Yellow card stock paper: Yellow Cardstock – 8.5 x 11 inch – 65Lb Cover – 50 Sheets


Card Stock Expressions Craft – Lemon Yellow, पेपर क्राफ्ट, कागज का क्राफ्ट – Expressions Craft, Chennai

About the Company

Legal Status of FirmIndividual – Proprietor

Nature of BusinessManufacturer

Number of Employees11 to 25 People

Annual TurnoverUpto Rs. 50 Lakh

IndiaMART Member SinceDec 2017

Expressions Craft Stamps is striving to offer you the best online selection of High quality Photo Polymer Clear Stamps, Stencils, Scrapbooking, Polymer clay, Card Making and Paper Crafting products in the world. We stock over 5000 items in our warehouse so that we can offer you quick service and one stop shopping at a great price!

We are located in India, the heart of it all.

Our team works hard to give you a fulfilling shopping experience and is always open to your ideas and suggestions!

We invite each and every individual to explore their artistic potential through our High quality Craft Stamps & Stencils that produce thousands of diverse designs to suit any style. From scrapbooking, card making and paper crafting to fashion, quilting and home décor, we provide people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to express themselves in countless new ways.

Happy customers are the heart of our business. We work hard to find and deliver to you the latest in stamping and paper crafting supplies! Attending classes, workshops, and sales meetings around the world, our goal is to keep our product offerings fresh and current. Make us your one stop solutions for all your craft supplies – and we’ll deliver right to your door!

Our brand brings these special moments to life. Told through inspiring words and images, our story begins with you and continues to inspire the many generations of creativity to come.

Why do newspapers turn yellow over time?

Paper is made from wood, which is made up mainly of white cellulose. Wood also has a lot of a dark substance in it called lignin, which ends up in the paper, too, along with the cellulose. The exposure of lignin to air and sunlight is what turns paper yellow.

­ Lignin makes wood stiff and trees stand upright. You could say it acts as a glue to bind the cellulose fibers together. It is a polymer, a substance that is formed by the joining of simpler molecules into giant molecules that act differently than the smaller molecules did. Dr. Hou-Min Chang, a professor of wood and paper science at N.C. State University in Raleigh, N.C., compares lignin to the concrete used in buildings, with cellulose as the steel frame. Without lignin, Chang says, a tree could only grow to be about 6 feet tall. Lignin also helps protect the wood from pests and other damage.

Newsprint, which must be produced as economically as possible, has more lignin in it than finer papers. At the mill, the wood that will be turned into newsprint is ground up, lignin and all.

Paper manufacturers utilize the benefits of lignin in some types of paper, though. Brown kraft paper, the dark brown paper used in grocery store bags, and cardboard are stiff and sturdy because they have more lignin in them, and because those kinds of paper aren’t treated with bleaching chemicals. It doesn’t matter how dark they are because the printing on them is limited.

To make a fine white paper, the mill puts the wood through a chemical solvent process, which separates and discards the lignin. Pure cellulose is white, and the paper made from it will be white and will resist yellowing.

Lignin eventually turns paper yellow because of oxidation. That is, the lignin molecules, when exposed to oxygen in the air, begin to change and become less stable. The lignin will absorb more light, giving off a darker color. Chang says that if newsprint were kept completely out of sunlight and air, it would remain white. After only a few hours of sunlight and oxygen, however, it will start to change color.

Holiday Cards | Minted

Read what customers say about Minted Holiday Cards

“I am incredibly impressed with how quickly my order was delivered, in addition to the incredible customer service I continue to receive from Minted. It’s truly the only place I’ll ever get my holiday cards or other announcements printed!” – Texas customer, 12/10/20

“I love making a holiday card on Minted each year!” – Colorado customer, 12/18/20

“I ordered over 600 Holiday cards with a photo and I placed the order much later than I should have. But I was pleasantly surprised that the entire order was filled and delivered within a few days; and it was perfect!” – Maine customer, 12/23/20


End the year on the right foot by sending a photo holiday card that your friends and family will adore. Each design on our site is sourced from our community of independent artists and designers from across the world and passes through our unique selection process. Throughout the year, we are continually running design contests to let our audience vote and curate the products we produce. Our crowdsourcing model continually refreshes the newest and most unique holiday card designs, unrivaled by competitors. In addition to our industry-leading design process, we offer one of the largest selections of designs online. Browse through our newly-submitted holiday designs for 2021! Minted has you covered for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, business holiday cards, and anything else you may be searching for. Send your warmest season’s greetings yet, and choose Minted!



It can be very busy during the Holiday season.

