Ws2811 christmas lights: DC5V/12V Individually Addressable WS2811 LED Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights with WS2811 strip and RemoteXY app | by Antonio Mancuso

Few days ago a friend of mine described me a project he was doing with his son and a led strip and Arduino. As always small projects with lights or sounds are very interesting for young kids as they stimulate their fantasy and capture their attention.

Based on that I have decided to buy the same RGB Led Strip WS2811 12mm 5V from Amazon.

The led strip is made of 50 led RGB WS2811 which are individually addressable. The strip is solid and built with good quality and made for external use.

As Christmas Holidays period is approaching I think this is the perfect project to develop with my daughter: Lights for a Christmas tree which is programmable from a mobile app. The mobile app is based on RemoteXY service and it is quite simple. It provides a vertical switch with 10 different button options. Each button is associated to a different light effect implemented on the strip.

The full RemoteXY project is available here

In addition I have shared the entire source code on my GitHub

The figure below shows the connection of the different components

As you can see the led strip has been represented by a single WS2811 led.

In place of the battery pack I have used a mobile phone charge (5V 1 A)


if you have a more powerful charger (like 2A) please use it as it will get to lower temperature of operations

It is very important to note that the negative (-) wire from the charger is connected to the GND pin of nodeMCU in order to allow the proper behavior of the led strip.

The data line of the strip is connected on pin D4 by a 470 Ohm resistor.

I have also added a 1000 uF capacitor between the power wires of the strip.

The capacitor is not strictly mandatory but highly suggested in order to avoid possible tension spike at the input of the strip.

Below some picture of my implementation

For the sake of simplicity I have mounted the nodeMCU on a breadboard. A strip board would be good as well.

Above the detail of the connection of the data line pin of the strip.

Here some details of the connection between the charger (black wires on the left) and the strip wires (white and red on right). As you can see the cap is plug and the blue wire is connected between the nodeMCU GND pin and the negative (-) power wire.

Below you can see the led strip on the wall of my studio ready for testing. According to Italian tradition I cannot have the xmas tree before December 8th 🙂 so I need to wait few more weeks to install the led strip on the tree 🙂

Here the video showing all the 10 different lighting effect implemented in this project.

Obviously you can implement your own lighting effects and the limit is only your fantasy. If you want share your effects so it can help other people.

My definitive guide to DIY Christmas lights with Arduino, Vixen and WS2811 RGB LEDs – General Projects – CrackedConsole Community

(Currently a work in progress)

My definitive guide to DIY Christmas lights with Arduino, Vixen and WS2811 RGB LEDs


Planning and design

First things first, we want to get a picture of our house, this will allow us to layout a design we are trying to achieve, and using something as simple as Paint we can draw lines where LEDs or props may go.
Be sure to keep an untouched copy of your house, as we can also use this in Vixen Lights to overlay a demo show over (more to come on this topic)

Once you’ve drawn out where you would like to have LEDs/lights, the next step is to take physical measurements of each spot, such as gutters, roof lines etc. Where ever you want your lights, this will allow us to plan for LED counts and lengths.

In our outline lighting example, we going to use WS2811 RGB LEDs, these are 12v LEDs and the ones I used were spaced 2.5 inches apart (the description states 2.7-2.9 inch spacing, but we utilize them with 2.5 inch spaced mounting strips.)

500 pack of WS2811 RGB LEDs – 12v

To mount these LEDs to the house, I used a few items;

PixNode mounting strips with 2.5 inch spacing

LED Pixel Pliers (these make a world of difference when pushing all of the LEDs into the mounting strips)

For mounting them to the house, I used either 3M Command Strips or Eyelet Screws and secured them together with a mix of 4 inch Zip ties and 8 inch Zip ties.
Taking the measurements for each strip of LEDs, measure them out onto the PixNode strips, adjusting where you need to considering the 2.5 inch spacing of the LEDs.

BE SURE to pay attention and mark or label what end of the LED strand is the input, and if you have to join more LEDs together, pay attention to the side that is the input.

For joining LEDs and LED strands to make 1 strip, as well as attaching the water proof connection ends, I used several types and sizes of water proof heat shrink.

2mm 3:1 shrink for small individual wires
8mm 3:1 shrink for medium bundles of wires or connectors
3/8ths inch 3:1 shrink for larger wires and bundles

as well as some water proof butt splice connections

22-16 gauge
16-14 gauge

Lastly, to complete each strand of LEDs I used the following waterproof connections;

BTF Lighting small 3 Pin water proof LED connector

Please bear in mind, this may not be an industry standard for compatibility with other systems or devices, just what I happened to pick at the time when I was setting up my display.

In my setup, I used the female end as the LED input and male end as the LED output, I followed this through all strands, props, extension wires and amps. Doing this simplifies connectivity and keeps things in order.

A few notes on LED strands, mounting and planning out your display;

The WS2811 RBG LEDs work while wired in series, the output of strand 1 goes into strand 2 and so on.
Keeping this into consideration when deciding where the initial input signal will start and how the wiring will go from there.

You want the shortest possible wires and extension cables, I’ve had success with an initial 20 foot run from the controller to the first strand of LEDs but your results may vary.
Extension cables, or a jumper cable from 1 strand to the next to continue the signal, needs to be very short. I’ve run into several issues trying to carry the signal too far from the prior set of LEDs.
Though I’ve had better success with this using these “F-Amps” I found, that boost the LEDs data signal for longer runs.

You want to try and stay around or below 400 LEDs in total per “group”. Each group will have their own controller and you want to avoid issues with transfer speeds, or power.

You want to consider power injection. You’ll be adding a power feed about every 200 LEDs or so.

In my setup, shown here, I have 3 groups of LEDs to make up my outline, each group contains around 300 LEDs. I feed 12v power into the start and end of each group of strands.

Again, take into consideration the flow of data from 1 strand to another as you are making your layout / design.



Outside of the actual lights themselves, you need a controller to tell the LEDs what to do or turn them off and on. A “show player” tells the controller what the lights should do, the controller the spits that out to the LEDs and they light up as desired. There are several options for both Show Players as well as controllers.

For simplicity and cost, I currently use an Arduino for each of my controllers and depending on the job determines what version of Arduino I am using.

Arduino MEGA – Relay / Power plug controller

Arduino Nano – Small groups of LEDs 150 or less

Arduino Uno – Larger groups of LEDs 200-400+ (Largest I’ve tested is 410)


The reasoning behind the Arduino choices, is primarily the Serial port speeds each could handle. This drastically impacts the performance of the LEDs and your display, too many LEDs on an Arduino with a slow max Serial port speed will not perform well and look fairly bad.

The Arduino MEGA for relay and power plug box controls 32 relays to turn off/on 32 power plugs for old school Christmas light strands. I use the added I/O pins to control these relays.
I’ve only tested the max Serial port speed of 115,200. But this is fast enough for 32 plugs.

The Arduino Nano, was originally for price and size. I was able to get away with Generic Nano’s to run small groups of LEDs 20-100 or so and get decent performance.
The max Serial port speed I’ve been able to get from the Nano’s, including the official Arduino versions, is 115,200. This is fine for a small group of LEDs, but you will get very choppy and slow performance and updates with higher LED counts.

