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Sites like Woot are great for snagging a good deal each day. They each have some pretty decent offers that are up for grabs tagged with eye-catching prices. Depending on the website, you’ll be able to espy discounts and sales on a number of products, all unique in their own little way. However, you’ll find that the goodies featured on most of the aforementioned options are accompanied by moving digits that somewhat resemble a ticking time bomb. That’s because you’ve got to pick them up within a certain time frame or else they might just slip out of your grasp.

1 – 1SaleAday:

This internet retailer proffers one discounted delight per day in each of its 5 categories namely, main, wireless, watch, family and jewelry. You stand a chance of grabbing these items for prices that are up to 90% off. However, as the company suggests, ‘the magical price spell is broken every night at midnight’ as the product is available for only 24 hours. When you see something you like, simply hit the ‘Be a Buyer’ button and you’ll be redirected to the checkout page to complete the formalities. Glance at the various categories and check out what’s the deal of the day there immediately.

2 – Groupon:

Everyone likes the smell of fresh discounted coupons, and this particular entrant in our sites similar to Woot lineup aims to deliver the best deals on the block. The website that launched in late 2008 provides a daily deal on the best things to see, do, eat and purchase around town. It currently caters to the inhabitants of around 48 countries around the globe.

This means you can explore a new piece of your city each day by trying a novel idea at a discounted rate. What’s more, there are respective apps for iOS and Android-infused devices that help keep you abreast of all the latest deals that are up to 90% off.

3 – 1CrazyDeal:

Just as the name suggests, you’ll be able to throw a glance at some crazy daily deals that are available only for a limited time period. There are some pretty innovative products littered across different categories such as electronics, accessories, toys, perfumes, housewares and more. Furthermore, these items individually wear price tags that have been slashed down to 90%. After you’ve zeroed in on a particular item, simply opt for the ‘Buy Now’ button before midnight and hit the checkout page to complete the process. And remember, the sale is active for only 24 hours, so be quick on those fingers.

4 – Yugster:

Bestowed with the line, ‘Yours Until Gone,’ this inclusion in our Woot alternatives roster has some pretty ‘cool stuff’ to offer you, as revealed by the developer. Any product featured here is available to the public until it sells out completely. However, if you’re a member, you’ll be able to see tomorrow’s discounted item the previous day itself and grab it before anyone else does. From electronic items to watches and jewelry, you’ll find it all right here. The deals apparently last for 48 hours only, so hurry.

5 – That Daily Deal:

‘Wake up to a new That Daily Deal each day, ‘ is the call to arms here. The site allows you to cash in on some amazing opportunities without opening those purse strings too wide. A slew of 5 brand new items are available each day for a period of 24 hours. Earlier christened IHaveToHaveThat.com, this contender also has a ticking timer beside its product of the day, telling you just how long you have to contemplate whether or not to pick up the trendy item. There is also a ‘Last 7 Deals’ section on the webpage where you’ll be able to see the previous products and what’s the current status of each one. So if you’re lucky, you may just get another chance at picking up that attractive bracelet you saw a couple of days ago.

6 – Amazon:

This option has every right to be roped in along with the other sites similar to Woot. Wondering why? Well, apart from just being a one-stop-shop solution for many of you tech enthusiasts, the website in question also features a Today’s Deals section. And like most of the other delights featured here, this one too rolls out some juicy discounts each day. A special Gold Box initiative is also thrown into the amalgamation. Here, you’ll be able to spot new deals and bargains, neatly packed in one place.

7 – Tanga:

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety of deals offered here each day. They span across different categories like games and toys, electronics and gadgets, magazines, t-shirts, and accessories. There are new 24-hour deals and 48-hour event sales to take advantage of. And as you might have already guessed, Tanga also comes splashed with a countdown ticker so that you’re well aware of how many more hours left before the offer expires. And just to keep your brain well oiled, the website provides new community-created puzzles and games each day.


The sites like Woot we’ve gathered up for you this time around the roll out some interesting items or schemes on a daily basis. These specially picked products foray onto the web sporting attractive prices, which means you don’t really have to dig too deep into your pockets to acquire the same. It could be anything from a spa discount to a jewelry set sale. You can check these websites every day and see a new, exciting deal each time. So what are you waiting for? Hit the sites and keep your wallet handy. And don’t forget to enlighten us with your preferred picks by jotting down your comments right here.

Five Best Daily Deals Sites

Daily deals sites offer some amazing, “ending soon” discounts on choice items and experiences. Here’s a look at the five most popular daily deals sites.

Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite daily deals site, specifying that nominated sites should “provide some sort of special discount on a product or service in limited-time offer fashion (maybe not exactly one day, but close enough to it)”. We’ve counted up the qualifying nominations and now we’re back to highlight the five top picks so you can vote on the best daily deals site of all.


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Save $35

Clearstem Clear Kit

Target breakouts and wrinkles at the same time
Each item is also free of all possible pore-cloggers and contains zero hormone disruptors.

Woot! is the original “one day, one deal” site, one that’s been around long enough that we’ve even put together a complete guide to capturing Woot! Off loot. (Woot! Off is its several-deals-a-day bonanza.) Woot! one-day deals are often solid deals, but the site may also be worth a daily visit just for the irreverent and highly entertaining descriptions (“Oh look, you’ve got yourself a dual-core processor? That’s so cute! That’s adorable! I’m packing a hexa-core, son. Step off.”). Woot! spinoffs include Kids.Woot, Wine.Woot, Shirt.Woot, and Deals.Woot.


Groupon offers discounts of 50 to 90 percent off stuff to do, eat, see, and buy in cities across the U.S., and some in Canada as well. Daily deals are triggered when enough Groupon members buy the deals, which include discounts for massages, movie tickets, hotel stays, and even airplane piloting instruction.


Like Groupon, LivingSocial is a daily deals site offering up to 90% off local products and services, including specific family-friendly and travel getaway deals. LivingSocial’s deal locations include not just North America, but cities in Europe and Australia as well. You can also earn free deals by getting three other people to buy the deal too. Past deals include 75% off a month of yoga classes and 50% off a 3-course steak dinner with wine for two.


TeeFury sells one t-shirt every day for ten bucks (or less). Featuring the work of independent designers/artists, TeeFury shirts are truly limited-edition (“tee today, gone tomorrow”), sold only within the 24 hours and then never again on the site, although the artist can resell the design elsewhere. This is a daily deals site for everyone who loves t-shirts and original artwork.

1 Sale A Day

1 Sale A Day is pretty much what its name suggests. Much like Woot! (but without the snarkiness), 1 Sale A Day posts one product, discounted up to 90% off retail, at midnight. Spinoffs include cell phone/wireless items, jewelry, and family daily deals.

Now that you’ve seen the five most popular nominations, it’s time to cast a vote for your favorite:

An honorable mention goes to Philanthroper, which we highlighted earlier this year as a Groupon-like site that showcases one charitable non-profit every day that you can donate just $1 to.

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What Is Amazon’s Woot? – Everything to Know About the Deals and Discount Site

We couldn’t help but notice that Good Housekeeping readers love Amazon, and that’s why we’re trying to share the site’s all-time best-selling products, insane deals, and all the shopping secrets we know so you can get your money’s worth every time. By now, you probably might think you’re an Amazon shopping whiz, but do you know about Amazon’s daily deal site Woot? It’s just like shopping on Amazon, except you’re only browsing discounts and deals every time you visit the site.

What is Woot?

Originally founded in 2004 as its own site, Woot offers special daily deals and limited time offers across categories like home items, electronics, apparel, and more. Amazon bought the site in 2010, and Woot has been offering amazing deals ever since.

