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Содержание : Set of 100 Yellow Mini Icicle Christmas Lights

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Light Source Type




Power Source

Corded Electric



Special Feature



Brite Star




120 Volts

Item Dimensions LxWxH

93. 6 x 1 x 3 inches


41 watts

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    by entering your model number.

  • Set Of 100 Yellow Icicle Christmas Lights With White Wire

  • Lighted length is 7 feet with 3 inches space between each bulb

  • End to end connectors make it easy to connect multiple strands

  • Replacement bulbs and spare fuses are included

  • Suitable for outdoor use; if one bulb burns out, the rest will stay lit

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LED Icicle Lights vs. Incandescent

Everybody knows that Christmas lights are the best way to impress your neighbors or customers during the holidays, and LED icicle lights are one of the best options for doing so. One of the reasons is that LED lights have different actions like steady burn and twinkling, whereas incandescent lights can usually only use steady burn. While incandescent lights tend to only be one bulb shape, LED icicle lights have the option of either sticking to the more traditional M5 shape or using a wide angle bulb that spreads the light further in each direction.

One of the biggest differences between incandescent and LEDs is that LED icicle lights typically run on less watts while maintaining the same brightness, making them more energy efficient. This is a huge benefit, especially for displays that use more lights than others. LED lights are also known for their lifetime which means less money and time shopping for replacements.. Also contrary to incandescent lights, LED lights can connect up to 40 strands at a time making them perfect for larger outdoor displays.

Types of Icicle Lights

As with all our string lights, there are quite a variety of icicle string light styles to choose from. Different from some other styles of string lights, icicle lights have different functions in addition to the variations of color and length to choose from. This allows you to create highly customized decor indoors or outdoors. One popular use for icicle lights is hanging them off gutters or the edges of roofs for the holiday season. This is a great look to leave up all season long, or if you don’t celebrate specific holidays but still want to brighten up your home during the long winter. If you want to create an outdoor display, be sure to check that the string sets you like are safe for outdoor use.

To create a similar look inside, icicle lights can be hung from open doorways and over windows. Though less common, icicle lights can also be used on trees and basically anywhere else you’d expect to see traditional Christmas lights. One benefit to using icicle lights on a tree is the lights are naturally staggered on the string, so it takes less effort to create an evenly lit tree.


We offer a wide selection of colors to choose from with icicle string light sets. To create a solid and somewhat natural icicle look, use a string set with one color of lights. If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, choose from vibrant colors alone or paired together, the traditional multi-color set, and even color changing string sets.


String lights with action capabilities can be even more eye-catching than the traditional steady burn. Once a string light set is turned on, a steady burn string set will continuously emit the light’s colors, much like common light bulbs do. A twinkling light set, on the other hand, turns the light on and off to create a shimmering effect. Multi-function string lights combine various styles of lights into one string set. These are more specialized, so each multi-function string has different capabilities. Multi-function string lights are nice because you can set various moods all in one display.

How to Hang LED Icicle Lights for Christmas Decoration

LED icicle lights are versatile in their applications so decorating for the Christmas season is a breeze! The lights can be hung from awnings, porches, railings, doorways and more. They can also be used for indoor applications like behind curtains for an atmospheric glow or hung from rafters. Whether you want the lights indoors, outdoors or both, we offer different mounting for each place.

Best Christmas Lights 2021 | Holiday Lights for Indoor and Outdoor

Staff, Courtesy of SYLVANIA

The holidays are a joyous time—friends and family, food, festive decorations (once they’re up, that is). Before you can actually enjoy them, you have to deal with the frustrations of burned-out bulbs, tangled wires, colors that don’t pop. One solution to kick off your holiday a little more smoothly is to start with the right lights. To help, we’ve tested some of the most popular LED and incandescent strings of lights to help sort out the differences.