The Arduino UNO R3 is what I’m using for larger groups of LEDs, I’ve tested up to 410 LEDs in 1 group in my setup, with great success.
The max Serial port speed I’ve been able to use with these is 921,600, and makes a world of difference in display performance.

The software I use on the Arduino, can be grabbed from out downloads section here

This code should be modified for the desired Serial port connection speed as well as the LED count each controller will be handling, and then flashed to your Arduino of choice.


For the Traditional Christmas light strands that use standard power plugs and just turn off and on, this is where the Arduino MEGA comes into play.
I’ve coupled the MEGA with 2 16 channel relay banks. The MEGA then turns the relays off and on, that in turn power a bank of standard wall outlets.

2x SaintSmart 16 channel relay modules

Wiring the Arduino MEGA consisted of connecting Pins 22 – 53 to each individual relay on the modules. I use the relays to control the hot wire coming into each power outlet, and in turn I ran a common Ground and Neutral wire to each outlet.
In retrospect I could have used 16 outlets for a total of 32 channels, rather than 32 total outlet modules with 2 plugs each.

A quick note around the relay modules and Arduino code, the mechanical relays used in the module as well as the code, do not support dimming.
For dimming support, it would require new code as well as Solid State relays, I plan on looking into this in the future to upgrade my current setup.

Arduino code for the relay modules can be found in our Download section, here




I then tossed together a “make shift” controller board to clean everything up a bit, I used M2.5 screws and standoffs to mount the Arduino devices to the board.

The USB hub used can be found here

LED Power


For powering my set of RGB LEDs, I try and run power every 200 LEDs or so. Thus for the most past I run power into the start of an LED strand chain, as well as into the end of the LED strand chain. In my experience, for around 400 LEDs or less this seems to be sufficient.

The LEDs used in my setup each use 0.3 Watts, and you will want to size your power supply needs accordingly. It’s actually best to stay in the range of 75%-80% utilization or lower on each power supply.

I use sever 12v 40 amp 500 Watt power supplies in my setup;

12v 40 amp PSU

I utilized terminal blocks off of each power supply to clean things up abit and make connectivity easier.

8-Way Terminal Blocks

I’ll admit, this may not be the best choice for outdoor Winter wiring, but this is what I use to run power to the LED strands.

18AWG 2 Conductor Jacketed LED Power Wire

LED Power Supply mounting bracket from my Thingiverse Profile


WS2811 DC12V 144LEDs/m Programmable LED Strip Lights, Addressable Flexible LED Light Strips, LED Christmas Holiday Lights, 1m/3.28ft Per Roll [DCFLS-12V-WS2811X288] prides itself on quality; we guarantee our LED lights and have 24months warranty, any quality problem, free replacement is shipped. 

We only use the best component parts in all our lighting solutions, working with factories that are all ROHS and CE approved. We have high quality controls in place all LED lights are age tested and go through at least 2 quality checks before they are released.

There are many LED lights on the market that do not meet these standards but we guarantee all LED lights sold by are made to last the long life an Led bulb should do.

2. What is an LED?

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a device consisting of a semiconductor that emits light energy when an electrical current is passed through it. LEDs can be used for a wide range of lighting applications. It is predicted that LED lights are the future for energy-efficient home lighting.

3. How long do LED Lights last?

LED lights have a much longer life span compared to standard halogen LED lights. In fact LED lights last up to 50000 hours – that’s over 5 years of continuous operation! When you install new LED lights you may never have to replace the LED lights again.

4. Do LED light products provide high quality lighting?

The short answer is YES! We pride ourselves on the quality and the light output of all our LED lights simply choose between warm or cool white. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the quality of the lighting!

5. Are LED lights cost-effective?

LED light LED lights are highly energy efficient, resulting is significant electricity savings over the life of the bulb. Electricity costs are on the increase. The average household lighting bill in the UK is around £300 per year. Replace your existing halogen LED lights with LED lights and you can cut your lighting costs by up to 90%. That’s an average saving of over £270 per year!

6. Why do I need an LED-compatible transformer?

You may only need a transformer if you are buying 12v LED lights all 240 LED lights do not require a transformer, 12v LED lights are MR16, G4 and MR11.

Standard electronic transformers can cause certain types of LED lights to flicker, resulting in permanent long-term damage to the LED bulb itself. This problem is most evident in 12V MR16 LED lights where a standard transformer does not provide a smooth flow of current, causing flickering problems. To avoid damaging your new LED lights it is always best to use LED drivers/transformers.

7. Can LED light LED lights be used with dimmers?

Yes. Certain types of LED lights are dimmable, For standard household dimmers you need a trailing edge or low voltage LED dimmer switch.

8. What are the best features of LED lights?

In short, LED lights are the future of household and office lighting, with a number of great features, including:

9. My dimmer switch isn’t working with my LED lights?

Your LED light LED lights may not be dimmable. Not all LED light LED lights have the ability to dim so you must make sure that your LED lights are the dimmable type.

Ensure that you have an LED-compatible dimmer switch. Standard household dimmer switches do not work with LED lights. Dimmable LED lights will only operate effectively with an LED dimmer switch.

10. What are SMDs?

SMDs or Surface Mounted Diodes are the new generation of LED lighting. The majority of our LED lights contain SMDs that are three times brighter than the older LEDs and available in warm white and cool white. LED lights with SMDs generate a high quality light the same colour as normal household LED lights.

11. What are the benefits of using LED lights?

LED light LED lights have many benefits when compared to standard halogen or incandescent LED lights, including:

Extremely energy efficient – 80% of electricity used converted to light energy

The most eco-friendly lighting solution

Huge reductions on your electricity bills

Much longer life-span than halogen LED lights

Low temperature operation

Directional light

Low profile and compact size

Breakage and vibration resistance

Life unaffected by rapid cycling

Instant switch on with no warm up time

No IR or UV emissions

12. My LED lights will not switch on?

This could be due to a number of different reasons. In order to ascertain whether or not you have received a faulty lights:

Please ensure that the lights is receiving power from a switch/dimmer

Please check the LED lights is securely in the fitting

Please place the LED lights in an alternative fitting on the same circuit

13. Will LED lights fit into my old light fixtures?

Yes. all our led lights are designed to be perfect fit to replace your old halogens unless it is other wise staed in the product description.

14. Do I need to replace my fittings to use LED lights?

No. The majority of our LED lights are designed to be retrofit. This means that LED light LED lights are made to fit in existing light fittings, Check our product information details on your chosen bulb before you buy.

15. Which colour is best for indoor use?

The colour choice is down to personal preference. The most popular colour for indoor LED lights is Warm White as it is the closest to the colour given off by traditional halogen spotlights. Our LED lights generate a high quality light the same colour as normal household LED lights.

16. Which colour is best for outdoor use?

The colour choice is down to personal preference. The most popular colour for indoor LED lights is Cool White as it gives a crisp bright light that is perfect for lighting up outdoor spaces.