Minted has some great tools to assist you in personalizing your holiday photo card, without sacrificing a lot of your time and vision. Here are our top tips for 2021:

  • Take advantage of our website filters to narrow down your search. Choose from simple and minimalist or funny holiday cards – or classic or modern – the choice is yours!
  • Curious what is trending for 2021? Browse our Founder Pick’s section to see what holiday designs have been hand selected by Minted’s founder.
  • Take advantage of our fast and intuitive card customizer tool to give your Christmas card the exact look you have envisioned. Want even more customization not offered through the tools? Just leave a special request and our design associates will be sure to include it on your proof. If you feel like starting your card from a blank canvas, explore our custom cards.
  • Ensure every aspect of your card is exactly as you envisioned with unlimited proofs from your dedicated Minted designer.
  • Avoid the tedious task of handwriting the recipient’s address on each of your envelopes. Use our recipient address printing service for a stylish way to blend the text on the outside of the envelope with the color and theme of your photo holiday cards.
  • Let your mobile phone do the work for you. Text your holiday photo to 22737. We’ll text you back 5 free card designs styled with your photo, holiday greeting message and family name – all with the exquisite, unique design that Minted is known for.

Make this holiday season a memorable one with a unique holiday card that none of your family and friends will forget. Minted allows you to tweak the appearance of your card in so many different ways, that it will be close to impossible for someone to duplicate your same greeting.

See our list of personalization options provided.

  • Printing Type: What printing technique are you going to use for your holiday card? Minted provides a variety of modern and unique techniques to have your greeting card stand out from the rest. Even selecting a cardstock/paper quality can add some dimension to the final product.
    • Flat – While this is a more traditional printing process, Minted does allow you to tweak the paper quality from the options listed above.
    • Letterpress – This printing technique will add a three-dimensional look to your card. Certain words or designs will be elegantly imprinted into thick high-quality cotton paper.
    • Foil Press – Add some shine to your card with luxe foil press techniques. Customize your holiday card with gold foil, rose gold foil, silver foil, and other elements that will make your design sparkle.
      We even have some unique green and red foil design options available this year!
  • Color: Did you find a card that is almost perfect? Do you just wish it came in green instead of red? Minted has you covered! Browse through our card selections and easily change the color schemes for the font or background. You will instantly be able to view what the new palette looks like in our preview frame and choose the best holiday photo card for you..
  • Size: While the standard size for a holiday card is 5” x 7”, don’t let your design creativity stop there. Minted also offers a petite 4.25” x 6” format, a grand 6” x 8” format, and a postcard (no envelope) format. We even have a booklet format if you wanted to provide your friends and family with numerous pages of pictures or greetings! Perhaps you could feature a different family member (including the pets) on each page of the booklet.
  • Shape: The geometric lines and sharp edges of a rectangular card are great, but you can also opt to break the traditional norms. Choose from rounded corners, contoured edges, and even an ornament card that can be hung on the Christmas tree! We have envelopes that fit all these custom sizes as well.
  • Envelopes: Picking the right envelope is just as important as finding the right card. The envelope color, pattern, texture, and size can help make your card stand out from the rest that may be in your recipient’s mailbox. The envelope can create excitement before they even break the seal to see the card inside. You can also add some flair to the inside of the envelope with a patterned envelope liner or even a gold, copper, or silver foil liner. Pairing a custom envelope with a matching card can really present a luxurious impression.
  • Backers and Overlays: Add some tangible depth to your holiday card with a thick backer your card can rest against. The backer can be a bold pattern that complements a more subtle pattern that is present through your card and envelope. Nothing screams class like a frosted vellum overlay. Based on your design, you can opt to have images, text, or art printed on the overlay in a myriad of color options.
  • Skinnywrap Adress Labels: Why handwrite your “from” address when you could add a chic element to the upper left corner of your envelope? Browse through Minted’s Skinnywrap address label templates and customize one to pair nicely with the theme and colors of your holiday card.

Our holiday cards are printed on paper known in the industry to be of the highest quality. We value our strong partnership with Mohawk Paper, a family-owned business that has been around for over 100 years and is dedicated to the art of papermaking. Unlike competitors’ “Xmas cards” and similar offerings, our photo cards use fine inks and are printed on luxurious stocks.

  • Signature Paper – Possessing a subtle off-white coloring and texture that feels like soft cotton. Minted customers have grown to love this paper stock we have continued to deliver over the years. 130 lb., 19.3 point thickness.
  • Smooth Signature Paper – Developed exclusively for Minted, the front side of this stock is engineered to display the highest quality photo prints or designs with precise clarity. On the reverse side, we feature our soft cotton Signature paper. 137 lb., 17.5 point thickness.
  • Premium 100% Recycled Paper – If you want to send out holiday cards on eco-friendly paper, look no further. This thick paper has a stylish matte finish and is FSC-certified. The contents of the paper are wind power manufactured with 100% post-consumer waste. 160 lb., 17.5 point thickness.
  • Pearlescent Paper – This paper option adds a soft polish and shine. Perfect for cards featuring photographs, creating ultimate elegance.
  • DoubleThick Paper – Add some weight and rigidity to your card. Your fingers will feel the absorbent cotton texture and 240lb., 35pt thickness.
  • The Minted Triple Thick Paper – Available on select options, experience our thickest stock yet. This unbendable luxurious stock will help ensure that your holiday card lasts for holiday seasons to come.