Traditional Incandescent Versus LED Lights

Traditional “mini lights” use a tiny incandescent bulb that presses into a plastic socket. The contacts on the light bulb are thin wires that are bent back and contact the socket when the bulb is pressed in. There are some common issues with this type of light. For one, putting them up and taking them down can wiggle the bulbs and cause intermittent contact in the socket, making them go out or come back on. Even worse, if one bulb is out, a whole section of the string of lights will go out. With the larger lights (C7, C9) that screw in, the bulbs can loosen in the socket or possibly overheat, melting tinsel or plastic ornaments.

People often look to LED lights to solve their holiday lighting problems—because they use less power, more strings can be connected to create displays that would impress even Clark Griswold—but there are some things to consider. One of the big issues is the “color” of white lights—typically, you’ll see white LED lights offered in warm, daylight, and cool. Daylight is generally going to look the whitest, while cool white trends toward blue, and warm white is more amber—like a traditional candle light. When it comes to multicolor lights, this isn’t as big an issue. However, if you light the traditional colors of incandescent mini lights, you’ll find the colors themselves aren’t quite the same. With larger LEDs, meant to mimic actual screw-in bulbs, the colors are a bit closer.

There are two kinds of wiring harness that string LED lights together. The first type is wired almost exactly like traditional mini lights; the LED sits inside a plastic “bulb” and is pressed into the mini light socket. Over time, these may develop some of the same intermittent contact issues of the incandescent lights—it is less likely, but still possible. The upside is that an LED can be replaced if it goes out. On the second type of LED light string, the LED is soldered right to the wire string, and then sealed. The benefit here is that there aren’t any wires or sockets to loosen, but if an LED goes out there’s no easy way to replace it.

Keep in mind: You should always refer to the manufacturer’s product information to determine exactly how many lights can be strung together.

How We Tested

Every holiday light string on this list has been tested and evaluated by our team of test editors. To select the lights, we researched the market, surveyed user reviews, and used our own experience with these types of string lighting to determine the best options. We selected typical examples of the various options and installed them on an artificial tree, stretching them out, stringing them up, lighting them, taking them down, and rolling them back up for storage. We evaluated the lights based on value, function, performance, aesthetics, and ease of use. Here are 10 we recommend.

Editors’ Choice

Brizled Warm White/MultiColor LED String Lights



These LED lights from Brizled have a little something for just about everyone. The 66-foot string of lights features nine color/blinking functions, as well as a three-step dimmer, a timer, and a remote control. The functions include steady on for both warm white and multicolors, blinking for both, and several versions of blinking or fading with varied timing. The warm white was a pleasant color, not leaning too much toward yellow, and the colored LEDs were a little on the pastel side—as advertised. The wire strand is silver so it is a little obvious in daylight, but the light set is also offered with black wire, which will be less visible. The built-in timer will run the lights for 6 hours on then 18 off. While these lights can be used outdoors, the plug and transformer/control box need to be protected from water.

  • Lighting modes for every taste
  • Built-in timer
  • Colors may be pale for some people

Best White/Clear Coat

Sylvania Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mini Lights

Sylvania’s Mini Lights are good old-fashioned incandescent Christmas tree lights, with a warm white glow. The set consists of a string of 100 lights for a total length of about 21 feet, though you can link up to five sets. Out of the box the lights are set up to stay lit, but with the included blinker bulbs they can be set to blink. We tested the lights in both steady on and blinking modes, and they functioned as expected. When we initially unwound the light strings, we found that kinks in the wire had a strong memory. After we stretched them out tight a couple times, they were easier to handle and didn’t tangle as much. If you like the nostalgic, warm glow of white, incandescent holiday lights, these will be right up your alley. Note that, because they are very much the same type of lights used for years, over time they may develop some of the quirky behaviors where sections of light go out until you wiggle the right bulb.

  • Traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Steady-on or blink modes
  • May become finicky over time

Best LED/Warm White

Yuletime Warm White LED Christmas String Lights

amazon. com


These lights from Yuletime are basically just like traditional mini lights, except with LEDs in bulb housings replacing the incandescent bulb. Due to this, there is a possibility of intermittent contact and lights flickering on/off, although try as we might, we could not get them to blink out. This set comes with 200 lights strung at a length of 66 feet, and does not have a blink option. The LEDs have a warm light, leaning toward an amber glow—by our judgment, slightly more yellow than traditional incandescent lights.