17. Can I use LEDs on a 12-volt circuit?


18. Which is better for LED lights, low voltage circuit or mains circuit?

They are both just as good.

19. How can I save the most money on my electricity bill?

The best way to maximise the savings on your electricity bill is to fit LED lights throughout your home and/or business premises. Replacing traditional forms of halogen and incandescent lighting with LED lights can cut lighting bills by up to 90%.

20. Why do I need to replace my dimmer switch?

The minimum wattage figure on the dimmer switch is too high, typically the majority of leading edge dimmer switches are 60 watts which is way too high for operation with dimmable LED lights. This is why you need an LED compatible dimmer switch for use with dimmable LED lights.

21. What fittings should I have for my bathroom?

Any fittings being placed within a bathroom/wet room/shower room should not only be Fire Rated but also be waterproof and hold a suitable certification of IP65 or higher in order to be compliant with relevant building regulations for bathrooms.

22. What does IP65 mean?

The IP, or Ingress Protection rating of an electrical product is a guide that is used to detail the strength of the enclosure that surrounds the electrical components.

In the case of LED lights LED lights, the IP-rating measures the tolerance to the effect of dust particles and the level of protection against water or liquids. IP65 means that the LED bulb is totally protected against dust and can withstand low-pressure jets of water from all directions – with limited ingress acceptable.

23. What does IP67 mean?

The IP, or Ingress Protection rating of an electrical product is a guide that is used to detail the strength of the enclosure that surrounds the electrical components.

In the case of LED lights LED lights, the IP-rating measures the tolerance to the effect of dust particles and the level of protection against water or liquids. IP67 means that the LED bulb is totally protected against dust and is protected against the effect of immersion in water from 6-39 inches in depth.

24. Do I have to have fire-rated fittings?

Ceilings provide an important barrier that helps to prevent the spread of fire and noise between the floors of a building. Installing recessed downlights punctures this barrier and can reduce the effectiveness of this safety barrier.
Installing fire rated downlights helps to protect your premises from the effects of both fire and noise pollution and aids compliance with new building regulations governing the installation of downlights. Made from intumescent materials, fire rated downlights seal the gap between the ceiling and the fitting to offer up to 90 minutes protection against the spread of fire into the void spaces within your ceiling / loft space. Fire rated downlights are more expensive than non-fire rated downlights. However, the worst decision you can make is to buy cheaper models that look exactly the same only to find out from the electrician fitting them, that building regulations require fire rated downlights for that situation.

25. How hot does an LED lights get?

LED lights run significantly cooler than other types of lighting like halogen or CFLs but they do get hot, but the heat is dissipated by metal heat sinks that take away the heat from the light source itself. Keeping them cool helps maintain the long life span of the LED lights.

26. What is the difference between Warm White, Pure White and Cool White?

When looking to use white LED lighting you may think it would be a very simple choice to choose as there is only one option…white? Wrong; there are actually different various shades of white to choose from. The 3 main shade descriptions of whites are: Warm White (also known as soft white) – is described as warm white does not mean that it is warm to touch, the warm is actually describing the shade of white the LED lights up. Warm white tends to be slightly yellow/brown in colour just like your standard halogen light bulbs. Warm white tends to be used to give a warm, homely feel. The technical specification of warm white is anything from 2700k – 3200k (lower being warmer) Pure White (also known as daylight white, commercial white, bright white) – this is the closest resemblance to daylight white, it tends not to have any yellow (warm) or blue (cool) tint to it. This is used in commercial applications and also to highlight areas; it is generally brighter than warm white. On the Kelvin scale, pure white would be anything from 4500k to 6000k (lower being warmer) Cool White – this white is used the least out of the 3 as it is generally too ‘cool’ (blue tint) for commercial and general use. However, it is the brightest white and can be used to highlight areas. It still looks very white and the blue tint is extremely faint. This is great to create a cool, crisp feel. On the Kelvin scale, this would be 6500k+;

27.Why are LED lights considered a green technology?

LED lights are the only truly eco-friendly lighting solution. Unlike traditional forms of lighting where the majority of the electrical energy is given off in the form of heat, LED lights operate at around 80% efficiency. This means that an LED lights converts 80% of its electricity into light energy with very little given off as heat, compared to an incandescent bulb that only turns 20% of the electricity it uses into light energy.

28. Which driver will I need?

To work out what transformer you require this is quite simple. You take the amount of LED tape you have in metres and x this by the wattage of the LED tape you have, again per metre. For example, 7m of 4.8w LED tape: 7 x 4.8w = 33.6w Therefore you would require a 60w transformer.

29. Can I dim the white LED tape?

The LED tape can be dimmed in various ways. 1 option is with our dimmable transformers: these are available in 12v/24v and in 30w and 100w. These can then be dimmed off a standard Triac wall dimmer (standard in households). We also have Triac dimmable receivers; these go in-between the transformer and the LED strip. These work with both 12v and 24v versions and are ideal for larger projects that use larger transformers such as the 320w. Another option is with our 0-10v receivers, these can be used for both the 12V and 24v versions. They go in-between the transformer and the LED tape and can be linked to such systems as Lutron. We also have the option to dim via DMX. We have DMX receivers available to work with DMX desks and systems to allow you to fully dim as required. Again these go in-between the Transformers and LED tape and can be linked together to dim all the receivers at once.

30. How does ambient temperature affect the performance of LED lights?

The performance of LED lights can be adversely affected by severe changes in ambient temperature or operating the LED lights outside the recommended temperature range. LED lights are tested at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, which is adequate for most domestic environments.

However, in more challenging environments, with extreme levels of hot or cold ambient conditions, there may be a decrease in light levels together with an adverse effect on the life span of the bulb. This is why there are specially designed LED lights for use in hazardous and extreme conditions.

31. How often will I have to replace LED lights?

LED lights have a life span of over 50000 hours of continuous operation. This means if you replace your existing halogen LED lights with /new LED lights, you may never have to replace your light LED lights again!

32. How long is 50000 hours?

LED light products have an operational life-cycle of over 50000 hours, this equates to:

5.7 years (24 hours per day)
7.4 years (18 hours per day)
11.4 years (12 hours per day)
17.1 years (8 hours per day)

33. How do I wire up the LED Tape?

For this type of LED tape, you will require just a transformer to get this working. You connect the 2 core starter lead coming out of one end. This is then wired to the transformer, the red wire goes to + and the black wire is wired to -. The 2 core cables can be extended as required for you to mount the transformer as far away as required.

34. Do LED lights have any toxic materials inside them?

No. LED lights are referred to as solid state lighting technology and do not contain any harmful materials unlike certain other types of household lighting that contain toxic substances like mercury.

35. Which wattage do I need?

Deciding on which wattage you require is all down to what kind of application you are fitting the LED tape in. The 5w and 10w is ideal to be used as feature lighting. Lighting to highlight areas, as secondary lighting. Ideal for covings, drop-down ceilings signage etc. to give a smooth halo effect. The 10w would be preferred to the 5w for these applications if there is a high amount of ambient lighting. The 15w and 20w are ideal to be used as general lighting or as feature lighting for areas larger than covings etc. For example, washing down front bars/back bars / under kitchen cabinet lighting as ‘working light’

36. Do LED light LED lights switch on immediately or do they have to warm up?

LED lights are instant on, which means the do not require any time to warm up. Also, LED lights do not give off any potentially harmful IR or UV emissions.

