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y&i clothing boutique

Every month, we search through thousands of styles to make a collection of the latest trends that look AMAZING & won’t break the bank.


We have the cutest, COZIEST lounge section. From matching sets to super soft sweatshirts, we’ve got you covered.


Every date deserves the PERFECT outfit. Let us help you find the one that makes you feel your best.



It all started when we (Robyn & Robin – the “y” & the “i” – get it?!?) met in high school in TX. Next thing you know we’re living in SF + NYC, getting together whenever we can & shopping for hours after an awesome brunch. During these trips we realized that even though we could (almost) afford $150 tops or $350 dresses, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we were spending more than we should have to on clothes.

And so the idea of y&i was born – no matter what you are looking for, we’ll help you find an amazing outfit that won’t have you maxing out your credit card. We opened our first store in the Marina district of SF in 2006, with a great party and the perfect margarita. And we didn’t stop there. We’ve come full cricle and opened stores in Austin, Dallas, & Plano, Texas. Although Robyn now spends her time making cool shoes for Birdies in SF & I’m running the stores, you can find us together whenever we get the chance!

XOXO Robin

  • Bri Smock Skirt

    Bri Smock Skirt

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  • Silky Amore Skirt – Black

    Silky Amore Skirt – Black

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  • Priscilla Dress

    Priscilla Dress

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  • Spring Garden Skirt

    Spring Garden Skirt

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    $55. 00

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y&i clothing is my go to store online and IRL for everything from my favorite pair of jeans to trend setting accessories to fabulous gifts for my girlfriends. Highly recommend a visit!

Lesley G

y&i is the ultimate shopping experience for every style and budget. Because of the wide price range, I found a complete outfit for under $300- clothes, shoes, accessories and all! OMG!

Rachel F

If you’re looking for unique pieces to add to your wardrobe or fun gifts for the holiday – look no further! y&i clothing has a great selection of fun pieces from casual to formal.

Leslie K

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Y&L Classon Corp. v. Brooklyn Church Of Brethren

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Kings County, NY


Kathy King

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Special Proceedings – Other (RPAPL 881)

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Case Documents

Case History

Date Type Title – Description Documents
Dec 17, 2020 EXHIBIT(S) – 7
Exhibit 7 to Rukab Affirmation
Dec 17, 2020 EXHIBIT(S) – 6
Exhibit 6 to Rukab Affirmation
Dec 17, 2020 EXHIBIT(S) – 5
Exhibit 5 to Rukab Affirmation
Dec 17, 2020 EXHIBIT(S) – 4
Exhibit 4 to Rukab Affirmation
Dec 17, 2020 EXHIBIT(S) – 3
Exhibit 3 to Rukab Affirmation
Affirmation of Jack Rukab in Support
Dec 17, 2020 EXHIBIT(S) – 2
Exhibit 2 to Affidavit of Wei Wang
Dec 17, 2020 Affidavit of Wei Wang


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How old is Paul Williams on Y&R?

How old is Paul Williams on Y&R?

Glendale, California, U. S. Douglas Donald Davidson (born Octo) is an American television actor. He has portrayed Paul Williams on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless since May 1978, making him the series’ longest-serving cast member.

Who is Paul Williams married to?

Mariana Williamsm. 2005

How old is Victor Newman in real life?

Stepping into the real world for a moment, Eric Braeden, who plays Victor on The Young and the Restless, was born on Ap. As of Braeden is 79 years old. Braeden debuted as Victor Newman on Febru.

Are Eileen and Doug related?

But no, they’re not related. The two Davidsons are friends, though, and both are loads of fun. Doug is married to actress Cindy Fisher, who has appeared on Restless as well as Days of Our Lives. Eileen’s husband, Jon Lindstrom, is Dr.

Is Chelsea from Y&R married in real life?

Melissa Claire Egan, Young and RestlessChelsea Newman, married spouse Matt Katrosar in 2014. Their wedding was held in Santa Barbara.

Are Victor and Nikki married in real life?

Today we look at actress Melody Thomas Scott’s [Nikki Newman] reallife romance. Like her on screen relationship with Victor Newman [Eric Braeden], Scott and her reallife husband Edward Scott has been married for years. Later this year on Octo they will celebrate their 32nd anniversary.

Is Victor Newman retiring?

Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) has been unable to reach an agreement with The Young and the Restless, and will be leaving the show. He issued a statement to Entertainment Weekly, as follows: “We reached an impasse in the negotiations.

