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Calculate Employee Hours & Pay Online

When looking for ways to increase productivity for a business, one of the most effective ways to achieve that is by using a time tracking app to track employee activities and find ways to make daily operations more efficient.

But not all time tracking apps are created equal – to get the most out of your dollar, you need software that’s flexible and accurate when it comes to logging metrics such as start time, lunch breaks, total pay and more into a timesheet calculator.

Most importantly, a work time clock should be easy to use and allow you to automate most of the time tracking tasks so that your staff can spend less time calculating hours and more time working to grow your business.

If that’s what you’re looking for, we have good news – Buddy Punch can provide you with all you need from a time calculator app and more.

Introducing Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is an online time card system that provides a convenient and easy to use punch clock platform for your employees. After all, running a business can be hard enough, so you need a system that can at least make time tracking as easy as possible from the start of the workweek.

With Buddy Punch, you will always have complete control over time tracking of all your employees. Our software is flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of any business. Whether you need a system for tracking stable employees in the field or working remote, or you’ve taken on a few freelancers and want to make sure you’re on top of any break deductions, Buddy Punch has the tools necessary to make the entire process as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Tracking clock in and clock-out times is easy, with our time tracking software enabling it to be done within a few button clicks on phone or tablet. The easy-to-use app makes the entire process take just a few seconds, which is convenient for both managers and employees.

Our free app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS systems, so your staff can take advantage no matter which platform they use.

Buddy Punch Online Time Clock Software

For those that need a reliable online time clock software on their desktop or laptop, Buddy Punch provides a comprehensive Google Chrome Web Store app that can be installed with just a few clicks.

The thing that makes Buddy Punch such a popular option is its versatility. From any device – and without hardware or software requirements – you’re a few clicks away from an online calculator, weekly totals, overtime rate management, and more.

Calculate Employee Hours & Pay

With Buddy Punch, calculating employee hours has become easier than ever. You will always have instant access to all punch in and punch out activity and can quickly check the total number of hours that each employee has worked.

And the best part is, you won’t even have to calculate the hours manually!

Timesheets Made Easy

The system will automatically calculate regular time as well as overtime hours and provide all hours worked in an easy to read payroll report.

This process virtually eliminates any chance for errors in time tracking, calculates each employee’s hours automatically, and even enables employees to enter their paid time off on their own, which the managers can approve in just a few seconds.

Webcam Feature

Our webcam feature will automatically take a picture of the person that’s punching in or punching out. The picture then shows up on your dashboard so that you always know who did the punching and don’t have to worry about verifying each punch.

It’s an optional feature that’s available on the Chrome and Firefox browsers, and it can be beneficial for a lot of businesses, but if you feel you don’t want to use it, it’s easy to disable as well.

Best Employee Time Tracking Solution to Replace the Old Punch Clock

Punch time card systems have been a workplace mainstay for over one hundred years. Employee time cards are critical for calculating hours worked, ensuring labor law compliance, accruing time off, setting lunch breaks, and providing coverage. But there are better employee timekeeping options today. These new options do a better job of preventing buddy punching, eliminating payroll errors, simplifying the method of entry, and allowing real-time oversight by business owners.

What’s the best employee time tracking solution to replace an old-fashioned punch card system?

Modern employee timekeeping systems combine hardware and software in many configurations.

How do you choose one to replace your punch card dinosaur?

Let’s break it down.

Types of Clocks to Replace Old-Fashioned Punch Card Systems

There are a variety of devices besides an old-fashioned punch card system for employee timekeeping.

  • Card swipe
  • Proximity card
  • PIN code entry
  • Biometric

These types of clocks can integrate with employee timekeeping software. Prices start at less than $200 for a basic PIN code or swipe card device. (Old-fashioned punch clocks are more expensive.) Sophisticated biometric clocks range from a few hundred dollars to over $1000.

Card Swipe Time Clocks

Card swipe clocks use magnetic cards to register identity and clock in/out time. Employees use a magnetic swipe card, like a credit card. (Incidentally, the SwipeClock founder created the company’s first time clock prototype by modifying a credit card device.)

Swipe card clocks are inexpensive and improve security over old-fashioned punch clocks.

Proximity Card Clocks

With a proximity card time clock, each employee is issued a card or key fob. Many companies combine this with an employee ID card.