Minted’s minimum card order quantity is 25. As you increase your card quantity, the cost per card lowers. Below is a starting price breakdown for an order of 100 cards.

  • Classic size (7″ x 5″): If you order 100 cards, the price per card starts as low as $1.67
  • Petite size (6″ x 4.25″): If you order 100 cards, the price per card starts as low as $1.52
  • Postcard size (6″ x 4.25″): If you order 100 cards, the price per card starts as low as $1.30


Millions of people around the world participate in the practice of sending personalized holiday cards every December. A few of the leading reasons to send a card include:

  • Showing a loved one that you care about them, even if it has been some time since you last spoke.
  • Updating family and friends on significant events that may have happened in the last year such as moving, getting married, or a new family addition.
  • Sharing your love of the holiday season and winter.
  • Expressing gratitude for the year that’s coming to a close.
  • As a greeting to send alongside a gift.
  • Updating and distributing your family photo for the year.
  • Mixing up your normal communication which is probably an email, text message, or phone call. Sending a card is a much more personal and fun way to communicate.

There is no wrong time to shop for holiday cards. Here at Minted, you can purchase custom holiday cards through our website any day of the year. If you join our Minted More program you can ensure the best discounts on all of our unique hand-crafted cards and stationery year-round. You will also receive free shipping, exclusive discounts on other Minted products, and a limited edition gift box!

We recommend sending your personalized holiday cards during the first week of December. This also allows at least two weeks for the cards to be delivered to international destinations. Keep in mind that the postal service and other private carriers tend to become inundated with deliveries as December 25th nears closer and closer, so it is best to plan ahead.


What is the main message you want to pass along to your recipients? Minted allows you to hand-pick cards based on the theme of the greeting message. Below are some of the more popular selections to choose from. Remember, if you feel rushed to send out a Christmas or Hanukkah card, you can always opt for a New Year’s card.

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What Is Card Stock Paper? Types, Sizes And Uses Discussed

The number on the weight scale matters in the world of paper!

The stunning wedding card you just received wouldn’t look as nice if it was printed on a thin copy paper, would it?


And that’s why the weight of the paper is the single most important factor while you are trying to create a great printed piece!

When it comes to business cards, wedding invitations, educational certificates or the menu card of your favorite restaurant, a typical writing paper just doesn’t cut it.

You need something thicker, more durable material that makes your ink and design come together. And that’s where the Cardstock Paper helps you out as it has all of these features to help you make good-quality marketing material to impress everyone!

Today, in this article, we will learn about what is card stock paper, how it’s used and most importantly when’s the right time to use this paper as your printed material.

Before we start, get your pen and paper ready and take notes.

We are about to spill some beans to make your next cardstock project look F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!

What is Card Stock Paper?

Card stock paper is also referred to as “Cover Stock” or “Pasteboard”.

It’s typically thicker than your average writing ones, yet thinner than a paperboard.

As it’s heavier than standard paper, it can hold different types of liquid and heavy embellishment applications quite well. You will find card stock paper available in different colors, sizes, weights, textures and a variety of designs.

Generally speaking, it has a smooth surface. However, for decorative purposes, it has metallic or glossy versions available as well.

Different Uses Of Card Stock Paper


This one is rather obvious, isn’t it?

What’s not so obvious is how versatile these cards can be!

From business purposes to personal interests, these pasteboards are good for every occasion.

You can use these materials for printing out business cards, postcards, seasonal greetings, wedding invitations, restaurant menus, posters, flyers, brochures, holiday cards, bookmarks and many more interesting items.

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Pasteboards make excellent cover for your books!

As this material comes in different finishes and textures (we will get to that a bit later in this article!), you can use this to cover the inside as well as the outside part of your book.

You can also make a cover for your photo album, scrapbook or create a colorful place-setting placard or gift tags for wedding guests!

Décor Item

For special days and other holiday occasions, we love decking up our house with beautiful ornamental items. And cardstock material is an excellent way of doing that!

You can make wonderful gift boxes to surprise your loved ones. Along with that, you can make star-shaped ornaments to deck up your tree and create personalized social media photo banner to celebrate special occasions!

Craft Projects

For people who love craft items, cardstock paper is like a strawberry shortcake to them!

Once you get desired cardstock paper, you can try your hands at making 3-D hot air balloon paper craft, pinwheels, flower wreath, travel folio and last but not the least, creating mini envelopes to send love letters to your loved ones!

Check it: 15 paper crafting tools list.

Photo Print

Your last travel photos on the beach will look even sunnier on a cardstock, did you know that?

The thick paper helps make the photos stand out and create a custom gallery wall inside your room. As cardstocks are a bit on the heavier side compared to your regular paper, you need to choose the right printer that can do this job properly.