37. Does the level of light produced reduce over the lifetime of the LED lights?

Yes. The level of illumination does decrease over the life span of an LED lights. However due to their extremely long life cycle, this is barely noticeable.

38. When do I need to use the IP67 Heat-shrink?

IP67 Heat-shrink type is required in areas where you will need resistance to water. For example bathrooms, kitchens and exterior. The heat shrink version is waterproof but it cannot be submerged, for example in a pond. The IP67 Heat-shrink is a protective coating over the LED tape, this makes it easy to wipe to clean etc.

39. Is it true that LED lights are energy efficient?

Yes. LED lights operate at around 80% efficiency, compared to an incandescent bulb that is only 20% efficient. This means that an LED lights converts 80% of its electricity into light energy. LED lights are the only truly eco-friendly lighting solution.

40. How do I create custom lengths? Can I cut the tape?

All the LED strips are cuttable. Each can be cut at various points, either 50mm,100mm,150mm or 200mm depending on which wattage version you have. We can either cut the lengths to your specific lengths as required or you can do this yourself. Once cut to length to join this to a transformer or another piece you will need to be capable of soldering, or if not we also supply 2 types of clips. One type is a starter lead clip, which is s clip that joins onto the offcut and has a cable coming out of it. The other clip is a ‘tape to tape clip’, this clip joins 2 pieces together.

WS2811 | Tom Hopkins

The LED Pixel lights i’ve put up require either 5V or 12V DC at reasonable high currents. To power them i’m using a PC ATX Power supply i got cheap of Ebay. It has a good power output along with built in overload / short circuit protection.

As we are dealing with small voltages, voltage drop along the cables is a concern. So i’m going to put the power supply as close to the lights as possible which will be outside. This also means i can run one small mains flex through the window, instead of trying to fit multiple thicker cables through.

To keep it protected from the elements the power supply is fixed an a generic IP rated enclosure with a bit of silicone. Whilst it has no airflow in the box, i won’t be using it at it’s full rated wattage, plus it’s very cold outside at the moment. Worst case scenario it will just shut its self of if it does get to warm. 

As you can see the box was fitted on my railings next to another. Mains 230v enters on the left and the low voltage DC comes out on the right, into another box. The box on the right is where the Pixel Grid and Pixel Star will be wired into. This keeps the mains nicely separated.

The cable between the two boxes is 4mm that i got from some rubbish jump leads. The cable i used to connect the different elements is 2.5mm Speaker Cable from Ebay. Any thicker cable than this would be allot more expensive and also a struggle to fit through cable glands and into crimps.

Each 1/4 of the Pixel Grid had it’s own 2.5mm supply cable from the power supply.

I 3D Printed junction boxes for making connections in, I found this nice design online and edited it to include another variable to fit a seal, you can find my version here.

I originally tried using an elastic band as a seal but in the end ordered some ‘rubber cord’ from Ebay that does the job well. To test it out i printed a box without holes and then submersed it in shallow water for half hour.

Upon opening the lid i was impressed to see just one tiny drop of water in the corner as you can see above. This means it should be fine when outside in a little rain.

To connect the cables within these junction boxes i used ‘wire nuts’ something that i believe is quite common in the states but not really seen here in the UK. They’re perfect for this as they’re quick and easy whilst still making a good reliable connection. They’re also reusable which is ideal in this temporary situation.

Despite running multiple cables, i still had an issue with the voltage dropping to low and the controllers when all the lights were set to white. This would freeze the micro controller meaning you’d have to reset the power supply to get them going again. As a test, i ran a separate power cable to the controllers on two of the 1/4s and it seemed to solve the issue – something to remember for next year.

I also had the same issue with the Pixel Spinner, to get around it on that one, i changed the supply voltage over to 12V and then used this 12v-5v step down regulator just before the lights.

Whilst advertised as waterproof when i purchased it from Ebay, it clearly wasn’t, so i wrapped it in some Self Amalgamating Waterproof Tape, this should hopefully do the job for a few weeks.

15 Best Ws2811 Christmas Lights of November 2021

After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Ws2811 Christmas Lights of 2021. Check our ranking below.