Proximity time clocks are very accurate. They are software-driven and record punch times by physical proximity to the clock.

Proximity clocks are plug-and-play. They are relatively inexpensive. Employers with a large facility can place multiple clocks throughout the building or campus. They can centrally manage the data from all the time clocks.

With a proximity card, employees don’t have to touch the clock. This can remove bottlenecks for busy shift changes. If you have a large staff and long lines at a punch clock, a proximity card clock would speed things up.

There are disadvantages as well. Proximity cards can be damaged or lost. In such a case, you can deactivate the card and issue a replacement. Some proximity card clocks allow for PIN entry in the case of a lost or damaged card.

Swipe and proximity clocks provide a higher level of security than traditional punch card clocks. However, employees can still buddy punch by sharing cards to punch in for each other

PIN or Key Code Time Clocks

With a PIN or key code, the employee enters a code on a keypad. It works like a debit card PIN to register identity.

Many small employers use key code systems for shift clocking.

With a PIN clock, employees have to physically touch the terminal. This is a disadvantage for large work crews as described previously.

If you have forgetful employees, it can be a hassle to re-assign codes when workers forget them.

Biometric Time Clocks

A biometric time clock uses a physical attribute or behavior to confirm identity. These include fingerprints, palm-prints, iris scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

Software powers a biometric clock. They integrate with both employee timekeeping software and building security systems.

They can connect to an access point such as a door or gate. Activating the device enables entry. This helps avoid missed punches. Employees record entering and leaving a work area.

Biometrics provide accuracy and security. There is no time clock system that is as effective at preventing employee time theft.

Do you have unsupervised onsite employees? A biometric time clock can save dramatically on labor costs.

A biometric time clock is a shrewd investment. Their unsurpassed ability to confirm identity offsets the cost. If you are experiencing employee time theft, a biometric clock can pay for itself in a few months. If you have a large workforce, it can pay for itself the first pay period!

The latest iteration of biometric timekeeping technology is a hybrid mobile/biometric system. The software component is a  mobile app that turns a mobile device into a biometric clock. Many systems include GPS tracking and photo capture. Some allow both online and offline punch in/out. This solution provides biometric accuracy for mobile and offsite employees.

Additional Devices for Punch Capture

When replacing an old-fashioned punch card system, you don’t have to buy a device dedicated to time tracking. There are many solutions that use other types of hardware and software.

Landline Telephone

Before mobile phones, landline telephones provided an alternative to punch clocks. Employees call a phone number and follow recorded prompts. Businesses with a telephone system stretched their infrastructure budget.

Some companies still use these systems. If you use landlines and don’t have reliable internet connectivity, this may be a good option.

Mobile Employee Time Clocks Provide Greatest Advantage

Mobile time clocks are cloud-based employee time tracking solutions that run on an internet-connected device. Employers allow their employees to use smartphones or tablets to clock in and out. Mobile smartphone clocks often integrate with GPS for location-specific clocking.

Mobile timekeeping is convenient and inexpensive. Some software providers have a free system for small employers. You don’t have to buy a physical time clock. You can download a time sheet app in seconds.

Employees can use their own cell phones to access the system. Managers can access time and attendance data from their own device.

Mobile tracking is a key advantage. If you have traveling or offsite employees, this is an inexpensive solution. Many delivery, field service, construction, and home healthcare companies use mobile time clocks.

Using Time Clocks in Rugged Industrial, Construction, Agricultural Applications

Many workplace environments require special hardware. Are you in construction, mining, landscaping, manufacturing, or agriculture? We have a solution for you.

TimeWorksTUFF is the industry-leading biometric clock for outdoor and industrial use. TimeWorksTUFF has a dust/shock/water-resistant shell. You can collect punches offline with a DC power adapter.

Do you work outside a protected office environment? TimeWorksTUFF and TimeWorksPlus (our timekeeping software) is the ideal hardware/software combination.

SwipeClock Solutions To Replace An Old-Fashioned Punch Card System

SwipeClock is one of the few workforce management vendors that offers time clocks integrated with timekeeping software. We also have a variety of time clocks including TimeWorksTuff discussed previously.