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Types Of Cardstock Paper

There are different varieties of cardstock material available on the market. If you are just getting started in this world and don’t know which types are better suited for your purpose, here are some ideas-

1. Cotton Cardstock

Do you LOVE laser printing?

We do too!

And for this reason, cotton cardstock is the best!

The smooth look and the organic feel of cotton pasteboard are second to none!  This material is used to make cool invitation cards or business cards if you want the receiver to feel the luxurious feel of this item.

However, we do agree, the price is a bit high on this one. and you will get only three shades of colors to choose from: White, Grey and Ivory.

2. Parchment

If you want to have an antique vibe to your project, then parchment cover stock is more suitable for you.

Parchment is semi-translucent stuff that has a marble-type appearance. It doesn’t come in that much color variations. However, it can make a good combination with cotton cover stock while giving off a nice and soft feel to your hand.

It’s compatible to work with a laser printer, inkjet printer and copier.

3. Canvas

Canvas pasteboards are a bit on the higher range price-wise.

It has the finish and texture of a woven fabric. The basket-like texture of the surface is so evident that you won’t be able to forget the feel even if you want!

The material is a bit thicker than other versions available. It comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the one that goes well with your project quite easily.

4. Linen

Linen cover stock has a lot of similarities with the “linen” fabric.

It has a muted embossed texture with a zigzag pattern that’s also seen in a linen tablecloth.

As linen material has a forgiving nature to hide flaws, you can use linen cover stock for making restaurant menus, business letterhead etc. that requires an elegant look.

Cardstock Paper Weight And Sizes

Photo credit Fine Cardstock

Whether you want to use pasteboards for crafting, card making, scrapbooking or other purposes, you will find a suitable size for every project!

Typically, these papers are measured in inches. The popular sizes that are available include 6×6-inch, 8×8-inch, 8.5×11-inch, 12×12-inch.

If you want to print cards using your standard printers, then the 8.5×11-inch cover stock would be a better option for you.

For scrapbooking purposes, we recommend using 12×12-inch for the best result or legal size.

As for weights, it ranges from 65 pounds to 110 pounds. The standard weight of a business card is 80 pounds. Index pasteboards come in 90 pounds and 110 pounds.

Cardstock Paper Surfaces

Done with choosing the weight and size of your preferred paper? Now it’s time for the fun part. The surface choosing process!

Here are some surface examples that are available:


Do you love shiny things? Cause, that’s EXACTLY what a glossy surface refers to!

The ultra-smooth shiny surface is suitable for printing brochures, coupons, advertising, flyers, posters etc. whereas regular cover stock’s weight is measured in pounds, glossy ones are weighted in points. The more the point is, the thicker the paper.


Patterned cardstock is perfect for making DIY projects, especially for creating beautiful, fun backgrounds for your card making! They are also often used for scrapbooking projects.

Usually, the patterns are printed on one side and the other side is kept blank. These materials weigh around 65 pounds in general.


Mirror pasteboards feature a glass-like surface that adds a special look to your project.

It has a metallic effect that creates a dramatic scene that really pops out and catches everyone’s eyes! A 100 pounds mirror paper is better printed through laser/offset printers. Depending on what kind you bought, the mirror-effect can be on one side or both sides of the paper


If you are looking for good-quality prints without the extra glam effect, then a matte surface is more suitable for your need.

Matte finishes refer to a soft, chemically-treated surface that has a satin-like finish. You can use both dry and pigment inks on this surface as they are both compatible. As the matte surface is resistant to smudging or leaving fingerprints, this one is more suitable for making greetings/invitations/business cards.


Coated cover stocks rock!

They don’t tear or get worn out and is resistant to water and dirt!

An extra layer of coating is applied on top of the surface in this case. This helps keep your printed material look crisp for a longer time. Usually, this type of surface is chosen for making calendars, art prints, book covers and catalogs.


It is exactly how it sounds!

Glitter-embedded papers are perfect for people who love shiny and shimmery looks. This kind is especially popular for scrapbook projects. A good-quality glitter surface should be thick, smooth to touch and hold up well with intricate designs.


Iridescent refers to a coated surface that displays a combination of shimmery colors. The specialty of this pasteboard is that it changes color when you change your position!

Depending on what type of paper you purchase, you will find a one-sided or double-sided iridescent surface.

Benefits Of Using Cardstock Paper

1. Durable

Cardstock materials make a good impression that lasts for a long time.

The resume, restaurant menu, save-the-date cards that you make with this material lasts longer than any normal paper. As the surface is thicker and smoother, it creates a good base for making greetings/invitation/commercial cards.

2. Versatile

It’s hard to find something this much versatile!

Pasteboards come in a variety of materials, textures, colors and shades for you to choose from. Since the material is available on the market, you have a lot of flexibility while choosing the right ones for your creative projects.