  • Traditional-looking bulbs
  • Possible flickering as lights get older

Best Musical Lights

Bright Tunes Warm White LED String Lights

When we saw these Bright Tunes Bluetooth LED lights, we couldn’t resist testing them out. Yes, they’re a gimmick, but for folks who enjoy over-the-top holiday displays, these might be the thing they’ve been missing. The 26-foot string has 80 warm white LEDs, 4 speakers, and a Bluetooth module—with an auxiliary input—on the plug end. When we connected a smartphone and played some music for the first time, we had to giggle, and then admit that it didn’t sound bad at all—although, if you’re an audiophile, you may disagree. We found at moderate volumes, for background or mood music, the speakers sounded pretty clear. If we really turned up the volume to actively listen, the sound broke up a little. Up to five strands of lights/speakers can be strung together, and with more speakers it is easier to fill a room with sound without cranking the volume. For the money, we can’t complain—on the contrary, these can be a fun addition to your holiday festivities.

  • Musical lights!
  • Simple control—no app needed
  • Sound quality deteriorates at higher volumes

Best Traditional Colors

Sylvania Mini Christmas Lights, Multicolor

Sylvania’s multicolor Mini Lights are just like the colored Christmas lights you grew up with. This three-pack set with 150 lights each has a total of 450 incandescent bulbs on a spool, which adds up to a total length of 40 feet. We used the lights in both steady on and blinking modes without issue. As with Sylvania’s clear Mini Lights, these are very much the same type of lights that have been in use for decades. Over time they may develop some of the quirky behaviors where sections of light go out until you wiggle the right bulb.

  • Traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Steady-on or blink modes
  • May become finicky over time

Most Vibrant LED Colors

Epesl Fairy Twinkle Christmas Lights

This massive, 115-foot strand of colored Twinkle Christmas Lights, with 320 LEDs, can cover a lot of tree. The strands have waterproof connectors at the ends, allowing up to five sets to be strung together—for a total of 575 linear feet of lighting. This makes them an ideal candidate for outdoor lighting displays. In testing, we confirmed the functions of eight lighting modes that include steady on, twinkle, sequential, slow glow, fade, and combinations of fade and sequential. We found the colors to be vibrant and reminiscent of traditional incandescent mini lights. But what we really like about this type of LED holiday lights is no-hassle reliability in comparison to incandescent light sets.

  • Rated IP44, waterproof
  • Run up to five strands together for big outdoor displays
  • May be too long for smaller trees

Best LED, Cool White

Yuletime Cool White LED Christmas String Lights

amazon. com


These performed exactly like the warm white option from Yuletime (above), except the cool white leans toward a bluish glow—which might be a bit of a surprise, if you’re not expecting it. This pack gives you 200 lights across a total of 66 feet, which can be connected to an impressive 30 strands total.

  • Traditional-looking bulbs
  • Possible flickering as lights get older

Best Large Bulb Color

SkrLights 25Ft C7 Christmas Lights

SkrLights brings you classic, colored, big holiday lights with screw-in glass bulbs. The light strand is 25 feet long with 27 bulbs, in five colors. The sockets have clips molded into them to help hang the lights and orient them the way you want. We haven’t used this style of light in a while, and we forgot how much heat they generate. The thermal cycles being turned on and off can cause the bulbs to loosen, so if you have a bulb out, always check first that it’s tight. The set comes with two spare bulbs, which you’ll likely use—the bulbs can break easily on hard surfaces. These lights are designed for indoor/outdoor use.

  • Traditional big colored bulbs

Best Specialty Lights

Purtuemy Falling Rain Lights Christmas Lights



Purtuemy’s Falling Rain Lights, or icicle lights, will look sharp hung in the right tree or along the bottom edges of a roof. The string of lights is 10½ feet long, with eight icicle tubes, each 12 inches long. You can string up to five sets together with waterproof connectors, but the plug is not waterproof, so it will need to plug into a protected receptacle. We found the lights work exactly as advertised, with the LEDs in each tube illuminating in a downward sequence, and each tube starting at random intervals. The pure white LEDs are double-sided so they’re visible from any angle. If you’re considering stepping up your holiday light game this year, these icicle lights just might do the trick. While these are designed for outdoor use, there is no reason you couldn’t use them inside.