TimeWorksTouch, our state-of-the-industry biometric clock eliminates employee time theft. And it provides a host of additional benefits.

Our clients love the ’employee-aware’ AI feature. When used with TimeWorksPlus, you have time tracking superpowers unheard of when old-fashioned punch card clocks were introduced.

The system uses the employee’s current state to prevent punch mistakes. It can also enforce schedules, track meals/breaks, track job codes, and provide overtime alerts. When combined with TimeSimplicity, our scheduling solution, you have advanced employee shift scheduling linked to employee time tracking.

SwipeClock time and attendance solutions help businesses successfully manage their most valuable resource—their employees.

The 10 Best Time Clocks For Small Businesses In 2021

The time clock is an integral part of most businesses. It helps keep track of work hours so you can pay employees accordingly. Whether your business has one or 100 employees, you will need a time clock that fits the unique needs of your business. 

Unfortunately, not all time clocks are created equally. The solution that’s right for a large business may not work well for a small business.

Luckily, the experts at Sling are here to help you find the best time clock to meet your business’s unique needs.

Along the way, we’ll discuss:

  • Manual time clocks.
  • Combination manual and computer time clocks.
  • Software time clocks.

We’ll also show you why a scheduling app with an integrated employee work hour tracker is often the best time clock for small businesses.

Why A Time Clock Is Essential For Businesses Of All Sizes

1) Ensures Accurate Payroll

Accurate payroll is essential for the success of your business and the engagement of your team members. Too often, though, the accuracy of employee payroll falls short because of confusing policies, human error, or banking issues.

Incorporating a time clock into your business’s workflow drastically reduces the likelihood that you will experience these problems.

Many employee time clocks allow you to program your payroll policies into the machine itself so that it — not you — has to keep track of variables such as:

Allowing your time clock to collate all of this information means that you’ll spend less time on payroll and more time on tasks that improve your business as a whole.

A dedicated time clock also eliminates expensive manual-calculation errors (which can save you up to 7% of your payroll costs) and integrates easily with automated direct deposit of employee paychecks.

2) Alerts You To Attendance Issues

Most modern time clocks allow you to create reports based on the “punch in” and “punch out” information the clocks record. These reports give you insight into attendance issues such as:

  • Regular, repeated absences (e.g., employee A calls in sick three Fridays a month)
  • Tardiness
  • Long breaks
  • Early clock-ins
  • Late clock-outs
  • Unapproved accumulation of overtime hours

Controlling attendance issues of this kind can save your business up to 21% of annual payroll costs. That’s a significant savings.

Another way that a time clock helps you with attendance issues has to do with interruptions to your workflow that can cost you money. Absences (scheduled or otherwise) disrupt the progress of your projects and can have a significant impact on your team’s productivity. 

A time clock software suite can alert you when team members are absent and help you redistribute the workload accordingly.

Finally, an employee time clock prevents attendance issues from affecting employee morale. Habitual absences from the same employee means that other, more reliable employees have to pick up the extra work.

Too much of that, and your dependable employees may start to resent the absent employee for being gone all the time, and you for allowing it to happen. 

The information generated by an employee time clock can help you keep motivation high.

3) Saves Your Business Time And Money

One of the main reasons that a time clock is essential for businesses of all sizes is because it will help save you time and money.

First and foremost, it will reduce the time it takes to process employee time cards and calculate payroll. Instead of you or your bookkeeper spending hours tallying hours worked, applying withholding, and figuring taxes, the time clock software does it for you. The time you save can then be better spent on activities that improve your business’s bottom line.

Time clocks can also save your business money. They do this by:

  • Automating collection and calculation
  • Reducing errors
  • Preventing timecard fraud
  • Shifting the responsibility of keeping track of work hours to the employee

In addition to those large savings, a dedicated employee time clock reduces (or even eliminates) the need for expensive consumable items such as time cards and calculation forms.

These might not seem like significant savings, but over the long term, they can really add up.

4) Provides Real-Time Information About Labor Costs

It’s one thing to have accurate reporting on attendance issues and other labor costs. It’s another thing entirely to have real-time information about all the variables that affect the way your business tracks time.

A modern employee time clock provides that insight.