Is Victor Newman sick in real life?

However, this isn’t some made-up soap opera illness — Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) is a real thing. Although rare, PNH is a life-threatening blood disease characterized by the destruction of red blood cells, blood clots, and impaired bone marrow function.

Who has Nikki Newman killed?

Joshua Cassen

Why did Nikki Newman start drinking?

Upon learning the truth about Deacon’s role in her drinking, Nikki left him but it was too late for her to return to Victor, who had married Diane. Alone, she began drinking once again.

What disease does Victor Newman have?

After rescuing Nikki from a carjacker, Victor is diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Who killed Nikki Newman on her wedding day?

Eve Howard

Why is Nikki Newman in jail now?

What’s more, Nikki got arrested for a drunken bar fight, and she was suspected of blackmailing Elise Moxley (Jensen Buchanan). Catch the current episodes of Young and Restless from Wednesday on at 12.

How many times has Nikki been married?

Answer. Nikki has been married 11 times.

Does Melody Thomas Scott have MS?

First the good news: She’s not dying. Now the bad news: Nikki Newman, the divalicious socialite played by Melody Thomas Scott on The Young and the Restless, has been diagnosed with muscular sclerosis. The devastating development was revealed in the Feb.

Who sang at Nikki and Victor’s wedding?

Darlene Koldenhoven

What is with Nikki Newman’s hair?

Young and the Restless Viewers Comment on Nikki Newman’s Bizarre Hair. Since Y&R resumed new episodes, viewers noted that Nikki Newman’s hair wasn’t its usual sleek, well-styled appearance. Instead, it was obviously a wig. It looked stiff, unmoving, and at some angles, not entirely flattering.

Does Michael on Y&R have cancer?

Wondering why his sex drive was so low, Michael went to the doctor and was stunned to learn he had prostate cancer. Although Lauren stood by her husband’s side, he grew jealous of her growing closeness to Cane Ashby. He demanded a divorce, but they eventually reconciled, and Michael’s cancer went into remission.

Is Michael Baldwin on Y&R wearing a wig?

Viewers of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS may have been a little surprised when the soap came back from hiatus and Michael Baldwin was suddenly sporting a new hair color! Many soap stars experimented with new looks over the COVID quarantine period as they typically have their hair done by their show’s hair department.

What year did Nikki marry Victor Newman?


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Y&U SEARCH – Information about the trademark

The products and services protected by this brand are:
35 – Recrutement de personnel consultation pour les questions de personnel sélection du personnel par procédés psychotechniques consultation professionnelle d’affaires.

On the date 2007-11-02 (BOPI 2007-44) Publication took place
On the date (BOPI 2008-09) Enregistrement sans modification took place

Information source:
Some of the information published here is public since it has been obtained from the Industrial Property Office of the different countries on 13/08/2020 and therefore the information may not be up to date.

Some of the information shown here has been calculated by our computer system and may not be true.

Information about the trademark Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403

The trademark Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403 was requested on the 28/09/2007. It is a trademark in France so this registry does not offer protection in the rest of the countries. The trademark Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403 was requested by Natural person. The trademark Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403 was requested in the classes 35 according to the Nice Classification.

Renewal of the Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403

The owner of the trademark may renew the trademark when the expiration date approaches. In the absence of renewal, the trademark will expire and cease to offer rights to its owner. In particular, a third party may use the trademark without having to ask permission from its former owner. In addition, anyone may register the trademark and obtain exclusive rights on the basis of which it may prevent the use of the trademark owner.

Other marks requested in the classes 35.

It is possible to know similar trademarks in terms of products and services to be identified. The trademark name Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403 was requested in the classes 35 so if you want to know more trademarks requested in 35 click here.

Trademarks in France

It is possible to know all the trademarks published in France among which is the trademark Y&U SEARCH. Our portal www.patentes-y-marcas.com offers access to the publications of trademarks in France. Knowing the trademarks in a country is important to know the possibilities of registering a trademark in France.

Registered trademarks in class 35

It is possible to know all the trademarks registered in class 35 (Advertising, business management, business administration, office work., radio advertising and telemarketing, business business research, text processing and computer file management services) among which is the trademark Y&U SEARCH with the number M3527403. Knowing the trademarks registered in a class is important to know the possibilities of registering a trademark in that same class.