  • Nice random illumination pattern
  • Inexpensive for specialty lights

Bradley Ford
Test Editor
Brad Ford has spent most of his life using tools to fix, build, or make things.

Paige Szmodis
Paige Szmodis is an editor for Runner’s World, Bicycling, and Popular Mechanics, who researches and writes home, tech, and outdoor product reviews and news.

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The Best Christmas Lights for 2021

Our pick

Like all LED models, the GE Colorite lights are safer, more durable, and longer lasting than traditional incandescent lights, and they barely draw any electricity at all. Among the LEDs we looked at, we found that the GE Colorite’s hues of warm white and especially multicolor closely matched those of traditional incandescents. They also have a tidy wire that doesn’t curl or twist, simplifying the task of draping them through a tree or storing them in the off-season. The bulbs should last for at least 10 holiday seasons, and you can replace individual bulbs if they go out (or you can just leave those; the rest of the strand will stay lit). Although you can use the Colorite sets outdoors, we think they’re best for indoor use, since the bulbs aren’t completely watertight. Overall, these lights offer better benefits and have fewer drawbacks than any other indoor lights we tested.


The GE lights have sold out quickly the past few years, so if that happens again, we recommend the Christmas Designers T5 Smooth LED Christmas Lights (available in warm white, multicolor, or solid color). In our tests the multicolor lights looked as good as those from GE, while the warm white lights had a cooler tone that was a little further from the coziness of an incandescent.

Also great

For outdoor use, we recommend the Christmas Lights Etc Kringle Traditions Wide-Angle 5mm Outdoor LED Christmas Tree Lights, available in white, multicolor, or single color in a variety of lengths and bulb spacings. These lights offer all the benefits of LEDs as well as a design that makes each bulb impervious to moisture for weeks in the snowy, sleety, rainy outdoors—we confirmed that by leaving a lit set submerged in a water-filled bucket all day. We liked the warmth of the color, the bright light output, and the manageable wires. Due to the unusual design of the wide-angle bulb, the brightness of each changes dramatically depending on where you’re standing, giving the lights texture and depth when they’re draped over a tree or twisting around a porch post. Because they’re likely to be exposed to harsh exterior conditions, these lights have a shorter lifespan than indoor LEDs, but you can still expect six or seven seasons out of them. The only major drawback is that they’re a bit too bright for indoor use. Pro lighting designers and other experts have consistently named this particular type of bulb as the ideal choice for outdoor holiday-lighting displays. If the Christmas Lights Etc lights aren’t available, Christmas Designers makes a similar string light that’s just as good but a little less bright.

Also great

Last, if you’re not ready to give up the unique warm twinkle of incandescents on an indoor tree, Christmas Lights Etc’s Clear Christmas Tree Mini Lights are our favorites. These mini-light sets emit the warmest overall light, and like our other picks, they have an easy-handling wire. They also cost less than an LED strand, but they’re not as durable, they’re less efficient, and they won’t last as long—you can expect 2,000 to 3,000 hours of use, versus an average life of 20,000 hours for our pick. That’s just the bulb life, too, not even taking into account how fragile and easily breakable an incandescent filament is.

Upgrade pick

Twinkly Generation II Smart RGB-W LED String Lights

With 16 million color choices and a library of customizable animations and effects, the Twinklys are incredibly versatile. But they are expensive, and the app could use some work.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $160.