With the right time clock, the level of detail regarding labor costs is astonishing. For example, you can see:

  • Which employees and departments are costing you the most in overtime
  • Which employees, positions, and departments are using the most time to complete a task
  • How your business’s labor time and cost per hour compare to the norms in your industry
  • How your production compares to time spent on the job

Deep data such as this prevents guessing and estimating and gives you tighter control over production and labor costs.

5) Maintains Fairness For All Employees

Fairness is a major issue in your business even if neither you nor your employees have ever strictly addressed or expressed it.

Your team members are watching how you do things, and if everyone is treated fairly, trust, accountability, and enjoyment will increase.

Adding a time clock reassures your employees that no one will receive special treatment — preferences, biases, and even prejudices are eliminated completely. All that’s left is the cold, hard data that puts everyone on an equal playing field.

At the end of the day, no one can accuse the time clock of impropriety and favoritism.

Added Benefits Of A Software- Or Cloud-Based Time Clock

1) Improves Productivity

Manually tracking and calculating your team’s work hours takes a lot of time out of your day.

You have to collect the time cards, verify their accuracy, and enter all the data into your payroll system. That can take up to several hours (if not more) every pay period.

A time loss of that magnitude costs your business money it may not be able to afford.

With a high-quality, cloud-based, integrated time-tracking system like Sling, a process that usually takes you hours will only take you minutes. This frees you up to focus on other, more important business matters.

2) Eliminates Human Error

Human error — both yours and your employees’ — is ubiquitous when it comes to clocking in, clocking out, and calculating all of those numbers for payroll.

Manual tracking systems are rife with the potential for error. You, the manager, have to manually calculate, tabulate, and enter the numbers for all of your employees. That opens the door to typing errors, math errors, and even reading errors that can throw your calculations way off.

And then there’s the potential for clock in/clock out errors — accidental or intentional — on your employees’ part, such as:

  • Forgetting to clock in
  • Forgetting to clock out
  • Using the wrong card
  • Punching in a friend even though they’re not at work

With a software-based time clock and time management system, human error is all but eliminated.

The software stores all the data in one place, tabulates it, and produces reports that you can use to simplify the payroll process. Allowing a computer to do the work for you reduces the potential for errors that occur when manually entering all of the numbers.

Where your employees are concerned, a software-based time clock system makes it all but impossible for them to make mistakes when clocking in and out and completely does away with the false clock-ins.

3) Guarantees Security Of Your Employee Data

When you choose a software-based time clock — or even a combination manual and computer time clock — you guarantee the security of your employee data.

First, computer-based systems save sensitive employee information (like address, social security number, pay rate, and hours worked) in digital format rather than in a physical filing cabinet.

With the right security measures, digital storage is much more secure than hardcopy and prevents thieves from accessing sensitive records.

Second, all of the pertinent information you need to process payroll can be found in one place. No more searching through multiple files to find it. It’s all right there at your fingertips.

4) Gives You The Ability To Manage Your Team Remotely

A computer-based restaurant time clock gives you the ability to manage your team remotely.

As a benefit for busy managers, this factor is almost irreplaceable. You don’t have to physically be on-site in order to ensure that your employees are arriving on time, working their entire shift, and leaving when they should.

With a modern time clock system, you can decide which team member does what, assign them specific tasks and instructions, and keep track of their progress throughout the day.

Now that we’ve talked about why your business needs a time clock, let’s discuss the best time clocks for small businesses.

10 Time Clocks For Small Businesses

Time clocks for small businesses can take many forms. From traditional clocks that print time in and time out on a paper card to high-tech biometric time clocks that store their data in the cloud, there’s a solution for every business. We’ll start with the most basic: the manual time clock.

1) Manual Time Clock


The simplest and most widespread solution for small businesses is the manual time clock. Whether you choose an analog model or a digital model, the concept is the same: employees use thick paper cards to “punch in” and “punch out.” The clock prints the respective time.

Manual time clocks have been around for a long time and are easy for employees to use. But there’s a large amount of work required on the back end.

You must collect the cards, transfer the data to another program, and then calculate work hours and employee wages.

This system leaves significant room for error. That’s why a scheduling suite of tools with an integrated time clock, like Sling, is often the best solution for small business. We’ll discuss the benefits of this employee management tool in a later section.