2,214 Reviews Scanned

Rank No. #1 ALITOVE 500pcs WS2811 12mm Diffused Digital Dream Color RGB LED Pixel String Light Individually Addressable LED Pixels Module for LED Screen Wall Outdoor Advertising Board Signs IP68 Waterproof DC 5V
  • 256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display. Each LED can have its own color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and set it to any color or animation you want.
  • Come with 3-pin JST-SM connectors on both ends and separate GND/5V+ wires. You can hook up them one by one without soldering and add power supply if needed.
  • It can be compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi T1000S K1000C etc. It can also be controlled by pre-programmed controllers such as SP105E SP110E bluetooth controllers, SP108E wifi controllers and SP106E SP107E music controllers.
  • IP68 waterproof. Weatherproof silicone wraps every LED pixel, protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. You can put them outdoor, even underwater.
  • Each pixel can be cut off without damaging the rest pixels. So you can shorten or extend the distance between two pixels if you want.
Rank No. #2 Odlamp DC12V 500pcs WS2811 Dream Color Changing RGB Addressable LED Pixel String Light Waterproof 12mm for Christmas Party Advertising Board Decoration (DC12V 500pcs)
  • WS2811 String Lights DC12V 500pcs RGB Dream Color Changing addressabl programmable ,Perfect to DIY
  • Working voltage: DC 12V,Power: 0.3W/LED, WS2811 IC , Dimension: 12 mm
  • Waterproof IP67 ,Each pixel can be cut off without damaging the rest pixels,can be used indoor and outdoor ,or even underwater
  • RGB Multi Color Changing led string lights with WS2811 IC Digital addressable indivadually ,can light up with multi color and single color (such as red,blue,green,purple ect)
  • Perfect for outdoor advertising,LOGO, Christmas decoration, Cove Lighting, Path and contour lighting, Backlight for signage/ letters and so on
Rank No. #5 Black Wire 500PCS WS2811 Pixels Digital Addressable LED String Lights Waterproof RGB Full Color 12mm for Christmas Party Advertising Board Decoration DC 12V
  • Package:500pcs 12V Round WS2811 LED pixels light.
  • Working voltage: DC 12V,Power: 0.6W/LED, Dimension: 12 mm.
  • RGB Full Color led string lights with WS2811 IC Digital addressable,can light up with multi color and single color (such as red,blue,green,purple ect).
  • IP68 waterproof. Weatherproof silicone wraps every LED pixel, protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. You can put them outdoor, even underwater.
  • Perfect for outdoor advertising, Christmas decoration, Cove Lighting, Path and contour lighting, Backlight for signage/ letters ,KTV,Bar and so on.
Rank No. #6 Mudder 50 Pieces WS2811 12 mm DC 5V RGB Pixels Digital Addressable LED Pixel Lights Waterproof for Christmas Light Decoration for LED Screen Wall Advertising Sign Board
  • Clorful display: 256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display; Each LED has its own color and brightness, you can control each LED individually and set it to any color or animation you want
  • Cuttable: there are 3-pin JST-SM connectors on both ends, you can hook up the pixel strings one by one without soldering; Each pixel can be cut off without damaging the rest pixels
  • Wide application: it is widely applied for making signs, LED displays, LED walls, billboards, outdoor advertising signs, suitable for hotel, KTV, bar, street atmosphere lighting; It can also be applied for Christmas lighting decoration
  • How to use: it can be connected to most LED controllers and LED power supplies, can also be controlled by pre-programmed controllers
  • What you will get: 50 pieces of WS2811 12 mm DC 5V RGB LED pixel lights (excluding LED controller and power connector, please buy extra)
Rank No. #7 ALITOVE DC 12V WS2811 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixel Light Individually Addressable Round LED Module 500 pcs 10x 50pcs/Strand IP68 Waterproof
  • Individually Addressable. Each pixel comes with an embedded WS2811 IC. 256 brightness and full 24-bit color display.
  • They’re typically used to make outdoor advertising signs, led screen, led wall, advertising board and widely applied to hotel, KTV, bars, wedding, party atmosphere lighting.
  • It can be compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi T1000S K1000C etc. It can also be controlled by pre-programmed controllers such as SP105E SP110E bluetooth controllers, SP108E wifi controllers and SP106E SP107E music controllers.
  • 3-pin JST connectors on both ends. It can be hooked up one by one without soldering. Each pixel can be cut off without damaging the rest pixels.
  • IP68 waterproof. Each LED pixel is wrapped by silicone coat that protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. It can be placed underwater.
Rank No. #8 ALITOVE 500pcs WS2811 Individually Addressable RGB LED Pixels Light 12mm Round Diffused Digital Color Changing LED Module Light for LED Screen Outdoor Advertising Board Signs DC 12V IP68 Waterproof
  • 256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display. Each LED can have its own color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and set it to any color or animation you want.
  • It can be compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi T1000S K1000C etc. It can also be controlled by pre-programmed controllers such as SP105E SP110E bluetooth controllers, SP108E wifi controllers and SP106E SP107E music controllers.
  • Come with 3-pin JST-SM connectors on both ends and separate GND/12V+ wires. You can hook up the pixel strings one by one without soldering and add power supply if needed.
  • IP68 waterproof. Weatherproof silicone wraps every LED pixel, protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. You can put them outdoor, even underwater.
  • Each pixel can be cut off without damaging the rest pixels. So you can shorten or extend the distance between two pixels if you want.
Rank No. #9 ALITOVE WS2811 RGB LED Pixels Light Individually Addressable 12mm Diffused Digital Full Color LED Pixel Module for LED Screen Outdoor Advertising Board Signs DC 5V IP68 Waterproof Black Wire 500pcs
  • 256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display. Each LED can have its own color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and set it to any color or animation you want.
  • Come with 3-pin JST-SM connectors on both ends and separate GND/5V+ wires. so you can connect multiple strands in a row, just watch for how much current they want. Each pixel can be cut off. So you can shorten or extend the distance between two pixels.
  • It can be compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi T1000S K1000C etc. It can also be controlled by pre-programmed controllers such as SP105E SP110E bluetooth controllers, SP108E wifi controllers and SP106E SP107E music controllers.
  • IP68 waterproof. Weatherproof silicone wraps every LED pixel, protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. You can put them outdoor, even underwater.
  • They’re typically used to make outdoor advertising signs, led screen, led wall, advertising board and widely applied to hotel, KTV, bars, wedding, party atmosphere lighting.
Rank No. #10 ELlight Outdoor String Lights 39ft 100LED, Dream Color Christmas Lights with APP, Waterproof Color Changing LED String Lights for Wedding Party
  • ➤ Controlled By APP: APP to control LED String Lights, smarter than remote controller, More modes than traditional remote to switch.
  • ➤ Dream Color Mood Lighting: Unique design by adding IC in LED lights, 120 rainbow chasing modes for your option, besides, a variety of colors, brightness and speed can be changed simultaneously with frequency changes.
  • ➤ 39ft 100LED Flexible Mini Globe String Lights with UL Listed Adaptor, with low voltage and no overheat, very safe for children.
  • ➤ Waterproof: Ideal ambient light for Indoor & Outdoor Activities, offering amazing visual experience.
  • ➤ Widely Applications: Perfect for Bistro Pergola Deck yard Market Cafe Gazebo Porch Marquee Letters, Weddings, Garden, Tents, Gatherings, Bbq, City Rooftops, Umbrella, Dinner Party, Birthday Party

Last update on 2021-08-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

How Do You Buy The Best Ws2811 Christmas Lights?

Do you get stressed out thinking about shopping for a great Ws2811 Christmas Lights? Do doubts keep creeping into your mind? We understand, because we’ve already gone through the whole process of researching Ws2811 Christmas Lights, which is why we have assembled a comprehensive list of the greatest Ws2811 Christmas Lights available in the current market. We’ve also come up with a list of questions that you probably have yourself.

We’ve done the best we can with our thoughts and recommendations, but it’s still crucial that you do thorough research on your own for Ws2811 Christmas Lights that you consider buying. Your questions might include the following:

  • Is it worth buying an Ws2811 Christmas Lights?
  • What benefits are there with buying an Ws2811 Christmas Lights?
  • What factors deserve consideration when shopping for an effective Ws2811 Christmas Lights?
  • Why is it crucial to invest in any Ws2811 Christmas Lights, much less the best one?
  • Which Ws2811 Christmas Lights are good in the current market?
  • Where can you find information like this about Ws2811 Christmas Lights?

We’re convinced that you likely have far more questions than just these regarding Ws2811 Christmas Lights, and the only real way to satisfy your need for knowledge is to get information from as many reputable online sources as you possibly can.

Potential sources can include buying guides for Ws2811 Christmas Lights, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. Thorough and mindful research is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best-possible Ws2811 Christmas Lights. Make sure that you are only using trustworthy and credible websites and sources.

We provide an Ws2811 Christmas Lights buying guide, and the information is totally objective and authentic. We employ both AI and big data in proofreading the collected information. How did we create this buying guide? We did it using a custom-created selection of algorithms that lets us manifest a top-10 list of the best available Ws2811 Christmas Lights currently available on the market.

This technology we use to assemble our list depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Brand Value: Every brand of Ws2811 Christmas Lights has a value all its own. Most brands offer some sort of unique selling proposition that’s supposed to bring something different to the table than their competitors.
  2. Features: What bells and whistles matter for an Ws2811 Christmas Lights?
  3. Specifications: How powerful they are can be measured.
  4. Product Value: This simply is how much bang for the buck you get from your Ws2811 Christmas Lights.
  5. Customer Ratings: Number ratings grade Ws2811 Christmas Lights objectively.
  6. Customer Reviews: Closely related to ratings, these paragraphs give you first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Ws2811 Christmas Lights.
  7. Product Quality: You don’t always get what you pay for with an Ws2811 Christmas Lights, sometimes less, and sometimes more.
  8. Product Reliability: How sturdy and durable an Ws2811 Christmas Lights is should be an indication of how long it will work out for you.