If you really want your home to sparkle and shine for the winter holiday—and maybe for other occasions, too—get the 250-count Twinkly Generation II Smart RGB-W LED String Lights. These Wi-Fi–enabled Christmas lights offer 16 million color choices that can be employed in any number of moving, blinking, multicolored patterns. With the app’s built-in “mapping” feature, you can even single out individual lights to create custom effects that spiral around your Christmas tree, or your railing, or wherever else you choose to set them up. They are significantly more expensive than most other Christmas lights, but the endless possibilities and weather-resistant construction mean you can also keep them strung up all year round and customize the colors to go with every occasion. You can even sync the flashing lights to move in time with music. As impressive as the Twinkly app might be, it does glitch on occasion, and the user interface could use some improvements, particularly on the mapping feature and the music sync. Still, we expect this software to continue to improve; we even observed some noticeably helpful firmware updates in the course of our testing. And even with the app frustrations, the Twinklys offer enough options that you’ll get your money’s worth—or at least you’ll never get bored. (Also available in a 400-count set that will save you more money per bulb.)

Get more of our Christmas decorating recommendations

Vickerman 70-Light LED Bright White M5 Icicle Lights – Contemporary – Holiday Lighting – by Vickerman Company

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9′ LED Green Single Mold M5 Icicle light set features 70 lights on white wire with 8″ drop spacing and 3.5″ bulb spacing. This set has the ability to connect to as many as 45 sets. 4.8 watts.Icicle Bulb Sequinence is 4-5-6-7-4-5-4-4-5-6-7-4-5-4, Color box

  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Manufacturer .

Overview: 9′ LED Green Single Mold M5 Icicle light set features 70 lights on white wire with 8″ drop spacing and 3.5″ bulb spacing. This set has the ability to connect to as many as 45 sets. 4.8 watts.Icicle Bulb Sequinence is 4-5-6-7-4-5-4-4-5-6-7-4-5-4, Color box

  • Dimension(inches): L108 x W1.5 x h31 x
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Type: Icicle Light Set
  • Light Style: M5
  • Light Count: 70
  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Light Color: Green
  • Light Technology: Single Mold LED
  • Watts: 4.8w .04amp
This Product Has Been Described As:
  • 20-30
  • 20-to-30
  • 70-bulbs
  • Christmas
  • green
  • icicle led
  • led icicle light strings
  • Vickerman

At Houzz we want you to shop for Vickerman Company Vickerman 70 Green M5 LED Icicle Light On White Wire 9′ Christmas Light Strand part # X6W3104 with confidence. You can read real customer reviews for this or any other product and even ask questions and get answers from us or straight from the brand. When you buy Vickerman Company Vickerman 70 Green M5 LED Icicle Light On White Wire 9′ Christmas Light Strand or any product product online from us, you become part of the Houzz family and can expect exceptional customer service every step of the way. If you have questions about Vickerman Company part # X6W3104 or any other product for sale, our customer service team is eager to help.

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Modern Romantic Chandelier Home Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room ZAK168 Feather Ceiling Pendant Light E27 Light Bulb Feather Lampshade for Floor Lamp and Table Lamp L,White

Modern Romantic Chandelier Home Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room ZAK168 Feather Ceiling Pendant Light E27 Light Bulb Feather Lampshade for Floor Lamp and Table Lamp L,White, Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room ZAK168 Feather Ceiling Pendant Light E27 Light Bulb Feather Lampshade for Floor Lamp and Table Lamp L,White Modern Romantic Chandelier Home, for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room ZAK168 Feather Ceiling Pendant Light E27 Light Bulb Feather Lampshade for Floor Lamp and Table Lamp L,White Modern Romantic Chandelier Home Decoration, and free delivery on eligible orders,Great prices on your favourite Home brands,Best department store online,Discount Shopping,The Luxury Lifestyle Portal,Give you the best quality and lowest price..