2) Amano Atomic Time Clock


The Amano Pix-75 is another manual time clock solution for small businesses. It has a large, easy-to-read digital display and an illuminated, see-through print window for accurate alignment and stamping.

Other features include:

  • Atomic Clock synchronization.
  • Military or regular print style.
  • Minutes, hundredths, and tenths printing for accurate calculation.
  • 13 pre-set messages such as sent, filed, and received.

Like the analog time clock mentioned above, this unit involves substantial back-end work. For example, you’ll need to verify that your employees worked according to their shift schedule.

The time clock feature from Sling is integrated into the scheduling software so you can quickly and easily confirm that everyone worked their appropriate shifts.

3) Acroprint BioTouch Time Clock


The Acroprint BioTouch time clock is a unique solution that provides both manual and software features. Data and settings can be transferred between the clock and your PC with a USB drive.

Employees can clock in and out using their fingerprints, a PIN, or an RFID proximity badge or fob. Other features include:

  • Accommodation for up to 500 employees.
  • Storage for up to 200,000 transactions.
  • Ability to display five shifts (including overnight).
  • Early and late punches printed in a different color for easy calculation.
  • Access to files using Microsoft Excel on your computer.

Payroll, schedule verification, and data capture are made easier with this solution thanks to USB-compatibility and easy software integration.

But this option still doesn’t provide the tools necessary to fully streamline the scheduling, hour tracking, and payroll processes like the time clock and shifts features offered by Sling.

4) Icon RTC-1000


The Icon RTC-1000 time clock is another combination manual/software tool that can be beneficial for both large and small businesses.

Using an ID number that is adjustable from three to nine digits, employees can clock in, clock out, and view the number of hours they worked by the day or the week.  

Managers can even set unique pay periods such as weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly for easy payroll calculation. Other features include:

  • Three levels of overtime: daily, weekly, consecutive day (i.e., California Overtime).
  • Paid break, lunch deduction, and holiday hour tracking.
  • Custom alerts that allow you to monitor and control unauthorized overtime and attendance.
  • Tracking up to 250 employees.
  • Data export to ADP, CSV, and API formats.

These combination manual/software time clocks are getting closer to becoming a true time-saving solution, but they’re not quite there yet. 

5) FingerTec


The FingerTec TA200 Plus is a software-based time clock that allows you to manage employee work hour data quickly and effectively via software loaded on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

The FingerTec TA200 Plus can also be used to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas. Other features include:

  • Touch-screen display.
  • Ability to broadcast messages to all users.
  • Onscreen display of short private messages for a single user.
  • Configurable work codes that allow users to input clock-in/clock-out reasons.
  • 10,000 employee user capacity.

User capacity might not be a consideration for most small businesses, but will your business stay “small” forever? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to expand your time clock solution for any number of users?

And while 10,000 employees is a lot, it’s still limited. It may take you a while to reach 10,000 employees over multiple locations, but what happens after that? 

The best time clock for small businesses (or large businesses, for that matter) should allow for an unlimited number of employees.

Sling does that. No more worrying whether your new hire will exceed the maximum-user limit. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

6) Icon TotalPass Proximity Time Clock

Source: IconTime. com

The Icon TotalPass time clock uses proximity sensors to record employee attendance from a distance. Employees simply wave their badge across the face of the unit to clock in and out.

The Icon TotalPass also accepts PINs and even biometric data (with an optional add-on).

The Icon TotalPass connects to your computer system via USB, local area network, or Wi-Fi to record clock-in information for up to 500 employees. You can even link up to 32 time clocks over LAN, WAN, VPN, or internet for greater flexibility and utility.

This gives business owners an effective tool to optimize performance. The units are self-contained and designed for small business, and they include all the software you’ll need built into the device. That means you’ll never have to install software again. 

The time clocks even instantly detect Wi-Fi networks on boot-up, allowing you to connect within seconds.

In addition, the TotalPass software includes report options that are simple to run and modify. And the self-enrollment technology allows employees to input user information without the aid of a manager.

7) Pyramid 3500 Time Clock And Document Stamp


If you need to stamp documents as well as time cards, the Pyramid 3500 Time Clock & Document Stamp may be the solution you’re looking for.