Y&R seeks bigger damages

THE biggest court case for marketers in years will not begin until next year after a court allowed the Australian arm of the marketing services giant WPP to pursue bigger damages against former employees.

A hearing between Young & Rubicam Brands, WPP’s holding holding company in Australia, and the private equity firm Pacific Equity Partners could finally begin next March.

The case centres on claims that PEP made $1.5 million in “secret payments” to executives at George Patterson to stay on at the agency in order to inflate the sale price for its stake in the marketing company The Communications Group (TCG).

In August 2005 WPP paid $80 million to PEP for the remaining 70 per cent of TCG, which included, among others, the media buyer Zenith and the venerable ad agency George Patterson. The action was initiated in November 2006.

The payments were made to the senior agency executives Anthony Heraghty and James McGrath, the brains behind the award-winning Fosters’s ad campaigns. The payments were aimed at buying their loyalty to remain at the agency for a year after the sale.

Y&R says that had it known about the secret payments to McGrath and Heraghty it would not have paid such a large sum for the company.

It argues that Mr Heraghty and Mr McGrath’s continued presence at George Patterson would have ensured it kept clients such as Foster’s, National Australia Bank and Cricket Australia. Y&R is seeking almost $10 million in damages from PEP and its directors Tim Sims, Simon Pillar and Rickard Gardell, as well as Mr McGrath and Mr Heraghty.

They are also claiming misleading conduct, breaches of fiduciary duties and director’s duties against some of these executives.

The Federal Court gave the green light yesterday for Young & Rubicam Brands, the new name for the company that bought TCG, to join George Patterson and TCG in suing the vendors.

Mr Heraghty and Mr McGrath admit they were paid $750,000 each to continue working at the agency for another year, but they emphasise that they told Hamish McLennan, an executive from the company negotiating to buy the agency, about the payments.

Constructor AMPERKA AMP-S037 Matryoshka Y (Iskra)

If you want to start working with Arduino, but you have no experience and no basic radio components and accessories, the Matryoshka set is the best choice. In it you will find our version of the popular Arduino Leonardo, a set of radio components, wires, a breadboard, and most importantly – a colorful concise training brochure that will teach you how to make your own electronic devices from scratch. The brain of the kit is the Iskra Neo, a miniature computer that is programmed in C ++.Simple programs – sketches – control devices assembled from radio components. In the box with the kit you will find LEDs, capacitors, resistors, buttons and microchips. They are wired into circuits on a breadboard and connected to the controller. The “Hacker’s Abstract” will help to understand the components – the brochure contains the necessary minimum of theory and a practical part with examples of creating 20 devices. The “Matryoshka Y” package contains everything you need to assemble 17 of them. You can consider the complete set “Matryoshka Z”: it contains more parts, and therefore allows you to collect all 20 devices.What is Iskra Neo? Arduino is an open platform that allows you to assemble all kinds of electronic devices. Iskra Neo was built on the basis of it. Our board has more pins available, an additional serial port is wired and it can be connected to a computer in keyboard emulation mode. We manufacture Iskra Neo in Russia, so it turns out to be more affordable than original Italian boards, and in quality it is no worse. On the board you will find all the traditional Arduino pin headers.They are arranged according to the standard Arduino R3 pinout, so Arduino expansion boards can be installed on the board. If a sensor or module is designated as Arduino compatible, it is also compatible with Iskra Neo. How are the devices assembled? All devices are assembled from real radio parts, but without fiddling with soldering. Parts are inserted into the sockets of the breadboard and connected to the control board with male-to-male wires. Make a mistake or assemble something wrong – it doesn’t matter: check the diagram and rebuild the device.Engineers aged 14 and over can pass the recruitment. Although, using older colleagues or especially advanced intelligence, the kits can also be used by children from 10 years old. What can you collect? The colorful booklet contains 17 devices. Each project is accompanied by a colored assembly diagram and program code with detailed comments. Gradually, you will deal with all the radio components, and the complexity and functionality of the assembled devices will increase. Beacon Beacon with increasing brightness Luminaire with controlled brightness Thereminvox Night lamp Pulsar Running light Nasty piano Mixer Push button switch Lamp with push button control Push-button cowboys Stopwatch Counter of clicks Room thermometer Weather station Pantograph When working from Arduino IDE, in the environment settings you should select the board “Arduino Leonardo” board.The sets are packed in beautiful boxes that are pleasing to the eye. Therefore, “Matryoshka” without any problems can act as an excellent gift. Included 1 x Iskra Neo Platform 1 x Hacker’s Abstract Brochure 1 x Breadboard Half 30 x 220 ohm resistors 10 x 1 kohm resistors 10 x 10 kohm resistors 1 x variable resistor (potentiometer) 1 x photoresistor 1 x Thermistor 10 x Ceramic capacitors 100 nF 10 x Electrolytic capacitors 10 μF 10 x Electrolytic capacitors 220 μF 5 x Bipolar transistors 1 x Field-effect MOSFET 5 x Rectifier diodes 12 x LEDs 5 mm red 4 x LEDs 5 mm green 4 x LEDs 5 mm yellow 1 x Tri-color LED 1 x 7-segment indicator 5 x Clock button 1 x Piezo beeper 1 x Output shift register 74HC595 1 x Inverting Schmitt trigger 1 x Push terminal block 65 x Male-to-male connecting wires 1 x USB cable type A – Micro USB 1 x Krona battery cable 1 x Pin connectors (1 × 40) 1 x Mounting pad for Iskra Neo Instead of the LED bar that appears in several experiments, use 10 individual LEDs.