with stronger load bearing capacity. etc, Wire rope can adjust height, 1* Bulb, energy saving and safe, Material:Feather, Wide Application: The Feather Ceiling Pendant Light could be used in Living Room, As there is a residue in the production, 1* Sling, and incandescent bulbs, 2, the light is even and soft, Bedroom, L:Inner diameter 30 cm, ZAK168 Feather Ceiling Pendant Light, no more feathers will fall off after your shaking it off. study, Rose Red, Item type: Feather Ceiling Pendant Light. Size:, Hotel and more, Dining Room, 3, Great prices on your favourite Home brands, 3 colors for option, Wide range of applications: the feather chandeliers can be used in living rooms. White, Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 1, compatible with LED, safe and stable, Warm Notes:, Creative Design: Made of natural and high quality feather. E27 Light Bulb Feather Lampshade for Floor Lamp and Table Lamp. Study, Notes:, 1* Lampshade bracket, L, hotels, S:Inner diameter 20 cm, bedrooms, the light penetration is uniform and soft, Craftsmanship: Adopt thickening hardware chrome ceiling plate. rose red, energy saving and safe, unfolded feather 30 cm, Description:, and incandescent bulbs, White, With thick hardware chrome-plated ceiling, Made of high-quality feathers, but also shows your elegant taste, It’s not the quality issues when you see some feathers drop from the Light Shade. S, If it is damaged, 1* Ceiling plate, 1, and free delivery on eligible orders. Limited by packing, Thank you, Not only can create natural and warm atmosphere, 1* Feather lampshade, restaurants, Pink, pink, compatible with LED, Built-in E2 lamp holder for easy installation. Built-in E27 Lamp Holder: you could easily and safely install it. the feathers may look messy but they will be fluffy after few days of natural placement, Package includes:, LED Cap: E2, Easy Operation Safety: Beside the white feather shade, 2, unfolded feather 40 cm, Type: S, no replacement one will be sent, Due to the different monitor and light effect. The wire rope can be adjusted height, Color: White, : Kitchen & Home, Modern Romantic Chandelier Home Decoration for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures, it has stronger carrying capacity and is safe and stable.

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The yellow icicle belongs to the category of indeterminants; it grows in vigorous vines.Shoots reach a height of 3 m.
The variety is recommended for greenhouse conditions and for open beds (in unprotected ridges, the stems are pinched when growing up to 1.7 m).
Special features of tomato:

  • first brush – after 9 sheets;
  • subsequent bunches through 2-3 leaves;
  • on each bunch of 30 tomatoes;
  • indeterminate growth.

Medium late variety. The first crop is harvested 120–130 days after germination.

Icicle fruits of attractive elongated shape, colorful coloration, pleasant sweetish-sour taste.Tomatoes can be stored well for up to 1 month and can be transported without damage.

Description of tomatoes:

  • average weight – 150-180 g;
  • form – elongated;
  • color – bright yellow;
  • pulp – fleshy;
  • 90,051 dry matter level – 6%;

  • peel – strong;
  • small chamber;
  • dense consistency.

Plain icicle fruits are suitable for canning, used in fresh dishes, for preparing mashed potatoes and sauces, for drying in slices.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • extended fruiting;
  • commodity and canning properties;
  • versatility of cultivation;
  • adaptability to different conditions;
  • composition: vitamins, carotenes;
  • marketability and transportability.


  • needs shaping and pinning.


Productivity of the variety Yellow Icicle – 9–11 kg per 1 m².


Sowing begins in mid-March.

Bushes are planted in beds in 50-60 days. Adhere to a density of 3 shrubs per 1 m².

Growing and Care

Standard agricultural technology:

  • feeding;
  • watering;
  • shaping into 1–2 stems.

Diseases and pests

Yellow icicle is immune to disease:

  • late blight;
  • rot.

Preventive measures are carried out against parasites:

  • aphids;
  • shield;
  • ticks;
  • 90,051 whitefly.

Expert opinion

Valentina Rarely

Editor-in-chief An experienced summer resident and gardener.

The yellow icicle is suitable for home cooking and industrial preparations, it is liked for its neat shape and excellent taste.

Overall grade 5

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City: Shostka
Where it was grown: Open ground
Manufacturer: Siberian Garden

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Tomato seeds Yellow Icicle Elitsortsemena 0.1 g

Yellow Icicle is a mid-early tomato variety, fruiting period begins 110 days after germination.

Plant of determinant type, compact bush, 40-45 cm high, grown in open ground and in greenhouses.

Fruits are elongated, bright yellow in color, weighing 70-80 g, dense, do not crack, sweetish in taste. The variety is resistant to late blight, fruit marketability and high taste.

Used for the preparation of salads, culinary dishes, fresh consumption, canning.