Deals change every day or until inventory runs out. And while the shop features several refurbished or factory-conditioned items, many of the goods are new but just low in stock. That’s why you’ll find a deal like 40% off appliances one day, and see it disappear the next. Since Amazon owns the site, Prime members get shipping benefits, such as free standard shipping on Woot and free express shipping on Shirt.Woot, their custom shirt section.

How to sign up for Woot:

Signing up for Woot is easy. If you already have an Amazon account, you can log in instantly with the “Log in with Amazon” button. If you don’t have an Amazon account, simply come up with a username and enter your email, and you’re all set.


Right now, Woot is hosting “Prime Member Appreciation Week,” which is a week-long celebration just for Prime members with exclusive access to daily deals and unannounced deal raffles (called Woot-Offs), free custom T-shirts, and chances to shop their $10 Bags of Crap, which are $10 bags of mystery items that are almost always sold out. The event ends today, but even if you miss it or are not a Prime member, below are some deals you can shop now.

Our favorite Woot deals happening now:

    76% off

    Microfiber Bed Sheet

    43% off

    Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

    up to 47% off

    PureBounce+ Running Shoe

    40% off

    Inspiron 15-5570 Laptop

    38% off

    Cherry Dry Shampoo (6 Pack)

    40% off

    BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

    67% off

    Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

    Chateau Home Fashions woot.com


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    Save Money on Baby Goodies With Daily Deal Websites

    Photo: Upsilon Andromedae Wise Bread Picks

    Every parent knows that buying baby goods can wipe out a budget faster than you can say, “It’s a Girl!” Setting up a nursery, buying a stroller, bottles, clothes, pacifiers, blankets, and more can cost a good chunk of change, and that’s before you buy any of the everyday things, like soap, shampoo, diapers and wipes. By the time you’re done, you’ve spent a fortune on the little cutie pie.

    If you want to buy items that are more than just functional, you’ll have to spend even more. Sure, there are a lot of cool gadgets and gizmos that make life with a little one easier or more fun, but the thought of spending even more money makes some parents feel slightly ill.

    For web-savvy parents, though, there are several baby-oriented “Daily Deal” sites (think Woot.com does smiling, squealing infants) that can help you get some of these fun items for a price much less than what you’d pay in the store. And sometimes, they even have baby staples, so you can save money on things you’ll use every day.


    BabyHalfOff looks specifically for items and brands that parents love. Recent items include everything from lunchboxes to Wikki Stix, diaper bags, tutus, and more. With a smattering of items from brands you know and even more from ones you haven’t discovered yet, there’s always something more to see at BabyHalfOff. Sure, you won’t want to purchase every item that comes across your screen, but you’ll probably find more than one that you want. At 50% or more off of regular retail price, you’re more likely to be able to afford them, too.

    Bonus: BabyHalfOff keeps an archive page, where you can continue to order an item until it’s out of stock. While some Daily Deal sites make you wait until they put the item up for sale again or clear out their stock, BabyHalfOff will let you access and order yesterday’s deal until it’s gone.


    BabySteals is very similar to BabyHalfOff, though they tend to focus on higher end items or items from well-known brands. While they offer fewer indie brands than BabyHalfOff, they tend to feature tried-and-true items that have sold well in the past or that parents couldn’t get enough of. They occasionally feature maternity items as well, so both mom and baby can be pampered for 50-80% off retail price.

    BabySteals doesn’t have an archive page like BabyHalfOff, but they do sell off any extra stock from the previous week on the weekends, sometimes offering more than one deal each day. If you miss something, there’s often another chance if you keep your eyes peeled all weekend.


    EcoBabyBuys adds an interesting twist to the Daily Deal game. In addition to highlighting brands and items that parents love, they work with companies that produce eco-friendly, non-toxic, free-trade items. Like the sites mentioned above, they offer one deal each day and sell it until the day ends or the deal is gone.

    Parents concerned about the chemicals their infants are exposed to will be relieved to find a site like EcoBabyBuys. Not only are the deals awesome, but the items are free of the toxins that can be found in most baby things.


    MamaBargains is not a traditional Daily Deal site. Instead of offering just one deal every day, they offer one deal until it’s gone, then another and another and another. Depending on how fast items go, they can end up putting any number of items up for sale in a day. This means even more chances to score a great deal, and more items available for purchase. They often have big-ticket items by name brands, and you won’t get these things for any less than this site offers.

    MamaBargains also offers maternity and nursing items pretty regularly, so moms in need should keep an eye out. If you’re wavering on a particular item and want some more time, check the status bar next to each item. It will give you some idea as to whether you need to buy now or if you can take your time.

    For Older Kids

    If you don’t have babies anymore, there’s no need to feel left out. KidSteals is a sister site to BabySteals, and they feature items for toddlers and preschoolers. KidsWoot offers items for kids of all ages in the traditional Woot! style.

    chatwoot/chatwoot: Open-source customer engagement suite, an alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud etc. 🔥💬

    Customer engagement suite, an open-source alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud etc.

    Chatwoot is an open-source omnichannel customer support software. The development of Chatwoot started in 2016. It failed to succeed as a business and eventually shut up shop in 2017. During 2019 #Hacktoberfest, the maintainers decided to make it open-source, instead of letting the code rust in a private repo. With a pleasant surprise, Chatwoot became a trending project on Hacker News and best of all, got lots of love from the community. Now, a failed project is back on track and the prospects are looking great. The team is back to working on the project and this time, we are building it in the open. Thanks to the ideas and contributions from the community.


    Chatwoot gives an integrated view of conversations happening in different communication channels.

    It supports the following conversation channels:

    • Website: Talk to your customers using our live chat widget and make use of our SDK to identify a user and provide contextual support.
    • Facebook: Connect your Facebook pages and start replying to the direct messages to your page.
    • Twitter: Connect your Twitter profiles and reply to direct messages or the tweets where you are mentioned.
    • Whatsapp: Connect your Whatsapp business account and manage the conversation in Chatwoot
    • SMS: Connect your Twilio SMS account and reply to the SMS queries in Chatwoot
    • API Channel: Build custom communication channels using our API channel.
    • Email (beta): Forward all your email queries to Chatwoot and view it in our integrated dashboard.

    Other features include:

    • Multi-brand inboxes: Manage multiple brands or pages using a single dashboard.
    • Private notes: Inter team communication is possible using private notes in a conversation.
    • Canned responses (Saved replies): Improve the response rate by adding saved replies for frequently asked questions.
    • Conversation Labels: Use conversation labelling to create custom workflows.
    • Auto assignment: Chatwoot intelligently assigns a ticket to the agents who have access to the inbox depending on their availability and load.
    • Conversation continuity: If the user has provided an email address through the chat widget, Chatwoot would send an email to the customer under the agent name so that the user can continue the conversation over the email.
    • Multi-lingual support: Chatwoot supports 10+ languages.
    • Powerful API & Webhooks: Extend the capability of the software using Chatwoot’s webhooks and APIs.
    • Integrations: Chatwoot natively integrates with Slack right now. Manage your conversations in Slack without logging into the dashboard.


    Detailed documentation is available at chatwoot.com/help-center.

    Translation process

    The translation process for Chatwoot web and mobile app is managed at https://translate.chatwoot.com using Crowdin. Please read the translation guide for contributing to Chatwoot.

    Branching model

    We use the git-flow branching model. The base branch is develop. If you are looking for a stable version, please use the master or tags labelled as v1.x.x.