The 3500 Time Clock & Document Stamp keeps track of job costs; records employee time and attendance; and stamps the date, time, and up to 14 preprogrammed message options on time-sensitive documents, such as

  • Incoming mail
  • Attendance logs
  • Legal paperwork
  • Records
  • Files

The 3500 also offer a side-loading time card and document feed to accommodate left- or right-hand printing orientation.

And the automatic time adjustment feature means you don’t have to reset the clock for short months, leap years, or daylight savings time.

8) UPunch HN3000

Source: uPunch. com

The uPunch HN3000 is designed with your small business in mind. With a standard six-punch-per-day capacity, this time clock is an affordable and precise way to track employee punches and attendance.

You can use the uPunch as a stand-alone time clock or link it to their cloud-based software for an even easier solution to tracking hours and producing reports. 

The uPunch HN3000 instantly identifies late employees by marking their punch-in time in red. That way, you’ll know at a glance who’s been on time and who’s been late.

You can even schedule up to 12 alarms each day to indicate break and meal times or to announce the end of the workday.

And with the option to manually enter employee time-card data into a free online account that is accessible from any internet-connected device, you have the power to work anywhere, anytime with just the click of a button. 

After you’re finished entering the time card data, you can use the advanced pay period reports, daily and weekly overtime tracking, and the ability to export to payroll systems to further streamline your time-tracking activities.

9) Lathem FR650


The Lathem FR650 uses foolproof facial recognition technology to identify employees without the need for PINs, ID numbers, or RFID badges that can be forgotten or lost.

Employees simply stand in front of the unit and wait a few seconds for their faces to be scanned. The computer does the rest. Other features include:

  • Hygienic, touch-free alternative to fingerprint readers.
  • Support for 500 employees.
  • Ability to link to desktop software for editing and reporting
  • Protection against fraudulent check ins and checkouts.

Facial recognition is a unique feature, but is it absolutely necessary for your small business? Probably not. The Lathem FR650 does streamline the back end when it comes to employee work-hours calculation, but it does nothing to reduce the time spent scheduling and verifying that employees worked when they were supposed to.

Only one solution helps you schedule employees, track their work hours, and prepare all that information for payroll.

The Best Time Clock For Small Businesses Is Sling

The time clocks on this list are good at what they do, but none of them make your work life easier than Sling. Sling is designed as a full-service employee management system. With powerful tools for scheduling, work hour tracking and payroll calculation, Sling truly is your one-stop solution for managing one employee or 1 million (or more) employees.

Sling features five main features:

  • Shifts.
  • Time Clock.
  • Messages.
  • Newsfeed.
  • Tasks.

The Sling Shifts feature contains all the intuitive and time-saving tools you’d expect from an app that’s dedicated to scheduling.

The Sling AI provides guidance, suggestions, and minute-by-minute time-off requests and availability. Sling even notifies you if you’ve overlapped an employee’s shifts or double-booked.

The Sling Time Clock feature allows your employees to clock in and out for their shifts at a central computer, or even right from their phones.

Concerned about early clock-ins? Set up a geofence to prevent employees from punching in and out before they’re supposed to.

The Sling Messages and Newsfeed features make communication teammates a breeze. You don’t have to rely on phone calls, email, or other third-party app to stay in touch.

You can communicate directly with your employees (and your employees can communicate with you) on Sling through push notifications and various messaging categories. You can even share files, photos, videos, and links with everyone, or just one person.

That’s powerful communication that won’t keep you chained to your desk all day.

The Sling Tasks feature allows you to assign jobs to individuals or groups and follow their progress.

Tasks lets you create to-do lists and share them by name, group, location, or position. You can even set due dates and send reminders as deadlines approach.

Sling truly is a start-to-finish employee management solution. It goes above and beyond every other time clock for small business by solving the issues that impact your employees on a day-to-day basis.

Stop trying to make multiple scheduling, time-tracking, and payroll programs work together. Get the one app that does it all. Get Sling.

For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit today.

Pros & Cons of a Time Clock in the Workplace | Small Business

“Punching the clock” is an expression commonly used for working at a job that demands physical presence rather than emotional engagement. A punch clock in a workplace provides employers and employees with a degree of accuracy when measuring payroll hours; however it reinforces a dynamic that can stifle creativity and lead workers to count the hours until it is time to go home.