The Good Harvest online store sends orders to all operating branches of Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta without a minimum order amount.
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Garland “Melting icicles” 8 pieces, 3Mx50cm, yellow, price 299 UAH.

Product video presentation :

Description :

LED garland “Melting icicles” (“falling drops”, “snowfall”).

The garland is a transparent PVC wire on which plastic tubes with LEDs 30 cm long hang every 30 cm, 8 pcs in total.

A special built-in microchip creates a “falling drop” light effect. A total of 144 LEDs in a garland, 18 in each icicle. It is possible to connect several sets in series – at the end of the garland there is a connector for connecting the next garland.

Icicles look very original in the New Year’s decor of buildings and premises, hanging from the roof, cornices, arches, trees, decorating the walls or a large New Year tree.

Electric garland “Melting Icicles”, with its shining from top to bottom, creates a beautiful light effect that will be a decoration for any interior, street, building, shop window, etc.

The garland is intended for indoor use. The LED icicles are powered from the 220V alternating current network. During the glow, when all the diodes are alternately lit, the effect of a drop of water running along the icicle is created. This is a beautiful and unforgettable sight.

LED Christmas garland “Melting Icicles” is highly durable, LED bulbs last a very long time, shine as brightly as possible, and at the same time do not consume a lot of power.

Specifications :

  • Power supply: 220V
  • Number of LED colors: 144 (18 LEDs in 8 icicles)
  • Number of modes: 1
  • Length:
    • Total: ≈3m
    • From first to last icicle: ≈2.1m
    • From fork to first icicle: ≈1m
    • Distance between icicles: ≈30cm
    • Icicle length: ≈50 cm
  • Availability of a socket at the end of the garland: yes
  • Packaging: transparent bag

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With all the richness and variety of natural landscapes of our great country, there are few corners in it that are comparable in beauty and diversity with the nature of Primorsky Krai.

Primorye is located in the southeastern outskirts of Russia: in the southeast it is washed by the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, in the southwest and west it borders on the DPRK and China, and in the north on the Khabarovsk Territory.

Due to its exceptional geographical position and mild monsoon climate, Primorye has an amazing richness of flora and fauna, and the variety of landscapes can surprise even the most discerning connoisseur of nature.After all, Primorye is rocky and wooded slopes crowned with rocky peaks; impetuous and wayward mountain rivers with rapids and waterfalls; calm flat rivers and lagoon and old lakes, numerous caves and swamps; incomparable sea coast …

Unique natural monuments and attractions of the Primorsky Territory, historical and archaeological artifacts, mild climate, numerous comfortable recreation centers and health resorts in Primorsky Territory – all of the above is the basis of the special popularity of recreation in Primorye.

The tourism industry of Primorye is gaining momentum every year, effectively using the rich recreational resources of the region. Today, the tourist infrastructure of the Primorsky Territory includes both numerous recreation centers by the sea and taiga recreation centers in Primorye. Whether you are a fan of quiet and secluded relaxation, or you prefer extreme and adrenaline rush – everyone will find what they are looking for in Primorye.

Rest in the Primorsky Territory is, first of all, numerous sanatoriums, resorts, recreation centers and tourist centers of Primorye, located on the picturesque coast of the Sea of ​​Japan or in protected ecologically clean places of the Ussuri taiga.

The seaside resorts of the Primorsky Territory and recreation centers by the sea are distinguished by their clean and gentle sea; equipped pebble and sandy beaches; wealth and variety of underwater depths; beautiful seascapes. Particularly popular seaside recreation places in Primorye are Andreevka, Livadia, Vityaz Bay, Triozerie, etc. The guests are offered a wide variety of water attractions, excursions to historical and natural attractions of the region, sea fishing and trips on catamarans, yachts and boats.It should be especially noted that seaside recreation in Primorye is available to many – prices at seaside recreation centers in Primorye are quite democratic and everyone can afford it.

Primorye is rich in unique sources of natural mineral waters, sea silt, peat and sapropelic mud. Near these natural springs are Primorye sanatoriums, which are well-deservedly popular with millions of Russians. After all, it is here that you can not only have a great rest, but also improve your health, and often completely recover from many chronic diseases.