    Heroku one-click deploy

    Deploying Chatwoot to Heroku is a breeze. It’s as simple as clicking this button:

    Follow this link to understand setting the correct environment variables for the app to work with all the features. There might be breakages if you do not set the relevant environment variables.

    Other deployment options

    Please follow deployment architecture guide to deploy with Docker or Caprover.


    Looking to report a vulnerability? Please refer our SECURITY.md file.

    Community? Questions? Support ?

    If you need help or just want to hang out, come, say hi on our Discord server.

    Contributors ✨

    Thanks goes to all these wonderful people:

    Chatwoot © 2017-2021, Chatwoot Inc – Released under the MIT License.

    Amazon To Woot It Up

    Woot.com, a website that sells one item per day at a discount price, announced on June 30 that it had agreed to be acquired by Amazon.com. The company, which will continue to operate from its headquarters in Carollton, Texas, follows previous Amazon acquisitions, including Audible.com and Zappos, that the online giant has pretty much left to run on their own.

    In his usual tongue-in-cheek style Woot.com CEO Matt Rutledge brought his employees up to speed.

    “We plan to continue to run Woot the way we have always run Woot–with a wall of ideas and a dartboard,” Rutledge wrote on his public blog. “From a practical point of view, it will be as if we are simply adding one person to the organizational hierarchy, except that one person will just happen to be a billion-dollar company that could buy and sell each and every one of you like you were office furniture.”

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    In a similar vein Rutledge added, “We think now is the right time to join with Amazon because, quite simply, every company that becomes a subsidiary gets two free downloads until the end of July, and we very much need that new thing with Trent Reznor’s wife on our iPods.”

    Woot is a combination online store and community site that focuses its single daily item. For example, on the day following the Amazon announcement Woot offered a Kindle with 6″ screen for $149 ($5 shipping). The same item on Amazon goes for $189 (free shipping).

    Woot originally started out in 2004 as “an employee-store/market-testing type of place for an electronics distributor” but eventually became a viable retail business on its own. The company also operates other sites, including kids.woot, shirt.woot, sellout.woot and wine.woot.

    Terms of the acquisition deal were not disclosed.

    Given that Amazon is generally considered the lord and master of e-commerce, RetailWire asked its BrainTrust panelists to consider what aspects of Woot the e-giant could possibly apply to other areas of its business.

    “There are several similar websites that offer ‘deals of the day’ and generally make shopping fun,” explained David Dorf, director of technology strategy, Oracle Retail. “Amazon tries to do this with their Gold Box, but it’s just not the same. Woot brings a loyal following, and a different perspective.”

    “Woot is to products what Living Social and Groupon are to services–a location for consumers to get a great deal every day,” wrote Max Goldberg, founding partner, The Radical Clarity Group. “Since they never know what will be offered for sale, consumers enjoy a great, money-saving treasure hunt. Woot may not become a big part of Amazon’s business, but it’s a good nice-to-have.”

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    Some panelists pointed out the wisdom–and difficulties–in keeping acquired companies in a sort of perpetual entrepreneurial mode.

    “Buy a great idea that is being well executed, learn from them and let them learn from you, but don’t try to make them into what you are,” advised Mel Kleiman, president, Humetrics, who likened assimilation into a larger company’s culture to a “frontal lobotomy.”

    As a fan of Woot, RSR Research’s Paula Rosenblum is hopeful Amazon will learn from the acquisition to “take itself a little less seriously.”

    “Mess with Woot’s culture, and it’s got nothing. But that was true of Zappos as well. Mess with the culture, and it’s just a bunch of shoes,” she wrote.

    Doug Fleener, president and managing partner of the Dynamic Experiences Group, is also a Woot loyalist who believes the biggest lessons will be learned in the customer service area.

    “I think Amazon can bring their expertise and make Woot more efficient and profitable,” says Mr. Fleener. “I don’t really see Woot’s exact approach being brought into Amazon, but I do believe that they can learn from Matt and his team on how to build a loyal community.”

    Other panelists echoed that there is a lot of serious strategy in Woot’s silliness.

    “If you have not looked at Matt’s video to Woot employees you are missing something well past hilarious,” offered Ed Rosenbaum of Rainmaker Solutions. “I would want to work there just for what I perceive as a laid-back, satisfy-the-customer culture. Doesn’t this remind you of Zappos? The two new players in the Amazon family have similar cultures. Most important, and like Amazon, they are both seriously Customer Focused [caps are intentional because I think that should be every company’s major quest].”

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    11 Top Sites like Groupon to Save Money

    One of the easiest ways to stick to a budget is to save money on your expenses. However, this can be difficult since most people don’t want to sacrifice indulging in small pleasures. When this happens, discount sites like Groupon can help you find discounts and coupons so you can enjoy life without breaking the bank.

    Whether it’s groceries, an oil change, or a vacation, there are many ways to save money on purchases. Before paying full price, try using one of these money-saving sites to find a good deal.

    What is Groupon?

    Groupon is an online coupon site that helps you save money by offering deals for an array of services and retailers.

    For example, you can find discounts for massages, trips to the local museum, and online shopping. You can use these deals to save around town, at a vacation destination, or on fun date night ideas.

    Sites Like Groupon

    While Groupon is the most well-known option, it isn’t the only online deal site that offers savings. These discount sites can also help you save money on your next purchase.

    1. LivingSocial

    LivingSocial is one of the best Groupon alternatives. Both sites are owned by the same company, but they have their differences.

    The biggest perk to using LivingSocial is their travel deals. You can find discounts and flash deals for hotels and tourist activities. LivingSocial also has plenty of local deals including experiences and beauty spas.

    Make sure to read the fine print and follow the offer rules when you claim a discount. Each offer lists what perks come with the promotion and any potential add-on fees.

    Key features:

    • Travel deals
    • Find discount codes to save on local deals
    • Immediately redeem electronic vouchers

    2. Capital One Shopping

    Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) makes it easy to find online shopping deals. The site helps you find valid coupon codes that you can use to save money at popular online stores. These include Walmart, Target, clothing sites, and more.

    Similar to Groupon, you can find offers for local restaurant delivery. The site also lets you earn loyalty credits on your shopping. You can redeem your credits for gift cards from participating retailers.

    In addition to providing online shopping rewards, Capital One Shopping compares product prices from multiple stores.

    If you’re not ready to make a purchase right away, you can add items to your watchlist and receive price change alerts. Capital One Shopping has a mobile app and a browser extension.

    Key features:

    • Earn loyalty credits for gift cards
    • Find valid discount codes
    • Compare product prices from online stores

    3. Coupons.com

    With a name like Coupons.com, it’s no surprise that you can save money using the site. As one of the best coupon sites, you can find coupons for groceries and personal items. Coupons are available in digital or printable form.

    The printable coupons are valid at any store that sells the participating item. In addition to clipping coupons, Coupons.com lets you use receipt-scanning apps to earn extra shopping rewards.

    You can use the Coupons.com mobile app for store-specific digital coupons. Depending on the store, you either scan your loyalty card or scan the receipt to receive discounts. Your cash rewards get deposited into your PayPal account within 48 hours.

    You can also use Coupons.com to find online discount codes. These codes can be applied at the checkout screen for over 20,000 merchants.

    Key features:

    • Printable grocery coupons
    • Store-specific digital coupons using the mobile app
    • Immediately redeem electronic vouchers

    4. Woot

    Woot is one of the top money-saving sites for Amazon purchases. Like Groupon, Woot offers daily deals that may sell out quickly.

    You can find deals in several categories on Woot. These include electronics, home goods, outdoor items, and more.

    Both Amazon Prime and free Amazon members can claim these deals. Prime members receive free two-day shipping.