You can either purchase a single sheet or assortment packs (Where you will find options like bright color, matte finish, pearl tones, parchment color etc.) to suit your need.

3. Adaptable

You can use your home printer to print on your cardstock!

The weight and thickness of this material is such that it’s compatible to work with most standard printers. Typically, LaserJet and OfficeJet are recommended for cardstock printing.

As the surface of cover stock is sturdier and more durable, it’s also compatible to work with hot glue and heavy embellishments quite easily.

4. Affordable

Making your own DIY greetings card is a more affordable option than paying for the expensive Hallmark ones.

All you need for creating a homemade card is some low-cost rubber stamp, cardstock, ink and you are done!

Also, if you are looking for printing out small quantities of business cards, we recommend doing that at home. Using cardstocks to print at home is a much affordable option rather than going to the printing company if you are on a budget.

Things You Need To Know Before Printing On Cardstock

Remember we promised to help you out for your next projects at the beginning of this article?

Here are some things to consider and tricks to follow while printing on a cardstock!

Take Note Of The Thickness:

How thick is your cardstock?

That’s the first question you should ask before printing!

Thickness is measured in points here. Most printers are capable of handling materials ranging from 10 to 17 points. However, you should always check your printer’s manual before proceeding.

Make Attractive Custom Invitation:

Thinking about creating your very own custom invitation cards?

We applaud your bravery!

To make it something really memorable, we suggest using a high-quality cardstock that has a luxurious feel to it. For instance, you can opt for a metallic finish/translucent vellum/textured/linen cards as they have a superior look that goes with your big event!

Mix It Up:

Since this material comes in a lot of variations, it’s possible you are torn between 2 options.

In that case, why not mix it up and have a bit of fun?

You can get a textured cardstock paper which is also colored/perfumed for your convenience!

Apply Techniques To Stand out:

To take your customization to another level, you can apply different techniques like die cutting to make it all the more interesting!

For special events like family gatherings or wedding, you can add embossing to make it more spectacular. Foil stamping is also a good idea if you want your cards to sand out from the crowd.


No matter what your occasion might be, you will find a suitable cardstock material for each one of them!

Yes, card stock is versatile and really fun to work with. However, you need to grab a clear concept about what is card stock paper, how it’s used and the techniques of using it on your big event.

In this article, you should find ample information on those. Hopefully, this guide will inspire you to get started with a cool project and ensure a crisp, professional look for your customized pieces!

Stay tuned if you liked this article, we will bring you some more next time.

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90,000 Covid certificates: why their color matters and how not to be confused

Photo author, EPA

Yellow and green, electronic and paper – there will be more certificates of vaccination against covid in Ukraine.

We will tell you how it works, what does not work, what is the difference between certificates and how to get them.

What certificates are there

A month ago, electronic covid certificates appeared in Ukraine – electronic documents on vaccination.

They can be generated in the “Diya” application in a smartphone.

When the certificates first started working, there were two types of them – external and internal.

External is needed for traveling abroad. Ukrainian certificates were recognized in the EU. Ukrainians are already traveling with them.

Author of the photo, BBC

Sign up to the photo,

This is how the certificate in “Diy” looks like

Recently, its validity was extended to one year. Previously, his term was 180 days.

Internal certificate has not been used yet.The ministry explained that they had developed it in advance, that is, for possible further use during lockdowns. And it looks like this moment has come.

Why did color certificates appear?

On September 13, the government announced new quarantine rules, according to which all of Ukraine will soon live.

According to these rules, a number of restrictions will apply in the yellow, and then orange and red quarantine zones.

For example, in the red zone they promise to close schools, shopping centers, restaurants.However, the new quarantine will differ from the previous ones in that there will be exemptions for the vaccinated. The vaccinated person will be able to go to a restaurant in the red zone.

This is what you need an internal electronic covid certificate. As they explain to the government, presenting it, the vaccinated Ukrainians will be able to use the services even with a hard lockdown.

Previously, the covid certificate in the Diya application could be downloaded only after a full course of vaccination. That is, after two doses of the vaccine. And there was only one such internal covid certificate.

However, on September 13, the government announced innovations. Soon Ukrainians will have two internal electronic covid certificates – yellow and green.

Yellow indicates that the person has received one dose of the vaccine. Green – about two.

Photo author, EPA

Why did you introduce these colors? Under the new quarantine rules, certain restrictions will be introduced depending on whether a person has one or two doses of vaccination.

For example, schools can operate in the yellow zone if 80% of school workers are vaccinated there with at least one dose.That is, if the teachers have a yellow internal covid certificate.

Conditions are more severe in the red zone. Schools will work if 100% full-time teachers are vaccinated. That is, if they have a green internal certificate.

“If Ukraine goes into the yellow zone of epidemic danger, then internal covid certificates will help businesses continue to work, and people – to attend public events,” the Ministry said.