Advantages for Employees

Employees who punch a time clock have a clear sense of when their work day begins and when it ends. An employer cannot fairly ask an employee for extra help before he has punched in or after he has punched out, and an employee who punches out for his lunch hour can refer to his time card if his employer asks for extra help during this time.

Disadvantages for Employees

The requirement to punch a time clock creates a workplace atmosphere based on objective verification rather than fundamental trust. While this dynamic is often necessary in work settings where employers and employees do not build personal relationships, at a small company it can interfere with the process of building goodwill. Employees who are required to punch a time clock are likely to believe that their employers do not trust them to accurately report their hours, and consequently they may feel that they are not sufficiently valued.

Advantages for Employers

Employers who require their employees to punch a time clock can be certain that they are not paying workers for hours when they have not worked. This is especially important at retail jobs, which depend on the presence of employees during specific hours. Keeping accurate track of the times when workers are physically present can save an employer considerable amounts of money if his employees are inclined to round high when reporting their hours.

Disadvantages for Employers

Despite the increased accuracy that a timeclock provides, the quality of an employee’s performance during work time can be at least as important as the specific times when he is present at his job. Aside from jobs such as staffing a retail store, which necessitates being physically present during specific hours, employee productivity is often tied to variables other than the specific number of hours or minutes that he spends at work. For example, an employee who gets enough sleep will often do a better job than one who awakens prematurely and rushes to work. The act of punching a time clock orients workers towards arriving at a specific time, but gives them little incentive to be at their best when they arrive.


Writer Bio

Devra Gartenstein is an omnivore who has published several vegan cookbooks. She has owned and run small food businesses for 30 years.

Employee Time Clocks – Punch Clock

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Our punch clocks for sale are always in stock! Since 1991, we have been selling and servicing punch clocks. You can find various employee punch clocks in our store, including products from Lathem, Acroprint, Icon, Amano, and Pyramid. Our team of experts has decades of experience working with and repairing employee punch clocks, and we will gladly answer any questions you have regarding one of these systems for your business. We can help you decide the punch clock system that will serve you best and are willing to service and repair your purchase whenever needed.

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Simple time clock app

With Clockify, a free time clock app, you can turn any internet-connected device into a time clock. No more expensive hardware or paper time cards. Using Clockify is much easier than dealing with time cards, calculators, or cumbersome spreadsheets.

Your office and remote/offsite employees can clock in on their mobile phones or desktop computer using the Clockify time clock, and that way record their attendance and breaks. If someone forgot to clock in, they can add the missing time manually.

Clockify is a web app, but it can also work offline. When your internet connection goes down, you can use our iOS and Android app time clocks to keep tracking data at all times.

  • Track work hours across projects
  • Calculate billable hours, labor costs, and payroll
  • Track attendance, breaks, and time off
  • Track project progress and budget

Learn how to set up a simple clock-in clock-out system

How time clocking app works

Step 2

Invite your team

You can invite unlimited number of people, for free.

Step 3

Employees track their hours

Each team member gets their own time clock. They just type what they are working on and clock-in and clock-out manually with a single click, or automatically when they turn on/off the computer (they need Chrome or Firefox extension for automatic start/stop).

If you don’t need live time tracking, employees can also log hours manually in a timesheet.

Employees track time using a timer

Watch demo (6:16)

Or fill their weekly timesheet manually Step 4

See when someone clocks-in or clocks-out

See who currently works on what (their running timer), when was their last activity, and see a visual breakdown of their workweek.

Step 5

See who worked when

Weekly report shows you who logged how much time each day in the week. If people forget to log time, Clockify can automatically send them reminders.

Step 6

Export reports

You can run an online report and break down time tracking data however you need. When the time comes, export the report as PDF, Excel, or CSV.

Download PDF samples: Summary • Detailed • Weekly

Step 7

See GPS locations

See current or last known locations of your onsite field workers and all visited worksites.

Learn more about GPS tracking

1,400+ reviews

‎Punch Time Clock Hours Tracker on the App Store

Every week, thousands of users are making the switch to Punch Time Clock®. Try it today and discover why it’s the fastest growing time tracker in the App Store!

Keeping track of the hours you work has never been easier. Whether you’re self-employed, a freelance artist or a private contractor, it’s important to keep an accurate record of the time you spend on-the-clock.