    Woot offers a “Deal of the Day” that can help you save over 50 percent. The other daily deals sections also offer attractive discounts.

    Key features:

    • Daily shopping deals on Amazon
    • For Amazon Prime and non-Prime members
    • Instant digital discounts

    5. RetailMeNot

    RetailMeNot has been around since 2006. It is one of the best sites for online shopping.

    You can use the site to find discount codes for many online stores. Downloading the mobile app lets you redeem in-store coupons and restaurant discounts.

    Unlike the Groupon app, RetailMeNot offers RXSaver coupons for medical prescriptions. You can save up to 85 percent by redeeming these coupons at participating pharmacies.

    RetailMeNot also has an online shopping portal offering up to 20 percent cash back. You can earn cash rewards that are redeemable for PayPal or Venmo cash approximately 45 days after the purchase date.

    Key features:

    • Pharmacy coupons for medical prescriptions
    • Earn cash rewards for online purchases
    • Redeem discount codes for online, in-store, and restaurant purchases

    6. SlickDeals

    Slickdeals is another one of the top sites like Groupon. While Groupon specializes in local activities, Slickdeals finds the best online shopping deals.

    The website has virtually everything you could want to buy online, including Amazon and travel deals. You can browse deals by store, product category, or by the best current discount.

    SlickDeals has forums and deal alerts that help you avoid missing new deals for your favorite products and stores. Additionally, they have a mobile app that lets you participate in the forums and monitor deal alerts.

    Key features: 

    • Daily online shopping deals
    • Travel deals
    • Signup up option for deal alerts
    • Forums to find additional deals

    7. DealCatcher

    DealCatcher is one of the best daily deal sites for online shopping. It launched in 1999, making it older than Groupon. You can use DealCatcher to see the best discounts and find promo codes.

    In-store coupons are available for local retail stores and restaurants. You can print these coupons or activate them with the iOS mobile app. Unfortunately, DealCatcher doesn’t offer an app for Android devices.

    Key features:

    • Daily online shopping deals
    • Printable in-store coupons for retail stores and restaurants
    • Mobile app for online and in-store savings (iOS devices only)

    8. DealNews

    DealNews lists some of the best deals from online stores like Amazon and Home Depot. You can also see sales ads for many stores.

    It’s possible to browse offers by store and product category. Some of the product categories on DealNews include clothing, computers, and travel. You might also like browsing their gift card, freebies, and refurbished sections to get free money while shopping.

    Key features:

    • Online shopping deals for many products
    • Lists freebie deals
    • Browse offers by store or product category

    9. Travelzoo

    Travelzoo is one of the best sites for travel offers. The Travelzoo site helps you save money on travel purchases including:

    • Flights
    • Hotels
    • Rental cars
    • Cruises

    Each offer lists the eligible travel dates and any additional requirements. It’s possible to save extra cash when TravelZoo offers vacation packages.

    You can browse the best available domestic and international travel offers. Signing up for the Travelzoo email list lets you see the “Top 20” weekly travel deals along with the best regional offers. You can also use the TravelZoo mobile app to see nearby deals.

    Similar to the other apps like Groupon, Travelzoo is free to use. While other discount sites are better for tourist activities, you may enjoy the variety of deals Travelzoo offers.

    Key features:

    • United States and international travel deals
    • Weekly “Top 20” travel deal email newsletter
    • Quickly find nearby travel deals
    • Deals for flights, hotels, and all-inclusive packages

    10. DealsPlus

    DealsPlus is another deals site that can save you cash. Like other Groupon alternatives, you will find shopping deals for many products and stores.

    You can find digital coupons to redeem online. In-store discounts are available for stores and restaurants when you use the DealsPlus app. However, you won’t find grocery coupons.

    *Related: Love to shop at Target? Check out our guide the best apps to get free Target gift cards and save money at the store.*

    DealsPlus offers two ways to make money. The first option is the Money Maker program. Simply upload coupons and earn cash when people view your deal. You can request payment once your cash balance reaches $25.

    Another way DealsPlus rewards you is by letting you earning cash back when you shop. You can earn up to five percent back at over 5,000 online stores.

    While the DealsPlus mobile app doesn’t track cash back, you can activate a session from your mobile device or laptop browser. Once you reach a $15 balance, you can redeem rewards via PayPal or Bitcoin.

    Key features:

    • Earn cash or Bitcoin for online purchases
    • Online shopping deals
    • In-store coupons for stores and restaurants

    11. Local Flavor

    Similar to Groupon, Local Flavor offers local deals. You can find exciting discounts for local tourist attractions and restaurants. Local businesses such as salons, auto repair, and service companies also offer promotions.

    You can receive deal alerts when your favorite brand offers future discounts. If you find deals that you like online or with the mobile app, you can purchase them after you read the offer terms.

    The Local Flavor mobile app lets you find the deals closest to you through their in-app map.

    Key features:

    • Deals for local businesses, restaurants, and activities
    • Printable coupons
    • Send digital coupons to your phone


    Sites like Groupon make it easy to save money on daily purchases. You can also save money as you relax at the spa, have a date night, or visit a new attraction.

    In addition to the upfront discount, some alternatives let you earn cash rewards. Before you make your next purchase, check out one of these sites to see if you can save a little extra money.


    What other discount sites like Groupon do you use to save money? How else do you save money on your purchases? What methods do you use to comparison shop?


    *Capital One Shopping compensates us when you sign up for Capital One Shopping using the links provided.

    Related Posts

    90,000 TOP-50 Best Websites with Beautiful Designs – Plerdy

    When decorating your home, you make sure that it is clean and tidy, that all the details are in place, add your favorite paintings, choose cozy furniture, etc. etc. Indeed, without all this, you will just get bare and cold walls that can hardly be called a home. The same thing happens with your website. If you take useful content, beautiful colors and pictures from the home page, leave it without contacts and usefulness, then the usual page remains.

    Of course, aesthetics is not the only prerequisite for converting users, but it acts as a bridge that attracts the client and must do everything so that he does not have the desire to retreat. Remember, modern creative design is primarily simple and intuitive. People will not choose you unless you give them an incentive to make that choice.

    Why should your website layout be modern and creative?

    A template that defines the structure of a site is called a layout.Thanks to it, you get clear paths for navigating the web resource and can understand where to place the most important elements. Your users will stay on the site if you choose a good layout where it is easy to find important information intuitively. If the information on the home page is placed incorrectly, the design is too bright or dull, the page takes a long time to load, then users will definitely leave this web resource.

    The behavior of users on sites and their layouts are very closely related.The best modern design is able to draw attention to your home page and increase conversions. Therefore, it is better to spend more time developing the perfect layout than subsequently losing users who are not ready to sacrifice even an extra minute.

    A well-designed homepage is the face of your company. It is the design of the home page that welcomes the audience and demonstrates all the benefits. Only a creative website layout can interest users and give them an incentive to explore the entire site.

    Alas, it is not always so easy to find inspiration and create something new, interesting and creative. In this case, a web designer should look for ideas on the most popular and effective sites that designers from all over the world use as inspiration. After all, the best teacher is an example, and we bring you a list of the 50 best sites for finding ideas.

    An Overview of 40 Web Designer Inspiration Resources for Website UI


    The AWWWARDS website is designed to recognize the talent and efforts of the world’s best web designers, developers and agencies.It focuses specifically on beautiful user interface, highlighting the best web designers. In addition, authors of works receive awards for merits. The news and blog are constantly updated, and any designer will definitely be interested in following this web resource.


