o’clock in the evening I counted the minutes until the start of such a longed-for game. The sergeants turned on the TV at half past six, and I stood on the bedside table in front of the screen. So I saw and heard everything well. And then the TV picture went….

Even when the Moscow Dynamo were loaded onto the Moscow – Kiev train, the conductor of their carriage asked to show her Igor Kolyvanov. Responding to Dynamo’s taunts about the young striker, the conductor replied that just a week ago Lobanovsky’s “chicks” were returning to Kiev in the same carriage and everyone chirped together that it would be necessary to erect a monument to Kolyvanov in Kiev, and that a man-made one would be better. , and on December 7, after the return game, he will put up a big mug with an awesome snack.Kolyvanov, having learned the reason for such a genuine interest in his person on the part of the female in the form of a conductor, was embarrassed. Especially when the curious beauty was explained such kindness of the people of Kiev towards Igor – he could have buried all the champion ambitions of the winners of the Cup Winners’ Cup and the base club of the national team of the Union on November 29 in Moscow, realize at least a couple of all the chances that were presented to him during the match. But Kolyvanov did not score, leaving his bombarding passion for the return final in the capital of the Ukrainian SSR, the hero city of Kiev.

One hundred thousand spectators in the crowded Republican Stadium emitted such a hum that they often drowned out the commentator’s words. Especially after goals were scored against Alexey Prudnikov in the first half. First, Vasya Rat took advantage of an unsuccessful discount to the goalkeeper from Viktor Vasiliev on 15 minutes and hit the target for sure. At that moment I already jumped for joy on the bedside table, but at the last moment I refrained from loud manifestations of my emotions.

And the Kievites continued to attack.Tolya Demyanenko, Vladimir Bessonov, Vasya Rat, Pasha Yakovenko, Igor Belanov, Sasha Zavarov, Vadik Yevtushenko and Oleg Blokhin were simply unstoppable, over and over again setting intractable tasks for Dynamo Moscow. World superstars, neither get up nor take! The guests’ defense is bursting at the seams, and at 35 minutes it does not withstand the pressure on its goal. Experienced Alexander Golovnya knocks down Demyanenko in his own penalty area. Penalty! Thousands, millions of Dynamo hearts, beating in unison with the people of Kiev on the field, began to jump out of excitement and an overabundance of feelings from the chest.After all, now the fate of the 49th USSR Championship may be decided. Igor Belanov approaches the ball. Acceleration, blow-rr. Prudnikov was trying to twitch something there, but the ball flying to the right corner of the goal was simply unrealistic to take – 2: 0! The whole stadium roared with indescribable delight, and then in a single impulse began to chant: Dynamo Kiev is the champion! Dynamo Kiev is the champion !! Dynamo Kiev is the champion !!! “. And so I wanted to support this cry at that moment that I will simply not save. But I had to restrain my emotions.

In the second half, the teams clearly received different instructions. Kievans, following the principles of the rational game preached by Valery Lobanovsky, counted on the firmness of their defensive redoubts and quick sharp counterattacks. But their Moscow teammates entered the second half as their last and most decisive battle! And now Viktor Chanov has to demonstrate all his skills at the goal, and defenders Sergei Baltache, Oleg Kuznetsov, Anatoly Demyanenko and Vladimir Bessonov, together with all his teammates, stand to death on the outskirts of their penalty area.After all, there was nowhere to retreat under the fierce pressure of Dynamo Moscow. Behind the Vats at the gate! Kiev is behind !! Behind the whole Ukraine and millions of fans of the team throughout the USSR !!!

Already on the 56th minute Igor Kolyvanov after the brilliant pass of Viktor Vasiliev, who, as it were, did not notice three (!) Rivals, and his shot from the endline along the goal reduces the gap in the score – 1: 2. And now the fans’ hearts of Lobanovsky’s team began to beat in alarm. After all, whatever one may say, but Valery Vasilyevich’s antagonist, Eduard Vasilyevich Malofeev, managed to create a very strong ambitious team for half a season.Viktor Losev, Igor Dobrovolsky, Igor Kolyvanov and Alexander Borodyuk were the core of the USSR Olympic team, which, under the strict guidance of another antagonist of Lobanovsky, Anatoly Byshovets, will soon win gold medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. And if we add to this impudent youngsters the more experienced Alexei Prudnikov, Boris Pozdnyakov (who, by the way, have passed the excellent football Spartak training with another VL antagonist – Konstantin Ivanovich Beskov), Alexander Novikov, Igor Bulanov, Vasily Karataev and Alexander Golovnya (who after the match “ fired “in the Moscow” Lokomotiv “, who played in the First Union League and the former fifth wheel in the cart of four Moscow clubs -” Spartak “,” Dynamo “,” Torpedo “and CSKA), then we get the dream of any coach – a fusion of youth and experience.Not for nothing, after all, after the game, the editor of West German “Kicker” Karl-Heinz Heimann, not hiding his enthusiasm about the match and the situation around it, said something like “The game of Dynamo Kiev once again amazed. But Europe is already used to it. But I did not expect that Dynamo Moscow will play so powerfully. I have discovered a new superclub for myself! ”

By the middle of the second half, the Kievites were able to level the game, the flanks were actively working again. But they provided valid last minutes for their fans.

When the final whistle of the referee from Yoshkar-Ola, Alexander Khokhryakov, who also judged the first Dynamo confrontation in Moscow on November 29, sounded, the entire stadium rose to its feet in a single burst. Why is there the Republican Stadium, all of Ukraine rejoiced! Dynamo Kiev became the champion of the country for the twelfth time in its history. No one has ever achieved such success in the USSR! Glory to you, our Kiev Dynamo, and honor !!!