A wide variety of geographical landscapes of the Primorsky Territory provides excellent opportunities for sports and extreme tourism. Perhaps, it is difficult to find such a species of them that would not be developed in the region. Extreme tourism in the Primorsky Territory is diving, surfing, paragliding, parachuting, kiting, rafting, alpine skiing, snowboarding, speleo and equestrian tourism.

Speaking about rest in the Primorsky Territory, one cannot ignore such a concept as “hunting and fishing in Primorye”.The rich and varied animal and feathered world of the region attracts hunters from all over Russia. Hunting in Primorye is always accompanied by the capture of trophy specimens: bear, red deer, elk, wild boar, deer, etc.

And the numerous mountain rivers and valley lakes of Primorye are rich in valuable fish species, as well as the coastal waters of the Sea of ​​Japan. In summer and winter, on the lake or at sea – fishing in the Primorsky Territory is unmatched in terms of loot and fun.

For more than five years, the Primorye tourism market cannot be imagined without the Shamora Info travel company.We are at the very forefront of the recreation industry in Primorye and the entire Far East.

On our website you can always find the most complete and up-to-date information about recreation areas in the Primorsky Territory, which is accompanied by comprehensive factual information: a general description of recreation centers in Primorye, a list and cost of services provided, photo galleries of vacationers, travel maps, etc. …

Using our website, you can always accurately choose the time and place of rest in Primorye, book a room and buy a ticket.Having picked up the option you like, you just have to contact the managers of our company by phone or visit one of the Shamora Info offices in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ussuriisk, Nakhodka or Artem.

Remember, cooperation with the travel company “Shamora Info” is a guarantee of your comfortable rest in Primorye both in winter and summer, at sea and in the taiga!

Unusual pink icicles on the roofs of houses in the Arkhangelsk region are painted with organic substances – Archive

ARKHANGELSK, March 6./ Corr. ITAR-TASS Vladimir Anufriev /. Unusual pink icicles that have appeared on the roofs of houses in four districts of the Arkhangelsk region are painted with melt water with a high content of organic substances. Corr. ITAR-TASS was informed by Alvina Sobolevskaya, head of the Center for Environmental Pollution Monitoring of Sevgidromet.

According to her, during the study of the causes of the appearance of pink snow and icicles, six samples taken in the villages of Leshukonskoye, Pinega, Kholmogory, Sura and the village of Okulovskaya were analyzed.”Extended chemical analysis of sample samples indicates that the substance that stains icicles is in a dissolved state,” Sobolevskaya said. “Comparison of colored and uncolored samples of melt water showed that the content of difficult-to-oxidize organic substances in chemical oxygen consumption in colored samples is several times This indicates that the pink melt water contains large amounts of organic matter. Thus, the color of the icicles is given by the dissolved form of the organic chemical. “

What kind of substance it has not yet been established. “We need research on particles of matter at the nanomicrolevel. Now we are negotiating with centers where such an analysis can be carried out,” Sobolevskaya explained. She also noted that “experts definitely cannot say about the harmlessness of the organic” dye “for people and the environment, since its composition is unknown.” “There are no complaints about the deterioration of health in connection with pink icicles from the residents of the places where they appeared,” the representative of Sevgidromet reassured.

Meanwhile, the territory from which information about pink icicles comes from continues to expand. On Tuesday, according to the department, samples were taken at a meteorological station in the village of Karpogory.

In 2010, strange red icicles were recorded in Arkhangelsk. Then it was possible to establish that rust on metal roofs gave them an unusual color.

In March 2008, yellow snow fell on the territory of five districts of the Arkhangelsk region. According to Segidromet, those colored precipitation was brought by a deep cyclone from the Mediterranean Sea.The warm front absorbed air masses from the steppe regions of the Volgograd region and Kalmykia, where strong wind and powerful vertical ascending currents contributed to the ingress of a natural “dye” into the cloud systems – particles of vegetation, dust and sand from these territories.

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