Certificates will be color coded in digital format only.

“Yellow” certificate can be obtained after the first dose of vaccine. It will be valid for 120 days.

“Green” – after a full course of vaccination. It will be valid for 365 days.

It is not required to print the certificates on paper of the corresponding color.

Color certificates already valid?

No. These rules do not work because Ukraine is still in the green zone. The government decree on the new quarantine will enter into force only on September 20.

And these rules will work when Ukraine enters the yellow zone. According to forecasts, this may happen as early as next week, when the corresponding decision will be announced by the state commission of TEB and Emergencies.

Author of the photo, Getty Images

As for when new color certificates may appear in smartphones of Ukrainians, the Ministry of Digital does not name any dates.

Representatives of the ministry in the commentary to BBC News Ukraine stated that they are now developing this functionality.

But there is already a yellow certificate. What does he mean?

In parallel with the development of electronic documents on vaccination in Ukraine, paper documents were issued.

This is an international vaccination certificate issued by family doctors. It is usually printed on yellow paper. The International Certificate of Vaccination has existed in the world for many years.

It was often issued as confirmation of vaccination against yellow fever, diphtheria, cholera.It became known as the Yellow Card and was printed on yellow paper. But the color of the paper doesn’t matter. This certificate can be printed on any paper. The main thing is that there are the signatures of the doctor, the seal of the hospital, the name and dates of the vaccinations.

In Ukraine, these paper documents on vaccinations against coronavirus have been issued for several months. They exist in parallel with electronic covid certificates and with them are allowed into some countries that have recognized these documents.

The main difference between the already existing yellow paper certificate of vaccination and the yellow electronic covid certificate, which is still in development: the first – indicates a complete course of vaccination; the second – only about the first dose of vaccination.

The color of the paper on which the vaccination certificate is printed is irrelevant.

But in electronic certificates, color is important because it means how many doses of vaccines a person has received.

Both electronic and paper certificates can be presented in Ukraine during the lockdown.

Author of the photo, VVS

Sign up to the photo,

Certificate in “Diy”

How to get covid-certificates?

A paper vaccination certificate can be obtained from your family doctor after a full course of vaccinations.

An electronic covid certificate must be generated in a smartphone.

To obtain a certificate, you need to complete a full course of vaccinations against coronavirus and download the Diya application.

Here is the algorithm for downloading the certificate:

✅ In the updated version of the application, press “Services”

✅Select “COVID-certificates” verification procedure, for example, using a photo)

✅Click “Get certificate”

✅COVID-certificate will appear on your smartphone.

You can check the validity by using the QR code.

What if something doesn’t work?

The ministry advises to repeat the certificate generation procedure and promise to fix technical problems soon.

Users often complain that the application does not recognize their faces, certificates are not pulled up in “Diyu”.

Photo author, EPA

The Ministry says that such problems can arise if the data was incorrectly entered during vaccination – the names of vaccines or the surname of a person were recorded with errors.

If you have any such questions, it is advised to contact the technical support of the application, as well as in the chat.

The Ministry of Digital Science also promises that soon information on the results of PCR tests and that a person has recovered from coronavirus will be added to electronic covid certificates. These functions are not available yet.

At the same time, Ukraine has problems with counterfeiting PCR tests for coronavirus and electronic covid certificates. The police promise to look for people who are engaged in forging these documents.

How to choose football accessories – Knowledge Library

How to choose football accessories – Knowledge library – Sportmaster online store

! Your browser version is no longer supported. Please use an alternative browser.

To play football, you need a lot of accessories: ball pumps, field markers, referee’s whistles and much, much more. From the outside it may seem like a trifle. But without them it is difficult to play football.

Pumps and needles

In order for the ball to maintain the aerodynamic characteristics declared by the manufacturer for a long time, it must be properly inflated.

The recommended pressure that must be kept inside the ball (from 0.6 to 0.8 atmospheres) is usually indicated on its markings, among other characteristics.

Modern pumps are manual and electric:

Electric pumps are convenient when a socket is always available and you need to pump several balls in a short time.

Hand pumps will help a football player even in the field. They differ in size, material of manufacture, technical characteristics.

Double-acting hand pumps – the ball is pumped in both directions of the handle movement. There is no idling, i.e. each movement serves to fill the ball with air, making it inflate faster.

Hand pumps are sold separately or complete with needles, adapters and attachments.The ball is inflated through the nipple by means of a special needle. You should always have a spare needle on hand – a pump without a needle is useless.

There is no need to keep the ball fully inflated – deflate a little after the game.

Chips for marking the field

The field markers required for team training are sold in a set of 10 and are painted in a bright color (easily visible on the field). Made from lightweight polypropylene or similar synthetic material.

It is also convenient to use chips to limit part of the field when playing amateur.

Referee whistles

The referee’s whistle emits a strong and harsh sound that draws the players’ attention to the referee. There are two types of whistles – with


and without. Models without balls whistle louder, which is why football referees use them.