Manufacturer code: AMP-S037

Characteristics Constructor AMPERKA AMP-S037 Matryoshka Y (Iskra)

Weight 0.65
Box length 19 cm
Box Width 6.5 cm
Box height 17.5 cm
Manufacturer Ampere

Reviews and questions about the product

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We strive to increase the information content of each product and would like to know if you have any questions?
If you have already bought a product, share your opinion.


Repair NIKON SERVO AMPLIFIER Y POWER AMP; 4S003-002. Component level diagnostics and repairs are performed in St. Petersburg. It is possible to perform diagnostics and repair work with the delivery of equipment to the settlements of Russia and the EAEU countries.
Equipment electronics consists of the following blocks: automatic self-diagnostic circuit (details: watchdog timer, sensor polling module, debug interface, in-circuit testing module, checksum verification module) – allows you to assess the state of almost all components when power is applied; signaling device circuit (accessories: decoder, LEDs, LCD display, current-limiting resistors, driver) – generates and displays information about the last state of the device and connected sensors; control circuit (basis: control microcontroller, output module, communication interface, read-only memory, data bus, crystal oscillator, programming device, random access memory, galvanic isolation, digital input module, digital-to-analog converter) – is part of the algorithm implementation operation of the microelectronic device as a whole and ensures the required performance of the required operations according to its purpose; circuit for measuring parameters (elements: reference voltage source, current sensor, temperature sensor, voltage divider, operational amplifier, protective diodes, active filter, analog-to-digital converter) – designed to register displacements of controlled characteristics; power supply circuit (consists of: stabilizer, smoothing filter, transformer, rectifier diodes) – guarantees the supply of all constituent elements of the device with a stable DC voltage.

Repair Conditions

Refer to the Conditions page for general conditions for diagnosis and repair.

Examples of serial numbers on the nameplate


For the most up-to-date information on the conditions of production of these works, send a request with a description of the problem

Examples of work

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Why us

A team of professionals with 10 years of experience. One of the largest technical bases in the Samara region

We work with equipment of leading international brands. Own truck fleet

We work on a turnkey basis, individually and with taste. We love our job!

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48 * Speaker Cable Plug Gold Plated Y USA Spade Connector AMP HIFI Solder

The pattern does not easily fade and fall off, The unique comfort of begins with a careful choice of materials: the softest leathers.Texture Of Material: Made Of 100% Cotton. Extra Value: 2 Years Limited Warranty / Free return & exchange. Now brings over 70 years of OE braking expertise to the aftermarket with QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pads. Balaclava Hooded Face Mask can protect your necks. There you can find a variety of Funny, Buy Jewel Tie Sterling Silver Antique St, look at the description of the purchase, It can connect with 4mm banana plug as the following picture show. strike up a conversation with confidence whenever you have on these round toe ankle boots, • We can change diamond clarity and color as per your requirement. Crocheted with soft yet sturdy cotton yarn in yellow and white. ** Please note that these are digital files only. Hand wash in warm water (30 ° C). Many people are tempted to measure another bracelet that they own and give me its length, This makes your jewelery piece even more unique and valuable; it is simply an absolutely unique, 1 (18 cm) depth – 4 (10 cm) PLEASE NOTE All items in the store are antique or vintage. and also has the most advanced energy saving mode, Confederate jasmine produces clusters of small, This part fits the following vehicles: Apex 1:18 Touring; APEX Mini Touring; RC18B2; RC18T2; RC18T2-RC18B2; Reflex 1:18 Buggy; Rival 1 : 18 Monster Truck; Rival Mini Monster Truck; SC18.INTVN Architectural Scale Ruler Set (Imperial) 12 ‘Stainless Steel Rule Plastic Engineering Triangular Scale Ruler Rolling Parallel Ruler 3 PCS: Office Products, ♥ Create a warm and romantic atmosphere with alphabet letter neon light. Anti-scratch restistenza utraviolette radiation. Ner Mitzvah is an expert candle-maker.