    If you are looking for a whole gallery of modern sites, then this is the place for you. Sitesee already on the home page invites you to see a selection of beautiful user interfaces on the example of the best sites from around the world.In addition, there is a convenient filter that will allow you to immediately highlight the topics that interest you.


    Dribbble is a platform where everyone can share their experiences, get the opinion of other professionals about their work and get inspiration. It contains a huge collection of quality work by web designers, photographers and other authors. Getting to the site is not very easy, you need an access code from the designers who are already represented, which allows you to filter and leave only the best.Already on the home page, users see the best examples for inspiration.

    A List Apart

    A List Apart is a web resource that thoroughly analyzes and researches the design, development and content of sites, with a focus on innovative methods. If you’re looking for a list of the best themes to develop, then this is not the place for you. But here you will find a modern take on different aspects of design in our digital world from the world’s leading designers and developers. The news is constantly updated and this online magazine is well worth bookmarking.


    The creator of Mobbin, like many designers, sought inspiration from thousands of talentless templates. That is why he decided to create a website that brings together over 170 apps and 1000 templates from apps from different countries. Here you can not only immediately see a selection of the best solutions, but also pick up ideas for the realization of your own goals.


    Flickr is a video and image hosting site where designers can find almost anything.Many UI designers use this resource to share and store snapshots. At the same time, the web resource continues to develop. On the blog, you will see the latest news in the world of design, and the aesthetic beauty simply encourages you to subscribe to them.


    Land-book is the place where you can find many tips and examples of the best landing pages for designers, web developers and anyone looking to start their own startup. There are many websites collected here, the blog is constantly updated with news, so you will definitely find what inspires you.


    SiteInspire is a great platform for web designers and developers. Here you will find examples of the best user interface, interactive design and more. You can search for what you need using convenient filters, for example, by style, type, subject. All sites are carefully curated so you only get the best, but you can also offer web developers the web resources you deem worthy.

    99designs’ Discover

    Find web design inspiration here.99designs’ Discover has gathered thousands of talented designers from all over the world and more inspiring designs, making it a great platform for beginners as well as experienced designers and developers. In addition, there is a convenient search function that will simplify your way of finding exactly what you need to implement your design idea.


    Finding inspiration for a commercial project online is now much easier. The Ecomm project is waiting for you.design, which has united in one web resource about 2,500 thousand of the best sites in this field. They are divided by platform, category, traffic and technology. As soon as you get to the home page, you immediately see where to go next in your search for ideas.


    If you’re looking for an example of great user interface design, be sure to check out this website. The best works of designers from all over the world are collected here, which are very carefully selected.Inspiration can be found not only for web designers, but also for stylists, architects, photographers and anyone interested in design in different fields. In addition, a lot of useful information can be found in their blog.


    The Lapa Ninja project was created especially for designers who are looking for inspiration, just starting their journey or want to improve their professional skills. The content is carefully screened here and only the best designs end up on the website. Note that the news and catalog are updated daily, so this site is well worth adding to your list of favorite web resources.


    The creators of Pttrns have managed to put together a great collection of design templates and the best UI examples on their website. Here designers can easily find any necessary elements by choosing among the two main blocks on the control panel – respectively to the device and other categories.

    One Page Love

    One Page Love is a showcase for the most beautiful websites, templates and other web resources. Here are very convenient sections for inspiration, made on specific topics, a blog with daily updates of news and a lot of useful things.Aside from the inspiration itself, you can find a large number of templates for your own work on this website.


    CollectUI is a standalone platform where you can find inspiration to create a better user interface. They are powered by Dribbble using exclusively their imagery, so you will need to visit this website to comment and relate. Although the blog news and collections are updated daily, the site has a huge following of its own.

    Creative Bloq

    Creative Bloq is one of the best professional platforms for UX designers. Here you will find a good mix of daily news, tips and examples for inspiration. Also, 3D and VFX artists, illustrators, web designers and everyone who considers themselves involved in creativity can drop in here. Thanks to this blog, you will always be aware of all the latest trends and can easily implement your ideas.

    Smashing Magazine

    Smashing Magazine is a great place for UX designers and anyone looking to expand their skills.Collected here are articles, digital books, conference schedules, and even design vacancies. With constant news updates, tons of artwork and a selection of the best examples for inspiration, you can improve your design and development skills and find a balance between beauty and functionality.

    Mockplus blog

    Mockplus blog was created in order to maximize the tools for quick template creation for UX / UI designers, developers of various web applications, managers and owners of online projects.An experienced team of specialists in the field of software development is working on this. There is a lot of great news and tools for web designers here to help you turn your ideas into useful products.

    Designer News

    Designer News is just a huge community of people who work in the field of web design and development or are simply interested in this topic. Design News has opened up a great opportunity for many designers to seek not only inspiration, but also useful advice and criticism from experienced colleagues from all over the world.You can be sure that you will find something interesting for yourself here.

    UX Magazine

    If you are interested in UX design, then the UX Magazine blog is for you. It’s a great platform to always find the latest news on design and UX trends in the world today. In addition, you have the opportunity to apply for a job here. Many designers have been familiar with this blog for a long time, do not be lazy and you, there is something to learn here.


    One of the most famous and high quality image and video platforms is Pinterest.Here, a huge number of users discover new ideas, look for inspiration and develop in their favorite business, including web designers. The home page immediately shows you topics that will be interesting, but you can always add or change them. There is also an opportunity to interact with other users through comments and correspondence.

    UX Design Edge

    The UX Design Edge website is a place where designers can not only find useful information and read all the news in the digital development world, but also sign up for courses and individual consultations on UX design.The blog on the site is constantly updated and can be a place to find news and inspiration, so if even you are not interested in learning, then it is worth taking a look here.

    Product Pages

    This site is for those who are currently in the early stages of developing a web resource. Here you will find a great collection of the best web design sites, as well as tons of detailed information on how, what and where to use. At the same time, the creators of Product Pages did everything so that you could find something unexpected for yourself, and not just use a bunch of filters and immediately look for the exact goal.


    This website is a comprehensive platform with a huge gallery of UX design resources and more. On Medium, news is updated several times a day, so you always have something to read on the blog. All articles are related to web design and new trends in this direction.

    User Experience Stack Exchange

    The User Experience Stack Exchange site has a collection of questions and answers for those interested in UX design.Please note that users from all over the world can ask their questions here and get a qualified answer from experts in this field, any other users can also answer. There are awards for the best answers. In any case, designers will be able to find a lot of useful things here, and what not – just ask.

    Good Web Design

    This website brings together all the best and well-designed landing pages. The goal of the staff was to help designers, developers and marketers around the world learn from the best examples.Websites and news are constantly updated, so you can safely bookmark this web resource as a source of inspiration.

    Best Website Gallery

    This website has collected the most beautiful sites since 2008. Its creator is designer and developer David, who made this resource as a collection of the best visual examples. The gallery on this website can be a source of inspiration for new projects or simply make you understand what makes a designer’s job unique.

    Hover States

    Hover States is one of the best blogs in the industry for some of the brightest examples of alternative digital design. The creators point out that here you can find and collect a large amount of useful information, as well as share your own work. The news is constantly updated and the number of designers is growing, so this website should not be overlooked.

    CSS Nectar

    The slogan of this web resource – we collect the nectar of web design.Already on it you can understand that examples of the best web designs are collected here. New works are added to the gallery every day that you can rate and just be inspired. The gallery includes works by designers from all over the world.


    Abduzeedo is a community of professionals who write news about design, photography and user experience. Initially, it was a personal blog, but today it has brought together professionals from all over the planet who work independently of each other and provide a huge amount of useful information.This is by far one of the most popular design blogs out there.