We always remember that maintaining Ws2811 Christmas Lights information to stay current is a top priority, which is why we are constantly updating our websites. Learn more about us using online sources.

If you think that anything we present here regarding Ws2811 Christmas Lights is irrelevant, incorrect, misleading, or erroneous, then please let us know promptly! We’re here for you all the time. Contact us here. Or You can read more about us to see our vision.

C9 LED Christmas Lights Ws2811 Addressable DC12V Holiday Lights_Sell_Shenzhen Hontaite Technology Co., Ltd.

C9 LED Christmas Lights Ws2811 Addressable DC12V Holiday Lights

Product Name: C9 LED Christmas Lights Ws2811 Addressable DC12V Holiday Lights Model NO.: LS_ChristmasLights C9 IP Rating: IP67 Voltage: 12V Emitting Color: Changeable Power: 0.6watt Certification: UL, RoHS, CE Usage: Landscaping, Commercial, Home, Festival IC Chip Type: Ws2811 IC Qty: One IC One Lamps LED Chip Type: SMD 5050 RGB LED Qty: 2 LEDs One Lamps Max Length: 20meter Distance: 10cm Channle / Pixel: 3 Channle Per Pixel PCB Color: White Bean Angel: 360° Cuttable: Cuttable Every Pixel Lead Time: 5~7 Days Board Type: 2 Oz Density Copper Warranty: 2 Years Weight: 0.7kg/20PCS Product Size: 24.*27.2*49.5 Transport Package: Cartons Specification: 420L*340W*340H mm Origin: Shenzhen, China HS Code: 9405100000 Product Description C9 LED Pixel String use for LED Christmas LightsFeatures:1. Inderpendent intellectual property rights. patent design2. The product adopts 5050RGB leds, and the beam angle is large3. Low voltage DC12V safety, enerhy saving,long life,low attenuation,energy saving and other characterstics.4. High quanlity SMD LED, high intersity and reliability, long lifespan > 50,000 hours5. It is sealed with AB resin glue, with good mechanical strength and high productprotection grade 6. The wire and shell are made of colf-resistant,UV-resistant and frame-retardant materials,suitable for long-term outdoor useSpecifications:Products Model:C9_LED Christmas LightsInput Voltage:12VDCControl Method:TTLPower Consumption:0.6W/PCSLED Chip Type:High Quolity SMD 5050 3-DiodeLED Quantity:2LEDs/PCSIC Chip Type:WS2811IC Quantity:1PCS/LampsCut / Readdress:UnavailableMax Run Lenght:20PCS in 10 meterSegment Distance:10cm (can customize)Channels / Pixels:3 Channel per pixelBoard Type / Colors:3 oz Density Copper, BlackOperating Temperature:-20ºC to 55ºCConnectors:4PIN Waterproof ConnectorsBean Angel:360°IP Rating:IP68Weight:0.7Kg/20PiecesWarranty:2 YearsProducts Pictures:

waterproof 12v ws2811 c9 pixel rgb led light string outdoor christmas lights

1) C9 christmas light for outdoor appliance. It is beautiful, generous, elegant and high-end. 


2) Individually control — there is one piece super bright DIP 8MMRGB LED inside of each lamp.


3) Standard reel length: 50pcs lamps per chain with 12mm space, but also can be customized. 


4) IP rate IP68 waterproof

    Wire and case are anti-cold, anti-UV, flame resistent materials, suitable for long-term outdoor use.


5)The PVC case is designed to outlet the light from different angle.



7) Connection: waterproof connector / 3 PIN JST SM connector on both ends (DC+, DAT, GND),  

    DC+ and GND connect to power, DAT and GND connect to controller.

    Extra two wires for power feeding to avoid voltage drop.


8) LED Brightness: RGB (Red16, Green32, Blue13lm )

      It is of high brightness, excellent hue saturation, high color stability and consistency.   


9) Controller : SD card controller, Artnet, Ardunio, DMX decoder, etc.


10) Low voltage 12V DC input, low luminous decay, low power consumption. Don’t over 13V, otherwise the led bulb will be easily burnt.

Product parameter

Model No.SJ-C9-2811
Light source8MM RGB LED
Operate VoltageDC12V
Power Consumption0.6watt(max)/PC
Size(mm)H71.83 x D 22.36mm
Emitting colorRGB full color
IC chip WS2811 full color
Beam angle 360 degrees
Life timeover 50000hours
Lenght50leds/string, 6048mm(length) but can be custmoized
Working tempertature-20°C ~ 60°C 
Storage temperature-30°C ~ 80°C 
ControllerSD card controller, DMX512, Arduino, Artnet, etc..
IP rateIP68 waterproof

Connection Diagram:


Related product:

                    SJ-SD50-2811                                                             SJ-504-1903-F




Christmas festival decoration

Home decoration

Garden decoration

Bar, Saloon, etc..

Packaging & Shipping


50pcs/string, 300pcs/carton, 


Carton Size: 46.5cmx26cmx46cm


Shipment :

1.Goods will be delivered within 3-5 working days after the payment received;

2.We ship item via Door to Door service express or air and sea.

Our Services


1.Reply you in 24 hours .

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in fluent English 

3.Customized design is available. OEM&ODM are welcomed .

4. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well trained and professional engineer.

5.Special discount and protection of sales area  provided to our distributor 



1.All products we sell are in good quality and have been tested before they are shipped out

2.We offer 2 years Warranty



Company Information

ShenZhen Shiji Lighting Co.,Ltd, focus on pixel and dmx led lighting solutions, is started from 2010, with so many years experice, we have clients from all the world especially Europe and America. We can also do customized products.

Our product range is as follows :

1.5050&3528 LED module Backlight for Channel Letters &signage

2.RGB LED pixel light &LED string light 

3.LED flexible strips & LED rigid bar for Decorative Lighting 

4. LED point light 

Clients are welcome to buy our standard products ,or send us OEM requests.

Our team:

Our factory:


 1) What are the best selling products in Shiji Lighting?
– LED Strip Light: Mainly SMD5050,SMD2835 and SMD3528
– LED Rigid Bar
– LED Tube Light


2) What kind of products will Shiji Lighting develop for the next year?
Shiji Lighting is devoted to innovation in lastest LED technology. We never stop researching new LED lights since the establishment. We keep the valued customers posted of newsletters on the development every week.


3) What is the main market for Shiji Lighting?
We are selling more to EU market because the markets have high quality standard for LED products. The rate stands our turnover up to 50-60%. But other new markets are increasing demand of the new LED technology. We are also optimistic about the markets for American market and Asian regions.


4) What LEDs do you usually use for your LED products?
For high level products, we use Epistar LED Chip; and middle level types, we mainly use San’an LED strip to find best balance between quality and cost. Other brands of LEDs are allowed according to customer’s requirement.