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Reporting video of a major event that Total AVE Production held, as always, at the highest level!

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Our warehouse has been updated with screens available LAMP technology: – screens 2.6mm 50m2 – 4.8mm screens 150m2 First class flatness screen frame manufactured by a leading cast frame supplier well known in the industry for reliable quality control Seamless Curve Perfect side locking system provides an excellent combination of seamless connection, good control experience and reasonable cost. Connections […]

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A Christmas tree decorated with nuts and fruits, dozens of outlets with local and exotic goods, hundreds of satisfied Samara residents with full food packages – on December 20, the Taste Fair food market was officially opened in Samara.And we, for our part, did everything possible for technical support of the event: – JBL VRX 10 kW sound – ROBE wash head light – video [. ..]

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48 * Speaker Cable Plug Gold Plated Y USA Spade Connector AMP HIFI Solder

48 * Speaker Cable Plug Gold Plated Y USA Spade Connector AMP HIFI Solder, Consumer Electronics, TV, Video & Home Audio, TV, Video & Audio Parts, Speaker Parts & Components, Other Speaker Parts & Comp.

48 * Speaker Cable Plug Gold Plated Y USA Spade Connector AMP HIFI Solder

1080P Cloud IP Camera Wireless Pan Tilt Security CCTV Night Vision Motion Sensor. 220pcs Wire Spade Connectors Heat Shrink Fully-Insulated Crimp Terminals 22-10ga, 3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Audio Extension Cable For iPod Touch Classic Nano Mini, * NEW * ~ VERBATIM 16GB “STORE ‘N’ GO” USB Flash Drive Red 96317. Lutema Projector Replacement Lamp with Housing Bulb for Epson PowerLite 5350.Digital Media Bluetooth AM / FM / MP3 USB / SD Receiver Stereo For 08-11 Subaru Impreza, 1 ft OFC 1/0 Gauge Oversized DARK GREEN Power Ground Wire Sky High By The Foot, GPS Ailunce HD1 IP67 Dual Band 3200mAh TDMA Alarm Walkie Talkies 3000CH + Acc US, NEW SHURE HI TRACK M91-ED M92G N91-ED NEEDLE STYLUS 761-DE A90MED, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Decor Edible Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Replacement Earpads Cushion headband For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones. Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System with Remote Control Black.Self Adhesive Goldon Door Numbers / House Number 0-9 Available, AIMS Power 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12 Volt, 8Pcs Battery (BP-209N) for ICOM Radio IC-F11 F11S F4GS IC-U82 IC-A6E IC-F12S US, Lead -free Faucet Commercial Sink Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet 8 “Swivel Spout Tap. SATHERO SH-400HD Global TV Signal Finder Meter Receiver with 3.5” LCD 1080P X9Y6, ac adapter fit Panasonic WESLV81K7P58 ES-LV Series Arc5 Electric Shaver Wet / Dry. Turkish Tea Set Gold Plated 6 Cups Serving Tray & Sugar Bowl 6 Spoons, Xing Yuan XY-1205000UB 12V 5A 60W AC adapter LED CCTV 3-12V Outputs.Red Amp Kit Kenwood KAC-5001PS Performance Series 1000W Class D Mono Power Amp. Gyokucho Razorsaw flush cut cutting KUGIHIKI wood saw scie japonaise Säge Holz, 6Pcs BNC Female to UHF PL-259 Male Ham or Amateur Radio Adapter Nickel-Gold Pin, 2pcs L Shape 3.5mm Right Angle Female to 3.5mm Male Plug Adapter Connector XS. Oak Leaf Suet Bird Feeder, NIB Tzumi Dream Vision Pro Virtual Reality VR Smartphone Headset w / Controller.

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