Shirt (cape) – part of a football player’s equipment, used to mark the team during training or warm-up.Dies are made of bright synthetic or natural materials (sometimes with reflective elements), have a loose fit and do not restrict movement. There are one- and two-sided models.

Captain’s Armbands

The captain’s armband is a sign that distinguishes the team captain from ordinary players. It is usually worn on the left hand.

Flags and cards

Flags are important reference points for referees and players. The field markings (sidelines and end lines) may be difficult to see due to weather conditions, and the displayed flags serve as a good visible sign for officials and players.

Corner flags


measuring 150 cm are placed in the corners of the field and on each side opposite the center line of the field. The flags for judges and side judges


are smaller and have a handle for easy movement.

Cards are another referee’s attribute, with the help of which the referee punishes football players for gross violations of the rules.

yellow card – warning

red – delete

The cards are made of colored plastic and last a long time.For the convenience of taking minutes and storing cards, paper and pencil, special judge’s wallets


are also issued.

Relatively recently, in some championships (in particular, in the second-strongest league in Italy), the judges began to show green cards, which serves not as a punishment, but as a reward for the player. For example, if he admits to a violation that the arbiter did not notice.

90,000 What does a yellow card mean in psychiatry? Psychiatric accounting

It is said that a yellow card in psychiatry is much less frightening than such a symbol in football. Some even try to figure out how to arrange it for yourself without having any specific violations and deviations. As a rule, young people who categorically do not want to go to serve in the army are ready for such adventures. Can a card really be a salvation from unwanted service without much harm to the future and social status? Let’s try to figure it out.

From the very beginning

Before delving into the particularities of the yellow card in psychiatry, it is necessary to decide what kind of science is understood by this term.Currently, psychiatry refers to such a field of medicine, whose area of ​​specialization is disorders and deviations of the human psyche. Doctors dealing with such issues identify, treat diseases, and practice preventive measures. Their area of ​​responsibility is severe and serious pathologies that are dangerous for a person and his loved ones, as well as violations that are dangerous only to a small extent.

As a rule, non-dangerous deviations will not be the reason for registration with a psychiatric account, the patient will not be admitted to the hospital, this will have little effect on his future, and will not affect his social status. If the disease is considered dangerous, the person needs supervision. He cannot live normally, adequately, fully, therefore, he receives a yellow card. In psychiatry, this term refers to a document certifying the fact of a serious mental disorder. The person who received such a paper is officially recognized as incapable of being responsible for what he did.

So what’s next?

Getting a yellow card in psychiatry imposes certain restrictions on a person’s life. The consequence of issuing such a document will be the impossibility of driving officially, as well as legally owning a weapon.You cannot go to serve in the army. Such a card can become a reason for visa refusal: it is quite difficult for people with serious mental disabilities to cross the border. Often, when applying for a job, the employer requires the presentation of documents confirming mental health. If you have a yellow card, even the most promising applicant for a public office may be refused, and difficulties often arise with employment in a private enterprise.

It is necessary to understand: a yellow certificate in psychiatry is not a temporary piece of paper that can be bought illegally and then thrown away as well.If a dispensary has issued such a card, in the future it will be necessary to recognize this fact and notify each potential employer about it, if such information is requested. There is no need to hope that it will be possible to hide the data – the security service will definitely check information about a person through access systems. At the moment, the situation is such that it is impossible to hide the presence of a issued card.


Diagnoses in psychiatry are different, pathologies differ in severity, and some disorders, against which a yellow card is drawn up, may eventually disappear.If a person behaves adequately for a long time, no relapses are observed, the patient has gone through all the prescribed treatment programs, he can be recognized as completely healthy. In this case, the card is revoked. In practice, this is very rarely observed due to the specifics of this medical industry. Even after the recall, a person faces some difficulties in everyday life – the presence of a document in the past seriously undermines the reputation, there is no confidence in it on the part of potential employers.

Why is this?

If you ask different doctors what a yellow card means in psychiatry, why this particular color was chosen, you will probably be able to hear different versions of the choice of shade.Recently, yellow has been clearly associated in the public consciousness with mental disorders. The dispensary is usually called the yellow house, from Dostoevsky’s books we remember the yellow walls and the yellow city, and the patient’s card, painted yellow, became another factor that influenced the associative array. There is an opinion that during the period of tsarist rule in our country every mental patient received a yellow card. This is nothing more than a delusion. If a person was unfit for service, he was given a document on a white background, but prostitutes received yellow identity cards.

Others say that earlier in the departments of psychiatric hospitals, all certificates were drawn up on paper of a yellowish tint, hence the first popular name of the “yellow card”, which later became official. Some believe that the color of the letterhead was chosen to match the classic color of the building – in the past, yellow paint was used for many government agencies, this was the standard. However, the interior was decorated not only with yellow flowers, but with any calm, positively affecting the mental status of a person.