5) What is Shiji Lighting lead time?
Usually delivery time will be in 12-15days. But it will take a little longer if with heavy burden of production task. And more time will be taken with customized products.


6) Can Shiji Lighting offer OEM product?
Yes, OEM products are allowed. We have an excellent design/engineering team to offer support and we have several years experience in OEM. The strips can have different size, layout, customer logos and labels. We will strictly follow the principal that we won’t disclose or sell customer unique designs or jointly developed products to another third party.


7) Do you have warranty for products?
Yes, we have 2/3/5 years warranty for different kinds of products. During the warranty period, if customers have the approval showing product quality issues and if certified by Shiji Lighting engineers, we would request customers to ship back the failure parts and replace new items with the transportation charged being paid by us.


8) Does Shiji Lighting design its products?
Yes, Shiji Lighting designs and assembles all the products we are selling. Our engineers have abundant knowledge of optics, electronics, mechanical and thermal management, as well as light control technology. Some of them have successful experience to design lighting products for world famous brands. Our basic principle to design internal driver and circuit is safety under EMC list possibility and reliability.

BlitzWolf® BW-LT33 5M WS2811 5050 Smart IC Music Magic LED Strip Light Set EU / US Plug + 40Keys IR Remote Control DC12V Christmas Decorations Christmas Reviews


It seems to be of inferior quality than the BW-LT34, at least in the controller material, the strip looks great quality and at a very good price, works very well, the stick strip tape is good, good brightness, 100% recommend.The shipment was very fast (15 days) to Mexico. Everything goes the same as in the description. It has Music Sync function, and different effects, it also has different colors on the strip (by segment).

Parece de menor calidad que la BW-LT34, al menos en el material del controlador, la tira se ve de excelente calidad y está a muy buen precio, funciona muy bien, la cinta para pegar la tira pega bien, buena luminosidad, recomendada al 100%. El envío fue muy rápido (15 días) a México.Viene tal como en la descripción. Tiene función Music Sync, y varios efectos, también tiene diferentes colores en la tira (por segmentos).

It seems to be of inferior quality than the BW-LT34, at least in the controller material, the strip looks great quality and at a very good price, works very well, the stick strip tape is good, good brightness, 100% recommend. The shipment was very fast (15 days) to Mexico. Everything goes the same as in the description.It has Music Sync function, and different effects, it also has different colors on the strip (by segment).


Show original

China Digital Ws2811 DC12V Christmas Lighting RGB LED Strip Manufacturers

Model No .: 5050smd Power: 11-15W Voltage: 12V Length: 5 meters Warranty: 2 years Color: white, yellow, blue, green, red, RGB Specification: CE , RoHS, FCC HS Code: 94054090 Certification: FCC, UL, RoHS, CE Emitting Color: Changeable IP Rating: IP65 Lifespan: 50000h IP Rate: IP66, IP67, IP44, IP20, IP68 Brand: Monssen Origin: Guangdong, Shenzhen Digital ws2811 dc12v christmas lights rgb led strip

LED string Specification:

CE / RoHS certifications.

LED strip DC5V / 12V / 24V
3528 or 5050 components.
Waterproof or non-waterproof both are available.

LED Strip Features:
1. Each 3LEDs can be cut at marked intervals and can be repaired. Normal packing is 5meters / reel.

2. Available waterproof (IP68 or IP65) or non-waterproof

3. Colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white and RGB available.

4. Low power consumption. These strips are extremely energy saving,
This low voltage strip produces little heat, is very safe to use and easy to install, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, with CE & ROHS certification, which strictly guarantees that no toxic materials were used in its production.

5. Flexible strips have a 120 ° wide-angle beam that provides uniform illumination and does not cast shadows on the surface and has the desired seamless glow.

6. Easy installation. This LED strip comes with a 3M adhesive backing that makes it easy to mount almost anywhere. Because they can be cut, they fit well into installations and are ideal for display cases.
LED Strip List:

Part Numbe Color LED Parameter Wattage Size Power OEM / Customize?
3528-30LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD3528 / 30LED 2.4W / M 8 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
3528-60LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD3528 / 60LED 4.8W / M 8 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
3528-120LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD3528 / 120LED nine.6W / M 8 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
5050-30LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW / RGB SMD5050 / 30LED 7.2W / M 10 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
5050-60LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW / RGB SMD5050 / 60LED fourteen.4W / M 10 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
5630-60 LED white SMD5630 / 60LED 18W / M 8 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
2835-60 LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD2835 / 60LED 12W / M 8 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
2835-120 LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD2835 / 120LED 24W / M 8 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
2835-240 LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD2835 / 240LED 36W / M 12 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
3014-60 LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD3014 / 60LED 12W / M 10 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES
3014-120 LED R / G / B / Y / W / WW SMD3014 / 120LED 24W / M 10 * 1000MM DC12V / DC24V YES

Led Digital RGB Strip Strip (WS2011 / WS2812B) Specification / Details:

Business model


Item Model


LED Quantity

60PCS / M, 300PCS / Reel

IC Type

WS2812B (IC Built in LED)


18W / M

Pixel / m

60pixel / m, 300pixel / reel

PCB Width


Length / Reel


Working Voltage



Anti-Static Bag

Light Color

Multi-Color, digital RGB, Every LED individual Control

IP Grade

IP20: Non waterproof
IP65: Soft glue waterproof
IP67: Soft tube waterproof
IP68: Soft tube + glue waterproof

Glue Type

Expoy: Non-anti-UV, Stay clean for short time, smell
Silicone: Anti-UV, Stay clean, soft, smell-less
PU: Anti-UV, Stay clean, soft, smell-less

PCB Color

White, Black



Cut size

DC5V (every LED per cut),
DC12V (every 3LED per cut)


IP20 with 3M Adhesive tape on the back of PCB
IP65 with 3M Adhesive tape on the back of PCB
IP67 with plastic clip and screw
IP68 with plastic clip and screw

Many other types IC for choose

Addressable LED Strip with, IC WS2811 WS2812, Individual Pixel Control
A MS-WS2812B-30 30pcs SMD5050 / M 9W / M DC5V 30 Pixel / M WS2812B Dream Color RGB IP20 IP65 IP67 IP68
B MS -WS2811-30 30pcs SMD5050 / M 7.2W / M DC12V 10 Pixel / M WS2811 Dream Color RGB IP20 IP65 IP67
C MS-WS2811-48 48pcs SMD5050 / M eleven.5W / M DC12V 16 Pixel / M WS2811 Dream Color RGB IP20 IP65 IP67
D MS-WS2811-60 60pcs SMD5050 / M fourteen.4W / M DC12V 20 Pixel / M WS2811 Dream Color RGB IP20 IP65 IP67
E MS-WS2812B-60 60pcs SMD5050 / M 18W / M DC5V 60 Pixel / M WS2812B Dream Color RGB IP20 IP65 IP67
F MS-WS2812B-144 144pcs SMD5050 / M 43.2W / M DC5V 144 Pixel / M WS2812B Dream Color RGB

LED strip Low voltage DC input
Do not work in hotline mode
Expansion screws should be used outdoors so as not to fall
Keep away from heat
Series less than 4m between lamps
Recommended power supply is more reasonable, which is usually 70-80% of the rated power, to avoid long-term high-load power supply to damage the power supply and power

Why choose our LED strip?
1.We are a professional LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, China
2. Productivity: 2.5 million storage units produced and exported annually
3. New products every quarter and prompt response
4. Delivery: punctual delivery for orders greater than 95%
5. Approved by CE & RoHS.