    Interaction Design Foundation

    The IDF website is an entire interactive design organization. They say in their slogan that they strive to give everyone the opportunity to receive high-quality design education, at the level of the best universities. They have a huge collection of UX and interactive design. For those who want to learn and improve, this web resource can become simply irreplaceable.

    The Great Discontent

    TGD is not only an online magazine, but also a print publication, where you will find many interesting news and conversations with the best contemporary artists, photographers, designers and not only. The focus here is on inspiration, creativity and understanding of art. Besides blogging, they also make films and do a lot of inspirational things. This website is definitely worth your time.

    UI Movement

    UI Movement is a standalone resource that focuses on better user experience.Its developers select the best UI design work. They have over 25 thousand subscribers and these numbers are constantly growing thanks to a lot of useful information and news. If you are interested in user interface design, this is the place for you. Here you will find inspiration and tips for your own work.

    Template Monster

    Yes, this is a shop and few people think of such a place as a way to find creative inspiration. However, this web resource shows a really good structure and focuses on best practices.Use themes as inspiration while browsing content structure and design templates. Believe me, implementing your own projects, you will definitely need this experience.


    Designspiration is constantly developing, updating the blog and adding to the site gallery. It is somewhat reminiscent of Pinterest, as it offers just a ton of information generated by a large community. There is no one specific theme for design inspiration here, but you do get filters to define what you need right now in all this variety.This is a website that designers and developers should definitely bookmark.


    Calltoidea is a good platform for designers that allows professionals in the field to find the inspiration they are looking for at this moment. The project was launched back in 2011 and has already won many fans. Experts carefully select each image to offer you something unique. They support the concept of simplicity on the web. The information is updated very often, so you will always find something new and interesting here.


    Pentagram is one of the world’s largest design studios. Their team has the best specialists from all over the world, so they always have a lot to learn. On the site, you can not only get acquainted with their best works, but also go to the blog, where relevant information from the world of web design constantly appears.

    The Best Designs

    The Best Designs has become one of the most popular sources of news for designers looking for inspiration without fiddles, clicks and bells and whistles.The great Design of the Day feature allows you to get constantly fresh content, and you also get the opportunity to communicate directly with the best designers. For lovers of simplicity and clarity, the ideal place.


    On this website, designers and developers can not only search for the best resources to build websites and apps, but also share what they have in their arsenal. The news here is updated daily, as well as the best resources for the Web, iOS and macOS and Material Design.The blog has a ton of useful information about user interface, design experiments, applications. Uplabs also has ready-to-use products.


    ResponsiveDesign.is is a great source of website design inspiration, where you can also check how any site looks on different devices, including tablets and smartphones. The blog has many helpful design and development guidelines as well as strategic content.They also have their own podcast. Although there are not many examples here, compared to other resources on our list, they are worthy of your attention.

    Overview of 10 Inspirational Resources for a Smartphone Web Designer


    Snapseed is an interesting mobile app for iOS and Android with which you can edit photos. If you like to take pictures with your phone, then this application will definitely suit your taste, because it has many features and is quite simple and intuitive.The minimalist design is also eye-catching.


    It would seem that Lifesum is just another mobile application about a healthy lifestyle, but it is very nicely designed. Such applications should be like that. The gradient of colors on the screen is nicely used here. There are some simple and straightforward pages with colorful backgrounds that are very balanced and do not interfere with access to information. The app is available for iOS and Android.


    The Headspace mobile app is designed to help people meditate.With this activity, you can reduce stress, relax, focus, and more. Thanks to its beautiful design and usefulness, this app is very much appreciated all over the world. The user interface design is very attractive, lightweight and enjoyable. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

    iA Writer

    This mobile application was included in our review not only because of its popularity, but also because of their design. iA Writer is very minimalistic, while their typography simply conquers.Among mobile applications, it is difficult to find examples that would also do both tasks well, because there is very little space on the screen. There are light and dark themes to choose from, which are equally good and balanced. A very simple and very special recording app for iOS and Android.

    Lola Travel

    Lola Travel can definitely become an example of the best design for a mobile application. Here you will find not only great features, but also a simple and sophisticated design.The images and graphics are very friendly and easy to understand. The typography is selected almost perfectly and everything fits into different device screens. For now, the app is only available for iOS.


    An excellent free application for monitoring Qapital financial expenses and income. It made it to our list for an interesting and original design that can inspire the best mobile apps. Today it is free and available for both iOS and Android.Many users have already rated it for its features, and designers will definitely appreciate the user interface.


    With the HotelTonight mobile app you can quickly and easily book your hotel, even at the last minute. It is on our list thanks to its sophisticated design, especially when it comes to their dark color scheme (purple and black just hit the heart of it). The product sells and is very successful, and its design plays an important role in this, so pay attention to it.The app is available for iOS and Android.

    Day One Journal

    Day One Journal is a journaling platform. This mobile app for iOS and Android has been around for several years, but it is constantly evolving and becoming more useful and smarter. UX design is great here. The user can save the location on the screen, take into account the speed of movement. You can even save the song you were listening to at that moment. Web resources like these can be great inspiration for designers.


    This is a mobile application for making payments. It’s just gorgeous thanks to its user interface. Here you will find big and bold numbers on the screen, simplicity, purity and comprehensibility. For applications like this, this use of monotone colors and well-thought-out typography is a godsend. Pay attention to it, it is available for both iOS and Android.


    Keezy is an iOS mobile app that helps you have a little fun with your friends or kids.This is a kind of music game, the user interface in which is outrageously simple. This simplicity works for the application, because you are not distracted by a lot of unnecessary elements on the screen, but just play and have fun. Designers should pay attention to it and make more of these interfaces.


    We live in a digital age where it is difficult to do without a unique branded website. It is the design of the site that can become the face of the company, attracting customers. To do this, designers are constantly learning and researching the user experience in order to offer you only the best solutions.Alas, knowledge is not always enough, sometimes web designers, developers and marketers need a little inspiration, and we hope that with the help of our list they can now easily find it.

    Sites that are included in our list will help you get started on the implementation of new ideas, taking into account current trends. They are all different, so everyone can choose what he needs.

    In addition, we have provided a list of ten mobile applications with the best user interface, which you can also use as an example for inspiration.After all, it’s not so easy to come up with not just a useful, but a complete and beautiful application for small screens. Remember that it is important not to pursue originality, but to offer the user a simple and convenient solution that will be available for download on iOS and Android.

    Woot • wikiwand

    Woot is an American internet retailer based in the Carrollton, Texas suburb of Dallas. Founded by electronics wholesaler Matt Rutledge, it debuted on July 12, 2004.Wut’s main website usually only offers one discounted product each day, often a piece of computer hardware or an electronic device. Another offering of the sites Wuta deals daily for T-shirts, wine, baby items, household items and two other places that offer different items. On June 30, 2010, Woot announced an agreement to be acquired by Amazon.com.

    Sales Model

    Woot’s once, One Deal tagline. Initially, Woot offered one item per day until its stock of that item was sold out, or until the item was replaced at midnight CST with the following offer.If the product sold out during its run, the next item would not appear until midnight, except during Woot-Away promotions. However, announce a purchase from Amazon if the product sells out quickly enough (usually before Noon CST) then the new product will be offered for purchase. Products are never announced in advance. This sales model means that defective products cannot be replaced, only refunded. The company also does not provide customer support for the products it sells; in case of problems, customers are advised to seek support either from the manufacturer or through the online user community on the Woot forums.