Unlike other complicated time clock utilities, Punch Time Clock requires zero setup or configuration to begin logging your time. Simply tap ‘Clock in’ and get to work. Tell the app when you start and end breaks, then finally clock out when you’re finished. Review your Log to see a detailed list of completed shifts, make changes, or add and delete entries. At any time you’re able to export the log for your personal records or send to a client or employer.

You’re only as efficient as the tools you use. With intuitive functionality, all the features you need and none you don’t, Punch helps you track your hours-worked without getting in the way.


Create a shift from scratch. Adjust the time you clocked in yesterday. Add a break you forgot to log during Saturday’s shift. You are in total control of your timesheets.

Simply select a pay period, year, month or custom date range and Punch will list the matching entries in a nicely formatted table you can then email to yourself, a client, or the boss with a single tap! Attached to the email is a CSV spreadsheet file with the exported data which can be easily imported into your record keeping software of choice.

Punch allows you to record your hours worked based on the frequency of your paychecks. Some people get paid weekly with their pay periods ending on Saturday, while others are paid every two weeks on Thursday. You can setup your pay schedule in the Settings screen. You only need to do this once.

Set how much you’re paid and what percentage you expect to be taxed and Punch automatically calculates your paychecks based on the hours you’ve worked for each pay period. You can also set optional overtime thresholds (both daily and weekly) that are paid at a different rate after a certain number of hours have been worked.

Two lunch breaks, three smoke-breaks, or fifteen “gotta-check-my-instagram” breaks; Record all of your [completely justified] off-the-clock time.

Whether you work multiple jobs, manage different projects, or simply want to make note of what you accomplished, labeling entries is easy and effective.

Notes are a great place can keep track of mileage, justify overtime worked, summarize what you accomplished, or just keep personal records regarding your shift.

Forgot to clock in? No problem. It’s like the having your own time-machine. (Except, instead of influencing past events to alter the course of human history.. you’re clocking in a few minutes earlier.)

If you know what time you’ll be calling it quits, the app will handle the rest. (See: Time Machine, mundane uses of)

Never lose your progress. Even if the app is closed or your device is restarted, tracking is uninterrupted and picks up where you left off.

:: DARK MODE :: *
Regardless of whether you think you’re a ninja … or just want to save your eyes from unnecessary eye-strain in dark rooms. Dark Mode is for you.

Punch Time Clock will always be free to use, forever. All core features needed to track your time are unlocked with zero limitations. If you wish you support our app and its continued improvement, a Pro upgrade is available that will unlock extra features, denoted above with an asterisk (*), and increase your productivity even more. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you have a moment and can leave us a short review & rating we would be extremely grateful! Please send us an email if you have any questions or comments. Thank you.

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Change the look of your calendar

In Outlook, you can change the view of your calendar to suit your situation and work style. For example, you can quickly switch between Day, Week, and Month views, or change the start date and time of the work week.You can also change the font size and style, or choose a different background color in your Outlook calendar.

Change calendar time period

To quickly switch between Day, Week, and Month views, follow these steps.

To change the business hours, weekdays, or the start date of the calendar, do the following:

  1. Select File > Options > Calendar .

  2. Under Working Time , do one of the following:

    • Select the checkboxes next to the corresponding days of the week to set working days.

    • To set the first working day of the week, select it in field 1st day of week .

    • To set the first week of the year, select the appropriate value in field 1st week of year .

    • To set the start and end times for the working day, enter them in fields Start Time and End Time .

Learn more about how to change the way Outlook views your calendar.

Change the color and font of the calendar

To change the background color of the calendar you are viewing, do the following:

  1. On the View tab , click the Color button.

  2. Select the desired color.

Important: Changing the color in the calendar does not affect the display of the schedule in the To-do list area.

To change the default background for all calendars, follow the steps below.

  1. Select File > Options > Calendar .

  2. Under Display Options , select Default Calendar Color , then select the desired color and select the Use this color in all calendars check box.

To change the calendar font, follow these steps.

  1. On the View tab, in the Current View group, select View Customize and then Other Settings .

  2. Press the buttons to select the required font and size.

See also

Change Office theme

Change the way you view your Outlook calendar


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