Our LED Lighting Services
1. Request a Reply: Your inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.
2. Delivery time: Your shipment will be shipped in 3 ~ 15 days, depends on the quantity.
3. Payment term: T / T, L / C, D / P, D / A, Western Union, Paypal.
4. ODM order: Customized design is available.

1) Decoration of a building (architecture or home), lighting in the kitchen cabinet, lighting under the office and lighting in the bathroom,
2) Decoration of the car, coves, valence, doorways and other hard-to-reach corners and nooks.
3) Amusement park and theater lighting
4) Emergency hallway lighting
5) Shopping center, restaurant, hotel, conference room and advertising signs

Your relationship to:

Q1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We have 6000 sq.m. modern factory, with 5 production lines. We have 120 factory workers, 10 of them are quality controllers and engineers. Welcome to visit our factory.

Q2. Are your products the lowest price?
We take into account the quality of LED lighting previously. Price is based on quality level and order quantity. We have different quality level products for buyers, and discount is available from us when order is large.

Q3. Are all products guaranteed?
Yes, we supply 1 to 5 years warranty for our LED lighting products. You will be satisfied with our quality.

Q4. What is transportation?
By air, by sea, by Express, by Train and Ttruck, everything is fine for us.

Q5. If the cargo is damaged in transit, how to do it?
First of all, we will use stable packaging, the possibility of damage to the goods during transportation is low. If the item was damaged during transit and we covered the insurance, we will claim the insurance company and let them cover the loss.If there is no insurance coverage, we will demand from the shipping company and several times, we will cover the loss of goods for the customer.

Q6. Can we design packaging?
Yes, but there is a quantity limit. For 10000 pcs. We will make the package free for the customer, and if less than 10,000 pcs, we can talk, the package will be free or there will be a small fee.

Q7. Can we add our logo to the products?
Yes, there are several ways to do this.We can label your products with your logo or silkscreen your logo on your products. It’s free.

Q8. Can we customize the product?
OEM and ODM are welcome. We have rich experience in this field.

Q9. What is your company’s return policy?
If webreaks contracts any agreement on price, quality and any other terms and conditions of the contract, the buyer can return the goods back to us and we will send the money back to the buyers.Force majeure and act of God are excluded.

B10. What’s your main production line?
LED strip light .LED Aluminum profile and LED tube lighting system, LED high bay light, LED flood light, LED tube light, lamp, panel light, ceiling and down lights, all kinds of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting are available.

Q11. If I have a question, I would like to receive advice on how to contact you?
The best way is by email.Tel, wechat, whatsapp, skype, contact us on our website, online service worker are good ways to contact us also.

Q12. What services will you provide?
Providing solution, design, system design, best product offering, quality control, supply, after sales service and many others. You can receive our feedback within 24 hours.

Product Group: LED Pixel Light

China RGB LED Pixel Light Manufacturers

Waterproof IP 68 12MM WS2811 Pixel LED Light Dot for LED Advertising

INDIVIDUAL ADDRESS: Smart Pixel Light works great with Arduino, FastLafix Library, NeruitoPlED library and Raspberry Pi.WS2811 IC. The RGB full color LED pixel light is easy to program using a programmable controller such as the T-1000S or K-1000C.
COLOR: 256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display. Each LED can have its own color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and customize it to any color or animation.
CUT: Each pixel can be cropped without damaging other pixels. This way you can shorten or increase the distance between the two pixels if you like.
WATER RESISTANCE: Weatherproof silicone wraps around each LED pixel, protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. You can place them outdoors, even underwater.
WIDELY USED: Waterproof intelligent pixel light is widely used for logo, LED screen, LED wall, billboard, outdoor advertising signage, and applicable for hotels, KTV, bars, commercial street lighting. Can replace traditional neon signs.

Product Description

Product name

WS2811 / UCS1903 12mm DC5V RGB Pixel Christmas Led Light String With Controller

IC chip

WS2811 / UCS1903 / lpd6803 / DMX512 / P9813

LED Type

high quality F8 * Epistar chip



Work Voltage

DC5V / DC12V

Power Consumption

0.3W / 0.6W

viewing Angle

≥ 120 °


12mm or custom

IP Rank


Operating Temperature


LED life

> 30,000H


400pcs / bag, 4000pcs / carton

Control system


suitable for

Led channel letters, led advertisement sign, decorative lighting


OEM & ODM are welcome

Company Information

Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and located in Guanglan City, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China. We are a high-tech enterprise that is professionally engaged in research and development, production and marketing. We have strong research and development capabilities, highly efficient management and advanced production equipment. Our company has consistently adhered to the corporate spirit of “Unity, Progressive, Pragmatic, Innovative”, with the best quality management, extensive technology and perfect after-sales service, having won a good reputation both domestically and abroad. We focus on LED Pixel String Lights, LED Pixel Lights, LED Pixel Modules, Christmas Lights, Entertainment Lighting, 3D Pixel Ball Lights, etc. High quality and durable products have won the trust of most distributors and customers.

Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd has advanced equipments, perfect control system. We use the best LEDs such as the famous brands Cree and Epistar. From production to assembly, each line runs in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 quality system. The products have obtained 3C certification in China, European CE and RoHS certification, and so on. We strive to be the leading manufacturer in the LED field.

Packing & Shipping


Q1. Why Choose Our SH LED CO., LTD?

A: We have advanced equipment, excellent production team, strict quality control, welcome to visit the factory to confirm.

Q2. Can you accept a sample order?

A: Yes, that’s acceptable! can be provided for quality check.

Q3. Can you give me a better price?

A: Firstly, we are a manufacturer in China, if you have a large demand for quantity, we can apply discounts for you, please contact us to get discounts!

Q4: How long does it take to ship to my country?

A: It usually takes 3-7 business days to arrive to any country with the best shipping method.

Q5. What shipping methods are available?

A: We use UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, FedEx, etc. to ship our products. We will advise you on the shipping method because we know which shipping company has much better customs clearance and best delivery times for your country.

Q6. How to make an order ?

A: Please provide your requirements or application and email us the order with your details, then we will send you a PI for confirmation.Then, if all information is correct and you can make a 30% deposit. We will arrange an order as soon as possible after receiving payment!

Q7. How can i track my parcel?

A: After we ship the items, we will send you the tracking number within 12-24 hours. Then you can track your products on your local express website.

Q8. If the product has a problem, what should I do?

A: If the product has problems, send a photo or video to our e-mail or Skype.We will check and analyze the problem. We will teach you how to solve the problem. If there is a problem with our products and cannot be resolved, we will restock your products including shipping charges.

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