Features of accounting

PND (neuropsychiatric dispensary) is the very institution in which the patient can issue a yellow card. The institution specializes in monitoring patients, monitors changes in the condition of a person undergoing outpatient treatment. Typically, the patient is faced with a number of social constraints. In recent years, it has become incorrect to talk about registration with the PND, it is customary to designate cooperation between a person and an institution as dynamic observation or medical assistance, coupled with counseling if necessary.

Anyone who comes here of their own free will can get advice and help from a doctor in a neuropsychiatric dispensary. A person in need is chosen a course of treatment, a person undergoes it, the results are assessed, determining how successful the events were. Such cooperation does not lead to restrictions on social opportunities. In the future, there will be no need to visit a doctor with enviable regularity. In recent years, anonymous treatment has been allowed in many cases. Such a person will not be given a yellow card.

Cases are different

If a person is concerned about serious mental illness, he may be assigned to follow-up. Here the attitude towards the patient will be more strict. If the patient does not agree to receive help in the clinic, does not understand his pathology, if he has a chronic disease, treatment can be imposed. The needy is placed in a special department, regularly monitoring all his actions. The main idea is to protect a person from himself, and at the same time minimize risks to others. A patient who is under supervision in this format will be issued with a yellow card. He is charged with the duties of four times a year or more often to come to a psychiatrist to assess the condition. If the patient avoids receptions, he can be found and forcibly brought to the clinic for examination and assessment of the condition.

All officially

Modern clinical psychiatry suggests several options for registering a patient. A person in need can write an application, contact the chief doctor of the dispensary.This is usually done by those who come to treatment on their own and consciously. If a person has not reached the age of majority, the responsibility for signing the paper rests with the parents and guardians.

If a person refuses the proposed treatment, does not consider himself in need, the clinic accepts an application from family members, neighbors, housing and communal services workers. In a word, anyone who is not indifferent can take part in the case, especially if he is a potential victim of the patient. The document must contain a request to forcibly examine and cure a person.Already in the PND, they will draw up a package of documents, transfer it to the court for consideration, and the meeting is held only with the participation of the applicant directly.

What is happening

The court may agree with the arguments of the applicant. In this case, the person referred to in the application is forcibly sent to a hospital, where they are examined and prescribed a therapeutic course.

About paths and events

Sometimes the situation develops in such a way that a person is dangerous to others right here and now, at the current moment of time.For example, he may suddenly cease to be aware of himself and begin to threaten others with murder. In such a situation, a potential victim has the right to call an ambulance team, explaining by phone what caused the call. The patient is hospitalized, they will offer him to receive help in a hospital setting. As a rule, clinic workers immediately advise the interested party to draw up an application for transfer to the court – this helps to minimize liability. The fact is that a hospitalized person, if he is healthy, can go to court by filing a lawsuit against doctors, as well as those who called doctors.

When removed from the register

If a diagnosis was made and a course of treatment was prescribed, a person can voluntarily agree to it. In some cases, therapy is practiced compulsorily. When the program is completed, the doctor examines the patient again and assesses his condition. The doctor may consider the client of the clinic to be completely healthy. If the patient agrees with this and is interested in returning to normal life, he is removed from the register. This usually only happens a few years after a successful therapy program.For about a year, a person is obliged to constantly use the medications prescribed to him, to visit a doctor regularly. A year later, they can be removed from the register.

As the professionals say, the more responsible option would be to consult and visit the clinic for at least five years. During this period, the doctor will finally understand whether the person is cured or still needs specialized help and medication support. Many are removed from the register three years after undergoing treatment, if the period is not marked by a relapse, mental problems of a different plan.After five years, all information is archived, the patient is removed from the register completely. However, information is never completely deleted: at any time, law enforcement officers must have access to the full archives of institutions responsible for the mental treatment of citizens.

Features of the case

The duration of being registered and the period after which a person is removed, largely depend on the identified deviation, the diagnosis, the person’s behavior during treatment, as well as how successfully the selected measures influence him.If a person is poorly adapted to independent life, is dangerous for himself or others, no one will let him go either in a year or in five years.

Minors who have reached the age of 15 can apply for registration of seniors by writing a statement according to which their card will be sent to the archive. True, agreement with the statement is possible only if the person is not currently registered.

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Jack Ball

White target ball


Red or blue balls


In an individual boccia, the side is determined by one (1) player, in a team or double boccia, the side is determined by three (3) or two (2) players, respectively


Playground, indicated by lines and including play areas


A competition between two sides, including a certain number of periods of play (ends)

Period (end)

The segment of the match when the Jackball and all the balls are played by both sides

Auxiliary device

A term used to describe a facility used by BC3 players, such as a ramp or chute


Any action by a player, side, substitute, sports assistant or coach that is contrary to the rules of the game


A term used to describe the throwing of a ball.

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