    Woot operates a business model under one agreement per day. Customers can purchase three of a day item, although the site sometimes limited the quantity of item to one per customer. Woot does not show sales if the item is not selling or a new item is being sold. Except for Shirt.woot, items are only shipped to the United States using FedEx Ground, FedEx SmartPost, or United Parcel Service. All items, regardless of size or weight, are shipped flat.

    Woot sometimes sells goods that it does not have in stock; this sometimes causes shipping delays.

    Woot sometimes sells updated items. In 2011, sales of 6,200 refreshed Motorola Xooms included a small number (approximately 100) that were not properly updated and may have been sold with data from previous device owners.

    Marketing Style

    A company’s marketing style is disrespectful and often recognized by its customer community. Product descriptions usually mock the product, the customer, or the Woot itself.The disadvantages of the product are overwhelmingly recognized and buyers are advised to beware. For those interested only in serious details, the official product information is always referenced below the Woot-written description. Community users often do their own product research and submit their opinions on user forums. The Woot staff flags the most useful posts and displays them at the top of the forum.

    Woot’s main site previously featured a daily podcast by Matthew Schultz, which briefly described the item for sale and included a humorous song or parody.It has since been superseded by a weekly video podcast. Photoshop contests among Woot’s forum users for prizes, including cash, free shipping on Woot’s orders, and the Monkey Prize (usually a random monkey-related item of minimum value) were other promotional events.

    Community members have contributed back to the site by offering Woot-related services. These include status checkers, Dashboard widgets and Windows Sidebar widgets to let you know when the next product is listed; there are also webcasts and other means to monitor the status of a place.Woot has an official Twitter account that is among the 100 most followed Twitter accounts (as of May 24, 2010).

    Customer Service

    As of October 4, 2014, the Bureau of Business Assistance reported 302 complaints against Woot and gave Woot an ‘F’ rating. Most of the complaints dealt with Woot’s products and services.

    Special Events

    Location sometimes deviates from one product per day pattern for Woot-Away. Woot-off lasts an undeclared length, usually 24–72 hours.During Woot-Away, products usually sell out quickly, and when one product sells out, it is replaced within a minute or two with a new product. The percentage bar shows how much stock of the current product remains. However, Woot never gives the exact amount available until the item has sold out.

    Since the “gamma” launch of the Neuros MPEG 4 recorder on February 9, 2005, Woot has sometimes partnered with another company to launch a new product with a one-day exclusive sale of Woot.

    Beginning in July 2005, Woot has occasionally started offering a blind grab bag, officially called “Random Shit”, in lieu of typical product sales.While today his accompanying picture of a paper lunch bag with a question mark retained his unofficial name “Shit Bag”, (LOCAL PHONE COMPANY IN EACH OF THE SEVEN REGIONS OF THE USA) it was originally named “Shit Bag” during the early years of the place, when a physical bag of some kind (laptop, iomega zip bags, etc.) was sold with 1-3 “bones” and was part of what you were buying. Today, a LOCAL PHONE COMPANY IN EACH OF THE SEVEN REGIONS of the US contains at least three “shoddy” items and one bag, the value of which is not guaranteed, but sometimes expensive items are included.A LOCAL TELEPHONE COMPANY IN EACH OF THE SEVEN REGIONS of the US typically raises millions of orders, requests, and sells out within seconds, causing server lag and even server disaster. During the January 25, 2011 sale, the website received a record 3.1 million requests and the product sold out within eight seconds.

    During Cheating Day 2008, Woot organized Woot-off offering the same product on multiple occasions, except for a few brief periods where Woot sold Bags of Shit instead.Three years after Cheating Day, Woot organized a “Bag of Shit” flash game that users were ordered to play in order to win the privilege of buying Bags of Shit. On April 1, 2011, eight thousand Shit Bags were sold. Later that day, once the Bag of the Soiled sale period was over, Woot admin said there were over seven million attempts to get the Bags of Shit.

    Debuting on March 10, 2010, Woot worked limited one-hour versions of Woot-off called Happy Hour.These events were promoted exclusively through Twitter and did not appear on the front page of woot.com. Happy hour didn’t quite work out and had an indefinite hold on by August 2011.

    2 for Tuesday

    January 10, 2006 Woot began offering two food packages every Tuesday. Woot also used this day to suggest quantities greater than 2, such as 3 for Tu3sday, 4 for 4uesday, 5 for Tue5day, 6 for Tue6day, 10X-Tuesday, 12 for Tu12day, two dozen Tuesdays (24 for Tue2day) and three dozen Tuesdays (36 for Tu36day).On June 28, 2011, Woot decided to take steps back from the “two for Tuesday” promotion to focus on quality over quantity, although noting that they had not completely retired the idea.

    World of Wootcrap

    A special event was held on July 11, 2014, celebrating Woot.com’s tenth birthday.

    Related Sites

    Woot has created several spin-off sites, some following a similar business model as the main site, others providing other retail-related services.


    Wine.woot was launched in summer 2006 and offers wine and “wine-related” products. It originally offered one item per week (often a series of multiple bottles from the same winery), but has since expanded to offer a new item every day. Unlike main Woot site, Wine.woot will occasionally offer new deals outside of the regular schedule if the item sells out.

    Due to wine shipping laws in the United States, Wine items.woot can only be delivered to a limited number of states. Since wineries are a record seller (not Wine.woot), the list of states to which any given offer can be sent depends on where the current winery is licensed to ship and will vary from offer to offer.


    Shirt.woot sold its first shirt in July 2007 after a short performance test. The website started by offering one new T-shirt design every business day.Since September 2007, shirts have been offered on Saturday and Sunday as well.

    Designs are screened on silk at the Carrollton Woot, Texas facility. Shirt design submissions reviewed and selected by an editor at the Seattle, Washington Woot offices.

    Most of the designs are from established artists, but Woot also hosts a weekly design competition, Derby, where users submit their own design ideas. The three most popular designs, as determined by public vote, are produced and sold; winners receive $ 1,000 each plus $ 2 for each shirt sold after the first day.

    Shirts sold on their release day at a discounted price. Until November 12, 2012 Shirt.woot is offered between 28 and 34 different designs, depending on the day of the week. Each week, the seven lowest-selling shirts were dropped from the production line to a process called “Invoice” and discontinued.

    Beginning November 12, 2012, Shirt.woot began offering every shirt design in their catalog for sale (except those that initially use special effects such as glow in dark ink or those with new promotions).Unlike shirts in active rotation, rear catalog shirts are digitally printed and sell for a higher price than shirts in active rotation.

    Unlike the main Woot site, Shirt.woot offers international shipping and free US standard shipping. Next day delivery is available for additional collection.


    For nearly its first five years, the company’s shirt blanks came from American Apparel. Launching in February 2012 of Woot switched to Anvil Knit, Anvil’s saying provided “stability, and flexibility” and “cost, factor, too,” with the Shirt.woot running “on thin edges that didn’t leave … a lot of room to experiment” with “different kinds of products.”

    Another reason given for the change was the availability of blank shirts in ladies’ sizes, “this will hopefully make the shirts look bigger, y’know, built for ladies.” The announcement led to hundreds of comments from its customers, with some cheering for the new sizes for women and others questioning the timing of the change (the price of day shirts recently rose 20%) and objecting to the switch from the United States to Honduras as a country of origin.

    In May 2013, Shirt. Woot has begun a trial period during which he will offer his daily shirt designs printed on a customer’s choice of Anvil or American Apparel blanks; the latter costs an extra dollar.