Igor Belanov prepared to hit a penalty, after which the score on the scoreboard of the Republican Stadium will become 2: 0 in favor of Dynamo Kiev.

Nobody wanted to give in. It was simply unrealistic to pass the captain of Dynamo Kiev, Anatoly Demyanenko. Although at the gates of the Kievites, fires nevertheless occurred, which, except once, could be liquidated in time.

And here it is, a circle of honor after a well-deserved victory. Third from left – the future owner of the Soviet “Golden Ball” for the best football player in 1986, the favorite of the entire Kiev torsida Alexander Zavarov. Third from the right (not counting the head with golden curls of Oleg Kuznetsov) – the future owner of the European “Golden Ball” -1986 “football Karl Lewis” Igor Belanov.

At the end of the 1986 season, news, joyful for the fans of Kiev, continued to come. At first, everyone found out that Alexander Zavarov was recognized as the best football player in the country. He was named the first 81 times in the poll by the Football – Hockey weekly, the second – 51, the third – 12, which brought a total of 357 points. Igor Belanov finished second with 313 points (first place – 64 times, second – 54, third – 13). “Bronze” was taken by Oleg Blokhin, who was experiencing his new birth in 1986 – 81 points (1 – 13, 2 – 10, 3 – 22).Then there were Pavel Yakovenko (Dynamo Kiev), Alexander Borodyuk (Dynamo Moscow), Yuri Savichev (Torpedo Moscow), Rinat Dasaev (Spartak Moscow), Vladimir Bessonov (Dynamo Kiev), Vasily Rat ( Dynamo Kiev), Vagiz Khidiyatullin (Spartak Moscow). That is, the first four places were for Dynamo Kiev, and there were six of them in the top ten against four Muscovites from different clubs.

Very little time has passed, and the time has come to rejoice not only for the fans of Dynamo Kiev, but for the whole country – Igor Belanov became the owner of the Golden Ball for the best football player in Europe! According to a poll by the French weekly France Football, the sprinter from Odessa with 84 points scored bypassed the top scorer of the Mexican World Cup Gary Lineker (Everton, Barcelona) from England (62 points) and the hawk of the Spanish and Madrid national teams. Real Madrid Emilio Butrageno (59).Each of the 33 UEFA members named their top three players. Igor Belanov was named in 21 profiles (more often than all others, Lineker at 18, Butrageno at 20). The top ten also included: 4-5 places, Amoro (France, Monaco) and Elqujaer (Denmark, Verona) – 22 points; 6-7, Zavarov (USSR, Dynamo Kiev) and Rush (Wales, Liverpool) – 20; 8-9, Dukadam (Romania, Steaua) and Van Basten (Holland, Ajax) – 10; tenth place – Altobelli (Italy, Internazionale) – 9. Winner of the last three Ballon d’Or 1983-1985.Frenchman Michel Platini from Juventus Turin took “only” twelfth place in the poll.

And, finally, the English “World Soccer” before the New Year 1987 published their lists of the best players, teams and coaches in the world based on the results of the outgoing 1986. And in all nominations, Dynamo Kiev came second. Igor Belanov follows the newly-made world champion, the inimitable Argentinean Diego Maradona. Valery Lobanovskiy was bypassed by the coach of the Belgian national team Guy Tees (who beat Mather at the 1986 World Cup – 4: 3 in extra time).And Dynamo Kiev lost the championship to Argentina. Such an enchanting season turned out to be for Dynamo Kiev in 1986.

And the author of these lines, a week after the Kievans won their twelfth champion title (and for the second time in a row), together with his comrades in the course of a young fighter, took the Oath, and gave two years for the people, carrying the main service on duty (mostly permanent) in the facility “Underground” in the mountain … But that’s a completely different story.

Almost immediately after the Oath at the entrance to the facility.Kostya Rubtsov from Kakhovsky residential area Svetlovo (studied together with DOSAAF), Kiev resident Andryukha Shpakovich (TV master), we skip further, not our call, and the author of these lines, Alexander Kostenko. All of us, for now, are Salabons. But as time passes, we will gradually transform every six months into “elephants”, “scoops”, “grandfathers” and “citizens” …

Dynamo (Kiev) – Dynamo (Moscow) 2: 1 (2: 0)

December 7, 1986.17:00. Kiev. Republican stadium. Cloudy. 6 degrees. 100,000 viewers.

Judges: A. Khokhryakov (Yoshkar-Ola), V. Belousov (Volzhsky), N. Zakharov (Vladimir).

Dynamo K: Chanov, Bessonov, Baltacha, Kuznetsov, Demyanenko (k), Rat, Yakovenko (Evseev, 88), Belanov, Zavarov, Evtushenko, Blokhin (Mikhailichenko, 85).

Dynamo M: Prudnikov (k), Losev, Pozdnyakov, Novikov, Golovnya (Stukashov, 82), Dobrovolsky, Bulanov, Vasiliev, Kolyvanov, Karataev, Borodyuk.

Goals: 1: 0 Rat (15), 2: 0 Belanov (36, from the penalty spot), 2: 1 Kolyvanov (56).

Warnings: Blokhin, Yakovenko, Kuznetsov, Bessonov – Novikov, Bulanov, Golovnya.

Substitutes – 1: 2. Goals: Nefedov – Golovnya, Gagloev.

Note: first round match, postponed from May 2 due to the employment of Dynamo Kiev players in the USSR national team


9 October 2015

Kostenko Alexander Alexandrovich


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