    September 12, 2007 Woot entered into cooperation with Yahoo! and created a new site, sellout.woot.com, which has since become part of Yahoo! Purchases. The business model overlaps with the main territory of Woot, albeit with different products.While the site itself was part of Yahoo! When shopping, all product offerings and order fulfillment were managed by Woot. This partnership has since ended, although the Clearance site itself still exists for daily sales through deals.woot site.


    August 18, 2009 Woot launched Kids.woot. It sells one child-friendly product per day. Kids.woot started showing Woot-Away promotion on October 28, 2009.


    Website operated by Woot, Deals.woot is a convention accumulator with two types of lists. Each is a “Sponsored Deals” section that has been recommended by listings by retailers and manufacturers, as well as links to other daily convention sites. The second section, “Community Agreements”, consists of user-recommended conventions. Users can vote on agreements and comments, and can “gossip” according to or garbled with expired agreements.

    Deals.woot had their first unofficial event on February 10 and 11, 2011, called “Crab Day,” where users of the site gathered to post as many crab-related deals as they could find.


    Moofi (Woot! Upside down) was launched during the week of June 13, 2010. It may have several deals running at the same time. The Moofi subdomain communicates directly with Woot! the main page, but a quick search on the Deals.woot site will reveal the current Moofi items and their hidden URLs.


    October 24, 2011 Woot launched its Home.woot site focused on offering deals for a wide variety of household items.


    Launched June 11, 2012 with their initial agreement, a number of golf clubs (Adams Redline Hybrid 8 Iron Set)



    Launched July 16, 2012 as Tech.woot. this site focuses on tech items, electronics and gadgets. On June 2, 2014, this location was renamed Electronics.woot.


    Launched on April 1, 2013, focusing on gardening, do-it-yourself tools and home improvement.


    Launched on June 3, 2013, focusing on fashion accessories and watches.


    Launched on June 2, 2014, focusing on computers.

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      • Adding Firefox controllers Woot

      90,000 Ranking of the best web studios in the USA – website development in the USA Ranking of the best web studios in the USA – website development in the USA – TOP 20 agencies

      Here you will find a list of the best web studios in the USA that can handle a variety of projects from creating promotional websites to complex web applications and corporate websites.Find the best US website development company based on portfolio and customer reviews. Detailed information about the website builder together with our matrix of leaders will help you choose the best web developers for your project. With WADLINE, you can find website building professionals with the skills you need. In the list below you will find reliable information about companies from the TOP-100 of the best developers in the field of website development. You can order website development from any web studio from the rating.


      • Advertising and Marketing
      • Software Development
      • Design
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      USA / Los Angeles



      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000

      USA / Farmingdale



      • Advertising and Marketing
      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      $ 20,000- $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      $ 20,000- $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000

      USA / San Francisco



      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Software Development
      • Design
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000



      • Software Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Software Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Software Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      $ 20,000- $ 30,000

      USA / Los Angeles


      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      $ 20,000- $ 30,000

      USA / San Diego



      • Design
      • Web Development

      USA / San Francisco



      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000

      USA / Campbell


      • Software Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Software Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Advertising and Marketing
      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Design
      • Web Development

      USA / Washington


      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      More than $ 30,000


      • Web Development

      Average Project Cost:

      $ 20,000- $ 30,000

      Leaders & Review: Top US Web Developers

      Focus Trustworhy

      Verified Leaders Reviewed Experience

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      121 NDB
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      cache SRC
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      wot – from English to Russian

    • Wot – Wot, 1st & 3d pers. sing. pres. of {Wit}, to know. See the {Note} under {Wit}, v. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] Brethren, I wot that through ignorance ye did it. Acts iii. 17. [1913 Webster] … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

    • WOT – (English Wheel of Time) a cycle of literary works by the American writer Robert Jordan in the style of epic fantasy.WoT (English Web of Trust) is a tool for assessing the ranking of web sites. WoT (English World of Tanks) computer … … Wikipedia

    • WoT – (English Wheel of Time) a cycle of literary works by the American writer Robert Jordan in the style of epic fantasy. WoT (English Web of Trust) is a tool for assessing the ranking of web sites. WoT (English World of Tanks) computer … … Wikipedia

    • wot – is sometimes used in writing to represent what, to show that someone is speaking very informally or that they are being humorous.[BRIT, INFORMAL] Cor, wot brilliant prizes! … English dictionary

    • WOT – ist die Abkürzung für Web of Trust Web of Trust (Bewertungsplattform) Diese Seite ist eine Begriffsklärung zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe… Deutsch

    • ia

    • wot – / wot /, v. Archaic. first and third pers. sing. pres. of wit2. [ME woot, OE wat; c. G weiss, ON veit, Goth wait, Gk oîda, I have seen, I know, Skt veda; see WIT2] * * *… Universalium

    • wot – [wɔt US wa: t, wʌt] BrE an informal spelling of ↑ what… Dictionary of contemporary English

    • wot – to know (archaic), from O.E. wat, first and third person singular present indicative of witan to know, from P.] t), v.t. & i. [inf. (To) {Wit}; pres. sing. {Wot}; pl. {Wite}; imp. {Wist (e)}; p. p. {Wist}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Wit (t) ing}. See the Note below.] [OE. witen, pres. ich wot, wat, I know (wot), imp. wiste, AS. witan, pres. w [= a] t, imp.…… The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

    • 90,000 site safety rating – Download this extension for 🦊 Firefox (ru) Join the millions of people already in the WOT community to protect yourself from online threats that only humans can detect.This essential add-on to any antivirus will protect you while you work and shop online.

      *** How does it work? ***
      ✔ WOT protects you while browsing the Internet, preventing you from visiting dangerous sites, as well as online scams, malware, untrustworthy online stores, dangerous links, etc.
      ✔ Search results, social media posts, emails and popular sites are accompanied by “reputation badges” giving you the information you need to make decisions
      Red indicates potential danger
      Yellow urges you to be on the alert
      Green means this site is safe
      ✔ Site reputation is calculated based on modern algorithms and millions of user reviews

      *** Features ***
      ✔ Reputation badges
      A small icon in your browser window indicating the rating and reputation of each site.
      ✔ Warning screen (optional)
      A warning screen appears before you go to a site with a bad reputation, giving you the opportunity to go to a site or return
      ✔ Check all sites before visiting
      Use WOT scorecards to check site reputation and review reviews about him before visiting. Site data can be found at https://mywot.com/
      ✔ Real-time protection
      WOT has two modes: Real-time protection and manual mode.Real-time protection itself notifies you of online threats
      ✔ Site reviews
      By visiting a site, a user can rate it and leave a review based on their personal experience.

      Community & Forum WOT

      ✔ All the power of the global community
      The WOT community of millions of users verifies the reliability of sites and their safety for children

      ✔ Request a review
      If you find a site that does not yet have a reputation rating, you can ask the WOT community to rate this site

      ✔ Ratings and Reviews
      WOT uses smart algorithms and manual verification to detect and remove fake reviews

      The WOT forum is located here: https: // mywot.com / en / forum

      WOT Blog and Social Media Pages
      – ——————————–

      WOT is committed to providing useful information to all users.
      Read our blog and visit our social media pages:

      Blog: https://mywot.com/en/blog

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/Web_of_Trust

      Facebook: https: // facebook. com / weboftrust /

      Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+WOTWebofTrust

      ———————— ———
      Feedback & Support

      We are constantly working to improve WOT and take user feedback very seriously.If you have any questions, comments or concerns about WOT, please contact us: https://mywot.com/en/contact

      Browse through the list of frequently asked questions to quickly find the answer you need: https: // mywot. com / en / faq

      Applications and WOT
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      Android: http : //goo.

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